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. If I Internet Radio ... I R 1 00


Internet Radio Quicks~ai1: Guii'dll


Whm )((111 lIee'd' llef(i[f;'Y(i\i can ~M5~ yo[ur l'nleHm: radlo ••••• ,.,., "", ••.•• ",. "" ••.•• ".",,," .••.••••• , , I

COllnrol~ ", "' """ •. ,, ,' , .,.,.,' .. ., '" , ~ , ".,' ", ,," , ,., ,.:2

S-iI¢.PS .flir ~!Jmi~ctirl,g your~r,adio ~Il :rour '\1ilire],~~ ~,~!"'(}tk "";."" " " ,.,.,. " ...• , ;,.,,, ,, " , 3

Sill!) I - Pow-cor LiP the redoo " , .. __ . __ __ ." ,,, ",", " " __ .. ,,, ". J

~Iloosing ,,~;.:fu}~:,.~E:~~j~~~:~~;:~:,~~~~.~~~~~~;;;;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::::::::

Changing, Ih~ volume '" , ,' "., , , , __ ..• _ "." '''' ,," '''" , , s·

SU)nlig ~ ·nadio· 5:t~li1J\l1 JI~ a preset , ,.; __ . __ ._ .. __ ,., "" ,' , ,." , ,·d ,' , ",,,, :'i

JPb,yirng.·~ pr,e:l)illl nutio :>t~lIfoli.."", '" " _.,_ , ••.• __ .~,_· ••.•• ~ 'm·' , ,." ,' , " .. ,' ." __ __ " .. ', (;

R;(l'llle;;ting.~ station Ihat· i~ cum'!lU~1 uti>~ .. .!!i~li.blic .. , __ _ , _ " ,.,' "" " ,,' , .. G

SWI!gflS illeh enable you to choose what YI)U' ! islcl1 iIO _ , _ _ __ _ .. ., •. _ ••.•••••••• , .•• , .. 6

Setting Ihe eloek , .. " ,,'" , ,,,"' _.,. _ .......• _,. , , , 7

Setiin!,l Ih~ ~ larm ,' ;, , '" "' ;_., , '" , ,' ,' ." ']

Media PIa:Yer 'Quicks'tart Guide


S:I:I lip :your WIndows PC' ro allow ttlC fnlilio 1111.~~ )"OlJr mJldiill files 'v'iu Wi"l!0\.~'5 SIum:s " 9


Lisi~lIl,ins 1:0 a!~I(l ~hared ulilmu " '" "., , __ ., ; , "" ,," ,,' , ",,', '" I: 0

Qile1j.1.ra1~: up· u'Ei~ks for p:l;~b!L'Ck. !aU:::r _ " _, ", ' , , " , , ,., .. I 0

QU~tllrllg up ,il~lmnl~ for ~!O!J'b'L'\k Imer "'m ~ " , "' ,.~ ~"" "'"'' " "" " 10

ComroJ tillg :plll)l'brld!: m' , , ,., ; " ''' m' " , .• __ .• - , ,., ,,, 1.0

Browsillg 'he lisi or i:mcki! tummt I,y q:u!:lI,l]>d Ill' lfm' ipla,1D!lck , II

R~11Il1Willg IflIek:s frol:1ilJ the ;qucllc· "" ., ". " ;.; " ", "" .. " ,,', ,,' I I

1)le:yi!lg ~il1cks in r~mlDill:ll arn.eof"", , ", ••. -- N" m ""' , ; N ,.,,, ,.,.II

Ph~;yin!l ~I"~cl;~ in ihc' q~~~~~ repelL"~dl~' ,,, "' , , " ",., " ,' " ".," ,", ; .111

SCi !iJ.1;! ~. Windowli r'c to II~JOW !he f!l,ul{i to I!;CCesS ),olluudio mi.'\S via II Ul'nP server " " .. ~ 2

Loc!lRing 1' plnyin,1i,': mcd!i~ files.using [h~ mdnG:!mIU],'i'lI) _ "" ,." .. , 1:3

B:rm,<'S,illg IhiC liS'lol''trilr:k~ ~1I:1TC11·1.1)" queued 'UiP forpI3yb:u:k ;._ " " .. " 14

Qut':lIllig up U.I~I'IP' 'fllCks 1'01' playback 1;I(;:r " " _ __ = .. , , " 14-

g:::i~i:,~; :i:;,:~:~~,.~,'.~:,~.~::~ ,~~~:~.~, ::.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::::::::::~::::::::::::::::~:::::::::::~::::~~:::::::::.::::::::: ::::::: :~.

:t-lemoviug, !f'"~.~\k.~ .["nm'l th~ ·r~L~~u~., " " " •••• "'._ , ', " ,' , ,' """ ; .' ,' , I I

r'l~;illg Ifllie!ks in r~nd~itl on!t'r, ,."" ,'" , , " ,' , , •• " '" , , , ," IS

P!aying lraeks in '11m qll~lI<: repentcdl!!' "" " , , ,' ,' " , " n," 15

Configur., menu


Choosh'i_g tlu.! U.~ILiol!l J(!U "",1M J:hJI]l the ('.~ml!.gurM.~ m~,j;IL! _ "' .. " " , ,,, ,,' " ; ,,",., :16

<:N~tW:QI'k Colln.£P .", ,' , ,,',. ,., " ,'" , , ,' , ," ,'" , " ~ 'f~

<VC'r.:;gC!n~ .. ,.." 'N~.UU," IN~~~! 1.1~""!!I'~~hi ~.~.rr.,1 I·,~n , ,·, .,..II ••••• ~o;ll I~n .. ~n.,i ;4""-"~;""i.';~ii"""", ,·,·, u~. ,,'.u •• ~n.' U~I I "'.~". 16

<: pgi'\1lde, FirmwiU'" "" ,,, _ , " ,.". __ , , 16,

<LilI1SlJJilCP ~~t'lO!"H+I.,'~u·.·.·. " •• ,,~ , " "u ,,' I ,.,..' 0 •••• ~ n.n _'-!""n=~."_ .. I~-1~~ ".'"-" II' nl ••• ' 1111 , ••••••• "" u .. "" ••••• III.,II.!".~~iI •• IJ!_. __ .. i;' 16·

<:fa'1:ury R~S~I;>" ,,' " ," .. " "., ; ••• _ , __ " " ~, "., " ,," , ,," ,,, ,,., , .• 116

<Re:gi~wr> O!"~~,, j., 11~~nBI I II~~" '" I I '" lu •• "'11 '" I~~'''''''' ''''' ~u~ .. ''H_ U-l~~~ , ~~~n= ~~.U ••• ,·, ' "., ,·'u •••••••• , I uu ' I !~~o!~".I! 1-!~,,~~oul' I'I~ I '1

