Document Code: QP-3202 Training Feed Back Form

Training Feedback Form
1. Name of the Training 2. Location 3. Name of the Trainer 4. Date & Time
: Application Designer : Hyderabad : Murali : 30 Nov 2010 10:30- 12:00

5. Evaluate the training programme in an objective manner and rate the following on a
five point scale: 1) Poor 2) Average 3) Good 4) Very Good 5) Excellent (5) (4) (3) (3) (3) (3)

a) Relevance of the programme in your day to day working b) Coverage of the subject/topic c) Adequacy of the time allotted for the subject d) Ability of the trainer in communicating the subject effectively e) Training aids/methodology used f) Overall rating of the effectiveness of the programme
6. Which part of the programme you liked and why?

Building of the pages because it is an interactive mode.
7. Which part of the programme you did not like and why?

Concepts of Scroll Area and Grid.
8. Your comments on the duration of the programme

Comfortable with the current timeings
9. Any comments/suggestions to improve the training

10. Please comment on how you plan to utilize this learning in your day to day working
(Please use the back side of this sheet, if necessary) Daily exploring the tools in App Designer. M.Sandeep Singh Name of the Trainee

Confidential to Serenity Infotech

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