first of all let us pray toward praise and thank the gods swt.

Yang which today has been given a chance to gather in this place in a healthy state wal'afiat. amin.yang distinguished professor mother, and all my friends that I love. This morning I stand here to deliver a speech about unsung heroes. we all know what the intent with unsung heroes are the teachers guru.mengapa regarded as unsung heroes in their duties because teachers do not expect to get pengargaan.berbeda with heroes who have fought for independence from colonial hands, the government awarded a badge Satia . but the days of teachers who have fought in the independence struggle and to turn the nation's intelligence, not to pengargaan Satia lencana.kita all know who made presidents, businessmen, doctors, and the clever lainnya.ya, gurulah which makes them good at what it is today . so many speeches that I can sampaikan.mohon sorry if there are mistakes.
Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ke Inggris

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