'Falmo'Us Arl'ists C'DUlrse


Fred Lud'eke:ns,


Balni Stahl

Stevdl1l Doh.onos


George Gi'IlJ.sti

Austin Briggs,

Horold Von Schm~d\f'

COi''t:~ I ~i ~l9~. fAv.cl.l~ ,A:~tIS ts ~'t!oo is, IrIC:. i>,inl~ rn u.s~A..

---- - -

~~Ir~,rt Glr@~'n_!~, ""'~<l<F','C'~",r~'d' ~h'. :r~""'D, "'Q;i fO"'1'!!tr~*ri' ,D~,.~t,Q" f",r' '~!lI.;I> w.o:rd~t~ il:l~1:.I"!i LdlJ,r~·s. 1Ji~ :RJ. H!~ MiJ:q' Ii:! nd C,Q·tjP'JiI!I:"'~ I~=f.'i;ni!,rl(l!e·~, ~<w:!: G~!:II~I',~ H~' il~ ""... Ad. "'(~Ittin.i 'Q<n'iil AITI 'Di,.d~m' C"iiwl!olii1' fg1' ffi[j rI')" d:"!",,.IIIF-,,>~,t ,.f,~r,~.. lJl[id ....,d..:!'rt ~I?i In Ih~ [I!I;Tt~d ~~o:!:t~~ ~nd CJ:!'I>{t~"



Fashion Is 'Mg btl ~,ll'ies.s. tooay. and 00 is ~a:sMoll an" ,Mote peo<pie sec ~ fa:;h i:un art than :I n i' ntlu:l!'ki ml of m,ustnil tinn.

Fa:shiom;i n dOlhb,1g :neahil't1y$ d:ll<J!ng] I1g. T~H~tle ate dHI~rem slf~t:;s ur'gllrmt:mlI15 }~r~d:lICCL';S.S(~ril.::.S HI' SU~l. clolery UI,sU:, figure, anel pli~, - <lnd new styl,esseem to a p:pear a I nlosl eV1en-¥ day. As lOll! (<lni:magi fie, lhe CmUUHl1 i [c:lliun uf t:llcsc new IU$II i,un ideas i~ of the 111,F.;~ inrportaaee. hlJ ~h(' (h:!~n of 'nonlmnnica['io11lhetw~~n 'the lIJ'Ianuf;I(;:~1lU·er~ or designers, the stores, and the pubJic.,.lhe r<l~h ion t,1 h~ sU ~ ter ,i~ avi tit l li n k.F ~s]lion .i]lm t.ilJ.rlun hit,a OCU'fMC (line: of I:he ra~,e:s(. mos( ~w"rd~ng ~~.!ds ~ny\'lnist can enter,

...._ ..


The c:;m.:t:i'" ]JU15Sibil,ifiea, 1[:01 you i:n f<l$hion iliu~u:ad(m are ,~x,d~· i filg_ The gr-f':ilte-st opport II n itie~' lie l11 doing ~IW]"'k fur department stores either <IS a ~tarr arti:st Of as a ~fee lance, You may also work lor [he various advertising services which ~uppI)' the rashlen art lio!" local re[::i~ I, stores aU over rhe con ntry '(0 use ~n newsp3pe. ads. F 11 S II i.un;:!d~·C.tI~~senH:nu are prepared for national m:'lg;:l7im.!$ hy f:IlshiOfl advtrtising agt::m:::ics, whicll use the serviees 00'[ bee,j~ance :1$ well as, 1>t:df artists, \bnynf ~I:H~~.:e :lgencies have 'l:xi."t:Uent poshiOlu COl" ,qtlaW:ied artists, You may also gel a job on ;:I newspaper or nmga1.iinc ::;tnd n:pon. the ra~biun news in ),'01.1)" d:rawili1~. The- loppornmi[ks for ¥lIi)U are fun limited to just t1'1t bigc:itil.::s, cidu.:r. G~ ia:li-1,liun au' il> needed ill. :s,rnaH c:ilj,es3nd w"\,m e\;'"eTp~'here_

Th'e his"'Dry of f,ashion ;Uus:tra-tio:n

'. Ii."he hi ~tor}' o~ fash Ion i U mtr.:~I[~nn ~ lIot ,:1 long one, In tbe M.iddi.c Ages, rashkm ~dea:swere communicated by .:raveh~r8l1.nd deu:ription~~ in letters, SrJilTtilig in the fI.ftC'Cllth century, these ideas ,,,ere also spread b)' means 'OJ dons. which were dressed .in :~he laresr !l~yle~ ~n(i. (')I,ch:mg~d as .gi·fl1iaLLlulig the UrJgs and nob.I.,e:, j n [llJ'Oye. ll'oU s regu laJf 'f brou~~n fashion news to [he Ameriean eolorries, '\,'rhat w:u pHl~}1Ihly tht: first f:<J!shion pe:rioo, k"al WaS prhued in F'rankfllu, G~TmllJly, tm~~aro [he· cud of the sii}:wend~ ceuHlq', lind. odl,e,r £m,hlon pub.Jicadolls were introduced .SQOn alterv.',ant However, it .... a~ rom un~~1 dn~ rrineteenth ren nny that bdnl~on i I hlinr.l)l~UU ,I i.k.c eommerelal illusrraue» in. g,enet<l.l. came into its own. In 18310, G(ldt:},,:~ Lad'y's BmJ"~. '",IIS J::~t3ib]i:s.hC'd .in dlt:' Unitcd States, T11is was the filtH {amou:$: women's magazine'. and i~ l:lid gre<l'1: ,emph:.u,18 on fllihiou iUu Emtiun,.

Bdoh' a:t"1C mu~trntlon.£ front the ar,chi\'es 01 f,a~hiol1_ The}' dearly :5how tmw women's ~~']}~)11.rd has t;h<lugetl over lhe ye<i;r:~. More Iru porum t to you as an artlSt, (hey l ndicl'1C how 11H· lendcritlg" styles ha\"e' changed alO.l1g \,;j(h .he look or rhe fashiun.

The iHmtr.ui·nn on dw bcing page slwws uxlay'So woman. She


is net rhe ~lE-comcioll5'. ~l}"li7!1'd person depict,ed in man T Iashion Iln.w,ing, ,1)'[ the pa:SL lnstead. ~h~ is d'ra~m with :3 grace and 91I::alm'.lllhlL"Mi film rdlc(;~. Ilhc casual (O"Ilt('mpoL'J:rYJpprO'<tch oro ,1ITi1..

Fash·;on land i'he arHst

Faihioninll.s;U-".d.ion can be a £ruirJul. glamorous. fil:!l!li ['or }'OU U lOll app~y yourself [00 the pri.ndpl~;s cx~hlinedil!l this Jesson. Hen:. w!: ~]~an give- you a fi:rm (o,undO!ltion in ~n the essentials of d],,:ilwi~!.g .f::ashiuns~'yr rnm:n. women, and. chHd-re'll- 'While l[hi8; lesson win be '0" mmr use to ow· 5U1d.cnt who waiilts· [0 emer Iashian mll~tr<Hion. it can pfoO\'e of great value 11:00 ii.hegeneral cofllmercial an:iH amliUu,slr.nm:. In popular fi1argazill{,s. aU 'liigu'(e'iJ lu srratlcns are sn bmi ned [00 mJH~ fa sh inn cd:ilof" who nl.lI~[ :llppmvc rhclityk;:; d~cy UOJ:llaln- and rn .. .n.y apicture has been re jeceed er has had eo be rol:1 r.:i'!1.VU lK:'G~lU se l~U: rashion s were dated. In tJlis Iesson youwm learn dle If-MeDtiab or f::alihion ,t w areness :md thestyle details that win help giy,ey,(lur pictures sntarU'lC~:S1li and (li~l]n'l.ion. You wm also be gh~en ::uh':ia: un how ro 'render cOom'illlldlllg~y du.:· rcxrures or r~bli.i.cs, hl.f"s. re\i3!'thets. and jewelry - advice you can use' In almost ::Iflli' ;:life;:! uri~lu.m<llion.

~.II.-here ;:5 room fnT :'I hig~ .• c:kgl'l.'"C of' t:~'!f:'ali.\'.itlf in Iashion art, l!U ion,g ;u Lhe cio~hing is ~')icult~d ~u:--C-lIrate]y. In )i'OUI" dra, .. "il'l~ o~ ·children, ~rlu' CX:lmpre, you can wo.rk wlth all. lhe' expre$$hre· ness of the iUuutator ()~ juven llebooks Wom~ n's f:~.s.hio~11 Illu Ii· rration is n.HLng more amI more Ior smartness and ort~in~ii~y. The' top [.as!b,ioll ilh,'su':I(o~ enjoy 3S much .n:Pl.ll.i.i:ttol1.andac:claim :iI.~ du Lhebe:.L anins lu any ,od~er Ilt'M o£ commercial an.

Fas,hh:m dlJll::;:es COIH(:llflldy. In worncn's, men's, or duHdr,en'.s ap.parcl, almosrevery y,ellif' ~,ig!1ili.cam new developmems :1;:I~U;l plaee, Asa fashiOon ;u~i~[,.~'ml must be obs.cf\'ing and inquish~li'e - l:!cep up-to-dare on what. is goillg on. Vou ;shoul'd l~:ad [he I:e::ilding n:lliurmll £as.hiuu magnines. :mild~' lh·e ad~'erdsemf'!H-'5, ~'OUO\Io' rhe I::l.!!:hion ne~'$- Thi~;w:ll}iyf.)U C"dn be Mire you are ln wud~ \!II j til. ahe h esh rde';;!~ and oe'aMve ~b ~n k ~ ng 0 f ~.h e P;:IOCsetters ill. Ithb. ever-changing field 01 art - and ~n 'the beseposidon IlQ make your own oTigt113,1, ,illdi:vitiua] contributions.





'Famous Artists Course I'ash,lon ,Uus,tl'o't'ion


Up to now, }'QU have been using dteeight-head f'cmnll1a in drawin~ rhe ".idf'al." li,gulf'II: fur ;iUusLnnioll. In fashion art the figure I~fOp"nrQ1i'i~ are difft'rem. You dr:3\lo\' I'he Luhman figun: li.t 11:;Ji:!H. (Oight l:Iutlune-baU heads high. SQ1!l1e fashi:oQ Illustrntors m:l.~~ 'Iheir fir,mrii'C nil'le lI.1!'evefli nil'll! and om:·l'lal"F l'll!"dd higb.,

Thus. you e]cmg.'I'le the r!!m<l,I~ figure (0 gi\,"t it th:n gbm(m)lI~"

sreek." sllrnmer look ~ chararrerist]« u]' MlKJi!l f.nhion nhlurii!'~ion.

,In [b:is, c'lun!,;ation, pTO£es.:s. certain d'l<l!lgt'~ m,~lst be milde:: .n specific areas of 'l~n: ,figure. Tin: waistline becemessborter. The ~u~ad: bermnes smaller a~~d the neck .';t HILde longerand thinner. Jmpou:tm ch'inge.$ sake place in rhe prnpnniul'I!j, uf the :umll.:> lmd legs. They OCWIIH: .Ionger ,fJud sl i nm~ er, 100.

The f@:f>hkm. Ir..gu'n~[c:pt,~scn tsa gra(',eru I, poi ~!'!~ I ]l€'rson. T ogt:l dtt:'st: (IUlIli,'lies iu y{l~~' drotwiiig.!IDse the figure ba.l3Jnting or r(·;s't~,n~'mon of ~~leWet!,:'n on DIU! fOOl.

The ~]lion 'Qflhe shou!den auel hips is ,,.try lmpertanr in drawl I~ g a. gl')(l(l fashion figu [c. Mak.t' ~ 1I re dl at, thesboulder a.nd hip l i ues faU into olPIJOsilli~ angles, :l8 i!~ [he di lIgr:ilms: at. the r~ghL T'hese ,i:lllg:I;c::, shouM be exaggerated I~Q add to, the graef"fu~ erre('~ rhe ~",~hion '~,~llf(;, tr:quiIT'~. The bead ab.u 1.1H!~l be drawn In a gmce[ u l posi~~on" It mJ1coly bees ~n ~ h e 1':(1 medi'l'cmlOn as (h'e .shouMers. Y,[)U Colli. lower lht:hcatl" raise it, ermrn i[ .'I\";<l.~. [tOl1J.iJ. the shoe tders,

lVhenlfue head. shouklers, and h]p~, are correctly 1}(I~i ~ inned ,:'Iud you~ :Ii:gu~e is lm,~:iI~II(jt;d pr,uped1., y u tt ~hou i d be <lbl'e 'W dra'!l~· a long gt;:u:c!uUy CUJ'ving line Wri1'~ lIte [OP o'f the head of )'ou~ rig,luc rl,gh~ through the body and tlO:Wll to the fe;e[. {"]file broad graY]]!lIe i~ earh d i lIgnnn dt:~]i'm~ ~tnl tes til i 5.) Good fashion i:ln[~b of ( en use this {est to be sure they haveereeteda gJ';;l.oert~l pore. Nnw how curved :in u~' the li ues iu the bQ(~'~ arei n rel@:'l]onm rhe smliglu.~'el'(k<! I H fie of ha];I nee,

Soc I'ecfh'i gltl1 e r;igl h,t pose

TfW i~h:I"'!~:"Irim1~ bd'o'l.\\' ~pre~m poses ]]c5ed to disrl~::iy ium:b· mental. ~a~hions. These pictures will !guidcyoll in s.ele<l.ing the T]gh! pose ~O!' !,:~r[l1'cnt~, :in ~he~ c.a1tf'~nrie,~" lJ:~naHy ehe sharpe .t nd ~j ]houeue 0:[ ~he g~tnllC'11 r dCILeJ'm iii C the po~. Howe ver, whC'llrhc~e i~ no di~tillf.'dw· shape, ~h,e po8C r~, ,establis!uxl b}l ~,;hMevcr specla I i merest lhcrc bin the ,gaUl'lC!f:I t This CQuh'i be


the sh:lpe u£ a '1ICdJ:,i lie nr ~.mm:: od U.:i: di:sth~c'l~\,C' f:iSh i"nn (h::~iiI.i t

I!every cardu lwhen lOU dnu'O' the ~ash]Qnligute seaued - in this posi ti nn j [ m :~y hide 8:(m~e of the ~11i!~i:i] dd.fjJ:i ls uf suits,. dresse.s, or.~ and the s i ~ho'l.:]eue OIr~hOlpe of [he garm~n ~s may he ~n~~" fJow!:rtlr, 5~)On:SiWellr,sudl. :;1,3 ~hlck:;:, ~hDn$, ::md ::>O[LlC ~ki:r~s,. can be eUectl vely shoawn. 011 I]g~tces in casual seared pOoSe:!:.,

lil"o4!1 loO'I'li'.!PI!'o!I,! :!l~fI~u~'H~ h .Mft 1liI0Il'fli I~, ~ 'w@lli~'ii iXI'i-!! ,_ or one' in wl-I,i~ 'tn9' I~'il~ Dr.te loll' e'~i!UJ~' 1~1,~~" hll l(r'i!iElire i~n.e h",'IU.r.M!' mu~~f" dj,ipf,gy ~'~.Iili (1'I~'~·i~II... H~n~ I~~ ~.~m:I. ~Dr,tll,h did ,,-d.l. ~U!!Br.·"_

T~.~' .r-~nw 'I'll!'l~~.tt~ .. ~ liIyi"~$ " .pc'" ""th "'~8'i d~,~, 1~'I'tn .. r, ~i~'g'lt 00'!~· i~ rt.:>~J' ¢~ !M '6t~.~ ••.. i>J,,(i~.~ <;ORj)' {I,,,q d ... bc~"~ 'C'D ~1.~ :~'~pi .",llQ ~rnplJ,oiiiz~·~ ti'len·!mQW ~ ~IP~'. ml~lm~E18 IJ rue d. []~ I',d'~ ... , ICMC,y l!;~:r,PIII'r ~IElD.1

jeu '~[]rma~flJ shT~rlill ,1th:~ .soi~m,IJ&J>e~"~ !I:iI1l1)d1ld~l[illPe '~l~~ I!~,e. rfI¢i~~r f~~,~~ r~~. U~ ~~iPae P¢!'t.~ f~c ~ ... ,11' !!I~ ~,~~ "".r. ~.., ... "r Ia..~ I1jjj~. "r -r~~ ,g~r~~'t.A'f'C!;dI~~' .~~ l»!iljQJ!I~ jlll~'t rn~~;r~~El~ 'I'I1ii~rJ. ~ 11~ 'F~s.bii'DtJ ~rr:;~ Df .h,~ l1I\r~:ts..

Wfi~~, l"~j;I' ,f,rQ"W 11I.~ pl'..at·1<! lil1:r~. ~ lJj,r~' I'¢ 1\;9F:!'l~ht H',e I:IU~e(liv,~ rll~~ "f ~'l\~ :i;llt..u~L I ~ I~Ii :~~ Ihe ,~jr~ ~d~ (o~n:, I,Ip i~ p~h, h~ tpi~,g' ~g, 9iY(t 1u,Iih~. ~Jlij!,b..';;,j, I .. I~;i i,ft'l,p-t;ll=~~t rOHl~~~.

Applying 'be 'busle pr'inCi~I',es of p05ing, and 5ketching

'1 T~,;i mo-;!~I' .:. f"ll1oe4 ,!~ ,~~hloi' •. e. 't~" finbi;:;i1 Me:!; Ii gMs "I' Ih~ _1'("'QmK:I.-::irIt. ho rld~ ~n tl!!~ l'iIps ~1- Io,w ,0 n ~olr 'Ioe~ ~ 'lill"ol;letl~ .. f Ihe " ... ;,:,..,. ""gdil <HI;:! I,h~ ~'.u~, "I nbot ~;,p" ,,,.,i Ih :~IT..e ti'r!l~. i~,e :I-,r, nd~ p~~ .tI.ut t~lI!! !.'i:,lirl' h~m Ih h'iiP~ !g ~«i"o'l """'te' 'tr.«!· f'UIII14!~1 of t~e fohr;~~ 01 I"Wljo" ~~ m,!r io~ oldmjl ,eF tf,." '8"'i"i>!! nl.

I / .I

2 'V.~ !f'Q~I~. ~~~I>'I!~ g'~~<~!'"'I_~Lc~~~; 11~. ~! t:~,

'Q"I',Qii 0" ",' ~'(_ .ne~ "'''~''''''' ,"~. '''''8'''' ,~.' rrn:!l her:! b:r """!Ii Ihfl.liDI of tllr., ""'$ ,,!Ie I!I gurd._ ~};,dtlt II>. ~lIn'9 (!~,~Ir,~ ,~f t~;;, oil o~I.d~n 'Il,llId ~nps. ~t:J!.t, in,d';"(O'I,· 1i'9 ~"'I,I'I4-' it P'!IJ"R.h, I .' sh.,,,!d~n. 1O~ _i.l!iM ~rY.,1 gtO'lln.cl t"'~ ,rorm o'f ,'~ Imd,..

{ - I



3 Sk;~Id! 'in thre lil'f.l!'~ oi 1'1>. .pil kevellr ... , poi I I or I~(j'

.1 ,,<I,m II. Ne~l. ~ilobl101n fn. il,¢nR r on r,~. ~:lini to ""'e~I!le olM" P(!rl~ .. r tb~ 68 11~ 'Gil.:! ~{if112 01.11' d •• f~dh. .i,,,,d! ,n '1M ",gUa r. !1~C<t"'~" b!:I'r, .. rcr,,,d p,io1 f.~!d~ ;,I"a.u s"~lkI :g." c;e ~rl'i"~' (;1111' wTtl! Ith~ 'bg,dc' tOt - -$ !!:i II' f01s.\r.lon lI.rJ~1 114"."

IPosi:ng Ih,e model lohii,gt.,ug'h,t, spe"dc:.il I'eaitures O'f ,-Iii e 'fas,h:'i'on

.<\,f'lCT YOu'v,c selected the basic Jm~ [h:u: wi.~ I do the most for Ihe ~ilhom:nc ur the ra~hioll. you sl:i,ouJd develop the ~et.,~i[s of (hi ~ pose to bring ,our mher :jm~lIlr[,"nt fealmf".li. POiSe me arms, legs Dr" boulders to point up the fJ:5hioll nc'\<;"s ol d~e ~rmem, Th',,~ oft!!n means, selectj ng a ~pec~a 1 anile, ~w::1l as aside or back vi ew, 'In ~hnw the best Ieatures of rh e f::i sh a on,

You can emphasi:w a fa hlon fea.M.u:~ as n~ucb byw'hat }'OUI ~f'a\'e' nut of' your tlluuralion rIIS by what you put in. YQU~'m rrotiee tlml m::Jny :f~hk:m .~gures <IT(~ not drawn compieml~' - a leg uiay be' left, ou~" one side 0'[ an ~,r the top of :I head, Ttli.!ih~:l)S d~c figun from heeonri ng [gou disrtIfaC'~lng and hold~ the viewer's arrenrion when! j;'[ bcl,ungs - on (he rnercharulise, Dedd~"g~'I'hid~ l~ne~ to omit or put in is pan of the 'hu] of f'as,hion drawing - !I"m! the omfi~ions, themsc lves arl d. mud I tu rhegr:acef'lllnrM (I~r the WUmILt"<lliom.






'f1\9 :iii'Ol~ r~, i~ poud i~ ~l"'Iph·m'''''' '''.;. """:rn,,, II' il f the' nQr~g"" ;;;.gift ,o,,,d :!i.e '!'~'Y ~gl'l ,pi r I'. Net e :Iir .... It~~ re;.,.d l:!JmJ II i>!p~~~U! ~ i ~ It.!US:" 'ull!!autd"f!e!_

A Lid. po"l. il!li'~ pool'lIIl ~p ~ I'I~ r:'r·o .... ' sj'lJ. g~ ~!I~ D.· ",~11 Q:I 'n".· '!Q1lll't-o:ii In!'ll ~ .• l'I"Je b~1'!O rtf d_.~ t~" !'lid,,'_ w'ml~" ~""" lfi~ ~>I!;I .PQM high!'1!i~'i$ ~h~ :"11' o~nil~g',.

I~ fuji ""O'~'rr!I;e;, h br,Q g'~1 Q1~I' lbt lhil, :1'l..:;li>!!IoQ-iI;l;ip :p.o~. PI:c.~j .. 91 ,,~ leg ;111 f,,,, .. t l.igMlig!'h 'I'b@, IOlr-orri'1~ Q[ 'r'~ ~k!d~.!. n.~ m._ ,e1 PQIe I. g""'.l' fmr ;'JlKi'h.,..~gl,

.,.,. M~ vI.! ... '~io;MIs:~h I~~ "''''y' f~lI kdk d~~gil g!f ll&~ j""k·· I.t. A t~ :!<li- iru-hlJ pose g "m.e. ,,~f I~., ,'m nlt .. nr~EI m ~~r_ li I h 0 aC~ ,of th.· jL~ift._


4 U"mg I~" .I!M~' Ii" .. "j, 0 Il~Jd." l\:..td~ iR ,tTl. . . ~~rlllIr (l~ ~ b;!!H b~al'~ d'~t'~il. D._, flo,· g'''''''iy r,~w. I~"'," .'I>JI'1h~I11;j;.· ~,. ~}t fyn~~ 14.. (iJ:.d tr..~

odr,;" f;!r:lJ.. D_lc;J;I' ~]"e ili.,dw"~' fcld. ~,f6~ p!~I~.tt -r'li:ll'n,~~ ~II' t'ilI~ ~r'll<n~ o~ ~h~· likl'rt}. Ske~~'h jtl ti>Ofj 'ra,~c'I' dt~~;1 ,~,nd ,d~!i'",~· i,,,,,~Drt ,0 I'll!! I.!I.O;I! ~ ..


n.. • pll~!h h ';L~ ~fI., h,tI.,.u 0'1 1M i~d:Gt Q~ oCi~·d1 I>t~ ,1I. MU_ a..r,. Th.u fltOl~fir!l, pllils, dll! rI!Ilrn3W' dtj',r1t .sil!tG~~r """' lcigh'lighl .. ,d by I"" :F"'1'2-

t'"' D.o,".! ,o,n I"" ~ip ~"i~~. "'II'I r:.ot:b fh~' bun .Ii!~~'tte ICI ~ d1 ~ r,,111 !.o .. 01 lit" hrp .. lib" 1»"li";II of 'tM(! '~gl~ k.r,p<!, 10 '~",p'~!h(! 'rf'r~ ngrliQ'_~i, or i;Q.j ~rl.


'There 'are {O\ll ~''''e, WOUVS 'in\'ilUl'l.U:n' 'S \:~Fhl'm\ \\\\l~\la\\()n. T\\~ ille. the Teens" Juniors" Miss~., and. \I\.'omen. Each gronp ha.s ~t8, m!ofn iypie:d :pose~ rhar he I' e:,::plf~s. rhe pirit of i fa hiuHS.


T'~@ r.t~;'Ii'1'.& g fe ~."fJ' g ~illlc!l.'ii ,pti,gp~.. 'Thfir pa~~ fir.- 5~1~1I1I r.:J:.u9g~,.clr.e'd 1131 br.:i!lEl '8>lIt lEI! fl~.IM~~ d~toCl;'- Te~Y'I _~cl'!1CI dT:1-!! I~ n(h '[liU!lf lill ill.. ~;nJ or ClllIlmg'f!'d PQiing •. ST~dy f!i~ j~t~~i!'loij"OI 1.5' OCIlOiO"S <1.... ";!l""OIJ,. "~1I1 _n_ilIJ gf itt-illS ,,"11' f\')U'I'I Slel' r:'..;:ii:iy ;.:1.,.,,, f .... i ... ,,17 .... ~", 11 ... 1 'lI,e 1:rlPi;:olfl" T"~,,,.


,JiLI'~it:l;F:I1 i;!Ilf(l' B;r~ 1~;I'y~ ilIuM' 11:1-01' s.!lI ~I:[] g'!;l~r. ,;;;r~iI ,11 ~!oiI! 0lI$, .. r~ 'III,e\ il'unll. n~· lu";I',u i~ M,~h ,",~~lle!il on.d Il"~~ ,",~r 101'19 fi!'~~ In 0 .p'~i1e<" _ft~e;r. J, ~;c,1 _,rdNn1iliie ~!;lkl ~, pl'U'i:! t., b.r;T'''a ou~ lilt. hil.... n!;ll~r~ oillitO-IIII' of 'rhis (!~O' g1o.~p. J'u'1i~t J-,e1:id ,~(li~1lI i" ·.,rr..rio ... f.,,1 n" ... " r ... 01"'111. Iii", f,,,~ ,~f Ib~, J'IJ"T~r !t;~'II'idl :wll'9,""~t Q" 'I:! r~ 1'1i" .. ell ... ptlrlC" r

M.iss€!:s and Womellli

la.~,.., '~:!!~,r.u ~~~ ,ll1\,o- . ...,,-tI !'n I'i'i~r~ ,~lr,g~]fi"iI Ili~;~ 9~~illlll F~" G"" ... ,f~~ '~eQd 'g rnd' n~, ol~~IIl'd!i!<1 g(~' 'i~a r,t Le.g pol'itiiMS '&",lJfri ~ It;lId'r,rdlct. ,~n~iPt "m ipcld'l:""'.o!Ir •• ~ ••• '11lt ,ptril' .0'1 'f,fl., ~Q'!Ii'ioi'l' dll:!"'.1 ,II,,,, '~i.,,,1 ,of Ii""~' M!i,.~ F"u.i~M 'LmKIII, 0,-..' r.'lQ<rof l;ll'ro-~lIe' emphcsh - IX'M'. tl." .... "~II ill a'li~n tll.cl'l wi'li Itlgltlilg!i'! 1!J:1., *fl;l'._ Wo-~,,'i ~ "(!b",ndip" ;, 'Mtf j."""".. ;~, ~Mple P01.f!1_ M.o~1 of!'. 'g>j;!lOh ~~ .~P!lfl!.Jol!,d' l!!.y '1M' p":lit[r;;~'. "r " ..... , ,,~,d' l~lII!l,. b'il" 'II!>,CI,l'd .,Xlr.f!lI'. POIt!'i_


Styling the 'fash'ion figur-

Thi s eXp"l;';2l,IHI1U!:! us dnlw i n,g the figure;: <I nd Ilhe garraent £Qbrin,g out the ~_t,,~ and:rashio.!!l derail,s u) besi ;<lId\'an~age. ml, is :U. this Mag'!: of ~hl~i U usmn:i.on :I'roc'~ ~hiit <I, lash loa drawing weaU}" becomes wh~~ you ,,",,"am i~, 1:0 be - a dra ~~"i ng' th at wm ":.dl" d~c Iashlon. On [II i,s page a nd the' (I thers that ,[oUQW we '~xpra~n '[he ~)ri neip,les of ' r yl.~nglhe f:1Bhion ~lltiMlr"dliulI- prilKiplcs ~hal apply (,0 "\\;A4tever f<llib~oll$ appear in the f"er-<h;1~gmng 'hl.~,h;on cycle ..

