At the end of this presentation, the audience will be able to: € Define Nursing Care Delivery System. € Understand the types of nursing care delivery system. € Differentiate between each one. € Understand advantages and disadvantages of each one.




administrative skills and talents which enable a nurse to excel in the profession.€ Nursing leadership is a combination of personality traits. DIRECTING 12/28/2010 3 .

The leader has the capacity to earn and hold trust and can inspire others to commit to the goals of the health care organization.´ ´ ´ ´ A nurse leader can be anyone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish specific goals. however. DIRECTING 12/28/2010 4 . The authority of the leader is informal. the leader's ideas and actions influence the "efficiency of work flowµ. meaning that the leader has no specific managerial role. The leader facilitates group cohesion and performance.

rules and structure that define responsibility and accountability. ´ Delivery systems identify who has the accountability for nursing care and clinical outcomes. ´ Delivery systems provide the organization. ´ DIRECTING 12/28/2010 5 .A nursing care delivery system defines how work is organized. how nursing staff are deployed. and who will provide nursing care.

Total patient care (Case method) ´ Functional Nursing ´ Team Nursing ´ Primary Nursing ´ DIRECTING 12/28/2010 6 .

Total Primary Care provides a high degree of autonomy. organizing. clear lines of responsibility and accountability. Commonly used in intensive care unit (ICU) and post anesthetic care unit (PACU). and performing all aspects of nursing care. holistic patient care. DIRECTING 12/28/2010 7 . In Total Primary Care a registered nurse is responsible for planning.´ ´ ´ ´ The oldest system for organizing patient care. un fragmented care.

DIRECTING 12/28/2010 8 . Registered nurses were self-employed 2. Patient needs were quickly met 3.Advantages: Disadvantages: 1. Close relationship between the Registered Nurse and the patient Needs high number of Registered Nurses.

DIRECTING 12/28/2010 9 . ´ The idea behind functional nursing is that there is a specialist for each task. ´ The head of the ward assigns the different tasks to specific nurses based on the nursing care plans for the different patients.´ Specific tasks are assigned to nurses. ´ Registered nurses (RNs) carry out complex nursing tasks. ´ The nurse assigned to a specific task has to carry it out at all patients.

Advantages: A very efficient way to delivery care. 2. Lead to patient and nurse dissatisfaction DIRECTING 12/28/2010 10 . Could accomplish a lot of tasks in a small amount of time Staff did what only they were capable to do: no extraneous work was added that could be done by nursing aid. Disadvantages: Care of persons became fragmented 1. Very narrow scope of practice for Registered nurses. 3. Patients did not have one identifiable nurse and the nurse had no accountability.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). most direct bedside care is given by the CNAs while the RNs spend more of their time at the nursing station. DIRECTING 12/28/2010 11 .´ Care is given by a team composed of registered nurses (RNs). ´ In this model.

When a ward is organized according to the team nursing system. € Each team has to provide care for a fixed group of patients. the nurses are divided in a number of teams. € DIRECTING 12/28/2010 12 .

Care is still fragmented with only 8 or 12 hour accountability. 2. DIRECTING 12/28/2010 13 . thus continuity of patient care may suffer. 2. Disadvantages: 1. Patients have one nurse (the Team Leader) with access to other providers Registered Nurse may be the Team Leader one day and a team member the next.Advantages: 1. Each member¶s capabilities are maximized so job satisfaction should be high.

DIRECTING 12/28/2010 14 .´ Primary nursing is a method of nursing practice which emphasizes continuity of care by having one nurse provide complete care for a small group of inpatients within a nursing unit of a hospital.

1. Registered Nurses more satisfied because they continue to learn as a function of the in-depth care they are required to deliver. Increased satisfaction for patients and nurses. 3. 2. Registered Nurses are seen as more knowledgeable and responsible.Advantages: 1. Where do we get all these Registered Nurses during times of shortage? Disadvantages: DIRECTING 12/28/2010 15 . Intimidating for new graduates who are less skilled and knowledgeable. 2. More professional system: Registered Nurse plans and communicates with all disciplines.

Which methods you will use? DIRECTING 12/28/2010 16 .€ If you are a head nurse manager.

DIRECTING 12/28/2010 17 .Basically nurses need to understand the positive and negative consequences of each model in order to plan and propose to decision-makers the most efficient and effective way to deliver care.

the other one will be responsible to check Crash Cart etc.y y y y In my hospital we use Total patient care. one nurse will be responsible for distributing medications to all patients. primary care and functional Nursing according to the situation. In ICU one Registered Nurses assigns to one patient to give total patient care. DIRECTING 12/28/2010 18 . The head nurse gives assignment of 4-6 patients to each nurse to give primary Nursing Care. Beside total assignment.

€ DIRECTING 12/28/2010 19 . € There are 4 methods of Nursing care delivery system. € It better to mix more than one method in delivering care to patients. € Each one has advantages and disadvantages.Nursing care delivery system is to organize the work.

Fawzia Gharbi € Nadia aseri € Lyla € DIRECTING 12/28/2010 20 .

Young. K. 2010 http/www. et al. Healthcare and Nursing Care Delivery System in South Korea. Pattern of Nursing Care Delivery System. Pattern of Nursing Care Delivery System.Presentation. y. 40(11):460-462 € Devakirubai .mht € DIRECTING 12/28/2010 21 . Journal of Nursing Administration: 2010. R. & IlSun.

DIRECTING 12/28/2010 22 .

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