Jewish Conspiracy and

Muslim World

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5J'mhulk SMA· e j jOf ill' del(Jill!_t/ 1111U:}dal ion

t,' Y.E. If i I is lik l' I his a it MCtl ffilt l

(if tnnr ml',", crude thi,.k ing, JVIPell the IIHJ Eyes ar« cwnvined like this *" t it M.('om"

~~ E ngla nil was pre p:tr~d to grant pol i tical r reed: rm to a H her colon ial possessions H ~ suon Ii~ a gL:T'lo£!'r"4t ion of t n reI lectuab and politicians imbued thrQugh English educati on with the idea ls of EngJ i sn cult ure were ready to 1:.1 ke over, hut I mder no ci reumstan ~ ces 'NO uld the R ri fi sh G ove rnment for a si ngle mornen t tolera te .:t n independent r slamic state r " [La,.d Crame-r, t« Moder,! Egypf .. ] 9().ftl.

Jt'hal was true 1ft the trau oj Egypt is .:rquatly applicable to' Pakistan, wha: 1<1,'0.1 .Brlrish policy WOJ' also Frenc«, lrQlia"t and Dull"lz pollcYt and remaln$ Americas: arrd RusfialZ pulil.'Y to this daY.-Ed+

To The Memory Of David

(PelJl'#' B/~_rlf/~gs oj Allah be upon him)

W:-IC.tSE" pious name and true mission ha ... e been distorted beyond recognition by those who deceive themselve~ and others IHi the upholders of hii message. They art'

in fact the transgressors and the rebels or rhlil

rn i ssion preached by Da .... id. Yet beca U8C he j ,: supposed to na ve b u i It !om-e place of worship on a hill named Zion in ancient Jerusalem, they have tried in vatD 10 give some s pj ritual allra to Zion tsm wh ich is anot her name" for Devil ism, rhe very nt:g.aliun and anrithesis of the tesehi ngs of Da v id.

N 01 one but all the prophets th .. t wert sent by Allah towards these people! were belied and teaSfd or tortu red or killed by rhem and , they ehber wi!fu lIy distorted the Divane" mbllM!C' 01 lost it aJtorether+"

Adam,. Seth, E noeh, NWlih. Eber, Abraham .. Lot, l::riln~eI~ Isac, J~OObl Joseph .. Job, Moses., Aaron, Joshua, David, Solomon, E1ij ah, J flO~ h, Zachana, John, and Jesus (Peace and b! be upon them all) each one of them, and many many mort .. were the

- prophets of r slam sent by Allah to u.p1ifl mankind and deliver (hem from ignorance and confusion in mind and ,hought,. belief" and praetiee, Their oosic m bei ng to distingu ixh between J slam and JI1"UI~l'Q-ignorance.

A IId then ca me in the r..L~I blaze of ~ i ght


(Peace Qru/ h/~wsil!J!,$ or A lIuIP be !/pfm him") The last messe nger, wi th l he 1lJ...<;.. word "r A ~ lah In t he form 0 r Qur:m to co m plete Allah's benediction, for prm·idtng guidanco ;_j nd j rgh t to man kind tin Iru.: doom-day. Jt i~ (hot last word of God fOT <..t'J rimes tl-' co me, co m plete as revea led, And the sa me i!i the case with Int' reachlugs and lifc-exnmple 0 f M 11 ham mad (Peace be u po n him) w hose record j s a vail tt ble j n such ft awless detai ls I h at 11 U~ no p.a ralle I. sett i ng forth the nest a nd the wise ~t co u rse of ~ i fe f o r ull


II rnes to come ~ The p~u piu:t p ract ised w ba t

the Quran preached .. and in them lies the sal va t ion of h uman ilY-p-4!~:r.'t: and perfect ton in here, :b H!!i5 and blessi I1g:"l in i he he rea tter .

Editor'. Preface

-- .- ............ -

---"""'1""1'''-- - _" ---. .-- _ ••• _~

THE Muslim world is f1:i ~~i~jl! ll1roilgh ~ mos: critica) ph ... se of ib history to-day, h;-: en"!mk~ are active ~:;, perhaps never :bl;'-or.f". The world powers. without ~X.certiOll,-C:..{pi{r.lI;"i1 or Communist -are plotting '0 disintegrate and anuihilare the M uslims as a Afiflul and r rusuute J:!. U eno tb. t ~~ tevh ~ h;.b rn a s a i I \' i ng force. either thruugn direct manoeuvring» or through their puppets imposeo upon rhem .tJ.~ l\J:t", iours. This has become a tragic feature of Our hh.,t{"Jry and the contemporary M uslim world presents manv an example, Arnone thl: new threats that arc raising (heir heads, "Tsrae!" PO!!r['"~ an immediate danger to the Islamic future of the Arab cuuntries, even to their survival: and un th~s side or rhe world, Jndja'~ design» are now too well known; its aggress.iun last year ...... .ILS not an ~:..o\aj.ed feature, And Pharaoh's .!n~h century successor is yet another menace tu the $oI..)lidariiy and cohesion of the f...'mmtlh. Apparently these threat:r. seem 10 originate in



different oountrit1l through different lodi .... Iduals and jtoups but thhi all ii being done under a cent nil direction. to achieve set goabi. TI1C-rI;!!'5 a mysterious hand b~b ind the seenev rna nipula! i n~ ptJl i rica I, eeo nom ic, seclal, cultural and ed ucano nal acti v it ies to su i t i l~ own i ntetc"Su. Its 0 bjecti ve 15; to weaken the M usJi rns in every way possible, particulari 'j aliena ti n~ them from their hlamjc ideals, Behind all pOlitical upheavals, socio-cult ural heeesies, oonf usi on in though I and per ..... e r .. si on to 0 U tlcok ~ rbere is al ways: t he my sterious hand 0 f internationa 1 Jewry tha I is most ac tl ve, V erv swetp in! ? But the fucts "are "IlndeniH~le and the' evidence irrefutable. '0 the face of" mounting testimony provided by Jews themsl .... es, any attempt to exonerate the Zioni sts ~nd its agents from their crimes is most ridkulnus--\:ery pa tbetic indeed- If the M usli rns a ttempl it r n at means the polson has worked too deep, Rut Ihi'.5. calli forth Moll the more efforts with ¥re~ rer real. J tj ba t~ the poet-phi losopher-revo I uti 0 nary ~ ~~or{~d I,.l S ;

~a t the trumpet hard,

And still harder, and harder,

If the response is sluw ;] nd s] uggish.

The pates that follow are an attempt in l his di recrion.

The s:hrillhy of nult:::ri con ta i ned therein is. expected to arOLl9c th~ {1mI'M" from h:5 complacen-cy tOW.i:U-~5- the J ewi~ threat.~


Mallia M ZafM.f Ahmad Ansari, R veteran f reedorafigbter of Indo-Pakistan sub-continent, is a COlUlIgcOIlS suul, a'rl indomitable personality, with a clea r practica L perception of t 11 ings, He was: interviewed in October last by 'he Editor or Urdu DiRt" SI, a. widely read journal of Pakistan, and through the eou rtesy of its col umns so me asroundmg truths were learnt, by most M uslims For the first nme, The nation owes gratitude to M a ulana Ansari f-or his' frank and couraseous appr~bal or the truth and at the sa me time the Urdu Digr!sr too deserves con gr.a t lila t ions. for publishmg tllis hiibly revealing account of an tnrernational conspiracy, The ideas expressed theft .nave produced a tremendous impact upon 'be minds or tb.enati-on. Indeed it is now the topic 0 f the day, for the man ill the Street as weL! as the high jntelkct ual circles of t he country ~

T II is presen t anicle is not 'he exact reproduetio n of the in rerview, Rather. it has been im proved and enlarged and thoro ughly revised in (be li,iht of further material I had the good f u rl U DC to hit v-r.:: ai.'\.'"C':iS- to. I saw

the reporta ge of a speec h by M au lana AD~ ri on the same subjec t ,hat be deli vered at F alah Yo nth Club, Ka rachi, I ha ve had the opport llnity of meeting those who had long d iscussions with M a ula na a be ut this topic. J find my~elf in a bener posit jon to present in these pagts t he full un POll of hi s ideas wiehou t repeat ina the obvio us gaps and lacon ism at rna Ily places that has unfortunateJy crept j 11 tbe U rd u reproducnc D of this Dearly 14-hour-long j nterview conducted in two sittings. 1 have taken the li hc!rty to ma ke the narra tion more C oherent and lucid and giving up the 'question-answer'



form, have turned it into an essay, For aU tbiJi J crave indulgence (If Mautana Ansari

Moreover:ll in the interview only a pH!o:sing reference \(fa§! made to certain matters or great import. Without a fun explanatlon and elucidation of those: thin,s;, th.eir true significance would II R ve hee n missed by the reader. I have -endea vo ured to do the: nerd full hy appendi ng addl li ana] Note=t~ etc. The statcrne nt 5 of Mau lana An Sa ri have now been further documented H~ rar as possible and his fil1din,8s a if pro,", lded with su pport i ng evidence's, Since Maulana Ansari 15 out orthe country at the moment, il was not possible for me lo show him the manuscript and seek his s.uggestions and guidance. Ir rhere rs any error of judgment, of reference or of the logic of argument in the E'!lglish Edition it would be absolutely mine.

Above all, by a stroke of 1 uck, I gO! the {lppoTtunhy to go through the PROTOCOLS or THE LEA Rl~rED ELDERS OF ZION: That was Indeed most opportune and cleared many a cobweb about this question in my mind _ And the na rra t ion is. no w m uch improved a nu H u thent icated.

The Protoot(}l"i~it indeed opened my eytS-TI a y ~ it reeled my head. It was really quite shocking to go th rn u gh this most u n us ual of boo k 5:. us perusal revealed thad Maulana Ansari has in his interview j ust tried to show a fteetio~ glimpse of the workings of {he m~ nd of III e scattered tribe called Jews, His nan ation can be

o 0

ltkeiu::d to an Lcdx,'Tg whose lillie peak is visible on the

:!II arfaee but the million-fold bulk remains hidden deep dawn th-e wate":!1~ and which wilh N !!;!tady slna(-pa~ is

sorroa's PREFACE


always moving 00 its set course without prod ucing even a rippJe on the surface of the: ocean, yet possessing the potential of u nimagi na ble destruction and terror, I have tried to bri n8 lbe ice berg up 00. the surface,

W hen I had fi nished reading P ROTOCO LS, I found m yself stunned and ralysed, It seemed :!II!!. i r the circulation of my blood had stopped, It 'WliiS .H. novel ex perience, And I decided then and there to share it wi th otbers. Not that fear overtook me, Not that l Wi:U:1 a we-stricken by t he grandeur or ideas. Nothing 0 r 'he sort, The- most aston nd i ng thing was; Co uld t here ~ a people so insidious, c un ning~ . devoid of all moral sense and human values? Could there exist a community. which was SO unlike other hu man bei ngs, so hc~ stly in i hi thinking!, approach a nd attitude. So ca llous, $0 wicked, so devoid of scruples-s-pcrhaps the lucifer hi rnself "1 human form. J ndeed this mL!ion is n curs« On the Sur f ace .of the earth.

And the wonder is th at the con tents of t he boo k an:: not a t aU the u ut bursts 0 f any cceentri c in his frenz _y _ Fa r from t hal, iris no tat all the wo rk of One ~i nglc person, lt hi the: cold-blooded accomplishment of .u ~r,", u p cons tsti ng of the to p-most perxo ns in • ntellect an cJ stat us in the i nternat i ona I Jewry. Th t:: book is. com pr ised of t he rho ught-er m I en! of the bes l h ra ins J.eW5 have e 1,o'1.!1" prod u eed. They me tin co nlerences scvera I rim es 0 ver a number or" yean. and this is the sum tCJor~.1 of their delibcrations. The mo~t high among them has summed up in l he fonn of these 11rOIO('01s all tha t they bad been t hi n kjng and planning and scheming. The Protocols provide the philosophy t t he bas ic creed, the stn« qua .ton of Jewry.



It should in fact be called the JEWISH MANIFESTO. And it is ug1y beyond a:ny t-ody's guess.

HeDC"e t could not resist the temptation to share my nightmare with as many as possible, No rights are therefore reserved for the reprod uction of this book j n part or in fllll in English or any other Janguage of the world, Every non-Jew, Muslims "particularlYl must peep through t hi 5; book j n to f he mi nd of the intern atioDal Jewry r II ot [oJ' f be fun or it hut for thetr very 'l urvival,

The Chrhi.r.i.!:1n \\"est and the- atheistic Eastern Europe have ~Iready been bitt-en by the "'S}'fflbolk Snake" of Zion ism .1~ now II is starjng-JUly I already snaringt t he M.u sl im lands. The L~ Sna ke" ente red Turkey ~ nd aeco m ~ plished its de:§.igns about fifty yean back. But that was; j IJst ro open the roads. The hi story of I be IHfit half a cent ury is the history of success] ve !i.UCC!$$t"S or Zionism and the struggle now is entering a decisive SiUge. The~ is no time DOW for self-deceptiun, complacency or washfur thinking, The challenge is there right OR our heads.

Shall the Muslims realize, ln time, she perij the)' art! facing? ShaJl they?

Misbahul Islam F aruqi.

"February ] Sf ] 967.


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.editor~s Preface

+ •

Int roduction : Ma ulana A bd ul AllZ l' J ewiah Conspi raey: Ma ulana Zafar Ahmad An!liari 27

ExpJantory Notes: : By the Editor . ". 65

The Protocol! of the Learned Elden of Zion 117

T ntrod uetion to the Protocols : 81' the Editor •• 121 M 3 P 0 f I.:Greater Israel' t

Pbotographs of the Doc umentary E vidence


By M tJ.lJlano Abdul Az iz

THE history or du: "scattered tribe .... of Jews has been n history of fraud nnd deceit, criminality and cunning, sabotage and destruction, For the Iast two thousand yefln they have been engaged in au sorts of crimes against humanity and the worst sufferers have always been those nations who committed the bJunder of opening their dOOM to this highly lnsid\ous cabal. If we just loo k at the lds.tory of only the: recent ~l the truth of the: statement would be quill: manifest. I think a brief ::iurvey will be u~ful:

They "Were turned out or Portugal and "

Spain. They were driven out of England in 1290. They were twice pu~hed""a,way from France, once in 1306 .and agaill in 1194. They were e~iled frum Belgium in .tJ70 IUu! from Czechoslovak iu in t 380. Holland drove them



our in 1 444~ a nd 11 rJJy tu rned t hem out in 1540. G~rrna flY pushed them 0 ut in ] 55 ~ . R u ssia exiled 1 he m j n I 51 O. T ndeed exllement hus been t hei rio t ~i nee the beginning; and if we look at the earlier hiMury 100 we wiil flrul that they have mel the same fate aU along, It is a punishment and a curse over them although l.h-ey II ke to rcma i n under the sel f -dece ption of being .. G od's C Jl osen People",

. But why so much degrndati ~'n a nd hum iliat ion has become part of their destiny? After all what is. wrong with them ~

Without gt'ETlg into details, if WI: lonk at their national character, t.h~ir social behaviour, their bask: beliefs. thinking and att i t ude ~ and the rna 11 ne r they beha ve "in pruct (c31 life, there rema i ns no wonder if t hey .a re h uled j cursed and condern ned, We need no l go to other so u n.:c:!i. to understand their ment a 1 make u p ~ use 1 'ALM U D itself i:i explicit On the po~ nt. I t declared ~

-The wealth and propcrt y of non .. Jews i~ rer .. mlssi ble for the Jews, If they get bold of anything belonging to others it would legitimate'~Y belong to them,

~J ews have been c hosen to exe rei se COJlt rol i:I TId authori ty over the life and property .of nonJ ewish people.

-Just as man i:j superior to ani mals, the J ews are superior to all mankind inha hi ting the earth, since with the exception of Jews 4.lU others have animality and rascality ill them.

rxt aom Kl ]f'~


_. _. The J !!WS h~ ve been ord u i ned lry' G·od t ha f t hey


accept interest from non-J ews and it i Ii. pro-

n i bited 1-0 ad va nee 100 ns w J~ hn U l ~b~ r,gi ng interest,

Now I ~baU deal brltny the history nr their encounter with the M uslims. The most heinous part of their career bcgi n ~ soon after 1\.1 u 11 ~~ mrnad (peace be UP( rn hi m) proc 1 !:I i .m .. od hh prophet hood 30d preac h ed til t.:" Dj v~ ne rues ~~I).!l".

The Je\!' ~ had ~tlkd in Arabia long before the L1 mc~ 1)( the Prophet, T,lL)' h ... d their settlements jJ1 Madina, VI/ad I a~~Qu ra'a. Khi:;l} ber, etc, and had tbe complete . ("( .. ntt~j Qr the economy In their hands. Agriculture. (I .. mrnerce. Indus-try wert ten in [he grip of the Jew) and tbe A ';1 '""' maS!oi.e'i. we re q U rte :;;a t isfied wi I h t he a rra ngemen t::, ,,)j nee l hey could ~et fi nj shed goods and rH her n eces 5i ties without labour or inconvenience. [n order to please the Arubs the Jews were ve-ry generous in awarding presents, etc, :..IIlJ pro .... ided vanous facilit • .e~ lo Jure them and keep theru under their rhumb, In Madinu, 8:!1nu Qurayzu, B iL nuN at: i ~. Ball u Oaynq aa were 1 be t hrec most pro ~ m i nent J ewish l ri bcs, Ous and K h azra] were t he two Arab tribes that had migrated from Yeme-n and settled tn Madina, The Jews had resisted but failed to oust them and tbt:::)' fiTlal~j' made their home in spne of all opposition of Jewish usurpers of Arah lands, However, cordial relations. developed b)' and by, and then 51,)W~ ng the seed So of discord a nd dissen si on between the In the Jews. ex ploi fed both the l ri bes fur thei r own benef t. Alt hough 1 ews exercised grea t infl uencc over them in


JfW ISJ E CO?-; SP! RAC" 'Ir'

matters or religion and learning (and because CJ r l~H;ir eeoncm ic su prcmacy) but co uld not bring them un dCT the ir pol i ti cal power because of fhe tribal sy-stem of AraM. N evert n clcss J ewi s h i nfl Hence had reached far a nd wide ill many pa r(:i C1 r H c jaz a nd Arabs 0 f the Idnan and Qa hran regarded them with a. we.

A t a time when Jews dominated A ra bs, M u ha rnmad (peace be II pon him) was bo rn. For abou t a doze n years his message rem.uned confined mostly tu Qur.'lysh, and most of them did not submit before the Prophet. The Jews 0 f M ed ina we re a w.:.\ iti ng for a last pro phd n T1 d t he-y we re J l ways t.alld ng a bOl$.t hi m peru re the Pt.:{' ple. A 4i soon as the news about Ute prophethcod of \luharnmad reached Med In a, Ous and Kha ZI a] at 0 nee em braced J I;.IJ m. J ndeed t hey cou Id see fo ~ themse lves the clea r s i!l n ~ uf

r ~.

prophethood abo ut which the Jews. were 11~ ..... CT L ~ red Ilf

~ ...

talking. The Jews even used to threaten them tlf dire

con seq uences when the ex pee led Pro phct wo uld a rri ve The. J ews we re under the' impres si on lha t l he ['("'I min g prop het would be from one amo ngst l hem.'. R ut 1 JJ ei r wishes were not fulfilled. The Prophtt did arrive but ~ (h'l Qu ra n points out):

.. When there came into them that lhey knew to be true they refused to believe in" (II :~9)

"Those unto w~nm we gave the scriptures roeCOgIl i se as they reeoS" i~'-d l hci r !-iOIlS. But a .p~ty of them (the J ews) k nn wIn gly concea leth the truth~· ([J:146}



~'Many 0 f the peo pJe of th e sc ri ptu rc (J ews) long l o mn ke )'0 u dj sbel, evers after y t) ur belief, through envy a nd their own account after the I ru t h had become m amfest U nt I) them" (11: 1 (9)

Wbe n ~ U ha m rn ad (peace be upon hi m) migrated 1('1 Medina a pL:'LL~c.: pact ww;; arrived at between him and the Jews. All hough the Jews seemec to be very ha p py 0,"'':;: r ! l bu. inner cond iri on of the heart was ex posed by the Qur ,Hl thus:

,.~ t is ever :-:'.;J that when they make a covenant, a N~T1Y of them set it aside? The truth is. most of them believe not" (I I; 100)

This verse pomts out that the Jews have always been brca kin ~ the t r p fed ge s. J ndeed it h ~HJ become their Il:li iim~d trau. ~o sooner they. entered into a. pact with ll.,;,: Pre) pher t hey used to t. rea k rt. The Qu r'an says:

I 'As oflL:'n <i~ they (.Ic-ws) I~gh~ a fire for war, Allah e\tjlt~ui:--.hc:i it, Their effort is for corruption in t h e land • .a n d A 110:1 h I ovct h n C1 t corr u prers T' (V: 64}

- - - A ft~ r Hij ra, when the P ro phet wa!".l en gaged in haU]e) with the Quraysh, the Jews in Mt::din:l cons pired with the ene Ill)' j n s pi te of t he p"C't~ ro the contrary.

-~ 1 n the battle of Bad! and Uhd (when M ecca n ~ t ried to j n vade M edi na) the Jews. had all lhd r sym pa lh les wi l h the QUI'a y xh.

- -At I a st, in 4 A. H., the lewis. h Jeaders ga t hered a force of] 2.0::0 pee ple belongi n~ t 0 V~ rious


trrbes of Arabs to wipe out. the Muslims of Medina at a time when famine and extremely cold weatner had alread 'i sa P ped their ene rgies, The MusHms could bring a force of ]JX10 only in their defence, The Qur'an e:\pO!i!.:s the: ~ri.minal intent of Jews thus:

•. Has l tho u not seen t hO!ire unto w hom a po rt II,) n of the scripture (Torah) bus been given. how they believ e in idols and take deities and how Un.:'}' ... :1 y ~,t' t hn~e ~ rdokuers ~ who disbelieve: 'These .1 rc mOrE:: rig h r I}' ~.u id ed [han tho $..I!' w h ...... believe.' Those [the Jews} arc r he)' whom Allah hus cursed. and he whom Allah h~L'" cursed, thou (0 ~ M uharn rnad I will find for them no 'SlIft~~r'" (I V ~5 J.. .51)

T h L Q II r 1 a n. ic ver se refers h) an occux Inll ~ be It the Jewish Fldc:rli. were instigating Arab Lnndds. ro organise themselves fnl" an ~lH;1Ck over Medina. Abu-Sutiun asked KLL.i.L 'b h., the Jewish Ieader. a:s to who in his. up in ion ....-.:a~ n n ~ hoe ri~h t pat n + rhe infidels of \f eccu L~ r Muhammad (peucc he upon him ~'~ Kaab b. Ashraf rif pl it:d. lhu! •. you a re "n the ri gt1 t par h .a nd the f(1Ilc1 ..... 'e f~ of M uhamrnad were rhe lost pcnplc."

-·At last, in the ensuing battle the Ji::,",) otM edi na ~ u ff ered a L,: r U ~ hi" S defeat. ."vi an}, were k 11 jed a nd the rest were turned 0 u, oL.I'[ lro-1 ed in LI. The Jew s ha ve not }' et furg.ot ten this humiliution ami their writers keep on refrc:,hing the event in the Jewish meMory. In 1 !)4~. Bcn-G u ria n df .; l:!'i rae ~ ., I"E: marked tha t they

Wtluld turn ou t.. the M usli ms from where they



had turned them OUl- But they don't understand that exilement is their destiny and they ell nn ot run ftum it, J t l:i- wri tten Ia.rlt on the ir fate and there j~ no escape from it. The)' have bee ... turned oul innumerable- times frurn 50 m=..!R) countries, how then wou.ld they turn ~II rhe nations nut of their countries ~ Will th~y na m-e one s.i ngle co u nt r)' whic b pla yed ho~t r(l l hem and they in l urn did nol sa botagc i15 best In ~ erests ? Decei ~ and r ru ud i ~ l n t heir bones, 'J he Q~ rarr h~H~ pronounced tin eternal judgment of their [are ~!;. follo ..... :,.~

··And hurniliarjon and wf~lChn~!li:!:f were stamped tl pon l hem ~U": d they "-'crc vi ~j led wi ~ n wrat h from Allah. T hat ""'a~ because the), disbelieved in Al1ah'~ f('vehll;..,n~ ;n,d slew the prophtl:i wrongly, Th~t ww .. [or their di~QlJc.dienL,"C' and rrunsgression" (I ~ :6] ,

APld the trOllY of their ral(' i~ 1h~n this in~idiou!" cabal has been condemned and cursed by Gnd thrOUlh the Prophet DavId (Daud: and Jesus ~ peace be- upon t hem), 'The Our" an says.

