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1l!,e .,,111~'~ pkl't'ii ill< t! I\~"",t~clm If,~Q)' il 'rM ,au. I), 'KIa r', C~,~jt'. The ~u .. I' lOTerll~iITt:il 11i-CI' "..;11 I'iMlU,. eppto,r ~" thl! '((~iI!'" .:l.e,p"ndi ~l!t wh .. I' h" ~J'tQ!.1 ,~r. ~h drawing ~Nl:_ lUI Ihl! ~cJl'lpt:l • .Quld 1Pt'C1i,m ",F~I .,f mv pr,;r:l-~'I:~g ~ '~~~M,/I: aD ,'118 ,oi!li~j~<CI1 (;~'Herl Qf th .. , ani.:'. '111e lirr.i"'9 crn" Ig'fwl ~poUiQli;if", .. ,,~ ElC:JlJli't'l1 tnt 'Ii. '1:I9! ,,,J t~I!' g"fi~n - fl'ie' OMillEic'lcl~. M'n..:. ilIonliUe fn~' _'i'!,.".,,,,1 ~ Il.~ lptCl'a;lhI1 WI! ~ .I" '1~9 bodi:g,~~ I'!:h 'e""" , ... ~;dI 1M; ,oMim.m~D'~ ... ""~ - III ... i~1:.i''''~ O~~ p;cili,rtnilB U!Ii'W'. ;;;Ii:o ,do II.,., &'01 ~n II:' ri 9J - 'Ih.~ ~D """ "" ~nd IQJtxito~e>ry del! Fl"'"I_~,I~. w~~ pM<O't~r"ph .. nidi i'ftQke, 'r~~ ,ll'r;'~II' - 'c1~ ", .. ,k {"":II Ih,*, artht',~ '~t;9i~Q1'11 ,o~a::p,t" f~om 'i!i'~iEh !,." pig,g'IIUf 11';t; 'iji0'l'1i:iI!L91 d",yl;.a;;I'I'CI'.

TI.:t~.~ ~ '!in~'t. f,,,,,_ ho~ 'I~ flnl ;CI~T~if>!cd ~~ 11~" =0:1~ 'I~r 1'~'I'tcriliolil. III ,.."'~ ~"IC'" I:If 'CI!;Qd GrO'tlllccpl' 'nl,Vola., .. ben 11'..fll' .... "'" ;'PP,QU "'''''''' fifty Idti;...rii"" '~h in flo.!>, U"H.d Sil:!'I~~.

The anist has come into his CAo."1I in the exciting wodd '01 rete vis:iQn_ In this hlgllJ}'u"Cau\'c yjsu:d odd there axe wonderful uJlporumiti~ fOor' lion. ~11{' arrlsr, '[0 use ~;o'l1r talent in original. ~magi,f.l.ilti.v,e ,.;ay~ and make a guoJ ~i\!illg wh,ilc)luu do S1J.

Televlslen is nu:ll :3Jn ennrrnnus !"!Il.ed:ium th:il1, :h ~~, dilfirutrro eomprebendirs almosr unlimited p<I$$ibml[]e~,DliJt. Ito get al!1l idea, efitsincredlble ,growth we ha .. ·(: uu[y W :(I.~:;uli'lC lh~t rhc\"ei1l :fi!lf~,t animared .earecen made spocificdly Mnr 'reh~\'~~]on "V.::I~ created in ] 9,38 ;:md seen on IOn I... a bous fih v TV sets, Toda til-ere are nu l

. ~ . - .

til~!l'. bur there b, a eelevlslon set ~n \·~ttuaU; f::\"ery home 11'1. Allu:riiGI- arul .<I fl . .-nOl'mnug: number of homes h:\\',e (\~-O or even more sets" This doesn't include TV :.c~~ in public piau'S _ horeb." motels. and restaurants .. Aml. [he pona:hle set has become a memhell' of r he tarnil.y when It travels,

T elev isiou i nllueuces erur habits, Dur·UI3JUuC'r:;., 'OUI" li kL'S ! d~81ik.e-5, onr ,educatioillrll 5~'su'nl. our opintens, our politlcs, our deepest hove-l> <Iud the<ll:am, _. uu~ 'u:ry l~lil:.",S .• l:l. wm ,mUllmllue to do 00 - double stren,gd~ -as h conti nues ItQ grow.

"\,·ha t has ha]Jf!C ned .in Al.lic:rica in the dis,u-ibmion of TV sets iii. h::'l]lpenil'I_g::lU m:C:'r' [hewl'lrkL The effecr of [ele'~"i~ii)n" b(nb p:r~TIl and rUllUre, [sil1cil.knlable. Pictures been a universa] 1angu:;tgeinl:~ Itbe times Oof the cave men. 'Ve under8~'and and be~.iew~"'hat wesee no matter who weare er where 'we live. ThC'\'i~Ll::d.inm,g1.:' ran he more I:ltL"Cli\"c ~1l ~tl1;M'i,s,hirlg' communica lion be tween peoples 0'[ d]'I~etem, pat~on~ linies and differen r (O~l~U ie:; lbau i:i.U)"Sll-ll~Jbu,x. s~x.:1.:dn.·s t:,!cr w~·.i.u.c~~ UJ' shouted, There ~8 no deubt rhar teJe'li'i,~.ion i$:1I. major influence in (he ',,-OlJd lOOOl.y.

And when: does the araist ,ji~in~n [hrus f1irun-,c?' Right in [he middle - i n ~he hean of l~.

T,e!e\!.i.~iuu is gmwiugso last that ml ililke 3 c.n_"lim.[v~ rnenster that gobbles up t,al,em and inc~$$and)' demands mere, And one .ol II.he most cxdt.illg thiElif' albmn the demand in dli [:OUl"lt1'), is tha.t the npportufl~tie,re definitely not J:illlited~Q' b;ig ,ci~les or dle' to p. ski: tions, YU~I ltUH't have to red that yuu ]m~s{ lIH1,-rk. for' '\\'ah Djsncy or the b~g nerworks, There i:~ a ~reat need for new (.'III,en:[ in sm,r1H dries and rownseverywhese, on youiil'oc:d ~tiili'Qm,.

T,hc;t.i:"liSl ,\, .. 1'10 CW'lI.tes: f:m' ~h{' TVocre~n h ¥ct):' nl,uch .Hlke an ;rn:hit,e;c(. The ~.rch:i teet oonSll ~b wi lob his d i I.: n I, ~'l~:;i m 5 his re·

'qu[:rel1l.,enLS, and lalen makes a b]uep~int. The b]l.Iep~int 'Is a de-t;ai~ed pI'au from\ .... the carpenters, f!h:ctriciam;. and plumbers wiU bui~d '[be 1'i.01.J1~'. I);erything that happens Irem then en depcml on thiilthluqnj'lIiIf_ The heJ:r c:upenlen in the worl:d (:'Innot buUd a sound, sa~.isf)'ing house H ther are wOFk~ng {mm bad, ~hought los plans,

T~~,c' 1I1l :l.lI'[i.~l make.~ a kind or blueprtllU" too - only ~n hi~ c::.sE! it is 'c.lUerl a ".o;toryooard,'''' In this ~csoon "~'e win :show you how ~o' create a geod ~lulyooarill. Omi: J'uu an:::' aLb.: Ilo UU r:hi's,. the ·"c.u-pcnu:."rs" in . .\nim,;:Ition., Timing and La}~OUil. Camera i!lnd L"lbofatOfy> Inking and P,ainting can ,aU take O\'er \~·.ith a J!eli:.uUli,b]t::i uranee of a suncessfnl indhidu!!Il ronu:iblldo'll to dle ever-all plan,

The Iundameatal pr~.llci Idl:s lh a t In ake 3 guod. !; tUI)'hH~rd: ai)' ply ,,,·ith equal t-orce whether YOUf work wm ~e' shown by large ,or $ffi,aU l.e!evhkm starlens, ,, [eel ,that you, 'lih.e: ~ludent .• cau h~jim. the basic arehitermre -(he principles and (iN~hlllque'$ 'of ldel'jsj'on an - in lhh lesson, 'Tlacn )Iou ,l.1In i<li in '~I] ur u"iJe-11 ( 11 ml kmnv·hmt' 3!~ rhe hig ~u~d~os., the sm;dl 8wdios .• th!! ,ad"en~sing agtn~5 big and ;sfilaU. y'Olut( local buslnessrnen, cr your .h:x-al shll.i.ons - w~Lh ,c{lua~ c'on'fiLlEU(C.

'V,e w:in gh;'e you the Iundamenrals and techniques of drawing [or eelevision. Of ooune,tbc:J:1c' are luau)' medllilnirnl and produetiunaspects of televisirm rhar. om Qnl~' be learned on theactual job - in. ;:i: s,[ud'io or in a te]evhlOu environment. TV is such a new medium that :::IU t]n: pcuprl:' i:r,~\'ul\lt."(] ~n .rnt - i'nduding the p105 _, <lrc' Jeaming ~e:w u~chnj(7lJ.I, aad creadve rhings vlnUOlU)f ,every da~f-. As It[m.e goes on, eouseanr expeeiments win deveiop'

lin :Iuo.n.: HCW ideas li n rl drullP-C(~nn s,

One of :rhe best te,adleI:"SYoU! willhere Ifo)'OUIl': own lel.,ev~ :iun se t, So It .i.s ~]U~JI]Ff;nn:. fur you to' w~lu:h relevision - Jearn wha t is :goint'l on. E v er~· unle you u~rn ,on your ,M!:l )' mar :S(~ snmethil:l,g exelting. 'L('3.R1 WiIilCoJpo-rateh'bat ,,;'~ are r;eOl.ching you[he bask prindples; - with the creative ~~I;"' thing8 }.ION see on lC'I'cvis~nll, the new rechn i qUfsand imaginadve approaches, AI. ways be inquis:ilh-e, be wImng ~nle"l1'ln.

In ~his, e1l'el!'·grovo;rJng fjefd! '01 u~,levision.the vi:sua~ ~mage .is;supre'lile, and the a.rti5~ is 111 e king. So i~:r. there are nOi f~mous au· i 5t~: ill ~iM~ y,m:.m_g ro..ed]'um. M liIybc }!rlU wm beon~ oE tbem.


(OOJ"HV n;..w-",n :~, 'C'h-P¢<'; af ~"U .. I ~.C""!"_

1:1'1' "".",,·~u .. _~ .. f ft,~ 1'.11 0 l1 .. h';'ii'I11 G.~.I f-l. '''''po

""iii np".:i.n.,,' ,.of (.1'1«1 C.¢!t1'.l;:~p'I.~" ii~iB"d '1'1'1 .. F"~E A .... ~~ SoiIi60b f¢ Fl'¢u~i!! .nh •. 00:'1;1119 I ...... i'l, go.t~ !'xK'k M Ih~ very ~!lIMlit8' .Q! 'rlr",· "';:"g·o" ,Bo.t:Q~'le· ·of ,f'll' "cn, ~:q:>i!.'r"i~"~\I!! in I~.~ 1r,;~!dI ~! A i\im¢l'Q ~ 1:10 dI T"~I'~i~'ii'n Atl, he b ~m.I~n!lr q.u .. liiiJ.!,d fQ< le'lldi y·OtJI I· ~ ~ri~ Iii,Fde1 l!;If th •• !if';j!'cdl ~d.i"o~ 10tii R'f'ilill ])QrII9 .g,ft, i-prl" e! t.w '£'i~~ 1~li'p'II [n'im w ~.r,fgh for ... :~;~h .Mf _ Gr~i~'~.~pf ".... .. .... I".d ·@n'~ :~ r~L"11l "TV ~ r1 <:!u ri~ 9 !~e !l"'!I' f'~ ... , f1!!"tI ..

I.n. u:le¥l~i()iIl.. nOl. on ~y Is s~:fJDipli d:l y thekey note o~ the medh.!.Ul - it ishs nrost I~~mil'll demen L. As' yuu {,nU nw the! v:ui:nus s;r(~p .. '1 in this Iesson, ),'on win dI$OO'l,et dle r~.any teaSQns.~vhf simp[ici ty is $I;) iffii· P(J]"HlIIL :for a Simn.. wcsugg(.";Sl; dH:ll. yu U IniJI.k.c a si~n - KEEP IT SI M PLE- and hlln g h I,~i a prom inent phce I m'I y>ou[" w{lik~ng .u·.ea_

No'w reC$:see one very h, .. ~i, Te~n wby 5,impildly Is so impon:am i:u TV an. l.ook ~.t I:ht: u;u:nion ~)inUN!SCmf:n ;fjJml 'lh!! l.dc~··isi,m ~,een <'1,;[ theidghr <lind cotnpa[f'~ the ~ wo·... The great diffie~n()e I;letween ~hem i:s In du! UHlw~r 'u[ ~[le. Actu,iJl.l~y. weha~'ell'~ reduced the T'V sc~n to irs pmpel" ]H'aponion ~i~ \~"e had. yo.u would ha;n~ly be Oilb]et(!!~e ~t

UCUIU~t:' the TV screen is. so S']~~il~ll, ~h~pidlln~s ynn dr:l.w for lE mm~ be quite si mple. There. ~IlOR!d be a. min [mum of de:~aH~ no more (11:011) you need I~O ex press IhepkHlrc: ~dca ck:u:~y. .otherwise, whf'rI yom': pif:uu~t'.s: an' ~hOlwn on i~he tere'~i!;i·on screen, the torms m;ay be hardto ~eoogn~le and the a( lion may not be dear.

Lgo]l: <It yOUI'~ig!rn! ~KEEI· IT SHVIPLE ~ often.

Fo,r movie.s

J,:~ i~.;· ~~p ""'~ ,.ihiQ""· :!'Ou, 'g leel'J~ :ffQ.t[i 1:1.~ .. ni_h"d "'rt"",,:n ..... i~ ",,,,~Id ,~,P',~~ 'Otli :"" mcri~ ""0;0;,11.. ~I~i" ~M~ you ~e 1f:1~ ~~ :~o. ,o·~ 'Ol ~\!' ~'''~''''. N~t~ "'M'" 11t~ d'~~o;h wl\i,h 1111 r:;"., up' ,.~ "",~tl ,m III ~ J~,rlll!ll I'€rR~ ~~lO~ (!O:ll r~ I~~ Q,m;! ~""fd '~Q' _11~ ... ~·t., ,A.t~"jl'lj., ," IIiV '~e>!! ~ woe~rdl ~ iil'r'OjXI rtrl'NKll~~lf E1YI.h 'rn;C'Il~r!~,!,'" +h~ :eo~e"~!J _ ~, ••



~iI-~ Ir·e'll~ pjdlll r~ <!!~~~.",,~ ~>O'" ;~ K!II!~ ,Q>! tnii' Ijfil i~,Oll:r,gl 1;.. .;!ItO",,!,!, ~!;ir' f~r,~i1liQIl. TI1.~ :r'~~M Qlr~' le ... ~r ,el".! '''''''~'y ml"~" o;!I~t.e;h ~i~ b~~,fi <J",lltr,~dL UII~ Kt''''~' 1t~1~ b!.~,n .!il!l,pr.kd +1'!r~!J$I~t .. ~~!'I' r~ i~

*'~ ... " ,M 'tfj;l!·~~r·~$i~ KO"'" •• ",.ryllti~!i in ~.~~ i"~I",'r.~ i.

dt{lr limdl vn·:!I'~alQnd,,&il&.

lelevlsioR or"


Wha't ls a

'iOtl might describe a storyboard as, a comic sIrip 'lOVlahout dialu~ue "balloons." Rut it i~ a great deal metre rhau tl,l'U., It is the basis of all TV preducuon - [he bl.ucl'J im rrorn ""hich everyone i m'o]Hd ill dmt ])roduukm. will \.voFk. It isalso Ithe I:1rg~ \'fsual corrcept ~ha~ your diem will we. It ,i~ simUar in ehe rough ,gf comprehensive fur-au ad rber you 8hm~- )'OUf' cllenc or adven'isillg agency mol' approval bc(on~ you producedll~ finished art.

There are dUferent. type', of ~to~'oo"flb 'to ,fit dHJt'ten[ sltua[ions ~ a:nilll:a~cd SWf}iibo~u:d:'lt live' hnyboards. and abstract 5.lOry· hnl;ti:rib. Let's consider these various l}l'li(.. es one b)' one.

The animated nonooard is ~~mH:ar to ;t eorrric su'jp_ l[ g!lner' aUy has enterraimuent n!.hl!~ anI'! broad human appe:d. Il, tells (he~tm'Y ~n a humorous w<ly.Prope·rly rinne, ill starts by enterh~inliJ'1:g ~nd winds tIp dQing ~ . .";eniug jub [or the adnrll[~eT. It is \'ery nnu;h like a ~id,e show - h beau du! tI.m.fI1I$. [0 ge[ th'fl HmHen(e U)J view rhc ptoducr, \,'\'ben done C'lft'afh'ely and in g'ow caste, dn: :mimawd soorybmurd. i.s one of the nin,i clfectivf means or >ldvenisin.g ,oomJnulli.cuion used ~oilll)_

'fhe ]i\'e~t('JH bO.I.lrd.5hows Teall. people ami ol~j;c(;uS and is de£i~:n~t1, !to do areali tic job o~ wmmuiJi.l:ali:Qn.fro'l1fll this ~loPi' board" annr w.ill be 'QSt who win. bave 'to get (11£ In~~.g,~ across ~n the TV audienee, A~ oppo.sed to 'Ih!: cUlenainl:neru quaU'uy O!f 'ihe animated board, the live huard bcli.evabi.1hy he· {'<lUSC the audience f,'lIniclemH:' themselves more ea~ilr widll Whe p'IX'pJC_ Whr.n dn: ::.Iniisl can ~;:!b~ live people :~l1d FlU them irrro an ::uh'nH~i,~ Sto111ho:u-d. in a b~liev<lbh:: s.tlUa.t.i,!),n [hat ,mmnmnic-;ues the :uh"L"rtirer's me:s&1gl~ cmn"jncin.gly and ~oKe[uUy; he h<1. :'Iccmnpli~hedwh:u is kuo'Wi'lin 3.d';'enising as the "hard !>eli." If a TV:mt,;st am design a steryboard W~ti~ enrenahunem l';JJue (hal b:;t:. long enough l!U de,li\'er the "h:u-d sel]" meM3.~" he 111maU~' has ~ SI,UJI:L~!J,rul commercial.

Then: is itl~ro' the '(IOmhiml.t.ion liv,e and .'1niln~nedst.Qrvboard.

In this (':t'jJe ~hellnwu1J:.ui(ln is wn~rd Hy used 'to ~ntmdl.u:e the inan en~f'1'[,~lil'lwlIg \'VOl)'. in <In elilu[ tu hold the inreresr ,~f tIn: lu.nJ:~eilce ufa~1 a hmu;t:u is iml'oduCI.::d who



w.iU deli\'cr-lJle<!dl'enisi',1~ l'IIe'~<tg,e_ Thi~ r~uhs in .m enu:n;;li1n· iug storyboard plus "hard sen:'

N,ext ~I(,!: have tlileab_g'[r.;[n stmvbeard, OOl1;t be' :hrighrened by the ",,·ord"'abnrn!:t_" Abslr,an 5lOryooard arenor wHeUy u:lOdleU'i' ~st~c Uf 0 bSCHn'. In stea II o[ using c:3noon:im real j sli'i: Uh:I.!i,tl7dl:.iom we use' s.imp:l!:: shapes and 5ymho~s. olten simi]ar i,m~ form and size mo tbe flglllf'e$ or objl.:cts they represent, A good abstract Slory· board u'lili7~..s hapeswhh such !iii~n~de sl~ngth dllJl'l it is often e:uil::F tu undersranrl thau ~he more de!~ai,k-d pl,~ma~ilJn oE carteens orr-ea i,i~lllCi Uillsu·atiom.

O~le very i,mpon.:3Hl lIling [.b~'t is vita] in d,esigping auy ' is W CB~:<I:le ,!lin inu;n .. "5{ing, pictofia_~ story Une. The (inl.ehurHJtoo {,ormula 1[.0] 's·to:rjes of young love, eirbl::'lF ,in ma,gazines Of It.he HlOl,.ies, goes 'Iil:.~ lhi!>: boy meets gid, a problem arises, bor ~OIse:sg~d"lI solution rothe pruble.Dl is. lound, bOjf geugll'] - a.m! c\'crybod}' is h:!lp,PY' V,eJY J!1Il.uch du:: same Iclnnuill usuaJl~' fiiS a TV 1il:ory ur eommerriaf. A problem ~8, stated. a method of soh'lng the pro blem is .fUll nd, and 'E~U:T·C' is our hfilppy end,i,n,gbusiness for the advertiser. If dd.s fonn~h souudsroutlnc .• U."m.ember that it is Idm (_~r,ea~ht~ 1:n1;:mm:1r in \\ihich ~he stor)T is toM <lnd visually presented dUl makes dIe' big difference. U it is orig{mi] and em.enaiining. fhe \'iewer w.iU ,beHe\:'e in the happy endwng. ami Q(llheq,I.U!m~r helieH:' in '£hepnID.u(.tadvfrtis(:d.

Rut 'even: tho.!lg~m [lie' s,wry line i ... impQrtant,ncve,r rorge~ dial lhh isa ".i5ual DledhlRl. The pi.aure:5, tolmulJl. tell the slury. The wund iracl .. is 5elcomtny.

'The bC5l \~'a¥ tu tell ]~ow w~U a commercial has beea d€:.'>igned pi'~Wri3Uy [~ t~ tum oli she sound of ~i(linl. TV &et :uul see i[ y,ou get tl te m.ess.:..~,ge :From [he pku I re alone, .!If du: I:mn-.aU m.e~g:e is c(l~nnulI!I![cated to YOli wi.dwlH the help uf l,he ,\'onh :ilnd musir .• d~cn you are \~-,3,~c' a good 'lJonlJ.uc'fd".1 - onewhose SI'Ory"lru.l~d 'W·.;I:s conceived' 0111 the IOgll..d basic pTim:,ip[e~ of (ei~vi; ion storvbuard an. Namrallv the ~:uuul wi,1I make ill even beuer.

.. - ~ --

"then pi(,Uln~ ,:;!IId sound worlk l~lrecd" iw-gc:thef, lelevlsion he .. come the most m;!,,f\'d,(lIJ~s, means of romruuulcation ·yet. created!

",,~:'"!O,tI~E"I!l, .K!i.:r MJ.:;r ~ irl!U:AMIS'C o'I.CAIH •• ,. "i'rnA 'FCS, UP T\Qi!ill>i:lMl". HI:N:lH ~

~!l.j(m" Bi&','!i tllt,,· ... 't.UX'lt': ('I;F 'HI£: MOOl'l.:ElGOi'i w!':!';'I';:E.~E:.iii, ~nr~ T ••• ".!I'F; EDITH t""'"""'!,:, Q RillS A l.:R.f ...... n"! • , • A,NEr BE I.lI!:V!:, ME. 'I1iEY';;JF.. C3.'E;A.7r I

't'Otl ~:"iHoi' 'iii\' &IIi!; l'ltH: \1!',,".~~r!W'. :E,f\ ANII!' "o'iI'HEitE ••• i!<!'o" !l'A ':: ,~r 'f~E .i'1 E,ii:'K" •• • ... IT'H H~ o ~ I!I'tTHCIllT •• ,.

O;il'li"=l1 ~ ;i,q~~",'~ :i~, '!!'ti k... Hit :k~~;';ii"'l. C'ta ~ II1..r:Fl.a Ii ~l ~ :ilil~.}". :lhIEi ~rDiI ~1iIj a~l;; r;;:-h~it;,

C~,I, 'Ii~ lI":'.edto:D~ .el!u i! - ..... p BI ~~

II if'L~~ I, ~-il!l:a ,II ~, 1i!1-t'_ :e,~tb "~.Ii iI'" MI!:'(,; :"r~.:1o~ W.t 1i\:"L~.iP:J"II_

fT'S BlllLT FOR OO~T'. w"Ili: Cl,t" SOF1'. '''''ASKA,el.,~

F.A YO;!il' .... :'i!) G'A'!!A!l:.~~r·r;'E r~ •• k& NE:I!I'&ST !iUlil~t,;: II: I!["I; c:Ql.CIa:i.

A:NIl' TUr.;; BIle K PLt;:.i; 11" (;W·F..5, "U"Ii,! PL.-EN 'l:' OY ROOll.l :1'0 MOV,&, ... ThOtiilID lK 50).\!~nliiN!l;; ,& LSI: ••• NO J.U.1' 'I' f;~ PH ... T T'm: ,A.'C irWK . ,

II-b\~;~ ,~IHr1'!ilJiDtb.s 'tb e [IJ:"~~)I tr,~.~ 19i[] J'-Cl.!I!'" !I!~J~t~ _,_ th.1~ f:JJ!J'1R.1I b:im iII;~~'I"

!~I m..111r.11 ~ .... H~I: 1m!i_~·l~~!I, ~ I"J ~_'DLI rI~I:r.C k"'1~1'i.J1 ~

Hir. tf.I~!t':I cw .. .f:tu ~ ~Oh Q. r:. ~~, 1"J~O~.1tJ! !I: C~"i.I." t,Il .. ,_ !

... o:n 'i"H': lo,.I-CiGROOOili. 1I';:;l>~. ,!!:,h.'1n:: R S:E<i.lil::r ••• Qf<I,~ t S·5 "'"( "l"0I11!!l F ...... ()i';.I'l'~ SW,~I'

H~,b y,lIi.uj ,CoO ,.roil "I., ud , .. ~ j!'O!UI!' H 0:.."'..11. Ifo 1100_' \;r'n-IIt!:a_

1o~ lIi'e'a.:;b-".I! fg;,z; P._ .. -a'. Jiif'llii'Uilil ,"",oil ''''Y '~n!"i'!" :~.]&r.'"ll.y.

O..i~, Iq. 'C~~ f,.,il_~~!'r' 'IM~Cill'~IClI' 'i¥'.'f,;"''t~.e ~ ~bj ;-!t. II II $S·. ' ..

Th;U1;, ~sall examp!t;' uf II. ~iu: UUrylIlNU:d pn::pIi,.rttL rur l\fi::Gn'guF Shi~-i::5. The :lil"t \\'urlk

Was done in LIn Uhlsu<l.,ll,ive. ttiJdi,[iona~ manner, and. then [he S]~U"'IUOn5 sho,,,,-n were portrayed w.ith ~hc;-!uon. U udcll ("aeh. £rarm: roUl :sce the wmrds pokc;n and a. de!.fTiiJllion o{

[he :;Inion . Nod f;le h 1'11,"';·U~1 :::IJ,'~dlol1g shou are 11 sed ['0 demon strare the shju. and :tudienc,e ;:~ p pe," i, j 5 ~tre,ng~11:ened, by IW1!.lcJles of hu mol.

- 1'~' t t, - '. ~,JI N'm- ' ...... twA,,, l ~'O· r r- ralN'·N \US Ills, dioeste.d

Tnt!; i:s 11.1\ (!1:..'<lI:mlhe 0\, OJ!. s:m:{\l".5.'i\u~ ammll"t.'U. w ,- ':O.''I;L1!.l''',~ " v··r- '." tI "

uQm.1Jlu':. anu~\ '&lm. as llj,wa~ used. ou tf\e\'him,,~b.n~· inb:~nnooia«! ~inm'es have been omined bu~ there are enough here to g~ve ynu an excellent idea of du~ sequence an-d, now o[ the sw,ry and the cOlmnc,rdid itselt K,eep ~n mimi 'lhalt l~te acmal oue·mimnc fl ~ rn ("':()III'!.i:stcll o~ l.'ap :[[r,3!mes, like 'rh0.5~ you ~ee bel'ow.

Under earh pleurrewe gi,n: you the \1i'Q'rds, of the sound track and below these a de. scription or the action, SOlnl:! of rhe U::nn used are rechmcal. You Gm find out whar they meanby conmitwHg page~ W3,15.

the animat'ed 'CQ,m:m;,e'rc:i'al

I:!iOU'ml ,£1' FE;r;n a.o~ l O:f..~.r;. ,~i:'~ t'":i!l' .. ;.It-~UI k!l:. ;a,.gJialili ~ L"". ~~"""""'ll ,;01 • "'.'.~'1~ •. ,t~ f9:f1r.'Iii !!,CtIi~. ~'~~m, 'b-~lthii:li!! 'bt;IL

6 __ ......:.. ~ T&H:tI TO 'GP ,~1' ~'''''''ILl' Ttl· 1i:il,U" ~E ttl, ,I));l ,ANI) PU wr""!~!;! ~££;lJ'. 3'1:~.t::r.r..'ben; u::eae w~1J:o; tam;h! .I!r'~ ~i ·tII.~l,~1 Ie l!I"irl"~ .w!:~~ j,iliord'".fj~I''''.IIt~dpml)'''''


.... HM ~ FI ..... ,.-O:I'I ••• w~:z:o:!I. Ii pUu I:!'I~"" I~!a r'oClt iI t'p;L:ril.~C "'--0 rC!l i~


••• 'Of' rrs Q;)I;1ii!'.it

P;a.;:·kq!lI.mQ: .... " ldf. ,itn[[rln!i'~i:"Ji ~:~ .. ,


Ull;!GL~l "F.i.l.i"F:~T U~T:U:

GkA:r'F.'=Nm: ...

P,c .. p I&liil ..-old HE'~~uIiY' II


A .... G]'ID.EIU·Ut IDEJ!. OF 51:O::il.YI~ AM !:N.!1;.I!I.GT-G,I\!'"llom :aitU9tF~"f.

- _. - '!~, !li~]YlI!' p':r.'I!'b~ie:~ ielf. [iI,Il'D.""!'~d~ ft:;i: fI.I!~L~J" W1Im e .!.1!'it:'IIJ''''


., •• , Al'ID OOWN' 'ili'~ ~J.E •••

.• ,. Tn.L 1 F01;l~C' 'Wi'.A':I' I ';i"!1<.~ UlOl!o:!~ FOR. ••

••• :n·tA:!" El!lERO!'ll'rI:IC elf-FlU! it. mil. N. t ~·,AMU .. ;I'.

.:E-"'cIi.Q' ~ ~::I :!".'I!I"~ n 'lI" oI:~ 1LI,'b~".

•.•.. in;;1'" T:H:E:Y a;\.D ,!!'O IY:I"E,P.:E:lT. l'o<"<)' ~~:E;EH:;Y.

:f-IU7.lUY. ~t:,i,-'lJ'tl. • .. ~<DO ~:I!!' f.ll . .I ~ 2.L.'rl'ifl!.11 t!,":. eel,? 'JiiI!l't:.h JIr'!,,~;f,'c~~I_


.• "' TIiEt F.!1'SH!>~ o lITfO' H!t.LP I~ TF! E (h";;:'D!:!;!',

P"I_~, .r.~~:h::. iLl t:!:Lf,. ![".J I"'~ 5':1, il~·~I"'_·t !fIf, 1I"J"~~t~11 D' bo;~ ~.f;ii p~ I;: ~!I~,r._

fJi:''GL!:1 E!it;:;;;'1 ].!'ft;u;: (HI ... P;,;· :;lJl"'~ ... FLA'ofO:i 01'" mn;: OW".

Ha,lS! ot G ffl~ ):,I! II' ,.Jl~ 'pG<;5OI ... iiiI

boz,T.':I::t;I iIi;~~"..i:"


""",lio Tefl ~~~!:!!: pu.:fl: TH:A>: !S~F_D!

H~ dJ:.i:11 1-~iIiI:U IffJ~.l[]l "i'il ... ·~ ~.i..ttf'T df.'.&p:l !Ir_ee b,1:1;1 ~'i!h· ..


AFT,i:iI;,A ~""L(l1i' 'l'!'I~E ,IilEucr,01r.i GOO 1)1.:;s " , . ;f',tmlll:,. !,\iI.~iI' t.!!,;1 t ~~ ll'_

IJnE.ei :!iI'l .... ,.'J;,.I;; ~"IF. o-:a'f Qf '~lll

I!'.J~ ~e.,i: !J:';] Lrr-.m,t: I!' 'J.Ci'w'if.I!" ...


