Translation for the NEWS 22 Dec 2010 Obtain too much “Furadan” may cause dead Deputy Minister

of Health organizes the “Disease-free Agriculture, Safety Consumers, Honor the King 84 Years Old” campaign and warns absorption too much “Furadan” may cause dead. During the last few years, there is an increasing rate of the usage of agricultural chemicals and this affects people health and surrounding environment. Thailand is one of the country members of Southeast Asia that import such a large amount of chemicals. The imported chemicals are such as, insecticides, herbicides, ratsbane, growth control, pesticides; fleas, snails, nematodes, etc. From the toxin analysis study and research in patients and dead bodies from the 9 provinces of Thailand of Center of Medical Sciences (Area 12, Songkhla province), it shows that the most toxin that is found in this sample group (34.6 percent) is insecticides and the most 5 toxins that are found are Carbofuran, Methomyl, Parathion, Zinc Phosphide, and Monocrotophos, respectively. Carbofuran is Carbamate chemical insecticide with the effect on insects that destroy crops, especially, the insects that eat plants and agriculturists use it for watermelons, cucumbers and rice insect prevention. Its effects when absorb into the body are numb, headache, exhausted, anxious, iris dim, nausea, tears and salivation, sweating, abdominal spasticity, slow pulse, muscle contraction and if obtain it in such a large amount, it may cause respiratory failure and dead finally. Carbofuran is known as Curate 3%G or Furadan and is severe toxin that is dangerous to human and animals. Even though, agricultural chemicals and hazardous materials are useful, it is dangerous to agriculturists, consumers and environment if use it improperly or in a large volume. As such, it is a must to educate the agriculturists and consumers to be aware of chemicals danger, know how to use it properly, and help to find prevention and solution to the above problem.

Department of Medical Science

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