NITK Community Digital Photo Contest 2010-11

A “RANGKARENG ’85 “ initiative Sponsored by NITK Alumni Association, & coordinated by KREC Batch 1985 Alumni

Entry Form
1. Salutation (Mr/Ms/..) Full Name Address

Contestant Information:

Contact Telephone Email Category Please indicate whether Faculty/ Staff/ Student/ Alumni/ Family Member of an NITKian If Family Member of an NITKian, please indicate the type of relation to the NITKian, and provide the full name, address, contact phone and email of the NITKian below:

Category An NITKian in action! # 1 2 3 We are family! the NITK 1 2 3 The Bliss of NITK Campus and Communities! 1 2 3 Miscellaneous: Celebration of Heart, Mind, and Soul 1 2 3

Photo Information:
Caption Folder/File Name

I hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the contest. Sd/Please contact Nataraja Upadhya at +91 9632824391, for any queries & sponsorship plans.

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