N,n~~=-' ,1>,",,&1'I.Y LIT;rL!:

OUF!!;·1'cl'1" •••

&a:lI:;~! E:Jg ~'iI l:pi J:.~" :to !o :,it~ ~~MI I' l"i!.ilHI'i.S ~;--d Ifgl"'~iil!I~.f _ I

!P"&19 :r..r.~ I~~ !fIJ:.;:~ 1iiI]::I :I'.:d.I.'ba.~;!J 'W.<t!~i..'1i 1i,1! !f-!l,I~r;.,


Mi:I't1';..1iJ :I'.I'iIi ~m't:mJl"~~I'!i; ,'r.1;,1Il !i!:~ti ill ill ''iH:

eIZ'IiiI":: '~~'i: ~~ :!tIl' ;.~ 8,1 ~~tll:!J _


ITOMJlN'~ 'l'C':e £1, 1lI~;:r 'Jf:H.1;; A W\·El.r Ci'i.itD:t. ... " ~1J.rr 1I" ' .... ASX·T , ... 1. W" ... ~";5, U!'I:E THIl,.

C:gt ~I 9l!lDI.1HIIIi Ie {lIiOl;t[l'I'l' 'Iil i1.~'.CI."

:!!iii,!' ]j'I~miah Iii .. i u ~


J.~.l~ Q'::', !.!.,.II ~ ;p .. !'ka,111 - - !.;,~',. 0iiiI'I: I.~a.:!,t M if\.g i!~Jad,.




._" THI!.Ni<::;i "1"0' £NERG"l'-c;lyt~ C!'l.O'I.P,E ,1-1111''51

m ~ _ :OOLd~~i 't::I~ 'Cii'!''IIlptl- ~lli !il't'.r~' ;;ii!l_,


P,Ii ,i!:l-:Ii';:" r.r..,:."I'11 ~t:{tll ~L,p;tii or..~ 'IJ!!f!iiI :rl."

lhe; abstract co;mmerci,a\



U's tl:le ,per,{;,f}/atin' jlflJJOr., l'lh: .. 1I·1e N,;:slM'$.

Us tile' r:nlJce .rndc.f you ,m}' Dee,a tr!hde:~-"dou$.

..:f I:ly sJ nmgo,l JOIl mn,hl! ; l. P.;:rhll!-de-rerc.-p£TC. Ne.s,!'r,·,rotE Nej,rU':s~

Seroe it laMy.

\Vc uewshow you Iilm "lips, hom a 20-Soec,.:md ahtrar.t filmnn.::rcial- jns,t:l~ we did tOI" du.: anilmnetlwnlillCrcial 'On the preceding pag'c. Ahhough (his is ... digest - only .30 o'i r he 480 Fl"::Imes of '~be oom ptE re L01Um'l.:m;1 ~ aile ,shwl"" - you can nlH see how 'smoolhll!' OM shape fiOW5, or doeli',clop~ into <I~~ntlle. and the hlterest of the s\ury l~ maintained ..

The' rrerraticn fOT rhis f111m, li\'::1~ :'I "'slllgi'ug cnmmerclal" with music, The MiOJ1ds. and even the 'S,-Uabi~s of rhe ~) .. erds, wer,e !.)'n· ehrorriaedwsth the a,r:t[OIl on the st:n."Cn .. Hereare uie "lyrjc5""

C'1f~I •• 4",Ir>~.IJ.'" fI~~~ .,.p ¢i..,cl • • o.:! ~;.. o.c: ~'r;:.('f",~,


l('..) p:tf d LIlIi'p~ 1I.j[ ,1'r. le.ll..-.trl;l cu PI iilir.d j;il.lI.o:t'T~

Sp;o:3Ii?f.'., :;i.I!.:.~C:-I,~:E':I o~ 11!:1!let:J~ !poa .. HJi"l D.I.I:D. ~lIiji 'tij,i;~ iJi5d ltih. D~lbj,

C~;I;y iII.eA,'blacli! IIIJJiliI'l!..Il" ill .. ~:n .!Y.3Ulr..l!l,iI

n,ht; ''',~eill:n ~!III :t&lIii" ;n,;;;n;;1I~ n,r~e dilh'ililn:; '". ... ~.III :i.~;~ilf'* I"~ifh'u~,n.t !litE ~q:Ju ~l Cliiilfi-'il'i -~.t".&!~ :5m. UJ,~t. uo~ li1~iIi;; &:.;.,

The commercia] ended on a realisue nnre. .~s, the aCUJ.ilrn j<tt and du: cu!)and:.a,lH.lJ:r appeared in the dosing shor, (he announcer reoomruended: '"Enjoy Nestle's Iml!s~,:;mt. (;olI;GI::'."

14 115

~p ,e.~ lIu:5!!I...I_ ~,p. ·ae. j"'lUl't .. e.~" p

_ •• .! •• ,.n"lt ""I" ,""'ply.


___ i:iOlt1L~ o! ,1iil.'l'_


HJ;rd CilliiiiI:'F.;:' ,I~~' .111 lilrn.I!U4i!' .·~'bGI~jl d:h ... ~", !E, ..

1411' i5-'lhllili • rtHIl.I ,j'.,. - - :r!l!; ~E,l~.e.e-_

~ULDti .... r r-li r C~!':i_tll'iII ~itl to IIf~III

- ....

,.",~,-'f;.~c,l;. ;.;. ~:r.~ ,1'1~ '1>i!!1:~':mIi1l IN',t ",I j:O'.

C'roI;p ,&f.Id1 j,t:rii'C'i!;t ~.i,j jlo:f-". It ... H" .. ,g.g.jiE!ii~t.l. ,JI'jI;'l' iIop;iliUoin.


l Iere WI.: wiH Iallew the delle I opmc rrt ura storyboard, 5U~'P hy ~tep, It 1O\·ill be d'ne IFIr~t;, rnu!'lh ~lOTybo.","lC(t known :15 :iI "talking" board bel.:au~e it wiU be ''''::Ilked over" with (he cliem before dll: ;:i;fri ... t goes ahead, It 'wm be Sllbm'iued [0 thl: l:H,em for bi~, inhitiJl appro"!.'" I or [h.r' o\'{:r·al'l !;'oncepL Once rhe talking board bas bet::.II'"fPFIHly,ed, Oil fan,d,. det2"ilt:d :boon'll wm be nl:lrie. This ,final



.. ' .... ~ .•..... '\ .. "' .•.• ' .. . .. "~

. .' ~ 0'"

'i"rhit ~ ~il!l'e :h.~ l!bil.A~ ~hl.LJt..11 "'~"T b j~,lds C:,~~!f'iII ~ .. J ..


~ is called ;l "workir~g'; 'ool;lid and the ~lUiTe Ilrodm;rion will be 'maJ!e Jwan it. BU'l the'l~ ho.:ud ~s the e~seIn~al f;irststep.

Our a~5ignmf'Jl[i!> to create an animated cnmrncrciul £01" a brc a Hast cerea I we \'''''i U ClI UPops. The' r~rst Iou r plIIoeJ.s below lndiC1H: uul~' the QmJjne ot d~e plot. TbC"~ an: not. to', be s.nown to the diem .. T'heycould be (;o!Hed oU,j" "'· board.


;5i 1;,. ~~IIJ! blll'iii O\U I.r.r:;!l ~if:ll .. too ..... 1l?i>p ••

Nu'lY let's fill in 'rhc gaps in .our story 2nd add more aerion.

The gTay p:illches ~ndiuut' (he ~dd]liuual acrionwe need, 'Ve'H .uid a pane] ar du:: oc,gi,mling to 5hO'l'o.T how ]HIPPY [his o:mplc W<I$ hefme the pn;llbl!~riI1 o~f du.: b)l~ breakfast carne up.\'\",e'U add mare action by howling the .... ife·s [rip t.o the 4lQI.·e in greater de(;l,il. Alld we'll add aHo,thcr :pam:'l to sll.Q\\· [he cOllpl.1:" ,e,atlng and a lastpanel [0 displ;lY the prodeer,

.. i .,il-It 111,1"'1'11 ,Pcp ' .. .., PIJ'PI.

S~;. 1l1:'iPlill~ U· •• ~1",;IiiI.II~~ h b&W::r. .•. _. lII11 -t'¥jl .... ~u.

Ir d~It.~llrt pay to $Jle'nd lOll ulUl:h dme on -rendcr:illg your !lint talking baud .. The dient may' nO( like the basic Idea at all .':md. 'you wiU have w"~t:pri a lot of Itin1.e and I! fi[on. Or, :i f he dOC51 m,:,e rhemnccpt. there ,may be :;)1 lOl of ch~U9,ges SlLl,ggeHed. But, :dll.huugh yous.houldn'[ do (00 f&nbhed a job nf rendering, your talking board IIUJSl teU its story '1re'l')' dCidJl~Y. llit \\;]U be passed :lnnuul much rnere rhan du: average comprehensive.


ii:';ef'f'Ii~·~!'t1 illl !KIl!I' ._41i1J~,I1i I Iud Ui}-~.·~ r

3 'T:h iis, is ;,t

H:li\'~ng r,e:ll.~med from (he ,d,i.el,1il with :un 0'1;.:1,)' un the concept of our talking stmybaard. we go hack to work, \'Ve w:I.m to h ... ,;e UUiI'" :!otol1; really cmn,Jdetcl;:;.e~.olr~ we .?;II'::"in our actual 'IIL'nTkin,g board. So we add a d05e-lIm1 flf Ihe wlle's unhClpPY 'hR'e whe:n her husband is taming ,~huul d~e cereal, '''-L' extend her nip to the !jltore, we change ~,tCl: dress to street clothes , ... 'hen sheleaves 'the


• I


, ~ .•... ,~.:.'~"'.' •. I ' .. ~'.'.'~ .•. " •. ' .... '."~"'.' .. " ~

:. 'B····'·I··-.

, "'._ I I'

- -'.- .," .

.",m~Ul'i,t:r::FlI RUE :IS· " HI< li"];'Y CC;Uli'·~ •.•

•• _HI!,P-1''j' -" 'UNTIl. 11-1£ :0,,'" 'MfE S i!:1\,lj"EC' THE wll:OI'lG 3!::1l«I Of" 21u::IIKlrASr: ~-





•..... ' ' .....

. 1. I

. _ . TO 1"!'I1': ~.CIeQ;tlroO:1) GR.OCUT •••

.. ". TOll:. Jo. .LI\R(l:& ~c:o.tti:)N'I 5:1U:OT roM •

. 8".. . f?'

... 1i"":~-".' ~ .. """""'~.""""' .. "'."'.' .....

,-' .... : '".10., iii" I

CJ~I'" .' ._ .... -.

- I -. ,'-, I

. . .

. ,', ~ "_ -, '

1 ,_ '_-

. _. - ,

••• Ji!l!CO :POlOC'.Ul'ti.!&D H:I:,I'l"'~ ANGf;l~ ".

••• f'iOl!I. m:r:Pl!ozn:1'CINO! jiI:tIiI '170 nc.u" 1iI~"'II'iE;';Ll' !'lOPS..

home and [hen rhllngc lbem back to 3, dre~ when she returns. Al'ld \";-(:'\"1: added three P::UJ.f!iSaJl the vel)' end in order '~O lllcrease the rtu m her of times th~ proo uti'. is d i,~plai',«l i n the ,j II.t· pOU:ll1t limd section. Nm!: thai, we are 'II il'lg ~ nlOre finished :;ty[ein our art, There pictures represent the full number '01 panels we wmu~in Cl1ilirfinal wOirking s(Ol1,oo:la:-d.

W!RiIil' 1:0 "'1.1; RJ::f11' ~D"0(F l!>1I'b~~

so, ],'ol!t il'1!:A l' OI:l1'''QF' .. l'HlS lfoi:I\l!; W T I.:n':1: .o.o GET ro~

AS .... r;S'O'ID -- HitH I! A 1;t';!'.f'l""I'OO'tll"·J:.!:., ••

.•. II Ul.N"!fS, ro !'Ore.",


•... :fH:C !!IE Ui;!OC-!: "-:!Ill) 3'IU1'&I'T!(JUS C.l!:aUI .. TO '" fl:tl!s;I!IJ(~ •••

'T' THE; ~IIP.TIlO~' i!<U:Ji.KJ"A;ST CE:~~1.i


The finished storyboard

This is the complete storyboard for the Pops cereal commercial. It now includes the art, the announcer's narration, and the description of the action .. It is done on storyboard paper and is shown here almost one-half actual size.

Storyboard paper comes in pads with panels for the iltustrarions, and other panels below them for the copy. Any narration accompanying a picture is entered in the panel below that picture. Copy needed to explain the action in the picture is entered under this, in the same panel. Above each picture panel there is a space for the panel to be numbered, so you can be sure your panels will be viewed in the correct order.

Storyboard pads are available with different numbers of panels. A pad with twelve panels Eor pictures and twelve for copy is the most popular. The panels are perforated so you can take Out any panel and replace it with another. Sheets of panels may be taped together for presentation to the client.

On the next three pages you will find a glossary of terms and professional jargon used in reievision. Check these pages to find the meanings of aU terms used in this storyboard with which you are not acquainted.





Cut to scene as irate husband jumps up and down.





Open with heads of man and wife. Hearts pop on and off.

Man in mean mood -wife perplexed.. Start truck-in to wife's head.

At completion of true k - in - - pop in thought balloon.

Cros s -dissolve to woman walking out. of house.

As figure crosses line of house,. her hat, coat, and pu r s e pop on.






Pan with figure to store.

Pan with figure into house. Hat, coat, and purse off as figure enters house.

Continue pan to interior of store.

Pan to right with £igu re.

She serves husband.

Hus band tastes content of bowl.








Dissolve out figures of man and wife - - continue to zoom up product

- -hold product.

Happy husband points to wife. Halo pops on over her head,

Both hold hands, look at product.

Productzoom-s up both reach for it.

Ma.n kissing wife -- pop on heart.



TV terms

Televisi .

on IS a new 'd'

a langua . me rum and lik

. ., ge of ItS own S . . '. .. e all new me li

J) r i >: " •• orne f' . diurnsv i

.<Ow':" and advertisin . 0 us terms are bOITO .' '." I"" developed

situations that ar ' . g. but many have b. . wed from motion

will help you bot~ ~,~';iue to television. T~:';;~ve~te<1 to describe the erstand and talk thi I.~ m\mg definitions

IS ivcly new T\! ,. ungo,


iJ.' F

"""w A I ' I l . .. .

.' C O!l. •

,", ob ' 0 vrew of ,"0 ,

eve VIUW:S or I ace ~ or of

e e ore-ups. any 'u bject. All of

Adia,,\: The .

mohon e~.santial in

porlraying Ihe ,Ia,y.

~ut: An a'brupt .to' .. -- -- - J

IntrodUC'lon of p of one scene or .

, f enether. VII;I!W/ end th· -

e Immediate

Audio".Sound - th

to video, the pari e pari 01 lel'evi.ion thol

you sea'. you heor, os opposed

Chgrade .. • Th

, e oclon In 0 story,

Clip: A' _ •.. ..._

. seenon <lipped f

rom 0 f,lm.


Cycle: Completion 01 .

one £1 ngl!e D!:tion

"".L.----..J~ lt~ I

~l ~ 1);)1: ~,

Dissolve': The fd' - _j

Thi . .0 ""g of on

. ., 1:!Ii else coiled ~I· e scene 05 it .

o <ro".dissolve."· iseeplceed by another,

~li q.q~q.~ "

Fgde in: To br i ff- ~

"ng the .

conlra,t 01 Ii hi pictur .. groduo'll

9 end dark, y from dark inlo 0 full

I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I,


~Qrd ."U: "Hirtin . h .

tu,eri:s. me'" g, t e view

,.,ogo -Ih 1 •

him directl d 1 ," IS, r .. eol

y on ore .. lull'y.

• the hood" . h

ding the w,' the edver-

prod~ct or ~erv,iI:10 to

Inkh,g and '

desi poon,ting . Ink'

aSlgn onto cello hon' ~

ony speclf d p e WLlh

C orca! with oopeg

lift, A se

gmenl 01 "

used by 'itself comma

CI' D complete .1

con be tok

r cornmerclol, en out and

:~-~ :

_ . _


_. _

Live, Photogrc. hs

or rnevles, tp 01 reel pe

0' Ihing. - either .till


Long shot· A .

01 IhQ "be: e ' .p,dwe ,howing pretcres ,Q:re!ong

,·1 f,go,e or 0 di

"toni 'view. All

Mo,t.h d'

IS501ve: Holdin

.0Tve f,om one sco 9 one elemenl on th

no to enethsr. ' e~Ueon tU We dis-


IL~·······~ Ilvl

Medh,m shot· A . . .-

All 01 the b' p>elure in .belw.

" ove pictures mo 'mediu·n °h close-up a'n,d "long h

m.3 oh. ' ::Ii of.



No ... o,tion: Th d .

cction S . 00 (HcII:'"lption' or

• emefimes <ailed" .' commenlo'Y Iho,!

VOI~e over," accompanies the

Off :Icreen' Wh

I h .. en you d

o t e sound . 0 not see the b'

. ' 'u loet tha" h

!~ t e SO'L.Il,tO

On screen: When

seund, you .e .. Iho .'ub'

leet Ihot ls In

e source of Ihe

Open on· T h

., I ,d . 0 • ow i,n Ihe .

or e 0 .eq~enoe . opo,,,ngll101 If

bench" we would '"y "0 .. Ih .. pi'cture abo

. ' . pen on a ",on I' . ~ ..

