=_ Features


• Entire aluminum alloy configuration and imported aluminum material are applied, The major pats are made of aluminum material in the number"7" style with unique technics, featuring light weight, high intension, abrasive resistance, longevity of service

• Steel spring and oil pressure damping designing on both sides, featuring excellent balance degree and high stabilization

• There are such three adjustment functions as compression, rebound resistance and air pressure, which can satisfy shock absorbing needs upon various rough road conditions>

.::: _ Specification of adjustment:

• The red button on the right shock absorbing pole is for rebound damping adj ustment, which can control the rebound speed under shock absorbing. Turn the button towards SLOW clockwise for reducing rebound speed, tum towards FAST counter - clockwise for enhancing rebound speed. Adjustment range is 3 circles, Generally, too fast rebound velocity may cause the phenomenon of bounce during cycling, too slow reboundvelocity may decrease the height of the cycle and make you feel hard while getting across several roughplaces as well ..

• A good rebound starting point should be set to the level till the operation of Fast Continuous Rebound can be decreased.

• The blue button on the left shock absorbing pole is for compressing damping adj ustment, which is applied to regulate the compressing resistance of the shock absorber. Turn thebutton towards HARD clockwise for hard feeling while compression, turn towards SOFTcounter-clockwise for soft feeling while compression. Adjustment range is 3 circles"

• There are 1 air mouths each below the left and right wheel axle clamp. They are designed to adjust the air pressure in tile closet of both left and right leg. The air pressure in the closet of the right leg can control the original compression and change the compression damp. The higher air pressure can provide higher compression damp, which makes the riding more stable control; The lower air pressure can provide soft, comfortable riding But the actual riding setting depends on the rider's weight, road condition and the rider's hobby. The air pressure scope is 50-10psi(3.4-10bar). The air pressure in the closet of the left leg can adjust final 50% joumey bottom out damp of the fork, the higher pressure can provide more harder high-speed bottom out damp. You can make proper adjustment according to the rider' weight, road condition and the rider's hobby. The air pressure scope is 100-200psi(7-13.8bar). A special high pressure air pump manufactured by FASTACE or other similar air pumps can be used to set the closet pressure accurately. Maintaining guarantee

Any defective shock absorber which checked out by the manufacturer and confirmed itis causedbv law material and / or processing within three month after purchasing, is to be repaired for free orchanged a new one upon purchasing receipt and prepaid freight>

The following items are not included:



tEM~)I~~~1Jij BCJft "M.'¥Xl§r~.,$tibtA~.tgtJE't.

Any failure to follow this manual instruction will cause the failure of the product,

accident or personal injury or death.

1~ffl-¥Muse manual

.ff$Ma~MM~m~~~.~~~mM£~.£*¥.~~~~~.~~ ~~~:I:{!r1JI2,(1ffl~1bt~m;

.Be carefully read,understand the provided instruction manual, this is the essential of the product use,Should put the manual in a safe place for future use;


.If failure of following the instruction manual,Any use and maintenance could cause accident or serious injury or death;

.M~~M~~.W.1iim¥.~~.JA~~.~~-ftmM~.*~~/F~ 12,( ~ .W;~1t1iiM~~ #;;1. 8".1 ,~~!H$ 8".1 fft:fi:ij[~ 15 ]i'lfW;#&fjttI8".1FASTACE~1tf~ rp iL,' 1!JijFASTACEJffi:.!cf4;1i Ilt1~.W;~1t1ii;

.The installation and maintenance of your Suspension system need professional knowledge, tools and experience;General mechanic knowledge is not enough to install or maintain the Suspension system;Pls let your Motorcycle retailer or authorise FASTACE service centre use the orginalcomponents to help install or maintain your suspension system;

.tH$ 8".1 M~ ~ #;;1. 8".1 fffPf!c f4 /F¥ 11&: fffPfrJ[i:'J[;

.Don't make any change on the components of your Suspension system;

A. -1t1i~.ilGeneral safety suggestion .ttMqf,~8".1:1:{I!J0~m1£lIi8".1M~~#;;1., ~~~1Uf$8".1~15]i'lfW;FASTACE, ;liIlt1t:J~~ 1£ lIi 8".1 M~ ~ #;;1.;

.Use the correct suspension system for the terrain you ride, pis ask your retailer or FASTACE to help you select the correct one;


Please note that there are inherent risks associated with off road motorcycle riding, motocross and or cross country ridng. You could be seriously injured or killed while engaged in those riding styles. Learn how to ride, never ride beyond your capabilities, be sure to use the proper safety equipment, and be sure that all your riding equipment is in excellent condition.

FASTACEJi&b{t)iH'iPJ&~T $f.i[5l~, :tUl~Wtf1lfJfj\~~tf1lf4k1tf:;1ti¥, ~~, ~PiE'M' {tffl~;tlL"{t)ij:lf~fr tJT1~Ji&b*Mj'iHJ"JjG~ 'tif; ~ftHR1R1~Ji &%$. iwiJ:::fH~%:e<JtHfjliE'M' tft~~e<J~1f;:ijl:, v:;lE1§:ff~f\¥IE, ~~IHt~:e,IG~B:JEi~HEJfj\; t~t~~!liJj~J&~T$100 [5l~: iwttfi1lJ*~~:e,IG~fJt;tte<JFASTACElI'i~~~~1$tU;E-1-tft1~atra]~. ~1lfe<J~~~$, ~$JF*~'M'tft1~&f~VJ. :t!rl:*tft%:I±I1fM~~, ~7f, tfnr~, ff~:e,IG~(!!jmHtf:, /F'if:ff$~~,

The lifespan of FASTACE products depends on many factors, such as riding style and riding conditions. Impacts, falls, improper use or harsh use in general may compromise the structural integrity of the suspension system and significantly reduce its lifespan. Please have your motorcycle regularly inspected by a qualified mechanic for any oil leaks, cracks, deformation, or other signs of fatigue. The frequency of inspection depends on many factors; check with motorcycle retailer or authorized FASTACE representative to select a schedule that is best for you. The harder you ride, the more often you must inspect and maintain you suspension system. If the inspection reveals any deformation, cracks, impact marks, stress marks or bent parts, no matter how slight, immediately have a your motorcycle retailer or Certified FASTACE Repair Center inspect the suspension system before you ride again.

