Benazir Bhutto’s Book RECONCILIATION: ISLAM, DEMOCRACY AND THE WEST Benazir’s False Allegations About Maulana Maudoodi

Page No. Excerpts from Reconciliation Comments Maulana Maududi never dubbed Quid-e-Azam a kafir. It is a white lie. Maulana Maududi never declaredd Mr. Bhutto a kafir. It is a white lie.

68 & Maulana Maudoodi dubbed the 69 founder of Pakistan, Quid-e-azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a kafi (“nonbeliever”). 69 Maulana Maudoodi, viewing my father’s politics as inconsistent with the extremists’ agenda, also, declared my father a kafir in 1970,……. 69 When I ran for prime minister in 1988, Maudoodi’s party called me a kafi, as they had my father before me. 69 Yet before supporting General Zia, Maudoodi actually supported Fatima Jinnah, a woman candidate for the president of Pakistan in the 1960s. So at the time he didn’t find any quranic prohibition against women serving as leaders of Muslim societies. (His later antiwoman epiphany against my right to serve as prime minister was thus obviously more political than theoratic.)

Maulana Maududi’s party never called Benazir a kafir. It is a white lie. How can Maualana Maududi be against election of Benazir as prime minister? Maulan Maududi died in 1979, and Benazir contested the election of prime minister in 1988. Some may term this statement as “jhoot kay paa’on naheen hotay”, and others may term it paranoia delusion.

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