··Those or the children of [srael who went astrav

, ~

wert' cu rsed by t h t:' rong ue of OK vid, and of

JC!'iUS, son of M;lry_ That W~IS. because they reouked and U sed to t ra n~!! fC'5,~-

"They restrained nul one another from the wick ed ness t bey d i d, ,Yer~ ly evil 1 ha t they used to do.

Thou :ie't'Sl many of them m<tkiflg friends with (bose whn disbelieve. Surely ill for (bern is.



truu which they themselves send Oil befor1.: [hen) ~ that AUah will be wrot h with them an dill the doom they will abide" (V :7g179.80}

. - ~ After 1 heir utter hu m illation i I~ ~t l1U j ns. r hi.::) 7

. with renewed efforts, ~ L' ted to rnu hi t1.lL: l h-l.:"i r forces j n K ha~· her ~ nd Wad i-s I-Qu ra: ,l where l hey had the ir ~ tn 11"] ~ 11 0 [J "" w hen (hell activities reached dangerous pruporti,m!-... a r tasr, ill 7 A, H, .. in order to cru ~ b lh~ ir IH i li tan might 0 nee fa r all, K hayber w a~ !l L tacked h) 14 hundred !\..] uslirn soldiers while ttl~ Jews were ten rhou sa nd ~ fl n u moll'! r. The mome nt the Prophet entered the inhnbuuticns of Khayber, he declared, "Khayber is destroyed". Khayber did faU to rhe feet ~A "lH~llms. J~u .. ~ pleaded for mercy and t hey we re oj pa red fu r bn ~f the a gric til rur al prod u c co as t hei r penal ty . The objective WJS to do away with: their war mac h inery a ad it WJ s never intended to e-I i rn inate them J!I: a people bu t they ha· .... e bee n '5 uch a t ha nkless pee ple 1 hat t heir mechin a ti ons against the Muslims were never !ito pped, At last they were pushed awa)' towards Syria d uncg the- KhiLlfat of U mal' ,

They remained busy with c ne mise h ief or the other! but up to the end of the ·K hila fat of U mar! l hey Co uld not ra ise their head s, But during the period of the t h.i rd Ca Hph 0 t ~man rht-lr rnischief-mongeri ng bega n to bea r poisenous f r'LIJtSi. Abdullah h. Sa ba and his gan g got the opportunity to incelre rhe 'S up pressed



racial fed i ng!i. between Ban u Hash i m and 1) a n u U mayyah. They in seemi.ttaly inn uccn t man ne r raj sed the q uesti on of succession aJlcr M uha mmad (peaue be upon him). Th is. resu I ted j n the mart y rdorn of Othman. Ali w ~ s co nfronted ill the battle ofJamal and Saff"cn with if painful situation where Mu~llm~ wcre arrayed aga i nst the M usl im s. And in s pi Ie uf much blood shed the R igh t-G uided Cal i pha te ca me 'to an end wi t 11 f he martyrdom 0 r A ~ i. The J ewish revenge had not yet subsided. In {<:let. the institu(ion of the Right-Gujd-ed Caliphate l!i or fundamen t :.11 and basic j m rona nee in Is 1:l m wh lc h is meant 10 keep the ideology of Islam intact, powerfu l (1 nd dyn4l m Ie. In l h i ~ con (ex t the s uccess of Abdulla h b. Saba can ri ghtly be assessed fnJ ru t he fa ct that not 0 nly the Caliphate ended bu t through Y azid' s reg ~ III L: the reins of power to ta Ily -ca me in the hands of those whose rule may be anything but Islamic. It was a regime where people J i ke Im~ m H a san Basti felt liiu.fTocatioll. and saw no alternative but to retire in seclusi 01]. while da ncing da msels. singers and m usicia ns we re being pa t ron ised and showered wi t h Tt w~ rd s an d honours.

The Jewish conspirators were longing j ust (Of s uch all a l mosphere. Some of their ed neared and trained personnel joined the ranks of M uslims and they tried to introd uee innovation ~ and herencal ideas in th-e be Hers and rho ug hi of M uslims j 0 . a most CUrl III n g and su bile


manner. Their conspiracy has; indeed OOeri so successful that t'VCTl to-day we au scrnetirnes d ra wn into d iseussion over- the i ss ues raised by them in those days. Man)' Muslim intellect uals and 5C l-! 0 lars we re forced t L 1 loi.pc nd thei r lime and energy in miligl1lin& the e-vil t1Tal had crept in the form of false . ideas and precepts. And it lnnk .~reat labour 10 weed out the poisonous thorns inl rod uced by l he J t'w r~.

Unfortunately lxlarnic his.tor~l offer .... many instances whc re Jews pi ayed ha VDC'. J n almost all l he pitf~tU $: in rhe long course of Q ur h ist orical past Jews ha v~ . been actl ve and whe neve r any mi sfort u ne fdl IJ n t hern t he JE;:W~ hu "'e: been res po ns ,hit di recuy or i nd i rectl y ~ overt ~y or covertly. The Jews ha ..... c always he~(lt:"d other nationaUti~ and religions in their fight against Muslims. They bave alway') collaborated with all)' other power. even with idol worshippers, hl inflict injury on the MU' and their C"aLl~C:. The Qur'an speaks of ant:' of their basic post ula res t h U~ :

.. That is beca use l hey (Jew!i) s.ay: wt· have no duty to the (j~nlilcs tnon-Jewsj. They spe-ak lit lie concerning such knowledge", {(11 :75).

it means there is no need nf any botheration about an act being good or had as far as, "goyim" are concerned. E VeT)' l hing is permissi hie .if Lt (,an ha rm l he non-Jews.

F or them t bere is n" need to dh:t ingu ish between ri ~bt or wrong. bet ween good and evil, vin ue or vice. And this js the IOWC!!it depth to which a human being (an fall. W hen that ba ppen3 there remains no differen.ce between a man and an at, .rnal,


Whenever M u sl i ms have suffered a ny defeat at the hands of their enemies, Jewish conspiracy hen been ~l t he back of i I. A glance ove r our history era W~ one to this inescapable conclusion. The end of the RightGuided Caliphate .. downfall or Umayyads and Abbasides, end of Turanlans in. lndia, and. last of all, the downt"alJ of O. hman Caliphate. ._ in ali these crucial stages of the history of Mm;tirns. Jews. nave beef! active and, directly Or indirectly, responsible for the chaos, confusion and dest ruct ion. J 11 lh.e I im 11 ed 5.p.a(."C' .a l my d isposal It h not possi ble to gn in to an:y detai ~ 5., H II wC' .... er, jt is a ~ u biect w hlch req u ire'·, . ho LIght and ex tensi v:C researc h tt., rnu kc the P' esent genera f ton real ize t he ex tent of the I h r~~H t hey ~j rt': r aced to.

After their success in Turkey, their fLnlbltiQns; knew IlQ bounds, Their on:::.lalJght l~n ·I"urkey is no more a. secret, They themselves procluim it a~ the pride of their achievement. The revoun ion there wus planned and execu ted by t he in ter national Jew ry _ ~ u.ILJ i man M a nsoor + Ii J ew ~ wri res in I) J'I e of h i::-. secret d~S.PH t ehes :


··We had offered a ftw million gnld coins. to Sultan Abdul Hamid as bribery for obtail'1inl! u piece or land in Turk-ey. BLLt he refused, and turned ~JU' our men with disgrace, But yuu rest assured we would in due course raise to the- ground tbis haughty Government and would SI) molest the TUI"ks rhat their plig.nt would be more mrsera hie durn t ha t r~r 'he Red ! Ild jan So or A me ricu."

And t hen i L is now co m mo n k nowledge how the Committee of Union and Prourexs Was. formed and


guided by the Jewish leadership, themselves keeping in

the ba-ckgrou nd, and he w the Donmehs (a Jewi sh sect



fou n ded in the seven tee 11 th eentu ry) contri outed thei r share in the attainment or the nefarious designs of Jewtsh conspiracy. Uhimate!y Ottoman Caljphate W:!U annihilatC1:f,

And now they have their eyes Oil Pakistan, which i~ a fortress of Islam, a bulwark against all forces hostile (0 IfJam, Apart from the fact that Pakistan can never compromise on the is sue of the crea tion of a J ewlsh !i La ~~ in the heart of IlH: Muslim woridl the Jewry also realizes Ihal their deslgns for "Greater Israel" envisaging th-t toe! U ~i 0 n of Mad j n 3. CO uid ne ve r be accomplished so lon~ POi k istan J ema ins on 1 hot' m~ p _ Also they are co 11- serous that any relaxation in the attitude of Pakistan towards the unity of the Muslim world was; unthinkable. Hence Israel's effor1s to strengthen lies with New Delhi. "if'lo knows what part international Jewry played in Indkm tI.ggre5sion m ... er Pakistan's soil ill September 1965 with open support from Capitalis: Americn "tld Communist Russia, After the ...... ar +lsraet" is. pouring material and technical assistance in India to build her war ma,,]} inc.

Se-v,"ry poses a real threat and the Muslims should not be caught unawares. I have been l11jnkiog over the question since long and have been discussing it in my discourses whenever an opport un ity presen led. When I real the views 01 Maulana Zafar Ahmad Ansari 1 felt them to be the echo of my heart. Ma lJ lana A nsari has ad mi Dis tercd a ti mely wa ruing, 1, provid-es food for thought for every M uslim, Mojo' God bestow upon us strength and wi sd 0 m to meet the challenge,

(R~ndefed Into English by (he Edi/or)

dewish Conspiracy By JH nulmw Zilja,. Ahmad 4. ns art

Edited, Translated & Enlarged By .llisoahuf Islum Faruqi.

THE problems that confront the Muslim world to-day deserve serious tho u ght, A n)' correcr a ppraisal of the iss ues invclved, howeve r, is not pn~~i hie U III e is we

look at the background o-f events first, and try to understand the poluico- hisrori,,,J perspect ive :J nd the interria 1 i onal r orces at play behind the SC'(ne5,

We know that towards the end of the f rst q uarter of t he present century M usli m dec! ine had rt;:a~ hed its lowest ebb, and they bad lost al! their glory as an international power. W.itb tile exception of a f-ew pieces of


bind where they yet retained freedom and so"YercJgrUy, th ei T powe r ~I nd s:t rtnglh had derl t n ~d and t hey were reduced to the l"i.l~i'tjon of serfdom and ShIVeT)r, tn be c:'xploHtd b~' the imperialls: powers as. an ea:,y t!:trg~t or untold misery and su ffering: Then fnHow.:!d a p~r;m..l in their history ""hic-h could tight!)' be called an era or stru~le rOi political fr\."lxiorn In which most nr the Muslim 11.1 nds ohra 3 ned i nd epende n ce. T h is ph a ~c of n u r hi st or y began (Oft Y yea rs back and 1.:"0 nt j n ues rig), t 1 i II l h e prese III time. Nnw apart fTi."Jom th~ territorv wnich i!:i stili occupied by rhe COIHm unixt ~()t .. uries. comparatively few areas. remain under foreign dommanon=and these area» are held h)' the old as wdl 3S rhe neo imp:rjilli~l.s. such 1.1 .... FnHIOc:'. Bril;1in and India.

Two mnst si~nifk.i:lln fcuture .. nr the ia!'.L 25 y'i:~~r:o. ~]f 0\1 r h iSlory 11 a ve been ~ ~ i n,j. qUI It n successf u I at tc rn I'H rnude by the- M uslim counlri("~ in their strup"~lc for political freedom, Second. march with a rapid pace towards intellectua: and CUHLIJ~lT slavery of the We:;,[, Parallt:1 existence or the forces of Ylrl ue and evil is a d.;oiIt inctl ve phenomen ("'n nf 0 lit his to rjl of thhi. period. And indeed it requires it thorough probe and H deep study art 0 the factors responsi bl e for so rernarka ble- a success, j n so $J1O rt .a t i me in the struggle for po]; t ic:d freedom and. side by side. a head Ion g pI u n ge in the 5. ocio-c ul t ura l valuepattern or [he West: and the slavish imitation of 3t by the M us 11 In peoples e\.'erywhere, The m ~ l ter is of vjlal import and hence cans for .EL prom pt .a ttent ion as, bef on' an yt h-j n~ cl se. moral decay and cull u r~ I dete riorancn ha'i so meho w to be checked if we wi-sh tn survive a! a sellrespecti n g peop I~, The to). i!.il ing trend s au Q une .a uta-

J Eo WI.':iH (ON:S pi MAl·'"


go n j sl ~C 1..0 everything 'hat I ~I a m sta nd 5 lor. And t h is ~i l uutlo n j s fa ~t corrod ing the co tlect ive ego, and i r no d ue attention i s paid to t h is vita I q uest ion, the poH tical rreedom itself is: at sta ke, Wit hout C ult u ral d eterrn i .. nation. political liberty cannot long survive.

N ow I want. tn i nvi te arlen I ion lu yet another .a ~ pee t ... ,f the problem. We know that the world has shrinked .. ..,,,,1 to :o..p:eili k , t n l he modern Ii mes, and the p ro ble 111 Si II nd i ':01 ~UII:::" fLU .. red by i1 co u nt ry or soci et y ell n n L ~t be f u IJ y u nder:-..lot,J if we K-L"\:P Our eye~ confined lu unly that nation or rcgron. It~:) ~)r ~ trnost importance thnt in order to understand the problems facing the M uslim world we 1 i rs-t [ry to u nderst II. nd t he soci 0 - D 1..,1 j I ico-eco nom ic f 0 tees dl work mille international field. und be aware or the plnns and endeavours. the strutegy and the tactics, or at k.l:-;t those who wield real power and their notable h irelmgs. The M uslirns have paid heavily for their (0 m pJ L..I.cenry m t ~ t$ res pect and _g rea rer m i sfo rt u nes lie In -:it\'1re If the]' will not yet open their eyes.

] nternarlonal Je",,"ry- A _, IHI::U'e

I ha .... e thought Inng <J1l~ deep in. thi .... matter and my studies awl probe reveal lhat the most nrga.njseti. tbe- m'Kt dall1:i:rou!'iIi alllCl the most potent force in rhe ",,"orJd politic§. tod.:liY a re the J ew~ The ir roo rs u re s pread fur beyo nd f he ex pcct a ti 0 ns 0 f a nyone. It j s ge nerall i' believed t ha t f he wo rid i_Ii. divided bet ween l h e two h est il ~ ca m ps: the Communist blOC headed by SCJV~~E RUS5!a. and the e <J p t l.a ti~ l nr the so-en lied de moe r.;l tic co unt ries whose re igns are ~ upposed to be held by the people 0 f the {J n i H.:J Sta tes or A me rica. But the fac I is r hat the



R 11:'; sia T1 ~ nd America n governments au j ust pa wns in the hld. nd s of a rn est Cl111 nin g and insi dious hidd en powe r. that l s, the Jewish oat i on. Th L11 Br j ta in! F ranee, a nd parti cularly USA • , are und er 1 b eo influence of Jews, rather a plc.}'thing in the hands of intemational Jewry, is now more or less known. But few are aware that rnudern Russia is the product of purely Jewish thought and schemin g..

I can q uit e f(! resee and a ppreci 3 te the astc 11 i sh men t and curiosity of the people in general over the facts J arn ~[:.oiting here, They must be s\lrprising for "U who J1151 100k at the surface of thing' only, Bur 1 have dOClI ment a ry evi dence in Sol] pport ('I f my content i on.' 1 h a ve l h e writing;lo; and I he statements of the Jewish journahsts, wrl ters and public ] e~:HJ(.; r~ wh ich ex pr~~~1 y J cclare t hat the R ussian rev ... :}]utiQn ton formed part or the plans of the 7.ioni'".t.'\, J.(I rn giving below ~oml:' of the events and happenings that provide the evidence:

I. This is nul just accidental or £L matter of mere eoi ncide n ce l ha t the bes t brain s of the Com III u ni s l movement were Jews. Karl Marx was a Jew, [tum ralher·s as well as. mother's side. Trotsky and Lenin

- __ ---_--------------~---~--

.. L i101: Iutest ~;\ L:I [!1 pi!;:" uf Arne rh:'.t - S 01-"'(' J1 hostilh y town rds Mus] lm S~ ares, in I h~ p~~ nt (;<1 se ~ owards Pa 'k uran, i~ us rnO:!.l shameful s.upporl of ·'bf.L!ld" rt.1f the ~hui]'m;:ul!.l:":tp uf UNESCO. Arnericu cc ... ~ll\h ed ~ 0 enl ist t h~ MIJI'J'i'Ml of all j l:!i fdenids again sr their '~II}'· Pa kist 21 n and ~o t her tldC'U.t~J -

Similarly. t"e USA supported lsruel's dl~ Indja in oI".'IlJPl:I::iIitiQO to Syriu fl,JT the ... ucaut ~L1t 011 • he S.:.::: urity .Counci I. ] l_ i~ 1m t he ~ ~'I: time t J1;'j [ n t') A. fa h CD untJ1l ~ ill be there m th-: S~c"':r I, Y (.\.1';:.L1 m t he b istory 'Of t h Li;i 1:111 in"Ip-t., ... tilJl,t .Q~ ij;,l,Jl of j he U:r,ilt.d N.lI ion~_

If the M uslirns eun IUfgi ~ eo ;::I,rd rl,,-"rge~ 'S uch ~hifl;!;':!'i. if would mea n t nat they have 10M aU sense br se If·n:s:pe:ct aT"td honour.



were- of J ewish origin. The mo thers and wives of Len i n and S D respect! vely were Jewesses,

2. Shortly before the rcvolutio n in R u ~~i a the J ews were engaged in hectic ae ti vi ty, After the: brea k of First World War, Lenin and his two hundred comrades were sec retcly put iu u closed train in Ger rna ny and pushed to the frnntiers of Russia. The names of no less than 165 comrades uf his are traceable. and out of them 118 w-ere Jews. SOUI1 afte r Lenin en tared Russia, T rotsky loo land«f then; with a butch of 300 Je-ws from America. An j then all these Jews jointly planned and executed the Revel ution.

3- Afrt:'r the Bolshevik Revolution, the Jews capt ured the Govern ment nw ch i n eTY ,Out 0 f 556 key pos i 1 jon s in the new gover n men r, 457 were in the ha nds «r Jews.

4, In their books about the R ussi.m revolution the Jewish author» have showered praises uvcr the regime la vi s h ly and t hi:oJ 'Ill ire dearly ~ h ows th ill the revolt .. tic n·

·J~wry has tried to keep their WOI k.jn~.s in R I 1.<: '5o.l a i::j. ot=IOli~l)' !:\.u,Hd..:d secret. Yet 80m.:;! I,) r • h..: .L~I[ h C1r~,~ Ir\:b i 1,= ulscuss [fI~ V thcr rnstte.s, h.:.L V~ ir'll:l'~v _'I te nUy b i rued at it. He re .are 50ml!: extracts. •. H 1'1 RUIi,-sLL) some (.I(! ... ~,S.) ~I iii b, l.e ... ·~d [11 ern i.Hlcifl~lt i l1it LI9 th e desiru b~~ 50~~.1l kill. but • .:'.Qf,..".l iced {~L t i ~ ~(}L .. rl d n(, t ~ ~Ii,;t. i,;." ~d \1 nder r h e ex i;.t i Il~ rl.;:gl me, :-. d ..... o..::~1 t!~ r~/}"lir'i (lwl ~·l)11 ill r IJ(, !' ffiH JS U f r/.!' man.p' R.~:Jlhm r,nrnrrtl()"l.~ary _tfaijPS 10 OV;'rtiJJ'[JolL' it ~Jrrir( r, .. ,' __ . Plnskcrs r,.~mJ?l"Llct fAmoe~;w~,:ip4JJi.>r.._) rll.':~1 ~ ~ 11 ,nw h,.Or:.niq~ [,.1r RU"isr.ln .llonlsm. r Illm~.''''''~t-e])" ;1 rter J ::iI publica 1 ion, (J (,'t.J1I'j't: ~~ j)f pr"'m~)l.e-ril Russia» Jews W.:1.t:: assem bled and r L111Ild.:.:-d. il :!;'l.::~cty t L1 pre r'IlC" te the idea ~~'POU nded i I'll it, , _ .. .whcn H '::.7.1 ussern blc d ; I'll J:t,;,.!!.IIi!. S'I,l,. i[;;r~ •• ~"IlU. a oon~rt-s!'j. 0 r Jews r~(lm al [ cv I' ff".e world L.;. promote h ls idea, Ft"lm:s('l1laf'l'f6 (f t h~ R usno» I., loP ·r~· ~I ~ic n allf!f:qr:'d h,:;;:-I. rher ..... i [h rcpresentarlves (J ( J.:-~~'l~ 1 GfoI.!I~'p9 i n ~.I 1"0 poe and A merl ~:]. 4ind all ! o(lok ~~rt in e;:~LilbIi5hing the \\'l1 rll :liOn.L.l or _;an i"""ti'iJn .•••. .(ru

JlWlSH ("O~~"]R~('"

was in fact the fulfilment or their own wishes and phm!i. .Alexandcr Bi U lema n has w.ri uen !:I reveal i ng boo k named The Je'1'i:vh Prop/£ Face I ht" Pox 1- rVlIT W orld, in w hich rh e writer pays glowing tributes 10 rile Roo regime in. the roll OWl 1"1!! words:

"if not for the Red army. there would he no Jews


in Europe today, not in Palestine, not in Africa; and in the United Stoles of America. the length of ou r ex istence woul d be coun ted in d ~y~ , ... The SO\' il:l l J n inn Sla te ~.u veJ I he Jewi sh pcop] e, t h eref () roe let the A me r ican Jew ish!iSC:i.. never rur~C-l Out cistoric debt to the ~,.u\Jjc)I,I.T of the Jewish people=the Soviet Union,"

There is overwhelming evidence 10 show that Jews do mi nate both in A meri ca and R ussra '.' Tht"!VC powers certa i nly seem to be aga I nst ~JC h ot her but both are united and :.te! j vel y en Ila bnra tc w n I:fI J cwi ~ h J n re resr Ii. are involved and when there ].'!j !:my question or Jewish security and well-being and Ziollb.m~ h 10 hi: supported and helped.

llS·Soviet COUlr.iiiDn

~ nth j s connecti 0 n let me refer to 0 ne rn ere undeniable historical CVjdC:1"H;:~. The slate of "Israel' as we know

O;"P(.!;.~i.J to the J ewis,".1 HulTll!' in n·!::.] They Hht: R usslan Joe",:!.) wr.rgnl inMt'afl to I1PiIT .shaJ J""~i$" t'"/forl (.1;11 h!'IuI.'f (jf a RuSji(m &vol,#jurr. whit,.,. !liftg la,df", "III'hai lilt';" WflUh'ed to bt 'hi" lmerrss« of ,h,.,. JewiIJr ~lr'(Irk ir:llj du.~·'

~NADA"'· SAtR .... ::"I. TilE UNITED STAT£S AND ISRA~/.1 tb..r,"·ilrd. 1963. pp l7. 21, P u bl r shed under the auspices ~ AlIK'rk'~T\ F orei ~ P(IoI icy. Lihral")' 1 W~~Sf ~itort eRA ~E ,RR ~NTON, saY" dun thol: vol u rnes urrn ;u:1 pro .... I~,hn~ . sound, obJC:Cl1 ve JudKmc:ntli on the muny P rO'bl~m!. arl ci n~ from AlTlerka n COI'I~nS. and commttrrenrs aU over the g'Qbt..:.'.~ l:.d,