B.:iErrltij[ Before every ride

. tft1!t1$e<J:liftt~~JEJ!1§:ff 1fMDG1tf:Q,I(;*1f;:ijl: B"J~'t!'ic{4:ff ~~%, ~ (!!j, ~7fQ,l(;;!tBe<J1~~;

Check that none of the components to your suspension system, or the remainder of your motorcycle, are bent, deformed, cracked or otherwise damaged

. tft1!tm:ff~-BJ:/~firrjU{fL'&' :ijl:)lfrft~ e<JtEIE 1It !!jJ 'F ;

Check that all nuts and bolts are properly adjusted and the tires are inflated to the correct pressure

.~ >J #:ll'if ~:I:!!!e<J*1f;:ijl:~l$~;Jm.,tE~!Jfat:ll'if3'Om ffi ~J1Fi'i~~~l$;

.Learn and follow the local motorcycle law and regulation,follow the traffic Signal, marks and law when riding;


r?lJJffif;§~tE{lfH~flifflf : $Ijt.1l!!m~J.!..{?'~$tPc:l!!~iWmft

e •• m~~.,*.miW~~.ft ~~1l!!m~~~~~~~~~, •• ~~~iW~.~ 1l!!m~~~.~~Bff~~~W:l!!~iWm_

FASTACEfrf~.~J.i~/)'!CJHfiWrul.il"1Ito ~iJJ1rr.li! ~~tl1f~1:.~/1!it.:k'FiWfit~! ~.~JEjJ ~~"ilJ~~~3l'VII.~~J.!..{~~1:.jJ(1t§,:~~?ELiW"ilJ~~! ~*Jffi*~OOtH£~iW1!itlEflifflf~~. ~~1E1!ito

lf~F ASTACE1f~.~~ , ~1l!!m 9=t~ iWHEl~Jj(~~~~Jf J.!..{~~ iW iW;j:IIHll1i%!!IJlf~ tElf~~.~~~~ IJ\ ,L'~. ~ IlJJ Hl1[%~1tEtE. r, l:;a:~ JE Ill], ~1lJ! ~.F AST ACE ~~

~:trI:: www.fastace.com

Introduction of FAST ACE inverted front shock absorber Fi'J5!!IlWiJllUll. Rebound adjustment button

r3tJl1lll(:ti) Lower foot(right)

IE~WiJllUll. compressing adjustment button

l:Jl;.f:& upper connecting board

Jri<Utt direction pole

rJl;.f:& under connecting board

Wlf outer pipe

pgif inner pipe

r3tJl1lll(ti:) lower foot(left)

5¥. spring


oil room air room air nozzle

-, Essential parameter:

Gross weight: 6. SKg Stroke: 7" (1 80mm)

Width oflower foot: 1 20mm Total length: 7SOmm


-,U~lt ~:m: 6.5kg

:fTfj: 7" (180mm) T3tJilJtJjl: 120mm ~-llt: 750mm =,4';f~

*~~i'l-1i'i~m, :i!1=I~Mo :m~ml{4'*Jij "7" ~llJi~M;j:H~~4';f~I.fIjIJfF, :m.~, ~!RJjl~, l®m*€,.fJr-llt

* ti:;friWJI~ foUIUUUl1Jo~ 1!!1l§.~ tPttit, :>jLjI Jjlj(f, ~JEtt~~I!!~, !i5!!lIl§.j] bt1i!lI!!::::~~ flfJ , "ilJ~)E1Hi1l.B!l5lZj!lUl\w*

