Blackberry Torch Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet

General Shortcuts
Select something Cancel a selection See menu Backout Enter Escape Menu Key Escape

Typing Shortcuts
Insert a period (.), move to next sentence Capitalize a letter Turn on num lock Turn off num lock R F L I C Alt+U Space Shift+Space T B U N P Turn on caps lock Turn off caps lock Insert @ or . in email field Highlight line of text Highlight character Copy selected sext Cut selected text Paste copied text Space bar twice Press and hold letter Alt+LeftShift or Hold 123 button Shift or Hold 123 button Alt+RightShift or Hold Shift Shift or Hold Shift Space Shift+Up Track Shift+Right Track Alt+ClickTrack Delete Shift+ClickTrack Space Shift+Space I O W Y R F V S K A G Space Shift+Space T B Hold Volume Up Hold Volume Down Hold Volume Up Hold Volume Down Number Keys P B P

Message Shortcuts
With a message open Reply Forward Reply All File Message In message list Compose message Mark a message unopened Move down 1 page Move up 1 page Move to top of list Move to bottom of list Move to next unopened message Move to next date Move to previous date Message Actions Flag a message W View flagged messages Alt+F View Received messages Alt+I View sent messages Alt+O View voicemail Alt+V View SMS Alt+S View call logs Alt+P

Browser Shortcuts
Insert period in URL Insert / in URL Zoom in Zoom out Switch tabs View recent history Refresh page Find Find next Open browser options Open bookmarks Add page to bookmarks Go to start page Move down a screen Move up a screen Go to top Go to bottom

(must be enabled in options)

Calendar Shortcuts
Add appointment View agenda View daily View weekly View monthly Move to current dat Choose date Move to next day, week or month Move to previous day, week ot month C A D W M T G Space Shift+Space

Music Shortcuts
Next song Previous song

Camera Shortcuts
Zoom in Zoom out Pan, In Zoom Previous Day (In List) Bottom (List or Msg) Previous Message (In Msg) Lewis Cunningham

Picture Shortcuts
Rotate Next Day (In List) Top (List or Msg) Next Message (In Msg) L N T N

Social Feeds Shortcuts

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