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Ujian Kenaikan Kelas

Ujian Kenaikan Kelas

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Published by: Onjo Notaname on Dec 28, 2010
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Mata Pelajaran: Bahasa Inggris Kelas : VII Hari/Tanggal: Waktu : 90 Menit

Vina : No problem 6. Why does Joko borrow Vina’s pen? Because Joko…. a. forgets his pen c. loses his pen b. doesn’t have pen d. doesn’t need pen 7. From the dialogue above we know that…. a. Joko doesn’t need pen c. Vina lends Joko her pen b. Vina doesn’t have pen d. Vina has one pen This dialogue is for question 8 and 9 Ida Andi Ida Andi Ida : Andi, is this your mother? : No, in fact, she’s my aunt. My mother is beside her. : I see. What does your mother do? : She is a guide. She takes people on tours here in Bandung. : That sounds great. Guide is interesting job. c. doctor d. nurse c. Andi’s friend d. Andi’s teacher

This dialogue is for question 1 to 3. Tina wants to fax a document. Doni, her brother, helps her. Tina : Don, can you fetch me that paper, please. Doni : Here you are. Tina : Thanks. Oh, Could you help me again? Doni : Sure Tina : I want to send a document. But I don’t know to use the fax machine. Doni : Well, Let me show you. Put the document you want to send here and then, dial the number. Tina : Okay, and then? Doni : Just push the start button. Tina : It’s easy. Thank you Doni. Doni : My pleasure. 1. What does Tina want to do? She wants to…. a. use the fax machine c. fax a document b. dial the number d. push the start button 2. Does Tina know how to use the fax machine? a. Yes, She does c. No, She doesn’t b. Yes, She is d. No, She isn’t

8. What is Andi’s mother’s job? She is a ….
a. teacher b. guide a. Andi’s aunt b. Andi’s mother

9. She is a guide. The underlined word refers to….

3. Dial the number. The underlined word means….
a. Fetch b. Show c. Send d. Press

10. Roni : What do you think of a …. Fahri : I think it’s great What is the suitable word for the blank? a. farmer c. teacher b. Doctor d. carpenter 11.Dina :You know what, I keep a pet snake in my bedroom Ria : …….. What is the suitable expression to fill in the blank? a. Thank you c. You are welcome b. I’m sorry d. Really? 12. A: I have a new car. It costs one billion rupiahs. B: Are you sure? A: ……. What is the suitable expression to fill in the blank? a. No, thank you c. That’s okay b. Yes, absolutely d. No problem This text is for question 13 to 16. My School My school, State Junior High School 2 of Kebonagung, is at Jalan Pacitan – Lorok KM. 15 Kebonagung. My school is big. It has 12 clean classrooms, six clean toilets, three laboratories, a big library, a teacher room and a headmaster room. It has a beautiful park in the centre of the school. The computer room is next to the library and the sport hall is behind the computer room. There is a large

This dialogue is for question 4 and 5. Tono is at Tini’s house. They’re doing homework together. Tini : I’m tired. Let’s take a rest for a while Tono : Okay, I’m tired too. Tini : Would you like a glass of iced tea? Tono : Yes, Please Tini : Do you want some cookies too? Tono : No, Thanks. I don’t like cookies. Tini : Okay, wait a second. 4. What are Tono and Tini doing? They are…. a. doing homework c. making cookies b. drinking iced tea d. taking a rest

5. They’re doing homework together. The underlined
word refers to…. a. Tono b. Iced tea c. Tini d. Tono and Tini

This dialogue is for question 6 and 7. Joko Vina Joko : Hey, Vina, May I borrow your pen? I don’t bring my pen. : Um, Okay. I think I’ve got one spare pen. Here you are : Thanks for lending me the pen

