The False Prophet Azazel

By: John of the Gentiles


The False Prophet Azazel
By John of the Gentiles

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“…what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose
his own soul?” - Mark 8:36
Table of Contents:

Azazel’s Descent
The Mysteries of Azazel
Theosophy, European Style (Secret Teachings of Secret
Azazel: A European Love Affair
Azazel: God of the Ancients
The False Prophet Azazel
Azazel in Un-Contemporary Popular Culture
Azazel and the Theosophical Society
The Story Continued

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For those who love Truth…
“…every lover of the truth is bound to praise God by revealing the
knowledge entrusted to him.” – The Waterstone of the Wise
“Now, there is one creed to which all genuine Freethinkers are faithful.
It is to seek the truth, wherever it leads, and whatever the traditional
belief upon the subject under investigation.” – Heavenly Bridegrooms by Ida C.

“It is the customary fate of new truths to begin as heresies.” - Thomas

“The distinguishing property of man is to search for and follow after
truth… To attain the truth…is the noblest destiny of man. Hereafter
and all your life it is to be your object.” - Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike, 1871 A.D.

“Every man who is prepared to die rather than renounce truth and
justice is most truly living, for immortality abides in his soul. To find
or to form such men was the end of all ancient initiations.” - Dogma et
Rituel de la Haute Magie Book 1 by Eliphas Levi

“The real advantage which truth has, consists in this, that when an
opinion is true, it may be extinguished once, twice, or many times, but
in the course of ages there will generally be found persons to
rediscover it, until some one of its reappearances falls on a time when
from favorable circumstances it escapes persecution until it has made
such head as to withstand all subsequent attempts to suppress it.” - John
Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859 A.D.

“…a man cannot find truth unless he is true himself…” – The Black Arts by
Richard Cavendish, 1967 A.D.

“…ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” - John

“Truth conquers all.” –



“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of
this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” - Ephesians

Chapter 1: Azazel’s Descent
“Behind the veil of all the hieratic and mystical allegories of ancient
doctrines, behind the darkness and strange ordeals of all initiations,
under the seal of all sacred writings, in the ruins of Nineveh or Thebes,
on the crumbling stones of old temples and on the blackened visage of
the Assyrian or Egyptian sphinx, in the monstrous or marvelous
paintings which interpret to the faithful of India the inspired pages of
the Vedas, in the cryptic emblems of our old books on alchemy, in the
ceremonies practiced at reception by all secret societies, there are
found indications of a doctrine which is everywhere the same and
everywhere carefully concealed.” - Eliphas Levi in the Introduction to his Dogma
et Rituel de la Haute Magie (Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual, circa. 1855 A.D.)

And indeed it most certainly is—it is the story of fallen angels
and theirs is a tale of rebellion and subterfuge.
Theosophists teach that in times past:
“…an important event happened—the most important up to this time
upon our planet. This event was the coming of what the ancient
scriptures call the ‘Shining Ones,’ the ‘Sons of God.’ These Beings
have been called by many names… They have sometimes been
referred to as the ‘fallen angels’ … The coming (descent) of these
divine sons (angels), and their sojourn (their entrapment) in the lower
regions (‘Hades’ of the Greeks, ‘Ament’ of the Egyptians) has been the
subject of myth and legend of all peoples since the beginning of time.
This is a theme which has been immortalized by sage and poet.” - The
Theosophical Seal by Arthur M. Coon, 1958 A.D.

These words were written in reference of course to the coming
of the angels to our Earth as cited in the sixth chapter of the Biblical
Book of Genesis:
“When men began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters
were born to them, the sons (angels) of God saw that the daughters of
men (female humans) were fair; and they took to wife such of them as

they chose. The Nephilim (from Naphal, ‘to fall,’ the children of the
fallen angels) were on the earth in those days, and also afterward,
when the sons of God** came into the daughters of men, and they bore
children to them (the Nephilim are the hybrid offspring of angels and
humans***). These were the mighty men (‘gibborim,’ cognate with
which is our word ‘giants’) who were of old, the men of renown (the
heroes of old).” - Genesis 6:1-2,4 (** Pertinent Quotes: “In the esoteric tradition ‘Ben
Elohim’ or ‘sons of God’ refers to the archangels and specifically the fallen [phalan] angels.”
– p.201 The Pillars of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson. And again: “The Septuagint rendering of
Genesis 6 is not the same in all manuscripts. In some, bene haElohim is translated ‘sons of
God,’ in other texts the reading is ‘angels of God.’” – p.52 Fallen Angels: The Soldiers of
Satan’s Realm by Bernard J. Bamberger, 1952 A.D.) (*** “…Nephilim…signify the offspring
of the sons of God [fallen angels] and the daughters of men.” - Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H.
Pember, 1889 A.D.)

Sex between humans and angels is known as demoniality, and
the human wives of the angels are called demonialitas. Their offspring
are oft times referred to as demigods. Demoniality falls into the
category of ‘bestiality’ (by definition sex with a member of a different
species) which is strictly prohibited by God as outlined in the Biblical
Book of Deuteronomy (See Deuteronomy 27:21).
The Book of Enoch continues the story of the angels’ descent
to our Earth and relates to us how in the days of Jared (See Genesis
5:20) 200 angels arrived upon Mt. Hermon amongst the Anti-Lebanon
mountain range on the Lebanon-Syria border, taking up residence
amongst the human population of the Earth, interbreeding with them,
completely corrupting mankind through the misguided dissemination
of an advanced heavenly knowledge:
“And they (the angels) were in all two hundred, who descended in the
days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon…” - 1Enoch VI. 6
This number is confirmed by The Kawan:
“…the two hundred demons (read: rebellious fallen angels) came
down to the sphere (to the Earth) from the high heaven (from the New
Earth)…” - The Kawan M363
These angels were banished to our Earth after the angels’
rebellion against God had been resoundingly defeated in heaven. It
was said of these angels:

“…they (the 200 angels) have gone to the daughters of men upon the
earth, and have slept with the women, and have defiled themselves,
and revealed to them all kinds of sins. And the women have borne
giants (also known as ‘giborrim,’ angel/human hybrid children), and
the whole earth has thereby been filled with blood and
unrighteousness.” - 1Enoch IX.8-9 (Pertinent Quote: “Genesis refers to beings called
‘the sons of God’ who took human wives, fathered children, and spread evil throughout the
earth… The ‘sons of God,’ said The Book of Enoch…were the 200 Watchers (whose proper
task was to watch over humanity). They came to earth, lusted sinfully after women, and taught
mankind the evil arts of war, astrology and magic…devoting themselves to the corruption and
enslavement of men and women.” – Witchcraft and Demonology by British ceremonial
magician Francis X. King, 1987 A.D.)

The Zohar of the Jews also speaks of the angels’ arrival:
“…Uzza (aka Semjaza) and Aza’el (Azazel), who rebelled above,
were cast down by the Blessed Holy One (by God), and materialized
on earth, abiding on it… Subsequently they strayed after earthly
women… They engendered children, whom they called Mighty
Giants…” - Zohar 1:58a (Perhaps Azazel’s band of fallen angels “materialized” upon the
Israeli Golan Heights. Parts of Mt. Hermon’s southern slopes fall within the northern Golan
Heights area. It is possible the Circle of Gilgal-Rephaim (Rujm el-Hiri) [a ‘Gilgal’ is a circle
of standing stones akin to a henge, Stonehenge being a most famous example] said to predate
even the Biblical Flood itself which sits atop the Golan Heights was constructed to
commemorate the angels’ descent to our Earth, it being one of the original “high places of
Baal” [who is Azazel] such as the one spoken of in Leviticus 22:41 set up to worship the fallen
angelic “host of heaven” as set forth in 2Kings 21:3, who were in fact “the devils” of Leviticus
17:7 and of 2Chronicles 11:15. Mount Hermon itself was the chief center for Canaanite Baal
worship for this very reason, and many temples devoted to Baal/Azazel ring its stately summit.
Interestingly enough Mt. Hermon is located on the 33° North [33rd parallel], as Scottish Rite
Freemasonry, ever a slave to symbolism, consists of 33 degrees. High-degree Freemasonic
lore, as the reader shall later learn, is immersed in the knowledge of these fallen angels.
Interestinlgy enough, the Jewish philosopher Abraham Ibn Ezra equates the mystery of Azazel
with the number 33: “‘If you can discern the mystery that follows the word Azazel, you will
know its mystery and the mystery of its name; for it has analogies in Scripture. And I will
reveal part of the history to you by hint: you will know it when you reach thirty-three!’ … Ibn
Ezra’s cryptic mention of ‘thirty-three’ refers to Leviticus 17:7, the thirty-third verse after the
mention of Azazel, which forbids the practice of sacrificing to seirim…** The demons…are
called in the Bible seirim.” - pp.154-155 Fallen Angels: The Soldiers of Satan’s Realm by
Bernard J. Bamberger, 1952 A.D. **Indeed: “Azazel was the leader of the Watchers, who
lusted after the daughters of men, and also the chief of the seirim…who are mentioned several
times in the Old Testament and were worshipped by some of the Jews.” - The Black Arts p.
314 by Richard Cavendish, 1967 A.D. It was the head of a company of masons in the employ
of King Solomon [who as we learn from 1Kings 11:33, himself later spurned God by
sacrificing to other gods], namely, Jeroboam of the tribe of Ephraim, who led the revolt
against King Solomon’s son Rehoboam [thereby becoming the king of what would be known
as the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel] who appointed priests dedicated to the worship of the seirim

[See 2Chronicles 11:15]. And many there are of their number today)

In days long past these 200 angels mated with women of the
Earth. This was in direct contradiction of the commandment of God:
“And to you (the fallen angel Azazel and his group of rebellious fallen
angels, 200 in number), according to what ye wish, there shall be upon
you the mind of a man and the body of a man (God made these angels
incarnate). But take good heed to yourselves that ye transgress not My
word and break not My commandment; and defile not ye yourselves
with eating, or drinking, or fornication, or with any other thing
whatsoever; and transgress ye not My word.” And straightway there
were given unto them (the angels) with His word flesh, and blood, and
a heart of the children of men (the angels were made incarnate). And
they (Azazel and his angels, 200 in number) were content to leave the
height of heaven, and they came down to earth (to our Earth), to the
folly of the dancing of the children of Cain… And their (the children
of Cain’s) daughters were there, and they (the angels) enjoyed the
orgies without shame… And the men (the angels in bodies of men) did
not restrain themselves for a moment, but they took to wife from
among women those whom they had chosen, and committed sin with
them… And the daughters of Cain with whom the angels had
accompanied conceived…” - Kebra-Nagast: Chapter 100
As we similarly learn from The Book of Enoch:
“And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in
those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. And
the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and
said to one another; ‘Come, let us choose us wives from among the
children of men (the humans) and beget us children.’” - 1Enoch VI. 1-2
The eminent Jewish historian Josephus (37-100 A.D.) in his
Antiquities of the Jews asserts that:
“…many angels of God accompanied with women, and begat sons that
proved unjust, and despisers of all that was good, on account of the
confidence they had in their strength; for the tradition is, that these
men did what resembled the acts of those whom the Grecians called
giants.” - Antiquities of the Jews 1.3.1 (“In the Grecian mythology an important place is
occupied by certain powerful beings, described as being mingled heavenly and earthly, of

divine and human origin, and variously designated by the names of giants, Titans, demigods,
heroes… There are those…who are able to see…in those famous legends of the Greeks…an
unmistakable reference to real events, the brief narrative of which forms a portion of the Old
Testament Scripture and may be read…in the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis, verses 14…that the ‘sons of God’ [angels] of Gen. vi. were inhabitants originally of another world [the
angels being by definition, extraterrestrial beings]…” – Introduction to The Fallen Angels and
the Heroes of Mythology by Rev. John Fleming, 1879 A.D. Indeed: “Accounts of sexual
union in the past between men and extraterrestrials are by no means rare… It belongs to that
part of universal mythology which describes the first contact between men and gods, the
institution of human civilization which the meeting produced, and the creation of a hybrid
race, a bridge between gods and men. This theme, the unions between gods and men, is, of
course, basic in all mythology.” – p.88,90 The Flying Saucer Vision by John Michell, 1967
A.D. A fact made all the more interesting considering that: “…Christian teachers…identified
the heathen gods and goddesses with the demonic fallen angels.” – p.208 Fallen Angels: The
Soldiers of Satan’s Realm by Bernard J. Bamberger, 1952 A.D.)

The Roman Catholic Saint Aristides the Athenian (circa. 125
A.D.) clarifies Josephus’ statement for us:
“The Greeks…say of their gods (the Greeks worshipped the fallen
angels as gods) that they committed adultery with the daughters of
men; and of these there was born a certain race (a race of angel/human
hybrids)...” - The Apology of Aristides the Philosopher (Syriac) (Pertinent Quote: “More
and more we are finding that mythology in general though greatly contorted very often has
some historic base. And the interesting thing is that one myth which occurs over and over
again in many parts of the world is that somewhere a long time ago supernatural beings had
sexual intercourse with natural women and produced a special breed of people.” – Genesis in
Space and Time: The Flow of Biblical History [1972 A.D.] by American Evangelical
Christian theologian, philosopher, and Presbyterian pastor Francis A. Schaeffer [1912-1984
A.D.]. Schaeffer is said to have had a strong influence on the leaders of the Christian Right
Movement in America)

In The Works of Philo, “On the Giants,” the Jewish
philosopher Philo Judaeus of Alexandria in the 1st Century A.D. states:
“And when the angels of God saw the daughters of men that they were
beautiful, they took unto themselves wives of all whom they chose.” The Works of Philo (Pertinent Quote: “‘Women,’ saith the Apostle, ‘should pray with their
heads covered, because of the angels,’ and the Apostle speaks thus because he knows that the
angels are disturbed when they look upon them and see that they are beautiful [“For indeed it
is ‘on account of the angels’ (See 1 Cor. xi. 10) that he saith women must be veiled, because
on account of ‘the daughters of men’ angels revolted from God…” – Anti-Nicene Fathers
Volume 3: Tertullian, Ethical Chapter XXII]. No sooner do they touch the earth [arriving
thereupon] than they desire to embrace mortal women and fulfill their desire… In order to
assure yourself that I am not deceiving you, Maurice, on this subject of the amorous embraces
of angels and women, look up Justin, Apologies, I and II; Flavius Josephus, Jewish
Antiquities, Book I, Chapter III; Athenagoras, Concerning the Resurrection; Lactantius, Book
II, Chapter XV; Tertullian, On the Veil of the Virgins; Marcus of Ephesus in Psellus;
Eusebius, Præparatio Evangelica, Book V, Chapter IV; Saint Ambrose, in his book on Noah

and the Ark, Chapter V; Saint Augustine, in his City of God, Book XV, Chapter XXIII; Father
Meldonat, the Jesuit, Treatise on Demons, page 248; Pierre Lebyer the King’s Counsellor…’”
– The Revolt of the Angels by Anatole France, 1914 A.D. Anatole France [pseudonym of
French politician Jacques‐Anatole‐François Thibault (1844–1924 A.D.)] would win the Nobel
Prize for Literature in 1921 A.D.)

In the 8th Century A.D. Rabbi Eliezer (the teachings of whose
father forms the basis of the Zohar) recorded the following remark in a
“The Angels who fell from Heaven saw the daughters of Cain
perambulating and displaying their secret parts, their eyes painted with
antimony in the manner of harlots; and, being seduced, took wives
from among them.” - Rabbi Eliezer (Pertinent Quote: “When the angels came to earth,
and beheld the daughters of men in all their grace and beauty, they could not restrain their
passion…entering into alliances with the daughters of men… The offspring of these alliances
between the angels and the Cainite women [the descendents of Cain] were the giants, known
for their strength and their sinfulness…” – The Legends of the Jews Vol. I: The Punishment of
the Fallen Angels by Rabbi Louis Ginzberg)

Student of Greek philosophy turned Christian convert Justin
Martyr (103–165 A.D.) in his Second Apology, “How the Angels
Transgressed,” writes:
“God, when He had made the whole world…committed the care of
men and all things under heaven to angels whom He appointed over
them. But the angels transgressed this appointment, and were
captivated by love of women, and begat children who are those that
are called demons; and besides, they afterwards subdued the human
race to themselves…” - Second Apology
The Early Church Father Tertullian (160-220 A.D.) in The
Apology Chapter 22 explains:
“We are instructed, moreover, by our sacred books how from certain
angels, who fell of their own free-will (fallen angels, as it were), there
sprang a more wicked demon-brood (the hybrid offspring of the angels
and their human wives), condemned of God along with the authors of
their race (from whom they originated; the “authors of their race” are
the rebellious fallen angels)… Their great business is the ruin of
mankind. So, from the very first, spiritual wickedness (fallen angels)
sought our (mankind’s) destruction.” - The Apology

Christian historian Julius Africanus (160-240 A.D.) faithfully
records in the historical annals of his Chronography:
“When men multiplied on the earth, the angels of heaven came
together with the daughters of men…by whose power they conceived
the giants as their children, by whom wickedness came to its height on
the earth, until God decreed that the whole race of the living should
perish in their impiety in the deluge (in a great Flood, the story of
which may be found in Genesis 6:1 – Genesisi 8:19).” - Julius Africanus:
Anti-Nicene Fathers Volume VI Extant Fragments from the Chronography Part II

Ancient history indeed! As Chapter 3 of The Damascus
Document from the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes at Qumran
“Now therefore, children, hearken unto me, and I will open your eyes
to see, and to understand the works of God and to choose what He
approveth, and to reject what He hateth: To walk uprightly in all His
ways and not to go about in the thoughts of an evil imagination and
[with] eyes [full] of fornication. For many were led astray by them,
and mighty men of valor stumbled by them from of old [and until this
day]. Because they walked in the stubbornness of their heart the
Watchers** (the angels) of heaven fell. By them were they caught
because they kept not the commandment of God… And their children
(the giants)…fell thereby. All flesh that was on dry land perished
thereby (in the Flood). And they were as though they had not been
(they vanished without a trace). Because they (the angels) did their
own will, and kept not the commandment of their Maker (God), until
His wrath was kindled against them.” - The Damascus Document (** Per the
theurgic magic order The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s The Book of the Black
Serpent [c. 1900 A.D.]: “…the Fallen High Angels [fallen archangels]…were known to the
Greeks as ["Archons"]… The Chief of the Watchers is named AZAZEL…” Azazel, the head
of this group of 200 fallen angels, is the ‘False Prophet’ of the Biblical Book of Revelation)

The following scripture from The Book of Jubilees explains
that the great Flood in the time of Noah was a judgment sent upon the
Earth due to the following legal finding: “…the fornication wherein
the Watchers (angels) against the law of their ordinances went a
whoring after the daughters of men, and took to themselves wives of
all of which they chose: and they made the beginning of uncleanness.
And they begat sons, the Naphidim (the Nephilim), and they were all

unlike, and they devoured one another: and the giants slew the Naphil
(Nephilim), and the Naphil slew the Eljo, and the Eljo mankind, and
one man (one human) another (committed homicide). And every one
sold himself to work iniquity and to shed much blood, and the earth
was filled with iniquity… And the Lord (God) destroyed everything
from off the face of the earth; because of the wickedness of their
deeds, and because of the blood which they had shed in the midst of
the earth He (God) destroyed everything.” - The Book of Jubilees VII.21,2223,25

Because of the destruction wrought upon our Earth and its
inhabitants as a direct result of the actions of these angels, God
decreed that the Earth’s inhabitants, which included Azazel’s group of
fallen angels as well as their angel/human hybrid progeny which had
come to dominate Earth’s native population, be eradicated from the
face of the Earth. Enoch was chosen to deliver the verdict:
“And I, Enoch, answered and said unto him: ‘The Lord will do a new
thing on the earth, and this I have already seen in a vision, and make
known to thee that in the generation of my father Jared some of the
angels of heaven transgressed the word of the Lord. And behold, they
commit sin and transgress the law, and have united themselves with
women and commit sin with them, and have married some of them,
and have begot children by them. And they shall produce on the earth
giants (angel/human hybrids) not according to the spirit, but according
to the flesh, and there shall be a great punishment on the earth, and the
earth shall be cleansed from all impurity. Yea, there shall come a
great destruction over the whole earth, and there shall be a deluge (a
flood) and a great destruction…” - The Book of Noah (Notable Quote: “…the
giants are conceived as a sort of intermediate race between gods and men, and it was for the
sake of destroying this proud and unnatural brood the Flood was sent. Among the Greeks
and Romans the habit of tracing the descent of noble families from gods [fallen angels]
and goddesses [the human wives of the fallen angels] was very common [the Julius family
of Julius Caesar, said to be descended from the goddess Venus (Venus was Azazel’s
human wife), being a prime example. Roman emperors of the Julio–Claudian line claim
descent from Venus through her Trojan son Aeneas and his descendants Romulous and
Remus, the purported founders of Rome itself].** Plato goes so far as to say that all
heroes [celebrated in the fables of Greece] are demigods [angel/human hybrids], born of the
love of a god [angel] for a mortal [human] woman… From the descriptions of the giants and
heroes of old as celebrated men—men of renown [a reference to scripture found in Genesis
6:4]—it is plain that they were popular characters, of whom the people had many stories to
tell.” – The Book of Genesis in Light of Modern Knowledge: Supernatural Origin of Heroes
by Worcester, 1901 A.D. As we learn from Wikipedia: “Plato [428/427 BC – 348/347 BC]
was a Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, student of Socrates, writer of philosophical

dialogues, and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the
Western world. Along with his mentor, Socrates, and his student, Aristotle, Plato helped to lay
the foundations of Western philosophy and science.” Plato, as we shall learn, was a proficient
practitioner of magic, a system oft times involving the veneration and invocation of and
communication with Azazel’s group of rebel angels, a system revealed to mankind by the
fallen angels themselves) (** “…Nephilim…signify the offspring of the sons of God and the
daughters of men… The children of these unlawful connections before the flood were the
renowned heroes of old: the subsequent repetition of the crime doubtless gave rise to the
countless legends of the loves of the gods, and explains the numerous passages in the Classics,
as well as in the ancient literature of other languages, in which human families are traced to a
half Divine origin.” - Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, 1889 A.D.)

It was at this time God charged the angel Raphael to imprison
Azazel within the Earth:
“…the Lord (God) said to Raphael: ‘Bind Azazel hand and foot, and
cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which
is Dudael (also known as Duidain), and cast him therein. And place
upon him rough and jagged rocks (Azazel was to be imprisoned inside
his cherub within the igneous rock), and cover him with darkness, and
let him abide there (within the earth)…” - 1Enoch X.4,5-6
The Book of Enoch (1Enoch) describes the process by which
the angel Azazel was imprisoned within the Earth and how the Biblical
Flood came about. It therein describes a comet being redirected by the
angel Raphael so as to strike the Earth, causing great destruction
thereupon. 1Enoch LXV.3-4 describes an object, a very large comet,
“falling” “on the earth” by which the earth was “shaken” causing a
“great commotion on the earth” due to its tremendous impact. This
comet is the “heaven” which “fell to the earth” as mentioned in
1Enoch LXXXIII.3. Its impact crater is the “great abyss” spoken of in
1Enoch LXXXIII.4. It is also this very same impact crater that is
mentioned in 1Enoch LXXXVIII.1,3. The impact crater itself was
located in the desert called Duidain (‘dain’ means ‘valley’), also
known as Dudael (‘-dael’ also means ‘valley’; from the Old English
word ‘dael’ comes our word ‘dale’). The word ‘Dudael’ by one
account translates as “God’s cauldron.” This name aptly describes an
impact site typified by a round fiery molten hole being punched into
the Earth. The comet’s impact caused a great geologic upheaval the
result of which brought flood upon the land (See 1Enoch LXXXIX.19) as water flowed from within the Earth while rain fell in torrents
from the sky. This event took place in 4340 B.C. (for further
information concerning how I have arrived at this Flood date, and for

greater detail concerning the Biblical Flood itself, see Hidden Truths:
A History of the World from Beginning to End by John of the
1Enoch LXVII.4-7 tells of this comet strike cutting a “burning
valley” into the Earth’s crust. The excavation of this molten valley by
the comet which struck the Earth caused a “great convulsion and a
convulsion of the waters.” Molten metal and rock flowed through this
great gash in the Earth’s crust and the undermined ground collapsed.
Water speedily flowed into this molten valley imprisoning the 200
angels in their cherubim within the rapidly cooling rock where they are
now to this day being imprisoned within the Earth.
Indeed, 1Enoch LXXXVIII.3 explains that the rebellious
angels were “stoned from heaven,” a reference to the comet which
struck in their vicinity and in such a way the angel Raphael “cast them
in an abyss of the earth” (See 1Enoch LXXXVIII.3). From Enoch we
learn that “that abyss was narrow and deep, and horrible and dark”
(See 1Enoch LXXXVIII.1). The furrow this astral plowshare plowed
was by some called the Valley of Death (asteroids, meteorites and
comets are symbolized as plowshares in Far Eastern ancient Sutra
texts). It is the “valley of the shadow of death” mentioned in Psalms
23:4. The Greek philosopher Plutarch refers to it as the “valley of
misery.” The Greek word for this abyss is Tartaros (The Expository
Dictionary of Bible Words, p.337, explains that: “Tartaros was the
Greek name for the…abyss in which rebellious gods (read: the
rebellious fallen angels) were confined” (See 2Peter 2:4. These angels
are “the spirits in prison” mentioned in 1Peter 3:19; the Greeks also
called the place of the angels entrapment Hades, home to the chthonic
god Hades [also known as Pluto, who is Azazel], who, according to
the Greek poet philosopher Hesiod in his Theogony, “dwells under the
earth”). The place of the angels’ entrapment was also known as the
Valley of Eleusis. In Mesopotamia this abyss was variously known as
Irkalla and Aralu. The Hebrews called it Sheol. The Egyptians knew
this Valley of Death as Ar-en-Tet (named after their gods the Neteru
[singular: Neter]; ‘Ta’ = Land; Ar-en-Tet is an anagram of ‘Ta Neter,’
aka the ‘Land of the Watchers’ of The Book of Enoch) who were
therein entombed, where Horus (one name by which the Egyptians
knew Azazel), the Chief amongst the Manes (highest ranking amongst
the angels who accompanied him to the Earth) was thrust into the
darkness of Amenta, into the ‘underworld’ beneath the earth (the
‘underworld’ is also known as the ‘netherworld’ which is to say, the

Neter-world). Amenta (the ‘Land of the Manes’) receives its name
from the fact that it was the place where was entrapped the fallen
angels whom they alternatively called the Manes. The following
Egyptian mystery teaching speaks of Azazel being interred within the
earth, and extraordinarily enough, being alive and well therein:
“…the great god (Azazel), lord of Amenta…joined to the earth in the
inner part great, being laid on the earth [he is] not dead in Amenta,**
[he is] a glorious being in it.” - The Papyrus of Ani from the Egyptian Book of the
Dead Plate XVI (**Also spelled Amenti, i.e., the "hidden place," also known as the "Other
World" per Egyptologist E.A. Wallis Budge in The Egyptian Heaven and Hell [1905 A.D.],
the angels oft times being referred to as Otherworldly beings)

And again:
“Osiris (Azazel’s cherub Behemoth); greater [is he] than gods all. I
have granted to him [to rule] in the underworld (Duat). But his son
Horus (the angel Azazel) [is] as [his] heir upon his throne within the
Lake of…Fire.” - The Papyrus of Ani from the Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XXIX
(compare the name of the Egyptian underworld abode of Osiris, namely, Duat, to

These angels were said to be cast into a “lake of fire” of molten
lava created by the comet impacting the Earth, the tremendous energy
generated by its impact melting the solid bedrock beneath them in
which the angels in their cherubim were thereby imprisoned as the
molten rock subsequently solidified. This comet impact in 4340 B.C.
caused great regional destruction in Palestine and in other areas of the
Levant and was the cause of the Biblical Flood.
Behemoth is the name of Azazel’s cherub (cherubim are named
in the same way as boats and ships and aircraft are named here on
Earth). It was at the time of the comet strike when Azazel’s cherub
Behemoth was encased within the rock beneath the desert called
“…Behemoth (Azazel’s cherub)…occupied…a waste wilderness (a
desert) named Duidain.” - 1Enoch LX.8 (See also 1Enoch LX.9)
Azazel was imprisoned within his cherub Behemoth beneath
the desert known as Duidain by the comet which struck the earth.

Duidain, also known as Dudael (and the ‘Pit of Dudael’), where
Azazel was imprisoned within the earth is identified in Revelation
9:13-15 as being located “at the great river Euphrates” in the Middle
East. For a look at the Jewish religious custom which commemorates
this event see Leviticus 16:1-22 (Pertinent Quote: “Azazel [alive and
well beneath the earth]…persists in his corruptive activity. Therefore
Israel brings offerings and casts one lot for the Lord, so that He [God]
might accept atonement for all the sins of Israel, and one lot for Azazel
so that he might bear the burden of the sins of Israel.” - Midrash Bereshit
Rabbati: The Midrash of Shemhazai and Azazel (ed. Hanokh Albeck; Jerusalem: Mekitze
Nirdamim, 1940). Indeed, in the Tenth Chapter of The Book of Enoch it

was God who was said to declare: “…the whole earth has been
corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him
ascribe all sin.”)
Jude 6 speaks of the angels’ imprisonment within the earth:
“And the angels that did not keep their own position but left their
proper dwelling have been kept by him (by God) in eternal chains in
the nether gloom (encased within the earth)...” - Jude 6 (See also Jude 13)
…as does 2Peter 2:4:
“God did not spare the angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell
(Sheol) and committed them to pits of nether gloom (within the earth)
to be kept until the judgment...” - 2Peter 2:4 (See also The Book of Enoch XX.2)
As The Acts of Thomas reveals: “I (Azazel) am he who
inhabits and possesses the abyss of Tartarus,” referring to this abyss as
the “great chasm” in which “that serpent (the Genesis serpent Azazel)
was swallowed up,” in reference to Azazel’s imprisonment within the
earth (As noted in The Jewish Study Bible [Tanakh Translation,
Oxford University Press, 2004 A.D.]: “Unlike some later Jewish and
Christian literature, Genesis does not identify the talking snake with
Satan.” This was a later erroneous assumption. It is the fallen angel
Azazel who is therein represented by the Genesis serpent. The word
‘azi,’ from whence is derived the name Azazel, means
‘serpent/snake’). This is another reason why the angel Azazel was
associated with the serpent imagery representive of him in The Bible,
as snakes are known to make their homes in underground pits, a

characteristic analogous to Azazel’s imprisonment within the earth.
When in Genesis 3:14 it was said of the serpent “dust you shall eat all
the days of your life,” it is because this prophesied a future judgment
against the angel Azazel, God sentencing Azazel to interment within
the earth. It is the Genesis serpent Azazel and the angels entrapped
within the earth of which The Apocryphon of John warns its readers:
“Guard yourself against the angels of misery (the angels within the
‘valley of misery’), the demons of chaos,** and all who entrap
you…beware the trap in the bowels of the underworld.” (** Author’s
Note: Chaos is by one definition an ‘abyss.’ It is these ‘demons of
chaos,’ the demons in the abyss, whom practitioners of Chaos Magic,
namely, psychonaut Peter Carroll [b. England, 1953 A.D.] and the
Illuminates of Thanateros [IOT]/the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of
Thanateros invoke and with whom they are in league. ‘Thanateros’ is
a compound word derived from Thanatos, the Greek god [angel] of
death who is Azazel, and the Greek god of love Eros, the famously
amorous god likewise representative of Azazel)
The Bible speaks of Azazel as being: “…the angel of the
bottomless pit (the angel who is imprisoned within the earth); his name
in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon.” Revelation 9:11.
In English this translates as ‘Destroyer.’ This is in
reference to the angel Azazel. Compare the word ‘Apollyon’ to the
word ‘Apollo,’ two names by which Azazel’s cherub Behemoth was
known. The system of Magic encapsulated in the grimoire known as
The Greater Key of Solomon invokes the rebel angel Azazel under the
name of ‘Abaddon,’ identifying him as “ye who by your own sin have
been cast down from the Empyreal Heaven, and from before His
(God’s) Throne; by Him (God) who hath cast ye down unto the most
profound of the Abysses of Hell (Sheol)” (See The Greater Key of
Solomon Book I Chapter VI).
In India, the word Buddha was coined as a derivative of the
name Abaddon:
“In India, the ‘Great Abad’ is Bhudda, Bauddha, Buddha, or Baddha.
There is a connection suggested here with the Abaddon of the
Greeks.” - The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries p.294 by Hargrave Jennings
(Abaddon is a compound word meaning Lord Abad, coupling the title don from the Latin
dominus meaning lord with the name of that ‘other god’ Abad. In the Old Testament of the
The Bible, the Hebrew root abad [as we learn from Strong’s Hebrew Accordance] is used to

denote the “other gods” worshipped by the nations whom the peoples served and for whom
they worked by their labors and to whom they were held in bondage and by whom in the
strictly occult sense of the word, they were compelled to “labour as slaves.” The slaves shall
indeed serve)

Azazel is what is known as a ‘destroying angel’ (as an example
Psalms 78:49 describes the presence of an entire company of
destroying angels). The Koran calls these ‘destroying angels’ the
Malaikut al-Maut, which translates as ‘angels of death.’ Compare the
name of the Semitic god Dumuzi (also known as Tammuz), who
represents the angel Azazel, to that of Dûmãh, the Angel of Death of
the Hebrews, Chief of demons, who was known to Islamists as the
Archangel of Death, Azrael, who likewise represented Azazel (one
authority on the subject equates the god Duma [Dûmãh] with Tammuz
[See S.F. Dunlap, Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man p.76]). Through the
transposition of letters, Duma can alternatively be rendered Damu:
“‘Alas! my Damu, my healer’ … As a healer he (Tammuz, who is
Azazel) is usually referred to by the title Damu (from whence is
derived Damuzi/Dumuzi).” - Tammuz and Ishtar p. 34/36 (S. Langdon, “Shillito
Reader of Assyriology, Oxford,” 1914 A.D.). The god Tammuz (Azazel) was also
known as Ab-u (See p.44 Tammuz and Ishtar by S. Langdon, 1914
A.D.). And Azazel was also known as Adad/Hadad/Haddu (from
whence is derived the word Hades). One may conceivably combine
the Semitic words Ab/Abu Haddu (Father Haddu) into the word
Buddha (as well as Abaddon/Abad/Adad). From the fact Azazel was
also known as Abu comes the following definition of the Greek word
‘Abussos’ (also known as Ur-Khaos) as found in The KJV New
Testament Greek Lexicon: “Bottomless; unbounded; the abyss; the pit;
the immeasurable depth of Orcus (the Gaulish god Orcus [Orcus being
a transliteration of Ur-Khaos], god of the underworld in which he is
entrapped, a god who represented Azazel who is entrapped within the
Earth [aka Lord Sathanas who art in Orcus, the serpent seducer of Eve
of the Gnostic Ophites (See pp.518,523 Magic by Hans Holzer) of the
Ohio-based Gerald B. Gardner/Brad Steiger-associated Our Lady of
Endor Coven founded in 1948 A.D. by Herbert Arthur Sloane];
compare to ‘Orus’ [also known as Orus Apollo], a synonym of both
‘Horus’ and ‘Orcus’), a very deep gulf or chasm in the lowest parts of
the earth used as the common receptacle of the dead (the dead
angel/human hybrids) and especially as the abode of demons (read: the
abode of the fallen angels where they remain entrapped within the

The Judaic name for Azazel, namely Ashmodai/Asmodeus, the
‘king of demons’ frequently invoked by medieval Kabalists, whom
Zoroastrians celebrated as Aeshma-daevas, derives his name from the
Hebrew word ASAMOD, meaning, “to destroy,” as in the
‘Destroyer/Abaddon/Apollyon,’ as related above in Revelation 9:11
(the ‘Circle-A’ symbol for anarchy is also derived from the legends of
Azazel for as we learn from The Secret Societies Handbook [Michael
Bradley, 2004 A.D.]: “Asmodeus [the Destroyer, who is Azazel] is
also the symbol for anarchy—an upper case ‘A’ inside a circle is a
depiction of Asmodeus [Azazel].”). Asmodeus was portrayed as a
serpent (Vita Adae Et Evae, which translates as The Life of Adam and
Eve, identifies the serpent of the Garden, who is Azazel, as the
‘Destroyer.’ Indeed, the Athenian Apollo (also known as the
Destroyer/Abaddon/Apollyon, and which represented Azazel’s cherub
Behemoth) was associated with the serpent (representing the Genesis
serpent Azazel). In fact, the Greek god Apollo was also called Python
(See Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man, S.F. Dunlap, 1858 A.D.,
p.54, 55), a word employed as the name for a genus of snakes. It is
also of a most interesting and revealing note that the “Sacred Word,”
worthy of reverence, of the high-degree Freemasonic “Grand Council
of Knights of the East and West” is Abaddon (See The Mysteries of
Freemasonry “as written by Captain William Morgan** [for which
exposé Capt. Morgan was assassinated], by George R. Crafts,” p. 211
[**See also Illustrations of Freemasonry by William Morgan, 1827
In Tablet II of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth from Egypt it is
said concerning Azazel and his group of fallen angels: “…the Children
of Light (the shining ones/the fallen angels) looked down on the world.
Seeing the children of men (humans)…Down they descended and
created bodies, taking the semblance of men as their own…living in
the world (on our Earth) as children of men (incarnated),” being “like
and yet unlike the children of men.” It goes on to explain that this
particular grouping of angels who have the appearance of men live in
“a dwelling place, far ‘neath the earth crust” beneath the surface of the
Earth. Azazel and his group of angels are therein identified as
“Custodians and watchers” of men who from their subterranean abode
are “guiding, directing the destiny of man” and this they do as must be
noted through the Overshadowing process as the reader shall later
discover. These fallen angels (as well as Satan’s group of rebel angels
who hide themselves within the seas) have long manipulated people in

positions of power in the nations of our World.
The New Earth home of the angels, the creation of which is related in Genesis 2:4-25, is
located amongst the seven stars of the Pleiades group. Amos 5:8 tells us God created the
Pleiades, where the New Earth is located. The Pleiades grouping of stars are again mentioned
in Job 9:9 and Job 38:31 as being specifically God’s creation, highlighting the angel’s
association with this area. The Pleiades are located in the astrological grouping of stars in the
sign of Taurus, Taurus being represented as a bull, a common symbol for an angel. According
to Freemasonic teachings derived from the teachings of the ancient Mysteries, the Pleiades are
seven stars situated at the upper end of a great Sacred Ladder. If we assume that our Earth is
at the bottom of this ladder, and the angels move up and down it as we esoterically learn from
the Biblical parable of Jacob’s Ladder (See Genesis 28:12), this would throw a light upon the
Freemason’s own esoteric knowledge that the New Earth, from where the incarnated angels
came to our Earth, is located in the Pleiades group of stars. Indeed, in some versions of the
story of the angels’ descent to our Earth, the angels are said to descend down “Jacob’s
Ladder.” Jacob’s Ladder is the name by which is known the route traversed by the angels in
their descent from the New Earth in the Pleiades group to our own Earth. For this reason, the
Egyptian god Horus, who represented Azazel, is called the “traverser of the two earths” (See
The Origin and Evolution of Freemasonry by Albert Churchward) as well as “Horus of the
two horizons” in reference to these two earths [Author’s Note: There is a pre-Inca mythology
which holds their gods had come from the Pleiades constellation, and the name of the Hindu
god Kartikeya translates as ‘Him of the Pleiades.’ Additionally of an interesting note,
according to the Pleiades selection from the Gale Encyclopedia of Occultism &
Parapsychology: “Early in the twentieth century, the leader (33° Freemason Charles Taze
Russell) of the group (this group is The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society) later known as
the Jehovah’s Witnesses suggested that one of the stars of the Pleiades was actually the throne
of the Lord God Jehova.” (Pertinent Quote: “If flying saucers actually exist as extraterrestrial
spaceships, then the Pleiades might deserve a place high on the list of possible origins.” –
p.176 Why UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse by John A. Keel, 1970 A.D. To further explore
this concept, that flying saucers are the flying ‘wheels’ of the Watchers as described in The
Bible, see The Demonic Theory of UFOs by John of the Gentiles)
(For a detailed account of the events which lead to the coming of these angels to our Earth, see
Evildoer Added to Evildoer: The Story of Satan, Azazel and the Rebellious Angels by John of
the Gentiles. The story of the angels may also be found in Hidden Truths: A History of the
World from Beginning to End by John of the Gentiles. While certain materials may be found
to overlap, each book is designed as a unique, stand-alone informative body of material)


Chapter 2. The Mysteries of Azazel
“Many supposed mythological traditions of ancient Greece have been
demonstrated to have had a foundation in fact and history; and we may
assume that such is possibly the case to a far greater extent than has
yet been proven, and that this applies to the traditions of other
localities and people as well…” - Solar Biology by Hiram E. Butler, 1887 A.D.
Azazel and his angels have been worshipped as gods by
mankind here on Earth ever since their arrival thereupon. Vulcan, one
such name under which the Romans knew the angel Azazel, was
worshipped in subterranean volcanic caves on the Aegean island of
Hephaestus (an island so named after one of the Greek titles for
Azazel, the god of metalworking, arms and armor) in deference to
Azazel’s entrapment within the earth. Azazel’s entrapment within his
cherub within the earth is also memorialized in the story of Typhon, a
god who represents Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, being entrapped by
Zeus who was said to have crushed him with a mountain, an act
representative of the comet strike which imprisoned Azazel in his
cherub beneath the earth. It must be noted the word ‘Typhon’ is an
anagram of the word ‘python,’ the name for a genus of snakes found in
Africa and Asia. This is in deference to the general location of the
Genesis serpent Azazel’s entombment within the earth.
‘Manes’ is the Roman word and ‘mani/man’ the Etruscan word
used to denote Azazel and the angels who accompanied him to the
Earth way way back in the antediluvian day 5000 years B.C. In the
Etruscan religious belief system, the mani (Latin: manes) are the
divine souls of ancestors (to whom they believed they were
descended—the Romans as previously noted traced their lineage from
these angelic ‘gods’ as well) who were said to be located in an
underworld called Aita (a cognate of the word ‘Amenti’). Indeed, such
cthonic legends are present in nearly every ancient culture and
religious system.
According to Freemasonic and Qabbalistic legends, themselves
based upon such ancient Mystery religions, Hiram, the builder of
Solomon’s Temple was said to have plunged through the Molten Sea
right into the center of the Earth where at that time dwelt someone said
to be the first worker in metals. This legend is in deference to the

story of the angel Azazel who first taught men to work in metals (See
1Enoch VIII.1), and of Azazel’s subsequent imprisonment within the
earth. The Molten Sea (Lake of Fire) therein represents “God’s
Cauldron,” the sea of molten rock in which Azazel was encased. The
Molten Sea, the brazen laver of the Mosaic ritual, was a major
architectural element in King Solomon’s Temple (See 1Kings 7:25), it
representing the place of Azazel’s interment within the Earth.
The story of Azazel and his eternally living angels surviving
their ordeal being imprisoned within the earth and how they may in
fact be contacted is a central theme in the realm of magic. The
Cambridge University educated 33° Freemason Aleister Crowley
(b.1875 - d.1947A.D.) believed the story of the angels’ interment
within the earth to be such a historical truth, it being a basic belief of
all magical societies past and present including the Hermetic Order of
the Golden Dawn. The 19th Century French Freemason, ceremonial
magician/astrologer Eliphas Levi (b.1810 - d.1875A.D.), also
continuing magic traditions dating back to ancient Biblical times,
speaks of them in his writings, as does the eminent British black-magic
practitioner Dr. John Dee (b.1527 - d.1608A.D.) of Enochian Magick
fame, official of the court of Queen Elizabeth I (Dee was the court
astrologer and as such a caster of horoscopes; in his time, astrology
and astronomy went hand in hand with ceremonial magic practices—
astrologers/astronomers were also sorcerers as a rule: “Astrologers
were concerned with the relation of stars and planets to man, and their
influence on his fate and character. These arts bordered on one side
upon philosophy, mysticism, metallurgy, physics and astronomy, and
on the other upon pure magic. The astrologer undoubtedly knew a
great deal about the movements of planets, but he also predicted the
future…cast horoscopes, and often invoked spirits.” – p.171 Witchcraft in
England by Christina Hole, 1947 A.D. Astronomer Johannes Kepler as well as
the stately Galileo were known for casting astrological horoscopes as
well (as Rene Guenon explains in The Reign of Quantity and the Signs
of the Times: “…the attribution of a separate meaning to the terms
‘astrology’ and ‘astronomy’ is of relatively recent origin; among the
Greeks both words were employed, without distinguishing between
them…”). Astrology was a popular pursuit of the royalty of the
period, a fact which holds true to this day—all members of the
aristocracy would have a horoscope worked out for them by a
sorcerer/astrologer/astronomer at the time of their births. And by

reason of their association with fallen angels ("Congressus cum
daemonis") lay the true reason these men were persecuted by the
Roman Catholic Church.
It is easy to see how astrology would be of interest to the ruling
upper classes of British high society as: “A British astrological writer
using the pseudonym ‘Astrologus’ stated in 1793 that, from eclipses
(especially of the Sun), astrologers could safely predict ‘notable events
concerning the rise and fall of governments; the foundation or fall of
cities, towns or fortifications—the breach of leagues among princes,
the captivity, sorrow or sickness of their miserable subjects; wars,
quarrels and tempests; inundations, duels and litigations—religious
controversies, and irreligious persecutions among mankind—the death
or destruction of cattle, the infidelity of servants and the treachery of
friends—the decay of navigation and the loss of shipping…’” - Astrology
p.284, Louis MacNeice, 1964 A.D. Besides offering up such regally relevant
revelations, the astrologer’s ability to foresee ‘decay of navigation’ as
well as ‘the loss of shipping’ would as the reader shall later discover
also pique the interest of magic-practicing Freemasonic members of
latter day Naval Intelligence communities. Magic, however, had long
had an association with naval pursuits particularly during the age of
the sail as witches typically offered for sale knotted magical chords:
“The chord was used by witches when they sold winds to the sailors.
They would sell one with several knots tied in it, and when a sailor
untied a knot, a fresh breeze would spring up. The more knots he
untied, the greater the wind would become.” – p.44 Lid Off the Cauldron by
Patricia Crowther. Indeed: “Witches were supposed to be able to control
the weather, especially the wind. They could raise and allay storms
and sell favorable winds to sailors…Sailors went in special dread of
witches, for a witch’s curse was sufficient to destroy any ship, whether
by raising a storm or by any other means.” – Witchcraft in England by
Christine Hole, 1947 A.D. Eric Maple in Witchcraft describes the existence
of “weather wizards” who claimed that “they can not only bring on
storms but can protect the inhabitants from them.” Towards this end it
was not an uncommon practice for magicians, witches or shamans to
serve as members of a ship captain’s crew. As exemplified in the
Biblical book of Jonah, the creation of storms and stormy winds was
one of the areas in which God and his angels excelled (See Jonah 1:4).
Additionally, navigation by stars certainly entailed the knowledge of
astronomy/astrology, a science traditionally the realm of the

practitioner of magic, and later technological breakthroughs in this
area including the creation of the astrolabe and later the sextant
required an adept knowledge of astronomy/astrology and mathematical
The magic-practicing ceremonial magician Dr. John Dee was held to
be the Father of the Rosicrucian secret society. Dee’s own personal
library (including his extensive collection of books on the subject of
magic) is currently housed in the Bodleian Library (founded in 1598
A.D. by Thomas Bodley during the reign of Quen Elizabeth I) at the
University of Oxford in England where they were no doubt diligently
studied by many illustrious attendees including the English ceremonial
magician Aleister Crowley. Dr. John Dee had himself at one point
served as Warden of Manchester College at Oxford University). The
grimoire known as the Simon Necronomicon also speaks of the
existence of “Ancient Ones” and of their being imprisoned within the
earth (according to H.P. Lovecraft in his fictional work entitled The
Dunwich Horror [1929 A.D.] it was Dr. John Dee himself who
translated the Simon Necronomicon into English, though as Jacques
Bergier states in Extraterrestrial Visitations from Prehistoric Times to
the Present [1973 A.D. English Edition]: “Let’s try to separate truth
from fiction. Lovecraft himself wrote me in 1935, and confirmed to
many other correspondents as well, that he had invented the
Necronomicon** in every respect.” (**Abdul Alhazred, the reputed author of the
Necronomicon, being an anagram of sorts: Ed A-Bull-Hazard. Lovecraft was descended from
the Hazard family of Rhode Island. Ed A = Edmund Andros who was overthrown by colonists
during the 1689 Boston revolt following the ascension of William and Mary to the English
throne; Bull = Henry Bull [who succeeded Edmund Andros after Edmund Andros’ arrest];
Hazard = Thomas Hazard [the associate of Henry Bull from whom Lovecraft was descended]).

Though invented it may be, it had been based on prevailing beliefs
long vetted by the ancient sands of time). This term “Ancient Ones”
was taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead (See Plate XI B.D.
Chap. CXLVII) which calls Osiris (Azazel/Behemoth) the “Ancient
One.” For this reason Azazel is also known as the Old Serpent/the Old
Man/the Old One/the Old God [head of the Old Gods/Great Old
Gods], upon whose devotion was based in part the Old Religion of
witchcraft with its attendent ritualist magic practices). The Egyptian
god Ra, who also represented one aspect of the angel Azazel (Azazel
is also known as Azrael for this particular reason), is likewise called
the “Ancient One” (Pertinent Quote: “It is the Watchers [the fallen
angels]…that constitute the witch’s true deities…Azael or Azrael

[alternatively spelled Azazel] is one of the modern witch’s gods.” Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson, 1970 A.D.). In fact, magic
incantations and rituals and the use of magical amulets focus on these
beings as protection against them or in hopes of summoning them as
servants, as well as soliciting their protection from various assorted
harms. Such magic incantations were also found amongst the scrolls
known as the Dead Sea Scrolls from the Therapeute Essene
community of Qumran.
The British Knight of the Order of the Garter Sir Elias
Ashmole (1617-1692 A.D.), the English antiquarian whose collection
(including a part of Dr. John Dee’s library of magic books and
manuscripts) forms the basis of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford,
England, who wrote books on such occult sciences as magic (which
involves the invocation of these rebellious fallen angels), alchemy and
astrology (in his time ceremonial magic and astrology went hand in
hand. Ceremonial magicians of the day invoked fallen angels in magic
circles protected by astrological signs and additionally cast horoscopes
for members of the nobility) and who like “The Father of Modern
Satanism” Aleister Crowley was likewise associated with Oxford
University, speaks of Azazel and his imprisoned group of fallen angels
in his book, The Way to Bliss, revealing them to be a “Nation (as
defined as ‘a group of people’) of Wise-Men (think: Magi/Magicians),
dwelling…underground…” (in Egypt, an additional title of Azazel
was Tahuti, the god of magic, the Chief Seer, the foremost of
magicians). Oxford University (as well as its associated Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn magic group) has long purveyed the
esoteric knowledge concerning the fallen angels to the privileged and
upper crust of British society, most of whom are/were also high-degree
Freemasons. Many are/were in contact with and work/worked in
furtherance of the aims of these fallen angels. It must be noted that the
Rosicrucian alchemist and ceremonial magician Elias Ashmole, a
founding member of the Royal Society, was also a high-degree
Freemason (in fact, the Royal Society was itself a Freemasonic
construct for most of its early members were prominent English
Freemasons. The Royal Society is an order modeled on Salomon’s
House, a fictitious society “dedicated to the study of the works and
creatures of God” [specifically for the study of Illuminism as defined
as the universal science of light, for and I quote the study of “God’s
first creature, which was light” the creation of which is set forth in
Genesis 1:3] and “for the finding out of the true nature of all things” as

outlined in Rosicrucian grand master Sir Francis Bacon’s New
Atlantis). The legends concerning the existence of the subterranean
angels would most certainly be disseminated amongst the society’s
august members, likely oweing its very existence to the self-same
angels themselves, whom they ritually invoked and with whom they
were in contact. It must also be noted Royal Society members
currently sit on British government committees of a scientific nature.
Notable Foreign Members of the Royal Society have included J.
Robert Oppenheimer, the “Father of the Atomic Bomb,” and the wise
man who made it all possible, nuclear physicist (E=mc²) Albert
Einstein, who, revealingly enough, as we shall see, had connections to
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and to an associated magicpracticing-fallen-angel-invoking group of scientists located in the
sanguine environs of the beautiful sun-soaked city of Pasadena in the
good ol’ U.S. of A.
“The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural
Knowledge, known simply as the Royal Society, is a learned society
for science, and is possibly the oldest such society in existence.
Founded in November 1660, it was granted a Royal Charter by King
Charles II as the “Royal Society of London.” The Society was initially
an extension of the “Invisible College” (Rosicrucianism being the
prime motivating factor behind the foundation of the so-called
Invisible College itself, it being a Rosicrucian secret society) with the
founders intending it to be a place of research and discussion. The
Society today acts as a scientific advisor to the British government,
receiving a parliamentary grant-in-aid. The Society acts as the UK’s
Academy of Sciences, and funds research fellowships and scientific
start-up companies…The Royal Society started as a group of
approximately 12 scientists (one might argue 13, the traditional
number of witches in a traditional English witches coven), known as
the Invisible College, which met at a variety of locations, including the
houses of their members and Gresham College (whose Divinity School
was headed by Thomas Horton, a member of the Worshipful Company
of Mercers, the most powerful Masonic livery company in the City of
London. Horton would later serve as president of Queen’s College at
Cambridge University and would eventually be appointed a Doctor of
Divinity by Oliver Cromwell at Oxford University). Members at
particular times were (Dr.) John Wilkins (John Wilkins, Oliver
Cromwell’s brother-in-law, was a Warden at Oxford University’s

Wadham College who would later author a book entitled Mathematical
Magic Or The Wonders that May Be Performed by Mechanical
Geometry in 1691 A.D.), Jonathan Goddard, Robert Hooke
(astronomer/later a Fellow of the Royal Society), Christopher Wren
(Freemason; builder of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London; later Fellow of
the Royal Society), William Petty and Robert Boyle (Robert Boyle
was an alchemist/chemist who served as the Grand Master of the
Rosicrucian’s Priory of Sion). The group discussed the “new science,”
as promoted by Cambridge University alumni/Rosicrucian grand
master Sir Francis Bacon in his New Atlantis, from approximately
1645 onwards (a group of Rosicrucians, this group studied
‘Rosicrucianism,’ the Hermetic sciences of alchemy/chemistry,
ceremonial magic [also known as ritual magic], ‘medical’ magic,
‘natural magic,’ ‘mathematical magic,’ witchcraft, and ancient
mysteries such as astrology, astronomy, etc.)…The group varied over
time, eventually splitting into two distinct factions in 1638 due to
travel distances; the London Society and the Oxford Society. The
Oxford Society was more active owing to the fact that many members
of the overall College (Oxford University) lived there, and was
established as The Philosophical Society of Oxford, run under a set of
rules still retained by the Bodleian Library (most ‘philosophy’ books
of the time are written on the subject of alchemy, astrology, magic,
pagan myths/mysteries, etc. The early Christian author Tertullian once
wrote: “…philosophers are the patriarchs of heresy.” Indeed, The
Bible itself in Colossians 2:8 warns: “Beware lest any man spoil you
through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after
the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” At any rate, England
retained anti-witchcraft laws called Witchcraft Acts which forbade all
such magic practices upon its books in one degree or another often
mandating the death or imprisonment of the offender from the year
1542 A.D. until the ultimate repeal of the Witchcraft Acts in 1951
A.D. which helps to account for the secrecy of the group’s own
proceedings)… There are currently four Royal Fellows: Prince
Philip, Prince Edward, the Princess Royal and Prince William of
Wales (Wales, it must be mentioned, was and still is the bastion of
the magic group known as the Ancient Order of Druids)…” –
Wikipedia: The Royal Society.

Another Fellow and one-time President of the Royal Society of
note (which he joined in 1672 A.D.) was the Lucasian professor at

Cambridge University Sir Isaac Newton (he held the Lucasian Chair of
Mathematics from 1669 – 1687 A.D.). Isaac Newton is the famous
physicist who ‘discovered’ the law of gravity (during his studies at
Cambridge U. he became well versed in the philosophies of Plato and
Aristotle, both of whom were ‘white magic’ adepts. Cambridge
University was in fact an English Rosicrucian school of magic—the
celebrated English Rosicrucian adept Dr. Robert Fludd had himself
graduated from Cambridge University’s St. John’s College in 1591
A.D. [Fludd, a distinguished Fellow of the Royal College of
Physicians, was a friend of the German Rosicrucian
alchemist/Paracelsian physician Michael Maier, author of The Laws of
the Fraternity of the Rosie Cross, personal physician and counselor to
the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, King of Bohemia [Queen
Elizabeth I was the last of the line of the Welsh House of Tudor. It
was under the Tudor dynasty’s reign during the regency of King Henry
VIII (Henry VIII, a Knight of the Order of the Garter, was the father
of Queen Elizabeth I), a political/military ally of another famous
patron of the magical arts, the Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian I
(whose titles included King of Bavaria), that England’s break with the
Catholic Church occurred]. The Rosicrucian Dr. Robert Fludd’s
medical practice was located on Coleman Street in the City of London
area (See p.49 The Magical Mason)]). (Cambridge University, it must
be noted, was the leading intellectual center of the [anti-Roman
Catholic Church] Puritan movement, the group which would play a
major role in the history of the American colonies). In later years,
members of the British Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia Rosicrucian
order would give birth to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
which recruited many of its members from Cambridge University’s
student body. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn-member Aleister
Crowley’s parents were themselves staunch Puritans). Sir Isaac
Newton at the time was the purported Rosicrucian Grand Master of the
philosopher/mathematician/alchemist/astronomer (astronomers were
as a rule ceremonial magicians and astrologers, and history’s most
celebrated magicians of the past have at the same time been the most
brilliant of scientists and mathematicians—as British occult historian
Francis A. Yates points out in Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic
Tradition (1964 A.D.) p.134: “Mathematics are most necessary in
magic…When a magician follows natural philosophy and mathematics
and knows the middle sciences which come from them—arithmetic,

music, geometry, optics, astronomy, mechanics—he can do
marvellous things. We see to-day remains of ancient works, columns,
pyramids, huge artificial mounds. Such things were done by
mathematical magic.” In fact what was then known as ‘natural magic’
[aka ‘natural philosophy’] was the study of what we now know as
physics, ‘celestial magic,’ as mathematics: “Agrippa’s work [Occult
Philosophy] is divided into three books; the first book is about natural
magic, or magic in the elemental world; the second is about celestial
magic; the third is about ceremonial magic. These three divisions
correspond to the divisions of philosophy into physics, mathematics,
and theology.” – Ibid p.131. As the English Rosicrucian adept Robert
Fludd similarly noted, there were various classifications of magic in
his day including amongst which was: “Natural magic…that most
occult and secret department of physics by which the mystical
properties of natural substances are [alchemically] extracted” as well
as Mathematical Magic “which enables adepts in the art to construct
marvellous machines by means of their geometrical knowledge” [See
The Real History of the Rosicrucians p.293 by A.E. Waite].
Automata, the modern computer, the airplane, the automobile and the
locomotive would certainly all fall within the category of ‘marvelous
machines,’ magical mechanisms wrought wholly through the
knowledge of ‘mathematical magic’ without which wisdom the
Industrial Revolution should not have been made possible. The
Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary p.596 itself explains: “Magic is
of two kinds—natural or scientific and supernatural or spiritual. The
first attributes its power to a deep, practical aquaintence with the
power of nature [physics]. The second attributes its power to an
aquaintence with celestial or infernal agencies.” Even ceremonial
magician Eliphas Levi would himself at one point similarly exclaim:
“Magic is the science of the secrets of nature.” As Jules Michelet
writes: “Agrippa and others affirm, that all science is contained in
magic. In white magic undoubtedly.” - p.202 La Sorciere by J. Michelet, 1862
A.D. And as H.P. Blavatsky enlightens her own followers:
“Maimonades, the great Jewish theologian and historian…has
successfully demonstrated that the Chaldean Magic, the science of
Moses and other learned thaumaturgists [ceremonial magicians] was
wholly based on an extensive knowledge of the various and now
forgotten branches of natural science.”- Isis Unveiled. As Nesta Webster
would very astutely note concerning these early magical pratices: “It is
obvious that all these have now passed into the realms of science and

are no longer regarded as magical arts.” One may quote mystic after
mystic and the story is always the same: “Under the old title of magic,
a Persian term signifying knowledge, was included every science,
natural or metaphysical, which was cultivated.” – New Platonism and
Alchemy by Alexander Wilder, 1869 A.D. But magical arts they are
indeed, and much knowledge may be gleened from ancient books
authored on the subject of magic when one recognizes these writings
for what they truly are, scientific works containing secrets provided by
the fallen angels, the very subject of my book The Knowledge of
Wisdom). The physicists of today including Albert Einstein and J.
Robert Oppenheimer are in fact linear descendents of the magicians of
the past. As the physicist Lawrence LaShan himself professes in his
book The Medium, the Mystic and the Physicist [itself a testament to
the fact magic and physics are entirely and inextricably intertwined]:
“…there is a great similarity between the world-view of the mystic, the
[Spiritualist] medium and the physicist.” Of a slightly less than
interesting though nothing short of significant note, the current Prime
Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron (a fifth cousin to
Queen Elizabeth II) majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at
Oxford University (“Paul the blessed apostle, my beloved
brethren, writing to the Corinthians who inhabit Laconian Greece,
spake saying, “The wisdom of this world is folly in the sight of
God” [1 Cor. iii, 19], and he said not amiss. For it seems to me to
have taken its beginning from the rebellion of the angels; for
which cause the philosophers put forth their doctrines…” - Derision
of Gentile Philosophers [Hermias]. Political as well as economic doctrines
included, as we shall later learn) (Concerning the creation of the
utopian New Atlantis, the institution of which this group of
Rosicrucians promoted: “Bro [Freemasonic Brother] Hughan, of
Dunscore, Torquay, Devon, England, ventures in the History by the 80
Luminaries [“Among the 80 Luminaries, 15 belong to the British
Empire, one is a Doctor of Oxford and Bishop of Iowa”], pp. 30, 31,
to declare that the ‘New Atlantis’ seems to be and probably is the key
to the modern rituals of Freemasonry [which in itself is merely
warmed over Rosicrucianism].” - Luciferian or Satanism in English Freemasonry
by L. Fouquet, 1898 A.D. Indeed, Thomas de Quincey [1785-1859 A.D.],
who attended Worcester College in Oxford, England, professed
modern masonry [Freemasonry] to be nothing more than a modified
form of Rosicrucianism.
By the definition proffered in the
Rosicrucian work entitled Cosmology by Franz Hartmann [Boston

1888 A.D., p.7], a Rosicrucian is but a Hermetic philosopher, by
definition a practitioner of Graeco-Egyptian magic practices, including
amongst which arts is alchemy, subject matter of the majority of
Rosicrucian writings. The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries
p.225 [Heckethorne, 1897 A.D.] informs us: “In 1646 [as the English
Civil War was winding down] Elias Ashmole, William Lilly [a
Spiritualist magician whose book Christian Astrology was published in
1647 A.D.], Dr. Thomas Wharton, George Wharton, Dr. J. Pearson,
and others [all known practitioners of magic] formed a Rosicrucian
society in London, practically to carry out a scheme propounded in
[Francis] Bacon’s New Atlantis** [their plan was to make Bacon’s
Utopian civilization outlined in New Atlantis arise in the Americas, in
the Puritan havens of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, its associated
Connecticut Colony and in the colony of Pennsylvania as well]…
Some of the members of this society were Freemasons, hence they
were enabled to hold their meetings in Mason’s Hall [originally
constructed in 1463 A.D. and demolished in 1865 A.D.], Mason’s
Alley [the western portion of Mason’s Avenue was known as Mason’s
Alley], Basinghall Street [near Coleman Street]” [formally known as
the Hall of the Worshipful Company of Masons located at 12-15
Mason’s Avenue] located in the City of London area [and indeed, it is
to the ‘Goose and Gridiron’ pub in St. Paul’s Churchyard also located
nearby Mason’s Hall there in the City of London where the the
Freemasonic Grand Lodge of England, the Blue Lodge from which the
Illuminati would draw its own membership ranks, was originally
constituted in 1717 A.D. (See p.99 Secret Societies and Subversive
Movements)]. This group of Freemasons traced their genesis to the
Knights Templar group whose Temple Church English headquarters is
located there in Temple, London in the Medieval City of London area
(its City of London Corporation governing body employs the Knights
Templar’s red cross on white shield emblem which is symbolic of the
fallen angel Azazel [See Appendix A]). As we learn from History of
the Middle Temple: “The history of the Middle Temple (the western
portion of the Temple, London complex) is a long and fascinating one.
Templars (Knights Templars) held the estate of the Temple from the
twelfth century until their suppression in the early fourteenth century;
thereafter the lawyers (of the Temple Bar, home of The Royal Courts
of Justice [located immediately nearby to the latter-day London School
of Economics]) came (that the five largest law firms in the United
Kingdom are today collectively and informally known as the ‘Magic

Circle’ says a lot in itself I should think. These lawyers included Irish
attorney-general Sir John Davies [an associate of the British spymaster
Sir Robert Cecil] whose poem “The Immortality of the Soul” had
brought him within the sphere of Queen Elizabeth I whose main court
advisor was ceremonial magician Dr. John Dee, himself a member of
the informal Invisible College). The magnificent Tudor Hall of the
Middle Temple was completed in 1574… Many persons other than
lawyers became members of Middle Temple (formally known as The
Honourable Society of the Middle Temple amongst whose members
today is the philosophically inclined British Prime Minister David
Cameron) - among them (Rennaissance-era alchemist) Sir Walter
Raleigh, Elias Ashmole, Edward Hyde (Earl of Clarendon), William
Congreve, Henry Fielding (a poet, playwright and London’s Chief
Magistrate who was a lifelong friend of William Pitt the Elder),
Edmund Burke (a British Whig party M.P. known for his support of
the American Revolution. Edmund Burke was associated with the
aforementioned group of London Rosicrucians particularly through his
friend Dr. Thomas Wharton), (Sir) William Cowper (Cowper was
Lord Palmerston’s son-in-law) and William Makepeace Thackeray
(secretary to the board of revenue in the British East India Company
whose friend, Edwin de Leon, was leader of the Carbonari’s Young
America Youth Movement group. In Thackeray’s day the Royal
Society was housed at Carlton House Terrace in Westminster, London,
home to the illuminus British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston under
whose Freemasonic machinations the Youth Movement was originally
founded). Another notable Middle Templar was explorer Bartholomew
Gosnold (one of the founders/original shareholders of the joint stock
London Company which owned and financed the first permanent
English colony at Jamestown, Virginia), discoverer of Cape Cod, who
named a nearby island Martha’s Vineyard in honour of his six-year-old
daughter (later purchased in 1641 A.D. and colonized in 1642 A.D. by
the Puritan Boston merchant Thomas Mayhew the Elder, a close
associate of Benjamin Franklin’s grandfather, Peter Folger). From
those beginnings grew the thirteen American colonies, and in due
course five Middle Templars signed the American Declaration of
Independence on 4 July 1776. Moreover, the US Constitution was
drafted by a committee chaired by yet another Middle Templar, John
Rutledge, who, along with six other Middle Templars, was among its
39 original signatories [the majority of which were Freemasons and
Rosicrucians].” Lawyers from the Inner Temple (and the Outer

Temple as well) including John Winthrop, Jr., son of Massachusetts
Bay Colony founder John Winthrop the Elder, would play active roles
in the establishment of America. John Winthrop Jr., a co-founder of
the Connecticut Colony (encompassing the modern state of
Connecticut) was a well known alchemist/Fellow of the Royal Society
who would serve as governor of the Connecticut Colony. Today, circa
2013 A.D., the City of London [where the Bank of England itself
(originally built upon the site of a mithraeum, a Roman temple
dedicated to the god Mithras [Azazel], the City of London being the
location of the old Roman trading post of Londinium) is located just a
short distance away from Mason’s Hall] is the epicenter of the global
Rosicrucian/Freemasonic secret societies noted above [For additional
historical information concerning the City of London, see David Icke’s
eye-opening film, Revelations of a Mother Goddess]).
(**“[Rosicrucian grand master Sir Francis] Bacon’s circle of friends
included many Britons who undoubtedly had access to the elder
secrets carried through the Knights Templar on into Freemasonry.
These included [English poet/playwright] Christopher Marlowe,
[English poet] Edmund Spenser, [English poet/playwright] Ben
Johnson, [English poet/playwright] Edward de Vere [17th Earl of
Oxford, an official in the court of Queen Elizabeth I], [English
playwright] John Fletcher and [English poet/playwright] Philip Sidney
[an official in the court of Queen Elizabeth I whose wife Frances
Walsingham was the daughter of British spymaster Sir Francis
Walsingham, Elizabeth I’s Secretary of State], all of whom were
[spies] connected to the national intelligence service created by Queen
Elizabeth [I]… They were early Freemasons, members of the secret
society created from stonemason guilds by the Knights Templar
following their dissolution in 1307.” – p.325-326 Our Occulted History by Jim
Marrs, 2013 A.D. Note the British Intelligence agency association with
poets and the theater stage as it is of the utmost import later on in our
Another associated philosophical society of note to be found in
colonial America, ground zero of the New Atlantis, was itself the
creation of a Freemason and Rosicrucian of the very highest degree:
“The American Philosophical Society is a discussion group founded in
1743 by Benjamin Franklin (b. 1706 - d. 1790 A.D.) as an offshoot of
his earlier club, the Junto… From the beginning, the Society attracted

some of America’s finest minds. Early members included [long-time
friend and fellow high-degree Freemason] George Washington, John
Adams, Thomas Jefferson [Thomas Jefferson was an associate of
Royal Society-member/alchemist Joseph Priestley—Priestley’s own
friends included Thomas Paine’s publisher, Royal Society-member
Joseph Johnson, and Royal Society–member Benjamin Franklin (both
Franklin and Priestley had been members of the Lunar Society of
Birmingham [England], an amalgamated group of scientists and
inventors credited with the birth of the Industrial Revolution)],
Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine…James Madison…and John
Marshall. The Society also drew philosophers from other nations as
members, including…the Marquis de Lafayette, [and] Baron von
Steuben (Baron Von Steuben was an aristocratic Freemason who had
served in the Prussian Army as an aide-de-camp to that famous
devotee of the magical arts, the Rosicrucian King, Frederick the Great.
Benjamin Franklin had belonged to the same French Freemasonic
lodge, the Les Neuf Sœurs, as another of King Frederick’s friends, the
Illuminus philosopher Voltaire [which lodge along with Voltaire
played a major role in the French Revolution])…” – Wikipedia: American
Philosophical Society.
Subversive Freemasonic revolutionaries, all.
According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology:
“Franklin associated with Rosicrucians (per John Robinson in Proofs
of a Conspiracy p.54 [1798 A.D.], Rosicrucians in his day, besides
being engrossed in the science of alchemy [chemistry], were
additionally Spiritualists [“ghost-raisers”] and practitioners of “magic”
in general. No doubt the Royal Society was itself largely a Rosicrucian
body as Benjamin Franklin’s Royal Society colleague Joseph Priestley
was both an alchemist and a Spiritualist as well) and became a
Freemason in February 1730, a member of the Lodge of the Nine
Muses [also known as Les Neuf Sœurs, French for ‘The Nine Sisters,’
though named in honor of The Nine (Ennead) pantheon of Egyptian
gods], which was said to have influenced [read: instigated] the French
Revolution” [Benjamin Franklin was also associated with the Institute
of France which was also founded by this very same Freemasonic
lodge]. Modern day Juntos of note include: “There are several modernday Juntos modeled on Franklin’s original meeting operating today.
Hedge fund manager Victor Niederhoffer has been running the New
York City Junto since 1985. Meeting monthly, the New York Junto
focuses on libertarianism, Objectivism (the philosophy of Ayn Rand),
and investing [the philosophy of Ayn Rand tends to be anti-Christian

in nature (of an interesting if not related note, as Church of Satan
founder Anton LaVey himself muses: “I give people Ayn Rand with
trappings,” that his own brand of Satanism is simply “Ayn Rand’s
philosophy with ceremony and ritual added.” Indeed, according to the
Church of Satan’s website: “Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn
Rand, is an acknowledged source for some of the Satanic philosophy
as outlined in The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey.”)]. Ayne Rand
herself has acknowledged the Greek philosopher Aristotle as being her
greatest influence [and perhaps Aristotle wasn’t the very best person to
emulate seeing as how Aristotle’s flawed astronomical observations
were subsequently repudiated by the astrologer Galileo (who like
Aristotle was also a caster of horoscopes, as well as being by definition
a ceremonial magician) in 1610 A.D. with the publishing of his treatise
entitled The Star Messenger, although both individuals are good
examples of ‘mathematical magic’ adepts]. Significantly enough, from
Clement of Alexandria [Stromata Book VI Chapter 6] we learn:
“Aristotle [384 – 322 BC] says that all men are provided with daemons
that attend on them during the time they are in the body” (particularly,
I feel the need to add, those men of a magic-practicing philosophical
bent as channeling one’s magical Muse was the philosopher’s main
objective). At any rate, Aristotle was a student of the Greek
philosopher Plato, and Plato was a well-known practitioner of the socalled “white” form of magic as it has been said: “...magic has two
forms. One consists wholly in the operations and powers of demons,
and consequently this appears to me, as God is my witness, an
execrable and monstrous thing. The other proves, when thoroughly
investigated, to be nothing else but the highest realization of natural
philosophy (alternatively known as ‘natural magic’ as the words
magic and philosophy are virtually synonymous). The Greeks noted
both these forms. However, because they considered the first form
wholly undeserving the name magic they called it goeteia, reserving
the term mageia, to the second, and understanding by it the highest and
most perfect wisdom. The term ‘magus’ in the Persian tongue,
according to Porphyry, means the same as ‘interpreter’ and
‘worshipper of the divine’ in our language…The first [goeteia] is the
most deceitful of arts; the second [mageia], a higher and holier
philosophy [note the association of magic, mageia, with
philosophy]. The former is vain and disappointing; the later, firm,
solid and satisfying. The practitioner of the first always tries to conceal
his addiction, because it always rebounds to shame and reproach,

while the cultivation of the second, both in antiquity and at almost all
periods, has been the source of the highest renown and glory in the
field of learning [magic itself was a subject well-studied at Oxford
University where: “…the first recorded chancellor of the University,
Robert Grosseteste, accepted astronomy-astrology as the supreme
science and held that hardly any human activity, whether it was the
planting of vegetables or the practicing of alchemy, could dispense
with the astrologer’s advice” (See Astrology p.138, Louis MacNeice,
1964 A.D.). In fact, during the Middle Ages universities such as the
one to be found at Oxford in England offered degrees in Astrology
(and at that time astrologers were exclusively sorcerers, the famed
French seer Nostradamus providing an extremely notable example).
And indeed, Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac was by
definition an astrological almanac. Compare to the Farmer’s
Almanac which offered astronomical/astrological advice to farmers as
well]. No philosopher of any worth, eager in pursuit of the good arts,
was ever a student of the former (goeteia, ‘black magic’), but to learn
the latter (mageia, ‘white magic’), Pythagoras, Empedocles, Plato and
Democritus crossed the seas.…” - Oration on the Dignity of Man by
the eminent pagan apologist Count Giovanni Pico della Mirandola.
Even practitioners of white magic (mageia), as we shall learn, invoke
the names of rebellious fallen angels]. Nicholas Vardy has been
running the London Junto since 2005 [Executive Director of the
London Junto Nicholas A. Vardy is founder and Chief Investment
Officer of Global Guru Capital (the word ‘guru’ itself signifies an
Eastern magic adept), Harvard classmate of the then future U.S.
President Barack Obama]. The London Junto meets monthly in the
heart of London’s hedge-fund community at the Lansdowne Club [a
British social club with extensive Harvard University associations],
where Franklin signed the Treaty of Paris [which formally brought an
end to the Revolutionary War] with Lord Shelburne [aka William
Petty-FitzMaurice (son of the aforementioned Invisible Collegemember William Petty), the Aide-de-Camp to King George III who
would later serve as British Prime Minister]. It attracts some of the
leading global investment minds of today...”) (Freemasons/Masons,
like their Egyptian mystery school counterparts, considered their
initiates to be “sons of the widow,” which is the same thing to say,
Sons of [the goddess] Isis [Azazel’s human wife], of whom it was
written was left a widow upon the “death” [earthen imprisonment] of
her husband, Osiris [Behemoth/Azazel]. As Nigel Jackson explains on

p.108 of The Pillars of Tubal Cain, Freemasons still refer to
themselves as ‘sons of the widow’ he therein explaining: “In pagan
terms the phrase is a coded reference to the ‘dying god’ in Middle
Eastern mythology [‘mythology’ typically being an admixture of
legend and allegory] who dies, descends to the underworld, and is
mourned…This ‘widow’ figure appears in many cultures; she is Ishtar
weeping for Tammuz, Isis mourning for Osiris,” this concept of course
being based upon legends concerning Azazel’s entombment within the
earth at the time of the Biblical Flood. For this reason and in a like
way America’s subversive Freemasonic Founding Fathers,
philosophically-versed, Illuminated revolutionaries, styled themselves
the “Sons of Liberty,” which is the same thing to say, sons of the
widowed Roman goddess Liberty/Libertas, who likewise represented
Azazel’s human wife. Interestingly enough: “In 1731, (Benjamin)
Franklin was initiated into the local Masonic (Freemasonic) Lodge.
He became Grand Master (leader of the lodges within a Masonic
jurisdiction, presiding over a Grand Lodge governing body) in 1734,
indicating his rapid rise to prominence in Pennsylvania. That same
year, he edited and published the first Masonic book in the Americas, a
reprint of James Anderson’s Constitutions of the Free-Masons (which
book traces the origins of Freemasonic mysteries and building
techniques to the Biblical king Nimrod, builder of cities and towers,
and to the “…many learned Priests and Mathematicians, known by the
names of Chaldees and Magi…” [See James Anderson’s Constitutions
of the Free-Masons pp. 9-10], all being historically prominent pagan
practitioners of magic. It is upon such magic practices that
Freemasonry is based: “…Freemasonry traces its spiritual lineage to
the ancient temple builders, it not merely retains respect for the
relevant mystery traditions, but remains committed to their
perpetuation.” - Alien Initiations by Harald Kleeman, 2003 A.D.). Franklin
remained a Freemason for the rest of his life… In 1743, Franklin (by
definition a ‘philosopher’ who is by its archaic definition a practitioner
of magic) founded the American Philosophical Society… In
recognition of his work with electricity (due to his experimentation
into the creation of God’s first creature, light), Franklin received the
Royal Society’s Copley Medal in 1753 and in 1756 he became one of
the few 18th century Americans to be elected as a Fellow of the Royal
Society (he was even one of a group of men formed by the Royal
Society to evaluate the Freemason/Martinist/Spiritualist Anton
Mesmer’s theory on Animal Magnetism [aka hypnotism (as Sax

Rohmer explains in The Romance of Sorcery p.28: “Animal
magnetism, in one form or another, plays an important part in many
sorceries.” In fact: “The doctrine of animal magnetism was said to
have originated with Paracelsus and was much in favor with the old
alchemists… the magnetic system…resulted in the discovery of the
induced hypnotic trance.” – p.380 An Encyclopaedia of Occultism)])… In 1762,
Oxford University awarded Franklin an honorary doctorate
(Benjamin Franklin had resided in England from 1757-1762 A.D. as
the agent of the Pennsylvania Assembly, this political assembly being
at that time the British colony of Pennsylvania’s colonial governing
body)…” - Wikipedia: Benjamin Franklin. During his stay in
England, Benjamin Franklin was a noted attendee (beginning in 1758
A.D.) of Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hellfire Club: “The club motto was
Fais ce que tu voudras (Do what thou wilt), a philosophy of life
associated with (Renaissance humanist philosopher) François
Rabelais’ fictional abbey (said to have been built by a giant named
Gargantua) at Thélème and later used by (the Freemasonic ceremonial
magician) Aleister Crowley (thereby paying tribute to this group of
practitioners of magic—Crowley, whose motto was ‘Do as thy wilt
shall be the whole of the law,’ even named his new religion Thelema
in Rabelais’ honor)…According to (English author and Member of
Parliament) Horace Walpole (1717-1797 A.D.), the members’
‘practice was rigorously pagan: Bacchus (a Greek god who
represented Azazel) and Venus (a goddess who represented Azazel’s
human wife) were the deities to whom they almost publicly (and
certainly privately) sacrificed…’” – Wikipedia: Hellfire Club (When one
does what one wills more often than not, this will allow him to become
‘Overshadowed’ by angels). Dashwood (later Chancellor of the
Exchequer; a close friend of and a political adviser to King George III,
the English dictator who is famously mentioned in the American
Declaration of Independence from whose perceived tyranical excesses
America sought its independence) had retrofitted an old church in the
finest mystery religion tradition whereat he held his Hellfire Club
meetings within its sinuous subterranean chambers, mimicking the
mystery religions of the ancients in typically high-degree Freemasonic
fashion as Freemasonry is dedicated as was noted secretly devoted to
the perpetuation of pagan Mysteries. Benjamin Franklin would also
serve as United States Ambassador to France (1778–1785 A.D.) and to
Sweden (1782–1783 A.D.). Note Benjamin Franklin’s Rosicrucian,

Masonry/Freemasonry (as well as English Puritanical) associations.
All of these organizations have a long tradition of magic practices
associated with the invocation of fallen angels (Pertinent Quote: “…by
means of various secret associations, Occultism appears to have been
handed down from the times of the Mysteries to our days… by
comparing the Bible with old Mythologies and the opinions of modern
Theosophists, we have shown that the whole system of the mysteries
was probably communicated by those fallen angels who transgressed
just before and immediately after the Flood… There is little doubt that
the culmination of the mysteries was the worship of Satan himself… It
would appear, then, that from remote ages, probably from the time
when the Nephilim were upon earth [See Genesis 6:2-4], there has
existed a league with the Prince of Darkness, a Society of men
consciously on the side of Satan, and against the Most High [God].” Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, 1889 A.D. And indeed: “…Masonry and
philosophy…have been shown to take their rise, either directly or
indirectly, from the Mysteries of Antiquity.” – p.8 Mystic Masonry by 33°
Freemason J.D. Buck, President of the American Section of the Theosophical Society).
The Puritan preacher and Harvard College alumni Cotton
Mather (1663-1728 A.D.), a fellow Fellow of the Royal Society, was
an old family friend whom Benjamin Franklin has cited as having had
had a major influence upon his life. Cotton Mather’s band of Puritan
colonists hailed from the pro-Cromwellian Parliamentarian town of
Liverpool in England, which group consisted of the bulk of his
Oxford-grad grandfather Richard Mather’s congregation from the
Toxteth Unitarian Chapel, originally founded in Liverpool by a group
of rebel Puritan refugees of the English Civil War’s Bolton
Massacre—this group of massacre survivors would later flee Liverpool
by ship when Liverpool itself was later confronted by pro-Royalist
forces during the ongoing English Civil War, from there they would
find refuge in the sylvan expanses of Franklin’s Pennsylvania. Cotton
Mathers as had many of his colonial cohorts was known to have mixed
pagan folk magic practices into a rather curious brand of Christianity
(by definition, Cabala), writing several literary works concerning
witchcraft in the colonies as well as condoning its use in certain
circumstances, this being, in all actuality, despite the Roman Catholic
Church’s best and bloody efforts to wholly stamp out such customs, a
quite common English practice from one degree to another
(Paradoxically enough, Cotton Mathers would play a prominent role

on the prosecution’s side during the Salem Witch Trials which of itself
at least in America it would appear was a white magic [magaeia]
versus black magic [goetia] contest, two groups historically at odds
with one another). It was an associate of Benjamin Franklin, a
scientific Fellow of the Royal Society named Joseph Priestley, an
alchemist as well as an outspoken supporter of the French Revolution,
who is hailed as the founder of Unitarianism itself (which services do
in fact include Spiritualist séances as Unitarians are typically
Spiritualists. Benjamin Franklin was even present at Priestly’s very
first Unitarian service. As modern day Wiccan witch Margot Adler
once explained in a WORLD© Magazine article, many such ‘pagan’
Spiritualist practitioners of magic have historically rallied around the
Unitarian banner). Following an incident in England where a
malevolent mob burned down both his house and his church, Joseph
Priestley had fled to America settling near Lancaster County in
Franklin’s Pennsylvania (there Joseph Priestley helped found the First
Unitarian Church of Philadelphia which was later known for its fiery
abolitionist sermons and Underground Railroad activities during the
later Civil War era. Benjamin Franklin was an imporant co-founder
[and would serve as president] of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society
established 1775 A.D. whose membership rolls were largely composed
of militant anti-slavery Quakers. Pennsylvania would ‘officially’
abolish slavery in 1780 A.D.). Benjamin Franklin’s election in 1751
A.D. to the Pennsylvania Assembly where he became a leader in the
long-dominant Quaker party began his nearly 40 years as a
distinguished public official. In Franklin’s day, mageia (white magic)
was considered to be a ‘good and laudible science,’ being as it were
the realm of scientists and philosophers, as Benjamin Franklin most
famously was. Benjamin Franklin has a long association with magic
and magic practicing groups, he surprisingly enough being a
prominant player in the greater Theosophical Movement into which
we shall delve more completely. The colony (and later state) of
Pennsylvania which Benjamin Franklin called his home with its influx
of continental European immigrants was to become importantly
enough, the land of the mystic Pow-wow: “Pow-wow is a system of
American folk religion and magic associated with the Pennsylvania
Dutch (a group of Germanic speaking people which hails from an area
which had been historically a part of the old Holy Roman Empire)…
Its name comes from the book Pow-wows, or, The Long Lost Friend,
written by John George Hohman (John George Hohman was a

German-American printer, book seller and compiler of collections of
herbal-remedies, magical healings, and magic charms) and first
published in German as Der Lange Verborgene Freund (The Long
Lost Friend) in 1820 (printed by Hohman himself on the Ephrata Press
at the Ephrata Cloister Pietist religious commune situated in Lancaster
County, PA. Ephrata had been home to Pietist Conrad Weiser
(b.1696-d.1760 A.D.), Pennsylvania Dutch commander of a company
of communal Pietist militia with whom Benjamin Franklin had worked
during the French and Indian War (the pair would be given the task of
constructing a series of defensive forts). Conrad Weiser had
additionally served as an emissary between the Pennsylvanian
colonists and the local Native American population—Weiser had even
resided amongst the Iroquois tribe for a time. Descendents of Conrad
Weiser would play key roles in America’s bid for independence, one
as a Major-General serving under General George Washington
[Ephrata itself would serve as a medical center for the treatment of
Washington’s wounded soldiers during the Battle of Brandywine], one
becoming America’s very first Speaker of the House of
Representatives). Despite the appropriation of ‘pow-wow,’ taken from
an Algonquian word for a gathering of medicine men (a group more
commonly known as Shamans/witch doctors, in essence, practitioners
of magic, Spiritualists who seek signs from a ‘spirit guide,’ a company
akin to, I might add, a formal witch’s coven), the collection is actually
a very traditional collection of European magic spells, recipes, and
folk remedies of a type familiar to students of folklore. The formulas
mix prayers, magic words, and simple rituals to cure simple domestic
ailments and rural troubles.” - Wikipedia: Pow-wow. Pennsylvanians
are notably enough known for employing hex signs (more popularly
known as ‘barn stars’ even though they appear on most forms of
Pennsylvanian Dutch ‘folk art’) as protective magical charms (a hex is
by definition a magical spell [derived from the German word for a
witch, namely, Hexe], sometimes wrought with malevolent purposes
such as with a curse. The Kabalistic grimoire known as The Sixth and
Seventh Books of Moses also circulated widely amongst the
Pennsylvania Dutch of the period and was particularly employed by
black magic practitioners/Spiritualists commonly known as
‘hexenmeisters,’ though also known as hex (witch) doctors: “A
hexenmeister deals in spirit-conjuring, spells and hexes…” – p.278 The
Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca. As Doreen Valiente adds:
“Among the Pennsylvania Dutch, hex or hexerai means witchcraft.

There is white hexerai and black hexarai, and both kinds make use of
drawn symbols (magic charms).” – An ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s own magical tradition no doubt owes
much to its being the general location of the settlement of German
mystic Pietist Johannes Kelpius and his communal colony of Bavarian
Rosicrucians which had previously settled in the area back in 1694
A.D., invited to do so by William Penn for whom Pennsylvania was
so-named named. Johannes Kelpius was himself an associate of the
German Christian Cabalist Baron Knorr von Rosenroth, author of the
Zimmermann [Johannes Kelpius had succeeded to the leadership of
the Pietist group following the death of Zimmermann just prior to
embarkation in 1693 A.D.], Zimmermann being a devoted personal
disciple of the German Christian Cabalist Jacob Boehme who likewise
hails from territories included within the Holy Roman Empire (the
Rosicrucians of the Invisible College in England who were connected
to the court of Queen Elizabeth I closely interacted with the group of
Rosicrucians centered around the court of the Holy Roman Emperor
Rudolph II, King of Bohemia [Bavaria], both rulers being well known
protectors/patrons of the practitioners of the magical arts [during the
late 16th Century, the eminent English Rosicrucian Dr. John Dee and
his scrire Edward Kelley practiced magic in Bohemia as guests of the
court of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II, a member of the House
of Habsburg, from 1586 – 1589 A.D. (For more information see The
Queen’s Conjurer by Benjamin Woolley)]. This partnership would
continue in the colonies) (Pietists [adherents of the Medieaval mystical
teachings of Chassidei Ashkenaz (aka German Pietists) ascetic
movement founder Judah ben Samuel of Regensburg, in Bavaria, the
Ashkenazi Jewish Rabbi Judah the Pious, author of the Sefer Hasidim
(The Book of the Pious) which treats extensively on the subject of
spirits and Spiritualism, demons and witchcraft/magic ritual. A classic
example of a Chassidei Ashkenaz Hasidim magic book is The Book of
the Angel Raziel which reveals to its readers the secrets of the magical
arts and “teaches also how to call upon the angels and make them
appear before men” (See The Legend of the Jews)] typically engrossed
themselves in the study of such occult areas as Cabala, alchemy, the
writings of Hermes Trismegistus and the mystics Meister Eckhart as
well as works penned by the Pietist’s Spiritualist mentor Jacob
Boehme (Hasidim means pious, and hence the term, Pietists). For

more information see The German Pietists of Provincial Pennsylvania:
1694-1708 by Julius Friedrich Sachse, 1895 A.D. wherein Sachse
identifies Zimmermann’s group of German ‘Pietists’ as being “true
Rosicrucian Mystics.”
As Sachse goes on to note: “His
[Zimmermann’s] party of emigrants…were…a company of
Theosophical Enthusiasts — call them Pietists, Mystics, Chiliasts,
Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Cathari, Puritans, or what you may —
who…came to the western world to put into execution the longcherished plan of founding a true Theosophical (Rosicrucian)
community; going out into the wilderness or desert, after the manner
of the Essenes [an early group of magic practicing Jewish
Kabbalists]… The men who composed this Chapter of Mystics [the
Rosicrucian lodge with which Zimmerman was associated—
Rosicrucian lodges were known as ‘Chapters of Perfection’] were not
only Pietists in the accepted sense of the word, but they were also a
true Theosophical (Rosicrucian) Community, a branch of that ancient
mystical brotherhood [the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross] who studied
and practiced the Kabbala…” - Ibid pp.37-38,62). The Pietists were indeed
a group of German Rosicrucians/Illuminati as A.E. Waite explains on
p.602 of The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross). A version of alchemist
Albertus Magnus’ book of magic entitled Egyptian Secrets was known
to have circulated amongst powwowers in this area at this time as well.
It was in this soupy magical atmosphere where was developed the
Freemasonic Slumbering Groundhog Lodge of Quarryville, Lancaster
County, Pennsylvania, and the well-known traditional magic ritual it
spawned, customarily held on Groundhog Day. We will return to this
subject later. The colony/state of Pennsylvania importantly enough
played a key role in both the American Revolutionary War [the U.S.
Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
in 1776 A.D.] and the American Civil War [Pennsylvania’s southern
border is the infamous Mason-Dixon Line which divided the antislavery Northern States of the Union from the pro-slavery Southern
States of the Confederacy. Located immediately to the north of the
Mason-Dixon Line, Lancaster County was an important stop on the
Underground Railroad in its day]) (Notable Quote from Those in the
Know: “While there has never been a Church of Satan before [prior to
its official founding in 1966 A.D.], there have been groups dedicated
to similar principles. In the mid-18th century, Sir Francis Dashwood
formed a group known as the Hell Fire Club [one notable Hell Fire
Club member was British M.P. John Wilkes, a Fellow of the Royal

Society whom British author Eric Maple in his book Witchcraft
describes as “a prominent politician and ardent Devil-worshipper.”
John Wilkes was also an Oddfellow (Manchester Unity) which is
closely fraternally associated with the nefarious American Independent
Order of Oddfellows. British M.P. John Wilkes was himself a distant
cousin of Carbonari member/presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth.
Note well the associations and crossover memberships in these
Illuminated groups]. Several of the most influential men in England, at
the height of England’s power, gathered together for Satanic feasting,
reveling and debauchery, while shaping the destiny of England and the
American colonies. Many historians have minimized the group, saying
they were little more than fops and dandies, even though the then
Prince of Wales [the Prince of Wales has traditionally under the Order
of the Garter (organized as the Knights of the Garter) been head of a
witch’s coven since 1348 A.D. (See Appendix A)], the [British] Prime
Minister [William Pitt the Elder], and the Archbishop of Canterbury
[the leader of the Church of England who additionally serves as
overseer of the Oxford University school of magic] were included in
their number [this so-called ‘Hell Fire Club’ likely represented the
coven activities of the Prince of Wales’ Order of the Garter witch’s
coven]. Benjamin Franklin’s association with Dashwood and with
other members of the group helped lay the foundations for the
emerging nation of the United States. [Church of Satan-founder
Anton] LaVey maintains, ‘If people knew of the role the Hell Fire
Club played in Benjamin Franklin’s structuring of America, it could
suggest changes like: ‘One nation, under Satan,’ or ‘United Satanic
America.’” - The Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey.
This book seeks to remedy this lack of focus on America’s magical
origins (as does The Satanic States of America by John of the
Gentiles). That America was established as a nation rooted in Biblical
principles [as argued by Francis A. Schaeffer in A Christian
Manifesto, which belief being the main principle in Dominionism] is a
fairy tale in itself, unless of course one counts the pagan principles
therein encountered within The Bible, such as the Israeli King Saul’s
consultation with the spiritualist Witch of Endor who at his request
conjures the spirit of the deceased prophet Samuel [or so Saul
erroneously thought it to be] during the Spiritualist séance recorded in
1Samuel 28:3-25. One must be well aware of such doublespeak.
America was in fact to become a sanctuary for persecuted magic
practicing Cabalists. Unbeknownst to many as noted in an interesting

exposѐ entitled The Intelligencers and the Fifth Moon of Jupiter: Alchemy in
the American Colonies (Newtopian© Magazine, Oct 2012): “Puritan
alchemists (Cabalists) founded America…” As the article goes on to
explain: “America, the spawn of England, reflected the mother
country’s religious diversity… The community of alchemists at home
and abroad was in constant touch with each other… Books on the
Cabala, the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, the medical and
metaphysical works of [Swiss ceremonial magician] Paracelsus [the
father of the pharmaceutical sciences] were circulated amongst well
read citizens in England and the colonies… Folk magic was a common
feature of Puritan life…” The Puritans were a group of British
Rosicrucians. As the article goes on to explain, the intellectual center
of these American alchemical efforts was Harvard College [and to a
large extent, such was the case at Yale University as well] where
alchemy and the practice of Paracelsian medical magic prevailed:
“Harvard was a hotbed of alchemy. From its presidents to its
graduates, alchemy was everybody’s minor.” Harvard’s second
president Charles Chauncy was a well known alchemist (as were four
of his sons), and the Harvard College educated alchemist/physician
George Starkley would himself emmigrate back to England becoming
a prominent member of Samuel Hartlib’s Hartlib Circle, serving as
alchemical tutor to Sir Robert Boyle (the Hartlib Circle purportedly
included Sir Robert Child, Chairman of the British East India
Company, the Rosicrucian alchemist Thomas Vaughan and Vaughan’s
friend, British spy Sir Robert Moray who would serve as first president
of the Royal Society). Chauncy would be succeeded as president of
Harvard College by Harvard College/Cambridge University-grad
Leonard Hoar, an English-born minister/alchemist friend of Sir Robert
Boyle. Royal Society-member Benjamin Franklin himself was an
associate of Harvard College president Albert Gallatin. Another
Harvard alchemist, William Stoughton (a Puritan ancestor of U.S.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, William Stoughton was one of
the infamous judges at the Salem witch trials), would serve as acting
governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. John Winthrop, Jr.,
the son of the Massachusetts Bay Colony founder/Puritan lawyer John
Winthrop, Sr. [notable descendents of whom include members of the
Harvard College-associated Eliot family of Boston, various members
of which would serve as presidents of Harvard as well], was himself a
Fellow of the Royal Society (he being a founding member of the Royal
Society and an associate of Samuel Hartlib as well)/alchemist co45

founder of the Connecticut Colony, itself a haven for Puritan landed
gentlemen, and founded several towns in what is today the U.S. state
of Connecticut. As we learn from The Alchemist of Connecticut, or the
Christian Hermes by Peter Muise: “Born in England in 1606, John
Winthrop Jr. traveled through Europe and Turkey meeting with
alchemists and acquiring alchemical texts before emigrating to New
England in 1631. As his personal symbol Winthrop used the monas
hieroglyphica, a sigil representing cosmic unity developed by
(ceremonial magician) John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s famous astrologer
(as he like Dee were both co-members of the Invisible College)…
With backing of wealthy English alchemists he founded the town of
Saybrook, Connecticut and later established New London (a port town
in Connecticut at the mouth of the Thames River), which he hoped
would be a Utopian alchemical haven… Winthrop practiced
(Paracelsian) medicine… The Boston minister Cotton Mather (Mather
was himself a Fellow of the Royal Society as well) dubbed Winthrop
the ‘Christian Hermes’ for his charity and healing skills…” (For more
information, see Prospero's America: John Winthrop, Jr., Alchemy,
and the Creation of New England Culture, 1606 – 1676 by UConn
history professor Walter W. Woodward). Of an additional added note,
the first reported Jew in America, Joachim Ganz of Prague (a former
employee of Sir Francis Walthingham whose associates included
ceremonial magician Dr. John Dee), himself hailed from a family of
Kabalists, alchemists and astrologers.
Ganz, a mining
expert/metallurgist by trade in the employ of Queen Elizabeth I’s
Royal Mining Company, had been recruited by Sir Walter Raleigh to
be part of the ill-fated Roanoke Colony founded on Roanoke Island in
the Virginia territories off the coast of modern day North Carolina in
1585 A.D. [See Joachim Ganz of Prague: The First Jew in English
America]. It was a common practice at this time as noted by occult
historian Eric Maple in his book Witchcraft to recruit: “Treasureseeking magicians…employed in mining, where they sought hidden
veins of ore…” and this by various magical means. Such would seem
to have been the case with Mr. Joachim Ganz himself. Included in the
grad/astronomer/astrologer Thomas Harriot [it was magically adept
astronomers/astrologers such as Thomas Harriot who served as the
navigators of ships which were during the age of sail commonly
navigated by the stars with the aid of a magician’s astrolabe, a
‘mathematical magic’ device commonly used to navigate ships and

employed as well in the casting of horoscopes], a disciple of the
Wizard Earl Sir Henry Percy [Percy himself was a fellow courtesan
and friend of ceremonial magician Dr. John Dee]. America was from
its very beginning a truly magical place founded through the efforts of
an informal group of practitioners of magic loosely known as the
Invisible College as well as by members of its own regally sanctioned
offshoot, the Royal Society in England, institutions themselves wholly
devoted to the study and practice of magic in all of its incarnations and
into whose history we shall delve more completely. It is helpful to
view the American Revolution itself as an extension of the Puritanical
English Civil War waged against pro-Catholic English Royalists.
The story of the angel Azazel has been faithfully passed down
from generation to generation in many forms in virtually every country
in nearly every period in ancient written history. One fact that
everyone has danced around was the fact that the angel Azazel was
alive and well and entrapped within the earth. In fact, most
religious/magic rituals of the ancients constituted the cultus of the
rebel angel Azazel. The arcane Canaanite funerary marzeah was a
religious feast instituted by a funerary cult to commemorate the
interment of Azazel and his angels who like the dead are entombed
within the earth. This ritual is related to the Grecian practice of
wailing for the ‘death’ of Adonis (in the Orphic hymn To Adonis,
Adonis is said to be “much…wept for”), while the ‘death’ of the god
Attis was mourned during the Phrygian Mysteries, as likewise the
Egyptians also lamented the ‘death’ of Osiris (Egyptian Book of the
Dead Plate XIII B.D. Chapter XVIII speaks of Isis lamenting the death
of Osiris. In regard to this legend, Freemasons, those perpetuators of
the pagan Mysteries, refer to themselves as “sons of the widow,” Isis),
Babylonian/Assyrian/Phoenician (Semitic) practice of weeping for
Tammuz. All of these gods of the nations were various representations
of the fallen angel Azazel.
Accounting for ancient calendar
conversions to ascertain its modern day equivalent, the ritual practice
of weeping for Tammuz persisted for an entire lunar month
encompassing 28 days commencing at the time of the summer solstice
on June 21 and continuing until July 19, commemorating the day of
the angel Azazel’s prophesied future release.
The mourners
themselves had fervently chanted: “He (Tammuz/Azazel) has gone, he
has gone to the bosom (which is to say, to the interior) of the earth”

(See Myths of Babylon and Assyria McKenzie 1915 A.D.), this being
recited in reference to Azazel’s imprisonment within the earth.
Another such ancient liturgy devoted to the worship of Azazel likewise
laments: “Tammuz (Azazel)…Aralu (the ‘underworld’ in which
Azazel is entrapped) has seized him away…The flood has taken him
away…the flood seized thee into Hades (beneath the earth).” - Tammuz
and Ishtar p. 15 by S. Langdon, “Shillito Reader of Assyriology, Oxford,” 1914 A.D. An
Elamitic liturgy likewise laments: “The flood has taken Tammuz
(Azazel)” (Ibid p.117) in reference of course to the Biblical flood and
his earthen entrapment at that time.
The Babylonian “myth” as set forth in The Descent of Ishtar
also speaks of Azazel’s imprisonment within the earth. Ishtar is the
Babylonian name for the angel Azazel’s human wife. She is
imprisoned with him:
“…the house (a reference to Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth) which none
leave who have entered it…the house wherein the entrants are bereft
of light…where they see no light, residing in darkness…where over
their door and bolt is spread dust…Ishtar has gone down to the
nether world, she has not come up.” - The Descent of Ishtar
Indeed, most black magic systems are based on Sumerian
teachings regarding the rebellious fallen angels which is it would seem
most ancient of all. The British occultist/practitioner of black magic
Aleister Crowley alludes to this fact when he says of his system of
Magick: “Our work is therefore historically authentic; the rediscovery
of the Sumerian (magic) Tradition.” The Sumerian’s knew Azazel’s
human wife as Inanna. Thus, in a similar Sumerian version of the
story of Ishtar entitled Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld, we are
told “Inanna…descended to the underworld.” In fact, the land of
Sumer itself is named after the angel Azazel. In the Sumerian work
entitled Ninurta's Exploits: A šir-sud to Ninurta, ETCSL translation:
t.1.6.2, Azazel is the “Lord Saman-ana” mentioned therein. Compare
to the name of the Celtic god Suman/Saman, a god who represented
Azazel (from Saman comes the word ‘shaman.’ Compare also to the
word Haman. From Vestiges of the Spirit History of Man p.314 [S.F.
Dunlap, 1858 A.D.] we learn Haman was a name of the god Baal, who
likewise represented Azazel). The land of Sumer is the land of Azazel
from whence Azazel ruled (and yet still from his underground lair,

rules) the Earth! Compare also the word Sumer to the cognate word
Muse. The land of Sumer (aka ‘Ta Neter,’ the Land of the Watchers)
was the land of the Muses, a Grecian group of divine demonic beings
also known as Roman guardian genii (the Islamic jinni). Azazel is also
known as Samael: “Azazel is the head of all the bad demons of the
Hebrews… Azazel is Moloch and Samael.” - p.299 Vestiges of the Spirit
History of Man by S.F. Dunlap, 1858 A.D.

