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dmp (islamdictionary)

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Published by: Katherine Williamson on Dec 24, 2010
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DIPT:- Mim

The "whatness" of a thing, i.e. its essence or quiddity as opposed to ’anniyah (q.v.), the "thatness" of a
thing, i.e. its existence. The essence of a thing is the reason why it is or what it is; existence is the actuality
of essence. There is one Being alone whose essence is His very existence and that is God, the Necessary
Being (al-wajib al-wujud, q.v.). In the case of all other things, which are possible or contingent beings (al-
mumkin al-wujud
, q.v.), their essence does not necessarily imply their existence for it is possible to think
of the essence of a (created) thing without knowing whether it exists or not. It is noteworthy that Mulla
Sadra (97901050/1571-1642), the greatest philosopher in modern times in Iran, maintains, however, the
principality or priority of existence or being of a thing (’isalat al-wujud, q.v.) to its essence, for, according
to him, the latter is merely a mental manifestation of the former.

al-mubadi al-tabi‘iyah

"The natural beginnings", a term used to denote the four causes: the material cause, the formal cause, the
efficient cause and the final cause. See also al-‘ilal al-’arb‘ah.

al-mubadi al-‘aliyah

"The supreme beginnings", an expression used with reference to the souls and intelligences of the celestial
spheres; see al-‘uqul al-’asharah.

mubasharah (pl. mubasharat)

The direct or primary action or movement as opposed to the transmitted or secondary action or
movement generated by it. like the movement of the hand itself which causes the movement of a key in
the keyhole; this latter movement is called muwalladah (q.v.)


An abridged form of syllogism, technically known as enthymeme; see al-qiyas al-mujiz.


Two contrary propositions, i.e. two universal propositions have opposite quality, one affirmative and the
other negative; see al-qadiyatan mutadaddatan.

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DIPT:- Mim

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