A Project Report on United Bank Limited

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Madam Maria Ishtiaq Muzammil Shah Muhammad Usman Bilal Ahmed


Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar
In the name of Allah, the most merciful & the most mighty

By the grace of ALLAH the Almighty and the benevolence of Prophet MOHAMMAD (Sallal-laho Alaihe Wa Alehi Wasallam), we have been able to present this project report. After studying about Financial Institutions theoretically one desire to develop practical skills either by working in an organization or by doing project work on an organization. Financial Institutions are crucial for the economic well being of a country. They play an important role in the development of the country. Banking industry has always played a vital role in the success of economies. The practice is carried out since primitive ages. Multinational banks are now dealing in money and are laying the foundations for countries to stand on their own feet. The project work proved to be extremely helpful in learning about the functions and operations of a bank and how different kinds of procedures at bank are carried out. Although, this single project work is not enough to know delicately about every aspect, but somehow it had the initial touch of being in a practical world. Banking is both a sacred and sophisticated profession. In Pakistan United Bank Limited has always been in the forefront of this profession and stands on 2nd position in ranking of commercial banks.

During this project work at United Bank we tried our level best to acquaint our self with the operations of the bank and as a result learnt a lot. What we have learnt during our project at UBL is being presented here for the readers. We are very grateful to many people, whose help and support at different stages of our work enabled us to write this report. I would like to thank all the staff members of United Bank Limited especially Mr. T. J. Shariq, whose interview help us a lot in our project work. We believe that the process of learning never stops. This report is the first step towards the long journey of acquisition of knowledge .May Allah
be with us in all tests of times.

Dedication: To our Parents & To our Teachers .

Table of Contents: S. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 TITLE Introduction Historical Background Organizational Structure Key People Board of Directors Executive Committee UBL Worldwide Stock Data UBL Key Data Main Focus Topics to Discuss Loans & Cards UBL Address UBL Businessline UBL Cashline UBL Credit Card UBL Drive UBL Money UBL Pay Plus Services UBL Wiz UBL Netbanking UBL e-statement UBL Hamrah UBL Wallet Remittances (Tez Raftaar) Types of Deposits UBL Business Partner Rupee Transactional Account UBL Basic Banking Account UBL UniFlex Account UBL UniSaver Account Foreign Currency Savings Account Secure Investment Opportunities Page # 1 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 8 9 10 16 19 20 21 21 23 25 27 27 29 30 30 31 33 33 35 35 37 .

35 36 37 38 39 40 41 UBL Profit COD Regular Term Deposit Receipts Foreign Currency Term Deposit Receipts Special Notice Deposit Receipts Contribution to the Economy Bank Charges References 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 .

So the privitization program started in 1991. It has 383 ATM machines of its own. Privitization of the larger but more problematic United Bank . and China. It has 17 branches overseas which are located in different countries of the world. Thereafter. • • • 51% of the smaller Muslim Commercial Bank successfully sold. Its main Industry is Finance. It is the member of 1 link due to which its cards (Debit & Credit) are acceptable on more than ATM’s.Introduction: United Bank Limited is the 2nd largest Commercial Bank of Pakistan. Iran and so on. Its representative offices are in Tehran. via an employee buyout. The bank continued its operations as private banking company until 31st December 1973 when it was nationalized by the government of Pakistan. Also it has joined hands with Visa Network due to which its cards are acceptable at 900. 1959. Historical Background: The decision to establish UBL was taken in June 1959 and the company was registered on July 24. It has total assets of more than Rs. 550 bn.e United States of America. Canada. On 9 th November 1959 the Gazette of Pakistan notified and included UBL in its list of scheduled banks operating in Pakistan. It has 700 online branches in 400 cities almost in every city of Pakistan. i. (Regime of Butto) The bank was working as nationalized bank when the government decide to privitize some banks. It has 1079 branches in Pakistan. the smallest Allied Bank sold. Kazakhstan. China. United Bank Limited started the operations on November 7. 1959. It has joint venture with National Bank of Pakistan in United States of America by the name of United National Bank Limited.000 ATM’s world wide.

successfully attempted 3 times between 1991 & 1996. Meanwhile its condition continued to deteriorate and the market share fell from 27% to 7%. At the end of the year 1996 the bank had: • • Negative Equity Heavy and continuing operating losses du to:    • • Overstaffing, 21,500 employees Overbranching, 1,701 branches NPLs (Non performing loans), 60% of total loans

A lack of systems and controls across the board. Demoralized staff, declining deposits and market share.

Now the management decide to take some preventive steps to make the performance better and to put united bank on a progressive track once again. So they made a strategy consisting of three phases: • Phase One: (Jul – Dec 97)  • Stem the Bleeding

Phase Two: (Jan – Jun 98)  Create Key Building Blocks

Phase Three: (Jul 98 Onwards)  Consolidate and position for growth

So according to the strategy they first focus on key people. They made strong board of directors by hiring people from Private sectors and also took CEO’s from major local and foreign companies. They change 33 key positions and identify internal seniors to retain and drive change. They downsize the staff from 21,500 to 8,525 in order

to cut the costs. They reduce the number of branches from 1,701 to 1,112 and focus on rationalization of branches and zones. They arrest the NPL’s and block 80,000 deposits in default. They start rebuilding oversease network. They facilitate the recovery of bad debts by setting up specialized remedial management units. They implement technology plan by making the zones or regions PCbased. They then build oversease franchises, develop strategies, staff up, clean out NPL’s and improve the services. They deepen corporate banking efforts and implement SME strategy to protect top consumer relationships. Due to all these steps the market share quickly increase from 7% to 10% and the performance improved. The overall purpose was to reposition it for privitization. In 2002 the government of Pakistan sold it in an open auction, main sponsers include Abu Dhabi group and Best Way group having 25.50% of its shares each. While the balance is held with the government of Pakistan and the general public. In 2002 it merged its operations in the UK with those belonging to National Bank of Pakistan to form United National Bank Limited, of which it owns 55%, with National Bank of Pakistan owning the remainder. Since its privatization the bank has been successfully turned around and remains a robust and strong performer in all major segments of its operations.