·c;;"'C~tlt:,k>, I I IU ' I.I_! !~~~';;;'i iH~ .. i'-"II" '" '~'==~U'" IU~n ~I·III·n.n ••• -, I , ••••• ', .'''n •••••• I! !~~~n~~"'1""".~ ••• j,-' n.u.-, n "."'·'-,n , III I I , •••••• , I I ''' ~I "'''''' "17

<Sk'l'l~ 11.':1mcp ", , " "''''', ,', " , , " , ,',.,,, ,, ,,, :17

'<,B~clk'i rgl11.>' ." ".; .. , ,'; ,' ,' , , _ " "" ""' , " " .. , , _ .. II j'

Si~~\f.::i fficmion~ ,., , ",. ~, , , , " , , ~ 9

l.i~i"i.!e lib rorm~n.i'~m nnd '\>V,,-rr,II1'lY ; " , ,' " , " ,,'" 'I!9

'Wireless Inl.emet tRadilo

~s····· - If - ··11· W·- r .- 11 __ , '5.·.···.'

a_ ey _ a_nlng.

Please read before installation.

If this Internet radio has been moved froma cold place to flwar;m 1I:,dfl:e~~DO NOT plug: it in for 2-3 hours

(e.g, from a cold 'car bootto a warm room). There is a. possibility 11:1JJa~ moisturemay have condensed in the Intemet radio, this Call cause damage to yQllfl]ltern.~l:Ta!dio. To avoid da.!llage please unpack your Internet radIo and allow ]1: ro stand at room. temperature 'for 2-3 boars before use, This \:vm help any moisture evaporate and prevent unnecessary damage to YOIJr Internet mdiO'.

Y,ell.~ihlition - The ventilation ~10]~:5 01"1 the casing of your Internet radio prevent it. fr,om over heating, Do, not block or cover these holes, especially wi,th cloth or paper. ~t is :recion~rne!lded' you. leave a l Oem g{!P~U around your Internet radio.

D:a.mage - Never use your Internet "radio if itis damaged in ally "vay. Always place your Internet radio on aflat level surface avo~di]}.g anywhere which may be subjeCt to strong vibration.

Temperature ~ Avoid extremes of temperamre, le'iither hot or cold. place your Internet radio well away frQ,m heal: sources such as; radiators or g~sle]ectric fires,

MoisHlre- Do nOI: allow your lnternet radio to be exposed to rain. moisture '£II.' dust, If anyliquid is spiltinto your Internet radio it cancause serious damage, Tryon spill nny liquid mnto your lnternet radi.o SWltch ir off at the lriIla]flSimllled[~1,te]y. Contact your store im:mTI.ediateb'.

CA UTION -Do not open. all,y covers and do not repair yourself .. Qual i fiied personnel rnust carry out repai r work,

Whiat you Ine,ed before you can use your lnternet radio

• A tI;ffimtb;:linlld bJlte;me.t co.unecli.oiil.

'. A wireles."iiooceSs point (Wi~Fi) eonnected 10 yllL!r bFOlIdh,md hnem~t. rmefur<IMy via a router.

'. .Ifyour Mirire~e.:ss nl!etwotk us"cd to use W~red Bquivalent Privacy (WEP) orWi-F] ~P:rol;eete:d Acce,ss {WPAJ dal~ enc1'Yplion then you need [okllo\\l the 'WEP@I"\i\,rPA code S~) YQuc<m get the, Intl.'}I'Ilelrl;l(iuo ltD 'CQHIDlu~J[[cme with the !le~work_

.. ~r:ro~u \\·!t·c:lesl;lllctwork is configured ~gr trusted stations yQ~~ will need [0 enter the radio's MAC address huo yot!nvirele~5, access point To fi nd Ute radio's M A; use menu Uems as foffows:

CpnJlgure ~ N~l~~lof~ O~mf~g ~. View Conf:ig ~ l\![ACAd'dres:s

• 1'0 enter ~h,e j\;iIAC address into your wireless access point.)"(JIl! nUQSl read the iustrueticns supplied wirhtlre wireless access po!nt

l"helll~:ertlefi'li.dio ShOllkl \~lmk <Inyw&l.ere wH:hfn Hl(}melies Qhhe\v.ireless ~coeS$p[li~~L.

Be:fore·k:e sure that yom' '~~~reri!cSiS aecess po[m: ispo,wca>ci up fU'IcI coeneeted to your br()~ldhf'lnd .[~II(lmel, T'O get. this I]i.m: of th~ syswtm \'>'orking you muslretldl.l'iein.s1m'ctiQ[bs SI.lPI}~ied wi~:h the: wl reless access pllirn.


Control Internet Radio mode Media Player' mode


Press to turn on/off the luternet Radio

No function

No function at present

No nlrltcri0L1.a! present

Wlireless Internet Rad le

Press and hold to save Preset station P 1 Pre'1ls to load Preset stajion .P 1

Press and hold to save Preset station P2 Press to load Preset station P2


p~ss and hold ro save Preset station P] Press to ~p~d Preset station .P3

Next Track

Go back to previous menu page

Press and hold to save Preset station P5 Press to load Preset stall on P:;

Repeat On/Ofr Shuffle Ol1lUfT

Press and hoM to save Preset sfaluol] P4, Press to load Preset station P4

lnerease volume by turning the knob clockwise Decrease volume by turning [he knob ceuntercloekwise

Turn the kilo b to change options. Press "the knob to SELECT

iN o functlon


Steps for connecting your radlo to ylourw:~reless network

Fi.f8I. 'COMec! H~~n: AC p.o'ii"er. In use, the radio csn be switched on or (ltrwl~](thc st(!l~dby butrca, The display on (~le fron~ 'oflheradio wi[] ngln lilpa~d ,say:

'Reci:vaRadio ARM Powered

Ini t.ialising Netw,o~k

SC,'Ul for ne'twodl:s :En,ter network View Con fig Edi t C:onfig

S'fep2 .. ' Scan lora wireless network eonaeetien Wil.en the d~sp'lay s;.'1~ <SeaJi! rt! networks>, pre-ss '[~~e SEl.ECT DuHOIl.

(NUle:; ifyol! nmke a m.]sl:rdlie, !I! <Illy pui:llt~ pl'e~s ~he BACK. button to g@ back to tbe previous screen.) The radio w~.~1 nO'w scan rmaU a'1~rn'!ab]e; wireless networks and wBI disphlY;

S can:lli,ng Found

rnfdlislm:PPclls then yo~\Vm IllJive to ge't. YOllr\viroi,ess acce:sspolullwnrking ~ s~e tb~in~truclfml:S ~LJPplied w:ulh i~.

