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Subconscious Mapping

Subconscious Mapping

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Published by: Thomas T-Tuck Tucker on Dec 29, 2010
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Subconscious Mapping? Black screen, a young man begins talking.

M: I’ve been reading this old man’s memoirs. He was said to be possessed by____________. Not that I’m entirely sure what that means. Apparently he killed himself while trying to “claw the demons out”. It really does get that bad. His haunting came out. No not like a ghost or a poltergeist, no moving chairs or flying papers no, nothing like that, this evil is deeper. This darkness is not the absence of light, but more the darkness that consumes the light. It seems it remained with him, now dwelling in the last remaining bits of his memories, written into his journal. Rumors say he was trying to imprison the beast, and to my recollections he did, just never had a chance to burn it before it got into the hands of the next reader, including myself. I’d chosen this book as the one I wanted to read it for a class I was taking and-“ The camera clicks on, a dusty blonde young man is perched in our view. This is Joseph, a young college student. J: So this is my first exercise in my Cognitive Development class. As a part of this assignment, we have to keep a video journal of all our work and experimentation.

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