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A (More) Complete Guide to the Outer Planes

A (More) Complete Guide to the Outer Planes

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Published by Ubu Roi
A guide to the Outer Planes for AD&D/Planescape
A guide to the Outer Planes for AD&D/Planescape

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Published by: Ubu Roi on Dec 29, 2010
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Character: Down, down, down, down. Into
the mud, the gunk, the filth and the slime that is
Minauros. Let it sink, build it up; either way, en-
tropy is impossible to defeat forever. Despite all of
your best laid plans, everything will fall apart even-
tually, so you'd best get to work soon or it'll all slip

Ruler: The ruler of this burg is Yreil Dustmaker
(Pl/? tf/W15/Dg/LE), an elder tiefling of obvious
gelugon descent (chitinous shell and tail) who has
traveled the Great Ring for almost fifty years. He's
obsessed with halting the entropy that he sees inher-
ent in Minauros, since he sees the multiverse as fal-
ling apart far too soon. After all, he's still got at


First described in Hellbound: War Games,

page 77

A (More) Complete Guide to the Outer Planes


least a dozen schemes left unhatched: the multiverse
can't end before his goals have come to fruition.
He's often seen strengthening the magical protection
spells that keep his burg above the swamps of
Minauros. Of course, despite his dedication to the
town, he's as evil as they come. When the town is
back to normal (as normal as things can be in the
middle of Baator), what's to prevent him from
enacting his own evil schemes, with a perfect base
to do almost whatever he wants? Nothing. People
don't mind, though; he allows them free housing in
the city as long as they help to maintain the it.

Behind the Throne: Of course Yreil's a
puppet (most beings in Baator are), but nobody's
sure exactly who is pulling the strings. Some claim
he's under the command of a member of the Doom-
guard who'd like to see Pentar in the dead-book.
Others say that the previous scheme is far too obvi-
ous; perhaps he's being directly manipulated by the
Lord of the Third. Of course, that seems far too
obvious as well.

Whoever (or whatever) Yreil works for, he
does a good job at his task: the city once dubbed
"The Sinking" has actually had the swamp recede in
the past year.

Description: "The Sinking" was dubbed so by
the last baatezu to occupy the town. They aban-
doned the town as the swamp waters came up and
engulfed the good majority of what was once a
Blood War marshalling area (as most fiendish burgs
are). They left the place, with those who could fly
flapping their wings to freedom and those that
couldn't teleporting anywhere in the multiverse but
this burg. And so it sat, festering for many long
years, with only the tops of the most tall buildings
sticking out of the muck and the mire.
Until the Yreil Dustmaker and the Doom-

guard came along.

Of course, not all members of the Sinkers
see that entropy needs to be speeded up. Some see
it as occurring far too fast, as was the case with
Dustmaker and the small group of both fiends and
humans came along. Using powerful magic, Dust-
maker raised the town out of the swamp and cast
protective magics to prevent it from sinking any
further. Of course, that's the story that he tells, but

most anyone else in the town is convinced that
should Dustmaker die, the town will sink back into
the muck with its protective magics having failed.
The town has all the signs of having been in
the swamp for centuries. It's buildings are coated
with mud and all the metal in the town has rusted
long ago. Restoring the city to its previous glory
will take some time, but at least the place is livable
for now. Most of the buildings that people live in
have been built where the previous structures had
crumbled to the point of no return, so most people
live in relatively new houses scattered throughout .
Not so with Yreil; he makes kip in previous seat of
government, a crumbling tower at the center of the
town that he's always rebuilding from the brink of
destruction. The market was once a place of trade
and capitalism, but now it sits dormant: nobody
wants to trade in a city that's liable to return to the
swamp any minute.

Militia: Dustmaker enforces order in the town
through a group of standard Doomguard bashers
from Sigil, all of them about third level fighters
armed with a long sword and dressed in chain mail
armor and a shield. His forces count a few fiends
among their number, mostly hamatula and abishai
looking to advance their power.

Services: In the center of what was once the
market now resides a portal to the Paraelemental
Plane of Ooze. Only Dustmaker is said to have the
key, but he's known to sell knowledge of it for a
reasonable amount. Nobody's seen anyone use the
portal yet, but they're sure that it exists (probably
'cause they believe everything they're told).

Current Chant: Dustmaker's lived long.
Real long. And he's beginning to show it. The tief-
ling's lived almost a hundred years, and the town is
sure that he'll be passing onto the dead-book soon
enough. Nobody knows what do to about it, but it's
a sure thing that unless the town gets another mage
to protect them that the town will take another
plunge into the swamp. Dustmaker denies such
claims, but people are still peery (as people usually

A (More) Complete Guide to the Outer Planes


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