In the Babylonian work, Nergal and Ereshkigal, we find that the storm
god Nergal, a representation of Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, a symbol
which is often used interchangeably to represent the angel Azazel,
went “down” to a “dark house,” “to the house where those who enter
cannot leave,” “to the house where those who enter are deprived of
light, where dust is their food (compare to Genesis 3:14 where God
tells the serpent, who symbolizes Azazel, “dust you shall eat.”
Serpents are subterranean dwellers, hence the serpent analogy in
regards to Azazel who resides in his subterranean abode), clay their
bread,” “where they see no light” and “dwell in darkness” (compare
also to the Quiche Mayan serpent god Votan’s subterranean “House of
Darkness” wherein it was said dwelt the incarnate “guardians” [See
p.149 America’s Assignment with Destiny by Manly P. Hall]). The
“house” in this story represents Azazel’s cherub Behemoth wherein
Azazel resides and in which he is entrapped within the dark recesses of
the earth (Ereshkigal, whose name translates as “great lady under
earth,” is Azazel’s human wife who is entrapped along with Azazel
within his cherub beneath the earth). This story is also echoed by The
Epic of Gilgamesh, wherein is described a “house where none leave
who have entered it…where dust is their fare and clay their
food…they see no light, residing in darkness**…in the House of
Dust…” The “House of Dust” (also therein called the “House of
Darkness”) is none other than Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, imprisoned
by God within the Earth (the name Gilgamesh, variably spelled
Gilgamig, is but another name for Tammuz [See p.40 Tammuz and
Ishtar]. This story is also recounted in The Magan Text (Magan =
Egypt) of the infamous grimoire known as the Simon Necronomicon
which similarly recounts the occurrence of the goddess Ishtar’s
descent to “the House of No Return…where bowls of dust are the
food,” figuratively speaking of their entombment within the earth. For
this reason the fallen angels are also known as lares, which is to say,
‘house-spirits.’ (**Compare this use of the word darkness as a dwelling place to denote

an underground existence to the following exemplary verse: “Lo, I will command the earth,
and it shall swallow up body and soul together, and their dwelling shall be in darkness…” The Biblical Antiquities Chapter 16)

The Aztec god Mictlantecuhtli, meaning, “lord of Mictlan,” or,
lord of the underworld, was one such name under which the Aztecs
worshipped Azazel/Behemoth and was so named in association with
the Aztec people’s knowledge of Azazel’s entrapment within the earth.
Mictlantecuhtli and his wife, Mictecacihuatl, were similarly said to
dwell in a windowless house in Mictlan, Mictlan being the Aztec word
for the underworld. The windowless house in the underworld within
which this god and goddess resides is Azazel’s cherub Behemoth in
which they are entrapped. The similarities between these beliefs are
instantly recognizable though these cultures are separated by
thousands of years and in some instances by as many miles as well—
the reason being is they speak of the very same episode in the history
of our Earth.
Consider the following selection from the Essenic Dead Sea
Scrolls from Qumran which also speaks of Azazel’s entrapment in his
cherub within the earth. Resheph is a Semitic name for Azazel:
“A Psalm of David…against Resheph (against Azazel)…You are
darkness, not light, wickedness, not righteousness…in Hades most
deep (within the earth), enclosed in doors of bronze (a reference to the
doors of his metallic cherub)…” - 11Q11 Column 4 Lines 44,7,8,9
Resheph, who is Azazel, is the Rephan mentioned in Acts 7:4243, one of “the host (angels) of heaven” of which it was said the
Israelite people unjustly worshipped instead of recognizing their true
God as King, “the LORD, whose name is The God of hosts (the God of
the angelic hosts)” (See Amos 5:26-27), for which impious
indiscretion God sent the Jews into captivity into the land of Babylon
(which territory incorporated the former Sumerian site of Azazel’s
underworld entrapment) where resided their beloved god Rephan
(Azazel) entrapped within the earth beneath the arid, windblown,
Babylonian sands. Since His people wanted Azazel as their king
(mlk/moloch/Molech) over them instead of God whom they rejected,
God was determined to give him to them. Poetic justice indeed! This
event was variously known as the Babylonian captivity and the Jewish

In the Assyrian work, Lament of the Flutes for Tammuz,
Tammuz being an Assyrian name for Azazel, we are told that
“Tammuz (Azazel)…the consort of the queen of heaven (a title by
which his human wife was honored)…to the nether world has taken
his way.” Therein he is called “the exalted one of the nether world,” a
reference to his earthly entrapment. The name of the Irish goddess,
Brigid, a title the Irish bestowed upon Azazel’s human wife, likewise
means “exalted one.” The female consort of a god was often named
after the god to whom she belonged. Brigid was known to many
Romans as Brittania. Britain (England, a former Roman colony)
derives its name from her.
The Roman Secular Games (in Latin, Ludi Saeculares,
originally Ludi Terentini) were held in commemoration of Azazel’s
and his human wife’s interment within the earth. The games were held
in honor of the Greek god Dis Pater (representing Azazel) and the
Greek goddess Proserpina (representing Azazel’s human wife) in
commemoration of their entrapment within Azazel’s cherub within the
earth. In conjunction with these games, a round altar (symbolic of a
wheel/disk-shaped cherub) dedicated to the god and goddess, the
“Altar of Dis Pater and Proserpina,” which lay interred in the ground
at the site of the games was unearthed at the start of the games and
subsequently reburied at the end of them, a ritual act symbolizing
Azazel and his human wife’s entrapment and of their subsequent
anticipated release.
Related to this was the festival called the Consualia, or
Consuales Ludi, so named after the Roman god Consus. The Roman
god Consus, the god of councils, represented Azazel in his former
position of Councilor in God’s own hierarchy (head of the TwentyFour Elders/Councilors), a position he held prior to his rebellion in
heaven. The Roman temple dedicated to the god Consus was located
underground. Consus’ altar was buried within the earth and unearthed
during the Consualia festival held in his honor, an act commemorating
Azazel’s imprisonment and later release from his subterranean prison
(there was also a sacrifice to Consus held on the Julian calendar date
of July 7. When adjusted to the Gregorian Calendar by adding 13
days, this date is closer to the Gregorian calendar date of July 19,
which is the date of Azazel’s future release in the year 2016 A.D.).
The consort of Consus/Azazel was variously called Ops/Opis/Opus,

and represented the human wife of the angel Azazel. A festival in her
honor, called the Opiconsivia/Opalia, was held after the Consualia
festival. She derives this name from the fact Azazel was also known
as ‘Ophis.’ In Book III Chapter 18 of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s
Of Occult Philosophy he mentions how “Pherecydes the Syrian
describeth the fall of the Devils and that Ophis, that is the Devillish
Serpent (Azazel), was the head of that rebellious Army” of angels who
revolted against God.
According to Plutarch (46-120 A.D.) in Isis and Osiris, the
death of the Egyptian god Osiris (a god who represented Azazel’s
cherub Behemoth but who is also synonymous with the angel Azazel
himself) was celebrated on Athyr 17 on the Egyptian Calendar, a date
which corresponds to the Julian Calendar date of November 13 (the
Julian Calendar was instituted by Julius Caesar in 46 A.D.). This date
on the Gregorian calendar (introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582
A.D.) became October 31st. It was taught in the mysteries concerning
Osiris (who represents Behemoth/Azazel) that he was in fact drowned,
a legend which alludes to events surrounding Azazel’s entombment
within the earth at the time of the Flood in the days of Noah. The
‘death’ of Osiris was celebrated on Athyr 17 during the Festival of
Inventio Osidiris (“As to the festivities, in which those mysteries were
celebrated, we find that on the 17th of the month Athyr (the month
Tammuz) the images of Osiris were enclosed in a coffin or ark: on the
18th was the search; and on the 19th was the finding.” – The
Dionysian Artificers).
Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XII B.D. Chap. XVIII speaks
of: “Osiris (Behemoth/Azazel), lord of Re-stau, and of the great
company of the gods (read: angels) who are in the netherworld beside
Osiris (inside Azazel’s cherub Behemoth).” Re-stau represents the
place of their under earth entrapment. Egyptian Book of the Dead
Plate XII B.D. Chap. XVIII likewise speaks of the “godlike rulers who
are in Re-stau…the followers of Horus (Azazel).” Egyptian Book of
the Dead Plate XIV B.D. Chap. XVIII states the “great godlike rulers
in Re-stau are Horus (who is Azazel), Osiris (who represents Azazel’s
cherub, Behemoth), and Isis (Azazel’s human wife).” It must be
mentioned that another spelling of the name of the god Ra is ‘Re.’
‘Re’ is the prefix of the word ‘Re-stau.’ Re-stau, like the god Ra,
represents Azazel’s cherub Behemoth (also, compare the word ‘stau’
to the word ‘star,’ a common symbol of a cherub and its associated

angel. The angels were also know as sarim [a variant spelling of
seirim], singular sar. When we consider its variant spelling Ra-Stau,
we discover it to be an anagram of sar-tau, the sar whose sign is the
[T] tau [compare to tsar]). Ra’s star/Re-stau represents Azazel’s
cherub. Resh is also, as must be noted, the twentieth letter of many
Semitic alphabets and corresponds to the Arabic letter pronounced rāʾ
(from whence is derived the name Azrael). Azazel was also known as
‘Sheps,’ which is a cognate of ‘Sheol’ wherein he is entrapped. ReSheps thereby becomes ‘Resheph.’ As he is also the god ‘An,’
Resheph-An can be shortened to form the word ‘Rephan.’


“Magic… in it may be found the means to storm the kingdom of
heaven by violence…” – The Tree of Life: A Study in Magic by Israel Regardie, 1932

Chapter 3. Magic
To truly understand the story of the rebellious fallen angel
Azazel one must study the practice with which he is associated,
namely, Magic.
“I wish to explain to you whence the worship of idols began in this
world… the beginning was in this wise. Certain angels (Azazel’s
group of fallen angels), having left the course of their proper order,
began to favor the vices of men, and in some measure to lend
unworthy aid to their lust (See Genesis 6:4), in order that by these
means they might indulge their own pleasures the more; and then, that
they might not seem to be inclined of their own accord to unworthy
services, taught men that demons (read: the fallen angels) could,
by certain arts—that is, by magical invocations—be made to obey
men.” - Pseudo-Clementine Book IV Chapter XXVI circa 4th Century A.D. (See also
Eusebius of Caesarea’s Praeparatio Evangelica Book V. The Koran likewise states that the
“devils’ taught men “sorceries” [See The Koran 2.102])

Zohar 3:208a likewise attributes Azazel (Aza’el) and his angels
for the introduction of the knowledge of the secrets of the magic arts to
mankind, as does The Book of Enoch Chapter VII which explains how
the angels from heaven taught the human women with whom they had
cohabited (See Genesis 6:1-4) “sorceries” and “incantations.”
Astrology/Astronomy and the use of medicine/‘medical magic’ were
also amongst the magical arts taught to humans by the fallen angels
(See The Book of Enoch Chapter VIII). The apostle Paul as related in
1Corinthians 10:19-20 equated the worship of idols (idolatry) with the
worship of demons (demonolatry) and Zohar 2:7a tells us the gods of
the nations as spoken of in The Bible were no mere powerless idols
but represented very real celestial beings that have influence over
actual events on our Earth. The genesis of such pagan magic practices
may be directly attributed to the demonic fallen angels.
One example of a magical invocation (by definition a magic
spell) which highlights the dependence of the purported success of
magic spells on such demons/fallen angels is contained within the

Mithraic Great Magic Papyrus of Paris. After setting forth what
elaborate arrangements one must make in preparation, we are told: “I
have not found a greater spell than this in the world. Ask the god (the
demon/angel) for what you want, and he will give it to you.” In
condemnation of such pagan magical practices, the Christian
Alexandrian scholar/theologian Origen in his refutation Contra Celsus,
Book 6 Chapter XXXIX provides us with the following perjorative:
“…those who employ the arts of magic and sorcery…invoke the
barbarous names of demons.”
According to Jewish legend, the teachings of the Kabala were
revealed to mankind by these angels. Such angels are called shedim.
Some shedim are invoked during Kabalistic magic ceremonies such as
was most famously the golem of Rabbi Yehuda Loevy. Contrary to
popular belief, there is no such thing as benevolent shedim. Aleister
Crowley, a practitioner of Magick (which he held to be: “…the true
science of the Magi…”), invoked the shedu Azazel under the guise of
Choronzon (a word which means ‘Chaos’), the Dweller in the Abyss
(shedu is the singular form of the plural shedim and is derived from the
Semitic word ‘sedu’ meaning ‘spirit’). In Arabian countries the jinn
(in English, ‘genii’), who also represent Azazel’s group of rebellious
fallen angels are likewise associated with magic. Arab magicians are
called Muqarribun, their traditions predating Islam itself (one example
of an Arabic magic book is The Picatrix of Planetary Talismanic
Magic, a compilation of various Middle Eastern magic traditions, and
the Sufis are the most famous group of Arabic practitioners of magic).
Through their use of magic, the Muqarribun sought to control the jinn
who they knew to be the rebellious angels of God in order to thereby
exploit these beings and to use them to their advantage. Spells were
employed in an effort to control the jinn, to enslave them and even
sometimes as protection against them. Some even solicited their
protection as guardian angels. The ancient Egyptians employed
priestly magic-practicing magicians as well (See Exodus 7:11. Jannes
and Jambres are the names of two Egyptian magicians who acted in
opposition to Moses [See 2Timothy 3:8]), as did the Babylonians [See
Daniel 2:10]). A number of Dead Sea scrolls authored by the group
known as the Essenes as found at Qumran contained magic spells
(some scholars, such as the French author Edouard Schuré [1841-1929
A.D.] who influenced the beliefs of the German founder of
Anthroposophy Rudolph Steiner believed Jesus to be such an Essene,
though I certainly disagree with his conclusion. A.E. Waite in The

Mysteries of Magic p.302 even goes as far as identifying Jesus himself
as the founder of the Essenian sect. Most historians, however, agree
that the founding of the Essenic community at Qumran predates even
the birth of Jesus and Nesta Webster in Secret Societies and
Subversive Movements p.20 lists this tactic as a common “device for
discrediting Christianity” as employed by those who seek
Christianity’s destruction). Even the three wise men, the kings of the
east who visited Jesus at his birth, were Magi (See Matthew 2:1), they
also being, as their name suggests, magicians. As The Zondervan
Pictorial Dictionary informs us as to the origin of the word ‘magic’:
“Originally the word meant the science or art of the Magi, the Persian
priestly caste.” These Magi (singular ‘Magus’) constituted the
priesthood of the Persian Zoroastrian religion. The Magi were
Spiritualists: “…the Magi were a Persian religious caste… Origen
affirms that they were in communication with evil spirits (See Contra
Celsum I.60)…” - Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, 1889 A.D.
Ceremonial Magic has a long storied history:
“Magic operations, like those of the Lemegeton (a 17th Century
grimoire also known as The Lesser Key of Solomon**), which involve
conjuring up a ‘spirit’ – an occult force personified as an angel or
demon – have a long history and tradition. The basic pattern of the
ceremonies is already found in the Graeco-Egyptian magical texts,
which date from about A.D. 100 to 400, and is repeated in mediaeval
and modern textbooks, though with many variations in detail. First the
magician prepares all the necessary accessories – his sword, his wand,
perfumes, talismans, the magic circle, pentagrams and hexagrams.
When everything is ready, he summons the spirit to appear in a
succession of powerful incantations. Finally he gives the spirit its
orders and dismisses it.”*** – The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish, 1967 A.D. (**
Concerning the history of The Lesser Key of Solomon, in his book Ceremonial Magic [1980
A.D.] p.57, Israel Regardie, who had once served as Aleister Crowley’s own personal
secretary, writes: “Commissioned and paid for by Aleister Crowley while he was still a
member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, it [The Lesser Key of Solomon] had been
translated [into English] from the Latin by S.L. Macgregor Mathers in the opening years of the
twentieth century.”) (*** Pertinent Quote: “The Biblical King Solomon was believed in the
ancient world to have been a great magician, able to command powerful genii and even
demons and force them to do his bidding. Two of the most famous grimoires, or books on
ceremonial magic, are called The Key of Solomon the King, and The Goetia, or Lesser Key of
Solomon.” – Natural Magic by Doreen Valiente)

Even Spiritualism is magic pure and simple:

“In the final formulae of evocation, the mind must be concentrated
fully on the purpose and presence most desired. Thus, if the object be
to summon the attendance of beloved spirit friends, the ordinary
methods of waiting, either alone or in a small harmonious gathering,
now so popularly practiced amongst modern Spiritists in Europe and
America, may be sufficient to ensure the desired results. The
performance of very good and spiritually inspired music should always
precede, or rather form the invocatory process in such circles, the
effect of good music producing as great a difference in the atmosphere
as on the feelings and sensations of the listeners.” - Art Magic
As famed ceremonial magician Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa
(1486 - 1535 A.D.) explains (note his synonymous use of the words
‘magic,’ ‘philosophy’ and ‘science’):
“Magic is a faculty of wonderful virtue, full of most high mysteries,
containing the most profound contemplation of most secret things…
Magic comprehends, unites and actuates; deservedly, therefore, was it
by the Ancients esteemed as the highest and most sacred Philosophy. It
was, as we find, brought to light by most sage authors and most
famous writers, amongst which principally Zamolxis and Zoroaster
were so famous that many believed they were the inventors of this
Science. Their track Abbaris the Hyperborean, Charmondas,
Danigeron, Eudoxus, Hermippus followed. There were also other
eminent, choice men, as Mercurius Tresmegistus, Porphyrius,
Iamblicus, Plotinus (“Plotinus,” it was said, “knew his demon, and
held familiar conversations with him.” See The History of Magic
Volume I p.446; Ennemoser, 1856 A.D. This was no doubt true of all
of these individuals, as channeling their magical Muses was the goal of
all such philosophers. Indeed: “…shamanism is…at the heart of what
we have come to call Greek philosophy…” – Prelude to Mushrooms, Myth and
Mithras), Proclus, Dardanus, Orpheus the Thracian, Gog the Grecian,
Germa the Babylonian, Apollonius of Tyana. Osthanes also wrote
excellently of this Art, whose books being as it were lost, Democritus
of Abdera recovered, and set them forth with his own Commentaries.
Besides, Pythagoras, Empedocles, Democritus, Plato, and many other
renowned Philosophers travelled far by sea to learn this Art; and being
returned, published it with wonderful devoutness, esteeming of it as a
great secret. Also it is well known that Pythagoras and Plato went to

the Prophets of Memphis (in Egypt) to learn it, and travelled through
almost all Syria, Egypt, Judea, and the Schools of the Chaldeans that
they might not be ignorant of the most sacred Memorials and Records
of Magic, as also that they might be furnished with Divine things.” The Philosophy of Natural Magic Chapter II by Henry Cornelius Agrippa, ed. L. W. de
Laurence, 1913 A.D. (“It was during the fifteenth century that Henry

Cornelius Agrippa flourished, an adept in physical science, scholarly
attainments, as well as occult art, which made him the honored officer
of Kings and Princes, the friend, adviser and Physician of Queens and
Princesses, and the Paragon of Magicians, in all ages… this
distinguished Knight and great Adept was a devout Roman Catholic,
hence he employed those sacred names…which belonged to his
Church.” - Art Magic. Agrippa was thusly by definition a Cabalist)
According to the Italian Renaissance philosopher Count
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463 – 1494 A.D.) writing in what is
considered to be the Renaissance Manifesto and a key document of
Humanism, in a text entitled Oration on the Dignity of Man:
“...magic has two forms. One consists wholly in the operations and
powers of demons, and consequently this appears to me, as God is my
witness, an execrable and monstrous thing. The other proves, when
thoroughly investigated, to be nothing else but the highest realization
of natural philosophy (also known as ‘natural magic’ and ‘natural
science’ and which we know today as physics). The Greeks noted both
these forms. However, because they considered the first form wholly
undeserving the name magic they called it goeteia (black magic),
reserving the term mageia (white magic, also known as High Magic),
to the second, and understanding by it the highest and most perfect
wisdom. The term “magus” in the Persian tongue, according to
Porphyry, means the same as “interpreter” and “worshipper of the
divine” in our language…The first (goeteia) is the most deceitful of
arts; the second (mageia), a higher and holier philosophy. The former
is vain and disappointing; the later, firm, solid and satisfying. The
practitioner of the first always tries to conceal his addiction, because it
always rebounds to shame and reproach, while the cultivation of the
second, both in antiquity and at almost all periods, has been the source
of the highest renown and glory in the field of learning. No
philosopher of any worth, eager in pursuit of the good arts, was ever a
student of the former (goeteia), but to learn the latter (mageia),

Pythagoras, Empedocles, Plato and Democritus crossed the
seas.…That first form of magic (goeteia) cannot justify any claim to
being either an art or a science while the latter (mageia), filled as it is
with mysteries, embraces the most profound contemplation of the
deepest secrets of things and finally the knowledge of the whole of
nature (in other words, physics).” (“Renaissance humanism [14th -15th
Centuries] saw a resurgeance in hermeticism and other Neo-Platonic
varieties of ceremonial magic... Alongside the ceremonial magic
followed by the better educated were the everyday activities of folk
practitioners of magic across Europe, typified by the cunning folk
found in Great Britain.” - History of Magic. Falling into the
category of Renaissance Humanism are the writings and grimoires of German ceremonial
magician Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa).

King James the First of England in his Daemonologie (1597
A.D) Book I Chapter III informs us: “There are principally two sorts
(of magic), whereunto all the parties of that unhappy art are redacted;
whereof the one is called Magie or Necromancy,** the other Sorcery
or Witch-craft… they say, that the witches are servants only, and
slaves of the Devil; but the Necromancers are his masters and
commanders.” (**“Necromancy…is a form of magic involving
communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit
as an apparition [by definition, Spiritualism] or raising them bodily –
for the purpose of divination…” – Wikipedia: Necromancy. It was said:
“Jacob’s objection to being buried in Egypt was due to the fact that the
Egyptians practiced witchcraft by means of dead bodies, and he would
not have his body utilized for such abominable practices.” – Midrash
It must be noted England retained anti-witchcraft laws called
conjuring/invoking/evoking of angels/spirits/demons, prohibiting
witchcraft and sorcery in all of its variations, upon its books in one
form or another in the British Isles often mandating the death or
imprisonment of the offender starting in the year 1542 A.D. up until
the ultimate repeal of the Witchcraft Acts in 1951 A.D. This law’s
repeal would usher in a major revival of the practice of witchcraft. As
the British witch Doreen Valiente, writing circa 1978 A.D. explains:
“The resurgence of the old religion of nature-worship and magic really

began in 1951, when the last of the antiquated Witchcraft Acts in
Britain was finally repealed… it was largely through the influence of
the Spiritualist movement, now widely accepted as respectable, that
the final Act was swept away.” – p.13 Witchcraft for Tomorrow.
The repeal of the Witchcraft Acts in Britain in the mid 20th
Century A.D. led to a profusion of mass-produced published works of
an entirely occult nature as previously underground practitioners of
magic came out of the proverbial closet (indeed, as Charles G. Leland
intimates in the Introduction to his Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling
circa 1891 A.D.: “There is not a town in England or in Europe in
which witchcraft is not extensively practiced, although this is done
with a secrecy the success of which is of itself a miracle.” Its
popularity has never waned). Books released after the the repeal of
the Witchcraft Acts included the father of modern Wicca witchcraft
Gerald B. Gardner’s High Magic’s Aid (1951 A.D.), Witchcraft Today
(1954 A.D.) and The Meaning of Witchcraft (1959 A.D.). Concerning
the practice of witchcraft and magic, Gardner himself explains: “The
foundation of magical beliefs, of which witchcraft is a form, is that
unseen Powers exist (‘powers’ is a Biblical word used to denote
‘angels’), and that by performing the right sort of ritual these Powers
(angels) can be contacted and either forced or persuaded to assist one
in some way.” - The Meaning of Witchcraft by Gerald B. Gardner, 1959 A.D.
Gardner’s books on the subject of magic as well as a plethora of others
including one entitled The Morning of the Magicians as issued by two
French alchemists named Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier (a
member of the Lovecraft circle, Bergier was in addition a Jewish
student of Kabala and is in fact a nuclear physicist as well as a
chemical engineer, these fields being archaic alchemy’s wholly
modern counterparts as Bergier very helpfully points out in his book)
helped to fuel the New Age 1960’s counter-culture revolution in
America and England. We will discuss this subject in another chapter
in greater detail.
Secret societies engaging in illicit ceremonial magic practices
in England prior to the repeal of the Witchcraft Acts [sects including
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn magic order as well as other
adherents of Satanism, Thelemic/Theosophic Orders, and New Age
movements (Theosophical Society-themes such as those espoused in
the writings of Theosophical Society-member Alice Bailey in

particular are the fundamental philosophies of New Age teachings—
New Age is simply a recent repackaging of the Old Religion of
witchcraft and ceremonial magic [the term ‘New Age’ itself is
employed in reference to the astrological ‘Progression of the
Equinoxes’ which occurs every two thousand years. The advent of the
21st Century signaled the dawning of the new Age of Aquarius, or as
Aleister Crowley prefers to call it, the Age of Horus which is to
witness Horus’/Azazel’s release]. The Hermetic Order of the Golden
Dawn was in fact the magic-practicing inner circle of the greater
Theosophical Society itself)] base their teachings in part on the esoteric
mysteries of the Graeco-Egyptian Hermetic Qabalah. The modern-day
Hermetic Qabalah magic system has many influences including
astrology, Egyptian magic, tarot, hermeticism, alchemy,
Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Jewish Kabalism, pagan mystery
religions, Eastern Tantric sacramental sex-magic practices, NeoPlatonism and Gnosticism (Gnosticism, a religion whose roots can be
traced to the Greek philosophers themselves: “…made the
performance of every species of sin forbidden in the Old Testament [of
The Bible] a solemn duty… This doctrine was wholly that of
mediaeval witches, and is flaunted by modern Satanists.” Moreover,
members of Gnostic sects: “…taught that divine honours must be paid
to Satan, who is further to be propitiated by means of every possible
outrage done to Christ. This, of course, is plain and simple Satanism
openly avowed.” – p.22 The History of Witchcraft by Montague Summers). The
high-degree Freemason Aleister Crowley was the Hermetic Qabalah’s
most famous adherent, he employing a form of ‘black’ Hermetic
Magic (classified as ‘goeteia’) in a system he called ‘Magick’ (which
Crowley intentionally spelled with a ‘k’) in a religion known as
‘Thelema’ (Author’s Note: In formulating his new system of
‘Magick,’ Aleister Crowley rewrote the Old Religion’s white magic
adage: “If it harms none, do what you will” replacing it with his own
much more ominous: “Do what you will shall be the whole of the law”
to reflect its more malevolent black magick basis. Indeed, in The
PREFACE to the grimoire entitled The Arbatel of Magic as prefaced
by Dr. Robert Turner, a 17th Century London-based translator of magic
grimoires, we are told: “…the word Magus of itself imports a
Contemplator of divine & heavenly Sciences; but under the name
Magick, are all unlawful Arts comprehended; as Necromancy and
Witchcraft, and such Arts which are effected by combination with the
devil, and whereof he is a party.” Crowley spells ‘magick’ with a ‘k’

in order to highlight the malevolent nature of Thelema). Magic is also
practiced by Rosicrucians and Freemasons. Indeed, amongst the most
infamous members to be counted amongst the ranks of the Rosicrucian
and Freemasonic groups was in fact Aleister Crowley himself (pen
name of mystic poet Edward Alexander Crowley, 1875-1947 A.D.), a
fact certainly instructive in itself as to the underlying nature of these
secret societies (“The [Hermetic Order of the] Golden Dawn was an
occult organization formulated out of some British high masonic
lodges in the year 1878. Authorization for its institution in England
seems to have come from the continent, from alleged descendants of
mediaeval Rosicrucian groups. It was thus a secret Rosicrucian body.”
– Roll Away the Stone authored by Aleister Crowley’s former secretary Israel Regardie, 1968 A.D.).
Aleister Crowley’s writings are even cited as the inspiration
which had compelled Anton Sandor LaVey to write his own Satanic
Bible and to found the Church of Satan (in years prior Anton LaVey
was known to have ordered a number of Aleister Crowley’s books
from OTO-member Jack Parsons who was at one point Aleister
Crowley’s pen pal/disciple). Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan was
founded in 1966 A.D. during the aforementioned 1960s counterculture revolution in America and Britain largely spawned by the
repeal of the British Witchcraft Acts and with it the general-public
reintroduction of former Theosophical Society teachings. The High
Priest of Satan Anton LaVey, the self-styled ‘Magus of the Age of
Satan,’ derives his name from the word ‘Leviathan.’ ‘The Sigil of
Baphomet,’ the official insignia of his Church of Satan, contains the
Hebrew letters spelling ‘LVYTN’ at each point of the five points of
the pentagram this sigil contains. LVYTN becomes LaVeY anToN,
or, Anton LaVey (in the Aramaic Targum of Jonathan on Genesis 1:21
Leviathan is spelled ‘levyathan’ with a ‘y.’ ‘LVYTN’ is a shortening
of the word ‘levyathan,’ or rather, ‘levyathan’ is a lengthening of the
word ‘lvytn.’ The Hebrew language does not employ vowels.
Leviathan it must be noted is the name of Satan’s cherub). According
to Anton LaVey:
“Satanic Ritual (as practiced in LaVey’s Church of Satan) is a blend of
Gnostic,** Cabbalistic, Hermetic, and Masonic elements,
incorporating nomenclature and vibratory words of power (magic
spells and mantras) from virtually every mythos (read: gleaned from
every ancient system of magic)… Masonic orders have contained

the most influential men in many governments (a fact most
particularly true of governments in America and Britain), and
virtually every occult (magic) order has many Masonic roots.” The Satanic Rituals p.21,78 by Anton LaVey, 1972 A.D. (** As Paul
Huson informs us, the word: “‘Gnostic’ itself in its etymological
derivation means much the same as ‘witch’ … It is the tattered
remnants of the wisdom of the Watchers [the fallen angels], or gods,
which constitutes the lore of the witch.” – Introduction to Mastering
Witchcraft) (Pertinent Quote: “Magic, indeed, was always a kind of
freemasonry, but the gypsies (or Bohemians, as they were called in the
Middle Ages) did much to carry the beliefs and rites of magic from one
far country to another.” – The Black Art p.158 by Rollo Ahmed, 1936 A.D.)
The pen name of the French occultist Alphonse Louis
Constant, which is Eliphas Levi, was also similarly derived, his last
name being a shortening of the word ‘Leviathan.’
As Eliphas Levi explains:
“The Science of Magism is contained in the books of the Kabalah, in
the Symbols of Egypt and of India, in the books of Hermes
Trismegistus, in the oracles of Zoroaster, and in the writings of some
great men of the Middle Ages, like Dante, Paracelsus, Trithemus,
William Postel (in 1552 A.D. William Postel provided a first-ever nonJewish Latin translation of the Sepher Yetzirah, one of the bedrock
books of Kabala), Pomponaceus, Robert Fludd (b. 1576 - d.1637 A.D.;
the English Rosicrucian philosopher: “The English leader of the
Rosicrucians was Dr. Robert Fludd (a Fellow of the Royal College of
Physicians in London), a deep student of the Cabala, Astrology,
Alchemy, and Magic.” - The Arcane Schools Chapter 6 by John Yarker.
Rosicrucianism had been introduced into England from Germany by
the Oxford-educated philosopher Robert Fludd during the magical
reign of Queen Elizabeth I [Robert Fludd himself was the son of Sir
Thomas Fludd, Treasurer of War to Queen Elizabeth I].
Rosicrucianism itself was greatly influenced by the magic of
Paracelsus, a physician by profession), etc. The works of Magic are
divination or prescience, Thaumaturgy** or the use of exceptional
powers, and Theurgy (by definition ceremonial magic, also known as
the ‘Telestic Work’) or rule over visions and spirits.” - The Paradoxes of the
Highest Science by Eliphas Levi, 1856 A.D. (** “The powers of the interior man,

and the possibility of communication with the unseen [with the
“unseen world”], are the subject of historical magic, which is filled
with thaumaturgic accounts of experiments with these forces, and of
the results of this communication.” – Introduction to The Occult Sciences by A.E.
Waite, 1891 A.D.) (Pertinant Quote: “Although the Cabala belongs to the
past, it nevertheless demands our attention on account of the interest
taken in it by men like Raymond Lully, the "Doctor Illuminatus" as he
was styled (died 1315) [whom A.E. Waite has described as “an
exponent of Rosicrucian doctrine on the side of Hermetic physics”]:
John Picus di Mirandola (1463-1494); John Reuchlin (1455-1522) [a
German Cabalist/ceremonial magician, Reuchlin, a friend of Martin
Luther, is known as the ‘Father of the German Reformation.’ Agrippa
was greatly influenced by Reuchlin]; Cornelius Henry Agrippa von
Nettesheim (1486-1535); John [Jan] Baptist von Helmont (1577-1644)
[the founder of pneumatic chemistry, an offshoot of alchemy]; the
English scholars Robert Fludd (1574-1637) and Henry More (16141687)... By Cabala we understand that system of religious philosophy,
or more properly, of Jewish theosophy,** which played so important a
part in the theological and exegetical literature of both Jews and
Christians ever since the Middle Ages... By virtue of certain (magic)
incantations, invocations of the names of God and the angels, and the
recitation of certain prayer-like chants, combined with fasting and an
ascetic mode of living, they pretended to be able to perform
supernatural deeds. For this purpose they made use of amulets and
cameos (Kameoth), and wrote upon them the names of God and the
angels with certain (magic) signs.” – Forward to The Cabala pp.9,12 by Bernhard
Pick, 1913 A.D.) (** Author and Fellow of the Theosophical Society William Kingsland in the
Introduction to his book entitled The Esoteric Basis of Christianity [1895 A.D.] defines
‘theosophy’ as meaning “the wisdom of divine beings,” the divine beings being, of course,
angels. Amongst the ‘wisdom’ passed down to man by the angels is the science of physics)

Masonry/Freemasonry is rooted in the “Science of Magism”:
“The Occult Science of the Ancient Magi (the Magi were magicians
who invoked the rebellious fallen angels, the angels Satan and Azazel
included, thereby communicating with them) was concealed under the
shadows of the Ancient Mysteries: it was imperfectly revealed or
rather disfigured by the Gnostics: it is guessed at under the obscurities
that cover the pretended crimes of the Templars (the Knights
Templars); and it is found enveloped in enigmas that seem
impenetrable, in the Rites of the Highest Masonry. Magism was the

Science of Abraham and Orpheus, of Confucius and Zoroaster. It was
the dogmas of this Science that were engraven on the tables of stone
by Hanoch (Enoch) and (Hermes) Trismegistus.** Moses purified and
re-veiled them, for that is the meaning of the word reveal. He covered
them with a new veil, when he made of the Holy Kabalah the
exclusive heritage of the people of Israel, and the inviolable Secret of
its priests.” - The Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of
Freemasonry by Albert Pike (** “One of the major mythical figures who
unites classical paganism and medieval magic, or theurgy, with the
Luciferian tradition is Hermes Trismegistus… [Warburg Institute
philosopher] Dr. Frances Yates says: ‘A large literature in Greek
developed under the name of Hermes Trismegistus concerned with
astrology and the occult sciences, with the secret virtue of plants and
stones and the sympathetic magic based on the knowledge of such
virtues, and the making of talismans for drawing down the power of
the stars, and so on’ (1969:2). This naturia magia or natural magick is
exactly the same occult knowledge that the fallen angels imparted to
early humans.” – p.163 The Pillars of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson. Indeed: “The
sciences known as ‘occult,’” as Lewis Spence notes in his Introduction
to An Encylopaedia of Occultism [1920 A.D.], “may with every
reason be regarded as the culture-grounds of the science of to-day.”
The greatest magicians in the history of the world are at work in
modern-day laboratories in operation this day)
In 1855 A.D. the renowned Rabbi Isaac Wise revealed:
“Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades,
official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from
beginning to end.” (Masonic Jewish magic practices in fact hearken
back to the days of their Egyptian bondage where they were employed
as builders/masons: “But the word of the king of Egypt prevailed
against the children of Israel and they were humiliated and oppressed
in the work of bricks.” - The Biblical Antiquities Chapter 9).
Indeed, as 33° Freemason Albert Pike avows:
“All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the (Jewish) Kabalah…
everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the
illuminati, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and others, is
borrowed from the Kabalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it
their secrets and their symbols.” - Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted

(This book by Pike is often referred
to as the Freemasonic bible. One must remember, Jewish Kabalists do
not believe Jesus was the son of God, nor do Masons hold him in
esteem. Jesus is: “…the stone which the builders (read: the
Masons/practioners of magic) rejected.” - Matthew 21:42. As Geoffrey
Farthing elucidates in The Right Angle concerning the esoteric
importance of the designation ‘Builders’: “Throughout the countries of
the Orient, wherever magic and the wisdom-religion are studied, its
practitioners and students are known among their craft as Builders.”
This fact is particularly true of Masons/Freemasons who are notorious
practitioners of magic, as well as the Jewish Kabalists upon whose
teachings Freemasonry itself was crafted. It was the Builders who
erected Masonic structures including pyramids and temples devoted to
the gods)
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike

As the Freemasonic Father of Wicca and OTO Crowley-initiate
Gerald B. Gardner explains:
“I am familiar with most forms of (magic) ritual including Kabalistic magic,
and they all have certain things in common and work by calling up a spirit or
intelligence and commanding it to do their will.” - Witchcraft Today by Gerald B.
Gardner, 1954 A.D.

He goes on to explain:
“…Ritualistic Magic, Kabalistic Magic, Art Magic or Black Magic are
alike attempting to evoke genii, demons or elemental spirits and
forcing or bribing them to cause events to occur…” - Witchcraft Today by
Gerald B. Gardner (Pertinent Quote: “The art of Magic is the art of employing invisible or socalled spiritual agencies to obtain certain visible results.” - Magic, White and Black by Franz
Hartmann, 1886 A.D.) (“Direct communication with demons, whether by writing,
clairvoyance, clairaudience, or in other ways is now becoming universally prevalent. It is
sustained by what is called mediumistic power…” - Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember,
1889 A.D.)

While sharing a common origin, such magic systems are
differentiated by spelling and vary according to theological systems: Hermetic
[Graeco-Egyptian] Qabalah, Jewish Kabala and Christian Cabala. As we
learn from a number of sources: “The Kabala was first taught by God
himself to a select Company of Angels who formed a theosophic
school in Paradise” (See The Secret Doctrine [Volume II p.284] by H.
P. Blavatsky, The Kabbalah by Christian D. Ginsburg and The

Kabbalah Denudata of Christian Knorr von Rosenroth). Included in
this group of angels were the angels Satan and Azazel. This
knowledge was later revealed to man via the rebel angels when they
descended to our Earth in the days of Jared (that 33° Freemason Albert
Pike was familiar with The Book of Enoch is evident as he quotes
from this book concerning the fallen angel’s descent to our Earth on
p.31 of his Freemasonic/Kabala-themed book entitled The Book of the
What secrets are revealed by The Zohar, that major storehouse
of Jewish Kabalistic knowledge? It teaches of the fallen angels of
course, and how they came to our Earth, here to abide:
“…Uzza (Semjaza) and Azael (Azazel), who rebelled above, were cast
down by the Blessed Holy One (by God), and materialized on earth,
abiding on it… Subsequently they strayed after earthly women…
They engendered children, whom they called Mighty Giants…” - Zohar
1:58a (See also Zohar 1:37a and Genesis 6:4. Azazel is one of the angels invoked under a
plethora of various names and titles by practitioners of magic. The guardian angel Azazel is
invoked under the contracted name ‘Azael’ in the Greek Magical Papyrus from Egypt [PGM
XXXVI.161-177] in a spell of protection against “every bad situation that comes upon” the

The Zohar also teaches that the fallen angel Azazel had
impiously impregnated Adam’s wife Eve: “…the serpent (Azazel)**
injected that slime (his semen) into Eve, she absorbed it, so when she
copulated with Adam she bore two sons (Cain and Abel): one (Cain)
from the impure side (from Azazel, Cain being born of the ‘seed’ of
the ‘serpent’ [See Genesis 3:15]) and one (Abel) from the side of
Adam, Cain resembling both the higher image (of the angel Azazel)
and the lower (the human Eve; Cain was an angel/human hybrid)…
Cain was certainly son of the impure spirit…deriving from…the side
of the Angel (Azazel)…” - Zohar 1:54a (** “Originally the serpent was
not a reptile, but a creature of humanoid aspect…associated with the
serpent in symbol…the source of magic and mysticism…of the arts
and sciences in general… The serpent…was the original master
magician…” - Alien Initiations by Harald Kleeman, 2003 A.D. Indeed: “…it is an
ominous fact, that, after the fall [of man], the first inventors of the arts
and sciences were the descendants, not of the believing Seth [the son
of Adam by Eve], but of the deist and murderer Cain [the son of
Azazel by Eve]. So in our own days the leaders of science are too

often the leaders of infidelity, the despisers of God and of prayer.” Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, 1889 A.D.) (Pertinent Quote: “A perennial theme runs
through the mythological record from religious, occult and mystical texts to Victorian
supernatural romance fiction and beyond. From the nineteenth century onward it gained
renewed impetus as attempts were made outside esoteric orders to link the relevant myths with
history. Their purport in essence is this: Humanity is not alone; nor is it the first intelligent
species on the planet. It was preceded, and shares the planetary environment with, at least one
nonhuman species which, like the human, has evolved several distinct racial types. This nonhuman race [descended from the “serpent’s seed” (See Genesis 3:14-15), the bloodline of
Cain] is identified with the generic mythological serpent [the Genesis serpent, the fallen angel
Azazel]… The human line, by way of distinction, and in keeping with Judaeo-Christian
sources, is usually called the Adamic race [being descended from Adam through Adam’s sons
Abel and Seth (See Genesis 4:25)]…the Adamic lineage of Abel and Seth remaining nomadic
herdsmen, from which stock arose dreamers and prophets, while that of the Serpent [Azazel]
of Cain and his descendants became artificers and builders of cities [Masons].” – p.77 Alien
Initiations by Harald Kleeman, 2003 A.D.)

The Biblical King Nimrod was himself described as being a
“great magician” “who took up with magical practices” and who
performed the magic rituals as instituted by angels (See The
Clementine Homilies Homily IX Chapter IV). According to The
Zohar, in reference to the builders (magic-practicing Masons) of the
Tower of Babel, the first and foremost being Nimrod: “Said Rabbi
Abba: ‘They were the subjects of a horrible and demoniacal
infatuation (demonic possession/Overshadowing) in that they
impiously wished to abandon the worship of the Lord for that of Satan
or the serpent (Azazel) to whom they rendered homage and glory.’”
Freemasonry brags of an historical association with the
Masonic magician Nimrod. As per The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry,
the Freemasonic York MS. No. 1 says “At ye making of ye toure
(tower) of Babel there was a Masonrie first much esteemed of, and the
King of Babilon it called Nimrod was a Mason himself and loved
well Masons.” The Masons first identified themselves as such in
reference to their building of the Tower of Babel, it being a tower
constructed of masonry bricks. Harleian, Sloane, Landsdowne and
Edinburgh-Kilwinning Masonic manuscripts, for instance, state as fact
that Masons were employed in the building of the Tower of Babel.
The Ancient Craft Freemasonic calendar of the York and French rites
begins in 4000 B.C., the year the Tower of Babel was completed and
in the same year destroyed, at the time when the people’s languages
were confused and their population dispersed (See Genesis 11:1-9), as
the result of Nimrod’s rebellion against God (4000 B.C. = 1 A:L in
the Ancient Craft Masonic calendar of the York and French rites. In

Homily IX of The Clementine Homilies Chapter V Clement states
that: “Therefore the magician Nebrod [the Greeks and Egyptians knew
Nimrod as Nebrod. In the Greek Septuagint version of The Bible,
‘Nimrod’ is rendered ‘Nebrod’], being destroyed by this lightning
falling on earth from heaven [during the destruction of the Tower of
Babel], for this circumstance had his name changed to Zoroaster…” It
is from the magician Nimrod, also known as Zoroaster, that the
Zoroastrian Magi, well known priestly practitioners of magic, are
descended). Freemasonry itself renders homage to Satan and Azazel.
Of an interesting note, the Tower of Babel was constructed upon the
33rd Degree Parallel as Freemasonry is composed of 33 Degrees.
As we learn from the adept magus Nigel Jackson:
“According to esoteric doctrine, Nephilic blood flowed in the veins of
Nimrod (which would make Nimrod an angel/human hybrid): ‘And
Cush begat Nimrod; he began to be a mighty one in the Earth; He was
a mighty hunter before the Lord…and the beginning of his kingdom
was Babel.’ The Masonic Cooke Mss dating from the 1430 CE
accords Nimrod the status of the first Grand Master of the Masons. He
allegedly delivered the original charges and constitutions to the Craft
brethren whom he oversaw during the building of the Tower of
Babel… Babylon is Bab-Illani or the Gate of the Gods (Illu = Elohim)
(Elohim = angels)…The researches of Clement Stratton have
confirmed that in the first degree of medieval operative Masonry the
pledge by the candidate was called the Oath of Nimrod.” – p.44 The Pillars
of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson

As part of the teachings of the 25° of the Ancient and Accepted
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry known as the Knight of the Brazen
Serpent, Freemasonic author Albert Pike informs us:
“This Degree is…devoted to an explanation of the symbols of
Masonry; and especially to those which are connected with that
ancient and universal legend (read: the legend concerning Azazel), of
which that of Khir-Om Abi (a variant spelling of Hiram Abiff) is but a
variation; that legend which, representing a murder or a death, and a
restoration to life, by a drama in which figure Osiris, Isis and Horus,
Atys (Attis) and Cybele, Adonis and Venus, the Cabiri, Dionusos
(Dionysus), and many another (these are all gods and goddesses of

various ethnic groups who represented the angel Azazel and his human
wife)…” - Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
by Albert Pike

Freemasonry, by Pike’s own admission, passes on the secret
teachings concerning the Genesis serpent Azazel and his human wife
through the Masonic legend concerning Hiram Abiff gathered from
ancient magic-based mystery religions! No doubt in reference to the
origin of the name Hiram Abiff, Pike explains: “(Samuel Fales/S.F.)
Dunlap ([in Vestiges of the] Spirit History of Man, 94)(first published
in 1858 A.D.), in a table of the male and female Deities of different
Nations, gives Huram (a variant spelling of Hiram)…(as being the
equivalence of the Greek god) Hermes, Death-God (think:
Destroyer),” - p.55 The Book of Words by Albert Pike. The name
Hiram is derived from the name of the Egyptian god Hermes. (Some
members of Freemasonry such as Albert Pike are tasked in
comparative religious studies, being well versed in Kabala). Even
high-degree Freemason and prominent Theosophical Society author
C.W. Leadbeater chimes in on this subject: “Bro. (Freemasonic
Brother J.S.M.) Ward refers in his remarkable work Who was Hiram
Abiff? (by J.S.M. Ward, p. 191) in which he adduces a vast amount of
evidence to show that our traditional (Freemasonic) history is based
upon the myth of the death and resurrection of Tammuz…” - Glimpses of
Masonic History by C. W. Leadbeater. Tammuz was yet another name on a long list of
ancient gods who represented the angel Azazel (Concerning the Freemasonic author J.S.M.
Ward: “The [Hermetic Order of the] Golden Dawn is not the only influence upon [English
occultist and founding father of Wicca magic Gerald B.] Gardner; Freemasonry has had a
tremendous impact upon the Wicca. Not only were the three founders of Isis Urania Temple
Masons, so too were [Aleister] Crowley and [A.E.] Waite [it was Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn-member A.E. Waite’s The Book of Black Magic and Pacts which is cited as
Crowley’s inspiration to join the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn into which order he was
initiated by S.L. MacGregor Mathers]; Gardner and at least one member of the first [witches]
coven (Daffo) [cult name of Edith Woodford-Grimes] were both Co Masons. [Gerald B.]
Gardner was also a friend of J.S.M. Ward [a former high official of a powerful British
industrial lobbying group; J.S.M. Ward it must be noted ‘was a close friend’ of Gerald B.
Gardner (See p.56 The Rebirth of Witchcraft)], who had published a number of books about
masonry [including Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods (1921 A.D.) in which Ward traces the
ritualistic roots of Freemasonry to the ancient pagan religious systems of Palestine and the
Middle East].” - The word ‘Hermetic’ [as in Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn] is derived from the name of the Greek god Hermes, from whence is derived the
name of the Freemasonic ‘Hiram’ who is likewise representative of the angel Azazel.
Freemasonry is and always has been based on ancient ceremonial magic rituals involving the
invocation of fallen angels. The Mason/magician Nimrod likewise ritually invoked the angel
Azazel, even going as far as erecting a tower [the infamous Tower of Babel] over the very
location of Azazel’s entrapment! For additional detailed information, see Hidden Truths: A
History of the World from Beginning to End by John of the Gentiles. As regards Isis

[Azazel’s human wife] the Greek Magical Papyrus [PDM xiv.554-62] invokes her as: “Isis,
the Magician, the Lady of Magic, who Bewitches everything, who is Never Bewitched in her
Name of Isis, the Magician.”)

One of the most famous 33° Freemasonic ceremonial
magicians was an Englishman named Aleister Crowley who is known
as the father of Thelema (‘Thelema,’ a Greek word meaning
‘Will’/‘True Will’) and who was a prominent member of the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn (As Crowley-initiate Kenneth Grant in The
Magickal Revival reveals: “The [Hermetic Order of the] Golden
Dawn was the Inner Mystery School of the Order that formulated
itself in the outer world as the Theosophical Society. Blavatsky’s
intention in initiating her society was the destruction of
Christianity…” Typically, as we shall learn, an Illuminati/Carbonari
principle). One of the objectives in Thelemic mysticism is to achieve
union (samadhi, the state of Illumination) with the All (the Assyrian
Neoplatonist philosopher/ceremonial magician Iamblichus calls this a
‘Theurgic Union,’ Regardie as a “transcendental union with the
Daimon”), the successful Thelemic execution of which involves an
amalgamation of Crowley Magick, Yoga, tarot, astrology and
Qabalahism as well as employing a smattering of various other
mystical disciplines (to borrow a quote from Eliphas Levi, it drew
upon the: “…sum-total of all [magical knowledge] that has gone
before…”) such as to be found in Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and
Sufism (in Japan, demons are called Yokai, while in China, the
demonic fallen angels are known as Yaoguai, both words meaning
‘demon.’ From these words for ‘demon’ are derived the words Yoga
and Yogi). To those who think Yoga is a harmless exercise, in Aleister
Crowley’s Book 4 (also known as Liber IV. A ‘liber’ is a magical
book purportedly dictated by a spirit, ‘automatic writing’ by
definition), Crowley writes: “The work of the Body of Light—with
the technique of Yoga—is the foundation of Magick.” As Crowley
explicates in Eight Lectures on Yoga, “Yoga means Union,” (or in the
words of Iamblicus, a ‘Theurgic Union’) and represents “the union of
self-consciousness (the microcosm) with the universe (the
macrocosm).” Union with the All (the All is also known as Godhead;
a perpetual power source) was essential to ones attainment of such a
Body of Light. If one possessed such a Body of Light, one was
possessed of an eternal life—but that is a subject for another book (to
explore this concept, see The Knowledge of Wisdom by John of the
Gentiles). Interest in Thelema and the attendant sex-magic, tantric sex

and sexual yoga, all variations of the Hiero Gamos Ritual, has its
origin with the appearance of the angels and also reappears later in
ancient Babylonia where sex was incorporated in post-diluvian
religious practices (commonly known as ‘sex-magic’) based on the
esoteric knowledge and exotic practices of the angels who rebelled
against God: “This was the feature of her (the angel Azazel’s human
wife, the goddess Ishtar’s) cult which made the greatest impression
upon Herodotus. In Book I, Chapter 199 of his history he describes
that shameful law of the Babylonians which sent every Babylonian
woman once in her life to the temple, the goddess of love, to sacrifice
her honour (to offer sexual favors) for gold… The temple in Babylon
dedicated to her (Azazel’s human wife) was probably Ekidurinim,
which was situated near the city wall” wherupon “women who there
assembled to be chosen by strangers for indiscriminate adultery,” for
‘hiero gamos,’ also known as ‘hierogamy’ (See pp.73-74 Tammuz and
Ishtar by S. Langdon, 1914 A.D.). Likewise the 1st - 2nd Century A.D.
Roman poet: “Juvenal tells us that every temple in Rome was
practically a licensed brothel.” - Sex Worship by Clifford Howard, 1898 A.D.
And again: “The practice of having sacred female prostitutes attached
to temples in Greece, Rome, Egypt and India is so well known as to
require no comment.” - The Black Art p.161 by Rollo Ahmed, 1936 A.D.). Indeed:
“Sex is regarded by many witches as an act of worship.” – Witchcraft by
Eric Maple. Sex-magic formed the basis of the Eleusinian Mysteries:
“The Eleusinian Philosophers…were philosophers of Sex; and the
Eleusinian Mysteries were mysteries thereof…” – Seership by Paschal
Beverly Randolph. This it would seem has long been par for the magical
course, such sex-magic rituals representing various adaptations of a
more common theme—the sexual union of the immortal angel Azazel
with his mortal human wife at the time of Azazel’s arrival here upon
our Earth, and commonly known as the ‘hiero gamos ritual.’ The
‘hiero gamos ritual’ is the Great Rite of Wicca. In Aleister Crowley’s
Thelemic ritual called The Gnostic Mass (See Liber XV), The
Ceremony of the Rending of the Veil involves a Virgin (representing
Azazel’s virginal human wife) and a priest (who represents Azazel)
who “With his Lance…parts the veil” of the virgin, which is to say, he
ceremoniously during these religious proceedings breaks the hymen of
the virgin with his penis (at the finale of copulation one was then to
‘drink’ the Elixir of Life [the sperm] from the ritually consecrated
‘chalice’ [from the vagina of the virgin. See Sex, Drugs and Magick by
Robert Anton Wilson]—this obscene act represents the greatest secret

of all occult sex-magic rituals).
What all of these magic systems have in common though,
whether in origin Syrian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Arabian or any other
such empirical version, is the practical invocation of spirits/angels, a
practice which was strictly prohibited by God (as an example, note the
very profane work, “The Kabalistic Prayer” in Eliphas Levi’s The
Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum—the Sanctum Regnum by
definition represents the magical knowledge of the Zoroastrian Magi).
These are fallen angel-inspired corrupted systems involving all things
God explicitly hates which serves to complete one’s detachment from
God as opposed to one’s regenerating reunion with Him as with the
All, as is the professed aim of Crowley’s Magick. Let thee not be
fooled. One of the main tenets of advertising is ‘Sex Sells’ and Azazel
and Satan are the most masterful of salesmen. Indeed, as noted by
Hans Holzer in his book Witchcraft p.545: “To mock Christ was only
a mild form of their faith; to commit all the sins the Christian Church
stands against, and do this as often as possible, is a good deed in the
eyes of the devil worshipper. Every form of sexual intercourse and
perversion is encouraged, every physical excess, every form of
materialist greed. It is simply a reversal of accepted (Christian)
Many systems of magic are paradoxically enough based upon
Christian themes, their adherents invoking God and His band of
obedient angels which aim was to establish the conjurer’s control over
the rebellious fallen angels, an act in fact of total futility as these
angels would not even obey the direct commands of the All-Powerful
God who created them. To use one example of such a Cabalistic
magic invocation, the so-called black magic grimoire entitled the
Pseudomonarchia Daemonum states: “In the name of our Lord Jesus
Christ, the father and the son and the Holy Ghost, holy trinity and
unseparable unity. I call upon thee…that thou give me grace and
divine power over all the wicked spirits (read: fallen angels)…so as
which of them soever I do call by name, they may come…and
accomplish my will…” (Excerpted from a magic invocation circa the
16th century created by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s pupil Johann
Weyer, a physician in the court of William of Jülich-Cleves-Berge, a
son-in-law to Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I. See Weyer’s On the
Illusions of the Demons and on Spells and Poisons, 1563 A.D.). The
Grimoire of Armadel [Sloane 2731, British Museum] is also a good

example of a Christian-based system of magic, by definition
Cabalism). Likewise the black magic work Verus Jesuit Libellus (The
True Petition of the Jesuits) states: “So come o ye angelic ones…and
do all that I have requested in the name of the three-fold Jehovah,
whose praises all spirits sing ceaselessly giving honor to the all
powerful who is your Lord as he is mine. Amen.” Even 33°
Freemason Arthur Edward Waite invokes Lucifer (Satan) on p.244 of
his book entitled The Book Of Black Magic and of Pacts with the
following Christian-themed magic ritual: “First Conjuration Addressed
to Emperor Lucifer. Emperor Lucifer, Master and Prince of Rebellious
Spirits, I adjure thee to leave thine abode, in what-ever quarter of the
world it may be situated and come hither to communicate with me. I
command and I conjure thee in the Name of the Mighty Living God,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost, to appear…” One may drown in such a
profusion of naivety. If they serve you, they serve you at their whim.
The Rosicrucian adept Robert Fludd provides the following caveat for
such theurgic Cabalistic magical-practices which in fact fall within the
category of ‘necromancy’:** “Necromantic Magic is divided into
goëtic, maleficient, and Theurgic. The first consists in diabolical
commerce with unclean spirits, in rites of criminal curiosity, in illicit
songs and invocations, and in the evocation of the souls of the dead.
The second is the adjuration of the devils by the Virtue of Divine
Names. The third pretends to be governed by good angels and the
Divine Will, but its wonders are most frequently performed by evil
spirits, who assume the names of God and of the angels.” (**
“…Necromancy…is akin to Spiritualism….” – p.242 The Tree of Life: A
Study in Magic by Israel Regardie. Spiritualism is Necromancy pure and
In the Preface to the grimoire entitled The Magus (circa. 1801
A.D.) by Francis Barrett, one of Barrett’s professed aims by which
with his writings he had hoped to attain was: “…to free the name of
Magic from any scandalous imputation; seeing it is a word originally
significative not of any evil, but of every good and laudable science,
such as a man might profit by, and become both wise and happy; and
the practice so far from being offensive to God or man, that the very
root or ground of all magic takes its rise from the Holy Scriptures,
viz.—‘The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom’ (See Psalms
111:10 and Proverbs 9:10);—and charity is the end: which fear of God
is the beginning of Magic; for Magic is wisdom, and on this account

the wise men were called Magi. The magicians were the first
Christians (or rather, I would say, they were the first magic-practicing
Cabalists to invoke the name of Jesus as a means for controlling
spirits/angels—Acts 19:13-19 provides an example of such a practice
as attempted by prominent Jewish Kabalists of the period and is as
well a testament to the futility of such endeavors); for, by their high
and excellent knowledge, they knew that that Saviour which was
promised, was now born man—that Christ was our Redeemer,
Advocate, and Mediator; they were the first to acknowledge his glory
and majesty; therefore let no one be offended at the venerable and
sacred title of Magician—a title which every wise man merits while he
pursues that path which Christ himself trod, viz. humility, charity,
mercy, fasting, praying, &c.; for the true magician is the truest
Christian, and nearest disciple of our blessed Lord.” Holy Hocus
Pocus Batman!
The title of one magic manuscript succinctly sums up the goal
of every magic system. The Grand Grimoire is subtitled “The Art of
Controlling Celestial, Aerial, Terrestrial, and Infernal Spirits” (read:
fallen angels). The Grand Grimoire (also known as ‘The Red
Dragon’) is a black magic (goetic) grimoire which also explains how
“God struck down the rebel angels…into the…abyss.” This was of
course in reference to Azazel and his detachment of rebellious fallen
angels whom God had entrapped within the earth with whom many an
imprudent magician sought to communicate, command and control.
The story of Azazel’s and his angel’s entrapment inside their
cherubim within the Earth is the basis for the legend concerning the
demons said to have been confined by the Biblically famous King
Solomon in a magic bronze vessel as related in the 17 th Century
grimoire called The Lesser Key of Solomon. This tale also has
parallels to the entrapped genie in the magic lamp of the Arabian
Nights stories, as the genie therein represents an angel whilst the lamp
is analogous of an angel’s cherub. The evil ifrit (‘ifrit’ means
‘rebellious;’ the evil ifrit of the book representing the rebellious
angels) are called the “seed of Iblis” (Iblis=Satan) in The Book of One
Thousand and One Nights, also known as Arabian Nights. Arab
magicians, through the use of magic, believe they can control the
spirits/rebellious angels (jinn) and exploit them to their advantage, by
obliging them to serve their master. Be careful how you use those
three wishes you are granted!

In Arabian countries the jinn, who represent rebellious fallen
angels, are associated with magic. Spells are employed in an effort to
control them and to enslave them or as protection against them, and
some even solicit the angels’ protection from others as well. In fact,
the magical use of talismans and amulets goes hand in hand alongside
Muhammadism itself (as is also true of Catholicism which employs
‘medals’ of the Patron Saints which are likewise worn for protection—
such a practice should rightfully be placed within the Cabala category:
“…Catholics place great faith in their medals and medallions inscribed
with the images of saints and martyrs…little different from the faith
placed in ancient charms and talismans...” – The Black Art p.265. This practice
merely represents the Christianization of a wholly pagan practice).
The noted
Freemason Manly P. Hall (initiated into Jewel Lodge No. 374, San
Francisco, CA), in his Lectures on Ancient Philosophy reveals that:
“From the Arabians C. R. C. (the purported founder of the
Rosicrucians, Christian Rosenkrantz) also learned of the elemental
peoples and how, with their aid, it was possible to gain admission to
the ethereal world where dwelt the genii (jinn) and nature spirits. He
thus discovered that the magical creatures of the Arabian Nights
Entertainment actually existed…He was further instructed
concerning…the rituals of magic and invocation…and the binding of
the genii.” What he learned in truth [and upon which premise
Rosicrucianism is based] was of the jinn entrapped within the desert,
of Azazel and of his angels! This knowledge it is said he brought with
him back to Germany, and armed therewith he established the
Rosicrucian Society which was dedicated to the practice of magic,
circa 1400 A.D. Or so the story goes (in all actuality, Rosicrucianism
was an outgrowth of the 16th Century Cabalism craze in Europe [See
pp.67-73 Secret Societies and Subversive Movements]). This group’s
publication of the Fama Fraternitatis in 1611 A.D. and the Confessio
Fraternitatis in 1616 A.D. broadcast these beliefs to the world.
Indeed, according to Chapter IV of the Confessio Fraternitatis,
Rosicrucians, as do all practitioners of magic under whatever name
they choose to be known, appeal for help from angels and spirits for
the revelation of God’s mysteries. It must be noted the 16th Century
German Protestant Reformer Martin Luther (b.1483 – d.1546 A.D.)
was a perported Rosicrucian, with Luther’s personal seal incorporating
the Rosicrucian (Rose-Cross) talisman (Pertinent Quote:
“Traditionally, the Rosicrucians were Christians of the Reformation—
mystics, alchemists, occultists, but always Christians.” – The Eye in the

Triangle by Israel Regardie).

Interestingly enough, it was the knowledge of
the existence of these jinn (also spelled Djinn) and the Malay magic
practices by which they were invoked which launched Gerald B.
Gardner onto his own magical quest, resulting in the establishment of
Wicca as a religion (See Gerald Gardner, Witch p.94).
Walt Disney (a 33° Freemason) was a member of The Ancient
and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), a Rosicrucian order
which traditionally traces its origin to the ancient Egyptian mystery
schools which revered the rebellious fallen angels as gods (the
Rosicrucian-esque Walt Disney© company presents a children’s
version of the story of the jinn of the Arabian Nights Entertainment in
their full length animated classic, Aladdin©). As evidenced in the
extent of the influence of magic on most of his animated classics, we
find Mr. Walt Disney was quite overly obsessed with the Occult. It
must also be noted that the man who originally founded AMORC in
1915 A.D., Dr. H. Spencer Lewis (the name ‘Lewis’ means ‘son of a
Mason’), was himself in contact with Aleister Crowley and the Ordo
Templi Orientis (See Larson’s Book of Cults, Larson 1984 p.306),
with AMORC even receiving a ‘ringing endorsement’ from the O.T.O.
of which it is rumoured H. Spencer Lewis was also a member.
AMORC counts many Freemason’s amongst its membership. Indeed,
according to the U.S. Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis website
( “Although officially founded at the beginning of
the 20th century e.v. (e.v. = Era vulgaris, the Common Era, C.E., an
anti-Christian version of the Christian A.D.), O.T.O. represents a
surfacing and confluence of the divergent streams of esoteric wisdom
and knowledge which were originally divided and driven underground
by political and religious intolerance during the dark ages. It draws
from the traditions of the Freemasonic, Rosicrucian and Illuminist
movements of the 18th and 19th centuries, the crusading Knights
Templars of the middle ages and early Christian Gnosticism and the
Pagan Mystery Schools.” Practitioners of magic and invokers of fallen
angels, all. Some Masons trace their lineage to the Knights Templar
group. The magic-practicing group known as the OTO is the
innermost circle of Freemasonry (the Ordo Templi Orientis [in
English, the Order of Oriental Templars which practiced secret Sufi
sex-magick rites in the archaic Knights Templar tradition for which
offense the leader of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, along with
many of his followers would meet their deaths at the hands of the

Catholic Inquisition], is also known as the Academia Masonica [which
in English translates as the Masonic Academy], founded in the finest
Platonic school of magic/pagan mystery school tradition).
The following selection from Egyptian Book of the Dead
Plates V and VI B.D. Chapter I speaks of the Egyptian belief that it
was possible to gain entrance into the underworld where dwelt Azazel:
“Osiris (Behemoth) the chief of Amenta, the lord of eternity…chief of
the company of his gods (angels); and…Anubis (yet another title for
Azazel) [dweller] in the tomb (Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, wherein he
was entrapped within the earth, was considered to be his tomb. For
this reason, Azazel’s human wife who is also entrapped therein, is
known as the ‘lady of the tomb’ in various magic orders), great god,
chief of the holy dwelling (the ‘Great House,’ aka Behemoth). May
they grant that I may go into and come out from the
underworld…that I may go forth into the presence of [Osiris]
(Azazel)…” The Egyptians taught falsely (and handsomely profited
thereby) that the living might enter and leave the underworld at will,
wherein dwelt their gods. They even wrote books concerning this
“The beginning of the chapters…of coming forth from and going into
the underworld.” - The Papyrus of Ani from the Egyptian Book of the
Dead Plate V
Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XII B.D. Chap. XVIII states:
“Grant…that I may enter into and come forth from the netherworld,”
the “netherworld” wherein is entrapped Azazel and his rebellious
The ancient esoteric knowledge concerning the rebellious
fallen angels formed the fundamental principles underlying all modern
magic systems. The grimoire known as The Greater Key of Solomon
speaks of “assemblies” of “Evil and rebellious Spirits (read: angels)
dwelling in the Abysses of Darkness” whom its practitioners sought to
“conjure” (See The Greater Key of Solomon Book I Chapter VII.
Translated from manuscripts he found in the British Museum, this
manuscript was translated into English by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, a
19th Century ceremonial magician who was head of the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn. The Hermetic Order of the Golden

Dawn, founded in 1887 A.D., was an offshoot of the English
Rosicrucian Society [the SRIA] and consisted largely of leading
Freemasons). This work influenced many goetic magic orders
including that of Mathers’ himself and of those magic orders founded
by Aleister Crowley and Eliphas Levi. This manuscript identifies the
rebellious fallen angel Azazel as being “ye who by your own sin have
been cast down from the Empyreal Heaven, and from before His
(God’s) Throne; by Him (God) who hath cast ye (Azazel) down unto
the most profound of the Abysses of Hell (read: Hades, beneath the
earth).” - The Greater Key of Solomon Book I Chapter VI
Another manuscript which greatly influenced many magic
orders such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is The Book of
the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage (again, this is a manuscript
translated into English by Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
member S. L. MacGregor Mathers from manuscripts housed in the
British Museum). As stated in the Introduction to his translation of
this book, Mathers states: “The invocation of Angelic Forces…is an
idea common in works of Magic, as also are the Ceremonies of
Pact with and submission to Evil Spirits” and that the “magnum
opus” propounded in the aforementioned work is “to obtain the
knowledge of and conversation with one’s Guardian Angel, so that
thereby and thereafter we may obtain the right of using the Evil
Spirits for our servants in all material matters…” (According to
The Book of Enoch Chapter XV, when an angel/human hybrid giant
dies, an “evil spirit” goes forth from its body: “…the giants, who have
been born of spirit and of flesh, shall be called upon earth evil spirits…
Evil spirits shall proceed from their flesh…” and these may have a
corrupting influence upon their human hosts). The book states that
through “conversation with your Guardian Angel,” with whom one
employing the magic ritual transcribed therein would come into direct
communication, that one may receive from him “distinct and ample
information regarding the Evil Spirits and the manner of bringing them
into submission,” but in order to achieve this goal “thou wilt have to
pass under the influence of thy Holy Guardian Angel” (compare to
Aleister Crowley who writes in Chapter 83 of the paradoxically
entitled Magick Without Tears [1945 A.D.]: “It should never be
forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the
Magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the
Holy Guardian Angel [which involved in itself according to Crowley,

a sex-magic ritual]. Once he has achieved this he must of course be
left entirely in the hands of that angel,” which is to say, he will then
essentially be Overshadowed, becoming a mere marionette of the
puppet-master angel whose actions are ordered thereby (Pertinenet
Quote: “Angels may solicit, or demons may tempt, but none can
compel the spirit within to action, unless it first surrenders the will to
the investing power.” — ("Art Magic," page 335).” - Difference between
Elementals & Elementaries [1889 A.D.]). For this reason God commanded the
death of all such practitioners of magic. Indeed, the workmen deserve
their wages, and the wages of sin is death [See Romans 6:23]. The
Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage describes the
processes and rituals involved in obtaining as ‘Abraham the Jew’
therein describes such a “conversation with your Guardian Angel,”
which is to say, how he may be contacted. This concept as found in
this grimoire originated in the teachings of the ancient Egyptian black
magic magicians/priests). Mathers goes on to explain: “Except in the
professed Black Magic (‘goetic’) Grimoires, the necessity of the
invocation of the Divine and Angelic Forces to control the Demons is
invariably insisted upon in the operations of invocation described and
taught in Mediaeval Magical Manuscripts and published works.”
Indeed, according to Book I of The Book of the Sacred Magic of
Abramelin the Mage, the success of such magic operations of
evocation are dependent upon the will of: “…God, by the
intermediation of His Holy Angels, and with all Spirits, both good and
evil.” ‘Abraham the Jew,’ the author of this grimoire, was of the
opinion that many magic systems were based on pacts with devils and
demons and were in fact false and vain, these systems being based
upon deception for the express purpose of destroying their
practitioners. Again, vainly enough, he thought his own system of
magic to be different. He couldn’t have been more wrong (remember,
The Bible states the only mediator between God and man is Jesus
Christ [See 1Timothy 2:5]. Kabbalists, however, predominantly
Jewish by nature, would not be expected to believe in Jesus). His
system was also based on such demonic/Satanic deception.
Kabalism was practiced by the Biblical Pharisees. As we learn
from Biblical Archaeological Revue (BAR) editor Hershel Shanks:
“All forms of modern Judaism are heirs of Rabbinic Judaism, which
emerged in the centuries after the destruction of the Temple (in
Jerusalem) in 70 A.D… much of post-destruction Rabbinic halakhah

(as found in Rabbinic Judaism) can already be found in pre-destruction
Pharisaic Judaism” (See pp.176, 177 The Mystery and Meaning of the
Dead Sea Scrolls, 1998 A.D.) from whence halakhah (a cognate of the
word ‘Kabalah’) was derived and it was it must be noted this very
same Pharisaic Judaic religious system which Jesus so opposed and
which had been ultimately responsible for his death (that there were
amongst the Jews practitioners of magic in Judah and Jerusalem circa
the 7th century B.C. is made evident in 2Kings 23:24 which speaks of
“wizards” (male witches) and their mediums, those who worked (as
with a magical working) with “familiar spirits.” Within Judaism itself
magic was the realm of the Pharisee: “For the Sadducees say that
there is no resurrection (nor life after death, nor reincarnation), neither
angel, nor spirit: but the Pharisees confess both.” - Acts 23:8. This core
belief precluded the Sadducees entirely from magic practices involving
the invocation of angels as well as from Spiritist and Spiritualist
practices. Reincarnation is in fact a basic belief in Witchcraft: “One of
the chief tenets of the Craft—and indeed many other pagan religions—
is a firm belief in reincarnation.” – p.13 Lid Off the Cauldron by Patricia
Crowther). Indeed, as the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1943 A.D.)
explains: “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without
a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees.” And
throughout this period, Rabbinic Judaism has retained and has built
upon aspects of earlier Pharisaic magic practices which explains why
Jesus was so vehemently opposed to the Pharisees, and they against
him, and why the Pharisees ruthlessly persecuted early Christians until
which time the tables had been turned and the balance of power shifted
when Jews were later persecuted by Christians. Shanks himself goes
on to say (Ibid p.179) that: “…after the destruction of the (Jewish)
Temple (in Jerusalem) in 70 A.D…only two forms of Judaism survive
the cataclysm. One, Christianity, eventually dominates Western
civilization after separating itself from its forbears. The other,
Rabbinic Judaism, is the ancestor of all branches of modern Judaism.”
The teachings of The Zohar as well as Kabala itself fall under the
category of Rabbinic Judaism as descended from the traditions of the
Hassidic Jews in particular embrace Kabala
wholeheartedly, and Kabala is known as “Jewish witchcraft” (compare
the word ‘Kabalah’ to the Egyptian ‘Ba of the Ka of Ptah’—Moses it
is said was versed in all the ‘mysteries’ of the Egyptians, Egyptian
magic included). As Montague Summers, who himself provided the
first English-language translation of the 15th century witch hunter’s

manual entitled the Malleus Maleficarum, points out in The History of
Witchcraft and Demonology p.195: “…in the Mishna (the first major
work of Rabbinic Judaism), there are undoubted traces of magic, and
in the Gemara (the Gemara is the section of the Talmud comprising the
rabbinical analysis of and commentary upon the Mishna; the Gemara
and the Mishna together make up the Talmud) demonology and
sorcery loom very largely (Pertinent Quote: “The importance of the
Talmud…rests entirely on the great and immutable truths of the sacred
Kabbalah.” – The Mysteries of Magic). Throughout the Middle Ages Jewish
legend (such as to be found in the Haggada) played no insignificant
part in the history of Witchcraft, and, especially in Spain (under the
Spanish Inquisition [Spain being, notably enough, home to the highly
influential Medieval Kabalist scholar Moses de Leon]), until the
nineteenth century at least, there were prosecutions, not so much for
the observance of Hebrew ceremonies as is often suggested and
supposed, but for the practice of the dark and hideous traditions of
Hebrew magic.” That sex-magic was practiced amongst the Jews is
evidenced by God’s condemnation of this practice as related in
Leviticus 20:6: “The soul that shall go aside after magicians…and
shall commit fornication with them, I will…destroy.”
As is explained in The History of Witchcraft and Demonology
p.269: “Modern Spiritism is merely Witchcraft revived…” and as
Summers also therein warns “…Spiritism opens the door to demoniac
possession…” (Ibid p. 253). The popularity of magic-practices such as
Spiritism/Spiritualism amongst the Jews in the time of Jesus in this
respect would seem to explain the existence of demoniacs and the
numerous instances of spirit possession so prevalent amongst Jews in
Jesus’ own day as related in the New Testament of The Bible and this
being due to prevailing Pharisaic magic practices (See Matthew 8:2832, Matthew 9:32-33, Matthew 12:2, Matthew 17:14-18, Mark 1:2327, Mark 1:32-34, Mark 3:11-12, Mark 5:1-13, Mark 7:25, Mark 9:1429, Luke 4:33-35, Luke 8:26-33, Luke 9:37-43, Luke 10:17-20, Luke
4:40-41, Acts 16:16-18, Acts 19:11-16 and Tobias 6:14).
In Chapter I of Friar Bacon his Discovery of the Miracles art,
of Nature, and Magick (1659 A.D.) the illustrious Francis Bacon
speaks of such: “…men despising the Rules of Philosophy, irrationally
call up wicked Spirits, supposing them of Energy to satisfie their
desires. In which there is a very vast error, because such persons

imagine they have some authority over Spirits, and that Spirits may be
compelled by humane authority, which is altogether impossible, since
humane Energy or Authority is inferior by much to that of Spirits.
Besides, they (who conjure spirits) admit a more vast mistake,
supposing such natural instruments, as they use (such as magic wands
cut from certain trees by the light of a full moon), to be able either to
call up (invoke), or drive away (banish) any wicked Spirit.** And they
continue their mistake in endeavouring by (magic) Invocations,
Deprecations or Sacrifices (both animal and human) to please Spirits,
making them propitious to their design. Without all question, the way
is incomparably more easier to obtain any thing, that is truly good for
men, of God, or good Angels, than of wicked Spirits (fallen angels).”
(That the word ‘spirit’ may be used synonymously with that of the
word ‘angel’ is evident in Hebrews 1:7. Concerning the deceptive
nature of Spiritualist practices, as the 3rd Century A.D. Neoplatonic
philosopher “…[the Roman philosopher] Porphyry says, as quoted by
Augustine (De Civ. Dei x, 11): ‘There is a class of demons [the fallen
angels] of crafty nature, pretending that they are gods and the souls
[spirits] of the dead.’” - Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas. Even
ceremonial magician Rollo Ahmed was of the opinion that
elementals/demons/evil spirits “frequently manifest themselves”
during Spiritualist séances while “masquerading as departed human
beings” [See p.246 The Black Art]. Such was the case as well in the
episode related in 1Samuel 28:1-19. That humans are incapable of
communicating after death is evidenced in Ecclesiastes 9:5-6) (**
Pertinent Quote from an Eminent Occultist: “It would be foolish to
believe, as evidently some medieval magicians did, that the angelic
host can be summoned to appear in triangles or circles of Art at human
whim.” – p.253 The Pillars of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson)
Europe itself is steeped in magic tradition: “…cunning folk in
Britain were professional or semi-professional practitioners of magic
active from at least the fifteenth up until the early twentieth century.
As cunning folk, they practiced folk magic - also known as ‘low
magic’ - although often combined this with elements of ‘high’ or
ceremonial magic (“The word ‘ceremonial’ includes rituals for
initiation, for the invocation of Gods so-called and the evocation of
elemental and planetary spirits.” – The Art and Meaning of Magic by Israel
Regardie)…One of the most common services that the cunning folk
provided was in combating the effects of malevolent witchcraft and the

curses which these witches had allegedly placed upon people…One of
the best known means by which the cunning-folk opposed witchcraft
was through the use of witch bottles; ceramic bottles containing such
items as urine, nails, hair and nail clippings which it was believed,
when put together, would cause harm to the malevolent witch.” –
Wikipedia: Cunning folk in Britain. (Note this ‘good magic vs. bad magic’ [good/white
magician vs. bad/black magician] theme [this theme even crops up in Hollywood Westerns
and Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy where the badman traditionally dons a black hat while the
good guy wears a white hat]. Some practioners of magic even practice what they call ‘gray’
magic, combining elements of both black magick [goetia] and white magic [mageia], and there
are some who even add Red Magic to the list. Indeed, as Christine Hole notes in Witchcraft in
England: “Few witches were so steeped in malice that they never did anything good, and most
used black and white magic impartially, as the occasion demanded.” She goes on to explain:
“The true white witch did not meddle with black magic, and only very occasionally used his
power for malicious purposes. He was primarily a healer, a witch-doctor in both senses, since
he cured disease in men and animals and defeated the evil magic of other witches.”)

Witch-bottles have been found on both sides of the Atlantic,
particularly in colonial America, peopled of course, by Europeans,
most notably those of British descent. Cunning folk often provided
their services for a price. Germany and France also had their versions
of the cunning folk (one of the most famous examples of European
‘cunning-folk’ is the group known as the Gypsies which group Charles
Leland notes in the Intro. to his book Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune
Telling: “…have done more than any race or class on the face of the
earth to disseminate among the multitude a belief in fortune-telling,
magical or sympathetic cures, and such small sorceries which can be
found in Folk-lore.”). Anyways, it is said Aleister Crowley was an
initiate of an English cunning man named George Pickingill (1816 1909 A.D.), the witch of Canewdon, in Essex, England. The ‘Master
Witch’ George Pickingill exerted a major influence on the Societas
Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA) as well as on the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn members Aleister Crowley (Crowley
joined the Golden Dawn in 1898 A.D.) and Allan Bennett were
initiates of George Pickingill, and Crowley and Bennett once lived
together in London where they were engaged in the study of magic
(See pp.15-16 Witchcraft for Tomorrow by Doreen Valiente, 1978
A.D. As Aleister Crowley has noted in The Psychology of Hashish:
“In 1898-1899…honoured by the presence of Allan Bennett…
Together for many months we studied and practiced ceremonial
As occultist Francis King elucidates: “At Crowley’s
invitation Bennett moved into the former’s Chancery Lane apartment
and there the two began to go on astral journeys together, to invoke

spirits, including the goetic demons, and to experiment with
substances that would ‘loosen the gilders of the soul’; that is to say,
they took hallucinogenic drugs…Bennett had been interested in plantsubstances (including, apparently, hashish) alleged to produce
clairvoyance.” – pp.114-5 The Rebirth of Magic). (Pertinent Quote: “George
Pickingill…openly campaigned for the overthrow of the Christian religion and the [political]
establishment generally…So fierce was ‘Old George’’s dislike of Christianity that he would
even collaborate with avowed Satanists.” - Witchcraft for Tomorrow by Doreen Valiente,
1978 A.D.).

Aleister Crowley, like S. L. MacGregor Mathers, was a
member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In his book Liber
Samekh (derived from a Graeco-Egyptian magical text reprinted in
Budge’s book Egyptian Magic; British ceremonial magicians such as
Aleister Crowley typically performed magic rituals found during
archaeological discoveries, often simply substituting their own names
therein [See p.266 The Tree of Life by Israel Regardie], and/or
performed their own variations thereof [See pp.34-35 The Art and
Meaning of Magic by Israel Regardie]), which has as its stated goal
“the Attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy
Guardian Angel during the Semester of His performance of the
Operation of the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage,” Aleister
Crowley invokes the angel Azazel under the ancient Egyptian
names/titles of Azazel, namely Ptah, Apopphrasz, Khonsu, Abrasax,
and Iao (in Magic in Theory and Practice Crowley identifies this ‘Holy
Guardian Angel’ as the Greek god Bacchus): “…the study of
comparative religion has made it clear…the mystics of all ages and
religions…were talking of the same things…” – Liber 888: The
Gospel According to St. Bernard Shaw). The invocation states: “Hear
me, and make all Spirits subject unto Me; so that every Spirit (read:
every fallen angel) of the Firmament and of the Ether: upon the Earth
and under the Earth, on dry land and in the water; of Whirling Air,
and of rushing Fire, and every Spell and Scourge of God may be
obedient unto Me” invoking “all Spirits (read: every fallen
angel)…upon the Earth and under the Earth: on dry Land and in
the Water” (according to Richard Cavendish in The Black Arts p.140:
“The performance of the ritual is accompanied by masturbation,” this
being by definition an OTO IX° magic ritual involving the solo sexual
rite of masturbation). According to the Gnostic Creed as cited in the
Gnostic Mass, the central ritual of the OTO written by Crowley in
1913 A.D., the Lion-Serpent is known as Baphomet. It was Baphomet

(Azazel) who was championed by the original Knights Templar group.
The OTO, the Order of Oriental Templars, derives its name therefrom.
As Crowley himself ominously relates, there exist angels of which
there is no need to invoke. When you are ready, they will come to
The magic-practicing groups known as the Hermetic Order of
the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucians and the German Vril Society were
entities closely associated with Madam Blavatsky’s powerful and well
organized Theosophical Society. The Theosophical Society was
‘formally’ established in America in New York City (in the heart of
the Freemasonic establishment in America) in 1875 A.D. Theosophy
is a religious philosophy based on ancient esoteric religious teachings
and associated magic practices, tasked in comparative
religious/comparative mythologic studies. The Grand Master of the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, ceremonial magician S. L.
MacGregor Mathers, was himself a Theosophical Society member.
The word ‘theosophy’ is synonymous with the word ‘magic’:
“Theosophy was the name finally given to the whole vast renaissance
in the world of magic (which involves the invocation of the rebellious
fallen angels) that affected many thinkers so profoundly at the
beginning of the (20th) century.” – The Dawn of Magic (aka The Morning of the
Magicians) by Louis Pauwells & Jacques Bergier,1960 A.D. (Concerning this theosophical
magical renaissance, G.H. Pember writes: “…to-day, we see the men of this nineteenth
century returning to the wisdom of long past ages, and modern thought sustaining its flight
upon the wings of ancient lore. Nay, almost every characteristic of antiquity seems to be
reappearing. Open intercourse with demons is being renewed on a vast scale in the very heart
of Christendom… numerous circles are carrying on magical practices, attempts are being
made to restore the influence of those ancient Mysteries which are said to have been always
kept up by a few initiates… practices of primal and mediaeval times, are once more becoming
common… They come no longer veiled in mystery, nor claiming to be miraculous or Divine
but, in accordance with the spirit of the age, present themselves as the fruit of science, as an
evidence of the progress of knowledge in regard to the laws of the visible and invisible
worlds.” - Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, 1889 A.D.)

Magic is an all-important part of The Great Work wrought by
the greater Theosophical Movement. The Theosophical Society
espoused magic:
“We have also to consider another class of entities which are
frequently employed in magic; and this time we are dealing with real

and evolving beings…There are vast hosts of these beings, and an
almost infinite number of types and classes and tribes among them.
Broadly speaking, we may divide them into two great classes (a)
nature-spirits or fairies, and (b) angels or, as they are called in the
East, devas. This second class begins at a level corresponding to the
human (the incarnate angel), but reaches up to heights far beyond any
that humanity has as yet touched, so that its connection with magic is
naturally of the slightest kind, and belongs solely to one special type of
it, of which we shall speak presently. The nature-spirits have been
called by many different names at different periods and in (the folklore of) various countries. We read of them as fairies, elves, pixies,
kobolds, sylphs, gnomes, salamanders, undines, brownies, or “good
people” and traditions of their occasional appearance exist in every
country under heaven. They have usually been supposed to be merely
the creations of popular superstition, and it is no doubt, true that much
has been said of them which will not bear scientific investigation.
Nevertheless it is true that such an evolution** does exist, and that its
members occasionally, though rarely, manifest themselves to human
vision. Normally they have no connection whatever with humanity,
and the majority of them rather shun than court the presence of man,
since his ill-regulated emotions, passions, and desires are to them a
source of much disturbance and acute discomfort; yet now and then
exceptional circumstances have brought some of them into direct
contact and even friendship with man…Naturally they possess
powers and methods of their own, and sometimes they can be
either induced or compelled to put these powers at the service of
the student of occultism. Although they are not as yet individualized,
and in that respect correspond rather to the animal kingdom than to
humanity, yet their intelligence is in many cases equal to that of man.
They seem, however, to have usually but little sense of responsibility,
and the will is generally somewhat less developed with them than it is
with the average man. They can therefore readily be dominated by
the exercise of mesmeric powers, and can then be employed in
many ways to carry out the will of the magician. There are many
purposes for which they may be utilized, and so long as the tasks
prescribed to them are within their power they will be faithfully
and surely executed…All this will no doubt seem strange and new to
many minds, but any student of the occult will confirm what I have
said here as to the existence of these beings and the possibility that
they can be used in various ways by one who understands them…The

forces to which I have referred are those most commonly employed in
ordinary types of magic…We may usefully divide the subject of
magic into two great parts, according to the methods which it
employs; and we may characterize these respectively as methods
of evocation and of invocation – of command and of entreaty. Let
us consider the former first. Although it may act through many
different channels, the one great force at the back of all magic of this
first type is the human will...By this magnetic (mesmeric) control may
be gained over any of the classes of nature-spirits…Indeed it is
scarcely possible to fix the limits of the power of the human will when
properly directed; it is so much more far-reaching than the ordinary
man ever supposes, that the results gained by its means appear to him
astounding and supernatural…We find abundant traces of this
magic of command in the ceremonies connected with almost every
religion in the world…” - Some Glimpses of Occultism Chapter VIII by
Theosophical Society member C.W. Leadbeater, 1919 A.D.; This book treats extensively on
the subject of magic (** The Theory of Evolution is itself rooted in the practice of
Spiritism/Spiritualism: “For spiritists of the Kardec school, as for all others who embrace the
idea [including Theosophists such as C.W. Leadbeater], reincarnation is closely linked to a
'progressivist' [as in, as noted, the ‘progressive transmigration’ of souls/spirits according to the
so-called ‘law of progress’], or if preferred, an 'evolutionist' conception of things. Originally
the word 'progress' was simply used, but today 'evolution' is preferred… As for the word
'evolution'…it must be acknowledged that what it designates is really in harmony with the
various spiritist theories…” – Rene Guenon. Evolution in essence is another name for
reincarnation: “Reincarnation means evolution, the evolution of the spirit of man through
many successive lifetimes on earth.” – p.38 Those Curious New Cults. Sometimes referred to
as Eternal Progress, reincarnation is a principle held by Spiritists and Spiritualists of every
creed and stripe including Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Wiccans, Kabbalists, Buddhists,
Hindus, Transcendentalists, Unitarians, Scientologists, Druse, Druids, etc. and is a purely
‘magic’ based belief proffered by fallen angels. The religion of Spiritism/Spiritualism of the
modern Spiritualism Movement is itself amongst the doctrines of devils the appearance of
which was prophesied in 1Timothy 4:1: “…in the latter times some shall depart from the faith,
giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” The Druids were Spiritualists who
believed in reincarnation: “…ye Druids…If what ye sing be true, the shades (spirits) of
men…still rules these bodies in another age—Life on this hand and that, and death between…
In this their false belief; for them no fear of that (death) which frights all others: they with
hands and hearts undaunted rush upon the foe and scorn to spare the life that shall return.” –
Pharsalia by the Roman poet Lucan, 1st Century A.D. Belief in reincarnation can be traced to
Greek philosophers in whose belief systems spirits play a prominent role: “The Platonic
philosophy, and perhaps still more the Pythagorean, contributed largely to the development of
the doctrine of demons. ‘The Divinity,’ says F.A. Ukert, in his treatise Ueber Damonen,
Heroen, und Genien, ‘according to these philosophers, is a soul diffused throughout the
universe: human souls are portions of it: they pass from one body to another.’” – p.160 The
Fallen Angels and the Heroes of Mythology by Rev. John Fleming, 1879 A.D. Indeed, as
noted in the influential Spiritualist book, Art Magic: “In all lands but those dominated by
Christianity, Spiritism has not only prevailed, but it still exists; has been, and is openly taught
as an art, engrafted on the services of religion and cultured as a science.” Reincarnation, the
spirit’s progression through many lives, is now generally referred to by the pseudo-scientific

name, metempsychosis. This concept stands in marked contrast to Biblical teachings such as
that to be found in Hebrews 9:27: “…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the
judgment.” Not all Spiritualists believe in reincarnation, however. Exemplary of this fact is
renowned Spiritualist medium D.D. Home who, while poking fun at those who do, had
himself had at once famously quipped: “I meet many who are reincarnationists, and I have had
the pleasure of meeting at least twelve who were Marie Antoinette, six or seven Mary Queen
of Scots, a whole host of Louis and other kings, about twenty Alexander the Greats, but it
remains for me yet to meet a plain John Smith, and I beg of you, if you meet one, to cage him
as a curiosity.” - The History of Spiritualism Vol II by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1926 A.D. As
you can see, Home was not without a sense of humor)

The following explanation is from Theosophical Society
president Annie Besant:
“ truly, as its name implies, the great science (compare to
Francis Barret who calls magic a “good and laudable science”)...The
difference between White and Black Magic lies in the motive...when
that Will is set to benefit others, to help and bless all who come within
its scope, then is the man a White Magician, and the results which he
brings about by the exercise of his trained Will are beneficial, and aid
the course of human evolution... But when the Will is exercised for the
advantage of the lower self, when it is employed for personal ends and
aims, then is the man a Black Magician, a danger to the race, and his
results obstruct and delay human evolution...” - Study in Consciousness: A

healing, come to our aid. Pour forth your mighty power upon this suffering one.” – Excerpted
from Healing Invocation written by Theosophical Society author Geoffrey Hodson [1928

Though magic practices were embraced by the learned
members of the Theosophical Society (such as Judge and Leadbeater),
it was not, professedly, a practice meant for the masses. William Q.
Judge, one of the original founders of the Theosophical Society, in his
magazine The Path: Considerations On Magic (1887 A.D.) cautions
his followers:
“Occultism and magic are not child’s-play, as many may learn to their
sorrow…Let all who have joined the Theosophical Society remember
this, and search their hearts before taking the first step in any magical
formulary.” As Leadbeater explains: “The highest system of evolution
connected with this earth, so far as we know, is that of the Beings
whom Hindus call the Devas (synonymous/cognate with our word
‘devil,’ plural ‘devils’), and have elsewhere (most specifically, in The

Bible) been spoken of as Angels, Sons of God, etc...Their attention can
be attracted by certain magical evocations, but only Adepts** (the
word Adept is synonymous with the word Magus) of the First Ray
have power to command their obedience.” - Some Fundamental Teachings by C
W Leadbeater (** “…the adept…commands spirits, and the medium…is commanded by
them…” – Art Magic. Franz Hartmann in Magic, White and Black similarly notes that these
“‘Mediums’ through which such unseen powers act” will so often become “their unwilling
slaves.” This is commonly known as spirit possession) (As we learn from Tooke’s Pantheon of
the Heathen Gods and Illustrious Heroes [1823 A.D.], the Roman god Jupiter [who
represented the angel Azazel], was called by the title “Vejovis, or Vejupiter, and Vedius”:
“The Romans accounted him a fatal and noxious deity; and therefore they worshipped him
only that he might not hurt them.” A cognate of the word ‘Vedius’ is the Sanskrit word
‘Vedas,’ which are named in Azazel’s honor. The Vedas are a large body of Hindu religious
texts made up of four main canonical Samhita known as the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the
Samaveda and the Atharvaveda [its teachings are incorporated into the system known as
Vedantic Buddhism]. The Atharvaveda is a compilation of magic spells, incantations, mantras,
charms and hymns (“The Vedic hymns are nearly all invocations…” - Art Magic). The Hindu
word for ‘black magic’ is Jadoo. Dhamis are female witch doctors [Shamans], Sadhus their
male counterparts. Jadoo is akin to Voodoo [an African tribal form of folk-magic], New
Orleans Voodoo [Voodoo as introduced by displaced African slaves], Haitian Vodou folkmagic [also as practiced by displaced African slaves], as well as Hoodoo, a form of AfricanAmerican traditional folk magic. Buddhism is indeed a Spiritualist-based magic religion: “In
China, Tibet, India and amongst the Northern Asiatic nations, Spiritism has never died out,
and continues in force… Few nations of the East exhibit a greater amount of devotion to
magic than the Chinese… Buddhism, the ruling faith…has inseparably blended its religious
belief with faith in spiritism… The Chinese sacred books abound with directions for the
invocation of spirits, and the use of talismans, spells, amulets, fumigations, and other means of
inducing trance, and spiritual vision.” - Art Magic)

The Vril Society (also known as The Luminous Lodge and the
Society for Truth [Wahrheitsgesellschaft]) was a Hermetic Order
employing magic practices founded in Berlin, Germany, by a group of
Berlin Rosicrucians being based on British author Edward BulwerLytton’s novel The Coming Race (1871 A.D.) about an evolutionarily
advanced group of men said to be residing within the Earth and of who
it is said will later emerge to rule over the world. Said to once inhabit
the Earth’s outer surface, the group was forced to retreat underground
many thousands of years ago by a natural catastrophe similar in nature
to that of the Biblical Flood. This group was said to be trained in the
application of the vril force, which can be used to control the physical
world, including the minds and bodies of others. If this story sounds
familiar it should, The Coming Race of course being based upon
Bulwer-Lytton’s esoteric knowledge concerning Azazel and his group
of fallen angels who are currently entrapped within the earth, including
the influence they exert upon mankind as well as their later prophecied
release. Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a Grand Patron (1871-73 A.D.) of the

Metropolitan College of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA), a
magic-practicing group which accepted only Master Masons as
members, wrote on many themes including the occult. Indeed, The
Coming Race was, as we learn from the words of Bulwer-Lytton
himself, predicated on: “The superstitious belief, common to miners,
that gnomes or fiends dwell within the bowels of the earth,” the
gnomes and fiends representing, of course, Azazel and his group of
fallen angels long entrapped therein. Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a
well-educated member of the British House of Lords, a minister of the
As Alan Baker explains in Invisible Eagle: The History of Nazi
Occultism: “It is an assumption of many occultists that The Coming
Race is fact disguised as fiction: that Bulwer-Lytton based his
engaging novel on a genuine body of esoteric knowledge. He was
greatly interested in the Rosicrucians, the powerful occult
society…which claimed to possess ancient wisdom…Some writers,
including Alec Maclellan, author of the fascinating book The Lost
World of Agharti (1996 A.D.), have suggested that The Coming Race
revealed too much of the subterranean world (wherein Azazel is
entrapped), and was as a result suppressed in the years following
Bulwer-Lytton’s death in 1873. Indeed, he describes the book as ‘one
of the hardest to find of all books of mysticism,’ and informs us of his
own search for a copy, which for some years met with no success.”
Bulwer-Lytton was a friend of Eliphas Levi, the French occult writer
and ceremonial magician. In fact “In 1853 he [Eliphas Levi] traveled
to London and met Lord Bulwer Lytton, whom he assisted in various
magical evocations and theories.” - Gale Encyclopedia of Occultism &
Parapsychology: Éliphas Lévi. Eliphas Levi was also an associate of
the President of the London Lodge (established 1883 A.D.) of the
Theosophical Society in England, Anna Kingsford. Driven therefrom
by A.P. Sinnett, Kingsford was given leadership of a Hermetic Lodge
which was “attended by, amongst others, Lady Wilde and her sons
Oscar (Wilde, the Irish poet and author) and William” (See Biography
of Anna Kingsford by Alan Pert, 2004 A.D.). Kingsford later left this
lodge and formed the Hermetic Society (Hermetic Societies/Hermetic
Orders are based on the writings of Hermes Trismegistus known as the
Corpus Hermeticum, a god who represented none other than the fallen
angel Azazel). Kingsford’s Hermetic Society (circa 1885-1887 A.D.)
was known for giving lectures on occult subject matters, featuring as
lecturers the likes of occultist S. L. MacGregor Mathers and

ceremonial magician/physician Dr. William Wynn Westcott. Wescott,
a practicing Cabalist (Wescott had translated the Kabalistic Book of
Formation [aka Sepher Yetzirah] and the Chaldean Oracles of
Zoroaster into English), in addition to being a Master Mason, was
Supreme Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA; the
Rosicrucian Society of England [Wescott was also a member of the
Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society. See p.30 The Alchemist
of the Golden Dawn by Ellie Howe]). Mathers [Mathers was the first
to provide an English language translation of the entire Jewish
Kabalistic work known as The Zohar], likewise a Master Mason,
himself gained admittance to the Metropolitan College of the Societas
Rosicruciana in Anglia (to which only Master Masons are admitted),
eventually being appointed Junior Substitute Magus. William Wynn
Wescott, along with S.L. MacGregor Mathers, would later found the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the most celebrated member of
which was the English Freemasonic ceremonial magician Aleister
Crowley. The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia was itself modeled
after Rosicrucian societies in Germany, such as the infamous Vril
The Vril Society in Germany, founded in Berlin, as must again
be noted, by a group of German Rosicrucians, would later become the
inner circle of the Thule Society (the Thule Society, a literary club in
outward appearance, was founded in 1918 A.D. by the German
Rosicrucian Freemason Baron Rudolf von Sebettendorf, a man versed
in Sufi mysticism (the Sufi holy book, with which he would have been
familiar, entitled The Tawasin of Mansur Al-Hallaj presents the story
of the angel Azazel’s refusal to prostrate himself before Adam as God
had so commanded, an act preceding a full-blown military rebellion.
Sufi magicians invoke the angel Azazel). The Theosophic-beliefed
Vril Society (by definition a Hermetic Order/Hermetic Society) was
the first German nationalist group to use the symbol of the swastika (a
Hindu equilateral cross) as an emblem/magic talisman (in India, the
swastika represents the god Brahma, who is Azazel). This was derived
from the Theosophical Society seal which likewise employs a swastika
(variously known as a ‘Hermetic Cross’/‘Universal Hermetic Cross’
and the ‘Cross of the Magi’) within its emblem, this being one of the
signs/sigils which represented the angel Azazel to whom these groups
swore allegiance. For more information, turn now to Appendix A).
The Thule Society was the organization which sponsored the Deutsche
Arbeiterpartei (The German Workers Party) which was later

transformed by Adolf Hitler (who himself had been indoctrinated into
Theosophical Society teachings) into the Nazi Party (a typical example
of an Intelligence undercover organizational takeover formally known
as “Siezing the Lodge”). In fact Azazel and his angels are the German
Nazi “underground supermen” (also known as ‘Unknown Supermen’)
said to live beneath the Earth’s surface, of whom the Rosicrucian
author and British statesman Bulwer-Lytton wrote. It must be noted
the word ‘Thule,’ from whence the Thule Society derives its name, is a
Greek word which translates as ‘isle of the four Masters,’ in reference
to the place where Azazel, along with his three angelic companions, lie
entrapped within the earth, this place being located as it is between the
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (for which reason Arabs call this area
‘The Island’). Hitler claimed to be in communication with these
angels—and Hitler’s ultimate goal was to free them. Concerning the
Thule Society:
“‘The inner core within the Thule Group** were all Satanists who
practiced Black Magic,’ wrote Trevor Ravenscroft. ‘That is to say,
they were solely concerned with raising their consciousness by means
of (magic) rituals to an awareness of evil and non-human intelligences
in the Universe and with achieving a means of communication with
the Intelligences (read: communication with the alien rebel angels).
And the Master-Adept of this (inner) circle was Dietrich Eckart.’” Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs (** “Briefly, the creed of the Thule society inner circle is as
follows: Thule was a legendary island in the far north, similar to Atlantis, supposedly the
center of a lost, high-level civilization. But not all secrets of that civilization had been
completely wiped out [destroyed by the Flood]. Those that remained were being guarded by
ancient, highly intelligent beings (similar to the ‘Masters’ of Theosophy or the White
Brotherhood) (in truth, not similar, but in fact the very same beings). The truly initiated could
establish contact with these beings [with Azazel and his angels] by means of magic-mystical
rituals.” - The Unknown Hitler by Wulf Schwartzwaller, 1990 A.D.)