,E.arJiel:" in the Course you learned that the l!h"":1~ ol ~'olij!s, are de:u.'rlUi lIet'l, ily gra". h y ,011 nd '~ens]on ot action. Til esc (am iliru pdm:'i pll.:s app~y [0 fasl1ioH ilimlF<ll;iou, ~~S, we l'xplaimru bekn,v. T'iJ' themwe 1l'I1'1-5,~ add th is imponllm faS~ll]On ~)r-i 11 d P Iee f ohh arealso cr,t,"1tted bv 'the ~tmnnn: or the ~m.:~ch<l.nll.isc'" F:I'Olll ~he fa5hiQri artist 's poilu o~ view 'Ehe~ stru CUI raj fo Ids pi :l)' a, s.ign i r. Q1IU pllrE iu {clUng d'l.c' story o[ I'alihi:onm,eu.handis.e and 5hould be sho"'p de.arl}' in youI!' drawing"

n e- ~ "r~ fh~, r'"J'~:" .. d~ .. !l:l" b~jll 'nl" I'b~' ~~'r~IM_ They I r.o=lw.:!~' p'el:!l~ fu~<kl\, I.e'l'l'll-in 'f~.h. BQl];,~rY 'I~~'d,. mirriMi, '.1,"- iMi-e' ,iClo11i!'J, ~'¥H ,d'iscppt!'" r, ItO ... ..c'II~. ..,.k~~ t],~ poi.' ..... ,'I&oQ ,d\oe,1 .nOt ,DlII.<=I ~ltud'l!tO foM!!.

T~t ~ OJ.' f,;U., moXI'. bf In. f~dl or I\rlbn~ ~1l'1;I'1f'I 10: FIil::r1.1'II1 ICf ,~JI.I;,p~lI1rsifj.r.._ 11.11 poCtt'l1 s; mlF. Ju~~~n on QJ1.J~11y 01'1, 'In~ il'ioul~r .• i1he _j~1 'l:If h;p~, 'on-Q ~m.lim.. l"ft. Q'rIN, 'Of' ~I~. iJifte MI~'l! CIII:! I":! fol'dI. ~""i<;·~ ",ifn Th" ",,~i'llM of 'II!+ 'rDb"l~

lib, pt'r"(;i~1 ,of (ldi~ cr Io!"~~~ f~4dl oppl.y tQ, rg~lon g"I'Q.n~~, 'rI'ilh 0'1 i~po1I' ;".111 ~,"«pHc~" H,,,,,, ~'cM ... ,,>I n... ... IXI - pl"grt .11. ,"Illlhio;" U~" Th.~:r !.hauldl not ","""pO 18 ... ,~ .It~cil~f~' Ql iiH1i"jf", fcldi.

h:m,QU's "m~'; CO\JM 'asuian U\u,'r1a'toft


'Ih- "f'k'· •

_1 __ ,re Imporfan,ce 01 ' S n rt s:wmg

Some' a'N]$l~ hav,e [OUIIld. ski rt swi~.g OVtC O[ll"te mest d.m!~]ll~ pOli:ns of fii.sh lU'U mu~ lnn:ioH. it curta i ul:~! is one (If th'll mmlilupoN:ml. T1u: $hape and lines of rhe skin are essE'nl~a.1 In '~XprfS:5~ng th!! fashion idea of~lle ~kin.

Y nu 'U find i [ h~1 pf II ~ Irl'l ~ hin k .of the d;,~J'r::ls a r:yi tud:rica II fnrm that .goe$ around the hgm:re_ Thls ~yl~ndrkal Ierm isa l;,~rIicl. Qr tube i.n, Lhe Oi~. of :1:11 U:iUOi\'\l" skin, or cmH.: sll.'3J1K:,d ,if it's ',11 w:ide or {un ddn. l\eumsc this ~'Jind~r covers ~he ,rO'w~r parr of the body. yQU N~ ~e(uHr. ~d~ t I!£.. crr~, l t.biil.lI,l1~VenH::~ of the ~q!fi:ol.ucl hips ha,~ on th~ :S;\~'ing aud ~I'!OVemenl of the ~~kirl_

Anol~her ~i~ni ficanl[ fac~ .i$ th 11 t Ihereare roaa:rr differen t kinds of sk:in~. There are dw s'l~m.ight(rr s1t~:u:h IlnK: of :Skin,. thr: hrtd .ikiTl:, ~he garhered sk.~n, ~he plcJ:~ed skirr.and othermore subtle varia~lon~ A U or these have lh(;i r ow u ~pedal ~ C'~,pon:iC to the .uxiou of hip~ and leg~"

The [I lusrradons o]~ ~his pitgt:' dc~noJiilsrn!{c the n:l:aJ:i n fu II.da]l~mna]8 (l'f d:i:rt :5.wing" Vpu aTlJPpif these fund:unenrars :m thtlspe.cific siruatians in~'Qh~ng the merchandtse yo.u are durwjng.

"T~~,,., ,.1,~I.h~. ~..... ~..... t.b~· .,,;:Iiil'm ,gf, Iih~ Mp~ on..:! 1~91 o'F."RI~ ~%~ f~U g.! '~~~ t~t~_ In f,g~l. A 1ft. M:g!h I*rr hi:p ""~~i 1M I.r~ ..tod., ",f tj .. ,. '&:'rl ~~ r'l':', .~ll~ ~~~, ,;~~~ ,!'ioil~ ,iI.r(>,p~ !'f<O~~ ~,rtiQllIIy' fr<li'i! 'r1'oe Iri~11t :lIip. T~a< 'i~~t 1~'Il' P"'i,!I,~. g,;,'f ~~ .. Ir"gil'I' .. f 'I'b~, '.~'li'l ~'EI ,t1 ....... : ... I[~~ rl!l'll""'~ "f i~ ~~:~'!'II ~I '!~oD !)"t!~#L f~, jj"91~M !t ~.~ 'n_ :~~ci'1:I9 Q'~ Ir.:.o!' behiin.d tJ'.~ O!t~~f , .. n g~~O! i~"r_:i. lilth r~H~.~di.

H~til!' the"~,r!' ii ·dlr!:l"".~"fij;' ~!,I~ "·"'Y' ~'n.;!.r~t,Q o.;!;m'!3 ,1\>"1 '"t,~ r(!tDi, U';~ J!,;o_ ". '" A .. I IpJ~"'" ~r r"b,i~ .. ;~li nO! ~*" ~~t'r~n:I~~" ill) I[h,e ~r ~. ih. (K!1oo. HI. ror.ih, (m ,t~. ,,,iji'I' QI~, h"",., 1!!Ii) r~~c~i"","'i,,· ~'c ~h~' ".,1i"", "f 'ttl .. , ~f"

.(\ .•.•.•.....•.... , //

He'Fi~ Y"" ... ~ ~- I.. k~~", t!.~ "~8!' d~~ ~J~F,ri.'r ~.r,i '9 1I"I:~nCllill '~jtrt ~,l'Ijd l!!iii'l ~i,j~(l'!i,!t !li ,~~.fvl ~ftifl""-.:oii',r..9i_ til,;, ~l~h, I.,fl hlp, .«lVlil1li~~"~' j'd~ oJ ·Ih .. ,.1..i,r~lr;o d.,cl" ,ilfwc,.,fut;l; .... t~~, .I~!l ,,~d I:hTIl~. Miy. p~eT<~g '~n~, r,ii;iM' I~';j in, '!'rg,r,l. Ill,j bonOn;J.n'pl. ~~ 'Q:piI,~.d , .. 'h~I7~I' d·~'hl'»!1'''EI Il.~ d:;rl f'Elr", ..

I.~i~h ,p.f<C<I:!le>C!: ~i,"" tne '1;II',g1'~' cf 'l!u~ ~jf'1 ~~,dI 1M :PQ~i""9n ,g~ t~. r .. rt ~.'OI g.f)Ij ,d!~rtg I""" Job ... '1I~~ ~nli .. , I .. ~ct~l~ ~".-c In'~t ~~ ~ =~~r ~~,!!1'lo~' 'r"g!'!,i.'.' ,g~ Ill!,., 'a"'rm'il'nl'. ]h., ~*~.ond'~ 'r,~,"_ I~,. '''p""jJ;ng "'.p !l'~. Ih~ p~~h ,,"1~~oII' ~ri~~ ,of '¥n~' ~rt iflil'I(i=h.,r" (',Qfi~Kf'lirg~io,f!L.

A ~irflp~~ ~lt1iUi 81 :pcSe' prD~&~1 'CIO 4!<>:et!!ient CppNl~:~'1y Ie &.!·="':Il,~!e f~., iMim fkl't~f~ ·~J~m:h! ~:gf~d ror! ._ ~~~d!"pe .~~ ih!iilblll'l!'~!l!. No:~ 1'1"", ,t~~ r~t:I '0""., f~. hip ."~9S1'lnl f,~, f""~nd'M<.j. ~~I 'Pif.~ d t!,;~, ,~~<)m\o'~~.(I f~hl~ ~~~, d~or!y' (lOIri';i~9 {'om QM 'r~n' p;.J~", 'n~ .. _i.ln(,,,~"

~~ Iii,;,. ,';,d~ be,&: ";~"'.Ih~ .,,;:II .. n ,"~ I~.' ~j'~, f>t'~b.i Qv! f~ ffe'lol' !ii~, '0.' 1fbi!! :ikIlft I~ 1lI1:;~'Jd It~~, ·~tii~jg n £h!i~~~ No.t.~ '~~Qt i:t., 1p¢1it of t~. I.ft irlgl 'Qniu:l, ~n.ilf~""'" t~~· ""Ii"t~ gf tM~ ftc'~, I ~ ~rHI;"9 (lrJ)" .~~, 'Q'~yI, ~n~d.f· ~. II.,~ ·~Jp.· 'md' ~~'9 ~ I~~:~ h>l!'lp' y~IlI' '~C> '~~~~ .~~~. r>ll~~ig,~ ilOry",

'1rIi.~~;!!~, !~ft MiP "r 't~i, fj~!V~ IfM~~~ it~. I~~iyd~ ,~f t~, p,'rl ~f.~nd .. ~t· fill 01 !>Ie:!. (I"e.r~. ~ Jil'O~ ,~·f the ri~'1U I.; pU.iM.~ C>~~ t~. ~ig[hl' S;~. '~flh~:" f~n ll~r:I 10 QUJ:'RI~t.~ I·IJ;~ 'r",r(l\i. nti, pQ,i.~I'r~:i g~ i~,r,.rj~~~~ IPr.iC,~!gl~~~"! r;rI: ,t~.. IIgit~~'~4 ,r~lkb ",I' 'r~e "",,,,tlf, ,g,R r.m!>t'lflQ~'~ {'~'iII~I"~"


'resenting tbe fa5b\on to its best advantage

The three bash: ,a Ire 05 oi 'fas,hlie,nl h1tef'\est

A~ :I fash~oninu~l-rator . you n\Ust be prepered to essmme the line'ii ~[ljnd de· t[li]s of anyw:armem :.md R'wg;ntl_C lhu~ that W'iltave Iashicn slg,niFic<ln('e_ "'OU mu st be a h::l-t to the j mrjon~lIu at,em of (he g;:l nne Ill, wht: lhui l. is a coat, dress. :suit, or any ofiu'rk:ind of lIppud. Only then om you Illustrate (he nyle inu~'re-H o~ 'lrH~ merchandlse. On rhese two pagL"',S we have i~lat,ed the


T,h,Q co~na I" I nee Ie Ii ne, ,and 'tifl8,g

a bove the wa 1,s;1

TIl .• ';''"1'0"9:.,,,11 f,~,,j,i"iii' ii>Pi~~' ;;~ ~_ 111>. ,~HQf ~'~ oCIla liin,m i'l-.;l! ~>II (~ ,c!~d drcl"'" rn :[,,,"". A Ihr~~,"Q'".r· ft.·.... is rne ~~I _'I" I'() birr,g Ogt t!.is ·lypio n; l ,f .. ..!'. ..... f"oQlI,r'lI.

lftt !ri~~l'try fitl·.d """'It i~ e ~ irr,PcOiFloint f~!h. ren p&i r~.·. SlaGW ·tt:.is, hu;:iI!OIjf.(io Qt. ~,~ ~r 'W~'Nl ~Y'g;gTr'Sl 'I~ ~y at 'M' rl~ ~'g , AI 11I'''ee'1"..,-let .... w il b.,1l ("f Y""'f P rpo... !>tr •.

,3 Below the wai,st,~ induding fheskirtUna

$!.,_ ih" 'D""~_ !li;;irl ,In '1:1 hgil~ Yi.".. '10' 1).,ri~ 0,,'1 itl slr~'n. Qt ~<;>~1tI dims 'lEi i'lre, 'I!~;ii~' ,~ltd I~i Q ~d 01.01:1'" 10' 10'1119', ,cc.~tj~ 1Xl"l5" 'Il@'~~; ~,~\, 0,,-,:' ,r .... I' I~ f~~rlIi Qf Ih. Q~hj'r gl":i' M~'p:i 'to Q~'n1'",'M~ 'M 10"9 !lim 1_'" "f liIo.'. I:;-pe ,~~ 1'QI!ilon'.

, I

'The 1'K'''''_.:Je.,,,,,,, llijll~ 91' ill i~·r<lei)". din a·i to tbe .... nel. or "~Ii""" clully .. I· !l;,~ '(i,i", h· i,l, f!IOII o-!leri'l dI b)" ,~:l'(I'riI)".

Muc"~1 ~"~i,,,,, ,,j""glJ i,l, 'fC'n(.eIl·.~d ..-ilh .'1'>. ~l'oi!'_, ~= 'o~ 'I~ illO~tDnt <'I;D"g"l, r~ '''VI;'' ~ h.b p!".e in ,rhit O~IIQI" :liiIo,,'.y~t. ifj" b .... ~ .fr!~ (;~I'I,I-IIT,p Ibti i1o<~,. iM (j'r." .~I'I<I! l'l.e !'I~~q, m",,~;'· .... ~ ~iJ~t.

Stud~' 1,1".,.., 11~,Bd~ ",,,,,"',,,1.. ~If ,diwo;','IISli g,n)" Iik_ ~ r.d! ",PiP')" Iih;~m I.;> i%" .I ... ;;~ ,of Ih>l!i 9""i_ .. 1 '(0\1 ""'" iiru"'.c'tiog. 1\11_yo f~_m'biu II.Q'I I~. orm I'Y'O .... ·I 'i"!ii'dil, III,. ""' ........ '"nil' ul-I>(!,uy i~J ''''Ie' 'CI'b'i~ ,,,Ii $EO" .. .., .... i,d. """ .d' .e- g,~ h. , .. Md. yo" ~f,_ 11ILt., d'1!',F,MI~ch 'QR 'r~~ 'oiieig!'!'~ of Il'I.e l\:tbr1~ ~n ...-.e II .~~ ~~e ~'O~11''ldi~", ",f tb~ ~<!:,~ ... ~ ••

Ii'll Q 'Ml i,l'd"' Il,e hllll<~r~ I~ ""'!!Icily' hmuV)" O:f' ¥D=!.I..mrtCt!:1l'. ill. (jlr ~~, 'I'Ot'l'tet f~~~1y T .. !I1dlt ~'''~ Je~T!O .glijg' ,n,,~lll"r;ldt~~ r.h~ ,·g,lJ,rk.,


al'e<lJ~ 'oi '[ash.ioTl lnrew~n, uo slmw "I'ouho'W ro ll,mlaly~e :li: garment ... ndhf~ng '[Hlct. ~b be:5l fe.<llt . .u;CS. or course dU::~~:I1'e m~ly £~ ~:cw o:r the m:my poim~, '~fuatyou \",m bl~' c3Hed upou (0 ~inUsnJ:N~. but th~y ~ndi'(lI~e '~he baskappm<l,dl (hat you should ~ a ke. .Ex Olinl ne the lash ion :,In ilUI:n:@lg:l1ines ~nd ut:'w;!i,p"peN;, U) Wi nduu t .1.I.I0rC" abou~ ,this imnpOlr't:!l!IH pl'lrt of b~.hj,ol1ill i I h~st:tOldoiJl.

I'n ~'I:i,~ f~~hi:o.~~. 1Jl~ ~~. ~molitl'J' or t~. ~~I\::I,,,~<!' ~ ....... , j.!.~. ,.c3Ic'. Il~" c, • .,,,, .. d ~~e Mi~ ~~. I~f,fe M'd!.. :;l. ~ngM ~~"t • .q""'t. ~,r '¥l'tw' '~O,t1 b'mllllSli '~"I 1i>1!<~

iAl~,rH'G,"'~'rri!'r :ltd~ ~;;"i'" pro,rlil~~ ,~ .g~: '~' +.0 linin'S! ~li~ ~!Ilr,j, ~;Ili,dI of ... ,~Ii~ .. , g~.g: mo!bl:::1u i"1!t.,,~j;t.. 11\.,,,, "~:!il~ ,,,I~ .... ~ ililM:i:!i~!t.. !~~ '!i~ht,~t!;~!iJ bU:i!'i.~ .• '~""+~G" ii'~;fjHl~IQ"1 fj",h, ,..Qf t~;i '1'1:1"1' •••

¥iI\~it"'''~' lfi,;,.r'~ i., iii ~T81\ (,,1 ten" it i~ :I!!.Bt M, r~r'l<!l Ih ,ciI;"" ~Q' ~pom~~t IM,I, fg'il1~m. AtM •• • qi;J;ti!l'II!L~' y,j;ew iI:.~, ~DW tl!i~ ll!:[]~" I~'r ~"II:!,~,~dI t~ N'~~. ~~ il'::!"

'FQlIliIll1'l ~gi~ion :pi:'int ..

f):Qg\g~~~'t~ 't.~~'no!:if~o"" ".,.,;ji~flJI!;. t~ ~li-m 8 ~1I1 :gJlt.:.t.~ ,,~<I .~ki.'~ ~~91. '~~$. .1.. ~"ir .. i.;'~'!~~1 ~r t!!' dFg.M' 1'n'ee-q~~~I:t!r .... "' .... '\Oif!1 M~lI:Jl~g'1'1~ t'h.. 9PI g;.t~jt

I n Ih~ Ocil'Ir.fQ·n '~}',1iM' ~1 ~. d..ow hcw fl!tl! '[cih.,.j!E Ifil;llh, IIliI'ilI lit:" fYlr-:frM;1l' lI::!,rm IEIJ"@' h.!:III"'~!l'!II d~~.. ~~h~u'~ .l'i<:!'t. tl\~ ~~'br;c: ~;f.!·~:I~O !th;~r,Ci'\orG'f '.:l~r'l'.

p~, il\ii~ 'type glf ~~I~~ or 'bUeuUl :1'~~,8li\",EI :1i"',.I' ii. .hc"",,, ,et tIOn b.!e. Hl!!t~ 'tn~ !:OH '=iitl1'r,~',

~nl ja ehf i~ iI·ro~<t1Y g'l -rr"", .""o:l'~~I;D~' •. Wh.'.~ Ib.~n .. ~, ,~ I~,"";U lie" ~,,'" ~. t~e IWe ,of iI:!(.\'!'i-

F",. 'my full .:I..ir~ ~e,!oM,"B •. o:o",,;pIl:"'ii.~H~~ ....i.!~ ""f t~a, ~k.irl ~~ iii 'I~.~ ,~~un'l (:iI' f~,l!!.rIi~ M.CIk~ $I:lt~ Y'QU ~~rw ~ol", ~n.Q" 'llI.'8;~i,t ~l'l, 'Qf r'g'~fj,. ~~U '~~'" legi. :r,Q' Qdd! Ii!> Hrc' ''i\Oi"hh !:l~' i!l.e ,~~~~m Q!lntt d'j"". A t"'e~.~'Il"d~.r ..,.~"'" ~~ "'~i.1g;rlYt..'I.

s,,~..... " l'nmt~,I.'OIIi1~r iid. or' Q h,JIIl 'pd(! '1I'i]j,w 'wJl!'m, ilhtm' f.aslh:i!om 'r~¢~~~. i$ t"'~po.l~.~'t or' ~;n~ ki~t 1~1~~"r IfikJ I)'pe Qf ilklr1_ ~I Y'iii!lMi' 1~lJll'l! !Ch.[] 'I'Ulg;8·~sjf H~IJ'~ Ilk~~ ~ SQ~ I~~ Inh!lr'l!II' ~u "...,~!.II_ PDj~ ~'~I~iIli f,~ ~iIri~:~"I4~~ E~ .o,,~mIr.gl ,~I tn.tl! 'l~j.1 :!1",~" r~ !!!ItJ If,!· ~I ,rl!<Cl~IiI~.




1li1'.~. r"!3i"c,n,j:,~.~!~~r I~I' Iin_" ~I ,'=! 'C~~IiiI"!'l.iO'ui ~,iII I'~l!!", A'tQld ""1 ,j,"!i!I!J"~!~" '~-I tI b.ll'c~ col t~, ~.Oll;rd'~ r,

rn, IheHt~". Qr .i~ug,. '~yptl, ~r iii i:I".i!I'd~[j',~, 11iiI15, ~JI dl ,tlJd;~~ ~o..,... .:I' :~ ~ 'ill' c.f\!,~!k ""~,r~ 'ill •• ~~~~.;n... m4"~1 I"~ 1iI: • .,.. ••

i n ,t~~ ~Oy.~~ 'i~~~I::il.(,I·""~' iQ.i, ~f.1;e ~j.pl;,la:i" 11;11' ,i ~~liIp,/ I ~~I!J

.!iIi'~~ ')'OCU ~'ff'!pf1'l;!s1z .. t"'", br~ti: ,n I~ e , no, ",,,I ,,l\;Cll r,d"", 'r~.'.

~"'.!~;I!'!:l"·H~.g~. I~"" ~r"",. ~Ci~.I~. fQbili,~, ,~~.".f" "I '~c,.t, ~n!l' I'Klfl' 'Q~ t.~~ ~"'''''' d~~~~. iin:i. 1:iil'ii [J]~w tJ1;~ ,[]Ir.',!!'1f h~ lbf! !"'i~I~,


1be fa,sbion \\tlnct

In u:ansfoffiling [he femll[c' fi,gure imu 'Lhe lunger, ~'!eelo;. [a~hiorn fi~ure. you fmU1 Pll,Y par· liClil:lr :ltu"miull to 11m .... }'UU dr-aW the hands. The PO$i;S and prol)()n i,om, of I~he hands hd p ,gr.e~ltly in '["n.:~nin:g: the graceful qualieies necess."lt'y [or <1 5tH art rash i m:~i]l mlT'a l inu. The hanlls Ulu~t, be' co ns i stern ",,,,I th the elongated proporiions of the figure: and mu ( also c'xprc_,\£ the elegance ,of the po~ }'(H' selecr,


n. rQmi<Nj n1:l'l!l: ,(jjild f.'"'S~"1 al'e' Io.n~' "m,d: $Iii: ........ fh." .. Ii.~ rn.r,F.J(J1 ."Qmcm', h~md am,d' 5:1'I~rs. fln~rl,pl ell '" ""iI. Dr,., ,11> .. g .... .r:I '1i:ip;>r .. dI.· Dl:f!'I!P tn'l' Il",~s 01: tn~ hOlnd !lrr~'t'h .oLt!jd I~~ I'IIlil'l'U'-Dtirs.. HI!!Ti!t ~QrtI' 1t~1i. lnud~.s ~t 'Q'~:t' ,O'tn~f' Ib.o9 ~ru~~.,e. U· ""'pi .. ,,ji81!:.!' .... 8 8i1l'lt'on IlIr 'tnt' vocri'lt.

Grll(ofl;j,J PORt, and 91!,~tUI'I.'1l1 ijih",.. Dr .. "....,,,1,.:01. Mo .. \:", .".~' 'i'tJ~ u~p Iii. Jeti'll. ~G ~I!: .... he'! 51'1_. il1!>9 the 1i1!9~r~ j" p"'.ition'., r.r. .. 11.". kr~. !)on't d.~ .... IIIlQfp., h.gJ'~ bfe.:l~ - I ~ 1'[ ... ~'I\I"M Ibe .... _Ih CI~d ;{~-n:.iifllU:[]V'!k.

D~,n'n drg;w all ~1:te ~Jl;~r~ 'OfCl ~!", .. .,d.. Ih .. m<i. ~ .. 813~:i~ r~. m 'ilh' 'i~;J - the hCl!~d ... 1.11 1(IoD~ _c,,'I~., ..

The shoe i" lIrd'~ n as pan 0'£ the foot. You never ,eruph <II! i ze I!he sh~ on Lhe :Ca,shiQn figun."'. Cnmlllci' them <1$ aecessortes to '(he rn ai n Iashion, the gamu~m. Study .~,uhion iUusna· l iU~~$ in d~,e papers or m <'li:!'::;,! 7~ne~ [0 um],cr,s,u.unl wh at shoe ~,o SC,rl:C( fur dilleren L l nm 'of b,5cltion a p]J<lll"el A sporJts costume OT 5t~t OlS nnne ob'!,'iOU8]~' ("~II for a different ]tipd Oil shoe [han a ,oo,k.ta~l. dress,


Th"! f .. ""',..... fc,,", nih. tnt! ~cIJUcn, ~'g" ... ,,,.iiI t~." Itc ~~ iI, 'Ion~' III -dl slt!W!tr .011 11 r.H IPIII'I! IIInDOr.P,A wiJlh iii ,or.i3itl ~~I com'ou'r, Avoid "' ... p I~[jd. or 'I)r.,ok.s:.




,!~. ~c;el '61'1ir.'g 'Y~'Y :m~ 8~7 '<>" n:he fQCI. ,g:rI!!lQoI,t Q4 ,eI' g~~ 'Mh ~h~ !.,c ~d. TU.~ . ..no. Fi''''' to~!l~ t1'.e II~M ~,! '6~., f",",t.

I -

'1 t

P'QIJ]tion '.'tlc! po'int elf ,thl;l! ~h~,e, c"l'ndull".~ SiiW!i; yo,u >:I r@' ,l:Ir ....... ia~ '."'" .1 .... I:I~ pIiIflQf 'n". 'rQO,". _~,,~ ~1J;j'r.., 'H~ .. t !~~ pi:i;lR,1 c:ol' ~n.'ili·ot, ,(~,~!;" ~~1 t1'.~ 'ill l'I:I(~f-gl, li!"'"""!J Ij~. 01' !T.lQ~._,n1' th~ I .,,~., .1:"""" Ilir.alil'II'h Ih" 0(1\:1. Q j]~ 'I'~l'.

Dl'llIwii"9' t'h~ 51.'0':; I\,.~,~,h 10 ....... 'Iibe ~ee1.o!' 'f~~ 'I!J,OoI ,dlurt1'j ~ ~der ~b~ h •• 1 'Q~ ;'14, 'I'QO". ~ boll'om of th.~~' ~I i~, p!c,.~;ri~';d~, " '.~r~! d\""ppedi fr .. ,",H~;;, !mil: 'cf 'fb., g n~I~, no ml:!tr~. i~ .... fr.:il' ,on~!t 'Int, ,floe 'i.,!l1o_ .. Ott .. "";10 '1M, i'1ilyr~ ","Ii w.,'" t') !~f~ t~ 'I!I',F'F'~ Q~ .fI,,, 'beel.

1hl ta.sbiaR bead

MUch of the sma;]![ne.ss of yo Ill" f:lsi'linll fig:un:: wHl depend on il.h~ skin and l<LSlt'''''lth which you draw ~he head. 'The 'llsh~on head ]:!i bni{;aHy diffe~ra ~ (rom rhe normal head_ I t'.$ a nan'{l""'er head; be;ing e longaM~dwi~h [he rest orahe' flgureT11e features are ditterenr, [00" and YflU ~ndir..;J;u::' [hem ~n :a more subtle manner ttb .. n ou Qn:iinarl-

use in ,general commercial Hlusrraeion,

011 dais p:ilgc we demonsrrate these d:iUelJence~, Smdy '[hem carefully ro 'you willi1 be able to rupture the charm and lelleganc~ of ra~.hjon \\1'hen )'OU. draw tEn: Cashion head,

P>'o:Ip0r11o,ru: tlrQiWlh. f"linig:ro li+cill'Qn9n aM nc'~~r !~>ll" 1"- ~~."""I jI,,,, .. d_ T~.,· .... rdin cf I"~ ~ .. ",I h iloill' g·lilll.- _u f1'I91'"' Q<i~H,~ floe 1'o!!,ng!fj" Tho!! di'Il~"'~ .bent",.,,, IQ Ii"", af 'I~ '"':1"''', 11>0> .. g~ grid' c;Jiiln i. 'In. 1Q1l!!<I' (i'i in In.' tn"~.o'[ fiJ~_ Shof;!i' 't.fleo!' ,,,. h.to!'l', ,,~ 1"'" te-mpl"., i. "''''',. .... ", 11i",,;n if .;. .. , ,I." ';~~~lIx;rHll. fbi, illr."!iJ,fntiM f~ti' i'~~r\Hlio.n of 'Ilil':!".n. D.,[]1W 't~., ",~T.· M!I;~~" '~'" o~remli:oc~" t·t.,,· ,.tiD ·~I Q~ a'1t~ h." •• Girlfi~ 1M dli[n '1:1 ilb!iJIi.I' poimt ¢tId'i, I~ f~8 lar'9 I~.~~ f,:,,"'ilc~, Ie", ... f th~· ...... d:,.