Organizational Structure:

Key People:
Key People of United Bank Limited Bank includes: • • His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahyan – Chairman Sir Muhammad Anwar Pervez – Deputy Chairman

Risha Mohyeddin – Group Executive Treasury & Capital Markets Mr. M. Ameer Karachiwala . Manan – Group Executive Consumer/Commercial Banking Mr.• Agha Hasan Abidi – Founder Board of Directors: • • • • • • • • • • • • His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahyan – Chairman Sir Muhammad Anwar Parvez OBE – Deputy Chairman Mr.A. Abdul Rauf Malik – Director Mr. Zameer Muhammad Chaudrey – Director Mr. Qasim Ilyas – President & CEO Mr. Salahuddin Khan – AVP Executive Committee: • • • • • Mr. Omain Zaid Jafar Al Askari – Director Mr. Asfhaque Hasan Khan – Director Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Nasir – Company secertary & Chief Legal Mr. Numan Hussain – Group Operations & Technology Head Miss.Group CFO . Ameer Karachiwala – SEVP/Group Chief Financial Officer Mr. Qasim Ilyas – President & CEO Mr. Ejazuddin – Group Executive/Audit & Inspection Group Mr. Ahmed Waqar – Director Dr.

25 (Figures in Pakistani Rupees) . Muhammad Ejazuddin – Group Audit & Inspection Head Mr. Tariq Mohar – Group Business Support/Collection Head Mr. Ayaz H. Shamsi – Group Executive Human Resources Mr.• • • • • Mr. Ali Sameer UBL Worldwide: Stock Data: Current Price (10/29/2008): 68. Mohammad Asghar – Group Commercial Bank Head Mr.

but we will discuss in general some of the functions perform by the bank. Ticker Exchanges UBL KAR Country Major Industry Sub Industry 2007 Sales Currency Fiscal Year Ends Share Type 51.049. Topics to duscuss: The topics we are going to discuss in this .United Bank Limited Key Data: Figures in Pakistani Currency.011.496.553.234 Main Focus: United Bank Limited Focuses on the following categories.808.100 1.800 465.532 69. • • • • • Consumer Banking Commercial Banking Corporate Banking Investment Treasury The Bank offer many services and Products in the fields mentioned above.585.718.000 (Year End Jan 2008) Pakistani Rupee December Ordinary Employees Market Cap Shares Outstanding Closely Held Shares Pakistan Finance Commercial Banks 9.

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7 Million Zero Loss Liability: Isn’t it comforting to know that if you lose your card. The Bank will then close / block the Card Account to .automatically covered against any sort of accident that might befall them while traveling. The Card must be signed by the Cardmember and/or Supplementary Cardmember as the case may be. Rest assured that with your UBL Credit Card. 90336601) or any such number as communicated by the Bank in writing. upon receiving the Card. the Cardmember and/or Supplementary Cardmember. Collection of Card: The Card shall be collected by the Cardmember from the Bank or couriered to the Cardmember at the discretion of the Bank (pursuant to such conditions as are or may be specified by the Bank). The coverage amounts are: • • Classic Card: Up to Rs. shall to communicate agreement to activation thereof by calling the You First Phone Banking. immediately on receipt thereof in the space provided for signature.5 Million Gold Card: Up to Rs. 3. the Cardmember or the Supplementary Cardmember must inform the Bank immediately by using the emergency 24-hour telephone number 0800-11825 (international telephone number +92-2190336600. Loss of Card/Disclosure of PIN: If the Card is lost or stolen or liable to be misused or the Cardmember or the Supplementary Cardmember suspects that someone else may have discovered the PIN or security details. Activation of Card: In order to activate use of the Card. So make sure that you report the loss immediately upon discovery at UBL’s 24 – hour “You First Phone Banking” at 0800-11-825. you have nothing to worry about! You are covered for all fraudulent charges made on your card as soon as it has been reported lost to UBL. you are completely secure against loss and theft.

Card Transactions. the obligations of the Cardmember under these Terms and Conditions to the Bank shall not cease and all applicable Charges and Liabilities and other costs and expenses payable under these Terms and Conditions shall continue to accrue and for the purpose of calculation and establishment of the date on which the payment is due. Payment: The Bank shall every month send a Statement of Account to the Cardmember and the Cardmember shall pay at least the Minimum Payment Amount stated therein by the Payment Due Date. the Bank may select a date each month as the Payment Due Date. The Cardmember agrees that the Bank has the right to recover and the Cardmember shall be responsible for and pay all Charges and/or Cash Advances before the closure / blocking of the Card Account / Card by the Bank pursuant to clause 10. without any prejudice to any other remedies available to the Bank.stop use of the Card. and / or Cash Advance as a result thereof. to the Bank a written confirmation of the loss. the Bank will not charge any Service Fees. • If the Cardmember effects full payment of the Balance outstanding in the Card Account on or before the Payment Due Date subject to the collection of the required Service Fee and other fees for Cash Advances payable under clause 6. or misuse or disclosure together with such particulars thereof. the Cardmember shall be liable for all Charges and liabilities. as may be required by the Bank. as above. Note: The Cardmember or Supplementary Cardmember shall not in any manner handover the Card to any third person and in such case. Any lost or stolen Card subsequently recovered by the Cardmember shall immediately be returned to the Bank without further use. The Cardmember shall not use the PIN after reporting any third party disclosure thereof to the Bank. including copy of relevant police report. The Cardmember shall send within three (3) days of informing the Bank by telephone.2 for the period covered by the relevant Statement of Account. theft. may issue a replacement Card for any lost or stolen Card on these Terms and Conditions or such other Terms and Conditions as the Bank may deem fit. In the event that the Bank is unable to send a Statement of Account for any reason. The Bank in its absolute discretion. .1 above.

or Through the drop box facility available at all designated branches (see the designated Card Payment Branches address on the card payment envelope enclosed with your card billing statement). all arrears in the Minimum Payment Amount payable for earlier periods. in addition to outstanding amounts then due and payable. Cash Advance or other fees relating thereto and all other applicable costs and expenses by the Payment Due Date specified in the current Statement of Account. then and without prejudice to the Bank’s rights and remedies. on demand such unauthorized excess over the Credit Limit together with any costs and expenses in relation thereto. In the event the Cardmember exceeds the Credit Limit without that Bank’s prior written approval. the Cardmember will pay. • . • If the Cardmember fails to pay the Minimum Payment Amount in any previous Statement of Account by the Payment Due Date stated therein. the Cardmember agrees to make payment of the amount prescribed from time to time by the Bank in the Schedule of Charges. you can simply use any of the following payment channels: Cheque Payments: (Drop Box or by Mail) • Simply send a cheque in favor of UBL Credit Card Center (address pre-printed on Card Payment envelope enclosed with your card billing statement).• If the Cardmember effects payment of any amount less than the Balance then outstanding on or before the applicable Payment Due Date. the Cardmember shall pay to the Bank. the Cardmember agrees to pay a Service Fee or such other percentage as the Bank may specify from time to time of the Balance then outstanding in the Card Account. and any and all delayed payments. How & Where to Pay your Monthly Card Payments: For the monthly payment of your UBL Credit Card bill. If the Cardmember fails to effect payment of at least the Minimum Payment Amount on or before the applicable Payment Due Date. in addition to paying the applicable Minimum Payment Amount for the current Statement of Account.

