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Lee y responde las preguntas en Inglés

2. Crea una receta inglés de una hamburguesa italiana (palta, tomate y
mayo). La receta debe incluir los ingrefientes y la preparación.

The hamburger
Answer the questions in english

You probably think that the hamburger is a typical American food. Americans often
have a hamburger for a quick lunch or snack. But do you know that the favorite
American "fast food" actually comes from many different countries?

The hamburger is made of beef, not ham. The idea of chopping meat into very
small pieces comes from Turkey. The name “hamburger” comes from the town of
Hamburg in Germany.

The pickle, or pickled cucumber, comes from Eastern Europe. It is popular in

Poland and Russia.

The word ketchup comes from China. "Ke-tsiap" is the Chinese name for a sauce
made of pickled fish and spices. The first recipe for tomato ketchup was in a 1792
American cookbook.

Mayonnaise, sometimes called "mayo", is a yellow-white sauce made of eggs, oil,

and lemon juice. It comes from the Spanish island of Minorca, but its name is
French. Mayonnaise is also used as a dressing for salads.

The bun is a kind of bread. It comes from an English recipe, and the sesame seeds
on top come from the Middle East. So, the "American" hamburger is a truly
international meal.


1. What is the hamburger made of?

2. Where does the idea of chopping meat into very small pieces come from?
3. Where does the name “hamburger” come from?
4. Where does the pickle come from?
5. Where is the pickle popular?
6. What is the “Ket-siap”?
7. Where does the word “ketchup” come from?
8. When was the first recipe for tomato ketchup?
9. What is the mayonnaise?
10.The name “mayonnaise” is french or spanish?
11.Where does the mayo come from?
12.What is the bun?
13.Where does the sesame seeds come from?