Larson Family Christmas Letter What Didn’t Happen in 2010 1. 2. We did not move.

However, Tara has “almost” finished repainting and furnishing the first floor of the house. David did not get a new job. However, he was given an “Endowed Chair.” We don’t know quite what that means, since he doesn’t get anything new to sit on. He says it means he’s very important now. The kids are skeptical. No one lost their first tooth. However, a certain one of us figured out how to effectively use the toilet, for which a certain other of us is exceedingly grateful. We did not go on any exotic vacations. However, we did go on plenty of fun road trips. Our Honda mini van logged over 10,000 miles hauling us to and from Sacramento CA, Kansas City MO, Gatlinburg TN, and Orlando FL (twice). We did not get any new pets. However, we still have our beloved rat, Scabbers, who is currently 2 years old (that’s 60 in rat years). The kids did not have to enroll in a new school district. However, Nathan started junior high, Anna started intermediate school, Sarah Jane started gymnastics and Natalie started preschool.

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5. 6.

We hope 2011 is as uneventful for you as 2010 has been for us!


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