L -All numbered fo"tfilj~es. are 4t t h~ e nd "9! thi$ ar • .ll;."ic.


is the bastard child or Anglo-American diplomacy, h was co nc:eiVC'd forth by America. but who took. lead to accord it ~osnitio9? R ussia:3 t Why? Ir there were ba sic i declo git'al d I ffere nces between A meri ca and R ussia \\' 11 y thi ~ tre mend OU s upsurge or 00 ... opera and goodwi U an d love to reha billtate the Jew§;? Why did the enrn i ty between the t wo hostlle blocs eva porate WhC'D t be f u tu re of inte rna II onal I c:wry was i nvol ved 1 And why t he two ~ ~lsms' ~ that art: otherwi se always at daggers drawn feh fascillated towards; each othe r for ill prolonged COli rtship, immorally .Ai ... ill g birr h to a Call ba n'" that

... ..\ curious creation of Shakcs.pc::U'c: in hi:!. TEMPCST,-hAlf man h.:J.l r Imim.L 1_ powerless and 1:l.1~ .jJ .... :!o -l!I t t he fCC'L of his. mestcr ~-in • he case uf .. hf-"d" ~ I he world P(l'M,'r:: rs, ~h 0 .a re ~ Lid. Un,. 11 urt uri n~. N:1rlt'llC;. with ul I their resources .and mea ns, a FOerpent ""ho whe-n ITu:l;h.flol:d tUI.9, the plan. II,) .~ kit in l(,'j«' grip Ibc wI)' niJtwn.s respon- 3 i hie- for i rnplu m ing j t. 110"- apl ~ h.;-n • he- words ~f OUI' flC'u Culi Clil n would be (Of h.s "bI:nc'oM,"'!Or.ii:

"Thou laught me IsnguilSC, A nd my rrofit on il i-:.,

J kno,,"' how 10- curse.' I

Ben Guri{'l!'l :I.dd~in.t: • he AC1;k)n Ccmmil tcC't World Zioni.!t ~~"b.ation+ M J('rLlSaI~m, en A pt"ll 25, 19 SO, deela red ~ "'Zj,Qnl$b j n other cCoUnl M6 OL.II~t'U to have !JJc cour.llg,e to In !'lid Ur'J rOt the ~ • .1tC' br J<;~ac:1 even jr their G overnments are 31:E:l.inst it ". What u'boul .l:Ic JI;","9 j n fluid also in. other .M ullilim countrles? Where fj~ Ibeir loyolll~ ti'Cj ? ] ;!i'l,.l:r-l'I'Ofof 1 hey are In Gr;nicrn~t ~t't'kCl I.I!oO, il1:l'HI M.:iTl.r art W(:II'~ing in fort'ign I'i !'TIn" J~",'S hil",-e no lii'Vmpathiai and H'~::' rd fa.r even Amer kilo • h~ir greatcsl b r, [srue f G ~i~~l('n, ~d of lh~ A merlca n J~wi::i h A I:'I:m.~, j n 'b-c gui& of \-·o....;:lng !srn~J I c:omplli!l in ts :og~urut A n'llI!'rk3 n Jf'l,lrS : •• y.. hat inc A t'Q:U~ n JC~I waiun _g fot' : Are they wa tl ing far :I H h~lfr to force them Otlt ~ Do the)' I mll,gine th~t th~y ow ill ~ spared the lrl.~i.e! which ha;,,·.e- fora:d. Jews of ether 1an-ds to £mJgrate-1 "'hut oM tr ibu~1C to Truman's Amt:rit:I.. TMs American Pr.c:s.idc:nt did nn.t eare eve-n r~r the prati~, hQnu'lJ.:r and reJ'liuta!:lon or h i~ count ry in helping, Zionls1s to $..,n ieve ~he!r e~ds through que~i(llnO! bJc: means, H(: l.Idop~ Il'l"Il1trhand I~cre. me.hod:s.. PY.I't/Ch 1() the di5JLISt of hts. gwn col teagu:t:i+ and did no. h~itat~ tao eon!pin wilh .~ J~, fw 1:'iln'int


was out and out illegitimate- 1 will ha .. 'e other occasions, as I proceed, to point out where America and Russia readily collaborate and co-operate and where they differ and why.

Protoc-o-ls! .Tbe Je"'isb l\Jantff'l!:to

As. already pointed out, the Zionists have been planning since q uite a 10 ng ti me 10 bring t be ell tire wor hi into their S~'4lY. In this respect some facts are very revealing Indeed. In pursuance of their objective to dominate the wo rld the J ewisn bra in s he ld seve ra l specia I seere l mee t; ng~ front 1897 to 1905 and laid dewn principles and programme for bringing about revolution in the entire WDr!t1 tu suit the best interests of Zionism and virtually enslave the no n "Jews. The- det nUs of their pol icy, I he sf f~' tc gy and the t uctlcs to be used p were all red uced tow ri I i T'I!! and. compiled, Its circulation was intendco l o hL! restricred to a vcry limited number 0f highly eminent Jews. only, But somehow these documents could not be kept confined to the hierarchy uf Jewry alone. Copies of it lea ked 01] tat d ifferen t times, a nd feU i ntc non- J ewi sh hands who published it in the (:'<J rl y )' ea rs of t hi seen t U ry, The name of thls document is TIt~ PJ·(ltf)(f~f.'tJJ of tlr,;

. Learned Elders of Zion.

This document contains the ·complete plan for the ,evolution in RU~$;I:I~ Subsequ.e .... t evellt5 further confirm

out ~ I J~rnl'"·. In fact AillC( k~ is. wholly responsible rOt i rr:p lant in~ this nnC't"r after. of course. the Sc'Qund "·M].: wa~ a[ready 'l.:'omph::te:d by Brirain, A n Ii then an all-out suppen from b c xh tv I:' ~ob:,.11'1g its eJ:.jl~~_ Yet how lhunk.le~ are • he Jews. For derails about Truman -I dub LOU, m¢fhM!S and con5f1'~r.lcy wit" Ziol'\i~t!i. see ALFR.BO M - ULIENT HAL. W H A r PRICE ISI'.EA L ? Chbco. 1953:, p'p, -82-87.~Ed.

lEwrsn CO\:SP LlACY



t hi s fact when 011(: learns that j n R u ssia and i t!i sat~ni te countries anYOJ1e possessing this hook Is swiftly put to death. The reason is quite obvious. If thi~ document is allowed to circulate i( would expose both Zionism Rod Communism, the genesis of the Communist revolution and the Jar-reaching designs and plans of Zionism."

In the beginning 1 I;0t the opportunity to go through an Incomplete Arabic translation of the PROTOCOLS. Shorn}, nf!erwl..lrd ... J read the complete te\t III Arabic and then read the ~ ~,.d editlon of il~ English vcrsicn ... •. Tile curious thin::: about this hook is thal rH) sooner an edition


j~ published it goes out nf sto-ck. Stranpc enough that

r he book i .... printed again and again but il ever remains out of stock.! This book W~~ there In the: Hririsb Museum if'] 1905 .and attracted much .?LUentio!: aftC"r the Bolshevik Revolution. 'l his. document became the ~opic of the day ~J:;; l! contained the complete pluns ~nd programmes of the Russ-ian revolurion+. and of many other revolutions rind upheavals too, The same book Iays bare: the plan

..---_. _. -- -.'.--' ,,_ -- . - .... _ .. ----

.. J fHl' e read 8.!nd r:.di, ion i n ~.llf" II ~ 11. • and a 1 ~(I. comn.e t'l:1.!i upon, ~n.J -qU(!lCdlion9 frnrn, ill':: PR()T(}COLS in an Ar.lbk book "'h~n

j:::, 4J, ~ ransl ~ liou from T 1.1 r~ ish. l sk.ll' be gr.jJ,l eful jf ~Oltlf'~nc g~"~

me copies or var i 0 us cdh j .... ms ~ 11 A mer lea tl. A rubic &: German, I .ul so wa rH ~ he book WI i L ten ~ b01..1 L t he cent ro .. :~ rsv OJ! PR OTOCQl8 over L he B.D. C.-.E J.

tTheo·U.OT Hc-rLI. the ori~in~l s-;;hl:me:t of li'Ol'nia.m1 .$.1ld in bi:i DOoLlKj The Jco,t'i~1r Stare, publ ishcd in J R'96: . 'Wh ~I'I w~ sink 'We beeome a revc lutionary proletariat, I he .s u h(l rd I ~il!1I: offi~:I':!i of the TCvolu. Lwn.u.T}' p~Tty; wh~1'II 1,1, 'C t h.1.:'. there rises also our rern ble pCI~[ ot the -,,:u~c .. , CQlnpurc: ibis omineus statement ",,"'ilh those of the P RDTOCOI.S. of wbkh it il pLaJnly an ~o .-Bd.


J[ WIS.I CO:"li"SfI'l RACY

for ~ aboli(tO 11 of C a llpha te in T 1I rk~y and lhe programm", for the es ta bl i ~I'I mCf"1 t n f 44 J 5 rae I , ..

It should not be uslonishinu to learn Ihal the l'nlttd


Nations is in fJCI one of the vehicles through which 'he

Jews acco m pi ish their l n I ern a tional m a nor u vrings. A lmost all the V _ N _ aucnc i C'5 are a n act ive so u rce of se rv •


ing the Ziunh[ll interests the world over, and the Jewish

PCQ pl e .find it H': r y con vc n ic n 1 to rna tai uli t.~ l hci r J re u m s through. this imernntionnl boJy,iJ. And I ~!m expressing these \·'CW:l \ ... ith full sense of responsibility, on the authority of the Jewish writers themselves. A well-know n Jew l ... wyer CJ r New York r Hen ry K le j n, ~\ P]'~~ ~~J tll e ~a me views in his foC\'uling work, Zion» Ru!e rhe· Ir{w/Lt. New York, In I ~-l;tL He wrote:

··The l lnitcd ~Hl'Lln~ ii 7.ionjl:,[n, Ii t~ ~ he ~ u per- _gtl vern men l men ~ [ .... mcd rn: L n y t i III C.,;; i n .11 C' Protocols Q/ the l.enrnnJ rM~Jrs I~r Z(~~I'. pro,)· rnulnated between ~ Sl)7-lryn5,-'


In addirion to this in~~I'n·.,~;, nJ I ..:';~anjl.1tioll so many other asend~ urnl J"!,,!.;.rjhLL;~'I"I', ~:..: -cr i il:f the CJlLSr or Zionism." Th'C .1' h it ve bee n (J rga n iz~d w LL ~ :"0 uch 1 u le nt and Ih-ei r method of W1}1' k is so scic n 1 t tI c l nar t hey cue a ble to enli ~I SOPP(~(t u f lhe n j t ionals ('J r 0, her c ou nt r i es without much diffic~:lty - LV ... -k, fl.,r cxumple. at rhe intern arional secret IJ r ~~ nizauo n i.,f t lie F rcem ason ~~. This in fact [5 a J ewis h m overnent an d I ts m em be rs J re + ~n$cio IJ.~] y or U nco nsc lOU s 1 Y 1 engaged to promote lewis h


imere)la and purposes throughout the world." Jean lzoulet ]lLl~ been A h-Hl~ nrne member of ';JcwJsh Israelite AU ranee l: n i \ e rsetle" . An.1 r. icle by this writer in h i~ Journal )t,tn',\ Lu C(Jl'/wJ Des Rt'bgiml.~, in J 9).1! Wf

fmJ th J 0\' rn g tC'\ d:H inn:

··Thc me ... .,.ing ftf the hi~wry of the- ~m,t century hi that today _ three hundred Jcwi~h financers. flJj masters (4 lod:f!i,.'.~. ru lc til to W('I rh..l. 11-

I Io_·

.h q u~tl4U~on~ Irom the' JC\\ I ... h \\ rit.;,:-r, themselves c an be c ~ reJ a,I b~fin it, ml~ _ Hr ... \ .... ·~,·c r, I ~ C'l;C r ('"v..' e:t1 racts arc sull] ... .ient h~ ~i'·C' un jdca c-f the hm:k~mund to 1"11:1Ncus to the prL~hlC'm!oj. aud issues faced by Inc Jslumic VI. urh]. \\-.llt\IBt 1 ...... okiLl,g I Jle perspective ;~:I1d the w~ .... !lu fnrC"L:i ;H ~h.rl'k anJ the magnitude of theproblem, no remedv could pov-ihly be lholl~l1' {'f Jlld lhe solution must ever rcm;Lin elusi .... c.

"--hcnco\·cr the rnk and machinations of Jew) vis-ari,~ rhe \1u ... lim w ....... rhl L!I cin ~h;~::'~.l~J il'lo ::~n'l mean that this j~ the- tllll} pn"hh:m wnh which 1I1~· ~lu~!jm~ are faced llJ-Ll.J~ , fCtJ~ there i~ nl.\ dc~~ jn~ the fact Ihal tile role pb}~J b)· the JC":o j.~ lhe" single must thrt~Uellin.s: dan,ger to !h~ Muslim ('L:1Immunil) wherever the)' might be.

• f 11-.:- P f./. 0 ro( 01_ ~' I h ~ql.-:,..:I L 1,,:". fl L \ e inl C"'o..")I.hl .... "1:J Free rn,l '!otln:'O in 1i":.L· [ulluv .. ·jl,_!.: ... \;~r ... b.:

_. t ...... 1 "1/1, I);~ i rIL1rp.) ~C' l ~H.! n ... ~ I,.' h..1 \ .:- i n H!'flll,'·,J ~ b I ~ .... hole ,,",ohc)" and jn~.Er.u LI,d Il into ttl.:: T'IlhJ;. L"tr .:!,"l_\' in.\;"I-J .. ·\ .. · .. 1 ..... rHKIoLLl !fdn,l; If'ltrn aov c ha;n .... 1:" t ('0 of:" ~J II i til,.! II s L~n.jl.! 1 i \ j! I:':: mcun Lng ',~ Fvr,...~ ar, indeed jf ~a.[ in ("IJ J~; t t' (!ob~;~ i r,. j n a r\) L1I'I:J.1 !'I-I~i 11 \.\. a ~ ..... n:1 t ~:I. fQr our it."ttcu:."J tribe Un.:m~L i 11 ~~ bit!' r.y I hI.!' _~ i _'\.' ... ~L r':"liH~ ·.t It i!'\ 111 i~ '" h ic h jli.!:l 9e:r''(:~ :aqhot b..L~ i:-. of ~"tu r .('. ~L' III S "I or, o f :'"oL'( 1 d ,! i,:r'. .. o r'l:r~ wt~ i~:t]. 1:='; n{')1 k~~'n IO! ar1.L.l aims ..... hrch ;m:· IH"{ -1.'\";1. ~O n .. nch ,t:o.. :;"U:;'P'=(1~J ~~', ll'le~ goy can 1('", i.H L T.ilLl':-L1 ~~ us 1:"'1' (' ~ h(' "show" .1 Tr'I'I}' of ~1 i,l'o"n ic loL11-'."('"~ in ordc r t t' L I~ row {tl~ ill t l~' ("~'C~ f f 1 k·fJ f.:-U ')".~- l Piotr C.:':IT X!] For ui m ~ L1('"il h. P'l:~.rh":oiI..-: ~ m! ~, r. i(,CI~, ~.I,!: dA:H!I i 1& In the PrrJrt'lml! I a nd ;(I ~~ sec FR ~:T \ 1 .... ·~, .. s(j" ~H)V l.;. to.:! L\ T tl'l m)" E.\pJ~.nalory N c tcs, -lid.


.JtwrS9 COl'otSPI RACY

And most udu::1' problems are just the consequences of the pol icic$ f ollowed by the J TI lerna. ti onal Jew rj' , The Jewis.h Co nspirators are very much active to L nplc me n t their programme: throu gho ut the world incl ud i n ~. of course, the Muslim lands.lf\ and they are busy cttat~ng problems according to a well thought-a u t sc he-moe". r ndeed, their techinq ue • s so deep in its con ~C[ uences L1 nd so comprehensive in its scope and objectives that only the very :!ii hrcwd and alert minds can ge e at tne rc or.

J e'ft'iH Dn.i;ru

And n.ow in 0 rd er to demo nstra te l h J. t JtWS ha ve dangerous designs about the Muslim world .. I wish to s how a gli m pse 0 f the hiseo ry of 0 u ... Jl~' st se v e nty years, The event'S themselves w ill pro .... e til r.J l r :-ola m has been t n I: greatest hi nd ra nee in the on ward march 0 f (he J ewtowards world dominatlcn. Vt-'e know now that Arnericn and Russia both. are in the grip of Zioni~ts {and much tall ta lk lh~t Jews il re pe rsecu ted L n Sov iet R u s:.-. ia -= is trash and concoct ion for wo rid co ns u m 11 t; on .n nd the purpose of diverstcn of attention). So far it is only Islamic people wit", are not pre pared to recon ci lc t hemsel ves wi th the creation of .. r sreal". All the powers that are bac k.iDg Zi(i nism are bit ter 1 y opposed to l he M uslima, and the Zi¢ nist Jeadersh ~ p i:::l q U L te co ll"S.ol:i CJ us of tbe fact that should (God forbid) lslarnic WOI[J dis-

J nttgrate! the whole glo be will come unde r the swa y of Jews. And hence they wish thai r slam k: . resistance m ust be broken at all cos LS ,

- -. It wQuld be iIH~J."estj ng to nOte Lhl.1.L IJmong the R usslun G o .... ern. ment!:!o c:h': rgl:S :aC:1ili!1 the f''I.m()t..I~ Russian ;;} u thor 5J N Y A 'VSK Y one was: .• Ere: h::r.:i cOl'lt-l:mpt ror ltllli:: Jews". What proof j ~ RIi uired thut Jews. domiae till there !lOW us. ever bEfore, - E.J.


.. The t u sste betwee n III c ~111.S(jm$ and Jews has quite a JOO1:; hi story. but it obt a ined renewed vigour towards t he end. 0 f the 0 ine teen th century. J n t be 1897 when the Jewish .. Elders' mel secretly tbey chalked out a programme to blow up the unity of the Muslim world. Their plan w~·!i to first bring about revolution in Russia and 1 hen dr~a mite the Cal ipb.a te ~ a syrn bol of M uslim unity and solidarity. They as part of their scheme presentcd a written submiss..ioD to SU1l4:!lD Abdul Hamid for ballding over to theJews SOJue land in Palestine for which t 11 c-y were prepa red to pay as much as· asked for, The Sultan W.1~ shrewd rightly gauge the intentions

. .

Df lhc Jews. HL: rejected their request.U Beaten rhus,

the J I:W~ :;:, La Ll~d ~. ca mpaign of v jll fica tion aga i n~ t the Sultan both ·{n and outside: the country whh du!: uDderlya ing int~ntion of tearing down till: C'aliphate itself. The hi ghl)' \'e nornous ptopaga nda campaign co upled. wi th pr actical manoe u vri Ilgs of the J cws in colla bora lion with the Christmn -Europe. succeeded ultimately in dis .. mantling the. central authority or the Muslim people, The Turki!!.h YCIlJth! n fed On constant propaganda and cheap slogans, were seduced to forman organizatjon for tbls :!\rt::~ir.c task. Simple patriotic Mus1jms too followed the ern a 11 but powerful CB. ba t since thei r think i ng and bel\-a vi our w 34i bei ug moulded in a most j n S idious mann er by the subtle Jewi_"i.h propaganda machinery. Frtemai. ron Lcd ges served as f 11 e seat of all l heir $ChemiIlS a nd plan ning where they held meetings and cend ucted 0 perations, Through slogan mongering and cheap sentimentalism·and distortion of facts: and repethion of {~h:eh cod, the J ew~ satura ted the minds of ~he T ur you tIl



so much 50 that the}' be_i.atl to nurture r II:(: Ii ngs of hatr-ed against the AraNJ and a s.lage reached when this hatred erupted ~ike: a vclcano". At last • rime came when the ins;UtutioD of Catiphate was th row n (0 ·1 be win Js t hrough

t he hand s of this very youth organ iz.a1 ion ~ i nsp lred, pia Dned aDd supported by interne LionBl Jewry _ 1) And $LtlCe

t h.,n 'CoDiusion and chaos ill ibe M uslim I a nds knows no bounds, and an efforts to brlng them on a co mmo n piatform have proved inconseq IU'tltiaJ. For how lon~. God kDOWS bener. I ...

Zioabm .... hilmi, J\lotNltllts

Th is was t he fint fun scale. plu.ilck of Zion i~ln (l n Islam, Their 5UC"C!flS ·eooou.raged them r=unh~ .. and ih~y bti:aQ 'Working for i..bfir n"txt sre p, and j USL wi til ~ n ··26 years the)' were able to USl,Jrp a part of Palestine. ·c.t:r~ la 'nly I' J sraert W8!: not established wi, hout a 1'1 'i rcsin~;! ~tc!

• All the tutmoll In Tur\.e)' rr~ lhe be&inn;ng tilt· t"ml ""~ ~he working ct' tht:! Ji:W1 lhnnl,gh [heir !.eCret blnd in Uw [orrn of Frft-.. mu.iODI")'. The- .st3!,lftli:1\t $( ~d mircr1- (If l'viln! l'urh :and ~.~I.('a

KemaJ haw no .._TlA.:milhvc bu.1 to .iCOnfM I he; truth: .

'NISTA H. WEB!I!;TF_R in herS£CRET. SOClfTIES .·ASD S U BYERSI" E MO V E.'rfENTS tLODdcn, 1 !l28. p. 2&4) ", • 'Tho YOUD.e; Turk movement ori ginated ~n the MlUior!.ic: lodp r4 So I OVU:. a unOc::r tho!: direction of l~ Grand Orje-rtl of h:lr.v+ ~hklllj)ter

.contnb ... ,ro to the- S~1.""$:" or M ustafa K..cITtLlL·· . .

Anoth-cr writer, LORD KINROSS in hI:!. beak ATATl:'RK.

Tilt Rdl,.,1t vI D ]\',of no N t t, OOOOti. 196~. p_ 45 ,. m~k~~ the f-oilowtill: revelation about l{oI::ma 1. A ~att1rk: :

I ~Fmm hi:!. childhood, in ddi ~ 1111 T("~cl i 0 [l ;J ~ i nst his. mother' s beliefs and devotiona l pracnces, he had neen de ... ·elofJi ... S ·.!iut:!· CQl:Isclou!501y into n 11 agnostic, No ..... his belief 1I.:1X5 conscious and milhan1. ] l Wi}!. sh .. red, m' ree h i {.;J Co rnra de . :sl n~CI btginningl. whose IiIEno::.ti,::L:a-m W~ ~akd br an .jJ;sso<:~tion 9fUh. I.hc- F~m~~n'. But by both II rul,.l~t unacknowlcdgc-d except to each other." ~Bi..