H!:,li",:' II r",II@_'II." f",,,, cf IlL" ~"II_ ,K,",~!, .frCiil':!:. IImpl' •• '01iI1 .. ~~ (uNin:l\l w1tn f~,~ ~'~ull ""cu. Avoid ." ,~g,,, ... iD'~e,",.· ~ ... d Q ~'!i~e, p;;:ifli(,,~rlY ,g;n I'ht • .r0'~ •. ~~iI' o;"dl 'r.~, pt;!J '" ~.r t~.~ ~B;' ..;11 '~'o: 1',\"" " "..;;~!_

Ey,eg, .A. .. oi~ " • .,":Ii!lii" 1".",1""',,1. S"'811"'" ~J!.", itii wFl~ g 00(;1f - ~~.r III '1'1.1(:«: d'ol. hlllgg",r(l~ ·1t.!Jo 1"''181 ~.tl'i",.., Dr like il'I"~'lid~. 'D~A·1t dr'Qw il'Q~m.i~ i fi· i1~~~ Ih~ 11t~'" "1 ~~, ~'""'l' ~d81" ef ,~~", !;d. E·~""~'fQt.~h. e r.cl'l'n9 on(l' ~n gth of e~b~"..,"

No'. g!l4 m.Ollt'h: Co.ns'du I~~ "'J e .... ""il. I m.li."" r", 'Q ~ .. 'btl. hinl ·gf ... "O(lIil 0.1' tM>I!' tr~ of 't.he n,.oR!. 0",,,'1 D'''' .J!tad'o.1! .. t ~;t;''''III;l '~II I'~,. ~a. t::,..p i'I ~"rl:lPf.!;~ CIllo{!j~]!:Ii!~' tn.' 'gpp". am d: !C'I!f.~, lip Q!~ 0fIiI' ,,~Ol. ~~ell ""''''e~ r1\.8 ~~tl! i~ ope_, D'I:I"'~ ;,,,,:li ... I.. n~""n i~ "iii! Qpt~_lli, Pl'!.e,_U", 1_. lipoic., 'sk~ h.llrt IbQ~ 'i~ uppar I'ip" You tIl!ln .mp"(j~iu, -M~ J-_II en by '~lIlim!l" 'Ilie I ...... r lip.

rho ~hi'iI= [lrOlW liIt~ ~.Tm ~m>C!II. ri'~ 't> .r;g~I' ~i~'~ "t ~". bqtlcm, ,e n I~" r'K!I' o¥ijt Ave.i'd' lin,)!, ,!'F.f~d ~~ g III ~ O'I~\r~~. p",I,"<fi"'!I cl!;fi. 1111 iii' h,IIi-ifCi~6 vi""". yall ,,::rR 'o.mil . ",$ ~!, 'In{t c;l'rin ... Ih"" yfI''' :tho ..... "t;>yS" "I Ih"" di"ek ''11m t,o JY'S'~1.t ""+,,.r,. f~. i:nij:j, .,.,.~!~ b._


~,' _)



The· IPoJa iii nel !ilravdn!!1 of .I\t.~ nI;:EI,~ 1Th~;;" ... ~ .. hj' "",'U; c.;f II'ne' gr,,~~ol' flil~· i Ilu,Ulrg. fi"n_TI',e' ,,~. " i. d, .... " ' .. ' •. 'Ql Ilon~, III'QQ.fII [ (lOly 1'1.. \!i'Il11 'lfI~ loI!,rl9<th!!;g'hlily' e~o;JSJ' st,r~Ted_. i'Q brI~ ovl I' @oS(! qVI;lt.iii-H. pl'1oO I e "'~ .. t ."n .. r;BlI~ I!,~I' 'f{rRIHII.fi 'willl 1hr,,' ;;fiBI.., oj f"~ 'm",,,,'rd • .rJ. lodi~gr,~ i'~ w;llto_r tn, =:11,., ,~o~li~UlO~~ n~o!'l w'hiell a~w i[Jtc ih!!!, dU::I'IlI1de.r.s; in 1[]:J1i~ 1!II"W'l~piClEli E'J,,!I ..... e,


Light and shadew <'IJ1e v:duitb~e in ,em.pha.sh~ng du: silhouene. stru cnrre, ~nd det.li:I.i.b that are J n impnnilHt ]J<:trt or 'the' fash i na, AU other ~lladQw.s. such as d~use caused by ardon :Folds, :ue ,kept

'[0 at minimuuwf:lHd used ,only ro explain the it,erion. Remember t,hi~, ru~e when p~aliln~ng lights. :;Iud diUh: IE the shadolW' wiUmn he]p, ,comnnmi~w dl,e' style ~lory it wiI'J nlH help the drawllilig.

'1 'Till" ma'i!'I' ~l;iI.d .. "" ~.a<li",1,'l 1&.'1-11' .'lI'!p1\iQ' . .1Iz'. t1;." ,.11.1l'''''lfe Cini! '11'1., ~g.rm Ilil Ih. get.· '_ill. Tfu. ~')' foorm I\~~ I~,,~ ; .. IlI~"nd ,.:I:n ,Il ... .J...,;I'g,..~ '~nQn III ~r'i."QI m;n'iI'Cl~'lIl'i.

2 '1i'ihe (lClJlt Iha,!ila,w '!:If ~1JIj ~ BIi~n:HHI~ dQhlii~: ihb ;~~cl s Iib"d .. _, D""IiHI 1::.1 j:cldl~" g~ ~~~ni.~. ~'k!I'$. .~~~... b.lb.. pocik",l~ ,~k. ~~= .01.,,"" ...... ~eJI'~' liIiI'Mll9 'I~. ,~:O'iI~ •

PC! tte'rn.~. R!\:x.tUI"tIDi,. [!lII",d !a:II]f~d'tu PII*III .h.e-.w. Gn 1\',1. Tltey ..... 11 doo",I:r ~'"Ipl;'i", Ih,., ilild'i· 1n'!i. dQ'Ii'I~, I"~.' or il'l'i~1. .h'_I'ry ~ r.lO tp;lu.,,,,, ,"" .... I"" 1'''' in n..:l,,",'. DQiII'l 'O'!I!1II'rw>Ot~ fn~lmi.

W,o~:. ~'I'I'ti. 1!I..r" j't k>o m~d! r~"I'h"~ ~Qdo·Yf. It o'l:>~~1 Ih..e ,r'l:l"'i~ 1i'O'Y' '~Td! i~ t'b~ l"fiB(, «dip, ,,,j'I'_,;jI sii[]}w'li'f. 'OCC;e,Il ~d by t'h~ ~~~r af H~. i,,~bt.


T ~ ~ ~k~ dlcw '. ",.p:h ... , ~~. I h., bnc", .. d illrtlier.. ~HQoW b.U,.:1' ·.....ail:t and' I! ... r.g"" ,s17;rl' Ii .. e;

I'M ~'o;:!~ ,b!ll" di~.~in.~' .f .. .Ilifi<lll it otmpl1gm4i,gJ ,by hriffin'll' 1M IM~. oW 'f..og, Ihe~. -

llui lihlXl'..",.. br',mg~ 'ollli I'Iq e'~. h",_ £~'Ilill"u Q~ ~&. itifl' ". '!'!Itll' cflM f!lll ~\: .. &..r... fJiIl!i ~lr •.

Th~ lro;~tI~rir Iria ~li'j.ofih, '!kit. h'l:l!ll> II!,. 1I!4~ld •• · i,~ .mp1\,,,.l:.~d by 'el simplf. WM sliodo,w.

n,~ !m~Jcwl hJiJ.l!'llght IJ.~ dill ... 161 aI' ib'UL1 ,ud "..gil.~ a~cI t~, '1)11",,:1. IIlnd 1l!Q,,, :1;..1_,.

Li ... d'rocr..,.jm!!ll !or 1IflO"~p<ip*~~

Renderingl the f,ash i'on ililustration

There are two basic k[uris of pnhliearinnsin which your work Is I!kel:y [0 be used, Fur thCI,U05..l pan~ yQ~r Hluerratlons win be primed in nelo.·sp:, pc Some' (I f you r art wi]l In: run ,i u ru OJga- 7im:;;; find hruchure», Eoit'll, of these two basicmregories has its own ~eciili:c requirement' for rendrring U~dll1lGII;IC'.S'.

NCWs:plipc,rs an: pdnte\,] on so [t,. low'qualit~r sreck on high:ipeed pr,e:SSf5. so subsle 'rendering redmi(ILHOS are usch_"SS - the detail:> ora r~~ hion wu uld be ~o~t.. :\~i m pi e l reannent pen and brush w~r.h ink. for e,.;arnpIe .~. win ~~rll1~ cI,p:1rl)' nn np.\\'Zipll]1<f''i'".

Ol[en liUl; t1r.i,wwngs w;ii.] not tell tIle w]lol,e ule.rch .• andise SbU} of form. and rextu re, On I}' wash can do th i s, r n the middle dra wjug. the figure i~ rendered in very siulple, contrasting wash tones,

lin;;' ;:;m'lil .... cnll d:r~n'9! r ... m~WI,pclp.r~

W".h d' ....... CIl

fOi' j]IoCI'!1!o.ll!loH ClI'I dJ b.,rxih~ ....

with delait~, in inkand reuches of up~que whlte, The tones .1T,f held to one or l wo values II)f gtaJ':', pi U sthe sm::mgcml Ur'as{ u [ black, Details are kept \"ery ~imph:, tou, The \~';)t~h tones .shoukl fonu a clear, lUrcct pattern - avoid $ub~~e tones, FoOT ne"''''s,pC'!!per an. don't pm .any tones on [ftC' fare - dIe}' m:l'~' 'Pr~lIi [un dark,

On ~he nrhel" Imud, mag:'IJ"j'm::" am] h:rm:l.uun (.ilIU u:.e art that :hlf~ nwu: ~liIbt!e rendering, The ligure at [he r:ig.lu is drawn 'to ·Mke nul advantage of rhe fine printing t.h:u (,:lU be dun~ on slick :pl.'ipET 1I.t s]o\'~'er pr't"Ss spt:{.'IdS" The cngravlng 'pH"'~ for tb~s ~"'Oj k ls rme •. · II nod thus can cilpullre el',ety subtleshadlng Of ,","ash or pencil t heaeiisr h~lS: i nd trated. Cornpa re the dt: lll,i Is ~n the hammug <if ehe prln L pa uern on each of these ehree l'igure~.


- h •

Chaosin,g t 'e aecessort'es,

The 1 U I.IsUra tor u[ ~m,n t [ash ion s must kno\!,; wh:u 'j ~ 'Slnll rt - whal~ fa:sbiQIl,lI.bI,i!! people :m,~ curreurly WC~t .. ilig. H is up m i'oU to choose the: Ti'g~n :iI(_"Cc~uriC$ - accessories (hat will Ill: il,l weU with the gatm,e'n~ and ~~ il[ nlf :I rrract i ",dy . 01,11 these pa!1!;'cs ~l1e h~sic principle:. io guide you in ~lecl'ing: these items,

\,Vhen rlraw~l1g poah m~uhs" sho.,;' the figu'lie wid. hat ,,,nd glo\'es., U the IXisc permils, ,;tUll\,; ~ll;nph: e<ln'ing~ as w~]I. The handba,g :!j,ty]c :shuuld $u.ill,he g<l.nnent ami not hide or confusc' detaUs of ~ rs ~i1houc lU!., 'Kc~ er o\le'rd~a w handb"g.~"

in most dr,e~ dra.wj!1g.~" i[ l!l nut 11'~1X.~1 y ~o' shQ)~w h<l:tsand glon","S. \\'ht"i 11 hat h used. however, be sun: du:Fi~<ure is, wearmg g[o,v~~" ~,~,m~se!l, ,:md. sw,c:aU~~;~ ca rt 'be "hOMjl widl jt"h'F'~ ~r d~:I,{ docs nUl Imerferewah them.

f'01' eo kUll '(Mh. ~yjh. 1;1' ,~,poI1'-''''-l'Qr 'Ihj, ~ 01 ",ot .:, .e:e~,", A ,;:I,.".,iI' ~~I .... Q,.tT~ noi S9 "';'fh .1'l!.e (:(ljJJ1:I1 ((',d'!t,

S'hw so ~ hTI'I9 Cit t"~ ",,&1 iAO\, :li>m Q' Q 'I(g~f l'ikh i~ "Pj;I,."".i .. 1'e' I ..

III. Iliff, of tfote 9.:1rm. ,,1', ts.,~, ~JjiP'lllile' p;;Il;,..}

Slimpl .. , i~11:'JI' I['filt~ II is Y"..cri ,for nrih ,"';11. rM. ~Jipii Cl'r -c'1r:1~n •• ,,", I\illl~ of 0 M<!::'~h. ... , i. '.:I,ll: 1l;Q'i'1, n .. 'l:!.~'.,

WM,n, '1g\!l .lr_' ~ [&,,1 ;;m '0:1 ,d!~u Sgil1rfi, pl~1I: e>lOCI 111.",1 ,Iif. Ib~ ,1:IIOO'l! oJ I't;.. ,o'~~'I, R~~d'.,. ii' ;ij~P'~r. ,~ 'l~g1' il i$ii'l 'hl!i-~ p<IJ;",1 of i mlr!,.~d,

Jl!!h i')l;F4!' cl' 9''''.... !~ i)!iI',!;I'rOF.wit, ..... 111, ll:liil Dr. ~.&~Ii"

H,." !""B 1iI1.:;".. b ill ,~ •• p" ;~9 wllh HIt. "'dr,.,...,d..,p!' loQ~. ~nSl '0/1jI1 'in ~I ~., .d II." .. 1m .~p~$ize',1 tl:t., 91' ........

I" _ ,u;h,"';,11!r li,lIfi! or ng, ,lkint 1'" .t.~. 0:1 f'O'l@ I'i~<:, '1&1. ii "~'1" """n - om Il: ~1:r,p'!, 'i.:. ,~,,'h dq,wf,i ~", UmUJ5!.I!ll'"Ie.'SIiE18 Ci fell

,A~ "K{Io~ t,;~ ,i. "I'Pf"iPl'gi'~ i'Or g cg,I".g1 (i00!:i1,

The necldine lsa center of £'ashi.on Interesr, Dre:ss~ng i,~ up pruptdy wm help (0 esrablish the fashion d1tlthoril'y I1'f your ahl~lratiJon, Here are a !few fundltmenial suggc5don;; for m::ckl,iinc neatmenr, using ;:!c(.ESS.OriC'S.

. Ji" ..r1l'\~1~, n~t ~~Irl T~ ", ·"a" ....

D~"" 1 ..... I_nf a0u. ,",tol.! wltl'l CI t,l:IlIo."d ~""'I Df ."';1.

t .. ~,mph.gi.i~. Tnl' ~i. pl'i'~ O'i' ,~ n.j!.c=kIlM, ~ •• plh., i .. "" I'I')! limpS. (lnd d.a! (if the "~dI.lll11.l!'-

(b"I'!,) F .. ,· " ";.1" 'i'f, 'H"qU':liflet· .!-luve'. ,dIO ..... ·CIj 101'19 """"' .. g!C'R'. (kill" J' F'flr :1pOr1_..a r. u:i!j (i ",bcrtr~" glo,~e.

fL.',) F<lf It.. ·th r~~..qO!c.le~cf~., i:lI,h tJ.!lM :"'~e- .. e, "j ....... 'Dl '!:lAg glQ' .... ",ill! Q !1Q~fd ~p 1f.ot ~o''''!.,o<a.I'.

r~ilI~ 'J' ~c.<,,!,,!~ CQ, flIQ""~. o~ (j

~ odd 1.",0" ,., ,.".

Slleeves and' glDves, The kind ofk~c'\'1" dctemll,ines the kind of glove - a longerglove goes weU with a shorter sleeve. 1fhe ~'ee~'f'\'~'idlll ]5 ::1.1.-00 :1, f:u:turumTUW ~io"'~ gu well ~~. i l h wlde sleeves, and vi Ire ·v~r-s..,. Slee, .. e less ra~hi'fm~, can ~fm1l\' eith~r ,~Jmred .';Inns Dr hJr.ilcch':l~.

1<. "j~mp tI~Blj"", Il¢ n ~'!iI!' l'e<11 ~f ie""'~lrY t1T.CJI I:'~j:,o;oe. l;l,,~ Ilm ~,., 0< W fIf.' ,of fl;" Md:li""I.


Will. D ,dle<ep lI"dtllM ~J}~ Wlle;· 1ih~1d'~r 100" 'Ih,. ''h;:;iiiJli;;U'' 'rQn be ttil""fll 11)1 16'ge ,,,ci tiln;QJ&.

Fur s,carvesgnd' :s,tales

'FU'r scarves lIr:>tole.s, are smart wh.h a suit. or a [ocktai,1 dress. Th e}' can be posed \;'CT}' gr-:u:d un}' and serveas an elegant b:u:k~nmrul [0 a "'dlJ":e~y" fash ion, a S i 11 th ese HhHtndiml'5.

Drawin.g the fashio'n 'fig,lu1re flrom t:he m,od'el

I. ~'ere we u.t:na:un~t,r<!l~C how to draw rhe [a:shiQf'I. HguT,e step b~' step" Irem the po ~ng u.r l]le model to rhe final rendeJ" ing. The p:hotographs on thJi~ pit~,e repfe· scm the "I.CHI"II ~I'l'!!Qdel. It 15 impol't::lm (0 t~'I1u!!:gber. wh C~ her }'cnl use 1:1 pho ~o or <I moti!ct. that [he Jash lim I1ffllTc i~~, IISlI:il1 iy one ~nd one- II.:) I f to m'U heOlds tall er than the normal .fig;mre, ;;1 ndth.:3Jt wI Ul;~.ut be ,elon,~ucdm II.hc em rect fashion Pr()p.cll:"dons._ Ur sure to 'CWI,~)I'HI~_in: the gr.:ll.'du'l. !luwing i,~ne$ of the t1gltm~ in ~!our dr::rw .. iog. - nd don'[ fnrgc{ lha~ theaccessortes :m'til~'L go \ ... eH with du~' 1'(3 mem- J n d-II::. demom,l.1r:Hion ,<I[ the J i:gh't, we suhSli'tu[.i~ a more iI,ppr-opr:iate hat for the on!! that eh e moof'll i ~ wc:ur,i IIg W u the photo,

P,Ole Ifj,;, ~. -O<!fo! +" h nIB 91 """,. tll.~ O';or,. IH:lnQW .",d,. '"mg th •• lIlg-ee~ fG1:O;d' fI~1'>e b.ekw> [II, .A. ''' . ..,e. ~::I'Uf;!'~~' ~ew ~mJil:~""n •. I'h~ iI'ml!i.n of ~'I\. "l'O;!:I gAd elK! bt'"g., 001' ,I'M i'l;lDll'It'u <:If 11.-.. I.e <I.. 'lb •• IP"''''' ..1J ...... l'Q'~ 'r~ dI ~"'" tk. i~'t"r'.s~i'i~ ¢'!J'Ff ciI~!.,il.


1 t(~;t! II i~,,,,,,,, dl I~.e ;m;p<>I'IQ BI' <i.'" r·u Ii ,., 0;1, ')'l:<1lI ~Si",. ID...... !hlt, .. ~.g,~. Dr .ll-e IIi,pl', gii~ ~'hIo .... r.dol!.u in !t!1 tUp eClir.l11nn.ii_ A!C'ClI!t:1'11 I'M:I' "';,'b pollifion, 01' 'Ih~ Mp tlil' !lilt f~I!' · .... fecil .l1:i rt ~"'9- -Th~I', ~~~ ~.~ ;f!o ·~i];;c1l'~ll'" ~r fkt, dJn~. 111.1';_ ~ If!~ f~1 o! tllll! !1_j',~ {ull"",~ .. s.n "eci:a'iM 10 Ih. IpoSlt.

D'rawing th,est,rIDI'igl'h,t s:i I h D,uette

~ m~, til i.~ demonsrrarien we ~hnw how eo dr'a:l!\' a ~rmelH wi.t.hll straight-line silhouetre. The ~nlPQn'l1H consideraeien here is, [0 be' aware of the waistllne and lheacl'iol'll :It she hip~. even though du!y =m~ rml. \I,i.si,ible. This. <lC'(:ion :31H:eu.s, the d!,;I~ ,of the ~lFIut:1Il as Ilbe' bod~' moves.

'Vhcn }'ou dralv thh 1:: ind oW W" rU'l,ent. sketch enough liI)~ the basic suucurre of the \\'ain and hips W ht: able to develop (he eerrect body nu:wemeI'i[' m,n '~'Ollq:' elm.wing.

A ... o'I;:itl9! i!'Ole h. gClOCl "er '" JIIlI'I,g~ ,f .. ,sbr"t'I, '!'b, ,'I\;J. I'r ~-,pr •• n~ ,.1;,. yootM .. ,1 ,~II-{j r~. acF ""'l' _n" ... ,~iN..." .. ~.dl HIi!;,rpt, ~ct bri~1I ~'I ,~"~, ; .. ~c'M -q·JI1Ton p.:.jfti tfETr¥ilfi-Si l!i!lIU" g!n~, '[Wmg G"iKly item ,Ii. ~ MaMi:~"!J iJ>e st.[j'i'S~i I;n~ ,0:, j'h~ Ibl.w-J.e. Tt&1!' '~~81 pg;s.ir~tl;tl [lfI!G~\e 5. IEi1tJfr [liil wlH'hl!llOl1 I" ItM'iiJ1tBl 'fl'u!· "<IIltO' .... !~~ ~~ :he ~ ·fl.

/.ff= ... -: ~

'fo_" -


Sh,1'd! in, 'I"~ gN:l()!llillll 'bod:; ~I'V.'" tM' ~ou!d~r ,~nd M.p gjl,g'l~ I~ 'I!::~~I' n~~ ',e~·r.r rrl'Je In Iml~.J· " •. ~' ~O{~, In dl«11. 'I~II' _i.illil'l.· - tbi~ 1'1, i!'l'_ 1;JOt'lctnf. CI~ ~be ~r 01'1 0'1' t1. .. bID .. i't' ~:I, IMIlt~dll~1!1!1I ','h@·_·!!\ghtll~~ ~,"I! bi!l;1 in;~. 11'M!~coile the' blil,~':ii"r ""I!-hIlly. <". ."" .1;;,dl ,lito 'Idi !:Iw~ Q .i.I'B:'bt i~ ~gt,!li~n 0,1 ~II'd 'Ic' !l~'1 Ih,~ f~el ,'='~ ~ mti,11!_~'I. Snarl TO' ~Iilii' II_lit III. 1;I~tlp ()f tfu,· !3cn"l!i;;l.

2' [I.~~'op ',I'W." det~il ... r lite 'Ei"l'rIMIi'r. - ' thing ~fl\l' ~ n!ol;.r' Il~e ,,~ " !9,wide, p;~t{;'I~ .. mll' .. , •. b-.rliO'''!o'' .ond '~ri

I:rll',ld~ "~ ft:.~ir mr.~d q:m.";I'QIll, ~ri",. "w'~ Ik~ ~~QQJfjiI'r<!lt.,d f~""H!' ~I 11h,~ .... oht_ ~,_. '11u. irnE1'I'gl'll .t.trvd_tQi f'orlh 'Q'b,9l;" .0 1'1::1 .M,w,.. 'h~,!' we;'II e.


3'.' Finl " . ., .. !.!; .. I, Ift~ Ixn;i" ,dIfQd'~'I'!'S cf tMi ~.y .. md !I""mem'~ ""jfh br,.:rQd Wl:im, 'Ion." t('~~ p i:);~ RI(!do", ,,'M .....

tl'., "'{ltot si mp!", EleIQ'!ij' "hi .... oj,!., II!I'~I' ill 'i~~' !i~>lId'O' ..... ~ i:tL~t ""i>l'1 .,< .... ~ • f" .. 11I ."" i!':;;lreme I":lIniiu ~f I~~ '!'obrk Th~1! .rIO""'" In II]" m:1l m'l:ld· -C'!l'1· ,of' tnewll'.o,r on41 M":Hr", ••

'C:_~lel"~ tn. t~l!Ilf.!r,i"g '''¥it", i,.'" Ii"", ·EI" II ,_.11., :~e,",d'*~ ~h-. pt.nt "';,b pIJJ~' 0P!!"1~ · ... ],;1" fer dQl't 11-oci; Q rt in ,h. Ilvlli, ,Ol'll! ll~ i l"f ~"'" pc;,;,I, t'~~~""!I·tI ·...TI:fn, · .. ~I~I' for' ,&g·,h r &~s. j'lI tlit ~Qdow_ Tnlll""D'd."..., on nh~ ~ ... @ d '-Q,;M--QI !by 'IM j.j;:rl' b,[I'I,

2'. , ~\NI"'" 11,.· sllho .. ~n@, (!~~'Ojlmt~Tl' "oj iii .",l'mlll de1'Qil l-ud! (i.1 1M i!.o_" on.IiI' "oI!«"lrti",,,,_ ,Shtdh i,n III~ ~n'. r

lin.' 'c'n;:! tJ~ ,·t I~ e·,'B,b!I;-.]' ,~~., 'fl'llttiili!'11')' cf ,fbe IJ-Kldlr... l~d'(G'~ the ,~~Ii~JI fcld',." Portl~iI IpMi~1II Q!f.~. ~!j~n t.r.! ~~ Ir.I:!IYi '_,iLh s:h]IIif.s. !Ct. at dl~lirl)l totlo .. "I' I~. biJfm~~.

3· PuB i" 11i~ r'Q-tlJi:O~ ~"'-cldO'io!' ~I'I'I:P~ e 5iz. -,. I gl 1(,.. II"Ag '11',,,i9'" li~. ,""' '~h",· I.i!.

h,ovUle. ,our mo~ • "'F''IH t" f11' ~·g,mfon f:""'f~", .. ~re. ~ NO~Je lhoo,",' tn~ ~!lId'~ .. OI'IM o."tI~m c'l '11'1 .. , .lei rr hl,ptIQ ,,«@nl tlil. "-IHlM!! d!.~ r\:l~h:' !!~ ~h~ p.irt .. lh e~~lle")

4"" Add 'd!,e J,......t i n 'i~iI' fo<",'I~n f6hl$ Mi., Ih.e ~IJ:II ~D b"j ~e Ql'.It fnt, loo"'i'I<!'!JS, 'liif tn.' blou!e If."" .. '. 1',,'1 in

t~~ ~tld Ilo"'ilc .... , 'Q'f til. blO' H ~. 'Icm Clnd Bo"l'ii·r. SU91i~' ~die" feldi Q<n tr..~ ·~ilft SU!JII"sl ~_ r .. llntu ~, 1_ I'b.· ~lF' InII'," ~,~ .. ~d ;:.;~ ,,~,;I '._JIII f.,'r· !I,~ lila Ii. d.IQil.

T •. e dre55'm:akeil"'s, dummy

Th;~ ·fl'l.!iiM r~q~l~ C<ll'l'~~ i" ~",.i",u •. ·",i~. Ito' li'r gil 'kim~h Qf m~fdl~ ~dii" .i'~r rg'~ r pu.'p9l<e I·. _Ike 'fwr,~ th~ .1""'-"";1' '1'''''' 1!if1iI! is .he ~'ili :U11!li!!~ ICirl. "~]iI diUi ¥iill alllQl 1ti('*Q:li"'iOod-a~f! <lIlm.ol;l 'i!f"'~I')!' .m!';.,' "i"dl or dalhl"91 ".,,,111 !.com Ie, dfgw·fun ·om!' !un~ '3(!j"mt~h e. "".11 ,n _~i Wo_~··. '!i~"L

P~I' l:he mI'",~~~,d'l~. g,n ·rh. d,~ to.Ql'l vt'r)' .~o,~r~'IIY. Mote ~Dr~' +~DI' .!~~ !:I"".,.".I fll. _II, ... ;ih~· ~I .:lIl'Y jci'~llll.~ .j;! I' I» ~1i!Jjlii~ ""';n~iel. M i!l'·~~:I. OIlto" il h "e.~ ..... "f I", p;n Ih" ~_.rl in t1>.bod, I'¢ .,r.--··i'IQ!r, ,I'IUt ·u*eYI en~ ....-'1"': .. 1

When ne Dlodel iis ,avai'lable

h. ~ n"l .• dwaY1il. possible (,0 mate your fashion iUu :1.J';:niOfl from a model w'earing dlC garraem, If yfm M.nl. iu 11. ~ln a ,U studio Or In the ad depanmem of a S,Wr!!, }iflU u~a y fi ud it d ~ffiCll ~~ 'to have a -r a~hto:n m flfh~ 1 :. [ h::md when ·~'uu need her .·~·h<l·[. hov.:ever.s.hould not keep }Oi.t r~om wmpl:ea:lng your assignrneru.

Learn [0 work. from the gannem placed ona dressmaker's dumm}'. \",ou get :I tllJl~t:· ;1l:icur.ne idea 01 what the m.'~rdlandl~ loo'b mm :311'1([ how ~l ri~~.

