Sneaker Pimpin

As I sit here and chife, I can t help but to comtimplate. The life that is lived is a story that is us. All of us, from man,woman and child we all have ours. Mine is different then others, it is the story of a man, learning to live as he moved through the world. Understading that in my actions I propel my self into the next saga which is my life. Wow! This feeling that fills my soul with such vibrance as I move forward, my life starts a new each and every time. In the dark, for a while I lead this life as a blind bat seeking to be fed from my inner radar, and it worked. Now I try and live every day as it fullest, seeing the trials and tribulations for what they are. Pages that is is the story of me, the ebis and flows that we call life.

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