“...At the end of…1919...Hitler met Dietrich Eckart. Most biographers
have underestimated the influence that Eckart exerted on Hitler. He
was the wealthy publisher and editor-in-chief of an anti-Semitic
journal which he called In Plain German. Eckart was also a committed
occultist and a master of magic. As an initiate, Eckart belonged to the
inner circle of the Thule Society as well as other esoteric orders
(including the German branch of the Theosophical Society).” - The
Unknown Hitler by Wulf Schwartzwaller (Hitler had in fact dedicated his book Mein Kampf
to Dietrich Eckart)

Dietrich Eckhart was Hitler’s magical mentor. As we learn

from The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft: “As Eckhart lay
dying in December, 1923, he famously said: “Follow Hitler! He will
dance, but it is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him into the
‘Secret Doctrine,’ opened his centers in vision and given him the
means to communicate with the Powers (with Azazel and his angels).
Do not mourn for me: I shall have influenced history more than any
other German.” The ‘Secret Doctrine’ into which Hitler was
indoctrinated were the teachings of Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophical
Society, he referring of course to Blavatsky’s book entitled The Secret
“The ‘Secret Doctrine’ imparted to (Adolf) Hitler by (Dietrich) Eckart
and University of Munich Professor (Karl) Haushofer was an
amalgamation of concepts and philosophies largely stemming from the
work of Madame Blavatsky (a Spiritualist medium with many
Masonic associations) and her Theosophical Society… Blavatsky, in
forming the German branch of the Theosophical Society in 1884,
brought her belief in channeling, reincarnation, racial superiority
and extraterrestrial visitation (by super humanoid beings known
as angels/devas/Masters) to people who later would form the
theological basis of Nazism (including Dietrich Eckart himself,
who would convey this knowledge to Hitler). ... ‘The rationale
behind many later Nazi projects can be traced back ... to ideas
first popularized by (H.P.) Blavatsky,’ agreed (American
Intelligence officer Peter) Levenda, who detailed connections with
other European secret organizations. ‘We have the Theosophical
Society, the OTO [Ordo Templi Orientis or Oriental Templars], [Dr
Rudolf Steiner’s] Anthroposophical Society and [the (Hermetic) Order
of] the Golden Dawn all intertwined in incestuous embrace.” - Rule By
Secrecy by Jim Marrs (Notable quote: “…the techniques Dietrich Eckart used were in part
derived from the sexual magic of Aleister Crowley. In 1912 this famed British magician was
named IX British head of a secret Berlin lodge called Ordo Templi Orientis [OTO] which
practiced various forms of sexual magic.” - The Unknown Hitler: Nazi Roots in the Occult.
The Spear of Destiny also links the sexual magic of Aleister Crowley to Dietrich Eckart. At
any rate, it was at about this time that Rudolph Steiner sought to unite all the disparate magic
practicing groups into one large “International Bund’ [See Chapter 11, Modern Ritual Magic:
The Rise of Western Occultism by Francis King, 1989 A.D., pp. 97-108]. Bund means
‘Union.’ It is also with such a union in mind when in 1964 A.D. Doreen Valiente helped to
establish the Witchcraft Research Association, founded by Gerard Noel in an effort to unite all
the witches of Great Britain into one united body. Francis King throws an interesting light on
the subject when he explains: “The Masonic body alluded to [with which the Freemason
Rudolph Steiner was linked at the time he attempted this Union] was the Ancient and
Primitive Rite of Memphis and Mizraim,** centred in Manchester [England] and led by John

Yarker. Once again this links up with the O.T.O. whose chiefs were, without exception
members of this [Freemasonic] Rite. It is interesting to note that [Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn member and 33° Freemason Aleister] Crowley eventually achieved the
direction of this Rite some three years after he entered it in 1910...Yarker had recently [circa
1912 A.D.] established links between his clandestine, fee snatching organisations and
[Theosophical Society president] Annie Besant’s Co-Masonry.” – Modern Ritual Magic: The
Rise of Western Occultism by Francis King, 1989 A.D., Footnotes, p.104. It was within this
secretive Continental, soupy, magical-mix where we first encounter Adolf Hitler himself).
(**The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Mizraim is derived from the magic rituals
of the priests of ancient Egypt, as Memphis is a city in Egypt and Mizraim is the Hebrew word
for the land of Egypt. It was Carbonari-member Giuseppe Garibaldi who had first combined
the heretofore individual Freemasonic rites of Memphis and Mizraim in 1881 A.D. Note well
the Carbonari links to this Freemasonic order. Memphis-Mizraim is composed of 99°)

Adolf Hitler, it is said, was an Adept of Black Magic (as we
learn from Timothy W. Ryback [director of the Salzburg Seminar] in
his book entitled Hitler’s Forgotten Library: “One of the most heavily
marked books [in Hitler’s personal library] is Magic: History, Theory
and Practice [1923 A.D.], by Ernst Schertel.” Hitler’s personal library
also contained a number of books authored by members of the
Theosophical Society, including books penned by Theosophical
Society president Annie Besant, he being as previously noted, initiated
into the Secret Doctrine of Theosophical Society-founder Madame
Blavatsky by a member of the Germanic section of the order founded
by Blavatsky herself. In fact, Hitler’s idea of a new superhuman
Aryan race originated with this Theosophical Movement for as we
learn from theosophical writings such as to be found in Modern
Theosophy: An Outline of Its Principles [by Claude Falls Wright, FTS,
1894 A.D.], “their [the rebellious fallen angels’] mission in the world”
included the creation of such “a new race.” Hitler was simply
following Azazel’s orders. It must be remembered, Theosophy
teaches the angels came to our Earth to help with mankind’s
evolutionary progress in the creation of this coming new super race),
while members of Hitler’s feared secret police, the SS (Schutzstaffel),
like their fuehrer Adolf Hitler, were practitioners of black magic and
students of the occult as well. Azazel and his group of angels through
the process of thought-transference (Overshadowing) exerted their
influence upon the mind as well as actions of Spiritualist medium
Adolf Hitler, prompting him to action. The Dawn of Magic written by
Louis Pauwells & Jacques Bergier states: “When Arthur Machen
speaks of the World of Evil, ‘full of caverns and crepuscular beings
dwelling therein,’ he is referring, as an adept of the (Hermetic Order of
the) Golden Dawn, to that other world in which man comes into

contact with the ‘Unknown Supermen.’ It seems certain that Hitler
shared this belief, and even claimed to have been in touch with these
‘Supermen.’” End quote. The Unknown Supermen of which he
speaks and with whom Hitler was in contact was none other than
Azazel and his group of fallen angels who are entrapped within the
earth. Amazingly enough: “…with the coming of Nazism it was the
‘other world’ which ruled over us for a number of years…” - The Dawn
of Magic by Louis Pauwells & Jacques Bergier, 1960 A.D. By “other world” they
reference the angel Azazel and the angels entrapped along with him in
the Egyptian Amenta. Azazel controlled Germany through his control
of Hitler. It must be mentioned the Welsh author/mystic Arthur
Machen was a friend of A. E. Waite and, like Waite, was also a
member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The Golden
Dawn is the magic practicing inner-circle of the Theosophical Society
itself. Waite had translated fellow Golden Dawn member and French
magician Eliphas Levi’s Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (Dogma
and Ritual of High Magic [1896 A.D.]) into English under the title
Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual even bragging: “I
believe that I may speak with a certain accent of authority upon any
question which connects with the French magus Éliphas Lévi. I am an
old student of his works, and of the aspects of occult science and
magical history which arise out of them; in the year 1886 I published a
digest of his writings which has been the only attempt to present them
to English readers until the present year when I have undertaken a
translation in extenso of the Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie,
which is actually in the hands of the printer. Now, it has not been
alleged in so many words that the radix of Modern Diabolism and the
Masonic cultus of Lucifer is to be found in Éliphas Lévi, but that is the
substance of the charge.” - Devil-Worship in France Chapter XIV by A.E. Waite
(1896 A.D.) (In The Sources of Madame Blavatsky’s Writings, William Emmette [W.E.]
Coleman [“Member, American Oriental Society, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and
Ireland”] in 1893 A.D. notes: “Madame Blavatsky was a spiritualistic medium many years
before she became a theosophist, and in its inception theosophy was an off-shoot from
spiritualism; and from this source was a large part of her theosophy taken,” it also being as
Coleman notes “derived from the works of Eliphas Levi,” the French ceremonial
magician/invoker of fallen angels. Another author to whom Blavatsky owes a debt of
gratitude is the Cambridge-educated Freemasonic Druid Godfrey Higgins [b.1772 – d.1833
A.D.] and to his books Anacalypsis and The Celtic Druids in which he cryptically hints at the
existence of “a secret doctrine known only in the deep recesses of the crypts of Tibet…” It is
the quest for the discovery of this pure fount of the archaic Wisdom-Religion, the common
source of all such magical Wisdom-Religions, and this according to the Italian Renaissance
humanist philosopher Marsilio Ficino’s concept of the Prisca theologia, the belief that one
true religion is the basis for all of the others, the existence of which occultists such as Higgins

and Blavatsky are constantly striving to unveil. Marsilio Ficino [b.1433 – d.1499 A.D.],
whose father was a physician in the court of Cosimo de Medici [founder of the Platonic
Academy], served as tutor for Cosimo’s grandson, Lorenzo de Medici, and for Cabalist Pico
della Mirandola as well).


Author’s Note: As SRIA member Hargrave Jennings reveals in The Rosicrucians: Their
Rites and Mysteries [p.119]: “…the British golden collar of “S.S.” [worn on the collar of a
Knight of the Order of the Garter. To learn its significance turn now to Appendix A] which is
worn as a relic of the oldest day (in perpetuation of a mythos long ago buried (a nod to the
fact that Azazel is currently interred within the earth)…and forgotten in the dust of ages) by
some of our [British] officials [including the Lord Mayor of the City of London Coporation],
courtly and otherwise…belongs to no known order of knighthood, but only to the very highest
order of knighthood, the Magian, or to Magic.” It is this author’s opinion the S.S. sign is the
sign of Azazel [‘Az’ means ‘serpent’/’el’ means ‘shining one’. The name Az-az-el thusly may
be interpreted as the ‘shining one’ (angel) whose sign is the double serpent, thus represented
as two serpentine S’s (‘SS’) also known as ‘Esses.’ The Gnostic group known as the Essenes
derives its name from him: “The Essenes were Christians in the Gnostic sense, and according
to Pliny the elder, they were a Hermetic Society that had existed for ages on ages of time.” –
Logia of the Lord by Gerald Massey. Massey also writes: “The Essenes were phenomenal
Spiritualists…” – Gnostic and Historic Christianity]. This would explain why some of the
Dead Sea scrolls of the Essenes at Qumran contained magic spells. Seems the Essenes also
had their own practicing ceremonial magicians (It must also be noted the symbol used on
Gnostic magic talismans depicting the serpent god Chnouphis, who represented the angel
Azazel, is rendered in the form of a serpentine ‘S’). According to S.F. Dunlap in Vestiges of
the Spirit-History of Man p.80 one ancient spelling of the name of the angel Azazel was Asasel, god of Edessa, rendered with double S’s (SS) instead of the customary double Z’s. Since
early Semitic alphabets did not contain vowels and ‘el’ serves only to identify him as a god,
when these devices are taken away we are left simply with Azazel’s arcane name ‘SS’ (the
double serpent). The Nazis incorporated Azazel’s sign (SS) within the emblem of its feared
Black Magic-practicing secret police force. A swastika in its construction is in essence two
crossed stylized S’s in the form of yet another symbol of Azazel, the ‘X’). (Author’s Note:
Azazel’s wife’s name is derived by playing this very same vowel game. When we add ‘I’s to
Azazel’s name ‘SS’ we derive Isis. The human wives of the angel’s were often named after
the angels [the Elohim] to whom they belonged. With the inclusion of the vowel ‘e’ is derived
‘esse’ as in Essene; with an ‘o’ [the disc] and a serpentine ‘z,’ ‘Oz’)

Other famous practitioners of black magic included the Druids.
Celtic Druidic rituals are included in many modern-day black magic
ceremonies. Druidism retains its popularity in Britain even today,
particularly in connection with the mystical site of Stonehenge. In
fact, one of the centers of the Arch-Druids of Britain is London [a city
also known as the New Troy of Brutus]. Magic practices were also
part and parcel of Sumerian, Babylonian, and Egyptian religions
(ancient Egyptian priests were ceremonial magicians who practiced
black magic; they were also by definition Masons, erecting great
temples and pyramids in honor of their gods the fallen angels in the
great tradition of magic-practicing Masonry) as well as Coptic
Christianity (the Coptic Leiden Papyrus, an Egyptian Christian

magical book, ritually invokes the “holy gods [read: fallen angels] of
the abyss”). According to 33° Freemasonic author and ceremonial
magician Albert Pike (circa. 1871 A.D.) in what is considered to be the
Masonic Bible entitled Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: “The first Druids were the
true children of the Magi, and their initiation came from Egypt and
Chaldaea (Babylon), that is to say, from the pure sources of the
primitive Kabalah” (Notable quote: “...our mode of teaching the
principles of our profession [Masonry] is derived from the
Druids...and our chief emblems originally came from Egypt...” - The
Spirit of Masonry by William Hutchinson, Mason, 1775 A.D. The Freemasonic
author Albert Churchward similarly blithely states that Masons are:
“our present Druids” (See Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man: the
Evolution of Religious Doctrine from the Eschatology of the Ancient
Egyptians by Albert Churchward, London, England, 1913 A.D.,
Second Edition, p.189), and Masonic author George Oliver admits:
“The Druids had a high veneration for the Serpent. Their great god,
Hu (who represented the Genesis serpent Azazel), was typified by that
reptile; and he is represented by the Bards as ‘the wonderful chief
Dragon, the sovereign of heaven’ (the word ‘dragon’ in The Bible is
commonly used as a synonym of the word ‘serpent’).” – p. 36 Signs and
Symbols by George Oliver, New York, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company,
1906 A.D. One essential teaching of Kabalah is the story of Azazel and his angels, that they
are entrapped within the earth, and that they may in fact be contacted. Indeed, magic was a
common practice amongst the high-degree Freemasonic set, for as we learn from prominent
Freemason and Theosophical Society member C. W. Leadbeater in Glimpses of Masonic
History (circa 1926 A.D.): “…the seventh ray is beginning to dominate the world - the ray of
ceremonial magic which brings the especial cooperation of the Angelic hosts, of which
Masonry itself with its many coloured pageant of rites is a splendid manifestation.” One of the
purposes of the Egyptian system of magic was to gain mastery and control over Azazel and his
angels, who were the Egyptian ‘gods’ said to be dwelling within the earth, thereby compelling
these angels to do their bidding. An invocation found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate
XVI B.D. Chap. XXVII, speaking of Azazel and the angels who are imprisoned with him
within the earth, exhorts: “O ye lords of eternity, ye possessors of everlastingness…be
obedient unto me in the underworld.” In deference to the fact that the Egyptian system of
magic constituted a ritual cultus surrounding the angel Azazel who was imprisoned within the
earth along with his angelic followers, Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XIV B.D. Chap.
XVIII states: “Now as concerning every (magic) charm and all the words (spells) which may
be spoken against me (by opposing magicians), may the gods (read: Azazel and the angels
imprisoned with him) resist them, and may each and every company of the gods (such angels
as were invoked by the opposing magician) withstand them.” Practitioners of black magic
such as that employed in the Egyptian system of magic often used the fallen angels as
weapons aimed at other persons, against other practitioners of magic in particular, in a kind of
magical warfare of sorts. Cunning folk of one type or another were often hired to combat
these assaults as is emplified by the use of ‘witch-bottles’ employed to counteract the
malevolent attacks of witches here in the Americas and in Europe. Explains Margaret Alice

Murray in The Witch Cult in Western Europe (University College, London, 1921 A.D.): “The
magical ceremonies performed by the witches with the help of the Devil (Margaret Alice
Murray uses the word ‘Devil’ to refer to the Horned God [Cernunnos], the “god of the
witches,” who is in fact, the fallen angel Azazel) were usually for the destruction of, or for
doing harm to, an enemy.” This fact helps to partly explain the various military Intelligence
agency’s interest in the occult, as does the following account in the Malleus Maleficarum (Part
3 Question XXXIV by Heinrich Kramer, 1486/87 A.D.): “And it is a fact that some definite
agreement is formed between witches (practitioners of magic) and devils (fallen angels)
whereby some shall be able to hurt (through goetia, black magic) and others to heal (through
mageia, white magic)…Archer-wizards and enchanters of weapons, who are only protected
by being patronized, defended and received by temporal Lords, are subject to the same
penalties; and they who patronize them, etc., or obstruct the officers of justice (the Inquisitors)
in their proceedings against them, are subject to all the penalties (which penalties were often
of a capital nature) to which the patrons of heretics are liable, and are to be excommunicated.”
In those days ‘excommunication’ often resulted in death. And again we are instructed: “The
making of wax images (a practice akin to the production of voodoo dolls) for the destruction
of an enemy has always been supposed to be a special art of a witch (“A witch is a person that
hath conference [is in communication] with the Devil [a fallen angel] to take counsel or to do
some act.” - Lord Edward Coke [1552 – 1634 A.D.], Lord Chief Justice of England under
King James I; Coke was the main rival of Sir Francis Bacon [with Bacon by my vote count
voted most likely to be in fact a closeted ceremonial magician/medium/Spiritualist]). The
action has its origin in the belief in sympathetic magic; the image—of clay or wax—was made
in the likeness of the doomed person, it was pierced with thorns or pins, and was finally
dissolved in water or melted before a slow fire. The belief was that whatever was done to the
image would be repeated in the body of the enemy, and as the image slowly melted he would
get weaker and die. The method was probably quite effectual if the doomed man knew that
magic, in which he believed, was being practised against him; but when the method was not
successful the witches were often prepared to supplement magic with physical means, such as
poison and cold steel (the cold steel of a dagger)…” – p.72 The God of the Witches by
Margaret Alice Murray, D.Lit., “Fellow of University College, London,” 1933 A.D. And I

might add, as often these assassinations are perpetrated with a ritually
consecrated magic knife (known as an ‘athame’), such killings become
characteristically ceremonial in nature. Murray also writes: “(The
French Inquisitor Pierre) De Lancre (1553 – 1631 A.D.) makes the
statement that ‘there are two sorts of witches, the first sort are
composed of witches who, having abandoned God, give themselves to
drugs (including those of a hallucinogenic nature) and poisons (which
falls into the ‘magical use of herbs’ category). The second are those
who have made an express renunciation of Jesus Christ and of the
(Christian) Faith and have given themselves to Satan. These perform
wonders’ (as indeed: “…it is very easy for the Enemy [the devil, a
fallen angel] to create apparitions and appearances of such a character
that they shall be deemed real and actual objects…” - Syriac Paradise
of the Fathers).” - The God of the Witches p.33 by Margaret Alice Murray, 1933 A.D.
(As the famed Scottish author of the enchanted novel Ivanhoe [a classic tale of Medieval
magick and witchcraft] Sir Walter Scott explains in his lesser known exposѐ entitled Letters
on Demonology and Witchcraft Letter II (1830 A.D.), the witches of ancient Europe “were
very apt to eke out their capacity of mischief by the use of actual poison, so that the epithet of

sorceress and poisoner were almost synonymous.” Undeniably: “…witches…were often
involved in illegal conspiracies, sometimes as accomplices, sometimes as instigators. They
made images for murder, and when these failed they sometimes resorted to poison, which did
not fail.” – Witchcraft in England. The use of poisons by conspiring witches is highlighted in
what is known as the Affair of the Poisons: “The Affair of the Poisons (L’affaire des poisons)
was a major murder scandal in France which took place in 1677–1682, during the reign of (the
Sun King) King Louis XIV (it even included a mistress of the king by whom he had fathered
seven illegitimate children of the House of Bourbon). During it, a number of prominent
members of the aristocracy were implicated and sentenced on charges of poisoning and
witchcraft. The scandal reached into the inner circle of the king. The origin of the case began
in 1675 after the trial of Marie-Madeleine-Marguerite d’Aubray, Marquise de Brinvilliers,
who had conspired with her lover, army captain Godin de Sainte-Croix, to poison her father
Antonine Dreux d’Aubray in 1666 and two of her brothers, Antoine d’Aubray and Francois
d’Aubray, in 1670, in order to inherit their estates.” – Wikipedia: The Affair of the Poisons.
One of the men involved in this scandal carried out a lucrative trade in what he called
“inheritance powders,” the main ingredient of which was arsenic. Arsenic was often used by
nobility to murder one another in the course of palace intrigues and for this very reason arsenic
is known as both the Poison of Kings and the King of Poisons. Zosimos and Albertus Magnus
(Albertus Magnus is a Catholic Saint who served as a Bishop in Bavaria) were two such
magic-practicing alchemists who reported preparing such toxic arsenic concoctions. Most
assuredly: “Witchcraft, and Voodoo…relies greatly on poisoning for its magic, and the first
gypsies [well known practitioners of magic] were said to poison unscrupulously.” – p.9 Gypsy
Sorcery and Fortune Telling by Charles G. Leland, 1891 A.D.

Some such poisons are more exotic in nature. Wicca HighPriestess Sybil Leek in her Diary of a Witch speaks circa 1968 A.D.
of: “…a rare fungus called the ‘Calendar of Death’ … used in three
known cases to dispose of heads of state…the person intending to use
it invites the intended victim…to take a meal with him. The fungus is
carefully grated up and boiled with the vegetables. It is tasteless and
the host takes care that the guest alone gets the portion with the tidbit
in it. The guest returns home, replete with a good meal. For eightyfour days he feels nothing at all. On the eighty-fifth day he is taken ill
with an infection of the intestines, lingers a few days, and ultimately
dies. No autopsy reveals the use of the ‘Calendar of Death,’ and the
host can rarely be associated with the demise of his one-time guest.”
That’s just something to think about when you ponder whether or not
to accept your next dinner invitation as most poisons are administered
surreptitiously to victims through food and drink.
In The Book of the Epodes of Horace, the Roman lyric poet
Horace speaks of a victim fed poisonous herbs (Ode III) and of a bride
befallen as she donned poisonous snake-venom injected garments the
gift of an injurious witch (Ode V). Horace (65 – 8 B.C.) the leading
Roman lyric poet during the days of Emperor Augustus (Horace was
as well a ceremonial magician; typical of its time, lyric poets were in
addition practitioners of magic; this tradition was continued by

Medaeval Gaelic and British bards (as well as by Thomas the Rhymer,
a famous 13th Century Scottish seer) and various traveling minstrels
and Neoplatonic troubadors [which morphed into magic-practicing
theatrical groups such as the British bard Shakespeares’ group and
later even into vaudeville stage magic acts, Broadway plays, Rock
musicians/lyricists (a lyricist is in essence a lyric poet) and even into
Hollywood with its magnificently staged, wonderfully choreographed
Saturnalia musical celebrations all whimsically set to film, and later by
Romance Era poets such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Grand Master W.B. Yeats and even later as you’ll learn in a following
chapter, by 20th Century itinerant Beatnik magic-practicing poets. As
the wise witch Doreen Valiente writes in the Introduction to her book
Natural Magic: “…poetry is essentially a magical art” and as Colin
Wilson helpfully points out in his book The Occult: “The shamans
were also poets and storytellers.” Many of these Beatniks were also in
fact magic-practicing poets and novelists, and this according to age old
shamanic story-telling traditions. Even the modern day witch as we
learn from Wiccan witch Patricia Crowther in Lid Off the Cauldron
p.54 typically composes his or her spells using simple rhyming
couplets. As occultist Brad Steiger explains in Revelations: The
Divine Fire: “Plato remarked that all good poets, epic as well as lyric
[lyric poetry in Greece and Rome was traditionally accompanied by
music and dance with poets such as Pindar composing poems complete
with musical accompaniment and dance choreography the
performances of which would be virtually indistinguishable from
Broadway musicals and rock concerts of today], do not compose their
poems by art but by (demonic) possession.”
Indeed, as occult
author/poet and practitioner of magic Robert Graves (whose
grandfather, Bishop Charles Graves, a Fellow of the Royal Society,
was an expert on the mystical Druidic alphabet of Ogham) remarked in
The White Goddess, the: “…true function of poetry is religious
invocation of the Muse…” Indeed, the very definition of the word
music in its archaic sense is in fact ‘the art of the Muses.’ The Greek
poets’ invocations to Muses that the Muses should fill their mouths
with charming poetical words were in fact magical invocations to
rebellious fallen angels/daemons—Greek and Roman poets typically
wrought their works through a form of automatic-writing
composition). The Roman lyric poet Horace had a special kind of
consort known as a Hetaera (a compound of Hecate/Hera, the Roman
and Greek names denoting the goddess of the witches), a witch with

whom a ceremonial magician practiced sex-magic, named Canidia (a
Scarlet Woman of sorts), by all accounts an accomplished sorceress in
her own right as well as a concoctor of Colchian poisons (See Ode
XVII; it really is an amusing little story, for Hell hath no fury like a
Hetaera scorned. Colchis [located in the modern day country of
Georgia] was a Black Sea region specifically known for its sorceries).
Following the assassination of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March by
the lifeless cold steel of multiple traitorous daggers (no doubt of the
magic athame variety), Horace joined the Roman army, serving under
the generalship of Brutus (Brutus would eventually establish New Troy
at what is now known as London). As Montague Summers explains
concerning the military role magic-practicing poets such as Horace
played in classical ancient warfare: “In war, the poet, by cursing the
enemy in rhythmic runes, rendered services not inferior to the heroism
of the warrior himself.” – The History of Witchcraft and Demonology (Another
notable example of a practitioner of magic being hired to curse a foe in order to overcome
them in battle is the Biblical story of the wice man Balaam, the magic-practicing high-priest of
Baal, as related in Numbers 22:1-11: “…curse me this people; for they are too mighty for me:
peradventure I shall prevail, that we may smite them, and that I may drive them out of the
land… he whom thou [Balaam] blessest is blessed, and he whom thou cursest is cursed
[compare to Psalms 37:22]…” [yet another example of such a curse may be found in Psalms
109:1-19. Jacob, the progenitor of the 12 Tribes of Israel, himself would cast a curse upon
Levi his son, the progenitor of the Levitical priesthood: “And Jacob called unto his sons, and
said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last
days. Gather yourselves together, and hear, ye sons of Jacob; and hearken unto Israel your
father…Simeon and Levi [Levi from whose tribal family descends the Levitical priesthood in
Israel] are brethren; instruments of cruelty [including objects of war such as the sword] are in
their habitations. O my soul, come not thou into their secret [mystery]; unto their assembly
[their tribal gathering/synagogue], mine honour, be not thou united: for in their anger they
slew a man [as related in Genesis 34:1-30 Simeon and Levi had in fact revengeaby slain with
the sword through lies and deception an entire city full of men due to the sins of just one man.
This presages the death of Jesus at the hands of the Levitical high-priest Caiphas]…Cursed be
their anger, for it was fierce; and their wrath, for it was cruel: I will divide them in Jacob, and
scatter them in Israel.” – Genesis 49:1-7. This curse saw its fulfillment with the destruction of
Solomon’s Temple by King Nebuchadnezzar and the subsequent Babylonian captivity [See
Genesis Chapter 49 where is issued both curses and blessings upon a group of people]. In
Leviticus Chapter 24 we are treated to the story of a man who was in fact stoned to death for
issuing a curse upon God. Bacchanalian celebrations can trace their roots to the land of the
Philistines in Palestine: “And they went out into the fields, and gathered their vineyards, and
trode the grapes, and made merry, and went into the house of their god [Baal/Azazel, and did
eat and drink, and cursed Abimelech.” – Judges 9:27. In 1Samuel 17:43 we are told that a
“Philistine cursed David by his gods” with 2Samuel 16:13 providing an example of the ritual
issuance of such a curse this time cast by the infamous wice man Shimei, a Benjamite of the
Tribe of Benjamin (one of the original 12 Tribes of Israel) of the magical house of Saul. In
2Kings 2:24 we are treated to the effects of such a curse issued by Elisha the prophet]. Magic
was also employed in an attempt to destroy an enemy’s life sustaining crops** as well as his
herds of nourishing livestock). Such mystical poetical practices fall under the heading of
‘Rune Magic.’ As the practicing witch Doreen Valiente explains, a ‘rune’ is a magical rhyme,

and: “Originally, the Runes were the letters it (the magical rhyme, more commonly known as
a ‘spell’) was written down in. Each of the Rune letters had a magical meaning. Runic
inscriptions were cut upon the hilt of a warrior’s sword, to make it powerful and victorious in
battle; and this may be the origin of the ‘magical weapons,’ knives and swords with mystic
sigils and inscriptions on them, which play such an important part in mediaeval magic (the
very existence of the magic sword in the magician’s bag of tricks is in itself a testament to
magic’s martial roots). The magician uses such weapons to draw the magic circle, and to
command spirits.” – p.21 An ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present. The use of the traditional
magical Druidic runic alphabet known as Ogham was in fact: “…continued by the Bards of
Wales in order to write down the traditional knowledge they claimed to have received from
the Druids” (Ibid p.21). The word ‘bard’ itself is from the Latin bardus (Greek bardos) used
to denote a Druidic Celtic priest—Mediaeval bards themselves carried on the Druidic magic
tradition. William Shakespeare, a contemporary of Queen Elizabeth I (she was known to have
attended a number of his plays) and of her court official, the Welsh ceremonial magician Dr.
John Dee (as noted by Rollo Ahmed in The Black Art [1936 A.D.]: “Much of Welsh magic
carried on the most ancient Druid customs into comparatively recent times.”), was himself
considered to be a bard (Shakespeare’s nickname was in fact ‘The Bard,’ he being as it were,
a Druidic Celtic priest)—the subject of magic permeates his writings (clearly the writings of a
magic adept) and he would go on to become a 20th Century Humanistic educational mainstay
as well. Public school students in America such as I have long been subjected to his
seemingly undecipherable psychotic ramblings as I now subject you to mine. Poetic justice
indeed! The father of Sufi adept/Russian cermonial magician G.I. Gurdjieff was himself one
of the last of a long line of traditional ashohks, Armenian bards who had transmitted their
ancient legends orally from generation to generation in the grand old magic-practicing bardic
tradition (originally, the teachings of Jewish Kabalism were likewise passed down orally in
such a verbal manner). Sufi Muslim magic adepts such as Jami and Rumi [Rumi was the
founder of the Whirling Dervishes tradition] were themselves mystic poets and theirs to be
certain is no dieing trade—their numbers had literally exploded in the 20th Century as Sufism
enjoyed a renaissance.

The magical use of herbs to concoct poisons was also the realm
of the apothecary. The eminent seer Nostradamus, whose magically
divined prophecies were written in poetical quatrains, was a famous
apothecary/physician of note (the word ‘seer’ is but a shortened form
of the word ‘sorcerer.’ In William Shakespeare’s play entitled Romeo
and Juliet, the elixir of death by which Romeo committed suicide was
purchased by Romeo from such an “apothecary”). Indeed, The Acts of
John (circa the 2nd Century A.D.) speaks of “sorcery and the
poisoner’s art that is sister to it,” for the well-honed art of concocting
poisons (and the successful execution of stealthy assassinations) fall
within the realm of magic, particularly as a subcategory of the occult
science of alchemy (as was the fabrication of gunpowder, an essential
ingredient in modern warfare, originally an alchemical undertaking).
And one must be reminded, according to 1Enoch VIII.1 and 1Enoch
LXIX, it was the fallen angels who first taught mankind the ways of
war (as well as it must be remembered, the use of magic and the use of
herbs to harm as well as heal). The Byzantine chronicler George

Syncellus in his signal work Chronography (composed approximately
810 A.D.), quoting from the writings of Gnostic Greek alchemist
Zosimos of Panopolis (a city referred to by the ancient Greeks as
Khemmis/Chemmis where archaeologists have found fragments of
The Book of Enoch) writes (circa the 3rd – 4th Centuries A.D.): “The
ancient and divine writings (amongst which was no doubt the
aforementioned Book of Enoch) say that the angels became
enamoured of women; and, descending, taught them all the works of
nature (natural magic/physics). From them, therefore, is the first
tradition, chema, concerning these arts; for they called this book
chema and hence the science of chemistry (a cognate of the word
‘alchemy’) takes its name.” And let us not forget, Egypt, home of the
Hermetic arts, was known as the ‘Land of Khem,” a civilization
known for its alchemists. (Pertinent Quote: “At one time chemists
were considered magicians. Albertus Magnus (1193-1290), considered
a wizard in his day, was responsible for the discovery of caustic
potash, cinnabar, and ceruse. He was a leader in witchcraft… He was a
chemist who was preoccupied with turning other metals into gold by
(transmutation) alchemy. In the course of his experiments he
discovered things that were to be of far more value to succeeding
generations than a pot of gold. Potassium bicarbonate was discovered
by another alchemist of that era. Sulphuric ether and hydrochloric acid
were other compounds the alchemists discovered as they practiced
their kind of witchcraft. The existence of gas, sodium sulphate,
phosphorus and tin oxide were other discoveries made during that
period. In the course of their experiments, these men chanted, lit
candles [‘candle magic’] and did all sorts of weird things and, as a
result, became the forerunners of the abracadabra type magician.” –
Witchcraft for All by Louise Huebner, 1970 A.D. See also German chemist Dr. Herman
Kopp’s The History of Chemistry (1843-4 A.D.), a treatise highlighting the magical
alchemical roots of modern chemistry

As was the case with the sorcerer/ceremonial magician/Jewish
Kabbalist Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, who accompanied the First
Reich armies of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian into battle,
magic practices have long been associated with martial enterprises:
“The Assyrian armies were always accompanied by the Magi” and the
“Chaldean chief of the Magi accompanied the Chaldean armies” (See
S.F. Dunlap in Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man pp.113,114).
Indeed: “In Chaldea, as in other Asiatic and Eastern nations, the
connection between religious rites and the art of magic was

inseparable. The highest class of the Priesthood - those set apart for
Temple service…practiced the highest form of magical rites.
Babylonish Priests…claimed to be able to cast spells on whole armies,
arresting their progress, or paralyzing their power of action. They
could even cause the downfall of nations…” - Art Magic.
The worldly-wise alchemist Renaissance-man Paracelcus in
fact accompanied Imperial armies in roles of both physician as well as
magician, and another famous example of a sorcerer aiding in martial
pursuits in the role of a military adviser is the famed 13th Century
Italian astrologer/astronomer/ceremonial magician Guido Bonatti, the
most celebrated astrologer/astronomer of his day (Bonatti appears as a
character in Dante’s Divine Comedy, fated to hell as a punishment for
his sorceries), councilor to the most powerful Holy Roman Emperor of
the Middle Ages, Frederick II (1194 – 1250 A.D.), Sicilian leader of
the Sixth Crusade.
Bonatti’s astrological work entitled Liber
Astronomicus (a ‘liber’ is by definition a ‘magic book’/‘grimoire’) is
in part a treatise on warfare and the successful waging thereof. Indeed,
the Malleus Maleficarum speaks of the existence of “Archer-wizards
and enchanters of weapons” who served those who would martial
forces in battle. And of course, Shaman-prepared poisoned darts and
arrows have themselves claimed many a victim. No doubt Egyptian,
Greek and Roman forces entered into battle brandishing magically
‘enchanted’ swords. Indeed, in the Medieval age grimoire entitled
The Greater Key of Solomon a practitioner of magic is provided the
instructions by which may be created an entire arsenal of magical
weapons. During World War II, Hitler’s SS was largely composed of
modern day Warrior-Wizards and the armies of England, itself a
former Roman province, widely employed witches and ceremonial
magicians in their martial endeavors as well.
In Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft Letter III by British
knight of the realm Sir Walter Scott we learn of “Prophetesses (known
as Hexe, meaning ‘witch,’ from Haxa, meaning ‘chief priestess’),”
“females who had intercourse (who were in communication) with the
spiritual world, (by definition, mediums)…honoured among the
German tribes (in the time of the Roman general Tacitus) that…rose to
the highest rank in their councils by their supposed supernatural
knowledge, and even obtained a share in the direction of their armies.”
Historically speaking, diviners/astrologers (also known by the modern

moniker of Fortune-Teller) were often consulted prior to any major
military undertaking (much as, the reader shall learn, do many
politicians of today). 1Samuel 28:1-19 in a like way tells us King Saul
sought advice from the Spiritualist medium and Pythoness-witch of
Endor from whom he received an ill fated omen of impending martial
defeat prior to his taking the field of battle against the Philistines
whose armies had gathered in opposition to his own (for which offense
we are told: “…Saul died for his transgression which he committed
against the LORD…for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit,
to enquire of it…” - 1Chronicles 10:13). A more modern example of a
Spiritualist involved in martial pursuits is Emanuel Swedenborg, the
influential Christian theologian/seer (by definition a Cabalist) who
additionally served as a military engineer. And one should think even
the ability to heal by the use of mageia, or white magic, such as
through a practical application of the magical use of herbs, would be
useful for healing wounds sustained in battle. The preparation of
poultices would indeed fall under this heading (Pertinent Quote: “The
old-time witch had a very extensive and specialized knowledge of
herbs, plants and trees. She it was who acted as midwife, healer,
practical psychologist and worker of magic, usually for the good of the
community [which in days of old was largely composed of the witch’s
kith and kin]. There was an old saying, ‘The better the midwife, the
better the witch.’” – p.83 The Rebirth of Witchcraft. Indeed: “A known and
trusted white witch was a friendly and beneficent being who nullified
the spells of malignant sorcerers and cured diseases, sometimes by
occult arts and sometimes by simple herbal remedies and commonsense prescriptions.” – p.19 Witchcraft in England by Christina Hole, 1947 A.D.
And again: “The only physician of the people for a thousand years was
the Witch… When Paracelsus [the alchemist father of the
pharmaceutical sciences], at Basle [Switzerland], in 1527, [breaking
with prevailing Mediaeval theories] threw all medicine into the fire, he
avowed that he knew nothing but what he had learnt from witches.” –
Introduction to La Sorciere by J. Michelet, 1862 A.D.).

Many of the major players within the realm of modern magic
possess a martial background. You will find this to be the case time
and time again (no doubt indicative of the presence of secretive magic
societies within the American [as well as British] armed forces
This certainly would explain outgoing-American
President and former-General Dwight D. Eisenhauer’s warnings

concerning the Leviathan which was America’s unbridled militaryindustrial complex in his 1961 A.D. farewell address to the nation,
which, I might add, is a horrifically prescient nightmare come
dreadfully true). Is it any wonder warriors would invoke the god of
war and magic Azazel? Magic and the military are inextricably and
indelibly ingrained (as is also true of Freemasonry due to its historical
associations with military engineering endeavors including the
construction of fortifications such as castles, forts and defensive city
walls), even at this later date (to magic-practicing warriors, war itself
involves an aspect of ceremonial human sacrifice, whether in the
waging of the war itself or in its subsequent bloody aftermath, a most
historically classic case in point being the Aztecs of Mexico who
sacrificed prisoners of war to gods representing fallen angels during
ritual magic ceremonies employing enchanted obsidian knives [itzli]
upon Masonic temple pyramids. And one may not withhold the title of
Master Mason from the magic-practicing priestly constructors of the
Egyptian temple pyramids—indeed, the author of Art Magic calls the
Great Pyramid of Cheops “a veritable Lodge of Ancient Free
Masonry.” Masons throughout history have been practitioners and
purveyors of the maleficent magical arts and remain so to this day).
Magic charms, talismans and protective amulets were and yet
still are today employed as a type of super-natural protection for
defense during battles, which, as one may assume due to the injurious
nature of warfare, would be of major martial interest (as well as other
magic spells/practices in general, such as the Shamanistic Ghost
Dance of which it was believed with the help of the spirits they
thereby were in contact rendered supernatural protection to Native
American armed forces against the bullets of American cavalrymen
[which powers proved as fruitless at Wounded Knee (See pp.450-1
Treason in America for details) as it did in all other subsequent
battles]). Such magical practices, ancient in their origin, are an
abomination in the eyes of God. In Deuteronomy 18:10-12 God
warns: “There shall not be found among you any one…that useth
divination (such as fortune-tellers), or an observer of times
(astrologers), or an enchanter (such as an enchanter of weapons), or a
witch (a Shaman), or a charmer (a maker of magic charms, talismans
and amulets), or a consulter with familiar spirits (a medium), or a
wizard (a ceremonial magician), or a necromancer (a Spiritualist). For
all that do these things are an abomination” as such practices involved

the invocation of fallen angels or the application of knowledge directly
derived therefrom (typically by an Overshadowed individual) who are
even now as I write these words in active rebellion against God, as was
also the case when this statement was first made thousands of years
ago. The rebellion begun in heaven continues this day on earth. Join
them and you join in the angel’s rebellion against God. He shall
destroy all martialed forces which opposeth Him at His coming. Make
no mistake about it!
Magic practices were common in the 3rd-7th Centuries C.E. in
the Jewish communities of Babylonia contemporaneously with and in
the same communities which created the Babylonian Talmud (See Dan
Levine, “Rare Magic Inscription on Human Skull,” BAR, March/April
2009 and Hershel Shanks, “Magic Incantation Bowls” [known as
Babylonian Devil traps] BAR, January/February 2007). It must also
be noted the composition of books on magic including The Great
Grimoire of Pope Honorious III (a mediaeval magic manuscript
[Sloane MS 313] once in the possession of British Spiritualist
alchemist/ceremonial magician Dr. John Dee, and which was, in the
words of Sufi philosopher/ritual magician Idries Shah: “…considered
among writers on the occult, both modern and ancient, to be the most
diabolical work of black magic which has appeared in written form, at
any time…”) and The Enchiridion of Pope Leo are purported to have
been authored by popes of the Roman Catholic Church, although as
detractors point out these claims have not been substantiated. Though
unsubstantiated, there remains the fact that in Europe in medaeval
times before the advent of the printing press the people able to perform
such tasks as the composition and copying of books were cloistered in
Roman Catholic monasteries must also at this time be noted, as public
education was at the time virtually non-existent. Monks and priests
employed as copyists were akin to ancient Egyptian scribes/scriveners.
(Notable quote: “Benedict IX, John XX, and the Sixth and Seventh,
[Roman Catholic] Popes Gregory are all known in history as sorcerers
and magicians.” – Isis Unveiled by H.P. Blavatsky. Rollo Ahmed in
outlining the history of magic practices in his book The Black Art p.94
explains: “During the Middle Ages the Church paid as much attention
to Satan as she did to the Virgin [Mary] and Son [Jesus Christ], and
certainly fed the forces of darkness by increasing and trading upon the
fear of the Devil and his attendant host of demons. She possessed also
her trained band of excorcists, who practiced as much magic as the

professional caster of spells.
At a time when alchemy was
preoccupying the minds of men [thanks largely in fact to the Christian
Crusaders including the Knights Templars and Knights Hospitalliers],
the clergy were no exception to the rule, and nearly every parish priest
was engaged upon alchemical experiments and sorcery in a greater or
lesser degree. The state of affairs in many monasteries all over Europe
was even worse.” These facts are evidenced most notably in the
persons of the Roman Catholic Bishop St. Albertus Magnus and his
student, Dominican priest St. Thomas Aquinas, and by Roman
Catholic abbot Johannes Trithemius whose own illustrious students
included the ceremonial magicians/alchemists Paracelcus and Heinrich
Cornelius Agrippa [Trithemius would also serve as the personal
physician to Erasmus, a Renaissance humanist/Catholic priest in the
vanguard of the Reformation movement]. Such Cabalistic magic
practices within the Roman Catholic Church [it was those individuals
involved in which who would eventually give birth to the
Reformation] would reach new and dramatic heights during the
Renaissance era with the ascension to the papal throne of Pope Leo X
[it was Leo X who instituted the selling of indulgences in 1517 A.D.
sparking the Protestant Reformation in Germany]. Pope Leo X was
the son of Lorenzo de Medici whose grandfather’s Platonic Academy
[a reformulation of Plato’s original Academy devoted to the study of
the occult sciences and magic] gave birth to the Italian Renaissance [at
which time would emerge such intellectual greats as Leonardo de
Vinci, Copernicus, Giordano Bruno (Bruno would be burned at the
stake by the Inquisition in 1600 A.D.), Giovanni Pico della Mirandola
and Galileo], eventually spreading through Europe more or less as a
whole [from whence in England emerges Dr. John Dee, the Bard
William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Bacon]. In total, the magicpracticing Medici family [the Medici’s being an early banking
dynasty] would supply no less than four popes to the ranks of the
Roman Catholic Church during the 16th to early 17th Centuries. The
Renaissance, also known as the Age of Enlightenment, largely owes its
birth to the introduction of magic practices both black and white
[white magic practices and beliefs, also known as mageia, would come
to be known as ‘Renaissance humanism,’ and later, simply, as
‘humanism’] into European courts sparking backlashes which included
prosecutions by the Spanish Inquisition and the repressions of King
James I. The War of the Spanish Succession [one of the main
combatants of which was John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough,

from whom is descended British P.M. Winston Churchill, a Druid by
religion] would bring the Enlightenment to Spain and, ultimately,
Revolution to France and the Americas) (Pertinent Quote: “All the
leading philosophers of the Enlightenment were Freemasons, or
members of the Illuminati…” – Sabbatai Zwi and the Illuminati)
As we learn from Manly P. Hall, 50 of the 56 signatories of the
Declaration of Independence were known Freemasons. Likely the rest
were simply unknown members. Famous high-degree Freemasons (as
previously noted, magic ceremonies are commonly performed by highdegree Freemasons) who played an important role in the foundation of
America include our first American President, George Washington, as
well as John Hancock, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin,
the French revolutionary, the Marquis de Lafayette, the
German/Prussian Baron Von Steuben and Richard Henry Lee, who
was related to the Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee (one
of the most famous of Freemasonic documents, Morals and Dogma of
the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry would be
authored by 33° Freemason and Civil War Confederate General Albert
Pike circa 1871 A.D. (Pike is yet another example of a practitioner of
magic with a martial background. Pike, a learned Kabbalist, was
charged with fomenting Indian uprisings against Union army forces
and no doubt he had become familiarized with their Shamanic
practices as well. Concerning Scottish Rite Masons such as Albert
Pike: “Scottish Rite lodges, sources of so many modern revolutions [or
as in Pike’s case, armed rebellions], are more militant, more open and
apparently more virulent than some of the others whom they are
leading into a single world-organisation [read: a New World
Order/globalization] by gradual steps.” - Philip II by William Thomas
Walsh, 1937 A.D.). Confederate officers such as Albert Pike were an
essential ingredient of the secret society known as the Ku Klux Klan
(founded 1865 A.D.), a group whose leader is known as the Grand
Wizard, in essence, a pagan high-priest. A wizard is by definition a
practioner of magic, a male witch. In fact, in 1869 A.D. the magicpracticing high-degree Freemason/Kabbalist and chief of Confederate
Intelligence Albert Pike himself became one of the leading Knights
[Chief Judiciary Officer] of the Ku Klux Klan itself). And Pike, like
so many practitioners of magic before him had fancied himself a
poet—numerous examples of his poetical works exist. Concerning
Pike’s Morals and Dogma masterwork, high degree Freemason J.D.

Buck notes in the Preface to the 2nd Edition of his book Mystic
Masonry (1925 A.D.): “Pike…drew very largely, in many places (even
to the point of plagiarism), from the writings of Abbe Constant, better
known as Eliphas Levi…” Evidently, as Buck so helpfully notes, the
Freemasonic Bible itself is largely predicated on the writings of a
master ceremonial magician who was later to become one of the
leading adept members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
Tubal-Cain, a Cainite (a descendent of Cain, the son of Azazel
by Eve), was known as the ‘father of witchcraft and sorcery’ (the
smith Tubal-Cain is “that Tubal which showed…the inhabiters of the
earth to make graven images and to worship them.” - The Biblical
Antiquities Chapter 2). His name, Tubal-Cain, is a Freemasonic password
(Blue Lodge Master Mason, 3°). (Notable Freemasonic Quote: “TubalCain…is the Vulcan of Greek mythology [a god who represented the
fallen angel Azazel]…” - The Arcane Schools Chapter 2 by John
Yarker; and again, S.F. Dunlap in Vestiges of the Spirit-History of
Man p.77 states that due to what he calls “a continual change in the
myths” dating back to “the most ancient times,” “Vulcan, god of fire,
is become Tobalcain the smith” (who is mentioned in Genesis 4:22).
And as noted in Witchcraft in England, smiths were also often
notorious practitioners of magic and for this very reason the smithcreated horsehoe is employed as a magical good luck charm by many.
Smithing, as explained in The Book of Enoch, was an art introduced
by the fallen angels and it is the metal-working smith who is the
fashioner of swords and molded arrowheads, maces, armor and even
later, gun barrels and cannon, ships, tanks and airplanes, all the tools
of the warrior’s trade).
Magic, which includes the invocation of fallen angels, is
likewise practiced amongst members of the Bohemian Club at the
Bohemian Grove in California, members of which include many
modern-day famous political and corporate elites. Doubtless many
have Freemasonic backgrounds. Possible high-placed players of the
modern Theosophical Movement? You make the call. One should
think the Theosophical Movement circa 2013 A.D. to have progressed
to include an organized collection of more worldly, more august, more
outwardly secular economic-based organizations and corporations of
high strategic value and import.
Many ancient “myths” contain kernels of truth. Such legends
abound by which rulers and priests sought to prove and justify the

worthiness of their ability to rule by fabricating stories of trips to the
underworld where the incarnate angel Azazel, the original Magic Man
himself, and his angels, are entrapped. Lucian of Samosota, in his
work Menippus (The Descent into Hades) 6-9, speaks of going to
Babylon to meet one of the many Magi whom he described as being
disciples and successors of Zoroaster (“Schools of the Magi were
established at Babylon, and as magic was deemed an essential item in
the art of governing the nation, and conducting armies to victory, even
Kings, Statesmen, and warriors, no less than the Sons of the Nobles
and wealthy Citizens, resorted to these famous seminaries of occult
learning, or sat at the feet of the Magi to drink in the elements of their
profound wisdom.” - Art Magic) as Lucian “had heard that with
certain (magic) charms and (magic) ceremonials they could open the
gates of Hades (this explains the importance of the ‘key’ as a type of
magic charm, it representing the key which opened the very gates of
Hades), taking down in safety anyone they would and guiding him
back again (likely this also helps to explain the subterranean nature of
many pagan temples which were designed to represent the
Underworld).” Now one must remember that Hades represented the
place within the earth where Azazel and his angels were entrapped
within their wholly impervious cherubim, quite possibly miles beneath
Earth’s surface (the Earth’s continental crust ranges in thickness from
30-50km/20-30 miles thick) below many thousands of tons of burning
sand, so this was quite an extraordinary claim, and a completely false
one at that (perhaps Plutarch provides a clue to Dudael’s chthonic
depths: “Osiris [Azazel’s cherub] really dwells in the earth and under
the earth…But he indeed is at the furthest possible distance from [the
surface of] the earth.” – De Iside LVIII). This service they did,
however, offer for a fee, and in this way did the Magi separate the
pious fools from their gold, for as the saying goes, many are the
(magic)wand-bearers, but few the initiates (and to quote the famous
confidence show-man P.T. Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every
minute.”). Theosophical Society-member William Q. Judge, writing in
1890 A.D., shades of the scam of the Babylonian Magi, states: “There
is a world of beings known to the Indians (the inhabitants of India) as
that of the Devas (the Devas represent the rebellious fallen angels
imprisoned within the Underworld)…Into this world the purest
theosophist (a practitioner of magic in the Zoroastrian tradition), the
most spiritual man or woman, may go without consent…they (the
Devas) are every now and then awakened or perceived by those who,

while completely ignorant on these subjects, still persist in dabbling
with (magic) charms and necromantic (read: magical/Spiritualist)
practices.” Judge was attempting (as he explains in 1892 A.D.) to
remove superstitious elements from traditional Magic practices,
bringing this field into alignment with emerging scientific reasonings
in and I quote, “a science called Gupta-Vidya” which translates as
‘Secret oral traditions.’ And indeed it is a science, the secret oral
traditions of Kabbala as revealed by fallen angels has progressed to the
realm today of the modern physicist and chemist (for more information
see The Knowledge of Wisdom by John of the Gentiles). The sale of
magic charms by fear-mongering magicians proffered as protection
against supernatural evil influences has fleeced so very many coins
from the pockets of the superstitious populous (for instance, it was
taught the demon goddess Lilith would lie in wait for children and
would kill them in the night if she found them unprotected by a
magician’s magical amulet and such amulets were oft times offered as
protection from the dreaded Evil Eye as well as from the malignant
magical practices of malevolent Mediaeval witches). Love-charms and
love-potions were also big moneymakers. As R. Campbell Thompson
explains in Semitic Magic: Its Origins and Development (1908 A.D.),
a magician has always traditionally: “…had a certain stock-in-trade of
tricks which were a steady source of revenue. Lovesick youths and
maidens always hoped for some result from his philtres (potions) or
love-charms (such love-charms frequently “were made for the girls
who were not sought in marriage”); at the demand of jealousy, he was
ever ready to put hatred between husband and wife (as Thompson
explains: “Love-philtres and charms for hatred [“to put hatred between
the members of a family”] are frequent in the magical books”); and for
such as had not the pluck or skill even to use a dagger on a dark night,
his little effigies, pierced with pins, would bring death to a rival. He
was at once a physician and wonder-worker for such as would pay him
fee.” As we also additionally learn therefrom: “Escape from prison
was to be obtained from charms,” and considering that with the aid of
a charm one could “dry up a river,” no doubt the magician was skilled
in such a manner that for just the right price he could craft such a
charm to fill any demand for any cash paying customer. Magic is
quite the lucrative business in our own enlightened scientific times
garnering profits in the billions even today. Including medical magic
and magic in all of its manufactured forms, magic is America’s main
economic driver (another being the professions of the money113

changers—banks and foreign exchanges. Banks and their foreign
exchange [Forex/FX] operations are the modern version of the ancient
temple money changers whose tables Jesus overturned in the Temple
as related in John 2:13-15 [Historically speaking, temples like their
cousins the banks were institutions where much wealth was
accumulated and stored, they performing many of the functions that
banks do today. A good example is the Roman Catholic Church as is
evidenced by its Vatican Bank]. In fact: “In ancient times, the coinage
of money was conducted and controlled by the priesthoods in
obedience to their god [and often bearing the likeness of their god as
well].” – Our Occulted History by Jim Marrs. This is the reason the U.S.
Treasury Building is modeled upon a classical Greek temple in Greek
Revival style).
The Magi, from whence comes our word ‘magician,’ employed
magical charms and performed ritual magic ceremonies, practiced the
invocation of and communicated with spirits/angels and were
considered to be Gnostics (the word ‘Mason’ is a cognate of the word
‘magic,’ both cognates of the Roman word ‘manes’ and the Greek
word ‘mani’ who were the rebellious fallen angels with whom such
practitioners sought to communicate). It was such Magi (the three
kings/three wise men of The Bible were Zoroastrian Magi [Masons])
who saw the ‘star’ (a cherub) in their eastern homeland of Persia
which directed them to visit Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem as related
in Matthew 2:1-2. The donning of exotic costumes by the Magi was
practiced with the express intent that one should look like the
phantoms who represented the jinn (as if they could be so easily
fooled), the jinn being Azazel and his imprisoned angels, whom they
had ritually invoked, that in this way through the use of such a disguise
they might travel safely to and fro our place to theirs. From this
practice comes the tradition of wearing costumes at Halloween. The
Zoroastrian priests professed that they could open the very gates of
Hades (no doubt by employing a key-shaped magical charm),
descending and ascending at will through their use of ceremonial
magic and religious rituals including animal and human sacrifices
offered in propitiation to the nefarious fallen angels. Masks are often
worn today during Satanic rituals, magic rituals which likewise include
animal and human sacrifices. Halloween is a popular Satanic holiday.
To the Zoroastrian Magi, fire was sacred and this belief
accounts for the Yule fires (made of Yule logs) and Beltane bonfires (a
word derived from the bone fires of their sacrificial animals/humans)

and the like. According to the Genesis Rabbah (The Bereshith),
Nimrod, like the Zoroastrian Magi, worshipped fire. In Homily IX of
The Clementine Homilies Chapter V Clement states that: “Therefore
the magician Nebrod (the Greeks and Egyptians knew Nimrod as
Nebrod. In the Septuagint version of The Bible, the name ‘Nimrod’ is
rendered as ‘Nebrod’), being destroyed by this lightning falling on
earth from heaven, for this circumstance had his name changed to
Zoroaster, on account of the living stream of the star (read: cherub)
being poured upon him (Nimrod was killed by an angel in a cherub,
albeit by an angel of the non-rebellious type). But the unintelligent
amongst the men who then were, thinking that through the love of God
his soul had been sent for by lightning, buried the remains of his body,
and honored his burial-place with a temple among the Persians, where
the descent of the fire occurred, and worshipped him (Nimrod) as a
god.” In Chapter VI Clement continues: “Him (Nebrod/Nimrod) the
Greeks have called Zoroaster,” and hence the name Zoroastrian.
Nimrod was the builder of the Biblical tower of Babel, and was
himself a magician as well as a Mason. In Pseudo-Clementine Book
IV Chapter XXVIII it is related how after Nimrod’s death “foolish
men…extolled him…raising a sepulcher to his honor, they went so far
as to adore him as a friend of God, and one who had been removed to
heaven in a chariot of lightning (a cherub), and to worship him as if he
were a living star. Hence also his name was called Zoroaster after his
death—that is, living star.” It must be noted the work entitled The
Oracles of Zoroaster and attributed to Zoroaster (Nimrod) himself
speak of the sacred (read: magic) rites employed in the conjuration of
divine beings, these divine beings being, of course, the rebellious
fallen angels.
Beltane, a Druidic festival centered upon the
imprisonment of the angels in their subterranean prisons is derived
from this Zoroastrian belief system (the word ‘Druid’ is a cognate of
the word ‘Duidain,’ the place where Azazel was said to be imprisoned
within the earth). Our modern-day Halloween (the Celtic New Year)
is derived from Beltane festivities. Witches and their black magic
practices are mainstay Halloween symbols.
The 20th Chapter of the 2nd Book of The Book of the Sacred
Magic of Abramelin the Mage states that the basis of many magical
beliefs was that the fallen angels have been made subject by God to
mankind. This fact is the origin of the belief that fallen angels
(demons) can be magically summoned to serve a human master:

“Consider that it is the pride of the Demon (read: rebellious fallen
angel) which hath chased him out of Heaven, and think what a
heartbreaking thing it is for him to see a Man, made of vile earth,
command him who is a Spirit, and who was created noble, and an
Angel (as well) (note the synonymous use of the words ‘demon,’
‘spirit’ and ‘angel’ in reference to fallen angels); and also that it is
necessary that he should submit himself unto Man, and obey him, not
of his own free will, but by force, and by a power of command which
God hath given unto Man, to whom he is forced to humiliate himself,
and to obey, he who had the greatest difficulty in submitting himself
unto his Creator (God). And yet, notwithstanding all this, he is
obliged by his most profound humiliation, and by his most severe
suffering, to submit himself unto Man, for whom further is destined
that Heaven which he himself hath lost for an Eternity.” If the rebel
angels would not heed the commands of God Himself, why should a
simple human being believe angels will obey him? Such is the realm
of the megalomaniac.
God abhors such magical practices:
“Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards,
to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God…And the soul that
turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a
whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will
cut him off from among his people…A man also or woman (a witch)
that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to
death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon
them.” - Leviticus 19:31,20:6,27 KJV
And again:
“There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or
his daughter to pass through the fire (from which is derived the ritual
use of Yule/Beltane fires), or that useth divination, or an observer of
times (an astrologer), or an enchanter (such as an enchanter of
weapons), or a witch, or a charmer (a user of magical charms or
amulets), or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard (such as a
ceremonial magician), or a necromancer (such as a
Spiritist/Spiritualist, performers of sѐances/mediums. As Rollo Ahmed
writes in The Black Art: “Necromancy is the practice of calling up the

spirits…Necromancers of the past were looked upon with fear and
loathing, as their art seemed the most ghastly of all the categories of
black magic…Both witches and necromancers of the past were
frequently nothing more than mediums as we know them today.”**).
For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and
because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them
(the populations of the magic-practicing nations whose lands the
Israelis were to dispossess) out from before thee.” - Deuteronomy 18:10-12
KJV (See also Isaiah 8:19 and Revelation 21:6-8). God makes no such distinction between
white or black or grey magic as such but condemns this practice in all of its forms (**Pertinent
Quote: “…modern occultism…has accomplished little beyond the coining of a number of new
terms. Sorcery, I think, covers them all. Father Henry Day, S.J., speaking at Manchester,
advanced a similar opinion, but classed all magic as Black, when he said: ‘The Church
condemns the new form of modern spiritism as she condemned the old superstitions. They are
identical with devil-worship, with black magic, with the necromancy of the past.** Whatever
may be said of the pretensions of the spiritism of the day, the Church regards it as the
continuation of Satan’s revolt against God.’” – p.8 The Romance of Sorcery, 1914 A.D. [**
“Spiritism stretching forward in one unbroken chain of influence from ancient to modern
times, has never ceased to exist…” - Art Magic]. Again. There is nothing new under the sun).

In the Preface to King James’ book entitled Daemonologie we
learn James (of King James Bible/KJV fame) was well learned in all
matters philosophical, being well read of the works of ancient writers,
being fully immersed in the study of comparative religions and
mythologies. As such he would have certainly been aware of the
presence of the fallen angels and of the magic systems they inspired,
which sought to conjure these angels (James therein specifically makes
mention of the writings of the ceremonial magician Heinrich Cornelius
Agrippa [“Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim was born in
Cologne (Germany) in 1486…He was first a soldier, and followed the
armies of the Emperor Maximillian (of the Holy Roman Empire). He
was knighted, studied law, medicine, and languages. As professor in
Hebrew at Dole, in France (Agrippa was Jewish and well versed in
Kabalah), he publicly expounded Reuchlin’s work on the Miraculous
Word (the German Cabalist scholar Reuchlin penned a book on the
subject of magic entitled De Arte Cabalistica [which translates as The
Cabalistic Art, aka the ‘Bible of Christian Cabalists’] in defense of
Cabalistic practices). Then the (Roman Catholic) monks persecuted
him, and he came to London (England) and lectured there.” – Jewish
Mystics, An Appreciation, Hirsch]). Many practitioners of magic under its
many guises attempted to and well succeeded in attempts to make
contact with the earth-bound fallen angels. King James defends his

institution of the execution of witches saying the “assaults of Satan are
most certainly practiced and that the instruments thereof (i.e. witches),
merits most severely to be punished,” he putting into actual practice
the exhortation found in Exodus 22:18 of his own King James Version
of The Bible quite literally: “Thou shalt not suffer (allow) a witch to
live.” See also The Realness of Witchcraft in America (by A. Monroe
Aurand, Jr., 1942 A.D.) which agrees with this author’s conclusion
when it states: “‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,’ (Exodus 22:18)
was made the basis of the persecution of witches, with all its horrors.”
At any rate, England retained anti-witchcraft laws (called Witchcraft
Acts) upon its books in one form or another often mandating the death
or imprisonment as well as the confiscation of properties of the
offender from the year 1542 A.D. until their ultimate repeal in 1951
A.D.). No doubt Agrippa, a Jewish Kabalist, contributed greatly to the
proliferation of the magic practices King James so piously sought to
suppress. Indeed, according to Gerald B. Gardner, European witches
of the Middle Ages (as was also the case with individuals such as the
Italian Cabalist Pico della Mirandola) learned to practice magic from
Jewish Kabalists: “During the Middle Ages many learned Christians,
notably Pico della Mirandola studied the Jewish Qabalah,** ostensibly
‘to bring about the conversion of the Jews;’ but actually to gain
knowledge of its magical practices, which they then proceeded to give
a Christian veneer to, so that later grimoires not only use the Hebrew
Qabalistic Names of God and of the archangels to constrain the spirits,
but also the names of Jesus, Mary, and the Apostles (applying such a
Christian veneer to magic makes it no less an affront to God). The
Wica*** seem to have been taught certain beliefs, most probably by
the Kabalists, which they have incorporated into their own.” - The
Meaning of Witchcraft by Gerald B. Gardner, 1959 A.D. (** Pertinent Quote: “Qabalah is
theory and philosophy… Magic is the practical application of that theory.” - The Art and
Meaning of Magic by Israel Regardie) (***“Wica, meaning ‘The Wise Ones.’” - Gerald
Gardner, Witch, 1960 A.D.)

Simon Magus, who is mentioned in Acts 8:9-24, was known as
Simon the Zealot, commander of the Hebrew freedom fighters who
advocated war against Roman rule in the 1 st Century A.D. which
resulted in the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem (Albert Pike in
Morals and Dogma identifies Simon Magus as being the founder of
Gnosticism and indeed, Hippolytus before him identified various other
of the Gnostic creeds as simply being the teachings of Simon Magus
under different appellations. In fact, these Simonians as they are

known were a Gnostic sect whose teachings, known as Simonianism,
regarded Simon Magus as its founder and traced its doctrines back to
him. Gnosticism itself was greatly influenced by Jewish Kabalism and
the teachings of the Magi and is as well akin to Christian Cabalism).
By definition, ‘Magus’ means: 1. Zoroastrian priest: in the ancient
Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, a priest 2. man with magical
powers: especially in ancient times, a man with supernatural or
magical powers (Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 19982005 Microsoft Corporation). (In King James’ Daemonologie James
states: “…it is most true indeed, that all these wise (wicca) men of
Pharaoh were Magicians of art: As likewise it appears well that the
Pythoness (a ‘wicce’; a witch who summoned Typhon/Azazel. From
‘wicce’ comes the word ‘Wicca.’
wicca [masculine]/wicce
[feminine]** The Bible often uses the word ‘wicked’ to denote a
practitioner of magic, and hence the term ‘wicked witch’), with whom
Saul consulted (the witch being, by definition, a Spiritualist who
practiced necromancy. See 1Samuel 28:7-9), was of that same
profession: & so was Simon Magus.” - King James’ Daemonologie Book II
Chapter I, 1597 A.D). (** As Gerald B. Gardner explains in Witchcraft Today: “The modern
popular idea that a witch was always a hideous spiteful old hag is entirely erroneous. There
were almost as many male witches as female; witches sat on the Councils of Kings and
took part in the affairs of state; they wielded power, often with great ability, and were
sometimes the actual rulers of the realm, the power behind the throne; they were consulted by
the highest in the land in matters of difficulty whether public or private.” He goes on to
explain: “…there have been many cases of sorcerers employing witches; but this was as
mediums when something of a spiritualistic nature was attempted, that is, trying to
communicate with the spirits.” - Witchcraft Today by Gerald B. Gardner)

Apostles of Jesus also strove against practitioners of magic,
even convincing a number of them as to the grave error of their ways,
winning them over to God and Jesus, for as we learn that “…not a few
of them (“them” being the “Jews and Greeks, that dwelt at Ephesus.”
See Acts 19:18 ASV) that practiced magical arts brought their books
(grimoires) together and burned them in the sight of all (at the
instigation of the evangelist apostle Paul); and they counted the price
of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver.” - Acts 19:19 ASV.
This was no insubstantial amount of money; it was certainly indicative
of the popularity of magical practices involving the invocation of the
rebel angel Azazel (at times involving actual communication with this
angel) in the 1st Century A.D. Roman period at Ephesus in Anatolia at
a time when Ephesus boasted a population of 250,000 inhabitants, a
city only second to Rome in size and importance in all of the great

Roman Empire! I mention this that one might know the encompassing
influence of magic on all world religions—in fact the Biblical Daniel
himself held the office of what basically amounts to ‘Master of the
Magicians, Astrologers, Chaldeans, and Soothsayers’ (See Daniel 4:89 and Daniel 5:11-12) and not through a lack of knowledge of the art
(this is not to say he conjured fallen angels. He was put in this
position because he excelled over these magicians in prophecy, in
foreseeing the future, thanks be to God. The prophet Samuel was also
considered to be a ‘seer’ (See 1Samuel 9:11-19, though I don’t believe
this to be the best translation of the word. I believe it also pertained to
his ability to prophecy, also thanks be to God, as well as to the fact
God himself was in actual communication with Samuel). And as we
learn from Acts 7:22: “Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the
Egyptians,” besting all of the Egyptian “wise men and the sorcerers” in
magical contest, indeed he bested all of the “magicians of Egypt,”
thanks again be to God, as Moses was likewise in direct
communication with Him (See Exodus 7:7-12. Early physicians such
as Luke [See Colossians 4:14] the disciple of Jesus were also thusly
magically inclined [though Luke would abandon this profession to
become a devotee of Jesus. As noted in Secret Sects of Syria and the
Lebanon p.93: “A select class of the Essenes were termed Therapeutia
or healers (As Manly P. Hall explains: “The names Essenes is
supposed to be derived from an ancient Syrian word meaning
‘physician.’” – The Secret Teachings of All Ages)… Apparently there were
branches of the Essenes and especially of the Therapeute, who became
actual Christians…” (according to A. E. Waite in The Secret
Tradition: “…the Essenes…are actually that hidden sodality from
which Masonry derives through the Knights Templar” crusaders who
had worked closely with the Knights Hospitallier group which
operated medical facilities in the Holy Land)]. The fact that early
physicians were magically inclined is particularly evidenced by the
Renaissance physician/ceremonial magician Paracelsus, a practioner of
the Hermetic arts. As occult author Rollo Ahmed notes in The Black
Art: “…the prescriptions of the physicians of the Middle Ages (such as
the physician Paracelsus, author of: “some of the greatest works on
magic in existence”)…read so exactly like a witch’s potion that if we
were asked which was the magical formula and which the doctor’s
compound it would be impossible to tell.” In fact, the magical use of
herbs, which is to say, ‘natural magic,’ gave birth to modern medicine
[from Latin medicus, “a physician.” For this reason a magic-practicing

Native American Shaman is known as a “medicine-man,” and such
early practices were additionally known as ‘medical magic.’ The
following selection is an example of the bridge between ancient
‘natural magic’/‘medical magic’ and modern-day medicine: “Curare,
the infamous plant poison traditionally used on (Shaman-prepared
poisoned) arrows and darts, acts as a muscle relaxant, causing eventual
asphyxiation (leading to death). Curare’s main component,
Dtubocurarine, works so well as a muscle relaxant that it now appears
in various anaesthetics used in conventional surgery (by modern-day
physicians).” – p.272 The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca]. Another
example is the medicinal use of the mandrake plant:
Mandrake…was extensively used in black magic of all kinds... From
the Mandrake, mandragonia** is obtained—a powerful narcotic used
by the old Greeks as an anesthetic.” - The Black Art p.112 by Rollo Ahmed, 1936
A.D. [** also known by its genus name mandragora, the following selection highlights its
sleep-inducing anesthetic medicinal properties: “...Not poppy, nor mandragora/Nor all the
drowsy syrups of the world,/Shall ever medicine thee to that sweet sleep/Which thou owedst
yesterday.” – Othello III.iii by William Shakespeare, 1565 A.D.]. An ‘apothecary’ is by
definition one who dispenses medicine to a physician, and quite often the two were one and
the very same, hence the proverb, “Physician, heal thyself.” See Luke 4:23). One notable
example of a school of ‘medical magic’ is Britain’s Royal College of Physicians as
championed by Thomas Linacre [Linacre had been schooled in various aspects of magic
amongst the Medici family in Florence] and established by Royal Charter by decree of King
Henry VIII [father of Queen Elizabeth I] in 1518 A.D. which instituted the formal training of
apothecaries and physicians in England [including Rosicrucian magic adepts such as Robert
Fludd (See p.273 The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross)]. There also existed in London the
Worshipful Society of Apothecaries [founded 1617 A.D.] as championed by the ceremonial
magician Sir Hans Sloane which had operated the Chelsea Physic Garden [established 1673
A.D.] for the cultivation of plants useful in the medicinal magic potions and elixirs which it
had manufactured and sold, located on Cheyne Walk in the very witchy Chelsea area of
London which still exists to this day.

Remains of The Book of Enoch (1Enoch) were found amongst
the Dead Sea Scrolls associated with the Qumran commune of the
Essenes (amongst whom was included a faction of Therapeute) in
Israel, a group in existence in Jesus’ own day. In fact we know: “The
Essenes and healing Therapeutes were followers of the ancient
theurgic (ceremonial magic) Mysteries.” – The Masters of Wisdom by A.E.
Adams, 1890 A.D. This explains the magic spells found amongst the Dead
Sea scrolls near Qumran. It would seem Jesus’ disciple Luke the
‘physician’ was one such Therapeutic adept before his subsequent
conversion. As occultist Gerald Massey explains: “The Essenes were
Christians in the Gnostic sense, and according to Pliny the elder, they
were a Hermetic Society that had existed for ages on ages of time.

Their name is best explained as Egyptian. They were known as the
Eshai, the healers or Therapeutae, the physicians in Egypt; and Esha or
Usha means to doctor or heal, in Egyptian.” – Logia of the Lord by Gerald
Massey (As noted in Secret Sects of Syria and the Lebanon p.95: “Their [the Essene’s]
connection with the Therapeutae of Egypt is usually recognized, and Pliny speaks of their
colony near the Dead Sea.”). These practices were also akin to traditional

Babylonian magic practices as encountered by Jews during their
Babylonian Dispersion—known as ‘Asu’ (compare ‘Asu’ to ‘Usha’),
such individuals were physicians/herbalists.
Concerning such
Babylonian ‘medical magic’ practices: “There are two major types of
(Babylonian) therapeutic practitioners: the ashipu, the exorcist or
magician, and the asu, the physician or herbalist. In the traditional
texts that preserve the lore of the physician, descriptions of symptoms
are followed by instructions for preparing and administering
medications. The material medica consist in the main of plant and
animal substances and some minerals. The physician employs potions,
bandages, lotions, suppositories, enemas, etc. The asu’s job is that of
the practical physician.” - Mesopotamian Witchcraft by Tzvi Abusch. As Rollo
Ahmed, a ceremonial magician schooled in the Egyptian arts, similarly
notes in his book The Black Art (1936 A.D.), it being a treatise on the
history of magic, the “physicians…were also practitioners of magic.”
As Margaret Alice Murray herself explains in The God of the Witches
(1933 A.D.): “Many of the magical charms and spells were for the
healing of the sick or for the prevention of disease... Many charms and
spells surviving to the present day contain the names of pre-Christian
gods (all representing the angel Azazel who was known as the god of
healing). These spells are usually connected with cures for diseases in
human beings and animals…” As Christine Hole explains: “The white
witch, or wiseman, was the protector of the community, as his criminal
opponent (the black magic practicing witch) was its enemy. Like the
black witch, he relied on magic, but he used it principally for
benevolent purposes, to cure diseases, to defeat spells, detect thieves
or find stolen goods, and to protect his neighbors from every kind of
ill… he was often able to cure simple ailments by the use of herbs and
commons sense, garnished with charms… he had to have some
acquaintance with practical psychology and herbal remedies, and he
often had real medical and veterinary knowledge… Most cures were
semi-magical. Drugs and herbal medicines were used, but the herbs
had to be gathered with prescribed ceremonies at certain phases of the
moon and prepared with secret rites and incantation.” – Witchcraft in

As noted in Art Magic: “One of the chief duties of the
Egyptian priesthood was the cure of the sick, and for this purpose the
Initiates were instructed in the simple arts of medicine…” In the
Western world, these duties in time would become highly specialized
and largely shorn of their mystical trappings.
England, 1947 A.D.

Many of the ‘pre-Christian gods’ representing Azazel were
gods associated with healing. The Sumerians worshipped Azazel as
Ninazu (nin means ‘lord’ and Azu is a variant spelling of Asu), the
god of healing and of the underworld. Azazel was also known as
Aesculapius, the Roman god of medicine, as well as the Greek and
Phoenician god of healing often depicted wielding what is known as
the Staff of Aesculapius. Various modern day medical organizations
adopted the Staff of Aesculapius as its medical insignia, the staff itself
consisting of an axial rod with a single winged serpent entwined round
about it. The U.S. Army Medical Corp has the Staff of Aesculapius as
its insignia. The winged staff/serpent symbolism was also employed in
the symbol of the Caduceus of Hermes (Azazel). Enki’s emblem
(Enki also represented Azazel) was two entwined serpents and was the
symbol of his ‘cult center’ at Eridu, the same symbol employed by the
medical profession. This symbolism is also reminiscent of the
Sumerian Underworld god of healing, Ningishzida, whose symbol was
two snakes entwined around a central axial rod called the Rod of
Ningishzida which is the symbol adopted by the great guild of
physicians in England (as it may be helpful to note, one of the many
Egyptian titles for Azazel was “the two-headed serpent” [See the
Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XXXI]. The satyrs which
represented fallen angels themselves were said to have carried a
similar instrument known as a thyrsus, also known as the Rod of
Dionysus, a stick [magic wand] wound round with ivy and tipped with
a pine cone). The Sidonian god of healing, Eshmun, was also depicted
holding a serpent entwined staff in his right hand. All of the
afforementioned healing ‘gods’ represent the angel Azazel who
himself holds the title of Chief Physician. In fact, Azazel was what
was known as a ‘rapha’ (as was the angel Raphael), a surgeon, a
member of the medical profession (compare ‘rapha’ to the cognate
‘pharma,’ the root of the words ‘pharmacy’ and ‘pharmaceutical’).
The Book of Enoch lists medical practices (including abortion—an
abortion as noted on p.23 of Blood on the Altar is considered to be a
sacrifice to the pagan god Molech [who is Azazel]) as being amongst

the secrets which were revealed to mankind by Azazel’s group of
fallen angels.
To truly understand the vast extent and widespread use of
magic in nearly every ancient civilization’s religious belief system
including Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Roman, etc, one should read
Amulets and Superstitions by Egyptologist E.A. Wallis Budge, onetime ‘Keeper of Egyptian Antiquities’ in the British Museum. In
addition, philosopher Manly P. Hall in his book, America’s
Assignment with Destiny (1951 A.D.) unequivocally states: “All the
aboriginal tribes of North America practiced mystical and magical
rites.” This was true also of the tribes in South America, such as the
Aztecs, who derive their name from that of the angel Azazel. It is also
true of European tribes such as the Celts. Magic practices and beliefs
are experiencing a renaissance in the world we live in today, with
Pagan Reconstructionist movements including the Hermetic Order of
the Golden Dawn and Wicca itself playing a prominent role. William
J. Schnoebelen in The Dark Side of Freemasonry states: “Kabbalism
is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational
element in modern witchcraft. Virtually all of the great witches
and sorcerers of this (the 20th) century were Kabbalists.” This
agrees with what we learn from “During the
nineteenth century a revival of magic—based in large part upon the
Kabala and the identification of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet
(as explained in the Sephira Yetzira, another Kabalistic mainstay) with
the tarot (also known as the Book of Thoth. The Egyptian god Thoth
was the Greek god Hermes, from whom such Hermetic
Orders/Societies such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
derive their names)—occurred in France, primarily around Éliphas
Lévi. From Lévi a new appreciation of the Kabala passed to the
magicians of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and through it to
Aleister Crowley, a dominant practitioner of magic in the twentieth
century. It would be difficult to think of modern magic without the
Kabala and its related practices of gematria and path workings.”
(Notable quote: “It must be understood clearly that witchcraft is a
religion. Its patron god is the Horned God of…magic.” - The Meaning of
Witchcraft by Gerald B. Gardner, 1959 A.D. And Azazel is indeed that Horned
God, for as Wiccan high-priestess Patricia Crowther notes in the
magical invocation to be found in Lid Off the Cauldron p.58, the
Horned God of the witches to whom they dedicate themselves is none

other than the “God” of the “Underworld,” this being in reference of
course to the fallen angel Azazel who is entrapped within the earth)
Stage Magic, in days prior known as Legerdemain, such as that
art most famously practiced by the celebrated Hungarian-born Jewishimmigrant illusionist/escape artist Harry Houdini (real name: Ehrich
Weiss/Erik Weisz, son of the Jewish Rabbi [and Kabalist] Mayer
Samuel Weiss [1829–1892 A.D. Houdini’s mother, like Rudolf
Steiner, was a member of the Steiner family from Austria-Hungary
though I have been unable to ascertain whether they were in fact
related]. Houdini was National President [1917-1926 A.D.] of the
Society of American Magicians [SAM], the oldest fraternal magic
organization in the world [the world’s largest magic society is the
International Magicians Society. In association with the International
Brotherhood of Magicians, the SAM is still in existence today]) as
well as your garden variety staple of children’s birthday party rabbitpulled-out-of-a-hat routine is also rooted in the practice of goeteia and
mageia (ala parallel universes, also known as inner planes, the latest
manifestation of which can be found in a system called Quantum
Jumping, which in my opinion is the equivalent of what Kenneth Grant
terms Jumping the Abyss, a jump through ‘superspace’ involving
worm-holes/black holes (yes, physics = magic), and which, I must say,
is akin to the Vaulters/Leapers of the Chicago occultist/OTO-leader
Michael Bertiaux. Bertiaux was himself a close associate of Crowleyinitiate Kenneth Grant [Michael Bertiaux is the leader of the Ordo
Templi Orientis Antiqua (OTOA); Bertiaux served for a time as a
secretary for the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, IL and has also
headed the Choronzon Club in Chicago (originally founded 1928 A.D.
by Crowley-initiate/Navy vet Cecil Frederick Russell [C.F. Russell
was an attendee of Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema during the early
1920s (See p.177 The Rebirth of Magic)], which changed its name in
1931 A.D. to the Great Brotherhood of God in which order Ray
Burlingame, who would later become a member of Jack Parsons’ OTO
Agape Lodge, had been a member [C.F. Russell was also the mentor
of OTO Agape Lodge-member Louis T. Culling who was at one point
in time in personal correspondence with Aleister Crowley himself]; the
Choronzon Club was strictly dedicated to the practice of X° OTO male
homosexual sex-magic rituals**)] For more information see The
Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order G:.B:.G:. released in
1969 A.D. and leading to a resurgence of activity within the order) as

authored by a professional astrologer named Louis T. Culling [Culling
was a ‘friend’ of Israel Regardie as well (See p.511 The Eye in the
Triangle by Israel Regardie)] which has as its stated purpose ‘Union’
with the occult ‘Holy Guardian Angel’ who is Azazel. The Choronzon
Club employs the ‘Upright Pentagram,’ the sign of Azazel, as its
symbol [See Appendix A]). (** Such rituals have a long storied
history. Concerning ancient homosexual sex-magic practices:
“Religious sodomy was practiced by male prostitutes in the Hebrew
temple groves, which was one of the abominations of Israel which
Josiah cleared away. We are told in the 23 rd chapter of 2Kings that
Josiah broke down their houses which were near the temple, and drove
the Sodomite [ancient homosexual sex-magic practitioners] out,
burning their groves and scattering the ashes on the graves of the
people [such abhorrent rites were likewise performed in the city of
Sodom for which prohibited homosexual sex-magic practices God had
previously destroyed (See Genesis Chapter 19)]. At the same time he
‘put away’ all the wizards and workers with familiar spirits, and
destroyed the idols and images, filling up the site of the groves with
the bodies of the dead. This custom of sacred male prostitution was
not confined to the Israelites, and its counterparts can be found in
nearly all the ancient religions of the East. In Egypt and Assyria it
appears to have been customary to make eunuchs expressly for this
purpose.” – The Black Art p.160 by Rollo Ahmed, 1936 A.D. The
Choronzon Club/Great Brotherhood of God and the X° of the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn essentially resurrected the
ancient Sodomite homosexual sex-magic system).
The Magi themselves constituted an early version of modernday Stage Magicians:
“The Magi, also, not only know that there are demons, but, moreover,
whatever miracle they affect to perform, do it by means of demons; by
their aspirations and communications (with said demons) they show
their wondrous tricks, making either those things appear which are not,
or those things not to appear which are.” - The Octavius of Minucius Felix
Chapter XXVI

As we learn from Gerald B. Gardner in what is known as the
Gardnerian Book of Shadows (a Book of Shadows is a magician’s own
personal magic book), the stock magic wand which is oft times used as

a prop by stage magicians is also used during ceremonial magic
practices: “…to call up and control certain angels and genie.” (Much
symbolism is contained in this seemingly harmless magic act. The
rabbit-pulled-out-of-the-hat represents the magician’s demonic
‘familiar,’ a rabbit also being a symbol of a number of gods
representing the angel Azazel, it being yet another apt symbol for the
chthonic god Azazel as rabbits are known to make their homes in
briars within the earth)
Another notable example where stagecraft meets ceremonial
magic is the stage magician, ventriloquist, puppeteer and Freemason
Arnold Crowther (1909 – 1974 A.D.) with ties to British royal family
members whom he was known to entertain and who had likewise
entertained Allied servicemen with his "Black Magic" magic show
during World War II (Arnold Crowther was a friend of Gerald B.
Gardner. During his wartime tours Crowther had even met with
Aleister Crowley to whom it is said Crowther had introduced Gerald
B. Gardner in 1946 A.D. [See Lid Off the Cauldron p.26 by Patricia
Crowther wherein she explains: “I was introduced to Gerald by my
late husband, Arnold Crowther, who, incidently, introduced Gerald to
the late Aleister Crowley in 1946.”]). In 1960 A.D., Arthur Crowther
had met and married Wicca high-priestess Patricia Crowther (nѐe
Dawson), a cabaret stage entertainer who had been initiated into
witchcraft earlier in the year by Gerald B. Gardner himself (See Ibid
p.41). She in turn then initiated her husband Arnold into the coven.
One particular magic club of note dedicated to the promotion
of the magical arts is The Magic Circle founded in London, England in
1905 A.D. which includes amongst its august members Charles,
bonnie Prince of Wales (the Prince of Wales has traditionally under
the Order of the Garter [organized as Knights of the Garter] been head
[High Priest] of a coven of witches since 1348 A.D. [See Appendix
A]), son of the current queen of England (a ‘magic circle,’ as must be
noted, is an essential ingredient in ceremonial magic practices
involving the invocation of angels/demons/spirits. The Magic Circle
organization includes such a zodiacal ‘magic circle’ within its logo).
Abracadabra! Alacazam! Flee from your magic as fast as you can!
(Notable quote: “The magic circle is a fundamental requirement of all kinds of occult
ceremonial, and one of the most ancient. The magicians of Babylonia and Assyria used magic
circles in their rites… The most famous [and certainly the most grand] magical circle of the
island of Britain is Stonehenge.” – Witchcraft for Tomorrow by Doreen Valiente. Pagan

magic ceremonies are performed at Stonehenge even today. There also appears to be quite an
impressive ‘magic circle’ [consisting of a cross within a circle, the sign of Azazel; See
Appendix A] at Christ Church College at Oxford University, an old historical school of magic.
Indeed: “In witchcraft, all ceremonies must take place inside a consecrated circle. Unlike the
magick circle, which supposedly protects the magician from the terrible forces outside, so long
as he stands inside the circle, the consecrated circle of witchcraft is meant to keep the power
inside it, once it is raised by various means.” - Witchcraft p.205 by Hans Holzer. The term
‘magic circle’ as a definition has come also to include that of an associated group of
practitioners of magic)

It is said Stage Magic is all smoke and mirrors, and in this
regard Stage Magic was rooted in astrology (ceremonial magic and
astrological practices historically go hand in hand. Astrologers were,
as a rule, sorcerers [prominent examples being the renowned seer
Nostradamus (1503 – 1566 A.D.) and the court astrologer to Queen
Elizabeth I, the most illustrious Welsh magician Dr. John Dee (1527 –
1608/9 A.D.; Dee fell out of favor in the British royal court with the
ascension of the Scottish King James I to the English throne at the
death of Queen Elizabeth I, James being famously enough responsible
for the creation of what has come to be called the King James Version
(KJV) of The Bible]. As Indries Shah explains in The Secret Lore of
Magic [1957 A.D.]: “So closely bound up with the stars is magic that
the terms astrologer and magician were formerly almost synonymous.”
Such a link between sorcery and astrology is illustrated in Christopher
Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus [1601 A.D.] where the magician Faust was said
to have conjured the devil with the aid of a magic Zodiacal circle, the
Zodiac being a central theme in astrology). In the 12th Century A.D.,
Astrology was divided into eight discernible branches included in
which was “illusions, or magic…and the science of mirrors” (which
science is indeed essential to the crafting of telescopes useful for
astronomical observations.
Another branch of Astrology is
necromancy, which is to say, Spiritualism [See Astrology, p.137,
Spiritualist/Spiritualism Movement, when magic went mainstream in
the West, was originally derived from traditional magical/astrological
practices already long established. As Montague Summers explains:
“Camouflage it as you will, Spiritualism with its kindred superstitions,
such as necromancy and occultism, is a recrudescence of the old, old
practices cultivated in the days of long ago. In other words this ‘New
Religion’ [such as practiced in Spiritualist churches (Unitarian, etc.), at
Harvard Divinity School and within the Spiritualist circles of the
Spiritualism Movement in general] is but the Old Witchcraft.” – p.256

The History of Witchcraft and Demonology [in The Right Angle,
Geoffrey Farthing likewise speaks of: “Magic, and…its twin sister,
Spiritualism” and in Aleister Crowley: The Nature of the Beast (1987
A.D.) pp.156-157 Colin Wilson therein muses: “For most of us, the
word ‘magician’ conjures up a picture of a Walt Disney character in a
conical hat waving a magic wand. Yet the things that take place at
‘spiritualist sѐances’ every day are a kind of magic, and would have
been recognized as such by our ancestors.” As Rollo Ahmed similarly
notes: “A verse in Deuteronomy says: ‘There shall not be found
among you…a consulter of familiar spirits, or a necromancer’ … If we
are going to take this text seriously and literally, I think it would have
to be applied equally to sorcerers of the past and modern spiritualists.”
– The Black Art p.229]). At that time astrology was likewise inextricably
entwined with astronomy (as well as with mathematics, which is to
say, ‘mathematical magic,’ another practice important to astronomy).
Famous astronomers Galileo and Johannes Kepler were known to cast
horoscopes in their official capacity as astrologers for members of the
ruling class all the while calculating complex mathematical equations
during astronomical computations (Arthur C. Clarke in The Promise of
Space [1968 A.D.] p.5 writes of Kepler: “Johannes Kepler was the first
man to discover the exact laws governing the movements of the
planets—the same laws which now govern the movements of
spacecraft… Kepler lived in an age that still believed in magic, and
indeed his own mother had been charged with witchcraft.” Magic and
witchcraft is hereditary in nature, being passed down within a family
from generation to generation: “Witchcraft tended to run in families,
so anyone who was related by blood to a witch came under suspicion
of being a witch themselves.” – p.83 The Rebirth of Witchcraft. And not
unduly I might add). This is also true of the ceremonial magician:
“…it is distinctly stated in the language of Cornelius Agrippa, that "a
magician must be born so from his mother’s womb"…” – Art Magic, as
well as the Shaman: “The calling of a shaman was generally hereditary
in his family, the order being usually from maternal uncle to nephew.
Before he died he revealed his (familiar) spirit to his successor…” Shamanism and Witchcraft authored by one-time American Anthropological Association
president John R. Swanton. British mathematician T. H. Moody in A

Complete Refutation of Astrology (1838 A.D.) writes: “Astronomy
connects the mind with the heaven; but astrology associates it with the
daemons of darkness” (read: connects the mind, albeit telepathically,
with the fallen angels and John Calvin [1509-1563 A.D.] has called

astronomy, which science had stemmed from fallen angel introduced
magic-based beliefs, “a devilish superstition.” In fact, the 4th Century
A.D. Christian astrologer Julius Fermicus Maternus held that “the
astrologer mediates between human souls and celestial beings” thereby
serving by definition as a Spiritualist medium). As a classical
mathematician T. H. Moody would be in the know, seeing as how
English philosopher/Franciscan friar Roger Bacon (1214 – 1294 A.D.),
greatly influenced by the teachings of Aristotle, identified only two
different kinds of “mathematics” in his writings, one being essential in
the dispensation of magic and the other as it is employed in
astrological computations—Pythagorean principles are notable
examples of such. Science is rooted in magic practices and religious
rituals for within their arcane allegorical teachings may be found the
secret knowledge of the angels (as we learn from the
physician/astrologer/occultist Freemason Ebenezer Sibly [Sibly was a
member of Anton Mesmer’s Harmonic Philosophical School] in A
New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences Book 4 (1795
A.D.), Roger Bacon was a “very famous associate with familiar spirits,
and performed many astonishing exploits through their means.”). As
we learn from Sir Walter Scott in Letters on Demonology and
Witchcraft (1830 A.D.), the magical art of divination (foretelling the
future) was known as ars mathematica, mathematics. And finally, as
related in A Compleat System of Magic (1729 A.D.) pp.1-2: “In a
Word, a Magician was no more or less in the ancient Chaldean times,
than a Mathematician, a Man of Science…” Exemplary of the fact
science fell under the Biblical heading of magic, the divisions of which
were at oft times blurred, is Adolf Hitler’s own personal astrologer Dr.
W. Führer who personally cast Hitler’s horoscopes (astrology is a form
of divination determined by mathematical computations, a horoscope a
tool for foretelling the future)—Dr. W. Führer held the title
‘Plenipotentiary for Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics’ (See
Astounding Science Fiction [May 1947]: Pseudoscience in Naziland
by Willy Ley). The Mathematician of today is akin to the magician of
days long past, and this maxim particularly holds true in the case of the
Theoretical Mathematician.
Anti-Creationism Spiritualism-based
evolutionary theories notwithstanding, it is for these reasons that the
Church was traditionally so often at odds with the scientific arts and
those individuals involved with them, this being due to their wholly
magical origins.
There also exists The Fellowship of Christian Magicians

International, featuring Gospel Magic, the Catholic Magicians’ Guild
including an annual Magician’s Mass performed on the feast day of St.
Don Bosco, Patron Saint of Stage Magicians (which organizations
should be categorized as Cabalistic in nature), and a Judaic
counterpart, Torah Magic, one main practitioner of which is the Jewish
self-styled illusionist, Arthur Kurzweil, member of the International
Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians.
Kurzweil interestingly enough [and which seems to highlight the
association] authored a book entitled Kabballah for Dummies. And
one last quick note concerning the history of stage magic, there exists
a publication, a magic periodical devoted to all things Stage Magic
(which is, at this time it is helpful to note, also known as Stage
Conjuring), whose name is a revelation all in itself, that of the
Pasadena/Los Angeles periodical (established 1936 A.D.) entitled
Genii: The International Conjurer’s Magazine. The editor of the
magazine was the founder of a school of magic (in the finest
ceremonial magic school tradition) known as the Academy of Magical
Arts (which creation in 1952 A.D. coincided with the institution of
MKULTRA; Genii also published M-U-M Magazine for Stage
Magician John Mulholland [See Genii History: A Retrospective by
David Charvet] who was employed by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb for work in
MKULTRA’s Subproject 19 which concentrated on the creation of
what the CIA described as a ‘Magic Manual’ for use in Intelligence
operations, the result being Mulholland’s guidebook for agents, Some
Operational Applications of the Art of Deception which outlined the
use of the magician’s art of legerdemain including sleight of hand
techniques to suit the needs of espionage and covert activities. Topics
covered included the surreptitious administration of pills, liquids such
as knockout drops, and gasses, mind-altering chemicals such as LSD,
biological agents and poisons. The demise of Mulholland’s magazine
The Sphinx in 1953 A.D. coincides with his employment therewith).
The Academy of Magical Arts is an international organization
headquartered (beginning in 1962 A.D.) at the Magic Castle in
Hollywood, CA (the Magic Castle it would seem was used as a front
organization for MKULTRA and as a staging area for covert CIA
operations), home also to the Count Dracula Society (actor Cary
Grant, a major LSD proponent who has admitted to using LSD
repeatedly and this with LSD provided by OSS captain Al Hubbard
administered by medically sanctioned psychiatrists, and T.V. talkshow host Johnny Carson, are amongst the ‘celebrity magic hobbyists’

who have performed upon the Magic Castle’s magically enchanted
stage). As one may reasonably ascertain from the magazine’s title, the
periodical caters to those magicians who are conjurers of genii. The
word ‘conjure’ of course is Old French for ‘to invoke,’ and the genii
are fallen angels. The genii are in fact out of the bottle.
John Mulholland himself had studied magic under ‘The Merry
Wizard’ John William Sargent who served as President of the Society
of American Magicians from 1905- 1906 A.D. and who would later
serve as fellow stage magician/spy Harry Houdini’s own personal
secretary from 1918 – 1920 A.D. Early on in John Mulholland’s
career, from 1918 to 1924 A.D., he had held a teaching position at the
Horace Mann School (an Ivy League prep school with Whig
party/Young America [Carbonari] associations) located in New York
City and would go on to author no less than ten books on the subject of
magic. He was also for a time somewhat of a Spiritualist psychical
investigator, the end result being his 1938 A.D. book entitled Beware
Familiar Spirits, and a pocket-sized edition of his book entitled The
Art of Illusion would hit the battlefield stuffed inside the government
issued shirt pockets of World War II servicemen. During the 1950s,
John Mulholland would be engaged by the CIA’s Dr. Sidney Gottlieb,
America’s ‘official poisoner,’ in order to teach CIA agents sleight of
hand techniques in order to “covertly administer drugs, chemicals and
biological agents to unsuspecting victims.” For more information see
The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception (2009 A.D.) for
which book the CIA’s former Director of Central Intelligence John
McLaughlin provides its Forward. As McLaughlin therein
injudiciously explains: “…magic and espionage are really kindred
arts… the close kinship…continues—in stealthy ways that (John)
Mulholland (whom McLaughlin himself describes as “a lifelong
amateur magician who spent a career in American Intelligence”)
would probably admire—to this very day (amongst the greatest CIA
sleight of hand deceptions is the disappearing towers trick).” So the
tradition as McLaughlin notes lives on. It is said Harry Houdini
himself was employed as a spy as well. Beware of the magicians—
there may be more than a rabbit up their government issued sleeves.
Dracula of course is fiction’s most famous vampire for whose
story we owe a debt of gratitude to author/Theosophical
Society/Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn-member Bram Stoker.
Concerning the subject of vampirism into which his novel delves:
“The word ‘vampire’ is from the Slavonic wampyr; and since the

famous novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker, and the many films and plays
based upon it, people usually associate the belief in vampires with the
Balkan countries (where Transylvania is located). It is not generally
realized that this belief was formerly just as strongly held in Britain.
Nevertheless, it is the real origin of the old custom of burying the
unhallowed dead at a crossroads, with a stake through the corpse’s
heart. The object of this practice, which was not abolished by law (in
Britain) until 1823, was to prevent the corpse becoming a vampire.
Vampirism has always been associated with black magic. Those who
practiced black magic during their lifetime (such as witches and
ceremonial magicians, a prodigious number of whom existed in
Britain) were particularly likely to become vampires after their death.”
– pp. 379, 380 An ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present authored by the British witch Doreen
Valiente, 1973 A.D. It was for this express purpose, as we learn from
Montague Summers’ The Vampire: His Kith and Kin [1928 A.D.]
pp.79-80, that “the universal penalty for witchcraft” was to be burnt at
the stake as “...cremation, the burning of the dead body, is considered
to be one of the few ways, and perhaps the most efficacious manner, in
which vampirism can be stamped out and brought to an end.” In
Britain, however, it had been customary to hang a witch [Ibid p.79],
thus of course necessitating the driving of said stake through said heart
accompanied by said burial at said crossroads. However, as is often
the case with a pre-vampirac witch: “To burn the body of the Vampire
is generally acknowledged to be by far the supremely efficacious
method of ridding a district of this demoniacal pest, and it is the
common practice all over the world” [Ibid p.206]. I mention these
facts not because I believe in vampires in the ‘un-dead’ sense of the
word, for there certainly exists cults which practice the morbid
drinking of blood, but only to establish a motive for other people’s
inherent madnesses. Personally, I believe the vampire and werewolf
legends were creations of Satanic black magic practicing blooddrinking cannibalistic witchcraft cults promulgated with the intention
to scare the pious people away from the moonlit groves where witches
were wont to celebrate their Sabbats [as well as for profiting from the
sale of protective amulets for purposes of protecting their wearers
therefrom. Always follow the money trail. The love of money is the
root of all evil]. Indeed. It is customary in Satanism to intentionally
break those laws which God in his mercy has piously imposed [one of
which, as recorded in Leviticus 17:14, forbade the ingestion of blood],
the Ten Commandments included, one of which specifically states:

“Thou shalt not kill.” [See Exodus 20:13 and Matthew 5:21]. As one
Satanist professed as recorded in Bob Larson’s book Satanism p.72: “I
have to break all ten commandments,” murder included).
In conclusion, the genesis of all magic systems revolve around
their adherents belief in and of their esoteric knowledge concerning the
rebellious fallen angels (including the angels Satan and Azazel) and of
the disembodied spirits of their dead hybrid offspring, including, in
many cases, actual communication with said nefarious entities!
Warning! Warning! Warning!
Warning! Invoke the angels at the cost of your soul!
Hell is Forever! Hell is Excruciating! And You have been Fore Warned!