Oil the PHI( of lhe rns. The)' did nglu, and fig" t bi ue rly , F oref ro nt In thts battle were the lkh« 'On a/,J! Iislim'oan (The ~1LJ sli m Brothe rhood). J ndeed, l he Jews had realised rh a ( tht:i r grente!iit toe my we re the lkhwan. The selfless manner and the dedicated spirit wi rh W hich the lk II., an had f oug ht made the Jew ry realize w here l~} the po Len rial f orce 0 r 0 P PO-SI t ton aga inst the rn, T he memo ry of the j (1 jury i! lid loss s u ff ered by ! he Je,,"'s at the hands' of the Ikhwan ·:ould not be easily obli tern red _ They became hi ghly 3 pprehe nsi ..... e of rhi s l! reut budd in g power of I $1 am. Zi\ln i sm saw real drtnge r In the lk 11 ~fan a nd th COl' rca! ized lh III un less 1 h i s d unge r w~ S t:l i rni nated ~ they waul d nex cr be able to estu bl ish themselves in Palestine, much I(!~!"! snare and enslave the en li re :vi U4)t i m wo rld as pIa nned b) t hei r .. E IJ en" III , The Jews '\' isualised potem J ill 'hrc:l t tn· ·"I!i.T ae l" in 1 he two f crces: ll) the rml')" of the f..,·1 L1 ~l i In world s pecia lIy any J.! I ioJ nee be t" ~~n A ru b co u ~lt rlC~ s uno undi n g'. ~ srael",

nnd (2) the movement of the IkIJ11·(lJ~ al-.\JusiimoOfl. A"d lhe}' i mruec tu ttl}' S t~rt~d \.,-~ ... rkln g on thei r plan s to do a WJ~' with t hese ll1 rears to t he~ r po litic ~.1 fu ru re in lbi: [\01 iJ.JJ~ East,

What T understand J~ that rhe Zionists and the C j tb olic C h IJ rch hJ. ve reached CI mut u aJ u nde rsto nd J ng, ,-' .J Qd, now. bot h t he se pt)we rs ha ve r c rged a U ni ted front ~t ~:~ i n ~t r -lu rn. The J cws v L":ry ~ v ·cll rcmc m ber t h L 5. Je~5iO[}

. --- - .- .... _. ~ _ .. ------~~---

.. [t '1.\ oul.; be I ~~ rc rest i r.g tc 1'1;0 te th_a t tl'l..: Jew i!i:h F I d~n are ,","uy much p l..!'.hl"i L h'l L L 11t:~ .11 ~ sen l tered ull -1.>' L'T • he ~OL" ld, as it has rae ilir.i t...:!d L h 11: ;::..:C"om r-5 i ~~Ht"'!cnt (l-r ~ ncir fI(,.f;~ rsous J~a i r. ~n'i.. Tnl"."')' :!i~Y in, 1 he p:r():~~("~1 oj: •• (j.o~ ha~ ~r~u:'I1l.":d to US, ~ I ~~ Ch{')~ n People, g\fL ';" t t he dispe I ~J en, LI nd 111 til I So \". hJC h .J.pp:.:a~ ~ In i!!J eyes to be ou r "'e. ... "k n-e~, has c, -:-m~ f(lo~ln ;ilt ou r ~\n.:-nglll, w h ich h.;'l~ [],O"'" tifough l u ~ to the tnrl."::IDtJlJ of :io ... 'c:r-l:'.i~m y over iLU (be worW.'·-Ed.



of their histo ry tha t they have ever rcrua i ned powerless against the Islamic forces while working alone. The C hr is tian \\'10.1 rid too wa s in search of -';'0 me proper opportunity to take .revenge of th-e humiliating defeats at the hands of the Muslims in the never forgettable Crusades, And now beth are co1[~boratjrlgll5 to subdue the Muslim world. The Arab states adjacent and close 10 the Christ ian 5 and J L:WS rn ust n atu fally be t 11 ei r first targets . .D ud the uni l~J. stre ngt h or Christi a n dorn and Zion ism wants to deliver a severe blow 10 the Mushrns ami the dream of Islumic unity. King Farouq, in spite of all his: advocated tbe CEH.£SC of unity jn Arab countries .. and stood "for the unit}' and freedom Qf Egypt and Sudan, The British employed eV(:'TY means at their disposal to persuade and seduce and even threaten but he did not yield and everuually .i1H negotiations of the Brirish QI1 this .subjt:'d completely broke down. This W:H in the middle of 19~ r, The anti-Muslim forces had planned 10 do a ..... ay with Farouq as early ~:l!ii possible and a hectlc search for a suitable man t'!-~g~n, They desired to kill two birds: with on-e stone: To find out a man who would block the unity of Sudan and Egyp! and suppress (he Ikhwan atM aslimoon. Gemal N asser was. chosen for the 1.1 sk and way was paved for his rise, Hrilts.11 Intelligeru .. -c and thl! C. I. A. both At last in ] 952 Farouq was pulled d ow 11 ~ an d Gem U 1 Nil sser pll s btd IIp, a nd he started working immediately for the objectives he W.a5 brought forward. He d,d aU he could to keep Sudan and Egyp l M way and d. ~ un: teo. ADd to f u 1 fiI the second condition he put SO thousand lkhwun behind the: bars and hanged many whom Egypt had produced ill many

lEi W ISH COSS~rRA(; y


a century". He thus infticted a blow whose wounds arc ha rd to heal. ] ndccd ~ t is beyond any do IJ bt t b.a t N asser is an agent of Zionism'".

J t is argued that If .Naseer had been playing in the hands u f J cws, L. I), ael' l' B r i ~;1i n and r ranee wo uld not ha , .. e oil ttucked r, c r, and .:11 so that R u~:-; ia would not hu vc t h reate ned to bri ng in he r f o rces Ugilj nst t he at tile ken. Indeed good number of people are under this deception but as time wears on. mist surrounding this mystery is fast e ... 'apcrating tnlo th in air. The bnsic thing to rcmember in this connection is that the real objective behind (be tlgh[lng over the ~UC7 isvue "I,,~~S to pr .. ~\·id1.,! opp .. »runity and pa ..... e way fLloT territorial expansion ('Iof "Israel' and ensuring lts ::-'LT..:ngl lt and de~ eloprncnr through indirect and subtle ... ~ iL: s, .... \nd "Israel" f~"'r obv .ous reason S WIHH i to acco rn pJ j ~h i 1:;.. des I_l.l: rh ~I t HI i t ~t b [e t ntervals, bit hy bLL as c'Irrnl't U[]lly and circurnstances permit. An all-out attack on :1 ny \1 usf m country "''r'4)uld be nut of tune to her schemes. J n fact, thL: Suez cannot fully be undcrxtoud ....... ithout un eye over the relevant circumstances and subsequent le~ .... ·j~h achievements.

All the three powers. attucking Lgypt hud the fuileai support of America too, but it retraced its Skp~ ;:u the eleventh hour. Vt·lLY America did so, L,j na rrated In detail by the the-n Britisl: Prime Minister, Anthony Eden, in his diari-es. Indeed all these four powers were corn-

---_------~-- ..... --~----

-----_ .. _--- ~

IIITni...!: ls all in kcoe:;lin,g with the Jewish p [0 grame. T h I;! JVV[iJ('V ts de clu re ~

"And t~-e 'kt:~PO[I~ .in out h1nd!lo are limitless ;}mbili0t'!~, bun; 1~/I::t:JIr:C;S9, merciless ... er:.g.r:a nee, he ire cs .l nd IT alice, TI ~ from us thi.\l ~H...-cn~ulfing terror proceeds, "-Ed.


pie lely conflden t or their "let OJ)'·· .. t h ~ vic t 0 rJ or Zionis m-bu t America "s a tour ness II: hanged 1 he II;: n tire COU rse or C ve n t s, America T€ frai ned not (I ~ L of h urna n i laria n or moral considerations but for factors of hj~h diplomacy. A merica W~ nt s I a ~) ust Br~ 11.1 in from t he ~'i tl,u le East pOlitics lind enlarge her own sphere of influence in t his region, As rega Ids. the threat of R u ss [1.1 it was nothin g bu I l:i n exerc ise • n d i plQmul:"J "

As regards. I he plea t ba t the E,g) pl i ~H1 die t a I \ ~r iii. al way ~ pu bl icly de nounc i n £ A rncricu .Il nd he nee how he could be regarded as pl.1) ing in the hnJ)~.b. of Jews, i!-. nothing but a crude nuernpt on his- pan in lryin~ In befool his nwn people. These outbursts t~f ]\.a~ ... er an:

. meant Ior home consumption Iml~. S~\rh lacti..::oi. art n-e-ctS$~tatcd 1 n pacify 1 he Ar ~t b rna ~:-..("::." 1 t .~ d ~~~cru ion ~ pure and simple, in ('I~der to keep himself saddled in pl:'lwl"r _ I r scmeo ne hi: 1i eves i l te' be ot her w.:;.c let hi m po ride r over a very si m ple q ucstio n, r f Am~ rii::.i and E&yrt are enemies of each of her wI'1\' America i~ keen to 5-0 lavi .... hlv

~ . ~

provlde with all the ~LiJ t'J };~l!-.;:,er. . Am(log ~l! the

count ries of {be \\' odd, E ~y rl I:; gel! i n E" p~r h u ps the gre a t 7 est amount of aid per ('{1~}fd in food. H~JW i':t it ~O·! Certainly America cannut be stupid enough to waste ib resou rces on a count r)' ';Ir, hich Is h osti II! or n L"'It pre r'l red to serve its. designs and purposes. ~~!1Y;I1 ull this huge amount is bting paid hy America?

Tbe trutl: ~J the matter is (trIll rhrougJI Amf.'l"ica lh~ Zionists have been quire ,'·U1H',Hj~~' IJl gCllim; (rom Sasser at! t he y l,-is'Je-d for in ('mnU_"t ,( ion .firh t I., .com alit/(H ion and Jrrerrglluming cj lire posiuon vI "Israel",

ll:\\'JSn CONSPlll,l\{.'Y

The first mea sure r or l he co nsolid Ilti on, secu ri ty t and further expansion of .L. lsrael" waS. taken in the form 1,)[ rhe suppression 0 f t he mas t pop u lut movement of f he Middle Ea!;t! The M usl & m Brot he rhood (J k Jj tL '(l/l alJf!If!.!irmwn), in whose presence: it was net at LJH possible for any government in Egypt to exhibit the k,.~t possible complacency or weakness l-is-u-ris ,. lsrael". It was indeed um hi Ilk a 111 I.! for any ruler to show the least favour or accord :'''y rc l'n ~n! t ion to it d i rect Iy or ind; rect I y. Hut th;ll i-:; \\ h.rt (',l!. Xa'is,er has v] rtn all)' done. And hi! himself is responsible tor bringing tht ('at out of b..1g, when i::1 195~lA;5~ the ~ Iuslirn Brotherhood was ruthless~ y s II ('I pre ~~~d and i rs be ... t 1 ca dcrs were hanged a nd 40 (0 3U rho usund of it ~ me rn bers \ .. 'c re p ut behind the: bars, l [toe Colonel in ani ntervi cw to I he: cones pendent of .\'",ilf I'ork Times assured the Zionists and its supporters, as fur back as October ] 3, 195:5, that none of the Arabs wunfed to elinunate I, lsrael". The only thing Arab:!! wanted WJ.S the right to Jive [or the ousted Palestinians and their properties to be returned as assured by the U.N, Resolu tion se .... e n years before,

ls ir no t recognition of .. f sracl" 1 J r no t, w ha I die recognition means 1'0

And then a gain, la st yea r! N a~sc;:'r gave a pu hi ic sta terne n t to the sa me effect, '2,

A rabism: AnUtbc§.l$ of Islamlsm

f ndccd, the s10 gan of Arab n J tl ona lism hil S dug at


the rn0t of the unity and the security of the entire Islamic world. There are sim plctor» (or mischief-mongers n who a re pcrs u ~I ding them sel vcs to be lieve t hal if l n c A ra bs get united, I( would strengthen Islam arid consolidate the power ('Ir the 1\.1 uslims. But this is. a deception and u more: dan~~roll:S one at Lh:LL The much tru mpc!f"d oC;:.In for A r:1 h unify and the lhin king that is Cit the buck of ~! 1S in f~l('l a most heinous conspiracy against Ialurn. It is a vice t0i~1] and complete, and j ust ~~ little though! wo uld clear the cobweb. JJ.~. firsr casually j, Ol.lld b{' the Islamic basts (If the }d.'~.~·hm soricry. Its most manlrf."fo!t harm would be- that out of 700 million M uslirns of ·the world.

about 70 million Arubs shall be pernumently ahenatcd. It doesn't req uirc much Irnngination to understand th.u when the basis of tbe socio-politicul structure would be juSl Arab nationnllsm, and Islam shall nut be permi[tcd to have any ";}i)' in if. whm interest the non-Arab MLJsl in. could have in it. 1ndeed ~ the gulf would become wider and wider, spl"l'btl) when the re-t of the Ununal: wndd like to base its, identity on Islam as. il naturally should, ot herwise the rc i 10 DO SC use ; n ~:1.Tl y sort 0 r affillut i l ~1'1 wi ( h 1 heir religion.

Arab NafionaLism; Grav.e or Islamic VnJty

The slogan l){ Arab nationalism WJS raised by tll-L ChI is u ana and the Jews and the vested in terest S so th a r

somehow t he ~l usli m s 1!C t en t 0 If from t hel r rnoorin gs. In point of fact, the enemies of lslarn do not like the unity of even the Arab world, much less the unity of the entire Muslim world. TIle cull for Arab unity i~ just a slogan and a scepping stone tov ... 'ards the ultimate disintegration



of the Islamic world, ThL:: hostile powers are working 51 ~p by step. They ha ve ~ clear. 0 b.i ecti ve lx:ft H"C • h em and al so . the prcc i~~ _li.t3ges in which t he ideal 11 a s to be uchieved . The ir fi rs.t :'L Hem r l i!oj, r ~ ~ ~('I rnehow dim th e consciousne ss of t he :,\-11,]:;j.! i rn s t ha t l hey a rc an Fsnmah. But once they ure able to blur the vision of the 1\·1 uslims in this regard It, would 1,(: so C:L~y h.~ drive them f~l!1h~r and farther UW.1y froru .: their f.111:r ing f~m .. '1:_ A nd :l~ a

. .

ne-xt step in 1 ~eir plan to wean them nwny from Arubisrn

too and split them .:into FLirt.J1er narrow illterC::it'O and limited territor-a: h_( .tlties, AI ,I bi::,m urul Arah nationalism co u Id \'C ry con ve n i eo fH ly be p u shed u s i J~. i.L nd t n c:y t:n U Id be made to take pnde ln being E}.::yptiu[l:"',·!~ Jordnnians, Syrians and Iruqis, etc, And thu::, l-Iurnic world shall be torn asunder, local interests wo uld replace t 11e Arab C.::l U se a s a whole, I]' I he basic Ii '.1 'U/ r_l' to Islan: r s OJ adc to .). ~;jcr (lfI,1 m('r~' A rabism is ~~11() I r~d 1fJ tal.: e i r.1," plac c ~ I hen no p01,·"I' Q/~ earl 11 could sa ve llie A r(j b 11·[H1d from dis integrat ion und the N' L l i 11 be 110 flul to r IJ L~ s tory vi of./,'gi adat ion ~I rd h WI nliat ion _

The peculiar tfling. ahout the ')log<1n of Arab national ism is tha tAra hie I a n guage j s su pposed to be j ts bus i~t"~ One who sp(:'Cik~ Arabic: is Arab, And through this de 6 nil tOU J ew s and C' h ris ri il ns too beco me the me In bers of the Arab fraltrnity. And t he consequences of such

a fn 11 Y cou 1 d we: 11 be vi s ~l~. lizcd even now, The J t;'w~ and Christians in the garb of Arab nationalism could 1"1 L~y ha vee a nd in Hi ct i nj 11 r~r beyond repa 1 r ,

1(\ "
-o~£, tn


• Q
I .jO ~

~. ..

II •••

• • " ••• I •


• •••••••

· .~ .....

• •••••••• a •• •••••

• ' .• 0·· .

• •

... •

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• ..

.. • • •

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• • ..

• •

• • ..


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.... ~

". • :I:

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... . ... .

.1 •

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It .... '"


. ... ..

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I 10 .. . It III

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. .. . ..

... ..


~ .,:::

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-W~~~_. __ ~dF~4~~ AI PCA.

•• III ....

:.... ~

..... .. • •

" . ~ ..




Z~ ~Z ;;o~

... -












Vlited Fnmt -.glimt hhm

Let U~ have a look at tbe part or the Muslim world the- West named as the MiddJe East. The picllJfl! 3 S dismalt indeed. The condilioo:!i. there are most perplex: Dg and fraught with danger, The most important region, iL~" Pa lestiDt, is j n the handS. of Jews. Gemal N asser has under him the most [trtH.e land or the Arab 'World, and hi:! tactics and insidtous manoeuvrings and Goebellian propaganda techi nq ues are a constu nt source of headache for the entire Arab world .. -and for Pakistan too. BHl h Pa rty do m i nates in Sryia which t hrives on ~nwi 01 sec::d:i of dissension ~ mo ng the Muslims to st rcngtheo its own st rcnghold .8 nd is 5 U pported by Druze, N osairi and Christians, and which is headed hya Christian named Michael Aflak, According to the Constitution of Lebanon, in spite of Muslim majority, only ~ ell ri'dkLD co uld be t he head or t he state,

All I hese powers know fu IJ wei I that the M u ~l i ms ha ve a deep-rooted consciousness of I hci r national i den .. ti t)' and possess strong sense of na tional ego, and j f they gel an opport unity to act accordi ng 10 their w LU t hC'y would do all that is there in their power to unite the Islam ic world and through the \' i brant a nd dy na m ic tnf"Ssage of Islam make the UmmLlh a ,li'Vln,g farce. Hence ln order to make their ego and their wiU infructuous die .. caters ~nd despots have been thrust upon them ~ and the

, A nglo-American bloc which other wi se pays so much lip service to democracy, liberty and human freedom, becomes allergic 10 these concepts wbl:n some M uslim country ~trive8 f.or tws goal~ and thl;l:Y bend all their


eDI:!"gt('S (0 keep the peO,.,r-l" under bond;_~ge!-undtr the thumb of some stooge of their tikln~. And along with this policy. i hey endeavour much for poisoning (he ruomr climate and dis.h)rtjng their sense of Islamic val UC_"i. 1hrnu£:h the r'dllcacim,~.J S,;'s,lcm, Iiterut ure, filrns and Soucalled cultural acth:ilTes and vicious .lind baseless PfOpa}:~nda of erne kind or the other a~ain~t parties and persons,~6 Their {,hjectivc is 10 make the MUf!lim masses oblivious of their ideals and destin)I~21 and make 1 hem cnmphicenl and carefree about the value- pauem of Jslum, .... c. 1]w ~ if at all at some ~imt' democratic (U·O" cesscs cxer: ,r.t:mI:ooI?JV('s. ~lron.£ly enou,gh and rhe people get an tlpr(1r(~nify torule H'"i they wish, they themselves may dis-canJ :md dj~crt:'dlf Istam. 'VIr·'hal a long range planning l And jl is :'o.tlOwjng results, And j.ct fherc au: people who like tn keep their eyes sh ut, Lot us-eater» j

The si[utllinn obtaining; in Shr Muslim countries t,,_l--<h,) t .... very t;.~mf'(_lrtj~~~ for ~'artou~ groups and interests 10 tc:!,.' nH'ir own line. of Ct1ur5.C', irrespective of tht nation~l .a~pit.;.Il.~ln:s of the country concerned, And in most other countries of the world the Jews and Chrisuans have mnnopl.1h in b~g newspapers, news agencies, and other

media of mass communication. They gi e such a twist

to various marrers and h~ppc"ings that ,gi 'e rise to newer

problems and diffL['\lhief.. first ·they arrive at a decpsiOlll on some particular matter about .a Muslim country, and then th~ir news agencies gi .... c a desired 1\l·ht and colouring j n t he rna t tcr, and then "ith meas ured steps gro und is prepared fnr the implementation of that J1atUcular llecl:!!iu:1 ~l!' J u li irnately th e dec j si on i'5 en forced rut h


JEW''SoH ('0'10.;'$ 1"'1 RA ty

lessly. They .~lart vurious movements and give currency to particular SrO~.i:tns l..I nd their ne\\.~ is. disserr.inatcd i ~I such J subtle murmer that tho'>e ,;;1(~g.:.J..n!oi 4.LrH.t c: . rtch .... ·...,.rJ.,. create indue course political atmosphere con¥t' to their dlo!':-;;r~n~. Thts '-III i, done with ~L~C"h ff .. wless technique that the Musf m m·H:~t:::-i :ts. well a .. [h~ rntelltlcn hi a. fa II prey to t hei r ~ .. t:'T1 n moux r r1lp.a_g.1 nJ _L _.~ . \ nd so Inng such n ::o.ituaLinn conrin u~~.;, the J.1"'!_'I.Ln I.A-

J::; lam i I,; LL n 1 t Y WL" uld remu i L~ lL n reu li l.;! U ,

.Muslims of the Wor Id ~ Wake up t

\\'h.jJ t then j.:; the rcrncdy? The mutter (I.:.: ~I.:"n.:-'ro ser« .... us thuuuht ~H ull levels of Musl un i ntl.:lh;':'l!rH ... i r. Our best bruins should pool 1.1 ... ) .... n rheir etlor h tl ~ ~..:[ out,

or rhc viciou- t. .. i rcle and stnve for (,:1·ln~ rere ro::~ul L:"I .. , ithiu

the shortest pusxihlc time. I '"" ill :-:'Llg:~e ... t here l..;o,!'l t.t~:"t measure whid. I believe wmild bt:" 4~f :-'1·Hllt LI:--.e in ul.,.'kl i I}~ the g:j~tn£it; f)fo~.,1~m::;. f:.H . .::ing: ! he \hl--:li m wor ld l(loJ.LY_

In my opinion there !s urgent need of t.:"r~ati n~ ,Ilm;! sart of machinery for obtaining aurhent ic infLHn,atjl."n, end cond ucting study and re-eurch and ~I n:LI_~ ... i...; 'If e"\o't: n t~ u nd trend s . For t h is P u (po-,.c ~tH,.'jet ic ... an ... j I) rg:J niz.ations should b~ set up ln ull t!lI.: \1 u:ilim coumric-, consisting of intelligent and capuble person ....... " 1"'11.1 :"I-lHn.:IJ conduct research of the socio-politic ... i-cult urul and ecunun ... ic forces at work. Their dutv IJ b..: r,'Io remain in (LJr .. ned and 'Ir' ig i 1 11 n t l' f ;J II [he- ~i n t i· l-Ju ru i.: forces. ! he i l" P f:J ns, p rogram mes an J ~ uc L i~·.,.. T b..:.,..:: sccieries should keep abreast or all that i:> ~~~blE~h~J

b} J C"\~ ~ or n. 'H"l-J ews, .a n d fi n d 0\11 the hid den in t cnt l 0 n s and fll"j ect i \-'t:'~ 'I."f f h e Z ion isis. T hese "r~.;,t nizu tiL m s should possess complete intormuuon of.H1J thC'Fr puhli~a- 1i(".n~_ periodicals, journals. l.:Ind papers .in Yiirit)u~ lan.pua~t~. and take :rTom~"'f notice 1,,1f ~III that I:;" of .. my irnror • ance h.. the M uslim werrld.- The::..e independent rri v: L te ('IIr1!~H'" i lEI t i On ~ sho LJ Id keep a t'I rye OYC r C III j st il:iD mi~~hns and their varied activities and 5.1 udy the tjj(.;l~C!i. and the '\.~it~~ ':'Lnd means employed hy them, ~nd remuin ... "-'.;,1 re of l h ci r :\. JlI!Ci Ii L.:' !!ll<" ls =. nod (~hJt<'u"t~ eH'f~ It' he re, The-e L .... rg,;,mtz,.lliou:;; should be \ i~ll._n! about ill! intC'rm&.J: c\tl"rn,;-d rrjlrc.e~ that lin: loIt'orlin\! =.!l~~in~r (he i:rl!e"I·C:-..b

_ ~

pr Ixhrm. 'I h('~ :!:olu.-..uhJ keep :'lbfoL:-~I ... l for the methods used in 1 he !!!..ll~ of rhmnin~ Eo ehrninare M ll:-.I im:-. ~n R L.I~ ... ia and A rnerica and else ....... here.