*7r_*_*1J, 1*1$*Jij:i!l=IfI~lMM{4', 'ti:~:ff1li1:$ ::::,~flfJ~gij

~~~.ffLOOZ~~~m~@5!!lIl§.~~flfJmo@5!!lIl§.~~flfJ"ilJ~~~.*~~.~Z~~@ 5!!l*$o }lWiIlHt[ii]SLOw1J[ii]"~"ilJ~~@5!!l*Jjl, ~~it[ii]FAST1J[ii]"~"ilJ1Jo'~@5!!l*Jjlo ~ flfJ.aIll~::::1II 0

-~*~, 1E@5!!l*Jjl~~*'~~lf1±l~$f.~5!!lW~E.X;!iW~~~, ~~*'tUtllf1±l~.:!it~Jjl~M;ti..{ bt~~~1m8~OO~~Jt~li£, j(f~@5!!l®~~~.*tPtJE¥lJM! ",~*:lt.@5!!l" ~fF~~fjJjlo ti:~~.ffLOOZ£~~m~@5!!lIl§.~~flfJmo~~Il§.~~flfJ"ilJ~m~.*~~~Il§.j],}IWi~it[ii] HARD1J[ii]"~M!~.*Il!..~~Jt~li£, ~~it[ii]SOFT:/J[ii]"~M!~.*Il!..~!i!!;Jt~fjco ~flfJ.a ~~::::lIIoti:~~~~TOO~:ff-1m~~,Jij*~mti:~~.ff~1i!l~I*11i!l~o~~~~.ff~1i!l ~1i!l~"ilJ~~~.MX®~~~j],~~~~Il§.j]o~~~1i!l~"ilJ~~~~~~~Il§.j],M!~.~ fIjIJ It~~JE: ~M;~*tIE~tl"ilJ~~*fjc, 1if~~:fT.3'ft"o ~'I!f'Ifl5l~*$f.1!f'l!f:m, B!l5l, ti..{bt 1mA%fif*tPtJEo 1i!l1!!tif!~~50-100psi(3.4-7bar)o ti:~.ff~1i!l~1i!lI!!"ilJ~mMX:lil~50%:fTfjZ .*Il§.j]o~~~.~"ilJ~~~~li£~~*.*Il§.j]o~*.1mA'I!f:moB!l5lE.X;~.1J~fF~~~ mo *t1Etif!1I~100-200psi(7-13.8bar).m"ilJti..{JijFASTACE~:fffJl~~:ft~.Jij~lEtr*tffj(E.X;1${t(i& £*~~tPtJE~1i!l~.I!!,ti..{~~wm~~.~*o

FASTACE~.*iE~.::::l')=I, ~"'Jflfli1!t~JE~M$I-;fO / E.X;fI~Ji€l~!tIflflfiE~¥lJ.j{mgij* H~M~ •• ~,~~~.~~E.X;£~j{£



.Don't abuse or misuse your Suspension system

."'fr~,~,3ftE~~j]z[7;j~,~ ,1f{iiJ:K:JY~,~jIf~fr{t :ili~*iY1ill1!~ll:{tJtl!J frJ;

.Learn to ride, and ride in your capabilities,any failure of riding will shorten the life expentancy of your suspension system;

."'fr;'Gt'*~1JfJ ~!~!fm,:ili**iY1tfT)t~ j] ftD~lH!¥:'6;q,m*~?1"l D ~~/G~~P1Z1&B~ . . Learn how to avoid the obstacles,the suspension system is not designed to absorb the impact such as hitting rocks,trees or holes.

tE5!'Ilftjt~1i:l:iI!.~/GlE&~:l:iI!.m frtT :ili**iY1Jll!ibD)t~ j] ,tE~;§t~m~9:~!!I:3'UP1Z1&)t~ j] , &"~m~Pftij;11'g)t~j]~:l:iI!.~B~OO ¥j]~,Pf:l!ql'5!'Ilftjt~1i:l:iI!. ,3f ii{~Hifm$illiIPJ~"~ ; 1f1jjJA't:~:l:iI!.7fAjIf~~m;~B~ ,Pf~~fr~3'!t~14tl'!t~~$tJ~ ;"~(l!!I!?N)B~~1fBVljU*T5!'Ilftjt / 1i :l:iI!. B~ rWJ !3t ;

.Jumping or falling improperly will cause impact on your suspension system, It's also not designed to absorb the impact;When transition and this can absorb the landing impact,the you can perform jumping or falling,and both wheels should make contact with the transition;Any other landingwill be dangerous,could cause the component

damaged or accident;The length and steepth depend on the height of jump and fall.

~.Warning ~D*:i!!tOO~.!fmfkJ~t~~~®~~PlE1It~:tm,Pf~~if~~1$~:i!!t**~fkJ&,~~~fFfk:JY ~JlmA~~1lf~YEt:;

If failure of avoding obstacles,or landing improperly after jumping,it

could cause failure of your suspension system,out of control or serious personal injury or death.

ftD~ 1f1jjJA't::m~, F,,~~~Jfi~,1ijng~* FASTACEM:l:iI!.*~$~]i'!f;

if you have any other opinion,question or concern,pls contact the local dealer of FASTACE.


~:fJlJt§1rm~1~L~UD#Ji~, {tJtl#.iUI:ili~*fmB~1iRIlfl, &'~~ffi.$lM1iJl!

The manaul contains important information,such as installation,instruction of use and maintenace of the suspension system,must read carefully.

ftD\WtT:ili~*fm:l!ql'#.i1~i5F:1J, 1ijng~*:i:Jf1IB~#.i1~r:p{,,, ~~~kAr~:tJl:: www.fastace.com .If you need to repair and maintain your suspension system,pls contact the nearest service centre, or refer to the website:www.fastace.net


. ~:f:!lJT~;ffM"~D{iiJm~ftP~1f;*WJX~]i, $ilIir, 3M**fm, 7frtJ1Ilt~A't:1l~~rl!'~ ~WJX;f§ lI~fg$ • ...t~-1f~l'9Cf4;

.This manual doesn't explain how to assemble/dismantle motorcycle fork fitting,wheels,

brake system,steel wheel or other directly or indirectly associated with the fork,but in fact they are not the same component.


.111~ m ll'lLNS !¥3'U i!J(8'f ~ db E!X:!¥ 3'U $ )tiL~X:1l'lf * ~)jt B"J § B"J, 1* WBl! i!J(~ db ffij ~ ~ 7'Gim j;Q B"J tl fU; .The manufacturer keep the right of modifying the product without prior notice,

just to improve the product or meet the productive purpose or commercial request.

1.1 ~fi Equipment ;ff4lHXMHiHu,1~1W~tt;;!fflIi~*fi-~.~EJTlW~B"JIJt

.Before maintenance,you need some pictogram to show the tools needed.


- JE~;ff1(~~W_tJr!i£, **JIjt;f!l~1(~mJit[;

.Must ride on the safe road, and take relative safe measure.


1 ~ 115mm spanner

