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Kamesh Rathi


About Lexus
Industry Automotive industry Founded 1989 Founder(s) Eiji Toyoda Headquarters Toyota, Aichi, Japan Area served Worldwide Key people Kazuo Ohara (MO) Vince Socco (VP, Asia Pacific) Andy Pfeiffenberger (VP, EU) Mark Templin (VP, U.S.)

About Lexus contd…
Products Automobiles Services Automotive financing Parent Toyota Motor Corporation (TYO: 7203) (NYSE: TM) Website


Customer Service
Ten years in a row Lexus has come top in JD Power’s study of customer satisfaction in the automotive industry. Lexus treat each customer as we would a guest in there home. To maintain its levels of service Lexus wanted to understand and measure its customers’ experiences in a fast and accurate way following any interaction with the brand. Using simple phone interview techniques, each survey is limited to just three questions: 1. Are you completely satisfied with the service you have received? 2. Would you re-use the centre? 3. Would you recommend the centre?  Lexus also lends cars to allow staff to get to know product features and better understand the customer’s viewpoint.


Customer Service contd…
Lexus achieves an overall CSI score of 835 on a 1,000-point scale and performs particularly well in four of the five measures: service quality; service initiation; service advisor and service facility. Rounding out the top five nameplates are Jaguar (810), BMW (808), Cadillac (806) and Acura (805). Lexus is offering alternative transportation to customers leaving their cars for service. Providing excellent service by Lexus is not only good for customers, but it also benefits dealers and automakers in terms of income from future service visits and sales.




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