AU fasbion a pparel has form and must be seeiil;on l he bOOyfiT :ell dummy tu be understood, Ne,:e'r ul' 10 m.:'II:e your dr a wing frolll a g<llrment thar h on a Jl:tnge'r - dm merchaudise !"~'ill be d~"t'oned and '~ne silhonene ~tO~1 hidden. Folds urade by ~ Iwde.si~nflT :'1!m"I.Ir.'t me: of l he .ga.i:liH:]~'l are nor presen tedLiru my.T he threetli~uen~[onOiI quality YOil! need [,0 draW' ~'OUT f:u;hionhal.l.nw,' is ImL

O~ ('OUNe. mnluing tile suit ur dre:.~ on <I mannequjn is, ~lO( enough. You \\1iU ~tm need [0 "pose die Ii.W'lle·· ItO'!,:f! rhe g~('eful: dl<lni.ct(_~i: a goOO f;l~hi(m dnnvin~ dem:md This is whcJ'c agood reference hie is SO useful. This reference lImu:::.ria] becomes. in cHen. r,(UI!' coUeuiml of model PUS!:;:;.FIOIH one .01' more 0'( rhe photo or SkCl~:hcli in your ~Ii~e' )lOll! 't<ln $('~ea '~he be~[ ]'lO:;f' hrr 'l:lh!! g'iln:U.l{:U{ you've ~!JUl on Ilh~ {iortU, Vi;"ry often, theapparel ~IU your reference clipping will be simib.:r [0 )'UUI: m.t:.rdHl.ml!he. llsing '[his tel~~n(1e;n a ba is, rou 1.10 lOlu iUus'tr-.'Iuon as iil you had a model i n front oJ you.

Worki'ngfiroml pholos

fftor~r·Q.p:liied· IJj;j IP~~ do,,"~ ,,~ 'I~ ~ll.m·B;;lfid' !K'OpgfliQ;fi. t'fogrl ·t·Pw!· r...bJ;;'iii ilii~fe f.q~ii.;I. nllt,r.~t'. '1'1 ,~ I"e~ tll:l''Y f~ r "ge' t.e ... di~&l· ff,~· p~o~rll:r.n:J.. fi.~" Ji~t~ the' p<I~ ~ j'~ l'h. pl'tQt~t.o,~h. rl-o«! (I I;u..e 'Qnr' T~i. :liI;~'ICI;, a n til tll.cl:ll~ rn~· fig{jr~ ,ta 1M' r'C'q.vl"1!:'cI I?'''p''fli .. ""i.

SI""" 'r"'" ... ., · .... rliliii\'EI ,from'll! pl'Jot01l,g~, '1". ·"eVI,. mot)' Ii>i!: poilf'cI ~th~~ I.lii!'l:r· .. "",I .,"",;!''Il: I~ 9J""~r,,r'1 ti Be. ra~ '_'~Ij ror CI SIMI r1 d.~. A~ liI~l. ~·ill· •. Qldii~lil lh, .I?¢liilion Qil n •• fi~ure, <!\Ip~¥!lIg) nh~ pi'~~dF~' or. me •• ,PO$i'R9 l.mQm.~TIlt.edl ~rlj,=,1l' tEl. li:Ji:l, r~"'~f;1 Ilil~: u1oiD9I ml!illh~'liGl,'n ,f. )'o"r uf~~~~ ii~. e~ c ~Y'~I!. ~n J''I:.!!'lcli tr,,~ g!:I.rrnoe I ~r ~ [l poie· ;:.I'td .. FHO<.,,.,,g' I~ fi:ni,~~, th. illu$lrCllioD.


th.e croquis,

l~ll:JiI': <1.1'(: ·lirn~ when it is rUH possible to have (he merchandise tor d1elcngth uf time you win need it to l~n:pan:: your IllustratiOfl.SometinH?S the g:'!,]'""mellt is [he manufacrurer's one and m1l.)' ,,:rmple arul can he [eft wiiLh you jl'ln for an huut 01' $0. AI: other limes,; e,;3peci::lUy at the ~l<ll'U, of ellch fashion season, [his smnfde (;"m be' seeu only atthe maker's simp. 111 ehher case, you have m be pr..el):m:d tomake a "c.ro~~ui:s"- a quick but rolU:pl,ehemive pencil ske[ch in whichyou note ~H the important riefaiTs mn Fie.

tures and words 10]" reference 'l.dll;''11 yuu ,-::au du the :lI.nisheda.n.

On 'fhi!i, page we d~lnoml.rab! ~he pro-per ·waylO Hill! ke ~he croq iJ is, Remem bet that you shau I,d, Hut U)' to III ,,~e ] t a fi n ish ed drawing. A CH!<JUili lis a f.ashiolil nou . .t1on skercih. In i:l yuu must show the ·~m~oueue and gam.lcn~ der .. ih deat~y and acclU'3tci:r::

Incidenl .. Uy" m<illy IlOp' tashion::l!Tiists got thc~r st~n by doing croquis wOTk ~fm!' busy fa~h.iun mustta:wts or de.signe1'£. Doinlf thi~ ~.}pe o[ sketch may be' ~'our opportunity togcf. srarted, too ..

tJ~·" P, ~~. 0{ CkUM ~. ~ 1~~RM.J. < R "


j ~

b~-"" W{"~

I I . -~. I." J • '~J . J .' I ,.' .. . . - , I,

' .. : "-,:.:. ".-, ,,-'~'

a ) J ~"~ '" ,II, . Lt.;L,.1 __ ~I

'JV.~il ~ ~nUNYl,

~. ~ .

• ,'_ r ,I "

Mt ';.'1

~lI!,r~ ,j, ·iiI ~~.i~;cI :"d"'~·t'i~~ j~, ..d.J&. ye" 'r:K>~~ C ~rc-.q";"_ 1'1'. .. , _u,,~rg'lirUf.t ·mQ$ i'J"·; Cl<M liD "'pi" grn-d ."'" ~all~ :e(J~ w",. liIi. s& ll'IlI'f_m, 110 .11;.·1,11· ii. ,HI i. •. _"'.1 W~!;Il'~ I • ~;:;~i"":e"l <:!",~ ~ .. u "'.~ .. ii,,_di ,f1!~". fa. b.~"ty ",,'~ ~I.I. Tg· ,~~. the MC,e~ ... ,'l' II;.icl>t,~ Cj,r;d "CI<!I!!~ I" .... f, .. ""'... il· is fj~' i·m. p"'1II~ ~I Iih,g I ·Ih. ¢oo:'I~·11 j'oil:e· o:'! f1'1I!i(>A PO"" .~ 'tb~, .~'I'!.e ~_~ ~"'.'''. B~I· _.\:,~ ,11I.'t'ii 'r~l:It h~, .PCI'I!· lI'ne'l:ll, ""jq j'l~ntlC!1 ci';!t~,il.

--r-~-., ,

... J+I!

~"'Th... .. "" ',1, •. "'.


"QII'r uc;;q,vil. I!h~rdl Iwli: UIh, Ihb. ,Finl !!'l'iJ:l''''li~ t:h." ·"I~Og.,tl~ ""'"I

"{(VI""f..1, .. Pili ;n I" d"lui'iIlSl in' I'r~ <Q.I'r«l Io.:¢ 'o-n $n ·lfI~ 9Clr;=~I.

Do n'·1 try I~ Ih~.., '!h o;I.,..,;r .• on i~ .. fi8,~r~ ... '8'" o;.,'~I. ItI'.I~ II: ~1. ·rl\.·

g r~'l:I' grO'lmoi! ·I~t' g'Or01oll,n; j''t\ d'r_. ," ~ r" r{!t!· ~I. p~'I,1i bl.,. ~"!liry .1m!. ••• . "f ·11:; ""',. d".p,,:f1·j<)i'I, e'f,. I(' .... P, ),"'I;'r lin... '!i'm g rudl decO'r.. DtKII1 ~ in . ..;",;pJ.e ~wr"'l. ' .... 1 dea· .. i~. y'''''' nm Bet ,,),.... In ·11>", .lrl<h.

~ SU;:I Uy i ~ i s the m,a~kc[ you \\":'111 [ tlO reach r:ll.'ll~ d~ ~CT·' m:lne~lhe jd nd or;;ln tt'eaunent you me in the U lusU'U'ion _"rer-dm~Hl~~e dm~ win li~)~l<C)i] w [,h~ prit."C. conseieus ~mluurm!r demand~ iii. ~Dnsen,.atiw~" l!eaTislk 'l ype of must[:1I:! ~on ~ ~~~il • '~l:1 ls' l~mlk:I!.8JHs uf lhegi<tt. ll'l:cnl. Tfuis\"e cal l 'lhe "nf(mg-~U·· Illu srrar ion,

For the highly f:JJ5h]on·mnsciousf:"Cl.ldcr you U~ a ~~ltn'C dis l~nclh'e ,u::E S lY[C and cre.at~ it mere persoaa 1. soph151.ka t ed impllE;;SiGil u~ ~he gu,nncn t. This is cal 100, the "h~gh-.fashh:,m"i]lll s~rat ion,

1~.5trCi!'ng'"is,e~lu 'fash~ali1 iil'lustrot:ioli1 Th~C'll)'pc. ofi UU~ U.:,J thm Illake$ $U~ the prespeeti ve customer .~e,s e::'fi.<l!criy wh:;!( du; nterch;tnd,i~c leeks like. Gn".gjlcnt: :is, gl\'Cn ~o the drawing 0:[ def'1j~~. ~e:;:um::"'1 orlDIim~llnd p,muns_ The ~:msc:; :uc rather (_Q~~ serrative, ;md l'C:ry sh:lIlple, SO as uot UJ hldeanv de~aj~ of ~~!e MyllUg_ .Exrr~m.e" .• f;:l sh in1~y" IU t i Mui es I !'bust be rll'u.ided.

Tlu~pl~n!l,le i1l1hu are :~k,clched in "'MfQug·seH"· 11!rp',1l~ll l1CIIJ'~n~ genera~ ~ 'ilJ<e'~ o~ women. r;u her than diu in cr, individu:il charactcra, ]n olhc.r wonls, lOU never [el the perrona U l)' ,,[the figuf,e dominll re :~he basic nU'flrl. ['In· dise s~oll1' ~n ~hh[~~pe Qf f:uhion ~1~:um.Hion,

\~rhr;~~1 usil:a!1l :ij·oocssofiir:iL."S. hep l he ,'I[ [ t'n::aJ~rn!;n~ ~ub· duoo and be sure (b~ ;:m:l~re;s dOl not rep'te~ru exueme f'-i,~~,~,[om: at lhC'~' ij,\i:i Ui IU.~"T~ re w,i III Y~IU:r ~nt~~.s;:!,!,:e_


r:.~.i.·~ r- ·~ .. ···.····.··.'."-; .. · .... · .•• ". ..... ' .... ) ...••


41"~ ~/JJ


tligih.,f,a'shion ;i Illustration

H!~ru (hI.: penull"l,i,l' or dhte flg;ute in. the s'k_,e'lch Is g]ven con ~iiler-3hle de'\~dopmenE. lu Iacr, lIu.:re w :It '~lwng suggesdol'l. of inrlividin:llit,), 11'1 good high .Ir;:l ~hiou 118U[(';]I,

In 'sIlo.,'~ng the app:ueru, ~'ouaim :d cr"C:l1iug the' 1ipim-it nil [I U.: [rn;hion ~<Ji lher than the: det.ilUs of h.:i ~Il:rl ing. The poses are ;~f.lphiB l~r.ncd OIud oft~~I] C1itrelllC', i:r they el,Hpha$ize [he silhoueue ,oK ahe l~rn1em. Yml can o£u:n usc' techniques that ll.lil:' loo~ and have oofB:idenlble freedom.

hnpnrt:,uH, £ICJO", an:: the accessories of tbe lllgh-[Oi,s.hion 'figure. YO'II must lit! u:m51~tml) aWOlIT..e of currcm trends ... ~ Ihe fJ.shfon-;t~en cusrorner quickJy de rerrs (I, d :;ued hal ur b,tg. nO' matter hnw SIIl,U Ll~' h, may be prle~nt!c,d.

.,C'ui,c headpositians

'!5~ h~ii "... 'C' .~t,,~ f~"!,,r,~. il;!k .. r g de~,-:lil ,g,f rri 111! Qj' a iin~u~" Ia,.~,! 1':!,';'14i i;.., P'!"'!.e~!io"d' .. e ... Ily,. ¥,,~ ... H~ fi~d 'lh.g1' IM'i,t ,of t!'t.'j" ~t~,ej ~~,~be '!he.."", "'It~ il.,., '''~"d ,.. !c,,~ ,cf ~~~:,." f~~'r ,,~!lijiio~l_ S!IiI,gy in~' ho<I 10'l! e r. t~ ..:t'QIW'" (j~!lI d\!~~rml ~ ih ~'lI!ib;~JIl p";mh~ T~~~ ~11'''~'t.:i1!i(oM: wiTI '!l, .. i:d'~ :r"~ in "~!'~~ 'I~. "'~~d ~~'H'c"' I:t>~ii ,",[.1:1 '!.u V"~," ~c,""i"rn,.fc.y b~.I.

hlW 'a;',II': Uu. 'h~ Ii Tie",,' f.:.r .. i"~-br~'tll.MMI Itch 'C,".;I I~ ~,~' "";!h, ':r"''''''+n1~\!l! i.~!,,!, ~' <:!I.~il ~n fr(),~j' of tf't9, bflm ¢r ,~r""",n"

Thf"'II!O..qU~'l't"'~ VI'~''''''I "".i. ,~"""" B, ... t, ~,! U ~(IW~ IM~", f!'Oll!il .J:l ~d Ill.:!"" 'f.e"h,J.~~. If ~'~ ",m f'g.r ,0:ff4h1.4Qf;.' l~~~.

Draw "he hall' to' fit the :5 kU111 - n,o" ,the hair

llra w the h ,It and t he head ""~ the sarne ti meActuaHy, drnw the head \,"ilhout, hair. so you c.'lnger ~he h:ulo fi['~nngl~' ~lIimlrSt du: skull. Draw the. hal ( only where itshows oUls[de IQf the hat, Thi5 fundamental rtlre applies w rrau!>[. mi:mu~ry. whel1u:."iiWit.h high or low ct(t\';'M- ililoth (yp~smu(h[he 51kJ,IU <It severa 1 place;;;, depending un the des.ign ,o!lhe hal.

AI'iIi''''':r.~h.aw It.. ~~' pOY1d 'a-~ ~. ,~i!T. or CoI'l <;I ,d~~plcy ~c"lIEIi'~ 7~" "Q ';'1 g.f Q ~iet WI.ffi~ 'rn~' h,~'~ ~ ,~ t~'bl~ ." ,~ .... irng iit "~Id in, 'til. :I\iQ'I'1.g ".,l U (I'flO-J~ n\~'ll!.~pe"

111i. I".. !oo'~. ~ll rn 'rh., 'HHn"'i!'IKlff.lir Y;!ew. L'W"T~~ ~r.ill'llg'1 DU~: f.h;~ ll'[]lHK:~ ~~hEl'lf.~m=II' Q~' the ,~~o",,~ a:!, "..~~~,,~ fh~ '.""c'rrI ~"."..,,,r flh~, bril'f!. l'ti~ p¢p:iOJl .:ilK! ~~.n '~fI~ i~ jX!,IQ'nl' :~ .. i~Qn" ~",r. g "d '0,1 !~. IiQ rnt fi'~ <li"pil .. p 'I'b"" ,;, .. ..., ,~f Ih", :I!i.::..~ or r~.~, ~"I.

On a prevtou s page we demoastrared ho~1I' '[0 dn w du::. head :as p.lN o£lhc :fl"ls.hi.on figtln:. Thesame prindp[es app[y when you d raw the head (or lui]l irnery 1 ~ ]U5Ili<1lion. The in fOnn~il]nn we gi. ve yon on th is pagl~1u~ d. th e nexl lv,i U hdp plepare llGU for the drawing oE women's hats ""\I~ho~lghs(yles ~n rn~mnery change, these rules will p~o,'-e usefu~ ]ll picturing; all)' type of hat.

~M>~.q,Ul!lrtl!!l~ Y~I)W,., cI1a;wn; u~ ,t'II,'~ wM" tn.... i~ ~"'I?O'r1Ig~t trfmQiI" d.1II:Iil "" rep_ U, i. ilJ.o,.t "",1~j, "lW,!~.e- rei"" .. ¥"'''-

~roflle: ILlu. II. .... 1',,,,, Ilk ';,d' ... ,,,;n.o;>u~ff,, i~ Ia.~ .... i~ f"v;i~ pd~j. or ""t;~1IJ ,o.nl~' !<l'd. <1'. ~~illif1owU'l!! brI! IImpfu'li!{j;~.d',

o'~ ~'he ~vu. d.l~fl1'!in. '~h,~ I'~.' ~·~'II\f" itil1~' 1I;1'fWI'f1 ~~Jhi t1ti~, tbll'~mI.. 1'5,1"1, 'lJ\n~ ~~~cMi!t.M t~~ ,~n'!1~~~! 1'~~ ~~t" !,n ~rjfi!;o 1.:11 t.g'r~ 1'~ii 11"~ i, ~1\,~ bt:.:I'I'~m .. J ~h"~,,,~:.

D~~~rlJ~ 9! O>~ ""'~t:Jj,t.f it iii, gl '~i~!J,. Qj' ~~"'-"'_\j]"d ,""f\, .I'''w 't~.~ .""",n 1>;> 1<1 ~,~ dl~ ~II:~~~ ~r dQ~ T~' ii, lllT,I. hg~ t,Q>,Kh.:. Ihe "ill~ II g'~ I,k.~ b,,; m, I;ifi~' IC"~.

'll'lha'rI<!J~ ID~~,'t .:1:...... illc~ h,"", dl Q~'" ~..:i'f ~M!~1.... 'Ii~' fl>. ~~+ ~,",' fh~ "c"L n,~ ~Cil i'eem& 'I" t~U en ,~",~ I~,p ,of !!:.e "~C!r;I ,,~,d la1h ~\~ m,g!l fo.r !~"


J,~ ,!o'llr Ir<I!"'~riB;, ~'~ IIgj~'" ,,~,tI '~''''~:.n. ~~, ~mlPl1,~tii~. '~~. fQJihi:~", .i;If:!<w~!H.. i m Irtb ~l:It 1M M'g'h ,r\D~!lId ~'~""". ~H !~" I",r~, '~nd ~""g'~~ tn. r'CIil1]O-A ~tQ;rt.

lcbil~\n,9 tne ,'mart laele. \.n m\\\\'''''V dnlw\ng'

~.:AmmtM, '~n the ":!ihm 01 h.:n and \'Il\T. the.. proper \,ann\\ng, o{, \'elhl and

omitting pan of (he Iaee arc ,aU uselul devices kUi g~,,'ing added smartness or emphasis to }I'OUI' hat iUliSfr.:uinllls. H~I:'C 'we show you exampleses how '10 achiC1.'e these: 'E~e'cl;§ .. S'M:u[y r...~hion<iihre'r~·i5emEnls, £or other treatmenes,

C:oll'l,hC!l1'n"'!I .h~· hal' ""itll; the III1~r~fo di~p~Q)' Q do",. !..of eiif,~~IWt-IIy" '~,j(j"" it .._.t~ liOlhl he.i._ Wllh '", "1l~1 :f><IIl, _'-'. nbr. ~Qj,r o;l'''r~.

'The hat usually needs fnlliling by an auraet~\le <lIT:Ulgl:~nem of the hair .. In I~\'~ry case, the ~t)' Ie oE [he ~:11( de term im.:~; the type ·~f h:liTdn - yuu. !:Im~t choose one that ~~in keep,i ng wi rh thl!' 11 at and pt"nuiu )'OU to bri n ~ rrut its ;s·l y~c features. Ota w tile hair shnpJ}' or else ir will hu,e!f'fel'l~ with the Wine 'of (he h;u.. Here wcgL''I{e' you, ~me bask guide lor selecting [he right haiiJ1l:lo and 1;11(1"" yon :lIow UJ d.ra w ~ l with 01 minimum ul derail. Study [he other iJI.u~t1'litions in [hL Iesson and the Iashion ads for more fdei'lSQIl good: h~' ~l" :m":mg,t:ul,t:UU$ to $how wi,dl: different hilt slyl@-~"

'lII'eoi'b: hri m!!l§,"d I'i!ll~.~ "",jl.,~ dQn'n ,drgOj' tl'l.· fi.'tti"'~ jill del.::1il. ihaw ,'" : ""'I' ,,,,,,,ill mil .. '" ElIlI .... . pr~I~I7 at"':! iJi;oilo' mQ r.' ,g·'f in. :I!),~j>e,

,f"" b"r"h "ltd c1'l,,,. " .. b "' .. , .. lill".!, ~ ,;m,pg~ 1I.1'lI>11\~d-a...'~ ~fR.~" iJ. g~~. Keep' Ill,e .~·Q;r Ot.i:I ~1'l"U ~Oo e p'it(l. liil:!!' tn8' trit gf Ih. hilt ..


Purl'iall feU;;&; 1T'6iUml,n,tj: ~n.g CIoul' ~,'!'Ie ·~f 'i~l!' ~a~ 'CO' 1"" • .:1 i., " ~d wily f~ .,,..pnlli[li~f:e II ~J;I'I!'QQ,I fO'IMol'I tUII-o! ~iI~',

f'Qo~ ,qfl.tb~rC!~ h!'lh, wi"" Icr '''If,,<)I.IT brim:1, ,!boO'!" """"""11" t..O"ir 'G ~. '~"iO' '(OF!' Di: th" r;~re!;~ dl, Or'1'tt,,,...;~, tf:.e' ~od1 .0lI)' l'oCofIik »mc-wnllli 1.0;'1.'"

The hairdo iis im,portant in sltyUng the flO,shEan figu,re

The 'OOITCC [ hain]o Is jus t as basic a part of :l g()ml [lJishion figure as ir [s, of ~ good millinery iiUns[!l';o:u'iofl. ThCS!!:: :sl,eu:hesslIgges( how yau ('-an st!lcn the' be:st h3ir sryle f:mr lht: [uII{I<linlem.d type.s 0'[ fashions ;IUI1 W,jU mu~tTare.

Fe r c' Hij,I.I," orWo,m.!'i'., llf!·"IlOOI'I .r,,,, ... d ... ,w 01 :,;""",,1., :~rl' hgjrdo.

Widl Q' (¢od;:I'Oj'~ or 'e\!',~~i" 9J ;:Iteu.. Q' GI .. morc",.. ..p • ..-~ep " T~iy :!morl •

,"or ~'!_c,r', i~ i. b~d I;; koHp II;~ hir.:l" l"IIOu Q ~ «I,llIRIt

J .. tI"'.'o, .:., ... 11"!!,, gi,,1., .J!.",,,1d l.t!! :m~\ifn With :I:e.rlgt/' M1'~'. I,I.~I'>'

• d!ih (j I.boon .. r Ac'lllr".

thLllll:iplfi' :pillbo~. wOln "" th. t,,1' "'. !.cd. e~ Ih:lo ,,_.g, I~ Oilifoelm ",;Ih o:lI '14It,. cu • ..,d hOI j,,;l;; nn.Q1 ,oil· l'rQlh ".nlh, 'bh. _,r~ I'or"" "f '111.,,· h,lI ..

Th.· fUn I:!'lle,n ~s III '~I'IY'tilliIIhl, id."trn.s "",r' .. ,9'" g'!JIlIp. .. h~'Il; . er me .... ·Kln Q !:Ireu"~ ii/~d:i •.

UtO hllifldo: l'It_., 'fl'ie h"i,,· .im,pl:r., Su"~.11 t'h",i jI ;$ ""r~, aMi 'i"""I' i~' !>;;;~ Mt :~I'I 1JQ",&...d Qr ~l .. &1_ ... iirl~ flo; 'I~~ hoir wl,lll\ !!II rib!»n '10 c.Qpl'llf'l) 'g,A ,nll_'ie" 1~II .. Ir efl~f~'.

'he f'I:I~.: p.~ ... ""~ f·me Wit],. linl~ Q r !lQ ,.~., P"~"""''''' ":O~iPt 'io 1V!3~fl '~JP'C'" ~""'P I'h~' i<>ok "!We,,'t .• ~

'lolne1 ~trud'U"'D~ Sl'mpl'i'l.,. )'ct'Ut tucterrng of 10" r..;;; ilf~"llII ~., p.!) n.,.,1 ,~·I"!III t"'~ mtl"'ilx._. b'll'~ crY·~ld ".ay 'm: ..... d'.:,,11 j!I>cri will d'r!:!W C!1!~",.I;"n to' Ihr •. Clr,~~.

ICe'ns.fil'l.!Idigni ,,,If .merdllli!ldhe'; II!I fm. buoi ,gn..! .... ~u!.t y~u'JI ~mdl _<WI Q)mMvtiOon f~· I,,~. I~ilil' Q re ,,,. i p61i'tQ nt !FI'!l,t of I~~ of'.;a.1li'O'li .Ii~r'j\' of 'I~ 9" ,,,,;;nl ,lOU Il!re~le·itnIA91. IP"':t ;::(l(ef~1 9f1oe:n]'o,~ t~ tb~$IO ... "" ••

Waf'i:1II ~h,. ~irQ nt eft-h,,,, ~Ii P', ,*i~o!p 'lilI.e, '~Oi'I'i cll.. .... of ~ ~~>i! ~tnQI)' ,!O'll.U •. ""';~~ i~·... ~"d .. M' .• , ",,-d' !!II Mlo.!!'>egcl .""il. M.id.i QF 1&9 aijp. ,do;~i)' 'l1iA:l1i1y ".i'I~ <'I~~nd' _ k!)' .. simp1~' ClO,;l d.gli ~h~~ ,~.ra;J:!1 .'"

FI~,lmnciiS in I'h. 'g,O/WIII: Mas! g .... nl. !;;QYii cO.", $Cit~N:lMe ~DII~~·"" belo,w 'fM .... ~hdi""l. S~I!i!~~i 11..1 1'u,'!Ir.'t.u 11'",.,17 end ~id :111001'1:0.,..1 ""II f;", ... l!.g'll .. ill ~;irtl'l" 'Ih ' li~'l.I' ... il)' ~',;l.g cl~r Qf" '1P;,e. 9':U1'IC,,1.

Be ~"'r·~fu~ wi1'T:! 11(I(c dei"C!,I'h ~"d\, 8'1i1 r1!l!t~n'~ h!~ rl~ ''f'e<tii",1 l'lml' Ii~a mt~;, Stu,ily I ~ I!c!w g red! <'I'ro;o;' it 01 B;"h1,y. M.·di. gf I~ e f~ ",,;"i!ll·i~ '''~ 'I'Q" r dr~i~'!!I d.~~,d. ,~,~ 'bow 't01ii r~p,~· .. nt no" r,,,,,,, 'flliln.

IDr·awri:l!Iiiil tt!l!il fe~'t: n, I!I~ :!h .. ul';;! Mili btl, .~ r- 1['~9 ~".,.. "r p~lL1pf •. rliN ·.:jj:r.~r llipJ '" !I"""o!l~ ~'g' l'ii liI·~ 1nIJ",-<:II'O r .... " Ill) III g.,....;"1;j. rn~l'~~~. ~H", pe u .. "~'rjf .iiiD~· ,O:rII:IW~_ '1'0,," t'Qn, in ~"'1i'I dI~i:I",rr)g,J. ,'''' ",",' If"'" '!iIlIUr, i 'b.!:! re fu~. N! ..... ,' do thi, i!l !! ~flp In IIIl11r~I1l'''rn.

Asa f:'lstl i ollaUi:~t, you mns~ be prepar,ed '~o d m:w nu't Oldy ou u!r :i ppa.u;:J, btu :'11$0 the wlIl,ima.u!@;ar:mcm:s worn 'by women, UeU{.acy ls [he keynote her,e;a dainty. airy {:ouch is (dn!"~1 I[:O:t. There .a.T'C alID special requirements {or l)Q$in,g dIe figures.

SEiip!i and 9'O,wns. These are the IDosLimnpuHam rype" of i:~lIgerje, They an: drawn whh deI.iUl~c.lI,i,.)I ~n Hnesand thin .. transparemwashes, St:ud~! ehevsriees poin"I's run· \'o]!f~ng spedllc areas ~n d]e drawing$ :<Ibovc. Ther 'l\;'iU gui,de you hi developing: dlC deli· care 'q u:di ties ~ eq u ired lor ~ingcde mUSlr;adoIl.

J'J'fih:Jatl'ng" ,thesI1il;p ar 'gown. Beesnse nii spaceHmhations dds metih::mdi!.C;: i::s oI~en s,ho,wu ,rn1ded. or "'io';ldng." :3.S at theldr. '\\'hen you draw 'Your ~llp ~n gown ~tah way, fuUow these princ:ip~(; : ('I) ._!'\,llll.'loughyou draw du' heUil5 nat. keep d1.e bust del;ai~ ":in the round," as [[ ~~ ,,:t!1"e on die .li.gure. ,(2) When ')'uu show the g,;l!nnem CoMed. dr.t.w the f:U]d\<;·here i. \;.riU nut hide OI.ny detait I suan~'this is at ;l. point belQw rhewl'Ii:>tline. (3} Shuulders,u·aps Of ribbons shoukl be dr:;mm~stnti,gln. 1!10,t drooping or ~agg:ing. (1:) In "1:10;:'lia"'1~r li'uge.rie. ayoid a two-dinu:minmd look - a.i:way~ shaw some of ~be ellipse :n du;oouO'!T.i. (5;) Emph::lsil~ d~e llare ai~ rhe bouorn.