“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof
are the ways of death.” - Proverbs 14:12

Chapter 4. Theosophy, European Style (Secret Teachings
of Secret Societies)
From Genesis 7:11 we learn the comet strike which caused the
great Flood and which interred the angels within the earth took place
in the 600th year of Noah’s life on 2/17 (Iyyar 17) 4340 B.C. The
Celtic holy-day of Beltane was instituted to commemorate the day of
Azazel’s entrapment within the earth on this day of Iyyar the 17 th on
the Jewish Sacred Calendar, which day being the Julian Calendar
equivalent of May 1 (this is the date on which both Beltane and May
Day is celebrated). In Norse traditions, Beltane eve, also known as
Walpurgis Night, was known as the day of the “Enclosure of the
Fallen,” which is to say, it commemorates the enclosure of the fallen
angels within their subterranean prison. As is described in 1Enoch
X.9, the angel/human hybrid children of the Watchers/angels were all
gathered together and made to “destroy each other in battle” in a
Biblical Armageddon-like encounter, this event taking place on the eve
of Iyyar 17.
Beltane is a Celtic holy-day celebrated on May 1 which
commemorates the entrapment of Azazel and his angels (along with
Azazel’s human wife) within the earth at the time of the Biblical Flood
the day following the slaughter of their angel/human children. Beltane
festivals featured ritual acts designed to protect people from harm by
Otherworldly spirits. Corresponding to a cross-quarter day, this holyday was celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere as Samhain. In
medieval Ireland, Samhain became the principle festival where ritual
bonfires (as elements of magic rituals) were lit on hills, which is to
say, on the high-places, throughout Ireland. The ancient Celtic festival
of Samhain included a ritual celebration of the union of a chieftain god
(representing the angel Azazel) and a mother-goddess (representing
Azazel’s human wife), and additionally involved the propitiation of the
spirits, from whence comes our celebration of Halloween (October
31), also showcasing the demons, ghosts and goblins which
represented the fallen angels entrapped within the earth and the
disembodied spirits of their dead angel/human hybrid offspring. In
commemoration of the deaths of the human/hybrid offspring of the

angels, Samhain is called the ‘Greater Sabbat of the Dead’ in Wiccan
magic (‘Wicca’ is the Old English name for a male witch). Cernunnos
is the Wiccan Horned God, as Azazel was known to wear hornedhelmets. His ‘death,’ or rather, his interment within the earth, is
marked on Samhain (October 31). Needless to say, Cernunnos
represents the angel Azazel.
In Wicca, Samhain (October 31) also marks the descent of the
Goddess, who represents Azazel’s human wife, into the Underworld.
In Celtic legends, the place within the earth where the angels are
entrapped is called the Otherworld (this is also true of the Egyptians,
from whom this concept likely originated. According to noted
Egyptologist E.A. Wallis Budge in The Egyptian Heaven and Hell
(p.87), the term ‘Other World’ was synonymous with the term
As noted by Whitley Stokes in KZ 40:245 (1907), the word
‘Samhain’ is etymologically similar to the Proto-Celtic *samani,
meaning ‘assembly,’ a word also etymologically similar to the Roman
word ‘manes’ and the Etruscan word ‘mani,’ other worldly beings who
represent the assembly of imprisoned fallen angels in whose honor this
festival is celebrated. The Koran 6.128 likewise speaks of such an
“assembly of jinn” (from Arabic jinn, collective plural, meaning
"demons, spirits, angels"). The assembled group of jinn, which is to
say, angels spoken of therein include Azazel and his group of
imprisoned fallen angels. The book of magic known as The Greater
Key of Solomon likewise speaks of such “assemblies” of “Evil and
rebellious Spirits (read: angels) dwelling in the Abysses of Darkness”
of whom its practitioners sought to “conjure” (See The Greater Key of
Solomon Book I Chapter VII). The Seventh Tablet of the Assyrian
Story of the Creation Line 1 and Fragment-K 3449 Line 4 (See
Records of the Past 2nd series, Vol. I ed. by A. H. Sayce/University of
Oxford [1888 A.D.]) speak of such an “assembly” of “gods,” which is
to say, of the existence of such an “assembly” of angels on our Earth
whom the ancients revered as gods).
In his book entitled The Cloud upon the Sanctuary, Karl von
Eckartshausen, who studied at the University of Ingolstadt under the
Freemasonic Illuminatus Adam Weishaupt, reveals his esoteric
knowledge concerning this assembly of fallen angels who are interred
within the earth when he speaks of the presence of an “interior
society,” a “hidden assembly, a society of the Elect” formed “after the
fall of man” a “society of sages” (read: a group of fallen angels) which

“communicated, according to time and circumstances, unto the
exterior societies,” with those humans on the surface of the Earth, or
rather, was in communication with such individuals who sought to
conjure them, and that “this interior illuminated circle” (located within
Azazel’s circular cherub in the interior of the Earth), was an
“illuminated community” (the Illuminati) which “counts its members
from more than one world,” they being originally from the New
Earth, and “which one day will be the Regent Mother of the whole
World,” which is to say, will one day emerge to rule over the nations
of our Earth. As such, Azazel and his group of fallen angels (along
with their human agents) are the mysterious group known as
Illuminati. This illuminated group of fallen angels emerges to rule the
Earth the result of a great earthquake as prophecied on July 18/19,
2016 A.D. (ancient days were calculated from sunset to sunset). As
related in Aleister Crowley: The Midnight Messenger by Mike Culkin:
“Crowley first became aware of the existence of spiritual powers**
(read: Aleister Crowley first learned about the existence of Azazel’s
group of angels who are entrapped within the earth) in 1898 when he
read The Cloud upon the Sanctuary by Karl von Eckartshausen (as
quoted from above). Crowley was 22 at the time and set out to contact
the hidden Order (Azazel and his angels) which the book describes.
His efforts led to his initiation into the Hermetic Order of the Golden
Dawn on 18 November, 1898.” The “hidden Order” described in The
Cloud upon the Sanctuary (circa. late 18th Century A.D.) was none
other than the group of fallen angels headed by the fallen angel
Azazel. Crowley was in actual communication with them! (Notable
quote: “Before continuing with the strictly historical narrative [of
Western Magic/Western Occultism] it is advisable to examine, first,
what the [Hermetic Order of the] Golden Dawn initiates meant by
‘Magic’… Magic was defined by one initiate as ‘the science and art of
creating changes in consciousness’ and to this phrase should, perhaps,
be added the words ‘and entering into contact with non-human
intelligences.’” – Modern Ritual Magic: The Rise of Western Occultism by Francis
King, 1989 A.D. As Colin Wilson explains in Aleister Crowley: The
Nature of the Beast p.49: “…the Hebrew ‘magical’ system known as
the Kabbalah is the foundation stone of western occultism.”) (** “Magic
is the knowledge of how to employ [read: command] spiritual powers…” – Franz Hartmann.
In the eyes of Franz Hartmann, Spiritualism was an “ancient science” and mediumship but a
latent power within: “This power of spiritual perception [the ability to communicate with
spirits], potentially contained in every man, but developed in few…is perhaps as old as the
world. It was known to the ancient prophets, to the Arhats and Rishis of the East, to initiated

Brahmins, Egyptians, and Greeks. Its fundamental doctrines are found in the Vedas as well as
in the Bible. Upon these doctrines rest the fundaments of the secrets that were revealed only to
the initiated in the inner temple where the ancient mysteries were taught, and whose disclosure
to the vulgar was forbidden under the penalty of torture and death. They were the secrets
known to the ancient sages, and to the Adepts and Rosicrucians of the Middle Ages, and upon
a partial understanding of their truths rests the system of modern Freemasonry.” – Franz
Hartmann, Preface to The Life of Parascelsus, 1886 A.D.)

The fact that one may actually make contact with Azazel and
his group of rebel angels was an ancient Egyptian mystery teaching.
The following excerpt from The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (Thoth is a
god who represented the angel Azazel) speaks of such a “hidden”
“order,” a secret brotherhood which may be magic-ally conjured as it
were, referring of course to Azazel’s group of rebellious fallen angels
who are entrapped within the earth:
“Banded together as in order, Brothers (a brotherhood) of Darkness,
they through the ages, antagonist (adversaries) they to the children of
men (to humans). Walked they always secret and hidden, found, yet
not found by the children of man. Forever, they walked and worked in
darkness, hiding from the light in the darkness of night. Silently,
secretly use they their power (the so-called “spirit of error,” the Vril
force; ELF waves; Odic force), enslaving and binding the soul of men.
Unseen they come, and unseen they go. Man, in his ignorance calls
Them (conjures them) from below (from where they lay entrapped
beneath the earth).” - Tablet VI of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (It is this band of
brothers, Azazel’s band of rebel angels, of which Theosophist William Q. Judge speaks when
he explains: “In the early days of the Theosophical Society the name Mahatma [by which
name members of certain Eastern religions referred to the rebellious fallen angels] was not in
use here, but the title then was “Brothers.” This referred to the fact that they were a band of
men (angels incarnate) who belonged to a brotherhood in the East…Indiscriminately with
Mahatma, the word Adept has been used to describe the same beings” - Echoes from the
Orient Chapter X by William Q. Judge, 1890 A.D.] Thusly, Theosophists know the rebellious
fallen angels variously as the Mahatmas, the Adepts, and the Brothers/the Brotherhood)

Ceremonial Magician A. E. Waite in a tome entitled DevilWorship in France Chapter I: Satanism in the Nineteenth Century
(1896 A.D.) minces no words when he explains that “the attempt to
form a partnership with the lost angels of orthodox
theology…constitutes Black Magic,” that “the purpose of Black
Magic is simply and obviously to communicate with devils,” he
equivocating that “the spiritualist…receives the messages of the
spheres (no doubt in the form of ELF waves; the “spirit of error,” the
Vril force, waves being spherical in shape) and establishes a partial

acquaintance with an order which is not of this world.” Azazel and
his Otherworldly order of rebellious fallen angels who are with him
entrapped within the earth is the original “Mystical Fraternity” (a
fraternity is by definition ‘the quality or condition of being brothers;’ a
brotherhood) from which all other such magic-related “secret
Fraternities” (secret brotherhoods) were derived due to mankind’s
“associations from the past” with this angelic group of fallen angels as
noted by A. E. Waite in Chapter 2 of his book entitled The Book of
Black Magic and of Pacts (1910 A.D.). It must be noted A. E. Waite,
in addition to being a Master Mason, was as well a leading member of
a French lodge of the Theosophical Society, and of its magicpracticing inner circle, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and
also a member of the Rosicrucian Society (the SRIA; later he would
establish the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross). These facts are important
for establishing historical connections between these angels and those
humans/esoteric groups with who they have been in contact. And this
we most certainly will do.
“In the history of psychical phenomena the records of so-called
‘spiritualism’ in Europe, America, and elsewhere hold an important
place (as a testament to its popularity in America: “In 1854 the [U.S.]
Senate was petitioned to bestow its official sanction upon spiritualism
and to make it a national institution. The matter was discussed in the
Senate but was finally rejected.” - Devils Drugs and Doctors Chapter
XIII: White and Black Magic [Haggard]). Advisedly I say that no
term was ever more misapplied than that of ‘spiritualism’ to the cult in
Europe and America just mentioned, inasmuch as there is nothing of
the spirit about it. The doctrines given in preceding chapters are those
of true spiritualism; the misnamed practises of modern mediums and
so-called spiritists constitute the Worship of the Dead, old-fashioned
necromancy, in fact, which was always prohibited by spiritual
teachers. They are a gross materializing of the spiritual idea, and deal
with matter more than with its opposite. This cult is supposed by some
to have originated about forty years ago (in 1848 A.D.) in America at
Rochester, N. Y., under the mediumship of the Fox sisters, but it was
known in Salem during the witchcraft excitement (during the Salem
Witch Trials, circa 1692-1693 A.D.), and in Europe one hundred years
ago (circa 1793 A.D.) the same practises were pursued, similar
phenomena seen, mediums developed, and sѐances held. For centuries
it has been well known in India where it is properly designated ‘bhuta

worship,’ meaning the attempt to communicate with the devil…”
(Explains Judge: “Bhuta, devil, and elementary are nearly
synonymous; the first Sanskrit, the other English.”). - The Ocean of
Theosophy by William Q. Judge 1893 A.D. (The word ‘Buddha’ is a cognate of the word
‘Bhuta.’ I must say I whole heartedly agree with Hal Lindsey when he writes in his book
entitled Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth: “Necromancy means calling up the dead or
foretelling the future by communicating with the dead. Usually when a medium calls up
someone from the dead, it is a demonic deception: that is, a demon impersonating someone
who is dead will begin to speak through the medium.” I would say this is the case in every
instance, and William Q. Judge it would appear was of the same opinion. Spiritualism is
witchcraft pure and simple. As occult historian Lewis Spence writing circa 1920 A.D.
explains concerning the modern Spiritualist Movement: “Though the (Spiritualist) movement
in its present form dates no further back than 1848, it is possible to trace its ancestry to
witchcraft, demoniac possession, poltergeist disturbances, and animal magnetism [animal
magnetism was derived from the teachings of Paracelsus]. In these all the phenomenon of
spiritualism may be found, though the disturbing influences were not in the earlier instances
identified with the spirits of the deceased… In such cases the symptoms were generally
referred either to angelic or diabolic possession…” – p.380 An Encylopaedia of Occultism)
(“The witches’ belief that ‘the power’ [of clairvoyance] resides within themselves, and that
their rites serve to bring it out, is the great difference between them and the practitioners of
‘ceremonial magic,’ black or white. The latter proceed by the invocation or evocation of
spirits, sometimes of demons, whom they seek to compel to serve them. This is not the
witches’ way, though they believe that helpful spirits, human or otherwise, come of their own
accord to assist in their rites, and that those present who have developed ‘the Sight’ (i.e.
clairvoyance) may see such spirits.” - The Meaning of Witchcraft by Gerald B. Gardner, 1959
A.D. This is, however, nothing more than a demonic deception, for as previously pointed out:
“…Porphyry says, as quoted by Augustine (De Civ. Dei x, 11): ‘There is a class of demons
[read: fallen angels] of crafty nature, pretending that they are gods and the souls of the dead.’”
- Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas. Such is the nature of demonic deception)

“From the days when the most ancient Sanskrit writings laid down
modes of invoking spirits…and prescribed the conditions under which
mortals should hold communion with them, up to the nineteenth
century, when the "spiritualists who permeate every land of
civilization, point their little tracts descriptive of the best means of
forming 'circles' for the purpose of evoking spirit presence and
communion, there never was an age or time when man in some form
or other did not believe in Spiritual existences subordinate to the
Deity; in the means of communing with them, and in their influence on
human action for good or evil.” – Art Magic
Spirtualism is inextricably entwined with Magic:
“Spiritualism in the hands of an adept becomes Magic, for he is
learned in the art of blending together the laws of the Universe,
without breaking any of them and thereby violating Nature. In the
hands of an experienced medium, Spiritualism becomes Unconscious

Sorcery; for, by allowing himself to become the helpless tool of a
variety of spirits, of whom he knows nothing save what the latter
permit him to know, he opens, unknown to himself, a door of
communication between the two worlds, through which emerge the
blind forces of Nature lurking in the astral light,** as well as good and
bad spirits.” [The collected writings of H.P.Blavatsky -I, 137]” - Deity, Cosmos and
Man by Geoffrey Farthing (** As Israel Regardie explains in Foundations of Practical Magic
p.51: “By means of the traditional theurgic technique it is possible to contact consciously this
plane [the Astral Light], to…converse with its elemental and angelic inhabitants so-called…”)
(Notable Quote: “To use the faculty of holding converse with visitors, whether from the world
of men or the world of spirits, is one thing; but to abdicate the ownership of one’s house
[body], and suffer another [spirit] to occupy it, the owner being meanwhile altogether
unconscious of that other’s character and proceedings, is another thing, and one that is as
unwise and perilous in the case of a spiritual as of a material visitor.” - The Credo of
Christendom and other Addresses and Essays on Esoteric Christianity: Chapter 11. Extraneous
Spirits and Obsession by Anna Bonus Kingsford and Edward Maitland, 1916 A.D.) (“Many
[Spiritualist] mediums, especially in the United States, are also stout Christians, both Catholic
and Protestant.” – p.105 Witchcraft by Hans Holzer, 2002 A.D. Such practices must be filed
under the category of Cabalism)

Incredibly enough, a prominent number of novels emerging
from the Spiritualist Movement of the 18th – 20th Centuries in Europe
and America speak of the existence of Azazel and the rebellious fallen
angels and how these angels interact with the human societies of our
Earth. In Chapter 12 of The Goal of Life (1908 A.D.) the esoteric
author Hiram E. Butler speaks of Azazel’s group of rebellious fallen
angels who are entrapped within the earth when he professes the
existence on our Earth of an “Eternal Brotherhood…gathered from
those who are called in Genesis vi. 2 ‘the sons of God’ (read: angels),”
a group which he attests abides here upon our Earth. In the pursuit of
spiritual truth, writes Butler in 1887 A.D. at the height of the
American Spiritualist Movement in his book entitled Solar Biology:
“We have to confront numerous traditions regarding a fallen race,
tempters of Adam and Eve,” who are “‘the powers and principalities of
the air’ (read: the angels. See Ephesians 6:12), against which the
people of this earth have to contend.” (Hiram E. Butler was [circa 1910 A.D.]
“Professor of Latin at the University of London”; See The Golden Ass xii 1924 A.D. edition.
According to Jaques Vallee in Messengers of Deception p.143, the writings of Hiram E. Butler
exerted a major influence on the Paris, France-based group known as the Order of
Melchizedek, a UFO religion group.** In 1889 A.D., Butler migrated from Boston, MA to a
site near Applegate, California with a dozen of his most magically adept disciples there to
establish a commune-type Spiritualist Esoteric Fraternity. Note in total they make 13
individuals, the typical number in a traditional witch’s coven composed of eleven witches of
various gender, a high priest and a high priestess) (**As we learn from Jim Keith in Saucers of
the Illuminati: “…the Order of Melchizedek…espouses a one world government… The Order

is cabalistic in its mystical practices, the Qabalah being an ancient form of Jewish mystical
cosmology, a philosophy also employed by other occult groups such as the OTO and the

The group consisting of Azazel and his rebellious fallen angels
are variously known amongst esoteric orders as the Illuminati, the
Brotherhood of the Illuminati, the Brotherhood of Shamballa, the
Universal Brotherhood, the Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood, the
Great White Brotherhood (which is also known as the Comity of Stars
by some individuals; the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn magicorder is said to be the ‘Outer Order of the Great White Brotherhood’),
the Great White Brotherhood of Sirius (of the Sovereign Order of the
Solar Temple), the Great Brotherhood of Light, the Brotherhood of the
White Lodge, the Great White Lodge (of the Adepti), the Great Chiefs
(Tchatchau), the Secret Chiefs (Unbekkanie Oberen), the Inner Chiefs,
the Inner Chiefs of the Third Order, the Inner Order of the OTO (the
Inner Head of which is Azazel), Inner Plane Adepti, the Adepts, the
Masters, the Ascended Masters, the Masters of the Hidden
Brotherhood (also known as Mahatmas, Adept Brothers, Elder
Brothers and more recently with the appearance of the so-called UFO
religions, ‘Space Brothers,’ as well as being known as the ‘[Dread]
Lords of the Outer Spaces,’ the ‘guardians of the Magic Circle’ [read:
the angels entrapped within Azazel’s chrub]), the Ancient Aryan
Masters, the White Masters (for which reason Azazel’s human wife is
known as the White Goddess/the White Lady), the Masters of HigherKnowledge, the Masters of Wisdom, the Masters of the Ancient
Wisdom, the Masters of Agartha (per Alexandre Saint-Yves), the
Great Hierarchy of Intelligences (per Cyril Scott in An Outline of
Modern Occultism [1935 A.D.]), the Demiurgic Intelligences (See The
Dramatic Universe by John G. Bennett), the Hidden Order (the Stella
Matutina uses this phrase to denote this group of angels, which term is
derived from the “hidden Order” as described in The Cloud upon the
Sanctuary) the Hidden Directorate (a term which hails from a Sufi
tradition. For more information see The People of the Secret by Ernest
Scott), the Secret Directorate, the Council of Nine (aka the Nine, the
Ennead pantheon of ancient Egyptian gods, and the Nine Muses) and
the Inner Government of the World. These fallen angels (aided by the
efforts of Overshadowed human helpers) are the true leaders of the
New World Order. As noted in Angels, Demons and Freemasons: The
True Conspiracy, 2008 A.D: “Albert Pike…pointed out that the goal

of the Hidden Order, survived under various names throughout time,
governed by the unknown chiefs, was to bring to fruition a New World
Order, overthrowing throne and altar.” (As OTO-member Robert Shell
explains: “Kenneth Grant, the British head of the Ordo Templi
Orientis and also a friend of mine, has speculated that these beings
referred to as ‘those on high’ [occupants of UFOs] are the same beings
that Aleister Crowley referred to as the Secret Chiefs, and the
Egyptians deified into their many god forms [including most
specifically the aforementioned gods constituting the Ennead of
Heliopolis, a word which translates as The Nine]. These beings are, in
the ultimate setting, the true rulers and the true owners of this planet.”
– Revelation: The Divine Fire Chapter 9)
The term ‘Secret Chiefs’ is the name the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn (as well as some of its various offshoots) uses to denote
Azazel’s group of rebel angels with whom they had established
contact. In fact, the highest order in the Western Magic hierarchy of
official grades is said to be the: “…Third Order. The members of this
(Third Order)—the Secret Chiefs—were considered to be the Great
White Lodge of the Adepti, the ‘Mahatmas’ (angels) who had given
Madame Blavatsky her mission.” – p.65 Modern Ritual Magic: The Rise of
Western Occultism by Francis King, 1989 A.D. Those who are said to occupy this
Third Order are the rebel fallen angels themselves! This group
occupies the top of the Western Magic hierarchy. In fact, high-placed
members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn were closely
associated with high-placed members of the Theosophical Society:
“(William Wynn) Westcott (one of the co-founders of the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn) was a personal friend of Madame
Blavatsky (president and founding member of the Theosophical
Society) and while she lived there was a friendly alliance between the
Eastern Section of the Theosophical Society and the (Hermetic Order
of the) Golden Dawn. He (Wescott, a reputed leader of the ‘Order of
the Palladium’) was also associated with the Christian mystics Anna
Bonus Kingsford and Edward Maitland, of the London Hermetic
Society...” – Modern Ritual Magic: The Rise of Western Occultism by Francis King, 1989
A.D. (Annie Besant, president of the Theosophical Society, as we learn from Annie Besant:
An Autobiography, frequented the very same “centre of heretical thought” as Edward
Maitland [the Maitlands being related to the Balfours by marriage], namely, the Ramsgate
residence of English Freethought (Freethought tenets almost always tend to run counter to the
teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations in general) Theist

publisher Thomas Scott (who employed as his emblem a ‘serpent twined on a tau cross’ (See
History of Freethought in the Nineteenth Century Part 2, by J.M. Robertson p.400, by
definition a palladium, the sign of Azazel (See Appendix A), signaling his membership in the
super-secretive Freemasonic ‘Order of the Palladium’ [which magic order performs the New
and Reformed Palladian Rite as instituted by Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini; it is a distinct
possibility and probable likelihood that the inner circle of this group represented a Palladian
Society which admits both males, dubbed “Companions of Ulysses” (2°) and females, called
“Companions of Penelope” (2°), within its ranks (1° = Adelph, androgynous in nature
consisting of both male and female members)] and no doubt Thomas Scott was of the very
highest Freemasonic degrees), whose “correspondence was enormous, from Prime Ministers
downwards [“…clerics and laymen, scholars and thinkers, all coming to this one house,” the
house of Thomas Scott. The Scotts (like the Maitlands) are likewise related to the Balfours by
marriage]. At his house met people of the most varied opinions; it was a veritable heretical
salon.” Included within this group of heretics was philosopher Charles Bray whose “Rosehill
Circle” included transcendentalist/Spiritualist poet Ralph Waldo Emerson,** a friend of Henry
James, Sr., father of William James of Harvard University (** “The Boston community into
which Emerson was born was a tightly knit little social island of British-connected merchants
and Unitarian ministers…Harvard College, the intellectual center…” - Treason in America by
Anton Chaitkin, 1984 A.D. For this reason Harvard is known as the ‘Unitarian Vatican.’ It is
to this very group of British heretics that the Boston of Emerson’s day was connected). Note
these facts well. As noted by Craig Heimbichner in Blood on the Altar: The Secret History of
the World’s Most Dangerous Secret Society [2005 A.D.] the Ordo Templi Orientis [OTO] is
the embodiment of the ‘Order of the Palladium,’ both of which Orders accepted males and
females within its ranks and both of which were known to practice ‘sex magick.’ OTOmember Louis T. Culling writes in A Manual of Sex Magick [1971 A.D.] p.87 that Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn co-founder William Wynn Westcott was in fact a leading member
of the super-secretive ‘Palladian Order’ [Aleister Crowley’s personal secretary Israel Regardie
also testifies to this fact in The Eye in the Triangle pp.79-80], and Israel Regardie himself
professed to be a member as well [Ibid p.10]. Francis King in The Rebirth of Magic p.178
offers confirmation of this fact as pertains to Louis T. Culling, Culling himself being a
member of Jack Parsons’ [CIA-sanctioned] OTO lodge) (**Ralph Waldo Emerson connects to
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was the Grand Priest of the
Oddfellow’s Satanic ‘New Evocative Magic’ ritual, which was as we learn from Lady
Queensborough, Edith Starr Miller in Occult Theocracy was itself directly related to the
Palladian Rite] through the merchant seaman/Harvard attendee/Massachusetts politician
Richard Henry Dana, Jr. [1815-1852 A.D.], whose ancestors included [metaphysical] poet
Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672 A.D.) [Anne Bradstreet’s ancestors include President Herbert
Hoover as well as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. and Jr.]: “In 1825, Dana enrolled in a private
school overseen by Ralph Waldo Emerson [Dana was Emerson’s student]…His son, Richard
Henry Dana III, married Edith Longfellow, daughter of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.” –
Wikipedia. Their son was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana [a Harvard grad and professor
at Columbia University; he was a close colleague of APA first president James McKeen
Cattell and of various professors who would go on to found The New School of Social
Research in Greenwich Village whose celebrated attendees included Jack Kerouac [Kerouac
was a Columbia University attendee as well. Columbia University like the New School for
Social Research is known to have extensive CIA ties with a number of individuals holding
dual positions of leadership in both the CIA and and the university. Columbia University also
has extensive ties to the Council on Foreign Relations] and Marlon Brando which facts are as
we shall see of no small importance. Note very well these associations. Columbia University
had been at the forefront of American efforts to create the atomic bomb— Columbia
University’s Physics Department played a crucial role in the Manhattan Project, a quite
common thread within our story (some of the most powerful magicians of our day in fact may
be found in the physics departments of major universities). The Columbia University school of

magic was notably enough the alma mater of Jewish Kabalist Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg
whose Columbia University Ph.D. thesis served as the basis of his 1939 A.D. book on Jewish
magic and mysticism, namely, Jewish Magic and Superstition) (One Aleister Crowley-initiate
who highlights the connection between Crowley’s A.:A.: [of which he was a member], the
OTO [he served as the head of the OTO in Australia], the Theosophical Society [he was a
member of the Australian section of the Theosophical Society] and Co-Freemasonry [as
founded by Theosophical Society president Annie Besant] is A.:A.: member Sir Frank
Bennett, a knight of the British realm involved with all of these organizations. Frank Bennett
had even joined Aleister Crowley at his Abbey of Thelema in 1921 A.D. along with Cecil
Frederick Russell and Hollywood actress Jane Wolfe. Frank Bennett communicated regularly
with Charles Stansfeld Jones [Jane Wolfe herself belonged to Jones’ OTO lodge in
California], in whose OTO magic lodge Jack Parsons and Harry Smith [later resident Shaman
of New York City’s Chelsea Hotel], both received their initiations, more facts whose
importance will only later be appreciated) (A book declared by Aleister Crowley to be an
essential part of any magick library entitled Heavenly Bridegrooms as written by the selfdescribed “earthly wife of an angel,” a Freethought advocate, Chicago witch and Spiritualist
medium involved in “psychical research” [she exhibiting more than a passing familiarity with
the findings of the Society for Psychical Research with which she was likely involved] named
Ida C. Craddock [1857 – 1902 A.D.] is thought to have played an important role in the sexmagick rituals of the OTO. As we learn from Wikipedia: “In the latter part of the 19th
century, sexual reformer Ida Craddock published several works dealing with sacred sexuality
[code for ‘sex-magick’], most notably Heavenly Bridegrooms and Psychic Wedlock [as
ceremonial magician Donald Tyson indicates in his book Sexual Alchemy: Magical
Intercourse with Spirits (2000 A.D.), itself a historical study of sex-magic including sex with
Otherworldly beings: “In the nineteenth century spirit mediums frequently reported sexual
feelings during contact with certain spirits… Female mediums sometimes experienced sexual
climax at the height of their manifestations.”]. Aleister Crowley reviewed Heavenly
Bridegrooms in the pages of his journal The Equinox, stating that it was: ‘ of the most
remarkable human documents ever produced, and it should certainly find a regular publisher
in book form. The authoress of the MS. claims that she was the wife of an angel. She
expounds at the greatest length the philosophy connected with this thesis [including the sexual
intermingling of humans and angels as set forth in Genesis 6:4]. Her learning is enormous.
...This book is of incalculable value to every student of occult matters. No Magick library is
complete without it.’ Sexual techniques from Craddock’s Psychic Wedlock were later
reproduced in [A Manual of] Sex Magick by O.T.O. initiate Louis T. Culling [Louis T. Culling
was a member of Jack Parsons’ OTO lodge]. – Wikipedia: SexMagic. Ida C. Craddock is yet
another product of the British Museum and was known to have taken classes offered by the
Theosophical Society and to have served as Secretary for the The American Secular Union and
Freethought Federation which publically advocated the total separation of church and state.
An anti-Christian coalition in the form of Secular Humanism and the associated Freethought
movements brought together many diverse people including Atheists, ceremonial magicians,
witches, Spiritists/Spiritualists, homosexuals and socialists into one heterogeneous
organization. As the old saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and this enemy
was the Church by whom such groups were ruthlessly persecuted. Legal prosecutions would
indeed induce Craddock to later commit suicide)

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a product of the
Spiritualism Movement:
“…in the 1850s (though originally beginning in 1848 A.D.), when
spiritualism sprang up in the United States, then swept like a fever

through Europe, with the result that communication with the dead
grew to become almost a respectable religious activity (Spiritualism is
in fact a recognized religion). The séances of D.D. Home, one of the
leading exponents of the new cult, were often attended by the nobility.
Long-obsolete forms of divination became fashionable overnight. The
ouija board, for example, which is an instrument for spelling out
messages from the dead and can be traced back to 540 B.C., was now
in constant use at séances throughout the Western world. This
remarkable era witnessed the dramatic revival of magic of an
extremely interesting type. Its leading exponents were Eliphas Levi (a
leading member of a Theosophical Society lodge in France), followed
later by Macgregor Mathers, and the notorious Aleister Crowley (all of
whom were members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn).”
Theosophist and one-time President of the Theosophical
Society Annie Besant in her book entitled The Masters (1912 A.D.)
likewise speaks of great teachers who are “Guardians of humanity”
(read: guardian angels) forming a “great Brotherhood” who while
being “incarnate, they remain in retired and secluded spots, away from
the tumult of human life,” and who are said to “aid, in countless ways,
the progress of humanity.” C.W. Leadbeater, 33° Freemason and
prominent early member of the Theosophical Society (who was once
employed as a tutor to the son of Theosophical Society President A.P.
Sinnett and as tutor of Dr. George Sidney Arundale, President of the
Theosophical Society Adyar in India, the son of Annie Besant), writes
the following concerning this angelic group as presented in The
Masters and the Path (1925 A.D.) Part I: The Masters, Chapter I: The
Existence of the Masters General Considerations: “The possession of
extended vision and other faculties resulting from the unfolding of our
latent powers has also brought within our constant experience the fact
that there are other orders of beings than the human, some of
whom rank alongside the Adepts in a grade of existence higher than
our own…whom we call Devas or Angels.”
Theosophists consider the incarnate angels to be a very real
genus higher on the evolutionary scale than normal human beings:
“The highest system of evolution specially connected with this earth,
so far as we know, is that of the beings whom Hindus call the Devas,
and who have elsewhere been spoken of as angels, sons of God, etc.

They may, in fact, be regarded as a kingdom lying next above
humanity, in the same way as humanity in turn lies next above the
animal kingdom…” - Devachanic Plane by C.W. Leadbeater, 1896 A.D. (The term
Devachanic Plane refers to: “…the invisible world, (or heaven, Devachan)…” - Zohar:
Bereshith to Lekh Lekha, where dwelleth the deva/angels)

In The World Mother As Symbol and Fact Leadbeater states
these: “Angels take a very great part in the direction of (human)
evolution.” In Glimpses of Masonic History Leadbeater expands on
this subject as he announces: “…human evolution…is being definitely
directed from behind by a body of perfected men which we call the
Great White Brotherhood” (angels, as we learn from The Book of
Enoch, are in appearance Caucasian: “…there came forth from heaven
beings who were like white men” [See The Book of Enoch
LXXXVII.2]. These are the ‘perefected men’ of which Leadbeater
speaks). And again: “…the evolution of the world is not being left to
run its course haphazard, but that its direction and administration are in
the hands of a great Hierarchy of Adepts, sometimes called the White
Brotherhood” (he makes an allusion of course to the “assembly” of
“just men made perfect” mentioned in Hebrews 12:23 though of this
he speaks erroneously for they are in fact a group of incarnate fallen
angels banished to our Earth by God for their injustices. As noted in
Art Magic, such Spiritists/Spiritualists of a Theosophical bent
erroneously believe themselves to be in contact with “disembodied
human spirits” and “that all angels…had once been men” and regard
these angels to be the reincarnated “Souls of men that have enjoyed
ages of progress” [read: numerous reincarnations] and who “have
attained to the highest conditions of Angelic exaltation.” However,
“Angels…are not glorified human beings, but are distinct from man
(ICor. 6:3, Heb. 1:14) ”) - The Inner Life (Second Series) Volume II by C. W.
Leadbeater (Masonry is a construct of the rebellious fallen angels: “…the
movement which is generally termed Masonic had its roots in that true
mysticism which originated…from the spiritual Hierarchy [read: from
the group of the rebellious fallen angels] which guides the evolution of
the world…” – Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Mediaeval Mysticism p.3132 [Cooper-Oakley, London, 1900 A.D.]). Speaking of this order of angels
Leadbeater goes on to say: “There has always been a Brotherhood of
Adepts, the Great White Brotherhood; there have always been Those
who knew, those who possessed this inner wisdom, and our Masters
(the fallen angels) are among the present representatives of that mighty

line of Seers and Sages” (See The Masters and the Path Part II:
Chapter III: The Way to the Master [“The Masters of the Path are
spiritual beings.” - Letters From a Sufi Teacher: The Theosophy of Islam (Shaikh
Sharfuddîn Manerî, 1867 A.D.) and Azazel is known as the ‘Chief Seer’].
In fact,
Leadbeater claimed to be in contact with this angelic group: “…many
of us are, and have been for many years, in daily communication with
these Great Ones…” - Masters of Wisdom (Adyar Pamphlets No. 86) by C. W.
Aleister Crowley, like C.W. Leadbeater, regarded the Great
White Brotherhood as a very real entity mentioning it in his book
Magick, and in Eight Lectures on Yoga p.43 Crowley goes as far as to
say he is a representative of the Great White Brotherhood itself. At
any rate, Theosophists such as Leadbeater and Madame Blavatsky
staged Spiritual séances by which they attempted to contact these
otherworldly “spirits” (in Spiritualism and Philosophy Chapter IX
Leadbeater mentions the séances he has attended). Such séances were
a popular pasttime of the day, one prominent example being Mary
Todd Lincoln’s hosting of séances in the Lincoln White House many
of which were attended by President Abraham Lincoln (Notable
Quote: “Even Abraham Lincoln was a spiritualist and openly admitted
that he based some of his decisions upon information and advice he
received at séances.” – p.285 UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse by John A. Keel, 1970
A.D. This of course violated one of Allen Kardec’s cardinal rules,
Kardec being the man who literally wrote the book on spirit
mediumship, as set forth in his Mediums and Evokers’ Handbook
[1861 A.D.]: “Do not live by the spirit’s advice…” There are a great
number of individuals who, however, do, and Spiritualism is an
officially recognized religion). One of Abraham Lincoln’s most
famous political decisions of note based upon the advice of spirits with
which he himself had communicated (as related in Buckland’s Book of
Spirit Communication pp.33-34) resulted in the emancipation of the
slaves (for more information on this subject see also The Psychic Life
of Abraham Lincoln by Susan B. Martinez [which reveals that: “…the
Spirits not only urged the subject of the Emancipation
Proclamation…they in the name of the Independence Fathers (whose
disembodied spirits Lincoln and his Spiritualist magic circle believed
themselves to be channeling), spelled out, letter by letter the
preliminary draft of the famous document” which would of course
make the Emancipation Proclamation a product of ‘automatic writing’]

as well as Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?: Curious Revelations
from the Life of a Trance Medium by Nettie Colburn [Nettie Colburn
was one of a number of the President and Mrs. Lincoln’s Spiritualist
mediums/psychic advisors with whom they so often consulted who
had been given a job in the Department of the Interior that she might
become somewhat of a White House medium-in-residence whose
Spiritualist “circles (read: sѐances)…were attended by many of the
most prominent people in Washington” at which times Otherworldly
spirits were consulted including on such subject matters of a
completely martial nature (in order to ascertain troop dispositions of
enemy forces, etc.) concerning the ongoing American Civil War in the
grand old tradition of King Saul and the Pythoness witch of Endor].
You won’t find that in a sixth grade history book (an account of this
episode is additionally included in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book,
The History of Spiritualism Vol I. For that account, turn now to
Appendix J).
Yet another Spiritualist medium in the Lincoln presidential
saga who had actively campaigned for Lincoln’s re-election in 1864
A.D. was an influential British physician/Spiritualist medium hailing
from the East End of London named Emma Hardinge Britten (now
known to have been the author/editor/publisher of the then
anonymously authored Spiritualist magic book Art Magic, a book
which was to have a major influence on the teachings of the OTO, it
being a veritable Carbonari playbook which in itself would directly
lead to the creation of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn), an
active evangelist for the Spiritualist Movement who would later
become one of six founding members along with Carbonarimember/Spiritualist medium H.P. Blavatsky of the Theosophical
Society in New York. Both Emma Hardinge Britten and H.P.
Blavatsky had been co-members along with OTO-founder Karl
Kellner of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light magic order (the OTO
itself appears to have been the inner-circle of the Hermetic
Brotherhood of Light [aka the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor
(H.B.L.)/Luxor]. An offshoot of this church, The Church of Light,
would be incorporated in Los Angeles in 1932 A.D. the President of
which was a Freemason named C.C. Zain. Having since relocated to
Albuquerque, NM, The Church of Light is yet still in existence today).
Historian Karl R.H. Frick suggests President Abraham Lincoln had
been a member of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light during the

American Civil War era and this would certainly seem to be the case.
At the very least it must be recognized President Abraham Lincoln had
close associations with various Spiritualist mediums and mystics who
were in fact members of this very Rosicrucian order (even to the point
of taking part in many its Spiritualist séances, consulting with ‘spirits’
thereat), most significantly of whom was the order’s founder Dr.
Paschal Beverly Randolph, a sex-magician who had as we learn from
the Introduction to his book Sexual Magic: “…numbered amongst his
friends (U.S. President) Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon III (the Carbonari
emperor of France: “Napoleon [III] was first informed of the strange
powers possessed by Dr. [Paschal Beverly] Randolph through General
[Ethan Allen] Hitchcock who had visited Paris in the late forties
[1840s] and had become acquainted with Napoleon…” – Introduction and
Notes to Seership by Paschal Beverly Randolph), (French ceremonial magician)
Eliphas Levi, (British) Lord Bulwer Lytton, (Scottish poet) Charles
Mackay and other notables of his day.” To this list of ‘notables’
numbered amongst the friends of Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph must
be added Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Kenneth R.H. McKenzie,
Hargrave Jennings (both McKenzie and Jennings were members of the
S.R.I.A., constituents of which would later give birth to the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn [Pertinent Quote: “In England, Dr.
Randolph met such men as Hargrave Jennings, Lord Bulwer Lytton
and Kenneth R.H. Mackenzie, and these became his active coworkers
and were his correspondents during life.” – Introduction and Notes to Seership
by Paschal Beverly Randolph]), Laurence Oliphant and Spiritualist medium
Andrew Jackson Davis. Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph was
interestingly enough related to President George Washington’s
Revolutionary War-era aide-de-camp Edmund Randolph who had
served as America’s very first Attorney General and later as U.S.
Secretary of State, and he is related as well to Payton Randolph
(Payton Randolph was Thomas Jefferson’s cousin; serving as U.S.
Attorney General under President Thomas Jefferson was none other
than the Harvard University grad Levi Lincoln, Sr., a relative of
President Abraham Lincoln), first president of the Continental
Congress whose son, Payton Randolph, Jr., was a major in
Washington’s Continental army who served as aide-de-camp to the
Illuminus revolutionary, the Marquis de Lafayette. Dr. Paschal
Beverly Randolph is also related to the Civil War-era Confederate
States’ Secretary of War George W. Randolph. The Randolph’s are
additionally related by marriage to Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

The Randolph family has played a key role in Virginia politics ever
since the arrival of British colonist William Randolph, he and his wife
being collectively known as the “Adam and Eve of Virginia.”
Amongst President Abraham Lincoln’s own senior inner-circle
leadership ranks was the illustrious Major-General Ethan Allen
Hitchcock [grandson of Revolutionary War hero, General Ethan
Allen], a Rosicrucian member [along with Abraham Lincoln (See The
Book of Rosacruciae Vol II p.134 authored by Supreme Grand Master
of the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis R. Swinburne Clymer in 1947 A.D.)]
of Spiritualist medium Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph’s Hermetic
Brotherhood of Light [aka the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis, a direct linear
descendent of Freemason/alchemist Hermann Frichtold’s Order of the
Golden and Rosy Cross [in German, Orden des Gold- und
Rosenkreutz, one extremely notable member of which was a Royal
Society-member/revolutionary Freemason named Georg Forster, a
Germanic associate of Benjamin Franklin who had played a major role
in the French Revolution]. Major-General Ethan Allen Hitchcock, a
Swedenborgian Spiritualist (he would even author a book entitled
Swedenborg: A Hermetic Philosopher in 1858 A.D.) whose own
private library of philosophical/magical texts included some 250
volumes on the Rosicrucian subject of alchemy alone,** served as
military assistant to President Abraham Lincoln and to Lincoln’s own
Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton during America’s Civil War
(**Ethan Allen Hitchcock’s substantial collection of magical
manuscripts is currently housed at the St. Louis Mercantile Library in
St. Louis, Missouri, a subscription library known to have hosted a
series of lectures whose notable speakers included the Missouri-born
Theosophical Society-member Mark Twain [Mark Twain was a friend
of Theosophical Society-founder H.S. Olcott. St. Louis was home to
the very first branch of the original Theosophical Society in America,
the Arjuna Theosophical Society founded by a charter received in 1882
A.D. and signed by H.S. Olcott himself. H.P. Blavatsky also lectured
there], Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oscar Wilde [whose own wife was a
member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn] and Union
general Carl Schurz [Carl Schurz was a Carbonari Young Germany
Youth Movement-member who was appointed by President Abraham
Lincoln as a general in the Union Army—as the reader shall later
discover, President Abraham Lincoln had appointed many Carbonari
Youth Movement-members/former revolutionaries (though these were

predominantly Young Germany Youth Movement-members) such as
Union general Carl Schurz as generals and officers within the Union
Army. Carl Schurz was, as he relates in his book, The Reminiscences
of Carl Schurz, an associate of Carbonari-founder Giusseppe Mazzini];
it was in this distinguished library’s auditorium where in 1861 A.D.
was held the vote whereby Missouri elected to stay within the Union
during the opening days of the Civil War as well as the vote which
decided for the state’s abolition of slavery in 1865 A.D. Central to
these anti-slavery efforts was Abolitionist Unitarian/Swedenborgian
Spiritualist minister William Greenleaf Eliot, a graduate of Harvard
Divinity School and grandfather to poet T.S. Eliot). (The writings of
Major-General Ethan Allen Hitchcock interestingly enough would
have a notable influence upon Jungian psychology: “Through Remarks
upon Alchemy and the Alchemists [published 1857 AD.] and other
writings, Hitchcock argued that the alchemists were actually religious
philosophers writing in symbolism. In Problems of Mysticism and its
Symbolism [published 1917 A.D.], the Viennese psychologist Herbert
Silberer credited Hitchcock with helping to open the way for his
explorations of the psychological content of alchemy.” - Wikipedia:
Herbert Silberer. Herbert Silberer had been a psychologist within the circle
of psychoanalysts surrounding Sigmund Freud in Vienna, Austria
[located in modern day Germany] which group included psychologists
Alfred Adler and Theosophical Society-member Carl Jung. Hitchcock
is a noted scholar whose writings would directly influence Jungian
psychology [much of Jung’s writings including Psychology of the
Unconscious (1912 A.D.) involve the psychological analysis of the
commonalities to be found in mythology and folklore through the
ages, thereby arguing that humanity must evolutionarily possess one
common mindset which he called the Collective Unconscious (though
it is not that humanity shares a common conscious, but that all such
individuals were being Overshadowed by the same obsessing angelic
powers)]. In fact, Ethan Allen Hitchcock’s translation of The Red
Book of Appin [published 1865 A.D.],** itself a compilation of
magical tales [‘The Red Book of Appin’ is a story about a magic
adept’s theft of a demon’s magic grimoire through the cunning
employment of a magician’s magic circle] complete with Hitchcock’s
own commentaries on these texts from a Hermetic point of view would
highlight the historical occult teachings of the existence of and provide
the impetus for the empirical study of the very mysterious though ever
elusive human subconscious, the existence of which was first brought

to light through archaic Greek philosophical writings. This quasimodern magical quest for the discovery of the human subconscious as
set in motion by Ethan Allen Hitchcock would be taken up by
pioneering psychologists including Herbert Silberer [resulting in
Silberer’s aforementioned book Problems of Mysticism and its
Symbolism] and by psychologist Carl Jung [the end result being
Jung’s books Psychology and Alchemy (1944 A.D.) and the
Mysterium Coniunctionis (1963 A.D.) highlighting the mystical
relationship between Alchemy and Psychology]. Note this close
relationship between psychology and magic, as it is from this magical
base that psychological studies have evolved [Indeed, the “…field of
Psychology first emerged at Harvard in the late 1800’s under the
scholarship of (Harvard professor/Theosophical Society-member)
William James…” as noted on the Harvard University website].
Major-General Ethan Allen Hitchcock’s own nephew and namesake,
Ethan Allen Hitchcock would go on to serve as President Theodore
Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Interior—note this important political
connection as Theodore Roosevelt was a Harvard grad as well as an
associate of Harvard professor William James) (**Notable MajorGeneral Ethan Allen Hitchcock Civil War Era Quote: “We had better
make friends with the Faeries…for sometimes they represent angels;
and these again represent very familiar friends if we put ourselves in a
right relation to them [therewith creating an alliance].” – Hitchcock’s
Prefatory Remarks from The Red Book of Appin dated Jan. 2, 1863 A.D., this being the day
following the Jan. 1st, 1863 A.D. release of President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation,
clearly issued following the Union’s tragic defeats at the battles of Antietam and
Fredericksburg and issued in an attempt to put themselves “in a right position” with the very
Faery/angel familiars with whom they were in contact and who had as you’ll recall dictated
this very document to them during a Spiritualist séance. Fact is certainly stranger than fiction)

Theosophical Society founding member Emma Hardinge
Britten’s book Art Magic would provide the basis for the creation of
the Theosophical Society itself:
“Let the magic of the Orient combine with the magnetic spontaneity of
Western Spiritism and we may have a religion whose foundations laid
in science,** and stretching away to the heavens for inspiration, will
revolutionize the opinions, or ages, and establish on earth the reign of
the true Spiritual Kingdom.” - Art Magic (** Pertinent Art Magic Quote: “Magic
may be termed the science of Spiritism.” – Art Magic) (“Magic is the art of producing
supernatural effects, by the agency of spirits.” – p.1 A Treatise on Magic: On the Intercourse
Between Spirits and Men by Frederick Henry Quitman, Professor of Divinity [1810 A.D.], this

book being a testament to Spiritualism’s magical roots and the Spiritualist practices prominent
amongst immigrants hailing from the German Palatinate in Bavaria who would take up
residence in the Poughkeepsie/Rhinebeck/Albany area of New York state. Rhinebeck itself is
located near the Mount Lebanon Shaker Community in New Lebanon,** N.Y., the Shakers
being a communal group of English Protestant Spiritualists who had colonized the area during
the 1780s A.D. [**currently Mount Lebanon is the New Age home to the Abode of the
Message commune founded in 1975 A.D. by London-born Sufi leader Vilayat Inayat Khan].
Rhinebeck itself is currently home to the Abode of the Message-associated Omega Institute of
Holistic Studies [founded 1977 A.D.], a Sufi-inspired school of Spiritualism and magic)

One of the tools commonly used for spirit communication is
the spirit board. Aleister Crowley was known to employ such spiritboards during some of his black Magick ceremonies (which he used
not only to summon what he believed to be disembodied spirits but the
fallen angels as well—oft times these entities are one and the very
same). The Ouija© Board from Parker Brothers©, patented in 1920
A.D. and packaged as a child’s board game, is itself based upon the
concept of spirit boards (including a heart-shaped planchette, deluxe
versions of which included two-wheels and a pencil for purposes of
automatic-writing) made popular during the quasi-modern Spiritualist
Movement to which the Theosophical Society was central. As a
testament to the popularity of such spirit boards in American culture,
even the All-American artist Norman Rockwell executed a painting
entitled The Ouija Board depicting a young man and woman happily
gathered together around a Spiritualist’s Ouija board, appearing no
less, on the May 1st (May Day), 1920 A.D. cover of The Saturday
Evening Post. No doubt this exposure contributed greatly to the
Ouija© Board’s popularity.
Concerning the use of Ouija© Boards to communicate with the
spirit world, an exposѐ penned by former British Society for Psychical
Research-member J. Godfrey Raupert entitled The New Black Magic
and the Truth About the Ouija-Board (1919 A.D.) pp.233-4 explains:
“The practice itself is no discovery of modern science—nothing new
in the world of phenomena, as some would have us believe; on the
contrary, it is as old as man. In China the little board has been known
for centuries and is admitted to be a means of spirit-intercourse (See
Fuji planchette-writing). In one form or another, these practices were
indulged in by the pagan races and may indeed be considered to be
characteristic of the pagan civilizations. They were condemned and
forbidden by the laws of Moses because they were known to

undermine and destroy the true spiritual life of the people. They fell
into disuse as the light of Christianity spread through the world. Their
revival, in our time, is not a step forward but a step backward; it is a
return to distinctly heathen and anti-Christian beliefs and practices and
additional evidence of the fact that the world is once more relapsing
into paganism.”
Occultist Brad Steiger issues the following warning concerning
this latter day pagan revival circa 1973 A.D. in his book, Revelation:
The Divine Fire, itself in part a treatise on such Otherwordly contacts:
“People are having experiences without having any understanding of
unseen spiritual forces and in a sense are becoming victimized by
these forces instead of entering consciously into a relationship with
them and maintaining some kind of control over them (as is the
professed objective of a typical magic ritual). We have people playing
with Ouija boards…who find themselves suddenly possessed by
And indeed: “Occultist William Blatty, author of The
Excorcist [the story of a 12 year old girl who becomes demon
possessed after playing with a Ouija board], has a healthy fear of it…
he refers to the ouija board as very dangerous and says that mental
institutions ‘are loaded with people’ who got involved with the occult
by using it.” – UFOs: What on Earth is Happening by Weldon/Levitt, 1975 A.D. Such
spirit possessions often result in the suicide of the possessee. Spirit
possession may also, as evidenced in The Bible, provoke one to
violence and murder.
In his book Spiritism and Psychology (1911 A.D.), the Swiss
psychologist/psychical researcher Theodore Flournoy concedes that
“the danger of spiritistic practices is very great” and offers words of
warning to those who “regard the planchette as a toy,” that such
“spiritistic practices” were liable to induce “abnormal and mordid
states and conditions” in its users including “cases of delusion,
insanity, and all the horrors of obsession.” The French psychologist
Dr. Marcel Viollet also notes the correlation between Spiritualist
practices and insanity in his straighforwarldy entitled book Spiritism
and Insanity published in 1910 A.D.
In Spiritism: The Modern Satanism (1920 A.D.), author
Thomas F. Coakley describes the Spiritualism Movement itself as
nothing less than a “plot to destroy Christianity.” He goes on to
explain: “By 1854 (in America) no less than 1300 people signed a

petition to Congress requesting a national investigation of its
(Spiritualism’s) claims. Some of the most prominent people of the
United States gave it their support (“…the excitement became intense,
and the new faith spread through the United States with so potent an
influence, that in 1871 the number of its supporters was variously
reckoned at from eight to eleven millions [out of a total U.S.
population of 38.5 million according to the 1870 census]. Nor could
the waves of the Atlantic set bounds to its progress.” – Earth’s Earliest Ages
by G.H. Pember). Soon it invaded Europe causing immense interest and
excitement. So great was its popularity that in 1887 there were about
100 newspapers dealing with the philosophy and phenomena of
Spiritism. Its adherents were numbered by millions, lectures were
given every day of the year, and spiritistic circles were held in nearly
every city, town and village throughout the length and breadth of the
country. Since the outbreak of the Great War (WWI) the movement
has grown by leaps and bounds (due to the large number of deaths
inflicted)… Spiritistic temples are being erected in many parts of the
country, and a veritable frenzy of spirit consultation has seized upon
the whole population, stimulated by a flood of sensational articles in
newspapers and popular magazines, all of them challenging the
essential and fundamental doctrines of Christianity.” Spiritualism
itself is a recognized religion.
One notable example of automatism is a book entitled Oahspe:
A Kosmon Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors
Chapter IV: Book of Wars Against Jehovih v. 14 by John Ballou
Newbrough (1882 A.D.), a purported product of ‘automatic writing’
allegedly dictated by a spirit (also known by the pseudo-scientific
name of polygraphics) during the Spiritualism Movement in America,
which enlightens its readers of the existence of: “…angels from
above…from the colleges of Craoshivi…” (‘Craoshivi’ is therein
translated as “God’s heavenly place”), a group who “…were to
sojourn on the earth…as inspiring spirits and protectors (read: as
guardian angels),” with Newbrough surmising that “angels” have
indeed “dwelt on the earth.” This book would be commonly cited for
explanations to the UFO mystery during the 1950s in America (the
UFOs being attributed to the activities of the angels).
Theosophist author and prominent Theosophical Societymember Alice A. Bailey, a veritable cheerleader for the Spiritualist
Movement in America (whose writings would inspire a number of

New Age UFO religions. For more information see The Demonic
Theory of UFOs by John of the Gentiles), speaks circa 1922 A.D. of
the existence of Azazel and the rest of the rebellious fallen angels
when she explains:
“In Lemurian days (from Latin lemures [plural] “spirits of the dead.”
‘Lemures’ were said to reside within the earth), after the great
descent of the spiritual Existences (read: of the rebellious fallen
angels) to the earth (the angels arrived on Earth in 5000 B.C.), the
work They planned to do was systematized (the work these angels
planned to do, it must be noted, included the eternal destruction of the
entire human race). Offices were apportioned, and the processes of
evolution in all the departments of nature were brought under the
conscious wise guidance of this initial Brotherhood. This Hierarchy
of Brothers of Light (H.B.L.) still exists, and the work goes steadily
on. They (the angels who constitute this ‘Brotherhood’) are all in
physical existence (incarnate), either in dense physical bodies, such as
many of the Masters employ, or in etheric bodies, such as the more
exalted helpers and the Lord of the World occupy (Azazel is the
Gnostic Iadabaoth (a compound word containing the names of the
gods Ia [alternatively spelled Ea], Abad[don] and Thoth), who was
called the “Lord of the World,” being he whose anger blazed with
jealous rage at the created primal man Adam who became superior to
himself. As the Illuminus university professor [who played an active
role in the Revolution of 1905 in Russia I might add] Antoni
Ferdynand Ossendowski notes in Beasts, Men and Gods: “The Lord
of the World is in touch with the thoughts of all those who direct the
destiny of mankind...”). It is of value for men to remember that They
are in physical existence (the angels are incarnate), and to bear in mind
that They (angels) exist upon this planet with us, controlling its
destinies, guiding its affairs, and leading all its evolutions on to an
ultimate perfection. The central home of this Hierarchy is at Shamballa
(aka the ‘City of the Gods’), a centre in the Gobi desert (gobi means
“desert”), called in the ancient books the “White Island” (it derives its
name from the place in the desert where Azazel and his Great White
Brotherhood is located which is called “The Island” by Arabs, the
place of Azazel’s entrapment being situated as it is between the Tigris
and Euphrates rivers; Bailey is in error placing Azazel’s location
within the Gobi desert)…Several of the Masters in physical bodies
(read: angels incarnate) dwell in the Himalaya mountains, in a

secluded spot called Shigatse (in Tibet), far from the ways of men, but
the greater number (of rebellious fallen angels) are scattered all
over the world, dwelling in different places in the various nations,
unrecognised and unknown (concerning this subject see Hebrews
13:2 which states: “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for
thereby some have entertained angels unawares,” the angels being
virtually indistinguishable from the native human inhabitants of the
Earth. Indeed, it was revealed in the East that the: “Jinn (the rebellious
fallen angels)…appear in human shape amongst mankind…” - Studies in
Islamic Mysticism. Unbeknownst and unawares to many, to be sure,
infiltrating angels stride the hallways of power, Intelligence agencies
and commerce upon this planet. In this regard the award for Most
Interesting Choice of Words [uttered concerning a conflict of
viewpoints on U.S. economic policy] goes to [drumroll please]:
Congressional Majority Leader John Boehner, 09/15/11: “It’s almost
like we’re two different people from two different planets who don’t
understand each other.” Perhaps less almost than exactly [Extremely
Pertinent Quote: “The late Dr. James McDonald, a meteorologist from
the University of Arizona who became embroiled in the UFO
controversy, privately discussed, in his last years, the possibility that
alien beings were not only present on this planet but were
systematically taking over top posts in the government and military.” SAGA: The Flying Saucer Evidence Everyone Ignores by John A. Keel])…It might here
be well to point out that, working as members of that Hierarchy
are a great number of beings called angels by the Christian, and
devas** by the oriental.” - Initiation, Human and Solar Chapter IV: The
Founding of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey, 1922 A.D. (** “The word that the Eastern
uses for God is a word equivalent to your ‘angel’ or ‘archangel,’ not the One Supreme Being
whom you alone speak of under that name. When the Hindu speaks of the Deva so and so, it
only means Shining One, the very word that John Bunyan applied to the angels in the
Pilgrim's Progress.” - Mysticism by Annie Besant) (Which brings us to the U.N. and Robert
Muller. “Robert Muller (born 1923 in Belgium, dead September 20, 2010) was an
international civil servant with the United Nations. Under Secretary General for 40 years, his
ideas about world government, world peace and spirituality [Spiritualism] led to the increased
representation of religions in the U.N. (UNESCO), especially of the New Age Movement
(influential Theosophical Society-member Alice A. Bailey’s [founder of the Lucifer Trust
(now known as the Lucis Trust)] Temple of Understanding religious center is headquartered at
the U.N.). He has become known as the ‘Philosopher’ of the U.N. … Muller’s educational
project is described in the World Core Curriculum Manual: ‘the underlying philosophy upon
which the Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teaching set forth in the books of
Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul.’ Bailey was a famous theosophist, while
Khul was the ‘Ascended Master’ [a fallen angel]—a spiritual entity—who allegedly imparted
knowledge to Bailey.’ – Wikipedia: Robert Muller. The fallen angels run the U.N. through
Overshadowed Spiritualist lackeys like Robert Muller. What did Robert Muller, a prominent

associate of the Lucis Trust, have to say about the implementation of a brave New World
Order? Muller once wrote: “We must move as quickly as possible to a one-world
government; a one world religion; under a one-world leader.” - The U.N. and the Occult
Agenda. This one-world religion is based upon the teachings of Cabala/Kabala/Qabalah. In
an effort to achieve world peace, since many wars have historically been sparked by religion
and are religious in character, it is believed the globalist goal of one-world government ruled
by a one-world leader can only be achieved through the creation of a one-world religion:
“…the Qabalah is a world philosophy, and consequently there lurks within it the makings of a
world religion… illumination…will give life and light to a new world order…” - The Secret
Wisdom of Qabalah by British spy Aleister Crowley’s friend, British Major-General J.F.C.
Fuller. A one-world religion is an Illuminati goal and this they seek through the doctrine of
Monism [the entirely false teaching that there is one god who has had many manifestations in
the diverse religious traditions, that all of the great teachers of the past, Buddha, Muhammad,
Jesus, et al, were all manifestations of this one and only ‘God’] as promoted by organizations
most prominent amongst which is UNESCO. Spiritualism, one of the main tenets of
Qabalism, was likewise deemed to be a common religious denominator helpful in the creation
of this one-world religion: “…the field of spiritualism is infinitely broad, and on it every
variety of Christian [Protestant, Catholic, Esoteric, et al], as well as the Moslem, the Hindu or
the Parsee, can dwell in brotherhood.” – The History of Spiritualism by Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle, 1926 A.D. Interestingly enough, Theosophical Society-member Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle’s friends have included Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn-member Dr. Henry B.
Pullen Burry, author of the book, Qabalism, a testament to Doyle’s own association with the
magic order)

Likely it is this very “Hierarchy,” at its core consisting of
angels who as per Alice A. Bailey “exist upon this planet with us,
controlling its destinies, guiding its affairs,” of which the following
quotes speak: “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views
confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United
States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of
something. They know that there is a power (‘power’ is a word
synonymous with the word ‘angel’) somewhere so organized, so
subtle, so watchful (a play on the word ‘Watchers’/angels), so
interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above
their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – President
Woodrow Wilson (1913 A.D.) *** “A power (‘power’ again is a word
synonymous with the word ‘angel,’ this being a play on words) has
risen up in the government greater than the people themselves,
consisting of many and various powerful interests, combined in one
mass.” - John C. Calhoun, Vice President of the United States *** “Behind the
ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible (hidden) government
owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the
people.” – President Theodore Roosevelt (Pertinent Quote: “There are two
governments in the United States today. One is visible. The other is
invisible. The first is the governments the citizens read about in the

newspapers and children study about in their civics books. The other
is the interlocking, hidden machinery… The Invisible Government is
not a formal body. It is a loose amorphous grouping of individuals and
agencies… This second, invisible government gathers intelligence,
conducts espionage, and plans and executes secret operations all over
the globe.” – The Invisible Government Wise/Ross, 1964 A.D.) *** “The real
rulers in Washington are invisible (hidden), and exercise power from
behind the scenes.” - Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter (1952 A.D.) ***
“There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own
Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its
own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and
free from the law itself.” – U.S. Senator/US Senate Intelligence Committeeman
Daniel K. Inouye *** Annie Besant in The Inner Government of Our
World speaks of the shadow government of the world which is
composed of rebellious fallen angels: “…all the activities of our
world…are directed by a Group of great Beings” an “Occult
Government of the World… considering the especial Government of
our own world, the Occult Hierarchy (of angels) as it is called, the
Beings (angels) composing that (Occult Hierarchy) having come to our
earth in the middle of the third human Race from the planet Shukra
(Venus)... (read: from an alien planet; the angels came, in fact, from
the New Earth. At that time people were naïve enough to believe the
angels when they said they came from the planet Venus)… They were
of Those who originally came to our world for its helping, and who
are still with us… the high Devas (the rebellious fallen angels)...are
the true inner Rulers of our world.” - The Inner Government of Our World by
Annie Besant (In the immortal words of the angel Azazel himself: “…the
government of the worlds…and the changes of their directors are
determined by me [Melek Tawus, who is the angel Azazel].” - Al-Jilwah
[The Revelation] Chapter III) *** According to C. W. Leadbeater: “the Great
Brotherhood (of angels)…rules the world.” - The Inner Life (First Series) ***
“Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute
an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.
Our minds are molded, our tastes are formed, our ideas suggested,
largely by men (read: incarnate angels) we have never heard of.” –
Propaganda by Walter Bernays, 1928 A.D. *** “The drive…is to create a one
world government...Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced
there is such a plot, international in scope…” - Congressman Larry P.
McDonald (1976 A.D.) *** “We shall have World Government, whether or
not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be

achieved by conquest or consent.” – Co-conspirator James Paul Warburg (OSS
agent) *** The working members of the Hierarchy constitute a Shadow
Government bent on World Government and is centered in the Valley
of the Shadow of Death. Theosophists call the place where these
angels lay entrapped within the earth Kamaloka (the Japanese word
‘Kami’ means ‘god’ and is comparable to the words deva and angel.
Compare to Camalot, derived from another legend which we shall
later discover also revolves around the angel Azazel). That the rebel
angels are in control of this Earth is verified by The Bible: “For we
wrestle not against flesh and blood (humans), but against
principalities, against powers (angels), against the rulers of the
darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12 KJV. Included within this ‘Hierarchy’ is the rebel angel
Satan and his group of fallen angels: “And the devil (Satan), taking
him (Jesus) up into an high mountain, showed unto him all the
kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto
him (Jesus), ‘All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them:
for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.’” Luke 4:5-6). The world is Satan’s oyster. He gives it to whomever he
pleases, and indeed, has given it, and indeed, will give it. They to
whom it has been given control it even now. Globalization of
economies under a one-world government, secretly headed by the
leadership of Satan, and seconded by Azazel, in a New World Order,
is the ultimate aim of the Masons and of Freemasonry, branches of one
organization with the same common goal, all part of The Great Work
known as the Theosphical Movement, which is the Mystery of
Lawlessness of which 2Thessalonians 2:7 speaks, which was already a
‘work’ in progress in Jesus’ own time. At the present moment this
goal nears its attainment. Another such diabolical incarnation within
the Theosophical Movement is the inoccuous sounding Bohemian
Club, owners of the Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Grove
membership list reads as a ‘Whose Who’ of American Political,
Cultural, Financial and Defense interests. Bohemian Grove magic
ceremonies invoke these rebellious fallen angels, invoking the ‘spirit
of Bohemia,’ the word ‘Bohemia’ being a variation of ‘Behemoth,’ the
name of Azazel’s cherub, also representative of its associated angel,


Azazel is aided in this goal of establishing a New World Order
by Satan’s group of rebel angels. It must be remembered there was a
rebellion in heaven, spearheaded by Satan:
“Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the
dragon (Satan); and the dragon (Satan) and his angels fought, but they
were defeated…” - Revelation 12:7-8
Satan the Dragon and his fellow seditious angels were thrown
down to our Earth where they secretly reside today:
“And the great dragon (Satan in his cherub, ‘Leviathan.’ The word
‘dragon’ is synonymous with the word ‘cherub’) was thrown down,
that ancient serpent (a reference to Satan’s cherub Leviathan), who is
called the devil (a deva) and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—
he was thrown down to the earth (to our Earth, where he currently
resides), and his angels were thrown down with him (exiled to our
Earth when his rebellion was defeated). And I heard a loud voice in
heaven, saying, “Now the salvation and power and the kingdom of our
God and the authority of his Christ have come, for (Satan, a would be
userper of God’s authority whose own false Christ is Azazel) the
accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, who accuses them day
and night before our God. And the great dragon was thrown down,
that ancient serpent (the words ‘dragon’ and ‘serpent’ are synonymous
with the word ‘cherub’), who is called the Devil and Satan, the
deceiver of the whole world—he (Satan) was thrown down to the
earth, and his angels were thrown down with him… Woe to you, O
earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you…” - Revelation 12:710,12 (Pertinent Quote: “Christianity agrees with Dualism that this universe is at war. But it
does not think this is a war between independent powers. It thinks it is a civil war, a rebellion,
and that we are living in a part of the universe occupied by the rebel.” – C.S. Lewis,
1943/1945 A.D)

In a long bygone day, a defeated Satan was thrown down to our
Earth and his rebel angels were thrown down with him! They secretly
reside here even today. While Azazel is interred within the recesses of
the earth, Satan’s band of angels secret themselves within the water
bodies of our world (for greater detail, see Evildoer Added to Evildoer:
The Story of Satan, Azazel and the Rebellious Angels by John of the
Gentiles). Indeed, The Testament of Kohath as found at Qumran
speaks of: ‘…the eternal sinners (the rebel angels hidden)…in the

depths of the sea and in all the hollows of the earth.” Ancient Egyptian
religious writings likewise speak of the “gods (Neteru) in the
underworld” and the “gods (Neteru) in the watery deep” (See On the
Hieratic Papyrus of Nesi-Amsu).
Alien angels have visited our Earth and have in fact remained.
It is likely some of Satan’s group of fallen angels today marry and are
given in marriage as did their angelic campadres (Azazel and the
angels who accompanied him, 200 in all) as related in Genesis 6:4.
Angels have a long history of influencing events in the world in which
we live, as the Biblical narrative attests. While shaping its history
these rebel angels await God’s forthcoming Judgment, awaiting certain
punishment, and have vowed to take along with them as many humans
as they can. Those humans in league with the rebel angels will share
in these angels’ destruction—earn a share in their everlasting pain. Let
not the wise amongst thee falter. Fear not death—our birthright is the
Kingdom of Heaven and death our bridge to eternity. We shall soar
amongst the stars…
(Authors Note: For practitioners of magic, the following false teaching will mark your eternal
downfall, for: “…they say that after the fall of the Watchers there is to be a restoration [a
concept known as Apocatastasis]. Then Azazel will regain his Heavenly estate and dwell
once more in Paradise [a typically Gnostic belief]. Such is the promise whispered by these
elder mysteries enshrined in the occult lore of antique Aegypt, Persia and Araby as practiced
in the crypts of [Knights] Templar preceptories, the old vaults of the Freemasons, the
shadowed lodges of cunning folk and the moonlit gatherings of witchdom.” – p.92 The Pillars
of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson. Know that there shall be no restoration—you who are in
league with them will share in their demise. The Book of Enoch itself records God’s sentence
which was handed down to these angels: “Ye [Azazel and his band of fallen Watchers] have
wrought great destruction on the earth: And ye shall have no peace nor forgiveness of
sin…make supplication unto eternity, but mercy and peace thou shall not attain…” All hope
of restoration has been in fact denied)
“Devil worshippers…believe that the Devil (Satan) rules the world and that the immediate
rewards of his service are pleasure and power. After death they expect to be reborn on earth
or, in some cases, they hope to go rejoicing to a hell which is not an infernal torture-chamber
but a place where all pleasures are intensified and the capacity to experience them greatly
increased. They believe that the Devil will eventually vanquish and overthrow the God of the
Christians and return in triumph to the heaven from which the Christian God wrongfully
rejected him. In that day Satan’s faithful flock will reap their reward of eternal power and
eternal bliss.” – pp. 290-291 The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish. Though the fallen angels
do in fact run this world today, they shall soon be vanquished upon Jesus Christ’s return.

“…the works of the flesh are obvious: fornication, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery,
enmities, strife, jealousy, anger, quarrels, dissensions, factions, envy, drunkenness, carousing,
and things like these. I am warning you, as I warned you before: those who do such things will
not inherit the kingdom of God.” – Galatians 5:19-21


Chapter 5. Azazel: A European Love Affair
According to the 33° Freemason Rudolph Steiner in Chapter V
of Cosmic Energy, contact between these so-called Lemurians (read:
the angels) and mankind “consisted in a kind of ‘thought reading.’”
Writing in articles for his magazine entitled The Path, mystic
Theosophist William Q. Judge (one of the original founding members
of the Theosophical Society) under a variety of aliases professes the
existence of “beings known to the inhabitants of Indians [India] as that
of the Devas” ) (1890 A.D.) (the word ‘Deva’ is a cognate of the word
‘Devil.’ The Devas represent the rebellious fallen angels, and Judge
asserts these angelic “Adepts” have in the past and are now “assisting
all good movements by acting on men from behind the scenes through
mental influence” (1893 A.D.) (this mental influence, the transference
of actual ‘thoughts’ through ELF wave transmissions [through a form
of microwave information transfer], is the ‘spirit of error’ of which
The Bible speaks); “They (these angels) watch (a play on the word
‘Watchers’) the progress of man and help him on in his halting flight
up the steep plane of progress” (1883 A.D.); that Judge and his fellow
Theosophists “are working with and for the great unseen, but
actual, Brotherhood” (Amazingly enough they actually profess to be
working with and for Azazel’s group of fallen angels!) (1892 A.D.);
that this Brotherhood of angelic “Adepts…consciously send messages
from a distance” and “impress thoughts or sentences on the mind of
another at a distance” [through a form of microwave ELF information
transfer] (1892 A.D.), that this they do through telepathy:
“Telepathy**…is the communicating of thought or idea from mind to
mind. This is a natural power (a reference to these angels’ use of ELF
[extremely low frequency] waves), and being well-understood may be
used by one mind (that of an incarnate angel) to convey to another
(conveying ‘thoughts’ to the human mind by pulsed microwaves
through the employment of a Long Range Acoustic Device/LRAD) no
matter how far away or what be the intervening obstacle, any idea or
thought” (1894 A.D.) (This phenomenon is generally known today as
the Frey Effect, aka the microwave auditory effect [aka the microwave
auditive effect, Artificial Telepathy/Synthetic Telepathy and Voice to
Skull (V2K) technology] as pioneered by Dr. Allan H. Frey in the
1960s. For more information see Microwave Auditory Effects and

Applications by Prof. James C. Lin, 1978 A.D.). To the Theosophist,
such demonic possession is known by the pseudo-scientific
designation of Overshadowing (as we learn from Annie Besant in
Superhuman Men in History and in Religion circa. 1913 A.D.):
“Overshadowing is the dominating of consciousness for a time by the
Superhuman Helper (by the angel). The consciousness of the man is
dominated (likely through the employment of low frequency
infrasound accoustic psycho-correction techniques), not stimulated.
The idea (implanted by the angel) dominates his thought, and becomes
to him apparently his own (thought). Many a one (a human) is
overshadowed by a Higher Being (an angel) who is not conscious
of the source of the thoughts that come into his mind (it is for this
reason Deuteronomy 21:18-21 mandates the death of a “rebellious
son,” that by such a means “shalt thou put evil away from among
you,” for such a person is open to the process of Overshadowing, to
demonic possession [Pertinent Quote: “…rebellion is as the sin of
witchcraft…” – 1Samuel 15:23]. It is not for naught God instructs you to
behave in a certain way, that one may thereby avoid this
Overshadowing trap)...these are breathed out from a higher
consciousness (the angel) to a lower (a human), and they dominate the
lower (human) and become its ideal. Ideals, those fixed ideas that
guide and control conduct (which control the actions of an individual),
constantly come from the overshadowing power...” (the word ‘power’
is synonymous with the word ‘angel.’ The ‘thought’ on which the
person acts is conveyed to the human [via ELF wave information/data
transfer] by the angel—the individual thereby serving as an avatar of
sorts). Perhaps the people in the aluminum foil hats aren’t as crazy as
everyone thinks. In fact Judge flatly states: “The Theosophical
Society was founded in New York in 1875, with the avowed object of
forming a nucleus for a Universal Brotherhood, and its founders state
that they believe the Indian Mahatmas (the so-called ‘Indian
Mahatmas’ are the rebellious fallen angels [Devas] with whom they
were in contact) directed them to establish such a society.”- Echoes from
the Orient Chapter I (William Q. Judge, 1890 A.D.). Simply astounding! William
Q. Judge and his associates were in contact with the rebellious fallen
angels themselves; these angels had in fact “directed” Judge and his
fellow co-founders “to establish” the Theosophical Society. The story
of Colonel Henry Olcott’s own meeting with Helena Blavatsky which
would directly lead to the Theosophical Society’s founding is related in
The Romance of Sorcery. H.S. Olcott was at the time of his

introduction to Helena Blavatsky in 1874 A.D. a psychical
researcher/paranormal investigator as well as “a student of practical
psychology,” he being the former agricultural editor (1858 – 1860
A.D.) for the Carbonari/Youth Movement newspaper, the New York
Tribune (as a correspondent for the Tribune he was present at the
hanging of John Brown), who had served as a special commissioner in
the U.S. War and Navy departments (1863 –1866 A.D. [and as such,
quite possibly, an attendee of Lincoln family White House séances]).
Sometime after this initial meeting, Olcott was the subject of a Close
Encounter of the Fifth Angelic Kind: “Little by little she (Helena
Blavatsky) opened out for me as much of the truth as my experience
(as a Spiritualist/psychical researcher) had permitted me (H.S. Olcott)
to grasp. Step by step I was forced to relinquish illusory beliefs,
cherished for twenty years. And as the light (illumination) gradually
dawned on my mind, my reverence for the unknown teachers (the
fallen angels) who had instructed her grew apace. The time came
when I was blessed with a visit from one of these Mahatmas (fallen
angels) in my own room in New York…from that moment I had
motive to live for, and end to strive after. That motive was to gain
Aryan wisdom; that end to work for its dissemination.” Sadly, H.S.
Olcott was not to heed the Biblical warning to be found in Galatians
Chapter 1, that there would in the future come those who “would
pervert the gospel of Christ,” that should even “an angel from heaven,
preach any other gospel unto you,” whether fallen or unfallen, it was
not to be believed. Indeed, when The Bible speaks of ones ‘heart’
being ‘hardened’ it is indicative of the fact the individual had fallen
into such an Overshadowed state, and as the infamous 16th Century
witch hunter Nicholas Remy, Privy Councillor to Charles III, Duke of
Lorraine, has noted in his book Demonolatry (1595 A.D.):
“…experience has shown that they who have fallen into the power of
the Demon can rarely be rescued except by death.” (** “The term telepathy is
derived from two Greek words, and its literal meaning is ‘feeling at a distance,’ but it is now
generally used almost synonymously with thought-transference, and may be taken to cover
any transfer of an image, a thought or a sensation from one person to another (usually from an
incarnate angel to a human).” This is also known as: “…‘mediation,’ in which the seer
(acting as a medium) supposedly has mind-to-mind contact with Masters (angels) on the ‘inner
planes’.” - p.157 Ritual Magic: The Rise of Western Occultism, Francis King, 1989 A.D. As
explained in A Compleat System of Magic (1729 A.D.) p.118: “Dream and Midnight
the Method by which God himself often used to reveal himself to the Prophets and other of his
most eminent Servants of old...the Devil, who is cunning enough to Imitate all Those Methods
of Access to the Minds of Man which 'tis possible for him to come at him by, and which his
Maker has used for like Communications, has always made use of this Method and when he has
designed the Delusion, or the perplexing of Mankind, or any other of his infernal Infatuations, he

has brought them to pass by the Injection of evil Thoughts...” There is nothing mystical about
this process—it is made physically possible by those who possess such advanced
technological capabilities. For more information on this topic, see Evildoer Added to Evildoer
by John of the Gentiles. Telepathy has been a subject of intense study: “Thought force
concentration by a single individual can sometimes penetrate to another, even at a distance.
We call this telepathy, and the work exploring this human gift is generally covered under the
heading of extrasensory perception, or ESP.” – Witchcraft p.195 by Hans Holzer. You will
notice many of the people in our story are involved in such psychical research. It is possible
for the angels to know one’s thoughts, the angels also being capable of thought-transference.
And when the angels read the mind of a man which is to these angels an open book and
transfer these thoughts to the mind of another, such a man styles himself a psychic and puffs
his self up proudly, thinking himself a mind-reader. Such is the absurdity of psychical
research and the nature of the games these fallen angels play)

It is through this process of thought-tranference by which:
“The members of the Brotherhood, through Their agents, are
constantly trying to work with the important people of the world,
putting advice and suggestions into their minds” - The Inner Life (First
Series) by C. W. Leadbeater (Rudolph Steiner also wrote of this
thought-transference process, writing of “Ahrimanic powers
working…through human minds,” concluding, “a great part of
mankind today is already under the control…of Ahrimanic forces…” The Ahrimanic Deception by Rudolph Steiner, 1919 A.D.) (Frank L. Hammer provides an
interesting take on this subject in Chapter VI of his book entitled Life and Its Mysteries [1945

In this way the alien angels influence human events, political,
scientific, economic and otherwise!
Helena P. Blavatsky (who was incidently the daughter of a Russian
army colonel) describes the thought-transference process as she had
experienced it:
“Every word of [esoteric] information found in my writings comes
from the teachings of our Eastern Masters (read: from the rebellious
fallen angels); and many a passage in these works has been written by
me under their dictation (through automatism). In saying this no
supernatural** claim is urged, for no miracle is performed by such a
dictation. Space and distance do not exist for thought; and if two
persons are in perfect mutual psycho-magnetic rapport (perhaps she
refers to ‘brainwave synchronization’/’brainwave entrainment’
through ‘sympathetic resonance’), and of these two, one is a great
Adept in Occult Sciences (read: physics), then thought-transference

and dictation of whole pages, become as easy and as comprehensible
at the distance of ten thousand miles as the transference of two words
across a room.” - HPB, "My Books," Lucifer, May, 1891 (**Pertinent Quote:
“…nothing on this plane is supernatural. What we see now, and what we have read of in ages
past, is but the operation of law which has not yet been studied and defined.” - The History of
Spiritualism Vol I by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1926 A.D.)

Per Dione Fortune:
“Much has been written in recent years concerning those who are
called the Masters…Divine Beings and supermen with whom it is
possible for humanity to come into touch… the Lords of Mind…by
means of suggestion or thought-transference, planted IDEAS in human
consciousness…” – The Esoteric Orders and their Work by Dione Fortune
Per William Q. Judge:
“To communicate with another mind at any distance the Adept (an
angel) attunes all the molecules of the brain and all the thoughts of the
mind so as to vibrate in unison with the mind to be affected (perhaps
through the Law of Entrainment), and that other mind and brain have
also to be either voluntarily thrown into the same unison or fall into it
voluntarily (Brainwave Entrainment). So though the Adept (angel) be
at Bombay and his (human) friend in New York, the distance is no
obstacle, as the inner senses are not dependent on an ear, but may feel
and see the thoughts and images in the mind of the other person. And
when it is desired to look into the mind and catch the thoughts of
another and the pictures all around him of all he has thought and
looked at, the Adept’s (angel’s) inner sight (think: the All-Seeing eye)
and hearing are directed to the mind to be seen, when at once all is
visible.” (The angels can, as it were, read minds, as if it were a spoken
word [See Hebrews 4:12-13, Psalms 94:10-11, 1Chronicles 28:9, and
Jeremiah 20:12] and can also ‘see’ everything the Overshadowed
person sees [akin to remote viewing], as well as direct the actions of
that person by programming his thoughts, and all in real time! One
can certainly understand the military’s interest in developing such
technology) - The Ocean of Theosophy by William Q. Judge, 1893 A.D. (As expressed in
Chapter 4 of America’s Subversion: The Enemy Within by Sonny René Stermole, the book
being a treatise on Freemasonry: “The Kundalini serpent force ending in ‘illumination’ of the
brain by Lucifer, having Lucifer or Satan intensely impress thoughts upon one’s brain, is
what is considered to achieve occult ‘redemption,’ ancient ‘Wisdom’” (Author’s Note:
Such men thus led by “the spirit of error” were said to be Illuminated/Illuminati). The word

‘kundalini’ is Sanskrit for ‘snake,’ in this case the serpent/snake is analogous of the
electromagnetic wave, yet more specifically, and in relation to Satan’s “flaming darts” (See
Ephesians 6:16) referring to an electromagnetic wave of a specific wavelength/frequency
(ELF waves), whereby he implants thoughts within the minds of men. This is known
variously as thought-transference and to a greater extreme Overshadowing. Indeed, the race is
now on to develop such technology: “The race now is to discover how thought transference
occurs and how it can be made to happen at will…What is likely to happen when thought
transference is perfected? Undoubtedly it is going to be valuable; it may be the perfect means
for communication (such practices were in particularly being studied as a means for
communicating with nuclear submarines submerged beneath the polar icecaps). On the other
hand, it could be a bizarre new weapon. It is conceivable that spies could be trained to read
the minds of people at a great distance (the U.S. government indeed ran such a program it
called ESPionage). Too, in wartime, it could be a great power, with unnerving thoughts and
false information beamed to the enemy. Perhaps, used by a dictatorial regime, it could mean
the end of freedom.” – pp. 81-82 Diary of a Witch by Sybil Leek, 1968 A.D. And, to be sure,
one may through this technology prompt an individual Overshadowed in such a way to wholly
do one’s bidding, including the carrying out of political assassinations. You’ll be interested to
know that as the reader shall later discover, black magic practicing secret agents ensconced in
U.S. Intelligence agencies including the NSA and the CIA have for over 40 years been
working to develop such ‘Human Potential’ technologies as thought-transference and ‘do as
thou wilt’ is the whole of their law. We will discuss this subject later in deeper detail. Out of
the CIA’s super secretive magic-based Human Potential Movement grew the U.S. military’s
First Earth Battalion based on a globalist New Age (read: Theosophical Society-influenced)
military concept initiated by one Lt. Colonel Jim Channon (aka the “shaman-consultant”) in
the late 1970s which incorporated black magic practices, yoga, and psychic warfare into a
military unit designed to act on intelligence garnered from Otherworldly spirits during
Spiritualist sѐances and remote-viewing excercises. Its troopers were known as Warrior
Monks. As we additionally learn concerning the military’s use of magic practices from a
former Intelligence agent named W. Adam Mandelbaum in his book The Psychic Battlefield:
“Whereas the ancient shaman painted wall caves, predicting successful hunts, and danced
before tribal fires to contact the spirits, the modern-day magus sits on his CIA-issue couch and
sends his government-trained astral body into the ether in search of (human) prey” (for more
information see Psychic Warrior [1997 A.D.] by David Morehouse who had likewise been
trained by the CIA as a remote-viewer for the purposes of spying and intelligence gathering).