Any loss. The Bank shall be entitled as its sole discretion. Please Notice the Following: • The Cardmember shall be responsible for the safe custody of the Card and shall ensure the same in case of the Supplementary Card.pk. you can pay your monthly card bill online by simply logging onto www.• Please remember to write your name and credit card number at the back of the cheque and send it enclosed with detached payment slip from the bottom portion of your card statement. Renewal of Card: The Bank may issue a new Card or Cards automatically unless instructed otherwise and also that the Bank reserves the right in its sole discretion not to reissue a card or renew the Card. The Cardmember shall continue to remain bound by these Terms & Conditions and any arrangements thereto.com.ubl. then paying your UBL Credit Card bill is as easy as making a phone call. You First Phone Banking at 0800-11-825: If you are already a UBL account holder. Simply call UBL’s 24 Hours ‘You First Phone Banking’ at 0800-11-825 where our Phone banker will assist you in making your payment. theft of the Card or handling of the Card by an unauthorized person in any manner shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Cardmember. The following charges may be levied on Card members from time to time as per the rates notified either through the Schedule of Charges which is available at all the Bank’s branches. UBL Netbanking: Being a UBL account holder. at the Bank’s website or by the bank giving the Cardmember due written notice of the same: • • . Cash at Counter: You can make cash payment at all designated UBL Card Payment Branches nationwide during banking hours. to demand return of the Card and/or immediate payment of all amounts outstanding under the Card Account at any time without assigning any reason or notice and without any liability to the Bank.

upon giving the Cardmember due written notice of the same. charges. impose additional fees. charges etc.                    Joining Fee. Annual Fee Supplementary Annual Fee Service Fee Cash Advance Fee Late Payment Fee Returned Checque Fee Overlimit Fee Credit Protection Fee (Credit Guardian) Cash Payment Processing Fee Statement of Card Account on Special request for a period Earlier that one month Checque/Cash Pickup Fee Card Replacement Fee Utility Bill Payment Fee Foreign Transaction fee Account Maintenance Fee Visa/Master Card Transactions Arbitration Charges for Disputed LITE PLAN Service Fee LITE PLAN Processing Fee LITE PLAN Repayment Charges Balance Transfer Facility Charges The Bank may from time to time as it deems fit in its absolute discretion. etc. . or amend any fees.

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UBL Money: UBL Money. opt for partial payment of the outstanding principal amount.up . 50. The graph below indicates the declining trend of monthly installments you will be paying over the life of the loan. Free Life Insurance Coverage: Includes accidental death coverage and medical reimbursement to the customers in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Zero Pre-Payment Penality: No penalty will be charged from the customer if the loan is been paid off after a year. the Personal Installment Loan from UBL provides you with power. It gives you access to funds starting from Rs. convenience and the flexibility to manage your financial requirements and realize your dreams.remains very affordable. UBL Money is a fixed installment loan. this will be done in collaboration with the insurance companies on our panel. Payment Flexibility: Whereby which the customer will be provided the flexibility to change the loan tenor.000/. Payment Holidays: A unique concept whereby which payment breaks will be given to the customers on occasions such as Eid etc.000 will apply. Processing Charge: A processing charge of Rs. 4. control. Product Features: Following are the features offered under UBL Drive: Free Tracking Device: Option will be provided to the customers on affordable rates. Payment Holidays will be given once a year to the customers.

UBL Money provides you the flexibility to manage your monthly installments according to your income stream.to a maximum of Rs. . Your money will be delivered to you in the quickest possible time. 500.without any collateral. There will be No Processing Fee.000/.000/- • You have been employed for:    Company A Confirmation) Companies B & C Confirmation) Government/Armed Forces Confirmation 6 12 Months Months Grade (Post (Post Getting UBL Money: Getting UBL Money is very simple. You can select any tenor from 1 to 5 years in a multiple of 12 months. just follow the following steps.000/PKR 50. Repayment Options: You can Pay your Installments through the following sources: • • • Drop Box Facility UBL Designated Branches UBL Netbanking Eligibility Criteria (Salaried Employees only): • Your are within the age bracket of:   • For Private For Government 21-60 Years 21-60 Years Your Monthly Net Income is:   For Private For Government / Armed Forces PKR 50.

Fill the UBL Money application form. Finance your vacations. Low Markup. you can fill out the application form available from all UBL branches . Service available at all UBL Branches. How do you apply for UBL PayPlus (loan against salary)? All you have to do is to get your company enlisted with UBL for the facility. Finance your child's education. you can now easily avail a loan based on your salary level. If you are a permanent employee of a company (Government. It is as simple as that! Salient Features: • • • • • Fixed Equal Monthly Installments. Attach a copy of your CNIC and Salary Slip & then hand the application form along with your documents to any UBL Money sales staff member. Once the basic requirement has been completed. SemiGovernment. attach the requisite documents and apply for UBL PayPlus (loan against salary). Irrevocable assignment of salary & end service benefits of employee required in favour of UBL. MNC or Local Corporate Entity/Private/Public Limited). or just about any thing you can think of! UBL PayPlus: This is a loan that UBL offers against salary. then UBL PayPlus (loan against salary) is the right product for you. Low Processing Fee. . Minimum Documentation required Terms & Condition: • • Company to disburse employee salaries through UBL account only. which disburses salary through UBL. You can use UBL Money to Pay off your credit card balance. Through UBL PayPlus. Buy home accessories.

000. Repayment through 12.00 (which ever is less). 24. You can Utilize the following services: • • • • • • UBL Wiz UBL Netbanking UBL e-statement UBL Hamrah UBL Wallet Remittances .• • • • • • Monthly repayment of loan installment (principal + markup) shall be done by directly deducting salary account. Loan amount not to exceed 90% of already accrued End Service Benefits (ESB). complete documentation charges & expenses to be deducted from loan account. should be 55 years on the date of Services: UBL has taken progressive steps and has introduced innovative products and services to provide you a variety of banking and financing services. Maximum Loan Amount of up to 15 gross salaries or PKR 500. As an individual or a group you can get much through UBL Services. 48 or 60 monthly installments. 36. Installment amount must not exceed 33% of Net Take Home Salary (NTHS). Eligibility Criteria: • • Must be Permanent Employee of company Maximum age disbursement. Processing fee.

