Name: Aliases: none Clan: Mekhet Covenant: The Invictus Blood Line: Nickname: Asps (ancient role), servants

(modern role) Embraced: 1800 Apparent Age: 23 Mental Attributes: intelligence‡‡ wits‡‡ resolve‡‡‡ Physical Attributes: strength‡‡‡‡ dexterity‡‡‡ stamina‡ Social Attributes: presence‡‡ manipulation‡‡ composure‡‡ Mental Skills: Physical Skills: Social Skills: Merits: Mental Merits: Physical Merits: ambidextrous ‡‡‡ Social Merits: resources $500 a month/$5,000 worth of assets Haven (location[underground chamber]) ‡ Haven (size) ‡ Haven (security) ‡ Willpower: ‡‡‡‡‡ (confident) Humanity: ‡‡‡‡‡‡‡ (petty theft) Virtue: temperance Vice: pride Health: ‡‡‡‡‡‡ Initiative: ‡‡ Defense: ‡‡ Speed: 12 Blood Potency: ‡ Disciplines: Derangements: fixation (mild) Vitae/Per Turn: Weakness: Size of fire: small fire 1p damage large fire 2p damage inferno 3 or more points damage heat of fire: feeble fire no damage normal combustion +1p damage hot fire +2p damage very hot fire +3p damage intensity or exposure: health points/turn: faint, filtered sunlight 1p damage filtered or weak sunlight 2p damage direct sunlight 3p damage exposure: small part of body exposed 0p damage large part of body exposed +1p damage much of body exposed +2p damage concept: Assassin/Diplomat/Kindred Assassin


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