J.n.formation I xdI.Qj!f'

) n ad d 11 ion 10 t hci r ::::In:t I )'t j 1.:':..11 d~ t.1 the~ "u~ a njT~Ilinn~ ",bould also make H thorough ~I,.lr\"e-} of the pn1bh:ml) f .. .u .. "Cd b~ Muslim countrjes, The di'L~" collected thus would he of immense "al UC"_ ]1 should be ::;0 ~iC-lIllfic4llly done thai the data collected rna) serve us a b~::,~::, Ior the form u tal if'l n of nal io nil I pla ns ~I nd S:~ h emes, Through tne5e surveys t'IfCry 1\-j u!-..Iim country could be kt"pl wetl

.., • t 'IA·OL.LIJ N! mtr-rot'!!SI in~ to P.:JIIH (Iou" -j';.:: re tiM L I:i<:~-~ a .. C .a l'l.'l.'2IY<; been <Ll' i j \~. a nd ule rl in t h is n:f,:LuJ. And j I h f'lf'li 'tf.ll p. Y boan 'IoII.'h.:: n the ir Hebs e ..... ~hll1lr fI A A R 6.7. wrote un A pr rl 7, l .... ~ I ... th.a1 ;

·'At th,: tim,,: W~ were J1rei'cl.I"[ng lucruture about Ar;l'M IlnLl tt1ei: cnnd i t i Orr~, t tlo:- A rahs WII: re ,"ornpll'tt: I: ignorant nf ClIJ r con~u IonS and ~1T.jJ ir::.;. T" t hem w~ ~rC! 5oO:rnt'th1llg 'HligUC :Lf'ld amb iguous' ,

Hew "~ry U u-e-! A ntJ fhll~;: condi tkm I!'\,en now b ...-cry m'!Jch the :!;.9 m~- T1H: M usli rn wortd i::; )'lC't i!nOliil.nt c-f lhe lhreat pC!l1.:'11

by Jew_~_ W nat an u])iUh)' l-E !. '


inf 0 rmed abou t 'he preble m s .a nd difficuilies of other M uslim Co untries and th is sort of kno w led ge will open newer a venue-s or m ut ual Q)-O per::. bon and he r p J. nd pave W:ly for the unity among them. A ~ the moment we just have hazy ideas. about other Muslim lands emu we are seek i ng sol ut ion of ou r pro blems on III c b~1 0). ') 0 f these II 32 Y esri mates. Thaf is why In ost o nen ~ h ~I!l n (I t we are g ropi ng i n the dark wit hout ha .... i ng a fiim ~ r I r over au r :rl'"oble I"l'1 ~ and ti nd I ng QU t u lasti n8 :JU IUl ion ror rhern, This ~itua1jol"l TTH1~t enc fr,jrthwi~h. The oCr, ing need of lhe hour is 10 work in hundreds of fields fur which we req uire .I"i't!~n~ ... r various aptuudes J.Lfld learning:

M uc h. work i'i. req u i red It" be done in varic u s. Iidd!C and he nee l he- neeesxi tv for vn ri ... ') U ~ Q r~ a n izations ft U'" set ,"0 a! ::;. H nd t)" jcc ~ 1 \'C';;:, 'ndrt~d we r .~~ u j re -:-.Cnrc"i. of organ i.l.a lic, nx and gro(~ p'l- wir h d~d IC.~ ted :oj p if i r,

A 'Wl]'" from Cult ural 5 .. iI;:jde

The secuudrunst important falj,k l~ so chalk out ,,·aYi and methods to put a !:I!tl-p t() the sen-ate cultural "explosion" in ...... hich we rind our . -clve ... engulfed ut the moment and which is. f:.l:-;[ lI.:.:.ttlng into the \ nals of oI,lUL· exisrence as an ideolouicul communi ty. \\'e have ,.0 take -etf"e-c{i .... e steps to ur rcst its In" UL:"nCI: ;~ nd deliver the M II sli m peoples every "" here from t t:;. Ll h n L1:'1: i j Uh Cl~ nseuuences, l'slumic culture h a thin~ pol.J:"'.; apart ~hJm the: sensate u nd se u s uo us. cu lt u re i m po rtcd f ro m t h ~ ~' est, The f~ct 1~ that in the !\'1 usluu countric- ~~ ntiLlo;.lamic forces are actively engaged hl·· roh them r~f ~ IJ then values and purity of thought. and lhC'~ an: dui ng it in rhe garb of culture '" J ndeed the t~n:...!.:,u'll~:hl of We!o.iern culture Is ~n pnwerful that If we: will not wake up to the danger



facing us our creed, faith and the very (uu,ndatjon of our ethico-ideological existence WClPJld be .at stake. Dis .... Interested nes 5, rat her posi tive apa lb y. towa rds J slam. disregard for the basic postulates of the fa~th in the youth. outright heretical views, moral depravity! addiction to cheap ! s~ogall~~ and a care free aDd iuespon'51ble existence.c-all these and many more ate the" rewards of the blind dogmatic imitation of the Western culture, OUf" youth lire marching he.odlong to the a.bYS.i of uhimate elimination as a distinct cultural entity and" the bearer of a message and bope fur the humanity. Unccnscrously cultural trends are sapping the vitals of OUi socio-morai organism .. and thj$ condition shttll persis; unless wt bdu;: immediate efli"di\( ~tei>~ to arouse them from the deep hypnotic sleep lhrough !>O cI-evcr}y conducted "suggestiuns" ,ur the v.."est.

OLJr difficuh}' is that good many or Ul do not reali.l.~ that the Sidl:nti~c inventions and discoveries and lhe. particular socio-cultural pattern in which the scientifie development took ph .. ce are two things apart, and not infer-dependent on each ot!~~1' in any way. Any society may t~ ke tht.: advantage of scientific advances and teehnologieal developments achie\o'cd by others but it is not at all Imperati ... 'e that along with it the social and cultural environment or th-f country concerned may be imitated too, and that the VahH!S and system of life or oth~rs should unne:ctlLsarily be adopted. Whir= fun}' adh~till. '0 OUr social, cultural and r.eligious values and way of life we could rna k e ad va Ilcemenl in the fieJd of sci.e:nee and technology [00. The- wrong mutational sysrem pl"~~

Jf_ WISH CON 5)11 R .I\CY

valent in the M uslirn cou nt ri es is respo n ~ i ble r or a misconception in l his. regard. T t see rns to he u nc onsci C LJ.sly ingrained in many minds thai for attaining progress in ficit: nee we must nccessaril Y recrca te t he cull U ra 1 atmosphere of the Western countries. If, for instance, pharmace utical tec hn iq ues of a cou rn ry are of ~\ veryh tg h order but drinking, dancing, near-nude female apparel and mixed society ~ etc., are part of their cultural environment why at. all should it be necessary ror us to import these vices too ,alvog with the technique of producing medicines? Why should it be an esscntiul purt of our culture to wear the suit or a particular colour ~ .. ind also 'Why not any other dress ") whilt taking our f('lo~j '! Afd same i-s true for other similar manifestations of E:.uropc-an culture and civilization. The honourable ~~nd self-n:.~pecling course for the MUilim peoples "" ill be to lake ull the: advantage of the scientific achievements, research and progress anywhere in the world, ~ rn d also try to excel the ·Wes.tern countries in the held of learning and technology, We must strictly keep ~W3y rhl: cultural environment of 'the We~t. We must strive hard to save ourselves from the- on ~I aug bt of Westerll cultu re at :111 cost. J n fhi s connection Musti m religious thinkers, sociologists and seho la rs in variou s b ra nches of It a rn j n [! l-. hn uld t a ke it upon themselves to clarify and demonstrate the rutililY rather l he per nkl 0 us co nseq ue nc ~'5. ~J rim i la t i fig the WeRt.

Excel W~t fn Sdeni:c add Tec:bnology

A fit: r deep tho u gb t ex tended over ! ('I n ~ y!:a rs I have a rrived at l he co nc 1 !..Lsi on that the 1 s lam ic co un tries shaH

1(\\'ISn COSSri RACY


not be a ble to'S hed away the infeti 0 rtty complex and the 1: LIl lura] s I a ~efY unless and unt it they wou ld ~ wi t h their j 01 Ilt tif ort, make a t re m e ndo U~ !.: ndea vour 10 excel the Western nations in science and technulugj' und other branches of learning and' thought. They must demonsl ra te t hal science and tee h nul og)" j s no bud) "s monopoly ilnd they C~ n leave others. f.i;il' behind in the fields which a re s u ppo sed to be the spec..:ial do rnai n of the v.;> est.

J '" 0 U Id s oi~en that the M usl i m co un t ri E':;' she ul d ma ke a j 0+ n t eff 0 rt in pupa ri ng it M aster PIOJ n f 01" deve- 1 n r me n I, .. nd ! n kcepi ng wi th the purtic ular ci rc m USHUK~S" f acif ties and resou rce s of va rio U s re ~ ions a nd co ... ntries could $tl up l .. tllivtrshiu .and institutions of a H!!ry high sta nda rd to j m pol rt ed UC4l t ion i n ~ rts, "si:lll! nces and tee n n nl ugy w i l h all possi ble r aci 1 i t ic~ rUT rc ~~a rc hand development. For example, iF Pakistan is advanced in agriculture, here a most modern nnd superbly equipped Agricu it LI raj U 11 i 'I,Itt$~ ty s ho ul d be es fa bli shed J nd the students from all over the M usllrn world should be provided wi t h fuc i Ii t ies for s peci a I izat io 11 ill r his PJ rt leu la r branch ~r knowledge. They should be- giv~n all the impetus and conveniences ,0 come to Pakistan and beco me ex perts, Sim i la rly here ('I r el SI!"W here- in the M II sli m world va ri 0 U ~ unl versit ies i n aH t he scie nCC:3" engineering .(i nd tech nical fields should be establi shed and arrangements should be made ror the e-ntire Muslim world to send its students there. J 0 the same W:13" we could also give! n s t ruct io n 0 f a very high 0 rder in 1.:1 w, med icine, social sciences, etc., etc. The standard of education and instruction in all the subjects should In 110 case be less



than that of any other university of rhe world. These universlties 3Qd Institutions win serve innumerable useful purposes, The most important fUQC"tiOD served by them would be dun 1hey 'iII·ouJd put ~J1 end It..' the imitation of West and dc:velop self-confidence and,peadC'nce and th-e M uslim yo uths instead of ~eking admiuiOD iii Europe and America will go to Muslim countries and thus would save lhcm)t:h:es from th-e obnoxious ger.m:!ii of v.-·e::;.It'Hl culture ~'h irh m u~l creep in their abd Iiving in !he ""e:;.tt."rn countries and which may not pat! (rom them for- the rest of their lives. 1 had proposed Ih.i~ scheme in 'he' Iu-t s~~ .. ion or Rah(l(1 DI .. AIIH1J al-liklnrl at Mt'C-C':l \\ hich II, ..... been offici41Hy adopted. Let U:I trust ~nd h';"fle l h .. tl I he ~f usli rn countries would realize the importance and need ro implement dlis scheme.

Before such uruvcr sirie« Ii re established or along with thei r a rra nge ID~ n.~.. resea rch i ns tLlli t j on r;: 3 re req ui red wherein rhe I::"p~rb in \·~.ri~u'\ brunches of hJami-c Jearniflg should rake up a critical amI ,"oroltgh study of tbe diseiptine» dc\eloped in r"e West .... 0 tha~ they cart speak with undisputed authority on that subject. For example .. th ose ~ ell ' .. ersed in Fiqh ( l~ 'IN ~ ~ho:..L 1 d t a k.e up a special study of law, malie u thorough ~. udy of the' laws and juristic lhnllgnt of the entire- world. The)' should learn the l;.:!n,gu;J.pc) H'J.iH are: rich tn the lirerature Oll t:iW, The j ncessant e "de a \'OU fan d ha rd wo rk m us. t necessarily result in schola ... ship that would he superb. Similar method has (t} be roUow~d j n other branches of Je:arning .1\0_ M~!or.til"l' -s.chuJar!l.n.ip must rise above than that of .TlY other it" oup Of ~m:·ieti·

. .

}[VI. ·l~ H ("ON:SPJRAC"Y

Ar:lllbk L.nglUge

lJ.,.i versal ado pt 10 n 0 f Ara hie ta ngu!lge and Arabic sc ri pt th rl) IJ gho u t l he ,""1 u s.1 i m world is of basic j m porta nee ~ Amon]..': OHH!r thing.,;; ir-s significunce for the unity and !oCohdarity ufl he!\'f uslim world cannot be over-emphasised HCTlc~ an ~rr-out elTc.ut for it is indispensable. The enemies of hl,lm have k nown thj~ und htn.ct at J.~rrerl:nt period') of our hhh)ry anti-Islumic forces have U!W3)'S -lri("d to dynamite it. And because of the muchinations and subtle tucrics. some Mushm countries hat·e given up Arak.c ~crlpl :JF~:j uduptcd Latin ~1,.'riPi instead. widl the con ~e~ uences I n'lt l~ ithin ;_t short petit)tl of time they have been completely alienated from the vast ~jter ... lure on hbm, Thev ure deprh·~-J of the uecumulated treasure or hundr.:J.s (If years and without whk.f1. Ih('y are absc]Ltt~~~· cut orr from thelr p:.I~t_


Muslim World, Unite !

N.lW I would like to ",aY;;l rl:W wnrds about rh~ unity of the I ;'[J mic world. f hdie\'~ there" ~T"C bright chances rlo.~r the :·tI.Ii,"-L:-c~~ of lh.s. movement. But i~ hus t~! he steered forth with greut determination. ~·~Ire:ii~ht. courage, :.;il'l~ ce r i E}" .;l n d i ut e~rl t ~ _ y.,. i ~d1.1 rn ~md 0( ouccrred ctti."pr t ~ accordinu to ,\ ...... ldl .rll ... iught-o Lit plan .UH.~ pr,-~~!"ar:rHll'i!, y,'1i! Jnu~l ever remain ,·igJJ.:.I!ll of the Jorces ""L.1rkm~ J~a~rr.;.t U~. In the l: ~ ... O, the J\.lu~ljm~ are one-third of th¢ member nuti.ins. Those ~hll reJUy conrrol this Orga nizuuon could never brook the existence of a SQIiJ bloc

of r/3rd, iti membership- I[ is therefore 'l,'tt)' Ob'llIOU3 that these powers. should place all the hindrances lmaginable ill rhe way of Islamic unity, secretly and even quite open}y~~~cretly they shall, anyhow, And then. the o p po ~i ng forces are III possess ion 0 r t ri:'JT'I endo us power and influence.c-ro 'he extent that they huve planted their agents .is nd aecom pl icc!l among the M u ~li Tn ~ them ~t: I "C'~,. who 1 on w ir-Id su fficicnl power II nd ~I ~l] g ~ h.

Tile best practical course in the circumstances would be not t~J ""~lM~ tune ',H" .. m:'('C'~~,ilti~y in tnt:' \ ain hope that f' ",'ifr~· M u :-,1i m C'(,) lim ry '" j II .i c' ~ J1 ~d I a. ('I nee, but r 0 l a"ke 1 he initiauve even if five or .:-till countries, cll!re.:: 10 join in the h(ll~.innin~ and j hen ~o ah.:~td WH h ].e~11 ~i nd determinut f1.."n expecting that \.\. i~d.()m ""' C~!J ld da \!o n lip .. ' n the remai n in s; countries i{lon and thc~ wou ld ihemsel. r'S ~~.hlli:' the i J1 evita bi Ii ty of ~ un ited M usl i m V,,' 0 rid ft'r I he very ~';'L f c:I Y 11 security and eVt'll survi ... ·Hl.

h is ,a happy sjg::n to nutc thur I he y..,1 uxlirn .} ouths !f"\IU> wh e re ~ !!. pcci aU)' j n . A r.R h l·(J. un t ries. ~ rr beco III wg quite conscious of the filet thai un levs the 1\1 ul).lims. unite and organise themselves ·jHlo a sohd bloc, I h~y as Individual nauons shall never be able to get tht:'i r voice heurd and their viewpoint .acceptc.:d in the context of world pulitics, They have begun to rt:'d th a t lInh:~!-.. t he-y unite the]' win not be able to retain even rhei r independence. To-day even the powerful nations. are fc:dil'1£, the 11~';"'t:"!-.:sj ty of ~ Ilia nces, P4i CU a nd a~ ree me n rs. Th I: ge r] e r al trend or the world is in this direction. It is lJ,L h)rr:e of circu mstan ces th at is pu-s-hi ng the, .a ri '.1 U~ couutri (:,:"'i o r the

J t, \\"j o.;,J.. ("'0 NS.PI RA(· ....


wo r ld t r,.l Co me r;.' lose r to Sa f e g II ard lh-ei r gro 0 pin terests, FJ 'hat harm the« I htlfr.: is if AI usfim s 100 want (0 ro-operate (lIPd come closer '! Th~Jt JW.l'~~ the greatest unffy'rtZ force 11 'l' h I /ppm, Indtr(_'d, the!» rff1i~J' L_·{}uld he th~ (tdmi'ltUioft oj th« ~Ier_-'l(lillr ffley btrtit'nr i1r, 1f ~1'(~IIM be Iht" most nul !lIBI t hi/IX lWJtT dse .'·WI. !/ I hey"1 ioin in am.I rome (m 0 romnuu: phl~rm"1J! it 1,·"mIJ h-l,' "w~"lll'i.~i"g • something incongruous and in(,OIPlptrlibltl" ... fiJI, the Ideals lht")" profess 111, T here could, indeed, be 110 argument at all a~li n:-;t the concept (If M u .... lim unity_I f there: illi lillY cle me n t wtHl c: _'I. : Hat ~L f a H in 11 nc _ there C'_1 ufa be no duubt annut all(n i nttucnrc- v. or], i ni! behi nd I he: ~l:cm:s. It


The ~'r~)~J:,.i~l!4: powers hu ve with t'wrn the most powerful propuguuda mavhinery imugi nuble. They po~~es:'. the ~ Il~LoI,,;J... of _w.i ... inl-'! .:.L particulur lwi:::it ~IJ everything in the \\ orld ~1-L;"l,;onjin~ lu thei I" own viewpoi nt and presenting it ~L~ if it wei to u • ruthful, honest LInd marer of Juct ~L~)rroi.1 isul ut' events 41 nJ happenings. They are indeed the 111:. ~ r e r cr;1 n ... me n ~I rul d i:s.lOiE t r ut n beyond rccngni Linn, ch ictly when there ~!".i !".ionu:1 hing concerning hi um ':'1 nd • h e M u.;.h tn WC'I rid, T h L:" g iC:J test need of l he hour is t h.rt rhe in tdJ.~~t: .... tsi~' 1"'( [he M usli m countries should try to read', at H1t.:: rnnr 01 the matter and understand the real s.1~lllli·'_';_Hlt''l' of things, and do nul allow In be ca r ricd ~~ way ! ~ _~ t he dece pt i ve ~I o g.a ns. For exa rn plc ~ a C:L)U n' ry whli.:h i:-- ~Ull:..i~li ng un the crumbs left over by Am~l"i"':~L .ani' ~ ... h~hL.:" oL.:"L.:nnomy L::J bei ng sustuined I hrough Am (:"rit.::L 1"1 dl,II:1 r ... lru ... [11L~ :1 uJ~ll.'iW to cull numes to the :rH("'i2.I'~1 nuuc rllr I -lu mic unit v und uttempt to create (;00-


fLlsioll among the M uslim ranI.: 5:, and even sloop down so Jew as 10 call h a impenatl .... rs' plot. However, the very same government is. bent upon reviving the five thoU!ii3nd·year old Pbaraohic civihznrion which is lc1ng de ad and bu ri ed, w 11 i le pooh- pooh j ng -.u Ii vi ng cull u rc which provided, only 1300 JeHr~ hack. .. beacon 10 I he humanity groping In darkIH~~~. und which 11) j'Ct THE source of J"C'<:Il wisdom and guidance fight and Hl,l, akcn in}!" But , either rhe E~ypii~m Colonel is btind, or the- en,irc Mu~Hm world~

UDity-ftlro of Pa.kish~ n I~ II ear~

A$ regards (he Pakis.ti.m\ atutude towards the qucvtion or Islamic unity, there could not J,~ two ~ ... pjHi1 In"about it. We w~U'H the unity. n("t mcrclv .h an t" .... [1~'. djerH:Y hut as a natural culrni n~j~ ron ('II" the g~nr-:-..':o. '1.'1' Pakistan itself This country ,I" ~It, es.wbli:-..hi:-d for l he express purpose or orderi n~ OUT li ~l·~ in ~l{"Ctlrd .... rT h [be dictates of the Quran and the Sun~a", i.c.. adoprinn l-,r Islam as il way or lire in every walk of our Ii\ es. QOI ire naturally, from the time Pakistan carne into betng nll this day, in spite of many vicissitudes J nd upheuv uh ill the country's political ]~r<:', ~H t~e Cl,)ns.ljtuti?nal documeats, lliciuding tile present constitution itself, have alway:) reiterated that the Stare of Pakistan stands rOT rhe unity of the- Muslim countries. In fad, ! his is the chcrished ideal of the people of Paki:>tan ant.! lh!~ has been the objecti ve of the govern rnents too, 1 ndccd J it is the ec h L) (If everybody's heart.

As one naturally should expect there rnighr be a reW persons who are not able to reconcile their minds with



lh~ idea of the: unity or M \l slim wo rld, But their m oti ves are well known. These people have !!iOn corner for 0cmaI Abdc:l N asser in spite of the neo Pharaoh ~ s m 0 S t intimate aSliiociations with 1 nd ia. the- bi t1 crest enemy of Pakistan. Nasser is unequivocal in his at titude lu Pa k i stan to tnt. extent that he b as eve 11 p u bl iel Y decla red that if India a nd Pal istan will n at res 0 [ve l heir d i IT ere nee'S and any dash of arms occ urrcd. his sym pa thies w t III ie on the side of India+ But in spite of Nasser's blatant attacks on J ~1.1m ic f orcea and I he i-de-a lor M uslim $01 idarity, there (I: re some q uislin gs ~ rnong M uslims who admire him -the~r mnrives are well known and the people recognize them. Then! ~s. a )leneml awakening among the Mushms here and everywhere and we know the black 1inttp.

A ad the n there are Co m m u n isl sand f ellow-tra vell ers who. for obvious reasons, cannot like the unity or Muslim world- It is dearh fer their mischievous JC'~jgns. And they are, as we know, irnplanrcd un the surface of the pla net b)' J ew:ry.

The time has came ",",hen Pakistan's policy on the -q ucst ion of Mus] j m uri i t Y ~ ho uld be mort firm and ern h u siast ic ~ and pract ; CJ 1 s re ps in l h i ~ directio n should not be unnecessarily delayed. The M uslim world has hi~h hopes. in Pakistan and we should not waver in our judgement as to who is our [riend and who is our foe .. The Muslim world is passing through a critical phase- and Pak istan m ust fa ke im media te Tn ea~ures t'-l contr i b ute its due sb arc for solid i r yi't1 g it.


.u ••• ~ , • We shall create and multiply Freernason ic Lodges. In a I J co u ntr ies t lor the 'kOf Id, absorb into rhern (.III who mny become or are prominent in public !::IC~ i~'il)'. f~~r in these Lodges we :oj h:i n fi nd ou r p ri I1:C i p.a I in It:'JI ige nee office and m ~<I n ~ 0 ~- inn ucnce _ A II f hese lodges we ~.h;.dl bring under one cent rJl administration. ~ now n to us alone .. ind t o all others "b!'lr~J urelv unkuow n, wh ich , .. H' be co m posed of 0 u r Lea rued E I ders. Ti ~'i.:' Lodges wi II ha ve l h c i r f\!' presen hi f ives ..... ~u ~ wi 11 se r ... e to screen ~ he a bove- me" t I oned udrninistration of Musonry and from \II. horn will issue the watchword and programme . . . . . . . Th t:::i r com pos, t in n sha II be n lade It r of ull st nita of soc i ct1 .

. . . . _ ,Jl is. natural ln~l we and Ihi other shou Id lead M iIl~"~ n i c act i .... i ties, rn r we know wheth er ~ e are 1 t:;lO i ng, We k nnw t he lin al ~oa 1 of ~ n"'r.!' forrn of act iv i ty w bCl"'eas. t.hey have knowledge (.If nothing."