1 ~ 117mm spanner

1 ~ 125mm spanner

L_ _ ___J__P_h_il_i p_f_la_r-_tip_______J L_~_---,-1_5_m_m_A_I_le_x _---,I L _ ____J_ _______J

_ screwdriver _ . wrench . _

L__---'---- _____' L__---'----~_~_em_nc_~_II_en _ _____'1 '---1_-----'- ---'

~ 1 Brush

1 oil grease

small flat-tip screwdriver

9mm sleeve spanner


Any damage caused by competition or accident=

Any mechanical damage on paint or surface, and natural damage as well

improper use or the number on the shock absorber is altered, abraded or removed" Any damage due to any modification-


Do not open the front shock absorber for it is a combination of oil and air,or it willbe in dangercaused by blastll mproper pressure of shock absorber may cause out of control and possiblylead to seriouswounded or death!Please refer to the specified air pressure range for air charging according to this instructions,'Use neutral suds or cleanser forFASTACE shock absorber cleaning with soft cotton cloth· Be sure to tum the dustproof cap of the air nozzle to the air valve completely before cleaning· Feel f. ree to contactFAST ACE if you have any queries

.-~~ i(J -


6.4~l£Jf: ftoJ)IHr:f:4ilj'f~ {~1j!B"J~ !l:Ldb,.~ j]ff.!!nlpt*#~;JJttIB"J#~~~ll'lfElXFASTACE*if~9=r 1L.'o 6,4 Procedure: if defect is within the scope of the warranty,the purchaser should contact the authorised dealer or FASTACE service centre,

6~%.m.~~m.m~~~~~u~m~ff~D~~.~~~g~~~~*~~m~~ FASTACE:ifEJll*#JEB"J~$m •.


6.5 Complete agreementthis warranty will supersede any verbal or express warranty.annoucement or promise,and include all the agreement of FASTACE suspension system.

6.6HU~:~ J j'f ~ ~m9=r J5JTijH!l;~,~JJtm.~FASTACE ~ fr~t1f{ilJ[5J ~~ilt db ~~m;ff ~Wilt~~.$m~~~Mft.ff;~~~~mg~~.;ff~,~m~~M~~.~

6.6 Damage:besides the warranty provides, under the agreement, FASTACE will not be reponsible for any accidential damage or claim caused by the use of this product. The previous warranty is exclusive, we keep the remedy right.

6.7JJJ:*:1f{PJim:@'!~W:~1§1 ~~a1f1K ~ll'lf db~m,~1H~lE § ~ ~il~t't~ E8 _)(J)) J5JT1§1 ~~ J5JT;ffa1f1K~~m,1'f~5¥:*!flID~m~1I1uf(!;J.JJtm.~Pi~~~.;ff~M~nrJlm,~il~.~:jlf., ~O*FASTACE;ff1f{PJJ5JT~~~Jl~j'f~~m~~~~.{~tI1l'~, m.:jlf~.m~M~nrJllli PI;~jtf~i:&o 1f~ ,HI'fll'lf, ~3'lEJ(;FASTACEJnIfi~~;&;ftl~i:&, jj JlJlt:cm~iiEo

6.7 Abandon:any implied commodity warranty caused by the law or for the special purpose, or all the implied warranty caused by the trading, are all under the restriction of this written warranty. this warranty is unique and exclusive remedy measurement, suitble to the purchaser.The exclusive remedy measurement can be amended if FASTACE have any breach of warranty or other tort. Any dealer ,agent or FASTACE employee have no right of amending,extending this warranty.


6.8 Warning: Assembly.maintenance and use of this product must proceeded following this user's manaul.

M:.Warning ~iiMM.FASTACEii:8b.1HPJ~!l:Lii:8b,1I£~~ilj(:i:1Jiu!lrf~lJfXlW,

PI Ll.{im:@,!~~(JJ;.HH1) ~*ii: 8b*J1J~~.IW~~ltiiElXFASTACE %<~ijlUf9=r IL." 1PJ~~ffl LM.~~~~#o~~~~, ~~~~,~hl,M.~~~~~~!l:LIW~~J5JT~.

Thanks very much for purchasing FASTACE product. If any defective product, as long as it's within the scope of the warranty,you can mail(by freight prepaid}to the authorised dealer or FASTACE after-sale service centre.And must attach the copy of purchasing invoice.

Pis write your full name and address, purchasing date and defect problem.


~ff$J*trM~IWii:8b, .~~'I!~ii:8bflj(:i:r,,'~, ~~*~IW~~ltii~FASTACE ijl!~9=r IL.' 0

the policy of FASTACE is to provide the effective service associated with the warranty. Pis keep goods care of your product, if you question the product have the qualtiy problem, pis contact your dealer or FASTACE service centre.

IUtl:: www.fastace.com



2 ~J!Jl!:fFLmGeneral information

FASTACE1i:, ;{lmr3'DW~~ •• /¥lBlE~~ll*ME, M~m-~"~C~, imJJl'[i:&~~lE*~§ ~JzillEf.@ jJ '&lEf.@~llJb 0

.The left and right stanchion legs of FASTACE are both steel spring/oil pressure damping system,and it's designed to accommadat an air closet,it can adjust the original compression and compression damping by changing the air pressure.

Bi~M-f?iElJ1i:mrxW~1Iitl, @I5!(lM-f?iElJ;{lmrxW~1Iitl;

