We from a group 9 . Will give know make a RELIEF GIPS.

Matter : -1pack gips -3 Shape mattress -Carboard box -1water glass Tool: - Cutter - Paper glue - Stiring spoon container (bowl) - Spoon Way make Piece cardboard box have a measure mant of 20 x 20 cm. 2.) Drawing give a mattress pass piece end type wish of opropriate kuis . 3.) Adhere mattress into cardboard end glue mattress of cardboard 4.) Pass input the gips end one water glas into a cardboard pass until smooth 5.) pass for a gips with smooth, input a gips going to cardboard with already type

6.) Silent quit a gips going to already type in place with cool during one day 7.) After cool gips be able open from a cardboard 8.) Pass gips can in with colour at makewis.

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