y,ng on a

I [

I I I I I I I I I I I ! I I

·1 I



~~~.~\ ~flow~[i If f

moves ........,_ or ne movement of

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centlnuous seene or ' "I ecomero gr"duan e emenl 0, if

peneremlc effed. Y'o a, to shew 0

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pop on," o'n the screen lip

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Prominen,lly d' I . ~

"P oylng Ihe prcduct

Product 'd

b • .1 entiliecdion'

e,ng odverli,ed.·


ReCld· To h

. . , ow up cleo I

'I'ongor <onl,o.,I, "re"d,,'t Here, Ihc' two bottom .

etter then In ' - pretures,

e two 01 the 101"


Sc:rIIp+t .1. "t!il"!'~ o. pC;p"',C. c;~ on;!ili,I!, ·orl ~ Qf j-li." ,t'~~F.1t'M J oJ tne ~~_,r""l c~' lrQiI)' ,;j r. d~l<:tlibf; cI: III .! .. rllIll. ,oy~d (llIld~S.~.g1 ""N'd~ C!"'~ ,""""oU) 'c, liR[1 '\:I .• Th. pkroncgT ,~~n''i! nl' 0" It... 'tt~1")' Iht~. ~,i! 'i:I~ dl'll ~ r;d vid~o "'di"t:llI ;;H Il1Jl.;o;!IIl :p<lQ~:I!;l ,illl ~F4!\CI~ ('Olg ... ,,~ wilhlli .. , .l.Ou~d Ql'ld' Ihit (iOI,e$p.o!lldl'",gill~" '!idOl by .rd~.

~u"d 1.",1. i~ Sii'i'fI£.wi:liI Q(ri~1'I

~.§i;l~ ,d '. ' '


," ..... :::.'.'

. ..~ v..

I' '

- 1-


I r··

o I, •

- _" ','",

.. ',' ,-, .:_-


- -


HELW. HO '.II' A R!=:: YOU? LOOK AT TW. r: CO·OD.lE!!YE.

5,in~1 :i-r'DI!. flClt'i~~Orr,r;.II'~

iI:'Adicn In l.i1ll~1t>' 'IIi'll.T tr.e oerio' lM'uicl!n p r;I~dl'i'.'fI].l;r.,"i,.~d ... lil1h "if! IKHH!lio.fii_

FF ••• ,

,. ,. ,. A.. ••

1,1,,1 A. ill i

••• MM •• '.'.

.".' QU'S


S'Of1' ,~ell: ID',!-If~.;~~ rlo~ ..... ~r!' .. ·n'., _UClII.' in Q - i~dLFtsl', ,o,.,oum if<lMyt ."..""!" .,..j!ikc'llli .. hc"B .~P:I}!')SIJ, on, twyl, g Ike Ip'r~ud.

SUP!!!': .~ ~.t i,~. ··~'",,p.,',u "'pCR.:!" - '~QIl' w~idl ~~ ~upeJ; ~!le'd OW!r I .e !FI!td'l;l~e.



I I I i I I ~ I II ~

l'rli," iH~ n~, ~ !3""lga11ll !Q'~g cd' tl>. pic~"'~ - I.CJ;"', D I~,r.g ,oih;c'I' 'fer Q _divrn .!'iel' 0' .. ~I'oo;e- .. p. ''1rlJ,,-1; 'Q.V ,. ~I'I:I, 1M ~!'¥I!n'" g;i Ihj1.

Wi,po ,of,l'~: ,M ~!bi!'ct _"'4,~ "<T~"" I~'~ 'lClt~n' g~ g. .litlii'r,,~t~~ ... ""d. <)( 1;1 nQTMU ~b-lt(I' Q.!l 1+ PCl'lg~IM ""-

WIPD a'~: A Q!b~d _.. ... '~:""C"" 11i;e ,,~u,- {!jn-d: ,,,,,,,,,1" .. ,,· 'cl:i~" ,~r word. '~,p~. ~ere ,~ j'j •• ~ ,c!oj ... " I't~n ~~U\.


l' .,., t e",eVI:Slan, (I,r

How Iman.ypan'el:5

in a ""talking" sto,ryboard?'

The decision on how IImrny pan!:l, tu uSC in a storyboard is an important one. iJ the board is going to retl ir.s :m'H'Y ckaTl}". There ,,,'('1"1" ,eighteen p:nn:hrin dn:' Pop cereal :.tor)'board, Bur lh<tt doesn 'L mean t hat e ightc~n pemeIs wi U ~ ~ \'i,'lIy~ he u,ha L is :righi, The correct number of l>anch is dicitated beth b1o' (he length of ti me du::, commercia l w j n be on t h e SITc~:n II ml the action of tile ~[OTy Jiut:,.

',uppose:we have ,m:1~~ig-nm('nt [>1:1 create :lwT}·l!ua.rd fur the ne~" H ;tde:; on H,eate~·. The ~l.Orr is fa i rl 'f com plica ted, but :i ( is a good one and wehave :;!; whnlc minute :fu:r the commerelal. The Kr[pt calls for ll;;"O men who meet :u a bank, 'One :ro ,rl,epm][ money, ene ro bmrrnw mrmey, The man \dm IS lmn-uww!,\,inone~,. is\'cry '><HI - ]11:::- has (0 bon-ow so keep. his house propet[y heated. Hi.5 fuel bifls aee rerrtble, 11~t' :s:..wi:!"1~ ff'Hm\' ,expb~m ahuut dlC' fine, II>I:W,t:Wllt)lllil:ai Hades O~l Heater that he has l:l1H,1.]kd in his home, They pan. ','Vhen Ihey meet in the h.1.nk :lg'3i'nJ they are bod~ depmi,tillg: nloncy. The once-sad man (hinb bappil)' of his house that no longer eats lip his moneJ Ihl~c;m:;p he Ill! Ii,,· ~~;1 ned t hoe m~w Harl E'S hearer,

Nuw let's go to work and see how many panels we need 'to ten our srorv. I'his is our 'lirst arterrqn - nur I:i'lkilig Sluryboanl.

H:ap~'( ,1I'1l1' eu nn 'ng ~., 'ba.n!\ •••

." • m~'o::t$ SAd guy .... }:,(I ;'z'I"5~ '1)0 t'nrw mOM.,.

Ti:I'~y =.""i :'~l!'in ~" booth to' d~;po~ h m.o'rt~'y.

To,o, f·ew paltlels,

ln~i '1:t'O~td h ~ci d~".lt"J ~'n"'~9h fQr I I> ito" lW~ (Orm . '''yi'riS h. Ie Ii. hdOoi ~ ,r.ot lh~' ~ ... ~ .. ~h Dr II be j~'r~rrntl'd i'g!~' Q>t:li~ ~ r ... ge'i ,,,,,,,,, ..... r',ii'I' i'lI'Iporl'Giii I!:.<!M<:: 11'<',,,h ,cf I"~ ill.:,I'Y. ""f1j.c;1i '~N!' !"-~ COOCAC '7. 11i'* .ffi1ii~ n;;y. "r.d d'.Ml,il'i!y C.'! th,,' p,e;d"". In. """'~~ nfll'II>gi I~ t"9 i~,II]Ii':; "nil d;~'rdl)' Qlld" ,t~~ l!~ry fr"e !~ "1l!~.r.1;!'1.4 <i~ ..... ' ="i',~ f~o' .. pi(i'ur,,, tc' pi dut ... '1'1 jj 9LI~ i'i~i01I Iih:ot '''';; '~;"IXHliI't~9 Jf,ory o-d odd fi"lO':. p"' .. ~I •. Sa .... e tEl' "gClil!l.

S:ag, gay ~~U 1'rI,¢t'I~'). i~tCl ilou~,~.






Slid! I")' ~hi"k .. D'C had h~u~,c .•.

&dI ,.(1), <;:0""1',,,,,,5: ho .. ne.

..... whil;R liS n.ow ;Jr ~oQ!a nOIlilIC>,,, ••

&bpJ;;,)i' gl:l.y ~e!b 't...,n'j ~bQlJt 1n,I!;!W Had!l!=~ h,~;ji.te'i'._



10'0' Migmy p'l:me;Is

IntI h jlllit I~Cl "pp""sii~ D,I n,m ._1o.'",py .hllrl: .. "llJ;;I'. nh. QI'I. 10 •• k; ~"'1 T'o<! rn Q<;I!_ og.r.d oln~!'I~ !o.:;klrl9 <:I It «loll'lcI e.::.lolly '!3~·1 IGIl ;[11 11.,,, ..... 1,,, or delQil. If bo,., rQQ' fllg"J ,~.Q'l. $o""" ....... ~~ 1b.!'t;.'~~1'1 ttlt! e;JrI·'l!:I"iII-. of tb~. h.D bri'.,! b"", rJ d1.~'~ ·.!';,tin" fQ~ e Rwg'b c:!,,;;11 ·rh. Q-..-.r .. !ob¢t.ot~ I~ r>d' II!.,,·~ '~FI'I'~'~ .... dI ",.mfw·=, . ..., 'oc D hnd .. l'o"p,!I')' _d'L.'CII<. 'Ou. ~':!<'I~Tf,p ",,,.,t .~ '!.:I ~~t Ol;lt t'!:'!; e·.'f~n I?" nob ..

~""1 ~.

~ ,~.

Both meq .. 1"t.I,~ I!J~, ",t. bi&nk.

W'ithih,;i\wS money from.iJ.Gme.

S"',ItN7S:" ~.~' :.: '

_ 'JII

'.', -I


r~~"ii;" '~

t· f§EJ



n.PP1 mlll'fI ~I ".t~i urahilPPY Ir:llatD ibl)clrQ~ing 2.!I.a.iIi.

- ':" ,;?".

Ha.d e,;s hea.~ti r make II iI. ba.ppy h'01;!se.

Bo,t'b. :m'.a waH;, ~il,tiCi !:I'iflll.

J): ia. ~COfi. om;le.a,~ .•

,Le·.V'~B he.:!!.!!! .!U;;U t,i!; l:'Lu;;,ling.

Happy man :lU~lJi,r·e!1 w~y.,

n [s dH- U hils lihua.~

de'O"It. hiUt'!,

T~k~ ~ rnor~ mon ~'Y' tl!"o,m h(UE:!iI!J,

'.' .. ~.~";', ~"

. n.··~···.·,· ~,_" a=··.~.-.····.-·····'~····'·-.J:, ~

I," '. .,' .'

•. ' _I " __

," ;J- - "

','1'" '. . ,

Thill" ilJ r'~ bl:!th ,::i,~;po i! it i n~ :mo'n~JI'.

Tn inks oJ hi~ en'~'my ~hc hD'!:I51l •••

Ope~ 01\1 happy m,;l.n ~!J..;in;g,.

H;aP:P'f .mAn. ,U s ilJV~1l8;S, COtlt'lt'~I:r ... ,. u,ilhappy' m;a,1'I .d IQ;!!lD I;01;ltlr'~'F.

He br,eaika ~II:to, a ",'II.

~'1!!1i ~,omi!! OIl.l'E (i,f' bailk.

EiI.'tI ma ne'r ~ ~

~ n.arh .for mOore.

!1nnilJpP'Y rna"ft 'Eoi!i·th M.s story ..

,A'r:riv'Bii a.t oalnk _,., :mceu UGh, F'1.~,y miBltl lIIl,a in.


~.,c._'.' ..... ' ~'"

~ ,



Ha.ppym.llill Ii ~"'~~ h~m :ac!vice.

r'I w'bic'tl he hoil ~ ,5 n .. ~,til.U!.":d. a ~i!l~'~ li'lin,tu'"

Mi!'~tli'r o;hoilllil!!'5

ho:a.~·t· .. '" . -

" I


., .•• i.ll,to, hllPPl' heme,

Ml":ater'is O!!!~ 0 r'lu1nh:a l •• "






Cut h) u nniiJPPY m,a i1I.' .... a ill;i~in (l''iIi; d!ret::tj.,;m.

, ,0.· •. · •.....•. -', .



Un'happy' maD, with, boon owe~mtu~~'f 1S~:rt!iI1h!@ml!'.,

Happy ml..11 .1lI ~,~ ~u· Jo;LDme.

... ~

O ~~-:'~ .. ' .. " i.·.··.·

~~- .. '


'F,!!:Us, him aboi!.l t t,a,WY h_ .. u·.

. .

,~ ~

HIPPY mail, I t.a~t I hom!.": ,ili!!i.iJ:! •

.Mu·u; -u.nnap:Pl' m,an .• wllo i I il.0'.v happy.


Here ls our ha,ppiY me·dium - th'e Iright :num'berof panels

lh"re "'~ ;;'nolOl;lI· p9I1fTI, Ji.c'~ to, 'Ieli 'Ille '!~'Y ~""t:lflil" h~1i' Q "rip. I,~[;~.~ 1"""" ... ,11." ~I hi It;! iuft'py. (l, !Ii ,1'1;:0 .... ' tfle f\*W h.,",[]'~r " IiCiti~I'!:I~I'.o")" ~,ij"':""',.!f "f n,,,,,,·'_ O'll~1 nh", u nn.::ew,,",)" ,o~;!I' 'CQ ~1\u!l'I!I'" !;Kl~~I~ ""' .... !>HOI .Ii i".,o+~d,

'!'OVI wjll ".Q>t"~ Ih[],i on lliis 11l2ryb~,d.... . I)",,' it.~ , 'f:'o!e~,lr-

el;~" ~Mh "I "=''il<lr'''l'l WerlJ··fin .>0. th." p.-.'.i .... 'L '~.". C''''n~: !;.c,.;·k O~· tbe ~.e«l·d'l .. !1 -;"'8'" .. fiel ~{Oli,e hQIW m<:I,i'IY e:.jI01n~u ~ p<I~>lI'I, ~~ •• t[]\,~" Out, tI~ ... e ..... , ...., dill sb..... 11;. dft 1'1'1", p:W~(1 OS med\')' I;rr..!! I «n I~ 't'he' ;~ f'i¥iQ<~$ 'Ilol"j~.d - .~"~o: ~h.~ !",.,.f"d id!;;n,.'r;,,,r'~11 i~ III. '."I'0<Il ,i",' prlHi'""jrn1il 'fM. ~ _ .eu~lo::1l rn ~". n.1II p!~_

2.:-[]~ 11',;;, ~'lilplrjicml. s.. 1>0" m£o:n, 'iclter ,'];.i. ~i,,'r:rh ..... rd """"" . ., Gild I!<ow' ~=" clcarer i! ... ,1-."... I'~.' p~.,nin!a Oi:iU.

One di!!'PO!iiU m,Dne)'. th.e ot.h~ t· hal:' TOW 8 •

H~ppy man waJldng to b~n~<+

Unbappy man :11: hi' e ~ ·m.o'IiIJ!iY '1:0 hou::ie.

Oti,e 'd:e'p"l}i5 in" ,c'r.le bOl'row'~ 'More mone.y·.


I[J- 1

I u I

• , • the'T,=' iii low cost •••

... , \ . ,

H~pJ:l'f man. I!l,o I::S horne ag3.1n ..

..... 'Whie h., IIlhn: h(! iIi ~

iii 1.a.J [e:dI a Hacie';i he I:t e Ii" •. , .•

W~thdJr'lI.w:5l moTe. ""OIlI!Y from hOIl'5,e.

HOlPP'Y rnan, "JoIc()na""n about·11!;: g~oom.


. , •• ~ffl.c i.en It y .....

••. dunibmty •

M.a,~:t .. M'5! hiell'lffi .;1 ila.In. at

bank ~ = bo~h, ",oW' ea. Try money ..


~ U

... bficame lin, angel of jj!, ho~se becaus e or 'F-blld.l!;5 'h i!!·a'~'i!!:t q .!l .••.•

.... [Ow CO,st •••

U.nhappy millll doing ~a,me ..

Happy mil n take 5 m.(Hle'f from: nCilU!;;jj ..

Unb,l.p'p'y minl vni.a"li.:!i cd his money - et't,illg bQl!ul·e •••

• ••. dll:r.abUit}l".


Ben~ is, a ~toryboaf"d depicd!1 g' a eornmercial fo.t a new cold t.;l! hlet, 'The auueuacer explatcs ~he' vlrmes of [he 'tab].:: t,$ of the human body deumn U"'",IC' the tab]et's quick action.

A~ first glance lit ~ooks ;IS [~f tile d~agrnmml'ltic pan of tills 5 [Ol1'ho.J'riI. is till! Inajor part ~r the who, commeJldal, Hu~ frrm~ the point of ,;iew of timing. this is decci .. rirlg., Look. at the ameum of narrariou in dlC Eirst four paneb. when dle anrmurtcer is" talk· ing, rhfH ~ool: :'Il ~~H~ pmpo[u(itnlat(:l~' small amouru 'of nan-ati~u in the remalniugeight dlagrammatic )1lUI,C 15,.

'The :mmmnu::r has been given ant' [QUT panels because ne"", (In ly talki ng- [here is I~ tf le - :anlun UJ d·e pi'll. N evertheless, his Uiluat ion [<IIk~ up t¥;"Q·t-~]])(h o~ 'the tim e o~ 'lhemratr.nt:rcil'11.

Unless rhls :is made dear. however, ,the prospecuve adverd8ing ellen L ,mOt)" 0 h j eel ~hat. as far as be' can see frmn L1lj~s wl)' board" du!' diagrn:mm:ni:c pan is overemphasized and his 3.IUIOIUlOOir doesn't h;:we l~nQugh time (0 pll~ over ~h~ :11::ud sen. 'The silllph~$( way m show [hal thi.~ ~s not ~ ~~, to irrdicare '~he amount of :till}C each paael will take. Of course it ~s. nUl poss~b]e [a indkau' the ~ tb:ne in seconds, but we can gh'c theappmxllmnc Itwme.

lV:e use mhc :fftgme of ixty seeouds ~n d~ibing i)I commereial.

This Pilea;l':IS, in. professimnl pracrice ~h::u ~ixly ruwnds is allowed .feU' the picture - bmonlyfift)·-.eight seconds is lliUowed for the sound. 0 ne ,(I nd nne-hal f ~R~()lmds of stlund ~n::c 'taken off tile be~inninga;nd ene-haff at ~ilile: end,

'T£>~'EN LEAIJL'«> HOO·PITA.[.'i 1"11010' F..LI IT.!> j;;'E tJ:&f'" 1'0 D:::!: •. '~OU.roR l' ..•. Rl:Ul:F .F'JlOM Ji.C~:I!S ilia! I!",MIG l)1:f~ Ttl COUl5t •.••

C'OMP'U~ TIlE !;:ff'OCTI'It.l:. l:l:!:S or F~l:u:;;t O;!II,.n l'Ai!;. U'ilr5 WU'li 'OIi"H:!:;f'i LUll'~ COIJ) r,j\1!,Uii!I: L'I '~:Hm ~W;!l'i.:W"

co 1.0 ~ ~'f F~5lo;i!JO r F.!C! LEI':

~L[J' 'tA!l~. ~.£.r.L.£.j;i", F:~.~ ~Ii:!II. ir.flA:"·$ ;;!F • .I'.l'F, 6'" S "!J) MC!'lW./I;J!_O;s_ !l;tn' TIU:Il.;&"! ,!40'nl· L~ BIIC KIII',Ji.lUi A;EHl\n' FEU.l:,1'i. no's "'AT ~'T IN FElOl<l' Q,P ALI. (""~'H~ 0::.0 W JI;~ ~lffl. -.s 1;'.(;('IiiI, AS, ..w. roc.; irD;rt 's i?a &sC RiiP,1 ID}i ..

II;;I;;I'~ f..:o I!!,:..*'; c:'iL~ ;'1 LIi~ I t:11'iI~'11a ;1.1 w;:;l!i!.lI" ii".",~' !jil~U ';:1;1111 ;t.=t~ '~J'M

p.w.p ls 1I'1"!iii~;K! :IliJ,!,;l!f'1I!! .~lJ;l--=1 WJ:L.!:J .Ft'U.'J! :pll:'~\I,4!'M

E'tlill:. r tllb:!I't 1i:fv._1 .1:.1 flit-if' t.._gl',

""af:~i!'I!.IJ!,illfI!d_'H -

'"(!lit til' ~;-I.:4:- j,:'.;I"'Ii'i 'I E"nJ,Ii' il\lj'~iIl,il!!'~ Il;.J.LI:!I.!I,1I :f.l"~~'~.'il II r.i!!t'ilF11 1Il'iii![;hi h,lrLI ".

1Ii"!II~h!-F.' iI];r-;,~ ~'" ~j ta:J..'Ull, u LLd~ Fi.lJ!lJ~ ~';I' ~-;J'.:!i.~ ~~~ f~if.tlIi!ll· h Q=lf ;r.sU'11Jl1... lGOa r.I,,' p.a.,t~IIi""" ... + clOI,t"fiil:;O""_' -.,.r~ '!IF"l'iJii;F." fiQ]d-

~11. '1M; Q "'lI~~,~~r' (:>(Cl\IpJ~,~ elll;!" '!Q,;;f ponel~. nolK.4i' IlIia I In. D!RXJsrd' ![If [J[Jrror.i[J1ll 11OI,t.~gm;p¢n,.,_ i~ III t1"~m h cI~vl'!'lc H,., i; f01 '~M, r~ I:'Idr~c~'9 ~1'9hf Ip.r:! ~r .. • 0 ;i· •• · 10'1' OJ betr.r id'~ "I' 'Ih.l! timilJ!l, ..... 'I't""" ;iilli.;;oI*dI 1M nil ~Mr "I '14!«I"!;!~ i'l Ih~ Im:tt~", tiot '0'1 Ndi ~I!tel.

Wil" ibA ~'9M ptE:l~ r~1w Mlr~ Tnol .... ~n veery !iUi8 ,"0",.,· 'lioll.Thitr'itro~., Tnt, I'tJl ~I he 'l"ooyb.;.a",d 1_ .. 1!J~, 1:1",,1\ fQ i:iii,F. ;i!,!CIyoriy. whit. ·I~.. ""c,.n.lia.m • n T~I' ~,p f'Q , ~ft,,~ r,~q~~n!~' ~.9 "'<:G~d.t, f,cr' 1M h!l1dl1!1'I. lhe l'I,um'li .. .ifi in lite fill mo'll'liOIl '.~1Ii1 ,!;ICI ... I~ 'C>~ <1\0 .... n.I ... fi .. ", f*'Q .. il~ oi'l'lY '19 ~~~~llh.


Tlming does not ~Ih.'o'ay~ Hn:-·'in pi.:I.nni,ng the ol!.1rnber- of seconds [Qr each panet, You ffi,;IY be asked tn design 11 TVuummerd<l:1 IUbilt rau be used ~n three din;er~m time' segitnrms .. lif [his sounrls complicated, the s'lUdy of a. lSl.myba:uu de 'igllcd fut Alcoa! 'Wrap '~"m gil-e tIIS a :goodl i!x<lmp,ir datu wHI d:I1'Hy the ]1mh1cm,. l.t:t':;, 1001:. :H. [he:ll ~i,gn~u,t:nl and dg,C~n ~tudj' the v.n.iQus 'sJt,eP$ taken in tutu:,· execllii.1U o:r '~hr.' ~N'lryboo,rd.

,\koF.i'''fra.p r,eq1Ltes.[ed an 8L1-se;coml commercial ~o j'nnro(lllf,:c .1. new-size foil wn~p. Foil! \!iraphad always been 1.8 inche:§, wide, This me~'Un rhar there W:1 ' cOIIs.iderahlc \,VilS.U: when wl'app[ng SDll<IU objen~"s.f) Alcoa was!cil~Jt <I rH:"W aiuminurn f01~ \\;~IP l'h:n W:IS nll~i)' t2' :illd'lf.·~ l\·ith:. 'They .• t~l;.ctllU]· a ~mnnH;:~"i,,[

a.,·f~.r., ]'I;;:jlflj~ ~ "O-I'k ~;n g i"~rTbOQ rCI: 1'1'101' "";11 soh-·e jl;~~ .... ~.riQ,~~ p robn!·i'!'i. t"~· ~r~! ~!~p ",~;,,~. b~· I';;h,m, .~ ,,~ ... 'I 'Ii~;!o m~.~ 'be ~r,~~rl~d c:!~ iii c,piPrgn.l b.y H"" ell,,"I. lih~ cr:I ~n.l;l' ,ublr.ftllid 1M ~Q.rU"'9 ~tdl ),1)1,1 !lU h.!1_. !'ill ~"(~ id!~Ql ...... s I", britfl~ O<lt If", ''''''''1:;'1: lit'lll'~,er.. ,Qf Akoo, by ·contrg~ti'ill9 ili~·m, .• ill 'Iii!.! 'f~.cI1'I."~~1 Cl'f 0' ~.~'hfc,II, A lIIit" ,[cIOn;"cl !."r~~.r d~mtr;'u~rQl~' IhillT i!t.j'."",", W['op i~ a.'r~<'Ii;e·r. r.,'I¢re C~r.'Ifl"U. I'~I'I~'., Ql.,.d! I~» "" ... ~t~r,,1 ~h'n 'DID!' D.~ I~ e ";:!e-y,Q'ft' I~l~'m~. ;:l~ ·tM9i ·~.ro1hg'.

0P@nl Ci'n ttll/rnivil,] b~:rk~:r'. Or'lr s:ijtB. shD' .... a feUJ;L:£C.1 of e .. ro.! ...... nu:, H;)·th~ .. [It,,, .f~ ... l"'Uil ~r A:ieo-~ •.


s''''II' '1\6, "lob

C;lj:~i'iI$":d d;o. uy. 'I'(j,m ThIJ.onb j s f!lm~n. rot tll,e !Z-l.aeb. AICQB. W~!liP l's I.mal,l~!' iU'!o:I ~.:u.,. ~o no,r.e_

w·i th ·3n .. t:nu.:.r11l.ining 'an nauncemen l o[ Itlle ne' .. ··~lze wi.!. as well ;<IS a demenn r,:u.ion or rhe' "no wa ste" ideal.

The }lmblemw<ls, todesign one commercia l thar could he broken up into three scparnr(: commercials - one o~ Soil seconds. one of 60 seconds, and one 0'( 2U seeonds. AU l1r.n;lon included. dOE "hard Sldl,"wh~d~ Was 20 seconds long. The 2IJLseoond version. ·\'o·.1S mJrle upof only [he "11:'I1:d sel]." The 1i5G-~Sii:iroud ... l::rsiO·H had to be a complete commercial whh entertainment and "hard . cl l." T11C' SO-K'LCUUlI. wlnm:eH.:ial added further en le:r,lainI!H enlt to tbe GO-second verslon - III serlulds at the beginning and 10 SECends more a ~ the end. Now Jer' s exami ne fne de,i·e1opm.ern of

d'li~ oornmel'r:i(!] thTOU gil ~'1 U o~ i u various ~t,l'IgL'·s. .


C",rni"101 ~ii'" .!I1i}!'5 ".5tl',or'lg" --, Ai·~o·.~. lig'! ~~y~ ":Short.!!!!''''_''

'c"~,, l 'O'1i! I. ~ ig'l 8 ;tV~, ~ ~.~ th.~ ""MI.~· ;'5iI~OW~ ~It"ll '., 'bll,'r'I!i::alnM .B~t. A~t=Q'I!. il Ii ",lilU ~u.ilil.!'! rh&!'i allY othu b~!:'IiU,1 e th·e r.~ ~I 1'I.g, ... &. ~e ..

W,ni:l up by Z~I;"T""~: up I'",<:lo:"g~ of Ako·ll.

.'\.rCO\1 liked the flf!'<t,mugh l.dki'ngoo:nd. shown on the prevlou:s. p~ge, btu olrlJ.l,y as t1JT as the gener::l~1 :i!]1]1110:lc::i'1 tva.s {"_oru:c~n,~d. In~lelld nf' rnn~haJ barker, dl,ey wa~I~\ed ~Q1 use <I Ilute Magician 6!il:'lrr~ that d'ley h<ld 1I~. bdon:l. So w.c d~Ulii n :;lIed. the baJl:~.e[ ,storywani!and ~~aned !Y.~r, p1!ming r.heirliule m::igidan rm 3 thC::Itel" M<lge.

Y (ILl t'e~me:Mberlha( A koa hnd reqne"""tecl .;m,pn u~nalin iUglU~,.' nr.m.1 B:CIlII:nt as wen l:IS a demQn51~rOl'l~oli IQ~' the • 'N 0 \ V aste" IeaUI re of the ~m:1~,kF"\S'izcd fuil. The HU.lCi' llliligid an wall M 1,1.0\,,- ~up· ply~ne emenainm,~mt. A ~,gJne'm of ]ive a f:~ ienwnu kl. 8uppi y 'I:~~e ,J.le~nm~5'l.rnli{)u iH~Ltl:"h<lf,rd~U '. and a super '';0111 Id erop.h~ize that there was nowa M,c.

The 60-secolnd.$~m1'bO<'l:rd $ho",:n belowis rhe main part of the 'OOTlIIlUtrd·.l,1 '11 nd i.ud udes. lxull. lhl: an[~ilt,{I(1 'en ter ~a[n men land the i:~]en~' s m~s!-<Ig:e.

Op~'ri Q 'l~~'~!i~" ~bi~ ~~.i.n ,i::;",rm.

-sun It bl.~ P;IJ,8;C'.

JIi.~CiQ,;l p!&ehs,e H""". tc, 'bIlHQQn .•

L>!:' j)ve r,

~ tlU ts '~fi' pa:j:~t:

Ci~, i!',.,~ ~ ~,.

W,o~1IlJ 'II "~w'· "O~'1 O1J,t, lo;;no,e!o m~~,i~i~~, olf s~:c"ec'n.

Ma.g i~i~rl.till!>:.~ p:!i ~I<,~g ~,. .pl:~.~.~ ~ it, ~B, ~ .. !i,r11~

F~U~II 'IJ'~ ir~II:'~

., - !«k TOU~ b.a~k :5:ntg, [p1i.!i:kil.a:~.

M>i!g.;d~ ... Ujii'· t;j)·@liR..,1r; 111 ....

F\l,llj ig,ii wt ... p .h [)m'Il~'~ •.

\~~.I ..• I ,"

Lift~ liI,p :Hut ]0lI~[ .. I b~:U:lk ~p~£.

A",],,,, tlWks \l.nlile:~ l~·.llr. b,UMln ":.P'.PUr n.

._..,.... - ~ ' .. J; .... ,"t',


'-I. =---r



HJ.rr,I!:t'I~,~, ~ .• mll;I-:;.I~ w:ta:p i"to> har:tl!mj)~R.

Tiel r",' i.lP' n~.~~ p.i;S.,·

Blli~g.g,,,, ,~oC>fIrn.~ up .ruU.

Climb., :ililtQ

r .. a .1J"'rnfila~I<,.

:z.Q{lm llop Jl.l~;)I, P'"'-==hg.,.

w~ d,~."Qh,~ '1:0 h~~' .A.kO>ii p~~~ai~·


I .' I., ~.

~'~'.~' ' .. ,' '. ' ..

... --', "

1_. .-' ',.1

,~, -,

;Zo-o'.m. b,~¢~ to p~,ekiS'.o:n 1Iil000~l •• ~,.

Ov'tn ~~C'l~ -H". IJ'"H il.lrurde~ ""~~[I. S",p·~ r

~ !I;!f~ ,I! f.lJO' wi'Lj!J,fl;,~,~ i e

M&!I:~ i •. n ta.~~ 5 A:!~O,k :p.,~'k.~liI'~ frQme,u~.i.

Word. ,[)n ·~;a.ul. ~;hll~',I'~' .II,S h~' ·w,;i.t~hu.

~",~,~~~",~ li~~r.~ -~li,..'I!! (ff>fj,,;ji wupp~d i"! r .. n],. HOI!11! 'Ii;!~~.

Pui~ .Akfj:;t ~~ik,,"s:e'l.'l;""F h.i .• 1l1t.

Il:O!!lLdU!I~. ,fhf,(' ~("~een .fo~· P'I i~~. Uut~ pa:il}hfi~.,

C'I.lJ il7lii.L9 ~i[]Jm~ II do-no::! ·Ibi:.· ~~[fon.

P\l,d;;~i@!II.I.ol:l~ .",. hyco

tEn~J'If..ciiln~1JI!1 se iI!<~o~di

1'l9tdu:n :llCI~.~."di

~.~ .\~=.I!'t<!iii'! jj'"M te .~ftl~d.


1-h- D,ft d- .. ..I, t'h' . "'0" - '.' ..I n,~,.I. ... u

'_ . e ;DV-S,eCon . VEU'SI,Q,n 'an,'g ' .. e £ '.seCOl\g . n

In order [,0 extend the 60-:.el(ond jtor~'bo<trd to 80 seconds irwa necessary to do a ~in le p:'IrMi n g. The Sililp]CS l 1M<ly tn du ~h~s ls to add io ~C1om! to 'the beglnnil'lg anel IIlllcoonds to the 'end {If the commercia), 'These lIddillUUal20 seconds of action comribute ~~, tile enteetainment value, but dn:y can be dr-oppf'd w~thUHt affer.<.i,ng the oTigina,lli'Qi-s«'ond seeuon. The ,]0 seconds added to rhe bL-ginlli:lf"\g 01 the Story' shuw uur htde 1l.1agic:i:;m ::iIpproaching andenrering the tbeJlt,eIr. The III semHd added OIl rhe eml S.FIOW

himl'l:a~'iiilg thetheater, Thi8. g:i\'l"S us 'our SO'se'cond version ..

[;,;0. .... 1· [herf' was the 20·5econd "hard sen'; lift Lo be cansidered; TWC'Illy seconds 18 such :;I :dmu ti,nle' dhU i'l permi:i,5iliule or no emenainmcnt - jusl a direct "hard scl]" t:ha'l gives rhe F.Men~i::ilJ .poinl:$ with no frll.k So fOI.· lbis ~O·s.eroml liI£t, oady the live demum,lnnion5lection '\';:11'1 n t~d - Lhe photograph' of the: package and If,l'r A kml \'Iha!~ being used .1!Iml atorud .. These liye panels tdl tbes(Qry - ~l:Ier can be shown alone at llflly lime ..

... @~. ~-: I:

:0:,:;".' e- . ~'.' ..• " '" ~'.' , .. ".'

. .' '. . '.' . ....• "'," .

