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Mental Card Read 09

Mental Card Read 09

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Published by: jhane234 on Dec 25, 2010
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“Mental Card Read Revealed”


“Mental Card Read Revealed”
Hey Guys, Ryan Here... Welcome To The “Mental Card Read Revealed” Video (or companion report in this case) Before we get into the execution of the trick, I just want to quickly mention that I know there is a wide range people watching this video (or reading the report in your case) with varying mentalism and magic experience all the way from the Raw Rookie who's never done a magic trick or mentalism effect in their life, all the way up to the professional magician or mentalist level... The reason I bring this up is because it's very difficult to teach a magic or mentalism trick when you have a varying skill levels of people watching, so what we decided to do is meet somewhere in the middle so if you're already experienced, this effect could be somewhat basic to you and you might already have something similar that you're using already, of course you can still watch to brush up but even if you skip it, don't worry we have other things in the pipeline that we'll be sending you later that you'll love... And even if you are a beginner, I still believe that if you're a fast learner and have a couple of hours of practice time, you can be performing this trick as soon as tonight... But that doesn't mean you should be... Even after you have the mechanics of this, or any trick down, you should spend just as much time working on your delivery and presentation of the trick or effect.

copyright©2009 Master Mentalism. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

.. It's all about the presentation. I'm going off on a bit of a rant here. But I want to make it clear.. That's because they take each trick and effect and they're creative with it. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.. especially to the rookies. the delivery and how you sell it to your audience. .They remove the card they’ve cut to without letting you see it and they concentrate on its design. once you know the secrets and the mechanics of how it's done. Most magic and mentalism... And they both have versions of this trick in their arsenal. your personality and your ability to sell what you're doing to your audience. (Criss Angel and David Blaine is who I'm referring to). Okay. We could take this Mental Card Read trick and give it Criss or David and they.. but if you want to perform at anywhere near their level. .. they make it their own and they constantly work on the presentation. we can and will at MasterMentalism.. enough on that. but if anyone saw them do this trick it would be absolutely breath-taking. 2 copyright©2009 Master Mentalism. David Copperfield and Derren Brown..“Mental Card Read Revealed” Presentation and creativity is what separates the amateurs from the pros... it's going to take some practice not only on the execution of the tricks but on your presentation. David Blaine. let's move onto “The Mental Card Read” You're about to learn how you can produce a Normal Deck Of Playing Cards and ask a spectator to cut the deck anywhere they'd like.....com show you a ton of killer magic and mentalism the same stuff you see being done of TV by guys like Criss Angel... it's really very basic and simple...

You’ll need a normal deck of cards but you need to arrange them in a special order. When you’re adding 3 to 11. Magicians and Mentalists refer to this as a stacked deck. Here's where it can get a bit tricky. you announce the exact card they’ve chosen. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. In this system. The suits are also arranged in the order clubs. the 7 is valued 7 and so on. add 3 again and make it a diamond.“Mental Card Read Revealed” After a few moments of concentration. a queen 12 and a king 13. As if you have read their mind! So let's reveal exactly how it's done.. 12 or 13. For the next card. spades. . The easiest way to remember this is by the word 'chased' (with the vowels dropped out): 3 Clubs Hearts Spades Diamonds Start with any club. One of the easiest and most effective methods of stacking a deck is the Si Stebbins (Pronounced Like: Sigh Stebbens) system. All the other cards take their respective value so the 4 is valued 4.. hearts. each card has a value. a jack is valued 11. then for the next card in the stack add 3 to its value and make it a heart.. diamonds. So remember: copyright©2009 Master Mentalism. For the next card. you then need to subtract 13 from the total to get the value of the next card. add 3 again and make it a spade.. with an ace valued 1.