IDrawing the brassiere

Vfhen )'01,.1 draw the brassiere yuu. IlUill!t make the pu:>c temlnrne and daimy ,:;Ind, :It mh!!. :s<4UtC time; useir to highi,ighL the' conHt1:JtctlOn £e.;l-· tures of the hem. As in drnw~nggowm or 'slip$", the coustructlon details mu $~ be ,rery e .. rref I~ Uy studied, Each brassiere hali tb own dlsunctive strutUit~' and 'this mU$[ he TcndcR-d ,;t{uu'llcl ' ..

h~1 ~dl;I~ ~1iI.JmlD;1l1l!13Iiiel iii b n-H!MiW;ry '~o gy,o,i! j,ho,w!"n:~ Ih,. b.B'Wl'.~ 1m H.",fi'v"'" in 'glffl fl'iling_ tI~,r~' Is .o~e cltr"d'l .. ~ W"iY t,m pr"..,M 11.." i~ti_'I. _J~~Qlro!l'i.i' 001!td llil ~ ~mp"Cnl;le' ·ih. ~r~d~r~_






Gi:rdies and cersets a.reaimed at cOlnroUil'Dg: fhl.:fi,gul"c" and so they are u ually severe In shape. To H!" lieve thi sCH'riil)' .• )"mi nurst lacrease their daintiness when you dmw d:Lcm _ and ~I:m Sll~~f their hasic pur~ o~ figure mratmL

lI':o.~ ,pC nit' .girdle 11 ~.I!l1'i:1l1t ''how~ ,a,n Q 'C'Ci~~ I)' ~Md £9 ..... ·~- Se~~<l' Q ,P"~ '1IIiQI' "",m hiil. - V'Cl1 ~f '1M Ql'ec Q~ t.h~ 91,<11.-

III 't~i:1 ~. 'o,f ~rrd1 •• po-ill (~@, 1II!tod~1 fa, ,.!1_ CI ll'j'."ru ~poCI rl:ltlM ",I I!),." I.~J .. Mng ou, Ih Ip""'~'i"'. 'of I't"" .. nll:1 1ll:1ir1M'1'If, g!lld s:IIOflll!' th~ g~."''' ml g(iinJ:!! oo,~ U"g' ~"Eh ,!'1'.ill"'. ~"P the ';;"SOI-lin. 10 IiII cr.dI s.leeL c .. ~rvtl', 'Indi~",!~ ·Ih., 'Opi!tcii·F.iI;, ,ofltit~T~II' f~(II'IIC'.'~ ,o.f liI\e gl'rdl~,.. Pa", "m.l :i~~, ,~. !;i!:"1' f'tilr rllil.

'DflClwi'''1I Ic.,~)jI': ~(t' ~o~ ,(I d'oI!'n,n 't~ "CIU~ .... n" ",,'11 CI r '8Ie·om'tU·i(,. 'iofflid! 8'1'1' be, d~ ... iin "" .. ,r ,d"" .... .ftE!l. 1'h~ dj'g"'i~1 ,g~ i'i:elh i !ih-.~ "'_ i~h pol~"" ... n .. e Mrg g~1l\!o1i.

tic ~'I ........ ' II..... 'E" ref....,jr, "';11. Q Ii'!iOIil, 'o,f ~fjbbl>!,;:1 ~Inol!·a:.. 00 ~ ,~ ~'~~. r!'. 1 ... ~~Qli~n en Iri'llbn. h dOii,j, MIl $\)-9' 1l"s1 '" d'~6 ... ir~ .... HHj~L

l I



" ,

'Til I) P"'$<I!!'I T'a ,.how lfie im;porllil'lIl hoM Q~>Il ~1oi!" I1<:1fut·e Q,f i'le :~r"'-l'1·a,r'C'. a I~'" ...,.;11, ~l;,;; Q,riM rjjj~.d :i',. btI'lt. Tllj!! ~~ 01'1 ",1'50, dr...... ,,1I;;,~liQII 101 ,III<. upl1h qvolilJ 'Q.~ ~~~, :br>::l.

~i:lll'IS'hI'I.I~~i"Q\n f.(lJtunl~l ur~, penl t'!niil' pa~ ~t'!r~fvl.ly ~.. imlimli!' Ih C'ODltrv,lio-i'l die· '",ih. ~1M11I'ibe." ."." " .. , ~". i'~. Qwn '1i""'i:ii~I: r_T~r.s IiviIt imio t'h~ 'P r1lM~;~.

·Tih., "'TCeQ l>o;.IQ.... i'Iie' Ibrlu.slllir·.~O~ill"1 .iI"ijW' tl';,!! _ls.t CHI!'t'! rllll .. ..["9 i"t", "m.p'ty 'P'lH. jW''''.r. ,lV~fl 0 !'ia!!'.illp Cor .~IIi~I .... I!. .. r,"' .... 'flll~,1 liM'll Qr' lon.-i.

AI; "'d'I QII 6;a ~r.; in inti'lIIQ1l.. O;p:F!"",.I', 'Ih.~ "mir d."",fiI b" .!'.own in .om imfo1l'I'JII1 crr~ "gelr.~~t,

Ki!i!pl 'r&. 'biXly lin. (fMoI)lo 'o'n'll :Iluil:, .A.¥(Oi": .".iflJ.. .. !oi. ,c,m .... m~ :i>M d~ r+. Ujie 1:1 dilgnlf!.d I~~'

Show tf'j"~' ~M!I' t"Oc ... ~rud'i.,nl "",.,. hlly,. IEllll~lIos1z. "l'iof4) del>::lil~ of I;~~ 'g,~rrmfJn~ 111,01 "IJ'i'llrrO:II ~!i. fiQ:UIr;e ."f. tt'k-II!!I WQ~.fI1... al!!~ d'I!!lll~ r il~ Qi \';;'til a~ 1iI\~ i.:rce. ,hcl;!ld In, dlr ........... ;n, a p!1II.

I(.,~.I' '11.e '':c\r:lloIJr linn ,_'" e!n-.cII i[Ujfyj"r:l9 ~D !~J:a9-Q~~I~~ r,Fr.. lolfl';;. tl'~~1k 1'(I;OkCo'E t'h8 ~ •• o'I. !.lSi! lillht or.ld IbCld~ -0 'elmpbCl' :!i"' fhit ,~fI'.d_

&r'bHy "'SS,",.II Ih., ",{'I dfO~ry ,g,f 10 r'Obe 011" .,.·il<!"o;>.l,,· I" .. 1'f0li'1 ,Il;;;; M'I'er. lil't.~ .of 1:11 ~'OU<!~.

In ~~rlol! t I" ~., ~"i'" Ih~ H',ig'nt; dote 1~lhu fo add '10 I!h.elm!l""@·u1M o'f '"Dlpo:"';"9 n" rtC"!!'lttU,l, 'M'~_ 1~~MIl$. N!ol~' t~1 Iih;~ bollo"" Qfl~ .. ~",,,,,I' goes. IiIr~111hl QUO" ifft. ho I' of 'he' t~igh.;I.

~~·t d._ ~ m".1. of lite iile!lIi. Eml Ihl. iv~t ~!O .... '11'u!, 9C1rlen Cor ~bo .. ~ H.;; 1I.1!Ire.

Much or tl",-'e ,!inrttss d[ Jour fashion dra\\lings '\Vm depend Oft ~he

'waf }'Uri put in ~he u~'xuu'es or the ganucm~ and :H:oessories. This seeuon of rhe lesson covers the ~mp(iln<int textnres :,md the methods, of dr<L\\'~ng them, It is ~'U1:d)" :t:i.!.:lllih oS llne and rene 'lb;u di~ting;uf8h oue' €ahric. ,h.n·, or leather :(rolU anodlel".

./ Chi'ffon


'Thh. fgbrit i,i, t'M". :!l'ij;. CI ~d t., .. ",,!lg orrn'I'. fc:.r you" ~gll' .... , "',.; CI Ih in W!:I,m I~nl' - ~M~ "';'11 iP~'i ilIIClfn iM ,~.ia,p', "L'Y "~ .. r. Cld'I'~;" W.~lh.s k<!' ~~lrng 1:1' 'P"B~_ .!..ow!.! "" ligil:.!' •

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illM~ b .. ",fl f~'b ri~' 'H~,,~ ~ik""". i" CIO.lJ~,,,, ... b~ChrJ' ,"er~'n~l. !.I'M' Q' n~ ~~, ~;~l"'y $iipp!~1i ~ffeCil 'Ier 'tl't~ m,u!!'''''_ ,PorI [m ,J. c.l ...... "" f.c'I,.,'"sii;;;", IhO i RIft LQ,Yi!l' (I U-Jtlyt~d' ,~S'rt., 01'1' I~p 0'1 thti ~'I;Il'd'~';o'J. itldl~1e: .1Jo;e l.r!"),,,,IQlh '1",,1'.,. wil!l, 'R,,&;, 'Qf .. nil. gnd &:rk IQnfl'l. j)",w Iklr Ile .. lu.e ~~~ ... ,,,,,,,,~,,,,~,,,, ,,,eo, .. , ,,11(1,_

'Growl" 'rhe"'! o'lt! don't or~ '100 mQli)' in' .. hite' (lre.!n.

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J(r:ii-~!~.::l'_' i~ (Qb/i~ I:I;QII c~m .. ;i, ii'l ,,'I "";'8hl'. 1.1 .. Q r!"'t bruin, 'I'~r '1M- ~ul~;~e' '"f I!, e. 'IloClrl'!l;!l ~t. o.--..r the, 1;g:1\r Ix!:i. ,,,-.(uh, d'r~ il'l i~. ~i)"~~~~'h Ifnn of ~~.,. ,ib!.;f1g. o,.et tll~i" ind"""", Ihl!! Qc:rifl'I'",1'(I~.


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..... ".1 ,. D i!tHl"r, ~Q"II ~!f,.tf.~I'iI ~~ IOOfi 1' .. 1;. ,r'!:. Ua (II '!ill)' brvm for o"'lfj',,,~1. 1M Ji:.g,1-! "..",sh emru ~ M'I! nd.d I~ ~Y99~~1 t'~, ""~,ndI'It-U ,of Ih~' 'A;g~ '-', Dr hpj: jk,-,. AUo .. QI f~ .... ",pOls Or p'llf'~ vil'ijl~' p"~r I"" ~""" ;I:! Qc!'d'u f~ .. .del ",p<I fU~ fQ' ,%. d1~'in9. 0", 1~1'" <;If ,thh t-=l1~-" UY 'I:' dr~ b.'~"" .. j,j'h btoti: I?;~' """ .. I lei CiffilUi, tnil! ~!'dy 'Ie~tv""i, ., ~d ,mI'tJ :I~It~,r.cI Mad. "tid .. 1lirr. ' Kb. ,d-e~nd;n-g onl fnj, ~'r-Q-d-~r' 'o~ i~" ,~~d. ,A r~", BI\·I.J:i" 'n,,,~d p"',p<!,r fiN.' g bo!Ittt, 1'\o'!'~d e~IKI'.




V.!'i.~'1 is I!I 'I(!II' d', .. m_ iii!" fabr; ~ 'rl1ol' te ~e'l:!, vert' Irrtl. Ifg1.L

61.~d r~~f ,tQ~.t~ 1!II'e' ~~e ''W .. ~ i~ ' .. -..1 .. N ....... I .. n},~ fi·gltr.,1 tQ-t~

( ... 11.., re 1~·.. I',s'" ~II~b~1. put iM ~~. ~~ r~,~'i ",~1~'Q:1'- A ,.JJi8:b'l~ Ib,! .. ,r,re,di .dg~ '~"l;Il~ be .hewn ill .1.0~ 'Q~ Ih. !'i:'~!"

i!1i". i. g (.<)j[d't->;! r¢ibfi'~, ~dJ~ ~r' !'~ [n '''~'!lM. IILI'ile' iii' 'di!lJ.Il:.r· ~1"l'Id"d ,,..,,Iib. I'g:. .. f;;)l 'I'f. '!XiI. ,c*~" O. kip of t"i~. ,d'rC!W I .. thco' ~.d$,- ',,5i~g " Ib','n ,_.I. 1In;~ ... i'lli Q .1I5I~'11Y lu'!vu,d' ~.d'~'" Df> Mt d;:"hn "h>ri d"~'I' ''''~'NC' t'~~y I""''' IF~''''~!I~ .;h~d" ... .. ,',",,'s. 'EI;~ . .::old Ikiik.~flli d1ipli'l(i!. Qj'j ;.~ tl'rPC' 011 eo:~Y~Qf.

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UI'I-I!l!!J ;~ g ~Ji""""'l!!'I!~'M faDrH. w'I~'I)br ~iiJi rr9M~. I'YI il' ~~ _.II! ~n~<l~-.o1 ... il deeJn ~1J!liM I, ~"d '''"'P' .h" f»'l.h ,u'!.pc 'I"i!'x, hore i • .I .. ,,,,,,, 11i'i petll~l, or ""gm. NOI~ 111~ .fliKIi,",'y 'tM' ~T~" bto),! n n~roT.lo.~~~t·~ .,,1 'I"~rll(",n .ri~_~~ ""'~ 9"d t:hi,. I"",f~te •



Cg'flOtl (-Q<MIe~, ijll~rl -T:s""~ Dncl h 1>.~"I'I:r ~QWI) !lit, '0 ~.i~p t~br'i~. wl'iet'm.r you' u'" pi!ii'l 'li!lil' j Ilk Q'l' 'bn.-ll'i ~"d' _:In, t:: •• p ~l!Iir ':!;'"d<>-.n B..I ... il~ dfoOI'. :!help ed:gu.


Wa,al plaid

WQ>OI pJ!.aid i~ d:_JlI d!i-lh."n'tll" r,,,m ',o,tiO:ll or ~ilk 'FI""'d\L The ;pI!Q;(! il'e'siSiri 5l'Iou!d W!!!!"" tl'.e sofl (".:n~!er OIi 110" ... 0Qi1'" U .. ,;;. rO<1'9~. "rQ'~'~" ,d'ry-bf~,m 'Q'IlI'I~r~e I! nd ~n'!lM" ~n,ded ""g'lli,t~ for '.cod",,,,"_ p~~' 'in, I~. ~ij.;'f'i~~~t mnu ~~ th pl'1iIid 'Ili; '0 »1M ,All!' ' ...... !II. 'CT'" tine ",1lg,1, ij;(i M'~~'I - I~~'n ",oIill lih~ 4Q'rh,r !.q,~r>@'!;, rh" .. Ihi!! dQ rttf rrl!leJ ,!:If Ih... plaid in d'ry 'bril~n I~ hlc ok ,ct IIfl:ll)'" A ,~~n·le:rlu. Ii P"F' ''''.Ips i~'9'9~:11 Ih.-!' ... flm;.~ Qr ~!"


l~;t i~ g m6;t!r~m ~ ~eG'I"f ,.;lEI, f"I.,'e,. fl~d iin clp'.P'""'IQ~~ gill." "..iliI'lQ!l't nAgM 'lillM!l.P1l't 'I" 't> ,1'1,,1 b..... '""",Ih ".,j!h o:crrlC, illl1tUlId! - d IQ;MI~ 'lor f~l~b (]"d <had· '!;J,WL A ... id I<>c' IMII\)' foldl!l.


c .. _:111 ~Qif' i, g,~r~ r!l:ibri ,: liKlt ~'i' he"""Y j" '_;!I~'~. It h,c'!, " .:Ji'gM It.,d",,..,. '11'1." .... .;, ">:iIlu~ ;'~, t~\Pt w,'r'i 1l91\t ~ rid ~lIl~ M .e~.d'.I~ .. d g,1 ,t! fig I '!'fOJIh Qf 'iii :11~~:1\,~1It fl:r.I:i~.:I .... ,,~:&l,"'<!_'~"" r~,,"I;",o!Ii:f 1~8hl. If lQ" oiIilQ .. .:In eo~t1in;!" h""e It~~ ~uUi~.eI~u!!J!lC'~! t~~, ~.fI t,t>~Iv~_ :., f"!!\~~ ...... f~ 1:1 ll;yMly '~I!'~n IUlr· f'c,. "'!!'1' 'g,. "'.'pf~'L

Wove n c,C! s.hmenll'

Wo",",n~~n~ •. ~ i$ " !";1ft' r,,!.,,~ Ih~ • ,,,-,, iJ'iQ kNrq ""r:gM. ,$f;~&. ... ~ otWlI!'~&. 1i:;.M _Iih ~'DII'>e'" ,,"""';11,8 <I' tli 8'1"1 ~!I<;(IUf." TJ';;. ,<)~~, ~1I;tur~o~ \II, l(!h 'r'~y.!l'" !"'1'n "H 'c,' .kf "o'~"k I~ "i<fIMI r~. ,1~~'9'II'jJjj .. ~ 'I~ .:n~t~ der ,~f ee~nl_"8 "~ '''1itH" ....... 01 _,n ~~ld,.

~IOj\II' W'ill11.o-vl 'rfl~: w,rtn~avy t~',du~~~ 'QIlI.rjr.tIill' :~DW.n jlll~t~I~, I[r niiI~liJ~m~jr. ~I w-1!I1 ~OQi: tille, :~~' ,d~ 1I1 ,co~:I:'1 bd[r ,c~t.

1 'On, I.p !:taM we.!.,. '.'Uk!. tl!lI!i prj". d'.~i; Ii5jMIy I'" IliI'I'ndl - KI ~o-u ,~o.n ,.rol>!' R'i ~C!le,r, ii}~""I' .l~"o~ "III In. d,'!O~~I, orf I~ p".hiili. C:r...... iWI' 9r'1«1'ii!h '!O gyid~ ,'OI;i.

SkiHfu i rendt"dng n r pr~m ~a brics is, a baslcpare of fa~h i 01!'l i] lustratinn, as dre pri:nt Is ,,[len a ~ilshioll Iearuse of 3 ga.n:J:iCUl.

'The ,ch.ler ,t:o~~ideril tion in dli<lw~ng 'the pr~nt ig 'to :lIlilke sure the panem does I!lJtH oli't'rpo,wer ~tJH': :fuml or L]lt:' rugu,re and ,garro.em, Y.on must be able to n:uuet cmwgh Q( 'the imporeanr elements or the dc:s.ign whho~_[ ba\ling ehe l~Tint hide essential det<t~I~ or :s.hadm,v5, 'wrinkles. or fnl'lh .. Od~ecwH;e. your [ashiondtawing w:iU he :'111. patu:m W,ilhou't any Iorm,

Here \'I'C de'U]OnS,lJ'He the .pro'poer W~'l: Y '!fl- render 1I prim. \\~ e use as QUt e~:'llmple Ihc HomI d~'Sign below. '\Tole how this design is stmp~ificd on the ligur,eat the right_ The mWD[Unr dc:!a;ili;- of [he print are played down. \~'hil'l! the fkmct UUt'ls are en]atgOOand empb:nile-d. T111" prnl:e.ss of sillilp]mca~io:n and e;;;:aggenuloH is ohen nC'c€'SiSa.ry 14) get, it.C[Q~S ~he character (If (heprilllJt.,

Slud, OUf riIgul:e Hhmr..uion from 'Ibe bnnon~ uJ!: ~On01t'l'iD,g th,!: numbt!r,$.

It gli1.'t'S yOIl :31 cornplere dCi:nUII~ll<llii)ll, SH~p' by step, of ho'l\\' ~o rcutlct the ]Jrim. 'The upper P~U( of dIe lHmlraLim~ :;llO~~'::; (he fin~shed rendering.

Ste pS in Ire nde rl ng p,ri nt 'Iabrh:s,

4' ~rh IDJV~ e nd CJofWlq~~, ,:",h~~~" _ .. old.h, ~ I'e~ I. (i'h!'I:I:I, cf ib., polts m,&ll'dl' Q I' tht b gl:. Il'ghll ~'! H,,,· d",,-!,; iliow"., Hu!! wMI~ I'",,,,,,,~,,. o:I,,,d Iii. lii~t 0'101'1 r.

3 ihi,,'!l P"D ,,- ell ~.n.Ii;., cu Willl Cltll-l"l1iil'i 1:i d' i k. drmor tn. -~-*""''e!II

_. ~u,aj". ~ ·olf the, ilIo_,,:.. ,,~,J ,~r,., ·~·,,:rii ..... , ,j:..g .. ~~ Q~,;iI' ~I.mi.

2' No!,,' thc:!i 1:1> •• .., ".~ bet" .fork Qft,d 11,;ht I'kI1IO'j'~ Q ~d ~,el .c. in tm.· dt<fig.ri, 'W.l~ ~ 'r:le(l;~"" we,'!' ~ce< .,.lleE>i'oJ;, I~ 'rorm~ <If I,ll" .J'Cj'., h.",r1H. Qr;d ItOT,t!" I(i!;filfl th~!le hwm. ';""1'1 e, !)li:>f'I,'t ,o:~!el1'f11 ""7 .!Ida;1 ol Il.h :II!cl;il>1l.

f~OMm (:I nlll 1l,~,om~M:~ p:rIIi~SI nor",1 Jlri~'~ .;-" !'lOt -f-cl,IO' ... · 'ih", ra,m cf ·Ifne' 'fi:;'i!f·t:,. -:)i:I\II<:t a,!~ gI."w" R"l'" Mc:!h·ill't. '(~r ~h>!:ld_~ ,,,,,,,j ,r .. M's. ,g:r. ."0''''' .irI$"'~lfI 10 bre, ~.n- 1l-ti.·1 h,Q¥j' '~Q. ~;nil' 01;[; ,tM~' f_ ,,~ Ih:~ h9J~r,.o~-i9 i""rn.!I·nll, ·Th .. , 'fiq,_r Iihopn IMyid 'Il~"',~' a~~'. "'pusl~d arl,"

5c1"ip~ ,,,,ui 'g,..,mrlfic p;;!TI.mf ,!:!,f. ~i'I"lf,d q,uile (liS;':;. ,.~lrl''' Wilh ~~e·lo!!I. t.I,,~ d"';g ~ ;;l .. Clti. ('Qlf_, '~n., 'rO~iR 0'1 ,h. ~'1Irli< ,gtJI\illh+ ,g;or~n+.


f,~tjJ:a.~ 1"".,1. ,., "., 'I'; st.lI)' ,,",led r"r,. 0" 'ig.pl .. i " fIol or b~~~ d:e d; .,......1. (.i mi'l". n 3 IltQf f«f <:I' ~ C1G,tl\ (><It), tI • .:;... 11\. ~u,!iCY;H i ~ ~~, g. in !.'~111,. )!.;flt r :hi:1 'I'i~1 d';;e.d, :row .. ;;I n Q If;;! d:~,,,'tl\ 110 !If! .. dc,"", ... j,~rd:. by I?Y tii~g ,d~.,k",. ,"'",,,.,, "''1,~ 'rh'li' (ulH~~ l.

Ie;.""",·. I .• , " Iw.lf""'~. :icO~. lil.·on.~(jir,~d i~,r 'thC'" ,M5 (I .,,~ pil" "F.~d. u~ ~e<I!. rid. ",,~I';D-1jO'el ' ..... g'I!,~'~ \i\! ry fll ud~ "'~ ]l'C" dl~ iii ",.,,,dering .. ,.,fn.'II. h au,'.' :0 ~p ~/' !c~~, w,~ <:It Y~r~ w,mr~ _ 11.,. ".01.'. ,"'. I'ypi~ol ri~]!" J;l'il~d' i~,pruil'~ .. ~!: f~"." fwn_ lli@ ... ~h. ,p;<rP"" ,.!'''''''ft51 I!J'irO'll'~~ 'ifll.e' _'~' o!:,~,,,t~. Ih~ IOh lu IIT"c~ ~g:h Ius ~I s,

s;., .. 1 le .. d .. wt.ica are rQ ~~.d lin; tM ~"""!' bogl'~ 'f;;/0i!I. 'NurkiBI i~ ~""" ... 'hQI I'iBhf~r 'in hjOe, 1itI'Q'1 dl;,,:I; •••


Mol n1i: h " '''''crl-~ g;~ttd f'1ft. Iii' II 'e~ d'~·r,..iI .nlh IQfl ",~!.rrp .. ·~f ... ",.he.. Tne ~MltO.l:'r~W,,~ I"Dn""t~ or I'i~JIIi a r..d d".~ I""",., .. r Ih fu,' .~ ;:".e',,'t~" by 1',,11\ 110; d:Ptll!~ r :ll ,a:~'~$ ,<If

_'L':IQ~. r Ih~ bow< ~mn~ ~ ile II ii ~r;gMI:t,

lI'"04ilf. r O'>I!; I.Ir'o\.u e-I' '"'u .1. "hi:. '''lilies!

~1it9 '!~liI:1 01 t~e' r"" .hCl<p&di !l!i'O. ~d ,~". f.!jlnee, f_gll' morCi 'I'~ r. de''(Ii~1I IDlE!! IQ F1~ Il;l .0 d'tti <!.no~'~~ d"r,bf~ Ib, hllir nf.~~ on" il,,, w!:lm.


li1h" ;'1 " ~,c~, fw'. C .. 'CI I j'sh I A.gT 1Xl~ _~ )'QU d.·g..,. gr~"PJ 01' 11ti!' ~"",,,:d.,.;~i. 'I .. ~!'(J .if*t~", ..,fllc'l. '~"'I:!I!.'~ Ih. 'F~=i'.r"'." ",I .. 0 'iii n'mQ!. ,ia ,t~>!; ~'~''''!Cf' .. f II, ~ d;.fio "111 ~ .... "" in 't~it g,c 'ir .... iI r 1:110 m!iil ,t~ .. a-"1·~,'· Qi t!t~ bcKk) 'I~' fl"!1~r" h [~ .. ..,. ond' ~n.,. il e !IiG~IJr dorhr ~,1l!9~O-U"~ la"" , 'I'~y (.:Ii'! i~di~o!~ I~h lo'm ... , .:u- ... ,.11 ,,; i~,~ lOti ~d9~' ,,,f I'he ,g~r_"'1" wirth .. ,,.,fl' P'I'",,'l.

Fur textu res

The i Hu stra [i(ln~ here dc-ulon st ra teo .110W leadi.ng r3shiuH artists render the 1!I1.0U. iJnpQfrane l Yr~'~, of f ur~l:llld rapture rhe be:uu:y ;nul ~t~'je of lUI eoars, j::u::hlE, and scarves

When drnwil;lg furs, keep in mind ['hi.~ veryi Ilrpon<lm poi nt: • .\ h.h~ugh Eur is com" pO:;;!!'11 or fiue hairs, e~theT long,. shun. u,r eu Fied. it fiT::! ~liC.~ \'(_.~1' muih i.ik~ any he'a ''}' I sofue,I(uuoo la Iwi!." , Tlm;rdun:. the bask ,~h:Hlow- audIuld tones ~ou lise for doth J¥I.lments apply ~n dr::iwiu!5 ;[UI'S as well.

Fur, li..ke dothing; 10110\\1 II If::! hion cyele.

The 'fnrs wesh rH" yuu here may .no r ,dway:'i be ;instr1e, but the pri:nc;pl'l::s uf n-ud,erin,g [h:H are dl:llmmu,ued on these p.;l,ges are Ithneles~, 'lhey w:iU gH~dc yo I] in. depicting furs of every variety and desctiption.


.... II!on.g-"'Gir!'cI fl;l', f<;'iJ[ ""lIe.l, 111'11 _ ~:r' ,diflil'~'~~'1 i~ •. i ond ClObn", ~ ~~ .. ~ :lD~:' 'Il~Q7 !'o,',o:. '0; ... M!e fo~'_ 'T1'Io ~.e;'$. r" dl.'I",' hem fl,. ...~~~. ~;~. gf ,!~~ .~'k·~n llI",d C'.' nh,~e~ !':)wQlrdi tbr. !~'n. WI;,!.~~ tn.' f~. &."m!8~" diit~CI,Q;n, lean hi",ll· IIIg~'~ ," ,,, • .,,,,- in .., . ...., ""~~I' 011'1'"'" lndl"mdiUoO)Il h:clin_ Slvdy I~ """'~I""'P"n. 1:Ind m~~;I;in~~ rQif "'""'n (If m~'ndu,og ..,,,clf.. .c/;!!i,1;e1. of Ifg,x :ptI·I'II_

B:ro![ldta i I

lNCd'igi1 11 0 !'k!,1 f~,' ...;tn I\.tl"/~ ~pr<!'liI dl~;, ourinr d;Ii'~JQ l'ii d'ir~ C~kO .. Tou ~IJ f'I,e-[]f~ ,t.M.'Ii, rltF~d wJ,1I Ih .. r!~ hn~. .." ~il'y ! ..... ·I, d1~i:I ""''fh b.oad bl'ed, .t""h., en tt:ip' (If I')"S b-:!fe ..ollil .... 1iI,J4! II i1 Itill .... .,1_ Jh" bl' ... nredi ,.I1KI 01' Inil .rji",ftn" r.I '~'~C"t!1, the 'lri~e."ims 1 .. ,,1. d.1I Fafler;,Ij, ,Q'f 'rl'!ii f",r.