It is the fallen angels of whom the President of the London
Lodge of the Theosophical Society A.P. Sinnett (who, as must be
noted, replaced Anna Kingsford in this capacity) in Chapter II of his
book The Occult World (1881 A.D.) spoke when he wrote of: “…the
adepts (the rebellious fallen angels) as they now exist, or, to use the
designation more generally employed in India, of ‘the Mahatmas’ …
constitute a Brotherhood, or Secret Association, which ramifies all
over the East, but the principal seat of which for the present I gather to
be in Tibet.” He goes on to say: “Madame (Helena P.) Blavatsky is
constantly in communication, by means of the system of psychological
telegraphy (telepathy/thought-transference) that the initiates employ,
with her superior ‘Brothers’ in occultism…the Brothers (the rebellious
fallen angels)…have been at work with her…dictating through…her

brain…” her book Isis Unveiled by means of the “…deific powers
which the Brothers enjoy,” or, more to the truth, by the advanced
technology they are able to employ. Such an enterprise is commonly
known as ‘automatic writing.’ In fact, A.P. Sinnett himself in the
Second Edition of The Occult World also confessed to having himself
received “…direct revelation from the Brothers (from the rebellious
fallen angels).” He identified one of the angelic “Bothers” with who
he and Blavatsky were in contact as being the Mahatma Koot Hoomi
(aka Kuthumi and Master K. H.).
It is Azazel’s group of fallen angels of which the Rosicrucians
speak (circa. 1617 A.D.) when they obfuscate the following:
“As far as the Collegium is concerned…The brethren (read: the
brotherhood) are nearer unto thee than thou thinkest…they
are…Theosophi.” - The Mirror of the Wisdom of the Rosicrucians
(aka Speculum Sophicum Rhodostauroticum) (Theosophi means “wise
[soph] gods [theoi]” in reference to the angels)
From this group of “Theosophi” composed of Azazel and his
fellow rebellious fallen angels is derived the name of the
Theosophical Society, which is named in their honor. This so-called
“Collegium” of “Theosophi” of which the Rosicrucians speak is also
the sub-earthly Ahrimanic school spoken of in Rudolph Steiner’s
Anthroposophy Spiritualist movement (Steiner’s teachings are largely
based upon Rosicrucian alchemist Thomas Vaughan’s Anthroposophia
Theomagica, Or a Discourse of the Nature of Man and his State after
Death [1648 A.D.]), a society with links to Annie Besant and the
greater Theosophical Movement (Ahriman was a Persian god who
represented the Genesis serpent Azazel: “In Persia…it was the serpent
[which represented the angel Azazel], who, under the name of
Ahriman, formed the basis of the system of Zoroaster; and it is the
same serpent who, among the Jews and Christians, tempted Eve, the
celestial virgin…” - A General History of Freemasonry p. 392, Rebold, 1879 A.D.). As
we learn from Prospects: the quarterly review of comparative
education (Paris, UNESCO: International Bureau of Education [the
UNESCO Headquartersbuilding, founded in 1958 A.D., is located in
Paris, France on the Left Bank of the River Seine]), vol.XXIV, no. 3/4,
1994, p. 555-572. (©UNESCO: International Bureau of Education,
2000): “In 1913, (Rudolph) Steiner (as Secretary-General, Steiner was

at this time head of the German Section of the Theosophical Society)
parted company with Annie Besant (and the Theosophical Society),
above all because of their conceptual differences in regard to the
esoteric interpretation of the life of Jesus Christ (as well, it must be
noted, of the concept of the imminent coming of the World-Teacher
including the adoption of J. Krishnamurti as Lord Matreya’s earthly
avatar. Rudolph Steiner himself was of the Roman Catholic faith and
his Christian slant clashed with the goal of Blavatsky’s society which
was the destruction of Christianity). With the majority of his German
followers (most of whom were, under Steiner, members of the German
Section of the Theosophical Society), he went on to found the
Anthroposophical Society” which would eventually include thousands
of members worldwide. Rudolph Steiner (1861–1925 A.D.) was
world-famous for his Masonic and Rosicrucian based teachings. In An
Outline of Occult Science Chapter VIII (Rudolph Steiner, 1922 A.D.)
Steiner professes the existence of “beings of the world of soul and
spirit who influence from hidden worlds the outer manifested world,”
and that a person who is so attuned “receives influences” from these
beings, that the “beings of the spiritual world convey them (these
“influences”) to him.” Steiner professed much of humanity to be
under the influence of these ‘Ahrimanic’ forces.
Anthroposophy was indeed a part of the greater Spiritualism
Movement, a spiritual system built not from a religious viewpoint but
rather one that was inherently scientific. Steiner was by education first
and foremost a scientist and mathematician.
Apparently, mediaeval Kabalists passed along the knowledge of the
existence of Azazel’s group of fallen angels being present upon our
Earth to students of philosophy and of the esoteric arts as Theosophist
Madame Blavatsky writes in 1888 A.D. in her book entitled The
Secret Doctrine (Volume II p. 284)** concerning the Great White
Brotherhood of rebellious fallen angels: “The mediæval Kabalists
knew this well, since one of them did not fear to write: “‘The Kabala
was first taught by God himself to a select Company of Angels who
formed a theosophic school in Paradise. After the FALL the Angels
most graciously communicated this heavenly doctrine to the
disobedient child of Earth (fallen man), to furnish the protoplasts with
the means of returning to their pristine nobility and felicity’ (Quoted
by Christian Ginsburg from the Kabala). This shows how the event —
of the Sons of God (angels), marrying and imparting the divine Secrets

of Heaven to the daughters of men — allegorically told by Enoch
(speaks of The Book of Enoch [IEnoch]) and in the sixth chapter of
Genesis (See Genesis 6:4) was interpreted by the Christian Kabalists.”
Blavatsky quoted British Hebrew and Biblical scholar Christian D.
Ginsburg in his book entitled The Kabbalah (1863 A.D.): “The
Kabala was first taught by God Himself to a select company of
angels, who formed a theosophic school in Paradise. After the Fall
the angels most graciously communicated this heavenly doctrine to the
disobedient child of earth, to furnish the protoplasts with the means of
returning to their pristine nobility and felicity. From Adam it passed
over to Noah, and then to Abraham, the friend of God, who emigrated
with it to Egypt, where the patriarch allowed a portion of this
mysterious doctrine to ooze out. It was in this way that the Egyptians
obtained some knowledge of it, and the other Eastern nations could
introduce it into their philosophical systems. Moses, who was learned
in all the wisdom of Egypt, [as] first initiated into the Kabala in the
land of his birth, but became most proficient in it during his
wanderings in the wilderness, when he not only devoted to it the
leisure hours of the whole forty years, but received lessons in it from
one of the angels. By the aid of this mysterious science the lawgiver
was enabled to solve the difficulties which arose during his
management of the Israelites, in spite of the pilgrimages, wars, and
frequent miseries of the nation. He covertly laid down the principles of
this secret doctrine in the first four books of the Pentateuch, but
withheld them from Deuteronomy…Moses also initiated the seventy
Elders into the secrets of this doctrine, and they again transmitted them
from hand to hand. Of all who formed the unbroken line of tradition,
David and Solomon were most deeply initiated into the Kabala. No
one, however, dared to write it down till Simon Ben Jochai, who lived
at the time of the destruction of the second Temple…After his death,
his son, Rabbi Eliezer, and his secretary, Rabbi Abba as well as his
disciples, collated Rabbi Simon Ben Jochai's treatises, and out of these
composed the celebrated work called Sohar (The Zohar), i.e., Splendor
which is the grand storehouse of Kabalism (“The Zohar is the Book of
Splendor, -- the book of the ‘shining ones’ (angels)…” – The Blazing Star
by William B. Green 1872 A.D. The Zohar is the book of the angels! Notable
quote by Rabbi Eliezer, son of the Rabbi Simon Ben Jochai whose
treatises form the Zohar: “The Angels who fell from Heaven saw the
daughters of Cain…and, being seduced, took wives from among
them.” - Rabbi Eliezer).” (** “…the Kabbalah of the ancient Hebrews, which Moses

derived by initiation into the mysteries of Egypt and Persia, and which [33° Freemason Albert]
Pike and many others declare was identical among the Hebrews, the Egyptians, Hindus and
other nations of antiquity, was known as the Secret Doctrine… the Secret Doctrine was the
real foundation of every great religion known to man… the Secret Doctrine…is the Primitive
Wisdom Religion. It is everywhere and at all times essentially the same…” - Mystic Masonry
by 33° Freemason J.D. Buck, President of the American Section of the Theosophical Society)

This statement is repeated nearly word for word by the
Rosicrucian S.R.I.A.-member S.L. MacGregor Mathers in the
Introduction to Mathers’ own 1912 A.D. translation (entitled Kabbala
Denudata: The Kabbalah Unveiled) of an earlier work entitled The
Kabbalah Denudata Vol I (Published in 1677 A.D.) Vol II (Published
in 1684 A.D.) of Christian Knorr von Rosenroth (aka Baron von
Rosenroth; pseudonym Peganius Rautner [this book is considered
Lurian Kabbala. The main goal of Lurian Kabala as promulgated by
the Ashkenazi German-Jew Isaac Luria [1534-1572 A.D.] is the
hastening of the coming of the Messiah (See p.191 Fallen Angels: The
Soldiers of Satan’s Realm by Bernard J. Bamberger, 1952 A.D.)]), the
Silesian-born German Evangelical Theosophist: “The Kabbalah was
first taught by God himself to a select company of angels, who
formed a theosophic school in Paradise. After the Fall the angels
(“first taught by God himself”) most graciously communicated this
heavenly doctrine to the disobedient child of earth, to furnish the
protoplasts with the means of returning to their pristine nobility and
felicity. From Adam it passed over to Noah, and then to Abraham, the
friend of God, who emigrated with it to Egypt, where the patriarch
allowed a portion of this mysterious doctrine to ooze out. It was in this
way that the Egyptians obtained some knowledge of it, and the other
Eastern nations could introduce it into their philosophical systems.
Moses, who was learned in all the wisdom of Egypt,** was first
initiated into the Qabalah in the land of his birth, but became most
proficient in it during his wanderings in the wilderness, when he not
only devoted to it the leisure hours of the whole forty years, but
received lessons in it from one of the angels. By the aid of this
mysterious science the law−giver was enabled to solve the difficulties
which arose during his management of the Israelites, in spite of the
pilgrimages, wars, and frequent miseries of the nation. He covertly laid
down the principles of this secret doctrine in the first four books of
the Pentateuch, but withheld them from Deuteronomy. Moses also
initiated the seventy elders into the secrets of this doctrine, and they
again transmitted them from hand to hand. Of all who formed the

unbroken line of tradition, David and Solomon were the most deeply
initiated into the Kabbalah. No one, however, dared to write it down,
till Schimeon Ben Jochai, who lived at the time of the destruction of
the second temple…After his death, his son, Rabbi Eleazar, and his
secretary, Rabbi Abba, as well as his disciples, collated Rabbi Simon
Ben Jochai's treatises, and out of these composed the celebrated work
called ZHR, Zohar, (the book of) splendour, which is the grand
storehouse of Kabbalism.” (** Pertinent Quote: “The Rosicrucian
revival of Mysticism was but a new development of the vastly older
wisdom of the Qabalistic Rabbis and of that very ancient secret
knowledge, the Magic of the Egyptians, in which the Hebrew
Pentateuch tells you that Moses the founder of the Jewish system was
‘learned’ [See Acts 7:22], that is, in which he had been initiated.” –
p.64 The Eye in the Triangle by Israel Regardie) (Gerald B. Gardner quotes from The
Kabbalah Unveiled in his book entitled The Meaning of Witchcraft (p.29) noting it is a “witch
tradition” that from such Kabbalistic magic-practicing “Jews that the witches got to know of
the Qabalah, and obtained many of their ideas of the Jewish mystical and magical traditions,
upon which most mediaeval magic was founded.”) (“It is hoped that the esotericism of the
original Chaldean Qabbãlãh (the occult basis of the Hebrew Qabbãlãh) will be recognized for
what it is: one of the theosophies of antiquity, inherited by the Hebrews from the ancient Chaldeans, who received this ‘theosophy of the angels’ from the Council of the Wise [Wica].” –
Forward to Theosophy in the Qabbalah [published by The Theosophical Society Pasadena,
California, USA February 15, 2006]) (King James, to whom we owe thanks for his King
James Version [KJV] of The Bible, surmises in Book I of his Daemonologie [1597 A.D]:
“Moses being brought up (as it is expressly said in the Scriptures) in all the sciences of the
Egyptians**…affirming Moses to be taught in all the sciences of the Egyptians, should
conclude that he was taught in Magie [in ‘Magic,’ the science of the Magi].”) (The eminent
Rosicrucian Theophilus Schweighart’s signature work The Mirror of the Wisdom of the
Rosicrucians [Speculum Sophicum Rhodostauroticum, circa 1616 A.D.] expounds teachings
which were according to Schweighart originally reputedly revealed “through the mediation of
the Elohim,” the Elohim being of course, the angels, albeit of the fallen variety, with
Rosicrucianism being but a then-modern Germanic incarnation of the finest ancient Mystery
school tradition. It was said the founding father of Rosicrucianism himself founded his secret
society after traveling to the Middle East and there studying extensively the secrets revealed to
him by those of the “Wise (Wicca)men”/Magi tradition. Indeed, it is revealed by the author of
the Fama Fraternitatis [first published in Cassel, Germany, a center of the Protestant
Reformation, circa 1611 A.D.]: “Our Philosophy also is not a new invention, but as Adam
after his fall hath received it, and as Moses and Solomon used it…wherein Plato, Aristotle,
Pythagoras and others did hit the mark, and wherein Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Solomon did
excel; but especially wherewith that wonderful book the Bible agreeth,” with at least one [but
most probably all] of the founding members of Rosicrucianism being according to the Fama
Fraternitatis “well learned in Cabala.” Rosicrucians were Christian mystics, Reformation
Protestants well versed in Cabalism) (Pertinent Quote: “We must remember that
Rosicrucianism itself was 'no new thing' but only a revival of still earlier forms of [magical]
Initiation and was a lineal descendant of the Philosophies of the Chaldean Magi, of the
Egyptian priests, of the Neo-Platonists, of the Hermetists of Alexandria [in Egypt], of the
Jewish Kabalists and of Christian Kabalists such as Raymond Lully and Pico de Mirandola.” –
p.40 The Magical Mason by R.A. Gilbert, 1983 A.D.) (** “The learning of the Egyptians was
confined chiefly to astrology, to the interpretation of dreams, to medicine, to mathematics, and

to their sacred science [alchemy] or traditional doctrines about religion, which were concealed
chiefly under their hieroglyphics… It is known that science was carried from Egypt to
Phoenicia, and thence to Greece; and not a few of the Grecian philosophers [including Plato]
traveled to Egypt in pursuit of knowledge. Herodotus himself frankly concedes that the
Greeks derived very much of their knowledge [Gnosis] from Egypt. (See Rawlinson's
Herodotus, Vol. 2, pp. 80,81; Herodotus, book 2, pp. 50,51.)” – Barnes’ Notes on the O.T. and

Elias Gewurz (circa 1922 A.D.) writes of Azazel and his
assembly of rebel angels and how this group may in fact be contacted
in his Theosophic work entitled Mysteries of the Qabalah, with
Gewurz explaining “The Brotherhood of the White Lodge (also known
as “the Masters of Wisdom”) is a body of great men (read: an
assembly of incarnate fallen angels)” who “watch (a play on the word
‘Watchers’) over humanity from their exalted (spiritual) planes” (one
of the main tenets in magic, as we learn from Ritual Magic: The Rise
of Western Occultism, is there “are other planes than the physical and
other intelligences than those in physical incarnation. Man is regarded
as being half-way up the ladder of evolution not at its top.”). Gewurz’s
book states that “the White Lodge has its representatives on earth, its
messengers (again, a play on words. Angels are known as the
‘messengers’ of God) and teachers, and pupils (by definition, a
Collegium),” and how it was possible that certain individuals may
become “channels” (mediums) for The Brotherhood of the White
Lodge, for a “man to become a servant of the great Lords (a servent of
the rebellious angels) and co-operate with them here on earth,” such
individuals being made “to serve faithfully the Masters of Wisdom”
and thereby becoming “messengers of the White Lodge” (See
Mysteries of the Qabalah Part I: The Brotherhood of the White Lodge.
This book is classified Hermetic Qabalah). As he explains, such an
individual in this way “becomes a cooperator with those high
intelligences whom we call Masters (these masters are angels), and,
under Their guidance and with their help, he continues his career, ever
upward, and ever onward, until he enters the presence of the Ancient
of Ancients, the merciful Teacher of Gods, angels and men” (See
Chapter 8 of Hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qabalah by Elias
Gewurz, 1918 A.D.). (Asserts the British Jung-influenced
Matutina/Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn member Dion Fortune
[founder of the Society of the Inner Light] in The Mystical Qabalah:
“…the first Qabalists…were angels.” She herself professed to be in
contact with them as well) (Pertinent Quote: “Satan obliges himself to

the greatest of Magicians…he will oblige himself to teach them arts
and sciences, which he may easily do, being so learned a knave as he
is.” - Book I Daemonologie by King James 1597 A.D. And indeed,
the great ceremonial magician/alchemist/Spiritist Dr. John Dee
himself: “…had studied deeply the mysteries of the Cabala and the
Talmud, and these had impressed him with the belief that it would be
possible for him to hold converse with spirits and angels, and to learn
from them the secrets of the universe.” – p.114 The Romance of Sorcery)
Gewurz explains:
“They (the angels) are always affiliated to those organizations on earth
whose members are single-minded, and true hearted and genuinely
desirous of the welfare of the race (in such a way they masquerade as
‘angels of light’). Especially are they interested in the advancement of
science, philosophy and religion, and all public bodies promoting these
subjects are helped (without knowing whence the help cometh) by the
Brotherhood of the White Lodge (helped by Azazel’s group of angels,
which conveys this knowledge to them through the broadcast of ELF
waves, a process also known as Overshadowing. One may argue
whether many geniuses such as Albert Einstein may have received
their ideas through the process of Overshadowing/thought-transference
[Pertinent Quote: “There is some historical record of occultists
receiving very advanced technical information via contact with spirits.
Jacques Bergier records a large number of cases involving
supernatural beings, or ‘creatures of light,’ whose sole desire was to
impart advanced knowledge of philosophy and various academic data.
They appeared in large numbers during the five centuries between
1000 and 1500 A.D. In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries they
appeared in connection with the Freemasons, a group which later held
a belief in extraterrestrial life.” – UFOs: What on Earth is Happening by
Weldon/Levitt, 1975 A.D.]). For the last three decades (from the 1890’s to the
1920’s) there has been a steady and growing increase of knowledge in
all departments of human activity. Inventions have multiplied, and
discoveries of unsuspected laws of nature are being made on every
hand. Philosophic and scientific thought has never been so abundant
and so brilliant as it is today, but the receivers of the gifts know not the
givers (the ‘givers’ are the extraterrestrial rebellious angels), and often
frustrate the gracious purposes which were to be served by the
bestowal of the gifts.” - Mysteries of the Qabalah by Elias Gewurz, 1922 A.D.: Part I:

The Brotherhood of the White Lodge) {The “Collegium” of “Theosophi” is also known as
“The Great School of Natural Science,” (the terms ‘natural science’ and ‘natural magic’ are
virtually synonymous; René Guénon refers to the scientific aspects of the teachings of the
angels as a “sacred science.” The oldest ‘Natural Science’ school in the New World is the
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University [founded 1812 A.D.] located in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is affiliated with Benjamin Franklin’s American
Philosophical Society) “a school which was hoary of age when the foundation of the great
Pyramid was laid; a School which ante-dates all present authentic history and records” (See
Modern World Movements by J.D. Buck, 1913 A.D.). The group is also known as the
“Venerable Brotherhood of India”} (“The organizations of Adepts and Masters [read: fallen
angels] are usually divided into lodges, schools, degrees, hierarchies, and brotherhoods.
According to most of the literature on the subject, the lodge is the place of meeting, the school
indicates the work upon which they are engaged, the degree determines the rank attained or
capacity exercised, the hierarchy represents the race to which they belong, and the
brotherhood the relationship between all the lodges, schools, degrees, and hierarchies.” - The
Path of Attainment by D.N. Dunlop, 1916 A.D.)

A 17th Century Rosicrucian document explains how:
“…they (Philosophers) have established the existence of mortal beings
between the gods (angels) and man to whom one can ascribe all that
surpasses human weakness yet falls short of divine greatness (also
known as demi-gods, angel/human hybrids). This is the opinion held in
every ancient philosophy. The Platonists and the Pythagoreans took it
from the Egyptians, and the latter from Joseph the Saviour, and from
the Hebrews who dwelt in Egypt before the crossing of the Red Sea.
The Hebrews used to call these beings who are between the Angels
and man Sadaim, and the Greeks, transposing the letters and adding
but one syllable, called them Daimonas (the Greek term ‘daimonas’
was used to denote both angel/human hybrids and the fallen angels).
Among the ancient Philosophers these demons (the rebellious fallen
angels) were held to be an Aerial Race, ruling over the Elements,
mortal, engendering, and unknown in this century to those who rarely
seek Truth in her ancient dwelling place, which is to say, in the Cabala
and in the theology of the Hebrews, who possessed the special art of
holding communion with that Aerial People and of conversing
with all these Inhabitants of the Air (who were, according to de
Villars: “…creatures of human form…great lovers of the
sciences…eager to serve the sage…”** – p.37 The Romance of Sorcery).” - The
Comte De Gabalis by Abbé N. de Montfaucon de Villars Discourse III, originally published in
1670 A.D. (“if…a man has the natural disposition, he may by the power of his soul
communicate with the divine and angelic world…” – p.12 The History of Magic Volume I by
Joseph Ennemoser, 1854 A.D.) (**Pertinent Quote: “You cannot name one science which has
not been itself a rebellion… the natural sciences, the observatory, the museum, the botanical
garden, the schools of medicine, and all the modern libraries… All these novelties came of
[the great rebel] Satan… He…created chemistry, physics, mathematics ay, even

mathematics… Medicine especially was a Satanic thing…” – p.397 La Sorciere by J.
Michelet, 1862 A.D.)

Another product of the American Spiritualist Movement was a
tract entitled ‘A Message to All Mystics: The Hindu Magic Mirror’
(1910 A.D.) by the Chicago native, Freemason, publisher and mail
order supplier of magic and occult products Dr. L. W. De Laurence
which delivers a purported “message” from an “unseen” “astral
brotherhood of magic,” “an occult organization” with the which one
may in fact “communicate directly and personally with the unseen
Brotherhood.” The unseen brotherhood is of course Azazel’s group of
rebel angels.
They even offer an invitation for mystics to
communicate with them. The 1898 A.D. Hahn & Whitehead, Chicago
edition of Three Books of Occult Philosophy or Magic by the Famous
Mystic Henry Cornellius Agrippa contains an addendum entitled The
Magic Mirror which includes instructions for the creation and use of
such a “Magic Mirror (derived from the mirror Maja of the Magi, also
known as the Eternal Mirror of Wonders; originally it was believed a
genii/demon/spirit might be entrapped within such a devise), that
wonderful instrument so long used by advanced mystics for
communication between the two worlds.” While the Magic Mirror
itself may be constructed cheaply, the steep price you pay is your soul.
Of an interesting note, Sir Walter Scott, while making a “few general
remarks on the nature of Demonology, and the original cause of the
almost universal belief in communication betwixt mortals and beings
of a power superior to themselves” in Letter X of Letters on
Demonology and Witchcraft (1830 A.D.) relates how it was supposed
through “correspondence with the various spirits of the elements, on
the principles of the Rosicrucian philosophy” a practitioner of magic
might “bind to their service, and imprison in a ring, a mirror, or a stone
(such as an emerald, a crystal or a diamond), some fairy, sylph, or
salamander (these are folkloric representations of fallen angels/spirits),
and compel it to appear when called, and render answers to such
questions as the viewer should propose.” As Scott explains: “Dr.
(John) Dee, an excellent mathematician (as well as an
astronomer/astrologer/ceremonial magician/Spiritualist), had a stone of
this kind,** and is said to have been imposed upon concerning the
spirits attached to it, their actions and answers, by the report of one
(Edward) Kelly who acted as his viewer (medium)…His show−stone
or mirror is still preserved among other curiosities in the British

Museum.” (** Pertinent Quote: “…it was popularly supposed that
familiar spirits could be enclosed in rings, or confined in bottles and
boxes, just as the Persians thought that djinns could be kept in jars and
flasks.” – p.74 The Black Art by Rollo Ahmed)
In the Commentary section of Comte De Gabalis by Abbé N.
de Montfaucon de Villars (1913 A.D.) (portions of the work were
originally published in 1670 A.D.) Commentary I we find the
following selection concerning Azazel and his group of rebellious
fallen angels (it must be noted this book, as well as The Book of
Enoch from whence this passage originated and from which I have
previously quoted, played an important role in the literary progression
toward a proper 19th - 20th Century Theosophical Movement):
“BOOK OF ENOCH: “Enoch the great grandfather of Noah, who had
that surname (Edris) from his great knowledge, for he was favoured
with no less than thirty books of divine revelations, and was the first
who wrote with a pen, and studied the sciences of astronomy and
arithmetic.” This quotation is an approved Muhammedan commentary
upon the following references to Enoch in the Koran. “And remember
Edris in the same book; for he was a just person and a prophet, and we
exalted him to a high place.” SURA 19, MARY. “The History which
follows is taken from Dr. Grabe's Spicilegium Patrum (Oxford, 1698
A.D.), and supposed by him to be the Genuine Work of Enoch the
Patriarch, whose Name it bears. Many of the first Fathers of the
Church were of this Opinion, who often produce Citations out of it,
and allow it to be of the best Authority. Tertullian, speaking of the
Habit of Women, uses this Expression. The same Angels who
introduc’d Gold and Silver, and the mixture of Colours, which advance
the Lustre of Female Beauty, are now condemn’d by God, as Enoch
informs us. Clemens Alexandrinus discoursing (in The Clementine
Homilies Homily VIII Chapters XII - XV) upon the disobedient
Angels, agrees to the Testimony of Enoch, and says, That the
Rebellious Spirits (read: the rebellious angels) were the Inventors of
Astronomy and Divination, as Enoch delivers the Account. And St.
Jude (who cites a Prophecy out of the Writings of Enoch in the
fourteenth and fifteenth Verses of his Epistle) may be supposed to have
recourse to this Fragment before us, when he records in the Sixth
Verse (See Jude 6), That the Angels who kept not their first Estate, but
left their own Habitation, are reserv’d in Everlasting Chains under

Darkness, unto the Judgment of the Great Day.” THE HISTORY OF
PATRIARCH (See The Book of Enoch): And it came to pass, when
the Sons of Men were increas’d, that very Beautiful Daughters were
born to them: With these the Watchmen (the Watchers/angels) were in
Love, and burnt with Desire toward them, which drew them into many
Sins and Follies. They communed with themselves: “Let us, say they,
choose us Wives out of the Daughters of Men upon the Earth.”
Semiazas, their Prince, made Answer: “I fear, says he, you will not
execute your Resolution; and so I shall derive upon myself alone the
Guilt of this Impiety.” They all reply’d, and said; “We will bind
ourselves with an Oath to perform our Purpose, and invoke dreadful
Imprecations upon our Heads, if we depart from our Enterprize before
it be accomplished.” So they oblig’d themselves with an Oath; and
implored an Arrest of Vengeance upon one another (oaths of the sort
the Freemasons traditionally employ). They (the angels) were two
Hundred, who in the Days of Jared came down upon the Top of Mount
Hermon. The Mountain receiv’d that Name from the Oath by which
they bound themselves, and the Imprecations they wilfully submitted
themselves under. The Names of their Princes were these: 1. Semiazas,
the Chief of them. 2. Atarcuph. 3. Araciel. 4. Chobabiel. 5.
Horammame. 6. Ramiel.7. Sampsich. 8. Zaciel. 9. Balciel. 10. Azazel.
11. Pharmarus. 12. Amariel. 13. Anagemas. 14. Thausael. 15. Samiel.
16. Sarinas. 17. Eumiel. 18. Tyriel. 19. Jumiel. 20. Sariel. These
(angels), and all the rest of them, took to themselves Wives… and
were inflam’d with Lust toward them till the Flood. The Offspring of
these Women were of three sorts: The first race were Giants, or Tall
Men: They begat the Naphelims, and from them came the Eliudæans;
and their Number increased, according to the Proportion of their
Bodies. They instructed their Wives and Children in Sorcery and
Enchantments. Azazel, the Tenth in the Order of the Princes, was the
first inventor of Swords and Breastplates, and all Military
Appointments (as such he is hailed as the ‘god of war’): He taught his
Posterity the Art of extracting (mining) Metals out of the Earth, and
the Curiosity of working in Gold and Silver (metalworking), to make
Ornaments and Female Decorations: He directed and shew’d them to
polish, and give a Lustre to choice Stones (such as diamonds), and to
Colours: The Sons of Men soon furnish’d themselves and their
Daughters with these Vanities; and breaking through the Commands of
God, they drove the Pious and Just into Miscarriages (related to this is

the Cimaruta [in Latin meaning ‘sprig of rue,’ rue being a plant sacred
to the goddess Diana, the queen of Italian witches], a type of magic
charm used in Italy as protection from the evil eye [it also served as a
sign of membership in the witch-cult]. Per Wikipedia: “…the refined
oil of rue was cited by the Roman historian Pliny the Elder and the
gynecologist Soranus as a potent abortifacient (inducing abortion).
Rue contains pilocarpine which is used in horses to induce abortion.”
** This knowledge originated with these fallen angels; abortions were
considered to be a form of human sacrifice. In America circa 2014
A.D., some 56 million babys have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade
was decided back in 1973 A.D.); insomuch that a monstrous
Appearance of Impiety stalk’d over the Face of the whole Earth.
Semiazas, their Prince, discover’d the Art of Hatred, to reserve Envy
in the Mind, and to infuse Misfortunes upon others by the Roots of
Herbs. Pharmarus, the Eleventh Prince, found out Witchcraft,
Charms, and Enchantments. The Ninth revealed the Course of the
Stars (astronomy). The Fourth the Science of Astrology. The Eighth
the Inspection of the Air. The Third of the Earth. The Seventh of the
Sun. The Twentieth explain’d the Signs of the Moon. All of them (all
of the angels) display’d (revealed) these Secrets of Knowledge to their
Wives and Sons. The Giants soon after began to feed upon Human
Flesh, which made the number of Men to decrease, and sensibly to
decay. Those who were left being harass’d with so many Instances of
Wickedness, (they) raised their Voice to Heaven, and implor’d, That
their Memory might be preserv’d in the Sight of God. The Four Great
Archangels, Michael, Uriel (it is Uriel, aka the ‘Prince of the Torah,’
who is said to have revealed the Kabala to mankind), Raphael, and
Gabriel (these four angels are commonly invoked in magic rituals and
spells and the names of these guardian angels appear as sigils upon
protective talismans as well), being affected with their Cries, look’d
down upon Earth from the Holiness of Heaven; and beholding a
general Effusion of Blood, and a Spirit of Universal Impiety, had this
Communication among themselves: “The Spirits and Souls of Men
implore our Aid, in Agonies of Sorrow; Introduce (they cry) our
Prayers to the Highest.” Then the Four Archangels calling upon God,
deliver'd themselves thus: “Thou art God of Gods and Lord of Lords,
King of Kings, and God of Men: The Throne of thy Glory endures to
all Ages, and thy Name is Holy and Blessed for evermore; for Thou art
the Creator of all things; Thy Power is over all things; all things are
open and manifest before Thee, nor can anything be conceal’d from

Thee. Thou seest the Actions of Azazel; the Misfortunes he has
occasioned; the Wickedness and abominable Practices he has taught
upon the Earth; how he has corrupted it with Fraud and Villainy. He
has divulg’d the great Arcana of Heaven; and the Sons of Men are led,
by his Example, to inspeél the Celestial Mysteries: Semiazas Thou
hast ordained to be the Prince of those who are about him; but they
have all turned themselves to the Daughters of the Men of the Earth,
and polluting themselves with Women have discovered to them all the
Methods of Impiety, and instructed them to perpetrate all degrees of
Abomination: And now, behold, the Daughters of Men have born a
Gigantic Offspring to them; a foul Blemish of Corruption has infected
the whole Earth, and the World is full of Injustice. Lo, the Spirits of
the Souls of Men who have been dead, attend thee: Their Groans have
arriv’d as far as the Gates of Heaven, and they cannot depart, by
reason of the exceeding Impiety that is committed upon the Earth: Yet
Thou knewest these things before they were effected: Dost Thou see
them, and say nothing? What must be done upon this Occasion?” The
Highest made answer, and the Holy Great One reply’d; and sent Uriel
to the Son of Lamech, saying: "Go to Noe (Noah), and acquaint him in
My Name, Hide thyself: And inform him, that the End approaches, for
the whole Earth shall perish. And tell him, a Deluge shall overspread
the whole Earth, and all Things shall be destroy'd upon the Face of it.
Instruct the Just Son of Lamech what he shall do, and he shall preserve
his Soul unto Life; and he shall be safe in his Generation: From him
shall a new Race be deriv'd and established, and shall continue to all
CONCLUDED.” - From: The Commentary section of Comte De Gabalis by Abbé N.
de Montfaucon de Villars [1913] The Book. (“Many readers will recall Sir Edward
(Bulwer)Lytton's citation of Comte de Gabalis (though dated 1715, portions of which was
originally published in 1670 A.D. The Book of Enoch itself dates back to the 3rd-1st Centuries
B.C.) in his strange novel Zanoni (published 1842 A.D.), certain portions of which were based
upon this source. And others will remember the high esteem in which the wit and wisdom of
the Abbé de Villars' masterpiece (Comte de Gabalis) were held by litterateurs, as well as
occultists, in the early years of the 18th century. Alexander Pope, in his dedication to the Rape
of the Lock, the first draft of which was written in 1711, says "The Rosicrucians are a people I
must bring you acquainted with. The best account I know of them is in a French book call’d
Le Comte de Gabalis…Alexander Pope's poem bears the same relation to its inspiration Comte
de Gabalis, that a dancing mote does to the sunbeam whose brilliance it reflects.” - Comte De
Gabalis by Abbé N. de Montfaucon de Villars (1913 A.D.) The Book. The English poet and

satirist Alexander Pope in Rape of the Lock wrote of Azazel and his group of fallen angels
when he wrote of human virgins being visited by angelic powers) (**Such herbal
abortifacients were still in use by witches in England during the 1960s. The following is from
an interview with Alexandrian Wicca high-priest Alex Sanders concerning and I quote “witchhealing”: “Q: Are witch medicines ever used?
A: Yes, for abortions on rare occasions and for simple ailments.
Q: In what circumstances would an abortion be carried out?
A: If a witch were unmarried, or married but in poor health, or unable to cope with another
child, she would be eligible. In some cases the girl friend of a witch—even if she were an
unbeliever—might be helped.
Q: How is the abortion performed?
A: By a herbal medicine. It is available without prescription but only two other witches, to my
knowledge, have the formula. It must be used before the third month of pregnancy.” – p.122
King of the Witches: The World of Alex Sanders by June Johns, 1969 A.D.)

Theosophists teach that in times past “an important event
happened - the most important up to this time upon our planet. This
event was the coming of what the ancient scriptures call the "Shining
Ones," the "Sons of God". These Beings have been called by many
names…They have sometimes been referred to as the "fallen
angels"…The coming (descent) of these divine sons, and their sojourn
in the lower regions ("Hades" of the Greeks, "Amenti" of the
Egyptians) has been the subject of myth and legend of all peoples
since the beginning of time. This is a theme which has been
immortalised by sage and poet.” - The Theosophical Seal (Arthur M. Coon, 1958

Theosophy teaches of Azazel’s group of rebellious fallen angels who
are imprisoned within the Earth!
Azazel is an adept at animal husbandry, being often referred to
as a shepherd (as the shepherd gods Dumuzi and Tammuz; as Osiris
who is oft depicted with the shepherd’s crook and flail; as the shepherd
god Pan; or as a swineherd (as Euboulos). Many representations of the
angel Azazel in other religious systems depict Azazel in this way as a
shepherd. It must be noted the Egyptian god Thoth was one of such a
myriad of representations of the angel Azazel. One of the names of
the god Thoth (who represented the angel Azazel) was ‘Sheps,’ this
title being a cognate of the word ‘shepherd,’ and most notably, of the
Hebrew word ‘Sheol,’ the name of the place where the angel Azazel
and his rebellious angels are imprisoned underground within the
earth). In this very same capacity Azazel was depicted as the
Celtic/Druidic god of herders named Saman, a god also known as
Samhain (Saman is also the name of a Buddhist Deva (god). The word

‘Deva’ is a cognate of the word ‘devil.’ The Buddhist Deva (devil)
Saman represents the angel Azazel (from the word ‘Saman’ comes the
word ‘shaman.’ By definition, shamanism comprises a range of
beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit
world (read: communication with the fallen angels. Compare to the
Hindu ‘samaneen.’ Spiritualism is shamanism pure and simple).
Indeed, Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma says: “The Druidical
ceremonies undoubtedly came from India; and the Druids were
originally Buddhists.”). (Likely the word ‘druid’ is derived from the
place name of Azazel’s entrapment, namely, Duidain. At any rate, the
Gaelic word ‘Druidh’ is said to mean “wise man/magician.”)
The root word ‘sam’ means poison/venom and as such is
associated with the serpent, while ‘an’ means ‘heaven.’ The ‘i’ is the
Sumerian designation for ‘lord’ (in the Sumerian work entitled
Ninurta's Exploits: A šir-sud to Ninurta (ETCSL translation: t.1.6.2)
Azazel is the “Lord Saman-ana” mentioned therein). This serpent
lord from heaven is the Genesis serpent Azazel (known to ancients as
the gods Baal and Adonis, both epitaphs which translate as ‘lord’) who
was the leader of the assembly of the jinn, also known as the ‘mani.’
As an added note, the word ‘azi,’ the root of the name Azazel, is the
Iranian Avestan word for ‘serpent.’ Indeed, the Samhain festival is
named in Azazel’s honor, bearing his Druidic nome de guerre. The
festival of Samhain was also known as the ‘Vigil of Samana’ [compare
to ‘Saman-ana’]. A ‘vigil’ is defined as ‘the eve of a festival.’ We
know this vigil in its Christianized form as Halloween, which is the
shortened form of All-Hallows Eve, which is celebrated on the eve of
the festival known as All-Hollows Day.
The festival which marks the night on which the deaths of the
human/angel hybrids occurred in an Armageddon-like confrontation
was Christianized as All-Hallows Eve (October 31), from whence
comes the name Halloween (from Hallowe’en, the shortened form of
All-hallow-even, the eve of All-hallows Day), while the following day
which hallowed the celebration of the day on which the angels were
imprisoned within the earth was Christianized by the Roman Catholic
Church under the name of All-Hallows Day, also known as
Hallowmas (November 1), which was the Old English name for our
modern All Saint’s Day (November 1). In fact, the story of these
angels’ imprisonment within the earth is the basis for the Roman
Catholic Church’s concept of Purgatory. All Soul’s Day is a festival

held on November 2 on the day following All Saint’s Day when
prayers are offered up in order to hasten the deliverance of those souls
being held in ‘purgatory.’ Since those held in ‘purgatory’ are these
earthly imprisoned rebellious fallen angels, such prayers consequently
offered up are an effort to hasten their release. This observance
represented the Christianization of a Pagan practice. (Important Note:
The Balfour Declaration, an agreement which provided for “the
establishment in Palestine of a Home for the Jewish people” and in
such a way leading to the creation of the modern state of Israel, was
issued on All Soul’s Day on November 2, 1917 A.D.)
Beltane is celebrated on May 1, (May Day). According to the
Hutchison Educational Encyclopedia (Helicon Publishing Ltd, 2000),
Beltane is May-Day, an Old Scottish quarter day. As such, All-Saint’s
Day was in fact moved from this date to November 1. At a period of
time when the day was reckoned from sunset to sunset, the two day
hallowed-day of All-hallow-even and All-hallows Day was originally
a one day event. Liturgically, this day was celebrated at the Vigil of
All Saint’s (this day was the Christianized version of the Vigil of
Samana, also known as Samhain), hence the name, All Saint’s Day.
All Saint’s Day was also the Roman Catholic Church’s Christianized
substitute for the pagan Roman festival called the Feast of Lemures
(alternatively the Lemuralia or Lemuria), celebrated on May 13 on the
Julian Calendar (April 30, May Eve, also known as Walpurgis Night,
is its Gregorian Calendar equivalent), so named for the dead spirits of
the hybrid children of the angels, the deaths of whom this holy-day
In Ireland today, Oidhche/Oiche Bealtaine is May Eve, and La
Bealtaine is May Day. The Welsh equivalent of Beltane is Calan
Mai/Calan Haf, celebrated on May 1. The celebrations begin the
evening before and this is known as May Eve. May Eve as a pagan
holy-day was Christianized as (St.) Walpurgis Night being celebrated
as it was on April 30 on the eve of the 1 st of May at a time when days
were reckoned as beginning at sundown. In German folklore, this day
(Walpurgisnacht) was a witches’ feast night/sabbat as May Day was
originally a pre-Christian holy-day reserved for the performance of
magical rites (‘sabbat,’ from the word ‘sabt.’ Sabt is the Egyptian
name for the star Sirius with which Azazel is associated). Beltane is
also a May 1st festival celebrated by those magical New Agers, the

In America and Canada, the secular holiday of Labor Day is
derived from May Day (it was ‘officially’ secularized [this being akin
to the process of the Christianization of pagan holy days] as a
celebration of workers when it was first adopted at the 1889 A.D.
International Socialist Congress in Paris where the date was fixed as
being the 1st of May and became a legal holiday [a word derived from
the term ‘holy day’] in honor of workers. The Communist celebration
of May Day has this as its origin, where a seemingly irreligious group
esoterically celebrates a wholly religious concept [for instance, one
famous socialist/communist symbol is the anvil and hammer, a
symbol/device of the metalworking god Vulcan, who is Azazel]. In
Hinduism, Ribhus was the name of the leader of a small group said to
dwell in a solar sphere. The solar sphere in which they dwell, or more
specifically, within which the small group is entrapped, is
representative of Azazel’s cherub Behemoth. The name Ribhus is
from ‘rbhu-,’ a word cognate with the Latin word ‘labor’ and the
English word ‘elf.’ Elves are folkloric representations of the
rebellious fallen angels (the word ‘el’ in the word ‘elf/elves’ is a root
of the word ‘angel’) The true esoteric meaning of Labor Day as a
holiday pertains to the veneration of the rebellious fallen angel Azazel
under the Hindu name of Ribhus. Labor Day is Ribhus Day, which is
to say, Azazel Day! In America the observation of Labor Day was
moved to the 1st Monday of September, though many countries still
celebrate Labor Day on May Day (May 1). Of an interesting note, the
first permanent settlement in North America was at Jamestown in
Virginia, officially settled on May 14, 1607 A.D. on the Gregorian
Calendar. The Julian Calendar date of May 14th corresponds to the
Gregorian Calendar date of May 1, May Day.
The Roman Festival of the Bona Dea was also held on May 1
in honor of the virginal goddess Bona Dea, whose name means “the
good goddess.” Bona Dea represents Azazel’s human wife. May Day
(May 1) games have their origin in the religious celebration associated
with the Roman Secular Games. In fact, the May Queen/Queen of the
May (the word ‘May’ is derived from ‘Maia,’ the name of a Greek
fertility goddess who likewise represented Azazel’s human wife, also
known as Queen Maia) was a virgin young girl(s) who was/were
chosen to act as queen(s) of the May Day games in honor of Azazel’s
human wife who was alternately known as the Queen of Heaven (some
Roman Catholic Church’s conduct a May Crowning of Mary

ceremony on May 1, such as that held at St. Gerald’s in Oak Lawn, IL
at the parish’s grotto shrine of Mary, the Queen of Heaven, in honor of
the Roman Catholic Church’s Christianized version of the angel
Azazel’s human wife. This was a common practice throughout the
Roman Catholic world prior to the reforms of the Second Ecumenical
Council of the Vatican (also known as Vatican II) held between 19621965 A.D.). In medieval times these virgin Queens of the May were
often impregnated during pagan sexual fertility rites (Hiero Gamos
Rituals; fertility rites fall into the sex-magic category) which
ceremoniously commemorated the sexual union of Azazel and his
human wife.
The tradition of dancing around a May-pole is a scene often
depicted in early American art as May Day was a popular holy-day in
Colonial America. The Puritans who came to North America at
Jamestown, Virginia, had as a group opposed the power of the Roman
Catholic Church in England as well as the Church of England itself
and had supported Oliver Cromwell’s overthrow of the royal English
monarchy (Ottenheimer in The Secrets of the Black Art [1900 A.D.]
p.40 describes the occult nature of the English Civil War which was,
as Thomas Carlyle describes it, the ‘war of the Puritans’: “It is asserted
by several authorities that no less than three thousand persons [in
England] were executed for Witchcraft during that dark period of
heretical depravity, the Great Rebellion [the English Civil War which
was waged between 1642-1652 A.D.]. Now, as "Rebellion," according
to the express assurance of the Prophet Samuel (1 Sam. xv. 23) "is as the
sin of Witchcraft," no hearty believer in God’s revelation can be at all
surprised to find that both Witchcraft and Rebellion in an atmosphere of
heresy flourished together, under that o d i o u s t y r a n t and hypocritical
fanatic, Oliver Cromwell (Cromwell was a Puritan himself): when the
altar was thrown down and both King (Charles I) and Archbishop
(William Laud, the Archbishop of Canterbury who was beheaded by
virtue of a bill of attainder) were murdered.” These facts are made all
the more interesting when we dig a little further and discover that one
of Cromwell’s closest friends was the magic-practicing Kabalist
Menasseh Ben Israel [See p.93 Secret Societies and Subversive
Movements], and that: “Cromwell, the arch-opponent of the Catholic
Church, was ‘a higher initiate of masonic mysteries’…” [Ibid p.98]
which included the practice of invoking fallen angels and this by
magic ritual—as the learned British witch Doreen Valiente notes in her
book Natural Magic: “It was whispered among Royalist sympathizers

that Cromwell had a pact with the Devil.” Oliver Cromwell’s own
personal minister, a Cambridge-educated Puritan minister named
Thomas Weld [whose descendents include former Massachusetts
Governor William Weld and actress Tuesday Weld] would eventually
settle in the Massachusetts Bay Colony). After the subsequent
reinstatement of the monarchy in England in 1660 A.D. (known as the
Stuart Restoration), many Puritans fled to North America to avoid
prosecution (the parents of Benjamin Franklin were amongst the group
of rebellious Puritans which absconded to our American shores; of an
interesting note, the Puritans believed themselves to be reincarnated
Israelites, reincarnation being the basis of Spiritualism) and not as
generally instructed the result of religious persecutions. Another close
ally of Sir Oliver Cromwell, Oxford University-attendee William
Penn, himself a prominent affluent Quaker (William Penn was a close
friend of Quaker founder George Fox) and outspoken critic of the
Roman Catholic Church, would found the British colony of
Pennsylvania (which word translates as ‘Penn’s Woods,’ it being one
of the 13 original colonies) as a “Holy Experiment” where persecuted
peoples could reside in peace side by side and which would eventually
enter the Union as America’s 2nd state. With these European colonists
and settlers came various pagan religious traditions to America.
Amongst the groups to accept William Penn’s invite were the
Mennonite followers of Menno Simons, a group of Germanic Quakers
and Mennonites totaling 100 individuals hailing from the Rhineland
area (in the Electoral Palatinate/German Palatinate) of the Holy
Roman Empire (a group composed in part of descendents of the
Waldenses [a faction once the subject of a Catholic extermination
campaign] and the radical Anabaptists [amongst which group is the
Amish]) which in 1683 A.D. founded Germantown, PA, today
incorporated within the city of Philadelphia (the recognized founder of
Germantown is mystic poet Francis Daniel Pastorius, a friend of
Philipp Jakob Spener, a German Christian mystic known as the ‘Father
of Pietism’). Between the years 1707 – 1756 A.D. Mennonite
numbers in the colony of Pennsylvania would be augmented by an
influx of an additional 3,000 Mennonites originating from the area
known as the German Palatinate, the very Germanic region where
Bavaria itself is located (a people collectively known as the
Pennsylvania Dutch/Pennsylvania German, this group would settle in
Lancaster County at the site of Lancaster, PA [of an interesting note, it
was to Lancaster, PA to which the Continental Congress would retreat

when Philadelphia was threatened by invading British forces during
the Revolutionary War]), Bavaria being the original home of Adam
Weishaupt’s Illuminati (the roots of the Carbonari secret society [a
successor organization of Weishaupt’s Order of Illuminati] can be
traced to the secret societies of the pre-Reformation and Reformation
Rosicrucian/Reformation movements. Reformation leader Martin
Luther was a Rosicrucian—Luther’s seal incorporates a Rose-Cross
iconography). The environs in and around Bavaria, as the reader shall
discover, has long been a center of the magical arts.
Another early American colony, the Plymouth Colony, was
founded by a group of Brownist Pilgrims in Plymouth, MA. These
included the kith and kin of Sir William Cecil (the leader of the
Pilgrim separatist movement, Robert Browne, was related to Sir
William Cecil), a chief minister in the court of Queen Elizabeth I
whose chief court advisor was Astrologer Royal Dr. John Dee, a
famous ceremonial magician/member of the Invisible College.
America celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday in these Pilgrims’ honor
(prominent amongst this group was the Delano family: “In the
Americas, the Delano family includes notables such as U.S. presidents
Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge, U.S. president and
Union Army general Ulysses S. Grant (whose Secretary of the Interior
was family member Columbus Delano), author Laura Ingalls Wilder,
and NASA astronaut Alan B. Shepard. The Delano family progenitor
was Philippe de Lannoy (1602–1681). This Pilgrim of Flemish descent
arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the early 1620s. His
descendants also include Frederic Adrian Delano [a Harvard grad who
served as vice-president of the American Unitarian Association in
1907 A.D.], [anthropologist] Robert Redfield,** and [swashbuckling
sea captain] Paul Delano. Delano family forebears include the Pilgrim
who chartered the Mayflower, seven of its passengers and three
signers of the Mayflower Compact.” – Wikipedia: Delano family). (**Carnegie
Institute Anthropologist Robert Redfield was a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and

In the American colonies, magic traditions and Christian
practices often went side by side (fused into a system of Christian
mysticism generally known as Cabalism, adherents being
predominantly of the Protestant Reformation Rosicrucian variety),
with some individuals thereby masking their wholly pagan inclinations

through a veil of Gnostic Christianity** to avoid wholesale
persecutions, often involving a brutal death by zealous Inquisitions
instituted by the Counter-Reformation of the Roman Catholic Church
from whose furies these groups had fled (numerous ‘witches’ in
England however would also meet their deaths under the watch of the
virulently anti-Catholic Puritan Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell’s
witchfinder general Matthew Hopkins, famous author of the witchfinding treatise The Discoverie of Witches. Over a period of three
years from 1644-1646 A.D. some 300 individuals charged as witches
would greet death at the gallows during the English Civil War [and
this one should think was due to the fact members of the royalty
commonly employed witches as spies and assassins]). (**Colonial
Christianity often consisted in varying degrees of such a paganChristian amalgamation and it was not an uncommon practice as noted
in Witchcraft in England p.76 for a “priest at the altar” of a Christian
church to “have come straight from the celebration of some darker
[magical] rite” and this according to a long-standing tradition for as
similarly noted in The Magic of the Middle Ages by Viktor Rydberg:
“In the time of [Saint] Boniface [circa the 8 th A.D.] there were many
Christian priests in Germany who sacrificed to Thor [Azazel] and
baptized in the name of Jesus at the same time.” 1Corinthians 10:21 is
a testament to the futility of such a practice: “You cannot drink the
Lord’s cup and the cup of demons. You cannot participate at the table
of the Lord and at the table of demons.”) These facts notwithstanding,
witchcraft in its purest forms was not an uncommon practice in early
colonial America, and many such individuals would suffer during the
infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692-1693 A.D. (witch trials were not
exclusive to Salem, Massachusetts however, they being also held in
other colonies in the Americas, in England and all across Europe from
the 15th through the 18th Centuries. Estimates of the number of lives
surrendered to the Inquisition itself runs from the hundreds of
thousands and even into the millions, a period often referred to as the
‘Burning Times’ by modern day witches as witches were often burned
at the stake, though in England, witches were wont to be hung). The
illustrious Puritan preacher Cotton Mather (1663-1728 A.D.) wrote
several literary works concerning witchcraft in the colonies, even
condoning its use in certain circumstances, while vessels known as
‘Witch-bottles’ can be found on both sides of the Atlantic in the
colonies as well as on the European continent which had spawned their
usage. Witch bottles themselves were folkloric (white-magic) cures

employed by cunning men and women meant to counter the
malevolent effects of the spells of black-magic witches. Early colonial
hex signs employed by German-speaking Pennsylvania Dutch also
share such a magical origin, these being employed as protective
magical charms, and some locales in early America were indubitably
influenced by both Christian and German theosophical movements
(the German monk Martin Luther, often referred to as the Father of the
Protestant Reformation, was himself a Rosicrucian practitioner of
Cabalism). Many such adherents had fled both secular and religious
persecution in Europe only to alight upon our New Atlantean
American shores. Such theosophic groups include the Quakers. In
“The earliest settlers of America—Spanish, English, Dutch, Swedes,
French, German, etc., all had a “working knowledge,” generally
speaking, of religious backgrounds, especially respecting good and
bad—angels and witches [read: they all had a general knowledge of
witchcraft, both white and black]. Most of the books brought to
America by either of the above races were of a religious [though not
necessarily Christian] nature...” - The Realness of Witchcraft in America by A.
Monroe Aurand, Jr., 1942 A.D.).

Many in America who had adhered to practices of magic and
witchcraft flocked to and rallied around the banner of Freemasonry,
and it is interesting to note as well, 50 of the 56 signers of the
Declaration of Independence were prominent high-degree Freemasons.
The word ‘Druid’ by one definition means ‘knowing the oak
tree.’ What is the esoteric significance of the oak tree? As Giordano
Bruno in The Heroic Enthusiasts so eloquently states: “…the roots of
the oak twist and weave themselves into the veins of the earth…” and
it is within these very veins of the earth, where, as we learn, Azazel is
therein entrapped. Indeed, the Druids, witches by definition, carried
out human sacrifices during religious rituals in sacred sylvan wooded
groves. Their victims (called hostias) were often burned alive in
wooden wickerwork cages fashioned in the shape of humans and
sometimes in the shape of enormous human heads thereby making the
term the Burning Times so very ironic in itself (for as it is said, as one
sows, so shall he reap). The Beltane Festival held on May 1 st (May
Day) featured the burning of such a huge wicker effigy of a man.
Related to this practice is the Burning Man Fest, an annual occult

ritual performed in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The Burning
Man Fest is held from August 25-September 1. September 1st is, as
you recall, Labor Day, which is to say, Ribhus Day, Ribhus being the
Hindu name for Azazel. This is precisely four months after May 1st on
our current calendar, adjusted to coincide with May 1 st in the ancient
calendar tradition. Also related to Beltane traditions is the burning of
a marionette effigy of Zozobra, also called Old Man Gloom (as Azazel
is said to abide in the ‘nether gloom,’ being also known as Father
Time [Cronos], who is oft depicted as an old man), during the Fiestas
de Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Santa Fe being a New Age
Mecca) during the month of September. The Fiestas de Santa Fe dates
back to the year 1712 A.D., while the tradition of the burning of
Zozobra dates from 1924 A.D. The Cabalistic act of the burning of
Zozobra commences a three day celebration which includes a mass at
St. Francis Cathedral. Another related festival was the worship of the
Hittite horned lion-god Sandan (compare to the Sand Man, the
mystical figure said to magically put one to sleep—the cherubim of the
angels are capable of inducing such a deep catatonic sleep), a god who
represented the angel Azazel, the image of which was placed inside a
pyre which was subsequently set afire. These festivals and others like
it were all related to an Egyptian annual magical rite called the
“Banishing of Apep” (in systems of magic, banishing rituals go hand
in hand with the invocation of spirits/angels/demons). In regards to
the serpent characterization of the angel Azazel, he is represented in
the Egyptian stories of Apep (in Greek, Apophis), who was the great
serpent (ophis) believed to be imprisoned and still living entrapped
within the underworld.
During an annual Egyptian black magic
ceremony called the “Banishing of Apep,” Egyptian priests built an
effigy of the serpent Apep and burned it in order to protect the
populace from his influences. The Cremation of Care (called ‘Dull
Care’) ceremony performed in the Bohemian Grove also has its roots
in this practice (the term “dull care” can be found in The Rubaiyat of
Omar Khayyam [c. 1123 A.D.], a mystical poem by a master of
comparative religions and of the esoteric teachings found therein.
Stanza 299 relates: “Cast off dull care, O melancholy brother!” while
Stanza 198 speaks of “care’s serpent eye” (and also “Rich men, who
take to drink, the world defy,” they being as it were, above the law,
this being one definition of the word ‘Bohemian’ [compare to Felix
Pyat’s 1834 A.D. description of Bohemians as being “outside the law,
beyond the reaches of society.” Felix Pyat was a high-degree

Freemason who receives special mention on p.262 of Occult
Theocracy as being a co-conspirator in an international intrigue]. A
Serpent is a common motif representing the demonic angel Azazel and
is also a common symbol of a cherub. It must be noted at this point
that a serpent is employed as the Bohemian Club logo). Hence the
Cremation of Care ceremony is akin to magic ceremonies which
ritually burn the angel Azazel in effigy, the object being to banish him
after previously ritually invoking him. Apophis (Apep) is also known
as Apophrassz, the “Stooping Dragon,” a dragon being a common
symbol for a cherub, the word ‘dragon’ often being used
interchangeably with the word ‘serpent’ in The Bible. The word
‘Apophis’ is etymologically related to the word ‘Apis’ and also to the
word ‘Apollo.’ The gods Apollo and Apis were gods who represented
Azazel/Behemoth. The word ‘Apis’ is simply the word ‘Apophis’
with the word ‘oph’ removed.
The word ‘oph’ means ‘serpent’
(though Apis is generally portrayed as a bull, Apophis is akin to the
‘Horned Serpent’ of countless pagan ‘mythologies’). A serpent is a
common symbol for a cherub (the god known as Apollo,
representative of Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, is also called Pythius
after the serpent Pytho [See The Magus Chapter VII: Of the Order of
Evil Spirits, and their Fall, and Different Natures]). The word
‘Python,’ the name for a genus of snakes, is a cognate of the word
‘Typhon’ (these words vary simply through the transposition of the
letters ‘T’ and ‘P.’ By definition these words are anagrams of each
other. As also must be noted, by one definition, and this is certainly
the case in this instance, a ‘python’ is a demon. Both words are in fact
constructed with the word ‘oph’ which signifies a serpent). The Greek
god Typhon represented Azazel’s cherub Behemoth. When Typhon
was defeated by Zeus (Zeus being the name under which the Greeks
paid homage to God), Typhon (Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth) was said
to have been entrapped beneath the earth, being cast by Zeus (God)
into Tartarus (the underworld, within the earth). (One must also note
the similarity between the words ‘Python’ and Ptah, yet another
Egyptian title of the fallen angel Azazel, he of many names (to quote
the Egyptian The Book of the Dead, Azazel’s: “…names are manifold
and innumerable…”). Compare the Egyptian Typhon/Python/Ptah to
the Greek Phaeton, yet another name for Apollo (Phaeton is an
anagram of Oph-Aten), a god representing Azazel’s cherub
Behemoth—‘Phaeton’ in Greek means “shining.” The Oph-Aten
(Phaeton) is the Serpent-Sun Disc symbol representative of the

Genesis serpent Azazel’s wheel-shaped cherub Behemoth [in Hebrew,
the word ‘wheel’ designating a cherub is ‘Ophan’ (plural, Ophanim)]
from which is derived such esoteric symbols as the Gnostic Ouroboros
symbol [a circular symbol composed of a serpent with its tail in its
mouth] and the Grecian serpentine Phaestos Disc [in its basic
composition a spiral design]). As we learn from S.F. Dunlap in
Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man, p.54, 55, the Greek god Apollo
was also called Python. Also, the word ‘usumgal’** which translates
as ‘python,’ was a title of Tammuz (See p.161 Tammuz and Ishtar by
S. Langdon, 1914 A.D.) who likewise represented Azazel (**compare
to the Akkadian god Ušumgallu who is depicted as a Horned Serpent,
representative of the Horned God Azazel whose sign is the serpent).
The Egyptian word ‘Serapis’ comes from ‘Soros-Apis,’ or
‘Sor-Apis,’ said to translate as the ‘tomb of the bull (ox)’ (compare to
the name of the Sabine god Soranus, a god who likewise represented
Azazel). Apis (in Egyptian meaning ‘ox’), it is said, represented the
Egyptian god Osiris (a name by which the Egyptians worshipped
Behemoth/Azazel) in the form of a sacred bull (a male ox), the bull
being a common symbol for an angel (at the giving of the Ten
Commandments, the golden bull calf [the calf signifying the Egyptian
Horus the Child/Harpocrates/Apis the young bull calf and the Hebrew
god Moloch, all of whom represented the fallen angel Azazel] which
the Hebrews worshipped after their Exodus from Egypt [See Exodus
32:2-8] was such an idolized representation of Azazel). Serapis was
also known as Osiris Apis. Related to the Egyptian word ‘Serapis’ is
the Hebrew word ‘Seraph,’ a type of cherub (entymologically related
to the word ‘Serapis’ is the Semitic word for a serpent, ‘Siru’). The
word ‘Osiris’ translates as “many eyed,” a term descriptive of Azazel’s
cherub (in Ezekiel 10:12, Ezekiel describes the cherubim as being
covered with many apertures called “eyes”). Serapis then, being the
tomb of the bull Osiris, is a term referring to Azazel’s entombment
within his cherub Behemoth, which is to say, within his seraph (his
‘many-eyed’ [Osiris] cherub), within the dark recesses of the earth.
Indeed, as related by Plutarch in On Osiris and Isis, priests performed
ceremonies in which the god Apis is ritually buried, thereby
commemorating the entombment of Azazel (represented by Apis),
within the earth, within his cherubic tomb. Such ritual burial places
were located in underground temples dedicated to the god Serapis,
called a Serapeum. The god Serapis is at times depicted as being
crowned by a modius, an Egyptian corn measure. The modius holds

16 sextarii of corn in allusion to Azazel’s release in 2016 A.D. It must
be noted that Azazel is also known as a corn god, who is often
represented by a phallic-shaped ear of corn.
The Great Magical Papyrus of Paris speaks of “Osiris, king of
the underworld” calling him “King Osiris Onnophris,” a title
containing the root word ‘oph,’ alluding to the god’s identity as the
Genesis serpent Azazel. The word ‘oph’ means ‘serpent.’ Such a
connection was made with Azazel because serpents are known to
inhabit subterranean abodes known as ‘pits.’ In a like way also in
allusion to the fact that he dwells, like the lowly earthworm, within the
earth, The Apocalypse of Abraham refers to Azazel as the “vile worm
Azazel” (compare to H.P. Lovecraft’s magic book known as the Simon
Necronomicon which refers to Azazel as a “Worm,” and The Book of
Jamaspi 2.3 which also likens Ahriman [who is Azazel] to a “worm,”
as Azazel is also represented as the Masonic Worm Samis [alias the
‘insect Shermah,’ Shermah being a cognate of Hermes, who is
Azazel], who led the “builders [Masons] of the temple” [read: Temple
Masons] into error [See The Right Angle by Geoffrey Farthing]). The
Anglo-Saxon word ‘worm’ is itself synonymous with the Chinese
word for ‘dragon.’ Based on sheer numbers, Britain’s dragon legends
are rivaled only by those of the Chinese (Anglo-Saxon dragon legends
are in fact based upon the story of Azazel. In European folklore such
dragons were said to inhabit underground lairs, and the typical British
dragon legend revolves around a dragon emerging from a subterranean
pit or a well after first having descended from the heavens, shades of
the legend of the fallen angel Azazel and his later subsequent release
from his lair within the earth. One of the most famous legendary
British dragons is known the Lambton Worm of Durham, a testament
to the fact that words dragon and worm are synonymous. The ancient
Egyptian Legend of the Destruction of Mankind carved upon the walls
of an Egyptian temple dedicated to the Egyptian god Osiris likewise
speaks of “the worms which are in the earth and water” in reference to
the cherubim of the fallen angels). Worm is the modern spelling of the
Old English word wyrm meaning “serpent, snake, dragon.”
Demeter is one such name under which the Greeks worshipped
the earthly human wife of the angel Azazel. In the Orphic hymn, To
Eleusinian Demeter, Demeter is said to “dwell in the sacred valley of
Eleusis…beneath the earth.” The “valley of Eleusis” esoterically
represents that valley carved out by the comet which struck the earth
therein entrapping Azazel, his human wife, and the angels along with

him, in his cherub beneath the earth. The pagan magic rites of the
Eleusinians during the Eleusinian mysteries were often performed in
subterranean chambers, as were the Mithraic mysteries as oft times
were the Druidic mysteries (such was true of nearly all mystery school
initiations), in commemoration of Azazel’s and his human wife’s
subterranean imprisonment. Caves, which are subterranean chambers,
and their cousins, the grottos, are in the mystery religions one and the
same. The Roman Catholic Church’s use of grottos is related to this
long held pagan belief. By definition, the grotto is a small cave or a
man-made imitation of a cave. The word ‘grotto’ is derived from the
Italian word ‘grotta,’ meaning ‘crypt,’ which by definition refers to a
subterranean chamber. The common practice of the placement of
statues (idols) of the Queen of Heaven in grottos is the Christianized
version of pagan teachings (such as that incorporated within the
Descent of Ishtar) concerning the fact that Azazel’s human wife,
whom the Roman Catholic Church’s conceptualization of the Virgin
Mary represents, albeit painted with a Christianized veneer, is
entombed underground within the earth (as an added note, the
Sumerian word ‘kur,’ used to denote a cherub (as in ‘Enlil [Azazel] in
the E-kur’; ‘E-kur’ is a cognate of ‘cherub’) by definition describes an
aperture of a window, the eye (cherubim are in fact shaped like an eye
when viewed from the side), or a cave! (Pertinent Quote: “May their
names remain fixed, and not destroyed for ever before Osiris
[Behemoth], Horus [Azazel], Isis [Azazel’s human swife], Nephthys
[the Tree of Life/artificial womb/fusion chamber located within the
cherub Behemoth (See The Knowledge of Wisdom)]—those gods and
goddesses who are herein mentioned; and before the gods and
goddesses in their entirety [note the plural] who are in the underworld,
and in the chambers [read: who are in the cherubim. The word
chamber is a cognate of the word cherubim] and great shrines [in
total, 50 such cherubim] existing in the underworld.” - Hymn to OsirisSokar)

When in Genesis 3:14 God said of the serpent, which
symbolically represents the angel Azazel: “dust you shall eat.” This
was a reference to God’s sentencing Azazel to interment within the
earth. Serpents make their homes within the earth, hence the analogy.
It is also in this tradition that we find the esoteric teachings of the story
of Azazel’s entrapment within the earth from the legends of Buddhism
circa the 5th Century B.C. in India when we learn of the serpent king
Mucalinda (who represents the angel Azazel) whose palace (which

represents Azazel’s cherub Behemoth within which he is entrapped)
was said to be located beneath the earth. In regards to the serpent
characterization of the angel Azazel, he is represented in the Egyptian
stories of Apep/Apophis, the great serpent believed to be imprisoned
and still living within the underworld.
‘Nag’ in Sanskrit means ‘serpent/snake,’ and Naga is the
Sanskrit name for a snake or dragon (often depicted as a cobra).
Dragons and serpents are common Biblical terms for the cherubim of
the angels, and most specifically the cherubim of Azazel and Satan. In
Hindu-Buddhist beliefs, Naga are celestial dragons often said to be
able to take on the human form. This is based on the story of the
incarnation of the celestial serpent Azazel and of the angels who
accompanied him who likewise came to this Earth in an incarnate
human form.
Contrary to popular belief, angels are capable of sin. Nobody
is perfect, not even the angels of heaven:
“Even in his servants (the angels) he (God) puts no trust, and his
angels he (God) charges with error…” - Job 4:18
“Behold, God puts no trust in his holy ones (his angels), and the
heavens are not clean (without sin) in his sight…” - Job 15:15
The angels, their offspring and the human women who sired
them were deified by the ancient human population of the Earth by
which they are represented in a multicultural pantheon of gods,
goddesses and so-called “mythical” figures, and these stories come
down to us in the form of ancient “mythologies” (one modern example
being Bulfinch’s Mythology by the American Thomas Bulfinch
[b.1796 – d.1867 A.D.] composed of three volumes including The Age
of Fable, [Stories of Gods (angels) and Heroes (angel/human hybrids)]
published in 1855 A.D.; The Age of Chivalry, [Legends of King
Arthur], published in 1858 A.D.; and Legends of Charlemagne
[Romance of the Middle Ages], published in 1863 A.D. The original
three volumes were later combined into a single volume entitled
Bulfinch’s Mythology). Many of the more well known “mythologies”
are taught in educational curriculums throughout the United States
including those as set forth in Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and
Heroes by Edith Hamilton, 1942 A.D., frequently used in high schools

and colleges as an introductory text on ancient mythology. Such
“myths” were taught to me in the public school system in Chicago, IL,
in English class. I learned them again later in a state-run college
Humanities course (in this way Humanists dodge the Constitutional
mandated division of church and state). Amidst these supposed
“myths” are contained the true stories of the exploits of the angels,
their wives and their offspring. Many religions throughout the history
of the world, be they Semitic, Assyrian, Egyptian, Babylonian,
Ugaritic, Phoenician, Ethiopian, Arabic, etc., have quite common
archetypes, that is, similar religious symbols and motifs which are
shared by the many systems. This is because they speak of the same
characters and occurrences, being differing versions of the very same
story whereby as time wore on the versions changed in compliance
with local societal norms and individual interpretations and assertions.
The multitudinous varieties of names by which one individual such as
Azazel can be known is attributed to differences in cultures, languages,
attributes and titles. Azazel has many names.
The 200 angels who appeared in the time of Jared who were
imprisoned within the earth are the “gods whose dominion is…in
depths of earth and gloom” as mentioned in the Roman poet (70-19
B.C.) Virgil’s Aeneid. These angels are the Titans of Tartarus, the
Sons of Earth (in reference to their being angels incarnate) “cast
down” from heaven to the Earth and “writhing in the lowest depth”
thereof. In the Greek Orphic Hymn, “To the Titans,” it is said these
Titans “dwell down below in Tartarean homes…in the earth’s
bowels.” This is in reference to the angels’ imprisonment within the
earth, where they are to this day imprisoned within their “homes,”
which is to say, within their cherubim. The Greek poet Hesiod (8 th
Century B.C.) likewise tells us the Titans were “bound in bitter chains
beneath the wide-wayed earth.” The Greek word for the deities who
dwelled beneath the earth was ‘hypochthonioi.’ The Sumerians called
these imprisoned angels the Anunnaki amongst which group is the
Anunna, the fifty ‘great gods’ of the Sumerians, who likely represent
the crew commanders of the cherubim, each cherub housing a crew of
four, including their commander (50 X 4 = 200) (as exemplified in
Revelation 9:13-15, a scripture which describes the release of Azazel’s
There are four angels in Azazel’s cherub which is
representative of a typical cherub crew). In The Koran these angels
are known as the jinn, from whence comes our word ‘genie.’ They are
the Hindu goblems (compare to the word ‘golem’) and are akin to the

Germanic elves (which we learn about at Christmastime in the
folkloric form of Santa’s [read: Satan’s] elves). They are the Norse
“Dark-elves” mentioned in the 13th Century Prose Edda Gylfanning
said to “dwell down in the earth.” The Irish knew them as Aos Si/Aes
Sidhe, elf-like beings said to live underground. The Nordic word for
elf, ‘Alfar,’ contains the root word ‘ar,’ meaning Watcher/angel
(interesting enough, ALF is used to abbreviate Alien Life Form). The
fallen angels are also known as the Nordic Vanir (the root ‘ir’ also
means Watcher/angel. I would have to say ‘r’ denotes an angel.
When considering the word Druid, I would translate it as angel of
Duid(ain). Hence a Druid priest is a priest of the angels who art in
Duidain. Druids are practitioners of magic. According to St.
Augustine: “There are even Demons, which are called Duses by the
Gauls” - Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore and Parallel Worlds
by Jacques Vallee, 1969 A.D.). They are sometimes referred to as the
sluagh sidhe, the “fairy host” (note the etymological similarities
between the word ‘sluagh’ and the name of the god Lugh, a Celtic
name for the angel Azazel. The word ‘sidhe,’ which refers to the
residence (house) in which these beings resided beneath the earth,
referred to the cherubim in which the angels were entrapped. From the
night hag known as Azazel’s human wife comes the original Irish
concept of the Banshee, a word derived from ‘bean sidhe,’ which
translates as “woman of the sidhe.” She is the woman, Azazel’s
human wife, who is entrapped with Azazel within his cherub.
The Norse knew Azazel’s cherub entrapped within the earth as
Niflheim. The word ‘Niflheim’ is derived from the Old English word
for “dark” and a German and Latin root meaning “cloud,” in essence, a
‘dark cloud.’ Clouds are used in The Bible to symbolically represent
cherubim. The Norse knew the place of Azazel’s imprisonment
beneath the earth as Hel and Helvete (‘hel’ means “concealed cave”
and is a cognate of the Hebrew word ‘Sheol,’ the place where Azazel
was said to be imprisoned within the earth), this being the “location of
punishment,” which, more specifically, was the location of Azazel’s
punishment, ‘Hel’ being etymologically related to the name of the
Greek god Helios, a personification of Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth. It
is within his cherub in which Azazel is entrapped. It is also known as
Azazel’s human wife, imprisoned with him within his cherub
was known variously as Holle, Holla, Holda, Hulda, Hilda, Hilde, Hela
and Hel. As specifically pertains to Azazel’s human wife, Azazel’s

cherub within which she is entrapped was called Eljuonir, which
translates as ‘Hel’s Hall.’ In the Prose Edda book Gylfanning (circa
1230 A.D.), the place where she is entrapped within the earth is also
called the “Pit of Stumbling.” The human wives of Azazel and his
angels were known by the Norse as Valkyries, the most famous of
whom is Brynhildr/Bromide (whose name means ‘Brynie of Battle’),
who represents the angel Azazel’s human wife. Her name is a cognate
of the name of the Celtic goddess Bride/Bridget, and Britannia (oft
depicted with shield and lance), the female figure who is emblematic
of the country of Britain, a country so named in honor of Azazel’s
human wife. The ‘horses’ the Valkyries ride are symbolic of the
cherubim of their angelic husbands. Horses are a common symbol for
cherubim in The Bible. The composer Wagner wrote an opera about
them entitled The Ride of the Valkyries. The Valkyries are also known
as the disir and as norns. ‘Dis’ means ‘lady/ladies,’ and ‘ir’ means
Watcher/angel. The ‘disir’ are the ladies of the Watcher/angels, which
is to say, the human wives of the angels. Germanic operas have long
sung the praises of the rebellious fallen angels, albeit in their archaic
mythological forms which seem absurd to the unititiated.
In the Orphic hymn, To Pluto, Pluto being another such name
under which the fallen angel Azazel was known, we are told:
“Pluto…whose realms profound are fix’d beneath the firm and solid
ground in the Tartarian plains (in Tartarus)” and that his “throne,”
which is to say, the place where his cherub rests, is “fix’d in Hades
dismal plains” within the earth where he is said to dwell with
Proserpine, one such name by which his human wife was known,
“deep” in the “cave of Atthis (Attis),” which is to say, in Azazel’s
cherub Behemoth. Azazel’s entombed cherub is oft described and
symbolized as a subterranean cave.
The Egyptians used the scarab as a symbol for Azazel’s
cherub. The Egyptian scarab represents the god Khepera who is often
depicted riding through the sea of the sky in the Boat of the Sun, which
represents a cherub. Khepera is known as the Roller, so-called due to
the scarab beetle’s practice of rolling dung balls, which, like cherubim,
are circular in shape and also roll, which is to say, spin (cherubim are
sometimes referred to as spinning/whirling wheels). The idea that
Azazel is entrapped within the earth within his cherub is also
paralleled by the scarab beetle’s habit of making their homes within
the earth. Concerning the import of the Mysterious scarab beatle in
Egyptian religious beliefs, Doreen Valiente adeptly notes in her book

Natural Magic: “The Egyptians saw the little insect propelling this
(dung) ball with its hind legs… They saw the ball (analogous of a
round cherub) eventually pushed into a hole in the ground (analogous
of the hole punched within the earth by the comet which entrapped
him therein)… Then, one day, the eggs (which the beatle lays within
the dung ball) would hatch within their warm cover and new life burst
forth (as they then emerged from within the earth in which they were
entrapped).” All of these characteristics made the Egyptian scarab
beatle an apt symbol for the imprisoned angel Azazel and of his
cherub, Behemoth, as well as his anticipated future release. And last
but not least, Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XVI B.D. Chap. XXXA
speaks of “the horns” of Khepera, as Azazel is known as the Horned
God, yet another feature making the horned scarab beatle an apt
symbol for Azazel. Indeed, one of the many Egyptian titles for Azazel
was “Lord of the two horns” (See the Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate
In the ancient Babylonian religion the horned god Baal (Baal
means ‘lord’) was known as the “smiting god,” a god of war. Baal is a
representation of the angel Azazel—it was Azazel who first taught
humans the art of war (See The Book of Enoch). The humans of the
Earth began worshiping as gods the angels who appeared in the days
of Jared in 5000 B.C. (The author is not alone in this belief.
According to Zohar 2:7a, the gods of the nations as spoken of in The
Bible are not mere powerless idols but represent actual celestial beings
who have influence over actual events on our Earth). Some
gods/angels may have entered some of the most ancient of temples and
possibly had roles in their construction. The Greek poet Hesiod in the
8th Century B.C. himself expressed the Grecian belief that in
antediluvian (pre-Flood) days man had lived with the angels whom he
called “divine beings.” The Apocalypse of Abraham 31:5-8 also
references mankind’s aforementioned worship of the angel Azazel.
The angels entrapped within the earth are in Zoroastrianism
called ‘daevas.’ The Greeks translated this word as ‘daemons’ (and
knew them as well as Titans). In the Orphic Hymn “To Adonis”
(Adonis, like Baal, means ‘lord’), Adonis being the Greek translation
of the Semitic title under which Azazel was known, Orpheus describes
him as being the “best of daemons” who was “much-named” (as he is
known under many different names and titles) and therein associates
him with the desert and with Tartarus. Recall in The Book of Enoch
Azazel was said to be entrapped within the earth (in the underworld of

Tartarus) in the desert called Duidain. They speak of one and the same
being, the angel Azazel. In the hymn it is said Adonis/Azazel was “At
stated periods doomed to set and rise” (in association with his
entrapment within the earth, representing his setting, and with his
rising, his later release in the period before the Second Coming), rising
as he does in a “splendid lamp, the glory of the skies.” His “lamp,”
“the glory of the skies,” is his cherub Behemoth. In The Bible, a
“glory” is a common term for a cherub. From the legend of Azazel’s
entrapment within the earth also comes the Arabian story of the genie
in the lamp (See The Arabian Nights, also known as The Thousand
and One Nights). Our word ‘genie’ comes from the Arabic word for
‘jinn.’ According to the Koran 18.50, the jinn were the rebellious
angels who transgressed the word of God. Azazel’s cherub was
described as a lamp in the Orphic hymn because a cherub can be
brightly lit and it therefore lights up the sky. In this hymn it is also
said his “orb” (his round, wheel-like cherub) would later “shine again”
in the “heavens.” People mistake the angel Azazel in his various
personas as a representation of the sun (as a sun god, believing the
ancients worshipped the sun) because he is thereby associated with a
brightly lit orb which subsequently sets and rises as does our sun (I
would say that anyone with extensive knowledge of the subject who
yet still holds that the ancients worshipped the sun as a ‘sun-god’ is
either a complete blithering idiot or a complicit part of a concerted
misinformation campaign and presumably, and respectfully, the latter).
However, in their defense, S.F. Dunlap in Vestiges of the SpiritHistory of Man p.48 informs his readers that one Babylonian word for
the Sun was ‘Azaz,’ which makes Azaz-el the El of the Sun, a
veritable Sun god of sorts, the so-called Sun (Azaz) god (El) of the
ancients, Azazel, the Angel of the Sun. As such, some Kabalists refer
to Azazel as Sorat, the Demon of the Sun. In alchemical lore, ROTA
denotes an Ezekian ‘wheel,’ which is to say, it signifies a cherub, and
what more is the word ‘Sorat’ than an anagram of ROTA with the
addition of the emblematic serpent (S), the sign of Azazel, Sorat being
symbolic of the Serpent’s Ezekian Wheel, the Serpent-Sun Disc, the
Oph-Aten, Phaeton, Azazel’s cherub Behemoth.
The jinn (Azazel and his imprisoned angels) are also known as
the shedim (some shedim are invoked during kabalistic ceremonies
such as was the golem [compare to the Hindu word ‘goblem’] of
Rabbi Yehuda Loevy. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such

thing as benevolent shedim. Aleister Crowley, a practitioner of
Magick, invoked the shedu Azazel under the guise of Choronzon, the
Dweller in the Abyss. In Arabian countries the jinn/rebellious fallen
angels are likewise associated with magic. Arab magicians are called
Muqarribun, their traditions predating Islam itself (and of course,
Aleister Crowley). Through their use of magic, the Muqarribun sought
to control the jinn and to exploit them to their advantage. Spells were
employed in an effort to control the jinn and to enslave them and as
protection against them. The Egyptians also had practicing magicians
(See Exodus 7:11), as did the Babylonians (See Daniel 2:10). The
kings of the east, the Persian Magi who visited Jesus at his birth were
likewise, as their names suggest, magicians (the Magi, Zoroastrian
priests, invoked the fallen angels and the religion of the Magi,
Zoroastrianism, prophesized the eventual release of the angel Azazel)


Chapter 6. Azazel: God of the Ancients
The angel named Azazel was known as the Egyptian god
Horus, teacher of the Lesser Mysteries at his first appearance on Earth,
and teacher of the Greater Mysteries when he makes his second
appearance after his release from his rocky imprisonment within the
earth. The story of the imprisoned angel Azazel and of his three
accompanying angelic comrades (along with his human wife) who are
trapped inside Azazel’s cherub (and the two hundred angels who
accompanied Azazel to the earth who are to this day encased within
the earth in their cherubim as well) beneath the windswept desert
sands is the origin of the worship of the legendary demonic seirim, the
satyr-like jinn of the desert to whom the ancient Semites offered
religious sacrifices as mentioned in Leviticus 17:7. This group is also
the source of the legends of the jinn (from whence comes our word
‘genii’) which are spoken of in The Koran. The jinn, the angels
imprisoned within the earth, are mentioned in The Bible as the “satyrs”
(demons) to whom the Israelites offered sacrifices and “after whom
they play the harlot” as related in Leviticus 17:7. God equates
worshipping gods other than Himself with the act of harlotry and of
course sex-magic was a key aspect of this worship. In 2Chronicles
11:14-15 we are told Jeroboam instituted the worship of Azazel and
his fallen angelic cohorts (the satyrs) and of the calves they crafted to
represent them in place of the worship of God (of God Most High,
YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), the ultimate act of
religious harlotry. In Egypt, the four angels who are entrapped within
Azazel’s cherub are known as the Four Genii of the Amenthes (of
Hades). These are the "Four Great Princes of the Evil of the World"
invoked by Aleister Crowley (See Magick in Theory and Practice).
The Greeks also worshipped Azazel and his cohorts. Azazel’s and the
imprisoned angels’ story was the origin of the myths concerning the
satyrs of ancient Greece. It would seem as if nearly every civilization
has paid homage to these angels in one form or another.
According to The Zohar, in reference to the builders of the
Tower of Babel, the first and foremost being Nimrod, “Said Rabbi
Abba: ‘They were the subjects of a horrible and demoniacal
infatuation in that they impiously wished to abandon the worship of
the Lord for that of Satan or the serpent (Azazel) to whom they
rendered homage and glory.’” Most religions from that point on

scattered across many different lands and peoples did in fact worship
the rebellious angels under a variety of names and titles in numerous
religious systems in the post-Noahic Flood (at which time the angels
were entrapped within the earth)/post-Babylon period (at the time of
the worldwide dispersion of the survivors of the Flood). In all
actuality, the Tower of Babel (as well as the city which grew up
alongside it) was named after Azazel, for as we learn from S.F. Dunlap
in Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man p.80 one ancient spelling of
the name of the angel Azazel was Asas-el. In this same vain he was
also known as Abab-el (Ibid. p.82) from whence is derived the the
word Babel. Babel was named after Azazel (Aba/Abu) for it was there
beneath their feet where Abussos, the underworld abode of the
demons, was located, where Abu/Aba/Abab-el/Asas-el/Azazel lies
entombed within the earth. One may without error call the Tower of
Babel the Tower of Azazel (Azazel is also the god Bel of The Bible
(Bel is but a shortened form of Abab-el). Abab-el is also a cognate of
the word Baal [Babel = Ab (Father) Bel]). The land of Assyria in a
like way derives its name from the Assyrian god Assar, who is Azazel.
In The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society xii.14, the British
politician, Major-General, crown director of the British East India
Company, Fellow of the Royal Society, archaeologist and Father of
Assyriology the 1st Baronet Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson (with
Oxford University and British Museum associations I might add)
provides a translation of the following ancient Assyrian inscription
which speaks of: “The God Assar (read: the El Assar, which is a
cognate of Asas-el (Azazel). El translates as ‘god/shining one’ [the Elohim; ang-el]. Assar is but a variant spelling of Assur), the great Lord
(read: the great Baal; Baal means ‘lord’), and the gods (read: the
Elohim/angels) inhabiting Assyria (in which lands was located Babel,
the place of the angels’ entrapment), to them I make adoration.” (In
Egypt, Osiris was also known as Assa [compare to Asas-el (Azazel),
the god (El) Asas which may also be rendered Assa])
Azazel was worshipped in many religious systems under a
variety of different names, as was his cherub Behemoth. Azazel was
known to the Canaanites as Baal (compare also to Aba) (God equates
the worship of Allah of The Koran to the worship of Baal (See Hosea
7:16. The word ‘Allah’ is a cognate of the word ‘Baal.’ There was in
addition a Babylonian city called Alalah, named after the god Alah [of
which ‘Allah’ is a variant spelling], who represented Azazel [See
Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man p. 81]). The Persian/Zoroastrian

Dev (the god/the El) known as Azaz (Azaz-el) was also known as Aziz
(See S.F. Dunlap, Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man p.75). Aziz in
Arabic is derived from the root A-z-z and is a cognate of the Hebrew
word Oz. Al-Aziz, as must be noted, is one of the 99 names of Allah
in Islam.
Indeed, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica:
“Muhammad originally feared that his revelations might be the work
of the jinn” (the angel Azazel [Baal/Allah] was in fact the first and
foremost of the jinn). The Sumerians knew Azazel’s cherub as Enlil,
god of storms and of the air, a description of Azazel’s cherub (En=lord
lil=wind, air). Enlil, aka Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, was known as
the Splendid Serpent of the shining eyes. A serpent is a Biblical name
for a cherub. Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth, was also worshipped as
Hadad/Adad/Adodos, the storm god (a cherub is capable of mimicking
known weather conditions. For more detailed information see The
Demonic Theory of UFOs by John of the Gentiles). Behemoth was
also personified and worshipped by the inhabitants of India as Indra,
the god of war and thunder. The Norse worshipped Azazel’s cherub as
the storm god Thor (from whence is derived our word for Thursday, or
Thor’s day, by which we honor him), the Anglo-Saxons as Thunor,
and the Germans as Donar. The Norse also knew Behemoth as Tyr,
and as Odin’s (Azazel’s) residence, Valhalla (compare to
Alalah/Alah). The Irish worshipped Azazel’s cherub as the sun
god/storm god Lugh. Azazel’s cherub was also worshipped as the
Egyptian Aten (and as the god Ra). The godhead of Aten included a
mother (representing Azazel’s wife), her male child (the first-born
human/angel offspring of Azazel and his human wife) and an adult
male (representative of the incarnate angel Azazel). His cherub was
the Greek Dionysus when he appeared as Persephone’s “celestial
spouse…in the form of a distant sun…whose rays play” about her.
Azazel’s cherub is the Egyptian Osiris, god of the underworld, later
known as Serapis following the Greek Alexandrian conquest, god of
the subterranean world (Osiris [Azazel’s cherub and by extension,
Azazel], was known under a variety of names as the Hymn of Osiris in
the Papyrus of Ani attests. According to the early church father
Athenagoras in Chapter XXVIII of A Plea for the Christians: “Osiris is
named Dionysos by the Greeks” and Bacchus is but another name for
Dionysos). The Greek/Roman/Etruscans worshipped Behemoth as the
sun god Apollo. The Romans knew it as Sol Invictus, which was the
Greek Helios. The Greeks also knew it as Phoebus. The word ‘el,’ as
in elf and angel, means ‘shining one,’ while ‘an’ means ‘heaven.’

Phoebus is Latin for ‘Shining One,’ a moniker used in respect to the
god Apollo. Apollo represents Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth. Azazel’s
cherub Behemoth is the Mitra of the Indian Rigveda. It is the
Zoroastrian Mithra, the Roman Mithras and the Persian Mehr/Mihr
(also related is the cognate name of the angel Metatron [he is the
‘angel of death’ as ‘Met’ is the Hebrew word for ‘death’]). The
Akkadians worshipped Azazel’s cherub Behemoth as Erra, the god of
plague (cherubim also have biological warfare capabilities).
Azazel/Azazel’s cherub is the so-called sun-god Nergal of the
Chaldeans, god of pestilence and fever, who was the King of the
underworld of Hades, a nomenclature descriptive of his entrapment
within the earth. He is also Yama, god of Hades. He is Resheph, the
Semitic god of war and plague. The Phoenicians called Azazel
Resheph of the Garden (of Eden from whence he like Adam was
exiled). He is the Rephan/Remphan of Acts 7:43 (as Nigel Jackson
points out in The Pillars of Tubal Cain p.33, ‘Remphan’ is the
Egyptian word for the god Saturn, who is Azazel). He is the Sumerian
god Enki (En=lord Ki=Earth).
He is Malki-Resha, ruler of
wickedness. He is the Yucatec Mayan Itzamna (whose emblem was
the Tau cross), the Aztec Tonacatecuhtli. He is the Sidonian Eshmun,
the Scythian Daramah. He was at times worshipped under the name
Adoni/Adonis, and as Aidoneus, Lord of the Lower World, as well as
the “shepherd” Tammuz (Dumuzi) who was said to have descended to
the underworld from which he later arises. He is the Gaulish Orcus,
god of the underworld, the Etruscan Mantus, god of the lower world
and Melqart of Tyre, king (mlk) of the underworld. He is
Moloch/Molech (See Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43, Leviticus 18:21, Leviticus
20:2-5, 1Kings 11:7, 2Kings 23:10 and Jeremiah 32:35). He is the
Ammonite Milcom/Malcolm (See 1Kings 11:33 and 2Kings 23:13).
He is the Moabite Chemosh (See 1Kings 11:7, 1Kings 11:33 and
2Kings 23:13). In the grimoire known as Simon’s Necronomicon
Azazel’s cherub is referred to as Cthulu, a name derived from the
Sumerian word for the underworld. The Sumerians knew Azazel’s
cherub Behemoth as KUR, a chthonic (underworld) monster.
The angel Azazel is also named as one of the chief demons of
the mystical Jewish Kabbala. He is the Judaic Ashmodai/Asmodeus,
king of demons, whom the Zoroastrians celebrated as Aeshma-daeva.
He is the Assyrian Ashur (‘Aschere’ is Arabic for Sirius and a cognate
of the word ‘Ashur.’ Compare to the name of the god Ashur, who also
represented Azazel. The name ‘Ashur’ refers to the dog star Sirius, a

god named for the fact that the heliacal rising of Sirius marked the
time of his future release. It must also be mentioned the word ‘Sirius’
is a cognate of the word ‘Osiris,’ minus the ‘O’ and plus the ‘u,’ and
like an ‘O’, Azazel’s cherub is circular-shaped). He is the Sabine
Soranus (a word which is also a cognate of ‘Osiris.’ Anu is a
Mesopotamian god who likewise represented Azazel).
He is
Asclepios, the god of healing (whose sign was a red cross). He is the
Roman Saturn, the Geek Kronos.
He is the Celtic/Druidic
Saman/Samhain, god of herders (as we learn from S.F. Dunlap, Saman
was one of the names of Baal, who is Azazel. See Vestiges of the
Spirit-History of Man p. 95). He is the Abaddon/Apollyon of The
Bible. He is Hadad. He is Mercury. He is the horned-god Wicca, god
of witches. He is the Norse god Odin, the German Wotan/Woden
(from whence comes our word Wednesday [Woden’s day], by which
we honor him. The German Wotan is the Mayan Votan, the self
described “snake”). He is the Balinese Setesuyara. He is the Egyptian
snake-god Set (Aleister Crowley invoked his “Guardian angel” Set
under the name Aiwass. Aiwass is Azazel, foremost of the Secret
Chiefs). He is the Egyptian Seker/Sokar/Wesir, ‘Lord of the
Mysterious Region of the Netherworld.’ He is the Phrygian Atys
(Attis). He is the Chaldean Ana, King of the Lower World. He is the
god An. He is the Amorite Anu (compare to Soranus). He is Anubis
(a cognate of Anu as well as Soranus), the Egyptian god of the
underworld in the Ogdoad system. He is the Manichean King of
Darkness whose kingdom lies below the earth. He is Ptah. He is the
Egyptian god Pataikos (the name Patrick is derived from his name. It
was St. Patrick who reputedly brought Christianity to Ireland, though
St. Patrick is in reality a Christianized version of the Egyptian
One of St. Patrick’s symbols, like Azazel, is the
snake/serpent. And like St. Patrick, the god Pataikos was said to
protect people from snakes). He is the Egyptian snake god Nehebkau,
invoked for protection from snakes and for cures from snakebites. He
is the Aztec Mictlantecuhtli, who’s name translates as the “lord of
Mictlan,” which is to say, lord of the underworld.
He is
Chicunauhmictlan, king of the underworld. He is the Welsh Arawn,
king of the Otherworld, called Annwn (which by one account
translates as ‘underworld’). He is the Greek messenger (the word
angel translates as messenger) god Hermes (which signifies a Serpent).
He is the Ptolemaic Hermanubis (a compound of Hermes-Anubis). He
is Manungal. He is Hermes Trismegistus, the Greek equivalent of the

Egyptian Thoth (the wise counselor). He is Consus the Councilor. He
is the Roman/German/Balkan/Celtic Dis Pater. He is the Celtic
Aericurus. He is the Roman Elagabalus, the Syrian El-Gabal. He is
the Druidic Hu (when initiates into the Druidic Mysteries are buried in
a coffin it is to symbolize Azazel’s interment within the earth). He is
the Greek Dionysos, also known as Bacchus, the Roman Vulcan and
the Greek Hephaestus. Hades/Pluto who ruled the underworld also
represents Azazel and his entrapment within the earth. Azazel is also
known as Sirius, the Hidden God of the Illuminati, so named as his
return is associated with the Dog Star Sirius.
In Simon’s
Necronomicon (by H.P. Lovecraft) Azazel is known as AZAGTHOTH (“Azag” in Sumerian means ‘Enchanter’ or ‘Magician’;
“Thoth” is the Coptic name given to the Egyptian God of Magick and
Wisdom, Tahuti, who was evoked by both the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn and by Aleister Crowley himself (Thoth was known to
the Greeks as Hermes, from whence is derived the word ‘Hermetic.’
All of these gods represented the angel Azazel), and also as KUTULU,
the man of the underworld (the story of the angels imprisoned beneath
the earth and those who take refuge in the oceans are the beings on
which H. P. Lovecraft styled the ‘Other Gods’ in his Cult of Cthulu
Cthulhu Mythos (Cthulhu = a variant form of the Sumerian ‘Kutulu’
specifically designed to contain the word ‘Thul[e]’ = Lord [Lu] of the
Underworld/Abyss [Kutu]). They were said by Lovecraft to have been
imprisoned there after having lost a war against the good “Elder
Gods,” shades of rebellion in heaven). Azazel is sometimes referred to
in Hebrew as Paimon (he is invoked under this name in the magic
system found in The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the
Mage), the Rabbinic title for Paimon being OZAZL (from whence
comes the name for the Wizard of Oz of Theosophical Society member
L.Frank Baum, a wizard signifying a male witch). And most
innocuously Azazel is the Freemasonic Great Architect (compare to
the Gnostic concept of the Demiurge said to be the architect of the
universe and responsible for its maintenance). The following is
exemplary of a typical invocation of the angel Azazel, here under the
name of the Egyptian god of magic, Tahuti, as invoked by Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn member Israel Regardie (1907 – 1985
A.D.): “I invoke Tahuti (the Egyptian god of magic, the angel Azazel),
the Lord of Wisdom and of Utterance, the God that cometh forth from
the Veil. O Thou majesty of the Godhead, Wisdom-crowned Tahuti,
Lord of the Gates of the Universe, Thee, Thee do I invoke…” - From:

The Romance of Metaphysics by Israel Regardie

Azazel’s cherub was known by the Persians as Mithras, the god
of light. Origen confirms Mithraism was of Persian origin (See
Against Celcus 6.22). Firmicus Maternus tells us Mithraism was
based on the Persian rituals of the Magi (See The Error of the Pagan
Religions 5.1-2). The Magi, such as the three Magi (wise men) who
sought Jesus at his birth, were Zoroastrians. The cult of Mithras was
embraced by Roman Legionaries, it being a contemporary religion to
the early Roman Catholic Church. The worship of Mithras (Azazel) in
subterranean chambers was done to symbolize his entrapment within
the earth. Mithras (aka Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, the disk) was at
times referred to under the religious title of Sol Invictus). Aleister
Crowley invoked his Holy Guardian Angel [Azazel] under the guise of
Choronzon (aka Khoronzon, the Master of Form [10th Aethyr] in the
Enochian Magic system of the English Dr. John Dee [also known as
the Theosophical Society deva Master KH]. As Israel Regardie
explains in Ceremonial Magic pp.71-73 concerning the occult
significance of this concept [of the designation ‘Master of Form’],
which is to say, “…the ‘Form’ which the Holy Guardian Angel
assumes…” at his appearance, “…the apparently divine Form which
appears during meditation or the tantric rites…”: “For the Christian,
this ‘form’ will appear to be Jesus of Nazareth, or Mary, or anybody
else in the Christian pantheon. For the Mohammedan, he will be the
Prophet or the Angel Gabriel who brought the message to Mohammed.
The Buddhist devotee likewise will see Sakya Muni, and so forth.” In
fact: “… the form which the Holy Guardian Angel assumes must differ
for each aspirant…No two students will experience identically the
mystical event, nor will they perceive the same Form—though each
will know that this Form is his Holy Guardian Angel…”), the Angel of
the Abyss and alternatively as Ra-Hoor-Khuit, “god of war and
vengeance” (See The Book of the Law). There are churches in the
United States presently devoted to the open worship of the angel
Azazel (one is called The Church of Azazel). He is Ahriman (Angra
Mainyu), the Zoroastrian Prince of Evil, chief of the daevas, dweller of
the nether world. He is the Egyptian Horus the Child/Harpocrates.
Roman Catholics of today themselves venerate angels, such as St.
Michael, an act tantamount in the eyes of God to that of worship.
Likely Azazel is also venerated under the guise of other obscure
Roman Catholic tutelary saints such as the treatment of St. Patrick.

Tutelary saints are the Christianized version of Roman tutelary
demons/guardian spirits called genius loci, the leader of whom is the
Roman Faunus (in Greek, Pan), a god who represents Azazel. The
tutelary demons/guardian spirits represent the jinn, a group composed
of Azazel and the other 199 angels who accompanied Azazel when he
came to the Earth (Manly P. Hall, one of the leading esoteric scholars
of the 20th Century, in Chapter 16 of Lectures on Ancient Philosophy
makes this terse statement: “Great Pan is not wholly dead. Some day
he will burst the bonds that chain him in the dark abyss.” Hall was
indeed steeped in the wisdom of antiquity, esoterically referring to his
knowledge of the angel Azazel’s expected future release).
Theosophists would have us revere the Genesis serpent, who
represented the angel Azazel, as “God” and “Christ”:
“So little have the first Christians (who despoiled the Jews of their
Bible) understood the first four chapters of Genesis in their esoteric
meaning, that they never perceived that not only was no sin intended
in this disobedience, but that actually the “Serpent” (Azazel) was “the
Lord God” himself, who, as the Ophis (‘ophis’ is the Greek word for
‘serpent’), the Logos, or the bearer of divine creative wisdom, taught
mankind to become creators in their turn (in reference of course to the
Ophis-Christos, the so-called serpent Christ of the Gnostics who was
oft depicted as a ‘crucified serpent’). They never realized that the
Cross was an evolution from the “tree and the serpent” (the “tree and
the serpent” being a form of the ‘palladium’) and thus became the
salvation of mankind. -- The Secret Doctrine, II, 215-6 (by H.P.
Blavatsky).” - Theosophical Light on the Christian Bible by Henry T. Edge, 19th Century
(The caduceus, an allegorical symbol of the “tree and the serpent,” is employed as a symbol of
Azazel as well)


Chapter 7. The False Prophet Azazel
An earthquake will in the future free Azazel’s cherub from its
rocky prison within the earth—the great future earthquake prophecied
in Revelation 16:18 is the earthquake which releases Azazel’s cherub
from the igneous rock in which it is encased. Azazel’s cherub
Behemoth is “the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit” as related
in Revelation 11:7, being freed from the abyss of Tartarus by the
tremendous earthquake which is slated to rock the world (See
Revelation 16:18). The entire Arabian Peninsula itself, the area of
Azazel’s interment, is singularly composed of the Arabian Tectonic
Plate which itself abuts against five additional tectonic plates, a
geological recipe for earth shaking disaster.
Azazel will be released along with three other angelic
comrades (See Revelation 9:14-15). At least one woman accompanies
Azazel and his three angelic cohorts, the “night hag” (etymologically
originating from Ninharsag, a Sumerian title of the human wife of the
angel Azazel. She was known by Israelites as the night-hag Lilith,
from the Hebrew lyl, meaning ‘night.’ A ‘hag’ is by definition a witch)
mentioned in Isaiah 34:14. This woman is Astarte (also known as
Inanna, Asherah, Isis and Ishtar), the angel Azazel’s human wife. The
following scripture from the book of Revelation foretells their future
“Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet, and I heard a voice from the
four horns of the golden altar before God, saying to the sixth angel
who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound (beneath
the earth) at the great river Euphrates.” So the four angels were
released, who were held ready for the hour, the day, the month, and the
year, to kill a third of mankind.” - Revelation 9:13-14,15 (As related in this
scripture, a full 1/3 of surviving humankind will be killed in the weeks following the release of
Azazel and his angels. The angel Azazel is the Genesis serpent. The word ‘azi,’ the root of
the word Azazel, is the Iranian Avestan word for ‘serpent.’ In Iranian folklore, the Azi
Dahaka, whose name roughly translates as ‘manlike serpent,’ is a reference to the incarnate
angel/Genesis serpent Azazel. Azi Dahaka [Azazel] was also known as ‘Dahag,’ a cognate of
‘Dahaka.’ According to Persian prophecy, at the time of the end of the world the imprisoned
Dahag [Azazel] will finally burst his bonds and devastate the world, consuming one in three [a
full 1/3] of all humans and livestock! The Persian legend of Dahag/Azi Dahaka is a variant
prophesy of the angel Azazel’s future release)

Azazel’s future release is a much anticipated event amongst
those humans who are currently in contact with him.

