Betsey Merkel

Strategic Networks, Program and Communications Specialist

Betsey builds strategic global knowledge networks to connect research and industry. She specializes in knowledge management, programs and communications to engage regional social and economic assets for Open Source Economic Development (OSED). Betsey understands how to implement civic engagement programs for communities, organizations, and entrepreneurs to generate networks and collaborations for business development. Betsey's an experienced coach, mentor and trainer and publishes to the Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open), a not-for-profit educational economic organization.

Research and industry networks; Internet research; civic, business, government, academic engagement; broadcast conversations for education, economic and workforce development; business development. Web 2.0 publishing; blogging and microblogging; web site and collaborative workspace design; communications & social media outreach; technical support & consulting.

Co-Founder & Director at The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) July 2005 - Present (5 years 6 months) Betsey is a coach, mentor and trainer for entrepreneurs in new practices and tools for Open Source Economic Development and specializes in collaborative leadership, network building and project management. Her work is team based and focuses on rebuilding and strengthening local community network infrastructure (social, resources and capabilities) for national and global reach. Betsey's work experience is rooted in developing and deploying face-to-face and online community building process accelerated by Web 2.0 tools for PR 2.0. Betsey identifies and connects innovation and enterprise activity in academic, civic, business and government sectors to strengthen open economic networks. 4 recommendations available upon request Global Media Strategist & Connector at COINs2010 Conference May 2010 - October 2010 (6 months) Betsey represented I-Open (The Institute for Open Economic Networks) as a co-sponsor and

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member of the Organizing Committee for the 2nd International Conference on Collaborative Innovation Networks COINs 2010 hosted by the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in collaboration with MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Wayne State University School of Engineering - Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and SCAD. Her work focused on executing a social media interface, digital publishing, strengthening collaborative community cohesion, and ongoing associated project work to engage and expand global audiences for research and industry innovation. View (below) or download a copy of the COINs 2010 Steering Committee Letter of Recommendation at "We would like to thank Betsey Merkel from I-Open for her invaluable contributions to the success of the conference. In preparing the conference, Betsey was instrumental in organizing a social networking campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, which greatly increased the international appeal and perception of the conference, while reaching a new audience that was previously unaware of the conference. Betsey organized and ran live video streaming of all conference sessions, serving as a reporter and news anchor during the sessions and connecting with a live audience joining the conference through Livesteam from all over the world...she also did excellent video interviews with key participants. These videos are now a lasting legacy to the success of the conference. Betsey’s activities greatly contributed to the success and lasting impact of the COINs2010 conference (!" - Christine Miller, Ph.D. Professor Design Management, Savannah College of Art and Design; Ken Riopelle, Research Professor Wayne State University; Julia C. Gluesing, Research Professor Wayne State University; Peter A. Gloor, Ph.D. Research Scientist MIT Center for Collective Intelligence Marketing & Communications at Case Western Reserve University 2002 - 2005 (3 years) Responsible for researching innovative leaders in academia, business, civic and government; building network connections to those leaders and engaging them in collaborations between University constituents and off-campus organizations. Created the Civic Forum process in a 17 month period to engage over 3000 leaders in civil discourse for the purpose of civic engagement, knowledge sharing, and enterprise and economic development in Northeast Ohio. All activity funded by SBC Global Corp. 1 recommendation available upon request Network Strategist & Communications at Center for Regional Economic Issues April 2002 - July 2005 (3 years 4 months) Marketing and communications, community, regional and national network development, civic forums process development, marketing coordination, Internet marketing, project support, partnership strategy & development 1 recommendation available upon request Managing Director at Wildefields Equestrian Training & Education Center July 1998 - January 2001 (2 years 7 months)
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Co-Founder and Managing Director of Equestrian Training and Education Center and Co-Director Historic Facility Restoration, Hunting Valley, OH. 1 recommendation available upon request Managing Director & Harpist at Coryton & Co. April 1983 - May 1987 (4 years 2 months) Chamber music ensemble toured nationally, Alaska and in China. Designed and produced concerts, residencies and master classes. Supported by the Ohio Arts Council. Commissioned and performed new compositions and arrangements. Self-directed, self-managed ensemble of mixed traditional Western instrumentation and world music ranging in size from 2 to 23 performers. Mixed genres performed. Letter of recommendation from Dr Paul Gothard III, Director (former), Music, Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH Link: Child Life Worker at University Hospitals of Cleveland September 1979 - December 1983 (4 years 4 months) Worked with chronically and terminally ill children and their families living with cancer, scoliosis, and cystic fibrosis assisting medical staff and supporting patient adaptation to disease and chronic disease management.

