Novi WidiAtmaja Krajan I BenerKec.TengaranKab. Semarang 50775 Tel. 085725345670 E-mail.weedeeatmaja@yahoo.

com November 2 , 2010 Attention:

Dear Sir/Madam I have graduated from UniversitasNegeri Semarang in 2010, taking major in Mechanical Engineering with GPA 3,10. I am a self-motivated person and constantly looking to improve my self. I have a good analytical skill and I can work either individually or in teamwork easily. I am eager to learn new things and would not mind to be trained anywhere. I am interested to apply for the position as a .

Please find my CV attached and some other documents for your reference, I would be grateful if you could consider my application and grant me an opportunity to have an interview. I can be reached at 085725345670. I believe that my skills will be beneficial and make a significant contribution to your company. Thank you for considering my application letter and I am looking forward for your response.


Novi WidiAtmaja

such as Ms . SKILL Operating Windows application. Semarang50775 : 085725345670 :weedeeatmaja@yahoo. :Novi WidiAtmaja :Semarang. AutoCad. 1986 :Krajan I BenerKec. Mechanical Engineering UniversitasNegeri Semarang.CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL DATA Name Place/Date of Birth Address Mobile Phone E-mail EDUCATION 2005 – 2010 FIELD EXPERIENCE Agustus2010Thesis: Make a Difference Learning Achievement Projected Image America's view of Mechanical Engineering Education Student in Academic Year 2009/2010 Faculty of Engineering UNNES Vocational and High School Graduates or Equivalent. November 27th. TengaranKab. Ms Power Point.

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