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Games Around the World

Games Around the World

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Published by: Elle Nicole on Dec 25, 2010
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Supplies:oyster shell or cardboard

Players:30 or more; two-group; line

Activity:hunting; chasing; dodging; running


gymnasium; out-of-doors


competition; repetition

The description here is a modern version of an old Greek game said to have originated from the practice
of exiling wrangling politicians. The names of the opponents were written on an oyster shell; the shell was
tossed into the air and the man whose name fell uppermost was sent from the city. The popular games "Day
or Night," "Black or White," and "North or South" are supposed to have arisen from the custom.
Two parallel lines are drawn 10 feet apart and are known as the starting lines. The territory between the
lines is the neutral area. At a greater distance beyond each starting line a goal line is drawn for each side.
The players divide into two teams. One team is the light and the other the dark as decided. A Player of
alternate teams tosses an oyster shell in front of both teams as they stand on the starting lines. If the oyster
shell falls dark side up, then the light team runs for its goal as the dark team chases them. If a player is
caught, he or she must bring the captor home on his back. A team scores one point for each prisoner. The
game may be scored 50, 100, or any number of points. It is advisable to adopt some means for opponents
to be of equal size. The game continues with the fate of the oyster shell, whether it falls dark or light the
majority of times, influencing the chance of winning.

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