Case Western Reserve University BA, music, 1977 - 1983 Cleveland Institute of Music BM; MM, Music, Education, 1974 - 1983 Activities and Societies: Carlos Salzedo Harp Scholarship: 1976 - 1983 Attended Case Western Reserve University as Ph.D. scholar in Music Education, 1983 The University of Connecticut Plant Anatomy, Music, 1975 - 1977

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Honors and Awards
High School: Graduating Class Science Award, Leadership Award, and Art Award College: Salzedo School Performance Scholarship Award Case Western Reserve University, Ph.D. Program Scholarship Professional Honors: - 1995 Ohio Arts Presenters Award of Merit - 1992-1997 Office of the Governor of the State of Ohio, Public Education Seminar - 1995 People's Republic of China, Guest of the Government, Performance and Teaching Tour

Music, gardening, science, historical places, international cultures

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Betsey Merkel
Strategic Networks, Program and Communications Specialist

7 people have recommended Betsey
"Betsey Merkle is one of those rare individuals who can not only see the big picture, but will also cover all the details. We have collaborated on several projects since we met at the REI forums when she was at Case Western Reserve University, and I have been a friend and a fan of her work ever since. If Betsey asks, "Are you interested?", I'm there." — MaryBeth Matthews, Core Team Member, Women's Enterprise Network, was with another company when working with Betsey at The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) "Betsy is creative and energetic and totally committed to building new approaches to building communities through open networks. She devotes herself without hesitation to exploring new connections and applying new tools to the task of creating more vibrant and sustainable communities." — Ed Morrison, Principal, I-Open, worked directly with Betsey at The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) "Betsey is gifted in many ways. One of them is that she sees trends before anybody else and begins very early to figure out and to put into place implementations around them. She is an innovator who sets the open standards and best practices and shares them freely. She understands the benefits of collaboration in a networked world." — Tim Ferris, citizen and taxpayer, City of Cleveland, worked with Betsey at The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) "I believe that Betsey's previous experience in the complex world of classical music prepared her well for her work at Case Western Reserve University's Center for Regional Economic Issues as their Network Strategist & Development Person. I feel that Betsey learned the value of individual musical voices as part of a self-directed and self-managed musical ensemble performing both nationally and internationally. This listening ability distinctly enabled her to respect the unique and heartfelt ideas and topics that were being communicated in the open minded forum that was the Center for Regional Economic Issues at Case Western Reserve University. These days, Betsey still retains those abilities, and has even tuned them more finely since the days at REI. I hereby recommend Betsey as an orchestrator, a collaborator, an editor, a (constructive) critic, as a cooperative worker, as a (part-time) muse, and as a friend."
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— Bill MacDermott, Former ES&H Manager, Braden Sutphin Ink Company, was with another company when working with Betsey at Case Western Reserve University "Betsey Merkel is a one-woman literacy program in digital networking. I am not technology-fluent, but Betsey was willing to take considerable time out of her day to explain to me how online networks can be created, why they are valuable and how she could continue to help me become adept at using them. Her skill and generosity are spectacular, but what especially amazed me was the supportiveness she showed for me as an entrepreneur and the passion she demonstrates for creative economic development and the power of connectedness. Betsey is one of the people who will pull Northeast Ohio onto the cutting edge of the technology economy." — Carolyn Jack, Owner/Director, The Genius Group LLC, was with another company when working with Betsey at Wildefields Equestrian Training & Education Center "Want to learn more about economic development in our region? Well, Betsey is the go to person. She is very passionate about economic development and the need to build collaborative partnerships between the private and public sectors. She is very involved in NEO and surrounding areas and is creating new and innovative programs to bring people and services together." — Bonnie Dick, Employment Consultant, CGI, worked with Betsey at Center for Regional Economic Issues "Betsey's passion for I-Open's work is evident in everything she does. She is an ardent supporter of Cleveland's urban areas and is committed to their revitalization. She is a great asset to our region." — Bethany Hilt, was with another company when working with Betsey at I-Open

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