1·1. ," I .

if' ;'" ~ .. ,," .'


-_ ..... --

M"'K'da.n ·on V&.i' !.Q' ~b tl.t·u.

OiH~~.n DEI, lifa.gti" ,'=u :"liil.~ ~ dgwmJ.

"" Pl. .... '

• om., II i~b,.

suu ill. !:Ill!)1i; "iiil.ll'I.

...... leuA .pi;ekai~ li",J, ~Q ~~ Llwil.

Leanli' !frYe.f'. 51ll.IJ'rhl. tlCll Jl!l.:I.[]'~ o'O.~.lId.

fo l""e .... 'c .. :a ];;:il.d:~18,e.

Zoom. b-~i(·m.: l .. paekil.i.~ (lin, e;I.5 ~·I.

Qpl:t>, p.10911:1, hom • 1-11 ~ ~c; ~~.!!I'~ d(!l"~.

W'Di"d iilN!lw""POPII CIJ.l, k"'Q~.k. m.I!;'~;""''' o(! II~r~cn.

MIlII.i~ A" l;lk'l!;~ :p.a~t~,g~. pt~·~·~'1 it. Qil ~.,.~] ..

. :r .. n. ',,1:1 !a.,a

~ _ hJ:i.m.rno~.k il'IflIU!I N1CX. :Jato

(]vl! [II LjI;"''''~ e •.• 1:'Ye I.fO}I.IIHMlc. m"'~'ll. ~~per 'S'''Y' "no W.l!Ii.itli!!l~, II

M.KiiE:.yn. ~JI!.HJII, "iiI.1Id (1018:1. d[l" ..... ta.~·n.

H~ dim.1:;" 1't.t.i.l'Il t" ilta..!. ,d;g.g.!".

Lifts UP' l'r~l I.~i .~r 1;Il" .. 1!!; i!'·~.

~b.gie~;j' ~ipto·~ •. h~ EI< ,,"'.

h,. J.~ ;lDok. Ilrl.~'~~ h.d. b:aUOit!'11! "P"~,i; U"

Pu.iH !~H".. ra.p f::-om pi;~kli~ .. '

!· •.•. ffi,l;xt:t .... rap ib.t;:; h.un;mo'i::k.

Word. 0,1\ ~ue! dl.ll;.og. ii.I' I:!~ ...... tc:b.~j;j.

R·u(l'Ie~ oif a~~'.·.1'1 lor pale.t. a t'.fIlI

~~tl .M~o.a

fi! ~:it~Il:. I.l Q;~:~ r bill. h,&t,

'CuZ'lam I~o.m.i ero ... " '(On U",~. I~UQ:n.

T~I':I M.~.~ [0 ;lrl ••

Th:l:l '~.v.iI.l. f"Il~ ~.II c .. ! Al~oil. W:faF.



;P"'EI. it! .. 1lI1 IIlt.i.Qoi!I , .. ~:t.h .::'" ~·t& in dlll .... n ..

101'.' .. 1 ,:~ ••. f

, .,

-', -,

Tu~ln I.lp n~:o;I PI.I~·

tll.UO<JIIl. ZCH!.1'JI." I.lp ,~U.



r .'

CUrub. ,i:lt·" ,r".1 !.a.rnn:m~".

Z ..... n .. p' .'.l.~o • ·~d" .. ~.~.

PI.~~4;e "h"'''' •• U ... e,

r.·n :~«;rllh <:if c~!,". ~ ~=.i' 1,,;11:1;1.111

_ ..

iIi1ii. h tn.· ~a~~d' ttl ~Qt .,g A 'btl !<tdl by j·l .... lf. II'n, I"'~ iJl.lti .. ~ p1,g" ~'i.nil 'o~ i~.h Iil~'r' b=rd',wh~" .. II' g«id:e.dl TO uie Ii¥~ Qd',m r cr nl;,~ .~.i"i".' ,e:r...fl'iltion ~9me8t. "'~_l. prcr.rum EI OM"oill\'! m ,. n I ~M. !'lYe MSO""""I ",,~!dI b+ I'l:.e ~a· u,C')M I1fl - '''m"lI.l. if' ';1. ,~1 f. W'R. -e'ofi!.~' ya>!il 'c ,., f~~ writ!' 11.1. SQr'i of Tl'mrf'g.litl ~~~1i! I'!'I. t·h;,,1.i;~51 g J!ld p~~n . ~iQ'S QMc.di will .1.CIT1t 10;.10 a '8 ".CI'rdl,g;l ~i' "~T~ i m nil. '.a..~g, .~·n.

T~~ 'IC·~~ d',. a~ 'u:Tf'I;! _M'!i r. .";IUlltIi'It


'Tha fllni'shed c:ommercicd for Alcoa Wrap

Here are djp~ or the ,tina] an. Notice hcn'i' man)' times there is :I: dn:;c.up of t]le pmdlU(l- tbisIs essential in an}' good cnnnnmrt.;,II. Gay backgroundmusic was used rhrnughom dU . .:cnlhc com:mI,l,erc.i:;d except in dIe 20"l!Ie.cond l:i",el:lOniou - to which "hard sel]" n;!;Tr:H~C:Hl was added. J\:5 we [old )'01,1 pre\-iausly. the .'iJecre[ of a guod coauucecia 1 i s [,0 be able toturn off ~j~ e 501.1 nd :l,ud Mm gc L the erul resrory - its humor ,and. mnOI ,ilupu:nrnH" ies [Jle~sage.

1tII1~I[·i • .a 19'!!111 ~-iJJ" ~iiI·1.hUI~'!II.r:..-

,7.~ b.JIi col: !Q, piI.~ki.&I' 1":.::: 11:.11.'.1.

Oi":::I .. P,!..a::::I·~;;iI: ='C'1ii m 1!1.iIiii" ~ I'~,illlt' ~.oo.r _.

:M:~1Il,1c li~ tii:.1 J ~,Ii: :r·~.iiI.!f'i ',",~II;:""I ~~ ';'""1, iI:!!.I~·~",

"'·~;,dll 'COl!; ...... = C'J!;.Jl.:::!i.i' ,ii·11 ~II:' • .. iI,'tC!alt:i_

,iF"If.I'I!;u'l Il(;c~~' •• 9.r1j]~ l:f~ .I,~~~ l .. to~~. ~l<!I, , .•. ~ .••

Aiitll Ah:l!!1.1! p;u:blll 1iiI~~J" 10;0 I'lo!.

H~ ~] 1:F.i."!I.J, I ~,I,QiJ!·'1I iW II~.· uQlr~

WI. ~j> t~t·.~ t .. r c-f '!;.I,.o,~ i'O~ e,

Ji..!III 1!:.~ ~.l... 'u.dil~ ]."'" NUOO;!I il..Pi-Ili'U 1

H~II!;::-' .... U'",A.rC~ '8"..,:11:;:" LlIlit-!J! J'LiIirT.rr.vJ.':-;:·~,

!O:"IL·!IIl;t!f I ~;!!~iI!: - ~ 1L'lf.lii H~M :I.i;pt,~_

T.tJ I U: .lI:dllli ~c l..:il.!f· fl.! Alc6.iIl 'lIIII!i''r."iliP.,

lI1oi~ 1U!iI ""1l_n'l Dr II. ~ 1!K>t::!1!iW b p,,'re i!'1"'!~\r.i-El~lftll!'tC!nl cllld I~IJII], .~ <l1"9F~ ~I'i.,..' .cikdh'lg llie ~Hd' "'iillil-."I.

n~~~ ~C~r:ld .!I>!!'!;i meM, poIlrl Q§ 11-.. 6!h,.,g.nd ~O'·· m~,~ig'. is .lil'll '~fi!j'Heii'l~nl:. 1'1 Ilgrn fo tel'l! tl>. ,cI'l'I"t'" .Iorr" II !',C!iS ~iI ele~.nT «Ii ",Io!)it ~I't\"

i1ihi, ~g;_nl' h "110".1' ozill" ~ g ,dirK!.IIff.. dI ..... ,~tr:cli" .. "f t'~" Ii,., Q'f l!til pf...:!'VCr. Th. toJp!!'~;. "No W"'.il~/' b. ,~ ... i! j·lI l'Dud!~I: f~i~ ~~na e~(J~'Ie' 'I~;.. ..." th. r.M!r~ ',IoOKolII, j'bl! ee ... ~rcig,1 _IJO p~..d'''Nd in II;,,, r.+ p!(I~. 1l!h ~'8'_nl i, 'III_ ~;tlil drioilm f~, ilL~ ~(J.sec:onil 1If! _, q~ ,~an, dt!tffl'"r D "Jlg'l ull· ;';91 _M~'~ 1;111 '~ i1CMU"

Tllb 'l'iJIHIl ~g_ ~I' b ~nf!'r·· :r.gin_~l'. The botr·01!i r,O ..... · ~'" be "j,'opped, ";·'1'''' lhe '~"'P' r,_., '\IfII;~n lr,je~'!l'3CI1'. t~ relCli~m 'Ihe QrieiAII'I, oo. •• ,ol'ld .... rliion. ,1'1'0 (I' ~!.~I 'I". di ... ,I',. pr!i!<lUd i5 ~ .... I'I in Itt. final hCilB~ !:It Ib Olio! "I: t~. Ilrfl'l ,_ 'ro.' "t·~\Ilam;btili~o 'i'ii:III'I."

The bask principle .• , [nr crCa(.i,:ng plrOln~ion:;t1 !>luryooatds an lne same _·wht:l:hcl' you nl~te them 'f'ur a nation:,,1 or Inc~l[ sl)Onw'T ..

Kieeping the hml,iJ;,ct low i s 'oIter! of p:'IT~1I nou ntI mpon;ulI'le ,_ e s peci:d]}' for the sma.n diem. As wepQimed onl: ill lillie Introducdon. you dun't hareto feel that yuu have {O' wort £urWiilh ni~ncy or the big Ilenvruh. There' is a gre<!t need Ior new talent on '[he In.r~l 3[altion~ in sm~ 11 ('; lies. Fur e\'ery ~,pon SOl:' nna million ii l level, there are hund reds oE smli n local spon sots" <md COst i8 ~TI1portant :for ~h~ sma:U aecouut ..

The roUm, •. Till,~ stlJT)'oo<l:rds t\i~re d,esi,grll::d I'ur ~OC;]J SpO'!')SOT~ w:ith economy in rn,hld. FOlr each lQt}'bG~rd we indicate the t[ght

approach and also '~1M.e things toavo,id - the wrung approach, ':V'c include narrariun and d,escriptiw~ aetinnwhere both are nece :;.;.try to tell (he story. 'Whel'll: citber onewi]] :5uffi.a:" it ~li, used alone.

Srtoryba·a'rd f,ar a 'IOI:(d ,d!a;ry

A loOca[ d:'llry d!!li:v,cn Iresh milk learl~' P-H."r)" morning (0 be sold in grOGC'1f stnres, The prodacr is mmpanll]\'dy ,popu].at and m:<lny p..:'Uple are huying it "Illy name." Other r.usrorners, however, are' just al~~illg Ior a quat[o( m1lk. Dull" aim l$ W design a eonnnercial 'lha~ wiU ge~ ~hl:;5l:: t:'u~wmers :['0 as'k fur du: di!.!'IH:' s product by i ts bnlHd uame.



Op.!i1:l' e ~ mUll. u'!iI-tk

~a mli'l,lI, '~,o"!"a rd vie· .... e',:f.

.MUk tNck COi!l!tin.1oJe"" to",,,, roll, 'vi~wc'r ". ~

~P"'!! ·"'P'·i' ..


EVE:RYONE E.U5,~ '1HJN'1'lS ~T'S GR'l~AT -~ JO·[N: THEM!

c~u. ~o norel with Cl!'oWll:i gi).tng In.

n""Ij Dr" ", ......... 1 IMn,.s ",,"0"9. ,I)" ~llIcI.r"'''W" I-.~,., 'ThO!·"" ¥ii!"ol ;;If ~~., hfi'l'e"y t't;ld! ... ",,·'13' b:., .~IM,~j;jl<~ re 0"4"""""'- _fl' ,;;Ir>Q .... lr.9~ '_uld be ",~.;!i""g r1' to $'h_ 1"1."" 1·"I11'.~ a;m:ni rQ""o~di. lii:J.o" til •• ... " .. di~:, lIoof 1iI""·e g-.d I;.,olld· d'ilpl~l;" JlI.~ 1-'!I~' in Ihi!' .~"""" po~1 popJ '"'' 'ft Q ~QlI'1'in •• ijn· i __ -gT .. c·t"", "'''Y. n". a'(iiwd g.ol'n9 Trn'~'Q n,~, .Ig'r.' IQc"~' "';'~.l'~1 il'!l;P(lld b~t;;;'~I4l' ""'. 'h_~, ,nOlI ,ill ~ ...... I~·,,~ 'I~~'l' IQ~. P r;:1\!lIil"a t],~, , .. ,;;II"". B-ri~Sill.91 In , D ern .. "",nU!r j'jI Iii" Wei ~~l ,,,,,.";;$. lila ''''li ,of I " IC)=-, .... I beo;:iJ;'$ll ne ii iI'I e·1i;p.&n~ mill" .... 'i'Ure. MO<'~!,r. h..ill.g! litC1' p"i~' hi', iiln~,' (!;hh~ "'1l'd'i"'D,~e' j'l m¢'~ 11~J~'[Y I" irfil .. ~e' r·n.g rn ~'~~(!I~ I~ .. ", ~c I:;~l' Ih., .~r9dlLiot'l. A"d I~ ee ~ is n,~ lingl P'~'II~I' Ipi(lt~,~ 1'", f~ IMlilI1fO r..~e wIg •.

,~ I'




•• , 'R Y FI..OW MU,K •••

• , •• £VEII.'i MORMrNCi,. , ••

.iIT"S U~UVUl~P :~"RESH ....

ilhtE ii "..e'l P~'"Ift~ .. nd ,in.;o;pC "I 'rn.d;. ij n,;,1 i:tn~ ~"""P'" 'Q' Q,n.imo~. Illu::In 'ill! i<l"'''~''1~Orl~t· .-i~ ..... :, bu~ it disp'layJ I~~ ·!,.."ool ngm" 9f ,tl\.!, 1'111910: b"t!~,. W~, ,~gY. intr«i~" " "~_rQ' E ol'C''''';1'II "fl. eIlI'O" _ Ih.~", ..... ~ piik iii O:ut T';I1~ ... -i'lid. peil,n e bill~,:d~"'!.He !!'mpll~,I,j; ;~ pl:a(@t'! I!UIlh~ f" .. u.1t~U ~f ~~ i'il1li:.TM. d'"r.~. ,,",ye:l 1:11' t~e ,g;_a,ry '~fiJ'm' ""ltd '~PQ'I'i$ ~;,~ prc;<!iy d. W" 6nd ~U~I~ If .. r~ ~o,mT~g 1R 1 .......... & .. .gf~'r f'O IIWy !,..~ ... il\ .• Fin .. !JLr .,'. ~·nd (I\~ (II c!"'!oe "P' e I 'rlit. di. t'~ pl'od~d, J~ .. h,,'e "!; i~ ~ico' • .!<mph~"zi!lSl 0<"" oblHlm - "",.od-,i"lQ·!M' r.·r.t. l!ulI:I~ ee, T~e ,., fii II" roMl~"I' i<d1J'nli~i!I tT>::on a!_l'I i·!.rc ~g"'Q'Io!I. li'Mt riigM 0ppfO'Qih flQ',,;i 1r.:!",,(1\ fMfe :1~I!!1r Q,~0;1 i$ :kUel iir,Clljt.Qiltd tb~" I~~ .. 'o~g IOpp~l:l'!uh g~",."

Storyboard fo:r a drug co:mpanly

A dnJg comp'lll1}" isinu"(xludng a newlileepin,g tablet. They don' r Wam an :l nnomWt~1I' hnhli ng <I boule and hiu.i~lg tilt: viewer over the bead whh the usual sp~et A H!!;ht eoueh is ilI~\!:ed fOF, '50 animarion is die answer,


Wron,g approach

iIil>~ _II "hYi'''J,' t.!.f"1I "',Ciil81 hM~ h ~lNrl I'h~r. is I!Q porodw.d 'tM"m~tl~~ i .. '~'")' ""1l""'~'~' :mol ~T"iI '!~ ,~:II'-~1:IIr :porlQlm Ilil~1'I. Tlli:1 ~oryibQ(itd l~lI:u '""', co"',nll"!li" , ... !."t •. '","~f gI!' n'~e j_lil~'1i:Iti,!,Q !Iiiflf ''''l;Idi t'~(J1 f~. IP'On[b/,. ",",1m 1C!";_l;~. ,"" IU!;IM 'rc".~, ,,",eli, f~q~liI'*d bur libiii i;l dun - ~~.r.'s ~ ~~(Jt.M to iHli it '..Q9it.t P"~ ~j!,~ "'.,_t rQ' .1e ... 1i' - ... ;Ih·~~~ Imll ~~rp' '~f 11lf~ Pf,g.gV'fl.

CAN"i' S LEE??


y,r El.1.. .LOOK.





... ,AND yoU WU .. L BE Rl::AO'Y •.•

• • ,. '1"0 HIT THE

HAY •••

• ,. ,. :FOR ,A OOOD NIGHT"S S LEE? .•• ,

• , .• 'THANKS TO. ' ..

••• MORP.HEUS T AS u:rs",

Th;,~ ~,~ .• I'be: Ijii~I' 'Ioor;<ro rtqgoj"t,~d hr r~,t ~fi~mt ~j,'I! ~"'FD ;i~ ;:J n 'CippHIL~~ ~r!iOMlilr. ~ i'", .. ,of t'b .. , _m ~I i_''Qi~'''*"", ,;:l, dI tnf'!l~9"' it ""I!' ;mtr...d\~m· Ihll ,di.nt"i pr""'vd, 'Ql!ll'ls!'ng:i"y c:nd' O!'!!'r!i~, im ~l!. .. '''mimI fiSol. Thi:~ is rg~" 511 fljili Cld¥C!~fCl!li'i II;lIf Ilo." .. ,;J"'C~;·D~ lM4~um., It :j'Jgo.«I, ft;O!' ~eO"~!oe it ,""" ''''''' .... I""D"~!Li. !:Ivl !~Q ~5' I'~' is rt'~~ aUIM!< and I~l"r •. iBtlD1l"le I~IIIII"" i, I'til di.;:;m!Siin~ ~f _M' •• 'Ih;,. w;<Ji "'" I.,u ~'"Pnmel H~ prOol!',~I!!'_ The ~'i!>el~d i., un ,...,;.1" a. It~titU9h~~ gl_5I f>K:ill' o:>f !'be e!l~i~ ~,omIIWr<I1igl - ",~(I' ,... .,ur t·~. ~i'MMM·~~1.,~ ~ o:k>MI-~P 'c~ t'~,,· hc!Hli!; .:If d.~pi"'II ~~1.11.


$,tJ'ol"ybo,ar;t\ "t)!, a \i'Ve 'mm'merc\u\ for l1 b'ect,utv '5"Q11'

A lOClllheauty 'shop wants loa.dv~~ 'thE ladi'l:s,o{ its new tel'epllone nmnber. h wan is til ern W remem ber ~ rs ]oc;1'I'liun :1 nd :i ts fi a I,e ::.e£ \. i ces, bu r. mos [ i 11.1 por lam" i [ want . dH:U~ t.U notice the phone num ber,

1'he' shop requests J! live connue» ial because hwantsas'aJhm ;/IS po~. sihle, '\rJI!:~Hc\'"e.r realism js needed, anim:uion j:o;, nIH. 1~ is much a.ume uJlH',incing ro see ;1. ]leaJ :pt>t~m Hai:..;ing: a rake, 0] J.IOlisMng 11. (at, Or using' .:'l 8h;lmpoo.

Alive. film can often he m:ul('cnmomirnUY''''it.ho\lL motion plcture smdlo facil.~Ii(.·s. O(lC.Il a good eITec't (an be accomplished hy m.iI1!; ~l:iU plunngmph <lnd li lm i ng rhern. 'Throu gil ·I.hi ~ ]u,cn'cs!> Wl: l::t II d i.~h e, 1).<111 W!cm$$, meve back 11 nd (uuh nnd create an tlh~sioll of tilO!iflu :n Wi" move frmn nne photog~-O:iph (Q auotht>;r. It .is. sOIll!.tlimt~ it liule' difficult 10 len dl:l[ a conmllerri:d like rhi. imn dn~D.dl~· filmed In ~ ~Uldin w.irh Iivc actors auiLng uut lhcir l',n"~ hI Irout of ~no,'je ca rnerss, Thi~, meal UK( saves l h e 'i'\e11' f:l'(';u ex pm!1 se of ~c lt~ 1"115 up i:u ~t, ]j ve :5 HId le with rn"dy f·l'chni(":lll CiOCm. which ate not .'1I",·ay~ 1n;~dlab[e inmaey :J:re.1l:s'_

Wll'lon,g lop'p,roach

r~., ~,Ir.dF'""i!' t~""'II ~l' 1%. o.i!I".,rti.l!'r ..... ~~ ~ III to """"",.d,,'I, t'~w "'i><,jl'~ i fr.cP'f"O!>u n1>~ ~'.'0011 r 'I~, !n;; j:I~.~'~le "~I"I~". JA.l+b" D~:m !'bD pb ~n" II ~m.liFe r ;1 'Iar ... ~"1i I~~~ i'~ 'tn~ ,. .. 'I!Irih".~4~ .. ~; ,dll}fl Me'fi rc,ppeal' 'm tr.., """ e "iI'. Ih.,fi!' Cf~ 110 ~IOH'I,IP$ ~! ~:n •. ,g,r~~4 :I~,,jil"! t~. '.EI.r"''''"~ l"h~ ~i~.,.,.1j' .. t Iii, •• !. f~I' of ,f! vll:l'l M tl'i.a' !;<~"u+r ""'''1'- e...·ryi'6i;;'8 i. 'I~ ~II Qncl rgc;!.Lri'll i", f,"p1!.o~i'J. ~-ti"~,, '~I! 1Une. i9,H.".,,,~ · ... ;:"Idi be d'i·'p.j,ull' 'Qnd '."P;;i'i.j' ~ to, I<!! 11:"1' c:.r p.IIo·~, .... I\, w.~ ,,,'10 .. I. ..... I!Qn~~ in~'Q'I' •• <;!I ";11'>, de"~·~ di'fI~:~~ I r!'.oodel~

1m Iib.~ .r...~1 Ih rfi hQ;I'H·I,o... ~~<'I pQ'P~ 0=. t"b~ l(f~C ~ "Ft~. 't~., ,,!h~. ~'l" ''1''.dJ111' .... O~~' tn.' Yi ...... r d~ii n>=,·t nC!V,!!' .01 ~k~ j~ Il!:gr.,\p;eJil'rcte DfJ gJl':; '01 ~h."". W,,· n:i"1 fl'i;;;· big ;"...,.g.~. I"'" iin.c'l i.."..,d_ ""'",", ~r.efe ii, ~ ~ poi~'~ i" ; n.~,.Q<'iy;::ing 't~~ dil!'I'\l~' , e r ... ...,rn}, ,he,,, - ·I~;. l ... :tin u~mmaH·QI. r)t!.:! th. d~sJg'! MF'lcf<'j +J:.(' f"~~F"'d~ IP"'t,,,1'i r.",", i~tl·· f)'in,; fw.,,,.lf 'o¥1i~h t~6 ~'b~d~ ·~Ow;lft.

Ii Ig hi D'p'pro,C!!ch

1t.","I:I'o'H .he'l th~ ~Mrt'r",T ...... "'f .... t" e -ra pl'. .. .ae· I~,e p","fi~ r."mH~. fn IMI' Q~roco~" 'tM~ p.~"ne "~Im~iI!.' h t"'" f! .... ~ ", .. 01 ~.a~ 'l~i'~51 ¥j ,~,_ It Irll!nI>Ilim Q~ 'in'" well!" ti-'~"!ll...u!' " g...,-d p"rI 01' I~ .,.,:n.~(;:j~'. Wfi "jJi1t¢dI,l~e III.~ eOJ>y .. "i~"f I""",. i'~" - ",nd, 'oil'loe I''';~ n.1 g t.>.outt ~fi~p. ....~ MvtI ,elo<J;!!-IJp". ~i I:.-e· I"dli ... • hm,; ,d.... Ih~ir fg 1;1"1, O!n~ '11't~jl" ~~~I'i ro, ~r ·.",alll~U k! t"e Im"~~f .J1"'.P'" I'i.n.e "'''"~. T"',e ,d.rlini !'hc co':rJ"'...!!rd~1 _ ~ g vi_ "f tI ... · .b"p_ A"iI, m,,·il' irnpQif"lI1;InII of 011. "'~ @"<Ii .... rtn .~!\~ c~Ten,I'~ "~'1'''''' ~ umber .• II n '",n f~li' I~ I'~ j. '·'''''.r~A·e (j'ji P r'C'!!!·tJl,"' ~~~ - ... 'OiI !.~ ~rl",.,rn ...... 01. ",i. _,e ~ - Wi! Uj~' Qr:ry t>..-g hero',

Story-bo,a rei flO,r CI I iva 'com,m.en:i,tI I ',ar ,a ~aulnd'lr'omCl'

I .~WT Dr:I'O.!IT.A CltrA'" Ti!:!'< I1oi: THE )'u"C I'I:P;\~.

.... ""':"1) ,IX A F&"iJ ,.mrutES. .. ,_

f;VJ;!'! T~NE; IJ:n:5 W1,l'S. L'l.lJt.m!'l",l.,:AT.

:D.It>Q:P ,tN' 'YOIl:il. 1:I!l!1' I C 1briln:~. , ••

_4.1clG'li l::ilund.rrPl1ii.d wants to advertise in !eneje . There i~ no a~ rna I prod u n II ~I :i rn rhe c.ul.luncrd<tl and 'a, pICU1~C of ;:<I whn le ruml}, :[uJl of washing machines \,;Oilliil. be di Im~1. The problem i~ {O sen ~i'oe idc::t d~:n 1hl: l:rvh:e o[ rhe Iaundromat isil11pl'e, eon\'Ci~~lent and desirahle.

••• YOU' T.Jl E(E OUT YOlo'& I; l.4Jl.,'i u.r~l'i[l;;:y ••..

~~w lir'$ "'=1)1' roa tFiC)l.;llIirl.

O.p·~n <'1,11.,] 'pan ,,,lang o.J i ~t.y l ~urll'Ilr'lf'

PII;II~jj '0 '!j up I!' .r" lr:il .... j,~d.Qw.

C\l~. b •• c'li!: :t", 1;(l1I6'~:' w~,~i 5 ]a!!.!~d,rll' _ •. n.ow ':'11<1 rldi,f}:!:! ciu,'!:!.

Pop j!m IDth'i!,r lIi"Cper ir.l wir.u;!Q'w •

Pa'~ ~Io!!lg ,!I.!J!!ldry HI l'iIJ.J'!r hllJo'lJj~iI!'W'~!~'i ~oW' 'mH~!;j.ll:" th",n'IUfi,g

he r n.e ighb" e ,

,ffOl:h poi'1t. fO I;~u.<lchy. Fan .. a1olJ& l;!.~I1,dll:':f co' :!.I,IiI!\d r'o ~ m at ex~'C·d ~n'.

W!lro:ng 'i!lpp'roDch

w.. i)pl!" ~'~i~ ~>Qmr.lcflid",1 ,.rorh oJ:! !ot ~f ~o;:'FI'I f"~n om dl ~'h~,! !1i!~ ... I!.-l' ~ylh! ...... gC;1!.8! ilti"''' all ,'h4i' ~ ~~, tcOufi'r.-e of 'v~in9 'In>!!' I", ~r,O ... ..g I. I'inc! . s:he b"">l,11u:t I"E! .. .!crT '1><: I'll~, .::in dl plfll ,j't ~m t'be, line., We ~I'I~ '.p T!Oi'f~ ~ ~n4! of I"~. TfW!i~~. All I~i. ="'"" !iii." '" ,I'~I ,,~. ~""iI ._ r~ "rid O!·rtgj"IY ',onl1!lu')f ~o' "i'iW r p~ri'!clp".~ *>'loll~pl 'Of '~ft'll' d~.)' ~iB" •. ",;I!,jd. h I ... iJ'.a"", fnff ii!'<l'I.~',. 'f19+ (iOr.;· '!'lillli:;'iK;a. olilcl 'iP!·~ d'tJl'rob1111y I)! 'usimg II." l"ulr.,f;.,m:,':"I'. U gI,io .1 ..... ,·1'1 ~o... ,~, h'~p<p)' en .Ii _ g. fiinoilly. ti'lal' In! "y i>rl~.I"~ I ..t'~ ,=~ I o!)f ...r·II!,I'~~ ;d[.,,,di6<l<1'ti.m ,~f Ih~ d:i~ nl i.1 ~Q"k'ii"!~. We· are !~i.:!l - '~,~t n~n' 'I'!!~,._ 'th!!, 'lJ'I:!rA C!I~ ~~., r,~ ~~ cl',,,,,, .. I.

IUgl11,t ap'p're,ach

H.'~ ~ ~'~riI wi!!. " ..,d' "I",,'ic·~ ;;md ,CIt" ",rtliol:l,ppy l>o~$Cwiirii' wf;o I~ ~o!d by' h~r nl!;[l~'D'Cr ~!;.o. I' T"ne ..... Q~clH!~Ur '~CI~l' "'''f d,~ ;;Qn KI~~ tr}~ Fnobr~1'II1 ~.~ ,ilirl'ji' I~~mdl"'ji" w., im'tr..d~.." ,I~" 'liIJiiiPl'!:!i'ic~ e~1cbfl'!~r.'IIIml c'Dd ~,ii'ip:l1.",~~., H,., rI .. ·r.'I~~· (If .... BJ.'t.8' jtj(I!cl'll'n~1 _ilC!'b!",· 'cmi II." {IiICiI 'In",t 1'ht· 11~IiIi'!d~~m~1 is ~,P"'n wery J#;'f. 'We tMI!I """.,~ riii g .i,~llling l;rI~ !)i r~,,"d'rf 'clOd II." &"", ... iirt, n~ .... hcpp'y'. !:ci I;" 51' .. be .. 1 hu IP~~~ RI' ",';,,;1 fc' t~ ... ,r~ .,,,,dl_. We (oQ~ 'I", '" :1\<;I~'.P·7 .m.Jii:l·S r~, IM~ 'MoU~~ - cu ~(l'iX'~o:I ~,~ tile, ~ndirJ'!I rQ f~~' '''''''~ii g~IP'r¢loC~ ,~,'~,~. ilhf,~v~:~~a! 1111:1, '~Q-m1M'r"igl~ . .,.,.!ii' hn· ,e~.;p'hotli:Zed lill ~ ~r! ~Mh 'i~(iI' l",u'. l", WnifQ I:Igl hQ'~ 'I() O'ff~r _ o;(jl~ "",'~ Iffcn ,;J}Q"".. ii'!g I .., BqPI,pJrn!!"11., ~ .. glille MOI'l WQ'r:!oe c!~r:i"1 Ir.k~ 10 we .-.liiMry. I'nlhi:i 'Iype (:of "~m mONi~l" p.'ell O'i'! = .. pr,~(, i~" g.....l wfi.1 I~ ;::dLI.". 'i:! f.:w.or,~ I!!!'~ e,l!mt1"I'I!11 "iC"Ip'>n...,.

The abstract' commercial!

There ;U'e iti:fI!U('S when neither th:e aClinl1) nor jml marion 'i ~ ~he hes l ap]Jl-Quh to a cOI'mncl·,t;ia,t U tbe [o'wes( po:\;. ibh! hmlg:t:t :ilii 11. n~~~.hy, the ab\S'lrnn or design approac-h j' advisable because this m,lIh·· (hl; !c:a::.Jt expemi ve ['mug D ,,1 nut there are ol:her times when. budget or no budge't, the abo srract. conu.nerdal. can convey [he me..~ge most cle.1I'1',ly. Tllis hl.:l,l."lX!ns when rbe c1ien'{ is nat so much ;j nu:,restt~di n seUi ng a $pecifie prndun :.l~ :in selling an idea. The {oj· lowJn.g ou;signmem g;ll'C" us aJ good example.

,A,n ,a,lbsllr'adstCl!ryboard 'fo,r 'CII dry eie'Dlner

A local dry-deaning e~t~b]i!;hment, :SpllrU("S Dry Ch"1~1,Ers. iiI:! II u:ri IIg j uto a ~ele;.~j s,1:cm campaign to encourage customer 1(0. dry-· clean th!!ir dothes before they store [hem fot the winter. Thh Is 'I',hl;' irlea We" have lu ~n to rh l: .. icwct j,n the commercial,

HJi. 'i.O;: 'r m.r.i> E J),I.ft 1'1"

C,LOH!E-~ _

• , . ,c'o "1"0 !lP .... i{~.L~ •• ,. 1'1

:00 :rH IS El·E.I'"OR ~ , rcu pu~ inAi

P.'11 r~g'b.t Ifet dt'f'e"s,s ,1..1 '1Cl"iiij fKIi~' ,t~ r.~

I; :"00;;1 Ef~ :i'L

S-;i.iil'_ ••

• ".Of!. l~ TlIA.T [)!U::'5.5.

•• " l"OV wi:J:,.n..LOO'!o; a;l'!!C'!1!T IN .. HAT sr.rn'.,

~lPiI!il"l'Iii"JlH ~tli ~~.i,~I!:: 'of" ~Hi c to

_. __ Ita-Ii: .n~:I':.sT n", TOWN' •••

••• i-OR !;;JRY CL;;JlNI""G,

E H.miDoI·~lr IIiII'IJ ~'1.,j ~re~.Il iii~ :b~y g<ti ii".j,

AND 'WH:£~; s UM.MER

K£I~Ji'lbS _

___ FOR. THE W'I~7£R ~~ONi:EtS;; ,HQt.: E"i,1:li!' •• .e~~!UJdhllliOlvif =.a ~'rJD'Ii'~

SQ, BE .B:l'olCiHX

",-ND 5·lt:ND T!,!'EM •••

___ 'TO :liiPAR~t.SS D~,'l C!.E'AN'~M NO· ... ••

C~~,!I:Ii,·!; '1:0 1!l!~~l!'e.._

_ Wrong apprCHJIch

ill;il.I'l\~j)~tdl dlO>I!J Mt 8~ OC>IlidH.ll'" II IICnll hI .h o."i~,~ d'i.riJ do!Jl!.~1 - !!iC" I'~" deiQ,i'l da'i bei, t'~a'" ,~~,~ """,I;,;;I Qf l~or<Jit' •. We i~.:!d!~~ 11f ~,~!'I!.I' I" 'tn. f)"tli~ of ... ·r"I"'.·. 'We' "",~,,'Qjn, ebl'Upl "I) Ilttgif 118 I~~ ~ri~ nf'~ iilg _ _ ... ni~!I, r~c <1'. 'l<liDIl. 1;<;0 fIH:::I1'SCI1'~ l-C il t!i nQ·1i l'~iil g,rl., .en a B ~r"t('4!' ~ill U';c' 'K''itn. We 11;111'1' frc<'" I i" hi II,~ :,~!xil ofi·r It .... n - ,imO~e' ClIliI'Oiit,tt ,obr,ul't ij~ "'';I' f,g, '''n ..... !Rld ,~oet; t],jea "~:it,,t ..JQ1'1;811. hn til. of:d t.;.o hco_· ... W,~ il;l[fi~ !l9~1~ 10 ,~"~ ."Ol'l.."r':, nQm~ - .... 11'i<i1l 'l ,d:ii!i.".h ~Q' rG,g' - Q;,.(I ~<1 del>! ~~ ~'c¥a,r"" fri. .II b ~ti il c!imi:,,+i tg r~'l'Il.

Th ...... ~ M, .1<!!1'1oe ~f ~"'Blim"'1f hQ'II'l be~;~iiliA:IiI 10, .. nd - il' j, ih;;.rd!Qo ~!-~i' If!;> .... It'h t"~ · .. ;",-,cJ~ m<!1.!/a,S'" A",,~ at .... ' 1.1 [fill! Ii"'.... ""'II' it. ~ Ibi!' ,.pc",,.,.r",, r.-c!i';>t. fQrm'fng ,~ ~ • .,.,.!aM~ w,n" :1m Q<n.' p;ii It