listening to music d. The underlined word means…. 6 d. a. a. the village b. behind the classrooms. 7 The Internet links tens of millions of users around the world. Sometimes. What does Rianti use to type letters? a. 1980 c. 14. visits Internet is used daily by many individuals for the main purposes such as…. a. It is used daily by many individuals for the main purposes of sending and receiving electronic mail (email). This text is for question 21 to 23 Internet is a large. Facebook c. There is also a beautiful mosque in front of the teacher’s room. Computer d. The underlined word refers to…. 1982 d. keyboard 25. near the mosque b. fifteen d. It is a portable. She also answers the telephone and takes messages. What are the toilets like? They are…. a. Who can become Facebook user? They are who over the age of…. in front of the toilet d. 17. a. Steps: 1. users can join networks organized by workplace. 4 b. 21. fourteen b. e-mail address b. or communicating with coworkers on projects. 15 c. 26. playing games b. hospital d. When was laptop developed? a. a. She works for a foreign company in Jakarta. E-mail 18. Sometimes. sending and receiving e-mail 23. she goes to meeting and takes notes. often having built-in modems and large memory capacity. Run cold water into the saucepan until the water is one inch above the egg. They can also update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. sees b. dirty d. What is the text about? a. She helps the doctors and looks after the patients. From the text above we know that someone who wants to become Facebook user must have…. Originally laptops are limited in capabilities. This text is for question 24 to 25 The compact. sixteen c. watching film c. 22. she talks to the patients’ families. fruit 20. memory b. Computer b. Lidia is a nurse. doctors b. thirteen 28. There are notice boards in every classroom. money c. a. Additionally. 01 a. technology c. secretary c. 19. nurses c. but then they are becoming as powerful as many desktop computers. She often talks to them …. farmer d. She always wears her nurse’s uniform. 5 How many toilets does the school have? c. or college. 16. patients b. electronic mail . Facsimile b. international computer network. Facebook users can add friends and send them messages. a. clean Where is the parking area? It is…. Mobile Phone This text is for question 19 to 20. 27. obtaining mountains of information on almost any subject. Pacitan-Lorok KM. What is Rianti’s job? a. The website's name stems from the name of books given to students at the start of the academic year by university administrations in the United States with the intention of helping students to get to know each other better. network b.parking area beside the sport hall. Jl. beside the sport hall c. She is a secretary. Pencil c. lightweight computer known as a laptop was developed in the late nineteen eighty. 13. big b. Internet d. Computer c. Pertiwi No. Since September 2006. Place the raw egg in a saucepan 2. drug d. This text is for question 17 to 18. uniform c. anyone over the age of 13 with a valid e-mail address can become a Facebook user. and she often talks to them and listen to their problems. 15. 1983 This text is for question 26 to 28 Facebook is a social networking website that is operated by Facebook. Internet d. centre of Pacitan d. Where is the school located? It is at…. There is a computer on her desk. What is the text about? a.Inc. small c. patients She gives the patients the medicine. She works in a hospital in Surabaya. briefcase style with a foldout screen and a miniature keyboard. connects d. meets c. school. Jl. 1981 b. She often types letters on the computer. laptop d. The Internet links tens of millions of users around the world. a. reporter 24. friend This text is for question 29 to 31 How to Boil an Egg Ingredient: egg. This is Rianti. job d. doctor b. The underlined word means…. What is the text about? a. She gives the patients the medicine.

