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Dual ChannelHigh PowerDigital MotorController

Dual ChannelHigh PowerDigital MotorController

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Set one or both counters to zero or a user-defined value. The value is a signed 32 bit num-
ber that may range from -2,147,836,648 to +2,147,836,647 (Hexadecimal format of value
80000000 to 7FFFFFFF respectively.


AX2550 Motor Controller User’s Manual

Version 1.9b. June 1, 2007

While resetting is a single step command, setting the counters to a non-zero value requires
two steps: 1- load a 4 byte buffer (32-bit) with the desired value. 2- Transfer the buffer’s
content to the counter(s). Loading the buffer can be done using the commands described
in “Read / Modify Encoder Module Registers and Parameters” on page158. The buffer will
also be altered after a Counter Read command, in which case it will contain the last read
counter value.


!q or !Qn

Where n=

0: Reset Encoder 1 counter
1: Reset Encoder 2 counter
2: Reset both Encoder counters

4: Set Encoder 1 counter with value in buffer
5: Set Encoder 2 counter with value in buffer
6: Set both Encoder both counters with value in buffer

7: Set Encoder 1 destination register with value in buffer
8: Set Encoder 2 destination register with value in buffer


+ if command was properly received and executed
- if an error occurred



Reset both counters


Load value contained in buffer into counter 2

?Q0, followed by

Read counter 1 and copy its value into counter 2

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