e. These allow you to use your . An individual can purchase up to three cards at a time on his/her CNIC . security and benefits of an ATM and Debit Card. Features & Benefits: UBL Wiz is the 1st Prepaid VISA Debit Card in Pakistan. MNET and VISA networks. without having to visit the bank. 24x7 Toll Free Contact Centre: If you have any queries or need assistance with your UBL Wiz card. Moreover. It is instantly available at selected UBL branches with the facility of re-load. UBL Wiz Teen and UBL Wiz Travelers card at any given point in time. a person can have a single UBL Wiz Ladies. There is no need of an account mean that no matter if you do not have account in UBL. you can use your UBL Wiz everywhere VISA cards are accepted. More than just an ATM card. & UBL Wiz Teen. i. It offers the following amazing features: Available to All CNIC Holders: All valid CNIC holders in Pakistan can own a UBL Wiz Prepaid VISA Debit Card. paying for petrol. locally and internationally. allows you to spend online and at shopping outlets and withdraw cash at ATMs.• UBL Online (for corporate customers only) We now are going to discuss the above mentioned services one by one in detail. UBL Wiz: UBL Wiz is Pakistan’s first ever Prepaid VISA Debit Card that provides the convenience. It is available is three types. shopping or dining. i. Whether you are using it online. still you can have UBL Wiz. It is also accepted at all VISA locations internationally. which continues to expand by the day.e UBL Wiz Travelers. UBL Wiz Ladies. UBL is also part of the 1 Link. you are accessing money directly from your prepaid card.one of each category. You can also use the telephone next to all UBL ATMs and be instantly connected to our customer service representative via a hotline facility. UBL Wiz – Your ATM Card: UBL has its own network of 336 ATMs in 85 cities. you can talk to an agent at our 24 hour Contact Centre at 0800-11-825.

Rs. weekly. you will need to sign up for the facility and enable your card.000/Rs.000/POS usage per day Internet usage per day Rs. 100. This facility is available absolutely free of cost for Wiz card holders! Balance Enquiry: You can check the available balance in your account at any UBL. UBL e-statement Facility: UBL e-statement give you the flexibility to choose how frequently you want to receive your e-statements i.e. monthly.000/Loading / Reloading per instance 100. Card Limit: UBL gives certain limit in three types of UBL Wiz cards that best fits you financial needs.000/- . In order to activate your card for online transactions. Rs. daily. 100. Online Shopping: UBL Wiz provides you convenience and security to shop online.000 ATMs displaying the 1 Link and MNET logo and at more than 2 million ATMs in 150 countries. 1 Link or MNET ATM and get a slip of your account balance. Rs.UBL Wiz across Pakistan at more than 3. quarterly or semi-annually.000/ATM withdrawal per day 40. The UBL Wiz card is also accepted on all VISA certified machines displaying the VISA Plus sign. The catagerization is as follows: UBL Wiz Travelers VISA: • • • • • Max balance per card 200.

.000/- UBL Wiz Teen VISA: • • • • • Max balance per card 20.000/Rs.+ 10% FED Switch Transaction Fee  Withdrawals on 1 Link ATM other than UBL Rs. Rs. Rs. 20.000/Rs.000/ATM withdrawal per day 20. Rs.1%. Rs.000/Loading/Reloading per instance 10.000/ATM withdrawal per day POS usage per day Internet usage per day Rs. 20.000/Rs. Rs.000/- Fee Structure: • • • Card Issuance + 10% FED Re-load fee 50/. Min Rs. 25.UBL Wiz Ladies VISA: • • • • • Max balance per card 50.000/POS usage per day Internet usage per day Rs. 100/0. 10. Rs. 50.000/Loading / Reloading per instance 25.

real-time. print account statements. transfer funds. the customers have access to their bank accounts 24 hours a day. 7 days a week and can keep a close eye on their account balances. It's never been so easy to access and manage your finances in a secure. Features & Benefits: Using UBL Netbanking. pay bills. 100/Rs. track purchases and schedule their recurring payments at the touch of a button and much more. Min Min  • Internet Usage   Activation Charges Per session Charges 0 (zero) Rs.200/2%. Using UBL netbanking . Anywhere. 2%. convenient and secure method of accessing bank accounts on the Internet.200/POS Purchase Rs. Anytime. you can avail different facilities and can benefit yourself in many ways. Some of the features are discussed as follows: . online environment.15/ • Withdrawals on other switches Rs. 15/- International VISA Usage Charges  ATM Withdrawals Rs. 100/- • Cancellation Charges + 10% FED UBL Netbanking: UBL netbanking is an Internet Banking portal offering a simple.

which enables them to perform fund transfers and set auto transfers between these accounts. transactions and check real-time account balances. or get a TezRaftaar cheque delivered at payee’s doorstep just within 48 hours anywhere in Pakistan. 24-hour access to the account information. Customers can make instant payments or schedule their recurring payments on monthly or weekly basis. The payment can be made from any of the listed customer account. the customers can manage more than one account. the customer can instruct payments as . Using netbanking NETBANKING.Manage your Account: Simple and intuitive 24/7 access to your accounts. Manage Multiple Accounts: Using netbanking . Transfer Funds between your accounts: Customers can make instant transfers within their portfolio accounts. Paktel & Instaphone Bills online. The customers can see an overview of the listed accounts in a summarize form with the available account balance. netbanking offer the convenience to pay PTCL. Mobilink Indigo. You can either send money to another UBL customer through Account-ToAccount transfer. Pay your Bills online: Pay Bills online to a growing list of billers. the customer can also keep an eye on their cash flows. Send Money to Anyone using the new PC-to-Person facility: UBL Netbanking is the first netbanking service in Pakistan to give you the power to send money to anyone in Pakistan. transactions and check their balances before paying their bills or scheduling a transfer. Having details of Debit & Credit accounts with amount to be transferred. even if they do not have a bank account at UBL. All accounts are linked. You can keep an eye on cash flows. Real-Time Account Balance & Summary: UBL Netbanking offers easy.

at any time of the day or night. The customer can assign a target for alerts. specify funds and define the fund transfer frequency. from the comfort and convenience of your home or office internetconnected computer. The Auto Transfer Instructions can be deleted and modified by the customer as per his convenience. The customer is only required to select the debit and credit accounts. • • • • • Balance Alert Statement Alert Transaction Alert Cheque Tracking Alert Low/High Balance Alert Customers can perform all the above transactions and more. View Account Statements: Customers have the option of specifying a date range to view the account statements. The Customers can also print. weekly. annual and time-factor based payments through netbanking . Alerts can be of the following types.per his own convenience. All transactions that are either rejected or are still in processing are displayed in the Pending/Rejected transactions. email and analyze the statement in a graphical chart. Advanced Security Features: • End-to-end Encryption encryption: Verisign-Certified 128-bit SSL . Schedule your Recurring or one-off Payments: Customers can schedule monthly. Receive Customized Alerts: Customers can set alerts to track movements in the listed accounts.