II 9 hi ClIPPrIf"O'Clc'h

H~i~ our nory~lcl (1'1''''.1, Ill ... 101;111'1, ¢l' fhe' ~IHni"' ..... n<ll' (I,n;:! Clclti~","" '" _'rll 'CO-~I;~l;Ijl)" .f~r"~!Ilkill". ;i;, op!"';~!I Q' 11".~ d'lrty ~1.",I~~. guil'l51 'i~!10 Ih~sp-Qrn.iIii;"~ e·JJl'l:!b· I'i'~~ ..... ,111. _ PT@flip!l)" hlrlr~d",~e II. .. mlID'iI. N'!-.:o:I' we ·In>d. 'LO ~n t"nl!' ~",b.>11 '8~ ~1t., ,d~~ CI'.~ .. dl b.o,1.r~9 d.,;l~ti:l I~ =!..,; '~lTgbliJJii",nt, We~ .. tI'iil"I!!' m;O·"';~g ¥r~.Ii"'!! d~l'bti ._ ~ "-d Ih", . .!;o ... Ihlm, bo!T"9 1~~""cI. n,~ IiKl roel drI~n;g(!'J r·Q g ",,~ ~~d ... e ..,~, !mY"" OU!:l'o'~. ~"'~.~I E"",,",". ,~,nd _ IlIr" inrroduwdi '0 I";!>~y",bdi, Dr III. iu • W,e brp tl;;" .l)'mbol o.f the .li,ji a~dl oQdd ih ,pmll'I"9 "~QI~el. sml ~~'l1'I"i i;g Ihe' i n :i;y41bot ore iB'!,,,dwa 11}6 di~'"'tl ~""J"'IC. gllidl ,nd I)" " hillM, r~dQ'fl:r. df>l!'n" id.",!i'I'i""lio~.

_.. ..

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In 1M, ~OTr;KI vnw~" .. II lit .. Jhorr~.:rUn;s 01" I!' ""r~"9 ;CIpp.c>'~d. ,ore Q¥~ill~g Ii:! ell 't'f:je ft~rr f..c .. ·• "r'''''<8' t_rMI. vr. ~.,...., ;CI "",p'!:'. ,,,,, .. ..., ",;ij ~I b:lcllo Q i'J~ f,N'ln "",I, .... pc'n ~II!. Ih ~f 'from !~fI to 'rlg!.1 .. "d righ'l 10 IQfI. i e~ I<h~ I;.<.JldJ ,dh1(!"'~ Ii .. I" .. "fI1ll~ I:t.f~~ ~ net ~ ·Ih .. '~ Ih ,~f' :I~m 'i ~~pl '9f11;~1~nt _ tl~:d. .,,' I~.. b,ln d' IM!~ CI "".~ I"". Ito,d'II'~~ e!l" di .. [j'I~ii, ~'IH <w.;!l it, 0=, \'1", . .tc,!, .".j'in thtl· ..... , 'QI'I'li! 1'DQ>';t; i~ to, '!k~ ... ;f gilo"iD9 in ,lit, •• lCon"ll1tlJinal 't", rI'~ oe,. ...., m.Q"'" ~l"' roo",)' I"~ ~,c, ;.. am 'rf'l'il' rtt~t pt;J'Il~I'~ ''_!,!"Q"" ih '''''''Ii~......,r~'bm!y· <llii ill I"~d, i:'n <I ~";,, ~. ,I Ii' II" J i:n pre 1;0 1'1 dTc .. !{! ,Is MEl "",1 .. 8). 1'"" r.J ,1'lttl!' 'g~ Q" I" ~jf';~hrCllLj;i;. 't~., 'Q¢t'!Ii~n q~,;;,d~ 'co ... rn<lJ ... Ng·." Q iil'Q'Ill~H ·~f I~~~"'r "~',If>KIH ' .... it'h ilj i'I4:IO".it!!' i:.1'c... fu p ... ,.3 .. d 'id.n1i~'ili~'_ AI' !'Ie ..... ~ ,d'l;J wI!! 'ilfurrey r~t, SYiDMil ,~, ~c'I, "1Ppe<:i""''''' 'of ~I:t. ,eO'. b~ plo err.!;· ''"'0 "dl~ .". ir.,

A,n ,a:lbsliracl' story:boalrd

far a tar,eign,.c:or ,diis'fr'ibuto,r

A disu-ilmtolf of ,{uJ1I!i,g;n cars; wants to ,:.d'''f'Ttl se a: new s.m.aU fh~ndl cat. He wan'ts [,0 em phas:ilC' IlLS r,]hy. the ::Id'\r.1:1H~gt;;!i uE its small i7e~\I~I.1.!1I ~mti"Ung. ~ts maneuver:lIbiJ.i ty In l raffic, and ,<Ill rh e s..-'!Imr: ~~U'n:!." i'lS amaliflg .TlOflUliwm.;:··, Inside, And, final]y" he '~"ant [0 emph:ni ze th :.n it is 3. gn~at value_

Wrong a,ppl'lo,eu::h

Th@r.' r.. !lOQ c¢nl'l.t~nq o~ p<:I:U'e1n ~,,,,~_ w~ 'IlG f,om liM'. flilCEGU '" mi:lp' :Ie> Q''QI. (Q[lo-winS' 'I"'~ tlU 0,,(1' _ . ., dI U,p' 'oo'i'I.1\ jltipoe~ 'i~r~ ''''ir.eK:!I~ pclfl,i'rn:,. Mote~r. tl'll!' FI~.rqfi",o, .• 1';<>~ld .. 1~"'1~ ."I"I~· I" !J;,~ :plc!fur. on 'rl\~· ~@~n .. bf~l 11Ii'" dot I _t 1i1Cl~" "";1'" Je"'~'1i:i1 i:lf r~ ,~r~h... rile <lOp)' Dill Iii e ilIl r di.S1fOy:l 'it OJ '0' fYl"'b.o:>I ",J 10,. p~o-d\ttl._ We' ,d~ ~I '_ fI.m ".""~ Wi'I'il I),·~ 'i'1i'r:r •• ·.dl.

nff. .aU t.he~ne~hod s of pre~nti ng -:i. c(JrfiHu::n:,i al ] n televi sf on, the Hi p ciit.d techuique is by £ar the niQ$t,cconomic<l1. Ji'~jjl:) ,c~nd$ .1 $er!ie8. ·nf pho!ng,rnphs" nr carWQn S, (iii' i]1 II ~1:nU iom th:n :iI.r~: shm\'u :~Il a seq uen(~ of st m piClur,es ~Qtd~ <'I .. liu]I ~'lm y. Sometimes ~QPY Is .i~.lJ.chl]ded 011 dw flip c-.tiiuL If YOHmlc :~su)t'Ybmltdaud se~~:m the ~nn~t iu~p()n<llu, panch - show them ~ll~he proper .sequence (0 [he viewer-and :1I('('owmp:"lny '[~u~mwivh :l.rumlil~g na~r.tli,uu- ym.:l .. nc' leUing 'four $1~Ory; by l] n~ Hi p-(aB1i technique.

A,n ,ex.a.,pl'e

w • ....iU a.111'~r,ty~h. g ~iflK'~'tiI ~l~'"Ybw(o;1 f~( IFU""", Mil~ ... !\idi _d,'ll 'KI,l~@J u~ 11k~ l~t~1!o ,,~,~: ~: ... , a 'D n tI.',p ... , dl ..

~!.~ !"h '~h'l" I~.N'~ ,,,,,",,!.t il"!?"rt~~1 (ir~1 ~~~: r,~nif~·r ~'r<em w;~2'1.~~ ~:o,n_ . •

FOor' th~ 'Dbj.t)M~ i~, ~"r.'O iirf. ,t~ 'A ,~~,.,~~ Q.;. fb. ~iI~ ,gf ,'" ".,.f1~~. il~'l"~'r,;il, . ' ••• '. • I

- •• !' •

.. ,.'. .. -

i;~!IIJ'~tiIo.l'n'iI~~ii Ii.']' !j:r ... ·llil'f..

1!'\liln •. _Ii _"~'Iir.III"!,!,r.r iI....I!~." ....... -'" ..... >L..,

Con',rasl' of Y'cdue,!j 1111 tefevis~Qn

j[ ~s; mostimportant thou. our d~arac~~n"t,ead"ilg;1~nst the b1l(k· grom:~tl. Cbll.ra~u::-~-:; and bal:kgroundluu~ l (_-O~i Ipl'~~n~:m '~liIch orh!::]". The~!wiH do rhls U 'W'e handl~ our lines and tones ~Q~:reulf. as: dcnK!n~,tr<lu~d in the;I,'iitlh.

A~in Dthe'f' ~u·tis~ic medium5" ahere are ~pe;ciftc rules ~n te~f!'dSi,QIl CQn~rn i:~'l;g the use ofwne£~

L Never' use <! pllre whi~c"

2, Therange 0;[ roues l,h 01 t you can use successfull y on tete\'is.ton goI"s from ol"~~'hhe to blaek,

~. Keep 'fOtM' tones fiat. - iID genesal, avoid nHK.lcJiug ~n gnu1!atieas of tone,

*._ I


.~.~ .. ," "\ ..

:. ~!~I

1~ _'1

T~'i QtQ".ring ll~'u r;.~~ in lih,~ Qf1~iI\lQ,11 ,gil ~!~~ '~~h -!b 1:'1 DG m¢, ..... lit ~ill! ap~!II'I 1J-rtI t:bitl, Tv ~Il"l~tlll!.. Net:i!l:r ,tth~ i~IU'Z")" ,~d8;e.1' wh~i'~ 'tn~' p!llt.e M~.tI::. h 1C!9€l!1~~I·p~r~· wl\il~. Thh ii ~I~!<(i '~~'lud'i~Il1'"

lI'clne 1:!,!JClli l'I~t lil'l~: ~ I O~r' '(~!l'iF~~" ~~~t 'Il r+ mg'l;Iw. g;n!;'f in te "., tn.,~ n,~ Ib,~<,j,'.8 .... ~ittl f.:I;81~'· b~ .tI"liI~ ,~ liM· r:o:or !ill .~. dol!.~ r' .pId{l'rll!!'.


w~ it.~ t,c\'tmc liI>~ '~'Ji t!'!'~<1 :j;'Q t>.'~ ~1 lo.~tof)'~rd 1:I!IId! djlie:la~' ~Mm ~:rdD IJJFl!e' 1'.il'7lgr~ :f,1ip ~e'~dli


w. fil:l"'~ '~"'~~n ~h.' ,~~,lill t'hr •• I~."!,,.'I!. om d' dlig""l~d liIt~ ... ~~ ",'I] ~he' .!(l~~ '!~'Y' rn 'Lull ,~.~ !iT.JIlJ~ 'pirdu,r~,


nlN'IIy,,_ ~~ ·.!ilninal'..:I ,1\,. ~ pll.eo gej][j:B ~liIte .• h;~ i~DF!C'_.. !Illrtd1 ~m'bTr.~d 'lfI~ bill ~ r'l:! .::1" dI th~· ~n;~~'~'.i ,~rod~d ;iru Ih ,I\gd alp' '.Qfd.

. .'

i:il!<O' '~9~ln~t 't.!)n<l!: II! ,t~1I!! ~1I.~.r'l:l(I.,,,, 'M~ rn lin;;, Wilih m~ l'en9, I~ I"t '~uSd :!ihIHtd I~I:J'~ ;c.~iCI~fI.'~t !IJ f.tiFlGm b';r~Io;'iiI.g.lI~~,.

YGIiI1 I~Ii'i'fi ~[Jjob~~ I!jooi:ll lf1iiit'l:I',rl]!li1' :b.y 'U'iiITl8' Q j] !fiI~mflii 'Elfali:f.;, lJ~c:ri'a'll t',~ "~_f! ~H~ ~.~ ~I!I!~ I~f'- ,U 'tno! rl~M r~~ ~~ t,o",," 'tn;i .:Ilkt~lr'~ "'IIiU QI~pi!'g F on t~~, TV ~'ne>~.~"

l'be spa,nsarl's praduct

'1'1111t (no'.;'11. imlXl'n.a:u,\ te,.",t;uTe d[~he qt~ 'tatrd, l$, ,\,;eU Mth~,fl:\mfd. (:01l1ulle.chli I, 1~ the produa" Thh is t'he d('men(lha~ reprcscrus 'rhe "'lfIOrloo:r' ~fl ~he :pnhlrc_ O:mrequeru]y. he '!'l'in be moreerieieal of [he way youhand[e U1i$ than- or a~y olhet panoi thecomrn~~c, .h is, his, dc.s:iu: - :l;ud ri,ght£uUy su- dt[lJl the ld~c\':is;ion~ version o.f ehe prod ucr be as ,dose ;:l! dupl[c .. u~ of [he rearu pr,od~1n <lut.!: its piH;kaglWJiig '~youmll pos;s]bly .ul~tl:c I'l, Th[~i:5 the tlll~~g he 'l.liafUS ~o sell - ~be thing by which be is knovl':n-"nd inrrepre.· sel(l~~ a 'Qnlbln.1;~[OIl Q[ the good ~,rm and '~hereputaljQn. (or Iu[cg;ri:u), he has bu~lt up over [he ye:us. Sn~t":s; C$y 1O lInd~n[:llnd tlli~;tt a good, ea:si ~y reoogniled~l~tage is the tei']]Qt!ewbere M$ product ~s, sho~,,:n..

On the. orher hand, t~J]h~ adient \!odth a brand-new prcduet.

A d!:'an. ,crisp lJep]jCilJ o~ hi~ new proow;:ti$ Iile,e:ssa:~ solha:~ the l'ubHc ~~'m I,e,c:ognbf: it 'quh;Uy ulxm seeing ~( ~n dm ~tnre.


1'b_e.lie.\ore. i.t. is f.\u:tte e'iidf::'i~. (\l~l '\~\\eta~:r tnt '~~IOOtlJ:1 \~ ij,\d 'flt neli"', ~t M,U$t be represel'Ji~ed OO'n,ecdy ..

.. \hhough the diem b:dk~atrhf'~ticb~e.."i~d~ange of hi~pNJ;d. u(;'~, III,any r~jckaging lilli'~s "''eire de;si,gntd ""ith'~I'l:,t$ 'OOIlJsrdetirlg how th,ey :I'o'.a1 sho~", up 011 11 tdt:''IIi S;iouSCfccn. W:betc proilucts do mlO'[·':read'· pmperly 0' m~y have ~O' be ~jlllplBied w~~hoilltto;51ng_ lhcir idcnti ~r lil1igd1ilJ"',n;u::ri.stit:5.

"'-'hethe. ~he proouc.[ is pl'lchged ~n abo:.::, aem, G,T a. bon le, lhe same pri ndplesappry In design! ng~fue: TV .01 Ilne pl1Ot:incL ~f,O!;lc li ~g <J:Hd pel',sper::dVellTe u~u~U~· dh~~n.1lted ~ .1Ii, head-on .vjew of [he prrmuCl b he:St The lligh·Hgh~ 'of shiny (lOUl::i~UCi"& ;![!!! amiUed ,p-ntin:lly. Nom:l~luir::il elemeass o~ rhe pacbge ~hat ,canno~ be un.d,er$~~. qUIckly are :Eal.e~ 011 t, lim]KIiru,ll~ ,I;lQP¥ elements and lhe pf'()(;h')Cl IHUnejU'C cn~phRsijt{:d by i n r.:re~!s~ ngl~H~ \II"I~]gb[ aru'l ~~be o~ the ]e[ u~;r~ng, wlYierre necessary,

f,~. t~ '!el~IIi~", '~rn:r~~ ,~~' 11Il~ }~u~ ~dJ':lg"". ""e ~'i'" 'oii! .n...o'l3c..ot.l 'YJ."" Qf I'~., p;:I,l!';!III'" '.I~J:Ii4"~rn1l' ·gll iJnir",p["'~~IIr1 ,~r~,_rn!", n~ *,"",1~: l~tto:·.l"s\"",hl&i1 .... ~I!Il!d! ~iI1~gi!:ir~ Q,",I~~W!'(i~.m, i~hh'" O'lI't _, ... i1tl'. n,. r~hli,n:1 g.g~.diI.i1l9 m.nQ'lj."N ...... ! .. !<tc,,1 "~ddii·~9 - !>o~!;> 'o;>a"'.~~r',,"d (J,.~ p:.od~d ng= .~~~ .r~=d,r.I.e(i' •. w~ tiluU ~ ~~'O h~ Ii1l. '1M ''l'.IE!.;QiJ ® 'Q,' @ ~ ~d .. r ~,~~, ~ r~.n~<!I ti;c._ ~r 'ti. n:g:i'lle.rc,Q' ~~'~~a, <i!it:!M$;l1!l h ~!;lp':fI'i!gM.

1iII>e ~~i~lr '!:.'I~foOn ~<=i1To '"'~'I'I not tjJi!.r~!i~ .".!'~ OJ) ~r.~,.i!:l" ~tI. .~~ _, kgTij· ~~rf.;l~.;~,~' ,I ".;;:~~ .. ~!, ~;gh

!i~'~~'I' fC!.I!h,~ 'JY ~nl~'~. ~~ r~n.dr~n :~~ !l!\MO'n . "~, I~. '!.I,iIPi;wl; r.rMiI .. ,ri~1 'Q" '~~. pr,,",,"IKI. ,_ ~'~' 1~lll]!ri'lj}81 ii mg.'.' r"'s,M", "rnl fh .. , :R,II', '!:r!i • ."iI ,~,,~, 'f~ c!l,' ir."P"11~"'~~ 110 i~~ ~d~'I'~ln~ ~!.:H!I~ •• he :r,Ullf1 :lI!m. :b'nn ~lr.I11Q!tr,,~.I}~d. liiIie' t:V ",@.r!iOQ,~ ,o'f !M~, ,O<niJ,",,' .r""g_i11 ~C' ~i '[]1 "'~I~lr '~WIl,!:~g ~,,~to<'iI\, :10 'll~,lIl"'.!, W~ 1IcI~""n wVI~, ~r~!~_


V,rt;I< O'..:~~J ee,

'T~.. !rolli'S" '~_rdp~~on~. ~f '~h~ Ixi'Hr. Qf Vido', Cg;~llh :Srr~.p' ri~rs.:.~~], ,A~,ri'''1IJ dp~frib!l' tlon M ii, t~ 'I!!.e ~If>!,d r~r '!~~~'~;lIo. "'"~ile t'~ ~ginji"'51 ~f~ bQ Ii" oJ}o;!'Q,if>li r .. JlgoilT\, 'iI!fe ~~ed OJ ~...::IdDJ:! .,ji",.,... 'W~ ~1~p!iif~<:I 11h.~ ~!,.lI:n!"iir3glllg no~" ,~~~mtl~1 100,0),. arid! 'e'llIp"'o~~d' t!\~ j~i:'rQ M 1n· "~,,,dI~M ~~~ .,PI"all"',~ "'g Ill~ 'r~ :re"=~t~, "'(;~I .. ,.mu.m:" w. ~\!I'~~r,p.~d tl\~' tn,,~.;.1. gl' Ih E::~t1~m ,~f 'I~ Ir~~1 ~~;!Ii~~ i~',~ t'~~ ~Ol,p-!!l~yttll!l.::!.{j'QQ,r.'ol.

-- -- ~~- -- -_ --. -- - .. -- -- -- -- .. --. --. -- .. -- -_ - .. ---_-. -_ - .-- '= ' __ ' . ,, ~~, =-== ._- - ,=----= . . __ =----0. -~_ •• __

[LeHerilng ,'o,r te'l evi s ion


"'then 'you lender letterillg fut tJe:h:vi~i:un. i~ .L~imporlaut ~o ehoese iii :type ~a(;:e or leuen;. d~:t[ au: dean and si mpT~. Good, £<I~~ l~gibn· hyi s essenria I. 'Th ('~~Otul!' I~ is best to U se .t1. simpl~ brQ(:k J,ett>er, The u se .of seri ls ]~, :nO,l l:ct:lJrn~uneudmt TJ I,e nieSl>l:lg,l:~na}' be i nU':iF' preu~ili nan C:i ps or In Cll)S and Iower-rase re ners - OOU1 are goed, ~Q [ong ;015, Ilhe r Oil e ~] e~~~I~ed I~ ...~i.lllple l,) pe.

If 'yM m~ ~I!'I!u. tbc! t'l'@ '~M light. :I~~ C!;I lho!'~., ~r!'Q:luWJill bill' !"i1i1 j,n ~Iti~,~,~g'i,tlln~'.

CIa Ih~o;>ti~ ..., ,;t !:1>~ l~iI'f"'" 'C"W; ~ ,Iocld ~ ~r~. tfMH'" - tn.)!' ~t·~d .!~ ton ~p Clind' bJ!,(~~~, Iw:!ord ICIi tMilii ""'~~ ~I.IQ~" •

I=:AMGuC ." •• 'TS SCH,OGL'


liM~ wei~~~ ,,,f ~n~t' [i r-ot tC>:'i !rslll' 1lI",iI !!Io01' to(! :!!ooId- U h 19,~t ImIIlM. Iti."ulr ~ Jl:!sl" ~"n' , ... .lIim.91 __ 1l1,. 1~[:~Yilli'll>~II!!;;~~~!lI.

Wfuenlhe picture olf 'the pr,odum O1rul the ]etteTing~n:: ~u ap~)C'ar on the ,OC'J1een a'~ the l'io.'IIUH! rime, yuu muH (]onsMe.t d:tei't reiili,dQ~ship with ~peci3~ CdlJe. There d~eMems shoillJd be <1Trnnged ill your layOUt 00 th~t l1eiiherwiU int!!!rfc:rt:: \'\lith ur o:vcqJOwe'r Ilhe 'ellner.

. _- ._-' ="=-- -- -_. -_. -- -- -- -_ .. __ . -- -_ .. _- -~ .. -- ,--, -- -- ,-- ,-- ._- -- -- -- .. _- ._- ._- -_. ~- -- -_. _. - ---,,=-=, ~- ,--

llayo'ut ,of 'Cl0py Dmd pro,d'lU'ct




'lIt,e 'O'~'~gtt~'!lIDil.jjl 'QlII ,ih,,' l~r'li ,;I, 1i~1 iM~r .. ,;t1B'l ,~ .. ",,,,,,,!ni~'~ I:! r.Id li):li~hl' b.., Q(~'I!'j~fl'~tbl~ if ;1"",,,, !,l ... ~g ,to, be· r~p~OoI!I"!f(!'.:II 1'1 '~'riiM,. H~R1r' ... ~11 ID ~,d~'",,~. w.~rel ~~1',j ~~; i'fi~!+(rid~ ~11'g. iID4!HLWi!8~ ~. ~""OI I'," ,,_,~', T1I~ ,ou~n~'!l iP~~i~ OmJ Ih~ 'ill~'~ ,jl!."n"" b..~c UM' ~,1'~ li~.e ~r;>;!r~·~1 ,g,ng I:I.~ -""'!;l~ 'IJIre d:e~~~




ill-lIE' 8!E$T lur


riJ j'~ • ...,g"""". gf f~. 1'~~fI,. II •• ..0"1 i. h.c "'$I~'t" Iii i~ '~r~,~~~d :~ ~'h~ l?~odK', Q~ ;~~~ '(j,.jRt. liu,ri'i, -~!IllIIi~' Ii '~'.p'~ I", I~' Ir~~'1_ I,~!h-l!' ~ellir~r m~i~~g'rt.Q;!j. ""' •. ~~~, ,~,ra~ I"'~ ille'~!.l~· iOteli -!j(!, "..~n. fBfiCo;<!, ~~"i ji c"'~r~w~n I~ ~ ~ltiile-r'1 pNd<l1:I. Th., ''''~'''rn:pI., <;I'! fhe' ~~'r r!gi~~ b!~ btlt·tr bQlg.F.K!!I, ·li~.e' "'~ ... ~" ~11 r,~,,,,dI ~n. -,"'~S;~ ,<I~""~,, """,i;! .~~!I«roCl~~ iI' w5fh til. :""roJ~.-


'H~m 101.' ~'!) ilJl~1 c few of tIts cou n'tll'u c'Mcmd-en Ih<;d I;Qlye .I!]p~cre;d on t~I1!iv1~IOin. lEvellY arti~~ h to~ his ,own 'pet~Qn til c,ppro-cclil

'10 the ~r,E!'[!HQn o,r iha r(lClen, CllnCi h~i 0'WiI'I, f[)",ori!cll!l'~Ii'n~~e$" wh,ch moy ,rens! hom loase to ti\'ll,t, W,u'I'm YiQ,u,r rMe·visiot'l 1St Ofl611 f~r' n~'" 'tJPp __ che-s. 10 0 numCllleci dt'Q'tHilngl ~1'yic~, IN(lW dir,edLoru '(Jndi itend, ,aP-Pilar COli'l~ra.n'rly ~ jJ n d Delirng (11." to Ih·lm will help le<!l;P ·t¢'~ r !.oiICI<do: he-!.h aj;Je! lu,p'ito-d:Cu.~.

When ,'" motion piCiU]"lC! or $'lag,e play lS, produced. one of the m03I, imporrasa jobs i the Cii!$l:ing oi the rhararten _ £",ef)" dTor:t is made :to nutl! ::IC"fnrs whu £il theb roles to perfection, This ~s just as iU_ljJUNantwh!e~'Ji de's,jgDlilil,2; rharacrers fOf ',on on television. The de:5i~n and pl:rsondilJ ,01 the character (h:u wm re~u"(_"s.(_"nt. the "~t"II" are j II $( as vi [;),1 ::i s is fin: st: IClt;ri.lJu uI the 01«<)1: who will phi)' d~l:' It:~uing role ln .::JJ Hollywood produf'tlon.

nut ~n ,(7.uting~'Qut' TV ,ch:rraners ynuhan:: uue essential tlling 'to consider rhar Hnllywoed UI Ilhe theater d,oesro"[ nay,e to worry ;j,hmll. YmII T\ characters are going to COI.flC ti,gh't into the ptiV,l ~~r o:~ the ,'ie:\~'er·.s l i \'ing room. l\JIQ'~e i s r,equ~red of [111':'111" as f:ll":lI gm:xll manners a nd general lik:3;hili~y gl;" thau is requited u{ movie or srage actorx whu sre \"~ewed at a distance in ;,I theater;

An exaurple of\II"IHli't ~h]s means O(n.ITl!1I~l a while :0180 whena Iameus stage O')lnf'!'I~' wa-" I.t:lb'i::.elt In the theater versinn [he hem 1('[ nut a ~~)C(t .. cular belch ~'U :I, mmm::nL :iu lhe aetien when i,ll was very lunny. :\ r Iea ~t 1 t W<l.~ funny 'i\; he n I ~ na ppent'd un the s'li1l~ ;ulfl at :iI u~:slalUje. \flth ;It rrowl~ of pt:up!c around, Btn rm ldt:'\·'is.i.Yl1i: p:m~\\; jus~ rJw gn.:~n hjg head lining ehe S('l'(,:CI1 ~ you were not eon c:iutl ' of the rest of (he show :.l,t the moment _ jlu~t dtc huge belch. ,I t W<'I:;;n'l (lIIlII)" .t~ all - it was offen ivt:,.

A man's hnme i~ hi~ a.;:.t:!i.tle. The personality of hi:sTV' guests , .... ill dClCnuine\· .. herher he ~~·iH accept them as friends :md lie ,gi<ld (0 .h<l~;~ them drop in, er \I!f~lI.cdu~r he h,m dn the l..'1Iuharetn of 'IIOL ll"USWe.i i:ng uie door beU - turn uIT lli:. set.

The 'ral:"Sl the bnm!:!~"in~'er wants ~~ that his TV guests be pleasane ansl euu::H::Iining. H~ doesn't w.1:m 'tn be ~n itated - he's at home and he W;IIR~ N1 relax, He ",.ull to escape h'om till: l:lruhl't:ul,~ uf W~i~, .J.IY and ref] good. TcI'!:;\'i;;;ion ~J;ni:I.Il",Lll[on shoutd a[waJs have a h~pp)' ll:uor. \hhough the characters ~'nll (,lrraU'. D.ll'~} have a preblem in the b~inu~n~~, 1.1Il'~' ,'hnubln'L It.iJ.kc ill lOO 5eri{ln:~1~' ='!,ml.due:;,(ur} $]wuM ilh\';{~'$ luxe a Jh-e]y. h<!ippy elflding.

The vie,,;er ('~n,aiI1Iy doesl~,'lt wa:nr hl TV guC8ts. no m,iL,tcr

how creatively mrlce~l;cd, to be kigh,en~n,g er r~pllbi"e.":'~'el:l ::I villain doesn't have tJO ~ ~11 \'Ue- He n,n 1)1: fUUHY :Jind h ustrated :iI:nu therefore a little ::rppe..-ding, 0'11 dIe whok, the key. note (If tb~ TV perwll"'11i~J ~s, d~iiltii: shuuldbe arousing,

'The nt'XL Llling: tu think a:ibout in the creation of :J pHlpt:r T\r per-sonaHtl' ls dle f'J~emeru 'o:F :.clf·idcnl,j[kadon o~ [he '\':ieWff' u·hllil p:H;U' chtl11tCler. V,l'e aU idcndfy omrs.ei\"t i~~soUll..' waY' with almost f\'('rythi~lg \\'1..: hear, rc:"d, or see. That .means ch:;!t you.r TV I,;hilri1LCIWr - though hi~~dl' 'f::O:,;:Iiggl;'fl'U,ru and ori,g[na:l b"l CQniUe]U -1i11(mld repr~t:ut the average and be' Hkablr-,

When creating and dtawlng smryimJ.l'th [or r'-e ::I~[i'OIiL. 'Un~e:5;5. rhe stoll)" demands ~l. don'L make the men look like movie hc:wc:s, - \'cr)" fel,\- men do. DOon'r make rJlc\vm.aen uh::ra-glamou,r girl!! _. v~'1' few WOIIU:II ':I.H!. Ma~e them atrraeeive, nnnna~ people }JCople' ill whose llppe:mmcc dH:\'ic:\~'e'r can l:ind something of himself m" bcr..c]f.

ARei' the til 111m:. 0 f p!:TSlm'a~i l:f comes we 'quest ion of fum:· '(ion, :;.md it is a vital one. \'\',e"\:e seen [ha'l the TV character ~hQuM 'be pk<lS.11H and mm:rta.iuing. BUll j]us'r what plj,ysiml rc~tures :! ymt. he him when you are usked to create i'l pat" l.kul:a:r ~1O.rybo~rd? It i U'L enough Ioryonr hem pr hC:;ro(J]ne to be cure andappealrng, Th~ Q'(he'l"' ]1!:'llf( uf l'lu::h' bodies must be suita.ble Ior (he action. ILpr::c uf tbei pll~'sic:d ~ppe,;n:moe wlll often depend 'I:ul;d,y on their tuncrlan in ehe z,LOI'). Sonl,e:tifile:i facial c,xpress,ion is the nW'H importaru d'cmcm - [hen }'OU wm emphasjze dH' ~];l'f! nf tlu: hl."ad". SOlue:tiniles 'the a.clion is the 1l'I31n rhillg- ['hen yUL~ will give special eonsiderario» [U dlC :.ilc and proportions ,of the bod~'_

.\:I;my W:1ys. to. create ehnraerers for d.iHer,em ~mryho:'lll'\d requiremems wiU be Illustrated on ,he fdllowtHg" pagt:. BUl alwa}'5 rememl'l("!l' the i'i;r~1 pr~HtipIC' - TV characters, wherher .flO] 1i.\'c .;u:tiou 0]' f:lnima:ted ~n a rlo~"e'~, cread\"c !Slyre. should be 'I;he :'ion of people Y01,] would n·,eknml:' in ynu;r uwn l'IIml.e.


The ~tory that foUn\\, gi\'t_~ us' the high poims of if. TV co,.mmerci,,1 for sbaving ("re ... am, Heze we h~,I[ demonsrrare how to create the hem for 'lhh ~omnleJl"d<lL

A ~'oml~ 'm:iln,biad'l)" in need. of a shave, doesn't: get dle job be .. ppli~tl [or .. He feels n:.1 y sad. Then he see:;; au ali 'U~· shO\'1:i11~ cream in :JI d.rLJJg~(Qre wlndow - huys somc- uses i~ - and gels the job. A~ler the day's work is' darH!" he dances happU,· with 'the bOM·S pret.ty .5(x::r,Cla,t y. And jnn think, ihi is a]! due to the ~ha\'i:ng creaml

Knw k'l'~gel to ,,,'ork ~nd sec whm. kind ,or characeer \\1iU fn l.hh role besr, \Ve'U '~'omide:r a ('h::upane,r [IHit won't do - and why 111: won't do - and dlEnwc'Jl show yuu d:tc' ,l~ght man and how he fitJ> into thes.toTyoo:nd.



ll. •• 'I"'~"'EI mg,n "I F!I~ nl' .~ <0" ~.I!i - bv'~ "e'~ ",~I' th~' "i!i~t 'Ir~ r~r ,O'~t C~I!"i"!,.e,~t:l~!.

f~~~~'1 ~~r ... n':"n I, .... e ",,,~;!;i Jii~Qn" 'rh g of,io n i ~ 1'~h .~!(>'1'. 0 .. r ~<~;'C' 1C~11 loOk

~~".gPPf ... ~u 1'1", t!o.e·llI·'i 9~' ,It e le!'.~ "~p.NI ... to ,I'te ~el 'tl'l~ ·1l! ~!lI1 "'~'" .Iii-

pl~,y _. i .. ~g.,;Jj· ... 'kelf! h. .. 'Si"!S tne joh, - ~'" '" .I'r~""',)" h~ m 6~1~ dg ",,;n'liI j,,~ I~ boU··I.

Si!or@'t~ry. 11'110, "'U! !. e "g', !'.MI,d' m'JI~ t.. forSt o!l"lol1",n to' v.,gW I'll,,'! he need:l, Q &I:.:I¥G'. Q~1l gJ~, tg,<!i;.p4<1)' ~~~a c,~.,,"'- 1m .. , d,gl~.'18r'E. h",o~' ill 'r~, J~Mli To; ,~o, ,,'d thk ~ ..... .:-1 'fn. io",~ fislu,_ .. " ",o;~ldI "",..". t .. 1.11<1. iii j' .. ~!.dl)' fr'Q'P '1;11 '*"9 !.liel ,too g, dow-Uf· "f I~" rig."" 10 _\.'~ ,11 ~ ~in F<';~H .,;' lAP 'Io'IBrT_ .So i~l'., h f ,g l1Il;n.