IProtOC<Jl XV1-



M .SMA-HUI, ':SJ AM I-"ARt:lQl

Explanatory Notes By A1;.sbahu/ Isillm Fal'uqi

.....-.....-- -_. ------

J doni thirrk I n(£d apologl!j~' {or mr I('n~rh~' Explanatorv NoIN. I believe 'ltr:) , wii! be f;f:~cJid fa fully {'omprch~I~ld the 50 ituat ion. On some (~r the aspects these l\()t~~.Y are seif-containo! u"lif.'i-brj~f essav: fa (hf?m~ ,fi1'f,.c,~ •

) Zion- It i~ ihe !"I1.1m~ of ... hill of ancient Jerusalem, Jew~ believe I hat tile- Prr-phet David had buih tI place ('If wonh,p there. and hence the httr began to be r~gard ed 4:i':'1 H (1),. The Jews. exploited l he ~[t uatjon f{lr their benefit and' made Zion a syrnbul for lhett ulterior THI rpose s_ And hen-ce Zi Oil ism.

ZiO"'SlU - The mo ..... ernent for the establishment for a home In Palestine fer the scattered tribe of Jews, However, the creation of lilt: state nf "Israel" did not diminish rhe importance of rhe Zionists' rnovemcnt, but rather made greate r demands on the Zionists of the world to' be- partners 'With the State in building up the Jewish settlement and pruviding it with the means. Tile Jewi&h stale was a "State in the making," and the Jewry aU the



worJd over j $ bendi ng al! its energies to get .• J 'Had 4. firmly rooted and establis hed. A 1 ~ t 'he act i vi ti L~ of the Jews in tnis rega rd are C1t ned Zi on ism-a m o~l co rnpre hensive expressi on. A~ the PROT OCO LS rev 1.:'111. the Jews art stri v tng to dominate the entire world. hence the mean i ng ¢f the term Zio nism is co-extensi v~ 'IN.t h the dtea rns o f Jews _

Zionism ~s n mi lit ant movement Ll si II g ;t it fo rCl:':-i or terror, coercion and intimidation to m;l ke "h,rad" stronger in mJnp11WoI;'f and material. The primary ttl)'ally of every Jew is tor "Jsracl" and all other hJyithie~ are subordinated to it. It i:i " dangerous philosophy and pose'S th.e issue 1)f double loyalty rOT l he Jew~ scuuered over the whole ~!!(lhc_ In ~hOT~~ Jews ]j,.in.w; outside are

~ .

trai lors lo the land where they huppen (0 hve. 1 he

l s rue] L lead crsh i p i~ very m uc h eloq u e n ton the 5 U h j cct :

On August .H. 19'4~. D,iVid Bcn-Gurion had thl~ to say to a group of' Americans \'i~iting "Isruel'": ... Although we rea Used our dream of establishing a Jewish State, we are still at the begi nni ng. , , _ lt ('0 n si ~t ~ of bringing all Jews to "Israel ", ,"'e appeal to the parents to he1 p U~ bring t he it c hild Len he re. [ ve n if r hey dec! t fie to help, we will bring the youth to "Isrucl": hut I hope t ha t this wi II n at be necessa ry _ .~

Be n·O uri 0 n asse rtcd t h a t the . ·C'!ihl b I i [oj hmen l ~J f a new Sf:t te W:4 ~ never r he f ul fi I me nt of Zion ism ami that l he m n 'lie men t was more neeessa ry no w than e 'lit r ." 11 e al s n po i n ted tHL L lila t, whereas I he sovereign ty of l he State was. limited to citizens. within its borders, 'h~


Zi '-' n i ~ 1. m uvernen l em bra ced a IJ Jews th rough out the world. (Nel,' YII'~,-.k Times, May 30. J95l~,

lsrae Ii F 0 rei gn Mini s ter Sha ret t decla red ~r ore I he Ar.nua] Convention of the Labour Zionlst or Amt::jl~ in J uly, J 95.t (hat "Israel" must have a population of not Jess than rour millinn (fORWARD.,. Ju~y 5, 1951). J t w as i ndeed u CU 11 fl rma tin 11 of w ha t b I s chief anna unced before l he ., WorJd Zi 011 i:;.j1 Orga n i 5J. ~l 00 ": ~ 'Th i s Sta te i s t he Clr:ll yon.:: wh ic h 15 not an end in i rse If, but serves a S a mea ns ! n the fut tilme nt cf Zi 0 n ism, I he i ngH then n g of t he ~:~ j 1e!S, If ; s nota State tor j ts citizens alo ne, hut for 1'hL: whole JI:Wi1oOh people."

, ,

Speak i n~ tu A rncrica n Zi (:I l1i s I s on ., The S late or the

F ut ure u r Zionis rn ". in 195U. Ben -G \.I don th u s defined their duties: "The h~l~i~ of Zionism j~ neither friendship nor sympathy bUI the love of "Isruel ", of the State of "I srae I" , . . ] t m U~ t be all unconditio nal I~,,'(:. ,1 here must br CQmpl~I(' .w/,-ity 11'lrlr file Stat« Qlt,d thll pt'Op/~ of "Israel" (Speech delivered before the Action Commi tree, Wodd Z. 0 ni ~t Orga ni ~Ilj on? Jerusa lem, on A prj ~ 2!i. 19~OL

As wo U Id be- re ad i Iy seen, the mal n 0 biecti ve bef ore Z i 0:1" i '5.rt'l t od "Y j s t 0 ~ U ract as rna ny people to "Isr aero ,8h possible. While c4i.pital is rw consideration 10 the J-C:W!o..1 lhey plan lo cnnqLu:r and subjugate Mus~jm bods? and l he}' make nu secre t uf the i r d es ig ns. r n l hei r ... ' G realer Israel" plan, they im.:l ude "whole of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, almost sn Iraq. southern l"Cgion of Turkey, Sinai and whole nr the Nile delta region from [gypl .. and



the northern regions or Hejaz and N.ujd, including the city of M£D1NA""---(as revealed by Abul Ala Maududi in his famous commentary or the Qur~jjni T~fhfm alQururr, Lah 0 re, 1966, vet. IV. paBe 166.)

Su me 0 f the speeches and Writl n~ or the Zlonb~[ leaders are ex p lid I about their ruture plans, i.~. l he true fulfil me nt of lion ism.

D r - A rye Alk mall, leader of the Her ut t La 00 ur) Pa rt y ~ dec let red in Par!iarnent on J uJy 29.. 19:5 l ; ~"T he ra HYlng of sea trered J ews means (he concentranon til· five mi II ion Jews I n ~ ... israel" over u period of I~ n years, . Th is ca n not be acco m p lbhed wi( hin (he econe m ic potennall( les 0 r J sr ael, T:h us the ral Iyin! operation S cull .fot a foreign pol ic)' ai m.ed at t hi!' li beratiun of l he en Lire -Iand of [ sruel. ' ...

Dr. AJ L. ma n !i05L id on M aTcr. 13. 195:1: .. The Or-eater Israe! ~ .. h.ich t!_Ht:ndslrom 11'lN{ lip to Sw;: is. the only p~w~rIul State which can ensure peace and stability i~. the Middle E ... st internally and e . .tl.erna! l)' . It is our d lHy to: con vty to the world fran kl)' and openly thai Israel's aim i n marsh alli ng t he J t:w~ or all the W orld i n Palesti ne in B. co ncerted man ner is. to create 1'7€ W boundaries (Of" her, t","(U!nding from lraf./ W Suez. Then and only I hen lsraci win become t he basri 0 n 0 f demonacy i n the M iddlc Eas l and will be in a posi t ion to prevent any di ~~ ster _ h

And r or the J ewis h concept or democr aq.. refe renee ma)' be. made t o t he modern Messiah of Jews. Theodo r Her zl, who slates in hls The Je'Jfr-ish S{IJ/It (op, cit .• p (9) :



"People ;I:Irc not fit for democracy and win not be s.o in the future either, Sane and mature policies are not the product of popular .and parltiJ.mentary institutions. Personalities, which are Lin: produ\!t-forc~s. of History, best represent the wishes. or l"'~ people and safe~uard the interests and security of the State, It is lh~ personalities and not the' people who arc born hl rule und it h thei r will which s hou ld u hi mately prevuil.~'

FlJ nil er, \1. 8l'ng«n~ spcakin,!!" In the Israe-li PLirHu~ memo ~ujd : L_·~·lIc:rt will he no place for .h~ ~~rit 'If Ismtl or for Israel uself 'OJ for th~ Arabs su hm~ i'S. we aft: uOLihlc '0 U~'ra',," 01'1' ~miH·lwm~"um11 m~hdtlllt(lJU'j", th« s;gni1,}( o{ 11 P"UCe' trcaty"

The m,lU'JI .ad~}Pkd by the- Jtw~~h Parljamtnt:

"Your boundaries, 0 yea Israel, C';(tend (rom the Euphrates to tht' Nile ..

h, it not a det::~ ~ rar ion of war on the M IJslims·~ Yel they like to sleep on! On the other hand. the Jews arc u.tilising every moment al their dispo~J to realise their dreams. An all-out effort is bein.g made to transform the masses of the people into a figh.ung army. An industrialist , writing as far back as J~51 in an Israeli ind ustrial journal. remarked: '·Fvery economic; move: and

. ~

every development programme provides. Hie nucleus of

a military objecuve."

Shareu, speaking at a Hagana meeting held in j e r usalem, ~l~ted:" I ca IJ oa the peoph: of Israel l~'


!:) trengrnen and forri fy t hemselves, The en lire pen pl r.: must be prepared to wage the battle,"

The war hysteria in "Israel" was. opposed by a writer that set off ~reat agitation against the- book. . and the .u ut hor W.H:!I. II: ven l Uti 11 y com m ittcd to t r; a I. rhe s t ~ tement he gave to the court in hc~ ~L::fcrH.':t.: dearly portrays 1 he condit ion'S prevale nl in" [srucl" , H ~ !oi! a ted: " 1

h a. ve discovered (hat pr lnuiry atten ti 0 n ill I ~ ruel i~ gi ve n to the creation of a new gene ra t ion 0 f h igh !)'. r LI!1U L i{:,~11 Jews, J have seen for myself how Jewish youth are brought up On military lines-and directed luw:..lrd_"i.Hhj...:cti"'e"s of military .::J~~Tlindi!oi.t:::ml:nl_ T_hey arc educated alon~ strictly narre wand fa n ut i '-.:::11 f i nes \'€ ry nl ~ rc h .... i m 1]~. r lo lb ose ado Jltcd hy mil t~3 ry .row"! r~ w h o rrui ned l h ei r you th 0 n the .a~gr-t:"~!lii. vc pri n L.:i p 1 es. I srac I n a ~ tn •• de- the army Mecca of. Jewish youth. The ~jTm'y ha!oi. been given a suneli me n! nus gar h cha racrc P" i .... 1 ic of rhe J:~ Il! ~ ne-e and Nazis, Children are hrnLight U(':I hy ull \\-ay ... und means. on purely n 1 ili tury lines. E ve r yt hi ng in the Si a t l" is gi ve n .a m iH l4lry colo u r, The atmos phere is surch .. r gt:u with the splrlt of in vasio n il nd conq uest, J heard 1 he ,,-=ry ror wa r echoed t h roughout 1 srael and t hI!!' Wl~ r ps yehosis prevalent there prompted me To write my Ol· ... ok ." ~Q~! Husain. Zhmf~·m. N~w Delhi. pp. l ~_ 191_

Few. if any, J...nuw that linni:oi.l leaders huve ~- .. tabhshed throughout the wurld camps rt)r brainwashing and ideological training and phY!oiic;ll preparedness. The se cam ps u re k nown .a~ ., Huk hQ.\'FG·' _ A ny I.:.:: w ~i:llin.g admina nee to these 'I.'(:! ~:t re mains n u lon g-t:'.r hi OJ awn master but the property of these 0 rea nisations .a nil

73 to sever all l'unn~Cnon:J .f! l II the COUnl,. y of h /3 a.doption to bl'(Vme (J part 0/ Israe! and to belong henceforth '0 a class uf political de v otees popularly known in '·1 srue I·· u S. ~.;, Holm reems .' ~

W11l II not be H. safe policy for every M uslim country lo weed out the Jews from ~l~ territory'! They are all ti ft h CD [11 m n i15.t'j.~ Sa. bote u rs. Thro ugh t hei r sk i 1 fu 1 manoeuvring, they are the source of much mischief and C("I nfuslon of thought among the M uxlirns. They ar-e block in~ the wuy of Islamic revival, directly or indirectly eve ry where.

Ap. .. u l frnm worki ng on academic plane, they are engaged in all sorl s of acti .. -ities detrimental ro the :IjCcurity of the Slales. W hat they did i 11 Mustim lands in W1)rh.1 Wur [J is narrated by themselves ill the rulluwing revealing account which also lh rows a flood of I~~ht I ~:1 R ri. i 1',,11 a rid A merieu n de ~j gn S '·i.r-a- vis t he ~, LLS 1 i m '1:0 u nt ries:

A .r-..kmOrJodum submitted hy the f/agmm fa Zioni~l rnjljtilr~ organisation) 10 the British-American Comrnissi; n of Enq uiry in March 1946~ ::-.hl h .. rd :

.. D u r j n g ~ he Seco nil W 0 rId W u t , we f (P rrned l h e U nit 01 t he Anglo-Jewish Army. We built an UTI offid a 1 nutio nul uuard which prevented AI''-tbs. from carry: ng out 11 n y Sl~b 1·~f sive uct s, WE.! Ii n.d err ("'I o k In! ~"IIi~f1nl...·i1 work; we fnrmed special secret unirs to help implement the plans

lJf (he Jj, uish High Command, and rrl.i{,.~d rebels to theu: plUt'fj of' hiding .... W-/e- moe ill a position of .1upt;riorifY a ~'e r (hilt ... halJJl and 1.. • .QJ1 J'"" sist an)" a r t"I....·k. 01' re volt h.r them.


(Mind, it was the- position in ]946 and now it js 1966. 20 yean; now have elapsed-c-preciuus 20y-ears! I1l1d almost nothing tS dona to wipe them out~Ed.) ... , let jt be u Ild ersl Dod t hat I he evaeua ti on or 8 ri t i sh t roo p~ fro m Palest i nc is not in 0 uri merest , ~t

No", lhc-y serve as .fl hac k bon ~ to America n s uprem H 5;:Y too. Whau doubt there could be! that through Jews and their "goy" Masonic brotherhood, impl.:'riaJis.t forces, W estern 0 r Euste rn, find the M usl i m la nd!;. a con venien t hunling ground. If we want In come out or the clutches of r he: J mperi» I i_Ii. ts' ex pi citu t i ~) n=-econ (~mj c. pul i l ical Or cultural-e-we mu~t at the first opportunity ~el rill of the Jews in whmever garb they might be working. Wl: tlluli1 refuse 10 accept ~hem in our foreil;fl missions and also in foreign emb:-'5sks in Pakistan and ether M uslim COlJntrjcs. Wt must not allow foreign firms, delegations u r f oreign ad v isory or :S. u pervis or}' gro ups 0 ltd m i ssi ons 10 bring in J.£w:s ill our lands. All the Jew:!i living in ~f uslirn countries should be asked fO .pack up and leave the boundaries. And of course we: should endeavour to ,gd out of the viei 0 us ci rcle of foreign loa 0$ and Jewish pri va te investment in 0 ur cou n t rics,

This In brief is ZlO nis ru, h j sat h rea 1 of the fi rst m ... gnitude to Mu-slim-s everywhere. Western writers, whether Jews or under Jewish influence, like to depict Zionist movement as. a peaceful. dernocratle, spiritual ) ea rlli T1 g of a rei igio us comru U n i ty profe:ss~ n g the rel i ~ gion or Judalsrn, How deceptive! Muslim peoples jo the Middle East have a direct experience of Chis "spin .. tual comm uni ty" bu LiD Pakista n we have not ye'l real-

E.XPL .... NltTOI\Y ~OT£s'


ised the: militant designs of this 5m~U yet highly powerful cabal. We !ShU likt: to- remain in 1 h~ del usion that the threat is far away from our shores. Rut it is self-deception. Firstly. our brethren in the Middle Last 1i re bearin, the brunt of the lewish onslaught on their Hve~ and prnperties. And if we are not completely paralysed by the Jewi!.h ~Icw poisoning we m un feel the acllin! and agony in our limbs since a part of our body is in immediate reril there,

Se,"~ndly, the·danger i:il not too far from US-,&;ti, wC' like 10 heH~\'e in. India's reL~nl o.~re-u,ion w~u nut all is(lJ~Hed pne-m:Hn~non-·it Wu.!i planned and executed with full connivance of the foreign powers dominat.ed by the tnternations! Jewry. lndian-Israeli honeymoon js I\ow too well known to need ~tn)· elaboration, and after India's h umilia(ing defeat at the hand:. of islamic: forces (mora' and :>ipirHuul ~Jld martia] and palriotic-alJ tombined) .' brand '. has. come out with aU possible support for I ndi~:"s warlords. ... ·1sl'lud·· is helping in the ecoaomc tldd and in the form of exnert assistance in science and technology, Agatn$l whom? Much depends upon the correct answer to this crucial question t

It would be apt to point out h.~re that the chief of the Jan Sangh organisation ... a Uh\du militant Nazi-like n rgan isa ti on ded icated tow j pe 0 ut ~1 usH ms fr om Indi.a! was in .... ilt'd by "Israel", and he has alreadY visited the bot-



bed or ZIOn1-st int rig UfS.. and soo n afte r his re t urn the cow-agita.tion got in fun swing, a ~IUHit sentimental call 10 every Hind 0 to kiU the 1 i~ lets (1 r t he cow, 1 ndian Press revealed t hat the cow-agi ta t 1(") n wa s fi na need by r sraeli con 8 ul ate in Indi a. Refer '""A k h ba r-e-J e ha n ". K il rachi, J 2 February. ] 967.

It would be indeedheight of folly to believe that the Zionist danger is a way from 0 ur te rri tory. J t mig ht be news for mil n r t ha t t here exi st l we n ty secre l F rcemason ic Ludg-l:'~ in K a fa ch i alone. God forb id, we will ha ve to pay J ea T1 y for 0 u r com pi ace ncy . lndia's aggression on bur :!ioi I m II 5.t se r ve a s a ster 11 re ml nde r 0 f t he world wide con s pi racy agai n s [ 0 ur so ... -ereig n exlsten: .. ee. And Ch"l calls fur our renewed elf orb to build Om" pulicy on the pillars of Islam. Only Islam can meet the challenge of Zionism.

2. Th~.t Soviet Russia played the ~;.Hr~e or Zinni:!i.l!o!. tlnJ lh~Jt i~s role in the creation of ... lsrael" is beyoml i.JJlY Jtl ubt, will he dear from the following e'l;.tHlcb f'.orn Alfrt:'d Lilienthal (op. cit., pp. 71 onwards}:

"The partitio ni ng of Palestine was the first and only mujor issue in which t he U.S. und the U.S.S- R- had work ed tug-l:t nc-r in the close s t na rmony si nee the f 0[rna. tic 11 0 r the lJ 11 i l~'1l N atio n!i., • , V CnCl ucla n delegate, Sir Zuloaga, declared thul this R ussian-American a mit}' em Palestine 'was the most important historical event in the- life!" of the UN·, .. Why W~;Ioj the Kremlin nermittI n g. a nd eve I~ e nco u r .agi n g th C ernig rati un -of J cwi s h T(! f ugees 10 1 s rael from s f.I te~ h te co u n I ties? W hy wo u It.I



t he Kremlin a now t be concent ra ti 0 q or JOtOOO im mi grants for Pa lest ine in Black Sea ports (as reported by the New Y tJrk Times 0 n October 15, 194;) if t his did Dot scmeae w serve Soviet -end s and fit in to t heir plans for the Middle Last? These aod other implications of So viet PI'f) - Z ton Ism were stressed in reports se nt home hy US dip Iom atic represen ta ti ves j n the field, bot their wa rn i ngs re rna i ned corn plete ly igno red in W as hi ngton .... Why did no one in America pay attention to the: transparent objectives of the pro-Zionist S() viet gamhit?U

w hy 'r s, rn pi y beea use us- Soviet con u sion had long been decided upon and Zionist pressure On hoth sides H'as t,06 tormiitabl« .. Indeed, both worked for Zionis.t victory aga~ nst a common enemy i.e., hilam. 1 think now the Communists of Pakistan and their fellowt ravellers have lost all IO~'05 stand! in. the matter, and it would be honourable on lhe~r purt not to defend Comrnuni S f cri rnes ag.1i n s t ~ sin m tc peoples, The y C f)' hoa T~C' tf a Communist d ies a nywhere, but keep mum when whole pnp ulations of the M uslims are exterminated in Africa and elsewhere.

J, J'r orocnl me a n 5 the 0 riginal d fa ft or Q i pi 0 maJ ic doc IJ.rnents e So peci ~ lly of term s agreed to in confe re nee and ij,~ gned by the pa rti es: a formal S W re men t of t ran sac lion.

4. ·U.~ Prc)tocol~ deelare: .• We a ppear on the see ne :.\$ 311r ged sa vi OU rs of the worker from In i!!l 01' presSlon ",'hen. we propose to him to enter the ranks 1.1f' OUt 11 ghti n g fo rces-> Sod",IU! Is r A narch! Sl9 ~ C tJrHmUIJISIS- to



whom we always give support in accordance with an alleged brotherly rule (of the $olidari.l), of all humanists) of 0 ur soci al masonry ."

U\Ve ha Vi: in ou r service perseus of all upm~ a ns, of all d cctrlaes, In C II ~ rchists, de:milgo gues, socialist: commnls: s, and u topia 11 drea mers of every kind, W~ ha vI! harnessed them all to tas.k. U

~. Do not S upposc for a m orne nt t ha t t hese :;.1.a rcrnents a re empty word s: th ink ca refully of the s uceesses w~ arranged for Darwinism, Alar.\'lsm ... /I.~it:IZj(:lIe·i:'i~~', To us Jews, at all)' rate, it should be plain to see whal a d. stin tegra t i ug i m porta 11 ce these di rectives .h II "'1: b a.o upon the mind!; of the goytn (non-Jews)"

The Londun JEUr/SIJ CHRONICLE declared on AprH 4~ 1 ~ 1 ij :

"There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itselt. in the fa~l that ~o many l~ws are Bulshevisrs. in the fa~t that the ideals of Bolshevlsm II.t man} poi 1'1 t ~ a T(: con sonan t wit h t he fi nest i dca 1:11 ..... r

J dai "

u aisrn.

~ So r..:. r 85 editions of the book ha ve been pu hlished but this is tb t: ma rvel of the J ewi sh organ ization It. nd their secret ne l work ro und the &10 be that it ever remai ns 0 u.l or p'Tint and not a single copy is ea sil y u btai nable,



6. H ow Jews dominate the U nited Na tioD s can be visualised from the fact that in ten or Its most important agencies and branc hes, no less than 73 J ews hold the lOoP most posh ions and jobs, J n tile U. N. &t::~tari.t alone 22 of its highly i m portant departments and sections (it re headed by Jews! and this is a very sensiti ve place, nerve-centre ror the world organizl1rion,. and where gro und work is prepa red for form ulati ng pol icies and pro ~nt rnmes, 1 r a pro per probe is conducted ill the machinations. and intrigues of Jews tn U .N.! specially against 1\1 uslim countries, it mJY serve as an eye-opener.

Nine important departments of the U.N. E.S,C.O. a re headed hv J e W~, A l [1.!;,1~ l ] b ranches 0 r J. L. O. are In the hands of the Jewish officers. There are eleven Jews cs chiefs of impL)rtanr departments in F.A.U, The World Bank. and I ntcrnational Monetary Fund ar ; h eaded by res pect i ve ly 6 a nd ~ depa rt men lnl heads who belong to \'·-!.HlcJ Jewry. All these pu~ls h~ld DY Jew:-i ure (If ut mo .... t importance and influence, and in aJJ~lio" h) them there ure -;;COfIl!5 of Jews in I"o::;;i~ions of Comparati vely importance. Just im~lgine if ull of them work i n unison according to J1 wdl thought-out plan, under a 1.,:1;;111 rul direction. how they could munoeuvre and mauipulate lhin.glS in their favour, And is just what ~ hey huv e been d oin g.