000 per transaction. Available for all Rupee and Foreign Currency Account holders. you now do not have to wait for six months to receive a paper based statement of your account any more. UBL believes in providing valueadded service to customers and all you need to get started is your email address! Accessible when you need it: UBL e-statement provides you a highly convenient facility to receive your statement anytime and anywhere in the world! Security: .0 to a max of Rs. we call you at your “registered” phone/mobile number and confirm your request.• • Partial Token password Authentication: Never reveal your entire Choose your transaction limits: Fund-transfer limits are set to ‘zero’ by default. You can request a change in your limit online (choose from Rs. UBL is pleased to announce the launch of the UBL e-statement facility which makes it easier for you to get your statement of accounts and automated transactional debit/ credit alerts right into your inbox. 0. 100. • UBL e-statement: Are you fed up of filing your Statement of Accounts? Do you want fast delivery of your Account Statements? Do you want to be in constant touch with your account? UBL brings a simple solution to all your problems by introducing the UBL e-statements facility. Human –assisted verification: When you request an increase in your transaction-limit for the first time. Absolutely free of cost: you don’t need to pay any additional cost in order to get benefit from this facility. All you need to do is tell UBL the frequency of statements you require and UBL will ensure that it reaches your inbox.

UBL was the pioneer in introducing Rupee Travellers Cheque facility in Pakistan. In continuation of the same tradition. you will receive your statements as per your selected frequency. box filling and the chance of having your unattended documentation read by others.As an alternative to printed statements. an email shall be sent to you with the complete transaction details. Easy to read format: You UBL e-statement shall be sent to you in an easy to read Adobe Acrobat format. Note: Once you subscribe for the facility.! Receive bill statements according to your needs: Your UBL e-statement can be delivered to you in the following frequencies • • • • • Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Semi – annually Automated transactional debit/ credit alerts: whenever there is an activity in your account. UBL Hamrah: UBL has always been at the forefront in identifying and meeting the financial needs of its valued customers. UBL in the shape of "Hamrah" Rupee Travellers Cheque enhances this facility for the convenience of its valued customers by offering . UBL estatements eradicate the hassle of paperwork. as early as 1971.

Hamrah RTC's are now accepted at more than 2000 places such as hotels. trade or personal needs. car dealers. Salient Features: • Absolutely FREE . UBL "Hamrah" has been designed keeping in mind. UBL has a 24-Hours customer helpline. real estate agents. • • • • UBL Wallet: Introducing the new UBL Wallet Card. now with the International power of VISA. • Available to all: Holding an account with UBL not mandatory for availing this facility. "Hamrah" Rupee Traveller Cheques are the ideal and safest way of carrying cash when travelling anywhere in Pakistan.be it business.000. 10. 10. now with the power and . UBL Wallet. jewllers.No Bank Commission. etc and of course at all our UBL branches. month or even years depending on when there's a need for encashment Exclusive security: Secured with specially "Coded" printing and "RAIN BOW Effect" for added security. No Excise Duty: Whatever the value of "Hamrah" purchased. Most convenient while in transit anywhere in Pakistan.000 and Rs. Denominations: Available in denominations of Rs.000. property.denominations up to Rs. both convenience and security . providing its customers with round the clock tele-verification of "HAMRAH" travelers cheques. 5. Easily transferable and encashable: Indicate choice of designated UBL Branch for refund which will be within days only. Valid until encashed: Use them for a week. no Bank Commision or Excise Duty will be charged. shops.

It is also acceptable on the MNET network of ATMs in Pakistan. Nine Supplementary Cards: UBL Wallet VISA also gives you the facility of having up to 9 supplementary cards issued against one primary card. 7 days a week. UBL Wallet Your ATM Card: UBL already has its own network of 336 ATMs in 83 cities.Your Wallet VISA Card will also be acceptable on all local VISA certified machines displaying the VISA Plus sign. These allow you to use your UBL Wallet VISA across Pakistan at more than 925 ATMs displaying the 1 Link logo and at more than 1 Million ATMs in 150 countries. You can call at UBL’s contact center at 0800-11-825 (Toll Free). you can shop all you want. eat all you can or fill up your car tank without carrying any cash. UBL Wallet is now part of the 1 Link and VISA networks. or you can simply pick up the telephone placed next to all UBL ATMs and be instantly connected to our customer service representative via a hotline facility. 24 x 7 Toll-Free Contact Center: UBL's dedicated staff is at your service 24 hours a day. which continues to expand by the day. This Wallet holds all the cash in your bank account. regardless of whether their branch is online or offline. UBL Wallet Your Debit Card: With UBL Wallet VISA as your debit card. All supplementary cardholders will be able to conduct ATM/Debit transactions within the limits of the primary card account. Simply use your UBL Wallet VISA for direct debit from your bank account. Moreover. Available to All UBL Account Holders: UBL offers ATM and Debit Card facility to all account holders at all UBL branches anywhere in Pakistan.international acceptance of VISA! Your Wallet VISA ATM & Debit Card has all the convenience and security you desire and the quality you deserve. along with the convenience of .

whereas your UBL Wallet VISA card is also acceptable at 22 million VISA merchant locations. 2.000 outlets across the country. Mini Statement: Get a printed statement of your account that shows all recent transactions.using signature based verification instead of a PIN (Personal Identification Number). the amount from the cardholder account is instantly transferred to the beneficiary account. 3. which means that you can use your UBL Wallet VISA to conduct a debit transaction at any outlet in Pakistan that displays the ORIX or VISA logos. Funds Transfer: UBL Wallet VISA allows three kinds of instant funds transfer through UBL ATMs from your UBL account: 1. Balance Enquiry: Enquire about the availability of funds or simply get a printout of your account balance. On confirmation. Into any of your UBL account. local and international. Into any other participating 1 Link bank (through the new UBL Inter Bank Funds Transfer facility). The debit card facility is being offered in association with the Orix andVISA networks. Into any other UBL account. The Orix network offers connectivity at more than 5.): Card Type Gold Silver Primary 500 300 Supplementary 250 150 . Fast Cash: Swiftly withdraw your desired amount by selecting from one of the options of listed denominations. Annual Fee (Rs.