TMh 11111i@ 'r~ !Jew i. " ,tN,,, f~i '" I Klll;ll'i'~ I~ Ogr' p .... !!;.'e fii .. " . ., 11>. Q~ri'PQ ;t ~l ,tn;!' m~il irn~lta n" tnln g ~ ~ I~"i!lfre!~, "h.-'ll iXldl' .nil Ie~ 1~ll~ ... ~ ..."H "' ... ill:lfStir one' -""dJ gil rllot. (i:~t i'i~urj!1 «'~ "'" I'ral'etli .. "ed' fQ. il for d l;.UmO.rOU'l eii''O'd. H.i" ICI~g;e ''''(1;' will "H" ... Q ",'{ ~f ~xF r'~·!;!l'o'~~ ,!~ ~~ ... 'up [J~"tlt e,"'~ i~ ro~'S' ~ho:r~. H' • ....ill N e.e Il",.' tc!, """1. 1: ... fe .... ,,,d, ,,";;:1' lit.. ~!'oI~.lJf'J "...; 11 'IH ~.iI,.rliv".

No .... U'ii 1".0 .... j! Ih,~t""t!oly IIVf tittr!! 1«I1:g"" ,.-i'I'h 1 ~1lO bi 9 b!!,,,d $Q1 •• 1 'rn. ,p7Q:bt~'1n 0'1 "~. 1l!I~I~g ~.~..,,., ~",...,.,.,";'mt


Our problem here is mere .. te the kad~ng character ifl (h i s scri P( ~iQr it TV commercial lor :the Ace Seorerarinl school, Our hem ,i~ aJ Iru ")' eXC'Cul~'I'c whu is at his \!'dt",s 'end h~r.:'IlI e of dn: inl::lfidell{;~' uf hi secretaries. He tries one aher ,anmhe:1" .ml!. becomes PlOTe and more r u trared ,;md lIram. Then he ]JhonC'~ (he A(e Secrcraria] Sdm.g[ ,Hut the v,e;r~' fI.'s't g~rl lh('y send him b :perh~cil:.,

Our fe<ldillg Ch;l,J:'1C"1cr" hi" tt!~t:',§, being- it haHl-t,()' "boss" type. ll'l1!m be' able to tlu two tllin~:;. 'He must be capable of $h(n~'i!1g .. ,oonsidcT:ilhh: rnllgc uf strong fe>cUIl.~ - and :.Il~o of pl:,T£onn~lIga lot o[ lb-...m<lllk "u;tIQU_

F;;r:il' h')'I: Hml,' .. 111;;; .. ~II l'iB'~I'. b' .. n "'~"I' 'g !tI'''''' ~!'I~! A. ~'~" jJ'U)" ~'I' ,'IO-c'II:I' tf"."ln"" ,.~lIer:l: rcr b, Ih {,Qrn..".r~.;;:f (I ~d,. ~!il'1k I;, t!-.JJ II!!I'!!"\'I !I,~ i>rol pd'n.ii'l'~ .. ~ d;I4:),,'s..d i'a f~. intr'~udi9/'l 1<0 'I~h !lu'!'I"," on ("'(I"li~1iI d,m .. ";;t", .. ,-IIi,,l" ih.:.,,!d 'l'Qi b., ,~" Pc'.ola,,,t_

~\I)ndl ~ry:: Thh r~ be~+u. He I~ j!n~ 101;19"' bw* ~QI ell n ~f~'. Ho".. .... ~." lr;o1j~ :hw ll!i'i'>Q'11 'Ih., *<t'l h MOW. H~, "'"nlt be "'bl,, lao .de j'jj, .. d. e'i!I~r.~ 1"n"!~'~!lI (I,=r-ci 'IW!rh iUc:Iw 'el Wl'<JII bod!y.

TI!!,I~d' t\!'y,' 111;.,. m~~p'! "",Il.'~~~i, 1;.0,:1. ,req,l;ji.~_n~. T"~ h.x!r h '''' r9~' ~""-"'S·~ ~~, "~p.~n l...,ify "diQ ,,-, '11'1., It.tI ~ is (lIfO 10 '9et' efto., g1>IOo dlsp'I.!:ili" 11h, '1'aci;:;1 ,up,'enior.l _ nH1il\" HI!! CI:Ift I~IC; :1·~e: r .IIi <:IJ, w~[li In 'j!l!1l Qg:lj,! .... eI'. <I, .. eI '''' flop .,." h .. «'~ r_\< «!",. 'ttrnt«! \li~.dl I>o;ppy,

'~ ..... 'if-'I

". !I'!"._.'_' '~"" .. , ... ' ..... ' .'., ',' .! .. i .. ·.· .....

aQ..':J' .' .. " ., _.

;. ~- ,

I ",'- . - I I ': ,-:' ~ •

Th~, bodY or I il 1Sg[\!te i~ udI 100 ~iI e .. d ~u' .. ,e ~,~ """f,c.", 'I.h e- ", ! ...... "r "difl'" 1~1I'~<;:Ijy~lY. ;;;Ii, ,;;.q,,,'~rd ~:if .h,~ i<'~f)'. H9'i g' Hu,r;-,piJ·O'~F1l,p,tii' rgf~'~:' Ih(l n ,~ =~.

He(~ me 'My h ~e ¢liiNl!<~ 1I1t~ rijlo'¥l~ ,,~d' .. Ilil1'l., I"'.~r. I!I '~nd. 'I~ ... II 10 e~"I' '"~!!I' '~'"'.t .. r'~.. ~" ~hi,. ''''r:R}ifOr:iiJe of 11t. rc!Q'tm' ~l!~,~ of h ~c;cI ,~,"d "'"""'I" ""'~' ... DI "M~ 10) ~1'i0!i0' (l ViCI',i'lf "'~ fDltrcl ~~prmu'''D'' .. lIlJdi 'I',,,lt,~'n ,,(lion.

o~" " .. '<)" ~",,,,."Ii,,,,,, fill illifO tit!! ~orfl»o,ull p"'{f«ii~ - ,Il., "',",P rl!i~S M. "m~li',I'n~ ,d~ tit Q ~.d ~b ~d)"' .. ~ ".~ "~'f(jn,~ ,g md ~·fltdi"",

Ou'r" 'tough bo,s,s

~~, 01. harp,py .m:an th2ink !to, the Aee


Thjs ,'Horyhmnd tells [he sad ~;de of rhe comflluU,:rr whUM: watch was ilJ",;a}'S wrnng, Sometimes h~ wouM ,h;nk he ll,.ul pICillity of L]rne' 00 walk t!i:lo the $(."!ll0u - :iuti, j[l~L mi'. 1111: u.-tin. Olhel rimes he would run ~ilt: mad <mod get, there SQ Nlrly he cW'Qu]d haY,c (0 ~'it and W::ID{. F:iuaU~" he bought dlec tight ,,~,,;!J,t;h ;:lnd hi~ tmubles were {lYC!".

~:n design i tag, [h~!S, it h;:u~;.'liOeT. W'l! n~mn com-ide!' th,n he has; ~o do <If h:H of \"'alk~ng :md ruuuing, VIle must al'~ ,'w Ior a series of limited eruck-ins and d06e'Ups tJl<d GUl show his facia] expressions,

~,'n,'I' t,.,,: n e f"f~ i. ~ '_ ;1'. ~9'SiO Q ~d .f'i'k>oM.e - ~ 1;'11 I~. 'f-",,~'II bo dl" "'~[Io'l Ib.., , .. lI.k f~· _, ~ er fliIii ol'l~t;"'tlf ~ccu.~ 1J:.i! liPg;1 ~". '- ,!Io~rl_

,~~CI'nd: ~lf: n.'~ I~ 0,91 g,'!l,se d fi8,~re 'OM ~~ rer, rU n fw' I~~ +r'l:li~, l:nti hh fCl!(c ~'I' 'r~ ..." .. 11 to .l. ~,,"' rna •• J. lI':.prnS<Qf'. ,e.iid,.~, I;a:ir.g ..owil-.l l'IO' percrJt II!.~ i(l-lJ!l fl'l,JPr,.i",. R""" .... ry' {"f llie d'", .. - ... ps.

'TIl,ird ~ry: TI,,~ h '"'U,f' ~"I'P~ ",,,,.14,,; i!'I -;1 ,ell:lb~"'n Ifl.. 9~ feal,,'r'~'~ o~ f~ I~.~ Iwa .. I"',,,,,,!... l~ ~ bodl ti Igig I n<:'ulIlh rer' QI I~I Qi' o>!:tT.:.n_ The f~~ j, ~i", ~"(l-U9h fo .!. .... il_ti~1'I _II in ~i Illi ,h ~l'. iU~ r.Qt~ tt,~1 t'~.e h.~~ kas bu"" .II ....... I'f,~ .i!l~T J,oj]p~, '!ill 't~;;ll' 'WI "Q!~ h 0"0'1 0 _'r~fI.Q'I~:~.'1're fl'o~ I~ "oll ~ d' I.. In.. ...... 1<iJ. (di.,.wa Hr~ .... kn tbt '.".J1tn !litd f!iS."ni panel:!. ~ t~ ~fCoI")·bo, .. dll_,

HE M!";5SES .IT.

WOK" S/!.M, rr-s SIMPLE .. ,.




Our' Itflp~r=dJ,"1"I Il'IPC' C;OI'l gr." ~. baln. lbe Q~i19" gnd 1:~ (lill1drJl: v.ilpr!t-a;iioDlII Ir~L1i::r .. d! ili'lJ ,tf'ii:l 31toq·~~r\d'.


Mete ,~"e,go to work on .::1 (\ommercl:"l!l [or ::l. brewery, ''1te- w~IH, to show a ,group: or cmlst:runiou\,,'o.r]lcl , h("1Iljng the quiuing whistle' and 'lI~hing [0 the nearesr tavern [or il l'elre5.hh~g gl;m of 'Ihp -1'0115.01"· ... Ix."t:~·. The action b fa$l. and h .is illl in l(lng51Iut~.

'~he ~~rti~fs :fi:r,;[ n:-:diclinn m,i)IY 'l.n: t:h<t~ this ls reaUy a tough J.ssignme'm because he l1 as to design n 01 on co hn t m:my f haracurrs, Uu L he WU~i M be \~ ell ad \ hoed to think n\,l!lr du.:wryLefure he :.larh to work. Its emphasis IS nor on indi\·i·rl.lIlI~s but .on action, and II 8."'1)';1 iii!! dl'ect., that 1"111:11, a~ .t gwup, Ij'k,e' to' ddnk beer.

Th~ , .. ti,.~ b,n ....... !"J' h.h 1;_. • ,t.Q<O':.'l Qt" 01'1 'fi.,~., cr.di M' MU ""o1~~oIl' !lord to (~~,~I i~d:rvid'oc'll Fn,n .. ii'l';;;;j.. a,,1 no omfl' Will gppr.<iQ't .• !h~", <J!, n'r.d:Mdil,lolilh ""fI~" tfley .~ "" ~,~, .im th~ '''''1';01 .. <:Ii .. m ,,~~ liIi! ,r,'"i'l8' i!.~ I'L ,,~:llei!l' 'fQ F by Tf-r~ ~rQ ')'. ~t ~~ '~~'r~d IJ 0 ,g;r~up·" A. rlrnl' ,!I. B~'I d ·r" "<iti;a.~ c., .... ~"'I, ~nd ... e Ll'.<:·~I,g: ft.~l ""~llr~tl' fr-Q<1iI "1h" --QIO'IJ r~I!I' ('C, :~Q:i1i ~i"i.d ~'d'f!~ :by ~'dl'Lgl -t-".ry' ~''!iIl'l~'' DE +he 8:r.1C~,P iii ~~1i:11<Q1,u:!@!tf Q;'~OIl'.','~


o~~ 6


•.... ,~

" . .

'G',COJp g" to' _ ii, i' ~tl~"'t ".~r,.O:!l'Id &..B, .. d .. ,n.r~fI!I tM' ur,;fi"';,;fIolQI, woculO! ~~~f 'CG~r.,W! i~,

'Thh 'Ioc~r(l, ~j tMI C! ,g' .. ~up' aln ,~II Q tt~try <u,Iii'",p-ly !l,n'!! '.~Kirl\!'.'ly .. ~ an if! din I ... ,,, i' d1=~g"o!;F ..


I ~ jh!se dt~'rC!d.J!H '''0 "H~ .. ,p' l., CI'IOId" 'I'c dh~ I'", i'lil'r';;;!ua,l'1iy. TiI\.~t 6t:I G.· g gn;I, .... hid\! i,t .:;~ it .~hll'J'I::l b.!o. 'M~CU'R' thr.· ,l'r;"'';:I''''. idea of I'koQ '''''''', .... 0,,·1,;. '1i\.QJ, ;::;, ;::; i'.:l'I,.P, tn., '0,11 '''i'i,;o:r ,~ir' ~r. "ell ('(1"" I.~ c-ver. .,elel C! :I1g~ i !~U( Dr P'" r .... " .. ti'l." """Ill h ~_ to ,It. 'e roup, by ........ '1'9 Q~. Qf i'b.. Ii:~ ~,r~t .lIr_~'I~~r ,t";::;,~ 'tno!l e;t~e"~ $('I th,;,I '~~ ".,ill &a-"!,11 i",· ·Rr,c ""'1 .. I" ~~"';P ~'.!;' , .. ·it', , hem Q'~ t~.f "'111101\ ~, !111,~ ~~~rn,

1 Jp [U now we h;)l.,-e been '"~:nling" animated cha~aners. !But. there :uc titues when live ~,Cti,on is preferahle. L1\'l.: ,jjIn~un. I:nay not be as ent,en3::iniug as anlmatlnn, btu. [he. ~ight 0:1 real hUlilan bei IIg~ ina :seU1ng demons tr:uion ha 5 ~nm e beHen!bililY and carrie- more cml\,.iujon.

Uv·e iH:tion can be I1hn(;d wwth real actorsin amuUo, 018 in rhe mcwje£- In GlISt.';S~li'her'e· lhisis tOO ,e";l~lI'I!si\-~ OF IXlm.p~]t.<t:~ed, a series or 'Hin phot'ographsis n ed. Thh is still caned "Jive action;; c\"~n duuug] I the pe:op le ate not. moving" because the phOM'Ir graphs de]:lj("( human Ibc::ing- nol {OlUO(J!n eharaerers,

'\ThC::l~u:r the [inal produnkm win bcli:hued as a short moyie or crea ted of rom p'h 0 tog ra phs. [fie sWI1'bo;:lrd l'l~ndi tinn of h should be done in a reali~[ic. iIIu:;traliv,e manner. Unusual 3,l'i


{,echniqucs or l}'~e~, dm 1.1 kl Uy l. be used. - the people ynu d rnw shuo~d loot as much a~ po~1hlc i,~kc (he human beings [hey au to reprt,"acnt.

If ehe ~-ript ralls Fur au dde.~y docter at the bedside of", ~lnanboy. the drawing hould~how II lypi~.l elderty doctor. rbe ch~ld heis "',isiLilig hourd look like the Unl'e hny n;f!!{I[ dou!:,. IlL luiddle·aged hQu~"I';'H~ ~II01,I']d look. lilcltIJl,ithUc-<tg,edhousewHe - a gl:; girl should be a g.l;]mour girl ~ a u,:en.8IgcT should be ::'I. te~n"'ger - ='I hmi ness Ulall ~buuM lOQk Uke a business rnanc- a cuwLuy like a cowboy - a statesman like 11. statesman and Grandma £hould I.ook like Crandma. The possibtlitics :fur characters are endless, Ihu the main idl~d ;'5 to urake them. look real ",nd u .. ue to type.

Th,e vie'Wl!rr idell1t:i'fie'5 hiim:s,elf wi,:h what he 51ees

Let's t:.lke this ~t.tlq board .f0'1 .J. .bundrom:n ,oolluul:rci .. [ dun we made earlier in t:ilC Je-sson .and pt:utn~y the t,ype5 \.;e bei]e<v(' w'lluld be most .5l.1i~,ahhl Ior U1C roles, Out ca t consists of 'I.WOo women 1a]kiug abuuL their laundry problemThis i~,.3 gmxi 'l~nu: u.~ reuiember what we ~id e-."w]i(,ir' "'llbOUl dlC' element o[ sel £-h:lemincOl tion, If the viewer om ec wmelh~ng of hrmself In the TV ch:llr.u:ll,er, he w'iU be much more 1l'1dim:tl [u respond to (he commerrial.

This 'M<:!lIllful, '!J:irl i.·;nlll' tQ' ll¢ok CIt, 1iI~1' ti." ,imp"";;,~en Q,~ 1iI',o.!:'I~~r I"'.~,I $h. ,..,~ .. I~ •. it w' Qf p!O'.t~ II· e! ~~m- 1"I~"ci .. 1 'c~ .. ,~1 l!'I'IiIinl 91 C~~~" T",k';rng rul'~' ~f ~Q ~IiH'J.r"( i~ .1) rOol> l~ {(!,,,,,n Dr ~rrd:gt 'Iif·e; o:!l rI ~. we at t.c, be tWI:I!" ,1iI1~ in ovr epfiIor_(;r.·. 1i e ..... iI'O.i. ~Q!le, .. !He .... ,,~ ";Ij ..-old. I~ [;1 I~ r~.rQ ri'i ".; III ~..,t "nl~ ~ U MI'!>'. to. 1~@,",iilY h~rs>!!.1f ~h", Ihr., '81c~t girl b'III' '!ol-dj !!DOl' ,~i!l1.;mT h,.r.

Wrongl il-,'I !'!elC'!l' i~ m",d. t .. " plclln. NQ' n.c"J~"";U 'WIo.'111Ci· ,..~ .. ~ t~, i~'nlir:y ~r~1i 'Iio'iih fl.;. wO ..... 1I" ,~"pKigllr if sll. old I'~t '" liule ,Ill" II.,. 'E';;e'rr _I'l>!:!"'-, "'I' ...... H~. ~ 0 .. ' mL.ldi of ~ '''pl .. i'~ J .. n~·' .dle II, ilinl I'r!Q~ .dI~r:lj_ ,lI. ... d .. U ,ef "', rnt!!ln ,g~ _1'1 en ... ~_ ... 1I.·;,nili we, .:If.' Iii! lilllCl NI~r t'OO,~i"!1 Ikg'~ WI' Q.r~_ ;!:. .... ~ Iry' I .. '~OD,'" CI d:rQ,~gcr.r ·.nll!. '~~IT,I 'II :j;. bath paYJ'bl..'·1;I ~ pl!~olI !>ll~'~ t~ id!~nl:ify a .. e ... U.


He·~. hL our 1't0fi'P'l' lI"~di~"" ~~m wti:ltii!n Clfe ,fiat .-~ p~etty· - 01;01 1'lpiai .. , - not ~~ 11"""";- roOt t~· !)t!!L T .1' fl.·" pl~""'i:il .•, ,,1~1! IpHII)!e - ",e-I'!I' !'II!l"" lih Il>~ <lC<lntneu "'Q iMi'I .... 11.0, Wl't·tf, TV.

No"..- l!l:~'s de"i:d!e wb.a:ll':f~ o'~n~lI''le: ,,",Witt. to :I:>eoo'lnmend thmugh Qur drr::!l'!.\,]ng;s fot the U'-'e-a.erion p!H)~iOgr.Jlrph~in the h!~<1 u~y shop C" .. uIII1UCr,[;lat Ht::.rc" lIn: Gll;Sdn~, problem h~Hghdy dilf'erent [[o( ~.he l:umdro'nHH. sroI'yhQlIrd. The 'beliluty shop Is se]li[!J,g ,glam,elHr. The ladiesi!l the t'ommewi!l~ shou!:d kmk LIn:: waJY the viewer wuuld like tiO ,Iool-;;_ And.. 'they S.hQtl]d also look dte war she thinh she "1igb! l'ook if she'gues to tht:

ptlO])le. 1.Qi(J tuu til .E~·t;n t1lough most or U~ d~i!lk';.nh·e a ~]nl~ better ]ooki!',~ than 'W'C reZl:Hy are, ve1r'!!, :f,c'i.\" ·nf u~bclieve ~nnlim-· acles. Don't make the f:<lce so beau t g (11 [ that the ".iew~lf~lI'iHfee[ Guly HI'o hen:l), dHt( IIU f:l.cia~ i:n the: w:udtl. hguing to do lha~ for her, And dOJ)"ll make (be h<liroos s:oeblhor:ue[ha~ rhev


S,n~ Ih b'~18eo~' b'J,Il~ ItU Jim gb!,g I;!IyLn",p " _!!~f'r:l9I .. itn, :~"r.~" ,~, r.J i~~f!Q~!~ I~~ "~ t<i .. lh'~III;~i _'.('a II,~~, ~~m~~.c;.<:")'~'r~" I~'~ ... ,e ~ ... ~ •. a'il ~~;"!l~' I~, ~Q"f'd''!,._ .,i!<n!~",,~110 '~~n.:~: ~.";' .... k~·I,·" """11' ml~ ~I~"",f!l' !~ (I, ,p,r:e'tlf ~~,~~, I~ h '"~! eo ~~r."I r.'ia n i~,~-dl!· •. 1Mo r,~~ 1:1" ol~, i,", !-'i\,e ~;~rlty." 'O~r ~iI' (jJ?,p1~~'h It,o,rflO'~tI _,II' W"CI~:~ ,i'l, ,gl ~.i'of~~. 'fhil, I}Q',~!Pl' ~::mP-IOCIIlI~. i~~~P Im,~ hgj r ~~~r ~~.-wh,~r,~ lalwQ-tl,m b!QlII d·~ Q ~dbIl'll'M~., !:Ii, 'km, Ik I",fl ~~""'J'~ .. Fi:,:",;I~r I~~ f,,~~..,.;th <]1 miim~'" ~'" of d~ 11Il,1 ~II...;!! ~~_.

Ilghit Dg;rl'~ i!J., ,!"'" "".1(' un .. - .... 1;~,8: ,t~~ ~!.ei ~ffl y<)Y~n".1"l'1;,oQ rd'" P,o'i6rl\. ~*<;I'I'!'~ QI, gti't(!~iycl:i' ,Ql~ ~1$illl~.l!!.ijl' ~", ,0 1:I~I!WlollL Hi'f~niCJe r,:,,,mne,. ~~'I!'lMr' ~'hl3! !i!>~y 'l"ii[!, 1;''i'l!"!g,,l1~ Eo., 1'~"=f>g.r""Ih...cll m!I'b I...., 1~:.-1:i"


.A ~~+r" .... ~.d.. ~.r:lw:w~1 V,1fJ'W ·of " ~~~I"j~. I!.~c'd ~. " IrQl!l'~ ",kit~ Ilh.r>QOl 'I!'iiOn'l' i~n 'Q "'gird~.

Casting, asp,edG,c cth,araeter'

We haee 'OOTlSidct-!:ld lhc prob~cm 01 (; broad, geucnd l,)'pe~ such as ~he housewi fe or rheaveeage W,Omaln. N O'W lees Slre' how :;! nu me 5~d,fi,t: chsr- 1I.nCr is developed - achet, OUt wmmercktl here [~ for a ])O',pll~al:" _'WlJlad d[t:$]n~, ant! uur dl<L]<tcle[ i ~ C,oi liI1!l to l;r,Hethe Wlany uses of rhe prOOt':k r, 1 t nll ay t:<lke several [riCs beforewe arri we ~t, die d~laJl-oI.cle.rwll;o wit! do~he Job fO'l'IIs;.

!f;irIJt try: Thh '~:II, OL,ltl" &~t '~ry _. '1:1 'Ml~17 , IMlijn~ (n.:lp. b~~ miHifu tCOli ~gt. Hlo m~gM .I:t~~r tt6~, ~~IILiv'[]n 'fhJi::l' 1~f:1~'l; pl',~\u.d Iii, •.

'hin!l tl'Y= ~~,~ ~~1I1;.ro. ,,~ juilriS,1\I •. I-',~ ,~gc,~.$ Illi;, 'iillyp~,a,~ Fr+nQh ~nd - ;h. pop.v~Qr li:f""'bc~ 01: .~ ()~!ri~9_ :t':I~ i'l, ahe =~e bt!,[;!O>n::lbl~, Q,i .In l:i"'I:~"J;r't'1 on 'e fItl.J' ro.:.t!l.

:SCCOlt'lii:l tty,:W~ 18" 'tc' t~.."'.pro;>"ilI! e"'r I.f~""~' •. Th.''', ' •. ~ .. pl~ ~~ '~fj,,, - "'~ i'~ ~,g,r!l!1)' Ib ~' .... ,~'(i! ~P'KI' fg' ,r,~ iii iP'~!.i<!in!8' " .. ~r QI ~i=d-,~m' •.

AU cbanu::lJer:s de$igned for (f'll!\'i~iull iluiuH'UiQn should he 1'"(," duced tos.implt=, lm:;ic elements. Because of dte ti,Jtj,t;: clement "md the rcilo'llon. dte whole roncl:pt tU ifers [r,o. dun of::lu fur da:: p!fim,ed plI,ge. In pdnt. the l.-iew,er 'In::!)" . rudy du: figures and WUustl;3'tlons as long as he pICttloC .. In ~ere,isi,on, the 'i~mc:' ~or 'fi('wh~g ~, d'lI'"dm:tiUe:r us limited 'to lhe nunl.her of ~e,onds he IS, on lIH.~ screen, _ he more deeall in a. figure designed 'fur telcvisien, the more dj~ccm~~ning rhis dc[;!iJis when the l'ig'ure js in In(u:ion. liVe <Ire ::l:l'tCif an ~~npres.~k;n here rarher than d.C'liliJ - and an ~.pre5· ~ion, c;'l~h tOT' ~jmp]lcity.

Tu make all oI this clear, h!ei;, lully <§. character, t.irsr as d~a\!l'n for ,[,he print. •• '!! plfg,e and then for television,




n,;·. ii l'h. t.ea-=l ~! t"~· ¥igw ,~, ,r~ l'b~ g'llT •• i;~rr,ol!·n;', feor 1"'1.". ... o~ 'ON! ~Q'~ .1 !~, ,'IL,!t!hop.!' DR "", .. I. we, g!l.d rl'l~ f~e. tUfe~ a I',a r~Cng tl'ul· elc," .,,,,d ~'I)w:. ¢ n~ ~~ .~V'~ "II "din~r., ClI!d !"""'_ W'e ~'Rk!ri.' 'tli~, <!-CrJ ,,".I ..... pl.l:r rh lI,gjlf.

H.~~' ar~ ·I~. i~g •. "f I,li~ Q'rjii~1 .s,cle:lfrli!''''.

,tlH~ h ~ oI'mpT;'fd-d .. nwo_





'lfHO if I'h~ ori'l'1i",,[].~ i 1l=""I'fl!' lleti"", f~r f~.It g1i''I'ltIiH'c".!'~t"

'I"" l'i"~1 l'~iI'n. :"~t~. a~ i"~ ... ,e".,, ',:jlelln!l~. I\o~ 'i~!;!I 1u'!'P'C,dl "",'e , .. of (:J m,,~1i'l't. o~~,tiV''''''.I]' i~, Ql<J.. 'ro, i".".oI:!ii:tI CI'", ,e,PF'" g iKe "" 'r.".~i li.;.l'l_ lki) dl1~1 g t~@1 ~ ,,..,,,, .. dl Iby !C~"il ;'r~!41'~IeII'!!.:f)!%i r~1!I mplil'n:; r·r;.r' m=g l'L't '~("J ;'" Iii. i".t.r.dtN "";r, •• i't'Joi!~~h,, ke,. h .. ~ " .'~ry '3*d r;e:l~"'se. .md Ih" ~Q~;?Q~"" ,...~n'J t!:i tflJQDlirpg~ Q Ite n-rn. ~ 111 1J~ Cift.l.B'".EI'tr IiII fl':UF~icic]l .. ,Stf'Oli1l! h.!l ~Il\ f!llIlI:~ I[iI tr"" "~.lilful ~ .. IIi -e i:';o-~!"~l!Jr:Ci.f.l~ t. i!lW" .... ,. '",", "., II j,o:IOY . 1<> 6 e .i1<no;!led '~n~'j'd", r"~. l~t". "''''''7 IthE' ••• i~:i'I'I' o.I"~. by ene ,

'i','", Limplify 1'1i>l!' bedy gild a rm~r n1u.,.J ,,"h! ~r.~ ,lIifl' (lJfi1,

SiIll;llJil)iilS ,fl;jtlfl pro ... e 1,,1..., ,MI'l I"',,· :6"II~'M II., a: Il urt rn 1M ,ii.-.


A~i:I ;:~h i" I'~~ .. '11.m¢1:e' j'n sifil~I;ll>o!!fIO" •


HH'C .~ t~I!' 'f~I.v1m Vt riIi!:l'n gf I''''~ fI(lI~ 01.

Now we l' u l all of ehe paru (I f oU[frclcviston eh araerer ~CI' getl:le'r ::lnd pbce him next to our original ,r:h"T:II:tCif so we can stuuy the chauges we have m:l'IIdc. "'Ire have enlarged the head. nose anrl ,Ears" ~VC howe taken olf ~he buttons and dtc sh[u ,cuffs. \'\.'e hal;e quieted (he nl::cktie and the p:;mettl! on the har, 'Vt~ have 'irnplitii,cd the Jegs and shoes iml)o on!! Uillt. There are other ell ang:es. too. eompare our TV $ 'I!;"] rh r.h~ sa lesm .. III

ni tile pd nted .ad and you wi]l ~'f:how muchmore he is: now suired (0 the' motion of television ~ ... t, 'Vhen a,eating ::ill.)' relevision c:hara:nfT; lit: hdps I:u Lbi Ilk in [etms of a bi'll hmm~ VO".!llet - " .. herCo' i!.hc de.I.I1icnllS and figurt's are .50 , .h~llp]elhat the is cemmunieared ::n <II glaru:oe. The advertisement on the hmlnmrd can be um.Jemnud casi]y as r(lu drive ,rapilUy h)' .i't - and Jour tdev~siol1i: cha; ~hollh1 he nnder'Stuud JUSl as re:i1sHy.



iii, .... m ... ,,:n d.,,,,11 ",~,. e 1i9'11~ "NO ''''''''';0''', d:"Q 'C'~ ,~f 'e die;;? n.~ "dQ".d Iyt;(' I~ It 'o!!'!H t~~p ~'J' (!~!,~r I~h ''l,U~'!>'"]' fi .. ~, II_~ 1:11 1:1' p.rl1Q<'l

'~~ I':_I! ,ond CiO",nl' ~p I',:) i.,,_ N .. ", .1 , y";rr

~fI'" ,~r;d ... ii:'tg,.,. r.wi;h ~f>~ ~~r.'Ir!l'!~,r' OI<'!' ~ .. I' you

:b!IY," i,~.1 _no YQ>~ wi'li p!I'Qwblly Ir~_,~r q'lIIfi. ,~ I~I "1:. .... 1 thO! .... ,t~iilB' lit. :Fl'ar~n i~ ,~tirlg. e,l "",II (!~ OIM r ~lIIhl<:!m dim,g, d~I,,~n ..

,,' Q




Wr;lW .. 'EEI'UltJif 'I.lp Ir.:il ''''m QcrlQill'!i (i-ir lor.., 'Wo r~"" a pt!II'J.OlI ,!!!O I kll!g, Comeo: "II, .. n", cn I"~ ='I;g.~, Il'Ilthu t"i'l>ii1n, '0 ~ '1M' in<lMd'wo L C10I<!I' y_r ~f"" Dod ...... :Mr ... m~di you ta,lDiO~'IIoU. I" ""ill f;,j, (\0 ! I~n.

('D .... I IIIp 'f.:.' il!n l:lJiOj'n" e'l " ~ JI:I_ 1pnd', ..:hlr;, you "'I:t'~~ !> pe''''~ '~!l .. A!l~ii!l" 'CO'IlI~,r.ilrQ'te Q;~ '~h. ~~i(;n, 'Cil'o~Y"w" "),"" .. n.l ~~ ... ;11 i\'I~.g' thQ,' 'you ,(~"QJII .... ry If ... ,d'~I~lh. il !;HIy. lit!' fi".t .. , Ihl!! _!j:o.. l'''''' ..hI!"" im ~u r p'j(h,Jr~~ the len c!do11 yO'i1 ',..1«1 - D>tdl fb~ "",r" 1"'~ Ihwl'd' t.. ~on~:e,r!/';.ci

)1; (lIe-o,rrng h .. ~ ... ~r ... 11 im ,r*nl~ 01 I'k. moti9fl_

-- --- ~- -- -- -- '_- -- ,-- -- -- -- -- --,.____"".... --, -- -- '_- -- ~- -_ ,-- -~ ,-- --,,-- ~ -- -- ,-- ~~ -- - ,-- --'- ~--

.... ~"~ ~,,;;;l ",'II .hi:!. :1"r;U1.' Qf (!~, Irffl,ai(l'" ~d~r,!,;:1 ,"~ l'o~, .I,"",. []1 WClr dgJ1i~. lxidi a~·d 'r'Qrt~, cor',UJ 'III~ 'I('~.e"', '1' .. , .. wo"r.:l litil}iI:, Iftllt t " (lUI"'; !li h Ilnl ,,,'boJil ",'I, ';m,,!~ I>!J il c;Q;II "- blil't Wt ~t 'n.~ d~l"r~J .. ~,d' 11o~ I"'"II.~ ... QU,' ~'nll>.'iI!U"'l' - e. t'r:..y "';11 b~ I'B" i" II.", 'D,P" d fi';~l'i',;)~ of tn. Q'-o i!rC,. 'UiI;~ r u"'b.!. ~I ,~''''<''~iI! Ii i~, Cl~:I'f'~,&:i~iI' r'Qli~tr' 'I~ n itnpt~!l~;!_ ll'w!, !:.elf 0' • .:1 Ib .. ." m..., ... linL .... ~!d ,o'!iQ I~ ... .,s:t~dI I ....... H,"',

AWG,rd a'bout timin,g

W., bil.,-e, see .. ~1!r .. I'" 'figwr .. i '''pld ..... tiQ!'i Jic h:1 Ti~ 'lilt] .. 0/,.,1",11. If I~~ ,Qd[_ h r,,,,,,, Iii. pKih.'~' ''Io''OI'!', .... h"ld on, 'Ibe ~~~" t ... llf8i '.ilQ~'S:I; f,O'I ,~"(! Yi.,,.,.er t~, j:i,pp".~'e 16;; ,d'rcdiH ,_ i,1l fo:!d, ;:1 .... ill '1IlI'i'y ,¢>nf~ tbtl, ,odil"n.

TI\., epp;;nil9 ii i~u e,~ 'irucr. H II ,pkf~rI 'j" go! g ~g, be h:~(I' Cl-lil '1M ~.,,'" Q liij~lifi'j". il ~"m h,,>"i!' Q I~t of d;e>. 1 .. <1. liih., "j.",ce r ...-(11' "....., p!",llly 'of li_ roD mo'ti;QO' lli.r! dit!lei!! D,' J.~, 1Ii~1. ~~ I~' t'h~ ... " ,n.lien. ~'~ .i.b., ~il!!',. ,'11., a=ou~,I' ~f d"',,il It d'.r.,tDll\!!'d by f"~' !,," 8']'; 'Qf ri_ t'~e' 1"~'I.r. "";'11 btl! bldl Nil" 'Ih .. :R~". Th;~ ~~t ..,.. ... _"ci!gl: for g .r.ii~r<!~~ IM'~ polootl$.