Wh~!l theredlo fl~ds Y011[ wireless nerwork, h di ~])~ 1ly.s the BSSI D for the ~cce;ssp().i:nl C!i1 the se reen ~. til is is a name tlhat is allocated to I hie: access point by tIle prnon wbo $:el'lI~) the· fot example:

~uiSPQJssmJe,. andin SO.mJ:: ~i)c!l~io!ls ~·h~~dy Uke~)I. dUll yom." radio .. vill fi~]d more th,lj~ t)rJ,e w'in::le'ss H~CeI>S po.inl, ~Il\vhkih case YOM Ca:ill choo~t')wh]I;;;!] one you wam to COIHIle<:1: to, 'ft~rrl Ihc:kliO·b OJ] lhcmQlo to s6e ~]~e ESSID fOf each access I'0iI11 the U'f!di(l~~as found.

Wirreless Inrtemet RadlQ


W hell H'll:; ESS I D for the ·flO(J~.~ poi I'll you 1iVlll!1~ 10 eonnce ~ to is displayed 011 the 'screen, press lhe SELEC1f buHon,

Com'!G'cting to,

NetlWolll'g OK


Then [he nerwork is lIS:Ullg one of the e~m::ryplion systems: Wired E.quiv~Ienl" .P.rivacy (W EP}@t' vVt·.fi Pr'ot~ctel(j .Access (WPA). Y eu tl1erefol'e need te-emer tile eorrecr WEP Q,WfAc{)dc'lllt"O the rod[o to gel i~ r:o eO.l1iiJ.Illln'li,c,[ie. wilh Y(lm :r:i,etwmk

Only tbe person who SClU:P I,he lle~'wllrk ttr:l.!~le l~iBI p~aCle klJJio\\'s (his co(]e;.iflh:.upetfiO]lj is nGll you then you l~,ct:1.:ll:o[imJ eut ,vlml, il is, 3 seeonds, the di!'>plr.y !:l,O(!!; into ~~.H::,cnd(! e,ury mode, Tc enter II]~'~ '(:odc. ~l$.c the "knob 10 se,~tJc( eaeh t:1Ji ~Ull(ll\':I' 0 r t~~"ccndein 1~1I1 m, iP<·reSSii":lig the SE U~CT buUo~~ ,Iftc:r ~'~lch eharaeter, NOI~e thal WEP ~m.d\~/]);.\, t:odc~ !lresensil~ve ~o uppeJ' ,'I!~d ~. o\\,rer (J~~$cc~'nrJc·~cI'S, Sll yew must cmel' them exae Hy.

Use the n.ACK ~YUnQ~l Ill) erase lncorreei (~h<lr~'1cMlrs.

A~h:r the nn~~ ch;!lJ';)lc'l~r, '~1&e the knob to sc~ecllhc END cl~amc!~r and press the SELE·CTbunoll. Tile radh.J should IWW beable to Col1.tJccllO thenerwm:k,

If lhIJ djs~)l(IY shows "Invalid 'l!;:cy"or"Ne~:wolr,k I::rror'~" an incorrecl.p11ssword! lll.tls prob,lIbly been emered.

Choos:~ng ·a radio station to listen to

~. . Press the SELECT bt~lwn.

(Nme:i~! y<m ma.b: a sui s;I:nl<e m any ~lUjnt. proess tJ:~,eB.I\ CK bu~~o!l to go back ro tl!(;pn:::.vious, screen.)

Statio:ns Config1!.' :Medi aP la:ye::r


],' If the screen d(l~ no:l s~y < Smtions ;;. as sbown above, [11111 the knob utHIl it docs. 3. Press lhe SEL[;CT bunen,

4. nun the W110b to choose fronl <:;Loml!911> or <Genre>.

<Loeatioa> enables you to choose twm ~.he radio staticns provided byatl)l cOllntryw-hk~h p:m ,cl100S.e fwm alisr,

<Genre> en!'lb]l.e~ you to ehoese radio S:1i(![lmls'accordjn~ to their c(!iri:leIU, for c.:li,flmp]c Classic Rock., Sport. Nc""s. etc,

5. Pr'e:5s!he> SF.LIE:Cl' bUmJH re ehoose 'Ihe O:Plfom] you want,

I. Tum the kcn:toh unrilrhe d~sphiry shows the region you 'IVaI'll' (or select' All' to d~splay all ctf~nltl·iesJ., 2. P:ress the SiE L.!C1' butto.llI.

3, Tur~ tJ~!.t; knob Unln the dfsplllY sho\.\I' YOUW'1J;nt, 4. Press Ihe S.IKU:er lJulLnn .

.s. Tum theknob lu,ni.~!h~ dfs,phlY sh{}"!;,~ls!he sm:ll<t'ln you W~flt

6.. IPI1C;S1i Ihe S I1l .. IJI~(:lr bl,ll.U!on ilrlld \\It]ll !lilt i I Ihe rmJio co nln\JC;:~N tnl [J]1Fi! S~til·U(H:J,.

NQi!.1: 1:lml some mclio stanons d.o nm bl'CHBdeas[ 24, hm~rs: per di,~.y, f~ml some st~t ions are not Xihv:ays (m.-~ ~ IlC.

IT lhh; :Sl~l:~tm h~lson·de,:l1um~j coutem {tJ~lI[ is, ltgi\!e~~ Ihe option of ~is~.ening 1.0 progl;am~lIleii which have ~dl'l';~dy been broj~(~c~sl}. 1Iec ~'S~f.1Ti(lus, which ensble :rem 10 cheese 'Wh~1i you I:~sje'nl


l. nan~I!]~le ki~lob m~m the d!sJday shows the lyp~ oJcoonWn~ yO!! want, then press the S[U:CT bunon. 1. Tm'J] ~Jlle knob U111i~ the displ.lIY SI10\-\I:;: the station YQlIWflil1.

3. Pressihe SEL.ECT bUlla!]. and W<1!lt umll the: mcl~QCOmlcc'~'!O thaI ,s~:adon,

No~e. Umt some mdiQ not hmadcm,i 24 hours pel' day. and sosne stations an::' not <Ihv,llYs m~~~,ine.