000 Debit Card 100.000 230.000 250. Best of all.000 50.000 Funds Transfer UBL to other Banks 250. UBL's new remittance service. With our large network of branches. Check out it's great benefits: • • Free of charge transfer service. TezRaftaar is completely cost free and is available at all UBL branches along the Bank's Network in the Middle East.): ATM Withdrawl 40.000 20. TezRaftaar offers all overseas Pakistanis the fastest and the most convenient delivery of their money to their beneficiaries in Pakistan. Types of Deposits: UBL has taken progressive steps and has introduced innovative products and services to provide you a variety of banking and financing services.000 Funds Transfer UBL to UBL 250. UK and US. UBL offers the following Deposits: • • • • UBL Business Partner (Current Account) Rupee Transactional Account (RTA) UBL Basic Banking Account (BBA) UBL UniFlex Account .000 Remittances (UBL Tez Raftaar): Free Doorstep Remittances With-in the country or from abroad. Open to all including those who are not UBL account holders.Daily Limits (Rs. we are poised to offer you service almost at your door step. UBL offers the most efficient and price competitive service.

so your account moves with you wherever you go. Enjoy total convenience at any online branch with: • • • • • • Instant Cash Deposits & Withdrawals.• • • UBL UniSaver Account Foreign Currency Savings Special Notice Deposits Receipts (SNDR) We will now discuss the above mentioned deposits one by one in detail. UBL has 700 online branches in 400 cities. Convenience of 9-5 Non-Stop Full Service Banking: Be it morning. Demand Draft & Telegraphic Transfer. Country Wide Instant Funds Transfer. UBL Business Partner is your banking companion at all UBL branches across Pakistan. Walk-in anytime at any UBL branch and have the convenience of 9 to 5 non-stop banking: • • • Rupee Deposits & Withdrawals (both cheque & cash) Issuance of Pay Order. Demand Draft & Telegraphic Transfer Locker Access . UBL Business Partner (Current Account): It’s a current Account offered by UBL. Issuance of Pay Order. afternoon or evening. Instant Cheque Clearance for all UBL Cheques. Speedy clearing and collection of any non UBL cheque in any Online UBL branch. Access your account from over 700 online branches in over 400 cities all across Pakistan for unlimited online transactions. Statement of Account Issuance / Balance Inquiry / Stop Payment of Cheques.

• • • • • • Foreign Currency Cash Deposits & Withdrawals Utility Bills Payment Consumer Loans / Credit Card Payment Foreign Currency Traveler’s Cheque/Demand Draft Statement of Account Issuance & Balance Inquiry Issuance of Hamrah Rupee Traveler’s Cheques The Current Account that offers FREEdom: UBL Business Partner comes with unmatched free offers. 250. Now individuals and sole proprietorships can become our preferred Business Partner by maintaining Rs.000/. Be UBL business partner and enjoy all the benefits it is offering. medium and large (subject to availability) No Cheque Return Charges 50% discount on UBL Credit Card Annual Fee If you have the amount and want to search a safe place for that to deposit. small. Rupee Transactional Account (PLS Savings .or above in their current account and get the following services absolutely free! • • • • • • • • Unlimited Real Time Online Transactions Issuance of Pay Order. Demand Draft & Telegraphic Transfer UBL Wallet ATM/Debit Card Cheque Book Collection / Clearing of Cheques Lockers. We truly value your partnership and believe in offering you the preference you deserve. the UBL is the best place for you.

By keeping your deposits in UBL’s PLS Savings Account you can also avail the following services: Special features are: • • • • No limitation on withdrawals Share of profit is credited on half-yearly basis Profit is calculated on monthly balance UBL offers free accidental and permanent disability insurance to individual and joint account holders 683 branches 400 cities.Account): If you choose to keep a deposit in a secured savings account which also gives an attractive rate of return. then UBL’s PLS Savings Account will serve all your financial needs. Money Transfer & Telegraphic Transfer Country Wide Instant Funds Transfer Country Wide Instant Deposit / Withdrawal (both Cash & Cheque) Issuance of Statement of Account/ Balance Inquiry Stop Payment of Cheque Speedy OBC process for cheques of other banks within & inter city . Demand Draft. Your Account in every one of them: Access your account from more than 683 online branches in 400 cities and towns across Pakistan. Our network is growing at an amazing pace and now you can avail services like: • • • • • • Issuance of Pay Order.

With the introduction of Internet Banking now funds transfer is even made easier and is just a click away. you can get your cheque cleared instantly. Note: Zakat & WHT will be applicable as per Government rules. Instant funds transfer: Funds transfer was never this easy. Countrywide Instant Cheque Clearance: Submit a cheque in Karachi and get it cleared in Peshawar within minutes. 9-5 Non-Stop Banking: Banking at your own convenience has been made possible. With online banking services.Now customers can deposit all UBL and non UBL cheques in any online UBL branch for clearing or collection. . You can avail the following services: • • • • • • Cheques / cash (FCY & PKR) deposit & withdrawals PO / DD / RTC issuance (all local currency remittance transaction) against cash Utility bill payment Statement of Account issuance Locker operation Foreign currency TC / DD issuance against cash Note: No FC trade or TT transactions are allowed in the second half of the day. without any hassle. UBL now offers 9-5 Non-Stop Full-Service Banking at all of branches (above 1000) across Pakistan. Make payments or receive payments within minutes using our online facility.

However. any transaction (cash or clearing) after those mentioned above will be charged a flat fee of Rs. However. in addition to the regular charges of services as per SOC. UBL BBA will also be Zakat • • • • . 1000/There is no minimum balance penalty on UBL BBA accounts. Find below basic product features of the Product: Special features are: • • The minimum initial deposit at the time of account opening is to be Rs. BBA customers will be allowed unlimited free ATM withdrawals from UBL’s own ATMs. United Bank Limited is pleased to launch the UBL Basic Banking Account Scheme (UBL BBA) from February 25. 50/-. Issuance of duplicate statement will entail a charge of Rs. 50/. Maximum of two deposit and two withdrawals (cash or clearing) per month are allowed free of charge. This charge will be system generated end of day. This is primarily aimed toward helping the low income group to benefit from the banking services without having the pressure to maintain specific balance amount with the banks. Annual fees including issuance and renewal of ATM card will be charged as per existing Schedule of Charges (SOC).UBL Basic Banking Account (Current Account): To accommodate the banking needs of low income groups.as per SOC. 2006 across its branch network all over Pakistan. 15/. once the customer exhausts his free transaction limits. Like the regular Current accounts. however all accounts having nil balance for a continuous six month period shall be closed. withdrawals from other banks’ ATMs will be charged as per the existing SOC (currently Rs.per transaction). The statement of account will be issued once a year for UBL BBA customers in June.

Exempt accounts. 50.000 Rs. 0 to Rs.001 to Rs.000 Terms & Conditions: Proposed Rate 7.25% 7. 100.00% 7. including submission of CNIC. traders. UBL UniFlex Account (PLS Savings Account): UBL has introduced a new checking account ideal for small investors. 200. you can avail the following: • • • • Amazing rate of return.000 Rs. Online Banking Facility. They can now afford an amazing rate of return plus value added benefits only available from the UBL UniFlex PLS Savings Account. 100. businessmen and customers from middle income group. 50. if not provided earlier. Convenience of a cheque book.001 to Rs. By having a UBL UniFlex Account. Charges for closing any existing account shall be recovered as per SOC.) Rs. The deposit in the previous account will be transferred to the newly opened UBL BBA.50% . Power of Wallet VISA ATM / Debit Card. UniFlex Rates & Tenors: Three rate tiers are offered to UniFlex customers: Minimum Balance Touched in Month (Rs. Any existing customer wanting to convert his/her checking account into Basic Banking Account can do so by giving a written application to the Branch Manager upon which existing account will be closed and a new UBL BBA account will be opened and a new account number will be provided to the customer after due account opening procedures.