.The compression phase is controlled by the left leg, the rebound phase is controlled by the right leg;

2.1 *fUE Characteristic .xf±tr--Jij(ll!j5jlll¥Jjgil~ttlpj(;, *W~JJl'[*f~~3'I

.The stanchion tube-it's made of high strength Aluminium alloy, the surface is specially process.

.frtl0fi(L r~fi)--ffl mil~M~:b~I 9=r IG'~I'fIJ1Iitlpj(;; .Slider--made of CNC aluminium alloy.

.frf19Ja:'l1f- -.~ftttlpj(;; 7Cfi~J:!.'W;

.Slider bushing-made by Teflon;no static friction.

. 5!(l.-- ElJ1t fUIi!J;M f/t(pj(; ;

.Spring--it's made by good quality steel.


2.2XWC1tJ:Fork components X EI3 I;A -rWC1tJ:ffi.JJX;

The fork contains the following components:

8) pgst~1'

8).lnner stanchion tube 35) ]j)J$mlliJ~

35). Top slide bushing 20) m~$?t

20). The piston segment 11) __ ~

11). The washer for the spring 26) ~HR

26). Cap

12) fVi fft:m:~

12). Pre-load tube

25) __


10) ~~1iI

10). Dust seal

34) rl; lliJ fiF

34). Stop ring

36) ~$mlliJ~ 36).bottom slide washer

14) @] _

14)rebound spring 17)ntJJm~

17). Float piston 19)*ffi't,\



53). Air mouth 7)@]5fi!~~~

7). Rebound adjusting knob 70)1J!~~~~

70). Compression adjusting knob 15)5fi!_~1'

15). Spring bushing 23)¥1±!i<JJ§f

23). Oil seal seat 4) ~$!!I~

4) wheel axle clamp 1)jrst~1'

1) outer stanchion tube


6. ji~ 1*mlWarranty

ftQiE"3i[A 1*mM" r*JtEMFASTACEiJ!t)lU~#JE El"JifijjJ]lIjc{4iEtJ*4 ~fFIJfjl[j/G Ill, PI:% ltij;f~ ~£J!k:.

~.ffl~ m~~~~g~~~Bm~.~BMEI"J~.

6. If any defect in the materials or workmanship of any component of FASTACE suspension system, if within" three month warranty", you can mail the suspension system by freigth prepaid, we can maintain or replace free of charge. And you need to attached the original invoice or other ticket to prove the purchase date.

6.1 /G1Q15:~~1*m/G1Q *;~H)(tJ::lJ:>lt~£,itlrE~,ftJtj/G i",~lE i"J'IIl E8 ~.ij;f~~ [Z;J,/GlEli1h'§_~, .ij;f~/Gi", ~£J!k:EI"J]lIjc{4/G;f,4i1FASTAcEmtit iE~Jt~~i9:~FASTACEi!fjl[j m*El"JM&T£&~, ~/GiEji.1*mr*J; ~*, ~.~, ~~~., iE~~~MMjl[jfia ~iE~Jtj$.~lE#~~~.m~/GiEji.1*mr*J.

6.1 No inclusion:this warranty doesn't include the accidential damage, modification, negligence, improper use, no good excuse or maintenance reason, incorrect assembly, improper maintenance or the components replaced doesn't comply with FASTACE specification, all these are out of warranty; Meanwhile, the action such as acrobatics, sudden jumping, ride on the declined road, or normal worn after use are all out of warranty.

litJ~1*m~i9:1Q1nC{4iElE#ftJtj~EI"J.tJ::l. ~@]lIjc{4£: iffi, iffiMII,

~.II~m~~~. ftm~*~.~X~M~~@~#El"JAA~,[Z;J.*~iE~~~~.mili £J!k:~@]lIjc{4.

. This warranty doesn't include the worn components after normal use.These components are: oil, oil seal,dust seal and slide bushing. We will ask you to check the condition of these components when you purchase the fork; Because you only have the right to replace these components at that time.

litJ~1*mm/G1Q15 ~~~~ li'lfEI"J ~:i!FASTACEiJ!tJl'*#JE EI"J~_., FASTACEiJ!tJl'*#JEiEP~ EI"J~ ~., :tEFASTACEiJ!tJl'*#JE.ij;f~i@I~l£ 9=' ftJtj/G~~/G§~ftJtj mi7i ®EI"J~j'ffl.o i"iEFASTACE iJ!tJl'*#JE El"Jili nl~J!li\§£&, 1** ~~J:>ltr1j!8'f~~1*m § ~~;{)(.

This warranty also doesn't contain the transportation fees that the dealer deliver the FASTACE Suspension system,The labour cost of unloading the FASTACE suspension system and the compensation cost caused by inconvenient use or can't use during maintenance of the suspension system.

6.2.~~:~~ji~1*mfMfL!l':.~~~~u;{)(,ffiJ/Ginf~:=:Jf,iE~~1*mT,/Gfr1'f'f.~~ ~JM1UUo

6.2Purchaser:this warranty is only effective to the original purchaser, doesn't refer to the third party, under this warranty, we will not give this right to the purchaser.

6.3*1tJ::1~HiE*1tJ:7f~TWJ~ B M~-llfif~ 31- Jj Z7-..,&Ph\~~ B M~31- Jj ,~~16\®l1*Ii. 6.3 Condition:The warranty effective date calculated from the purchase date to three month ,which means the warranty date is from the invoice date continuing to three month .Must keep the invoice.


g -18-


3.~~~~~_mJJlU/general safety regulation

.~.m •• d •• ~~.m*M~re#, ~~w •• ~w#~,~~~.,m.m~~ •• ~ ~M~md~W#~~~ffi~W~M~m;