[flilisSI<lticm has OIa-de;rn,md comtenl O]l,M ]s,it give'S, the opt!on(Jr~ls[eni!lg to IYffi.gfamme0.8· whleh have 'lh'Ctldy been brcadeast), see «SU~l~()~lIS which em'lMc y.ou (0 ehoose Wh~ll you ~i:l.len to",

'Changiing the volume

When:! a radio 1>talim~ i~I~I<I!yi:lil.g. YOllC<ln dlange tfue volrsne simply by turning the Volume knob,

.Assigiru~:d to PresetH

Playiing a preset radio station

When 11 radio station is playing, brieny press the preset bouon (lIQ 5) fur Ul/e station you waot. (Nolte" do notheld lite btnron 00"111 ~ if you do then (be station currenrly playjng will overwrite the one stored ill the careful)

R1e1questing a station that. iis currently unavailable

If you 'want (0 listen 1:0 a particular radio station which is currently nor <I.\faj!ablc' online, you c8!fli:s;jlt [he Reciva website at hup:lI\lI'ww ..' and put ina requestto add the station to the list,

Stat'iions which enable you 1,0 choose what you listen to

Some radio stations C~!1 provide a number (If options asSQc iated with d'loir :SU'ltion~ fQr example, some sro.tI~;ms enable you to listen toprogramnses that have already been brolldca:H:. WIlen you seleet 0'1 radio smtioathat has this facility, the- station does: not start playin.g imruediately, but instead the cl!iispJay·sltows:

Live On Demand.


L Turn the knob to eheose-el.ive> or <0[1 Demand>, then press the SELEC1' button ..

U you choose <Live> [hen theradioplays ~.lilecurretU output .&0'1111 ~liI,js station as normal. If you d.lOUSC <On Demand> then more screens are disphliyed \~~here yon dloOlsew.I:Jal you want to listen to.

What is displayed will depend onthe station you ba re ,eil9sen -fhe following steps are only a guide.

2.. When you choose <011 Demand>, the dllspJay Si:IO"WS the names of the programl'nerS. Tum tfu:e knob to choose Ute program you,:,! ant, thea press the SELECT button.

J. Wh en you have: chosen the progremme youwant to listen to, either it wlill~ just :s:tartp]ay~ng, (}:, the display may show 3..118It of days fur you to choose from .~ use thelknob to set the d<llY the was broadcast, then press the SE.LECT button.

4. Aner you have chosen the day., you may be eble teehoese (he SHr~ Time, Sel.~he Starl1i"ilne ns;ing, the knob and press t.he SliIlECT' bunon.

5. Programmes which ena.ble you to choose the time also enable you to fast-J!)j\'lan:l and re'\\".ind tothe part. youwant while the radio 1S playing. The elapsed time is-displayed, Using the Ski~ {P3) or Skip backward (Pt], Skip forward or; backwardin 30 second intervals,

Setti n 9 the c lock

I, Press ihe, SELECT bmwn. (Nate: j:fym~ ltIa[\;:e'3lniS!;1Ike at any point, press the .HACK burton ~o go

back ~() ltieprevjous ..'lcreen.,) .

2. Tum the knob limn the d~splay says <!Conligu.rc>.

St.a, tions

Con,f'J,gure Media Pla.yer


4, Turn ~he krlQD disp[ay saylii <Clock">., R.e;qi. s ber "Clock




SetT.ime Set Ala,rIn

Set 'I"im.e 1.4.: 03,

Se,t 'Time 15:03

'rime is'et i 1.5: 0,6

T:he du£p.lay says Time S·(;lt with the new time shown be:m:iUh far 3 sCClond~. Ihen ret~u'm !Q theradio station di~play.

Setting the alarm

I. Pl"CS,~ the S,E·U~CT buuon, (Note: ifym.~ make a miS:![lke r!~ any point, PI"eSS the BACK button l() go backto I.he prevlous acreen.)

2,,'rum the knob (lam the d~~pl~l)' S~WS <Configure>.

St.atiQns Configure M.ed1a Ell.aye~

3. r!\~SS the SELECT buuon.

4 l'lil\l~ the knob lmW the d~sp~.ay S'~lY.\i <Cleek>.


Reqi,s'te,r Clock Sl,e,ep Time,!:'


Set: 'T'im,e, Set Ala;r;:m


6. Press the SEL'ECl' buuon,

E:nab,lILeAla,rm, Ye!,s/Nol

7. Turn the knob to S~'\\'IlP bc'I:ll,ICfl[I, Yes .fili'ld No and press the Sli:LECT ~UI[~OiJli. Jfyou dMJo,SC "Ne" '~lt~J:Q the alarm is Ilu.rncd orr. The display i1:yS Aj[l:rm is Off1hr 3 Kcconds. llu:'~~]rolmns 1,(1 the rndio sml~o~1 display,

Ala~ is, O£f

8.1 I'you choose 'Y ~S" [bell the disp,lay enables you to etthe time for the alarm,

S'E!t,Alarm, 1.5: 0.6:

9. Tum 'Ihie knob tunil, iIII'C hour seuing iSCOITccJ, then press the SELECT buuOlt.

S'€iitAJ.arm, 07:0.6'

10. Tum 'th'e knob the mil'lJlte sening is comet Ihet] press tbe SKLE'CT button,

Al.a~ ,set; 07:45

The display says Alarm Se:! with tile time oj dH.~ alarm shown beneath for 3 seconds aud then retucns to, the rad io 'sration di s,:P~,flY.

When in Slill1!dby, the' Akll1u lilllC is shown nex~. to ihe dock time withbrackets,

Reoiva Radio IJL::S6 (01:::45)

Wireless Internet Radio

Media Player 'Qu,iclkstart Guidle

n~e Moola Player al!o\,og yOIJ, to P~,fl)' Impm~.ecred audio files (AAC., AIF!"" I\I:IT)3, ltM, WAV, WMA) and Il~ayi.isls I)BU) stored O:mJ: <1Ililelworked PC. II lias beenverified towork on Wundows 2000 and WiudQw$, XP.

Set up yOlur W'indo,ws p'e to anow the radio to access y,our audiofUes via Windows Shares

I.. 'When QJ:$,U1,g \VimlQws files.ha:ring. y>OUf shared music folder 'l]lLlslnot: be contained within "My Documents'' O\r ~~My Music" since these foldeI-:S ate ~~,ots:~;fll:"e'ablc" For UPnP theleeation doesn't m.UI,er,

2. Please ensure tim!. your Pis available 0» the network ror your Internet radio, then" using Windows

Explorer, iiocllle the foldetwhere your audio me:; are stored .

.3. Itighl click on rhe folder.