111_ .~ ..... u!' d.llcil !Jerl!'~",,~,~ ,- e '_5~' i. ht.h:1 e _,.".t'i! lom(l .~"9b f~" t~!;) ne'l'fer fo ~I;p": , .. 'Ii III,., r,~ ,,~ ~~. 'IiifI:lIrr.~r',~ ~lRId~d ~, .. ,...

fI.r-e I, tr..~ g ~~IJ,lln. ,J",:p"~~" 11,,,, I:i.:lIll mo1 ii, o~Iy' CI~, O';jtn~ - .," .. 10 ,~ I~,,, ~~_hQ"-t. . W..,o,.." '11r.IO,.1ed ~<t.~ of Ihe .... CI~' p"'iftl - .. ".:I fll,"oi~..,;I 1:oI'I1y on. !:lUlU I:'!. ~v'l tl't. "MD, 'It~'!,. 0 ~ the 'I!' ~ "~'. slill Q A I "o;If'(l,n ,d!oi~il Il WDr .liD '''E!. le<e .. lt! Qr ~H' ,ii ,- p4iciry ~!' l'~t, !i'g1!'~~ tn~ D",pr~,tOon g,f _,; .. " hillel. bit.11 ~.iSI~~!!'ned. ,e .. ~~, '", I,b.m ';;;iI~~ dI,~gw;1,[1';' .. ",I .. ill b. jOti!l ~ •• II'e~?re, In C!,";'IOI,lIig'IL

,lrb. 'IIJI;,h.t,,1'! mo'"'' f(ti~ (ti~.!' I'h.~re il -"f 1i111s' I~_~ rlllilll1Qn. Co ~~,!;I.~ tiy. 'I~~r\l!' il"~"l' 1iI'!1!! ,Ii",-!oit

w., e.ft(I'Ug!h Ii_ It"f,~ ,to I<;>o!~ ,,,I QIlIM ~PP')' P""" ,[;1<1: .. , i~' gl ~CI' J~'~ Di~,r. J;., ~1i!.I,!" " ....... ,'11 cf j'lcnrotl~1l Q nd d'f1r,oH 't~ IlI!dkl!llll.t

.... KI".11 g "'de"! r 1'i _. :10 t~o'l' I!I-~ "-1:1= Qlr t'l.~ dirt~,r will ,lid, in III.!!! T;!!I'O!'e.r', IIM-ory. ,for t~is 1.lI,~ r~~~1IJ tMG' ",;d1>r~ i., .!Ir .......... ilh 1:1 1;11'11J, detail h.!;It ~rrh tn. ~,i" tip .. 1 '~Iii;Pil.g,lI:I on '!~. ~i'llb"" 'o!h.ill'e. I~. r,,,~-I ,g~ 1Jr_~ li"idWI'~ d ,,*,",tidl:ll"f i" 1~lle,


~\WQ"S remember OUf Tu\e "\lee~ ,t ,\m:,\e"

• hp-I'e::ln..: guod reasons Ier this ::IU.impurll,tnlrule. Each dement 0'[ derail you iumr:lx> In a HglUl'e rsan ;u:lili~ion:;ti, element to be concerned with i:n :mIHn:u.ilm • .E.~'f"l r time a unit 1Il0"CS, the de~::Iills, wl'l.hin iJ.i<lL unlt musrmove a;15.0. Th.i!ll means [hal ehe ani,I1HI,li.on of :l fi!,:ul"e with many details win be "fry mmpl,iicatcd ::Iml clt] Let's see why,

~n TV ]jnga" when a man takes t"~'O complere step :in a walking UlUlUOIl, h is caned ,~ cydc., .• -\. cycle nli'ght also, be ~he' ~mhing

of a cup of roHee. la~i!flg '3 S'tj'l';uu\ putting ihe ['up ~O'iiWl1. fir ~l mig'll t he th 1.:' 'Gmuph~ le action Or I"]': I ng a bi te uf a candy bat. But In [he rase we'~h;.ln examiue here 'the' cvrle consists of {'om· r1e:ting two lull steps o[ a w"U:.. Thjs ~ingk: c)',d~' of lhe' wOIlk. In [un anim:n~QI'II. will ru'l.uirc twenty·rout separate rhr:1Iw:in,g< .Thi~ ~n:u::'Iln ,that 'the animator 'wi II hal'e HI' dOl'W ~U the deta:i]s, in 'the figUf'!! fwemy·fm,IT time' ami that's a '""try g.ood r,e3SCU~ for k.eel'" i Ill,g de laH~ to a min] mu In tnr nne $~ ng,it: ,(;}'de Q[ Ilhewalk.



We e·IlI!:i!'I<"", till., "<>ft.!!,....,iI'r;."I,,, ,And'. 11"*. Imelll'lHr, ".._ <;) r. IliQf only ~I!I'"EI: _r~ '~'I]d '_"1')". w~ ar" 1l1~1I;1n4i mil'1l1' tht j. 1l'O't101f ~~. P9iJr-+ by Ii""'plilp""g, ;1:. !:,. .. ,u d~t~jl oY;W;iI\I'I' h'l!'fp 1'1) "~IiIIiI~~i~tt 'Ih-e I:I'I!"rlC!~DI~I}' ~ ~ d-.C!,OlC!O~. - ;"11",,;1, if detr-aC'l'J from '~~Qi' ~1'1I1I!I~ ~i't;lI'O'.lI:,.


Slt;!dy this r..g ~,r+Q nd ".e"~ ;1 ,j~ .. 'n i~'to, ;,,,. In,," li)cir.f "1'1.10 _. 'he'::!..!, ~or!ol'. ..."d r e 9ii., N.<;>!~ ~'''.,., .l'iIIl"'P:I-e· ~~>C)J\ ~~it i.t. "T~'i! n o'i:!!-!·I"o'~ the della;l •. i I] 1M l'iiyr~ '0 'I~. ~ e t:11 _, Tnt· fkF .... r 'in tr.e 'it> .. I!"nlt~~~. Ih. ;,_ed~tle·. It"',," ·b .. ~t~' .... t'i ,'b. ~j. 'tl'l~' ~.p""" ~·n I:t.e ~fu~i. Th., !o!Ii1l ,,,,.. h <t'11! liII ti>O~ ~J bp'~l'ill~ rot

· ..... r~b w. ha~ ... ",m~ il 'F.'lO'll' Q~ I ,~W!, d". I ~;r.~ j'B fbI!; 'r,t~ f"tj '0 ~ I},. rUsh".

:It. tiO<K! ttOSNI, iio.· ~ ... pIHi;tI'll dhQ'~.r~ _J .r",,,,,,,,n.I""I&d "in t1':.. "dalJ.ed ~Y"<.," ''I·.t .m I'h~ p~II'fi'OIJ', I»~. "T,o u~<I:e ,,,,., ... ;:1 =r'~ dtoCltly 1\.0 ... If","" <'f.,Ir,,. il~ 'you o-c:hloCll· It U. ~!,~ ~.b,jed. ".~ Tn liJlQi(I'Q<I,. ,i~~ ,,~ 't,~l., &:IIt'I, 01' '~~.p, ~~,d ~,~ .. '""",cia ~l".

JU "n,gdvo~ a ~ a',,,,,,,,,,ti,< ,,,,"penr...i>tit,, ct ", .. i:l- ~.~ ... d i~'r,B'IrYQJs. every' t\o' .. Rlllh d'rCl'l!l1i~91 i", tbi. fll m "",<'I~ ~pr{:lOl,d hy II 1';~JiUrQ ~, !l!i ~ H,'d ,gf ~~'b.I>"g~ ,_ iv IT Ih i4_ 'I;~ a~ liM b(l.Y'" ~ft!'t:I'fiI., "M1t ~ tn:e ~1!"" ... en pr,g~.a .. o(j In fi~~ -r". "" 111.. !:!I,'hb-iJ~!!I'" hd 10 "~II.;:Ii ~ '1M etl,,;;roQft of 1'11. OIJl~"'(;iI. N'" DM' IhQdI ~oQ!ic,~d I:~;!' €Q!:bw~. ~n i~~IQ'!i]" il '_" .r·.~!;!I!I' ~~'':rllt...,~ l'lmad

~"" '~i;'h~ d'r""';n 811, 0(8' o"'y QA".tliiir·d ·011 ~(:II iJ .. o-ed~d f~ r·Q • q'tl. of '0 mm.atl"n. 110' ~'IlrQII Ih.e "SJure' ,~ ~,".,p!~"'" h'G ,I.pi.


Detai'll and val:ue,

in sec:o'ndary characters

\,\>f;C 1.111.,,"':: seen lha:l det."i] iq our characters should be kept to a rmrumum, Th1S rule cappi,lL';S, h'i:d~ dutlhle Iuree try ~olmdar')f characters, They need even less d tail. "'lle CUI maku the utc~ry detail iu them s:l~.llless imponant by lledudng the value 'of these seconda~1 l(:h~T::Ict~;rs, The :Iighu:u:-\'aihlt: hdlJ~ lu keep them In the background. wben! tht''f belong - andmake r he :ma in chara ctees ·SH'I.nd. out berrer.

Q", pornl' abci"i "lll'Vii n~i ,g, bolls iill ~.ollll;le·. I'n ~r:cte,r ,~, j;W'C¥e 1~1'1' 1.t'I, t~,"" " ...,1 .. d_~ !:II ~.,,"'NiI.d ·~~I'. o..r "Y'" .... hdl!u c,r''''III'~d I'l':.e' _" - h ,clOoIlii!l"l' tows 0'1 ~1I'1' ... n~' iml pQlrril;~!OI',

lEl'., Clppl),o' I~h 1,l[F'!l";"""" to "",. n'I!i'i~,,"illtl, cfr.e..'iLior.i ~1'1~tO:<:lt,r~_ A~, I'm tMi!!' ~'~r'e,ouClb.d· phQf"!i~op'll. ;::OUt 'gcO'Ie w~ndi!!n (I"l'r ~h~ '~"itir~ p;du .... AlII It.~ di,grc,~.~. ' ... r. ~ .... na,. 'JiIlp ... lQn" - iii;;:! indliYid'u,1I I'~nd,~ '0<11'1.

H_ ~~I·' tcjj~nl'u:ll. ,~" til. 'ig.l'l ~'S\! ~ 1:10 thh ph~=~ rDp~, "''''''''';''91 !1:1li. t'!i!Uf. !toldl $Om!! !pfrlo! i,,'t., .... ~,.1 1' ... II'L n,:i:. ;e'IU".J:.!td phOI'O:a"Oph ~iU aft ,Tml of 'Ih.e i"".p"e'~io" ",e, 1joj'~~T,di 'Qllr ill rc~1 'if~.

,Ami Ihlt. ;, how' 'Qljjrdlr'1:I1O'i~iI' ,,",g' !d 1"",1iI; if w. Ii)(!~. ~l'Ie !j\Qj~ce Qf Iih.~ !.<HlM~1')' eh(lr(Iel'1!n 11g"ItO~~ 1M, vi' _~I "";1(,,,,"., .. WI~'l'd: "!!iI"""'1lr tiK'''' .... , .. n~ pt'inQ'p<l1 '911.1(.''!l'!Jr agor .. iM, i~ >;liij <!pprQo;tl;b "..,. of~.~ ,~st i',n dt,~i"'~ for t!!'~'.~.

the star, 'be supporting playe,rs" th:8 extras


In 3: teJe",i ion fj,tm, just lIsi'u a nlo'fie. you often have a comptete cas!: of characters, The prim:;ipaL E1g1.m:! is rhe 5l:1I:'. the 5eCOn.fl:U}' Ilguns an: lhe ~uppoi'lh1g pla y,cr.;. and the e_);,u-olS 'Il~e jU:S!l extras. On '~hisand t he fono",~i n g p::l~ we show you d ~:ffenm tW::I,ys YOllll can imcFpn:: [ these eharacrers 'so their impoerance i n ~.he cast is l,;suaU}' clear.

Lei's start by looking at a simple $lory- The lather . who is rhe star, 1~ trying 10 rake at nap. The ,ehiMren" whn are die .su]l]mrling p]aye~~, rush madly around, TJu:: ~JU]JP)'. who is lbecxtra, ,kdIQWS lhetll. HQW can we h"llerpret each eharacter ~'O m, him ho]d his J.ll::tcc .in ih~casr.r'


:1'J4..., ~ •• ;""~ ~M"i!'l.1i:i H-Qn 'Q'f ,'b. "Il'l:lfO,'4In. ih.r. gr·. ,1n-.'ClI tM"9~ '>'<i"!Qffl-g tlt'rII" Tho ~n '11'!l~rI~ml' II 'ir'lC!!' tn. f~t'h •• · •. ,,~ '~~~ '~C" .... ·1· "~-M,c .. ".img ~n""ir,h. n.. d;i~dru h-Il'!'. log, mllld) (;~;;g'(l-or I\ot ..... ~'"9 ploy~n <!l.'l~: !ol) .lre>~I' fro.on f~~ 'riCl. i!\~ plilpliJ)!, i~ "'~.}" C;1!!J;l'- I" r"p, h~ i • ..,.,;:j[, !_ .,,1.'- ~,~ ii. g_nfl ,le<ll.r·. II j'l. 111. i.1'Qr, ·nQl fFt. IP"PPl" • ...-Mi t~ld C~rlI-=nd t!:to.! rie_.,'·I. C!1t~"liC!".

I'm 'Ihh i~f~~p,~r~li~m I:'h~ d.D.~detil"'I'Qn of tn.' rlllMr .~'lmb'~i"'~~; os ~~.~ ~~1\cI~. n.~ Ijjp:p!r. ~·.$~9m of .~e ~1!,'Mr~" C!~.cI '~"9 ~'I.!I,. ·11,,.,.,, h. H'ei. ,,,,I ... or ~~ppcntil\'"p',g)!illl\l, "n;;!l' ~\l!flll:l. 'tne _i'l (-.ol"~ '""by ;t ;j ~ nmpod~I'" Iii-a,! ,j"e fJ" •. 1><:0 !l<~bI1ll~d;"8In~ ili !\I!-l\!'l'ili.ofl' nl", __ r~,,1 ;$ th;;,1 'I~" ti,_· (or in., Qd1'on j, EO ILrni~..d. 'Tl1tr+ 'i~ no tl·_ M -..,-.g'li. Qr; •• d.,o.- .... 1'i".rI>.1 t~11 C!u~· d~ ~.~ 'l"lc;lo'ir ,,,,,.I Iii, dl;,c.ll,. ~u p'>Ui~le."

H'ow to Imake

die s,'t'alr out-s,t,Glnd:ing

\·'fc have jtl.s t considered Ol'1 E 1'.[:1 Y ,:;I charactier can be m:-:ued lU ~nll ke hwm. o\ll:H.a:ndin~ in :I group. He'. e we look 1I.t some' examples or ) tbat will also help te "project" rhe sr_ar",is,u aUy .

Emphasi'.dn,g the st,a,r' by the U5,e ,of tone

Om'prolbkm here is tJo' create d~e characters for a eonnnerclal fOI" Scram

,deodol:';;1I~u .. Thesrene ~s we~[ern. A ,rowhny ha.~, a ~'iwe problem o:f UllpOpU· I:uity. due ~o thilr old demon ":8.0.,'" He fQiSB his bi:c,ld ,- even his horse [ot.33.kes, him,. It, Is onry atrer he hears SOUI.C :gh'Js, l:ElJkffing OIoout ~.I:il.ll llnH he re-arl.e'S what 18 [he numc,r. He finds (he hapJ')' solui:Jon in <I ~ar of Scram ..

h~ dTaw~ng uur chnracterswe want [.0 make pet[e<dy clear who pla¥s 'the Ie,ading role and who is :in tile supporting 'c:'Ist. "\'c do thls shn~)]J :uul dirc!CL]y Ihy the control of rom.',


N~, !l'J1I~ ii:g,~t~ .larld·j 'Q 1111' h~dIe!, ·Th~· glrl'" ~w,~ t:~~· Ih~ rie,. dtO/;l,~d b1!, ,i+oollillic!ty, ,".,~ "'01; ..... ",r QrI.II'Ii~", i'l ;0.01' 611 t~le,*(j. &«1'1 i& oIiil'lhil.!d ,emcm; all Ih. chorodpN.


1'.1,_ ~Uf' ,QW!!-o'l' I~ t1'le 11""'. WJ.i i.., '1'1\(1 ,ittlo,Hi ~f tb~ olbr ·"~pr . .,. r~mgl'~. 'I1i,1'( ,ue 'hpl' liilhl 'i~ =Q~e. ,r~ 'Ihi~ ~nd~,;n.-glh ~~ ;,I'Q~g'.I. Q' I ~01UJ.eO~ t~. dl!1::p"'" I,,,;t~,t. T~o!I ~f~",. ~hQ, .. '!.n Qrt te*~iI(fIry ~"d o~r 'C II~iI.riOfi QU!lOpt.I:i!le.(fI11I)! f'~~' ",ro '0 ~r ~er .... ,

UE BOUGHT ,SeRA),! D[.onoM·~ 1)0 :e:UMIN}l.TE fl .• O.


filii 'Ln""~p1~to,;~~ miI:~1 ell t~. Q,"",EI~ .. 100 i~d';-'11d~o'. 'Tnl' M n i'~ DR iiliEl'iYio:l1olO1 perlOlKllilY. r.Qtlie,r tnon, ,!:II Jymhcl of .. 1f,,1!.';r. II:o~ .... ~ iii

t, . e ""f -III., "It.~. """',..,;.le(1I. They aU 'fi,lit fo,r tr.e ri!l_U"'1 !IiI ~",tt"n l<i,,,d CitOl'rO' it ~0'l' fl'i;lm t'!'., (I". - '!~II~ .... cl,,~~ ~r """ r!KIl.


No~ Iih,~ .,1I O,r~dll ~I, O'e n on' a,",~Mdlulll!~ Ib~~ ·it..l' '~'''IF''~~ Ih~· lmpf~ni~1"I ~ ..... of (I [n ""If,- u'n," 1l;~:; gr~ Ir;m~h o!' f~~ t9<!1 Ipt.oP~t th~)I' ~~pr'~~"~,

Th~)' "r~ SIl!)o,d;n"l",d I" II},,, p;;.1.<ig>!' bt .II-e ~impfi,(jl)! ~I' ,t~~;J' ·,o· ... er"fl'11 dt,li~n (i r.d .... 11 ~;,I' ,d'I:II;roc:! ""tt.~tion IrQ'1ll '~h" .. ~"t'''' r'. ilDe'fiQije.

,s.,,, ~.... _I~ I'I\"'J ... "O'~k in I~~ il'>ry'b«I.rd.

Here Is anorher e,,=;~mpk 0 f II couutu::rd ,11 ,j n whlch the lrurnan l!iI:m'l:u'u must be Jk.e,P't secondary because .wme·thirlg ehe h leaU,- Ithe star of du~ "how .. OUT pmblc:I1l;\ ~.~, to create "". g,tf.lTylmnd. [or ,a ten-secand announcement oj duo: Immi[o_g COli Itt Y fa if. The commercial is UJ shnw :1 1 i u It: ~Udn who- i s purring lip :lI prucli' linn g~\'C~, all the details i\bo~1( the bill' - d"te date, the .aur;tc(fom" and the place,



iI1U' "",I,. III." pi!"", 11;.,. ilil"'~.- 011 11e.s.e 5iI""" Il".e 1It1J. I,...." I .... , ""Il'.,h ",~"oiii"li~,.. T~~ 'I'i,~'i'i'ar' ""Q.~!!!I pl~b-l:lro,)" wooten hIm In-. !;!8,,01 ,~f I~ ... .., 1!,""I~r, 'C no:! Il>Q h'~ n~t -whol' '!I'. "",on, if 12;~ _~IC!~ h 't", be ge<Ii"" 'lItr""."

This lr~~ ~uHi".dI 1!i~1I"" I.H:!'" II.·~ Ilill'I .. , mQn- i!A '~jl phwo .. !'it, Wi 1'1 o~t 01 p!:I Ii 011 tlle R·Bl1rm· ".D;f om d, ..-clli"~ d.~", ... 1...:1 m.Jdl 1I'1'~~·' 'ii",n TO' ~i rp~'lf •• he ~Jt~r h ~'~Ie 11'1.11.~1 Ilk. .!, ,,'" be;:Q,,!.>!' it ,d'1l<1 ffilfl 11. m-ti.tCi Ii- oiboVi !,lIe i'c;r_ II "Iif! .. ~ ... IIo~d Ih~ ~"w«tr"~ 011",,.. lion II Rd It~· _l' ~,.Qf .".n b. Q"""Q r;o' InOl1 liltt '"'''~ WDJ,Ii.. cli! w~~ .. hi. icb ~. lh.m'o1.~.t


'he 5:tar' Is not a Iw'a ys, a :p-er'5'Od

In some CO:I.1U1I:1,CrciB:b. t.he star is no'[ a pennn at aU. The '$r~. is; of tern th e :;;pousm-'s ~noo,u,(.. H,er,e. for ex~mplt: •. is [he plot 01 a storyboard (OT' :t breakfast ttrC'al. Mother pnt:'! a p:u:hgt: uf FZaki'e$ on !the br-eJJk,:[;:nt ~ab~c .. The pad:a:e;~ comes ,aiil'E ::Ind O1JI.5 'the H;.~t oE the ramal' to, bttakfiiSIl. They aU enjoy Flakies-« hold the pa:ika:gc up in theair - and ,say lww good ill Is, In GilS'ti~lg dw characters, we should r~~nemhe'r IFh:lf the pa:d'J,~e of Fb·kieo issrarred, and nOl the members (1£ Lilt: rl!ln~.Hy. who. are re'aJly ~~'n\bo];5 in this case,

How to d'etermine the si,le: ot ch,aractefs lo'nd re"at'ed oh\'ects


The larger a figure OT an ohjert is, du:: HIOii~ a uent ion j( command . This is p::l!N[cnl:u]y rruc when [he figure is in m()[·ion., h is theeefore veT}' important ro dl;cidc' IIII the' r]ght properrlons Ioe all eh.U',:U:'U:OfS ,[oII.ul Ilheir related objecK In m:d;.illg {hi ,dcd~ion. ~l,is of(et~ helpful to u-::msl:m: both rigures and objects Into absrraet, ~h[ol·[X."S, as we demcnsrrare here.

N~..". I.t'~ ""':r ... e .!'."TO! Oil Iilgl't"" i!;.ci' ,eol'iiI, ,ior

tM fi91;1re oi CJ ","_'!'I,n" I." ;~ lEi ~ ,'''. mn. He !$

liiill~QI in !:l'Ii Qul~~~il.! ~,I'lih '!l!!'o~M be' ."m~,l.;rf'


-;:lV"'lj , .

I'· i

.. ~'



, .

Ab,:,v. .... Ifl.o ... "00 I'>;fo €O",i~ II 8"''''' - 1:11\0;1 "0'" tf1el' Ioo'k "1 o;o.l;.~t",d ,J,~,~ .


H.,.., "'''' 'rr·g!)lkrl~ I'lil. <lj'~n9 i",to e .. ",b~ ."d_ W'" ~e r=",.JI;':l,<!lr IlIg'l '!~9 C'Or is Oi'tQ<r~ 'PfOl'll'. n. n!' ftidn, t·Me· 'r."ICI'~' 01,1 ,. '1i"""po,lio'''' 'i:i Ie W10I'i:lj.

So WG dt~ i::In,o~, ob.hud, fO!'d'""""11 I!re: ,,,,. .cIl"td ,~lI'kI g'1"S It,ll .. ~,". iIlI'""",,' i: •. "",~<01;, _ ~'IO!,p~(i~~~ hUii' '0 I'h~ ~'"

No-.; ~ tr.ciJII.J.!ole ."II! r ~!:n.:I!'<Id <1'" ...... ifii;i ~'-";, i~foo I;! .. artw~. w~ CoO~ ~' t'hElli IJ.~ .p"8p~ f~5"'r:i ;;1, l:Il.I~m b.i'tftt' f01' CUt· pJ:! rpoMl' - th~· ",,.,,, i.. !I.e siur Qllifcl 11'11. 'co', if ~(oflldcmf'

. .




~-, -e

I~ ... ~ ~ i • ..;I Ih .. ·WJ (.""~ r~j,,,~ <wd H:.~ '~Q'bl9 ,~~ ~h-e1i' 1!Ii~~.. ~ '''-0,,1 ii, ..., ''''''n 8 en ~ .. t'Q'I: ~.~ ~:$. '1l",'<!! !'a!b~ L~ , ..... "'1'. ~ 1>8' J:aI~ g.n;;! 1~ ~ t.,j!"~ d I, D"I' 100 "",,,II tl'l .. l lb."", jOetJ:l".iT YC"" "rrr~ fCl~ra1 i!I'!p.~ .... ",n. II .... r.i.,,(1 M .,pgW OJ c!,o_p (01 lba~'" dr..'''<I~n 'QI 'rl'1e ~r.'Ii! Ir~, ·I.he p<I"~CI.~~ 0;;:<' GiI'>Ild"!'L. WQ'IITd 1;.0, I'~tt"

--_~- -- __ ' _-, -- - ~-,--, --, -- . __ . =---' __ , -- -- -~ .-_ - ._- -- -- -- -- __ I __ ' • __ - __ ._~ -, __ , __ , __ - __ ._- • .~ ~~

l\'Iuo; I. "_U .. ,,,. ~"Q;m!l1. of Tft.:i polm~ft ... 1 ~ .... porl'ig -. ~ p'rob!~", .... I" d';:J i:i ,'ommudal 'icr G' " .. !;,~. foiiid ""H.dI ~;~I. It .,8'it., r,~r ,g, _:h'~'r JOI1'l~9 ''''1 ,a, laM., ... l1''' h'i'r _, r I;O~, i!ihe'r f .... ai 9;J;pr't$f, ni wil' be i p<>i'lI:I'rlt i w'I)'e)'ig Iih. • •. p<>lI<l<Oorl, I<"SKl~e ..

Ii 'II'''''rI ~ii 1_ IiIt~~t i!iI dlfF~r'e",~e ;m, '1&. llli.of ,;e;Clen ,!II." -re , will b." Q ,Fl-roW~m' ;n. snoWi"'lI ,tr, .. ", io Gled~u Ir.I i!!i Ol'~, G r.d clIo."l"~'.P''' SU~I"CI. ¥I'!! ~lTo'e IW'o f.91~r~., _." l!101'n~ t .cI ~d (l "',f"" """ .. II ..:f,j',dIsl!iilndl !:I' gi' <l I."", .t.:ip. w • ..,a· I 'f;' I~~I.; linf.ain " 1~'~iI dJ,QT t·o 0 d~s;p-'li p .,l '&':'!II fj .. ~ r"l.

n "";.111 'M, j tr>pgiili~l_ 'r,o, 'n.~~ jil, t·... 1:1' dg;i4'llIj) 'of thMe I","!) 'I'i'!!t;jr'~'~ ,,,,dI \;,~p II:.~m boo, ,011 like R.~",n. An Qlli'Jlil" ",,",nl rnU:II' lbe =de in lilu ••• pl'cpcmQ'l"ts.

'OUt' :p.~!!J.,."" , a . !.lCt..d by ""dueill-!! 'iii. fabl~ ,amd ~rtlQ'r'at" ;in~ 't,~~ SgUte1. ,e ".I lJ,,,:.:. lhe' 101'0 'Ii~U,I,~!, ,~~ :r>IIW [m ~n". pt .. pe;tl'-<lIl-' ~j.1; jill, ee(i ... flo" .... nCl' 1'0 'Ih. I>;bfe. TM1 'I\~"I ,aril! .fCl~g.' .~ua&. so 'ri'le' tk~ ~""". ('Oft uo, ... pr,1og 1'II',;e. Th ~ ~",;p";ili,, fi of 'Q II I~., ~~ m~.nh .. ~ " .. n;f i., Hl'ril1~r.Q!I IHit;I .... (~~. 1n,J~ ;jo 'I .. g~~ Q ;ood do~·~l'.


';M~ h bet!~. b.c.:'8 ~~ _ hlllY't lII':;' 'the' '~'gw ,"," : .... "lln b"I' Up'1 U" t.i!Olh ~~.e· IC""'" ;;ill~. I'{QW, .-1'1'1'1 ,~, "NO; ,~. 10. '" dal"'."p ~'I 1ft. ",oed" bolla ,.; II b.. a iI 'I!;!!!, W kJ".III,

____ ~_ • __ ~ __ ' __ • ..;;;;"".= ~ • ' ._ '--"iii •• __ , • ~ , -- ............... , ._~ --- __ .. _- -- - ,-- __ ' ~- -- ~- __ • ~~

!f .. m'· ;lTiJdy 11i,i'I, pl~"'D.~ O~ .. p1in~HI po ~I', '~I'I~' ,e~·· 'It.tme ·d!i f!~.rl!lll 0;' in 'In9 siZl. 0'1 I".~ ....... ..,1d!i~rI, ll, er nl;! ~'O-~~lJe,,~~. w~ 1<"'1'1, fg\;,~ '0111 ih~ Ii ....... _ .,...~,"' t,m. '~m8\; at I~. ~Dl<;Jl.I f1gu",,' ..... ",~I! Q;i· 'I~O bT'!:!1 0119. H(!",«> ... ,~r" it'l '91ll'!~ ,:mgrn.t I j'm9 '!Itbl!" we ,"',;; t&II!'5I!!' Iw", fi!l"ilfl't j' ~ lm~i:On (1.1"1 It." f.,I!t..-iSliD -

I~O'''' 'we'·..., f~d~felil' t~~·il' ~O' fi1i~ ~e:~ t)" .,,In.!r~~1 ~~1= 10 wgQi.1iI ....:ht~il W'O'il ra 'Iiu;.p~n ~." ~1iI~· TV Wll'Hn ,..r;i~ ~Ih [9'u, ... ",....,;~e'. Wgl~i,,'!iI ,t~~ lofl\!of:III. YOUt "1~ ... a~ll<l .. ~III>"""1;.,,,11;" !.lCli7 'ft1ln ih. II;I"S~. !>g,iJ,e. ''(;ou """,,1.1 bcre'I,.I' I;,QW ti_ f-ii !ill.:! 'if'l6 lr.lIQ'flol!r ~~.~ ~~o~,~ it _u~ld b., .c, mlQ!I. W1tell 'Il:"U;~i~.S' f'o, 'r~n!'fli'TIi~ ... ke-e;p tl-.~ P" iIItipllfi' '.:if II~,. Qi,ll~~m~f\d' In ~ind' - t~1! bil.lboB"..:l ,"'~:lt 'a I'wd!gb~~· ~iln "'b.JIo )"Cu ~r~ ".mID 91 p".f ii' c'I li:t'lf ""au Q.[J 'h9ur. n.. 1;0 II>iO ,lftl!ig." ~".oC',F'I." "ppfi." oft '1~r,~yliiii!D. II-olt!l Olio!! ='r.iI 1"11 nt ~;I)'I OM~)" E.e .J'",,,!~ ~ .. 'I f~el rII,!;!" 1b9 I~rs. ~ r:lQ.1Ie'~ i~ ~ ~(\I'"I'r

hiibJ~ ""'3~~1 ill ,_iiiOfi.

You will remember ~he (:1:<111")' SWl1,blIilUI, we tudi:edar]ier i,n d~~1i lesson. J\]-though OUT 'swry is ;lIrt',~dy ~n!U es't,ab,lhhed"we (.1Ln ~lm sharpenit lip hy mak,ilig f!ure lhat ea.dt elemenris g·j\':c:n jU!;j[ the dgha el!il1ph<l~h to get '!he idelJl ~uo~~a~ d.earJraJ:s. 1,'O,~i.h~e. Then: are tillile :1 lOot of characters and nhjens to t.-omider - the milk ~r~ck. the driver, ~he bi,llbo<lrd. I1tul lhe p(op,l,e goingintu du:

tor,e. Om :I:'r(}bremi~ topresem all of du:: C' elementsso dHH the}' dQ IuH 'ftJglu e.:u:h other :[ot file' vlewer's aneneion, hut UHJpcrdle jn H~H:tng the'staIY. Heine it is ,the S[U,ry j,lL.d:[ th.tll we' want to ernI,h.]~i.le - fCrJr 'it ]& the ;sun-]", ruther than ;:my indi"idu:d character, th:n wi,,H sen t~iI~p.f(sduI"L

We']! rake ehu mal. U lI(k and drh.'t'r fir~iI..




!!'!''I td1,H,'L

J.£iI~!!~I.""~' -, .. i"'ii!lLl ... iI:d.



fll.!.reo b i;;oo ,,",,~, d.,'"i!i ilil' I,J,'I 1/il'ti! drf,-..,r f04'" ror..o r,o.:1:"'Qr rote ~e IP,Ia:t~ :[m, ",,,,r .1 .. 1')'. ti. ii:, Q'~ '!!c,n, a ~((lfI d. .(fl'!( eh n ..... ;;Io.. - ~"U:r I"'" co j:lQTJ 01' Ill,. tl til.

111;11, 'Iim;Fll;~d 11,,,,,1; dit;"'i;f i~ be~tr~r. !iiI u;;.e':t;p~~~ 'f\ft~ h :lIrr,pk ;a,nd dl",,",I. 1M .. , g"'i¥tr ,g,rnd Ihe t,..::.\: ad os. ~~ un.i'l ..... .:1' ... ,11 no'l g.iKld flVm ~~,e ~.r'{!!lll !.toOl)' ~l!!!l!l'h"~~_

I'!~r,~ t"..e .. do end ,ifri ... r eJOj rili' bU'1 !iLl:' !.illb",d i1 ,"-r~"'9 .. '1' d!~VI'1 ecea DEI''',;! g tre,~'t»rl. ~i.r.o~ I't h ' .... ",d., • .,.! in, Q'mo~f ,,~c t.o il'Io!' ~'",'I~ t ". 'th'" '1=_., m." n~.~ tr","~k ""' .. ." i>1" '''~ ";~ ... 'e·r't, ~)'~ '>'lUI !oll" ... in i ... ,,,,.gll' of .~dir.g Ih~ 1019)"-

'0 !El'~EaEP' I=RES\l E"FJRY PAV'

PE:Ll'1 E£l;D t:J?E'$H EVefi!'V PAYt

tit'nt' ,~, n1Cl"~ ;tIv~" ~l:.~. iIl;!rg.~r,dI ""~~ :I~'~se.· ,0e,I1II,,,,I.I: '0 IltO~ it "po:p~ Gcul~'" Haw, •

. Y'''' 1 no. tyt noll'l[~e t>",!:O I." E~ c:I~ ;1 po~~.~ I~ bille-"d """" le;n\ti. i~., 5!ien~_ 'The

iIlll[boc .. dl ~,,,~d,. ,,,,-,'r ·~nulio<~ a., d1 d!:OIr."i~ IlL IIWI;501g,t (l'e..cI r.),.



"i.'9Gi~, ;11'1", ~ i, tag ""'II u, imdivl'lIvol ,dI,af{l(~ .hD" 1';';';;;, i,n Ih'ut, 1tg1i~1 ~j"eI in!.. Ci~ dl ClIiII' .o-f ,'be' ' .Af~.." ,,,/II.: to.y ,~r.o ;Je~ClMdtll!7' ~D'Ifoi:I~J\!'t .. , n.~:f (Ito!! Ir!I~""", .. 1 ,im :811r~9 tl'l., 11001)'. btl; !I!.~)" '''i~' ,M! i~fiQ'~I' 0" Jndifrid~ .. I,,"


