Experiment 3. Day First day Observation Inferences Tiada apa perubahan.

Biji benih belum mendapat ransangan oksigen, air dan cahaya matahari. No seeds have yet to get a stimulus . oxygen, water and sunlight Plant A Second day Plant B Tumbuhan B,mula menyerap oksigen, air dan cahaya, Biji benih kelihatan mengembang . Plant B, starts to absorb oxygen, water and light, fluffy seeds appear Plant A Plant B Tumbuhan A tiada perubahan,Tumbuhan A tidak mendapat air A no change in vegetation, Plant B does not have water

Third day

Tumbuhan B mulai membesar dan mengembang mendapat cukup bekalan keperluan asas, manakala Tumbuhan A tiada perubahan Plant B began to grow and expand have enough basic supplies, while no changes in plant A

Plant B

Plant A

dapat bekalan air dan udara yang mencukupi. air and water to supply the plant. depending on the type of seeds. light and ventilation factor 2.anak benih makin membesar Plant A Plant B The roots start to look for land to absorb nutrients.cukup cahaya matahari. enough light and air. Would the same result be possible with different kind of seeds? not. seedlings grow more ann no change in plant A Fifth day Tumbuhan B semakin memanjang dan menghala kearah cahaya matahari. soil depth. How can a farmer tell if plant is receiving a) enough water Plants will grow well b) not enough water Plant growth is stunted . Is it possible to give a plant too much water? Plants will die 3. But plant A no change Plant A Plant B 1.tetapi tumbuhan A tiada perubahan Plant B has elongated and pointing toward the sun. dan udara.Forth day Akar mula kelihatan untuk menyerap nutrient tanah.

c) too much water Plants will die. .

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