4. Select ·rfl)~ctllies· ..

5. CI,ick oll'Shari~lg .

6. Sel('cl 'Share this folder on :the network' and 'Allow network users tochmtge my Illes',

1. COllY the files YOllwi:sl1 to play 1'i:l)Jt~ the radio 1.0 the shered il:bklc:r. We ii~~gg,cs,t ~:5i:rng ~he: "Slmrcd Music" folder,

ILocate 'the shared audio, filles using the radio

] . Power up Ihc radio,

2. Vila it fOT 'Stations' to be d.i,phlycd OI1!I:~1e radio Qf'press: the BACK bunon repeatedly until "Stations' is

di .. [1Iayed .

.]. Turn tlllC knob untl ~ the radiod ispl<l)! shows 'Med iaP l~l'yer" .

4,fl'C sllle SELECT bunon and lum,~h~ kIl,ob umll 'Windows Shores' !is displayed.

5. Press the SIELF.Cl' button. tum (he knob Ilmil'Sl:illl 1'0'1 IJ s' is dtsp~ayed and press SEL.E,CT 'lgain ..

6. The md:io will now display 'I:lindins pes',. Once the rndlo has finished" nun the knob 10 high.Hghl d'lc

correct PC

;', Plie:ss Ihe SELE I' bU.II.Oil. The ro!lio wlll scal'ch fin shared l'okle:rs;

'.. Tum (he: knob to' hj~hljgflllbe C'OI:nlCl shared lolder and press SI!:LECT~

9. The radio wi,1] di "p1~y "Pii!e Stall •• ..' as II :SCt'llIl. 'LhrolJl,glI the media files ill dHl shared folder, Text em the bOUiOnl ~'Q~\' of'l:he (],i,spi:[i), wi:U ehenge to :ind leate tllnt the Ii I e S!(l;JI1'I i sin pr-osto;ss .. I f yO'll havea hrrge

Ilumber of aUG 10 Ii les -IJlis could takeseveral m imnes !O COI!l:lpl:e'le. . -

1110. Oneethe radio h:n. I1riisl1'cd scanning, It \\':ill disl)lay "By Album'. You can now browse: through the scanned llu .. O{Jia tiles, wh'icll will now be 'O!'ea!!Js-cd 'Ily Album', 'By Ani!' mu;l 'Playllsrs' - ifavail!lblc.


nile nrsllil~lI.c the fill!;: scan is done a me called . .reelva media caehc' is written te the folder where 'he !l!udio Illes are stored, 'l1Ii. is in order to speed up :subs,eqU!enlI1iC !;C;lS.

Wireless Inter!le~ R~aJdiCl


liistening to, ,asingie shared track

1. Tum [he knob umll 'By Ar!ist.' is di;s,p~ll)'ed.

2. PI'~S5 U~Q 5'ELEC1'bl~U(l!l.

3.. Tum the knob unti I th.,e .r~q[ji[\ed <ilrlis~i~ displayed., 4. Press the S:El:,LIEC1'bul,tol1!.

5, Tmn the knob u~~lu~ therequired ~dbum name is disl)]!1yed,

6, Press the SEL.ECT bmtm;l. jl[.Add toQtJlctJie]'w'ill be!ilY'ed. 7. Turn the knobunm lhe rcqul:redlrac:k i,s dh:pI8yed.

So i):re~ the S.IE,L.EC1" buIIOI.i. The !l.:~ck w~U begin [l~~I.~jin,g.

Listening to a complete shared album

l, Tum the knob u!uil'By Ai't!:;n' is d.isplary-ed, 2: "rl1~SS the SELI!:CII" btilW'~.

3. Tum the knob urllill,he :reqllireclllf[isl,~S disp~:a)'led.

4. P'1'eSS the SEUI:CT lnnton,

5. Tum.t:be knob lIm.i ~ (he required <'I~bl.lllU nameis dislll;'l:red,. 6.Pn:!~5~ tile S:KLECT bm!:on. '[Add to Queue]' wUJ be d i:spla)\'Qd,. 7. Pre£sfhe SEl.E'CT bmt.on, Thealbumwil] begin pl;~yi~.g,

Queuing up tracks for p:lsyba,ck later

i. Highliglu the required track.

2. Press the SlIl:l.lECT button. "Wrm:k Added"fo Qucu.c· wm bc;.,dlspiayed .•

Queuing ltp albums for Iplayba.1ck later

I. ["l:iglilighl !he ~eqnired [~~tJ.[~m., 2. Press the SEL_EC'J buttoa,

3.,. Turn (he knob until • [Add To Queue] 'is displa¥ed.,.

4. Press the SeLECT b'UucU'a.[Trac.ks Added to Queue' will be displayed ..

'Controlliing playback

~. . Use the S']10P IM.HlOn to stop playback,

2" Use the PLAY/l)AUSE butlt:Q~~O ,eilbcl" pause a cm:rentiy p]aying: u.Eld{ or to restart a ,currently p[I]JJsed track or tore&~lln a slopped ttack.

3. Use the SK]P TorRE:VU:;mS TRACK lHI~I1On te SlO\lr{ playback oflbe pre\l~o~Js uaek in rhequeue,

4 Use the SKIP TO NEX r 'fRACK button l:CI ·oflhe next traekin Ihe queue.

Bro'wsi:ng the list of tracks currently queued up for playback

I. Press theBRO\VSE button, The cllUirrentlyp]aYlng trackname willbe displayed. 2. T 1I1l11 [!he knob to see which tracks are queued up forp~.ayback,

_3, Uyou want t.ojijmllm a pan ieular place ]n~he ,(lueue Ihe::[1 PH:SS the SELmCTbuUo[lwhen the required I:rac;k is dJs:p~ ayed •

. Removingl tracks from' 'the queue

1. Press me BROWSE buuon. The currently pl!l!ying track name will be disptay¢d.

2. Turn the ~I~ob !O s~lecl the [rack youw"ant 1O,I:C'mOVe {mill. the queue,

3. Pr:es:s.ailllid. ho:ld!:iu! STOlP bmton for :2 seccnds and lhe: [ladia, wi ll C1isp~ay: "Delete Track?'

4. Tum. !]!e knob 10 highlighl 'Yes' O\r'No·.

5. fre.~s$El.ECT 10 OQIlJlr(1] \1i!be~her you aC~l!.l:rJlly want to delete the track JI:()]l.'l. the queue,

6. 1f'Y,el'l' "littS. selected then 'Rei.tlm~OO From Qllell~' wm be; di;sp~aycd.