7. j f mi indeed be il revelation f 0(' m ost peop le

that the jewish secret organisations are working in almost all the countries or the world. rn rna ny countries 1 hey don't f ~e 1 the neces s i ty of es ta blish i ng a separate organizational structure but by illftltmtlng their men in


the al r-Ea dy -rxj sri ng na t ional agencies of the cou n try concerned they are able to manipulate tbings as they wi sh. F' or e:urn ple the notorious Cl A too is u nder the rhumb of JtWS~ receiving directions and basic plans. especially for the Mu:r;:.lim countries, from "Israel", The recent CJ A -Stu.dent Bodies scandal in USA-In ust serve as an eye-opener for the American non-J e wish population, How dominant they are=running :.. parallel government.

K_ Freemagon MOl em~nt is an j n terns t ion a I J e ...... i~h

o rganization , J i has Joca) societ ies iDe very eoun tn' eu Iled. L ~ LnJ~cs" , J ts rnern bcrshi p has been d i vid ed i ui 0 Vu rious CfL tcgories called t. De g rees", F of en try j n ro each Degree there are particular rules and regulations and Rpecific req uircrnents, and a person belonuing to a parricular Degree can fraternize with the member of the same Degree on IY"t II nd this ca tego ri 7~ t ion is so st rici T y observed t nat a man bel on gi ng to one Of." gree can ne v cr lea rn the objects. pur poses and secret dcsi gn ~ of ot h c r De g tee members, The objectives of the higher categories are kept a rightly guarded secret frorn rank and fiJe of Freemasons even t houg b one may 11 a ve ~ ssed a J ifeti m t:' j n this organization,

The orgauizati cnal le~}, "1<] ue and met hod of wor.k i s so secret that Encyd opaedia Bril1l0ni ca, w hich or h erWiM;; is . so infor ma Ii ve on most milt I ers, had to .H d m j t : .... Evidence is too sean l y to ena bl e the nature of the Lod~e!i to be determined," The Lodge proceedings and the relevan t affai rs are kept extremely ~ 'secret" and nonmembers cannot Jearn a word about them. The members



comrn UTI! cate with each other with secret code ~ and they recognize other members through a system nr secret signs an d p3 sswords. E ven, they ha ve a peeu liar way of knock i n~ at I be do or s of the ir bret h ren anti they recogn i se a L u nee eve n j n stran gt" Ia nd 50, A J ."Hlge r, while vi ... iting a ftJn.:ign country, needs no formal introduction wi t h hi ~ eou n t erparts else y,. here, He j U st req u~ res I he add re.~!i: a rid the nth L pl_':(.: ul ia r knocking at the doo F b .. ings the m~t1 [umping .at his. fed to the door to greet him. In sociat fJ' hcring!\ and meetings and functions 111 "a riou ~ co II ntr i..:'""i they' IToL.:O g n ise EI; nd gr«-( reach other \1,.'1 d, ;tnt ~n'l:y dimcLJ1~y or ..... peaking a word. simply through secret ... j~n worrlv, g:C"!o!otun:~ and movements of .thcir 'h~~!1.~h and hodics. For example, their most common ~irn i:.;. ~ tr ianglc which the} call EY L_ It a Freemason in Sl r~mf.e surrounding» "\\ unts to know how many othc r brothers arc ~ here in ;J ~o.:, function. etc., or if he want ... to rn~! kc hi...; own ideutity ~ nown to other Fmcmasons prc!o;...:-nt in ':'1 IIH)b. the only thing thnt he n~LJs to do is 10 put his fingers between the buttons of his coat or waistcoat and to make a triangle with "his [ingers on one side lind the border of the COr-H on the other. All members u f t his secret br otb erh cod present I here will res pond lrr,metl.i.utely and each one )\ ill know about ethers, with .. out the neces s,j ty of So pea k iI'l g a w nrd.

Frcemaaonry likes to take into its. fuh.l only high off ci III ~ of a co unt ry, civil or mil j t .aTY! Of to p fj gl.; res in foreign or native firms. There jlj. no bar of caste .. colour .. I d i gion or nationality r or j nini ng t he orga 11 in. lion . Rather native official50 are encouraged and thee they are



handled accord i ng to a pia n, They a re exploited ill a manner that they may !lOI realize what ulterior purposes are bring fulfilled through them, This "secret or ltJ.cit brotherh nod" i s mad e [u devet 0 p iIl!l •• i n ~t! net i 'lp'e sym .. pet thy "t' for i is me m hers. Sci" g a Lodge r is cOn 51 dercd to be a sufficient qualiticill ion f or a j unior nflk-l""r in ,uny gnvcrnment for gctHng him a hip; rise or Lt jump over lIlt:

JH::~d~ of his seniors but non-Lodgers, or course, through he I p and con n i \'a nee of lh C) ~c; a ~ read y wcl I placed .i n positions of pc)wcr and pn:s! igr. Then; m43Y be only a (ew. only OIlC~ and even twm: at all, bdun,ging to 11.c Jewish ni.l~jon.iJ]jjy. who may be the member of lhili .. secre L brot he rhood tt ina eo urn ry ~ hu t 1 he orga n l7(ni on is so developed thut II inti q invur ILLI11y serve tlu~' ill I crests of world Jewry,

Th is orguniz.uiun wus fJn ... t ~d .1 r in England j n 17' 7, four of the ... c '")i'lCjt:lic:,. or ._ Lodges" in London united ~o form II ··Gr:lnd LmjJ:!.L.."-~ ... _ with a new system or ~CC ret ::i ig n s. T h ... ~ LI.Jn don G r;j n d Bod y hus been l he pan .. :·nt nf other Lodge ... in G reut Brualn.

A~ lo the functil.Jrl~ arl~1 ~a ... l.::) I~l' 111C Musonry, a per u sa 1 .p r P roroco! S \"r i 11 rc vcu I 1 he 1 r u I h by n one c lse but the lcudersh i r of ~ IJ i:-- movement ihdr. H is ~I mn5.t revealing uccoun t and ~l gO~·L."rnm('"n( V. hJI,.:il ix keen tu keep "he country safe rmm ~ he J.angL.'"r("'u'"i de ..... i~ll-i- ( ... l tht,~ ~lighly capable and innLLen~jL-I.l c.rbul, hus IW alr~rI1';H~"'l':: hut to ruthlessly weed out thi.," c..:tllt. w, .... ·~.ri~llJ:s countries ('If the world ha v c aC"tu~Hy dune, Certainly it WLfU'r be un easy task as the roots of 111.1) grou p reside deep In to (he inner recesses of the administration of a government in

! XrlA" Jr, fOR Y :SOl ~I!:


the garb of innocent cl ub members. tndeed, the hands of Masons are \cry long. but .anyway the task of WfptIlg out this cancer must be performed for the very interest unci security of .a country.

He rc a word 0 r ca uti on j ~ neces ~3 r:;,: . G ood m <:i ray people join it taking it to be an ordinary cl ub. They in tbe ioili~1 stages may he absolutely innocent .;:,nd lhej may not even know thu: they are -being ~xrJoi!c:d. Hence no aspersions should he east on the jntegrit) ~nd Ioyulty of' such person s. Hut,.n evert hd~ ~S. F reerna son ry .il ~ an institution must be c ug: OLH [rom i l~ rOClB and eliminated, In K',n.u;hi alone there are 20 secret lQd~e~.

Aparr from Freemusonry, !hL:"r~.Jrt malL.~· CH her nrganizations we .... tkjn~ fL"Ior the Jewx. Rosicruriun« IO(} is a Jewish inrernationnl society, Professor \lahmud Bretvi In his hoo~. lSI. 4 1.He {DEOLVG r .4.\ D ITS 1ft/PACT ON OCR 7'n,fF.S rK[1r,",("hi~ '967. p. J5J t rna kes l n-L.:" r 0 tlo wi llg CD rn men: s ;

"The teachings of Freemasonry and Rcsicrucianism appear to be identical: the Iaucr's headquarters were in California (L' -S.A.) under the tnle, Ancient ami .~f)'s!ir'af Order ROJae Crucis. There is an adhesion between the higher Degn.:c:s of F reemaxon ry and the R ('IS!" crucian Lodges, and als« that the kno w ledge possessed b)' Rosicrucians! IT1 regard to the life of J (::S USt Is aI~ 0 sha red by the higher Degrc~s n f Fret masonrv . One of the ornaments ~ "\Ii.. ern


by Freemasons at their secret meetings ~ j S :i

silver Iii!; u re u r a bi I'd. (t 0 represcn t a vult ure) surrounded ty rubles (to represent the 11100d of its vlcrim=-Jesus), a disgusting reference indeed to hi s sacred bud y , ,. f n ::!i hurt ~ all doct ri nes we re coucei ved by a J I;! W, PaLL 1, and his assoelates i tl order to III a ke ~si ble lh ~ sur vi val t and to f acl Ii ta te l he r ise to secret pOW-I:: r J of J udais m and J C" wry _ The dogma 0 f 'Ch rl ~t 's Crucifixion' was in v ented by J udaism, , propagated .1 nd k e pt j n fo rce by it fur t he ~i:1 ke or i (5; 0'.\ n :-; urvi v ill. Acco rd i ng to lhl ~ lege n d I Je-s us WLL ~ u t I tg-cd to h n .... e been 'cruci Get!~· ; n J] C_[_ The Go.,pe15 of Mathew, Mark uud Luke were not written until i1 \I, a"-i in the vif.1i interest of the Jewry [or (hem L~l he written, i.e .. bet ween t hc ... ·ear:o!. 70- and '15 C, L. • and rhe Ads of ttse AIN"1.rlin t where PaLll'l;, "visions" of jo;.;:su:s. "enjoying C(J1iH l~hir'J wi. h God" are recordcdj falh into • he same period. J ohns Gospel W(I'" written as late as t he- end of the f1r~t C~r1tIJTy, Th;:H''5; why. even today. Jewry is the lord nf C'hrisrendorn, and Judaism is rhe Iord uf Christianity,"

•. Maulill13 Zar~r Ansari's remarks need not look far fetch~. Eurlier. on December 24. 1912, nuller Rathe"" ~~.. the J ewish ba n ke r be hi nd K:.II ser ~ w r itll\g itt .he German WI£NER FREIE PRESSE .. declared:

"Three h u nd red men, each of who m k no w s a ~ I the others, govern the fate of t he E urope an



continent, and they elect their successors from tJl,tjr cot ou rage ~ .. "

l~aD J.zoulct has merely confirmed a statement made 20 years earlitt.

10. MJil.x Norden, a Jew, speaking 0-31 the Zi("lni~t LOD_gfCS5: ac Basle, Switzerland, in A4,Jgu~l 1903. made the following astol1is.hjo~ "prophesy":

"Ler me ten you the foHowt"B words as if 1 were ~howin~ )'OU the rungs of ;21 ladder leading upWHl"d and upward: Herzl, 01< the Z~o"j~t Congle~:-;, the English Uganda pTOpo~j.jOl''''· ~ the future world war, lIlt: peace conference, where: with the help of Enghtnd a free anti Jewish Palestine w.iU be crea ted."

11. According to The Diartes ~r lhrod()r Hers], published in Tel Av!v In 19J4, Sulfun Abdul Hamid presented Dr. Herzl a medal in 1902'_ The accompany jJ'jg Ietter said: "Inform Dr, B!'rzl lo give up henceforth aU further attempts in connection with the establishment of .a Jewish Stllte in ralestine. Should the Ottoman .Empire be dismembered only Chell the Jews can have Pale£:.tjne. ,~

.. l"brodcrr H-t:n:J i.!i the fol)under or the- Zi Of] ht orpr j!'O,1tiQ.n, In 1897, he convened the :first Zion i Jot J nrernat j~ n::l f (" ru Igft'.s:; at Ba.!:iJc: 2U~nlk'tJ til" 204 dekg.atc!50 (Ivm all OV~f !;;lJ'mp~ - 1;.;1.

=- "~II 190) the Bri.i~h Govt:rnmcnt made the 7i{'l[li:..t (tT,gan~~lion an ofler of an a rot: a. of 6. (J{.;o :.;q Lt;:HE'" miles tl) Af rica to establish th~jf ,. euhura t~i'"j' i unl centre ... ' S incc tll E"! ~ 'L'I.'''~ lH..Ij'.jJ~i ~ n 1;!:'j.[abl.is1"1 in: their "horne" in PaleS-line. sbarp (jj/flt"rl!'fll;..-e5 ar~ in th~ l~b:n eommun Ie)' it~lf. al'ld u himlitdy t he: "'IC""'~ of I til: ma jnI'L!)' pre'lr'.I.-iIt.d ilT.I-tl it was dccjdtd OlK'e f{'lt ;:til t.h I!I e P.a1~t ilk' 'hal I be c-~ptured.-Ed.. .


The diary covers the period from June 1895 to May ] 6, ] 904. r t i ~ .) Iso pu blished in New York i D 1956 .. bu t I could not confirm whether the abo ve q uota t ion ap pcu rs i 11 the America n edit i OR, too.

lZ. They Wt;!n: v~ry young in age. A nutnble writer of the times, Charle-s R. Buxton in hTUkKE Y IN R£ VOLTn j Lnndrm, 1909 .. p. 52), remarks .hat out of 2.5 prominent }'otlng Turks. he knew only three ove-r forty, 'I he average among them Wi..I5i thirty-two. Oh\·iou5ty. the } oung b!~l(_,J could very ~[hill be J:lJtN up tr'l frenzy to meet the demunds n( Jews.

J), .J~""ry aDd );llronty jn TU1l:ey.~ It \lr"ouJd he interesting to learn that Freemasons (4.1 synonym rnr Jewr~; I had been active in Turkey even :.1 .... early as hundred : eurs buck from now. When on A u¥u~t 20, IS 7H. attempts or a young revolutionary, A~i Suavi, [uiled to restore ex-Sultan Murad V on the throne uftcr g.erting hi:-t release from the prison f.;.m.:ihJy with ;J band I) f ~OO you t h:t. he, ~d ong ""' i rh ~OIllC of h.i s uccumplices. was killed, But the Jews did nnl adrmt defeat, und "shortly i:lrtt:'T"Y'ard. a Greek resident in Istan b u I and d m aster of a M a sonic Lodge. eLI lied. CLEA NTH [S SCAL[ERL conspired with some bigb Turkish officials to restore Murad:' Quoted from R£1I0LUT10.\,S AND MfLfT.4. R Y RULE I.V TH!:.· All D ot.r: EA!;T by George M. Iladdad ( U n t, of Cali fora ia), R. S. Pu bli shers Inc.! New Y ark, I ss S. p. 48.

J t reveul S f h.a t Fret mason r). w~. s act. ve plott j ng and brinllDg coues as early as ] 878. J ndeed the clai rns made. in P ROTOCO LS are not j us t an exe rei se ill rhetoric.

fXPLA 'NIL 10.1{ ¥ NOTES,


Later, through Young Turks the Jews got engaged In renewed cff'orts to achieve t heir goa h. The young blood was f renzied up and 1:11 couraged to resort to arson and plunder. The author of Re~I()lutit:m and Military Rulr! In the Midd/~ East says : "The Young Turks were Qlr~<:Idy resorting to intimiduticn and murders' (p. 55). The American Ambassador, Hc.:nry Morgenthau, spoke of them as an iITC"_li.ponsib!e party, .~~~ kind ,)f secret society wnich h}' intrigue, intimidation j;\~ld assassination had 0 btaiued m ost of l h e oIT"tces of sta te .. --quoted fro m ~ Henry Morgenthau, Ambassador ..!\for~l!fllhall·s Story.. Nl:w York. 19J5~ 1". l L

The revolt £L~<Jin:H Ottoman Empire (1299~1920) was all the working of Jewish conspirators. The author George M. Haddad [op.cit, p, .52) makes 'Very s.i8nii;cant remarks :

"The re .... elution against Abdul Hamid's regime was thus inspired and prepared by th-e Ottoman J1 bera Is includi ng offidaJs and i nte llectuals at horne and abroad. If was curried out! however, by the o1iCf;fS in l he ga rri sons of M aced onia .... The S ultan 's government al so committed the m istake of send ins ma ny suspected officers to serve in Macedonia, so that it ttlrnc::d out that the concentration of so many di sgruntled ]1 berals I n the same distan t region mode U eas I.:, for them UJ conspire lo~I!~/Jf"r ilM to enter into comact 11'i!h FREEMASONS:~

Further. it wo u Id be it pt ~to pol n t ou r that (ne Icbievements of Y oun,a T urks ha ve been fa vishJy praised



Western writers. George M. HEtddad (op.clt., pp. 5g-~9) saJi.: HTb( Young Turko; must also be given crc.dil for attempting even during the War period to modernise fhe Empire, ~Jld. thus they unwittingly laid foundations fOI"" the policy follQwred by t h I: (K ema] iSI) Repu blic, and prepared the W.fl.}! f OJ a new Turkey, They transferred

legal cases f,.nm religious to civil courrs.. dcvelnped

1he "idea of I a nguage reform. int rod uced the W estc rn calendar in the form of solar m on f11-.;;., ('I pened i nsti l utions of, .. , m uxi c. ... They made p rogr~~s j n t he ernanci pation of women hoy allowing girls to enter the, , , _ pfnr.,:~ion~J by rev .si ng the fa m i Iy law in ra vo ur or women 3 nd by restrictmg polygamy. They started thoe reform of dress."

Of COUT~ later Kemal Araturk went hl::ldlong with all t hese ideal; a nd m uc h JnQ re to the u trer joy or Jewry which bad more t ban one reason to wipe out the rem nants of ] slamic cu ~t ute and l ho ught.

Further, anoth-er writ-er, R_ W. SETON~ WATSON in his RISE OF lVATJONALIT Y IN THE BALKANS (1917, pp. 13 ~"136), rna kes the foUowi f)g revelations:

.. The main f.{l ct :1 bou t the C omml tree of Union and Progress i:-; i bi c~ sential un- Turkish and un-Moslern character, Front the very first hardly one among its true leaders has been u pu re- blooded Ttl r k _ E.n ver i~ tile son of a renegade Pole, Djavid belongs to the JI!~ .. ·;sh sect nf DU?\' ,WFHS. Curasso Is. Shephardinn Jew from Salonika. Tala"; .. t is an lslamised BuJ~ gar i a 11 gj psy. Ac hmer Riza, OTIC or l he: grou ps



l!:mporary figurehead~ is half Cirassian and hair Magyar!' and a Po~itivist of the School of Comte."

Curiously, Bernard Lewi~ has chosen to COIHO out in defence of Young Turks and abo of Freemasonry but his defence has all the more strengthened the: npposhe view. In his voluminous bnokt THE J::J{{ERGENC£ OF MODERN ru RKE Y (O.tford Press, 1%5, p. 20.8)" he says:

"The Musonic Lodges were ever more tha.n .0 occusi onal cover fur lht3 r meetings.' He also ~ ta tes t hu t C rasso .. was :Ii: mi ncr fig u re. Ca. vid, who did p~ay a role of great importance, was a Donrneh" and not a real Jew, The fact is that Donmeh is a Jewish sect. Mr_ Lewis aho states that "in November i9~ L fBtlZZlYA TE.VF1K, who had several limes. expressed concern about Zionism, j()F tire first time connects lhe MQ$01Jic I OtlgeJ II"Uh J{1~I"i:rh purposes," But is. Mr. Lewis really unaware that Ma~unry and Jewry are synony rns ? Ha ve L Lt he representati ves of Zion, of the J3rd Degret:·~ themselves nut dedan. .. d in the Protocols of the J...t1"artu:d E1.h, j' vf Zion all that was really essentia! to learn about Freemasonry. He, heing a Jewish in~ rellectuul himself, could !lot be ignorant of the existence 01 this documentary evidence. And being a sobre writer of" repute J hope he will not try to doubt the authenticity of the i'1"()IOC()/S jfseif as. some of the Jewish .;r.calots have vainly

:rnwJ:SU COss,l'r.R,A,CY

tried to do: Even apart from PrCfO£oI~~ much is nnw knoWQ about Freemasonry ·a:tld thef"Jewisb purposes" of "the Masonic Lodges" ca nnot be kept Stt'rU any f urther, \\~h3 t .dm;~s. "Elders of 33rd Degree" sign i ry? Are not Freemasons categorifiCd in "Degrees .... ! (See F~£E~f ASON MO\lcm.ent in Notes, No.8)

Further ... Mr. Lewis, commenrillg upon the views of of Tt' .. fik.~ ~} s:

'-He is. careful to exonerate the Uni{1ni!iih, ...... hose: use of the lmlg{'s for their own purposes was:: jU!iitjfiable when the need for secrecy ~.1S paramount."

This. sho r t ... enrence ~peaL§; vclurnes.

Now sometn in g: m~ ~TC ~ bout Ali Sua vi a nd his business, on the ~uthorit~ nf Mr_ Bernard Le'Y.1$ himulf. There is no doub] nnw that Ali Suavi was an i mportant pe r~(1 n in f1.1 a s on ic-Jewish conspiracy, lewis (ap. cit. p. 1;]) SfLY";:

"In December i 876 he (A~i) :~nd his En~Jjsh wife: acted as host s to H _ A. M. B utler Johnstone, a British Member of Parh irncnt who was visitjng Turkey .. probably as a personal emissary of Di sraeli (real name J sraeJ.-Ed.). Soont however, he formed a political committee~ the so-called US 1:. V D A. R Commi ttee, which met

in h C:;. b ouse."

And then the revolt occurred, described already~ in 1&7&" After the cou p attempt 10 depose Sultan and eG.throae.



M urad fa iled, Murad Wa:s. confined in the Malta Pa vitiOD in the YiJdiz Palace grounds. He 'Smuggled a note ttl one of his rrit:T!ds. outside, saying. "If you do not save me from this place, the Malta Pavilion win be my ~r.lvr- n ~f. Lewi OS co nti n ues: ~"ThC' red p ient 0 r t h i-s dramatic appeal for help WH.~ Cleanthi Scalieri, a Greek sub jeer, ~ i v ing in I stan buf . H is imports liCe by in hi$ position as Master of the Prodos Ma!l;onjc Lodge, and ~ ('.laltty[ E!Il'OpeOn ,cQflMCli(m.l to h'hic/J Ihis .uJmilun Ilim. Seal ieri at once- W rote ~J' open ttl let' 10 A hd ut Hamid and sent it to the Engl,~h language newspaper EASTERN [XPRESS with .1 d~ma[ld. Mrkffl bJ' threats, th:d it be p u bl j ~ hed. Wh i ta k a i' referred t he letter to the Palace C ou nci llo r, Saeed Pa sha, w Iw sh ruggtd hi S afw ulders :l nd ~ ... d. ~. publish ~, , 'rhe P u b [jc~ t jon had the- desired @'[ect ahd MUf41d was transferred to another palace." ~ofe the w.)'s and lniIDntM ~llSons .d, Add.t" W. j .. t a !i",-hool ieaf her. There is food ror tJtOiJillt for i Pf~ple Lm aU MIII!~~1l1 lands. A lso note the Jews' po wer {") ve r . r u rl-. r sh Press, The y {_'" u ld 1-"Ct pu bl j ~ ned w hatever

r hey Jiked.