Leat~.et OUlects" S\U:l't ~ h~u&.b:Ll.~,~\\~, '~\a"i{s~ and. \)e\u,!a~e snother klln\ oi nl~Jmandhe you wi\\, cite'\) be '3~\e.l\ to dIi\,\~' in fa hion .iUus.rndons. hese pictulre! how }'OU Ithe most elI,enh'e u~chn~qlles :flu' ITndc~jlDg 'lhemajor type~ 'of leathers. Ahlumgh handbags are ~ho'wn in 'Onr examples, the ~"me prindples apply in rcudcr~ug belrs, shoes, :and 0 ther ]e,:uhu' 3rt~d~"S.


~ i~ CI ~u _~~~ol "";lh ,0:1 ¢hlil. n-cnf. .u,i.". II:lr:!'g,., G' r.nduil .. ill" ... I !"is!. 1';'111.10 ",,<I ...... ,dl " h,nd', pr"'~~M1 o""li~_ Mr:!\o~ Ik. 111911' and ~haJdQ .. , 1Q"'~ ~K!' j'iii '''D,r~·.. 0.,.bru:il:;, M~ndi~g' .. til !.!Il' l- I .. '''ligm Ill" f~~"If!I' "r .....,de

11',,,, d.""'r!",f~rl~fIc: 'l~!lIf'!;Y of p~!e"l r~"tI~el [, ~!t sn~n by ~ riS!it Ifi:a!; I'ilhl' ~iiI'~d:i,nil 0i.I:1' g'IlQ[,i:I>I .. i~I'-M5do. lO ... do!l,''''''''<:I. ",it), "';riv"lIy ~ :h .. ff!fll:,~l. n,~ hTgll LTog!'!h ~rm ~ o'll O~ nan'", .. ' d.,,·F'!" 9'flo'l Ir'~1 r_ QJ<WIig Iii. ,<;;.'p.. .J.""'P .. d.~i"" ~,~ f~.. '~IIi<:il~·_


I1f"I~~· IP'Illre nl' !~ot".~. Il~·if I\O'~ g' ~~,_ I!I~ •• ,.~,rrt:l.~" 'Thill, 1N!l;;! ~i, liti;lf lL~l'Il.t ~J:!'h~... ..re"~ p."',cl' ..... ~"h,· !"Dd th~ hT; 1'1:;"I~. D •• I~'!,! ~'>;I<.,,;~.·n,1'. llSihh ,g,~'i! Il'io!ir,~j'o.nu b~~.d M~i!!ljh~r !.eftly.


H~rl~ t'~!I' r~rrli::n::Il' ~iellh.n\Ci is, ~.'b~. m: ... ~nl f~oIIlJ/~. lICIithe,,' '~G ·ilI ~nt ,,~iI' djj~dO',.. P<ll~.m, [[IrQ.... liD., rouih g'W" ,,.m~, " .$m",U b..,liJ, """,. botio, I'b!! 1:;.,;';(: flgM ,~MI,,~do.., TQM<'_ PiII'l I • ,d'Qn..cl1 I!IKu'b 'in lOfrll !~ pl<1I'


~·mp1.lD!1i"8 tha .,,1=di !~'T~.....di 'n_, ii.ol"..r!1 $C~Tt: ~ 0' -f1~ JIl,lny a1l!g:l:I"~r hid" .nIh ,cle<r.Ai'r~ moll'ellC1;IiI' olI'r.I .~d~ l'Oo1<e_ NOM' thO!Ji' !:lw!o 'KOlle, "'. ''''''~ '~'1"el in (JUt andl t'flQ~ Ihif fiii. ~pl j,! " c,un1e'.1 pail".". J!.H_ Jog,= (Or th. l/I;,g'I:.·I, 10 II:!. 100il' i~ it.;:!d~ 'lIi'kl1 Ir9,~I' ".~ .. ~ Jor ," '(C! "";"ri ... g· eff~d.


- I .... .... 1_

Drawling ac'cessorles

.:-\c.ce:oo,l"l mu~ttOl,li(m ls one dE the Ul'oll,OT ili!e.u (It laslll,QU ~tt. it requires eensiderable 'I<I!n~ :Iml p:reii~ion.bolh in ilie~ prelimi-

uaqr penci I dr'lwjng asw~ U as d'U~ fm:ill Kmh:ring., .

The iil,j,ust,mUous 0.11 the:lie' two pa,ges; show [he: 'lund:Uln!n~:li:s

o[dY?Mln.g th,e l\i\\Wllu.nl 't ~ ~ 'l)[ :{ai\'lOn aCteSM1iie~,. In , (!\u:

IleW~~)"pe'IS. you wm see: m:my O'l~erwa, d~ df3,~ing this mer· chandise, based nn these prin~·ipk~,. Much IO~ the 'qu:d~lr of your :U,~I i HhlS tration de pendserr your ~ki:n i n rendertng texmres.


Hosiery is often d,r.i:wn "IlOlilt~ng"ills(ea(1 of on [he kg. Thcecfore, it Is lmportanr to snQ'w ill. a sheer :Jnd ,:l~ d:'linly ali ]Jus::.ib,le. Too man~' folds and poor treatmeru of wnshcs nu ~ :1 nake the ~,t'Q(;l,i ng 1,([Iok like t wisted R~ tal. Th"_re sketches ~hQ"\; you ho\\~' to .afr;:m!,:t' rhe folll ~Hd ]ml ill lhc' Lones in order to achieve the 'eij''e'r.t u[ sheerne~ and the "'Iloating" qu;li1ity.

H"'ta itt!'t. ",odin:sl fuJIy .>;I'IIid'~. No I<c tb" 0"8JI.,. of lite undl ,it" fM' ul'~I'. r ';"t, a",,~ 'ti'wn tM +0. ~_. tQ' "" p~,lJ1lJI ar n'", •• ~,g: ,O'f ,,~i,! IliM. Dr...... illu. " e i'nrcf<",a entfQ1L 'CI~ 'I". 1011 •. gin,:! ~el m,r~f~'Iy.

y"" ceD I:aka, 'l'iberl1i.:1 .,.jiiil ~ "fl~t. I~·~ lIl.rlQ"f.l9!e 1!'I~;nI' 1m s. ~DIi'ir81 !Cit, )'CI&l1 "., ¥1i'.'i.iy o::I~d: r!\yln m I~ the d'~. "Ell" cf lilt;. h.hh.


'IH"~~ II. th. ...~ d~U~l1i "1l:o.:l,1· :j'!'Ij!'''' F,¢,F toe f(lk~ cOf ",.."ie",. drl!lW ~It" f":I.!,,<i ':If~e~ in 'UII'I'q!il;;'! $151' m>!! n!1, ., IIld .. ,r.CI!~$m t~., reM" en di!'· ·f. [9011' o:ln.g,rei. t::ee~, !~'" 'F~ p";II1o!~d d" .. ;, fQ~' 'Ill lJIIetI .,flla.

Ua IJIDQotn Yo'Q,jh.s 110 ~'1J~'9~ It tf'j~ ."'~t eJ."jJQd",· of 1~1!i re;btic. II .. du,p<! r IrO'"J.!!"',r4! "I' .... EIl~M 'Ie !lh" ... em., ~'Ilftlf of ~Qlf:ri( 01'1 'rop ~f 0::11\'. ,,'Her. s.I...d'_ I~.nej, di ~""""; rQ~&E !'h .. ~ld h .. !l,;" .. , .. ddrl[ ... f~.

Women's shoes

Hen: we c~pbin the prhrciples ol drawing women'a ahees, The basic outfines should be penciled carefully, u i,llg the dlagrams below as a gUide. ['hese d~:lgrnnls fliC[un: the lnullt impon,ant $hoe l}'p!!. and ')'011 can lHbpL 111~Hl to show the 1,r,at}'lng de:tails. ,01 5[yllng. which dl,:'!n:ge £mll.l~~awn to season.


TIiI" ,~... prQfil. Q,f th4!' :Il!I_ i~ .. 1'.,·' al'ig~. F'."", 'I"~ Dlllilllif 01 Ihe bo!:!!.e'. d~;n; '~n. O'~!'" U Ad,o[J!l" Ie lI'trfi-oa'I' ~ I;~II' of fllt IIi~et

f,,,,,,, I!'e 'lop of 'rn~' s,\e.e, ,d'ra... I" .e SOCial'll eu ... e ,"~ Iii. I:!od of t~e heel. il\u I!=;mt. pc.imt A, , .. ~~'r~ fll. YO', P "" ~,.P?t! r fro"" ptI rI '~.or~1 I~.c C,P'" n;n:8o

Dr"", Ih" (!"IY.~ ,~~u fOO'" tli~' "'PC "'''9 ,0 Old WI""" ,ef t"" ,.I. .... CII dl 1%. i:Q.Mie<ling ~y,,,,,~~, ,orl tl'l~ "'~n []In.! ... 1".

1ih. poi~'1 '''i'I1.,~~ II'!~ ,0 reb .... !"h lite s<>1!!! 1(8,' is ;;1 '1'&.' ,,_re.r of I~~ :111-_. T1'I" il'~lJ.J" I,ne .. r ~ih.~ ~N,I .1 Q ~"'I' ,;etli~<!J1.

!n 'r~u~ ,,;!W. 11I-,e '~Mlt'" r.i,~~ i. ii,,,,· p<I'.re iii. The ~,"f!.ld. ~or': of ~~, sn~ IJ al~QYI' ""flle'" T"~ di"gcr;Q! li~~ ,hQ..... 'r". ..blivt, 1P'l'",t'i~n~ of tlo.. ""'.:I",.t p ... I. ilf I"'" "",.:re.

I" ... t"r~II''IIuG.I"r rii!" all 111,. dii'i'>!j nl~r" cn'l to;'~,lrwtlellf-~, ,AI II.T. 'e"!li.,. lfi~ h .. 11 i. ,,'-yo ~e rfii:Ql. S,Ii:iU b':f E~~k ... 'im~, tb~, tt!,"'!~r' 'IL~~', .J."mull" ~~,;!o Ibe ... ll i;!~-d: {O~~.

Th~ iii.~~ I'wgl dm:; a,rj]m~ ~"O',,",' ",,1l'Ct ,,"OF!" ~'~I, ... J~el1 fOU hiil I~ ~'HI 0::1 'I"t r+I~~ linf!' I' d1ll1lwl~9 fhe k~l. r""IM.iiI h .. ~1 !u.s !H,!Ii'I ,drawn "Q<IYK~'r.


lewe'ry ., ,.' _ _ ]eli\~('_hymm.traliQn. Tleq;\1ilts com,\lie.rdbl.e \uEcis,\'on. Th.£~nu\ Idra.wmg 15, m~~e

;,;et"j aco.lra,te\~ ~w'it\, an (Xe.tall~ caTe.t,u\l~ l.t'l,dlcaJlftd. 'Witn tbi~ (\la,w\n~ aSil b'a~l~~ ).0001" rendering ('<lfI hr.' re~li', (i'e or lree, de'p,ending on [h,!_' assignmcue,

Peal'h; ;l..ho".. iClt~ r.o>o ~eI.I'I" ,~_ Rr.I ~~ri- .... 'c! [loll. irn ~iilit.l~ ~ rn drCrW1t'i-!3 iZiI 1:'"".'1. dJ ..... ' tcfl 'conlHI,h berw~" lig hi' ",,"d d',~,rt. c rv:-c.. ,""",,,Ie II .. , ID· I'~'i. ~F.I<D'" r.!'f1.I!;:t~dI HgM~ T~ ~:r,,,, lhod'Q"" '1:1 r.g I. VQ"Y' fll. I~"'.i ~" It 1:1 ,thin !:II 1'1:::1 tJ'~Grre J]!!~ e,

Ai 'fr~e IP'! '" 0"0 ,,,'k l.r,' ...... ".~ ~f je;.....,ir:r ,H.,I, 'nhp bl",,'~~o brito", ;:'1,1' I~e ItI~!~,r. Ath~"u!l" 'I~" I~<h~;~~ e i. f .. r f"om M'ro.~1. =II~ ~:"r.I!1 II:! U!I ICI,~tlj,l rEII!c'ly drDW1ft!~

D~Ci mOII>1i~~: No~~ 'Ilie J10Ge t~ 'Q~ tne' .hll"i~ .. ~cI Ib _:;- l·r.8 ~i~il'lf Ir~il;-II' Ib O'I"II!. Ihii! =Qlr~. ;Ii ;;gfQ Ci'I ll.", ... ,. !I!o.~ ~(O(;.h i ... d~t.~il. ,'" I~ _"ill!! of dfi.r;mo <II. _~. !iO~" 0 ~<=I-I- d~~h~' !~ ;:iI:Ili~~ Q Ilr;rl~rin; .fllta, lin $fmIUel"' 'dOll2:-I,~ ,da DW rl!"W\~1I' fC'[il!hi ...

tl~re';~ '" ""I:'I~ [""".Iry, r .. "d~.""di in <11 pen QM ""QUI ~fr'I'Q'Im.'nT. M'lorr,~ Ctef'::>~ [lifo!! drc:wn '[m 'i'IfIIJI,rJ,~ bll ·~h'!' er~ClI, iUre, ~!'ll pen, oi'ld' In·1!; fO', ri(,,"!'. eo" too !le.

H~fl!i is· CI ;iUQ!d! b-;xml dl'Qwj·"'I1. iflt. !Tr.-es "~";I;I"!~ ~Iu,' ,"u""",d: fc ,m"_ .mell .... iI'8~.1 tlin!· I~ 111,r 9f f~ g;~'1!dI O-~ ~ t'he ge",,~,

Col'd!' ;fi'<!-re Oir~ e>:.:!i~p:fe.l, ,~f g~,d 'ie ..... lc:;-. ,o,~ in lin.'., ·Ih. ;;!t'hr.i· pn .... .b. a;1~ i'ld r~<'" '1.'101[1.. mill, lfil'''' l'l.e "i!3i~ I\<ll~h ICII ·(.~hl j;OfIi '<;>1;1111,01. 'e.:i! ·~rr.l:l '0,' :t~Ut' rell d"~ r1i '91 wi:11' reIOPm'b~e ,Ji.t.gP. Ihill m1lfgl', 'Q" Q1' ,h. r:igh~, ii m It"!!' iill"Y:~1:iI3tlon Dhu::FR~~

.II;, ... li'lu,,· j .. ",,,T,y· i'~~;U;i 0 $pt{i.tll I'un· niq,lH. O1n t~.. c:F ,I>I P""';!"' r~,~drl'i ng. g 'iHp.p!~ IlI!iQI_f1T (~'f,~'!~" fil<~ eI~'rlo!!",'~ I...,~"

Th 1.. pI! ~~o ..:h_~ t~.~ I'Or_'1 !"' .... I'''',.. lie"l ,,,f " "",ililii'ificl!t!n;lh Ii!'r~. AI I~e ri:il~t ,i', 1:1t.~ 'W_ 911"-.;e d, ..... n iln 'rg$l\· i(>", ~ r .. ~rr'Q,r, .. , 1i>I,~:. t.9/1\! t'n., 'ffl'''!lo'''''A t._e' ~("_' IC"8~r.


GICI\"C, likc jl::wcby. demand prcrJse fll:'3'~'illg 'III t.1n: JJC'iH:H stage. The diagrnms below explain the b3~ir: prinripll:S l1l.<ll<l]JP1y I~i) aU :gi.(w,e~. Norice that ehe elcngarlen of the fashion flgl.llre Is reflected in [he Icngtlhcllitig of' the glove proportinns,

i!iii-~ ~r.·!id~ 'f'JIj,~ cJ '~';'rI,.e h <:1''-)'1' 'ilroj,g'M. 'El!O'g.g8.'''!~lh", i'k>u al' lilt. E",!i~ line:1 ,d'fown !:I!QolIg tn. iling"."'PI ,~" .. I b .. ", .. r £inilln ~n"~'ge. GI.o"'ts rOj;>e,I' I·~"...,."d, m;M~~"I;I'''

Th e- I~'rl ,1'1"i~ 'of t~, mlli1dle .~ m$l~r ". 1'ioJe eent,er of 'I;'., ilrQu. n'!I! linie IFi0:8eif II 'lw¢--third:J ,r"'" length (or t1il.

l~dt~ 6~'Ile-r. Sl'l.""r 11\r~ r,~t!!i'M 11~",t];s 01' I~.e .,liII'!'" £r'ri'I iieH.

Th. r~Vf'i1b i~ '01p.p'r.,~il", .. ,'~I:r I~ e ':1<1""" 1""8fh .:It. ~h m:i.d:dlt ~'I"j9l'!r. vn.. 1r'0-,;; "",~w lit.. ;nJII-O'j' .. d~, Q,f glons, . .J-.",,", In~ '~Q-~fr~u.;,tlM (If tMe' tl':iu mb i~lM!f.

Fi go!,rt1f'1 ij ~ '9,QIO'I!', m. f. 1111 f,,~~· ;c ii 131~~:I, d.,ow I~-e· 'Iip 0:1 pc,., (101 (II~ QY."L I .. lru'lr .. dI Qf ~p9tI-1Y~ glQ'i'tll. 111-0 ..... rl OJ fop.1 Clf II ,!;i ,d~ ..

11'i'i lt1ill,~;,li ill<O"tti1, d!rg"" '111. rib~ing 10 f~lkr.. tire r "rrn "f I'he ;r.o ... ,., ;;,.Jj,tjh~ r 1~ I~ !'I\~m 'Roar ... r ,gn Il'hl! Ihr;znd_

iri\!1lili out f"'~· ~ il~~I~~ i ~ _,,,'!'!;roe lleatl.eoc 8:1'''''i!!t. If butlQII iii.· Tgil ii, iJD~oQlI>~nt, I~,r~ (!""'"Il~· _",I is !!ood. Dc ii'. e~Qg,,~rg:l. JM d-o.....I'1'i tliis .i!;ct 'OW ......

W'O_""$ fc,Jr;rDti gl,",ell.d}Q'IIIid be d'r~ IliQ'1 il!!~d1 I~r.n. ""~Ih~ r lil'.~y CI r~ '~,~,rt ~r r,~n ~" ,SJu:uJg·w~ J. .... ld k ,.impl ... ~Iwliil'" ,"U ,~!cIltgCl~ io.o~ ,of f~~i<D'" II~O"~I.

ChUdren's andl girl,s' fa,shians

Thi$field oRen wonder,hlJ,1 oppemmitles for the ~lhl.~. [~[,IlnF .. ,)'Iud •. uI chiMttm:I!'~' [ll~h[on art ~s '>'ell- dose: ~n (hali'7iJc.u~'r w (he beSt :i nhrmk ::!.ndm:li~1int:' lin w(u-k. All:~lits who' .. H dra 1;1;' nle!;charndise skU If;ul [yon chi [d ren who project cuteness aud charm are in great demand,

On th[sc page find rhe n~C!!i.r are eh i.!d Fen's, fa sh i nn ~I· ~usurI:llim 1.5 lha~ th~iIlU~~ ~ll"tc the i !u!:!QrtaJII(;e '0[;1. disI~,~ncli .. ·~ ~tyle. Nmicc that each ,~gj::' gwup ha~ iuow:n characteristic a.nim~H~i poscs. Tone,ue.W>OO If:hildfll:m's: (;t ill iuu d ntW ~ n!!!~ you nlm~t ~uul yc:h ~ Idr,en ;lnd be :ab:rl! to draw ~ he ]lO'iie~ ~ypim [of the \,11 [iuliS cage grot! plio

1k carelul h~1 drn,,,-.ing (hepl'pponI~m of dli!drel1'l,.

Avoi'd m:lkinut'lu~lUlo!)~. 100 uM., Rev,i,e", yom: eadilC~ lesson s to retresh 'you r ~ !'lo,~,redge of the h:1lsicpmpol'lion sand ana,t/olllY Q~ en] ldren,


Irnfl~~11 <:! r~ ~hub,h,y r.ul~ ~~~p~_ '1i:l'ie,' IiIl¢e1 ~.o~~ p~~ flJ~', ,r",w,n:d'>tdl ,t~t~ilso.~ ~u. _~M~ gjm~~~.g' dlim;.. 'C:k.@~g"F,~fij,(JC i~ I~ ~ig~, ~o:<~lKI~dI r'M~~~ .. d. Bllibt "r'~' .. r~· liHI~ i:".lIe ns, 1'~ .... ""'" i. "c."d,lrl~ di,D!\o.d]. l:~lI!' _",.~~ ;1 juf.l ,g v.I>orll Ir!'le 0: :!.\~,~_ n,~IXo:Iy' i~ ~l't 'o~r.:l. ~i't~ '0 ~{lt~ •• pl~ imp 'Q'I:k:iI~m •• i<o ArllM g!l,,;lil.!il' Qf~ !,OrF, Qn.il' IPiOdilil'. QtI.di ... ' ..:I.... r~", J",~I~ OIIiIJ' b~ ",01 ..

s.t~dfl~'" mu.IT,,"c,,~ <I._"~...,tT"'91 ,~~~ puog)', .~~!'!d eha~~~r ~!, tj"e M!!l~'!" H·o~~ 't~~ I111fl~ tQ""'C~~S ,o~ po1I~ni tl!iQ'~ lHi,r,p' fg, (;r+of'i I~,. d!.1i! rm of t~., fl:i'" flU,. Th.Je h ""il')!' liu~~ '~:ili'~ rl!'~(~ i~ ~ e ~tI ""':r.' <i,,01 'il~·rl., .... ~.~p!' 1% .. , 'l"'~ CiC I] ~~I:.·DW· !I:iI tl~H-I\BJ F.il.'4;Ulu! hl;]]'f ~,eI t'~1 19,itrt

Toddler.s: two to f:hree

'mlh."gr,c."p Ir"\~l:iiiJu.~"", .:If I'bjj lxI'i!;;,' roulJ..rr'ltil. Afir~ou",h 'f,0;:!!. dl~.i 114i.g!~ r;or,e 1~~Ge.·, 'I~ <J rot .!iU IP~~'IEIP- .f,c,~, "!r~ di~b!'7., I~ di •• ~, ,000m'l1t(!\. Tl!~ ,te~l\Irl!!'~ o~e "'U), '~\";I':!';t'l'i!<!:i ",'!>d )'~U nl~ """", ",~di ~"IP1e'~tI 'w.11I I"'~ .}'~... lQd&r'.n" PO~i i!l!Q'~'dI ~_ !~~ ,~~ o;I~ioofl"

ThIIr+ (1/\1' di!ft~!!!~(.I· 'k!WH'~ t-o.y.! (I nd ,g;frit. T~ Irc!!'S! ~M '~nr.l~ ,~~ b.:.[I"I, g,. '!r~j';ht~r .. 'I'~1iI d'rQW Ilia h;gjr diii.~~n1'rl' r_ .. ElGrs" h'~~r Ij, d\cs;e. !InII~! •• rn~1r. I~ll:,,~ ~[]]lf' ~s. IElllI~el!'~

'lii>el'e mj,l~ir",Tl~~J ~~e '~pr«l~ ,of .!lll, (l9~ 'glro\ip. Sl\i<a'y III;" f~iIl! 'I<~p,.u~\:ln~ gjj.;l in., ..-c.Q';Q'~' h;g!lld ..:ind ..:IUa ~"'j.

jd t~'i~ IC ~oI' I~ t;;'.rh, ",r.. bei!li~.""ng I" "~q~iir~ ,gl ~o:iiriily '~~~ r<:iM., ""hi!j ih. ~:rj .~~ :i,~11 '\Ofi'r;y iKlm "~ ~I.r,i. pMli!o. t~~ ~~'8i, Dr 1;",I'h ... ~ ol''':;'81.!!~r D~d t.!)J'! Il'!~. Girh ,r~!C![~ lO':!_ ,~!- j{1\:e ~odd:rcl!,~ (lMOo~IlJQn.d 'tfu.ir ~r.i~i gr. i~n ~vm~g ~I'i"'l:lfdl g'~ Ih.'I! ·i'Dn!'. Tho;. fc«!~ liIil1'l'!'<'i':f '~~~~~~/~"'~ ,~n;=nOIl Q.r4IM ~yg.mon, .In~uld IbtI 'Iypi>l<tl~ D!' I~" Dg',.,_I\I!~~t., I~ I" .. ~ ~~'I'<~"", f~~· ~in ~~~Jb~r C!rm~ em~' ,!~~ ",e"',." h"'~r !'~Cllir.'~n'. llt!'~ili '1m mi.M1 !i). imJii«tQIt~e .. r ''''''Ii''"

hHi~:Il' Ih. '&}Qlrog>l!fr' "~~I",,ir'l .. f o;lI.ilid're.... .

Ei:ghll to e'~eyeml

,r,I, Ihll. O~. gtl)!lP tb,e· rr+i~ g;rl'~ ,Cllr. ~w""tng larue .. ... .I,,,, .. Ih!!m in "gin I)" ,r.o<:l;rfi:loe j)O~L l.cI~ge ~~,." !~ ~.~ .... 1'.:1 ,i'nl~.~.I' I" nbi~ ·rOK.:J.. iF·crt lPI'!;i(l1 otte"'. ti~n, I~ 11I~if' JtYl'e'~' fu bod,ii.:. ,e '" ieill3;e'" elp*~"llr ,'I>.. I~'I., 1"0;1. til. le-gf (Illdi #~et gJl'Iaal'w,lly, '~C'" i:~;~9h !llrl. ,,11M. "'Er,e ~~IA !Hi ~gt~.r ,000000ltd. S!vd'y t~~ ~~'nT~'ry .o~ ];l"'.~~ 'g,~g I~I;, ~"pl;""ditLl3l f',"'i,~~ "";Pi~"';"II,' in In. Dfi'lI'lTf(ll'i¢tls_

!h.btee n,5,;

N,elve' tofou .. teenl

1M b(.d;<. ~t l:htI!: 'O'~., b '~(ljl'1frl'lg f~ _'I'wl". 'J1\~ II'~, '" i~ t,Q;'l'Q<IIr 1;;'111 111;. i\cIa ,~-u .glrlpM .. mg HI,. 1o.,,,iI dill (girly Jo,r".·. P'OM!'J (Q,n II>e: $~d'!lte; or "'""l' '"d~, ,d'~''''''''D.r.-Dll "j] n1.~ l;nd of dQ,t~;r~_ h\(I,h, Il;I r~ f~,e J:IC~~ grl!' grQ,.eful.~'b~n~1;I. or. "I'}' '110. 'molll D~ il3l1'iXlI "rlEL- HJ' sl..,dy I~ io.' h.olr ~tyn~~ ..

l~e~, htQ,dij or. :I!iill fol'rly kI,rge'. !wI +fw,i. I!.od;... ..." _,e IIXl'furl", Thil fgul" ....t...r (I nlr."..all!~ M j" ,~p!lI~, ~c'uM ~""~ Q d~'~~'~(1 'a;t;·, pruii:o -. SI'll1'tt tbe Wt:I'j' ~., rji'tl) ,"'""'" "'pl\ul,rd li!r'lli .,xrr.mH 'in ~ ~tI t~n~ pT)eiu,r'!!J..


Ul:D:li.kc\ ... om.e~~':3 l:1Ishious, mcn'~ dcnhing ~lyr~:do 11m ehange :r<lpidl~·. Tile desigfil '01 m.rro·$ (:]ol.hi~1.,g ';iIFies ~:m1y a )iuh: frCfi'ii year to year. often t.OO ~ulHly In ~:££L'~:t d~l: ]noknf the g:;tHUI;IlL 'The mU8trnt~OflS on this PaJf::t' show dle 5,k1W bu(important l~hanges in.men's (Jo:thing [adlion OH::r dll: p,i,SI~ :!i.£ (yy~l!Ill":S. BY' cnnUllSJI.,. :i II this ,1}C"[]od ~Hl,n~~n'~ fil ~hions ha\l'~ been complete I,Yf(Vohniornizoo malJ:'ly~lme~_

!HcH'l'ey,er, them ha~,€' been wn.sidcrn.blc dmng'L"':5 in I]'I~U'S, ,d'a~hing E:ihri.r:s: dUi,ing 'rhi;~ 1~~ITIe_ M~~llJy new weavesand symhcl;.ic :fab:rics h",,;e eIDu~:roo the n'lcu's fa~hfon picrure. :'\ew lexlHc pam:rwIs appeal oRen.

ThercaUy big de\'dnpmclH,s in men's £,;:IIshiQfI$' have ocnm,!fid in ~ponsw('u and lIttes.sories~ The expanding trend lo' .... m .. ds mere u:suaJ dlJl:hilig has 'r.:IT~l:tJ~d. f[Ji~~yr::lpid ch;:ling~,~in their de.sigTl.

h [simponant [hat you be consrantl ~ uU lhe <lIen [[cu' [hcse nc w Jashlon de H:·i'~.~ I'Jm·ru.s. 'Ym,1 ~I ~ ~I mns~' be :l:tv:a re 'of rhe more su bele \'Zi:rh"u ions (he!'t oorur 11'1 men' ~ dOlh~ng. 5uch as su i~$,. jackets, <lOci CQ(:!I~$. A nd youlnU~tat jl]l ~~U~~~ k()cp~n wudw with d~e' rnQn.," froqyu;;,rn d,tliLr,ugl::S di;U m;lu: p~;K't"· in Zlr~.-I! .. s~uri{':S and "~Kln.s;wL"ar.

