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The Divine Cosmos by David Wilcock

The Divine Cosmos by David Wilcock


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Some of Kozyrev’s experiments seemed almost deceptively simple,

considering the effects that he was able to achieve. For example, the simple
raising and lowering of a 10-kg weight would exert torsional pressure on a
pendulum at a distance of 2-3 meters, an effect which would even travel
through walls. The pendulum that was used as a detector was shielded in
glass under a vacuum, so this effect could not have been caused by the air.
Again, the key component to the experiment was that the top of the string
needed to be vibrated in order to introduce the extra tension and movement
that would allow the pressure of the torsion waves to be picked up by the
pendulum. This is another experiment that shows how the sheer mass of the
10-kilogram weight behaves like a sponge in water, creating “ripples” in the
surrounding “water” when it is moved up and down. Again, this is a basic
property of matter.

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