Many pagan holy-days were Christianized by the Roman
Catholic Church to ease the process of the conversion of pagans to
Christianity. A Christian veneer was simply applied to the old
religions which still retained vestiges of its wholly pagan past. Many
of these quasi-Christian/pagan celebrations were later secularized in
the Americas as a response to the American restrictions concerning the
separation of church and state. Some of these were pagan festivals
which centered upon the predicted future release of Azazel and his
angelic cohorts. This is very true of Lughnasad (August 1), a festival
celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere whose Northern Hemisphere
opposite is Imbolc (February 2; Imbolc translates from the Old Irish as
“in the belly,” as in the belly of Mother Earth, where Azazel and his
cohorts are imprisoned), the Christianized version being Lammas Day
(August 1 on the Julian Calendar, which is July 19 on the Gregorian
Calendar). The Lughnasad festival celebrates Azazel’s release from
his earthen imprisonment. There’s even a Scottish Gaelic proverb
regarding Azazel’s release at Imbolc: “The serpent (Azazel) will come
from the hole (will be released from his earthen imprisonment) on the
brown Day of Bride” (Bride being the Celtic goddess Brigid, the name
by which the Celtic Druids worshipped Azazel’s human wife). How
irresistibly quaint.
The secularized version of Imbolc is Groundhog Day (February
2). Groundhog Day features an underground-dwelling creature billed
as the ‘Seer of Seers’ whose emergence from his lair within the earth
is also awaited with much anticipation, a beast esoterically
representing the fallen angel Azazel. In 1899 A.D., members of a
Masonic lodge (the word ‘Mason’ is often used interchangeably with
the word ‘Freemasonic’) called the Slumbering Groundhog Lodge of
Quarryville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, composed a song about
Groundhog Day, betraying the true hidden reason for its observance,
with lyrics including: “We hail the King of Prophets…Today the
Groundhog comes! Glory! Glory! To the Groundhog…Today the
Prophet comes.” And with a weather predicting accuracy rate of 37%,
the Groundhog, too, like the False Prophet Azazel, is most certainly a
false prophet. One could better predict the weather by the flipping of a
coin! Why then, the celebration of Groundhog Day? It is in
anticipation of the future release of the angel Azazel. Because of
American restrictions concerning the separation of church and state,
some Christianized pagan holy-days (from whence comes our word,

‘holidays’) were secularized.
High-level magic-practicing
Freemasonry is in essence an outwardly secularized version of an
ancient mystery religious organization. Honorary members of the
Slumbering Groundhog Lodge have included high-degree Freemason
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (a Master Mason and
practicing Druid) as well as 33° Freemason U.S. President Harry S.
Truman. An article in the January 31, 1955 A.D. edition of Sports
Illustrated Magazine authored by John O’Reilly describes the
celebration of Groundhog Day, which is performed by the Freemasons
of the Slumbering Groundhog Lodge within the Punxsutawney
Groundhog Club’s Inner Circle, represents an ancient “mystic rite”
which is another way of saying a magic ritual, this being Druidic in
The Word and Revelation of Esdras prophesies Azazel’s future
“And God said: First I will make an earthquake (this is the earthquake
by which Azazel is released) for the fall of four-footed beasts and of
men; and when you see that brother gives up brother to death, and that
children shall rise up against their parents, and that a woman forsakes
her own husband, and when nation shall rise up against nation in war,
then will you know that the end is near. For then neither brother pities
brother, nor man wife, nor children parents, nor friend’s friends, nor a
slave his master; for he (Azazel) who is the adversary of men shall
come up from Tartarus (from his prison within the earth), and shall
show men many things.” - Word and Revelation of Esdras 18,19
The following scripture also speaks of Azazel’s release:
“…Behemoth (Azazel’s cherub) will be revealed (released) from his
place (from his prison within the earth), and Leviathan (Satan’s
cherub) will ascend from the sea, those two great monsters (cherubim)
which I (God) created on the fifth day of creation…” - The Apocalypse of
Baruch XXIX.4

Satan and his angels who at this time reside within the sea and
Azazel and the angels who accompanied him to the Earth who are at
this time imprisoned therein are the “eternal sinners” mentioned in The
Testament of Kohath, which speaks of: ‘…the eternal sinners…in the

depths of the sea and in all the hollows of the earth…’ (See The
Testament of Kohath [4Q542]). (The story of Azazel’s entrapment within the earth
in part has spawned the Hollow Earth Theory. The Oxford University graduate, Fellow of the
Royal Society, mathematician, astronomer [he served as Astromer Royal in England from
1720 – 1742 A.D.], astrologer, and ceremonial magician Sir Edmond Halley [1656 – 1742
A.D.] presented his Hollow Earth Theory before the Royal Society of London in 1691 A.D.
The Greek lyric poet Pindar [ca. 522–443 BC] uses the term “hollow earth” in Dirges
Fragment 137 and Threnoi. 8 and Nazi scientists would later recycle this theory as the Hollow
Earth Doctrine [Hohlweltlehre])

The people of the world will be amazed when they see Azazel
in his cherub upon his release:
“The beast (Azazel) that you saw was, and is not, and is to ascend
from the bottomless pit (Azazel is released from his rocky prison
within the earth) and goes to perdition (this act is related in Revelation
19:20-21); and the dwellers on earth whose names have not been
written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, will
marvel to behold the beast (Azazel), because it was and is not and is to
come (Azazel comes when he is released from his rocky prison within
the earth as related in Revelation 6:7-8).” - Revelation 17:8 (ancient days were
reckoned from sunset to sunset)

The angel Azazel is the False Prophet, the “beast which rose
out of the earth” as related in Revelation 13:11, rising up out of the
earth upon his release from an earthen imprisonment. Azazel upon his
release will be hailed as the long-awaited Jewish Messiah himself:
“…I know that you have not the love of God in you. I (Jesus) have
come in my Father’s name (in God’s name), and you do not receive
me; if another (a reference to the angel Azazel) comes in his own
name, him you will receive (as the promised Messiah).” - John 5:42-43
The Didache, also known as The Teaching of the Twelve
Apostles, contains this pertinent revelation:
“…when lawlessness increases, they shall hate and persecute and
betray one another, and then shall appear the world-deceiver (the False
Prophet Azazel) as Son of God (as the Messiah), and shall do signs
and wonders, and the earth shall be delivered into his hands…” - The

Azazel will emerge to rule once more. Isaiah 45:8 is also an

esoteric reference to the future release of the False Messiah Azazel’s
release from his earthen prison:
“Let the earth open and bring forth the Saviour.” - Isaiah 45:8

(See also Part
IV of the Rosicrucian work entitled The Waterstone of the Wise which makes reference to this
scripture, no doubt in reference to Azazel’s anticipated release. Interestingly enough, in
1Samuel 28:13 KJV where the witch of Endor,** glimpsing the future with the help of a
divining “familiar spirit” during the very magic ritual which she performed at the behest of the
Hebrew King Saul forsaw Azazel’s future release when she was given a vision of “gods [in
reference to Azazel and his three angelic cohorts] ascending out of the earth.”) (**Endor was a
Canaanite town located in the Jezreel Valley the southwestern portion of which was known as
the Valley of Megiddo)

Azazel in this regard was celebrated as Ophis-Christos, the socalled serpent Christ of the Gnostics, often depicted as a crucified
serpent. The word ‘Ophis’ means ‘serpent.’ As explained by 33°
Freemason Manly P. Hall in his celebrated book The Secret Teachings
of All Ages: “The serpent [representative of Azazel] is the symbol and
prototype of the Universal Savior, who redeems the worlds by giving
creation the knowledge of itself and the realization of good and evil”
[an esoteric reference to the actions of the Genesis serpent Azazel as
set forth in Genesis 3:1-7].” As we learn from Hargrave Jennings in
The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries p.215, the Gnostic group
known as the Ophites [aka the Brotherhood of the Serpent] maintained
the serpent of Genesis [who represented the angel Azazel] was the
Savior [called the Ophis-Christos from the Greek ophis meaning
serpent], and that the serpent was the emblem of the Destroyer
[compare to the Egyptian chthonic serpent-god Apophis, aka the
‘Destroyer’], who is, as we learn, the angel in the pit/abyss mentioned
in Revelation 9:11. As such, Azazel is oft times represented as the
Crucified Serpent.
Azazel upon his release will be thought to be the promised
coming Messiah/Christ. But Azazel is a false Christ, a False Prophet.
Two facts we must remember are (1) Jesus was rejected by the
majority of the Jews who still fruitlessly await their Messiah’s initial
appearance to this day** (this is the very definition of “antichrist” as
defined in 1John 2:22, 1John 4:3 and 2John 1:7) and (2) Christians still
await their Messiah’s Second Coming. When Azazel makes his
appearance, he will be accepted as Christ come in the flesh by both
Jews and Christians alike. (**Save for the Sabbatean devotees of
Sabbatai Zevi whose followers believed him to be the long awaited

In the hymn “To Adonis,” the incarnate Adonis/Azazel is
physically described as being of “beauteous form” with “tender hair.”
We learn from the Greek lyric poet Pindar in his 6 th and 7th Olympian
Odes as well as from his 2nd Pythian Ode that Azazel has blond hair (in
the Odes, Apollo (Behemoth, and by extension, Azazel) is described as
being a “golden-haired god.” For this reason Azazel is also
represented as the blond-haired serpent god Glycon.** Azazel’s
symbol is the serpent, and his incarnated body has blonde hair). When
the handsome blonde-haired angel Azazel (in reference to this fact, an
extremely handsome man is at times referred to as an “adonis” as an
examination of its definition so attests) arises from his earthy prison
one must not mistake him to be Jesus who is said in Isaiah 53:2 to
have “no form or comeliness that we should look at him, and no
beauty that we should desire him,” Jesus being physically, one might
say, ugly according to today’s societal norms. When Azazel reappears
in 2016 A.D. he will proffer himself as the promised Messiah, though
he is but a False Prophet and categorically the spirit of antichrist
spoken of in 1John 4:3, who denieth that Jesus Christ the Messiah had
already come in the flesh. (** Keep this fact in mind when English
ceremonial magician Alan Moore releases his forthcoming book The
Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic whose central premise is
the invocation of Glycon. Alan Moore’s The Moon and Serpent
Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels magic-group typically performs
magical ‘workings’ in the form of poetry set to music)
Theosophy and the World Teacher (World-Deceiver)
Some, Theosophists included, portray Azazel as the Ascended Master,
the World Teacher ‘Maitreya.’ The Theosophical Society’s concept of
the Maitreya is modeled upon the Buddhist Matreya. Known as ‘Lord
Maitreya,’ he is also referred to as the ‘Cosmic Christ,’ who upon his
return will reign as the spiritual leader of the Earth, returning, as it
were, in the words of the Theosophical Society President and occult
writer Alice A. Bailey, from "the place on Earth where He has been for
many generations." In her book Initiation, Human and Solar (1922
A.D.), Ms. Bailey expounds: “Group two (the devas/devils) has the
World Teacher (who is the false prophet Azazel) for its presiding Head
(hence the term ‘Inner Head’). He is that Great Being Whom the

Christian calls the Christ (a false christ); He is known also in the
Orient as the Bodhisattva, and as the Lord Maitreya, and is the One
looked for by the devout Mohammedan, under the name of the Iman
Madhi. He it is Who has presided over the destinies of life…and He it
is Who has come out among men before, and Who is again looked for.
He is the great Lord of Love and of Compassion, just as his
predecessor, the Buddha, was the Lord of Wisdom…He is the World
Teacher, the Master of the Masters, and the Instructor of the Angels,
and to Him is committed the guidance of the spiritual destinies of
men.” Per Benjamin Creme (Share International Foundation),
Maitreya’s Mission (1993 A.D.) Volume Two (p.186): “Maitreya says:
‘The last time I came, as Jesus, it was written in The Bible that when I
appeared again the very elements of nature would be disturbed’ (a
reference to the earthquake by which he is released).” Benjamin
Crème had during the 1950s been a member of George King’s
Aetherius Society. (Author’s Note: The name ‘Maitreya’ is a cognate
of the word ‘Mitra.’ In fact, Azazel’s cherub Behemoth was the Mitra
of the Indian Rigveda. It is also the Zoroastrian Mithra, the Roman
Mithras and the Persian Mehr/Mihr). According to a Dec 12, 2008
A.D. Share International Foundation press release appearing in
Oxford University attendee Rupert Murdoch’s Marketwatch: “Awaited
by all faiths under different names, Maitreya is the Christ to
Christians, the Imam Mahdi to Muslims, Krishna to Hindus, the
Messiah to Jews, and Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists” (this is in
essence the near exact teaching of the Bahá'í Faith [a Sufi sect],
headquartered in Haifa, Israel, whose ‘Seat of the Universal House of
Justice’ headquarters is located on the slope of Mt. Carmel, in the area
of Megiddo where is to take place the end-time Battle of Armageddon
[One world government, with one world language and one world
religion is the expressed goal of the Bahá'í Faith]. That the Bahá'í
Faith is related to Freemasonry, the SRIA, the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn, the OTO, the Stella Matutina and the Theosophical
Society is exemplified in the person of Aleister Crowley’s friend,
fellow ceremonial magician Robert Felkin who had been at one point
or another a member of each and every one of these organizations [one
must be a Freemasonic Master Mason to join the SRIA members of
which gave birth to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (of which
the OTO is an offshoot and the Stella Matutina is a successor
organization) which is the magic-practicing inner circle of the
Theosophical Society itself]. Today, the Rosicrucian Order of the

Golden Dawn founded in 2008 A.D. with initiation temples located in
Southern California [Los Angeles and San Diego] and Texas claims a
direct lineal descent and ‘Apostolic Succession’ [through Stella
Matutina-leader Robert Felkin’s disciple Jack Taylor (both being
residents of Wolverhampton in England over which lorded Henry
Fowler, 1st Viscount Wolverhampton, a member of the illustrious
Fowler family) and Taylor’s own student Pat Zalewski (author of
Secret Rituals of the Golden Dawn)] from the original Hermetic Order
of the Golden Dawn magic group. There exists as well a Societas
Rosicruciana in America, a direct offshoot of the SRIA in England
chartered by the SRIA itself in Philadelphia, PA in 1878 A.D.).
According to the Share International website, Maitreya “has been
expected for generations by all the major religions…Although the
names differ, many believe that they all refer to the same individual:
the World Teacher, whose personal name is Maitreya.” It must be
noted as Crème relates, Maitreya is already here, now, upon this Earth!
It must also be mentioned the Asala Festival associated with the Great
White Brotherhood and which is per Theosophical Society author
C.W. Leadbeater in The Masters And The Path (1925 A.D.) said to be
“held in the private house of the Lord Maitreya…is held on the full
moon day of the month of Asala, (in Sanskrit Asâdha), usually
corresponding to the English July,” the date of the full moon in the
month of July in the the year 2016 A.D. being, incidentally, July 19 th.
(From the legends concerning Azazel and his subterranean-based
angels is derived the Buddhist concept of the subterranean world
known as Agharta and its capitol, Shamballah, where was said to dwell
its Supreme Ruler, a being who represented the angel Azazel.
Maitreya Buddha is associated with the legendary city of Shamballah)
(Per Theosophist author and one-time Chief of the Ancient Order of
Druids in England Gerald Massey in The Seven Souls of Man: “It is
positively provable that the Christ is but a type identical with the
Horus, the Iao-Heptaktis, the Buddha or Pan of the prior cultus.
According to Irenaeus, the Valentinian Gnostics maintained the
identity of the Saviour with Pan, who is called Christum in the Latin
text.” All of these entities are gods who represented the fallen angel
Azazel, the False Christ who is to come)
Explains Freemason and Theosophical Society member C. W.
Leadbeater in Glimpses of Masonic History: “Masonry must surely
have a wonderful part to play in the civilization of the future. Not for

naught have the old hallowed (pagan magic) rites been preserved in
secret (in Freemasonic degrees) and the immemorial powers of the
Mysteries transmitted throughout the ages to our modern world of the
twentieth century; for we stand to-day on the threshold of a new era,
which will be heralded by the coming forth once more of the World
Teacher…The coming of the World Teacher has always in the past
marked a revival or an inauguration of the Mysteries. Thoth in Egypt,
Zoroaster in Persia, Orpheus in Greece—each of these mighty
Messengers (a play on the word ‘angel,’ meaning, ‘messenger’) of the
White Lodge (of the rebellious fallen angels), who were yet one
Messenger (the angel Azazel) appearing under different names and in
different forms, left behind Him a glorious rite of initiation to lead
men to His feet after He had gone. That great Teacher of mankind
passed from human sight as Gautama the Lord Buddha; but the
sceptre of the Lord of Love was placed by the spiritual KING in
the hands of His successor, whom to-day we revere as the Lord
Christ, whose coming we await with hearts filled with longing
love…He, too, will surely take the sacred vessels of the Mysteries and
fill them anew with His own wonderful life; He, too, will mould them
according to the needs of His people and the age in which they live.
For the influence of the sixth ray, the ray of devotion which inspired
the Christian mystics (such as the Bavarian Roman Catholic Bishop St.
Albertus Magnus and his student, Dominican priest St. Thomas
Aquinas, and Roman Catholic abbot Johannes Trithemius [whose own
students included magicians Paracelcus and Heinrich Cornelius
Agrippa] as well as Jacob Boehm and Immanuel Kant, a loyal member
of the breakaway Lutheran Church) and the glorious Gothic
architecture of the Middle Ages is passing away, and the seventh ray is
beginning to dominate the world—the ray of ceremonial magic which
brings the especial cooperation of the Angelic hosts, of which
Masonry itself with its many coloured pageant of rites is a
splendid manifestation.” One would do well to abscond from it as
the rat doth flee the sinking ship: “Let the wicked forsake his way, and
the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD,
and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will
abundantly pardon.” - Isaiah 55:7.
Concerning the following sentiment, Ms. Besant is gravely
mistaken, and very greatly deceived:

“Thinking now for a moment of that one great Being who in the West
is spoken of as the Christ, He (Christ) is regarded by all who have
gone deeply into these matters as the Supreme Teacher of all the
religions of the world. Put in another phrase, that Mighty One whom
you speak of as the Christ is the same individual as the Buddhist
speaks of as the Bodhisattva. You are worshipping the same
individual, although perhaps most in both the religions would feel
offended at the idea. When talking not very long ago with a Buddhist
monk, I told him that the Bodhisattva—the Lord Maitreya—was the
same as the Christian Lord Christ, and he was shocked at the idea; to
him it was a blasphemy; just as it may be to some of you but a
blasphemy to think that the One whom you reverence as the Christ is
worshipped under another name in eastern lands. But to me, it is one
of the most beautiful of things to think that the millions of the
Buddhist world who bow the knee to the Bodhisattva send up their
love and their prayers to the same mighty Being as the One to whom
the millions of Christendom bow down in homage. To realise that both
are worshipping the same mighty One seems to me so fair a thing;
religions are nearer than they dream, and worshippers are joined in
prayers although distinct in the names to which those prayers are
addressed. Surely it is a greater thing, a gladder thing, to know that
your Christ is worshipped by myriads who have never heard His
Name; for to Him all prayers to the God-Man go up, and it matters not
whether they name the Lord Maitreya, the Lord Krishna, the Lord
Christ; they are but three names of One who presides over all (a
concept known as Monism)...” - Mysticism by Annie Besant
Also, compare to Oahspe: A Kosmon Bible in the Words of
Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors 5.5 by John Ballou Newbrough,
1882 A.D. which writes of “the Lord God of Maitraia” (a variant
spelling of Maitreya) of whom it was said “guarded the earth (as a
guardian angel)…so that, in heaven, the Lords and the Divan (angelic)
hosts, in mirth (as an inside joke of sorts), styled him The Savior of
Men!” They’re laughing at you as we speak.
Aleister Crowley

Oxford University alumn Aleister Crowley invoked the angel
Azazel under the guise of Choronzon (also known as Khoronzon, the
Master of Form in the Enochian Magic system of Dr. John Dee), the
Angel of the Abyss alternatively known as Ra-Hoor-Khuit (it was

believed that if one could discover a demon’s true name, one may
thereby gain mastery over it). One of Aleister Crowley’s professed
goals (towards which end all practitioners of Magick work) is the
“establishment of the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (read: the angel of
the abyss, Azazel) upon the earth” (See De Arte Magica).
Choronzon/Khoronzon is cognate with the name of the Greek god
Chronos/Cronos/Kronos, the serpentine god who likewise represented
the fallen angel Azazel.
Compare to British occultist Nigel Jackson who also works in
preparation for the coming reign of Azazel and minces no words about
“For the Religion of the Horned One (the Horned God of the witches),
closely concealed in the conclaves of the wise (wice/wicca) through
centuries of persecution (by the Church), is now revealed to those with
ears to hear and eyes to see and wit to understand—the cultus of the
Horned Dragon-Serpent waxeth in might and will be established
in strength upon the earth, his kingdom, his chosen hierarchs once
again move amongst men and women, uttering the oracles of the
Black Goat** and preparing the way for the glorious reign of our
Master, great Azazel.” – p.12 Masks of Misrule, Nigel Jackson, 1996 A.D. (** The
Hebrew word for ‘goat’ is the same word used to denote a ‘demon,’ hence the use of a goat as
a symbol for a fallen angel, and is reminiscent of Azazel’s depiction as the Horned God.
Azazel is the the beast with the “horns like a lamb” [the lamb being a symbol of the Messiah,
in Azazel’s case the false Messiah] which speaks “like a dragon” as prophesied in Revelation
13:11. Azazel is associated with a goat [the ‘scapegoat’] as related in The Bible in Leviticus
Chapter 16)

The Ariosophic False Prophet
“Ahrimanic powers prepare the evolution of mankind in such a way
that it can fall a prey to Ahriman (Azazel) when he appears in human
form within Western civilization… Ahriman (Azazel) will appear in
human form (as the False Prophet) and the only question is, how he
will find humanity prepared. Will his preparations have secured for
him as followers the whole of mankind that today calls itself civilized,
or will he find a humanity that can offer resistance.” - The Ahrimanic
Deception by Rudolph Steiner, 1919 A.D.

“…a great part of mankind today is already under the control…of
Ahrimanic forces…the Ahrimanic influence…will increase in strength

until an actual incarnation of Ahriman (Azazel) takes place among
Western humanity.” - The Ahrimanic Deception by Rudolph Steiner, 1919 A.D. (As
we learn from S.F. Dunlap in Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man, Amon-Horus [Azazel] =
Horammon, to which this author would add, Horammon is a cognate of the word Ahriman.
‘Amon’ translates as ‘the hidden one’)
The Freemasonic Savior

“The (Freemasonic) worshippers of Lucifer (Satan)…co-operate with
him in order to insure his triumph, and he communicates with them to
encourage and strengthen them; they work to prepare his kingdom, and
he promises to raise up a Saviour among them, who is anti-Christ (the
False Prophet/False Christ Azazel), their leader and their king (mlk) to
come.” - Luciferian or Satanism in English Freemasonry (L. Fouquet, 1898 A.D.) Part II
(The Freemasonic legend concerning Hiram Abiff was yet another variation of the story of
Azazel’s entrapment within the earth, including his later prophecized release, whereupon he is
hailed as the messiah/false prophet. The Mysteries of Freemasonry reveals: “Hiram Abiff
represents…the Messiah.” The Freemasonic “Grand Master” Hiram Abiff is but a falsemessiah, representing the False Prophet who is to come: “…the legend of Hiram and his
assassins is a Jewish substitute for the Egyptian representation of the murder of Osiris;
and…the legend of Hiram is an allegory of the Saviour; so that the representation of the death
of Hiram is a middle link, connecting the death of the Cross to the death of Osiris.” –
Freemasonry, “By a Master Mason,” New York, 1828 A.D. Indeed: “A very limited
knowledge of the history of primitive worships and mysteries is necessary to enable any
person to recognize in the master mason Hiram, the Osiris of the Egyptians, the Mithras of the
Persians, the Bacchus of the Greeks, the Atys of the Phrygians, of which these people
celebrated the passion, death and resurrection, as Christians celebrate to-day that of Jesus
Christ.” - p.392 A General History of Freemasonry, Rebold, 1879 A.D. However, unlike
Jesus, these other gods represent the beastly False Prophet who is to come, the false christ
Azazel, though many will hail Azazel as Jesus come in the flesh. Do not be thereby deceived)

The Grecian Savior
According to Tooke’s Pantheon of the Heathen Gods and Illustrious
Heroes (1823 A.D.), the Greeks called their god Jupiter (who
represented Azazel) Soter/Servator, a title which translates as the
The Eleventh Hour
A crescent-shaped quarter moon occurs at the occult 11th hour
on July 26, 2016 A.D. at precisely 2300 hours, nearly one week to the
day after Azazel’s release on July 19, 2016 A.D. This is the “eleventh
hour” of which Matthew 20:6 speaks in parabolic form. Expect a
momentous day. Many shall die for their faith in Jesus at this time, as

this parable so alludes.
As an extra added note, according to the Hutchinson
Educational Encyclopedia (Helicon Publishing Ltd 2000), the word
‘eleventh’ is etymologically related to the Old English words
‘endlufon/endleofan,’ the Old Teutonic ‘ainlif-,’ the Gothic ‘ainlif’ (to
which, incidently, is esoterically associated the acronym for ‘alien life
form,’ namely ALF, the group to which alien angelic life-forms do so
in fact belong), the Icelandic ‘ellifu’ and the German and Dutch word
‘elf.’ ‘Elf,’ plural ‘elves,’ are the German and Dutch words used when
referring to Azazel and his fallen angels. The ‘eleventh’ hour by
definition specifically pertains to Azazel and his fallen angels. The
eleventh hour, which is to say, the hour of the elves, is Azazel’s
darkest hour.
The Location of Azazel’s Cherub
As we learn from 1Enoch XX.1-8, Uriel (Ur-i-el) is one of the
“holy angels who watch” (a Watcher), who is the angel set to watch
“over Tartarus,” quite literally. The name of the city-state of Ur,
Abraham’s own hometown, is referenced in this angel’s name.
Tartarus, where it is said Azazel and his angels are entrapped, lies
beneath the earth in this vicinity, this being the same general
geographical area as the city-state of Eridu (today on the site of ancient
Eridu is the village of Tell Abu Shahrain in Iraq**), located near the
Euphrates River (the following lamentation is indicative of the angel’s
presence: “In the abode of Ur dark is thy [Azazel’s] house [his EKUR/cherub], in the city dark is thy house.” - p.58 Tammuz and Ishtar by S.
Langdon, 1914 A.D.). (**The word Iraq is derived from Uruk, an ancient Sumerian city [an
area later known as Babylonia])

The location where Azazel is imprisoned, and from which
place he is later released, is identified in Revelation 9:13-15 as being
(like Eridu**) “at the great river Euphrates” in the Middle East:
“Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet, and I heard a voice from the
four horns of the golden altar before God, saying to the sixth angel
who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound (beneath
the earth) at the great river Euphrates.” So the four angels (including
Azazel) were released…” - Revelation 9:13-14,15 (**Pertinent Quote: “After the
kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridu.” – Sumerian King List)

Azazel is one of these “four angels” and this scripture provides
a clue as to the general location of the desert called Duidain (‘dain’
means ‘valley’), also known as Dudael (again, note the similarities),
where Azazel was imprisoned within the Earth. Both Ur and Eridu
were located along the Euphrates River (note the etymological
similarities between Eridu and Duidain). A tremendous earthquake
will rock this area on July 18/19, 2016 A.D. on the day of the heliacal
rising of Sirius, thereby releasing Azazel’s cherub, and with it Azazel
and his accompanying cohort, from the igneous coffin in which he is
encased (“From remotest antiquity the festival [the Festival of Sirius]
represented Tammuz [who is Azazel] disappearing beneath the waves
of the subsiding Euphrates [representing the subsiding waters of the
Flood. He was entrapped beneath the earth near the Euphrates River],
and later the mother too wandering in Aralu [the place of Azazel’s
under earth entrapment], arousing her son from the sleep of death,
ascending with him at last in her bosom [analogous of Azazel’s future
release], restoring him to the weeping multitude of Erech [in the land
of Shinar]. All natural and astral conditions favoured an immediate
identification of the goddess with the newly risen [helical rising] star
[Sirius]. This identification must have taken place as early as the
dynasty of Ur…In their liturgies which were sung at the wailings of
Tammuz they represent the mother wandering in Sheol [the place of
Azazel’s under earth entrapment], beseeching the queen of those dark
regions to allow her star to return to earth. It is probable that the
Sumerians ended the festival of the Tammuz wailings by a feast of joy
and gladness when Sirius rose [celebrating its helical rising] on the
eastern horizon [which takes place on July 19th in 2016 A.D.]. The
ordinary name for Sirius is kak-lan Q
or Bow Star, since Ishtar
as goddess of war carries a bow, but the name kak-si-dt or Javelin Star
(tartahti) [compare ‘tartahti’ to Tahuti and Tartarus] was also used for
a Canis Majoris [the Dog Star, Sirius].” - pp.168-169 footnote, Tammuz and

The word ‘Pharaoh’ is the Hebrew form of the Egyptian word
Per-‘o, meaning ‘great house.’ Related to this is the name Baal-Peor,
which means ‘Lord of the Great House,’ which was the name of the
Moabite god mentioned in The Bible in Numbers 25:3, a god which
also represented Azazel. The Assyrian word ‘Easagila’ in a like
manner means ‘magnificent house.’ The ‘Easagila’ was the name of
the temple of Marduk, a god who was also known as Ashur, both gods

representing the angel Azazel. The great/magnificent temple/house as
such represents Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth, inside of which he is
entrapped within the Earth. Temples were often built in representation
of Azazel’s cherub Behemoth in its function as a place wherein the
god/angel Azazel dwelt in idol form under a variety of different
names. Enki’s (Azazel’s) E-Abzu, by definition his subterranean
house, was also a representation of Behemoth within which Azazel,
represented as Enki (also known as Ea; note this root in the word
‘Easagila’), is entrapped within the Earth (at times referred to as the
earth-man, the demon said to dwell within the earth). The “four
angels” mentioned in Revelation 9:14 above, the four angels entrapped
within Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, including Azazel himself, are also
mentioned in the Egyptian “Pyramid Text of Unas” Line 599 where is
mentioned the “four gods who are in the great house.” Angels in
ancient times were often worshipped as gods. The ‘great house’ of the
“Pyramid Text of Unas” represents Azazel’s cherub Behemoth.
Egyptian Book of the Dead Plates V and VI B.D. Chap. LXXII speaks
of the god Osiris who represents Azazel’s cherub Behemoth and by
association Azazel as “lord of brightness, thou who art head of the
Great House (Behemoth), and who dwellest in night and in thick
darkness,” within the dark recesses of the Earth. In Egypt, it the
Pyramid of Gizah was used to represent the tomb of the god Thoth
(who was the equivalent of the Greek god Hermes and the Roman god
Mercury). Thoth/Hermes represented the angel Azazel and his
pyramid/tomb represented his cherub Behemoth within which he was
entombed within the rock beneath the earth, the so-called Underworld
(E. A. Wallis Budge in The Egyptian Heaven and Hell, explains: “each
tomb was intended to represent the Underworld.”).
This belief
originated in the land of Sumer. Ziggurats (step-pyramids) likewise
representing Azazel’s cherub Behemoth were found at the city of Ur.
The Biblical Tower of Babel was itself a ziggurat/step-pyramid with a
temple dedicated to the god Marduk/Azazel at its summit. Likely such
a ziggurat was erected over the area where Azazel lay entrapped. And
likely this was the Biblical Tower of Babel. The tower was said to be
built at the site where the descendents of Noah’s family, the survivors
of the Flood, settled in the “plain of Shinar” (Sumer) as set forth in the
Genesis 11:2. This tower was built over the site where Azazel was
interred within the Earth.
Azazel’s Workmen

The story of Azazel’s and his angel’s entrapment inside their
cherubim within the Earth is also the basis for the legend concerning
the demons said to have been confined by King Solomon in a magic
bronze vessel as related in the 17th Century grimoire called The Lesser
Key of Solomon. This tale also has parallels to the entrapped genie in
the magic lamp of the Arabian Nights stories, as the genie therein
represents an angel whilst the lamp represents the angel’s cherub. The
evil ifrit are called the “seed of Iblis” (Iblis=Satan) in The Book of
One Thousand and One Nights, also known as Arabian Nights. The
word ‘ifrit’ means ‘rebellious;’ the evil ifrit of the book representing
rebellious angels. Arab magicians are called Muqarribun, their
traditions predating Islam itself.
Through the use of magic,
practitioners believe they can control the spirits (jinn; genii) and
exploit them to their advantage, by obliging them to serve their master
(compare to the story of Aladdin’s Lamp). In Arabian countries the
jinn, who represent rebellious fallen angels, are associated with magic.
Spells are used to control them and to enslave them or as protection
against them. In fact, the magical use of talismans and amulets goes
hand in hand alongside Muhammadism itself (as is also true of
Catholicism which employs ‘medals’ of the Patron Saints which are
likewise worn as charms for protection). The noted Freemason Manly
P. Hall, in his Lectures on Ancient Philosophy reveals that: “From the
Arabians C. R. C. (the Rosicrucian Christian Rosenkrantz [RoseCross]) also learned of the elemental peoples and how, with their aid,
it was possible to gain admission to the ethereal world where dwelt the
genii and nature spirits. He thus discovered that the magical creatures
of the Arabian Nights Entertainment actually existed…He was further
instructed concerning…the rituals of magic and invocation…and the
binding of the genii.” What he learned in truth was of the jinn
entrapped within the desert, of Azazel and of his angels! This
knowledge he brought with him to Germany, and armed therewith he
established the Rosicrucian Society which was dedicated to this goal,
circa 1400 A.D. The group’s publication of the Fama Fraternitatis in
1607 A.D. (the year the first permanent settlement in North America
was established at Jamestown in Virginia) and the Confessio
Fraternitatis in 1616 A.D. broadcast these beliefs to the world.
Indeed, according to Chapter IV of the Confessio Fraternitatis,
Rosicrucians, as do all practitioners of magic, appeal for help from
angels and spirits for the revelation of God’s mysteries. It must be

noted German Protestant Reformer Martin Luther (b. 1483 –d. 1546
A.D.) was a perported Rosicrucian, with Luther’s personal seal
incorporating a Rosicrucian (rose-cross) motif.
Martin Luther
officially split with the Roman Catholic Church with his posting of the
famous 95 Thesis, a decidedly key event in the Churches storied
The following selection from Egyptian Book of the Dead
Plates V and VI B.D. Chapter I speaks of the Egyptians belief that it
was possible to gain entrance into the underworld where dwelt Azazel:
“Osiris (Behemoth/Azazel) the chief of Amenta, the lord of eternity
(the eternally living, possessed of an eternal life)…chief of the
company of his gods; and…Anubis (Azazel) [dweller] in the tomb
(Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, entrapped within the earth, was
considered to be his ‘tomb’), great god, chief of the holy dwelling (the
Great House, aka Behemoth). May they grant that I may go into
and come out from the underworld…that I may go forth into the
presence of [Osiris] (Osiris = Behemoth within which Azazel is
The Egyptians falsely taught (and handsomely profited
thereby) that the living might enter and leave the underworld at will.
They even wrote books concerning this subject:
“The beginning of the chapters…of coming forth from and going into
the underworld.” - The Papyrus of Ani from the Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate V
Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XII B.D. Chap. XVIII states:
“Grant…that I may enter into and come forth from the netherworld,”
the “netherworld” wherein was entrapped Azazel and his rebellious
The esoteric knowledge concerning the rebellious fallen angels
formed the fundamental principles underlying all subsequent magick
systems. The grimoire known as The Greater Key of Solomon speaks
of “assemblies” of “Evil and rebellious Spirits (read: angels) dwelling
in the Abysses of Darkness” whom its practitioners sought to
“conjure” (See The Greater Key of Solomon Book I Chapter VII).
Translated from manuscripts found in the British Museum, this

manuscript was translated by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, a 19th Century
magician who was head of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
(the Golden Dawn, founded in 1887 A.D., was an offshoot of the
English Rosicrucian Society [SRIA] and consisted largely of leading
Freemasons). This work influenced many magic orders including that
of Mathers’ himself and of those magic orders founded by such
Freemasonic practitioners of magick Aleister Crowley and Eliphas
Levi. The manuscript itself reveals the rebellious fallen angel Azazel
as being “ye who by your own sin have been cast down from the
Empyreal Heaven, and from before His (God’s) Throne; by Him (God)
who hath cast ye (Azazel) down unto the most profound of the
Abysses of Hell (read: Hades, beneath the earth)” (See The Greater
Key of Solomon Book I Chapter VI).
Europe itself is steeped in magic tradition (as lately
exemplified by the Harry Potter series): “…cunning folk in Britain
were professional or semi-professional practitioners of magic active
from at least the fifteenth up until the early twentieth century. As
cunning folk, they practiced folk magic - also known as "low magic" although often combined this with elements of "high" or ceremonial
magic…One of the most common services that the cunning folk
provided was in combating the effects of malevolent witchcraft and the
curses which these witches had allegedly placed upon people…One of
the best known means by which the cunning-folk opposed witchcraft
was through the use of witch bottles; ceramic bottles containing such
items as urine, nails, hair and nail clippings which it was believed,
when put together, would cause harm to the malevolent witch.” –
Wikipedia: Cunning folk in Britain. (One may successfully argue that cunning folk do in fact
exist unto this day! It must be noted England retained anti-witchcraft laws called Witchcraft
Acts upon its books in one form or another often mandating the death or imprisonment of the
offender from the year 1542 A.D. until the day of their ultimate repeal in 1951 A.D. In
essence, an anti- anti-witchcraft law was built right into the United States Bill of Rights First
Amendment to the United States Constitution by these cunning English Freemasonic
colonialists: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” No doubt the fate of the witch-craft acts was sealed in
the post-World War II years with Britain’s acceptance of the U.N. charter. The Preamble to
the United Nations General Assembly Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 18
(A/RES/3/217 A) (10 December 1948) states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought,
conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and
freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his
religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”)

Witch-bottles used to combat the malevolent magic of the

witches have been found on both sides of the Atlantic in America and
Cunning folk often provided their services for a price.
Germany and France also had their own versions of the cunning folk
(one of the most famous examples of European ‘cunning-folk’ is the
group known as the Gypsies). Anyways, it is said Aleister Crowley
was an initiate of such an English cunning man named George
Pickingill. Pickingill is said to have had a major influence on the
Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA) as well as on the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn.
Aleister Crowley, like S. L. MacGregor Mathers, was also a
member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In his book Liber
Samekh, which has as its stated goal “the Attainment of the
Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel during the
Semester of His performance of the Operation of the Sacred Magick
of Abramelin the Mage,” Aleister Crowley invokes the angel Azazel
under the ancient Egyptian names/titles of Azazel, namely Ptah,
Apopphrasz, Khonsu, and Abrasax, calling him the Lion-Serpent in
esoteric reference to the Genesis serpent Azazel’s later expected
appearance as the false-prophet Messiah Lion-of-the-Tribe-of-Judah.
The invocation states: “Hear me, and make all Spirits subject unto Me;
so that every Spirit (read: every fallen angel) of the Firmament and of
the Ether: upon the Earth and under the Earth, on dry land and in
the water; of Whirling Air, and of rushing Fire, and every Spell and
Scourge of God may be obedient unto Me.”
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucians and
the Vril Society were entities closely associated with Madam
Blavatsky’s powerful and well organized Theosophical Society. In
fact, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Grand Master S.L.
MacGregor Mathers was a member of the London lodge of the
Theosophical Society. The Theosophical Society established its branch
in America in New York City in 1875 A.D. Theosophy is a religious
philosophy based on ancient esoteric religious teachings and
associated magic practices, being tasked in comparative religious
studies (some famous Theosophical Society members include L. Frank
Baum [author of Rosicrucian-themed The Wizard of Oz and other
occult-laced children’s books], William Butler [W.B.] Yeats [Irish
poet who also served as Grand Master of the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn], Yeat’s friend/poet Ezra Pound, Lewis Carroll [author

of Alice in Wonderland, also a member of the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn. An Oxford University attendee, Lewis Carroll was a
suspect in the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders commited in 1888 A.D.
which took place in the East End of London. Seeing that the The
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was itself created in 1888 A.D., it
seems quite possible the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders were perhaps the
celaboratory kick off to the creation of the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn. Stephen Knight in Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution
purports these to be in fact masonic ritual murders], Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle [a Spiritualist best known as author of the Sherlock Holmes
detective series, less known for authoring The History of Spiritualism.
Doyle was also a Mason], Jack London [author of The Call of the
Wild and honorary member and attendee of the Bohemian Grove
in California], James Joyce [author of Ulysses, a modern re-telling of
Homer’s The Odyssey], French novelist Jules Verne [author of A
Journey to the Center of the Earth, a story based on the Hollow Earth
theory], T. S. Eliot [an Oxford University alumni], Thomas Edison
[‘The Wizard (by definition a ‘male witch’) of Menlo Park.’ Thomas
Edison’s parents were Spiritualists as well], British occult
author/member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn [which she
joined in 1919 A.D.] Dion Fortune [pen name of Violet Mary Firth, a
trance-medium who authored The Mystical Qabalah. The word
‘mystical’ is synonymous with the word ‘magical’], Jane Goodall
[Jane Goodall Institute], Carl Gustav Jung [Nazi Psychiatrist, pupil of
renowned psychiatrist Sigmund Freud; Jung wrote a number of books
on alchemy and was known to have collected data from Spiritualist
séances (“What is a Spiritualist séance like? [“It is a common practice
to open a modern séance by chanting or singing hymns to invoke the
presence of spirits.” - Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, 1889 A.D.]… the
medium may go into a trance. His body may seem to be possessed by
the spirit. When he opens his mouth, the voice you hear is different
from the medium’s voice. In fact, the entire personality of the medium
seems to have changed… the distinct possibility exists that some
contacts are made, not with the departed spirits as alleged, but with
evil spirits.” – pp.50,58 Those Curious New Cults. Spirit mediumship involves
demonic possession pure and simple. Demonic possession is known
as demonomania, the psychiatric study of which is called
demonopathy)], Paul Gauguin [French Post-Impressionist artist], Elvis
Presley [Musician/hunka hunka burnin’ love], Shirley MacLaine
[Actress/Prophetess], Henry Wallace [33rd Vice-President of the U.S.],

Jawaharlal Nehru [First Prime Minister of India], Mohandas K.
Gandhi [Indian Independence Movement Leader], G.R.S. Mead
[author/translater of many esoteric/occult works: “Mead became a
member of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society in
1884. He abandoned his teaching profession in 1889 to be Blavatsky’s
private secretary and also became a joint-secretary of the Esoteric
Section (E.S.) of the Theosophical Society, the E.S. was for those
whom the Theosophical Society deemed more advanced.” - Wikipedia:
GRS Mead], Abner Doubleday [Union Civil War General; later
President of the Theosophical Society in America], Manley P. Hall and
George Bernard Shaw [Dublin, Ireland born playwright George
Bernard Shaw was associated with the Fabian Society (founded in
1883 A.D.) and was co-founder of the Fabian Society’s London School
of Economics (founded 1885 A.D.); it was the Fabian Society which
laid the foundations of the Labour Party in England (Theosophical
Society President Annie Besant was also a member of and leading
speaker for the Fabian Society. For additional information, see also
Chapter CVI entitled The Fabian Society from Occult Theocrasy by
Lady Queensborough, Edith Starr Miller). It must be noted that
Oxford University attendee and alleged 33° Freemason Tony Blair,
former Chairman of the Fabian Society/Labour Party Prime Minister
of the United Kingdom, is the Quartet’s envoy to the Middle East
involved in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks (the British Evening Post
newspaper once reported: “Tony Blair worked for MI5 [Britain’s
domestic Military Intelligence division’ before he became Labour
leader.”)]. This highlights the greater Theosophical Movement’s
control [read: Azazel and the fallen angel’s control] over the great
British Commonwealth [today an association of 54 nations on six
continents primarily comprised of independent countries from the
former British Empire and headed by Great Britain], as well as the
establishment of its influence over the fate of the modern state of Israel
[it must be noted Tony Blair is a reputed attendee of past Bohemian
Grove ceremonies. Another devotee of Middle East peace, former
U.S. President Jimmy Carter, was also a well known member of the
Bohemian Club in California and was affiliated with the CFR as well].
The Theosophical Society as well as the greater Theosophical
Movement [included in which is Freemasonry] are Synarchist
constructs and governing tools of the rebellious fallen angels. It is
pertinent to note the Latin word ‘labor/labour’ is a cognate of the the
English word ‘elf.’ Elves are folkloric representations of the

rebellious fallen angels [the word ‘el’ in the word ‘elf/elves’ is a root
of the word ‘angel.’ Elves are well known for the magic practices they
were said to employ. The Labour Party is so-named in their honor, as
it is they who revealed to mankind the magical art of alchemy—
alchemical adepts of the hermetic sciences are known as Labourers
(See p.91 The Mystery of the Cathedrals by ‘Fulcanelli’)]).
The following was published in a Time© magazine article in
1946 A.D., a testament to the times:
“Such eminent scientists as Alfred Russell Wallace, Sir William
Crookes (a member of the Theosophical Society, Sir William Crookes,
a vaunted [al]chemist/physicist was additionally a Fellow of the Royal
Society and served as president of both the Society for Psychical
Research [SPR] and the Ghost Club, all of which were engaged in
Spiritualist magic practices and psychical research from one degree to
another [among the subjects of Crookes’ studies being the Spiritualist
medium D.D. Home]. Sir William Crookes was also a known member
of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn [initiated in 1890 A.D.
See p.70 The Place of Enchantment: British Occultism and the Culture
of the Modern by Alex Owen, 2007 A.D.]; note the crossover
membership as all of these organizations were all basically
interrelated) and Thomas Edison became members of her (Madame
Blavatsky’s) Theosophical Society…When Alfred, Lord Tennyson
(also a Fellow of the Royal Society)…died (in 1892 A.D.), a copy of
Madame’s mystical poem, The Voice of the Silence, lay on the table
beside his bed.” – Religion: Theosophy’s Madame, Time © November
11, 1946 A.D. (Notable Quote: “It was written of Tennyson just after
his death: ‘It is understood that he believed that he wrote many of the
best and truest things he ever published under the direct influence of
higher intelligences [automatic-writing by definition], of whose
presence he was distinctly conscious. He felt them near him, and his
mind was impressed by their ideas [this being indicative of an
Overshadowed state]…’” – pp.293-294 Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Maurice
Bucke, 1901 A.D.)

“Theosophy was the name finally given to the whole vast renaissance
in the world of magic (which involves Spiritualism and the invocation

of the rebellious fallen angels) that affected many thinkers so
profoundly at the beginning of the century.” – The Dawn of Magic, Louis
Pauwells & Jacques Bergier,1960 A.D., aka The Morning of the Magicians

As explained by Theosophist Geoffrey Farthing:
“…Theosophy is religion, and the Society [read: the Theosophical
Society] its one Universal Church…” - The Right Angle by Theosophist Geoffrey
Farthing. And the religion this ‘church’ expounds is magic in all its forms.

The Theosophical Society is devoted to the study of
Theosophy. Magic is an all-important part of The Great Work
wrought by the greater Theosophical Movement. The Theosophical
Society espoused magic:
“We have also to consider another class of entities which are
frequently employed in magic; and this time we are dealing with real
and evolving beings…There are vast hosts of these beings, and an
almost infinite number of types and classes and tribes among them.
Broadly speaking, we may divide them into two great classes (a)
nature-spirits or fairies (an elf is considered a nature-spirit), and (b)
angels or, as they are called in the East, devas (Author’s Note: Both
of these classes are one and the same, the first class being British folkloric representations of the angels of this second class). This second
class begins at a level corresponding to the human (representing an
incarnate angel), but reaches up to heights far beyond any that
humanity has as yet touched, so that its connection with magic is
naturally of the slightest kind, and belongs solely to one special type of
it, of which we shall speak presently. The nature-spirits have been
called by many different names at different periods and in various
countries. We read of them as fairies, elves, pixies, kobolds, sylphs,
gnomes, salamanders, undines, brownies, or “good people” and
traditions of their occasional appearance exist in every country under
heaven (these, however, are simply various folk-loric representations
of the rebellious fallen angels). They have usually been supposed to be
merely the creations of popular superstition, and it is no doubt, true
that much has been said of them which will not bear scientific
investigation. Nevertheless it is true that such an evolution does
exist…they possess powers and methods of their own, and sometimes
they can be either induced or compelled to put these powers at the

service of the student of occultism (through magic invocation)…They
can therefore readily be dominated by the exercise of mesmeric
powers, and can then be employed in many ways to carry out the will
of the magician. There are many purposes for which they may be
utilized, and so long as the tasks prescribed to them are within their
power they will be faithfully and surely executed…All this will no
doubt seem strange and new to many minds, but any student of the
occult will confirm what I have said here as to the existence of these
beings and the possibility that they can be used in various ways by one
who understands them…The forces to which I have referred are those
most commonly employed in ordinary types of magic…We may
usefully divide the subject of magic into two great parts, according to
the methods which it employs; and we may characterize these
respectively as methods of evocation and of invocation – of command
and of entreaty. Let us consider the former first. Although it may act
through many different channels, the one great force at the back of all
magic of this first type is the human will...By this magnetic control
may be gained over any of the classes of nature-spirits…Indeed it is
scarcely possible to fix the limits of the power of the human will when
properly directed; it is so much more far-reaching than the ordinary
man ever supposes, that the results gained by its means appear to him
astounding and supernatural…We find abundant traces of this
magic of command in the ceremonies connected with almost every
religion in the world…” - Some Glimpses of Occultism (C.W. Leadbeater, 1919
A.D.) Chapter VIII (This book treats extensively on the subject of magic)

Leadbeater explains:
“The highest system of evolution connected with this earth, so far as
we know, is that of the Beings whom Hindus call the Devas, and have
elsewhere been spoken of as Angels, Sons of God, etc...Their attention
can be attracted by certain magical evocations, but only Adepts of the
First Ray have power to command their obedience.” - Some Fundamental
Teachings by C W Leadbeater

And again:
“ truly, as its name implies, the great science (compare to
Francis Barret who calls magic a “good and laudable science”)...The
difference between White (mageia) and Black (goetia) Magic lies in

the motive...when that Will is set to benefit others, to help and bless all
who come within its scope, then is the man a White Magician, and the
results which he brings about by the exercise of his trained Will** are
beneficial, and aid the course of human evolution...But when the Will
is exercised for the advantage of the lower self, when it is employed
for personal ends and aims, then is the man a Black Magician, a
danger to the race, and his results obstruct and delay human
evolution...” - Study in Consciousness: A Contribution to the Science of Psychology
by Annie Besant (**For detailed information on and techniques used in the training of the
magicians Will see The Tree of Life: A Study in Magic by psychologist/ceremonial magician
Israel Regardie) (Notable Quote by those in the Know: “…the Black Magician believes it is
his duty to destroy good and defile innocence.” – Diary of a Witch by Sybil Leek, 1968 A.D.)

Though magic practices were embraced by the learned
members of the Theosophical Society (such as Judge and Leadbeater),
it was not, professedly, a practice meant for the masses. William Q.
Judge, one of the original founders of the Theosophical Society, in his
magazine The Path: Considerations On Magic (1887 A.D.) cautions
his followers: “Occultism and magic are not child’s-play, as many may
learn to their sorrow…Let all who have joined the Theosophical
Society remember this, and search their hearts before taking the first
step in any magical formulary.” Many a soul has thereby been lost.
One of the purposes of the ancient Egyptian system of magic
was to gain mastery and control over Azazel and his angels, who were
the Egyptian ‘gods’ who were said to be imprisoned within the earth,
compelling these angels to do their bidding. An invocation found in
the Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XVI B.D. Chap. XXVII,
speaking of Azazel and the angels who are imprisoned with him within
the earth, says: “O ye lords of eternity, ye possessors of
everlastingness…be obedient unto me in the underworld.”
deference to the fact that the Egyptian system of magic centered upon
the belief in the angel Azazel imprisoned within the earth along with
his angelic followers, Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XIV B.D.
Chap. XVIII states: “Now as concerning every (magic) charm and all
the words (spells) which may be spoken against me, may the gods
(read: Azazel and the angels imprisoned with him) resist them, and
may each and every company of the gods withstand them.”
Practitioners of black magic often used the angels as weapons aimed at
other persons, against other practitioners of magic in particular.
The Vril Society (also known as The Luminous Lodge) was a

secret society founded in Berlin, Germany, by a group of Berlin
Rosicrucians being based on English politician (1st Baron Lytton) and
author Edward Bulwer-Lytton's novel The Coming Race (1871 A.D.)
about an advanced group of men said to be residing within the Earth
and of who it is said will later emerge to rule over the world. Said to
once inhabit the Earth’s outer surface, the group was forced to retreat
underground many thousands of years ago by a natural catastrophe
similar in nature to that of the Biblical Flood. This group was said to
be trained in the application of the vril force, which can be used to
control the physical world, including the minds and bodies of others.
If this story sounds familiar it should, the story of course being based
upon Bulwer-Lytton’s esoteric knowledge concerning Azazel and his
group of fallen angels who are currently entrapped within the earth,
including the influence they exert upon mankind. Bulwer-Lytton (a
Grand Patron [1871-73 A.D.] of the Metropolitan College of the
Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, a magic practicing group which
accepted only Master Masons as members) wrote on many themes
including the occult. Indeed, this novel was, as we learn from the
words of Bulwer-Lytton himself, predicated on: “The superstitious
belief, common to miners, that gnomes or fiends dwell within the
bowels of the earth,” the gnomes/fiends representing, of course,
Azazel and his group of fallen angels. Bulwer-Lytton was a member
of the British House of Lords, as well as a minister of the state (MP),
colonial administrator under the Illuminous Lord Palmerston. It is of
the very most of important notes that Bulwer-Lytton was associated
with the California Theatre located in San Francisco, California
U.S.A. (the theatre was built by William Ralston, also known as "the
magician of San Francisco," treasurer of the Bank of California). In
fact, the California Theatre opened on January 18, 1869 A.D. with a
homage performance of a Bulwer-Lytton play (Shakespeare’s plays
[replete with tales of magic and super-natural beings] were also a
major theatrical mainstay. It must also be noted such theatres in
general also hosted Stage Magic acts). One of the members of the
stock company responsible for the theatre’s construction was Henry
“Harry” Edwards. Edwards was a Founding Member of the Bohemian
Club (founded in 1872 A.D.) which is also located there in San
Francisco, California. Other Founding Members of the Bohemian
Club included Daniel O’Connell and a group of San Francisco
Chronicle newspaper staffers, a paper which by 1880 A.D. had
become the largest circulation newspaper on the West Coast of

America. The Bohemian Club owns the Bohemian Grove: “Bohemian
Grove is a 2,700-acre (1,100 ha) campground located at 20601
Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California, belonging to a private
San Francisco-based men's art club known as the Bohemian Club. In
mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a three-week
encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world.” –
Wikipedia: Bohemian Grove). (“Since the first flurry of [UFO] reports in July of 1947,
each July brought a definite peak in reports [coinciding with the Bohemian Grove magic
ceremonies/Esbats]…The first documented reports of sightings similar to the UFO sightings
as we know them today appeared in the newspapers of 1896. In fact, the series of sightings
that occurred in that year and the next had many points of similarity with the reports of today.
The sightings started in the San Francisco Bay area [which is home to the Bohemian Club and
near to the site of the Bohemian Grove] on the evening of November 22, 1896… I tried to find
out if the people in these outlying communities saw the UFO before they heard the news from
the San Francisco area or afterward, but trying to run down the details of a fifty-six-year-old
UFO report is almost hopeless. Once while I was on a trip to Hamilton AFB [Hamilton Air
Force Base, former San Francisco Bay Area home to General ‘Hap’ Arnold’s Army Air Force
command] I called the offices of the San Francisco Chronicle and they put me in touch with
a retired employee who had worked on a San Francisco paper in 1896. I called the old
gentleman on the phone and talked to him for a long time. He had been a copy boy at the time
and remembered the incident, but time had canceled out the details. He did tell me that he, the
editor of the paper, and the news staff had seen “the ship,” as he referred to the UFO. His
story, even though it was fifty-six years old, smacked of others I’d heard when he said that no
one at the newspaper ever told anyone what they had seen; they didn’t want people to think
that they were ‘crazy.’” – The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects Chapter 16 by Edward J.
Ruppelt, 1956 A.D. as excerpted from: “Edward J. Ruppelt's memoir of his role in the seminal
US Air Force UFO study projects: Projects Sign, Grudge and Blue Book.”) (Author’s Note:
The name of the city of Los Angeles [also known as the ‘city of cults’] in California means
‘city of angels,’ the city hosting the L.A. Angels baseball team. California has a long occult
history with magic and fallen angels; in fact, in 1968 A.D. Los Angeles County even
christened a syndicated astrologer named Louise Huebner [author of the books Power through
Witchcraft (1969 A.D.) and Witchcraft for All (1970 A.D.)] as the ‘Official Witch of Los
Angeles County,’ the ceremony taking place during a staged folk music ‘Happening’ held at
the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater [originally built by a pair of Theosophical Societymembers with Krotona Colony associations] in Hollywood, CA which event included a magic
ritual performed by a coven of witches and the casting of a ‘Sex Spell’ designed to “insure the
increased Sexual Vitality of the County of Los Angeles.” Louise Huebner’s husband was
leading Hollywood production designer/artist Mentor Huebner who had worked on over 250
Hollywood movies [including many Warner Bros. films]). There you will also find the Los
Angeles Temple of the Builders of the Adytum (formerly The School of Ageless Wisdom), a
self-described “modern Mystery School” specializing in the study and practice of Qabalah
[founded by the Master Mason/OTO-member Paul Foster Case], an offshoot of the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn, twice removed [Paul Foster Case had been a member of the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s Thoth-Hermes Temple located in Chicago, IL founded
by British spy Aleister Crowley who resided there for a time along with his disciple Charles
Stansfeld Jones (at which time and in which city was published Jone’s book Q.B.L. dedicated
to Crowley himself)]. One may trace the Golden Dawn and its offshoots the world over. As
Geoffrey Farthing elucidates in The Right Angle concerning the esoteric importance of the
designation ‘Builders’: “Throughout the countries of the Orient, wherever magic and the
wisdom-religion are studied, its practitioners and students are known among their craft as
Builders” (those high-degree magic practicing Masons of this ilk, one classic example being

Elias Ashmole, are designated Operative Masons. Those Masons considered mere students of
the occult still in the process of procuring such knowledge are known as Speculative Masons;
it is these practitioners of magic [Operative Masons] and the students of wisdom-religion
[Speculative Masons], who are the “…"Builders"…of which Osiris [Azazel] is the chief” [See
Deity, Cosmos and Man by Geoffrey Farthing]). One case in point is the Builders of the
Adytum: “The Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) is a school of the Western mystery tradition
[read: a school of magic in the Platonic tradition] based in Los Angeles which is registered as
a non-profit tax-exempt religious organization. It was founded by Paul Foster Case and has its
roots in both the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Masonic blue lodge system (as
we learn from Proofs of a Conspiracy, it is from the ranks of the Blue Lodge master masons
from which the Illuminati are culled)... The Order was founded 1922 by (Dr.) Paul Foster Case
(Case was known to be in correspondence with Dr. John William [J.W.] Brodie-Innes, leading
member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s Amen-Ra Temple in Edinburgh,
Scotland and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn-member Dr. Henry B. Pullen Burry as well
as with Aleister Crowley’s ex-secretary Dr. Israel Regardie who himself would later relocate
to Los Angeles [the modern day witch Sara Cunningham, aka Lady Sara (as she explains on
her website, Lady is a term of respect for a pagan high priestess), was herself mentored in
magic by Dr. Israel Regardie. It was Lady Sara who founded the First Temple of Tiphareth
circa 1957 A.D., a school of Kabala including a temple for the practice of magic situated in
Pasadena, CA, the very temple in which occultist Raven Grimassi got his own start during the
mid 1970s, he studying magic under Lady Sara herself. As owner of L'essence [which
operated from 1962 – 1980 A.D.], she created through ‘perfume alchemy’ personal perfumes
for movie stars [Lady Sara was and I quote “a teacher in the ancient art of witchcraft” whose
pupils included “such motion picture luminaries” as June Lockhart (who has appeared in
Warner Bros.©, Hal B. Wallis and Arthur J. Rank produced films) and Susan Cabot (who has
appeared in no less than six Roger Corman/AIP films [See p.118 The New Pagans])], these
perfumes being of an entirely magical nature—as one of her students herself notes:
“Perfumery is an olfactory art form—a Tantric and Hermetic art.” Indeed, perfumes are used
in ceremonial magic rituals as fumigants “offered as a sweet-smelling offering or sacrifice to
the spirit or Angel” whom the practitioner of magic is invoking [See p.109 The Tree of Life: A
Study in Magic by Israel Regardie]). Israel Regardie was also a member of the Stella
Matutina (Morning Star) occult group, a successor organization of the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn (As Doreen Valiente notes in The Rebirth of Witchcraft, Israel Regardie’s book:
“The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic…is the source material from which almost all
present-day formal ritual instruction has been adapted.”). Paul Foster Case also had ties to
poet/British Intelligent agent Rudyard Kipling [Kipling was an Illuminus denizen of the
British Museum (and close confident of British Intelligence chief, Lord Beaverbrook. See
p.225 Churchill’s Wizards). Rudyard Kipling’s notable friends include author Sir H. Rider
Haggard believed to have been a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (See
Living in Fear by Les Daniels). H. Rider Haggard at one point had served as an assistant to
Sir Henry Bulwer, a nephew of occultist Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton] with whom he had
maintained a correspondence). Paul Foster Case was a senior member of the Hermetic Order
of the Golden Dawn in the United States. After a disagreement with Moina Mathers, head of
the (Hermetic Order of the) Golden Dawn and widow of (S.L.) Macgregor Mathers, he left the
Golden Dawn (at that time known as Alpha et Omega) along with some former members and
formed a separate order (known as the Builders of the Adytum)... Case was ordained a priest
by Bishop Charles Hampton in the (Theosophical Society-associated) Liberal Catholic Church
in Ojai, California (Ojai was the location of J. Krishnamurti’s residence), in 1937, and served
parishes throughout the southern California area.” – Wikipedia: The Builders of the Adytum.
Upon Paul Foster Case’s death, he was succeeded as head of the Builders of the Adytum by
occultist Ann Davies (Davies had actually lived with the Case’s in their home). Rev. Ann
Davies was a major contributor to the resurgent interest in the occult from the mid 1950s
through the ’70s through public speeches and lectures at Universities as well as through

television and radio appearances. Associated with The Builders of the Adytum was the occult
group likewise located in Los Angeles called the Ecclesia Gnostica (The Gnostic Church).
From Wikipedia we learn: “…the Ecclesia Gnostica was originally organized in England under
the name the Pre-Nicene Gnostic Catholic Church in 1953, by the Most Rev. Richard Jean
Chretien Duc de Palatine… Bishop Duc de Palatine also received a charter in 1953 to head an
organization first called "the Brotherhood of the Illuminati," renamed "the Order of the
Pleroma" in 1960. He received other esoteric lines and charters such as: the Templar Order,
Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, Memphis and Mizraim Rites of Freemasonry, and the
Martiniste Order (French Illuminist Freemasonry), and termed the combination with the
Ecumenical Apostolic Succession ‘the Wisdom Religion-Gnostic Mystic Tradition’… In 1959
the organization became active in the United States through the work of Stephan A. Hoeller,
who served as a priest of the church in Los Angeles, and was subsequently consecrated as
regionary bishop for the Americas in 1967. He became presiding bishop on the death of
Bishop Duc de Palatine in 1977.” Professedly: “Clergy, members and other persons interested
in the Gnostic Church often possess Martinist, Masonic, Rosicrucian, Theosophical and
similar affiliations and dedications.” - Gnostic Scriptures and The Gnostic Church by Stephan
A. Hoeller Bishop, Ecclesia Gnostica (located at 3363 Glendale Blvd. in L.A. near Keystone
Studios where actor Charlie Chaplin got his start). Hoeller is also ‘Director of Studies’ of The
Gnostic Society founded by Theosophist/H.P. Blavatsky-associate James Morgan Pryse in Los
Angeles circa 1928 A.D. For more information see Wikipedia: Gnosticism in modern times).
The Gnostic Catholic Church is the ecclesiastical division of the OTO (Aleister Crowley’s
Gnostic Catholic Mass is performed regularly in all OTO lodges and Gnostic Catholic
Churches). One can certainly see how all of these occult organizations are sinously
intertwined and sinisterly interconnected (and one must not discount their Intelligence
associations). Other interesting occult venues of note include the CIA-associated Esalen
Institute in Big Sur and the associated Vedanta Society of Southern California (headquarted in
Hollywood with subcenters in Pasadena, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Trabuco Canyon).
(Another prominent occult landmark, as we learn from Wikipedia, was also established in San
Francisco: “The Church of Satan was established at the Black House in San Francisco,
California, on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey.”) (The Black Rock
Burning Man Fest’s May Day counterpart is the How Weird Street Faire held annually May
1st [May Day] in San Francisco, CA whose themes include mythical realms, magic, aliens and
UFOs. According to the website “New this year…We
are also introducing an official flying saucer landing zone, adjacent to the center intersection.
We have invited all planets to join us in a celebration of universal peace. The landing zone
coordinates are 37°47’10.88″N, 122°23’53.50″W.”)

As previously noted, the Bohemian Grove membership list
reads as a ‘Who’s Who’ of American Political, Cultural, Financial and
Defense interests. In fact, every Republican president since Herbert
Hoover in 1933 A.D. has been an attendee of the Bohemian Grove.
Past attendees of annual Bohemian Grove festivities include exRepublican Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon (a
Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] member), Gerald Ford (CFR
member), Ronald W. Reagan (Reagan’s Vice-President George H. W.
Bush was a CFR member; had the Reagan assassination attempt been
successful, Bush would have become president as a matter of
succession), George H. W. Bush (Skull and Bones member/CFR
member) and George W. Bush (Skull and Bones member; Bush’s

Vice-President Dick Cheney was a CFR member). According to
Islamic legend, the Masih ad-Dajjal, the Islamic version of the antichrist, has on his forehead the following letters written: C.F.R. As
Navy Intelligence agent William Cooper who himself had had access
to classified information notes on p.80 Behold a Pale Horse that the
CFR [along with the associated Trilateral Commission] is an Illuminati
Other prominent members of the Bohemian
Club/Bohemian Grove attendees include James Baker (CFR member
and Chief of Staff under two successive Republican administrations,
Reagan and Bush I), Barry Goldwater (a Republican Party nominee for
president in the 1964 election), Henry Kissinger (CFR member and
Secretary of State under the Nixon and Ford Republican presidential
administrations—Kissinger had served as an OSS agent during WWII
and at one point worked as an interpreter for DCI Allen Dulles.
Kissinger [born: Loeb (think: Kuhn, Loeb)] was of German-Jewish
ancestry being born in Bavaria, home to the Illuminati), George P.
Shultz (Secretary of State under the Reagan Republican presidential
administration), Donald Rumsfeld (Nixon cabinet member, Secretary
of Defense under the Ford and Bush II Republican presidential
administrations), Caspar Weinberger (Secretary of Defense under the
Reagan presidential administration), William Howard Taft (27th
President of the United States; like Bush I and Bush II, Taft was a
Yale Skull and Bones member), Jimmy Carter (39th President of the
United States; prominent Middle East peace negotiator/CFR
member/UFO contactee) and Chester William Nimitz (5-Star U.S.
Navy Admiral). Another Bohemian Club member of note is Yale
University Skull and Bones secret society member William F. Buckley
Jr., CFR member and personal friend of Bohemian Club member and
former Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of
the United States, whose Vice President was Bohemian Grove/Skull
and Bones/CFR member George H.W. Bush, who succeeded Ronald
Reagan as president.
CFR members have dominated every
presidential administration in Washington D.C. since the presidency of
Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 A.D. and ominously enough they even
control the CIA. It was because of FDR that America first instituted
presidential term limitations. As William Cooper reveals: “The real
power (amongst the inner-circle Executive Members of the CFR itself)
are men who are always recruited without exception from the secret
societies of Harvard and Yale known as the Skull & Bones and the
Scroll & Key. Both societies are secret branches (also called the

Brotherhood of Death) of what is otherwise historically known as the
Illuminati. They are connected to parent organizations in England (The
Group of Oxford University and especially All Souls College), and
Germany (the Thule Society, also called the Brotherhood of Death) (it
was the Thule Society from which would spring Adolph Hitler’s Nazi
Party. Rember—before Hitler there was Harvard)… George (H.W.)
Bush is a member of the Order. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. His
father (one-time Republican senator from Connecticut Prescott Bush)
was also a member who helped finance (Adolf) Hitler.”** – p.82 Behold a
Pale Horse by William Cooper (** The Republican Party it must be remembered was greatly
peopled at its inception by members of the Illuminati-created Carbonari’s Young Germany
Youth Movement group) (As we learn from Inside Secret Societies by Michael Benson:
“There is reason to believe that the CFR created the United Nations,” that, “Author Ralph
Emerson notes that the first U.S. delegation to the United Nations, when it was headquartered
in San Francisco, included 47 members of the CFR.”)

Members of the City Club, the administrators of the Bohemian
Grove, is a moniker under which these Bohos/Grovers are alternatively
known, and boast that the Manhattan Project, America’s covert project
to develop the atomic bomb, was initially conceived at the Bohemian
Grove in 1942 A.D. (the so-called Quebec Agreement was signed in
1943 A.D. by British P.M. Winston Churchill and U.S. President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt whereby the coordinated development of
the atomic bomb began in earnest as British [as well Canadian] atomic
research was then subsumed into the Manhattan Project proper
whereunder a sizable team of British and Canadian scientists relocated
to the United States for this endeavor including amongst whom was
British physicist Mark Oliphant [who hailed from a well known
family of British Theosophists] who would work alongside his friend
Ernest Lawrence on this project at the Radiation Laboratory located at
the University of California, Berkeley). In fact, a man named Robert
Gordon Sproul: “Robert Gordon Sproul (May 22, 1891 – September
10 1975) was eleventh President of the University of California
(Berkeley) serving from 1930 to 1958 (note the Bohemian Club’s
control of the California public collegiate educational curriculum and
especially that of the University of California, Berkeley)…Sproul was
a member of the Bohemian Club, and sponsored Ernest Lawrence’s
(Bohemian Club) membership in 1932…” – Wikipedia. Indeed: “Robert
Gordon Sproul was a member of the Bohemian Club, and he
sponsored (Ernest) Lawrence’s membership in 1932. Through this
club, Lawrence met William Henry Crocker (“His nephew, Harry

Crocker, was a movie star in the 1920s and, at one time, the personal
assistant of [silent film era actor] Charlie Chaplin.” - Wikipedia), Edwin
Pauley (“Several of his deals involved Zapata Corporation [which was
involved in the Bay of Pigs operation (codename: Operation Zapata)
begun during the Eisenhower administration], run by [then CIA agent]
George H.W. Bush, including a joint-venture with Pemargo** in 1960
[**which also involved George H.W. Bush; through a merger,
Pemargo would become Pennzoil in 1963 A.D.]. In 1958 he founded
Pauley Petroleum which, with Howard Hughes, expanded oil
production in the Gulf of Mexico… He was a friend and confidante of
U.S. Senator Harry S. Truman (FDR’s V.P. Harry S.Truman who had
played a major role in the creation of the CIA would create the NSA
by Executive Order on November 4, 1952 A.D. As President, Truman
ordered the atomic destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and
through Truman’s influence, President Franklin D. Roosevelt
appointed Pauley as Petroleum Coordinator of Lend-Lease Supplies
for the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom in 1941.” – Wikipedia),
and John Francis Neylan (who served as general counsel for William
Randolph Hearst and was a member of the Board of Regents of the
University of California, an influential member of the Board’s Finance
Committee largely responsible for the University’s role in the
development of atomic research). They were influential men who
helped him obtain money for his energetic nuclear particle
investigations…” - Wikipedia. “Ernest Orlando Lawrence (August 8,
1901 – August 27, 1958) was an American physicist and Nobel
Laureate, known for his invention, utilization, and improvement of the
cyclotron atom-smasher beginning in 1929, based on his studies of the
works of Rolf Widerøe, and his later work in uranium-isotope
separation for the Manhattan Project. Lawrence had a long career at
the University of California, Berkeley, where he became a Professor of
Physics (another notable Manhattan Project physicist from the
University of California, Berkeley was J. Robert Oppenheimer).” Wikipedia. The Bible refers to nuclear weaponry as “wickedness,” the
penultimate working of ‘natural magic,’ physics itself being an
offshoot of alchemy. Interestingly enough, during World War II, the
covert American-led allied effort to seize Nazi nuclear secrets and
nuclear scientists was code-named the Alsos Mission. ‘Alsos’ is the
Greek word for a grove of trees. As per its name, this mission likely
did have its genesis at the Bohemian Grove, as is their boast, “weaving
spiders” excluded or not (Royal Society Fellow/physicist Ralph H.

Fowler who held the Chair of Theoretical Physics in the Cavendish
Laboratory at the University of Cambridge played a leading role in
development of the atomic bomb). In fact, theis reference to “weaving
spiders” in the Bohemian Grove’s motto is derived from William
Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream which itself is
replete with tales of magic.
Annual Bohemian Grove festivities are always staged at this
time in July in keeping with magic tradition as Midsummer Night
[July 19/20 sunset to sunset/moonrise to moonrise] is one of the Great
Sabbats of the witches which was traditionally staged in forested
groves. Indeed, in reference to the expected release of these angels,
the ceremonial magician/ritualist at the Bohemian Grove proclaims:
“Midsummer sets us free,” speaking for Azazel’s group of fallen
angels of course, who are at this time in 2016 A.D. liberated from their
earthen imprisonment (Midsummer Day is July 21 [July 20/21 sunset
to sunset/moonrise to moonrise]). Bohemian Grove magic ceremonies
invoke these rebellious fallen angels, invoking the angel Azazel as the
‘spirit of Bohemia,’ the word ‘Bohemia’ being a cognate of the word
‘Behemoth,’ the name of Azazel’s cherub. The Bohemian Grove itself
is dedicated to him. The Horned god of magic Azazel was often
historically worshipped in such groves by practitioners of magic.
The Cremation of Care Ceremony (whose ritualist burns in
effigy a figure which it calls “Dull Care”) held annually at the
Bohemian Grove is by definition a magic “banishing” ceremony. This
is the Boho’s version of the Egyptian annual rite called the “Banishing
of Apep” (in magic systems, banishing rituals go hand in hand with the
invocation/evocation of spirits/fallen angels/demons). In regards to
the serpent characterization of the angel Azazel, he is represented in
the Egyptian stories of Apep (in Greek, Apophis), who was the great
serpent (the angel Azazel whose sign is the serpent) believed to be
imprisoned and still living entrapped within the Underworld. During
an annual Egyptian black magic ceremony called the “Banishing of
Apep,” Egyptian priests built an effigy of the serpent Apep and burned
it in order to protect the populace from his influences. The Bohemian
Grove Cremation of Care magic ceremony has its roots in this practice
(the term “dull care” is taken from The Rubaiyat of Sufi adept Omar
Khayyam [c. 1123 A.D.], a mystical poem by a master of comparative
religions and of the esoteric teachings found therein. Stanza 299

relates: “Cast off dull care, O melancholy brother!” while Stanza 198
speaks of “care’s serpent eye.” Serpents are a common motif
representing the angel Azazel and are also a common symbol of a
cherub. It must be noted at this point that a serpent, which is a symbol
of Azazel, is employed as the Bohemian Club logo). Hence the
Cremation of Care ceremony is akin to the ceremonies which ritually
burn Azazel in effigy, the object being to banish him after previously
invoking him. End of magic ceremony! The word ‘care’ itself is in its
archaic sense the act of weeping and wailing. Ancient pagan religions
commonly wept for the death/entombment of their god—Azazel’s
future release will thusly bring an end to such wailings as ‘care’ is then
cast off.
According to Alan Baker in Invisible Eagle: The History of
Nazi Occultism: “It is an assumption of many occultists that The
Coming Race is fact disguised as fiction: that Bulwer-Lytton based his
engaging novel on a genuine body of esoteric knowledge. He was
greatly interested in the Rosicrucians, the powerful occult society
which arose in the sixteenth century and which claimed to possess
ancient wisdom…Some writers, including Alec Maclellan, author of
the fascinating book The Lost World of Agharti (1996 A.D.), have
suggested that The Coming Race revealed too much of the
subterranean world (wherein Azazel is entrapped), and was as a result
suppressed in the years following Bulwer-Lytton's death in 1873.
Indeed, he describes the book as ‘one of the hardest to find of all
books of mysticism,’ and informs us of his own search for a copy,
which for some years met with no success.” Of an interesting note,
Annie Besant in Adyar Pamphlet No. 30 entitled Communication
between Different Worlds refers to the Theosophical Society as being
“the nucleus of the Coming Race.”
The English author, playwright and British Lord Edward
Bulwer-Lytton was a friend of Eliphas Levi, the French occult writer
and ceremonial magician, who also associated with Bulwer-Lytton’s
father. In fact, hints of a plan for (and I quote) “the formation of a
kind of club or ‘school of magic’” can be found in Letter No. 28
(received 1881 A.D.) of The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett
(described therein as “a ‘hot-bed of magick’), “an organization as
mapped out by Mr. Sinnett (A.P. Sinnett would later serve as
Theosophical Society president) and yourself” (‘yourself’ being none
other than Theosophical Society-member Allan Octavian (A.O.)
Hume, 1829 – 1912 A.D; Hume was one of the founders of the Indian

National Congress [all of the founders of the Indian National
Congress were members of the Theosophical Society], the political
party that was later to take the lead in the Indian independence
movement under the groomed University of London graduate and
member of the Theosophical Society Adyar Mahatma Ghandi [a Sufi
mystic] who assumed leadership of the Indian National Congress in
1921 A.D. H.P. Blavatsky was a regular visitor at A.O. Hume’s
Rothney castle at Simla in India). This letter informs us: “The greatest
as well as most promising of such schools (of magic) in Europe, the
last attempt in this direction, — failed most signally some 20 years ago
in London. It was the secret school for the practical teaching of
magick, founded under the name of a club, by a dozen of enthusiasts
under the leadership of Lord Lytton’s father (in number, 13, the
number in a typical witch’s coven). He had collected together for the
purpose, the most ardent and enterprising as well as some of the most
advanced scholars in mesmerism and ‘ceremonial magick,’ such as
Eliphas Levi, Regazzoni, and the Kopt Zergvan-Bey. And yet in the
pestilent London atmosphere the ‘Club’ came to an untimely end”
(such a school of magic it should be remembered [the Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry] is the setting of the Harry
Potter© series of stories, based on a long tradition of British magic
practices, and was not simply itself the imaginative creation of a
matronly British author of seemingly innocuous children’s books
though early indoctrination for the furtherance of any cause has long
been a tactic since time immemorial [indeed, in Europe during the
Middle Ages, as was also the case in the British Isles: “…Sorcery was
adopted as a profession, and witches…were trained in schools of
magic to practice their art.” – p.62 Secret Societies and Subversive
Movements by Nesta Webster, 1924 A.D.]. Such was also the case
with Bulwer-Lytton’s stories. Institutions of higher-learning such as
Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England were originally
established for the study of occult sciences rooted in arcane magic
practices, these being the very institutions where the Hermetic Order
of the Golden Dawn magic order held sway. Over the centuries other
such schools of magic have existed including Cosimo de Medici’s
Platonic Academy founded during the Renaissance era, it being a
reformulation of Plato’s original Academy also devoted to the study of
magic. Another such example is the Cambridge University educated
astrologer William Gilbert’s (1544-1603 A.D.) magic “…school at
which would be taught ‘Astrology and Spirit(ualism) with the nature

and use of Talismans’…” of an entirely magic nature, and additionally,
as we learn from Modern Ritual Magic: The Rise of Western
Occultism p.21: “Francis Barrett’s The Magus (1801)…was used as
the text book of the school of ritual magic and alchemy which the
author established in Marylebone” [Marylebone is an affluent innercity of central London in England]). There also existed the formal
Metropolitan College of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia devoted
to the study as well as implementation of occult magic ceremonial
practices, with all of these institutions traditionally hailing back to the
colleges of Rome and the Roman Empire of which England was at one
time a part). Perhaps the ultimate creation of such a “school of
magick” as envisioned and formulated by Theosophical Societymember A.P. Sinnett as set forth in his ‘Letter No. 28’ resulted in the
very creation of the Metropolitan College of the Societas
Rosicruciana in Anglia, and to the subsequent creation of the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn as well, as Eliphas Levi, a member of a
French lodge of the Theosophical Society, was a known associate of
Anna Kingsford, the President of the London Lodge of the
Theosophical Society in England. Anna Kingsford later left this lodge
and formed the Hermetic Society (Hermetic Societies/Hermetic Orders
are based on the writings of Hermes Trismegistus [known as the
Corpus Hermeticum], a god who represented none other than the angel
Azazel himself, the writings of which profess the existence of Azazel
and his group of angels and how they may be contacted). Anna
Kingsford’s Hermetic Society was known for giving lectures, featuring
as lecturers the likes of the occultist S. L. MacGregor Mathers and the
ceremonial magician Dr. William Wynn Westcott. Wescott, a student
of Kabbala (Wescott particularly adhered to the Enochian magic
system of Dr. John Dee), in addition to being a Master Mason, was
Supreme Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (the SRIA, a
Rosicrucian Society in England. His day job was actually as Queen’s
Coroner for North-East London). S. L. MacGregor Mathers, likewise
a Master Mason, gained admittance to the Metropolitan College of
the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (a ‘school of magic’ to which only
Master Masons were admitted), eventually being appointed Junior
Substitute Magus. William Wynn Wescott, with S. L. MacGregor
Mathers would found the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the
most celebrated member of which was the English ceremonial
magician Aleister Crowley, patron of the British Museum (as was
fellow Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn member S. L. MacGregor

Mathers) and propounder of the magic texts and esoteric writings
found therein, including of course, The Book of Enoch, which tells the
story of Azazel and his angels. The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia
was itself modelled after Rosicrucian societies in Germany (the
‘Fratres of the Golden and Rosy Cross’), including the German Vril
Society, founded in Berlin, as must again be noted, by a group of
German Rosicrucians, which would later become the inner circle of
the infamous Thule Society:
“Briefly, the creed of the Thule society inner circle is as follows:
Thule was a legendary island in the far north, similar to Atlantis,
supposedly the center of a lost, high-level civilization. But not all
secrets of that civilization had been completely wiped out. Those that
remained were being guarded by ancient, highly intelligent beings
(similar to the ‘Masters’ of Theosophy or the White Brotherhood)
[‘identical to’ would be in fact a better term to use]. The truly initiated
could establish contact with these beings by means of magic-mystical
rituals. The ‘Masters’ or ‘Ancients’ allegedly would be able to endow
the initiated with supernatural strength and energy. With the help of
these energies the goal of the initiated (the magic adepts) was to create
a race of Supermen of ‘Aryan’ stock who would exterminate all
‘inferior’ races.” - The Unknown Hitler by Wulf Schwartzwaller (Members of the
Theosophical Society believed they were slated to become the nucleus of this race many of
whom were at the forefront of the British eugenics movement. As noted by London-born
Jewish occultist Israel Regardie in The Tree of Life: A Study in Magic Chapter 1 [released in
1932 A.D. following a four year stint as Aleister Crowley’s secretary], since historically
speaking amongst mankind the “appearance of genius, regardless of the several aspects and
fields of its manifestation, is marked by the occurrence of a curious phenomenon whose
accompaniment is most always vision and ecstasy supreme,” that those “individuals who have
received the title of ‘genius’ and named by mankind as of the greatest, have been the
recipients of some such inimitable experience,” and inasmuch as this “genius in itself is
caused by or proceeds concomitantly with a spiritual experience of the highest intuitional
order” in form the outpouring of “a superabundance of energy proceeding from a hidden
centre of consciousness,” mankind in general could benefit from a concerted attempt to
develop “a species of psychological and spiritual training** to induce” therewith an
intentional transformational cognitive experience “within the [human] consciousness”
whereby might “arise a mighty new race of supermen,” that “goal whither evolution tends.”
Regardie’s conclusion: “Mysticism—Magic and Yoga—is the means, therefore, to a new
universal life…” [**which Regardie explains must be based upon ceremonial magic and yoga
as “magic proves more efficacious and puissant when combined with the control of the mind
which it is the object of Yoga to achieve…One may even state that for true success in all
magic a thorough grounding in Yoga technique is an absolute essential.”])

The Theosophic-beliefed Vril Society (by definition a Hermetic
Society/Order) was the first German nationalist group to use the

symbol of the swastika as an emblem. This was derived from the
Theosophical Society Seal which likewise employs a swastika within
its emblem. The Thule Society was the organization that sponsored the
Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (The socialist German Workers [Labour]
Party) which was later transformed by Adolf Hitler into the Nazi
Party. In fact Azazel and his angels are the German Nazi
“underground supermen” [also known as the ‘Unknown Supermen’]
said to live beneath the Earth’s surface of whom the Rosicrucian
author Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote, and from whom, Hitler
professed, he took his marching orders. It must be noted Thule is a
Greek word which translates as 'isle of the four Masters,' in reference
to the place where Azazel, along with his three angelic companions, lie
entrapped within the earth, the place being located as it is between the
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which area Arabs call ‘The Island.’
Hitler’s ultimate goal was to free these angels. Hitler also claimed to
be in communication with them. And Hitler, it is said, was an Adept
of Black Magic, while members of Hitler’s feared secret police, the SS
(Schutzstaffel), like Hitler himself, were practitioners of black magick
and students of the occult. Azazel and his group exerted their
influence upon the mind as well as the actions of Adolf Hitler, Hitler
becoming an Overshadowed marionette of sorts. Indeed, The Dawn of
Magic (by Louis Pauwells & Jacques Bergier; Bergier himself was a
survivor of the Mauthausen Nazi concentration camp) states: “When
Arthur Machen speaks of the World of Evil, ‘full of caverns and
crepuscular beings dwelling therein,’ he is referring, as an adept of the
(Hermetic Order of the) Golden Dawn, to that other world in which
man comes into contact with the ‘Unknown Supermen.’ It seems
certain that Hitler shared this belief, and even claimed to have been in
touch with these ‘Supermen.’” End quote. The Unknown Supermen
of which he speaks and with whom Hitler was in contact is none other
than Azazel and his group of fallen angels who are entrapped within
the earth. Amazingly enough, “…with the coming of Nazism it was
the "other world" which ruled over us for a number of years…” - The
Dawn of Magic by Louis Pauwells & Jacques Bergier, 1960 A.D. By “other world”
they occultly reference the Egyptian Amenta wherein was entrapped
the fallen angel Azazel. Azazel controlled Germany through his
control of Hitler (Hitler under the control of Azazel commenced to
slaughtering some 6 million members of Jewish descent, a burnt
offering in honor of Azazel. The magic pact which Hitler made with
Azazel [the so-called ‘King of the World’] with the aid of Karl

Haushofer in 1928 A.D.: “…with whom [Azazel] he [Hitler]
communicated through electronic transmitters and an unusual game
involving a tarot pack” is mentioned on p.35 Turn Off Your Mind by
OTO-member Gary Lachman. The practitioners of magic amongst the
radical left during the 1960s era in America following the release of
Pauwells and Bergiers book would later follow Hitler’s lead in their
attempts at contacting Azazel [Ibid p.36]). It must be mentioned the
Welsh author and mystic Arthur Machen was a friend of A. E. Waite
and, like Waite, a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
(Waite translated fellow Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn-member
Eliphas Levi’s Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie [Dogma and Ritual
of High Magic, 1896 A.D.] into English under the title Transcendental
Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual,1910 A.D.).
Azazel and his angels are also the German Nazi “underground
supermen,” creators (fathers) of the Aryan race which were said to live
(or more precisely, are entrapped) beneath the Earth’s surface. Hitler’s
ultimate goal was to free them (this group of rebellious angels has a
long history of influencing human affairs. According to an October
26, 2007 article by Peter Tremblay on The Canadian website, Adolf
Hitler’s: “…chair press officer, Dr. Dietrich testified his belief that
Hitler was possessed by demons.” Apparently, “Hitler told his High
Command, his belief in the Superman (Azazel) who had ruled the
planet in the times of Atlantis and Thule, and after the war of the gods
(after the rebellion of the angels) that led to the fall of Atlantis the
Superman (the incarnate angel Azazel), who were the Masters of the
World, had gone underground.” Hitler specifically has said he:
“…took his orders for the Nazi conquest from the Superman
(from Azazel!) who lived inside the Earth.” (Author’s Note: Thule
is a Greek word which translates as 'isle of the four Masters' in
reference to the place where Azazel, along with his three angelic
companions, lies entrapped within the earth. Arabs call this area ‘The
Island,’ it being located as it is between the Tigris and Euphrates
Rivers. This concept originated with the Egyptians [and to this tale
likely belong the legends of Atlantis (the source of which is Plato), the
island which submerged beneath the waters (of the flood)]. In Egypt,
the four angels who are entrapped within Azazel’s cherub are known
as the Four Genii of the Amenthes [of Hades]. The Thule Society was
so-named in reverence to the angel Azazel. The angels, hailing from
the New Earth, are by definition extraterrestrials)

The following selection is excerpted from the February 24 th
2010 A.D. edition of The Canadian:
Manipulative Extraterrestrials influenced Adolf Hitler, scholars suggest

When Adolf Hitler spread his message of hatred, genocide, and
oppression, as having been "inspired" by a blond race of superhuman
warriors referred to as "Aryans", it is assumed through historical
accounts that this was simply the contrived mythology of a "madman."
These same accounts omit representation that Adolf Hilter was a
member of demonic UFO cult worshipping cabals, and was an
apparent UFO contactee, by the same Extraterrestrial group
which Hilter sought to glorify. "The Nazis themselves claimed that
an extraterrestrial society was the source of their ideology and the
power behind their organization." Nazi mysticism, indeed, was
reportedly a direct product of cult worship to Manipulative
Extraterrestrials. The "Nazis referred to their hidden extraterrestrial
masters as underground “supermen.” Hitler believed in the
“supermen” and claimed that he had once met one of them, as did
other members of the Thule (Society) leadership."
The Nazis said that their “supermen” resided beneath the
Earth’s surface and were the creators of "the Aryan race" (Author’s
Note: Compare to the extraterrestrial group of individuals referred to
in The Book of Enoch LXXXVI.1 which speaks of the fallen angels
when it says: “…there came forth from heaven as it were the likeness
of white men…” which were said to have mated with Earth women
and later to have been entrapped within the earth). Aryans therefore in
Adolf Hitler's reasoning, constituted the world’s only “pure” race and
all other people were viewed as "inferior genetic mutations". The
Nazis under the reported guidance of Manipulative Extraterrestrials
planned to “re-purify” humanity by committing genocide against
anyone who was not an Aryan. Top Nazi leaders believed that the
underground “supermen” would return to the surface of the Earth to
rule it as soon as the Nazis began their racial purification program and
established the Thousand Year Reich.
These Nazi beliefs are very similar to other religions
apparently also guided by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that teach
people to prepare for the future return of supernatural beings who will
reign over a "Utopian Earth." As in other such religions, the coming of
the Nazi “supermen” would coincide with a great final “divine

judgment.” Nazi mysticism indeed earned the support of Christian
leaders, who shared what Gnostics referred to as influence by demonic
consciousness linked to a "false God."
Critical historical accounts have linked Adolf Hitler, and other
high ranking Nazis as having communicated with self-anointed
"Nordic gods" who were a part constituency of Manipulative
Extraterrestrials which to Gnostics disciples of Jesus were identified as
"demons." This is where the "National Socialist" image of the ideal
man/woman and the program of eugenics apparently originated. Adolf
Hilter was apparently ordered to infiltrate the National Socialist
German Workers Party; in order to counter anti-military sentiments of
the defeated working class, into a populist movement which in turn
would worship the demonic consciousnesses of Manipulative
Though he lost the war, eventually, Manipulative
Extraterrestrials apparently communicated with Nazis that "those
chosen by Satan will follow with success in establishing a "Fourth
Reich." "Four" is the number of Satan/Enki. Hitler saw the ideal
human in Satan and his demons who are of the extra-terrestrial race
who looked like human beings with very tall statures, light blonde hair
and blue eyes." (Pertinent Quote: “A further type of reported aliens is
comprised of the so-called Nordics. These are fully human in
appearance, their physique, as the name suggests, converging upon the
ideal of the blonde, blue-eyed, fair complexioned Aryan Übermensch
of Nazi ideology…benevolent elder star-brothers, intent on assisting
humanity on the evolutionary ladder.” – p.141 Alien Initiations by Harald
Kleeman, 2003 A.D.)
Nazi technology is also alleged to have been disseminated
under guidance by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. "...the Nazis had
everything before any other country, they had radar in 1933, they had
infra-red sensors, heavy water, etc., etc. We have been told lie after lie
in terms of who invented these things. If anyone in the world had
access to 'alien' technology it was the... 'Aryans' [Nazis]." (end of
An eye opening article indeed! Additionally, it must be noted,
Hermann Oberth, a trance medium, worked with channel mediums and
claimed to have received channeled information from extraterrestrials
(no doubt these ‘extraterrestrials’ were the rebellious fallen angels who
hail from a planet known in The Bible as the New Earth). Amazingly

enough, Hermann Oberth, who is called the Father of Nazi Rocketry,
professed to have been and I quote “helped by people from other
worlds” in his scientific endeavors. All these men were in contact
with and being influenced by and even received workable instructions
from the incarnate fallen angels!
In fact: “During the 1950s and 1960s (in publications including
Flying Saucer Review [See FSR:1955/1N2]), Oberth offered his
opinions regarding unidentified flying objects (UFOs). He was a
supporter of the extraterrestrial hypothesis for the origin of the UFOs
that were seen at the Earth. For example, in an article in The American
Weekly magazine of October 24, 1954 A.D., Oberth stated, “It is my
thesis that flying saucers are real, and that they are space ships from
another solar system. I think that they possibly are manned by
intelligent observers who are members of a race that may have been
investigating our earth for centuries...” … Oberth eventually came to
work for his former student, (former Nazi SS officer) Wernher von
Braun, who was developing space rockets for NASA (National
Aeronautics and Space Administration) in Huntsville, Alabama.” –
Wikipedia: Hermann Oberth. (Hermann Oberth was a committee member of the well known
British Lord/ufologist Brinsley le Poer Trench’s International Sky Scouts UFO organization
[See FSR:1965/11N5] during the early 1960s which in turn would give birth to the Contact
International UFO Research [CIUFOR] organization)

Indeed: “…after World War II many (German rocket)
technicians left Germany to pursue further rocket projects in the U.S.
The majority had been involved with the V-2 (rocket) in Peenemünde
(the Peenemünde Army Research Center in Nazi Germany), and 127
of them eventually entered the U.S. through (the Office of Strategic
Services’) Operation Paperclip (under order of President Harry S.
Truman). They were also known as the (Wernher) Von Braun Group.”
– Wikipedia: List of German rocket scientists in the United States.