7. To remove all tracks from the qUC"lle:J keep-pressing .BACK lH1llr] the 'Media Plil'Iyer' menu Lte.1I1i isselected, Ilre.ssSEL!ECl' amI then tUI"1!~~he kaob (0 seleet 'Oear Q[u.ett('l' and press SiE.LEC1' again,

P~:ayi:ng tracks In random order

I. Selec~th!e ']ndiv~dua~ traeks as described previo[lsly"

2. Nav[gate to top-level menu item 'Medi~ Playct usiug~]le; SELECT'lodB.<\CKbuttous.

3. P:r-ess. ~be SELECT bmmilm.

4" T~ritillbe knob ~l:nl~.~: !.P.I<liybruik MiJd!l.'l' is displayed, .5.[lmss the SELECT buneu,

6. Turn l!!m.e knob uati i. ''is d i:spl:aycd.

7. f!~'5S the SELECT bunan,

8. Tum ihe knob 10 setecr YES/NO 10 confirm that sh.tll'l1c; mode should be cn~blcd,

P~aying tracks iin the queue repeatedly

1. Select U~C ~ndi\li~kwl ttacksas described prc;viou~dy.

1. Naviig;ale to toW~.c;ve.ll].ienl~: itclil Medi~ P.~ayd usingl.he SE.LEC'fand DA.CKbllltons. 3. Press the SELlECl' ~I:!UO:ml.

4. Tura the kMb I[mm " Mode' is d.isplayeiCI ..

5. 'Pross the SEilEC1' bluton.

7. Vresillhe SELECT bunen,

1.. If the sho:rodf:QIders cmu:ain nrore oongs than the Internet Ra.d:[Q memOiry limir, it win dusplilY "Too m<lllly nit's".

2. Repeaied Iy pr~s8i ng butlul]. P4 win toggle RCI)Cm nnd Slmmc modes


Set up a Windo,ws p'e to allow the radio, to access your audio files via a UIPnP server

I" 1 fyour reus running MUCI'(lsoll WindO\,Vs ,XP, then yOl~ CHn use W'i'ndQws Medi:a COi:meCL to act as ),Io'm' UPi'i1P (UnLVeI'S~~t Plug and PhI)') MediaSe:n",cr I ,,0 com,)~iant sewcr,\.Vin(lows M~(t:i,iI, 'unnec::l, may be downloaded From Microsoft's website

(ilL! rrllwww.lnicro!>ol\.oC!OIlrl.h.vimto\.lls/windowsul.edillldevices/wlllConnc:Cjandim.I.!!!led by followi ng the instructions detailed lrom in; inslul.lal,icm wizard,

2. You will I1.fsl need to configure W~m1ow!i Media COTH1Ii1Ct to <1nOW eertain devices an connceeto it. This can be done by selecting 'Seltings' i1'pmWinc!o\'I,'S Media onnect ~lIUJ. checking the bo~" fol' 'Amomatieally allow new devices.', as shown below.

Settings f'Or Wli.l1ldows, Media Conl1lE!oGt:


FOlder Sharirlg

D ·Automgtii:~l1y S!!;elrt folder s~rr[Qgl !i'!~n Wind'ms 'starlt$,




3. SecoilcHy,. you will. aeed to selectwhich lelders on your PC youwant VV.indows Media Connect 10 share with yO~L" Interne; l.~dto, This can be done by selectir~g 'Sh~lrii1g; Ihenl'l'eSslng the' Adcl'bLH.tiOIl W add ylltil' Iolders as shown ()verlcaf{Sbllril1g Files With Windows Media Connect',

4. To enhance security with W'imlows Media onneet, you can disable the Automatically allow new devices' option. and only a~IQW certnin devices to connect. YOl~ can select which devices you want to connect from the 'Devices' section by dkldng om 'Deny' I ',i\Uow'.

Wireless· Internet Radio


Sharing Fil,es Wiitlh Wli:rndow,s, Media Conne.ct

:5l1g~rj With 1£161' All Dil'Ni~St

......... ...,,:A_d(l__.. '._" ....,.....J] ..... 1 _E_dlt_"._, ----JI I ~mGva ]

Locatinq and pllaying media files us,iing the radio and UPnP'

I. Once the UPn])' server is configured to share media files with the Internet radio. y.O'~ can play the files by

doing the full.llwingon theradio;

2. KC1ep pressing BACK to get to the radio's top-level aaenu ,mILd then Him the knob to select "~':I,edinI)lay~1' .

3. Pr<eS5 SIEU:cr arid then tum, '[]U!, knob to highligh{ 'UPNP Servers'.

4.. Press SELECT ~uld the rndlowill scan [01" a~1 aVEli;~'lb]i.'i urnJ> rvers, Nere, this: mily take n lew seeonds j:Qr ~be radio to complete lis sea!] andbefore the scan has eOJli~pkl!:4., rhe radio will display '[Em,ply]"", The rae! io \\till eontiaue 'LO dlsl)]t\y "[Em t)~y r if no U 1'1111 server aTC f(lu~d.

5. ""'Her a: S1!II!me:ss!\d .!VO'U.l. select your UP:11l" server; by ~''Q:t1'lti~~g the knob if~ilcre is moee :Ihati one lJPt'nP server, and lhe!il, ~'m,'!ss SELI~CT.

6. At [his .s:iage your radio shnuld b lisled ill \\I'indows C fedi onucct and call be viewed from the 'Devices'

:pilne; }iQur radio will be displayed with ils MAC address, .0. ~rif}' [IUlllhe MAC address listed i~ your radio, select 'Goll:~igure' (jill j'mlr radio's menu ~Ind then tum the knob llll:!il 'Network COl1fig Is displayed ~md: press SElE.CT" Then 'mm the knob until • View Conrig' is scleC"l~d. press;s." LEeT !l~itl and !lI,.IrIllht: knob until 'MAC Address' j selected EO view your liiidio's MA ·'Ilddress.

1" 'l]u~ radio \:vill now list tlte medii! eategeries from [hie POP server, e.g, .: lusi,c' '1~I<1ylisls' etc, Tum the knob 1,0 selc(ll" which cnleguf,)' you wish to br,o"Wsc,.Il're-ss SEL~EICTl!lll,(llul1llhc knob '[0 hi.g;h~i,gIH a sub cn:l.egory and press SE~L!ECf' f1!;~lin" Feu' example, yil'l! could select ,. M usie andthen ·.t\Jbmn'.

8. T~un JJl~ ~I]JQ,bl(l hi,ghiiSI,lllhe media IHe-s (lim: )'OI! w!S:h~op~!IY and press S:ELECJ.

9. Tile: nuliowill d~;sphl.Y '[Add m Qtle'l~e]',press SE:UCCT and rhe :r~dio will add the U":dC,,"stO 11:5 (JIUCI!I:: ~Ild bc:glll I' laying them tllll(uU,u.i.caUy.