Internet connections. To play the cassette For numbers 41 to 43. Albums 36. What kind of cassette do we need to record on tape recorder? a. VOLUME button c. Tape Recorder Steps: • First. Six 40. Used cassette 39. To heat water b. Five d. His name is Paul. To remove egg 30. Two steps c. 43. To boil water d. PLAY button d. Seven d. 5. Dad’s at work in this picture. Click the "My Photos" link at the top of the page and then select "Create a Photo Album" under the "My Photos" header on the next page. One to Two minutes This text is for question 32 to 33. He’s got green eyes. or run cold water over it to cool it more quickly. teach You need: Computer. Adjust the Volume d. To stop the record b. a. makes a. push PLAY button to play your recording 29. Video cassette c. Six 31. How many steps do we need to record on a tape recorder? a. My dad’s making my breakfast in this picture. To boil an egg c. Reduce the heat to low. How to play a cassette Steps: 1. He doesn’t … (43) children. Password c. Three steps b. Remove the egg with a spoon or ladle and let it cool slowly. First c. What do we need to log on to facebook.3. buys d. Nine c. He makes our breakfast. I’ve got green … (41) too. Three to four minutes b. Place the saucepan on a stove and cook over medium heat until the water begins to boil. 3. push the REWIND button • Fifth.Which button do you push to play the cassette? a. The synonym of the underlined word is…. Push the PLAY button 3. My dad gets up early most days. 4. His hair is black and grey. Sometimes I help him cook our tea. Navigate the site. Push the FAST FORWARD or the FAST BACKWARD button to go to an intended part. In this picture I’m helping to make a pasta sauce. Eight b. takes b. He teaches other people who work with him. What do we push the REWIND button for? a. a. RECORD button 33. and sometimes he … (42) me to school. play d. E-mail For numbers 44 to 46. Add the required album information such as the album name and privacy settings and click "Create Album." 4. 35. Put the cassette in the tape recorder 2. We can set the privacy settings in the…steps. help 34.com? a. Three c. What should you do? a. Second d. nose d. a. Then select the "Photos" link from the left navigation bar." How to Upload Photos to Facebook 42. hair b. Photos Steps: 1. Music cassette b. 41. To record sound c. Five steps 38. My dad gets home at five o’clock. a. Go to www. Icons c. Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes for soft-boiled eggs or 10 to 15 minutes for hard-boiled eggs. third b. Push the Stop button b. speak into the microphone • Fourth. choose the suitable words to fill in the blanks This is my dad. My dad is a teacher. You'll be able to look through the photos on your computer. Push the STOP button to stop 5. sees c. How many steps we need to boil an egg? a. put the blank cassette in the tape recorder • Second. 32. ears c. How long must we simmer for hard-boiled egg? a.The sound is too loud. Ten to fifteen minutes d. Four b. eyes c. STOP button b. User name b. Blank cassette d.facebook. User name and Password d. What is the goal of the text above? a. take b. Four steps d. Push the Record button This text is for question 34 to 36 37. 2. You will be taken to a window where you'll be able to look through the photos on your computer (at left) and select the photos you'd like to upload by clicking on a check box next to the picture and choosing "Upload. Push the Play button c. How many buttons do we push to record on tape recorder? a. Adjust the VOLUME 4. push the RECORD button • Third. He’s 46 years old. To rewind the cassette d. Writings d. choose the suitable words to fill in the blanks . Two to three minutes c. fourth This text is for question 37 to 40 How To Record on Tape Recorder You need: Blank Cassette. 6.com and log on with your Facebook user name and password. Pictures b.

2. d. 2. 3. b. b. As vapor. pollute 2 and 3 factories 4 5 rivers 6 the 6–1–3–2–5–4 6–2–3–1–5–4 6–5–3–4–2–1 6–4–3–2–5–1 50. 4. It fills the vast ocean beds. wells. a. choose the best arrangement to make a good sentence 47. water is also present in the air. 3. oceans 46. earth are 2 3 on there amazing places many 4 5 6 7 4–7–5–3–2–1–6 4–5–2–7–3–6–1 4–2–7–5–6–3–1 4–3–1–6–2–5–7 For number 49 to 50. 1 a. b. transfer it to the atmosphere and move it around the world. 3–4–2–1 3–1–4–2 2–4–1–3 2–1–3–4 . flowers c. water d. a. c. c. c. streams. Water is usually easy to get from rain. 44. rivers. An earthquake happens while masses of rock move beneath the Earth's surface. Everyday we throw away hundreds of trees in paper and card and we destroy more than 36 football fields of … (45). arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph 49. … (44) clean the air and produce oxygen for us to breathe. Three fourths of the Earth's surface is covered with water. 4. lakes c. stones b. b. Earthquakes occur constantly around the world. Often earthquakes are too small to be felt by humans. d.Forests are home to over half of the world’s animals and plants. d. farms 1 a. 1. forests b. They … (46) the sun’s heat. seas d. d. move c. c. a. Sometimes an earthquake causes great damage. absorb d. The ocean are home to millions of marine animals. a. take b. ponds. trees 45. and lakes. protect 48. 1. springs. a. 4–2–3–1 4–1–3–2 2–1–4–3 2–3–1–4 For number 47 to 48.

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