TIl.cW' 'Mi\ooCf~t~ ~r\o!! rTeM I\or Ih.. sil..clliQn. Th. !gl"C~P; 'D'f 'AI!~,ni'l, b d'~p-id" 01$ it~.~ tl\~l - ," g,.-oup" The,'jI' !:let a. '" "nil' "' . .,.1 ~'I Inlg, Illill p<i'itt .. 1ii oJ 1M dol)' ~!i'JOo:l.'~l\lr. J ~'1' cia ,,,@t i~te·.,f~r~ ·...;1~ t&e a,m" pkQ'i~IClrn f~., mll~ IbQlt!~,_


Eaddr(J])1; and. St<l:Ere5.ers h:<l"c ,[dways been l mpQt.t01.n~ In sh en,' bu~h'!f,!$. TillP-' 'figln b:.t(_l~wlllldl can colltrihUlC' flI great de-ill to diu: success ,oK <I p~ay. It ran contrrulmlf: ~:US'~ as, much - i,n [:1II::Ji, :l ('(lnsidc'[:Ibh: amount more - [0 rhl'" success 01,1 commercia],

A. con Iused, dJUtaCl!ing bJclg;nm nd c lIn ser[oml}; d~ fi lage lIte ,C'tleclj,,'ene.' uf ml~' J,.I~~,y. Thh :tppl!f'~ \\'illl duuhle lorce in relevlslon. Hcc<UI~ of rhe spt.-ed with ~~'hiih the ('har:lf.:u~~ HIO\iC. the h:u::k.glfuuml IHU't complement the ;[lIuion - andnever inu~l'f{"rC'.

Yeti ~7 ,D' =)' root MlMllil;.tr 'he ,oM dt'p '!;If .... lld!.o",ltI~ -..'nu'ffl<! ""'~"~r",p ..... " lD~gll'lirl:i rng'to'~ of OM"'!' ""d· ... ,rl!h~~"n. This· ii ..t1'.,,1 "1 I .... b,'~ rJ~I;.

B~'~ H ~lIi, dr~ t!l!~ iO.r:t>l!· f1'll9 'I!: 'g ~,~ 8' fD~ Q "'Q·t~. eM! .... IPOC~ "!C"!,'l .. lb...&gl'O\! r,;.;!. .... $1;0"" 1I'~(f, I..,.~, d"" .. 11 'n 'Ih. W'~Slr.o;rnd_

,I f iii~ 'fI,gu re "In" 'D' 1ij,r."'l' '~Ii""',d oCIe'-cu " 'E."o:'.'I'Il~"'n.g. ~lIlt' .. ~~ !(~EP I.T 5IMi'U ,;.l;~,,~dI b'Ii t,n,!'oi'c,dD~, MI. lb, 1:..",l'IlHI,uflidi Wl'J<vkl ~ r.;'IoIO.(!I)" m "'" ;;'! t.,;d'il~., '0 - ;Ii~ 'sRg,f1I'.e!1l VClriDt1 ~[j, c.f 111'ijhtE gr.gJ ,d,;:j ~I.

Wh. n l.hi! l'llflll.g,n'il·.d,'CI r.'(:e 11M m (."_ ,gJ'l II,., . .r:,:; Bot, 1¥cQ:il' ~ldll1l II.~... Dgm;;:.Oj '1'h8 «lOt1fUoiLr'i'9 baddro;p ._~ "llnDo. lib fryi,' g '10 '~lYe "" ~ 1'\1 ml .i;,~ Hidd'.n irO(jI" !F! 11!!rl~.

w., n<C!.... .. ~""~~!t<l II. ~ "mJ'!~ l:;gcl!df'~iP' "O~~t,pt.. wi! .sili~IIlT "Qriori~l"it. f~ 'Itl>l!-1I11tl" .. oCI"; .. ,,ILD". 0 .. e ,.aticl'icn is t""'I' H " fli!~;f'" 'il':;l~ "'9ini,~ ... M O~I, "";'">llil.Jt p"~1Lrm!), ~P>t Md:g'C!"".;'l~ d .. teil "" D 1;;; ,jnto'frOf't:lfitd.

Th~," ,g.ce.d; t ... ~l,,· ~'fJa'o: ,:;"'~r Q'n-:! 1·11<. bie~,r 'fC!1j! d4l~1 ~ I~ec,. h,n 1H'9<li~ '0> pr~R'"' t~if , .. ds. '1'1 rr~mT 01 m.l:lm s:j ~l'eI' b...".y, QjOIOI, ~'hO'I Q1'!lin'~ "-',trad 'I~~ "'., .... ,~"'. ,,,H~i'i~'ion_,

A ;practic:all expe:riment in mot'ion a,gcdns,'t a backgr,ound

lu genel ;d. aJI tere,,~~]on b~:d:.g:l",;!'mnd~huHM be Vel) simple, Um • here a,re eertain Ili:~nl-:' f~'hcn some detail is desi1r.lblt'. The :!Im.fH.lllt of derail in. a bad:gr,mmd i.~ dCIl'mli:m:-d cnlj.rel)' by the speed wid~ whidw it fiK~r,e' er an obj-~ct nln\'~_~ 1tcro~s dun lir.u::kgwund. If I:he figure move sio;wl~· •. :.OIllC ~lclaH can be used. n 'the' :ligulf'e moves at a n"De-dillin P;!a't 'lher,f'.IHndd be k";i,S, del.tiL n thell,gUlF( moves ve·!:] f~5l there ~!lQlIM be nothing excejn simple ' hape". ~I rhe fir;ul'c mnvc .. ~, :It dw,ierclll peeds - lint s]ow[y. 'then fa t,

then~:!owl.y ;!gain - the in the bac];;;gronnd shnuld dlHlII~1.: so 1l.lalU 5l matches Ithe' di Herem ~pf:'l"d· .

fn ordt;'r to I.I'!::IIIUU trste this. refs nr ,;:Ii pr.u:tic:d experimem in the mo·tiorn o~ a un~I ;;I1':::Iim'[ a bOldtg.wund. h'llrne·dia.teJ~' be~fl'W i :)I ba kgrotim] tha-l is. much too (!e~::Ii]ed. A rur. nf l:.iul!I:: and work wem i IUO un:l k i I'D gilL - and " h.:lt of l'.",-s{("'(I ·elton as wd I. Lct'~ prOoye lit [r.1.('(· 1fti:' car al. ftH~ npllil'T ri~hl. paimi(, bkld:. and. cut II out .. Then [o].lQW [he i,US'till(I'iiol"ll> hdo"",.

IN~Q!o y·g'llr ~Qr 0 Illj,l, i>:I~r<)u.n" ,01' 0. ~,"r~g ye.u •• 'l"~ .;"" I~~ .D., m""'~ ;1 ":ilib row, .i"md~~ ,t.'Ii 8:<'" I" .. "" .I1~"~' ~". r.t ~1-I1'. g~ iiI'iI Ihi d'o~~~il' i'irte. ~ "'0'\11 mQ~e 'r.h"" toCIr. ~~'111~~ !II' ,0 ~:e,rat~· I~~d - Ml()l - 1.(1(12 - ~<OOJ - l,OOoll-l/OOS - l.~. '(ill 'rQ~.s O~ul' .... ~ ...... nd I~ ""J 4IQ"'" <:'1' Ih~~ !i'El~~J;,} At 'i~~ ~1:I,d' Of l"MI.r C)OV'r!~ t". ,t'" '~"Id i!. ......


H.ra j', lih. ~O_ !xIi~!iI'"'' Dd~ ~I ... iln mgiU of rhe dil,!Dii'l" 'lioH ,,"I. W .. ~~ ..... , ,"~'toj'r.~d 0, ... 1y tft" !!i'1! {~11C' C ~d fl'tal'U .",,<1 !" DB. N~w CRoO"'oI6 yo'1l r' cor "'ClI'1:>$~ II, i,. .. mpl'll'i.d 1)Q'!:1<~I'O~ nd. Co;>unl ·,,1 I~;j! liil ii'Hi ~~,d cu ~I •• ~ ,e rod , ... ~l;n iiI ~. ~~.~~,rQfil ~ m ,·l>D

agou.,;! ,'ITt •• "t;,., :p.",,'I!~. ,O'Q Y'O'" Mjf~~ ,~. U"'~'""~'O yo,," w.~r~ ,ef .. Li '" 'e """,Iarl gnd' h,~,d . .,....,,\. 1~":j"11 ... ~n'~ ill fQ' ~ ~e, h"-"'1Ii rawn dt?

Ha .... f~~~ y-our' ~. clII"'.i II (O'IlII;1 _"'" i,l .. .,<In 1'~"'>Ol"'" ",c~'~fe ....... "' .. 1:11 ,g.d Q~ "". r,t:o~r. "I'Q\I ",,-ill! no'Ii;:;+ ,_n I~u ·gf 1'It~ bc~ '{Iro<u'lcl ""Mn '''iI! ~d i" ,d'.;>"b!ed .



CDIF. 'II'",~ .. in r, ",;;I 11Mo~' f~. ,t~U iio~{!I'1 Oyt ... w&. "~1'r~r witll~~f Ih.~ hlir~,ie"'lI'~~W' .. f .. d.'!'ll:Illed 'b"'&:9Im" .. fJd. Amd',. Qf'QIl',a. 1'h«'Ui II " I,,~ "' .... w"t~ In 'fn'l' ~,,"di-o' ,OT .u,h. 'k p'I+.,. '1'1«. @fIi .. ~r f I":"ffi~ 9' .h~ " I'h~~e, 'wQi~ i", ! C O"'!!.

· ;'1 l-QlIr.III d~filjjl gt !'iff! EII!!~m~\se ~·!iJ1!!!1 t'Q1t it ~,~n81 ~~l~, ,10...1)'.

'- __ ", ... __ .J .. - __ IIIIVI ~""'------~-------,·'-1 __ ... ,. __ _;J

V ¥

FI rto:l'liy. tne~., il '1!IQ<,e ",,,f,,;1 g~ "t~ ud g'L t1\. ·,·Ott ~Q,"'"'t ~., C! h~I~,

.H'..... ..I!! hc"1'il' Q 'ro, WIve. Tn.!· ea r' b 'I~ .de.t 'da.w&y, pi>c:!. up ''IJleo'EIi, 'BIC r":I:II~ g"d tl>.n ,J"p .. "r~tP,aJ'. N"Iin. IlQ" 't~~ bod;~lo~~ CI j:., 101;11' 9W1' f,or til.i~ !:Idf~lI. s"m:!) (!~tgil b T1,!~t['A.!d .h~~~ T~ ~.~iii~i.. ~r"', ,~f ~~" ~l"'i;;o. U';i;;g r"~' " .. 1'1 i~dll_~1' ,~f jpt!!~d. !:IC·,'. Ill. C;Q'f Q(;1Q<1.i Tl':!is bod!,gl~,,"'o1- Nt"! !:I~ _ ,ii_ illdltol·e,d'.


Andl no'w - Ig:ood pfclturesl!,

This Counie W<r!S designed to pH;par,e you for this da.y - the day when you set out alone to discover }lour own path as aaaraist.

By now .. 'you s.houWd know how to usc ~he tools and techniques of your l:l'a.rl \dm. skin and confidenre, \Ve have acquainted you wirh the varicus materials and methods most cOlmnanly used. in the fieId of comsuercial art and Illnsrraticn. In oucfu~ crfticisms o£ yourasslgrunems, W~ halve pointed om wbat you have done' weU.\i\re havenoted your weaknesses and shown you: how to correct them.

A I_ the same time. through thousands of pictures, diagrams, and analyses. we have t,mglu you the principles or drawing andpainting, \'Ve haveshown you the many diifercnt <l.ppmache$ contemperary artists take in arriving a~ creativcpicrures for visual conununieaaion. '~le h:lI,VC also shewn yuu l\ihai; you should do to try to <1<: h ieve the same fotm of crea rive expn:J):$ in n, And we have ~~. ied to ,eU{QU rage and stimulate in you alU inquisjtive a.nd creative .. uitude toward your own arc.

lVithaU this, background. of knowledge you should be at home ill the worldof creative art. Yon sheuld be able to decide eventuallj' on she general direcrion to followin your own development.

W]l3.r should Y0l,:1 do in the days thae lie ahead? ThCI-e ~s only oue i;IUSl'l.·er - keep drawing and paintin,g anrl suuJ.ring .. Subscribe to good pr'Ofess~onal J1iag<"lll.ines in the artfidd. Study national publications so you arc a~wf.l.ys aware of '1"eW styles and [fends in an as.lhey appear-s-keep up wit.h. what: others arc doing. Visit. the art museums and 61l,e arts exhibitions as much as you Gll.l- make tht: acquaintance of other ~fil:ists in your own and neighboring communiries ..

Above all, Jc~rn 'to be objective abnut yourwork, Try to disccver your mi1){ake's so' 'You eancorrect thembefore others point them out to you. Apply the principles or criticism as you have studied th.ern.u in this Course -~oJ: only through objective self-criticism can you develop.

"[he days, ahead should be exciting days of !!df·(Us.mvery. 'Ve have conMandy ~lfied ee make one thing' deal: thronghour your CG,Ursc. l'here is; no one wOlIIy of ulOil.king pictureaEach artist muet work ~n his own manner, and he win eventually, through. constant exper imenr, develop hilS own personal technique andmethod of m:..l:wng picnrres.

However seriously you hlkc your work, learn noli:. 'W take y,Qundr hlO seriously. Even Ior the master artist, there is no final goal. One discovery leads ttl another' - one achicvemem suggets a. possibilit)' still more exciting .. Art ~s a TOad 'On which getting to' your dcuinatlQJ1 i:;, Iess important than what you discover - and become - along the\!O"ay.

,,vond.erful days of ,gl'Owl~h, change, and discovery are instore ('or you. Make the most of them. We promise you [hal there win never be a dull rnoment in [he yean ahead if you embrace th is adventure free.]y - with a symp<tlhclic and inquisitive attitude toward a n new art ~on1ls and direceions.

And now - good pictures! '\,Ve s.ince'[e~y hope your work with us, 'II,dU eventually bring you rjch personal r-el,!."ardi and emotional f><iJ isfacdons" and HH~L you will heeeme Lhcan~st you waHL tobe -whlI vourcwn fun share or success,

'I --_



.... ' ..... -~, P~;E$!IDEtrI'

Aitiig:n m~rrl 2:

PII",e'parIJCI 5to;ryb'ClClrd

for 'I!II IUv,e iV 'm;m cammell"dQI~

"rep,are 'I ,$I"QTybD:Qn' 't·a,r 'an anima'e,. I'll tilm tammerda\

'mP.l '1'0 1i:iR,i!"W

SO=. ~.~.~ ... ~ -"..,. .r~'l;I1 fur io-'r ~~, g '0=01' ~oe;o ... kIor_"'" bd!k.or~ 'j~I~.

~ .... ~fM~,,-"-:<r_~ I.i::!> Wdl""!lI :~ ~." ~ wed! ~ -,~ ,[" P'~-' ~' .... kr.llW Q1 btr~ ... ';"_al., ~ lOt, "..,.." ..".1;, Q dRltra ' ....... too ~' _]I"", F""""' .. 0iiiiI' bsd, ..

~ '., 1Q.>g. okI_ (Q ,"'. ,,;;q ~,~·r.."..a!::.",~.,., f.:ip-H~ I~'I ~ k':I, R.I:" ~iHiEiiiI ~ "~,, o;t·f.;;g'ct a bodo..l;,:_ ill,. t.;.!', \~I' ~_

m~o1Irl i!ot'~1-

~C.F!Ir!i .AND C~ltU. '~F 'rQ~I"""E' "'B.IL" JJ'UA Io!'~ A~m]l l7HE. 1l.~C E.5 •. '£i.1.'i' .!i.Ul,r.\3 1!'l'Ttu; ",oue, ...


~;al ~ftJ ~'W7 'li-bll::!h~, II. ~ .. "':., IIi f,rlr 1,IIII1!\t~ tri, 'T~:! '!tH,.. :D i!l-~ 'b:I!n~ 1;:1"1'.'':- ~!IIi.::Ji· c..n:!iLllilii !Ii !!ic:Jjlii Jon}' bu"-

I;';Ju:-~,n I.J .t,~: .. iiJnl 1;1:;.1 li.q. J.lI!!n~f!'

!l-oIl!l: ~~ •• iP.'::I' tE;_ .. ::r:.~ 0Ii~·!, :iIlIL.:JlLII~

f.~l-r.'r.i,r!lr.~ 'JIiC""''iI[li ... ~r""

~T' l'O D~W

~,~", =0 dIi eo u ... ~ ~ ~~. 'r .... :10l0i,, ., ..... ~ fr ...

Ioof;-~~,""E.o:r·fr""·l~ ,d-- ,..,.;!r..r.~11iPJ.

·1il • ..I1or p;I~""'" m I~ ~ ~1'bI'. -..:.:., .... ~"'P.

!!;& 1'H!: Fll'Sl' Ij;!' T:O~I!;. ~~, •. ~.~.D i-(1I':;~w 1'J CE ~)I'r ~[~ii. ·!'IOT~· ,AKE) ~ la~ = N!:'If C ... .l'!~ifI,E,!..JGH'i.!

it~IoI:E:I.I:8i5,&·re "'1.7'\\'Y~, M-K nlj!, 'G1Jj,~fF .J.~LLT·lI&'>'N!I" ~ UIA.T· U:"'I. i.r 'aro ~ ae;... or.


1-"I:'P<allif ;tPPM'_" lIiT'Q-:a flr!fT M.JI.U •• dhu h '<1>1.1 k7 &it<lII.I .•.•• !!::.::.~!!l.::.1 !I....·tll<"I:' ~.(.I!L.Ii • .'t. ~..JJoI;; ~.!.:.L~!!'ii:cl ~c.",Ji: ·oa, ,"9111!'1, ... tL.~.

l':,P:',jii *~, ~e:."e..d tl.i!·!i - ilili"liIi:ri.;1 ttm" •. Ft;-;I~':.p~11i rli! i: '1;1c<;u .• ~>_ ~!I: I

'~!H ~il .~ ji[tli !fu:a. d..:.... A .... .nl' r.~~ ~.e ...... ~ I ~t.~ l,tllillill~'t '~4'T ... :rd j"lly ~.u,'.

10._ ~, 'r~ IiI= "l" ~I ....." _,"" .;n. ~ I"""-IQ~ A(I;-""_'" (1;,0 ""-¥~1P>o ~ ~ .. ~,~~ .

~""':!"!!ool"""k~~' cOb"'fI.~~'l'i"""I""'.r"... ,.o;I«i>....;~~-.."".~:~ !>.~. ~, _ '" P''''\lCJ is '" 'J. p,..1Ito~t: era,p ~;f)d~ ,... r;;lwtl-. I dI~r ~..,.;jl_~~&i~

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~t ~,,' ,. ohM1!. l':....wr ~ cl· I~",e .. 1It.dI:,,_ ~ ..,1>; ;;. dYM 't:d~iIEod

ElfIlW _., ~.~ ~ 'fi i'l.P'~~. H .... ;.,,&j, b:<r1Oo in "'0/'* ~ ~ ti> .....~ , li! I;U; 'Joox.d_ Ei;P''''*'' ... Ioejtr< .. ~ . t;rl' ~' • ....". , ... ~ <k<r ... ood:~ ~'"

.••• TAli.! '".!ICQnDl'o"O CO(Jl;;H SYRUP" 11O~QI,I!I:.1C lIEU:!:F.

·SOO1l'l!1.'G ,c:.o~'Gl'I ~i'l' !!W· l~ A': [!.!:P!.:ik. ANt I f:l:M D'1 ~'(i!:"l' ME"Dt~I"''E ,~I'= r.

IOS&6POCNF'U1. Ql" ~nI-·

t~· !:O!.i"G~ ~HIIJi'"' _

~.IS 11111 r.w.J. hi!: 1_ 1::.1:' oCt.w.l.1

'WHAT 110 ID~A.W

CHltl! dl n -'iii1ji!' ,r;{ ~_1..!,'i er ~~(;:.cyt'S.]':r..JIii"_fio

PIiIlL \,.,[iIIlllJ' oD'I!lT~lI-t ~lh: ~ i l!i ;J;,1I~~d::;!ii It'M~·~. h .. =-! I!!iO".,U .,-'~ U:-'-I; u, Ullltllb.Hl.LI! ~~

C~G~:!lPilll1l '~Lto-b:llq;. k! il!w-' IT.~ 14\..i~ IIi~g] ~Il iiiflF.:[~

~~Q'~..1!';.~~,., .£~fi"t'jj!, ,~~ 19,~_"mG ~,

~. f~" ~ ...... '~""' .... :., """"" 1'_ K;. ~ •. .t...n r.>:'i!I· DO· lboib ". _ .. !'.tV ... ~


1E>t:u ... &>k'p e ~iI: '" ~ (~.~ ... r..~Z}~p Iobol,.:.. ... =<I1Io-.;

__ ,,(;'F::V ",5i:JQt!ltsG al~!!: &l!lIUi>" 1[iJ.[)oA"l'!

lfF.,iil.:.:tntr:l;!:r.I.~oilbt:.:!!'~ :f...,::lr..p 1iI~~j.: ~1I1I"'1.1 ~ InN ieJ.!I~~iI~ .... 1: t~ t:i;0- ..

:i?i:.: hii.M ~~tI' P!:1~!I! !II.:;:P ~. o(~[i_ ~ff ~ • .r:.:!!,L. Q..dI~:a:". _ a it.t u:~ Q"& ~;rtl.~ '~II~~~ a!.U5~.

iF.i'I.1!i htfie ~. iI~;if ~I.!i ~~i:I.[fl.II' IHH:t:lI!~ Hl.l t.HoJI .~ II tI\r.~~d~

0; 'i .l
c>_ ,:.::I . 2
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,,~ . .,; ~ ;;; ~~ i
If'!' J:i c
;"j 1"0 <lo !.. :.; 1
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~ ~ .. !I ·c 0 .. f
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2'~ ~ ;; go'
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-~ <i t ~ ~~g ~
-r.:.. .! l
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1~ ...
.. '" .~ j:: '0 e I- ~ 0, 2
"Ii: is .'" oil QI
~ e~ I ::I 0> ~e~ :::iI 0
i: "i( > "'it > "_oj'

'~A:R'ftS~ oo~ ,Studen:t liOl'k, 'Us,son24 ~lev1siOfi art

In tbial.essoIll. We shOW' ;YOllb:mfto, create :s:to'l'Yboa.rd;s foil' tel'eYiB.:1oD CCU!lrel'·C1 ~ W~ i!ilJs,oex-· JI~1n hw tOI ,s~i1~~pifmtiming and a,c'tion~ ifld.e·ct: tiI~ ~'lg.b.t, ty:p.€! 'ot ,cltaraQte;r:B and. relate them to ,each other ,end. "to the 'b.a~~~ ~en Vie cr1 t:i cize· J!'"OlU' asa,I,~D.t,SI ~we 'Rill hee-Met'ly 1Dteres,t.e,dtn nOli we:l1. yoom..:v,e:unde·;rstood Md. .aLppli,e,a: these· po:U1t s to Y'"nu· work.

.Mtel' you: MY>e: n~f'ully. read. ·tMs .lef.s$o·:g .

. '~. 1''Or _ oVe'1r~a.lluaderat.m1d.1ns 01' it ~ folloi the,se ,study .fW.d. pmctio.e .flug@;-e:st:.icirs;,

l-Mike' stimE!l'ough t8]']f1ng :swx:y'i:u')m:'ds 'oi leslcb. Qf'tbie three tYJPeIEi ~.~ .11 ve 1 e:n!ma'te:d anate.bst~c~.. ~ememoecr ~at tbes;Wry:~mus1;s.eil ·l.1;seli' -~ the who'le :ideam"Ulit. be cilear :e:nd 'CO:lil.~ v1nc1ngto the 8icil'.'eT't.i.s,e'T the ;['1 ;rs,bt W' he SeeS i~. Select a mJilillioo~ ot _gaz:tne. ads and pick out the! f,:rom, e'a.c:b one' ..

r-!3b!e:n d~is:1,gn 'Y0iUr stiOrYDoa;n1Lto get the se po.tll.ta 8,c:roS!:l &;serf,acti v.e];ys;s you 08.0.. ,AsYO.1!l vor'k, keell illmimt :the ideal ,!lumber - ofpm.el"s to do the: ,Job (~ges .16 throUgh .19) ~ pi"o}?e'l' C:OD,t~t. cif" vat\lies I(page 30) and . correct lettel"Ulg amd. la;you'C as s:h.or.m 00. page ,31. ,. Use ,a.~eguillar 'ft· s~1~ Jitd.()~'~ ii'-Y01Jv.fsh)1 ~'UP your stoJYcoa.rn ,paIli:el,s as d_e'sc-;rloled1n the :a_ssi:gD:'me:nt aec!f!l00b·el6w ~

2 ~ Go th:rough ~z:U:le ads and seleut- e~(l'te:fS -that rec\it ua c~ Isadverl1Si:otf .~ ~ fo~ ~'l.e'} Iai clm.m:cte.l'" 'Chat might. ne:ued 815 e. t.nLdellllEn"t'. Tll!.en.:rede:sig& Wig ehari!atel" 11 :fi'1m;p1:i~: it :t:Ql'televi.s:i6~Jf~tns the Pr'.incd.jJ.e·s d.e5c'r1b~cl em. pagelS 3h ·tm~ .31' j

- - . , .. '.

3 ~ He5twl1 pages ~. t~1JSh 47 end wlte glory .. board. 1d!ra.:V.1D.g~ in which y"0'U. real.l,y rea tl!u'e yOm::-~fu cbara',s: ·and ,5Ui'bordi.l:m.te" the ]Less impor"tan/t One·s •.

4. GO " aver pages 50 and 51 to be S1U'e :roo ~.e the ~8t ,df-ect1'1l"e use o~' yb'lll' storyboa.r,~ back~ound:s. "Ee is"U:te tb~ hQhi 'the'ix ' jllacle W4~dml '. to l.nte::r.tIri!\n!vi th the chara.ct'er,51 . a.cMan . Seal:::!;, .sO!l:!e~C!a.pes (el thexIDhotd.5 or Olrawings ydu hav,s: W£ia.e } and. ISO tbe:t. tn,et~ - VoUJ1d~e sui ~bl~ ,a,sib81ckgrowda lol'.'IV~

5 .StlWi,y the cOmmercia1.s: 00. your 'OWl): TV'. Jo... t~i 08 in same of th-em. tba t. while an.' ann.o"Ullc,er is talkIng -and. sell:mg~ thE! plictUl"e WV· coo .. siS't of 9. SUl.g1e 1 dJdl ~~OUncemwt. giving ~he ,n&me:and. midre is 8 OJ!' pb,on:e· .DlUiber 'of ,e, :s;:tOr'e, wMeb st8!Y6 on the ·is,clleefi. 8,slong :at "'ten See,ands ,,,. .Li,sten to· ~llEl:~o11fi(l€l:r' ~ - me~i;u!g>a"~ sele-Ct~l{ $ :_ltt. points, a:nd. de'sigg. tv!Q 'o~ three 'ce:rds that v:t:ll 1:I.:re:ak. UJi1tld.iS· tell-second pel'.:Led in;bJlmOl"e fute~e::8it:j :og inte'ri"als - de:1S1p o!' 6ucb fl,i]!'caI'is far' u.s e. onlolcal TV ,srta:t1cns: of'f''~ 'ont!: W!.:'if1 .l5ood. ·~·tolibeglli. TV wo~:t., 30' •

.6 • fi"<a YOUl:' kltc:ben she !'II·e·!li} sele:ct iboxe s 1 -, j m",SO'lil" eaJ1.6 bl 'variQus ,ldJid;e; 'of food. ~ 3:1m .... pl.ll7Ifl:llidmdi.esl.~ 1ill.emll :soti'li..!i;il;;, theyWGUld.

- tr:e.ate e.. clear"", S1ljio~ aG.'t ih a te'1.e~v1.81oO: 'Q~~~lC'ia1 and. 5t1.ll-~ '.' ~ct"- £tD. eaa:1_l;y r.e'co.s;"

nized. :1m8ge ol'Jthe; p:ro<J,'u.ct..-. ' See 31'. -

FlOr this .l.essoti ~ ere to ·ds TIJO· of' 't;he fo.l.l.C'W'~(. t.b.z',e e TV $tQ~boBJ:'ld:s ~whlclh' are· ou.tlined. . on' .PM.US lEW:d ::'. Se.lie~t -..tb.1CMl!l!'e.r t1i;~O you nslli. ...

AsSI~ .1!, 1m mlllM:t.ei:l 6~I'YOOa.rd .~¥e;rt.ia-

'1ng' "IG.tant ,Jelll~ans ,." - .

,ASS..MDllENT' e I· J, i1ve' st.orY.board ~ ~dvertl s1Dg '''860-t~ ~ougb. .~ ."11

... _ ...........

. 1be 9.l'lilI:Ii9.:tea. Sjwrybo~. 1stob;a,ve 9U:pallie1s~ •. The l~v:e ,stor.Yooal:d .. midthe~ ab6tmot~' s.to1"Jl'opard

... -- -, , _....._.- - .

will e,lleh he.:ve edl.gJit pe.r.Iels.

T,fiii'!! E!.c:c~.ingPlates 1 Md '.2 de8~ribe tbese as.dgm:!leI!( 5 in det.aJ.l. .As you --will see .~.~e frmlllieor to]! s:pat:e ill! each_ panel conte.ins a

de of"vha. '11 .:Y0u ue . to :pict ui-e , .... hrlle the bot:~~.ce c:an:ta:lu i(he WO~d5, :~n (audioJendth.e nes'cl".1prbJ,o'nof t.b.e actiQu

(video). . .

TO dQ L 'the ee as s.1gm:ilE!I!!ts in a prot'es siomtl. wq' J' you s.hoUld lliiepH1I?~d TV~'to~boa:ra, pa..per, lrbic:n 1.s deBcri 1be& on li'Sig,e .llof ,the le S 6OD .• Hbweve'l'.~ 1.1£ you vi sll.~you 'mq' 'WOrt. on. vi ! 'Pape'rr, shw:l7 rWLing tb.epmllel:_ qti'V'hd:on.s

:Ui line-as an Z7. 00 'tbilll: rn ;pencil. -d.6:nl t; 4raw ato~ b~o.rd~r s;rouilii _ t.he ~:ls· . RU1.e' compliete s tO~iI:IIOOl:'·dl.lPWlie::l."'4 incl:1i.e Ii \tide 'by 5illiih~:S Olf3ep. 'D~ :pictUJ:teporl:Lon


'-- ..


.. ..

- ...

.. _



• I


shoutL6: ~e,Q.Gure 4 inches viae' by ,3 in'che5 deep~, If yOu. do nut' 'ha'V'e _'-lars.e 'e~ .abee"bs of

':Pa\pe~ ~- . ~ two 11 :x l.~:'~~h 'sheets tog:e,t.he.r-~ '19l" folli the ,swlj15oo.:rd or '~v!Em:aj bing paper nei.tlT ,Bl.~ panel ,'divldOni'i -so it w1.1.:l. cOllvem,e'ntly f'tt tntothe regu,la.r 1D8ilili.g ce~to.ri. •



-- -- .

1lt t.he spac'e, 'be:lov ~, dii"awinga -. lilJOi1' t "let-,

. £.~'-. ~I!! . - -+ - --(" -. ..... '"\.

tar' t'lie truct,i:OlUI .m t,h$ pic.t'll:re ,frame,s, :- e'

they U"€! merely Q moroe d~taiied ,de·· ;crij'i:'i'Qn - f'O~' y,'OU' guidAnce ,and ;represent,the 'jjieas, :ind, planning, tllat ,might .hsvere,a1;U,ted ,from. 8.pre~'Ijbvr1:~ dist!Uss~on 'vi,:t!kl the cl.1'ent o~ art

~r~(l'tor., < •

:Be s~ to --:te:Bd esc'a ,fj,toz:(board t~ COi:!il' ibefeme.:ron 9~t dmlt.i~., ~:r, as

yOu ll1ll ',s,e'e-:l,the ~ you, :aesfgn9;Ptine~, 15 o.ft;'en: ,rgCwermed'-i!lY 'w!mtfollovs 'ill, 1:B.~r panels",

,.. \


. - ,'~.

. _,.. .



IMFOR'lI!JiiT; lie s,ure 'toletter;rQ'ux fiBiine t a,dare S 5;1' ,end student D:'Umber :n,_i'iatly ,lit ,the lalrer left-=he:nd corne~O,iI:" ~a.ell as sisilmen.t .' In the WWer rlEb.t . c~er, pl,ace' the' l~leibbn ·num:bex and',a:isi~iit numbe~; - ~. . .


.. I

'NO a,s~lguments _

1 Ri~ sM;Pp,tngl.abel f il.l.i:d :O:llt c!OOI.Ple!tely;

. ·i· ,

. ~l


Rdl. tbis ,carllon 'bo.:

FAKOllE.! ARTis~' GOtlRSE,~ WEsTPO~1') QOBN.

-_ - ~

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