AI.!iOimppniln~ to you as om ili.u$t;ra;ILor ~~, the 'l:ilangillgH,ylc in lhl: d.[O:n~~ng llc"ChukiUt:5 nf nU::If's ~.a:sh~m'!. ,I/i.;s OU~· picnu~~ :shm.\-"Inen's fashion d ra{\\ling has r~nKn~d the (YpJ.C'",J ~Ihl$,tr,,'[]on :ny~eti of the period. :~ m these pimures you ~n rraee the lTcnd u;nlL'llrd ~hl: oenternpo'ra~1 casu .. J~~;;'ln~wm of men' s l:igt.t~s_·roo.ay ~]~e m.:de rt'l~hion .iigu~1I: is In l<Ich do.;cr w the woik duul:: 'by 1.1,IllL,gal~n.e U hI $lratJm'Slban e'~'~r before. Poses, i.~~ ;p!an ieular, re Elel( t this il I II ~(:r:U i on q mdi ty. So s{U.dy rhe :fncn'~ figure:; ,in ma!:j:az,inc aU, - you'll lind [n them goxl ideas foryeur falihioll d I"{I wjng~ ..

Pr'D'portions of 'be, man', foshl,on fig,ur. WhER)'OU draw the male iashi,on f1J!;,uf1e,~'ou \Engt'u~n it routh, <IS, )'o.u do (be ifem.lIle. :\Iah: llu:: :mau eight heads high Qr~~U~r" SUllie £ll.:>hi:un ,ilhuu. ton extend '[he figu,ri' to nine heads; to ,&,1:1 a sl i m, grace ful loo'\:.

l'h~e 'dIe othe.r lJroPOlltQ1\ (hang,u \1\ cenail\~'ltUc oll\te

figure'. The head Is narrower and digluly 'elonga'ied. The shnulde ;s are broad and the hips sliunner, for a rriru masculine appearance. However, dle Md;; rematns norm:"!!.

fM h.Qd i~ ~lOl'Ig .. r ,o~.d nr;J6iUi~iF. Ih~ rtnift IQIf\PII'L.

l!;h~, :I\@(ld iii. _lie" rl'l ,r"," ,1~liQ n 10 'Ifl. i110lllldj').

'11I-t! Vl\t;1J,JiEF.lJrI pSi Id,8h~r _ Il'D~' Q;lTIl ~I'!' Ct""!~r :bcvHon 0' .... 1'8M1:; .. ~ ~~. 1I'fQ![it,.

n.. tt;.o'ilT.d:e,~1 ~r~ .... l~e' <:1, .... lhe hip~ Qr~ ooftOoW" 'N'.rIre 111~ !!iI,j:N'Ii,n51 hom flit. ~~,\d\dc",. tg Ih,~ ~;" ..

Posi:n,gthe manll'S fig:ru~r'e

Th~ nH:lst impc:lJrt:mt ]milM in PQ<sjng ehe roan i~ UJ • cl,c,t:t all .,.Uluule d:,1.al ~l; definiltely masculine. L~~li.kc a womall's po e. which can be', ,anifidal, ahe In.1n":s~,~ion must be lypica] nF Imw men stanr! 011' \'\'11111 .. ~hoid amy pores: ~h"t win ;1~'~J.C'a1r sel~"cmlSCi(lu5..

There i5 Unle oppm:nllli,~~ tor shO'l .. ~ir~g ;:~n}' ('xueme ~c'l~oniq;JJ the upper 'bod}'. Such poses imerff're w.ith 1.11C' proper di:§phy of

the Jines or ~') snit ur eoar; You Iqan ,ge~ whatever :u;lion your ,figure needs, by il:ll\;ing rI:H! HIllin tlu lhillgS "vid~ hishands, ll£lt:'r c-mlbl:i~hlng~1 uarural, lifelike po~ ill'! '~he lowe: r body,

These sketcnes sl~cM action p08es, ul>ing the hands" Smdy huw dii~Y ge. 1I,r:n),S.'lijil feeli.[~,g or !i.l<i.$(u'linl'[}, aeul "II 'the-sam.e time hrin,~ out the $lyle ~eatllrr of the garments,


Drawi:ngl ,the

m:anl's f'ash ian 'figlure



Here we show you in de l:l H hOI\<;' ~Q de~·ei np the f:lShiuli il~:rurC' .fmm a mode], \!I/]lf'lhe'r you are d.ta.wing Irorn anactual model or' m~ng a pho lagro ph as ,n:fc.rc nee, a] wa ~'s e~Qnga;te ,((JUt figure m the correet f<l:sh'ion 'rl'0pOTilon ' ym.l ~u.ulied prcviuml:y.

Other [bang,e must be m:!fI,e in drawing the ra~hiun fig u re ~ rom il InQd~] or photo. g~ph _ The [0.113:1 ,'a,]UC'5 and [he ~hatl.ow p~nl~em you find, on [he- figure musr be si!T!~llified in :I 'ImUII'!; [ashjun drawint\. (The basic ptlli!idplies of drawin;l; shadows on rhe wnman's r~:!l,hiofll figure app]yto some degree in nV~~'lr'$ [ilshian Illusrrarlen.)

In pmi:ng the male lilludd ():I' dra:",,".i ng from photos, remember the poses may nor be as relaxed as you R'IqUi:tC. Yuu ula), ohen bav'e to ;uljm.E Ihe p05e 'sHghdy :'1.5. )lOu make }'OLI F ~)JFdi lui ml.~· sketeh, to. geu a casual maseuline ::m:itl.lde. Study rhe miLl '[f(,niun.s. at the r.iglH and see how the artist adjllsu~d the po5e [0 make i'l more roebxed.

'1 iII1I\,. """e, '~'rim 9~ o.i~ 'Ih,. ~1f.i;lr;lIil Un. .QiI tht js6et. 'JI:i~' IO,fl (!',r~~ of i~. ~cj,"if j,. ~i!liJ:.!l:8!bh,1!I1 br I!"r~<:iItQl Ii;~ "lOinT hl:ii'ii! Ij'IlI 111;, tr¢ouu,r ~I'_ Hlo._:", 1'1, ........ 1,0 C~ r.~ku,"'" ,eft"''''Bh.

2 '''~~;. ~:b~ 'po'" I!c'. '8i~1 , Q ",i_I, '. d~~.r.lll~~ ,glfln",·tI·l .. . . Th~' 6g,~~~ h 11t~toll!:i~d """'~ _r~ _'!lM on. 11h.~ .• ' .... ,. It.~ 8" TI;~ rr~~1 ~wl I~ '!l'1r1!'~T 'r,~1"w(I rl! to. 9~t a, '01'1 g~,r', 'r'!""'o"'e" tro" .... !iill~, ... bid. dwo.:1 Ihe "i~M:r ~l~. Tq 'l'Ie.o1! Ipool.'ltloCon h !:II~ _rm' !!I.".d,~'-

",a5.;ogl Ihe6gure

'If on m u ~t l:IIh"ap be aware of d'ie' rlll'lHy fe,:In.:lt·es· of men·~. d'lHhwng that require B]lof"Cilll, auemion in. yOU'l' drawing,. Here W~ show )'ou ~ fe\'ol of the '\','<l!'fs men's ['.i!shion <t,i[ i ~(:5. lui lig out these ~eaUi re - SH~dy these sketches to be able [.0 p]:l n tile poses dilat 'hill bese accent ·the de[;lHs ·of the f~,shion

lo. .J!}J


rY(\l~', ,'J,' 1

J..1J{, ,

'\ I .. 'to' 1

,__ I _




I IBack !lind ~id!Ci .nhl,rl!~h Thh

IPO~ b,in~~ (i>,II liI~ If'!I.po.rI.~~t ~d; .",iD ;J~'.. ·reQI\ii·~'II·I'.. ~on. +"01 i~ .... ,.J. Ii"", .. J 'I~" ii:Gd;~1 1;.0" a ~r9tll (Utw_

• Good ,fit Qt· th. H~k~ ~ :'""'c.. "",rn~ of t~f< :lBI;fr:l c·"lIg r. The· ij!;:I(~4!'h ... iil t'~~" K;e'" I" fll' "".11 at iii.. i'i~~_

S;p,l:j.rt ia~IiI'ii": D.fg"",· '1'!!IUt· ~ill~'t!)I' ,Ig .. 9~' wIt~" :rag ,cI.mnft lliQ' lb. f'~~1 (if t~.'~~~/I·. iQIm_ . .,,.,..;;.. 1:1;,,,· iCld:,,~ ,..,111 '~ppeCl1 ,!<h.,..,,,,. tbol'l iI' o;:Id!;loll'y ,~~"

1C,!:'l.!p fih!! IGid!e"I'ln'!!I' 'flil'(lo,glht, Wh~, l'Ql',I- '~'ii thr. Q r !!IW(l¥ fr~ ~~ •. ii'9"r'l, !"'~p 'I~~ i ... d~'n !'ina' 'lf~i'ilM' - 110'1 ito·,..,. Q ,y .... in'\I. ..... r 1:1'1,11..

Th.· DO: n"',t I;",UQ m h pf,gW(! aI' er ,,!ig;b;l:f lCI~ tf.!. ...,;'lIii'iil! i:j~ 1M- ,fjiUf."

DM"'" Q' ''b,,,, .. \'" En, fit. ilQ-war u."'u fQo e.ll\!llblrm ""CCI' .. rno~. ------,--~I_l~

1G e- "p Ille ali' ftDa ,umpl. 0 ~

'eJl&~,n, 11:)~:'t dI ...... 'llile Ilne <If I!be I

'fw't1 Q~'ra;ld. t~., t~'n lil"'a.~- <. l!~. D._ tJ"" <.tEl. h1sh on 1m.

~Il ... f'Qr ~ iml!!t ~ffed.




3 rR.f,fIj' 't~., 1I1",~",,·n., pqyiCIl ",n.nir'i-on '~O ~,ty1I~iill

, 'die'lo;il. 1.«0;1'.' I'h, (,~n~!·' '" "IIOD Oitt"''''''':1'y - il'le· 'ditlllj!>e Oil 'hM i"Eh~ "~p.ltdl' 0 ~ '~illI. lind!'i;>R_ Dire .... ' ·r ... r·;;r" I""'" '51i1ve' :t~"r fi9!~r~ mcyem.·, I, lIulie!!!t. .!~! .. il. ,. ... oJ. Cl~ l'nii' 'ri.,C1>JJ,t, II" .. di~" .. f.J.;II., Q.II!iI ho,l.

4 $1".1 r~,rtdi .. n;i~!iI tit <!i~r~,b.lI~ijm~ 'th,,' ,,""ikE mClckr.n.

~ N~I" '!i!_ I"~ ... , illd1«!,1.' ,t~,. S, .. II'd'lOI ,ClfiJl, .. i~.k~11 QboYl' t~ ''OiflClh', g", i""'p'''I'IOj~'1 'f~Qtur •• 'T~~ ~.I'i'!:I!!I_ t,.,ot=;t;1 .. I fk. 'h'O\i~ ".1 h ClC'!'IelllIlIlr"'I.,d om tn.ir TCI,P'!·,-e-ci Itll,g""u",.

5. l!!i~"" l'~~r .... 1iI;1I!.~ slEiipJe ;!!ind ~1_ Add Ih £'0,,1 (lis .. .! ...... , lID bi.irnil e,,1' imP'"'r:r{!t. d'oI!101h iI~. 'I.~ $Of! ~(lill ;,1 tb. !opll, Tf',."" j;ldd QW.n'~ d'fNl'1 w~,

""i b,,11()IU, ~kft,l. a~llOCli1! ~ ... " .&it~, Iii." kg'r"

,a,"d ,.'IiI"", .• .,t~ rend' .. ·r'K! IliiRlpl'(.

\ \ \ ' \

'The irOU5'ers,

HOl"- IttI':" U"oug:tlj hang (l,r' dn,pc has mm:J. tu do ",-jrh Ihc S1naU ~ a shion d,I.~ ra{;wr(rl your Ulu srratien, Trou'sen ",1'(;1 dta w n sl i 11l o7If1d ~1I ~K:nxl tOward t]le <:ull, ¥,{In ,mn !tuft\' a :slight in-eak in ~tmc Cirea:>t: iI.bcw~ she (Cuff when the figuf,e hasits weight on one ~OO[.

MUI:h or the' neat appear.ll'm:t' 001 the lHj1li!~n de~ml.s un the crease line, The trouser crease rakes 'Ihl~ sauie direcIt,ion as rill! Fum, TIl!; Jineof the 'l:.n::II.I!ef' crease muallly runsihrough ILl1e' center of the shoe, OIS in tllIIi!' d~a glf:3JUi.S,

'I'Ill.itlll".'r 'jI'¢U (I',~, !:I! _1~i"9' ... iIQnlll'~'II' ~i>t. ma~~ o.yf~ ,Jt. Ifr.xtl«'" to~~ 'Ine' 1~9- t"", 1~1l i. ~·vu 'f'e~i~'l'd wfll.i", Ihl!! fJ'g~Wl!r,


Sf'yling the i Uustration

Ahhuugh(_HsplOlying the SU~[ or other ~armem :!IEllrnC1livt:'l,y on the fig ure Is the 1l1<It jor pan '01 ')'ou r joh. [he:rci 5 ,n;mn: W ill than lha)l. You musE be able ml "dress" [he en~,ire figure tastduHy .. The accessories Y'OUl choose "''!let how rem dra \\' lhem, " m de'(erm:~ne mu rh IOI [he smarusess 'flf youI:' inu:5l.rntiou.

&Ie,eti n,!'l a~]nOVf"iale accesseri es for 'the man's flgur:!: i's not collnpli'Citlled. On ~his p,age iW'e give yon basic' ugg~~,§,o tions l,h;n win hdp you in addi.lg those s'l}'le del;li:ls rn:n make (ur a s m,oH l [ash [on drawi ng;

lli1·e; pmnlll>t,d colil!l!llfl Thh ;~ """'1' ,1d:1<'.1 ",;Ih ;; : ... lld'·.<liI'Of ~ 1iIl'l "e~~ ,.~1'1 w~~, .. ~ " YCt",!!" ~~ p;,:; ,SY9~!" a ~-gM' (l1'N~ ,,..,. ... ,ii !!lUI; mg4~ Iby I'he pill"

The :lu;,tt~"',-cI",'",,, ~,gmlli n Sh.~ .. fAi~ ~ ,g.f 'CQ<1!o r ~~~, 'hli'ee<l:h .. , 1iP<".1 i"ul~:~, ,9ft '1Q'III'11I-" ~~. S'U'-5!9"'~ 'I~." .1igh'l "cli or !'he (lOlIe'r.

Til" ~1'i"!CiI;BI\,t camlc[r;: 1i!f,1.' 1M., wlt'h Ib ~l'1'IIIe~~ I'I.Irl5 r~. "ny .. g~, bv' p1 .. 'ii~~I&;;"!Y riO:!' old;! r _". Al ... , ",,"' 'I h. m.od'i r .. d wi~,· 'P<I'"d ~ell"" ""II. IIi .. or , .... IS.

lh. ,~II(!rt !'Iou,lId ~OnGlr: TIll! i. lI!i1i'd '00;111. b~, .. ~>!'u LItI'fJ, rOf "_'I;~1;~m~ ifypR:'1 I 'me n., UI ,d:jln ~ ~ iOJI OlOnOr' -.1illh ,01 pIli O. ," ~,l~'!fdl.d "g4IQ. ,.,iln ...... ' " pin.

Dr",.. e, d'llfk. ,lCnlilc,,,I'Pr Ii. ''¥In. O'~Y r"1ih:l,,",~d f"b.ic th,,1 i1 ri~hl' ~t r,>II,d'i'~ IJl, ;11 lol'i~"

The s'h~rt cuff - smaUI bu I s is n~lj.ca nt

:\rUdl of the action of your fig:· nTe depends 01'1 \!l,hat you do l~·i·r.h du: ~14,nds, !;O the shirr cuff. d;u"mgb small, C,1n be quirea s:ignificant p,rn of the du,,,,,,ing. You (;;;1 n add j u ~t, the righ~ touch to your Illustration by a]lJlI~'iillg the simpl!! IlrincipTes, ~hO\'l."n ben!.

'With ""'I~d~. d~o,... OJ ··e wTfh " Ol!ltt:IU jXllt.!i rll(r ,u;:h 1:U g 'f>gu· ~ofrd ~Te'. f,~. {'! !lOQd .fF .. d,

IJ" 1'Ie WIt" ~rr.pa'~ en " d" Ii. IxKK~"O ~AtiI (iom tl'Cl,ll~ 1I.~~1y '''''';In ..,a.d<ele, IrS,1.1 of _cr.~m ,iuif,k

Wifh .. d",r'k .n .• j,. ,l't~ ~ ~. di~ """91"1f ti.... A Iisl':lll'l PQi. t.'"I(I' fQ~'~ r'd ;tn~ II ~d,. I",."

kw 'ri.~ '~~ ... .,11 .... th. CD,,,,,I ;:;i:o=M~ tljJ{"l\, (lit If"llll'l 1C'~e+",

Ye.u ~o,w I.e ..... 1'1

",hi! n In.' ~r~ i~ d¢.wn"

Drawing the shees

The [ere,! of rhe IT! ail's J ashicn [tg. ur,e:'I'n~ snll:IU. There,to'I,e. you must dt-aw .he shoe \'clr)' s~mp!y. Mer~J, lIgge~L the dCt.1 n - if )'CU o ... erwork it. }~ou·u dmw auent i on Ul the rC'Cl.

:51!,,,.... 1:1 hii~'~~ r~,~rep ""~" R "feu d', .... Ihre in~id9 of '111. flC-Q't. f),o~', ~_ fl... 1 m"

.. .I" "i 'r"'. !tnl ~,t'I !:I't r l!i~ ,0 rcJh - ii , ..... 0'1 ,f"",1. Iri91!T"

ii:I"""" 'I'he ~O'I' Q~ t~~ ,,,,,,~ 'R-a" c~, tll." 8,'C~ ~d. A~-di .. nt i~~'9,H ·o.n I'hel t!o ..... 1;; ,~rve" ~'I'II"'I."d 01 In. 'IQt •

P'rapartio'ns, of the man's head

When you ~:t: ngdu':H the ma I e Il,gUf~ )~OU a I'sO' lengthen the head, The chin is. made quire prnminent II,UtI ll~e" ears, are set close ~O' the fa5b~on ht.-.ul. cm.pIHlSl7.'n,g the long, nan-ow l.ook. Study the diagram,s at (he righ~ t.o lIJm,h~',[stand these basic d~i'lJ:1wes i,n ~he pmpo:rti,u.llS or ,the Iace,

,Stu,d'y th,ese ilmp,ort,a:nt IPoint,$ in the f,eatur,es

E!!,'II'I' 'lind eyeIH"(I'w'J: E~brolWl'

• ".. !!'r";gh! r",It~f Il'IgJII !l'r,l1.dl" ~":i 0," $1:'10111 - m.!I,r~')I' ,v.! 1!!,g~.il:cI_

NOi'iil. D(1O," Ibe n~ ~fl'!lii~'r. 00',,'1 ~1"I~hmlile' t'~e' ",e.l.&r,,"

Up~, Cllnd mg<lIt!!'~ 10'1';:;'" t't-.e 'r,"i~,..lh, II:! 'tic'. E:J:e'81l",c'llt!:J 'Ih rvl'l',iU~~ 0" j'k. 19",ecr "l'. "'~~p ,t,ke "P',p'" , lip, ~hin - oh~ i~L1 " I,,',~ ""m ,dl~"

Ha'!r: O'I~ 'ih~ hl:l'[,r riOMI I,~ ,!~." ------ " e ad_ U' .J,o~1"a' be ftl!OlOInti triklll • e~k 'liI~ O<;l!!i".f,Q, <r1'I!>!d C .. ·ilili!M. 'illlpf~nion.

100'FU Ofu.., l'IlI., .O,r,l: t;';'JOU Olm>l!i dl)l'!' 1'0 ~h., !>.!>dI_ ;:::""ji' II;;~ d.r.gll ~ n'l'{ s;l'1ple.


'ell'ill: [lrg;w 'I!i~ till" fr'~"'!31 ""mol pre .rurDlO,nl., .K"p i'f ~q~>Ill'~'_

tr,bim/II In iufDlI ,of ~tNlf:9M Ii'ne~: mill" ,ll:'hlillll 91 p'",r fir.I' fOU.9h 1/1'1 1M fut>lld. if ~u illIG' '~1ir"'!!!II.t lime:. ~~G ","<;'J ~ ,,,,,...,d~d or a:.r¥I'di ~~':I :rill" c.'i:ID 'q,~j~ g,l!! tbe"'llJll:!ra, ma,ICYIT~ ~hlil,r!!:~{I' ra" ...... d 'for ell g~ ", .. I~ ~eci;l.

\\'hcthcr you are ,dri1lwing I[he hat. ~01r a complcle figure or 101" ::! ~~at.i]hu.lfaliou. the same pliinciple apply. Draw du: erown :15 i:r it, lns u~: r e,dr over [he sku 1.], uu l the ham!, no m::t'I~eI" what :tnglc ia used COTI.he hat- SllUl.'c; ul the crown wjU nor touch du: stull because 0:1 the shape of the hat, Center (he hat on the r,iil:ce, usi uS <I!S r~;Il~r gu to e an i:l.Ilaginary Iine runni ng ~r'Oml till: c{!nU~r o~ the (ro\,~11 down to the dun.


5'tudr)" ti~.!Ii ~ .. Pi!,'j" I:llf ,th. crowrn i'\cIy d-D~ g,U.,- li,o/l -0 1M mrreti "" ~!I! Dr 'I'~ r.Q1~r >:If i:h.e ,tre..-rn eli '''i,' ;i g 1'1'* feoji\l~_ Aho. lu~ •• ~n9, =,,~ (-'O,,",,m ,~"".KltIr .. old. II'Q lit. .loIIQQ,ri!!d ';mpf.i$i~liI "~~!-Or~' f~, 0;:1 '_e.1 r .. ..".,,~ ~Kld. '11'1,", '''P"'f moy .... Qry .. i,1F tqle ~JiClI!I'g.e ...

Ih:ie'h 0I'i f"'lo!:I.~Qd. ,lOIn1:I .... , ~~., :~ rim dot. ~, i~~ eYl!:b.,~~ -"1l1rnol," lou~"T.r..g O"4!' ,,,' t em.


'1 finl ''''''Dil!il~.l'J Il;.~ 'tanl~r nil.. '1:1I'IiiI - d'~~ .... l'h., 1111", ~ ",,'bou~ _.lh .. iIf r,~~'IIu IbiO n jq' h '¥rid'.. TM dI;Q<Jl. ""',"~ ~"I".". f.iJ, ..... d t:!.~ li~;;k. ,PI~ Qe tl'it, coHill' 'r,o,p, I:I'~ t~ ~hprl. , ..... ,~clJa r i. half In .. >rii:!lb of th. iibitl_

Drawing men's 'ura\,hinl'

As a men's fil.sbion ::U·ti'~l you wi:U .rn~qm:IllI)· be called on 'to dr,u .. · m.en".s iumishings by themselves, To present the mcn::ha~uUse' atlracdv,ely. lOU must .have a good unden,:;mdiug or the basic strucmre. shape, and foml [If rnen'e ::i'CCes!luncs<. SlmJ"r!' these mUS'tt3'tiOI'L'i, which "baw the fundasaentals o[ drawing SlDnilC of the ~m pcrlanl types of men's ~ urn i.slti,l!lg~ You r rendering teehniques om. vary as long 015 y<ll:.Iir bask drawing is accurate,

\~" ... "'.". ______l_. "! •..........

' ~ .. ~

_----- '," - .. r

'1' I '.

2 MQ_h',~r. yO'll' ~I' 1~~>!I;li~r.~;9Ih!l)' i"ildl~ ~""' Io.p lini!' 0:1 'III .. mill'l' •. C1l-1i- 10. ""ig~t h ,~ .. I.'ml',,,,,d I!.y t~'"' ,i.IyIl!

",r ~'l-;I' ,~~uhg l'I'lIill'. Th.· !'!~"~I ,!I'f t'b~ :roh tllli), ".., p",'lill",l 10 I'''. ~id.,r I!I' • 'EAl.

'C'o!!'ar!e. 111~ e~U~ "'" n !." !li_~ '1 .... 0 __ p, ,-, 811:11: Qf' rOQilodt-di. II~ 'in>!'Rc!t eel- 11:1 •• "eI!e n." "DI!I~ IlI'I III. ~d.s - do4"~ dr.o..,.. 1M \ill! r'tTml. n.. _d ,op;; lIi~EI III D IlFi"nllll~ \oiii~~ '~1;.I1lI1 ~icl,t .... Ii'l 111,. ro;ulnd.· e~u::n<llr +~c' C;g';"'". ar~ '~,I !!fl., bGd!.

1b.~ QI~ oooi\)' 'kind, .,~ ,{oll""Io-. Til., i""" .. rl"",, ,d.loi~11 en. il'l tn. f~I'I'_ DIo, .~~.Iifl"';1 "'~ ~b~ l~,iii'8nlh iQf '11t'R po(n~i. 1'10.· "'U:"..I Qf bM, 'r'r-o:>nt ,o~ ~"~Jr' ~~" 'I'IiIry' -the' ,k.ngi!,f Ihl! ~fli In. _ (V~ yOor.l I(j't_'. 'Nole +I'!., .,~e..., .... ~I, .gll II.~ hC~'1 ~II Ih. ~iI~I'I.do- mJ~",,,,, 'n. .. , li C!~ i'l"",~.I .. ,~,~ •. ,yl'~' r\~ I~f.'"

'Cuib: I.. 111>.. b .. r~1!;1 or b'lfH~n ~J.!ff 'I~. C;!iOfMn C,t. !D»to ,<,>unril~dI ;iha'l i!l! d • .: fR"dI , ... ·fI. n.~ ,~n;'~,h ~11!1!' i~ l>Q·rt~_r C!'Iii! 1o-1lI!I~ r ,

~ IT

:" ~ - _- ~":" - .:::.: _ =-: Zo" - :-_ I _ • ~_-- ... - .;" ~~~ _-_ • _ -:.:. _ ~

: :_-:-Xo·u--.Ii~a(n·-)o --.dr·aW~~~Y''itfra.~ing ~--=~

e :=:~ - .-_:.. - - -:._ - - --= -~-- _- . =.~: - ~--~ - :.:._ - -:- -: -:' - - - ~~

3 I!:~tfg",. _ ""'" ;:;1'1'I'CIf1' pl~.d gn t1'n «-!'Iter 11M. Ii.~. ElIr .... fotl. 1.,,1:. 1101'1<1, imlllldj,i'I; tht (,oll~ r butt~lI.

Wh..~, 'r"u ~' ...... , I~ wll, p~j j.t low,.r tn.cllll th'JI p"x":,,I,. ClII:I ~I'ro.' ,paml lililll 0.110 .... 11111 S (:ol!ld b!!l'l'lOllL

A g ...... """'7 h:; Cl/_ I.l;;rll j, wTih (II ~. 511_ I 'e tTtI,. ,0' !:Illy Qt"~. ,,~, _ ••• " j'll ,g ,i",p!!. Ir~l_tl'l,

l?'oWl' 'I!IQI\'~h"( ,IIlrb f"', _p,fq .. ~.~ fIJI.!. d~· ,'ojl.~_ !'j'"!,,, 1, .... ' I,},;, .fi;1.timnhr. I.lc;c'f~ ad !evil d~slIil" h ""0'''"9''' DOlt, AI ... , fi,,!. 'III. ... ~fli' lit. ',Ocn~t is ,d.~ 110 ~vl!l.g~d ,'". ~o, ... o'll m .. ",.:1\." 01 'I'~@' .J;,i;rI\.

,4 Mu )!IOIII r,~n,i!n '1M iIIul tl!lil>on. .!"siBil' ,,"II' .... .,d'_. <:Cf.r .. I~r. Com'I' 11:1'1111 In Q"}' I~~ -.rin h",Fl' yo~ from ... mu'l~ ~ Cili1ip. ~I' c!!,~d,. Wi!!. .. • .... n.led mlt;:;1 ,(boll m.ol (II 'illat cn~). 1lI~ d'lmiO" ~I:ul~h~~~ ..