· Don't clean the components with the flammable or erosive solvents,which could damage the seal ring, If necessary, use the detergent that is special and not erosive or compatible with the materials of the seal ring.

.tE:m:iYfm?ltmr, .5t~~mrXffi~fB!I!~tfIH4~fJm;

. Before re-assembly, pis lubricate the components that make contact with the fork.

e , t!Q**atra}~ mmrx, .~1it m Xft¥ilIMm ~ Xffi~~i¥JtfIH4;

.if don't use the fork for a long time, make sure lubricate the components which make contact with the fork with the fork oil.

.~.:j4f~ •• M~Mm¥ilI,.jfrJdM~jfrJfflJAJWJI~P~f:fjt;16\®it&.il§*JJt*ffiJ.SlZW~l[,?i(\J§ ~ffi*~1*~:IlIj:!j!;

· Don't pour the luricating oil, solvent or detergent that is not soluble into the environment, must gather and put in the relative container, then dispose them as correlated law .

. tE:m:?ltzmr,:j4fW#~:liI~~~,,!Jm¥ilIHIi;

.Before re-assembly, put the lubricating oil on the edge of the seal ring.

1!m0$~~-¥, ~m~$~, ~$~~-¥PJ~~R-tffim:, 19~.ili!lll~~!Ill~, 1!7G~tT7f;

· Use metric spanner, don't use imperial spanner,the size of imperial spanner may be very close to the metric, but it could damage the bolt and screw which will make them unscrew.


.Use the correct size of screwdriver, unscrew the slotted or crosshead screw.

.tE1!m!lll~7Jm?ltd~~K~~, O%W#~, ~~~dW#~at, ~~~ilid~~re#; .When use the screwdriver to assemble or dismantle the metal stop ring,

o shape seal ring,guide bushing or seal segment, try to avoid to scratch or break the components.

j!Q*liJAffi~~~jJ, _§_~IEliJAIJ'i" PJ I~HT*tr~tp/~1't, ~*~liJAffi, PJlfU~~tltt~HIHPF It,\, iI:~~Vvtgrp m IEliJAIJ'i" IEJ\OC~14~~/~1't1n\ ~mrx, 1!jI,:'~~ ~UIfptjt~;

.IF you're sure you have the capability and have the right tools, you can inspect and maintain your suspension system, If you're not sure,pls contact the authorized service centre, ask the expert or mechanic to use the right tools, original components to inspecVmaintain your fork, make it to the work condition.


.Use the original component.

. tE-~-T~,~Pf~,)ffiaJHE)E~:It:7J*tr,~:it~~tEPjr~~;

· Pis proceed in a clean,well-ordered and sufficient light place,try to avoid to maintain outdoors.


· When rotating the adjustable knob(C) counter-clockwise, it can decrease the hydraulic damp, during compression, make the fork more soften.


.tE~attt%E~PJ i)liJlJ%E~(C)at, PJ~11£l!f.Il!i*ffiJJljJ.tE mtt11H1~ 9=', il:X£~tx -~.

t:UllWarning ~.~~.~.S(C)S~~~.M .

.Don't let the adjustble knob (C) over its limitation .


There are I air mouths each below the left and right wheel axle clamp. They are designed to adjust the air pressure in tile closet of both left and right leg. The air pressure in the closet of the right leg can control the original compression and change the compression damp. The higher air pressure can provide higher compression damp, which makes the riding more stable control; The lower air pressure can provide soft, comfortable riding But the actual riding setting depends on the rider's weight, road condition and the rider's hobby. The air pressure scope is 50-10psi(3.4-10bar). The air pressure in the closet of the left leg can adjust final 50% journey bottom out damp of the fork, the higher pressure can provide more harder high-speed bottom out damp. You can make proper adjustment according to the rider' weight, road condition and the rider's hobby. The air pressure scope is 100-200psi(7-13.8bar). A special high pressure air pump manufactured by FASTACE or other similar air pumps can be used to set the closet pressure accurately.

1Ejj!(mr16\~5tm->jZQ!Illf:~m.~~$IIJ~~$~~&l~(61), {l}l$rftll1/lrm~:7JPJ1Ejj!( · Before inflation, must use the flat-tip screwdriver to prize up the dust seal(61) at bottom of the wheel axle clamp, and then unscrew the air mouth nut.


1t1Mil.~~.~ •• IUIlWi •• (61).IID, ~Wi~±llA

· After inflation, must reassemble the air mouth nut and dust seal(61) to prevent the dirt coming in.

~~u ••••

· Don't be over the maxmium air pressure.


5. __ /adjustment

5.1 @]~iIiIJ~/ Rebound adjustment

· @] ~ ~lljJ iIiIJ ~PJ mrlililJll;f1F~nRn I¥J mE~B[6tHT, *mE!iR tE/b"stJW;'r ~J: jjf.

· Rebound damping adjustment is proceeded by a knob that marked "R",this knob is on the cap of right leg.

.tE}J[J)! fPttr mE~PJ ililJllmE!iR(R) fPt, PJm i!lb @] ~7.kEl5JlljJ .tE @] ~ rlfii rp , ilJeti -2 .

