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Economic History in the 20th Century (2003) - D Baines

Economic History in the 20th Century (2003) - D Baines


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Published by: smallverysmall on Aug 07, 2008
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Here are some of the main things we hope you learn from this unit:

•how economic growth is transferred from one economy to another

•how the nature of the international economy affects the transfer of economic
growth (e.g.why,sometimes,it is thought that free trade is the best way to
transfer economic growth from richer to poorer countries,but sometimes it is
thought that protection,for instance using tariffs,is more effective)

•what the benefits to economic growth and international trade of fixed versus
fluctuating exchange rates are

•how relatively free capital mobility and controls on capital flows compare

•how the effects of relatively free labour mobility (migration),compare with the
effects of controls on mobility

•why the ability of a country to ‘catch up’ the economic growth of other countries
is affected by the ‘social capabilities’ (the underlying conditions) in the country

•how technical change affects the economy.

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