Further Mr. l.ewis Sil):":

~- Scalier. and h i s .if~l:w~m' !1'{el1dJ· d j J not leave the mutter at {hilt. From it report submitted 10 Sultan Abdul Humid ir seems that art attempt was made to persuade the German and Ellghsh L~/Xf:~ . r he heads of w b ich we re the L rnperor WiJ helm, and r h e P r i U'I."-t' H f W.a [I!s. to JtU their urj1utnu: and secure the mrer r entio« of lhe German uml british Ambassadors in. IstQnbul

J fWt5,H O)W.tPllACY

in jar'Ou.rr of M urdd. ~ I

This is how F tee masonry works. Jewjsh-Masnnic brotherhood wanted to depose Sultan A bd u 1 Hamid beca 11 se he was st ~ tf for Jews and did not allow them land in Palestine, The, w:,l.llttd to bring in Murad because he was U Ii beral' I and because (this ~s im portant) .... of Aif past connections with Freemasons .. and tt "'as thrOligh MOJ€mil" dUJimc!s that the conspirators directed :;omf: of

'heir ejfQrfJ." (Lewis. op. cu.).

I t is; very s tr ange that Mr. Btrr.a rd Uwi 5 11 i mself is r-eveal in g the truth about the J.ewish .... Masonic conspiracy but at the same time he is very critical or those writers who are II adhereJ1t!S of t he conspi rational conception of hi story .... {- Lewis, of', ctt., p, 201)

International Jewry I!) in itself a COY] l=ipir~cy on a Kigant~ scal~. Ziomsm i 5. nothi ng bu t a con ~pi racy and the pia OS 0 r Jewry for world d (:I m j na 1 i on .H re but H. conspiracy, and the pa rt icul a r peT'i od under di scussio n b~ Mr. Lew j sis. fulJ of con S pi racies and in tri guc~. j ni tia I ed and n urtu red. planned and executed by Jews the mselvE:s.. yet in order to divert the readers' a t tent ion, t be J r::w writers themselves try in va in ro deny the exi Silence of any conspiracy and lull the M uslirns to deeper slumber. What a con spi racy indeed ~

, N ow I wa 11 t to close down the d i scu ssion wi th a quota. t ion of a not her WT. tcr LO 11. D K! N ROSS. J n his. very vel u rni nous htmk ~ A r A T U RK, TIre Rebirt h of a ]tlAT 10 N (London, ! 965~ p. :2 8) he S ays :



"The Commjttee of U nlon and Progn::S8 mado free usc of bot h the prem.i ses and the tech» iq ues, or the Freemasons, imposing a ritual of initia. ... tic 11 by which l he .::£~pi rant was bllnd folded and led j nto the p r esence of three ma !liked strangers. inc [oaks. a nd was 0 hi ih'Cd to swear an oath. both on the 'Soward and un lhe Koran, to roe-deem his country, to keep the secrets of the society, and to 0 bey its order-s, i ncludi 02 l he order W t: iI/ an)" per son n "hom it might condemn ,., dea I h. Such m urn ho- jumbo went .tI ga i ns r ! he grai n 0 f K £,"tf A L M ore especially t having mitially sworn on the revolver alone, did he resent this Islamic symbolism of the new oath, For the rnomen r, however, he had no alternati ..... e but (~,. CC'nlC to terms with the Union ists L1:; bes l .as h L:: co LL]d, "

Mr. Ross has kindly given some inkling in the work .. ing of Freemasonry, the details of which have otherwise F"C rnai ned a mystery" "Three ma sked srra I'I gers in cloaks' is very $~gn ificant. l t seems to be So)' rnbol ic since PROTOCULS XX[V. the last nne, declares (hat after all the preparancns for the capture of power havebeen completed, "only the Kin g and the three who stood sponsor for him wi I ~ know what is corn in g .' ,. AJ so note, Kemal Atat u r k did ra ke the oath. H is resen tmen t was for the presence of Quran, otherwise he was at borne with Masons.

14. So long Freemasonry is allowed .a free hand to

conspire and dynamite M I,lslim~r interests in the Jslemic


world t here could be no hope of better d ays 1 he Protocols are ex plicit in ex plai ning the 3 i m sand n b}cd s of Freemasonry,

1.5. I wi] l go further and say 1 lH\ 1 the world J t::wry has til n:-a dy conq uered Roman C a 1 holic Ch urc h. in l he sen se xb at Jewish thi nk j ng now do mina tes there! and I he}' are a. ble to eff ect c h anges in the basic creed u f Ch ri at ian i t y. The one most astounding example of this JS the Jewish


SU(Cf ss in getti ng ame nded the C ath I,) 1 ic belief abo ut 1 he

crucifixion of Jesus Christ at the hands of Jews, J udeed 1 he Jot: ws had been at pai ns si nee long to do some t h Ln~ abo LL 1 i 1- T hey made it ve fY I on g-term plan 11 nd tral ned a good n urn ber of J ewish SiC holars and inte llect uals j n the art and practices of Catholic Church, then tneolc .... ~.y and dogma, etc, ~ etc. They rose higher and higher rn Catholic hierarchy ~ and .:1 time came when the ~ r i nf uence at the top level been me so $1 rong tha t they were it ble 1 o achieve whatever they liked. J n ~ 964 (Sept. 14 to Nov, 21) the OECUJ\.lENICAL COUNCIL or the Catholic Ch urch held at Va tic" 0.. Ro me ~ made: dec i'£i on in regard to the a bsol uti on of th-e Jews, irom the- death of J esus by CIUC ~fi~ ion. Thi S deci s;j on was; 0 riginally called the II Dectarn tic n on the J ews' b ut for 0 b .... iou s reasons the document has now been broadened to speak ~ lso of others. TM Jew Ish COIl spj racy j n ttl i s regard is 100 COD sp icuo US to need any commen i. The Jew ish agen rs made the hi ghest body of the C atholic Church declare: ·.r;l\Iay tbey (Cb.rlstI.os) ~et present Ille Jcwis. people as one uJededt eurs.edt or guIlty of dei~id-e .... (thi-s doc wnent) deplores, indeNt M.n.deQtn~ hatred ud re!'"·



SKlitia of .Jew!) wbdher they .roM in r(Jl'mt'r or i.. oW' own da)'8 .... ~. [The full ted of the document was published in islamic Review, \\'·Ok.I.n~, England, for February, 1965.1

This amendment in the basic creed of Christianity i:!l; very signific: . mt indeed. We are not concerned for the moment with the fact that sue" efforts tn distort history- iUU.1 (hat too after- about two rhousund years=is fUl"JDY and m<tkrs mockery of the: Catholic Church. IBy the way. SL Paul him!-it'lf W~\:S u 11.:W and the available version of Chtixtiun ity i~ wrHH he desi r{:L1 it toO he.] Wha; i'i. of importance Jor us i:'i thur how JL\";:; plan and execute thiIl¥~ ~ their ftlnr.~r~.·mg.: .... chemi rl~ ~I nd method of wnrking ; and their orgnnization: . .d etHcil;."ncy_

Among the varied methods employed by the Jew, to achieve their ends, gClTd plays .m impfrr~~nt tnre"~ Indeed their accumulation of weahh is nnt mere ucci .. dental. They have achieved this supremacy ;1 s a result of thtir long-range pT~mnjng and m"H1flL:'LI uin,i;! , They

had long decided that in order to dominate over the world, they must possess weulrh, and control tile [lJ1~L"(,I!!'S of the world. Their achievement in this fkli.l j:-., dl rectly r-espons: ble for '!"n much of the .... succesv. Th.t()u,gh the power of gold, the Jews shook the rOll ndu tiuns of Catholic (',., urch, Here is the sto ry :

The leader of the htiqlaj Pl::irty of Morocco, Allal ul-Fassi, while undergoing treatment in ~ C;:'liTO hospira] in 19~ L W.iJ.S visited by a French orientulisr. Professor M, MtlSSisnon, lie showed him a letter hl: had writreu


to the Pope! condemni liS the a rrest or l he 108 te Ahmed b .. ~ A bdullah, who had d eli vered a sermon at the mosque in Raba t em ph asi s.i ng the importance of ~cri fice and selflessness, and mentioned leading figures in this field, including Saint Jean d'Arc. Fassi had ex~ted that it woul d ha ve · < d ca rl)' dem 0 nstrated the desire of the M uslirn s to bri n ~ a hou l a sp iritu al ra pprochement with other faiths in the service of the cause of peace and freedom" ., Pro f If' sso r Ma ! gn nil, however, rt:a-ctt-d to the letter w: th mixed fee I i ng!-. _ He a p proved of it but also expressed des pOJ; dency , H e ~aiu that the V (II kon. circl.p..K received money from ttie Zionisrs and wanted to W1tit~"Hl.~h 1/1£ Zionists. fie ~_' v 'pressed regret at Ihe m~):iN!1. Dj poliJii"~" "mi financiat interests with rf'IiKioN and truth, He /fJrther ~d(/ed: ,L U 'hen 1 he C hrls: ians en.goRf!" in nego'ill~ iOlls to .r.:l:'n'i" ,Ill.' inreres I s ~r z toni. .. 'm I hey do harm 10 thei,. rdigjorl and to loya! turd sincere people like my, ~~!ft wlso consider suet: an at t it ude as J4! .. 'tal ionlst and feel impelled 10 dcnJ' the status of tire derRY in religious mat'er$.n (Ibid.)

This "loyal and honest" Frenchman made the revelatlon as fa r back as I? 51 ~ Had a tter ] 4 years t he Jews were: able to accornpl ish w hal he was :lfratd of. How true 'Was his Information,

Further ... Jews" claim in Protocols is not far-fetched when it is: deel ared l ha t throu gh the power of Gold they Intend to pull down the world ~ t heir reel. Prulocols declare:

I. I The people have rai~ a how! about the DCCC"SSiity of settling the q uestion or Soc(QiislTt



by W~ Y of an i nternati on ... 1 !:I greement, 0] vi $oj on into fractional parblo!:S has given them into our hands. for, in order t-o CIU'"Y on u t.,'nntr-!!.t~ struggle. one must ha v fo money. and I.hf' J;I'1(.1ne_]' is 011 jn our haml}.·'

t\ i~ it repeated at Hllmher ph:H .. "C~

'·11"1 our }umdH is the greatest power of our du},GOLD: J I'Ii two days. we can procure from our :-;tC'lreh('"l~I~e::t ~my quantity we may J'r("~.s,(I'.·'

Anyway. in the pn..:-~t:'nt case Gnld could accomplish h10 much. Fven Yatican ........ as pun::h,1i ~ ... -r] '

.". ~ n tnl~ connection a revelation made hv the i\1l ~rOCCan re~~ der M r. All a I F assi pr ovcs u neq Ull,."OC a Ily now the two "isms" can collaborate and ol"on spire r(l uphold the interests of ira:· international Jewry;

T'Th~ discussion or the question of acq UttljJl~ the Jews of the ~heddjnll or tne blood of Jesus Christ, whh which the Oecurnenieal Co u nci 1 or the Catholic Church meeting at the Vatican has recently been pre-occupied, ha ..... t: been engineered by ZIONISTS, J first carne to low".... of this when I was in exile (r937 -4n) in Gabon. III E411~tor~1l1 Afrfca, M. Lawrence, then Secretary-Genera 1 of the Genera ~ A gcn cy of the Congo, and Ieadin S me-Ill ber of the C 011 golese National Liberation Committee. l~Jld me dHl! endearour« by tlrl!' ALU£S han been made. ami LI'{Ir(" uhout 10 ~ .'t/JN'"~s,tfu/~ to illdll('t" 1M Vatlco»


to concede me inlwn'm,:~ tJ.f the J ~'rd and to hrin~ 'he J(!I~'5 into the fold of ChI' is tianirv:' (Ibid.)

Refere nee to All ied powers ~ ~ vc ry :... ign i (ii,;;J nt _ (t mea 1],$ r ha t j h~ Capi I ali st countries us -, el! .us I he Communts» countries both have .~o_ll corner .for the Jews and dec! SfONJ 'H.'ert:' arri ved at rhe hff.Jh.e,~·1 It' .. -e! in bM h 1 he (amps. What greater proof is required for Jewish influence i-n America as well as RUSSftL 80th collaborara whe» ,hi! interests ()[ Je« 'Y are NU'()/L't'd. The AHird powers were keen in this respect even when the \ ..... ar was on, kCI?J'ltn~ aside their idl.:~)ld~~icill differences. Allied df~)rts. coupled with Jewish bribery to VatLC!I1, :md secret uctiv u i~'!. .)r the .:1_genb ~~f Jews in tile ~;i rb of Christians .. II contribuled ihei r due:' share in ~!r~n ... ·in.lllcwfY and ('h rl ... rl<~n.HY Ch.I~C' together, of course to furge: ~{ unucd frlHH ,::;:1 in..;t lhe world of lslam ro which cnllt~rnrnr.;.l ry international p( l~ iIi I..:'S is a w ~t ness,

1'7. This ~t(1ry ~o;; best told hy Andrew Tull... in hb world f;_.limolls and most revealing book : CIA, t're"i.f Rnnk1 Fawcett Publications, Inc., New York, 1 YflJ. pp 84---fii9 ~ Q nl J' re leva nt ex t racts) ;

··1 n Egypt, cr A. a5sisl~d in t hc tlUSliJ1~ of Kin~ Farouk , ... : .

.. M est i nternat ional ex pert!'!i hal, c co n tin ua Hy hesi t ::I led to pass j udgme n t CI n C olonel Genial Abdel Nasser? President of the Arab Republic, '1 hum the Central ImeIJig.{!m..'~ AK.f'fit"J' hdped pluc~ in the dr b-'CT 5 seat ill t he A r~b ~ru, Id ."

., ..... - while C fA .~. i!jjm'u ht?il'ffl bring (Nas_'icr J


It"} Pt"}), ... 'J. , _ , , • r

··A rnong those with uulhoritative understanding

of the situution, the eonscn- s l1S i~ that .. . C1A

was weJl aware of Nasser and h~~ behind-thescenes m an ore- I.J vrln as, ' r • , .....

~. With ~.iJs:)er foisted tm it. C'JA ultimately rna nil :ged ttl b.u t a f 00J j r r(,"TCC.f] rage in the t urb ulent ~ ears of keep~l1g an eye: on his regime _ . - ADd at lin.:' outset ("1 A had earned rhe }trati(udc ~ If HI P:-o. [ 1) r (1".[: \\ arid getting ri d of t be fat and (~b..,;,_:cnc K in~ f-~lr,)uk ... __ ...

.. Am i· \\'(' .... tern feeling came h.~ a head in Oci " i 95 l , lL'h en Farou): - s ~ (J vcr-unen! ucmJum'(>'n rhi:' ~ 91f1. neal)" ,1"I1h Great Brituin und moved ro firi 1.(' th« Britisl: frvm tilt" Sue: Canal Zone and fros» A ng '0- EgJ 'pl ian S udu«, , ... ,

.• jt W.;.l S pro btl [)ly at tlu'J f ime ~frr:J I Ihf' f.1m·'r!d States and Great Britai» d~cidt:'d Farouk H.'fH1Jd ha ~'e' (0 go_ That is, bo r h Cl A and &' it {:r:1l 11"1- lelfige-m'r began custin« obo«: for .~m..:·hO'(J.r to J(I~·e Ol".er.··

.- l"hls was CJ 1'\. which hJ:icJ ~e.:nt <-. number of its operatives 10 Cuiro to keep .fi close watch 01'1 the weakening Farouk regime. Among these olfioL."Cr.s. were former Arruy intelligence "lfja::n who had spent most of their careers in the Middle East "ml with ~.'Ijwm Nassor felt ar home. CIA


Jf- w IS-H roN~PI RAC''''

ga .. 'e the 'f'onl lut« in Ju(r, 19:51. amI Nasser's fr~p o_rj'il'.ers Cm'pJ jll\'rm.~ lnt» action."

Perhaps no comments ure required. Anglo-Amenca n cons pi racy is. ! (")0 wc:H k n own to need any rei a borat io n- La ter bot h colla bora ted to crush III. h I, un- atMusilmoo», of course the haxic plans were made by Jews. And Nasser i~ )l.:t in~ the ends of JC"' ... ·50.

18. There is no dearth ('If evidence In th~s respectFl~rpfs altitude on and i'l.fteJ" .. ! srnel's" ;lggre!":i.i.i ... :m C"'IH J 0 rd an m us t he ;~ n e ye-o pene r now eve n for his g rt:"a fesl die-hard supporter. The glaring blunder {Clr :.. coldhtt l( ided consp i racy, of t h e ~ a-xe r f~~i me j n P~. rest i not hu s been to accept [he !1.f:.ti('fniTl~ {"'If I he inter nutiunal emergency force in lhc G hH.lZoi.\ strip. By d(1in~ ... o, the L' A R has rH~dEC<lIl!· opened that 4H~a f ... ,.r • I ... raeli" acri".. it ies. G !la:rrJ wa-, t he ~ snl y ,~l~ it J. bie ,1 rea fr ~"In whe re the A fa h v 0 i unte ers CO uld pene tr a tc in t c .• J -rael" for Coil rryi ng on l hci r gu crri lla W~ir f: mo:- _ Now L he- lute rI1:.1 t ion u.l F (:I rce~ do not allow I he Arabs to enter that ';HI!';]- And n j, j ro nical t I-r a t n I srael" is C~1 rry t n g on irs ecc no m ic pl~~ n s i 1'1 the regiof1_

Likewise. (he Gulr of" Aqab •• wa~ ~t ... en to the Jews on a silver plate through the pro ... lsion of international control on the Gulr, Priur to this. international control Jews did not dare enter the Gulf- And now .. , srael" has built up .l~ own port of Eilath on the Gulf and its ships are ostcntuticusly sailing to and fro carrying Z ion isr i nfl ucnce i nto t he sensi ti 'Ir.~ 11 rea 50 '.I f Africa.

The opening of Gulf for ~. lsrael" has virtually ended that block ade whtc h had been me l he n i iii: h t mare of .~ r:,;; rael"

rx fll A N 1\·1 Ok'r' NUl j.s.


a nd w h ich hud '"' i Hen "Js rae l" '::"0 m nc h l h" l i is econ 0 illY was f.acing serious crixis. Now, without any hindrance. ]ev.'~ arc c ..... ia hli~hin~ their markets in AfTie;. and because of their econormc ofleusive there, ~he Ani:!l~ and 1\1 u~~im~ ~r~ tiL,i [l!! ~ gre~l threut. And .ltl lbi~ i~ happening hcc: ru se E~y pi .. 1 p.J'r~d to 'l U nd over [he G 1.11 f ! 0 ~ t1 e Jews,

A~lWIUy the u n4.krb·jn)l m'~tj\,~ behind the 19.56 l ~n~ L."i i .... Ikn:s.." Ii! in. I he .si na j wu~ to .. t reng: hen i 1!Io:. control o .... er ~ he (j 1,111' .. And ro .he utter dismay of all Arabs II has ~.~nNi it:. objc..'l.:"cj,..I,." and i~ bu:>i.Y in ~"m~ojid:.iting; il~ gains,

The- l a IL.:.:.;t I.j1..~ v df~i) men tin [il f:<. rc ~ inn i,.... i.lf ul mu~ f ~igl1.h~'-1.nC\: for ~hr M uslirn world, ~!)~L;j!1l1y the Arab countnes, Is.r::td's. '!iini:,h.:r dC:-:'lgn is. to run a canal from the port of E~J .... i h on [he Gulf or At.];Jt-.u to Ashdnd on the euas t ,1 r. M!.-xj i t..-: rra rh;::~ nand l h U!I. n pe Ll i. not he r ~~4. -way p~ r ullcl h 1 S U(".I ('a n~ rl. T h i: fi I""~ phuse of t he Ii"'onstrucnon l)t" lhi~ l:H nul i:<. ul ready completed .. HId WOI"L. hus started ,on the -econd phase. The pluns lor the ca nul ....... ere- f:l1'\~r~1 red by •• ,HO.~i·m~ -borJj .J~'II'j_~·h (rtj.t(ill'·1 'r, The CLLCHII :!ih:.U b(" 17?t mile .. I n len~!h ,:Jlld ih t::th~ ttl' COn-truction would be J.UOU,OO).OOO c,hlllar~, t M oruhlv (,II.'J R,.JGII-/:'--R·OI. Kuruchi]

l he t'iL)!i~ ~ hU1S about the ...vh411c ulluir i:-. that C('IinJ kaciLo i1nd Prusv, which i~ hundred percent ~1.nC"rnmr-nt co n l rolled, i ~ II ~ i]j lin f1 ~~" the p I"O~!g'1 n da t ec h 111'-1 ucs 10 muke I he Lgyptii..lll:-' bctrevc Lh~11 it i~ .iJJi ...... rong aud thut there Wi.L-S no such I-'r1.lj1..'C~ in hund, ThL..: roor Egyptian:... groaning under the t!rip 01 ~ police state have now become accustomed ro hl..:.i.H r:ml)' wh.l.l.t the go .... ernmeut warus

them to bclievt_ After all whose game: the Colonel i~ p~aying'?

I t would be shoe king to lea ru that the deci ~~ 0 n abou t the future of Aqaba had already been decided secretiv between the Jewish leadership and U .S_ President Trumau. Alfred Lilienthal (op.clt., pp, 7U7 11). ma"k.~~ the ... ~:.;.tou.ading revelation:

"One wof.=-ek before the U N vote was hlk.e n, W C' l;j!:mann (Zi onist lea de r ~ \'i "j led President T ruma n (0 ninforcc the Zionist posiuon to make sure that ~r..e Bay of AQaNl~ gateway to the Indian Ocean, Wj,.I S not 501 ; ced a wa y fro m tht' • Jew; s h. St.ale~ ~ Close contact had been maintained ::H all limes between the White HO\I~ and the Zio nist 5. In rou!! h Da vid N iles ~ nd Etl w a rd

- Jacobson (both Je"·~~, the Presidents, old Kansas city business partners. to w hich the hmeli chieftain acknowledged a deep debl uf ~EUj~ tude- At the U. N, jU!i.t as Ambassador Herschel j oh I\S on and Major Ge ner a 1 } l. Hilldri ng were p v I ng J ~w i Soh Ag-ency re presen ta ti 'lie'S so me :S.J.d news concer n Ing Aq a ba DaY1 the telepnone rang, It was the President. carrying ~ I\!= tr uct tons t ha t t he Ba y be nand led cx~c"Lly as Weizmann desired" (-Also see WElIMANN. TRIAL AND ERROR, p, 4~9)

And yet the re a re fools in t h i~ country as also in or her M uslim lfl nds who believe A merican s W be ci vilized and Dot de .... oid of :1U moral sense a nd decency _

EX r L .... NATOli. Y Nun·:'!;


J 9 . N.1 s ser has bee n medd I i n)l; with the a ffa i rs of ot her Muslim states, overtly or covertly. Examples. of his open interference abound buL few know that he through h 1 s secret age n ts attempted COlI pin I ran and Turkey and that he Was organiser-in-chief of what happened there,

M. George H addad (op.c i r., p. 1651 report s :

Th I,;" riob. in 1963 that roc k ed 1 ra n a nd II lso in .. , he ~Inemplccl initiating coup of May. 1~62" ill Turkey, ~~t he riotx h ad been or ~gi na ted and 11 na need hy agen ls of President Abdel Nasser or E~) pt. "General Hasan p~ ~ rana n, H tad of t he Po u cc and I ntel I i)lence. gave the name of the arrested Nasserite "'gl;"n1 and claimed that he a d mit led tr an sferri ng tWO mill i on Lebanese po ... nd s and gi '1,1 ~ n g them ~ 0 I ra nian grou ps opposed t n the Shah."

See: .~ A L~ HAY .A T~ ', Belrur J une L 6. ] 963. For detai hi of the N asseri te agent and resu 1 t 1.1f the J ranian 1 n vesrigaticns. See alsu Ne» .. Yo,.k Times, June 6t 1963.

The same author loP. cit., p. 22b} further TC' ... eals ;

· 'The Nassl:'ri srn and A rab unity have been recen t Iy respon ~I b1L: for perpetual quarret« ] n

Arab milifary ranks." (emphasis ours)

A I $O~ It may be reca lied }, ere that the editor 0 f AL·HA rAT was recently put to death. and in the trials now being held overwhelming evidence has shown that the assa ssins were N asse r' S agents. The trial proceedings are being published in At-Havat and ether papers which are courageous enough 10 pu blisb the truth a bout tbe mysterious (~) Colonel. There is. an element ha ihng the

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