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Published by: Anitha Pulli on Dec 27, 2010
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CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the seminar work entitled, STEGANOGRAPHY is a bonafide record of work done by K.

SAIDUTT 07401A04B4

submitted in the partial-fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of bachelor of technology in ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING from D.V.R COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru technological university, Hyderabad, during the academic year 2010-2011.The result embodied in this seminar report has not been submitted to any other university or institute for award of any degree or diploma.

B.MANIKUMAR Assistant Professor

SHAIK MEERAVALI Associate Professor & HOD Department of ECE.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express our sincere thanks to our principal Prof.R College of Engineering and Technology for cooperating with us all through the period of the seminar presentation.V. I would like to thank our internal guide B. I also express my sincere and heartful thanks and acknowledges to our Head of the Department in ECE Associate Professor Shaik Meeravali for his spontaneous expression of knowledge and valuable suggestions which helped us a lot in bringing up this paper for the seminar.SAIDUTT (07401A04B4) .V.R College of Engineering and Technology for providing me the necessary facilities to present the paper in the seminar. D.. V. K. Lakshmipathy of D.MANIKUMAR Assistant Professor and all other staff members Electronics and Communications Engineering branch. .

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