Amongst this group of Nazi rocket scientists relocated to
America in the post-WWII period was Hermann Oberth. No doubt
they shared their magick experiences with their new American NASA
comrades, for interestingly enough we learn:
“In 1918 in New York City, occultist and British spy Aleister Crowley conducted a ritual he
called the ‘Amalantrah Working’ (working, as defined as a magic ceremony/ritual, from
Theurgy, meaning, ‘divine-working,’ involving ceremonial magic practices. The Amalantrah
Working** consisted of a series of communications Aleister Crowley received from January 254

March of 1918 A.D through one of his “Scarlet Women” who acted as “Channels”
[Spiritualist mediums] for otherworldly transmissions of angelic/demonic/extraterrestrial
origin) intended to create a ‘magick portal’ - a dimensional rift - through which certain
intelligences (spirits) would be invited to cross and manifest themselves in the world… In
1946 in New Mexico (whose state motto is incidentally “The Land of Enchantment”), Jack
Parsons and L Ron Hubbard conducted a (black magick) ritual they called the “Babalon
Working,”** to reopen the portal (Hubbard, incidently, lived with Parsons [who was at all
times in contact with Aleister Crowley] in his Pasadena home which doubled as an OTO
Lodge). Parsons was a rocket scientist, co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (now
commonly referred to circa 2012 A.D. as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and ‘true father
of US space exploration,’ according to Werner von Braun [Parsons, like Hermann Oberth,
was also through his magickal workings in communication with an extra-terrestrial
“Intelligence” which he claimed communicated with him directly—it even provided him with
workable “instructions” for which he was obliged to follow. See Parsons’ The Magickal
Revival p.167]*…Hubbard, the future founder of the Church of Scientology (Scientology is
also formulated on a belief in extraterrestrial life forms), was an officer of US Naval
Intelligence. Both (Parsons and Hubbard) were adepts of the Ordo Templi Orientis (the OTO
in Pasadena [Altadena] where is located Jet Propulsion Laboratory), which was originally an
‘Illumined’ (which is to say, an Illuminati) high Masonic order, and led at the time by
(Aleister) Crowley (Crowley was a Freemason of the highest-order. Such high-degree Masons
are notorious practitioners of magic/invokers of fallen angels, and Crowley was their poster
boy. He was also a British Intelligence agent who was in direct contact with Jack Parsons).” –
The Occult History of the National Security State, February 4, 2005 A.D. by Jeff
Wells/Raiders News (* Jack Parsons himself may have aided in the development of the
German V-2 rocket which during WWII rained death upon so many British cities. In its
infancy, those employed in the nascent field of rocketry had formed international rocket
societies which often worked together by sharing scientific data. Von Braun himself was
president of the German rocket club known as The German Society for Space Travel [VfR].
Prior to World War II during the early 1930s: “Parsons wrote directly to Wernher von Braun,
telling him of his own primitive experiments… Ed Forman’s third wife Jeanne remembered
how both Parsons and Forman had called [von] Braun by telephone, way before he ever came
to the U.S. (under Project Paperclip) … They were crazy about von Braun and he was crazy
about them, because they had been horsing around with the same stuff… [von] Braun, who
was only two years older than Parsons and a science fiction fan as well [they also shared a
common interest in magick], did his best to reply to Parsons’ entreaties, and he also asked
questions of his own.” – pp. 54-55 Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist
John Whiteside Parsons by George Pendal, 2005 A.D. (Project Paperclip Nazi scientists
would be employed in the United States to teach Nazi technologies to American engineers).
The Guggenheim family itself was at the heart of America’s fledgling rocketry program. It
was Daniel Guggenheim, founder of the Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of
Aeronautics, which provided the grant which allowed for the creation of the Guggenheim
Aeronautical Laboratory at CalTech [GALCIT]. It was under GALCIT’s JATO program that
the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which employed Jack Parsons was established under contract
with the United States Army in 1943 A.D. Additionally, Daniel Guggenheim’s son Harry
Frank Guggenheim, a member of the U.S. Navy Reserve (Navy Intelligence), provided the
financial support for many of Robert H. Goddard’s rocketry tests as well. While Parsons
would win the Army [Army Air Force] contract for the development of JATO [Jet Assisted
Takeoff] rockets, Goddard received the Navy contract. All parallel government rocketry
projects including GALCIT would be placed under the control of NASA beginning in 1958
A.D. Overseeing this merger was the Special Committee on Space and Astronautics chaired by
Lyndon B. Johnson. Note well later U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson’s own association with
NASA) (**Aleister Crowley encountered an ‘extraterrestrial’ named Lam during his so-called
“Amalantrah Working.” Lam is a shortened form of ‘Lamia,’ meaning ‘snake,’ in deference

to the Genesis serpent Azazel [Lamaism also derives its name thereby, it being a system of
magic involving the invocation of the Genesis serpent Azazel]. The Lam with who Crowley
was in contact was the fallen angel Azazel. You may also know the extraterrestrial fallen
angel Azazel with whom Crowley was in contact as Aiwaz [alternatively spelled Aiwass], also
called Carpocrates [Ra-Hoor-Khuit] and Horus [and also known as the Egyptian snake-god Set
(Crowley invoked his “Guardian angel” Set under the name Aiwass, said to be foremost of the
Secret Chiefs). According to Albert Churchward in The Origin and Evolution of Religion
p.189, Set was “the fallen leader of the angelic host…worshipped by the Yezidi in
Mesopotamia.”]. Crowley indeed identified Aiwaz as being the equivalent of the ‘devil’ of the
Yezidi: “Aiwaz is not a mere formula, like many Angelic names, but it is the true, most
ancient name of the God of the Yezidi [of Melek Tawus (Ta’us), the so-called Peacock King
[Angel King], who is Azazel (mlk/melek = king/note the linking of Azazel’s tau cross symbol
[T] with this name ‘awus,’ variously Aiwaz/Aiwass). Ta’us means both ‘peacock’ and ‘angel’
in the language of the Kurds], and thus returns to the highest antiquity. Our work [a magical
working invoking the angel Azazel under the ancient name of Aiwaz] is therefore historically
authentic; the rediscovery of the Sumerian [magic] tradition.” And Aiwaz, it is said, was the
Chief of the Hidden Masters, a group also known as the Secret Chiefs. The Sumerian magic
tradition as encapsulated in the rituals of the Yezidi and ‘rediscovered’ by Crowley was none
other than the cultus surrounding the worship of the fallen angel Azazel dating back to the
farthest reaches of recorded antiquity. Crowley’s “rediscovery” of this ancient magic tradition
would lead to a renaissance of all things Yezidi. The Yezidi do indeed trace their ancestry
back to the angels who interbred with earth women [See p.11 The Pillars of Tubal Cain by
Nigel Jackson, 2000 A.D.] as related in Genesis 6:4, back to and I quote, the very “Cainite
bloodline that goes back to the fallen angels” [Ibid p.15]. It was Aiwaz/Azazel who dictated
that bedrock of Crowley Thelema known as The Book of the Law to Aleister Crowley himself
through a process known as automatic-writing. As Typhonian OTO head/Aleister Crowleyinitiate Kenneth Grant cryptically explains: “…the next phase in the advancement of evolution
on this planet…will be achieved with a willed congress with extra-terrestrial entities of which,
in a sense, Aiwaz (Azazel, a fallen angel) is the immediate messenger** to humanity (**note
this play on the word angel, oft translated as messenger). According to Crowley, Aiwaz
(Azazel) is ‘a messenger from the forces ruling this planet at present,’ forces ‘of a kind
superior to any of the human race.’ Aiwaz (Azazel) is therefore the type of extra-terrestrial
Intelligence such as we may expect to come into conscious contact with…” Indeed. In the
iconic words of the occultist Crowley: “The most ancient snake…is awake.” He refers of
course to the Genesis ‘serpent’ [seraph] Azazel) (Notable quote: “The [Babalon] Working
[black magick ritual] began in 1945-46, a few months before Crowley’s death in 1947, and
just prior to the wave of unexplained aerial phenomena now recalled as the ‘Great Flying
Saucer Flap’ [of July, 1947 A.D.]... Parsons opened a door [a spatial gateway] and something
flew in. A Gateway for the Great Old Ones has already been established—and opened—by
members of the O.T.O. who are in rapport with this entity [Lam, an extra-terrestrial being
whom Crowley supposedly contacted while in America (in Greenwich Village in New York
City)…].” - Kenneth Grant, O.T.O. Indeed, Kenneth Grant would go on to consecrate the Cult
of Lam which focuses upon the invocation of this specific entity with whom Crowley had
established contact [See the OTO’s The Lam Statement by Kenneth Grant, 1987 A.D.]) (The
reader will find magic-based travel in order to study amongst practitioners of magic in various
cultures around the world in the archaic Platonic tradition to be a most common thread
amongst practitioners of magic, the Yezidi being a popular bunch with which many of the
individuals central to our story were to study. One of OTO [Order of Oriental Templars]
member Aleister Crowley’s close associates, a man named William Seabrook, was a World
War I army vet [as well as being one of the many Theosophical Society-associated WWI
ambulance drivers who would additionally serve as Allied spies] and New York Times reporter
[spies often used/use journalistic pursuits as a cover as well]** who also studied amongst the
Yezidi and would later write a book on the subject entitled Adventures in Arabia: Among the

Bedouins, Druses,*** Whirling Dervishes, and Yezidee Devil Worshippers [1924 A.D.
(***“…the Ismaeli, or Assassins, [are] the actual progenitors of the Druses.” – Secret Sects of
Syria and the Lebanon)]. Historically speaking, and dating back to the 15 th Century, the
Ishmaelites/Assassins were allied with the Sufi Fakirs, both groups in alliance with the
Knights Templars [See Angels, Demons and Freemasons: The True Conspiracy, 2008 A.D.].
Here we see a continuation/reestablishment of this historic alliance). William Seabrook had
also been an associate of the ceremonial magician/Sufi adept G.I. Gurdjieff who like William
Seabrook likewise studied amongst the Yezidi (as Rollo Ahmed [a magic-practicing associate
of Aleister Crowley’s friend Dennis Wheatley who himself had provided the Forward to Rollo
Ahmed’s book] notes in The Black Art p.203: “Yezidees (“of Mohammedan origin”)…are
notorious for the cult of black magic and witchcraft. They are divided into tribes, under sheiks
noted for their knowledge and powers in magic… Their practices rank them among the
cruelest and most degraded of Black Magicians.”). William Seabrook (who would himself
commit suicide in 1945 A.D.) had been introduced to Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawnmember/British spy Aleister Crowley by the newspaper editor Frank Harris who counted
amongst his friends Theosophical Society-member Oscar Wilde [as Wilde’s wife Constance
had been a member along with Aleister Crowley of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
magic order] and Theosophical Society-member George Bernard Shaw (the Hermetic Order of
the Golden Dawn was in fact the magic-practicing inner circle of the Theosophical Society
itself). Frank Harris served as editor for the London Saturday Review for which magazine
British Intelligence chief H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and Lord Robert Cecil were
regular contributors. Lord Robert Cecil, cousin to British Prime Minister Arthur Balfour, was
himself a devotee of the teachings of the Sufi-taught Russian ceremonial magician G.I
Gurdjieff and his disciple P.D. Ouspensky [See p.233 Secret Agent 666] and was a descendant
of William Cecil and the great British spymaster Robert Cecil, chief ministers in the court of
Queen Elizabeth I whose chief court advisor was the Astrologer Royal Dr. John Dee, a
ceremonial magician and author of the Enochian Magic system and as the story goes, Dee was
the original 007 secret-agent (the family of Lord Chancellor Sir Francis Bacon [a notorious
practitioner of magic and a friend to ceremonial magician Dr. John Dee] had been joined to
the Cecils through the marriage of his sister to William Cecil). Even the Bush political family
has connections to British spy Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley had a friend named Pauline
Pierce (she was a descendant of the Giusseppe Mazzini/Carbonari/Young America-associated
U.S. President Franklin Pierce who is alleged to have been a member of the Knights of the
Golden Circle, the military arm of the Carbonari’s Young America group which played a
prominent role in the intrigues culminating in America’s Civil War) who would give birth to a
baby named Barbara Pierce who would eventually during WWII wed an officer in the U.S.
Navy named George Herbert Walker Bush and the rest as they say is Presidential history (note
well this Bush-family/Carbonari association. Taking place on January 6, 1945 A.D., this
wedding it would appear served to unite in marriage the Anglo-British Crowley-centric Young
America group with the Young Germany group [two groups historically at loggerheads since
the American Civil War] in a marriage made in Carbonari heaven [it also, it must be noted,
served to cement the bonds of the respective Anglo-British Intelligence assets which both of
these factions controlled], subsequently allowing for the creation of the United Nations whose
deliberations would officially begin a year to the day of this unholy union on January 6, 1946
A.D. in London, England, one giant leap forward for the ultimate creation of a Fabian New
World Order. Perhaps the military arming of fraternal orders of police in America in Knights
of the Golden Circle fashion [as well as the purchase of a billion rounds of ammunition by the
Department of Homeland Security] should be taken as an ominous omen [coupled with an
attempt to abrogate our God given 2nd Amendment rights by the disarming of U.S. citizens]).
Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush has served as United States Ambassador to the
United Nations and as the Director of Central Intelligence. To continue with our story
however, Pauline Pierce’s friend Nellie O’Hara had resided with Aleister Crowley’s friend
Frank Harris from 1919 - 1927 A.D. (at one point in time, said to be down on his luck,

Aleister Crowley is known to have had resided with Frank Harris as well). And if such reports
may be believed, Pauline Pierce during this very period served as one of Aleister Crowley’s
Scarlet Women with whom he had performed his sex-magic rituals, and that her daughter
Barbara Pierce was the ritually conceived ‘magickal child’ daughter of Aleister Crowley
himself—the resemblance is in fact nothing short of amazing—and of course this would make
former President George W. Bush Aleister Crowley’s grandson. Surprising? Not in the least.
All of our roads do in fact lead to Aleister Crowley himself. It is certainly interesting to note
the Bush family connection to Crowley’s OTO (Order of Oriental Templars) as: “Father
George (U.S. President George H.W. Bush, father of U.S. President George W. Bush) and
wife Barbara (Pierce) are both descendants of Godfroi de Bouillon (Godfrey of Bouillion)
who, in 1099 led European noblemen in the successful Crusade to recapture Jerusalem from
the Islamic faith and moved into the King’s palace at Temple Mount… Godfroi de Bouillon (a
member of a Cathar family [See p.313 Our Occulted History by Jim Marrs, 2013]) was the
first king of Jerusalem and the Duke of Lower Lorraine (in France), a major region for the
Illuminati bloodline…” - Alice In Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster by David
Icke. Godfrey of Bouillion of course from whom the Bush family is descended was a cousin
of Baldwin II, the third king of Jerusalem through whose own direct blessings the Knights
Templar group came into being as founded by the first Grandmaster of the Knights Templar
order, Hugues de Payens. U.S. President George W. Bush would count Sufi/Yezidi devil
worshippers amongst his allies during America’s Templar crusade against Iraq) (**Yet
another New York Times reporter with whom Aleister Crowley had made his acquaintance was
the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Walter Duranty, a Liverpool-born British journalist who
had served as the New York Times Moscow bureau chief from 1922-1936 A.D. [Duranty had
scandalously perpetuated a massive cover-up of Joseph Stalin’s genocidal crimes against
humanity including the deaths of millions of people thereby sparking cries for the revocation
of his Pulitzer Prize]. It had been with Walter Duranty’s assistance that Aleister Crowley and
Victor Neuburg had performed their Paris Working series of homosexual sex-magic rituals
commencing on Dec. 31, 1913 A.D. It is pertinent to note British Prime Minister Winston
Churchill’s grandfather, Leonard Jerome [aka The King of Wall Street] held a substantial
financial interest in the New York Times newspaper: “Since 1860, the principal owner of the
New York Times had been Leonard Jerome… He was one of the richest of the Wall Street
broker-private bankers… Jerome’s power derived from his unique combination of political,
financial, and journalistic associations. In 1852 he was appointed American consul (by the
New York-born U.S. President Millard Fillmore in whose presidential cabinet sat United
States Secretary of the Navy John P. Kennedy) to the Hapsburg Court for the city of Trieste [a
seaport located in modern-day Italy] in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Trieste importantly
enough was the one-time home of Theosophical Society-member James Joyce, a friend of
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Grand Master W.B. Yeats, James Joyce being a friend
of author/fellow Theosophical Society-member Henry Miller). He (Leonard Jerome) and his
wife…became friends with the Hapsburgs, and with (the Carbonari-associated) Archduke
Maximillian (Trieste being the site of Archduke Maximillian’s Miramar Castle. Archduke
Maximillian was the younger brother of Franz Joseph [from whom author Henry Miller is
descended], Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), who was later to be imposed on
Mexico as its Emperor by invading European colonial armies during the American Civil War
(both of which wars are in fact attributable to Carbonari intrigues). In the 1850s the Jerome
family established a kind of second home in Paris, and had very close and mutually admiring
relationships with the (Carbonari) Emperor Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III) and his family, his
court and his officers… In 1873, (Leonard) Jerome’s daughter Jennie (who had a close
relationship with Napoleon III’s wife, the Empress Eugenie) was married to (Lord) Randolph
Churchill (Winston Churchill’s father Randolph Churchill was a proponent of Irish Home
Rule [a major source of friction leading to civil war in Ireland between anti-home rule Irish
Protestants (eventually giving birth to the Republic of Ireland with its capitol in Dublin) and
pro-home rule Irish Catholics (resulting in the creation of Northern Ireland with its capitol in

Ulster). This must be viewed as the latest skirmish in the ongoing Catholic-Protestant wars of
religion] whose own father had served as Viceroy of Ireland).” - pp.377-8,385 Treason in
America, 1984 A.D. (Leonard Jerome ties to the German-Jewish Ashkenazi House of
Rothschild Illuminati banking empire through his business partner, Carbonari Young America
Youth Movement leader August Belmont [Pertinent Quote: “In 1812, (Illuminati leader)
Amschel Rothschild I delegated his five sons to dominate the world. Their problem was to
overthrow the French, English, Russian, German, Austrian and other dynasties, and especially
the (Roman Catholic) Church. Amschel allotted Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy and
France to his five sons: Anselm, Salomon, Nathan, Karl, and James-Jacob. Later on a scion of
Rothschild, known as Schoeneberg was accorded the United States and took the name of
Belmont.” - p.105,95 The Secret World Government by Czarist Major-General Count Arthur
Cherep-Spiridovich, 1926 A.D. August Belmont was, as additionally noted therein, the
American representative of the Rothschilds (See Ibid p.105, footnote). August Belmont, a U.S.
Senator, would serve as the Attorney General of the Confederate States of America, later
serving as its Secretary of War and its Secretary of State and as head of the Confederate Secret
Service]. The Rothschilds and the Habsburgs have long been political allies. It was the
Rothchilds who originally funded Adam Weishaupt [See Behold a Pale Horse p.76], founder
of the Bavarian Illuminati secret society from which organization the Carbonari group has
sprung). As we further learn from Treason in America: “Included in the intimate family circle
of the Jeromes and the Churchills were Lord Arthur Balfour [author of the Balfour
Declaration in favor of the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine], [the Jewish
British Prime Minister] Benjamin Disraeli [who was head of Illuminus Freemason/Carbonarimember Giusseppe Mazzini’s Young England Youth Movement secret society], Randolph
Churchill’s brother-in-law Lord Curzon [a Peer of Ireland and Viceroy of India who presided
over India in a time of famine which resulted in the deaths of some 6 million people] ... and
Randolph and Jennie’s young son, the future Prime Minister Winston Churchill [Winston
Churchill it needs be noted was like Youth Movement leader Giusseppe Mazzini’s friend
Albert Pike a member of the Oddfellows]. Leonard Jerome’s other two daughters also married
Britishers, one [Sir John Leslie, 2nd Baronet] a landlord in Ireland [from whom Desmond
Leslie, son of Irish envoy/author Sir Shane Leslie, a cousin of British Prime Minister Winston
Churchill, is descended], the other [Winston Churchill’s uncle Moreton Frewen,** an
associate of U.S. Senator/3-time U.S. presidential candidate/Oddfellow William Jennings
Bryan (William Jennings Bryan’s daughter, Ruth Bryan Owen, would serve as U.S.
Ambassador to Denmark under U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was a friend of
Oddfellow-member Charlie Chaplin who had once resided in the Theosophical Society’s
Krotona commune in California)] a world-roving intelligence agent of the British foreign
office [the British Foreign Office was the forerunner of Britain’s MI6 Intelligence agency.
Moreton Frewen’s daughter Clare Frewen Sheridan (Winston Churchill’s cousin) was a friend
of actress Vivien Leigh and had quite famously enough carried on an affair with
actor/Oddfellow Charlie Chaplin].” – p.386 Treason in America. And as Richard Spence notes
in the Introduction to Secret Agent 666 p.5 and aptly I might add subtitled ‘Six Degrees of
Aleister Crowley’: “[Aleister] Crowley had numerous links to [Winston] Churchill, among
them the writer Frank Harris, a guest at Churchill’s nuptials…” [Frank Harris would serve as
editor for the London Saturday Review for which British Intelligence head H.G. Wells, George
Bernard Shaw (a man with extensive British Intrelligence associations as well) and the future
British Prime minister Lord Robert Cecil were regular contributors]. It is interesting to note
that Winston Churchill was knighted a Knight of the Order of the Garter [a traditional British
witch’s coven] in 1954 A.D. and was a Fellow of the Royal Society as well. All of these
organizations have deeply ingrained magic associations) (**Winston Churchill’s spy/uncle
Morton Frewen was during the 1870s a Wyoming cattle farmer whose business partner,
Horace Curzon Plunkett [M.P. for South Dublin in Ireland], was an associate of George
William Russell—Russell was Plunkett’s employee at Plunkett’s Irish co-op. George William
Russell, a member of the Dublin lodge of the Theosophical Society and a frequent visitor to its

London lodge, was a lifelong friend of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Grand Master
W.B. Yeats one of whose Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn co-members was Aleister
Crowley himself. One notable relative of Horace Curzon Plunkett was Irish author Edward
Plunkett, Lord Dunsany, 18th Baron of Dunsany, an alleged member of the Hermetic Order of
the Golden Dawn who worked with Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn leader W.B. Yeats
and Lady Gregory, co-founders of the Irish Literary Theatre/Abbey Theatre, which theater
included Irish revolutionary/Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn-member Maude Gonne
amongst its actresses. Edward Plunkett’s mother was a cousin of the British poet/spy,
diplomat and British East India Company army Captain Sir Richard Burton best known for his
English translation of the Kama Sutra, an ancient Buddhist sex(magic)-manual from India. Sir
Richard Burton is an official ‘Saint’ of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica church [the
Ecclesiatical arm of the OTO], a deleteriously dubious distinction at best, though a testament
to his standing amongst its ranks) (Leonard Jerome’s circle of friends had other Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn connections as well. Leonard Jerome’s friend August Belmont Sr.
(Belmont was an associate of Lord Palmerston as well as a leading member of the Carbonari’s
Young America Youth Movement group; two of his sons would serve as U.S. Representatives
from New York including August Belmont, Jr. a commissioned Major during WWI in the U.S.
Army Air Service, a precursor organization to General Hap Arnold’s U.S. Army Air Force.
His maternal grandfather was Commodore Perry. August Belmont, Sr. hails from the Grand
Duchy of Hesse, an area in Germany/Bavaria lorded over by Amschel Rothschild) was owner
of the Metropolitan Opera House* in New York City (*the chairman of the board which was
Kuhn, Loeb & Co. partner Otto Khan, a German ’48er from Mannheim in Germany, a city
which served as the very center for Carbonari intrigues in Germany during the Revolutions of
1848. Otto Kahn was a patron of the arts, he notably being a benefactor to Aleister Crowley’s
friend, the dancer Isadora Duncan [See p.39 Madcap: The Life of Preston Sturges]. Note
Khun, Loeb & Co.’s connection to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn magic order).
Belmont’s daughter-in-law, the Broadway actress Eleanor Robson Belmont was herself an
associate of George Bernard Shaw [Shaw’s own known mistresses have included actress
Florence Farr, Theosophical Society-member and one-time leader of the London lodge of the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, she being as well a friend of Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn Grand Master W.B. Yeats]. One Metropolitan Opera House opera singer,
Emma Calvé, was even a friend of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Grand Master S.L.
Macgregor Mather’s friend, occult author/psychologist Henri Antoine Jules-Bois [Emma
Calvé would accompany Jules-Bois and Swami Vivekanda on a world tour on which journey
he would meet with Rabindranath Tagore (Tagore, working in collaboration with Stella
Matutina-member Evelyn Underhill, published a major translation of the work of the mystic
poet Kabir [entitled 100 Poems of Kabir] in 1915 A.D. Evelyn Underhill was a close friend of
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn-member Arthur Machen)—Jules-Bois would later die
there in New York]. Eleanor Robson Belmont was additionally a friend of Anne Morgan,
daughter of banker J.P. Morgan and sister to J.P. Morgan, Jr. whose home in New York City
was donated to the United Nations and is today the official residence of the United Nations
Secretary-General [the two would even co-found The Society for the Prevention of Useless
Gift Giving]. Ann Morgan also played a significant role in the founding of the Colony Club
[founded in 1903 A.D.] in New York City whose founders included Florence Jaffray Harriman
[Florence Jaffray Harriman like many in our story served in the ambulance corp in Paris
during WWI], wife of J. Borden Harriman. J. Borden Harriman’s cousin, Edward Harriman,
was the father of W. Averell Harriman [Secretary of Commerce in the administration of
Oddfellow-member/President Franklin D. Roosevelt [whose Vice President Henry A. Wallace
was a member of the Theosophical Society. These individuals were elected to office with the
aid of the American Labor Party which was the creation of members of the American Fabian
Society, itself a direct offshoot of the Fabian Society in England whose membership ranks
were composed of Theosophical Society-members and members of its magic practicing innercircle, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn]. Fellow Oddfellow members President

Franklin D. Roosevelt and British P.M. Winston Churchill were Allied war partners working
closely together during WWII. New York Governor W. Averill Harriman’s father had close
ties to the Carbonari banking firm, Kuhn Loeb & Co.] of the firm Brown Brothers Harriman in
which firm U.S. Senator Prescott Bush [a former Intelligence officer in France during WWI],
father of future U.N. ambassador/CIA Director George H.W. Bush, was a partner. George
H.W. Bush as noted was married to the daughter of one of Hermetic Order of the Golden
Dawn-member Aleister Crowley’s former Scarlet Women (this marriage, taking place in 1945
A.D., it would appear, served to unite the competing Carbonari Young England-allied Young
America and Young Germany factions). His son, U.S. President George W. Bush, would
partner with British Labour Party P.M./Fabian Society-member/former MI5 agent Tony Blair
during the Iraqi War [during which time American and British forces were allied with Yezidi
tribesmen]. As previously noted, the Fabian Society [of which the British Labour Party is its
political arm, the same being true of its American offshoot] was composed of members of the
Theosophical Society and of its magic-practicing inner-circle, the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn) (The assassination of America’s first Roman Catholic [Democratic] president
John F. Kennedy [and his presidential hopeful brother, Senator Robert Kennedy], son of the
FDR-appointed ambassador to Britain Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., political ally of pro-Irish
Catholic/pro-Home Rule P.M. Winston Churchill (representing the Anglophilic pro-U.N./N.Y.
Young America group), must be viewed in light of this historic Catholic-Protestant friction as
it is the Protestant (Young Germany) pro-Republic of Ireland [Sinn Fein/Dublin Theosophical
Society/IRB/IRA]/Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn-associated Illuminati/Carbonari
Republican [one must remember the Republican Party was at its inception created by members
of the Carbonari’s Young Germany Youth Movement group]/pro-Israel faction [represented by
Prescott Bush’s political mentee Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush]
which emerges victorious and in control of these hopelessly divided United States. And
further, if one may care to notice, as the reader shall later discover, a number of associated
individuals who were descended from members of Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hell Fire Club in
England [namely, Jack Parsons, Abigail Folger, President John F. Kennedy and Senator
Robert F. Kennedy, all individuals who were connected to the OTO no matter how tenuous
these connections may on the surface appear to be (Jack Parsons, an OTO lodge leader, died in
a mysterious explosion; murdered heiressAbigail Folger being a friend of OTO-member
Kenneth Ager, Anger being a friend of the Parsons-connected Anton LaVey who through
mutual associations (including the ‘suicided’ actress Marilyn Monroe) connects to
assassinated politicians John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy (Robert Kennedy being a friend
of the murdered OTO-witch Sharon Tate)] were all eventually murdered and control of the
OTO was subsequently decided in a heated courtroom battle by CIA-connected OTO members
during an internal OTO power struggle [namely, Young America vs. Young Germany;
apparently their union wouldn’t last]. It is the CIA/OTO-connected Bush family Young
Germany political faction which thenceforth emerges victorious)

To quote the Crowley-disciple/chronicler and former head of
the OTO in England Kenneth Grant from his book entitled Aleister
Crowley and the Hidden God (1974 A.D.): “Crowley was aware of the
possibility of opening the spatial gateways and of admitting an
extraterrestrial current in the human life-wave... It is an occult tradition
— and (H.P.) Lovecraft gave it persistent utterance in his writings —
that some transfinite and superhuman power is marshaling its forces
with intent to invade and take possession of this planet...This is
reminiscent of Charles Fort’s dark hints about a secret society on
earth already in contact with cosmic beings and, perhaps,

preparing the way for their advent (Grant refers of course to p.286
of Charles Fort’s The Book of the Damned where Fort writes of:
“…another world that may be in secret communication with certain
esoteric ones of this earth’s inhabitants…”). Crowley dispels the aura
of evil with which these authors (Lovecraft and Fort) invest the fact;
he prefers to interpret it thelemically, not as an attack upon human
consciousness from within, to embrace other stars and to absorb their
energies into a system that is thereby enriched and rendered truly
cosmic by the process...” And God will fill hell with all who work
with them. Kenneth Grant even himself professes therein to have had
perfected a method of: “…contacting extra-terrestrial and non-human
entities” which is the ultimate goal of all such systems of magic.
Communication with the alien fallen angels known collectively as the
Watchers is in fact the bedrock upon which all modern day New Age
UFO cults and UFO religions are built (For more information see The
Demonic Theory of UFOs by John of the Gentiles. Pertinent Quote:
“…messages from supposedly extraterrestrial entities known as ‘The
Watchers,’ or ‘The Guardians’ … have been reported for many years.”
– p.89 The UFO Report, edited by Timothy Good, 1989 A.D).
Theurgy as defined as a ‘divine-working’ involving ceremonial
magic practices was espoused by the English mystic William Law, the
disciple of the German mystic Jacob Boehme:
“Now magic power meaneth nothing but the working of the will,
whether it be the divine, or the creaturely will; and everything that is
the work of the will, and is produced by it, is called its magic work,
which only means, that it is generated by and from the will, as a
birth brought forth by it. The will is the workman, and the work is
that, which it bringeth forth out of itself. So that by these words you
are always to understand these two things, the working, and the work
of the will. And now, you may already sufficiently see, that their
meaning is not only innocent and good, but as necessarily, and
divinely, to be ascribed to God (this being his great error), as the
power of bringing things into existence by the working of his will. For
here you have the true ground and original of the creating power of
God; how everything that is not God; is yet come from him, and out of
him, as so many births of his invisible power, breaking forth into
visibility, and sensible qualities of an outward life.” - The Way to Divine
Power: The Dialogues Between Humanus, Academicus, Rusticus, and Theophilus 2-86 by

William Law, 1752 A.D. William Law was a disciple of Jacob Boehme—it was William Law
who translated into English The Way to Christ by German mystic Jacob Boehme.

From the writings of William Law one might ultimately perceive the
fount from which flows the idea that the “great principle of Western Magic is
the belief that the properly trained human will is, quite literally, capable of
anything… The motivating power, then, in all magical operations (called
‘workings’), is the trained will of the magician. All the adjuncts of
Ceremonial Magic (Theurgy)—lights, colours, circles, triangles, perfumes—
are merely aids to concentrating the will of the magician into a blazing
stream of pure (creative) energy (Compare to Matthew 17:20, Matthew 21:21
and Mark 11:23).” - Ritual Magic: The Rise of Western Occultism by Francis King, 1989
A.D. (Visualization techniques and power of positive thinking/self-affirmation strategies all
have grown out of the ancient basic premise of the creative properties of the trained
magician’s will. These include Norman Vincent Peale’s Power of Positive Thinking, Silva
Mind Control, psychiatry in general, Yogic mind excercises, etc. etc.)

As Aleister Crowley in a like way explains:
“Now what is Magick? Magick is the science and art of causing
change to occur in conformity with the Will.” - Eight Lectures on Yoga by
Aleister Crowley, 1939 A.D.

“Would you know now the true ground of all this (Law speaks of the
rationale behind theurgic magic practices)? It is this: it is because will
is the first original of all power, and the omnipotence of God
consisteth in nothing else but his working will; and therefore no power
ever was, or ever can be, anywhere else, but as it is in God, and if the
creature hath any power, it must have it, as God hath it, in the working
will. For since all nature, with all its qualities, births, and creatures, are
all brought into being by the working will of God; it evidently follows,
that every creature, with every quality, power, and property in it, is
magically born, and therefore must have a magic nature, that is, a
nature that cometh from, and standeth in, a working will.” - The Way to
Divine Power, The Dialogues Between Humanus, Academicus, Rusticus, and Theophilus 2-29
by William Law, 1752 A.D. (Law also writes: “…wrath, hatred, pride, envy, malice, and every
enmity to light and love, are the one only life of the fallen angel; and he can will and act
nothing else, but as these properties of darkness and fire drive him.” - The Way to Divine
Power, The Dialogues Between Humanus, Academicus, Rusticus, and Theophilus 1-83)

“For nothing is effected by fiction and invention, by any contrived arts
or searchings of rational inquiries; all this is nothing, because it
toucheth not nature, but leaveth it to itself; which carrieth on its own
works by its own power, and can only work in its own way; and must

bring forth its own births independent of everything but its own
working life. But all lieth in the will and working desire of the soul,
because will began and brought forth all that nature that lives in the
soul, and is the only life in it; and this life can work and grow from
nothing else, but that which first brought it forth. Hence you see the
full meaning of these words of our author, “All is magical and that
magic is the mother of all things,” and consequently, the only opener
of all divine knowledge. All which expressions only imply thus much,
that the will, whether in God, or the creature, is the ground and seed of
everything; is the generating working power, which maketh and
worketh all things to be in that state and condition which they are; and
that everything begins, goes on, and ends, in the working of the will;
and that nothing can be otherwise, than as its will worketh; and
therefore eternity and time is magical; and magic is, and must be, the
mother of all things.” - The Way to Divine Power, The Dialogues Between
Humanus, Academicus, Rusticus, and Theophilus 2-93 by William Law, 1752 A.D.)
(However, the working of the will comes with this caveat: “And thus you see the possibility,
the truth, and the manner of the thing; how his [Adam’s] heavenly body was taken out of the
earth at his creation, set in freedom from it, and in a living superiority over it; how, at the fall,
it was swallowed up, or compacted again in its own first earth; viz. the earthly body, or
materiality of Adam: for as it was not separated from this earthly materiality, but only brought
to life in it, and superiority over it; so when the divine light, which was the life of this body,
was lost, it then fell again into a state of death in that gross materiality, under which it lay
before. And thus, in the strictest truth, the body of Adam returned again to that very earth, or
dust, from whence it was taken. Now, when this happened, the fallen angels entered again
into some power in their lost kingdom. There was then something found, with which they
could work, and join their own power. For as the soul of man had lost the light and Spirit of
heaven, so the same dark center of nature, or the three first wrathful properties, were opened in
it, as are opened in the fallen angels. And thus they got entrance into the awakened hell in
man, and can work in it. For as often as man stirred, followed, or worked with his will
according to these properties, the devil could enter into, and work with him (Overshadowing,
commonly called spirit/demon possession); and so the first son (Cain) of fallen man was made
a murderer. And hence it is, that sin and wickedness have known no bounds; it is because it
is the joint work of fallen angels, and fallen man. Stay a while, sir, in view of these truths:
here you see the seat and ground, the birth and growth of all sin and evil; it lies in these three
dark, selfish, self-willed, wrathful, hellish properties of the fallen soul. This is the dark center
of nature, in which the devils have all their own power in themselves, and all their power in
you; and till you resist this hell within you, till you live in contrariety to it, the devils will not
flee from you (See James 4:7). Here also you see, in a self-evident light, the deep ground, and
absolute necessity, of that one redemption, which is called, and is, the meekness and heavenly
blood of the Lamb of God. For these words in their true ground mean only the changing of the
three first dark wrathful properties of fallen nature, into the three last properties of the
heavenly life, light, and love, which is the life of God restored to the soul, or the light, Spirit,
or Word of God born again in it. Let me only add this one word; turn from wrath [anger] of
every kind, as you would flee from the most horrid devil; for it is his, it is he, and his strength
in you. Whether you look at rage and anger in a tempest, a beast, or a man, it is but one and
the same thing, from one and the same cause; and therefore your own wrath is to be turned
from, as the same with that of hell; and which has its birth and strength from that hell or center

of nature, which the fall of angels hath made known; and which only worketh thus differently,
whether it be in a man, a beast, or the elements of this world. And this must be, till the center
of nature is again in its place of hiddenness, by being wholly overcome by heaven. Embrace
therefore every meekness of love and humility with the same eagerness as you would fall
down at the feet of Jesus Christ; for it is his, it is he, and his power of salvation in you. Enter
into no strife, or self-defense against anyone, that either reproaches you, or your doctrine; but
remember, that if you are to join with Christ in doing good, your sword of natural wrath must
be locked up in its own sheath; no weapons of the flesh are to be used; but you must work only
in the meekness, the sweetness, the humility, the love and patience of the Lamb of God; who,
as such, is the only doer of good, the only overcomer of wrath, and the one redemption of
fallen nature [there is a reason why the devil tells you to do the exact opposite of which you
must do to overcome the darkness inherent in this world. He wishes you not to attain that
which is your birthright which he in his anger, envy and pride for all eternity has lost]. If you
are reproached as an enthusiast, do not take comfort in thinking, that it is the truth of your own
piety, or the want of it in others, that gives occasion to the charge; for though both of these
should happen to be the case, yet they are not proper reflections for you; and if you take your
peace from them, it is not the peace of God in you: but as in good report, you are to be as
though you heard it not, ascribe nothing to yourself from it; so in evil report, self is just as
much to be forgotten; and both of them are to be used, only as an occasion to generate
humility, meekness, love, and the Spirit of the Lamb of God, both in yourself, and all that
speak either well or ill of you. For this is the will and working of heaven; it has but one will,
and one work; and that is, to change all the wrath, evil, and disorder of nature, into a kingdom
of God. And therefore he that would be a servant of God, and work with heaven, must will all
that he willeth, do all that he doth, and bear all that he beareth, in that one Spirit, and one will,
with which heaven ruleth over all the earth.” - The Way to Divine Power, The Dialogues
Between Humanus, Academicus, Rusticus, and Theophilus 3-43, 44, 45, 46 by William Law)

Directly associated with the teachings of William Law is the
offshoot of magical workings involving the alleged psychological
willful ‘creation’ of egregores (an egregore by definition is a
Watcher/angel) in group-mind (collective thought-form) workings
(this is an important concept in Chaos Magic, with ‘chaos’ being
defined by its practitioners as the primal creative force, the creative
principle behind all such magic practices). Such creations include
Philip, an ‘egregore’ allegedly created by Toronto Society for
Psychical Research members as an experiment in Spiritualist practices
by a group of Canadian parapsychologists during the 1970s and the
(Tibetan) tulpa creation of famous Theosophical Society Spiritualist
Alexandra David-Neel (David-Neel’s writings** influenced the
Buddhist beliefs of British philosopher Alan Watts who served as a
mentor to the1950’s Buddhist beat-writers Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence
Ferlinghetti, Jack Kerouac and Gary Snyder [all who habitually
attended Allan Watt’s lectures and who incorporated Zen teachings
within their writings] as well as the Buddhist-based belief system of
Theosophist Benjamin Creme). Such a magically created creature is
also known as a tulku: “The word tulku means a form created by

magic, and in accordance with that definition, we must consider the
tulkus (incarnations of non-human entities) as phantom bodies, occult
emanations, puppets constructed by a magician to serve his purpose.” With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel, 1931 A.D. Gods and
demons, it is said, may in this way incarnate. In Lamaism, this is
known as a Bodhisatva: “I (Alexandra David-Neel) cannot do better
than quote, here, the explanation of tulkus given to me by the Dalai
Lama … “A Bodhisatva…is the basis of countless magic forms (called
tulkus). By the power generated in a state of perfect concentration of
mind he may, at one and the same time show a phantom (a tulpa) of
himself in thousands millions of worlds.” Hence the tulpa creation.
This may also explain the Beatnik in your bedroom as well as the dead
Tibetan monks in Hitler’s Berlin compound circa 1945 A.D. DavidNeel goes on to explain: “The theory sanctioned in these lines by the
highest authority of official Lamaism is identical with that expounded
in the mahâyânist literature, where it is said that an accomplished
Bodhisatva is capable of effecting ten kinds of magic creations. The
power of producing magic formations, tulkus or less lasting and
materialized tulpas, does not, however, belong exclusively to such
mystic exalted beings. Any human, divine or demoniac being may be
possessed of it. The only difference comes from the degree of power,
and this depends on the strength of the concentration [the will] and the
quality of the mind itself.” (** Tibet is the place where is practiced, in
the words of Spiritualist/author Madame Alexandra David-Neel
herself, “…the sorcery of the most famous magicians…” with the
assistance of Shaman mediums (male pawos/female pamos) who
“…transmit the messages of gods, demons and the dead…” to the
inhabitants of Tibet. As she explains, during Tibetan Spiritualist
séances, a “…being of another world, god, demon or spirit of a dead
person…” takes “possession” of the diviner’s body, speaking through
this medium (oft times by a number of such otherworldly beings in
succession). Tibetan Buddhist monks are by definition Spiritualists,
and the Dalai Lama is their Spiritual leader (See David-Neel’s book
entitled With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet published in 1931 A.D.,
a book devoted to the magic and Spiritualist practices of Tibet, and the
adventures she experienced as she sought them out and in some
instances directly participated in them). Alexandra David-Neel, like
the philosophers of old, traversed land and sea in her travels to Tibet to
learn their magical practices firsthand, to study at the feet of the
masters, as it were. At one point during her stay, after she: “gratefully

accepted the kind offer of the members of the Theosophical Society to
rent me a small apartment in their beautiful park,” she attended the
annual Ceremony of the Demons as performed by local Tibetan
sorcerers who invoked the angel Azazel under the guise of the
‘Destroyer’ Mahäkala, said to be “a harmful spirit…held in slavery by
the lamas who compel him to render them various kinds of services.”
The Tibetan word for ‘shaman,’ namely, ‘lama,’ (both words are as
should be noted similar in construction) is synonymous with the
Sankrit word ‘guru.’ You people know not what you mess with, nor
understand your latter end. Do not be fooled by the mind reading
parlor tricks of techno-advanced alien angels. And do not be so naïve
as to believe they can be controlled by human will. It is your will
which they do in fact control and they will cooperate at their whim)
Related to this magical creative concept is the golem
encountered in Jewish folklore, an animated anthropomorphic being
(anthropomorphic from the Greek meaning ‘human form’) said to be
created entirely from inanimate matter involving wholly abhorrent
magical workings. The rebellious angels known in Arabian folklore as
jinn (genii) are also known in Judaism as shedim. Shedim (singular:
shedu) are invoked during Jewish Kabbalistic magic ceremonies such
as was most famously the golem of Rabbi Yehuda Loevy. Aleister
Crowley invoked the shedu Azazel under the guise of Choronzon, the
Lord of Chaos, the Dweller in the Abyss (‘Choronzon’ means ‘Chaos.’
Chaos is by its formal definition an ‘abyss’). From San Franciscan
occultist E.E. Rehmus’ The Magician's Dictionary (at time of
publication in 1989 A.D., Rehmus was a member of the ultraexclusive Prometheus Society founded in 1982 A.D. by New Age
philosopher Ronald K. Hoeflin, an APA Rockefeller Prize-winning
graduate of the CIA-associated New School for Social Research.
Previously, however, E.E. Rehmus had been an LSD magician
[founder of The Academy of M/magic(k)al Arts in San Francisco, CA]
in a completely modern sense, an important figure in the Beatnik
1950s and the Underground 1960’s hippie counter-cultural revolution
in San Francisco who like Aleister Crowley mixed recreational drug
use with theurgic magical workings entirely Shamanic in character) we
learn: “Egregores (are) Watchers (a word synonymous with that of the
word angel), thought-form entities** created by visualization
(allegedly created by the magican’s Will, this being a good example of
the ‘psychic projection’ theory of UFOs), (magic) ritual and such (the

term ‘thought-form’ is by definition a ‘spirit’: “Every human is
inhabited by a spirit; this is a form of force which, for the sake of
simplicity, we describe as a thought form.” – p.156 The Complete Art of
Witchcraft by Sybil Leek). They come in collective groups. They are
somewhat like angels, except that they are relatively mindless and
quite willing to follow orders. Some UFOs may be egregores”
(according to Kenneth Grant in Outside the Circles of Time p.140,
mantra chanting was “one method of invoking UFOs from the
shadows of space” employed by such practitioners of magic). The
fallen angels, I must say, unlike those in collusion with them (and
those drug-addled hippies who unwisely sought to summon them), are
anything but mindless. Rehmus’ erroneous classification was based
upon a theory put forth by ufologist John A. Keel which was itself
centered upon Carl Jung’s concept of the Collective Unconsciousness.
Alas, in Jungian psychology, God is put forth as a ‘primordial
archetype’ of man’s ‘Collective Unconscious’ so that man becomes
not the creation of God, but God the creation of man. They couldn’t be
more wrong (** Such magic-based ‘group-form workings’ was a concept put forth by the
Theosophical Society itself [Carl Jung was a Theosophical Society member], which
promulgates theories based on esoteric mysteries with a distinctive Eastern flavor: “We must
now say a few words to correct the popular misconception that identifies Occultism with black
magic and such black arts as witchcraft and necromancy. It has been explained earlier that the
invisible worlds around us are peopled by Elementals and Elementaries, and that these entities
are responsible for the great variety of psychic and spiritualistic phenomena. To this we must
add the further fact that human thought-forms are animated by such Elementals and maybe by
Elementaries. This is true whether the thought-form is produced by one individual or by a
group. Where the thought is strongly defined, and especially when it is reinforced by emotion,
the mental image thus created may become vivified by an Elemental and thus acquire a
measure of independent life. The collective thought of a group of people, as for example a
congregation of worshippers or the audience at a political meeting [or even, say, the crowd at a
rock and roll concert or a 1960s Be-In], may create a powerful entity, ensouled by either an
Elemental or an Elementary, which will be fed and strengthened by the intensity of the
emotion with which it has been charged. It may then be sensed by other members of the group
who thus find themselves swept along on a strong current of irresistible and maybe violent
emotion which can cause them to behave in ways which, individually, they would repudiate.
Similarly, a mediumistic member of the group may be moved to make utterances or deliver
messages which appear to come from a power beyond him - as indeed they do, that power
being the entity called into existence by the collective thoughts of worshippers or other people
present. Power in itself, of whatever kind, is neither good nor evil: it becomes either good or
evil according to its use. The difference between white and black magic is that in the former
the power is exercised only for beneficent purposes, whereas in the latter it is turned to selfish
or even maleficent ends. The karmic consequences to the magician will be in accordance with
those purposes and with the benefit or harm to others resulting from the exercise of his
powers. In both cases, the effective agents are the Elementals (“…‘elementals’ are akin to the
angels” – Studies in Islamic Mysticism), the magician being one who has learnt how to evoke
and control them. It is a mistake to think of magic as in any way supernatural, if by that we
mean an action brought about in contravention of natural law: in the occult philosophy it is

axiomatic that there is nothing outside Nature. In what appear to be miraculous or magical
performances, both the white and the black magicians are using—for good or evil—
knowledge of their own powers and of the processes of Nature (physics). As stated earlier in
this chapter, there is no miracle: Magic, as a science, is the knowledge of the principles [of
man and Cosmos] (physics), and of the way by which the omniscience and omnipotence of the
spirit and its control over nature’s forces may be acquired by the individual while still in the
body. Magic, as an art, is the application of this knowledge in practice. [Isis Unveiled -II,
588]” - Deity, Cosmos and Man by Geoffrey Farthing, “Published in the late 1900’s”) (The
following is another perverted outgrowth of the teachings of William Law: “Because every
thought of man upon being evolved passes into the inner world and becomes an active entity
by associating itself—coalescing, we might term it—with an elemental; that is to say with one
of the semi-intelligent forces of the kingdoms. It survives as an active intelligence, a creature
of the mind's begetting, for a longer or shorter period proportionate with the original intensity
of the cerebral action which generated it. Thus, a good thought is perpetuated as an active
beneficent power; an evil one as a maleficent demon. And so man is continually peopling his
current in space with a world of his own, crowded with the offsprings of his fancies, desires,
impulses, and passions, a current which reacts upon any sensitive or and nervous organisation
which comes in contact with it in proportion to its dynamic intensity. The Buddhist calls this
his "Skandha," the Hindu gives it the name of "Karma"; the Adept evolves these shapes
consciously, other men throw them off unconsciously.” - FIRST LETTER OF K. H. TO A. O.
HUME: The MAHATMA LETTERS to A. P. SINNETT from the Mahatmas M. & K. H.) (**
Concerning specific forms of manifestations of Entities we often encounter such terms as
ghosts, spirits of the dead, muses, fairies, elves, devas, angels, holy guardian angels,
extraterrestrial entities, Extraterrestrial Biological Entities [EBE] as well as forces of evil and
satanic forces such as the spirit of error, Ahrimanic forces, the Odic force and the Vril force)

The Nazi rocket scientist (ex-Nazi rocket scientist and newly
minted American rocket scientist if one prefers) Wernher von Braun
was instrumental to the creation of the United States’s Army Ballistic
Missile Agency: “The Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA) was the
agency formed to develop the US Army’s first intermediate range
ballistic missile. It was established at Redstone Arsenal on February 1,
1956 and commanded by Major General John B. Medaris with Doctor
Wernher von Braun. In March, 1958 the ABMA was placed under
the new Army Ordnance Missile Command (AOMC) along with
Redstone Arsenal, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (where Jack
Parsons had been employed and with whom von Braun had been in
contact), White Sands Proving Ground and the Army Rocket and
Guided Missile Agency (ARGMA)…In 1958 ABMA’s scientific and
engineering staff, including von Braun and Arthur Rudolph (like von
Braun, Rudolph was also a German Nazi rocket scientist), were
transferred to the newly created NASA (National Aeronautics and
Space Administration)…” – Wikipedia: Army Ballistic Missile Agency (There is a
reason why rockets and spacecraft are named after the Greek and Roman gods who
represented fallen angels. And, indeed, such pioneering work using technology introduced by
the fallen angels themselves led way to the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile [ICBM], ushering
in the Cold War nuclear weapons race, which weapons will, in the end, be employed in an

attempt to destroy the human race so vilely hated by these angels. They are not your friends;
nor do they work in your best interests. Wernher von Braun has, curiously enough, along with
fellow Nazi scientists Heinz Haber [Haber served as chief scientific consultant to Walt Disney
productions] and Dr. Willy Ley, collaborated with Mr. Walt Disney on a number of cinematic
projects including Walt Disney’s Man in Space [Disneyland©, March 9, 1955 A.D.]
championing NASA’s space program. Dr. Willy Ley would also serve as scientific consultant
for the Eagle-Lion distribution Destination Moon [1950 A.D.] based on a story by Robert A.
Heinlein for which Heilein had also written the screenplay [See FSR:1955/1N2])
Wernher von Braun and Arthur Rudolph (1906-1996 A.D.) were the developers of
the Saturn V rocket used by NASA’s Apollo (including the alleged Apollo 11 first-manned
Moon landing on July 20, 1969 A.D.) and Skylab space programs from 1967-1973 A.D. (of an
interesting note, the first man to walk on the moon was a 33° Freemason of the magic
practicing degrees named Neil Armstrong borne on a rocket launched from Cape Canaveral
located at the 33° latitude).

Another individual of note also with a Jet Propulsion
Laboratory association is Dr. Frank Drake:
“Dr. Frank Donald Drake (born May 28, 1930, Chicago) is an
American astronomer and astrophysicist. He is most famous for
founding SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) and creating
the Drake equation (an equation used to estimate the number of
detectable extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy) and
Arecibo Message (a radio broadcast message aimed at communication
with extraterrestrial intelligences)… He is currently involved in “The
Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe.” He is
Emeritus Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University
of California, Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz being a New Age Mecca) where
he also served as Dean of Natural Sciences (1984–88). He serves on
the Board of Trustees of the SETI Institute.” - Wikipedia: Frank Drake
Magic, as concerns communication with extraterrestrial fallen
angels, it would seem, has entered the scientific mainstream:
“Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI) is a branch
of SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) research that
focuses on composing and deciphering messages that could
theoretically be understood by another technological civilization. The
best-known CETI experiment was the 1974 Arecibo message
composed by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan.” – Wikipedia: Communication with
Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Perhaps the existence of the rebel angels will in the future be

disguised as the scientific revelation of the existence of a newfound
species of beneficent intelligent life of an entirely alien nature: “We
come in peace; we mean you no harm.” As will the Second Coming of
the conquering Jesus be hailed as a malevolent alien invasion! In this
respect: “The late General Douglas MacArthur, a man who must have
been privy to much secret information, repeatedly made public
statements asserting that the next war would be an interplanetary
conflict with mankind uniting to combat ‘evil forces’ from some other
world” (what MacArthur describes as the “ultimate conflict between a
united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary
galaxy”). – p.281 UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse by John A. Keel, 1970 A.D. In the
words of Douglas McArthur himself: “The nations of the world will
have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The
nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack
by people from other planets.” Authors Weldon and Levitt believe
that one: “…possibility is that the Antichrist will bring about a world
unification through man’s need to combine forces against a common
enemy—in this case, hostile invaders from other worlds” (See UFOs:
What on Earth is Happening). Armageddon, anyone? Gather thy
mystical bad selves there.
We shall return to this extraterrestrial/UFO/fallen angel topic at
a later time.


Chapter 8. Azazel in Un-Contemporary Popular Culture
The story of Azazel and his earthen imprisonment is the source
of the Grail legends of Europe. In Liber Samekh Aleister Crowley
invokes Azazel’s cherub Behemoth under its Egyptian name Ra,
referring to it as “the Sangraal…the cup of Babalon” (Babalon =
Azazel), which is to say, the Grail cup, which is also known as the
Holy Grail. The Egyptian term for the area known as Sumeria,
Babylonia and Mesopatamia (from the Greek meaning ‘between the
rivers’) was Sngr (rendered Sangara) (compare to Shinar). The word
‘Sangraal’ is a cognate of the word ‘Sangara’ (compare also to the
Sanskrit word ‘Sangha,’ meaning, “assembly of beings,” and,
moreover, as we learn from the mystic Freemason/Theosophical
Society-member Manly P. Hall, the “Sangha...can be defined as an
assembly...of celestial beings” (See p.37 Meditation Symbols in
Eastern and Western Mysticism: Mysteries of the Mandala, 1988
A.D.) as in an assembly of jinn/fallen angels, as well as being a
cognate of ‘Samhain’ (compare to Shambala) which is etymologically
similar to the Proto-Celtic *samani, likewise meaning ‘assembly’ and
which can in a like way represent an assembly of celestial beings).
Sangara is the place where the sangraal is located (in the land of
Shinar, between the ‘two rivers’), the Sangraal, the Holy Grail,
deriving its name thereby (related to this is the name of the reddish
color sanguine, as one of Azazel’s emblems is a Red Cross). It would
seem Aleister Crowley knew exactly where Azazel’s cherub was
located. To Arabs, Sumeria (where Azazel’s cherub lies imprisoned
within the earth) is known as “The Island” as it existed between two
rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates.
A red cross is also often associated with the Holy Grail, the red
cross said to have been emblazoned upon the very grail itself, the grail
of which we speak, of course, being Azazel’s cherub Behemoth (See
Appendix A). For this reason the red cross was a symbol of the angel
Azazel. All who eagerly search for the legendary grail search for
Azazel’s cherub, and with it, the fallen angel Azazel.
The Grail Legends themselves symbolize the search for
Azazel’s cherub Behemoth, as seekers attempt to locate the site where
this angel lies entrapped within the earth. The term ‘rosi crucis’ (from
whence is derived the word ‘Rosicrucian) which is a German term
which translates as ‘red cross,’ also by one account means ‘dew cup,’

which is the reason the Holy Grail as we know it today as being cuplike in form was adopted as a symbol of Azazel’s cherub.
A.E. Waite, like Aleister Crowley, was a member of the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, both being members during the
same period of time along with S.L. MacGregor Mathers. In the
Preface to The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal** by A. E. Waite,
1909 A.D. (“…the Masters [Azazel and his angels]… it is they who
constitute the Church of the Grail…” – p.72 The Esoteric Orders and their
Work), this book being an exhaustive study of the Grail Mystery and its
history, Waite professes as the goal of his work: “I am about to set
forth after a new manner, and chiefly for the use of English mystics
(magicians), the nature of the mystery which is enshrined in the old
romance-literature of the Holy Graal…at the root it has a direct
consanguinity (he uses a play on the word ‘sanguine’/’sangraal,’ a
common literary device of the time) with other mysteries,” Mathers
himself intimating “the literature of the Graal (the Holy Grail) has its
basis in a cycle of legend wherein there is neither a Sacred Vessel nor
a Holy Mystery” (as it really has no connection to Jesus Christ
whatsoever) such writings representing merely the “appropriation of
certain (pagan) myths and legends which are held to be pre-Christian.”
As indeed they are. Waite puts the stories of the Grail Legend into the
category of such “writings which bear…the seals of allegory
and…allusion.” The allusion to which he speaks was the story of the
angel Azazel.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, A.E. Waite (October 2, 1857 –
May 19, 1942) was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden
Dawn (joined 1891 A.D.) and of the Rosicrucian Society (joined 1902
A.D.), as well as being a member of the Freemasons (joined in 1901
A.D.). As per Wikipedia: “Waite was a prolific author with many of
his works being well received in academic circles. He wrote occult
texts on subjects including divination, esotericism, Rosicrucianism,
Freemasonry, and ceremonial magic, Kabbalism and alchemy; he also
translated and reissued several important mystical and alchemical
works. His works on the Holy Grail, influenced by his friendship with
(fellow member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) Arthur
Machen, were particularly notable.” When one considers the presence
of a figure of such historical mystical importance, immersing his self
in such a field, associating himself with such a legend, one must not
underestimate the importance of the subject matter so involved. In the
terminology of A.E. Waite, the search for the Sangraal, for Azazel’s

cherub Behemoth, is known as the “Mystic Quest” of the “Great
Work” (Pertinent Quote: “The Holy Grail, as presented in Malory’s
collection of Arthurian legends, appears in the form of a Christian
relic, the cup from the Last Supper, brought to England by Joseph of
Arimathea. But the Grail cult is far older than Christianity.” - The Flying
Saucer Vision p.178. As John Michell, author of The Flying Saucer Vision
therein adeptly explains, the “Grail” of the Grail legends represents
“the flying disc”—the “disc marked with the (red) cross” and other
such similar motifs “appears to stand for the god (Azazel) inside the
disc (inside Azazel’s cherub Behemoth), the vessel in which he
navigates the air”: “…the memory of the flying discs…can be seen in
the central object of British mythology, the cauldron or Grail… Here is
another version of the legend of the flying saucer, the vehicle by which
the gods with their advanced culture first made themselves known.
The Grail was the sacred vessel…the vehicle by which all benefits first
came to men, the flying disc (cherub) of the gods (angels).” [See
pp.171,177 The Flying Saucer Vision]. As one must keep in mind,
Ezekiel’s Biblical description of the cherubim of the angels which had
appeared to him as he stood upon the bank of a river in Babylon
[nearby in fact to very the site of Azazel’s interment] was that of a
flying ‘wheel’ [See Ezekiel 1:5-21]. Like a wheel (or a cup/grail),
cherubim are circular in shape [disc-shaped/saucer-shaped]).
In allusion to the story of Azazel, the collective story of King
Arthur contains the belief that Arthur is not dead but is in fact one day
expected to return along with his band of knights. In this capacity
Arthur is known as “Rex Quondam Rexque Futurus,” the “Once and
Future King” (See Sir Thomas Malory’s Morte d’Arthur). Some
traditions tell of Arthur’s entrapment beneath a mountain, shades of
the legend of Hephaistos/Vulcan (gods representing Azazel), where to
this day he (like Azazel) resides underground awaiting his messianic
return. Indeed, when Azazel is released in 2016 A.D. he will be hailed
as the long awaited Messiah, King of the Jews.
Chrétien de Troyes’ poem Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart ties
King Arthur to Ascension Day (using its esoteric meaning,
‘Ascension’ is defined as the rising of a celestial body, in this case the
rising of the star Sirius, an event which marks the time of Azazel’s
future release), relating how “King Arthur (representing Azazel) had
come from Caerleon” (in Wales) on that day, holding a “very
magnificent court at Camelot as was fitting on such a day.” To throw

more light on the subject we must consider how the word ‘Camelot’
was derived. Camelot as the residence/house (as we have learned, a
cherub is oft symbolized as a house) of King Arthur is a later 12 th
Century addition to the greater Arthurian legend. In the Celtic belief
system, the god of war of the Remi tribe was named Camulus/Camulos
(a god who represented Azazel/Behemoth). The name Camelot is
derived from the name of this god. Indeed, this god’s cult can be
traced to Great Britain itself. The Camelot of Arthurian legend
represents Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth. The name of the Celtic god
Camulos is related to the word ‘Campe,’ Campe being the name of a
dragon said to dwell in Tartarus beneath the earth, the dragon being a
common Biblical symbol of a cherub. And the Moabite god Chemosh,
another god who represented Azazel/Behemoth, was known as Kamus
(additionally according to Manly P. Hall: “Hermes (Azazel) seems to
have been known as Cadmus” (See p. 189 Meditation Symbols in
Eastern and Western Mysticism: Mysteries of the Mandala, 1988
A.D.). Theosophists call the place where these angels lay entrapped
within the earth Kamaloka. Compare to Camalot). (Azazel may also
be represented by the angel known as Camael [also known as Kamuel,
Chamuel, Camiel, Camul, Camniel], the leader of the angelic forces
said to have expelled Adam from the Garden of Eden. Additionally,
Aegean was one of three beings called the Hecatonchires in Greek
“mythology.” The Hecatonchires (named after the god Heca/Heka
who represented Azazel; ‘heka’ means ‘magic,’ and cognate with
‘cthonic’) were giants who represented the offspring of Azazel and his
human wife. It was said these beings were cast into the depths of
Tartarus, where they are guarded by the dragon Campe, which
represented Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth, within which Azazel dwells,
entrapped within the earth. Campe, and similarly the Celtic god of war
Camulos [which likewise represented Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth], is
the origin of the legendary location called Camelot, wherein King
Arthur, who represents Azazel, was said to dwell. Camelot as the
residence of King Arthur [Azazel] represents Behemoth, wherein
Azazel dwells in his subterranean abode)
In later times, particularly in Christianized pagan locales in
Europe (including the British Isles), pagans were often ‘Christianized’
at the point of a menacing sword (known by its legal name, ‘duress’),
and gods worshipped by them were subsequently secularized, being
largely symbolized as kings (and indeed, the Biblical name of the
pagan god Moloch who represented Azazel is derived from the

Hebrew word for ‘king,’ mlk). Azazel is in this way represented in the
person of the Welsh god Arawn, King of the Otherworld, Annwn. The
word ‘Annwn’ means “very deep,” this being a reference to his
imprisonment deep within the earth. The Cauldron of Annwn (which
represents Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth), King of the Otherworld, was
said to be located in this Welsh underworld of Annwn, very deep
within the earth. Arawn (Azazel) is additionally depicted as a hunter
in the Welsh work named First Branch of the Mabinogi, where he is
said to be hunting a stag (as Azazel is known as the horned-god, one of
whose symbols is the stag). King Arthur is connected to underworld
of Annwn through a poem called “Preiddeu Annwn” as found in the
Book of Taliesin, where Arthur (Azazel) is said to have traveled to
Annwn “very deep” within the Earth in search of a magic cauldron
which symbolically represented Azazel’s cherub Behemoth (this
cauldron was also known as the ‘Cauldron of Cerridwen.’ Cerridwen
was a Celtic goddess who represented Azazel’s human wife. She is
entrapped with Azazel within his cherub Behemoth). This story was
later Christianized by pagans as the search for the Holy Grail, the Holy
Grail representing Azazel’s cherub, Behemoth, which in this way was
transformed into the search for the holy cup employed at ‘the last
supper’ of Jesus (See Luke 22: 1-23; those who search for the cup of
Jesus search therefore in vain). Azazel is at his release, as we have
noted, hailed as the Coming Messiah Jesus, Lion of the Tribe of Judah,
King of the Jews. The Holy Grail itself as noted by a bevy of
celebrated occultists does not appear in earlier pagan versions of the
famous Arthurian legend as it does in its latter-day Christianized form.
This was but a later edition to an amalgamation of stories compiled by
various authors. The legend of King Arthur is an allegorical
representation of the story of Azazel and his angels.
Also, as is evidenced in Psalms 149:6, a “two-edged sword” is
used as a symbol for a cherub. Such is also the case with King
Arthur’s (Azazel’s) magic sword Excalibur. The two-edged sword
Excalibur symbolically represented Azazel’s cherub Behemoth. The
fact that Excalibur was said to be lodged within the stone represented
the fact that Azazel’s cherub Behemoth is entrapped within the
igneous rock within the Earth. When Excalibur/Behemoth is released
from the rock, Arthur/Azazel will rule over men (compare to the story
of the god Mithras who is said to have also emerged from a rock.
Mithras similarly represents Azazel/Behemoth). And like a brightly lit
cherub (such as Azazel’s cherub Behemoth) and the blindness it may

inflict upon humans, Excalibur was said to have shone with the light of
thirty torches, being able to dazzle the enemy with its brightness,
thereby inflicting blindness upon King Arthur’s enemies. In the
Gilgamesh story, a “torch” is similarly used as a symbol of a cherub
(compare to The Bible’s allegoric use of a ‘pillar of fire’ to denote a
Azazel ascends on Ascension Day from his confines within the
earth on July 19, 2016 A.D. The heliacal rising of the Dog Star Sirius
occurs on this very date. For this reason, any allegorical story
including a dog rising on its hind legs in attack mode or even the
symbolism invoked by a dog ascending from the underworld
represents the heliacal rising of Sirius. One need only transform the
dog rising on its back legs in attack mode into a lion in such a stance to
represent the angel Azazel’s future role of False Prophet/Messiah/Lion
of the tribe of Judah. At this time it must be noted, such a lion rising
on its hind legs in attack mode, known as a Lion Rampant, is the
symbol of British royalty, while the flag of Britain (a country so
named after the pagan goddess Brittania who represented Azazel’s
human wife) employs the red cross on white background symbol of the
fallen angel Azazel (See Appendix A). As epitomized in the Sumerian
hymn A Hymn to Nanna (Nanna M), a lion is also used as a symbol
for a cherub: “…he (the god Nanna; a cherub, and most specifically,
Azazel’s cherub Behemoth) is a powerful force, a lion, a dragon…” A Hymn to Nanna (Nanna M).
Additionally, it must also be noted,
emblazoned upon one of the four “faces” of a cherub is a depiction of
a lion (See Ezekiel 1:10-11). The lion represents Jesus the Messiah
(located on right side of cherub; See also Revelation 5:5). When the
Genesis serpent (the word ‘serpent’ is synonymous with the word
‘dragon’) Azazel “returns,” released from his earthen imprisonment,
he will claim to be and will be mistaken for Jesus the coming Messiah.
This concept is also epitomized by the symbolic Greek Agathodemon,
a serpent depicted with the head of a lion. The Greeks themselves
imported this concept from the Egyptians whose country they had
conquered. The Egyptian counterpart of the Greek Agathodemon is
the chthonic god Chnoubis.
In this respect Azazel is also the Mithraic Chronos (the word
‘Chronos’ being a cognate of the word ‘Chnoubis.’ Compare both to
the word ‘cherub’ as well as the word ‘cthonic’), commonly depicted
as a lion-headed man with wings (Azazel was known for wearing

bird’s wings). In this tradition also comes the account of the Hindu
daeva Vishnu’s incarnation as a lion-headed man. In Hinduism,
Vishnu represented the incarnate angel Azazel. Vishnu’s lion-man
incarnation represented the belief that Azazel would be hailed as the
long-awaited Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David, the
Messiah who is to come (Assyrian winged human-headed lions are
also representative). Related to this is also the treatment of the
Egyptian god Osiris. According to The Papyrus of Ani from the
Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XVIII, Osiris, who represents
Behemoth/Azazel is known as the Lion-god, as was the god Ra, who
represented Azazel’s cherub Behemoth: “I am Ra. I am the Liongod.” - Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XV B.D. Chap. LXI. Funny that the
symbol of the British royal family, the Lion Rampant, in a country
named as it is for a goddess who represents Azazel’s human wife,
whose flag contains the ‘red cross’ sigil of Azazel, should have as its
family crest the esoteric symbol which represents the once and future
king Azazel’s ascension at the time of the rising of Sirius at which
time he is hailed as the coming conquering Messiah, the lion of the
tribe of Judah (the unicorn on the British Royal Coat of Arms likewise
represents Azazel/Behemoth. Horses are common Biblical symbols of
cherubim. The unicorn’s horn refers to Azazel’s status as horned-god)
(Interestingly enough, the first coat of arms of the British King of
England Richard I “The Lionheart” (1189-1198 A.D.) was “two
golden lions, combatant, on a red field,” rising on their back legs in
attack mode (the Lion Rampant), whereas one of the Egyptian
designations for Azazel was “god in the form of two lions, who comest
forth from heaven” (See The Egyptian Book of the Dead Plate XXXI.
In Plate XXVI Azazel is referred to as “the double Lion-god”).
Richard traveled to the Holy Land during the Third Crusade, learning,
as it would appear, the legends concerning the fallen angel Azazel, and
likely through magical means had established direct contact with him.
Britain has long had an association with the fallen angel Azazel).
The Norse Valkyries represented the human wives of the fallen
angels riding in the cherubim of their angel husbands. They are often
depicted riding horses. Horses are a classic symbol of the cherubim of
the angels. The most famous of the Valkyries was Brynhilder
(German ‘Brunnhilde’), whose name means “Brynie of Battle” (a
goddess of war). Her name is a cognate of the Celtic goddess
Bride/Bridget. Both represent Azazel’s human wife. Britain is named

after her (Brittania, oft depicted with shield and lance (a war goddess),
the round shield bearing an ‘X’ the sign of Azazel. Such a shield
represents the disc-shaped Behemoth) and the national emblem of
Britain is the red cross, the sign of Azazel). Britain is steeped in the
legends of the fallen angel Azazel, and the Arthurian legend is no
exception. The Knights Templars are also associated with the Holy
Grail, even employing the red cross on white background symbolism
associated with Azazel.
Hitler once said that to understand him and his mission one
must first understand Wagner the German composer (Wagner had
taken part in what was known as The May Uprising: “The May
Uprising took place in Dresden, Germany in 1849; it was one of the
last of the series of events known as the Revolutions of
1848…Wagner…on the government’s wanted list…escaped, to Zürich
(in Switzerland, one of the few places where the Carbonari
Revolutions of 1848 was a success), where Wagner remained (no
doubt in the company of other Carbonari co-conspirators. Switzerland
has long played host to a large community of revolutionaries in exile.
Wagner would later return to Germany where he would play a major
role in the political rise of Adolf Hitler. Note this Carbonari
connection to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime).” – Wikipedia: The May Uprising.
Though allegedly not a Freemason himself, Wagner had many
Freemasonic family members and friends, including as brother-in-law
Professor Oswald Marbach, one of the most important Freemasonic
personalities of his day). Wagner wrote many operatic compositions
on the subject of Azazel, his human wife, and the fallen angels and
their human wives in their ancient forms as pagan gods and goddesses.
The most famous of these is his opera entitled Die Walkure, which
includes the famous Ride of the Valkyries. Wagner also wrote
Arthurian operas in celebration of King Arthur; King Arthur
representing the angel Azazel, Queen Guinevere his human wife.
Even Hitler sought the Holy Grail, seeking Azazel’s cherub Behemoth,
and was willing to risk a world war and the destruction of Germany to
obtain it. Hitler also sought to conquer the world: “Early in 1841
(Friedrich) Engels (a later participant in the Carbonari Revolutions of
1848) wrote the libretto for an opera on the tragedy of Rienzi. This is
the story of the fourteenth-century Italian knight who liberates the
people and tries to recreate a Roman Empire to conquer the world.
Engels’s libretto was not published in his lifetime. But Richard

Wagner’s opera on the same theme, based on Englishman Edward
Bulwer-Lytton’s cult nove1, The Last of the Tribunes, had its first
German performance in 1842 and established Wagner’s fame.” –
Treason in America 2nd Edition by Anton Chaitkin, 1998 A.D.

In conclusion we may most certainly deduce the Arthurian
legend concerns the story of Azazel and the fallen angels.
(Author’s Note: The word ‘Agharti’ seems to be related to the word
‘grail,’ the word ‘Agarta,’ with the word ‘graal,’ and vice-versa)
The Tempest of Shakespeare
The British playwright Shakespeare’s The Tempest is
somewhat of a veiled mystery play containing all of the common
magic devices associated with the story of Azazel, Satan and of the
rest of the fallen angels. It is on its surface a story of a shipwreck at
sea, its survivors alighting upon an uncharted desert isle (sans Gilligan
and the Skipper too), this possibly being a nod to the writings of
Theophilus where he likens “doctrines of error” (which he also calls
“heresies”) to barren rocky islands “infested by wild beasts” which
serve “only to injure navigators and the storm-tossed, on which ships
(here analogous of men’s souls) are wrecked.” (See Theophilus to
Autolychus Book II Chapter XIV). It must also be noted in Letter
10.1 (NPNF, 2nd series, Vol. 6, 11), the early church father Jerome
likens the great Flood in the time of Noah (at which time Azazel’s
cherub was imprisoned within the earth) to a “shipwreck.” In addition
to this, as explained by John Chrysostom in Homily I of his Three
Homilies Concerning the Power of Demons where Demons = Fallen
Angels (NPNF1-09), that: “to fall in Paradise is to undergo
shipwreck.” But most significantly to our story, to Arabs, Sumeria is
known as "The Island" as it existed between two rivers, the Tigris and
the Euphrates. And this is the very area where Azazel and his angels
lie entrapped within the Earth, it being The Island where Azazel’s
cherub lay shipwrecked by God’s great tempestuous Flood. And upon
this Isle of Azazel lie the shipwrecks of the souls of many unfortunate
In 3Enoch XIX:3 we learn “The Tempest” is a name
synonymous with that of a cherub, as is additionally exemplified in
Isaiah 29:5-6, Isaiah 30:30-33, Psalms 50:1-3, Psalms 83:13-15 and

Jeremiah 23:19, where a “tempest” is associated with and is sometimes
presented as a word synonymous with the word ‘cherub.’ It must also
be noted a cherub in the Egyptian Mysteries was at times symbolized
as a boat. This was originally a Sumerian concept, as The Tempest
references such Sumerian works as Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the Nether
World (Version A): “Enki (a Sumerian god representing the angel
Azazel) set sail (in his ‘boat,’ [his cherub] Behemoth) for the nether
world (beneath the earth)…” Note the boat symbolism in reference to
Azazel’s cherub Behemoth.
On board the ship/cherub in
Shakespeare’s play The Tempest is a “King.” It must again be noted
the name of the god Moloch (mlk), who also represents Azazel, means
‘king.’ The story as related by Shakespeare alludes to the entrapment
of Azazel inside his cherub within the earth at the time of the Flood
when it says: “Had I been any god of power, I would…within the
earth…the good ship (the cherub) so have swallowed and the
freighting souls within her” (See Act I Scene II Lines 10-13).
William Shakespeare, traditional author of The Tempest, was
an associate of Sir Francis Bacon. One of Bacon’s illustrious friends
was the author of the Enochian Magic system, Dr. John Dee,
Astrologer Royal to the English Queen Elizabeth I. Doubtless
Shakespeare incorporates the prevailing occult magic beliefs of his
time within this well-known bardic mystery play. It must also be
noted that Bacon, who, like Dee, was a prominent Rosicrucian, was
alleged by many to have actually anonymously authored many if not
all of the Shakespearean plays as is exemplified in the following
literary selection: “Without more ado or any beating about the bush it
may as well be frankly stated at once that the view of the present editor
is…Francis Bacon wrote the "Shakespeare" plays and poems.” - Cosmic
Consciousness by Richard Maurice Bucke (1901 A.D.)

As previously noted, Francis Bacon was cited as having had an
inspiring role in the creation of the Royal Society of London for the
Improvement of Natural Knowledge. As we learn from Bacon:
“As to the nature of spirits and angels, this is neither unsearchable nor
morbid; but in a great part level to the human mind, on account of their
affinity. The knowledge of their nature, powers and illusions, appears
from Scripture, reason and experience, to be no small part of spiritual
wisdom.” – British statesman and ceremonial magician Sir Francis Bacon

Funny how William Shakespeare whose writings are peppered
with magical/mythological themes is an American (Humanistic)
educational mainstay, for as we learn from the Theosophists: “…the
Adepts (the rebel angels) assert that Shakespeare was, unconsciously
to himself, inspired by one of their own number.” - Echoes from the Orient
Chapter IV by William Q. Judge, 1890 A.D.

By definition, then, according to Judge, Shakespeare’s plays
are a product of automatic-writing. It may be the angels dictated it to
Bacon who delivered it to Shakespeare.
Azazel in Children’s Stories
Azazel is sometimes known in Hebrew as Paimon, the
Rabbinic title for Paimon (compare to ‘Pan’) being OZAZL. Azazel is
invoked under this name in the magic system found in The Book of the
Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. Related to this is The
Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900 A.D.) by Theosophical Society
member L. Frank Baum which is esoterically based on the story of
Azazel. ‘Oz’ is simply a shortening of ‘OZAZL.’ In this children’s
tale are depicted black and white magical practices employed by the
Wicked Witch of the East and by the Good Witch of the West (who
aids Dorothy, who is then sent off on a Grail-like quest to find the
Wizard of Oz), respectively. Wizards (as in the Wizard of Oz) by
definition are practitioners of magic and it must be noted Azazel was
known as the Egyptian god Heka; the translation of the word ‘heka’
being ‘magic.’ The flying monkeys in the tale represent fallen angels.
Castles (like their cousins the towers) are occult symbols associated
with the Egyptian goddess Isis (due to her association with the angel
Azazel), a deity who represented Azazel’s human wife. According to
L. Fank Baum’s selection from Wikipedia: “Baum’s avowed intentions
with the Oz books, and other fairy (read: fallen angel’s) tales, was to
tell such tales as the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen
told (which were based on folkloric magic tales), bringing them up to
date by making the characters not stereotypical dwarfs or genies.”
Dwarves and genies as such represent the rebellious fallen angels
which were themselves the subject of L. Frank Baum’s literary works.
In addition to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Theosophical Society
member L. Frank Baum penned such occult-themed works as The
Magical Monarch of Mo (1903 A.D.), Mother Goose in Prose (1897

A.D.) (prose retellings of Mother Goose rhymes**), The Life and
Adventures of Santa Claus (1902 A.D.), The Enchanted Island of Yew
(1903 A.D.), John Dough and the Cherub (1906 A.D.), The Sea
Fairies (1911 A.D.) and The Witchcraft of Mary-Marie (1908 A.D.).
Baum as you can see was quite a big fan of the occult. In my youth,
the Hollywood version of The Wizard of Oz was broadcast yearly on
network television (it is also interesting to note that it was a
Theosophical Society member named Thomas Edison who in the late
19th Century had invented the ‘motion picture’ process. Thomas
Edison, as founder of Edison Studios, was in fact the father of
Hollywood filmmaking [America’s first film studio was Edison’s
Black Maria, also known as the Kinetographic Theater established in
1893 A.D.]: “Edison Studios was an American motion picture
production company owned by the Edison Company of inventor
Thomas Edison. The studio made close to 1,200 films as the Edison
Manufacturing Company (1894–1911) and Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
(1911–1918) until the studio’s closing in 1918.” – Wikipedia: Edison Studios.
It must also be noted it was Confederate officer Major Woodville
Latham (1837–1911 A.D.), a professor of chemistry at West Virginia
University who worked under Thomas Edison who had played an
essential role in the development of early film technology—he was the
inventor of the ‘Latham Loop’ [Latham’s wife Rose O’Neill, a
Pennsylvania-born illustrator for Puck magazine (named in honor of
Puck, a character from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream;
Puck = Azazel), was the creator of the Kewpie doll the magical story
of which can be found in her biography as written by Brady Smith: “In
her earlier drawings, O’Neill had often drawn little creatures in the
backgrounds of her work. These creatures ‘appeared to her in a
dream,’ and were small ‘myth-like-elf’ creatures that were greatly
influenced by the Greek god of love, Cupid. She finally developed the
tiny images hidden in her sketches and illustrations into characters.
They became known as ‘Kewpies.’ They first appeared in Ladies
Home Journal, in 1909”]. Puck magazine also employed Fortean
Society co-founder/novelist Harry Leon Wilson, Rose O’Neill’s
second husband). I had even developed an affinity for the kindly old
man of Oz, who represented none other than the rebel angel Azazel.
Such below-the-radar brainwashing techniques are stereotypical of a
vast number of Hollywood offerings, included in which is the magical
Warner Brother’s Harry Potter© film presentations as well as its WB
network occult-themed television programs and other Warner Bros.©

film distributions including Practical Magic (1998 A.D.) with Sandra
Bullock (**As we learn from practicing sorcerer British actor/producer
Cecil Williamson [whose father was a senior officer in the British
Royal Navy] at The Museum of Magic [aka the Witches’ House] in
Boscastle, Cornwall, England: “…mother goose…was a witch…In the
west country (of England) witches make use of geese in many ways
when working at their craft, for to them geese are endowed with
numerous magical qualities and have played an age-old part in the
domestic mythology of the western counties.' The origin of Mother
Goose is almost certainly the Central European Goddess Holda….She
actually appears in one of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, as Mother Holle, a
mysterious old woman with magic powers…”
The goddess
Holda/Holle represented of course Azazel’s human wife. As we learn
from Wikipedia: “Cecil Williamson (18 September 1909 – 9 December
1999) was an influential English Neopagan Witch. He was the founder
of both the Witchcraft Research Center which was a part of MI6’s war
against Nazi Germany, and the Museum of Witchcraft. He was a
friend of both Gerald Gardner (likely also a British spy by virtue of his
many associations with other known British spies), the founder of
Wicca, and also of the notorious occultist Aleister Crowley [who was
also a known British spy].”
Cecil Williamson was also an
acquaintance of E.A. Wallis Budge [Budge, who frequented the British
Museum, had a number of friends in the spy filled Ghost Club],
Margaret Alice Murry and Montague Summers [Summers, known to
frequent the British Museum as well, was a well known British spy;
likely they were all Intelligence assets to some degree; Montague
Summers was an acquaintance of British spy Aleister Crowley as
well], and was the husband of a niece of the British film
producer/director Herbert Wilcox (founder of the Associated British
Picture Corporation [which was partly owned by Warner Bros.© from
1940-1969 A.D.]; Star Wars was filmed at its Elstree Studios), whose
mother hailed from County Cork in Ireland (as Rollo Ahmed notes
circa 1936 A.D. in The Black Art: “Ireland was the home of many
witches and wizards, as a country so steeped in the belief in magic and
the supernatural might be expected to be.”). In 1938 Williamson
headed a special section of MI6 (British Foreign Intelligence) attached
to the Foreign Office** known as the Witchcraft Research Center
whose objective was to collect information on Nazi occult
interests…Williamson was instrumental in the capture of Rudolf Hess,
Hitler’s deputy, through an occult-based ruse, and took part in a

“Witches Ritual” aimed at halting Hitler’s invasion of England, a ritual
which included Aleister Crowley. By Williamson’s own estimation,
he had taken part in some 1,120 witch’s rituals [See The Encyclopedia
of Witches &Witchcraft by Rosemary Ellen Guiley]. Williamson’s
witchcraft museum did much to promote Wicca and witchcraft
generally). (** One notable Intelligence agent employed by the British
Foreign Office [the forerunner of Britain’s MI6] was a Sufi Muslim
named Ikbal Ali Shah, the father of Gerald B. Gardner’s secretary
Idries Shah. Ikbal Ali Shah, like so many magic-practicing British and
American Intelligent agents, would take up residence during the 1960s
in Tangier, Morocco)
Satanist Anton LaVey offers the following illuminating take on
this subject of the repercussions of an early childhood introduction to
witchcraft: “In reality, our mainstream influence is just the tip of the
iceberg. For every one of those kids you see at rock concerts holding
up the sign of the horns and not knowing anything about it, there are
maybe five more kids who have read The Satanic Bible, know what
Satanism is, and are growing up to the stage now where they are
gaining positions of power and having a real effect in the world around
us. In the motion picture industry, the arts, business, academia,
politics – they don’t wear it on their sleeves so you probably wouldn’t
even know they were Satanists.** But you figure those who were born
in 1955 or 1960, who have grown up living most of their lives in a
post-1966 Satanic Age, are now reaching 27, 29, 32 years old. They’re
getting established in their chosen fields and their philosophy is bound
to have an effect on the way they operate (Certainly ‘Do as Thou Wilt’
seems to be the operative philosophy of our Age!). They’re getting
tired of the bullshit. Now we’re getting what I call second-generation
Satanists; the Church of Satan has been in existence for most of their
lives and they take the effects of Satanism as the rule rather than the
exception – sexual freedom, not believing in God, independence of
mind. They are choosing Satanism as a way of life because it was
never shoved down their throats like Christian parents do with their
religion.” - The Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey
(LaVey identifies the personal development period in a child’s life when the child is most
susceptible to the subtle tactics of psychological programming as the: “… ‘Erotic
Crystalisation Inertia’ period (or ECI – the period in early life when an individual’s tastes and
aesthetic identity are formed and frozen in time).” – p.132 Lucifer Rising by Gavin Baddeley,
1999 A.D. Lucifer Rising author Gavin Baddeley was head of The Church of Satan in Britain.
One can only hope that in their own turn as these children grow up and rebel against Satanist
parents they thereupon develop into good God-fearing Christians) (** “…Satanists believe

that the Devil was hurled out of heaven as a result of a conspiracy, and that he, with his
cohorts, has never ceased fighting to get back. It is, therefore, their duty to assist him as much
as they can...” – p.59 The Magic of Aleister Crowley by John Symmonds. Satanists therefore
in essence are active participants in Satan’s rebellion against God)

The Theosophical Society’s (and by extension, the fallen
angel’s) tactic of hooking people by inundating children with such
occult themes has worked so many wonders:
“…Witchcraft—with a capital W—has become one of the fastestgrowing religions in Western culture…Witchcraft has taken its place
in the ecumenical religious theater. Traditionally, witchcraft—with a
small w—is a form of sorcery, concerned with spells and divination.
The magical witch, the sorcerer witch, was not practicing a religion of
witchcraft, but was practicing a magical art, passed down through
families or taught by adepts…Witchcraft as a religion was born in
Britain after World War II…(Gerald B.) Gardner may not have
envisioned a worldwide religious movement, but that is what unfolded,
first with the export of Witchcraft to the United States, Canada and
Europe, and then around the world. The ‘Gardner tradition,’ as it
became known, quickly mutated into offshoots…Witchcraft the
religion, along with its Pagan cousins, flourished in the blooming New
Age counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s and then took hold on the
edges of mainstream society…Dozens and dozens of Witchcraft and
Pagan traditions exist, and new ones are born all the time. Witchcraft
and Paganism have survived the first tests of time. The movements
took hold in the baby boom generation. Now, the children and
grandchildren of those people are growing up Wiccan and Pagan, and
new young people are attracted to the fold in increasing
numbers…Witchcraft/Wiccan churches are recognized legally, Witch
holidays have gained some official recognition, and, in the United
States, Wiccan military veterans have won the right to have the
tombstones…Witchcraft is a topic of enduring interest and study.” –
Introduction to the 3rd Edition of The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca by
Rosemary Ellen Guiley, 2008 A.D. (As Colin Wilson points out in Aleister Crowley: The
Nature of the Beast p.162, Wicca and its white magic practices often serve as a gateway to
darker forms of magic: “Gardner…and his version of wicca laid heavy emphasis on sex rites
in which everyone was nude. Understandably, it quickly gained hordes of disciples.
Crowley’s version of ‘magick’ [black magic] was, naturally, much in evidence in these
covens. Many members of such groups lost interest as they got older; others developed a
wider interest in magic, and studied the Enochian system of John Dee, the magic of the
[Hermetic Order of the] Golden Dawn, and Crowley’s own sex-oriented system.”)

And this all harkens back to Sir Francis Bacon’s original
scheme of the creation of a permissible society in the Americas as set
forth in his New Atlantis (1624 A.D.) (set in motion by the Royal
Society, actuated by Freemasonic groups, falling under the
Humanistic-based education of the Theosophical Society and its
representatives), where witchcraft and paganism might be practiced
without danger of persecution by a Roman Catholic Church weakened
by the machinations of the Rosicrucians and its like, and therein
flourish. Many magic-practicing individuals and mystics willingly
flocked to America’s shores in search of religious freedoms
unattainable in Catholic Europe; some had come here having been
sentenced to the arcane punishment of ‘transportation,’ being thereby
banished to American colonies. And flourish they have—the fallen
angels through their human cronies control the world we live in today,
and, one might successfully argue, have even infiltrated the very
Roman Catholic Church itself in their long-term quest to destroy it.
Azazel’s story can even be found in the late 16th Century
Chinese literary classic entitled Journey to the West. Therein he is
depicted as the Monkey King Sun Wukong, who was said to have been
imprisoned within a mountain of stone after staging a failed rebellion
in heaven (compare to the Mithras legend). This explains the winged
flying-monkeys representative of fallen angels in Baum’s Wizard of


Chapter 9. Azazel and the Theosophical Society
“From the first ages of man, the fundamental truths of all that we are
permitted to know on earth was in the safe keeping of the adepts (the
angels) of the sanctuary. Those guardians (a play on the term
‘guardian angels’) of the primitive divine revelation, who had solved
every problem that is within the grasp of human intellect, were bound
together by a universal freemasonry of science and philosophy, which
formed one unbroken chain around the globe.” - Isis Unveiled (Helena P.
Blavatsky, 1877 A.D.)

The Theosophical Society was born of this angel-inspired
“universal freemasonry of science and philosophy” with its concerted
global reach. Though the Theosophical Society dismisses the
legendary stories of rebellion perpetrated by the fallen angels as simple
allegory and parable, they do not, however, deny these angels do in
fact exist. On the contrary; they openly embrace these fallen angels
who in their own minds are humanoid beings highly envolutionarily
Annie Besant in The Inner Government of Our World (1920
A.D.) speaks of the shadow government of the world composed of
rebellious fallen angels: “…all the activities of our world…are
directed by a Group of great Beings” an “Occult Government of the
World…considering the especial Government of our own world, the
Occult Hierarchy as it is called, the Beings composing that (Occult
Hierarchy) having come to our earth in the middle of the third human
Race from the planet Shukra (Venus) (read: from an alien planet; the
angels come, in fact, from the New Earth)…They were of Those who
originally came to our world for its helping, and who are still with
us…the high Devas (the rebellious angels)...are the true inner
Rulers of our world.”
“Here we should be able to find out really what is going on, the Forces
(the Powers) behind those who are apparently the rulers, the teachers
and the actor in our world, the true Inner Government of the
World…as manifested in the Occult Hierarchy of our world, with the
Four Kumaras at its head.” This “great group of Rulers…the four

Kumaras. There is not very much said about Them. Not many
explanations are given. But they are spoken of as ‘the Four,’ the ‘One
and the Three.’ He (Azazel) who is spoken of as the Eldest among
Those—as to whom time may be said only to be a name (a play on the
words Chronos/Kronos), for They are beyond its illusions—He
(Azazel) is called Sanat Kumara (‘Eternal Youth’), the Eternal, the
Ancient; in later days He is thought of as the Eldest, but it is better to
think of Him as the Eternal, to whom and in whom time is not.” - The
Inner Government of Our World Lecture II by Annie Besant: “So that that word Eternal is
never to be confused with everlasting, Remember that word is the word rightly given to that
great Being beyond our knowing, who is spoken of in the Puranas as the Eldest Kumara, the
great Being we call Sanat (‘Eternal’) Kumara (‘Youth’), The Eternal. Then the Three who
are with Him, dwellers in that mystic City of Shamballa, the White Island Youth, are the
remaining Kumaras, called the Pupils (chelas) of Him (Azazel) who is the Head of the Inner
Government of our World.”- The Inner Government of Our World by Annie Bessant

The four angels in Azazel’s cherub Behemoth which is
entrapped beneath the earth are: “…the Four Kumaras…the Heads of
all power and Rulers (angels) in our world (these four angels are the
commanders over all the rebel angels)…the Mighty Four (the four
angels within Azazel’s cherub) at the head of the Group of Rulers, and
the Three and One (the ‘One’ is Azazel) is only the obvious division
between the Head (the ‘Head’ is Azazel) and the Three (angels) who
come next to Him in the Inner Government of the World.” - The Inner
Government of Our World by Annie Besant (These four angels are the four ‘Deva’…
‘guardians of witchdom’ invoked in the Liber Umbrarum Book of Shadows included in Wicca
witch-priestess Doreen Valiente’s Witchcraft for Tomorrow)

Theosophists (as does this Author) believe the mythological
stories of the gods of the nations to be stories about the angels of The
“The Scriptures and religious traditions of all cultures make frequent
reference to non-human entities, variously termed Angels, Devas,
Gods, Spirits of one kind or another. In mythology these beings appear
as nature-spirits, fairies, sylphs, salamanders, to name but a few.
Esoteric Science supports universal tradition in affirming that the
different planes of Nature are peopled by hierarchies of beings, each
with characteristic properties and modes of functioning. In the Bible
there are well-known instances of angelic appearances, singly as ‘the
angel of the Lord’ or as ‘a multitude of the heavenly host.’” - Deity,
Cosmos and Man, "The Scope and Framework of the Science," Part I, Chapter II.4 The
Hierarchies of Beings by Geoffrey A Farthing ((Interesting Quote: “There are a multitude of

other dimensional worlds most of us humans remain unaware of because our perceptions are
currently limited to the five senses. However, at every moment we are both surrounded by and
permeated with a multitude of waveforms moving throughout the holographic universe. Our
five senses constantly interpret and translate only a small portion of these waveforms. We
mistake the data from the five senses as the only accepted ‘real.’ Thus deluded we miss most
of the universe, the Invisible Realms and the Myriad Worlds. We are nonetheless affected by
these waveforms, which are beyond our perceptions. Anyone who realized this basic
metaphysical truth would understand that it is possible to use various types of ‘emitters’
human or otherwise, to generate waveforms of a specific frequency. These frequencies can
have a wide spectrum of effects. They can uplift, calm, heal and nourish – or they can be
used…to dominate…everyone who is susceptible... If your own level of consciousness does
not vibrate in a frequency above these emitted waveforms, if you are not on ‘higher ground’
then you might be confused and deluded by these emissions. You could remain vulnerable to
the vagaries of such intentional manipulation… Even though most of us are unaware of the
Invisible Realms and the hierarchies of beings that exist and have always existed all around us,
there are many, many entities transmitting all kinds of information. From angels to ETs we are
faced with a plethora of sources often fascinating and revealing…” – Invisible Waveforms,
ET’s and Other Transmissions by V. Susan Ferguson, 2013 A.D.)

When Theosophists write of the incarnate angels they often use
their Indian designation, devas. It must be noted the word deva is a
cognate of the word devil:
“These devas are angels incarnate, divine Teachers, superhuman
men” - Riddle of Life And how Theosophy answers it by Annie Besant
“Superhuman Beings (‘superhuman men’; the incarnate angels/deva
Supermen)...are the builders of civilisations and of religions in our
world...Now, the idea that such Superhuman Beings had much to do
with the affairs of men is no new idea, no mere Theosophical fad. In
Christian antiquity you find the thought put forward that over every
nation there presided a great Angel. Read the way in which Origen
speaks of the Angel Guardians of nations and of the world. The idea in
the East was a little more complicated... in the East, whilst they
recognised what here would be called ‘the ministry of Angels,’
speaking of them as the Shining Ones (Elohim)—so often
mistranslated ‘God’—whilst they recognised their work in many
grades as the older Christians (amongst which group would later be
included Billy Graham) recognised the ministry of the nine great
Orders in the angelic host (which idea originated with Plato, who was
a practitioner of magic/conjurer of fallen angels), they joined side by
side with them the men who had attained perfection... Those who are
divine men, who have perfected the human cycle of evolution (a
misidentification of the Biblical group hailed as ‘just men [humans]

made perfect,’ they are in fact incarnate fallen angels), it is They who
share with the angelic host the guidance of evolution in the world in
which we are. For this world is not lonely as it rolls through space, nor
confined only to the men bound still to the wheel of births and deaths.
The spiritual world interpenetrates the physical, as every religion has
declared; Superhuman Beings (incarnate angels) move amongst us
and take their part in the affairs of men.” - Superhuman Men in History and
in Religion by Annie Besant, 1913 A.D.

Indeed, as Besant explains: “...perfected men (read: incarnate
fallen angels) visited the courts of kings in order to see that kingdoms
were well governed and royal duties were honourably performed...In
those days, readily was Their guidance accepted, and, therefore, They
walked openly among the people...the Guardians (a play on the term
‘guardian angels’) drew back from sight but never from labour
(another play on words, a popular literary device of the day; the word
labour is related to the word elf, an angel), and worked unseen and
unhampered by the growing conditions of humanity, but with the same
heart of love, the same brain of wisdom as in the elder days. It is They
(the incarnate rebel angels) who pull down Empires and build them up
(as exemplified by Biblical writings), who bring about equilibrium
between nations and do not allow a single set of national ideals so to
triumph over the world that all others shall give way before them. It is
They (the incarnate rebel angels) who gradually build up a great
Empire and give to some sub-race the ruling of the world (their goal is
a one-world government under their command); it is They (the
incarnate rebel angels) who are giving to England today the
possibility of the mighty part that she may play in the advancing
humanity of the time, of World-Empire mightier than any Empire
of the past...That is done today, not by direct order from the mouth of
the recognised Superior, but by the subtler working on the ambitions
and the passions and the thoughts of men (through thought
transference/Overshadowing) is these greater Ones (the angels)
behind who really pull the strings to which our statesmen and our
rulers dance obediently (most particularly those politicians within the
British Labour party), and, in the pulling, educate the people, and so
help forward the general evolution of the race.” - Superhuman Men in History
and in Religion by Annie Besant, 1913 A.D. (At time of writing, England was headed by
British P.M. H.H. Asquith, a Knight of the Order of the Garter, a traditional witches coven. It
was Asquith who would lead England into WWI)


“The creatures evolved in the four kingdoms of earth, air, fire, and water, and called by the
Kabalists gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, and undines. They may be termed the forces of nature,
and will either operate effects as the servile agents of general law, or may be employed by the
disembodied spirits — whether pure or impure — and by living adepts of magic and sorcery,
to produce desired phenomenal results…Under the general designation of fairies and fays,
these spirits of the elements appear in the myth, fable, tradition, and poetry of all nations,
ancient and modern. Their names are legion — peris, devs, djins, sylvans, satyrs, fawns, elves,
dwarfs, trolls, kobolds, brownies, stromkarls, undines, nixies, salamanders, goblins, banshees,
kelpies, prixies, moss people, good people, good neighbours, wild women, men of peace,
white ladies, and many more. They have been seen, feared, blessed, banned, and invoked in
every quarter of the globe and in every age. These elementals are the principal agents of
disembodied but never visible spirits at séances, and the producers of all the phenomena
except the ‘subjective’”. — ("Isis", preface xxix., vol. 1). “In the Jewish Kabala the nature
spirits were known under the general name of Shedim, and divided into four classes. The
Persians called them devs; the Greeks indistinctly designated them as demons; the Egyptians
knew them as 'afrites' (Africa derives its name in this way. Compare to ‘sprite,’ a cognate of
the word spirit). The Ancient Mexicans, says Kaiser, believed in numerous spirit-abodes, into
one of which the shades of innocent-children were placed until final disposal; into another,
situated in the Sun, ascended the valiant souls of heroes; while the hideous spectres of
incorrigible sinners were sentenced to wander and despair in subterranean caves, held in the
bonds of the earth-atmosphere, unwilling and unable to liberate themselves. They passed their
time in communicating with mortals… — ("Isis," page 313, volume 1).” - Difference between
Elementals & Elementaries (1889 A.D.) (“It is therefore evident that the world of man
exercises a controlling power over this invisible world of “elementals”…” - Nature-Spirits or
Elementals, The Theosophical Publishing Society, England, 1889 A.D.) (“(Immanuel) Kant
admitted not only the possibility of the existence of a spiritual conscious world, but also the
possibility of communion with it.” - Chapter XVI Tertium Organum, by P.D. Ouspensky,
(1922 A.D.). Which brings us to the subject of “cosmic pluralism”: “Cosmic pluralism, the
plurality of worlds, or simply pluralism, describes the belief in numerous other worlds which
harbour extraterrestrial life. The debate over pluralism began as early as the time of Thales (c.
600 BC) and has continued, in a variety of forms, until the modern era…After Thales and his
student Anaximander opened the door to an infinite universe, a strong pluralist stance was
adopted by the atomists, notably Leucippus (first half of 5th century B.C.), Democritus (circa.
460-370 B.C.), and Epicurus (341– 270 B.C.).” - Wikipedia: Cosmic pluralism. “The
possibility of extraterrestrials remained a widespread speculation as scientific discovery
accelerated. William Herschel, the discoverer of Uranus, was one of many 18th–19th century
astronomers convinced that the Solar System, and perhaps others, would be well-populated by
alien life. Other luminaries of the period who championed “cosmic pluralism” included
Immanuel Kant and Benjamin Franklin.” - Wikipedia: Extraterrestrial life. Cosmic pluralism
is a central tenet of Spiritism: “‘Let not your heart be troubled: Ye believe in God, believe also
in me (Jesus). In my Father's house are many mansions: If it were not so, I would have told
you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again,
and receive you unto myself that where I am, there ye may be also (John, 14 : 1 - 3).’ … The
house of the Father is the Universe. The 'different mansions' are the worlds which circulate in
infinite space and offer the Spirits who incarnate on them dwelling places which correspond to
their progress.” – p.37 The Gospel According to Spiritsm by Allen Kardec, 1866 A.D. Belief
in reincarnation is the cornerstone of Spiritism: “…they (spirits) go to these worlds where
from one incarnation to another they are purified and regenerated…(whereupon it is said they
would return perfected to God)” – Ibid p. 42 (To Spiritists, resurrection is reincarnation:
“Reincarnation was part of the Jewish dogmas, being taught under the name of resurrection.”
– p.46 The Gospel According to Spiritsm by Allen Kardec, 1866 A.D.). “The French
astronomer Camille Flammarion (a Spiritualist member of the Theosophical Society/Society
for Psychical Research president [1923 A.D.] who participated in Spiritualist séances.