.when rotating the adjustable knob(IR") clockwise, it can increase the rebound hydraulic damp. during rebounding,make the fork work slower.

. tE~ fPttr mE~PJ ililJllmEiR(R) fPt, PJ Il*fl£ @] ~7.kffiJlljJ .tE @] ~ rlfii rp , ilXJ! m iJ(-2.

· When rotating the adjustable knob(nR") counter-clockwise, it can decrease the hydralic damp, during rebounding, make the fork more active.





~JHf:1iJ.~.tH. (R) .M:~~ltIIll.

· Don't let the adjustable knob(IR")over its limitation.

5.2~~~fiillff~/ compression adjustment

.lE~ ~lljJ iIiIJ ~PJ mrlililJll;f1F~nC"1¥J mEiR7!61ttr, *mEiR tEtcst JJ!I!;,r~J:jjf.

· The compression damping adjustment can be proceeded by adjusting the knob marked "C", this knob is on the cap of left leg.

· When rotating the adjustable knob(C) clockwise,it can increase the hydraulic damp, during compression,make the fork harder.


.tE~t~ mrx mr,~i-)(~jjf~i$t*1f;$,~JJIJJf~i$tmrX;

.Before reparing the fork, suggest to clean your motocyle completely,especially to clean the fork.

.fHlII:f:ftltI ftlR:I¥t~7GfkWi!1lty(~;

.Carefully check if there's scrap iron or dust in the working erea.

.1":!tfl'J~i-)( 4lHx:f:ftlt-~ stJW;

. We suggest to check one leg every time.


.Don't modify the components of the fork .

3.1 ~f1t~-m1l)j

3.1 the vice clamp instruction


.During some maintaining procedure, you may need the spanner to clamp some components in the fork.


~F lEW&1tm ~W i? ~3&x-JmrX/FPJ 1~j[ I¥JfJJH9J;

. Incorrect use of the vice clamp could cause unrepairable damage of the fork.

· ff~1ti I;.rf -m Il)j ilkft:

· Carefully proceed as the following instruction:

· ~lHI1tl1tm ~W ,1UUi-A7;]~ 16'Jf;

· Try to limit to use the vice,until necessary .

. m~~JfW~I¥J~W;

· Use the vice with the padded jaws.


· Try to avoide to tighten the vice so much.


· Try to avoid clamp the parts of the fork, even small deformation will damage the component.


4.1IiljJm--PJ~g:rm ~ ---MfR:jJ~

4.1 question--possible item---solution



This paragraph mainly indicate possible question item and soluton during use of the fork.

r,,'WQuestion ~~item M~1J~/Solution
[l3l¥J/itml¥J~itlll £~~itil/change seal ring
Worn/broken seal ring
~itll$~/oilleaking from the ~19i3t:.f±"f/scratch the £~3t:.f±"f~~it:Ef/change
seal ring stanchion tube stanchion tube and seal ring
Jl!t1¥J~it:Ef/Dirty seal £~~it:Ef/Ilfj~1i1 change seal
ring ring and dust seal
rrtl9J~"f.ml worn slide £~rrtl9J~"f/Change slide guide
guide bushing bushing
3t"f pgW.!lrrt~H!j~%l
Failure of the lubricating ~1JQ$llrrt~1 Add lubricating oil
grease in the stanchion
~a&ll~%lIfailure of Sensitivity tube
fii#3ilI.~3ilI.~~11£IIow air ft,3ilI.I air inflation
pressure in the air closet
rt~$3ilI.I~~ air leaking
from the air mouth or £~~~/Change air mouth
XBtP/F~~iE1itrrt~Mork legs can't XBtP~)(>f=1f/The fork legs t~7f~~)(>f=1f XBtPlioosen wheel
slide normally doesn't line up axle and align the fork legs bl

" /oenc icauv maintenance ta e
ft ffl/Use
~1Jl!:i1Up~fFl general },i1Ij~q/intense iE'ilt/normal
maintenance operation _wlR:I:I!!.%/steep iE'iIt:i1[Ji\ltNormal _dllR:I:I!!%/steep iE'iIt:i1[Ji\lt
terrain road terrain Normal road
:fftll:.~JjFN 'kll!'!ltE~
*l¥JtR~ILl:Jcheck if the tE4l$?X:ff!JffrJ/Before every ride
screw is tightened on
the requested torque
the air pressure in the tE4l$?X:ff!JffrJ/Before every ride
air closet
~t.liIlfj~lI/clean the 4l${'j(:ff!JfJ§ lafter 4l$?Xt~.J§/after 4l${'j( ftffl J§ lafter 4l$?XftfflJ§
dust seal every ride every race every use lafter every
~W~rrt~n!j/change 4l$6/Nlt/every 6 4l$20/j\ IPt levery 20 4l$30/j\ IPt/every 4l$60/j\ IPt
levery 60
lubricating grease hours hours 30 hours hours -10-


.Carefully insert the inner stanchion tube(8).


· Use 25MM spanner to tighten the fork cap(26).

~J:Wlililfj!llm-lij:(7) (70).\liffl !Ilm~( 42)~ ~

· Tighten the adjusting nut(7)(70) with screw.


· Reassemble the wheel axle clamp(4)(5).


· Inflate to proper air pressue.

IM!Ilm~'&'1lfj Bl'i'(61)

· Reassemble the nut and dust seal(61).

4.7~ X~@I"'1t$/ Reassemble the fork on the motorcycle


ift W. r rlftiiltOO¥;IJI},_ XtfilID._J:, IiU lIf:lCtfi1irtuftl!fI:,"J$~~T. ;a:@I!fl:OO~jEJft :lCtfi1iJft~m1t ...

