Strategic Management Individual Assignment Industry / Competition / Internal Analysis
Please prepare a report on the industry assigned to you on the following lines: • • • Brief introduction of the industry covering total players and main players. Briefly discuss the problems of this particular industry. Analyze the industry as whole as per questions given below (INDUSTRY / COMPETITION ANALYSIS) o What are the Industry’s Dominant Economic Traits? o What is Competition Like and How Strong Are the Competitive Forces? o What forces are at Work to Change Industry Conditions? o Which companies are in Strongest / Weakest Positions? o What strategic Moves Are rivals Likely to Make Next? o What are the Key Factors for Competitive Success? o Is the Industry Attractive or Unattractive and Why? Select the two main / dominant players and carry out the comparison. Explore the following aspects. (INTERNAL ANALYSIS) o Brief introduction and profile of each company / player. o How well is firm’s present strategy working? o What are the firm’s resource strengths and weaknesses and its external opportunities and threats? o Are firm’s prices and costs competitive? o How strong is firm’s competitive position relative to rivals? o What strategic issues does firm face?

Instructions: • Report to be submitted by 29 December 2010 • Presentations schedules will be decided in the class after submission of reports by the students. • Marks: 25 (Report 15, Presentation 10) • Soft copy of the report be also submitted • Copy of case study ABOUT INDUSTRY to be attached with report.

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