´Making Christmasµ

(Clarissa Rosalia)

The ´Merry Christmases·µ greetings and ´Happy New Yearµ wishes Springs all over the world in great pleasure and high spirits Some replies with a word full of joy and gladness Some wish it back with warm hugs and kisses. Jesus Christ was born on this day they say And everybody just wants to celebrate it in everyway Give thanks for all the glory and graces And wish for more of it, good health and happiness. Be it simple or ´engrandeµ, so be it What matters most is the joy inside being felt Giving gifts, ´noche buenaµ and wish lists Christmas trees and blinking lights, fills the earth. Give love, spread harmony and enjoy the day Forget about the worries and hatred Let the joy of love fill the homes and streets And ding-dong, ding-dong! Let there be peace on earth! Don·t forget to give thanks to the celebrant He·s the way, the truth and the life of everyone! Make Him happy even just for his day of birth grand Let Him rest from the old rugged cross of the past. Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year for everyone! May the on-coming year be filled with graces and fun! Make way for a new, straight path of life to come And give yourself a brand new second chance. Life is too short for us, just remember that. Let·s aim the kind of life Jesus Christ got He·s ageless, eternal and pure in heart Be kind, be humble...whoever you are. Until the next Christmas Day, we shall meet Good health and much grace to all I wish More new years to come and be fortunate Happy, happy holidays! These I wsih with gladness!

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