Flammarion’s book La planète Mars would fuel speculations concerning the existence of
intelligent life on the planet Mars) was one of the chief proponents of cosmic pluralism during
the latter half of the nineteenth century. His first book, La pluralité des mondes habités (The
Plurality of Inhabited Worlds, 1862 A.D.) was a great popular success, going through 33
editions in its first twenty years.” - Wikipedia: Camille Flammarion. Mormonism also
exhibits such a ‘Cosmic Pluralism’ bent: “Some modern LDS Church (The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormons) leaders have taught that there are
people living on other earths. For instance, apostle Joseph Fielding Smith (19 July 1876 – 2
July 1972) wrote: “We are not the only people that the Lord has created. We have brothers and
sisters on other earths. They look like us because they, too, are the children of God and were
created in his image, for they are also his offspring (See Doctrines of Salvation 1:62).” Smith
also wrote, “...the great universe of stars has multiplied beyond the comprehension of men.
Evidently each of these great systems is governed by divine law; with divine presiding Gods,
for it would be unreasonable to assume that each was not so governed (See Answers to Gospel
Questions 2:144).” Apostle Neal A. Maxwell (July 6, 1926 – July 21, 2004) wrote “we do not
know how many inhabited worlds there are, or where they are. But certainly we are not alone”
(See p. 25 A Wonderful Flood of Light, Neal A. Maxwell, 1989 A.D.)” – Wikipedia: Mormon
cosmology) (“Such stories were so well established during the Middle Ages that the problem
of communicating with the Elementals [read: angels] became a major preoccupation of the
hermetics and an important part of their philosophy. Paracelsus wrote an entire book on the
nature of these beings, but he took great pains to warn the reader of the dangers of an
association with them: I do not want to say here, because of the ills which might befall those
who would try it, through which [magic] compact one associates with these beings, thanks to
which compact they [the angels] appear to us and speak to us.” – Passport to Magonia: On
UFOs, Folklore and Parallel Worlds by Jacques Vallee, 1969 A.D. Indeed: “…to establish
communication with worlds which are normally beyond our reach is undoubtedly included in
the great claims of the magus; and the art of evoking spirits, taken in its true and its highest
sense, is the head and crown of Magic…” – p.10 The Occult Sciences by A.E. Waite, 1891

“Now it is constantly asked: Where are these Beings (the rebellious
fallen angels with whom the Theosophists claimed to be in
contact)?...We also read, in the legends of the world, of races living in
the interior of the earth (these stories were based on the story of
Azazel’s imprisonment within the Earth)…They work with a full
knowledge of the law of evolution; the rise and fall of a civilization is
known to them, as the hours on the face of the clock are known to
us.** They (the rebellious fallen angels) understand when it is wise to
work through and with some of their agents among men, and they
arrange their appearances in such a way that it is necessary to develop
intuition to discern who they are and what their business is. The
majority of men who have not developed a corresponding
consciousness in themselves might pass a Master (an incarnate angel)
in the street and not recognize him as such (whereby some have
entertained angels unaware). His physical form would probably be
precisely the same as the other physical forms among which he lived,
and unless you knew him by his Light, unless you had developed a

state of consciousness that would respond, in a vibratory sense, to the
vibration coming from him or her, then indeed the Master (the fact that
this being is an angel) would not be known by you.” - The Path of
Attainment, D.N. Dunlop, 1916 A.D. (“The term Master may be used to mean an Adept and
vice versa.” - The Path of Attainment, D.N. Dunlop, 1916 A.D.) (**This is known as the
“Tytler Cycle”: “The average age of the world’s great civilizations has been 200 years. These
nations have progressed through this sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual
faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to
selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to
dependency, from dependency [at which stage is America today] back to bondage.” Alexander Fraser Tytler, 1813 A.D. Which brings to mind the old OTO adage gleaned from
Crowley’s The Book of the Law: “The slaves shall serve.”)

“As I said, we read of races living in certain parts of the interior of the
earth, and of caves that lead to temples and halls and vast spaces (these
stories were based on the story of Azazel’s imprisonment within the
Earth). I can only speak of them as dreams myself, for I have not yet
been able to visit them in the physical body; but in dreams I have
entered some of these temples in the interior of the earth, places where
there are huge libraries and individuals to answer almost every
conceivable question, Beings (angels) who are aware of all that is
going on on the earth’s surface, and who have pronounced ideas with
regard to the relative importance of the events that seem to be so
tremendously tragic for mankind.” - The Path of Attainment by D.N. Dunlop,
1916 A.D.

According to Theosophists, the difference between humans
from our Earth and incarnate angels from heaven is an evolutionary
one: “…there are other orders of beings than the human, some of
whom rank alongside the Adepts in a grade of existence higher than
our own…whom we call Devas or Angels…” (See The Masters and
the Path, by C. W. Leadbeater, 1925 A.D.; Part I: The Masters Chapter
I: The Existence of the Masters General Considerations).
Theosophists consider the incarnate angels to be a very real human
genus higher on the evolutionary scale than normal human beings from
Earth: “The highest system of evolution specially connected with
this earth, so far as we know, is that of the beings whom Hindus
call the Devas, and who have elsewhere been spoken of as angels,
sons of God, etc. They may, in fact, be regarded as a kingdom lying
next above humanity, in the same way as humanity in turn lies next
above the animal kingdom.” - Devachanic Plane by C.W. Leadbeater, 1896 A.D.
Concerning “the archangels and the angels of the Christian

faith,” explains Annie Besant, Theosophists “regard those mighty
archangels and angels as the product of the evolution of older worlds
than this (our Earth)” - Is Theosophy Anti-Christian Adyar Pamphlets No. 88 (Annie
Besant, 1918 A.D.)

Geoffrey Hodson, a British army officer during WWI, a
member of the Theosophical Society for over 70 years, a Liberal
Catholic priest and guest lecturer at the Krotona School of Theosophy
in Ojai, California, in a chapter entitled Co-operation with Angels
“According to the Ancient Wisdom, an angel is a member of a parallel
stream of evolution which progresses through this solar system side by
side with humanity.” – Thus Have I Heard Chapter IX Co-operation
with Angels by Geoffrey Hodson (Light of The Sanctuary: The Occult
Diary of Geoffrey Hodson [pp114-115 as compiled by his
granddaughter, Sandra Hodson, 1988 A.D.] speaks of Hodson’s
“intercommunication, through [thought] transference” with his
“Archangel Teacher,” with which angel one may assume he was acting
in ‘Co-operation’ as the title of his book would imply!)
“The Mahatma (an incarnate angel) is man perfect within the circle of
our evolution. He has completed evolution, and acts freely in the
spiritual world, fully conscious as an individual being.” - The Path of
Attainment by D.N. Dunlop, 1916 A.D.

“Many of the world religions recognize such a spiritual hierarchy of
divine or semi-divine Beings and have given to them various names
and descriptions. The Bible variously refers to them as Angels…A
companion to this thought is the teaching that upon our planet earth
there exists a "body" of “just men made perfect" (a reference to
Hebrews 12:22-24), an assembly or "communion of saints"; who
constitute a "spiritual brotherhood" of those of our humanity who have
attained perfection so far as this world is concerned, and who live
henceforth as guides and teachers of mankind. As in Revelation, "these
are they which...have washed their robes and made them white" (See
Revelation 7:14), and who stand ever in the presence or consciousness
of God (on this point he is gravely mistaken; the event he mentions is
to take place immediately prior to the Second Coming of Jesus. This
‘Brotherhood’ consists solely of fallen angels bent on man’s
destruction). This "Brotherhood" is in a broad sense an organization

known in the occult world as "The Great White Lodge." Its members
are known as "Masters of the Wisdom," and are passionately called
"Elder Brothers," because of the fact that They once stood where we
now stand, and through many lives (a concept known as reincarnation
which is in direct contradiction to Hebrews 9:27 which states “…it is
appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment…”) of
selfless service to humanity and by the perfecting of Their own inner
natures, have arrived at that point in evolution where They can best
serve God by helping others to travel this "Path".” - The Theosophical Seal
(Arthur M. Coon, 1958 A.D.)

Theosophists believe the incarnate angels to be a more
evolutionarily advanced type of human being:
“That the masters, adepts, or mahatmas (the rebellious fallen angels),
as they have been variously termed, are inaccessible to any but those
who diligently seek, stands to reason. These men (incarnate angels) are
the custodians of the knowledge of the occult powers of nature (of
‘natural magic,’ which is to say, physics). They are men who have
advanced so far in front of the race, that the world in which they live,
their moral qualities, and their knowledge and control of physical law,
and of forces of which the modern world knows absolutely nothing,
are so great as to place them on a height, which to our limited ideas
appears to transcend altogether that of the human.” - The Higher Science by
William Kingsland, 1889 A.D. (The rebellious fallen angels are considered by Theosophists to
be: “a mighty Brotherhood, variously spoken of as Adepts, Arhats, Masters. Mahatmas,
Brothers, who are living men [angels incarnate], evolved further than average humanity.” - A
Rough Outline of Theosophy by Annie Besant)

Theosophists believe the more advanced angels came to our
planet to aid us lowly humans in our evolutionary progression (in this
way they have been deceived like Eve in the Biblical Book of
“The Occultist calls it the Akashic Record. Science groping after it
says it must be there, but it cannot deal with it. Naturally. It can be
dealt with only by the development of certain faculties in man. In that
way I speak of what I have “seen.” In that way I said that I knew that
the Hierarchy (the angels) came from elsewhere, because I have seen
the coming to our world of those great Lords of Light (the Shining
Ones; the Angelic Hosts of Christianity); I am told They came from

Shukra, Venus, which gave to our world the beginnings of its Occult
Hierarchy. That is beyond my powers of research I saw only the
arrival. There are certain traditions in some of your books which speak
about the coming of the great Lords. You read in them, for instance, of
the four Kumaras (Kumara means ‘prince/ruler.’ The ‘four Kumaras’
of which she speaks are Azazel and his three comrades in his cherub
Behemoth). Where did They come from? Who were They? They (the
angels) came to the world from somewhere. The Occult Records and
Hindu books say of the great Ones (the angels) that They came from
Shukra (Venus; read: from a different planet). They (the angels) came
to our world (they came to our Earth) because our world was ready,
was at a stage of the evolution of men capable of receiving that great
wave of Life which made the intellect of man possible. And They (the
angels) came because, without guidance from higher Beings, the
intellect would have gone wrong, plunged amid a world of passion and
animal nature, with which it was filled, to the great destruction of the
forward evolution of human beings.” - The Inner Government of Our World by
Annie Besant

“There is still one more source, the greatest of all, from which
Theosophy has derived its most important information, and that is
certain perfected men (read: incarnate angels) called sometimes the
Brothers and sometimes the Masters* who have completed their
human evolution but remain in touch with the world to assist humanity
in its growth (and this is the Theosophist’s greatest error—these beings
are in fact the fallen angels banished to Earth by God, bent on man’s
destruction). They…have at their command a great knowledge of
nature’s laws (the knowledge of science and physics, also known as
‘natural magic’**)…They place this knowledge at the disposal
of…those who ask for it…The information which the Brothers have
given to those who have thus qualified themselves to receive it, has
rounded out and completed the theosophical system of thought…it is
nothing less than the bedrock upon which all phases of the world’s
thought and activity are founded.” – Theosophy Simplified by Irving S.
Cooper, 1915 A.D., Krotona, Hollywood, Los Angeles CA
(*Concerning the existence of these angelic Masters, Dr. Hans Holzer,
a prominent parapsychologist with the American Society for Psychical
Research writes: “If I ever had any doubts that the Masters really
existed in the nonphysical world and that these were people [angels
incarnate] with superior knowledge and powers, I no longer feel that

way… They seek out people to carry their messages forward…and in
general pull the strings… The living then become the pawns of the
spiritual entities…carry out the Masters’ plan.” – p.395 Witches: True
Encounters with Wicca, Wizards, Covens, Cults and Magick, 2002
A.D.) (** “The dictionary definition of the word magic is ‘the use of
supernatural means to produce preternatural results.’ In Theosophy we
cannot agree with that definition, because we hold that nothing is
supernatural, and that however unusual or curious any phenomenon
may be, it happens in obedience to the laws of nature [‘natural magic,’
also known as physics]. We recognize that as yet man knows very few
of these laws, and that consequently many things may happen that he
cannot explain; but, reasoning from analogy as well as from direct
observation, we feel certain that the laws themselves are immutable,
and that whenever anything to us inexplicable is produced, the
inexplicability is due to our ignorance of the laws and not to any
contravention of them.” - Some Glimpses of Occultism Chapter VIII by C.W.
Leadbeater, 1919 A.D.)

“The Great Brotherhood, or Great White Lodge, consists in part or
those highly evolved Souls (included in which assemblage is Azazel’s
group of four fallen angels) who have reached that stage or the
evolutionary pathway which gives them membership or what is called
in occult literature the Inner Government of the world, and in part or
those who, though far off from such a stage, are nevertheless
sufficiently advanced to be trained to become members or this
Government, compared with which all outer governments are but toy
governments, in the future. Membership of the Great Brotherhood, or
Great White Lodge, is open to the very earnest and faithful worker
who has begun to know the nature and purpose of life. But he stands
on the lowest rungs of the great Ladder of the Inner Life, is but a
student of government, not a veritable Master in the science.” - Footnote
2 from Kundalini by G.S. Arundale, 1938 A.D.

According to Theosophist George S. Arundale in Thoughts on
"At the Feet of the Master" (1918 A.D.): “…the great White
Brotherhood” is “a brotherhood which some day shall exist in the
outer world.” (No doubt in reference to Azazel’s prophesized release
from his earthen imprisonment in 2016 A.D.)
“The present volume would indeed be a very fragmentary fragment if
allowed to go forth without a more detailed account of those spiritually

exalted men (the incarnate angels), the Adept-Teachers of the Esoteric
Doctrine, to whom such constant references have been made in these
pages…There was a time, before the dark shadows of materialism,
ecclesiastical and scientific, spread over humanity, when the Adept
(an angel), as king and as priest, guided the progress of our
race**…It has been mentioned before, that at the birth of man, a
Dhyan Chohan*** (an angel) came to dwell upon our planet and
instruct the children of Earth…” - Man: Fragments of a Forgotten History by "Two
Chelâs (Two Initiates)" (*** “Dhyan Chohans, ‘Lords of Light,’ defined as ‘the divine
Intelligences charged with the supervision of Kosmos’ (Azazel is at times referred to as
Kosmos/Cosmos) [The Theosophical Glossary]. Mme Blavatsky points out that they
correspond to Archangels recognized in the Roman Catholic system…(Dhyani-Chohans) are
the collective hosts of spiritual beings—the Angelic Hosts of Christianity, the Elohim and
‘Messengers’ of the Jews—who are the vehicle for the manifestation of the divine or universal
thought and will…This hierarchy of spiritual Beings, through which the Universal Mind
comes into action, is like an army—a ‘Host’ (of angels), truly—by means of which the
fighting power of a nation manifests itself, and which is composed of army corps, divisions,
brigades, regiments, and so forth... [The Secret Doctrine -I, 38 /I, 70 /I, 112]” - Deity, Cosmos
and Man by Geoffrey Farthing. Compare to Paracelsus writing in the 16th Century: “A man
comes into possession of creative power by uniting his own mind [in a theurgic union] with
the Universal Mind, and he who succeeds in doing so will be in possession of the highest
possible wisdom; the lower realm of Nature will be subject to him, and the powers [angels] of
Heaven will aid him, because Heaven is the servant of wisdom.” The concept of the “Holy
Guardian Angel” with which practitioners of magic have so long sought to communicate is
connected to this metaphysical ideal of the ‘Universal Mind’ (per Nesta Webster: “…the
conception of a Universal Mind diffused through all things,” or per Franz Hartman:
“…everything that exists is an expression of the thoughts of the Universal Mind, pervading all
space… Everything that exists, exists in the Universal Mind…” - Magic, White and Black;
also known as ‘hylozoism,’ it is from this notion of the Universal Mind from which
Theosophical Society-member/psychiatrist Carl Jung derives his theory of the Collective
Unconscious) of which the Theosophical Society speaks: “To some extent, there is an aspect
of us that does exist beyond our physicality. It is the unseen part that helps us and tries to get
us where we need to be. It acts as a guide, counselor, best friend, parent, and many other
aspects depending on what we need at any given moment. Our Higher Self (“…the Higher
Self, the Holy Guardian Angel to whose Knowledge and Conversation he so ardently
aspires…” – p.115 The Tree of Life by Israel Regardie) will communicate with us in various
ways: through intuition, hunches, sudden unexpected life changes, etc (the ‘Higher Self’ [also
known as the ‘True Self’ and the ‘Alter Ego’] is a new designation in the parlance of
psychology for what had previously been known in the realm of ceremonial magic as
one’s ‘Holy Guardian Angel.’ See pp.13,64 Ceremonial Magic by Israel Regardie, 1980
A.D.). We may or may not choose to listen or act on those communications. But in essence, it
is our physical self that is the ‘receiver’ of these messages, just like a fax machine or a
telephone. When we talk about our Higher Self, it tends to conjure up all kinds of images of
some kind of angelic, mystical being located in some far away place (what practitioners of
magic previously referred to as your “Holy Guardian Angel”). Though there is a small amount
of truth to that image, the Higher Self is a lot more physical and most importantly, local than
most people tend to imagine. What most people don’t realize is that there is a very physical
component to this higher part of us. Our physical self, which includes our life situation,
relationships, and so on, is the outward reflection of what is going on at a higher level that is
filtered through our egos. If one chooses to receive and follow that guidance, the potential is

that one would become the physical manifestation of his or her Higher Self (in essence
becoming an avatar of an Overshadowing angel: “…a useful instrument through which the
Holy Guardian Angel and its Peers may work without restriction” [Ibid p.127]). If not, then
the opposite is true to the varying degree at which one chooses to accept and follow the divine
guidance brought through from the Higher Self. And because our Higher Self is an infinite
(immortal) being, our own potential is also infinite.” – Wikipedia: Universal Mind. In reality,
following the inputs of Overshadowing angels has led many a man to insanity and ruin. This
concept is however a Theosophical Society teaching: “…in The Epitome of Theosophy we find
Judge writing: 'It is held that the real man, who is the higher self…overshadows the visible
being... Thus it is said that the higher Spirit is not in the man, but above him.' All mystical and
magical procedure has as its object so to purify the lower self that this higher self [the angel]
which normally only overshadows us and is seldom in full incarnation may descend into a
purified and consecrated vehicle [being in full possession of that person].” – p.14 Foundations
of Practical Magic by Israel Regardie, 1979 A.D.) (** In anti-deluvian times, angels [often
referred to as ‘gods’] ruled over cities, each his own. As we learn from the early church father
Origin in The Philokalia Chapter XXIII v. 1 there were those who professed [the 2nd century
Greek philosopher Celsus amongst them] that God, whom the Greeks knew as Zeus,
“originally assigned the different parts of the earth to the different guardian angels” and
“having been made into separate realms are that way administered.” As noted by American
psychologist Julian Jaynes in The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral
Mind [1976 A.D.]: “Throughout Mesopotamia, from the earliest times of Sumer and Akkad,
all lands were owned by gods [read: angels] and men were their slaves. Of this, the cuneiform
texts leave no doubt whatsoever.” In fact, the many national gods representing the angel
Azazel are oft times depicted as kings, for there was a day when the angel Azazel ruled on
Earth as king. In the Sumerian King List, Dumuzi [Tammuz], a god who represents the angel
Azazel, is listed therein as a king of Sumer [Sumer itself is named after Azazel. Sumer is a
cognate of the name of the god Suman/Saman, also a god who represented Azazel]. Azazel is
also represented as the Erl-King, king of the elves, as Ashmodai/Asmodeus, king of demons,
as Osiris, king of the underworld, the serpent king Mucalinda, Nergal, King of the underworld
of Hades, Melqart, king of the underworld, Ana, King of the Lower World, the Manichean
King of Darkness whose kingdom lies below the earth, Chicunauhmictlan, king of the
underworld, Arawn, king of the Otherworld, Moloch, a god whose very name translates as
‘king’ [mlk], Pan, king of satyrs, Sylvanus, king of sylvans, Oberon [‘Ob’ translates as
‘serpent’; compare to Obi, the serpent god of Obeah], king of fairies, and Enki, King of the
Earth [it must be noted Sumer was known as KI.EN.GIR, the ‘land of the Watchers’ [IR =
Watcher]. If we remove the E, the I and the R from the word KI.EN.GIR, we are left with the
word ‘king.’ Also the root of the title Enki [compare to KI.EN], who likewise represented
Azazel, namely, -ki, is also the root of the word ‘king,’ namely, ki-])

It is claimed the rebellious fallen angels commanded the very
creation of the Theosophical Society itself:
“The Theosophical Society was founded in New York in 1875, with
the avowed object of forming a nucleus for a Universal
Brotherhood,** and its founders state that they believe the Indian
Mahatmas (read: the rebellious fallen angels) directed them to
establish such a society.” - Echoes from the Orient Chapter I by William Q. Judge,
1890 A.D. (** This Universal Brotherhood [Katherine Tingley’s group located at Point Loma
in San Diego, CA circa 1900 A.D.] was created upon this very self-same concept and the
Universal Brotherhood itself consisted of Theosophical Society members and Thelemites

[Thelemites are by definition OTO members]. Universal Brotherhood member Paul Foster
Case [an OTO-member initiated into the ranks of the Universal Brotherhood] has revealed this
group to be connected to the Bavarian Illuminati itself. Paul Foster Case had also been a
member of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as well as a member of Hermetic Order
of the Golden Dawn-member/OTO-member Aleister Crowley’s A:.A:. magic order. All of
these groups are quite interconnected)

Amongst a host of other titles, the rebellious fallen angels are
known as the Mahatmas. Azazel’s group of rebellious fallen angels
employ ELF waves (as well as does Satan’s band of fallen angels; all
the cherubim of the angels have this same technological capability)
which gives them the ability to implant thoughts within the human
brain. From this concept comes the Theosophic belief in telepathy and
thought-transference. In The Bible, this force is known as the “spirit
of error.” This is also known as the ‘odic force’ as promulgated in the
mid 19th century by Baron Carl Reichenbach, a member of the
Prussian Academy of Sciences. The Theosophist William Q. Judge
writes of the influence the rebellious fallen angels in this way exert
upon the world: “But, asks the busy man of the nineteenth century
who reads the newspapers and believes in "modern progress," if these
elder brothers (the rebel angels) are all you claim them to be, why have
they left no mark on history nor gathered men around them? Their (the
angels’) own reply, published some time ago by Mr. A.P. Sinnett, is
better than any I could write. "We will first discuss, if you please, the
one relating to the presumed failure of the 'Fraternity' to 'leave any
mark upon the history of the world.' They ought, you think, to have
been able, with their extraordinary advantages, to have 'gathered into
their schools a considerable portion of the more enlightened minds of
every race.' How do you know they have made no such mark? Are you
acquainted with their efforts, successes, and failures? …What they
have done they know; all that those outside their circle could perceive
was results, the causes of which were masked from view. To account
for these results, men have, in different ages, invented theories of the
interposition of gods, special providences, fates,** the benign or
hostile influences of the stars. There never was a time within or
before the so-called historical period when our predecessors (the
rebel angels) were not moulding events and 'making history,' …
And we, borne along on the mighty tide, can only modify and direct
some of its minor currents." (excerpted from A.P. Sinnett’s The Occult
World London 1888 A.D.)” - The Ocean of Theosophy Chapter I by William Q.
Judge (** ‘Fates’ are guardian tutelary spirits in the ancient Roman

tradition from whence is derived our word ‘fairies’ as well as the term
‘fay angels,’ all being representative of the rebellious fallen angels.
The word fate [cognate with fatal] is synonymous with the word
destroyer as in the Destroyer angels)
As Judge explains:
“Some years ago a well-known Anglo-Indian, writing to the
Theosophical Adepts (to Azazel’s group of rebellious fallen angels),
queried if they had ever made any mark upon the web of history,
doubting that they had. The reply was that he had no bar at which to
arraign them, and that they had written many an important line upon
the page of human life, not only as reigning in visible shape (these
angels reigned on Earth before the Deluge. Humans worshipped
them as gods), but down to the very latest dates when, as for many a
long century before, they did their work behind the scenes. To be more
explicit, these wonderful men (read: incarnate angels) have swayed
the destiny of nations and are shaping events today. Pillars of
peace and makers of war such as (Prussian stateman Otto von)
Bismarck (instrumental in the creation of the country known as
Germany, the leading combatant of World Wars I and II), or
saviors of nations such as (American Presidents George)
Washington, (Abraham) Lincoln and (Ulysses S.) Grant, owe their
elevation, their singular power, and their astonishing grasp upon
the right men for their purposes, not to trained intellect or long
preparation in the schools of their day, but to these very unseen
Adepts (rebellious fallen angels)…” - Echoes from the Orient Chapter IV by
William Q. Judge, 1890 A.D. (And one may argue that the ideas of these men came from the
rebellious fallen angels with whom they were in contact. Master inventor Thomas Edison was
known as the Wizard of Menlo Park, not from his creative prowess, per se, but from the
ceremonial magic practices in which he was involved as a member in good standing of the
mystical Theosophical Society. The rebellious fallen angels were known to implant thoughts
within the minds of such Overshadowed men. Perhaps it is to these very angels that Edison
owes his inspirations)

In an 1883 A.D. article in Theosophist magazine entitled ‘The
Adepts in America in 1776,’ William Q. Judge divulges: “The
reflecting mind is filled with astonishment upon reviewing the history
of the rise of the United States of N. America, when it perceives that
dogmatic theology has no foundation in any part of the Declaration of
Independence or Constitution for the structure which it fain would
raise and has so often since tried to erect within and upon the

government. We are astonished because those documents were
formulated and that government established at a time when dogmatism
of one kind or another had supreme sway. Although the Puritans and
others had come to America for religious freedom, they were still very
dogmatic and tenacious of their own peculiar theories and creed; so
that if we found in this fundamental law much about religion and
religious establishments, we would not be surprised. But in vain do we
look for it, in vain did the supporters of the iron church attempt to lay
the needed corner stone, and today America rejoices at it, and has
thereby found it possible to grow with the marvelous growth that has
been the wonder of Europe. The nullification of these efforts made by
bigotry in 1776 was due to the adepts (the rebellious fallen angels)
who now look over and give the countenance of their great name
(‘Theosophi’) to the Theosophical Society. They (the rebellious
fallen angels) oversaw the drafting of the Declaration and the
drawing of the Constitution, and that is why no foothold is to be
found for these blatant Christians who desire to inject God into
the constitution. In the declaration, from which freedom sprang,
"nature and nature's god" are referred to. In the 2nd and 3rd
paragraphs the natural rights of man are specified, such as life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness. The king is spoken of as being unworthy
to be "the head of a civilized nation," nothing being said as to whether
he was the head, or worthy to be, of a Christian one. In appealing to
their British brethren, the declaration says the appeal is "made to their
native justice and magnanimity." All reference to religion and
Christianity or God's commands are left out. This was for the very
good reason that for 1700 years religion had battled against progress,
against justice, against magnanimity, against the rights of man. And in
the concluding sentence the signers mutually pledge each other to its
support ignoring all appeals to God. In the constitution of 1787 the
preamble declares that the instrument was made for union, for justice,
for tranquility and defense, the general good and liberty. Art. VI says
no religious test as a qualification for office shall ever be required, and
the 1st Amendment prohibits an establishment of religion or restraint
of its free exercise. The great Theosophical Adepts (the rebellious
angels) in looking around the world for a mind through which they
could produce in America the reaction which was then needed, found
in England, Thomas Paine. In 1774 they (the rebellious angels)
influenced him, through the help of that worthy (Freemasonic) Brother
Benjamin Franklin, to come to America. He came here and was the

main instigator of the separation of the Colonies from the British
Crown. At the suggestion of (George) Washington, (Benjamin)
Franklin, (Thomas) Jefferson and other Freemasons, whose minds
through the teachings of the symbolic degrees of masonry were fitted
to reason correctly, and to reject theological conservation, he wrote
"Common Sense," which was the torch to the pile whose blaze burned
away the bonds between England and America. For "Common Sense"
he was often publicly thanked. George Washington wrote September
10th, 1783, to Paine: "I shall be exceedingly happy to see you. Your
presence may remind Congress of your past services to this country,
and if it is in my power to impress them, command my best exertions
with freedom, as they will be rendered cheerfully by one who
entertains a lively sense of the importance of your works." And again
in June 1784, in a letter to (James) Madison, Washington says: "Can
nothing be done in our assembly for poor Paine? Must the merits and
services of 'Common Sense' continue to glide down the stream of time
unrewarded by this country? His writings certainly have had a
powerful effect upon the public mind. Ought they not then to meet an
adequate return?" In the "Age of Reason" which he wrote in Paris
several years after, Paine says: "I saw, or at least I thought I saw, a
vast scene opening itself to the world in the affairs of America; and it
appeared to me that unless the Americans changed the plan they were
then pursuing and declared themselves independent, they would not
only involve themselves in a multiplicity of new difficulties, but shut
out the prospect that was then offering itself to mankind through their
means." Further on he says: "There are two distinct classes of
thoughts; those produced by reflection, and those that bolt into the
mind of their own accord. I have always made it a rule to treat
these voluntary visitors with civility, and it is from them I have
acquired all the knowledge that I have." These "voluntary visitors"
were injected into his brain by the Adepts (by the rebellious fallen
angels), Theosophists. Seeing that a new order of ages was about to
commence and that there was a new chance for freedom and the
brotherhood of man (a key Theosophic goal), they laid before the eye
of Thomas Paine—who they knew could be trusted to stand almost
alone with the lamp of truth in his hand amidst others who in "times
that tried men's souls" quaked with fear—a "vast scene opening itself
to Mankind in the affairs of America." The result was the Declaration,
the Constitution for America. And as if to give point to these words
and to his declaration that he saw this vast scene opening itself, this

new order of ages, the design of the reverse side of the U.S. great seal
is a pyramid whose capstone is removed with the blazing eye in a
triangle over it dazzling the sight, above it are the words "the heavens
approve," while underneath appears the startling sentence "a new
order of ages." That he had in his mind's eye a new order of ages we
cannot doubt upon reading in his "Rights of Man," Part 2, Chap. 2, "no
beginning could be made in Asia, Africa or Europe, to reform the
political condition of man. She (America) made a stand not for herself
alone, but for the world, and looked beyond the advantage she could
receive." In Chap. 4, "The case and circumstances of America present
themselves as in the beginning of a world...there is a morning of
reason rising upon man, on the subject of Government, that has not
appeared before." The design "of the seal" was not an accident, but
was actually intended to symbolize the building and firm founding of a
new order of ages. It was putting into form the idea which by means of
a "voluntary visitor" (an implanted thought) was presented to the mind
of Thomas Paine, of a vast scene opening itself, the beginning in
America of "a new order of ages." That side of the seal has never been
cut or used, and at this day the side in use has not the sanction of law.
In the spring of 1841, when Daniel Webster was Secretary of State, a
new seal was cut, and instead of the eagle holding in his sinister claw
13 arrows as intended, he holds only six. Not only was this change
unauthorized, but the cause for it is unknown. When the other side is
cut and used, will not the new order of ages have actually been
established? More then is claimed for the Theosophical Adepts (the
rebellious fallen angels) than the changing of baser metal into gold (a
goal of the Alchemists/Rosicrucians), or the possession of such a
merely material thing as the elixir of life. They (the rebellious fallen
angels) watch (a play on the word ‘Watcher’) the progress of man
and help him on in his halting flight up the steep plane of progress.
They (the rebellious fallen angels) hovered over Washington,
Jefferson, and all the other brave freemasons who dared to found
a free Government in the West, which could be pure from the
dross of dogmatism, they (the rebellious fallen angels) cleared
their minds, inspired their pens and left upon the great seal of this
mighty nation the memorial of their presence.
October, 1883” (Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours [father of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont,
the founder of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company© (better known as DuPont©, one of the
largest [al]chemical companies in the world), patriarch and progenitor of one of America's
richest business dynasties], who was a French friend of the first United States Ambassador to
France Benjamin Franklin, wrote in his book entitled Philosophy of the Universe of “immortal

spirits which he called "Optimates" and through whom any illuminé can have
communication. It is always the doctrine of the "ammoneans" gods, the "eons" or
"eloims'' (the Elohim; angels) of antiquity.” - from a Footnote to Occult Theocracy p.213).
As we learn from Wikipedia: Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours: “Pierre Samuel du Pont de
Nemours (December 14, 1739 – August 7, 1817) was a French nobleman, writer, economist,
and government official, who was the father of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, the founder of E.I.
duPont de Nemours and Company, patriarch and progenitor of one of America's richest
business dynasties of the 19th and 20th centuries...He was initially a supporter of the French
Revolution and served as president of the National Constituent Assembly...he and his entire
family left for the United States in 1799... In the United States, he developed strong ties with
industry and government, in particular with Thomas Jefferson. Pierre engaged in informal
diplomacy between the United States and France during the reign of Napoleon (who in 1797
A.D. had attempted to abolish the Papacy only to be frustrated in this attempt by the Christian
czar of Russia). He was the originator of an idea that eventually became the Louisiana
Purchase…His son, Eleuthère Irénée, founded what would become one of the largest and most
successful American corporations: E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company” [DuPont©].” The
du Pont family is connected to the Astor, Rockefeller and Roosevelt families [the Astors and
Roosevelts are related by marriage through President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s brother James
Roosevelt, Sr.]. The DuPont© corporation would play a major role in the Manhattan Project,
the Allied effort to create the atomic bomb which as the reader shall discover is a quite
common denominator amongst the latter day occultists of our story)

And again in an 1884 A.D. article entitled ‘Adepts and
“…the American revolution was a just one, started to accomplish a
beneficial end… Allow me to point to a historical fact in connection
with the Count St. Germain (who had played an important role in the
palace intrigue which resulted in the dethronement of Russian
Emperor Peter III, thereby replacing him with Catherine the Great in
1762 A.D.), which will shed some light on the question of what, if any,
connection do some adepts (rebellious fallen angels) have with
justifiable revolutions. One of the well-known generals who fought
with (George) Washington, in the Continental army against the British,
was General Fred. Wm. Von Stueben, a Prussian. In 1777 he was in
Paris, and at the same time the [Claude Louis] Count St. Germain was
Minister of War there [the Count St. Germain had served in the armies
of Bavaria under the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII and Frederick
the Great]. They were well acquainted with each other [Von Steuben
had served as aide-de-camp for Frederick the Great], and the Count
induced Von Steuben to come over to America and offer his sword to
Genl. Washington. He did so, was gladly received, and did splendid
service in the cause of liberty. Everybody knows that St. Germain was
an Adept (an incarnate, rebellious fallen angel), and the fact above
detailed is set forth in many publications and letters of authentic force.

Mr. Dolatram picks up the expression "brother (Benjamin) Franklin." I
never heard, nor ever said, that Franklin was a Theosophist. He was a
Freemason, and therefore a "brother," so was (George) Washington
and (Thomas) Jefferson. A sincere mason will be a just man who
reveres liberty and abhors a tyrant. As Krishna (a Hindu god who
represented the angel Azazel) says in the Bhagavad-Gita (as found
within the 18 book Hindu epic poem, the Mahabharata, an Eastern
religious work abounding with tales of supernatural beings, their
human partners and their heroic hybrid offspring) of himself, we may
hear the Adept (the rebellious fallen angel) saying: "I am manifested in
every age for the purpose of restoring duty and destroying evil doing"
(thereby masquerading as an angel of light). Ex Asiatic Theosophist,
June, 1884”
The following is from an 1890 A.D. article by Judge entitled
‘One of the Signs of the Cycle’:
“The people of all nations now turn their eyes to America, and that
name for them stands for the United States. Its energy, activity, and
freedom hold the imagination of the foreigner, and here he thinks
aspirations may be realized, unfettered by the chains of caste, kingly
prerogative, or religious restraint. With all that, Europeans often laugh
at the newness and crudity of America, yet admiration cannot be
withheld for the tremendous nerve power, the facile adaptability, the
swift onward rush of the civilization beginning to bloom in the United
States. It is the occult forces working in this land and really
affecting all men, whether they know it or not, that is the reason.
Men who are not counted seers often see centuries into the future; and
Tom Paine, the last who could be called a seer, had one such sight
about America, although he called it a thought or "that which he saw
with his mind's eye." When he was yet in England he wrote that he
seemed to see a great vista opening for the world in the affairs in
America. This was before he wrote Common Sense, which, as George
Washington said, did more for our independence than any other thing.
Paine was destined to be a great factor in American affairs, and
naturally-in the occultist's eyes at least-he would see in advance some
slight vision of the "great experiment" in which he was so soon to take
an influential share. This experiment was not conceived alone by
mortal minds, but is a part of the evolutionary plan, for here the next
great movement has already begun and will reach a high development.

Its greatest importance for us is theosophically. We think, quite
naturally, that the theosophic ideas and culture are supreme, but if we
needed confirmation from the outer barbarians we have it in the latelywritten words of the great Frenchman, Emile Burnouf (1821-1907
A.D.), who said that one of the three great factors in religious
development of today is the Theosophical Society. If we assume this to
be true, a glance at statistics will point to one of the signs of the cycle.
In England there are almost 30 million people, yet for fifteen years the
Theosophical Society has not made much progress there. For some
years but one branch existed-the London Lodge, and now there are not
ten. India has a population of 350,000,000, but if a count were taken
we should find that the possible material available for the creation of
T.S. (Theosophical Society) Branches would not reach 1,000,000
souls. The reason for this is that out of the whole of 350,000,000 there
are an immense number who cannot sympathise with the movement,
indeed can hardly know of it, because they are uneducated and unable
to speak or read English; the English-speaking Hindu is one who joins
us there. And we find in India say 175 active Branches. Turning now
to America—to the United States where Theosophy has been
promulgated—we can only reckon on a population of say 50,000,000.
Yet those 50,000,000 have furnished us with 36 Branches, and more
rapidly coming into existence. Those who work for and in the T.S.
(Theosophical Society) in the United States know of the great interest
there is in the subject in every part of the country, and can feel quite
sure that not only may there very soon be one hundred Branches here,
but also that nearly every man, woman, and child will ere long know
of the word of Theosophy and of the Society bearing its name. Several
causes make this possible in the United States as nowhere else. There
is a wider spread of general English education, a more constant
reading of newspapers and magazines by all classes from lowest to
highest, and a keener spirit of inquiry working in a freer mental
atmosphere, than in any other country. The statistics given lead to but
one conclusion: they place the possibilities of theosophical growth in
the United States ahead of India. Anyone can calculate the proportions
in the proposition: given the U.S. with 50 million people and 36
Branches, more than two-thirds of which have been formed within the
last three years, and India numbering one million available people and
175 Branches, of which the greater number have been in existence
many years, which is greater proportional growth and which gives
greater promise for the future? But the analysis must not end here, for

the conditions and the people are different. Most of India's people will
probably for many centuries remain as they are, some technical
idolators, some Jains, some Mohammedans, some Fire worshippers,
and some Buddhists. But here the lines of demarcation between the
different sects are being shaded into disappearance, there are no great
differences of religion and of caste, and people of all avowed religions
are daily finding theosophy creeping into their thoughts and their
literature. It is a sign of the Cycle; it points to India as the conserver of
the ancient wisdom-religion (Theosophy), and to America as its new
and vigorous champion who will adopt those old truths without fear of
caste or prejudice, and exemplify them through the new race to be
brought forth in the old Fifth continent. The careful student of
Theosophy will not fail to see that America alone, of all lands, meets
all the requirements respecting the problem. "Where is the new race to
be born?" H.P. Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine calls it the Fifth
continent, although for the time including Europe under that head.
Here we see the fusion of all races going on before our eyes, and here
too is the greatest push of energy, of inquiry, and of achievement.
William Brehon Path, May, 1890” (It must be noted that the Father of
Indian independence Mahatma Ghandi (October 2, 1869 – January 30,
1948) and the First Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru
(November 14, 1889 – May 27, 1964) were famous historical players
who are in fact known to be Indian Theosophical Society members
(Theosophical Society Adyar). The loss of much of Britain’s Empire
(most importantly the loss of India due to Ghandi’s famous nonviolent exertions) as well as the ravishments inflicted on Britain by
Germany during World War II left America pre-eminent on the world
scene, inaugurating the Baconian new order of the ages).
“Student—Are there any Adepts (rebellious fallen angels) in America
or Europe? Sage—Yes, there are and always have been. But they have
for the present kept themselves hidden from the public gaze. The real
ones have a wide work to do in many departments of life and in
preparing certain persons who have a future work to do. Though their
influence is wide they are not suspected, and that is the way they want
to work for the present…Nothing is omitted by these Adepts. In
Europe it is the same way...” - Vernal Blooms by William Quan Judge
“The word “glamour” (‘deceptio visus’) was long ago defined in old
dictionaries as “witchery or a charm on the eyes, making them see

things differently from what they really are.” … This power of
glamour is used more often than people think, and not excluding
members of the T.S. (the Theosophical Society), by the Adepts (the
rebellious fallen angels). They (the angels) are often among us from
day to day appearing in a guise we do not recognize, and are
dropping ideas into men’s minds…as well as also inciting men and
women to good acts (as these implanted “ideas,” though not
always good, are put into action by those who receive them). By
this means they (the angels) pass unrecognized and are able to
accomplish more...” - Vernal Blooms by William Quan Judge (Pertinent Quote:
“…the brain…is an electromagnetic receiver, similar in many respects to a radio…impulses to
the brain from all systems and organs of the body are electrical. The optical system converts
light to electricity, which in turn stimulates the visual areas of the brain; the auditory system
does the same with sound. Even the will to act is governed by electrical impulses to the
brain…electrical stimulation to specific parts of the brain can control certain emotions. If
these signals can be given directly, then theoretically they can be transmitted over a distance,
to be received by our ‘brain radios.’ The brain is also a transmitter…So again, in theory we
can imagine a device capable of refining and amplifying these signals, making it possible to
[transmit as well as to] receive them from a long distance.” – pp.33-34 God Drives a Flying
Saucer by R. L. Dione, 1969 A.D.)

The following is from an 1892 A.D. article in Lucifer magazine
entitled ‘On the Furture: A Few Reflections’:
"It seems as if some power (‘power’ is a word synonymous with
‘angel’), deliberately planning, had selected North and South America
for the place where a new primary root-race should be begun (America
is indeed a ‘melting pot’ of races and cultures). These two continents
were evidently the seats of ancient races and not the habitat of wild
undeveloped men. The red man of the Northern one has all the
appearance and (Shamanic) beliefs of a once great race. He believes in
one God (the Great Spirit), a Devachan** of happy hunting after
death. Some tribes have diagrams of how the world was formed and
peopled, that strangely resemble Hindû cosmogony, and their folklore
bears deep marks of having come down from an older and better time.
Following the course of exploration southwards, we find accumulating
evidences all the way of a prior civilization now gone with the cyclic
wave which brought it up. Central America is crowded with remains in
stone and brick; and so on south still we discover similar proofs. In
course of time these continents became what might be called arable
land, lying waiting, recuperating, until the European streams of men
began to pour upon it. The Spanish overflowed South America and

settled California and Mexico; the English, French, and Spanish took
the North, and later all nations came, so that now in both continents
nearly every race is mixed and still mixing. Chinese even have married
women of European blood; Hindûs are also here; the ancient Parsî race
has its representatives; the Spanish mixed with the aborigines, and the
slaveholders with the Africans. I doubt not but that someone from
every race known to us has been here and has left, within the last two
hundred years, some impression through mixture of blood…But no
America as we now know it will exist. Yet these men must be the
descendants of the race that is now rising here. Otherwise our
philosophy is all wrong. So then, in America now is forming the new
sub-race, and in this land was founded the present Theosophical
Society: two matters of great importance. It was to the United States,
observe, that the messenger of the Masters (angels) came, although
Europe was just as accessible for the enterprise set on foot. Later, this
messenger went to India and then to Europe, settling down in the
British Isles. All of this is of importance in our reflections. For why in
America at first does she begin the movement, and why end her part of
it in England? One might be led to ask why was not an effort made at
all costs to give the last impulse outwardly in the land of promise
where she began the work? Do not imagine for one moment, O ye
English brothers of mine, that London was selected for this because
the beauties of your island called her, or for that she had decided at the
finish that after all a mistake had been made in not going there first. It
was all out of stern necessity, with a wisdom derived from many older
heads, having in view the cycles as they sweep restlessly forward. The
point where the great energy is started, the centre of force, is the more
important, and not the place at which it is ended. And this remains
true, no matter how essential the place of ending may be in the
scheme. What, do you suppose India is not as important? and would
not that land have offered seemingly a better spot than all for the
beginning of the magnum opus? Adepts (the rebellious fallen angels)
do not make mistakes like that. America’s discovery is ascribed to
Christopher Columbus. Although it is doubted, yet no one doubts that
the Spanish people did the most at first in peopling it, meanwhile
working off some old and making some new Karma, by killing many
of the aborigines. Thus it is that doomed people rush on to their doom,
even as the troops of insects, animals and men were seen by Arjuna to
rush into Krishna's flaming mouths. But later came the sturdy stock
from England, who, in the greatest nation, the most enduring on this

continent, have left their impress indelibly in the people, in its laws, in
its constitution, its customs, its literature and language. Perhaps
England and Ireland are the gateways for the Egos (read: fallen angels)
who incarnate here in the silent work of making a new race. Maybe
there is some significance in the fact that more lines of steamships
conveying human freight come to the United States from England,
passing Ireland on the way as the last seen land of the old world, than
from anywhere else. The deeds of men, the enterprises of merchants,
and the wars of soldiers all follow implicitly a law that is fixed in the
stars, and while they copy the past they ever symbolize the future. Did
H. P. B. (Helena P. Blavatsky) only joke when she wrote in her book
that Ireland is an ancient Atlantean remnant, and England a younger
Isle, whose rising from the sea was watched by wise men (Magi) from
Erin's (Ireland’s) shore? Perhaps the people of that old land may have
an important influence in the new race of America. It would appear
from comparison that they might have had, and probably will in the
future. Perhaps, politically, since many expect social disturbances in
America. In such a case any student of character will admit that the
Irish, ignorant or not, will stand for law and order - for her sons are not
battling here with an ancient foe. Why, too, by strange freak of fate is
the great stone of destiny in Westminster Abbey fixed under the
coronation chair on which the Queen was crowned? Let us also be
informed if there be any finger-shadow pointing to the future in the
fact that England's Queen, crowned over that stone, is Empress of
India, from which we claim the Aryans came, and where their glorious
long-forgotten knowledge is preserved? Her name is Victory
(Victoria). It is the victory for "the new order of Ages"; and that new
order began in America…For in America those whose Karma has led
them there will work for the same end and brotherhood as others left in
India and Europe. The dominant language and style of thought in
America is English, albeit transforming itself every day. It is there that
silently the work goes on…” - William Q. Judge, F.T.S. Lucifer, March, 1892” (**
Devachan, from where originate the devas/angels, represents the New Earth: “The word
Devachan is the theosophical name for heaven (read: the New Earth), and, literally translated,
means the shining land, or the Land of the Gods (or rather, I might say, the land of the
‘shining ones’). (Devasthan, the place of the Gods, is the Sanskrit equivalent. It is the Svarga
of the Hindus; the Sukhâvati of the Buddhists; the Heaven of the Zoroastrians and Christians,
and of the less materialised among the Mohammedans).” - Chapter V The Ancient Wisdom by
Annie Besant)

Freemasonry is part of what is known as The Theosophical

“The Theosophical Movement (the creation of which was influenced
by the rebellious fallen angels) being continuous, it is to be found in all
times and in all nations. Wherever thought has struggled to be free,
wherever spiritual ideas, as opposed to forms and dogmatism, have
been promulgated, there the great movement is to be discerned. Jacob
Boehme's work was a part of it, and so also was the Theosophical
Society of over one hundred years ago; (Martin) Luther's reformation
(made possible through the secret Rosicrucian Society, Rosicrucianism
being known as ‘the great reformation of Occultism in the West.” See
p. 105 Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn, King, 1987) must be
reckoned as a portion of it; and the great struggle between Science and
Religion, clearly portrayed by Draper (as related in History of the
Conflict Between Religion and Science by John William Draper,
M.D.; 1910 A.D.)), was every bit as much a motion of the
Theosophical Movement as is the present Society of that name indeed that struggle, and the freedom thereby gained for science, were
really as important in the advance of the world, as are our different
organizations. And among political examples of the movement is to be
counted the Independence of the American colonies, ending in the
formation of a great nation, theoretically based on Brotherhood. One
can therefore see that to worship an organization, even though it be the
beloved theosophical one, is to fall down before Form (a reference to
the god Khoronzon, who is Azazel, known as the ‘Master of Form’ in
the Enochian magic system, or Master KH for short), and to become
the slave once more of that dogmatism which our portion of the
Theosophical Movement, the T.S. (the Theosophical Society), was
meant to overthrow. Some members have worshipped the so-called
"Theosophical Society," thinking it to be all in all, and not properly
perceiving its de facto and piecemeal character as an organization nor
that it was likely that this devotion to mere form would lead to a
nullification of Brotherhood at the first strain. And this latter, indeed,
did occur with several members. They even forgot, and still forget, that
H. P. Blavatsky herself declared that it were better to do away with the
(Theosophical) Society rather than to destroy Brotherhood, and that
she herself declared the European part of it free and independent.
These worshippers think that there must be a continuance of the old
form (magic based?) in order for the (Theosophical) Society to have an
international character. But the real unity and prevalence, and the real

internationalism, do not consist in having a single organization. They
are found in the similarity of aim, of aspiration, of purpose, of
teaching, of ethics. Freemasonry - a great and important part of the
true Theosophical Movement - is universally international; and yet its
organizations are numerous, autonomous, sovereign, independent. The
Grand Lodge of the state of New York, including its different Lodges,
is independent of all others in any state, yet every member is a Mason
and all are working on a single plan. Freemasons over all the world
belong to the great International Masonic Body, yet they have
everywhere their free and independent government. The American
Group, being by geographical and other conditions outwardly separate,
began the change so as to be in government free and independent, but
in basis, aspiration, aim and work united with all true Theosophists.
Path, August, 1895” – ‘The Theosophical Movement’ (“The Habsburg realm became
internally divided when the German princes of the Empire had largely supported the Protestant
movement against the Catholic Church, which was ostensibly defended by the Habsburg
rulers. The rising tide of the Protestant movement came to a head in Bohemia, where the
Kabbalistic underground surfaced in the manner of the Order of the Rosicrucians, otherwise
known as the Order of the Rosy Cross. The ultimate aim of the Order was that of abolishing
the (Roman Catholic) Church, and replacing it with a government of “wise” rulers (a
priesthood of wisemen/Magi, invokers of fallen angels. This movement lives on at the
Bohemian Grove, from which in part it derives its name). As explained by occult historian
Laurence Gardner [Bloodline of the Holy Grail, p.306]: ‘It was by no chance that Martin
Luther’s protest gained support in some very influential circles, for Rome had many enemies
in high places. Not the least of these enemies were the Knights Templars, and the underground
Hermetic societies [including the Rosicrucians] whose esoteric crafts [such as alchemy, magic
and witchcraft] had been condemned by the Catholic Inquisition. The truth was not so much
that Luther gained the support of others, but that he was the willing instrument of an already
active movement [this ‘movement’ being known as the Theosophical Movement] which
endeavored to dismantle the rigid international domination of the Pope.’” – Terrorism and the
Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History by David Livingstone)

The Theosophical Society is one of the latest players amongst a
greater Theosophical Movement of which the Freemasonic and
Rosicrucian movements were a part:
“The Theosophical Society, in its brief history, has produced a vast
field of literature embracing science, philosophy and religion—as well
as mysticism and occultism. The Secret Doctrine by Madame H.P.
Blavatsky is an almost inexhaustible source. Besides the Theosophical
Society, there are other contemporary movements which emphasize
some particular phase of this universal teaching: The Christian
Mystics, the Rosicrucian Fellowship, the Masonic Order, to name only
a few.” - PREFACE from The Theosophical Seal (Arthur M. Coon)

“Europe is a large place but the world is bigger yet. The sun of
Theosophy must shine for all, not for a part. There is more of this
movement than you have yet had an inkling of, and the work of the
T.S. (Theosophical Society) is linked in with similar work that is
secretly going on in all parts of the world” (it a conspiracy on a global
scale, a body composed of many cells; concerning the modern outcry
against conspiracy theorists, methinks the Madame doth protest too
much). - The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett Letter No. 47 (received 1882 A.D.)
These secret societies had embarked upon The Great Work.
The Great Work was “the mystery of lawlessness” which was “already
at work” (hence the name, The Great Work) in the time of Jesus, albeit
in the form of its original Masonic incarnation:
“Now concerning the (Second) coming of our Lord Jesus Christ…Let
no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the
rebellion comes first (a reference to the American Revolution of
1776), and the man of lawlessness (a reference to the beast with the
mortal wound that was healed) is revealed (takes office), the son of
perdition…the mystery of lawlessness (this term “the mystery of
lawlessness” is in reference to the coming of the lawless one, that is, of
the beast with the mortal wound that was healed, by the activity of the
rebel angel Satan. See 2Thessalonians 2:9) is already at work (the
coming of the lawless one, that is, of the beast with the mortal wound
that was healed, was a scheme of Satan already in the works at the
time of Jesus); only he (an American president) who now restrains it
(who now restrains the revealing of the lawless one) will do so until he
is out of the way (until he dies or is incapacitated, unable to finish out
his fully elected term, or simply by the expiration of his duly elected
term). And then the lawless one (the beast with the mortal wound that
was healed) will be revealed (then the beast with the mortal wound
that was healed will assume office as a matter of succession)…” 2Thessalonians 2:1,3,7,8

“In time there came degradation of the Mysteries (these Mysteries
were centered around knowledge concerning the existence of the
rebellious fallen angels), and the inner light and life (the knowledge
conveyed by the Mysteries) were largely withdrawn from them, yet
they did not entirely die. In spite of the (Roman Catholic) Church, all
through the darkest times when anyone who was suspected of

unorthodoxy was relentlessly persecuted, when it would seem that
knowledge was dead, and that anything like intellectual progress was
impossible, there were nevertheless certain half-secret societies which
carried on something of the tradition and the (great) work. There
were the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians of the Middle Ages, the
Knights of Light, the Brothers of Asia, and many another occult body.
It is true that in many of these there seems to have been but little
knowledge, and even that heavily veiled; yet then, as ever, it remained
true that there were always in the background those who knew, so that
those who earnestly sought the Truth have always been able to find it.”
- Some Glimpses of Occultism by C.W. Leadbeater (Ceremonial magician G.I. Gurjieff’s Sufibased system was likewise referred to as “the work.”)

The Theosophical Society claims to even have played a part in
sowing the seeds for war in Europe:
“It is true that in that Theosophical Society we had a foretaste of this
endeavour to dominate the world, for the German section of the
Theosophical Society rose against the rest of it (he speaks of course of
the intrigues of Rudolf Steiner; unsuccessful in this endeavor, Steiner,
along with the entire German section of the Theosophical Society,
broke away and formed the German Anthroposophical Society in 1913
A.D.) and tried to obtain supreme power in the (Theosophical) Society
some years ago, before this war (World War I) was in sight. They
employed exactly the same weapons that are now being employed by
the political agents of the German press: the same unscrupulous lies,
the same discovery of spies in all sorts of unexpected places. We in
the Theosophical Society went through—on paper of course mainly—
a small edition of this attempt to capture the whole organization
(which attempt was a typical example of an Intelligence undercover
organizational takeover commonly practiced by the secretive
Intelligence networks through which the angels work). We did not
understand then; the utter unscrupulousness of it all astounded us.
Now we see that it was only part of the whole German scheme—an
attempt to get hold of a world-wide Society, through which something
might have been done to help the German plan of world-domination.
Fortunately, the scheme was defeated, with all its attendant calumny
and treachery” (unscrupulous in their entirety, the fallen angels will
not hesitate to play one group off against another in furtherance of
there aims. Contrary to popular Theosophical belief, they are not

friends of humankind; their aim is its ultimate destruction). - Occult View
of War by C.W. Leadbeater (Hitler did, however, gain control of a society in Germany from
whence he could launch his scheme of world-domination. The Vril Society (also known as The
Luminous Lodge) was a secret society founded in Berlin, Germany, by a group of Berlin
Rosicrucians being based on author Edward Bulwer-Lytton's novel The Coming Race [circa
1871 A.D.] about an advanced group of men [read: incarnate angels; ‘Underground
Supermen’] said to be residing within the Earth and of who it is said will later emerge to rule
over the world, which story was based on the story of the rebellious fallen angel Azazel.
Indeed, this novel was, as we learn from the words of Bulwer-Lytton, predicated on: “The
superstitious belief, common to miners, that gnomes or fiends dwell within the bowels of the
earth,” the gnomes being folkloric representations, of course, of Azazel and his group of fallen
angels entrapped within the earth. The Vril Society would later become the inner circle of the
Thule Society. The Thule Society was the organization that sponsored the Deutsche
Arbeiterpartei [The German Workers (read: Labor) Party] which was later transformed by
Adolf Hitler into the Nazi Party. Hitler too, claimed to be in contact with these ‘Underground
Supermen.’ It must be noted the swastika symbol adopted by the Nazi Party is an element in
the design of the Theosophical Society Seal. Of an interesting note, Annie Besant in Adyar
Pamphlet No. 30 entitled Communication between Different Worlds calls the Theosophical
Society “the nucleus of the Coming Race.” In another pamphlet Besant confides: “Watch the
lists as they come out in the picture-papers, especially of Europe; you will find every week
faces of almost boys, young fellows, 18, 19 and 20 — so many below 30 years of age.
England has given up her children till now by voluntary offering, and not by force of
conscription. They are seeing that the flower of the Nation is being destroyed, the best of the
Nation are being killed, those who are noblest, most self-sacrificing, they are being swept
away in this frightful War (World War I). What is England to do, the people cry, for the births
of the coming generation, when the best and the noblest are taken away? We look at it from a
different standpoint. We say that these answer the call of the Lord Vaivasvata Manu (read: the
angel Azazel), who needs the noblest for the building of "the coming race." They do not die,
when their bodies are struck away by shrapnel, by rifle, by high explosive. What matters the
killing of the body? The man is set free, and by virtue of his sacrifice, by the fact that he has
given up all the joys of his young manhood, all ambitions, everything that makes life joyous,
all the young strength of manhood — by that tremendous sacrifice he has sprung forward in
evolution, he has answered the call of the Manu (read: the call of Azazel, the god of war),
whether he knows it or not.” – The Coming Race (Adyar Pamphlets No.76 written by Annie
Besant, 1917A.D.)

It is of the fallen rebellious angels of which George S.
Arundale, as General Secretary of the Theosophical Society in England
and Wales, speaks when he writes: “Mr. (D.N.) Dunlop asks us to
remember in these times of stress and turmoil (he is writing during
World War I when England was at war with Germany) that the great
Fathers of the world (the rebellious angels) watch over us (a play
on the word ‘Watchers’) as They have ever done, that there is open to
us the same ancient and narrow way to communion with Them
(communication with these angels) as has existed from time
immemorial, testimony to the existence of which may be found in the
Scriptures of every world religion. We are told of the existence of
Masters (the rebellious angels), our Elder Brethren, Those who have

learned the lessons we are learning now, and Who have dedicated
Themselves to the task of guiding us along the road Their feet have
already trodden.” - Forward to The Path of Attainment by D.N. Dunlop, 1916 A.D.
Universal Brotherhood

According to 33° Freemason and Theosophical Society
member C.W. Leadbeater:
knowledge…Speaking of the War (World War I), he said that if we
(British Theophosists) were servants of the Hierarchy (of the
rebellious fallen angels) and students of Occultism we must know that
Germany was in the right…Further, he said that if we (British
Theophosists) ourselves served the true inner Government of the world
(consisting of the rebellious fallen angels) we must know that it (the
true inner Government of the world, the rebellious fallen angels) is the
very opposite of all democratic theories, and that therefore it is
Germany, and not England, who is fighting for the ideals of the
hierarchical Government (fighting for the ideologies of the fallen
angels)…If any should be inclined to doubt that a whole nation can be
so obsessed from behind (by the rebellious fallen angels), a nation
which has a great deal that is beautiful in its past history, which has
produced some really fine people - if any should be disposed to doubt
that, let him take the official German statements, and read the
proclamations of His Imperial Majesty the Kaiser; the proclamations
in which he speaks of himself (and probably he believes it) as
commissioned by God to govern the world; in which he says: "On me
the spirit of God has descended. I guard my whole task as appointed
by heaven. Who opposes me I shall crush to pieces…Unquestionably
it is true that the powers (angels are called ‘powers’) from behind are
working through these people now…This is the real explanation of
all that seems so incomprehensible; these people that fight us are
not fighting only of themselves. They are directed by a power
(read: an angel) of will far stronger than their own, and they are
driven on to do awful things. They are willing enough to be driven,
for that is all part of the obsession. The men (the incarnate rebel
angels) who drive them are utterly unscrupulous, and will use any
means whatever to gain their end, for they know nothing of what we
mean by right or wrong. They hold it as a manly duty to kill our all
emotion or sympathy, because they consider such feelings a weakness.

They are pitiless, exactly as a shark is. The slaughter or torture of
thousands or millions is nothing whatever to them, so long as they gain
their end…We are all trying, so far as may be, to prepare

for the coming of the Great Teacher (Maitreya, the False
Prophet Azazel). Realize that this great War (World War I) is part
of the world-preparation, and that, however terrible it may be, there is
yet the other side - the enormous good that is being done to individuals
(evolutionarily speaking, of course). Perhaps in the distant future when
we come to look back upon it all with greater knowledge and with
wider purview, we shall see that the good has outweighed all the
frightful evil, and that though the old order changeth, giving place to
new (the New World Order), it is only that God may fulfill Himself in
many ways.” - Occult View of War C.W. Leadbeater. When one encounters the use of the
word ‘God,’ one must not assume it is the Christian God of which the person speaks (“…the
message of the Coming of the Teacher—the Jagad Guru (which literally means the Guru of
the world) (aka the World Teacher; ‘guru’ means ‘teacher’), or any other name that you like to
call Him by—that Coming of the Teacher is the latest message that the Theosophical Society
has given to the world.” – Duties of the Theosophist by Annie Besant. This also holds true
when one encounters the word ‘Christ,’ as it is believed amongst Theosophists as we learn
from Revelation: The Divine Fire p.75 that there have been many such ‘Christs,’ that Jesus
was but one in a line of them. Seek therefore clarification in such matters. Indeed, according
to the Share International Foundation website circa. the 21st Century A.D., the “World
Teacher” [the Jagad Guru, aka the ‘Great Teacher’] Maitreya it is said “has been expected for
generations by all the major religions…Although the names differ, many believe that they all
refer to the same individual: the World Teacher (the false prophet Azazel), whose personal
name is Maitreya.” Such a teaching is known as ‘Monism’ and is an underlying tenet of
Universalism, particularly as it refers to ‘progressive revelation,’ a central tenet of the Bahá'í
faith. The central tenet of Monism is reincarnation)

All theosophists, whether German, English, or otherwise, were
all striving toward the completion of the very same goal, to prepare for
the coming of the Great Teacher Maitreya who is the False Prophet
Azazel whom they will hold to be the coming conquering Messiah,
etc., in order to gain acceptance by all religions for Azazel’s reign
upon the Earth through the establishment of a New World Order! This
is the ultimate goal of the greater Theosophical Movement.
In order to further understand the prophecies concerning the
beast with the mortal wound that was healed of the Biblical book of
Revelation, we must first consider Daniel’s prophecies concerning the
United Nations. The book of Daniel describes four beasts, each of
which are different from one another. The following Biblical
reference to a lion with eagles’ wings being plucked off is a

pictographic prophecy referring to the American colonies gaining their
independence from England. This is the rebellion described in
2Thessalonians above. England is represented by the lion and the
eagles’ wings are a representation of the United States. The lion
standing on two feet (the Lion Rampant, a symbol of Azazel) is
depicted on the English coat of arms, more specifically that of Wales,
and symbolizes the English monarchy:
“Daniel said, ‘I saw in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds
of heaven were stirring up the great sea. And four beasts came out of
the sea, different from one another. The first was like a lion and had
eagles’ wings. Then as I looked, its wings were plucked off, and it
(the lion) was lifted up from the ground and made to stand upon two
feet like a man (as a Lion Rampant, the symbol of Britain),’ …” - Daniel

Daniel then goes on to describe Russia:
“And behold, another beast, a second one, like a bear.” - Daniel 7:5
The beast like a leopard, the third beast, is a reconstitution of
the old Roman Empire, that is, the countries it once incorporated,
which is for the most part today’s European Union. This beast also
includes the Middle East and North Africa (in the form of the Union
for the Mediterranean), lands conquered by the legions of the Caesars.
The four wings of a bird on its back symbolize the sign of the Euro,
the European Union’s monetary unit:
“After this I looked, and lo, another, like a leopard, with four wings of
a bird on its back…” - Daniel 7:6
The following scripture found in the book of Hosea is a
reference to the very selfsame beasts just described in Daniel 7:2-6 and
prophesies the invasion of Israel by a U.N. force during a seven-year
covenant (of 2009-2016 A.D.), the covenant mentioned in Isaiah 28:15
(this may be a secret treaty such as that secretly signed during World
War II which carved up the lands of Germany amongst the victors.
Much these days is done in secret):
“…they (Israel) forgot me (God). So I will be to them like a lion, like
a leopard I will lurk beside the way, I will fall upon her like a bear

robbed of her cubs, I will tear open their breast, and there I will
devour them like a lion, as a wild beast would rend them.” - Hosea 13:6,78 (See also Lamentations 3:10-11)

“A bear robbed of her cubs” prophesies Russia in the period
following the collapse of the Soviet Union. At that time Russia lost its
empire. She is indeed a bear robbed of her cubs. The Russian bear
lost its cub-like satellite states at the end of the Cold War. It must be
noted the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1989 A.D. paved the way for
America’s war with Iraq in 1991 A.D. (Authors Note: the modern state
of Iraq incorporates the area where Azazel lies entrapped beneath the
For the lion with plucked off wings (the British/American
beast), World War II begins with the British declaration of war against
Germany in 1939 A.D. and formally ends with America’s official
termination of the war by President Truman in 1946 A.D., a period
spanning seven numerical years (1946-1939=7). These dates are very
important. Seventy years after 1939 A.D. brings us to 2009 A.D., the
beginning of the infamous seven-year covenant with death (a secret
treaty) as related in Isaiah 28:15. Seventy years after 1946 A.D. is
2016 A.D., the year of the advent of the Second Coming of Christ (as
well as the year of Azazel’s release).
The lion with plucked off wings (Britain and offshoot
America), the bear (Russia) and the leopard (the lands constituting the
old Roman Empire, including modern day Europe (the EU), the
Middle East and North Africa (The Union for the Mediterranean) are
combined into a fourth hated beast, the United Nations (The Union for
the Mediterranean was launched with what can only be described as
extremely little fanfare of an almost secretive nature on July 13/14
2008 A.D.). The United Nations is an abomination in the sight of God
and the requisite seventy years is ordained till its destruction. On
January 10, 1946 the U.N. held its first session of the United Nations
General Assembly including representatives from 51 nations
representing 4/5 of the world’s population. The fourth beast of Daniel
began its reign (“…and the beast (the U.N.) had four heads; and
dominion was given to it.” - Daniel 7:6) While the U.N. beast was
incepted in 1945 A.D., dominion, as prophesied in Daniel 7:6, was not
given it until 1946 A.D.
It must be mentioned the so-called Quartet on the Middle East
devoted to the mediation of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process at this

present time includes America, Russia, the European Union (including
Great Britain) and last but not least in Biblical significance the United
Nations, an organization of which these Biblical beasts are themselves
part and parcel. These nations play prominent roles in Biblical endtime prophecies.
Some, such as the Theosophists of the Theosophical Sociey,
portray Azazel as being the Ascended Master (World Teacher)
‘Maitreya.’ The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is the magicpracticing inner circle of the greater Theosophical Society, itself an
international association. Aleister Crowley, a member of the Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn, invoked the rebellious fallen angel Azazel
under the guise of Choronzon (also known as Khoronzon, the
[Ascended] Master of Form in the Enochian Magic system of Dr. John
Dee), the Angel of the Abyss and alternatively as Ra-Hoor-Khuit. One
of Aleister Crowley’s professed goals (and hence of all practitioners of
Magick) is the “establishment of the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit
(read: Azazel) upon the earth” (See De Arte Magica). This was one of
the goals of what was known as The Great Work. One must remember
Theosophical Society founding member William Q. Judge’s revelation:
“The Theosophical Society was founded in New York in 1875, with
the avowed object of forming a nucleus for a Universal Brotherhood,
and its founders state that they believe the Indian Mahatmas (read: the
rebellious fallen angels) directed them to establish such a society.” Echoes from the Orient Chapter I (William Q. Judge, 1890 A.D.)

It must be noted the Theosophical Society was founded by a
group which included magic-practicing high-degree Freemasons. The
Theosophical Society was at its establishment the latest incarnation in
a long string of movements (which began with the placement of the
cornerstone, of the very first brick in the masonary construct which
was the legendary Tower of Babel in year 1 A.L. on the Masonic
Calendar in 4000 B.C.) and which was established through the direct
actions of the rebellious fallen angels as part of a larger movement
known as the Theosophical Movement for the express purpose of reestablishing the now-interred rebellious fallen angel Azazel’s reign
upon our Earth. This is a mystery most profound! The angels work
through secretive societies within a corporate structure to make
humans do their will, by most, unknowingly:

“The Rosicrucian fraternity, the Freemasons, (the Ancient Order of)
Foresters, are all remnants of former endeavours to inculcate and
implant the Wisdom-Religion (Theosophy) in the hearts of men.” Modern Theosophy: An Outline of Its Principles by Claude Falls Wright, FTS, 1894 A.D.

In The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (1923 A,D,) Manly P. Hall
states Freemasons “must realize that the ancient mystic (Author’s note:
the word ‘mystic’ is synonymous with ‘magic’) teachings as
perpetuated in the modern (Freemasonic) rites (constituting magic
rituals) are sacred (being based on ancient religious systems), and that
powers (read: angels) unseen and unrecognized (Hall refers to
Ephesians 6:12) mold the destiny of those who consciously and of
their own free will take upon themselves the obligations of the
Fraternity (of Freemasonry).” Satan is ‘the Spirit of Freemasonry’
who influences the lives of such Freemasonic men through his use of
the spirit of error. The Freemasonic order is wrongly regarded as a
secular organization, and skirts the Constitution’s injunction
mandating a separation of church and state: “Although today Masons
do not call their Craft a religion, it has nevertheless a religious origin”
– The Hidden Life in Freemasonry by C.W. Leadbeater. As Albert Pike writes in the
Legenda: “Masonry has and always had a religious creed.” Pike also
informs us: “Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion; and its
teachings are instruction in religion.” - Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike (circa. 1871 A.D.). And again:
“Masonry is the Universal Religion…as it embraces all religions.” p.47 Mystic Masonry by 33° Freemason J.D. Buck

L. Fouquet in Luciferian or Satanism in English Freemasonry
Part II (1898 A.D.) identifies Albert Pike as being the “King and Pope
of the Freemasons.” As he explains: “We have enough of Masonic
quotations to form a pretty fair idea of Charleston (South Carolina)
and its Pope (who is Albert Pike) aping Rome and the (Roman
Catholic) Pope…Rome is the Mother Church of all other churches
(dioceses); likewise Charleston is the Mother of all (Freemasonic)
Supreme Councils. The Bishop of the Mother Church of Rome has the
primacy over all the other churches (dioceses), over their bishops and
their diocesans; likewise the Grand Commander of the Mother
Supreme Council of Charleston has the primacy over all the other
Supreme Councils, their subordinate lodges, and their
members…Likewise there were Pikeans (those who supported Albert

Pike) who believed in the primacy of the Grand Commander of the
Mother Supreme Council, of Charleston, and were in alliance and
submission to the uncrowned King and the untiared Pope (who was
Albert Pike), as were the future King of Great Britain and future
Emperor of India (Edward VII, Prince of Wales), with many British
peers.” He goes on to note: “The late Albert Pike, of Charleston, as an
able Mason, was undoubtedly a Masonic pope, who kept in leading
strings all the Supreme Grand Councils of the world, including the
(Freemasonic) Supreme Grand Councils of England, Ireland and
Scotland, the first of which (Supreme Grand Council of England)
includes the Prince of Wales (the Prince of Wales, first in line to the
succession of the crown, has traditionally under the Order of the
Garter [organized as the Knights of the Garter] been head of a witch’s
coven since 1348 A.D. [See Appendix A]), Lord Lathom (Charles
Latham, 1st Baron Latham, a British politician who helped to form the
British Labour Party) and other peers, who were in alliance with him
and in actual submission.” He concludes: “Does not the Vicar of Satan
in the secret society (of Freemasons) in which is offered, since the
Middle Ages, the Black Mass, deserve the title of 'Satanic Pope'?”
Occult historian Francis King in The Rebirth of Witchcraft
p.160 quotes an obscure Freemasonic book entitled The Devil in the
19th Century (1893 A.D.) which professes Pike’s Morals and Dogma
to be a product of automatic-writing dictated to Albert Pike by the
fallen angel Satan himself (Of the Freemasons, the Roman Catholic
Pope Pius VIII once wrote: “Lying is their rule, Satan is their God, and
shameful deeds their sacrifice.” - Traditae Humilitati Nostrae, Pope Pius VIII,
1829 A.D.) (“That which we [Freemasons] must say to a crowd is - We worship a God, but it
is the God that one adores without superstition. To you, [33°] Sovereign Grand Inspectors
General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees
- The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initates of the high degrees, maintained in the
purity of the Luciferian Doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay whose deeds prove
his cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and
his priests, calumniate him? Yes, Lucifer [Satan] is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also
god. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no
white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods [a Gnostic concept known as
Dualism]: darkness being necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive. Thus, the
doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in
Lucifer [Satan], the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer [Satan], God of Light [See 2Corinthians
11:14] and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and
Evil.” - Albert Pike, 33° Freemason: Instructions to the 23 Supreme Councils of the World,
July 14, 1889. Recorded by A.C. De La Rive in La Femme et l'Enfant dans la
FrancMaconnerie Universelle on page 588)

Theosophist author Claude Falls Wright speaks of the greater
Theosophical Movement circa 1894 A.D.:
“…all great philosophers and thinkers who have offered any
explanation of life, the founders of every great religion, have been
Theosophists, and, we affirm, have all taught, consciously or
unconsciously to themselves, some aspect or other of the vast system
which has been so roughly outlined in this volume. Christian writers
ascribe the development of the ancient Eclectic Theosophical System
to the third century of their era (the Greek Alexandrian philosopher
Ammonius Saccas and his disciples developed what is called the
Eclectic Theosophical System, one of the very underpinnings of
Neoplatonism, a union of Egyptian and Greek philosophies.
Alexandria was a city in Egypt where comingled Egyptian, Chaldean,
Judean and Greek cultures resulting in the creation of a syncretic
religious system. It was there in Alexandria where Gnosticism
thrived); but there were Theosophists before that time. Diogenes
Laertius speaks of the philosophy as antedating the (Grecian) dynasty
of the Ptolemies (in Egypt), disclosing its founder in the Egyptian
Hierophant, Pot Amun - a Coptic name (Copts are a magic-practicing
group composed of Egyptian Christian Cabalists), signifying a priest
consecrated to Amun, the god of wisdom (who is Azazel). History
shows its revival in the Eclectic (Theosophical) System of Ammonius
Saccas, in whose time certainly the word Theosophy originated (“If we
examine the writings of the Alexandrian Neoplatonists, whose
important School was founded, in the early part of the third century,
upon doctrines derived from the ancient sages of the East, we discover
that they were pronounced Spiritualists, or, perhaps we should say,
Theosophists. Ammonius Sacchas, Plotinus, Iamblicus, and others,
were powerful adepts famed for their mesmeric healings, and general
magic… The Egyptian priests, the Babylonian and Jewish sorcerers,
had practised all this as a trade for ages, and reduced it to an art.” Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, 1889 A.D.). The object of this
philosopher was almost identical with our own—to reconcile all
sects, peoples and nations under one common faith, and to establish
a belief in one Supreme, Eternal, Unknown and Unnamed Power or
Principle, through which the Universe came into being, and by which
it was governed with immutable and eternal laws. Again, we find
Theosophists in Germany in the 12th century, holding identical views
of life and working to the same end, and also in the 15th century (he

here speaks of the Rosicrucians). There was a society formed in
London in or about the year 1665, which strove after a like purpose (a
reference to the Royal Society of London, originally comprised of a
group of scientists known as the Invisible College, one of whose
members was Ireland-born Sir Hans Sloane, whose collection of
manuscripts upon his death became the foundation of the British
Museum, his collection including many mediaeval magic manuscripts
and whose collection constituted this wealthy ceremonial magician’s
very own personal library. Sir Hans Sloane it would seem was
attempting to corner the market on unique extant magic grimoires
employed by various infamous lone Medieval magicians all amassed
into one major collection—the ultimate magic library! It was this
ceremonial magician’s grand magic library around which the walls of
the British Museum was built. The Invisible College and later the
Royal Society were themselves outgrowths of the Hartlib Circle
(which included Robert Boyle and William Petty. Might one
venture to call it a ‘magic circle’?) of the Francis Baconinspired German polymath Samuel Hartlib (Samuel Hartlib was
a friend of John Milton, author of Paradise Lost, education
reformer John Amos Comenius [a member of the Bohemian
Brethren], and of the Rosicrucian alchemist Thomas Vaughan,
twin brother of Welsh lyrical poet/physician Henry Vaughan ).
Hartlib had unsuccessfully sought public funding for the
research institute envisioned in Francis Bacon’s book New Atlantis.
Concerning the privately funded Invisible College: “The Invisible
College was a precursor to the Royal Society of the United Kingdom
(which currently does enjoy public funding). It consisted of a group of
natural philosophers (scientists) including Robert Boyle (Robert Boyle
was an alchemist/chemist and the purported Rosicrucian Grand Master
of the Priory of Sion. It was the Priory of Sion, founded by Crusaders
on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, which had originally given birth to the
Knights Templar organization [See p.75 Behold a Pale Horse] in the
11th Century A.D. The Knights Templar group is the military arm of
the Priory of Sion), John Wilkins (author of a book entitled
Mathematical Magic, Wilkins was a friend of Francis Bacon and
brother-in-law to Sir Oliver Cromwell. John Wilkins was later to
become a Fellow of the Royal Society and served as head of both the
University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge), John Wallis,
John Evelyn, Robert Hooke (a later Fellow of the Royal Society),
Christopher Wren (Freemason; builder of St. Paul’s Cathedral located

in the City of London; Fellow of the Royal Society) and William Petty.
In letters in 1646 and 1647, Boyle refers to “our invisible college” or
“our philosophical college.” The society’s common theme was to
acquire knowledge through experimental investigation… The idea of
an invisible college became influential in seventeenth century Europe,
in particular, in the form of a network of savants or intellectuals
exchanging ideas… The invisible college idea is exemplified by the
network of astronomers, professors, mathematicians, and natural
philosophers in 16th century Europe (all practitioners of magic to
some degree). Men such as Johannes Kepler, Georg Joachim Rheticus,
John Dee and Tycho Brahe passed information and ideas to each other
in an invisible college.” – Wikipedia. Included in this shared information
was the subject of ceremonial magic. Due to persecutions by the
Roman Catholic Church, these men devised such secret institutions for
instruction and development of a wide range of magical practices and
the knowledge to be garnered from archaic magical writings). All
these, not to speak of the host of seers (the so-called Christian mystics)
who have appeared from time to time, of the (Emanuel) Swedenborg
and (Jacob) Boehme type, whose explanation of nature differed but in
minor detail from that offered by the modern Theosophists.
Theosophy is the Wisdom-Religion (magic),** the archaic
philosophy which was the fount of knowledge in every ancient
country having claims to civilization, and from which have
descended in less mystic garb the sciences of the present day
known to the professors of our colleges as Chemistry, Astronomy,
etcs, however much said professors may object to the statement. But
whether known as Theosophy or by any other name, the same
Wisdom-Religion has existed always and will show itself on earth and
among men for all eternity: the sequence of martyrs to the great
universal truths has never once been broken; known or unknown they
will appear and suffer again and again, ever adding to their ranks
however, until some day, at the birth of the purified seventh race,
mankind will reawaken to find the chair of materialistic philosophy
vacant and decayed. It was said in another part of this work that about
once every hundred years special efforts to regenerate mankind are
made by those in whose guardianship is the philosophy, and a
retrospective glance would show where many of these have been
undertaken and under whose management. But to trace them all
completely would now be a difficult task, for the simple reason that all
have not been made in the shape of public movements (but rather, of

secret societies lurking in the shadows). They have been in a manner
suitable to the exigencies of the times. It is only in our cycle that an
open attempt has been made, and this for the reason that the age
demands it. Formerly work was often done through kings and rulers,
instead of through public movements, because people had then less
independence and the king held more the position of dictator than he
does in this age. We constantly hear of wise men, alchemists,
soothsayers, appearing at various courts and working marvels
sufficient to attract the attention and wonder of the monarch. These,
however, were but their outward signs; in truth they worked to other
ends than miracles. They often influenced the prince’s mind
(through their use of ELF waves), so that he altered his method of
ruling his kingdom, thereby perhaps bringing about results which
not only affected his own subjects, but, by reaction, the peoples of
other countries, and afterwards the world as a whole (“The names
of Kadosch and prince were given to the great initiates of the
Kabbalah, and are preserved amongst adepts of occult Masonry [as
Knight Kadosh] and the Rose-Cross.” – p.304 The Mysteries of Magic). But
although it is for these reasons hard to trace the uprising of all such
efforts, yet with some we have no difficulty. Toward the end of the
14th century we may place the founding of the later Rosicrucian
fraternity (“do you imagine that there were no mystic solemn unions of
men, seeking the same end through the same means, before the
Arabians of Damus, in 1378, taught to a wandering Jew the secrets
which founded the institution of the Rosicrucians?" Bulwer Lytton in
Zanoni), one of the brightest and most successful of bodies of
philosophers, although a secret one. The labours of (Christian mystic)
Jacob Boehme and of his teacher, John George Gichtel, had their
effect at the close of the 17th century. (In 1672, when Louis XIV, laid
siege, to Amsterdam, Gichtel, by the power of his will, is reported by
his disciples to have exercised influence enough to cause the raising of
the siege, and afterwards the names of the very regiments and
squadrons he had seen in his vision were found in the papers. Princes
of Germany and even sovereigns consulted him."). The one however
which comes nearest to our own time is that which directly preceded
the Theosophical Society, at the close of the 18th century of the
Christian era. This was the famous "Société de l'Harmonie" (the "Order of
Universal Harmony") founded by (Anton) Mesmer (an Illuminus
Freemason/Martinist who co-founded the lodge with Cagliostro) in
Paris in 1783. The success of these efforts is not, it should be

remembered, any more absolutely certain than is anything else in
nature. The Adepts (rebellious fallen angels) are not infallible. Their
extended insight into the workings of natural law enables them to
place the cause farther back, the effect further forward, than our more
limited vision permits us to. But this is all they claim. The mistakes of
one century are corrected in the efforts of the next, so that in course of
time they may lessen enormously with respect, at least, to that race
whose development is being forwarded; but so long as there is a
limitation of vision, finity—and work on the material plane of
necessity implies such, there must be error. The effort of last century
was a failure because of the too socialistic aspect of the mystical
doctrine put forward. There was a definite teaching albeit a secret
one—similar to Theosophy as now known, given to the members
of (Anton) Mesmer’s society. But the true philosophy did not come to
the front. “Fraternité, Liberté, Egalité” constituted the only philosophy
the people of the period would listen to. Hence the Reign of Terror of
1794 (in France during the French Revolution). Even such as Count
St.Germain and the wonder-working Cagliostro (June 2, 1743 –
August 26, 1795; Alessandro Cagliostro was an Italian/Sicilian magicpracticing Freemason. Pope Pius VI accused him of threatening the
very survival of the Catholic Church [See The Seven Ordeals of Count
Cagliostro: The Greatest Enchanter of the Eighteenth Century by Iain
McCalman, 2003 A.D. Cagliostro would be imprisoned by the
Inquisition in 1789 A.D., dieing in prison in 1795 A.D.]. From Sicily
emerged the secret brotherhood known as Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian
mafia, which emerged during the mid 19th Century), the successor of
Mesmer (May 23, 1734 – March 5, 1815. Mesmer was the father of
hypnosis and master of the trance. To him we owe thanks for the word
‘mesmerize’), could not stay the torrent of materialism; they were
laughed at, and accounted charlatans and falsifiers (by, amongst others
as in Mesmer’s case, curiously enough, Benjamin Franklin acting
under the auspices of the Royal Society). In her "Theosophical
Glossary" (article Mesmer) Madame Blavatsky (circa 1892 A.D.)
says: "Of these three men (St Germain, Mesmer, Cagliostro) who were
at first regarded as quacks, Mesmer is already vindicated. The
justification of the two others will follow in the next century
(1892)…Of course each movement makes use as far as possible of the
work of its predecessors; so that, for instance, the "revival of
Freemasonry" has become almost a byword, nobody being able to tell
exactly when or where the craft had its origin or founding

(Freemasonry, like witchcraft, is known as ‘the craft,’ as both orders
are known to delve in witchcraft and magic). The same thing may be
said of Rosicrucianism, and indeed of Theosophy itself. It is therefore
not surprising, in view of the fact that Cagliostro and others worked
to reestablish lodges of Freemasonry, to find H.P.Blavatsky, the
nineteenth century messenger, offering herself at the outset of her
career as the new leader of the Freemasons. This she did before 1875
to some of the heads of the craft (to the heads of the Freemasons) in
America, naming herself as the messenger from the eastern
Brotherhood (rejected, she would go on to create the Theosophical
Society). It was but the Karma of Freemasonry, which was the
movement that had been carried over from the last century to the
present one. But even if the Freemasons had wished to accept her as
their head, they could not have done so, since the traditions of that
Fraternity militate against the admission of women. This was probably
a later introduction than the days of Cagliostro, who is said to have
organized more than one "lodge" composed entirely of women.
Madame Blavatsky’s services being declined, she set to work to form
the nucleus of a new body. Gathering together some of those on earth
who had previously worked with her, she started the Theosophical
Society, with Col. H.S. Olcott, William Q. Judge and others…The
Theosophical Society, as at present constituted, has three objects (the
second of which is intended “To promote the study of Aryan and other
Eastern literatures, religions and sciences”), which three, if properly
carried out and fully understood, must result in the recognition of the
mystical (read: the magic) system known as Theosophy (Wright also
refers to it as “the mystical system known as Theosophy”). Thus the
(Thesosophical) Society is bound by no beliefs, no dogmas, throws its
doors wide open to all, and has only endeavour, that of uniting all sects
and peoples into one harmonious whole (whose goal was the creation
of a one world religion based on Spiritualism)—producing a humanity
of philo-sophers, or true lovers of wisdom…Then, religionists and
mystics at heart, whether subscribing to a creed or not, let them study
under the Second Object (defined as “the study of Aryan and other
Eastern literatures, religions and sciences”), and they will find that
humanity has ever placed its hopes elsewhere than on this globe. They
will find that from the dawn of the Aryan race down to the present
time mystics and sages have always walked the earth and taught the
peoples the one truth, Universal Brotherhood—the one doctrine,
Theosophy. No wonder then they are Theosophists. For once the

keynote has been struck, once the Wisdom-Religion (Theosophy) is
shown to have existed ever, in all creeds, it takes very little to
convince anyone with higher perceptions than those which look on
clay, of its verity…It seeks to reveal the true origin of our various
religions, and to show that the same mysticism (of the Magi) which
inspired the founding of Christianity (seemingly a reference to Francis
Barret who remarks in the Preface to The Magus in 1801 A.D.:
“Magic is wisdom, and on this account the wise men were called
Magi. The magicians were the first Christians…”) sowed the seed for
the growth of all the creeds of the world…External differences are due
merely to incidental causes, diversity in the methods of giving their
wisdom among individual teachers, natural modifications and changes
of the original philosophy after lapse of time, or the varied
interpretations of it by the priests into whose keeping it was entrusted.
Theosophy therefore in this sense is the Religion of religions. But
Theosophy is distinctly a science. It is religion with a philosophical
basis…In Theosophy therefore science blends with religion.
Religion, according to that theosophical view, being but a clearer
perception of, a deeper insight into life, by man, freed from
superstition and emotion and grounded in true philosophy, it must lead
to wisdom…If the insight it gives be added to the practical and
intellectual powers of our modern scientist we can set no limit to his
advance in knowledge…The truth is that each of the world’s great
religions is but the remnant of an ancient science…it is the
hope…that by the light of Theosophy the old wisdom (first introduced
to mankind by the fallen angels) may be restored.” - Modern Theosophy: An
Outline of Its Principles by Claude Falls Wright, FTS, 1894 A.D. (** “This Wisdom Religion
has been, and is today, the inheritance of the saints, prophets, and seers, and of the illuminated
ones of all nations, no matter to what external system of religion they may have given their
adherence. It was taught by the ancient Brahmins, Egyptians, and Jews in temples and caves,
Gautama Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth preached it, it formed the basis of the Eleusinian and
Bacchic mysteries of the Greeks, and the true religion of the eternal Christ is resting upon it. It
is the religion of Humanity [Humanism]...” - Magic, White and Black by Franz Hartmann,
1886 A.D.) (Both magic and Freemasonry are known as the ‘Craft’ as both orders are known
to delve in magic. This practice hearkens back to the days of the mystery religions and their
guild-like, quasi-Freemasonic degree structured ceremonial magic groups. Indeed, for this
very reason the archaic definition of the word ‘mystery’ is craft/trade, ‘a body of persons
engaged in a particular trade, business, or profession’ (See: Both Freemasonry and witchcraft typically utilize the
degree system as well—Wicca witchcraft, like its kin, Blue Lodge Masonry, is divided into
three degrees. Freemasonic degrees are also akin to military/police ranks. In fact, in America,
the police are organized as a ‘Fraternal Order,’ a Brotherhood [F.O.P.]) (Pertinent Quote:
“During the last few years another strange phase of thought has appeared in the wake of
Spiritualism…boldly avowing its Pagan origin. We allude to Theosophy, now so common a

subject of conversation, and which, in various forms, is ever presenting itself in the periodic
and other literature of the day… we understand it to be the revival of a philosophy
communicated by the Nephilim [read: by the angel/human hybrid offspring of the rebellious
fallen angels]…an emanation from those Powers of the Air [those angels] which effected the
ruin of our first parents [Adam and Eve].” - Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, 1889

The Theosophical Society was formed in part by magic
practicing Freemasons. Such magic practices as performed by highdegree Freemasons involve the invocation of fallen angels, including
the angels Satan and Azazel. As we learn from the Theosophical
Society member, Freemasonic ceremonial magician and occult author
A.E. Waite in Chapter XV of Devil-Worship in France (1896 A.D.)
concerning this association of magic with Freemasonry (he being in a
bit of a bragging mood due to the success of their ongoing endeavors):
“When the history of Freemasonry becomes possible by the possession
of materials, its chief philosophical interest centres in one country of
Europe; there is no doubt that it (Freemasonry) exercised an immense
influence upon France during that century (the 18th Century) of
quakings and quickenings which gave birth to the great revolution (the
French Revolution), transformed civilisation in the West, and
inaugurated the modern era (one of the Freemasonic lodges
responsible for launching the French Revolution was the Lodge of the
Nine Muses. According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Occultism &
Parapsychology concerning Royal Society Fellow Benjamin Franklin’s
own association with this lodge: “Franklin associated with
Rosicrucians and became a Freemason in February 1730, a member of
the Lodge of the Nine Muses (named in honor of The Nine [Ennead]
pantheon of Egyptian gods [fallen angels]), which was said to have
influenced the French Revolution.” Grand Orient Freemasons were
also important collaborators). Without being a political society, it was
an instrument eminently adaptable to the sub-surface determination of
political movements. At a later date it (Freemasonry) may have
contributed to the formation of Germany, as it did certainly to the
creation of Italy, but the point and centre of Masonic history is France
in the eighteenth century. To that country also is mainly confined the
historical connection between Masonry and mystic science, for the
revival of Mysticism which originated in Germany at the close of the
eighteenth century, and thence passed over to England, found its final
field in France at the period in question (“From thence at a later period

it returned to England through the exertion and zealous propagandism
of [A.E.] Waite and his friends and through the work of A. Pike
[Albert Pike], Woodford [Field Marshal Sir Alexander George
Woodford, senior British Army officer and colonial administrator] and
their confreres and comperes, both in the British Empire and in the
United States…” - Luciferian or Satanism in English Freemasonry by L. Fouquet, 1898
A.D.). There (in
France) Rosicrucianism reappeared, there Anton
Mesmer recovered the initial process of transcendental practice, there
the Marquis de Puységur discovered clairvoyance (“…the greatest of
all the gifts that clairvoyance brings is the direct knowledge of the
existence of the great White Brotherhood [composed of Azazel’s
group of rebel angels], the certainty that mankind is not without
Guides and Leaders, but that there live and move on earth Those who,
while They are men [read: incarnate angels] even as we are, have yet
become as Gods in knowledge and power and love, and so encourage
us by Their example and Their help to tread the Path which They have
trodden…” - Difficulties in Clairvoyance [Adyar Pamphlets No. 100] by C. W.
Leadbeater), there Martines de Pasqually instructed his disciples in the
mysteries of ceremonial magic (“Jacques de Livron Joachim de la
Tour de la Casa Martinez de Pasqually (1727? - 1774) was a theurgist
[by definition a ceremonial magician] and theosophist of uncertain
origin. He was the founder of the l'Ordre de Chevaliers Maçons Élus
Coëns de l'Univers - Commonly referred to as the 'Elus Cohens' in
1761. He was the tutor, initiator and friend of [the French military
officer] Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz,
and therefore regarded as the originator of martinism [French
Illuminist Freemasonry].” – Wikipedia: Martinez de Pasqually); there the
illustrious (Louis-Claude de) Saint-Martin, le philosophe inconnu
(which translates as ‘The Unknown Philosopher’), developed a special
system of spiritual reconstruction (Pasqually was a friend of LouisClaude de Saint-Martin, and both Pasqually and Saint-Martin have
military backgrounds which is historically true of many ceremonial
magicians. The shape of the Pentagon military complex being based
upon the shape of the Pentagram [a five-pointed star often associated
with Azazel and Satan] is a testament to this historic occult association
with military forces. One must bear in mind that Azazel is the god of
magic as well as the god of war); there alchemy flourished; there
spiritual and political princes betook themselves to extravagant
researches after an elixir of life; there also, as a consequence, rose up a
line of magnificent impostors (by definition ‘charlatons’) who posed

as initiates of the occult sciences, as possessors of the grand secret
(also known as the ‘great secret.’ Gardner uses this term: “the Great Secret
of what they call magic” [See Witchcraft Today]. The use of this term
originates with Henry Cornelius Agrippa [if not in fact prior]:
“Philosophers travelled far by sea to learn this Art [magic]; and being
returned, published it with wonderful devoutness, esteeming of it as a
great secret.” - The Philosophy of Natural Magic Chapter II. The word grand is a
synonym of great) and the grand mastery (the head of a witch’s coven
[as well as the head of a constituted Freemasonic body] is known as a
‘grand master’); there, finally, under the influences of transcendental
philosophy, emblematic Freemasonry took root and grew and
flourished, developing ten thousand splendours of symbolic grades, of
romantic legends, of sonorous names and titles. In a word, the
Mysticism of Europe concentrated its forces at Paris and Lyons (As
noted in The Secret World Government p.74: “Paris, Lyons and
Avignon were nests of Free-Masonry.”), and all French Mysticism
gathered under the shadow of the square and compass (of
Freemasonry). To that, as to a centre, the whole movement gravitated
(true also of the Harvard-educated Gertrude Stein’s later Parisian
group of Theosophists as the reader will discover), and thence it
worked…The Fraternity (Freemasonry) naturally attracted all Mystics
(practitioners of magic/invokers of fallen angels) to its ranks, and the
development of the mystic degrees took place as the result of that
attraction. By the year 1825 a variety of circumstances had combined
to suspend transcendental activity, and the connection with Masonry
ended (not true—if anything it had gone underground), but the present
revival of mystic thought is rapidly picking up the links of the broken
chain; secretly or unobtrusively the spirit of transcendentalism
(Transcendentalism, rooted in the transcendental philosophy of
Spiritist Immanuel Kant, is the doctrine of the Unitarian church as
taught at Harvard Divinity School, it being the defining concept in
Spiritualism/Spiritual mediumship) is working within the Fraternity
(of Freemasonry, particularly through the efforts of the Harvardeducated Freemasonic Grand Master Albert Pike), and the bogus
question of Lucifer is simply a hostile and unscrupulous method of
recognising that fact. If Masonry and Mysticism could be shown in the
historical world to be separated by the great sea, the consanguinity of
their intention would remain, which is more important than external
affinity, and they are sisters by that bond. But they have not been so
separated, and on either side there is no need to be ashamed of the

connection. With all brethren of the Fraternity (of Freemasonry), "we
also do believe in the resurrection of Hiram" (an analogy for the
release of the fallen angel Azazel from his earthen imprisonment), and
we regard the Temple as "an edifice immediately realisable, for we
rebuild it in our hearts." We also adore the Grand Architect (aka the
Great Architect of the Universe, the Egyptian god Ptah [See p.89 The
Tree of Life: A Study in Magic by Israel Regardie which reads:
“Ptah…is the Great Architect of the Universe”]. Ptah is Azazel), and
offer our intellectual homage, to the divine cipher which is in the
centre of the symbolic star (the Blazing Star Sirius [a symbol of
Azazel. See Appendix A] in the form of an ‘Upright Pentagram’ which
often adorns the walls of Freemasonic lodges); and we believe that
some day the Mason will recognise the Mystic. He is the heir of the
great names of antiquity, the philosophers and Hierarch