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JOURNALS . Environment intelligence is an important requirement for today·s workforce. MAGAZINES . Reading of NEWSPAPER .READING HABITS Managers require the right kind of information at the right time to make the right decisions. . BOOKS .and the INTERNET are the prime sources of information about the business world.

BENEFITS OF READING    Improves an individual¶s communication and writing skills. Reading newspaper and journals helps in studies and research. Increases a persons general knowledge. .

READING SOURCES    General textbooks More specific textbooks Journal articles .

Ready materials 3.Find a quite place 5. Make a list 4.Keep a reading log\journal 8.Save time 6.How to inculcate reading habit:         1. Set time 2.Form a study group 7. Have a library or reading day .

Types of Reading ‡ 1. reports . etc.this is done by reading journals. High attention .objective is knowing key points or gaining in-depth knowledge . .this is done by reading newspapers and magazines 2. Relaxed : -no specific focus. complaints. ‡ .Critical : .specific focus. brochures. Moderate attention -objective is relaxing and gaining surface knowledge.

READING METHOD      Select the right source Reflect before reading Selective reading Active reading Note making and referencing .

. Different newspapers have different viewpointsimproves evaluating skills.Importance of reading a newspaper     Helps to expand mental horizon. Gives information about major events both locally and internationally . Creates awareness.

look at the graphics .read selectively or actively Make reading a routine habit Follow stories Carry the newspaper in your bag .read the photo captions .news articles -opinion articles -feature article Skimming .read the headlines .How to read a newspaper   Read frequently. even if it is only for a short time Know the contents by surveying : .

³keep reading!!´ THANK YOU .

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