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Commentary of Aqeedah Tahawiyyah

Commentary of Aqeedah Tahawiyyah


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Published by Muadh Khan
English Translation of Aqeedah al-Tahawi with Commentary by Shaykh (Maulana) Qari Muhammad Tayyab (RA).
English Translation of Aqeedah al-Tahawi with Commentary by Shaykh (Maulana) Qari Muhammad Tayyab (RA).

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Published by: Muadh Khan on Dec 27, 2010
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addressed (or ordered to do something) unless the

necessary means are available, as Allaah Ta`ala says:

"Hajj (pilgrimage to show love for Allaah) to the House

(the Kabah) is a duty that people who are able to find a

way there owe to Allaah" {Surah Aal Imraan, verse 97}. As Allaah

Ta`ala says: “so fear Allaah as much as you can” {Surah

Taghaabun, verse 16}. As Allaah Ta`ala says: "The one who
cannot even do this should feed sixty poor people"

Mujaadala, verse 4}. As Allaah Ta`ala says: "Those of you who
do not have the means to marry free Mu'min women,

then (they should marry) one of your Mu'min slave girls"

{Surah Nisaa, verse 25}.

Secondly, that capability which is in the meaning of power.

This is necessary for the slave to posses at the time of

executing the action. With this (power) the action comes

into being. It is not possible for an action to take place with

a non-existent power. This is in the statement of Allaah

Ta`ala: "They have neither the ability to hear (the truth),

nor can they see (the truth because they do not want to

hear or see it despite the fact that they had the sense of

hearing and seeing)" {Surah Hood, verse 20}. The object is the

negation of the reality of power, and not the negation and

non-existence of the means and instruments, because this

was present and established. In the same way, Hadhrat

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