Important Reminders

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Your appointment is on Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 01:00 pm. Please be at DFA Aseana by 12:30 pm.

Please make sure you have prepared all the requirements. You can view the list at

Please make sure to photocopy all of your requirements. Applicants without a complete set of photocopies will not be entertained.

For your NSO certificate requirements, you may call (02) 737-1111. Nationwide delivery within 3-4 days.

You may have your passport delivered for extra convenience. Please prepare extra P120 for the delivery fee.

Please print this page and the application form on LONG BOND PAPER. Applicants without the printed application form will not be allowed entry at the DFA

For questions or concerns, you may email Thank you for using the DFA Passport Appointment System.

latest passport number? _______________ Date of issue ________ Place of issue _________ This serves as Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel (for Applicants below 18 years old ONLY) Name of minor's traveling companion: Companion's Relationship: Address / Contact Number: This serves as Affidavit of Loss Lost Passport Number: Issued on: Issued by: Date lost: Lost due to: Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian Signature of Applicant I SOLEMNLY SWEAR that 1) I am a Filipino citizen. I am allowed to hold only one Philippine passport at any given time.9225 Others: ________________________ Are you a holder of a foreign passport? Yes No If Yes. No: Mobile No: 09286834889 CHYCHYBELLE@YAHOO.A. from what country? ___________________ Business Migration Others: ______________ Have you ever been issued a Philippine Passport? Yes X No If Yes. 4) I have not been issued a passport under any other name. 2) The information I provided in this application is true and correct. 6) I am aware that making false statements in passport application furnishing falsified or forged documents in support thereof are punishable by law. 5) I am aware that under the law. 3) The supporting documents attached are authentic. / II / III) NEBRIL MIDDLE NAME / GITNANG PANGALAN ILO ILO CITY PLACE OF BIRTH / POOK NG KAPANGANAKAN JAN 08. Processor: Encoder: Signing Officer: RECEIVED NEW PASSPORT: RECEIVED CANCELLED PASSPORT: FOR ADMINISTRATIVE USE ONLY: .REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS MANILA E-PASSPORT APPLICATION Wed.COM SEGUNDO FAMAHILIN NEBRIL YOLANDA TURCO PARMAN Purpose of Travel: Tour Seaman Study Work Office No: Citizenship: Citizenship: Citizenship Acquired By: Birth Election Marriage Naturalization R. Jan 26. 2011 01:00 pm PLEASE PROVIDE CORRECT INFORMATION AND DO NOT LEAVE SPACES BLANK VIRAY LAST NAME / APELYIDO GLORIDEL FIRST NAME / PANGALAN (Jr. 1980 DATE OF BIRTH (Ex. Day/Month/Year) Civil Status: Name of Wife / Husband: Complete Address: Present Occupation: Work Address: Email Address: Name of Father: Maiden/Single Name of Mother: Single X Married FEMALE GENDER / KASARIAN Widow/er Legally Separated Annulled Citizenship: Tel. Signature of Applicant REMARKS: FOR STRICT COMPLIANCE: Please print name and affix initials.

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