Well, I am new to bolgging, as new as I can't spell blogging correctly.

Why I want to write, probably I don't have any other option to waste my time or probably I am feeling alone at this moment of my life. Particularly this moment, when a free bird , a free soul , a free man is about to loose his freedom. Yup , its high time now, My ladies (sister, mother, and her sisters) have finally succeeded to corner me on this subject. Ladies: Do you want to get married or not ? Yousuf: Of course I want to, I am normal boss. I too have some dreams about my dream girl. Ladies: Dreams..(like they hear this word for the first time) , what kind of dreams ?

SK: Are you not qualified enough ? Yousuf: Well I believe I am. . I need a wife not a maid for God sake." Go get married . I mean I am just . I had the armour of logic they had the swords of emotion. SK: Aren't your Brother-In-Law get married at 28 ? Aren't your friends getting married now ? Yousuf: Well .. I was outnumbered one male against four female. yes. SK: Then what’s wrong with you career ? Yousuf : Well I just want to be more rich before settling down that’s all. you don't have confidence in you that you will fulfil the basic needs of your wife ? Yousuf: Well I never said that.... [That was the E-Bomb. Shamme Khala . keep aside some extraordinary men and women and Google the history of human civilization again and let me know if you find any son who was vertical to this kind of assault ?.. SK: Are kar le lovely. If you keep aside some extraordinary men and women and Google the history of human civilization. How will I face your father if I die and you remain unmarried.....Yousuf: A normal family kind of dreams. I mean how many men get married at 28 ? Ladies: Then what is the right time accordingt to you ? And what career you are talking about.] I had used all the technical side of my brain and tried to analyse the situation 1. khala of the three..KHAN sahab badhiya hai.[My pet name is lovely.". 2. I just want to concentrate on my career which according to me is going nowhere (we can discuss about this some time later).... at most what she wants just meal twice a day.. SK: That was just an idioms you idiot... There were some other dreams also which I couldn't tell them nor I can disclose them in public. I don't know why she termed her "becharee" ?.. naye wife. Emotional Bomb and you know what .hmmm. right. isn't because she is going to be married with me and that is why she is "becharee" ? 2.just 28.(assume some back ground music for convenience). woo . Ladies: ok-ok. do roti hi to zaida khayege becharee . you know..tell me did you find any wife who had a demand of meals twice a day ? Yousuf: SK. I heard in my mind the sounds of electric bolt too. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my fav.] So yes. "naye car .. [It was a war cry. sounds amusing.. lovely. Now here comes a new actress in the scene.] I too have same fards [Duties]. naye job. I will make sure you will get married by next year at max. Yousuf: It's not the right time for me now.."Are kar ne na lovely.... Then why are you so reluctant of getting married now. 1. We will refer Shamme Khala as SK from now on.. but you can't decide your pet name do you ? Not me at least. Mother: Then it is final. to me too.

So here we are. . I was using one of them knowledge [logic] and My ladies were using the other one emotion. Cornered and as I have agreed for marriage the great search of finding the “Miss Right” has begun. emotion. The end result : I got emotional by the logic used by My ladies.Plato Quotes: Human behaviour flows from three main sources : desire. knowledge.