200. The Bank shall determine from time to time the rate of interest/return/profit payable on the account/deposit in accordance with the prevailing profit and loss sharing rules and regulations of the State Bank of Pakistan and the policies of the Bank which are subject to change from time to time and the account holder/depositor agrees to accept such rate of interests/return/profit at the time such change was made. Accounts that are closed in the middle of a month will not be eligible for any interest/return/profit for the broken period of that month. based on minimum balance touched during the month. Only one UBL UniFlex account per Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) shall be allowed to be opened in UBL.and no interest/return/profit will be paid on the amount exceeding this limit. no doubling shall be allowed even as joint account or sole proprietor. • • • • • • • • . Interest/return/profit shall be accrued monthly. charges as per Schedule of Bank Charges (SOC).200.• All individual and joint account holders and sole proprietorships are eligible for the UBL UniFlex Account (scheme). Wallet VISA card is optional. Corporations and partnerships are ineligible for the scheme.000/. interest/return/profit shall only be paid on Rs.000/-. Regular checkbooks shall be provided as per Schedule of Bank Charges (SOC). If the minimum balance touched during any calendar month exceeds Rs. regardless of the branch. and disbursed six monthly directly into the UniFlex account. The UBL UniFlex account cannot be overdrawn.

collection. . Special Features are: • • • • • • Innovative and flexible checking account. yet gives you optimum returns. Attractive rates of return. Profit is calculated on monthly average balance. Be it trade. the UBL UniSaver allows you maximum flexibility.000/. cash withdrawal by ATM. Service charges where the average balance during the month is less than Rs. These withdrawals include but not limited to Net banking. Profit payment is on six monthly basis. etc.shall be applied as per the Schedule of Bank Charges (SOC). Tez Raftaar. MT/DD/TT/PO/Online (UniRemote).10. The UniFlex Account Holder shall be required to maintain the minimum balance requirement of Rs. business or personal finance.• Customer can only conduct a maximum of two withdrawal transactions in a calendar month (inclusive of all instruments). All single debit incidents to an account will be considered as separate transactions except deductions by the bank for charging service fee. • • UBL UniSaver Account: UBL UniSaver Account is an innovative way of serving your banking needs. cash withdrawal over the counter.000/. Backed by the bank awarded AAA Credit Rating. Higher returns on higher balances. 10. RTC.during each calendar month. Online banking. Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT). Withholding Tax and Zakat deductions. clearing. Tez Ibex. Any withdrawals more than prescribed limit of two transactions shall attract 0% interest/return/profit on the entire balance amount in the said month.

Please Note the Following: • • All rates are indicative and subject to change without any prior notice. There are no cash handling (Cash Deposit & Cash Withdrawals) charges from the customers. The method of calculating return/profit under the profit/loss sharing scheme is governed by the Bank Rules under prevailing regulations/directives of the State Bank of Pakistan. Unlimited withdrawals and deposits. making it easier for you to fulfill your routine business needs. Zakat & WHT will be applicable as per Government rules. • Foreign Currency Savings Account: If you wish to maintain a secured foreign currency savings account then UBL is the safest and most secure investment. Get the pleasure of availing the best rates of return in the market. US Dollars. British Pounds.e.5 non stop full service banking in all foreign currency handling branches such as foreign currency traveler cheque and demand draft issuance . Avail different attractive rates depending on the currency you choose. Avail the services and facility of 9 . and Euros etc. By opening a UBL foreign currency savings account you can have the following benefits: Special Features are: • • • • • • Choose from different range of currencies i.

You get to take your profit home every six months. The method of calculating return/profit under the profit/loss sharing scheme is governed by the Bank Rules under prevailing regulations/directives of the State Bank of Pakistan. You can use . whatever your requirement may be. WHT will be applicable as per Government rules. • Secure Investment Oppurtunities at UBL: UBL offer different investment instruments to provide you secure ways of investment.against cash withdrawals. Please Notice: • • All rates are indicative and subject to change without any prior notice. It also offers free accidental and permanent disability insurance to individual and joint account holders. • • • and foreign currency cash deposits and You can withdraw funds in either foreign currency or in Pakistan Rupees. So do not waste time any more be UBL customer and avail numerous benefits and financial services. Zakat exempted UBL offers the widest reach across the country with an increasing number of more than 228 foreign currency dealing branches.

Security: UBL understands the value of your hard earned money and continues to deliver on the promise of safety and security. while providing absolute trust and security. • • Profit Payment at Maturity Monthly Profit Payment Stable & High Rate of Return: You can avail one of the best and most stable rates of return by investing in UBL Profit CODs. UBL Profit Certificate of Deposit (COD): Now you can earn a higher income on your surplus cash by investing it in UBL Profit Certificate of Deposit. Wide Choice in Tenor of Deposit: 3 month to 8 Years! You have the convenience of investing your money for the duration of your choice: anywhere from 3 months to 8 years. UBL's A+ credit rating by PACRA ensures a secured investment for your . UBL Profit helps you earn extra income with your hard earned money. giving you the choice to select one of them according to your needs.the following sources: • • • • UBL Profit Certificate of Deposit (COD) Regular Term Deposit Receipts Foreign Currency Term Deposti Receipts Special Notice Deposit Receipts (SNDR) Now discussing the above mentioned Certificates one by one in detail. Two Types of Profit Payment Options: UBL offer two types of profit payment options.

You can avail financing up to 90% of your deposit at a very nominal cost. Get the pleasure of availing the best rates of return in the market.money. You can avail the Rollover or Renewed option at any time before encashment. UBL’s Term Deposit Receipt is the smart choice. just make an investment and see your deposit grow over time. By investing in UBL Term Deposit Receipts: • • • • • • You get an attractive rate of return. Regular Term Deposit Receipts: If you wish to make a secured long term investment. Free Insurance Coverage: All UBL Profit COD customers shall also be eligible for the UBL Accidental Death and Permanent Disability scheme. .5 non stop full service banking in all UBL branches (over 1000) across the country. Easy Availability: UBL Profit CODs are available across the nation at 683 online branches in more than 400 cities across Pakistan. allowing you to earn high profits and still have the liquidity to meet your financial needs. Your profit is credited to your account every six months. Simply walk into your nearest online UBL branch and make a smart investment through UBL Profit Certificate of Deposit (COD). You can get your TDR en-cashed at any time before maturity period. Avail the services and facility of 9 . Easy Available Financing: You can take a loan against UBL Profit CODs for both your short and long term financing needs.