Note: '1 f yau have a very I"'rllle co ~ loglion, "AU M;~5ic" J1Ut¥ l]o.ll9:~noHoll ,p~etlse use "AI 11'lllli1lit"or "An~ls(" 1.0 b[1)i\1\!'Si!:"

BrowsJng the list: of tracks currently queued u:P for playback

I., Press the BROWSE lmu.on. The (;.1.:1Jl'ennly 'pl~ilyi ng. uack name w ill be di SI)]ayea,

2. Turn tlil:eknob to see '\\1h leh uac.ks ?Ire queued up for pltuyback ..

3. If yOI]. want 10 jtEmp [0 a :p1Iiticu~ar pi ace .in. [he queue then press the ScEJ_"l!:CT bu!!rou when Uu~requircd tmekis di.s:played.

4.. It is, ]lll.pP.[1ant~ to note here thalmedi~ r~lessca:nm~d from the radio's' Winduw'S Shares' f!lillctaon C[Uili also be added to lherodio's queue.

Queuing up UPnP tracks for playback later

:~ , H ighlig~l( the required track,

2. Press due SEI..E·CT button. "Track Added To Q:u~ue' wi]! be djsp]ayed~

Queu[ng UIP a~bums for playback later

1" -H~gh.Iigpl1.he: l~qruil:erl a~bum.

2. Press the SELECT olUtoirn ..

3. 'rum Ihc knob ~mtn "[Add To Que-tier is d]sp]ayea ..

4. Press the SEU~C'J iJlml@.[I. "Tnlckr~ Added to' QI,H~'UC' wiU b~di$~lhliycd. playback

L Usclhc STOP b(!lro~~: to SUljp

1. Li~e 'Ihel~ LAY 11)',:1\ USiE bm~on to ei.thfJ pause a clu.nml] y p layin.g lrnck or to restana C:~Ii!'re!Ulypaus~d. 1.R1Ql,k or to restart t1s.t.opped lrllck.

1. Use lile: SKIP TO 'PREVIOUS TR~CK b1!lU~;1Il to start pl~yhnck ·oftil:e previous lmc.k h;u Iln: qml'!ll:e. 4. .u:sc~hc SKlI" TO NBXl' TRACK bunon to s;!:<Thrtplaybac;k of the nexllfflc:k in the qJueue.

Removingl tracks from 'the queue

I , Press ~il]!e 8ROW$E h~tUon" The' c,ml·e.nlitly playing track: name wl ~ ~ be display~d.

2. Ttl!tn th~d~tl:l.ob~.o scteCl!:i]e lrack YOl.!.{.!ro!!U to rem.{}ve t1:um thequeue ..

3. Press ~md hold the STOP button for 2. sceOlilds. ~. 'f~utn the knob to highl.ighl. 'Yes' or 'No' .

5. Press SELECT mconfinn ~Mil1e(her yo~ a~~1il:(!!Hy wam to d!elel'C Hl(:~ track from the queue, 6- If 'Yes'w<l~selec:led then "R.enJ.oved fH'lTI~ Qaeue' will be- displayed ..

7. To l-e11l0VC r!1I ~:rai.ks Ircm tile quel.]e,.ke,eU? pressing BACK umH !ile-'MeciiaPI<I!yer' mena item. is selected, press SELE~CTfliIid. !.he:tll.lum the knob ~o select 'Clear Queue' and! press S~LIR:,e[ lIgain.


Playing tracks in random order

I.. SeLect,1l1eil:1d]vidua~ !:mcks as d1'!-5cribedpKViotlsly.

2. Na,rig~litc ~o tOp'·levd InC!UI ~te;m 'Media Player' u.sing the SELECT and BACK bunans. :; .f[~~s Hie S~LE~CT buttou,

4. Tum the kllob umil 'P]ayback Mode' ]s d!lsp!ayed.

5. Press lihe S,El.E·CT bl!l!~:on.

6. "fum (he k[lob ~.ntil'Shurne' ~s disp1ayed. 7.. Press the SELECl' bUllto.ll.

8.. Turn (be ~~~ob'to selec! YESfNO to ooij1flrm 'U~at shuffle' mode .should b L} enabled,

Playing tracks in the queue repeatedly

I. 'Se~leot thei~dj\fidJua~ tracks as described previm~sly~

2. Nmdgate tetop-level meETI item 'Media Pb1fer' using the SE,Ul:CT and BACK buttons.

3. ])rc;sSI]I1e SELECT bunon .

.ilL Turn [he knob unlIiI 'P]aybad;: Mnde'us d)[sp.layed. :.;. Press !!he SEl.E'CT bullIon ..

6. 7tH"!1 lhe kno\) 1!IinUI ~I.epf'.al' is dis:p]aye:d. 1. Pl'e-ss rhe S£:t.iECT oulUm.

R. "f'l,'lrillhQ: kngb ro ~e~ect YBSfNO h1'oonfirIJllha.E repeat mede ~IIOLLid be, ennbi!ed.


Choos,lng the, option Y'ou want from the Configure menu

I, Press the SlELF.CT bUU:OIl,

(NOH:: if you nHIKe a mistake at any polm, press .the BACK button to go back I{) the previous sereen.)

2. Turn (he knob until' 'onliigHI;el is displayed 3, Press the SELIEC'f buucn,

4, Turn the knobumll the dlsplay ShO\~1S the option Y(l'U want,

.5. Press Ihe SELECI button to choose the option shown on the display, The options HI.'!;;, explah'Dcd below

Enables you to scan again [el'conneotion to anothcrwirelessnetwerk, or to manually configure the network parameters, Usethis if you take the Internet radio toanoillel' building where you want to lise ut


Displays the versions numbers of the various parts ef'sotlware and hardware 011 ymll' Internet radio.

<Upg'.rade Firmware>

Use (his option (0 download new firmware forthe radio frem the Reeiva portal on l:he Internet If there is: new firmware available, then the rndic will prompt you ifY(lu want to download it or not Note, at this stage,

you canpress the t'fldio's BACK button to cancel the radio begimli'llg aIirrnware upgrade. AlFirl1'1~~\lai'e .

upgrade may take several minutes, S!(} '~Q no $w~tch OffUlC the radio until the operation is complete otherwise the radio maybecome permanently damaged.,


Allows you to change the display 11l11~uaJl];e.

<Factory R,eset>

Pt~(S all (he .stttblgS backto [heir defaults as they wore when they 1 e [[: thefactory. If you perfosm a factory reset on yourradio you will lose all your presets and your wireless network connection,

Wireless lnternet Radio



Thiswill display a ke); th .. u can be used to register the radio onthe Reciva Customer portal: btl]) :lhV'i,{\v.'"!