QD.. you can watch this video (or read this report) as many times as you need to. Now I completely understand if this is a bit confusing at first. we'd have Queen which is 12 we'd add 3 and get 15 as our total. 4 copyright©2009 Master Mentalism. the stacked order would be: 3C. therefore the next card will be the 2 of Hearts. Hearts. 2C.. The system repeats like this until the whole deck is stacked. .Then.. 8S and so on. Diamonds). remember (since it's a jack. . the next suit on deck is hearts (remember CHASED – Clubs.. For example. 15 – 13 = 2 Fifteen Minus Thirteen Equals Two So our next card will be a 2 and since the Queen was a club. You'll want to place the cards face up as you stack them. but remember. 9S.“Mental Card Read Revealed” Jack is 11 Queen is 12 King is 13 So if we have the Queen of Clubs. Spades. if you started with the 3 of clubs (3C).. queen or king) we have to subtract 13 so. especially if you're a visual learner. 5H.. Okay. plus I've included a quick “cheat sheet” on this page that you can print out that should help a lot. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.. 6H.

You now need to glance at the bottom card on the deck and there are a couple of ways of doing this. they'll discount any theories about the deck being in a special order or perhaps all the same card. . as if demonstrating to the spectator how to hold their card. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. . Whatever you do.You can either put the cards back into their box. This is important! Later on. they're in no particular order!” Statements like this should be implied nonverbally. Invite them to take the top card from the bottom deck and keep it secret. make sure you fan them and let them see the faces of the cards. casually glancing at the bottom card as you do so. if the spectator tries to 'reconstruct' the trick and work out how it was done.. don't say “As you can see. Put the stacked deck face down on the table and invite a spectator to cut the deck anywhere they like. When displaying the deck to your spectator. Better still.. place it on the top half and then pick up the whole deck.. hold the deck in front of you.“Mental Card Read Revealed” So now you should have your deck stacked and ready to go so let's move on. 5 copyright©2009 Master Mentalism. If they can remember you casually spreading the cards. Pickup up the bottom half of the deck. Don't make a point of this – just fan them as you say it's a “normal deck of cards”.. Get them to place the top half of the deck face down next to the bottom half.

still keeping it secret and concentrate on the design.. All you need to do to name their card is work out the next one in the sequence. its a black card.“Mental Card Read Revealed” Either method will need a simple verbal misdirection such has “Now hold your card up. then whether it is a low. Pretend you are looking for subtle psychological clues as to the value of their card. ask them to look into your eyes. You can also look at micro-movements in their facial muscles. increase the drama and effect of mind-reading by revealing it bit by bit. To really play with the system. a five? No. you might reveal it in the following way: “OK..” As they concentrate. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. 6 copyright©2009 Master Mentalism. five . Keep your drawing hidden.. “I'm getting an 'i' . 'i' . Rather than just simply naming their card. So if the bottom card was the ace of hearts. yes?” “Definitely not a spade so it must be the nine of clubs!” Another method of revealing the chosen card is to draw it on a notepad. then invite the spectator to turn around their card and announce the design. Then name the card in full. revealing the same design. sounds like five – its a nine. if the spectator's card is the nine of clubs. you can subtly suggest that you are about to read the wrong card.... yes?” Look for visual confirmation.. For instance. then you'll know that their card is the four of spades. . You can then flip over your notepad. high or picture card.. The color first.

the Si Stebbins stack can also be used for many other mind reading effects.. MasterMentalism.“Mental Card Read Revealed” This is a terrific routine and with a little thought. and in Master Mentalism.com where you uncover stuff you've seen on TV by the best of the best – Criss Angel. levitation and so on. David Copperfield. and if you want to get your hands on a ton more killer magic tricks and mentalism effects head over to MasterMentalism. but don't discount the Si Stebbins stacked deck. another HUGE BENEFIT is that the stack is instantly ready to use again simply by putting the spectator’s chosen card on top of the deck face down! Now later on. .com and I'll be in touch! 7 copyright©2009 Master Mentalism. so check that out. other stuff like hypnosis. You'd be amazed with the amount of creative tricks and effects that professional magicians and mentalists do with the EXACT stacked deck you've just learned (and with a little practice you'll become very proficient at). Derren Brown plus. we'll get into other methods for stacking decks as well as other card forces. “Mental Card Read Revealed” I hope you enjoyed it and that you're able to freak a ton of people out with it! I'll talk to you soon. Plus. David Blaine.. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. it's easy once you get it down and IT WORKS! So there you have it.

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