I", jj r~M "oi'e..... i~ ·i.. i II"'rID~~ ~c' 011;_ 1'118 'Ihidn.u Qf 11'1. ;bitl' CI liM lId;!!,., 1:1:1 ~!I ''',J he!"" Il;", .i,~ i. -f1O!d'...t, 'Tl;:e; to!lll;lf Ik' 01 .... (1111 ~ i!o!lKlll'1g "'Ii' ho.-n t'lr!e ~;'" ~.!;yi ,,~.l I e ,."ff Gift ", p'JII~ 0_, Jrg-IiI' ,tn. iMH_ 'T,~, og,h'e 'rn~' iM,ll"rnl ~~ ."'rm. .... ~". fold., .... ...rl~~I.1 - ~'r'Il: 'I!!. ,iJi,o.".li'I a!' nhIj

I'~ d',rlJ'J!i'in'B' . .;&~.rt"I!u'M 'pgft l~ifl1i .• i~"'" tl!!i opIiJl coir,gt' (lAc!, pMlohe 11... J.Drl ",.he",


. I

'l'~ .' ......•

. .' I



JI.i..e .... ~ sh~,. lik~ ll'i'QII ... n'j, '~CYt ,Q ~Ific' '~ru<lture 'I~'e~ f'I'~ ,ahl'L~ 'i~1I!~ ,g,Qd 1,1 ~ntal!od 1ft 011'" 'I .. .I ..... 11.",,,,, CQu1Iu'll., n.. ptfr:tclplfs .... e '~ ........ b .. Ie "pJ;l1]i' l>c _ll ,Iho-.'i, Iw;.t M'I n.o"f,~r'l'y lOa "d~l~ .... '.Jip,~" ..

Hl1t" ,!i.e ~ ... f1p. Q~ 1M O:f*rli~g of ~ ... e, 1'1 iI, h~~kl'" <J nd """r~ o:I~f",~ oi tli., hMt tROD (II' the back., Tk(> I;rnl,"" lil'l1l' Ii. i~ poo'!1oi'iI'. 'r&. ,10110 IO~~1 '1M a_, ,(A) i'iN f;"n~ .01 ~~I' ~ ~!.~ Ili__ 'Th.e r,~l" "f ,tme, !ilPP'" '~l is, 1.;;':1, 0" th., ~'~I;er' lir..e.

Leoo"ill ~I r,lI:I1WlII ,"'"' t~" s!. .. ". m .. l~ ~., .. , 'Iii.. (,.~W IIMl d'r.;,~s it. 'TIiI~ ~'iltli. h,a1f of ~~~, di:Q~' idi iiI'I\;,-QYI, ",,;d!.r. iIiiII.diIil1F~ld lim. ,tf,>O'!'iI' Ilk. "",!at;.... "", .. Ilem "r fb~ ... ltf~;,t ~ftl, ,OJ! 'Ih~' tllOO!!_

WM.. dmwifiEl Ih. ~ ,1'" ~. '~'hf.~!l'ClriiI!r ""..." _. "'~~ om. moIl' af',~~ U:lfi - '!itU eltablidw '1~"r .,;;m" ler' Ir ... , IlL. lit" 1:l~;11 o'f t~ !~, 'r~tJl lmclr,!l~'i~, ~~.. ...T.e, 10'/ .... , ')'0'.1" .:b~ OI.IfIIM. ~Iifirlg wrwlh.,~ ~"i!' wide pa.1 "r Ih~ wi. [;Ii,) it ,~11!ng'jMC)' 1lI'!ifI:l)' '~"(I;!II' Ib ~n~\!I'r lilit ••

M.ul :..no.. mow' r;e 8.eded B!JI.tI. n.. b"8/h!'"'~ M,;1h liilht t~ ~t 'Ih,., t~. 1"'., ~"IP" Dr 0:111 :"'151111, li,!)iI;;l1 m:pul'!! M 'S/a~efgl amd 1;lOI"'Ii,rt,,,",ul. ,!\I.oli." i,:biO' ~."~li~'I1Q11~ "e~~I'ed' D;gM 'IIIC!, dIllirh .. I' t"'~ boi~ 11'1' 1111. !i~1 (lInd !l00I!~ al~"!iI 'til .. , ~':elii IjO<I'QrnCiGl1r g~i!I iid 1~. ~~'.

Imporh:ilfit: 01'_ 1li1gh ligil!lh ,~~ lI\ .. d",.u 111:1 e~llr." t~. fQ~r.I Qil tlli! ~_. "I i .. (b,,~w1:nIii'


T!wJ, 'Jy~ry' .. f i:I (Ie tE Qf)' ~'a:1 .. pg~IOi'it, wnetl'li!!l~' :rov .I ...... ~Jjl!l, 'Ii~ dre 11!~:1 ar dr'~JHd~, Il!a'h s~,e JCI~ f1~'1ri wHl'I " ,,,~ .. I~. Ifni!! Qm,g' CI~' ;1/_ Q I'iWM ci'iSl'. ai' 'III .. kll"'"h

Men's hosiery

1'l"!'I!, ,II;. qll~l. t!l'l~ bJr' II>" ,itE!liII' '!~r rom;!!! ~d.J ~~ .. I 'riW 1"* tlil'¥!" ICI " ~'1l1 Q~ t1!.~ i!"d or IlI;,h fliM. I =p",mDil. 'rQO, if III>. '01!!gier u "de. ~h., h.ul. ;II.!"'" ngl~' I:'~. "'Un". wMr,e Ill., T~p 'lfi!<iltJ '1M "~'r ,af I'll., I.Od:. ~m ".,ndenn1ll fl1., ,~, 1U!l9"" ;; ~i!~~1 r'O-r~ ,OIl Ij,i~ '~Ilom of i1:;~. :1 .. ,,,1~ II. ill ,t~. d'r'l:!'011"~ ".'lh.l!I i'i:l'I' rlgM .. JI.i..e"'~ !lQ!I'.ry, il'l, ,0 "flMt.iIn.g" d:tM:I.. Vi_M ""pegr llil bt 1Iio+,

1111 d'r_inSj Q' Ffi~t ii •• UI.e tn-ll' €il!'a· 'i~. ,l'ii .. e d" ," '!!I"';:I:~ I'or IO-C;'Q,tIi~ i:ti,. I?(itl.rn,- ~o""t, e~ .. ~ .... ¥~ ~~'" ,~i· 'Ieln. DiJ:nl 'Ih. d'9iliill 0-1, 'I*gilii l:h!!', t'~ ''iiI'~'e' ¥,~O flc'l. Uj,l!i '''r:lp'r,. ,1t-1:id· Q'", h>nn 'I~ ,=T~.. ~.rl"''l k>i;1;.,

In cha:wTng ~ ... !ifl"d ~i.,. ~_p f'~II' kn~ r)i!>1'i!~t~(lc!i ,".nd :m~"" ~~. d.c'Dg~' ;~, I~!IO di~l\moii of

ti!lo, Il'!lttern, _ iI'. A!w"'l"~i:"di. """~ tmr. "dlimp'It-" I,!lliIiI~rm!C'-h ~~. 1<",,1_ H"'F~r,;)j_ ,~~, 'Ii+'lWoen tM' ""1:1/1 g "Ill the 1,,1" Dr

,~""" CQI!~ r lin. .

'W,ronll': ~'Q ,~.,M., !i~ w~,· '1I~d. '1oQ 1M. ''I£INtiD ~I" :It., bb I~:k~ Q~'" 1M Ip"illil iii ;,,01 ~nUorm... n~ al!!ad",.,,~ ".~ 'IQO d •• p" "t..al1 ~'8' Q bulq. I~f(~ tl>e b~i~1 ItA ,,,,,,01 Ill' d~:lIrJ:ll"lh AIiII' b[lll'p~JiiQ;l'I. Tht 'i,gt(jl <ftapirl13l h t,;IifWBiI'f,1'1ClldWIe'_

... good ' ...... , ID ""_ lib. g rn-p:r. !M'ierftel of g I~wf'l' 'lie ;1, ~, ,~.~, ~~~, f~ld~ CIt iii. 11..;.":0 , McI1t. I~f'.yw (iirtl',.,r tl'le rio~~ ""!!"'"' at 'Ih.e ~~(L W1alO'i'i "~!ii rlnd+r fh. !lClrled IIf'H~. 1~9"!" liH '1-(!l!ri,::':J; r .. ~r",,;;~ IIlId •• ,1\.

,Me'n"s und.erwea'r'INMrI dr'!:!'lrill'gIIM. 'killd gf iMtr<hcII1idM. I.""" ;1 n_'!, diHill. C dl c,r)1p. N\clil' I"~ !lif"d. 11111- pli! """dll:;,,!! ;01 1M .~CI lP~' b.1'_-

:5Iborl!!c: Me~ '~e;rh Gr. Mc'offl '!!lot , .. ~.y m~p, Q'~ If ~~)' M.d ~~sl dime, ft,orrl tile 1"1l!,,,1,1'.' Uoe l!tarp, d~o::Inl li~M" Qel, ""til ,!JU '"{lM, 110-1 ",,,,d'_1:.

He.~ "... 'lWj) ~ 'i¥C)',!' to pI"~7'" m'H"i heir",.,.. AI Il.e 1.~1 i's CI ,S~ ~~md.,ril1>;! i,)'1: 't!!.. ,acrl'r>eu"f ,0 "'~,' 100(". Ngt<; :lit;ft' th., I/Odi!i, ,ClIIe 'lol'aeq 10 ~,.,. ~hi! ~1C!1i'l !;If 'II,., '~,,",' IIftd 'I!H. A!' .I.e .;g~"" LtlXl)' 111_ Ilbe 'I~p of ,~~~, ~ !J'lr=l"d, os ;11 ,,~I'Il&o"" d'i~Pf,cy •. I\\llf'IY ~' id~lu k. ~'''iM!;,mlim:~1 1!Mn'~ a_E-, ... 1i"'L CClil bt; ~~!lel i'n ~t.ou ...,.;j~~IW~

IlIru:IIii'.lIIhI111i! ~~ '~11e uwellill' ,;)jJ:lfi;',m a" fckIc,d, "iliaaliIlS" mtl'dN!lII.dl,~. i rI '{Qv r ~itJ1i!:'ri~., wg~sI t"", , ... r~ d!,ail". amr cf '1~1;' (,,,brK. Sih.!iI1do~ ,,,r,~ I!;l.,llllld elI11!!!' .ofl.Th~ 1~:o:Iv~ pa",""M f~lo'W,I' 'im~ f,;,.,,,,, ~,E' t'~., _r''''1gl1--d'i~., A""",d' OilY v:oW~,ratl~ ofl-e:m"rJ:!.


'Three to six

for ,,"~, S;"!:"!',p y"" ,.ell .... 'g r.Olti iI;;: trll!H:ll 1!'Ii!'''~ C!c' " 1I1l1J'r,~' lj',~~~,pr'~liI:!!i~~. A,~ .:h,"~ "8;~, b~l, 'Q r. ,~till "c~,,,,,, ,,"d Q liijM' ~1yIe of ,!lr,.,wlftl51 ~~~ .. FhI!n pJliliOcl Iih,,,,. ~non'iilIFI)' ""fifF, "'o .... ~~r" .,0 ,"-01. t~r t,.~... rrc>!l'~ ,live ii'8"",e i. d/Q<"'n" ,tn. "'" r~n. d1H~OIi!dI ti ,'CIi)'~ be '."' ...... '1~jt,,;:;<wra'itllY Q~d' ,g'll .. r 1'1'1, "'1)'1. !'.'I!lyr'.J b~...g1lt o.V'! ..... 11, P""~(lIII!" f ,.",,~. Nb,1 .. , 111 ... ,~iiI r'i.' b.gn:II~ If.iJII <l ''', o:'~(!N!~",.r...H~ ,(j,T t"i, as!; '!!I;"""p.

'COUl'~~' II!.I''''''m~.'I.·I' Il~i.r ... Tho;.rr,Pl:Ui. lI,,,,,r.,

~ ,

Il'Iustlra!tingl boys'

and yalung men's f,Qs,hians

To iUUGlrnlrC' hoys" fa5hions ,~lI~duH) .. '~'Ou should cmnhine ii, keen sense of note with ~hp. :lhilt'ly tu C:aptlu-e the ~}'pic:aian;m3. t'ion ;l,l'ld ,Clninn of du: buy. A~, In small chndren' 'and ghl~' mu~ tnni:uH, die IJ.eIi'SQnililit}' of lh~ figure has much to do, l(\·~lhllu~ th,lIrl<lCler of ,.he :3Ft wud,. Desid,es being :r::l'lll'ilbr wid~ personatit}' l:rpe:i:, you must undersraml hu\~ the proportion' of [he buy eh ;m~ ~'1'[ di fl:,cn::ot ages. O~bell"w i ~e, you UH1l' IIHlke him klfl k older than he should. Sinccmer'chandi5.ei~ dirEcted tuward spel'!ifif~ ~.l: g,nn!liJ~" you nUIS[ dear]y e;,t<lbH~h[he age of duo boy in your drawing, The major <l,gc groups, are iUul:rllted, 01,1 these pIOl..ge$, Study du: i:Rlponan~ dille~nn - in l:lEe vroponiom, expre iOiH. and poses ;u varinu ages,

AI f~i~ ",9~. !.or. "fa' 'co,pogble ~f aft .;1!l!r"$ly.,, "CftlP QI! e~l"m<!'t'i~., Dl!p!I!l'dl;,~el ,~ .. 'I~e _rd\":n'l.ciMo )'>l!1!l ~ ~ ....... ' '11'te,l\!' ~y~ it! !lillMlll' Q~V .. di .... ~ ""'II _,\l, ~'!I re' 'pur pr;o"'" "D!O'. I'IQf ~Q iKe'" ~II''I oil t~. ir,.,po.lli:iilil reT"r.E ~I: '~hl' !larM,~I.

SIc...:l, H • ., II'; rig"'. cf"r:I ,j~"SlIior.l am d~ IF'I'M! .. ~' 11.." ki II jUj 1'1" ~~" Th!! hee, 100... !~d;l'Iiqu. 'lrit'h 'r'IfIl(1h Iih,~, fQft :IJ d't~ ~"Pl' ,t.:> ,up".~~ 'b.. "I'M I' ;CI nd p.'foO", .. lily_ s,. "D mlro.f, Ilh,~ bel, iii 'il'if, wll is ,rlril2"M m 1:',11 1i'I011 ~~.nfl;~~11l". N'~le' ~T'!, "'ri .. ~., ;;;~,pr;;;HiQII D,,,t! 11';.:1'11' opproprigl. iT il 110 !'I<. rnt,r'(!~".d1y .. ~,I\'I ,tile "IiIU~ 9."""., ....... • ", .. "liity m'F Il;,~ PCill!!.

'we~\!'"6 '10, IloU rteen

Iil ... "" 'I-I,,~, !.crJ,un "",,,,,,ll" PQ<I<!:~ liI,gf i'J ~ ~"'It tnt, ¥1ig»r ~! l'IIf!, (l9.~ 'Th@'1t' ~~ ",'~: ,,",I")" ,cpiP"'''''i~IlQ;'~:O ... ~. ~h .... ~. ~ ~e~,p W\p.'teH:l""·e ~~I 'b,,'. :.17.1 .. ,.,. ~""" .:hirli ;;if., ~m.,cmd; ·""h,gt'i iil'!'OiI' i~ ~CIoI! '" liie~,. ''"'''It", ~k 1 hll' ,,:i!!lM .J1:cio~""LI' ,~1lj' ~p (!(:!~r (I ~d!~~t~~,~,~it:f' t,o 11'~~~ dr~rJ"Jgl_

"T~I!'iIO a~~~I"Jij'(;OfU ~01r0' Iii,. :rl"1~;:I!'I--C+ OJGl~H!i~·gl !yp.i.~~:I, '"II.,cln}y,;' r<>~,1{hf~U "".." .. H"~\oo Il.~ri n!!!" '!Q Il'dl"'~ T~ ~ol\r ~iyle,. !jbOol!!-. (I~ ~ o!II.rd'el~i'J~"

.J ~_J
- "tI' --J
",__ _J'
--- ~, ~
~ 'Th'.19 'g'r9 ~' !G~' ~~ - ~~"l' .... ,~ 'ro~!il;gl -:~ T,~ _ill' _:r.,T~i!!' ~~11g ~ 1:1"01'1' ,g.C+ ilt, ~_ ,~nl~r -~. I[~' ¥'i~';'" tn~~:~!i~~ (I<~, 1'''!i~'8 tl>.. _,~'~ '~g'.l".) Th ... :~lili~'5i' hlo,h o! fh .. , rnti'f(f<a;ndiH<~~e ,Imil~ t' 'r~ I~;!)l'e 01: ... ., .. ',~ ~~1!'IoI! ~h. H_l', .. ~"I~... fi!l~,fll' !U'~iPQ,~k<ni' .g'r,., ruI·~ th. 'i,g<!>t '''~ riQr {I>~ tE",'n"~ ~'!l)l~~. fc:.. 'nh (lge '!l~O~iI':, ,;1\, ..... ' Y"~' '~!3 ~r~.,"I>~~,~ ,_." 'g ~d ~n.~~.gU h.odlL '~QIIJ.

TlIloI!!<!' 'M.gurol! I ,ri!<,r~ I'!!I'I 1T;i:p!T«'!U 't~"'~g ,_",'~ r"~;g~ i'r~j,I~'tTcl'tl. H01. t~:t '1m011iI rj'ty ofr~ ... ~~. Abo "'Q!f+r~. pr~\P<'irti~!'I cf 'f~oI!~c,~o;i 1\1> IIt.-I! r~'d o;oJ t~~ ~~, $I~'~rtl'!c 'I"") ',I't .. , g,f!iiil~, It.~ ,d'r!i;J..,..~ i~. 'f!!WI i, to, blf~n.. ~t fll. 'Ie," 1'~,f'~1 :1"" ,..,,,,,rr'lf .. ( I~~'" 'I"'.mg If.,,,,".


I ;

'Tihe succesJlf,ul "a,shion artis't i,1 'G creative Glrlist

In ehis Iessen 'WIt: have taught rou lhe [undamerual principles of fashion illustration. Styles, \'\;T.m come and go - some of the fashions we have shown you may look dated one ye~r.be back in vogue [he next - but the principles of fashion Ithinking and drawingwe have demonstrated here remain constant. If you understand 'them and can apply them" 'You arc equipped [0 meet an the challenges of the ~\'er.changing fashion C)'de.

The gooo, fashionartist is a creative artist. If you want success as

a fa:shti'on illuarraror, you musr work to develop the qualities that are 'the mark of the creative artist iu everyfield, The foremost of these f.:iJna~wrjes is awareness, You must be sensitive to fashion and ro all the details of the changes ill style that are eoustanrly taking place, You must be intensely interested in styles .... new ideas ... new directions in fa:shi.on. You must make it your business m see, observe, remember. Read [he fashion magazines, keep up with (he f<l_~hio·'n news, observe the apparel of fashionable people, study the fashion windows of stor-es- Thee are sure, sound ways to bui~d a sense of fashion awareness.

Awareness has another side. In addirion to being alert m styles in clotbing and accessories, you U],m,toc keenly sensitive ww,~ys Qf representing them. You U.lUSIt folh)h' editorial and advertising ,an and see what the best artists are doing, You :should be quick to observe whatis new in wends and techniques of fashion illusrranon. Explore these new

techn iques - experiment - see it you calli nterpret fashions in n e'\~, original WIll)'S. '\I\'ith this approach your work will Lake on a unique. personal quality that will help you to win the rangiblerewards and rich creative sat is.E::I.I::t ions of the successf ul fas h ion artist,

FAMo'I!JS1mTEfjT500t~E St!lQeI!i\t WOl"k: ]lJ!sson. 23 Faanio:l'\ illustra1:.lon

'!his les SIOllV8.6 d,'esiglled tosl:ww you the 6pe~. cla.1 .. reqm:l'efilents :r,o'i' ~'!I1n,g .lE'a.shiow, .- - -t:lie ~6at elte ct iVcei~$ t!o .h8.t1Ld.l.e - JI!I"OpOrlions." pOe: ... 'e,s ,details" accessories and. "text'l:lre5.


Belle: a:.re :s,ca.e Gtuqy~d pmctlce s~sti'O~5 tha.t. Yill h~.lp 'JfOU- prep.a;re. f'(1!T '~'usig!l~'

, ,,_,


1 ~ Keep ,Ii, sketch pad.a.lQng~,i(1!~ll!.s '::!f0u stua.,." arulmake. 'mam!Y' stet,che;,5 a:ml d1,~ams aJmi:lm:' ·to thos,e,- in.the,.leisSIOll: li:ctWLlly dxawi.ngth~ ri.ght: PltOJlo;rt.:i.on, the .r:.igllt p:llSe', the r!~:t lr~t .mld! 6badolrpa:ttem. will. imp.:re'ss the .iIiit-· po:t'tiW.t poili.t€ Oif jf"a;s~fffij}n. -l11u:st.:rta.t ion mtl.dh mOre tilElly On y<nrr .m:trid. t.&P. .s1!illPJ!y l"e~: .abou~ them.,

:2. ~.e e¥e_!:Y effort. tova-rl£ :froma!c~ :meif"" c:mm.d:is·e 00. a mode.l.. If' moo.e:lea.reDiot e.yail- 8.:bIJ~ J drnv i'iI."Oi!l ifa.smobphotiCs ol' m¢n.j 'wtm,en crrchll~Q. .r'ollow the .stMl~by'·~~~ep ;de'mo.nsuationa on .pag~i5 6:,,1; lSi 19j 42 ·Md 43.·

.Bi! sure W einPM.si ootli'.e: grace of' t~ po\s'e ~

8<8 vell 1il8 tlle f'asbi on. 1':ea t~ ~ @of tbe~enIt •.

Ma]re'&Ei ~ of' 1Ii:he S"e dra1dngs as you possibly .~ ant1!. t~ ourt difi"e.rent~~dlJ.. \ml5;, ke~i.-:1tnf· m.b!il!..tb.:e d!;1f"f,~ten.t re9_ll:':[l'emehtS. flllr l"eprQduc:~ .1mg 'i!i'Or:k on. Ci!Oarr~;te~e:ws, S'tOC;t.8S oppCIs.ed "to tlieS1lloothe:r sUl"fa:<:e ot'!Olgl!l.z,ine or b~"tH~b:ure PlJer.

.3. ~cctice renderingvariou.s text.~!i!S .a.n,d prlDitS (jpa8e.!8 9Btb;rough 3.5) J!lC~· tbem. to each ,Qtili.ejt: and.t~· "too ,6~21 ~. 'the: -lildi vi:dUE.l.1 ~c~~riatlcs. s·c, 'that ,e:9.eh "Cl,ne:!s qui.~

'idenHr isble .. . .

~ ~ ~ ~8.1liJdgs ,o.£' e.c{j"e~,solii!es whi c1:l pre se:nt 'the .Ilre:reb.udise!n 8. 'erIe!), 8lt'tmct.iv1e ~e:i:

5' .• uweoove so.:id, so 'often in. tHe :J.es sOli ~ 9.JJyo,ne. wb,o :ants ·to1be a, gOod: rashi!!)]]. .artist.. 1im.6 t bE! aware· .01: CUl'.lre!ll.ttren.d:siXI.]both :f'as:b.1on ebd fash::Lon. i.U.tu1;,t.;ra.:tiPtl. :rQushoUld.1I:"e~e:rly· ,stuil,y ·~h~r~s:hlon.DJJjI:8a:z.6es" look.a.t, f'a:sfji,Qn a.dsin Dev5P&j)erfj· .Emd, carefully notlcew:b.at. ~l!1ru'"tlly ~,EI sed ,:peopLe: Q1\e weal.'ifig.' ,Styles cli~'mp,JLd!ly ih .thfsfield., ann. tJfui:B aV8.l'e.ness Qf wat i8latesttnfs'shlon .!llhould become a hald:t ..

. kosib women r, sf'ashiol!liillust'ia;t;icrih .is done b;y ~men :m.o-st men 1._6. ttuihlon ~ b'Y'.~ell.. W:I.'ifl"h ~hi5 in. m!iid~. dQ either ~sigpme'nt 1A oi:I.dt. ll:I or 2l. M.I1.:2·B.

AiSSIG!~llA~ 5s!leet.8. p"bot,~) of'e. lII.o.del. wear· 1ng a cUrrent ,m·~5f.~fgn. ''Dle 'aJnj,ss..;-~ De ~f: - ~ tlPE! - - ,C8.sua.l. or If'0rma.l. U6iIlg~Jlb .pli9tga,S re:f,e~n.oe f ~~ a.f';a:SimOll ~il1ng in, ~llie ocr .11lle·:ua. wall.ftu:ne~:~:per ~:pl'OOluo·t:l.on ~ Hestu.d1" pages. 4, 6, 1, JJ3 ·aJl.d 19 a::g.q be:. Bm"etO, ·m.ak!.e·th:e· ~ne C!eS srary coong.es m. propO!l:':~ td:oo. a::ndllct:10ll1.. ·to, 'eI!:lPhasizeth.e~llI.e'!3 e. of' t.he -pos~ a:JQdfe.ahlon 'c~cteri.6t1ca Qf the cl·oth,frig-~Make'tlli6 ~nng about .['0 mches 'b;1sn 00 an. 11 x ~4~l;nd! .fllufi:.t'!"e:ticrn' board. • Be. s:l.I..te to semi,. in. tlle_ ~.oto ~QU, used. &5 rei',e:-refioe. al~ ."th. :foUi: &vIi'"i7 '

Marl'::-this ~ng Bllathe phOto' .. ~~-~m~'l' ,lAo

ASSl~ "lBj .Draw '.FWO O'£" the" TuUWifigwome:rll (9 a..cc.essru'i:El:s • Make these d!l8,v'1nga. in "line or line a.nd V8.s:u on-an II :it' 14 - hic:b.illuS-t!r~ .. titm board. ~. ,arall1:Dgs should b~·t\boht 4 or :5 lLnclies i,n their l~s.h dl:m:e:ns1on~ .,spa;oed llLeatlY ~gtbe. h~~.. if you (]Jrav 'B..bl!iJdlJ~) pi'int ·'tile .name I pI: the l:e:atb~r "6§!ineAt:n1li"h~" drl!.w:hlg •

ijosiery Suede' shOO,s

h:teD!.t le1ather, e8l;f' O.!f' .a] 1 igRtor l:mnd.oag Gl!o,ves

,Student york -- Les,SOll. 23'

Do no,t CiQ ,y -"'. 2J ·.the qrawillgs:_ in the. 1eS9QD

Qrt.' '.1s 01' the .t"ollUlfillg: e.S",aigmlB·nt:s. Us'e tlu~ p:I'inoip,les de~cr"1be'd .. and'd.e:im:o:ns,trat.ed,. bUt lfot'k .:rl'OIllth.e reRl ablJect or a phQto of. 1:t... -'Se'1ect.

up- to-da·be· aaces sorie·s ,I' ..,

.ASSIG:m.tl!lNT 2A. choose 8. phol'to of a. male· Diodel. W~ill'1ag ,{I. cu:r:rent suit styl,e .a:nd.:m:a::ke e. :rash- 1,on dnJ.ving o~ tbis, s:tlD'.f¢,ct. Ind.ica1i:e by your r.e,me::r 1n,gwliLili. t type 'of' tIJ.'a, te:rb..ltbie· 6'1.11 t;. .1 ill made of. Be s ure to restudy pag,es 4.l tm-ougn 43 befOre you begin. ~e· ,the, dm'idng iib.out 1.0 inches high in. .l:inf!, lm.sh, . .or 11.M - ·and va-sh. 'on .an.ll x 1.4-inch ·il.lustration board.. Send in t.he photo you lis,e·a: as .:ref,ere:nce· ,along .1i"titb

your dm:\ri:ng.. - .

il.Ssmm.mNT2iB.. 'W'o:rk.ing· ,in :tme·. Ol"~ J.::Ln.e and_ wash. draw 00 o.f tile:rdllOY1:ngmen II s f,asb.1 On

, .~ - . . -

Striped I;lhi:r:t with butt.on.-ilown coUar .Fa1:I" or ,abbes

Foul'- ;in_;~d. is i Th. t i~ P,air of vool;e:n socks

Make ·these dt'a'ltdJISS about ,~, or 5 1nche!li:n tbeirlffI!lgest ,dimeDSion. ou. ,Wl Y. x 14 .. inch Ulustnt:ioo po~ .. -

In, c,;dtic1i.W YOUl'llorJ( ve will be ~h1ef~ in.t<e:.re·6 t~d. in~' .

:,,·-The· lI'ropo!!!:"t1oDB oj the ·f'lgur·e. ~''!!ib.~ e)o~ctn€!'s:s ,or' tbepose for the type~o1'gamen:t. displ.~eld •

.. ""''!'Ae· qual1.~y of Jr'Our l"e,nd~·rftl!gs.

IMPOR:I!l\N'r'~ .Be SUN to 1ettE!1' ¥0"1.I!r name, addres,s and ,artuille;nt n:uinber meaitlY~ a.t. 'the i"J\ler-;-l~(. han'd co.mer ,of eac:n~ssig;onIl'!Ilt.. ~,. tlle .lower ;.come·r, :pLaCe. the 1,e1;l,son .Dum:ber~ and • as 131 .

number.. . .' --=--_.

Your .I.e is SOO carton ,shen:Q.n :cOntain .~!

Msi~nt.Ei' lJI. aild. aa

R~feren:ce>; pbo~o 1'01'" ~8sigJ;u~ient }l\

OR. - .

Assig,mente 21\ and 2JB ltefeNnce'pb.oto-f'Ol" AsslsnllUi:'at eA. A'f:lIID

1 .RetUl'I1_ shipping' '.laOO,l f' ;Lli'ed ·out co:rqplet.e lY


bi!fore.- mailing

.M8.1.1 t:bi s ,ciaF.oon to:

FAMous ARTI8~ COURSE ,WESTPORr 1 '(;(lIm ...

~ . .

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