Use this option to set the time "to set nil alarm <lnd to view lite current alann s¢'til~g; sec "Setting the alarm",

Selecl~llg this option will enable ~h·e I nterne I. radio to switch itself ()~Tafler a ~et period.

L Aller Sie]c,ctilli.g (he ·SI .. eep Thucr' t~en1,l item the wlll display; 'Sleep Timeout' and the sleep timer value in Ihe.·wr;oo '00.:00;00' (hol!rs:minu~s::secrindg) in: .30s\:cor:ld increments;

Rotate the knob 10 changeto sleep timer value and. then press SI!:LE,CT 10 begin the sleep tlrncr . .3.11u::.rndio win continue 10 piny as normal. but il will go halo standby mode after the sleep timer has expired .. 4. To tum ~he l7'iidio back QfI.!l§ai~l. si'mply press ·fl-n:e ON IOFF button.


Sc:I·c(:lJng l!This option will ahcl" the lnlernet radio's I:la~kl.i.ght values,

L A:fIer sek:<:l]llg the . B!l.cklight'· mC'~lU item,· r<l{Ho will displny its aM QJth~e menu modes 'Inactive',

• Ac[ ive ··1II1d 'Slllllfldby'. These du'C'C stales nre explaiaed below:

.Ii! The radio get:!) into its infl,ctive' .shue when there is no user activity tor 30 seconds,

'II Tile. '<'iIc~i- e' state is when (hc~re is D,lsttr activity., .

. , 'Standby' i s lin~ state when the rad 10 has been turned OIL

.2. .R:ow,u:: tile knob 100 highlight the desired menu mode· lind press SELECE".

3. The radio wiillnonr displ:ay t~le current backlight vallie :fbr thismenu mode. YO'U elm alter this value·hy f\(Jtaling ~I'n·e· kncb ro increase O!r diCCTem;c· .il.

Wilre'less Int:eim.e:~ RilId~o


] f you experience ,any trouble 'with Y01.lf w,jn~les,s InOOI'f'le:1 mcHo.; (hen yo,1!;[ :mny rim:! :~( lIilefu~ '[0 v:~sit the [Ie'lp sectuolfl, 011 webpage: hUn;I1r;uJio.l'Ccivn.cQIllI

2. Check that a DHCP server is available or ~h!ltYQU hil,\Ie' C'ollfig;u ... ed 11 ~muic lP address Oil the radlo. To tiIl1:11igure the DHCP, you mllst read the instm,ctions :5l1PIlHed\l',idt 'Ibe wlrelcssaccess point.

3 .. Check t.hnt yUllf' firewall is not block ing nlly otit~oing ports, As a ndn imum I.he: radio needs aecess 10 UDl ,aod Tep ports 80. 554. 1755, :sOOO and 7070. To. conllg!:lre the Access P'Oi1 Con[lul., you must read. ([u! inst!:ucdOI:l~ suppHed with the wireless aCCf!'SS point,

4. Check your aecess pcinrdces-not restrict eonneetious to par(ic1li:i,nr' .IAC addresses. You Can vie;>.' the radio's MAC address usingthe menu item Conl'igml(: ~> Network Conllig-> View Config -> MAC address.

5, If you haveaa encrypted Iletwork,'check that you have entered the 'CorrcC:1 k,cy or passphrase i:1l~O!ldio. Remember that Icxt-formI1:l keys arc: case sCIlsit,j-, .. e ..

If your radio CHIll connect l.olile network successfully, but 'is unable !O play panicular SUUb:lflS, lllllKIY be d~ie to' one of the followingcauses:

1. Thesration is 11J(lt broadCt.'lsting at this time of(lle day (remember it may De located in a difFerolu th:u.e zone],

2. The stationhas reached the maximum ahowed number ofsimul:raneollS W~steJ1e:rs.

3. The stanon is not broadcasting anymore.

4., The link ottine radie is out of'daie,

.5. The' Internet cenneetionbefween the server (on:e!l loea:ted :il1 a different cmlntry) afiit.! you is slow.

Ifyu;1.l. can pi.ay back the stationwitha PC, use I:he form at nUp:llww-w...reci\lil.o01Wslatio,Os!1I.cld_:s1alioiH.asp to 1100i,fy 11 s S'() that wecan change the station data (hat is used by tbe radio ..

Wireless Internet Ra.dio

TliOlu~'IE!'$hooting 18:.


• Power Requirements-Mains AC 230 volts. 50Hz only

• Power Consumption: 20W

'. Speaker Output Level: 4.5 W

'. Headphone Speakers level; [Sm.W

Llcense [Information a.nd Warranty

This producteoraains softwarelicensed under version 2 ofthe GNU Public License and version 2.:1 of the G U Lesser Public License, The source code for this software is available from http://ww~v. r:ec:iva. Cron. glt'~

This product includes technology owned by Microsoft Corporation ami under a license from Microsoft. Licensing GP,. Use 'or distribution or such technology outside of thisproduct is prohibieed without a license from Microsoft Corporation and/or Microsoft Licensing, G1' as .aP:P'~ icabl e.

Your Internet Radio is guaranteed against original defects, in materials, manufacture and workman hip for one year from the date; of purchase.

Under this wam:lllltyDSG retail agrees to repair flny defect or), at the company's. discretion, replace the faulty ,component(s) without charge for parts or labour. This. warranty does notimply

. -

any acceptance by nSG retail or its agents for consequendal loss or damage and specifically

excludes fair wear and 'Lear. accident, misuse of unauthorised mcdlflcatiou,

This warranty is applicable in the United Kingdom only and does not in any way limit the customer's legal rights. Claims and 'enquiries under the warranty for Logik products purchased outs~de. the UK. should b~ addressed to the local importers or distributors, If you have reason to claim under the warr.anly pleasecontact your dealer in the first instance, Please retain all original packaging materials for possible future use. We suggestthat yon complete details efpurchase now and keep this informationin a safe place for future reference.

This symbol on the product or in {h'e instructlonls means "that your electricall and elec~rol1ic equipment should be disposeda't the end of its lire separately from your household waste. There are separate (;~~lec'~JTan sysl.ems for recy,cUIik91 in 'li'na EU.

F'oro more iinrorma~ion, p!lealse contact the lIocalautlhority or YOLir retailer w:he·re you pun:::hased the product.

Wirele:ss Ilnt:e'I',n.e-t: Radio

Softw,are Ih::e n,ce i noforrnation 19