By making an investment in foreign currency UBL offers: . The method of calculating return/profit under the profit/loss sharing scheme is governed by the Bank Rules under prevailing regulations/directives of the State Bank of Pakistan. Avail different attractive rates depending on the tenor you choose. • Foreign Currency Term Deposit Receipts: If you wish to make a secured long term foreign currency investment. UBL’s Foreign Currency Term Deposit Receipt is a smart choice. The available tenors are: • • • • • • • • One Month Two Months Three Months Six Months One Year Two Years Three Years Five Years Please Notice: • • All rates are indicative and subject to change without any prior notice. Available Tenors: UBL offers you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of tenors.• UBL offers free accidental and permanent disability insurance to individual and joint account holders. Zakat & WHT will be applicable as per Government rules. just make an investment and see your deposit grow over time.

Get the pleasure of availing the best rates of return in the market.5 non stop full service banking in all foreign currency handling branches.• • Choose from different range of currencies i. Flexible options of rollover or renew the TDR at the time of encashment. fixed rate of return on booking month's rate. • • • • . Term deposits in foreign currency are offered for the following periods of maturity with variable rates of return:    Three Months Six Months Twelve Months • • • • • • There are no cash handling (Cash Deposit & Cash Withdrawals) charges from the customers.000 and above or equivalent. Special Rates available from for USD 500. Avail different attractive rates depending on the currency you choose. Zakat exempted For all FCY Term Deposits. and Euros etc. US Dollars. UBL offers the widest reach across the country with an increasing number of more than 228 foreign currency dealing branches. British Pounds. whatever your requirement may be. Avail the services and facility of 9 .e. You can withdraw funds in either foreign currency or in Pakistan Rupees.

UBL offers free accidental and permanent disability insurance to individual and joint account holders Available Tenors: • • 7 Days 31 Days . • Special Notice Deposit Receipts: If you wish to park funds for a short term period then UBL offers Special Notice Deposit Receipts (SNDR). Special Notice Deposit Receipts are daily profit products with fixed notice period (7 Days and 30 days) and periodical profit payouts. governed under the rules of the profit and loss sharing (PLS) system. SNDR can be issued through a checking account. Secure investment. The method of calculating return/profit under the profit/loss sharing scheme is governed by the Bank Rules under prevailing regulations/directives of the State Bank of Pakistan.• UBL offers free accidental and permanent disability insurance to individual and joint account holders Special Notice: • • All rates are indicative and subject to change without any prior notice. WHT will be applicable as per Government rules. Special features are: • • • • • • • Attractive rates of return. Profit will be disbursed on a half yearly basis. Availability of options to invest funds for 7 days and 30 days. SNDR can be en-cashed at any time before maturity period.

The method of calculating return/profit under the profit/loss sharing scheme is governed by the Bank Rules under prevailing regulations/directives of the State Bank of Pakistan. Role of the United Bank Limited can be judged by the following facts: Saving Mobilization: United Bank Limited has 1. However. Please Notice: • • All rates are indicative and subject to change without any prior notice. Financing of Development Projects: UBL offers different types of short term and long term loans to finance the development projects both in private & public sectors. which are located in different countries of the world. no profit will be paid if any SNDR brought for encashment before 7 days. So they are helping to accelerate the rate of progress (Economic) in the country. So it mobilize the savings of the people either living inside the country or abroad. Note: No profit on SNDR will be paid after the expiry of notice period if the deposit is not withdrawn. The State Bank of Pakistan is at the apex and all the commercial Banks have to follow the rules set by the State Bank of Pakistan. • Contribution to the Economy: Banks play an important role in the economic development of a country. Zakat & WHT will be applicable as per Government rules. Creating Climate for Capital Formation: United Bank Limited by its developed banking system stimulus the growth of the economy by creating .In case of premature encashment of 30 days SNDR.079 branches inside the country and its 15 branches are out side the country. the profit will only be paid on the days the money stayed with the bank.

UBL Money & UBL PayPlus etc. Assist in Public Savings: UBL offers a range of PLS Savings Accounts with amazing rate of return and other features thus attract people towards savings. Assist Planned Development: United Bank Limited like other commercial Banks is a profit seeking enterprise.favorable climate for capital formation in the country. Bank Charges: Particulars A. UBL Address. I. thus assist the planned development of the country. Achievement of Monetary Discipline: United Bank Limited under the supervision & guidance of State Bank of Pakistan implement and achieve the objectives of monetary policy.Up to Rs. UBL Drive. 100 for A/C Holders . 100.000 Charges 0.10% or Min Rs. UBL Cashline. In order to maximize profit it is having incentives from SBP to maximize the limit of Finance. So by its organized banking system UBL keeps balance between the liquidity and profitability. Improving Life Style of the general Public: United Bank Limited offers many loans that directly improve the life style of the people. hence contributing in public savings.e. which varies from time to time. Demand Draft: Issuance of Demand Draft: I.

Shariq. T.ubl. Intercity Letter of Credit 0. 75 for A/C Holders 250 for Non A/C Holders 150 for A/C Holders 300 for Non A/C Holders 75 for A/C Holders 250 for Non A/C Holders 0.20% or Min Rs. 300 per Application 0. 800 References: We have taken data from the website of United Bank Limited.brecorder.II. 250 for Non A/C Holders Rs. We have also visited the Regional Branch of United Bank Limited located in State life Building at Peshawar Cantt. products and different types of deposits they are offering. Rupee Travelers Cheque Issuance of Rupee Travelers Cheque Refund in case of Lost RTC D.pk www. Rs.000 Issuance of Duplicate DD Cancellation of DD B.05% or Min Rs.com. 150 for A/C Holders 0.Up to Rs. He gave us much valuable information about different aspects of United Bank limited’s operations.25% or Min Rs. 50 0. services. Rs.com . Sources of data include: • • • www. There we interviewed the Regional coordinator Mr.25% or Min Rs.15% or Min Rs. J.wikipedia. Rs. 50 0. Bank Draft F.10% or Min Rs. 200. 250 (Flat) Rs. 250 for Non A/C Holders Rs. from the website of Business Recorder and also from other sites on the internet.com. Pay Order: Issuance of Pay Order Issuance of Duplicate Pay Order Cancellation of Pay Order C.40% per Quarter or Min Rs. Rs. Rs. Cheque Clearance E.pk www. 50 Rs. 200 for Non A/C Holders 0. 150 for A/C Holders Rs.

• Interview of Regional Coordinator (Mr. J. T. Shariq) .

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