· Reassemble the fork on the frame following the manufacturer's instruction manual, at the same time assemble the components of steering wheel,brake, and wheels. Incorrect installation of these components could be dangerous.

.~T!I6\®!IE~~~tE~tl$J:,~;fflWX;;tPJIE1itI f'F.

· The wheels must assemble on the brake correctly, so that the fork can work wei!.

.~M:;b:lil~~~, ~T~tc:lil~~~1iA~;

· Insert the axle through the right wheel axle clamp, wheel and left wheel axle clamp.

· rtJr~I!'!I:tE~~tc:lilI¥J!IlmrjJI ,jG~!fJJ!~.

· Tighten downwards the nut on the left wheel axle, completely fastened.

.ffl JJtfHIiX}L{'j(.

· Press the fork for several times.


· Follow the 1-2-1 procedure, tighten the 2 bolts on the right wheel axle clamp.


1:t pg 3t~'f 1:ItZ I±\ ]JHmrrtllJ~(35) £~

· Take out and replace the top slide bushing (35)on the inner stanchion tube.

ffl->jZ n !Ilm~JJ;liUfJ ~r 3t~ 'f 1: I¥J I!JJ lli II (1 0)

· Use flat-tip screwdriver to prize up the dust seal(1 0) on the outer stanchion tube.

ffllJ\ I¥J ->jZ tJ !Ilm~ JJ ItZ f1j! ltllJ:Ei(34)

· Use small flat-tip screwdriver to remove the stop ring(34).

1:t~r 3t~'f pgItZI±\~$rrtllJ~(36)£~

.Remove and replace the bottom slide bushing(36) in the outer stanchion tube.

36 34 10


4.6:m:if~~ reassembly

~t!f ~$rrtllJ~(36)~, McAltllJ:Ei(34)

· After replacing the bottom slide bushing(36),insert in the stop ring(34).

JEAl!JJllill(10)/press in the dust seal(10)

tEl!JJ lli III (1 O).&~r 3t~'f(1) pg~~1:~.!Jm¥IBHIi

· Smear the lubricating grease inside of the dust seal(10) and outer stanchion tube




.tE1Mr~{'Fz1W, ~fHIil~¥l'f3ttt'f(8)(1),

· Carefully clean the stanchion tube(8)(1) before carrying out the operation.

.ffll}!Ilm~ JJ~I!JJ~III(1 O)1:t~r 3t~'f(1 )1:.-r, :IG~jlitlfjj3ttt'f(8);

· Use small screwdriver prize the dust seal (1 O)off the outer stanchion tube(1), don't scratch

the stanchion tube(8).

.ill-3ttt'f(8)mZ9JI!JJ~1II (1 0),fflll6t~1'fIJ~¥l'fI!JJ~1II P3$~Mr 3t~'f(1 )~fOO;

· Slide the dust seal along the stanchion tube, use sprayer to clean the inside of the dust seal and the outer stanchion tube surface.

.~ffi3t)Jtp'f, ~T~wr~3t)Jtp'f 1:1¥Jb'<~

· Slightly press the stanchion tube, remove all the dust particles on the stanchion h,

4.3~¥l'fI!JJ~lI/clean dust seal itHi Iremember

.l3::rg[~1'F~~tEX~t!f J§tMr;

· Pis carry out this operation after the fork is installed.


.:IG~ ffl fkIA~¥l'fb'<~

· Don't use metal tools to clean dust particles.

.ffllEEmeHIi~rrtWMII, ~PJtw.I¥JWMf,f~fOO

· Use silicon grease to lubricate the seal ring and visual suface .

. :m:ifm~/re-assembly .:m:ifm~1:I!JJ~III, ffl~.ffi~~~

.Reassemble the dust seal, press to the original position manually.

-11 -

4.4£~fI:~(S3)/Change the air mouth(S3)

. )iPjZl=l~~)J.mJllJJ.~(61)1 Use flat-tip screwdriver to prize up the dust seal(61) .• mJfI:~~~1 unscrew the air mouth nut

.m9MM~~~~t~mJfI:~1 Use 9MM sleeve spanner to unscrew the air mouth; .~J:FAST ACEiE~WG1tf:(:m:~ffif/FPJ 1JUlfl: ~ J: I¥J *MlJ)

.replace with the original FASTACE components

(Don't damage the seal ring on the air mouth when re-assembly) :m:~ft:3iUU.g.~I¥Ji!jJl re-inflate to proper air pressure

~@)fI:~~~.&.IlJJ.~/ reassemble the air mouth nut and dust seal.


4.S £~mllJ~.&.~m¥il!Hi:f/Change slide bushing and lubricating grease J1ttJkfFiEXJW~~J:!§ /FPJJtHr;

· Don't proceed until the fork leg is installed .

. ;j<lUim?~M, ~7fXJW;

· Dismantle the fork leg according to the user's manual.

m~ I=l ~~)J.mJJ!ilfUJIiI!r~~WI¥JIlJJ .~(61)

· Use flat-tip screwdriver to prize up the dust seal(61) at the bottom of the wheel axle clamp.


· Unscrew the air mouth nut;

m Ij' I¥J~ I=l ~~)JJJH±fI:~1iIf~J1i, ~"~~ pg 1¥J~1Jtf1j!

· Use small flat-tip screwdriver to fix the air mouth pin,bleed the air from the closet.


m ~lt'&'~~.~f1j!J!ilfUJIiI!r~(4)(S)

· Use the vice and rubber hammer to dismantle the wheel axle clamp(4)(S) .


m2MM)tflfi'~~t~mJ~W~~~~(42), ~f1j!~W~~(7)(70),

· Use 2MM Allex wrench to loosen the adjusting nut and screw(42),remove the adjusting


.m 2SMM~ ~;f$7fjr w(26);

· Use 2SMM spanner to remove the fork cap(26).



~'tt1ill±l pg5t~1f(8)

· Slowly pull out the stanchion tube(8).