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December 29, 2010 Sports Reporter

December 29, 2010 Sports Reporter

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Vol. 71 No. 43 December 29, 2010 - January 4, 2011 . 50 cents

South Korea’s Gu Pulls Off Stunning Upset in PBA Scorpion Championship
By Bill Vint - PBA Media Relations LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Yong-Jin Gu, a slightlybuilt 48-year-old left-hander, had never bowled in a Professional Bowlers Association event before the World Series of Bowling, but he pulled off one of the biggest upsets in PBA history when he defeated an international field of opponents to win the PBA Scorpion Championship at South Point Bowling Center. It was the first Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour television final ever to include four international players and only one American. Gu (pronounced “coo”) upset four straight opponents, including top qualifier Jun-Yung Kim, 236-224, in the all-South Korea championship match, to become the first South Korean ever to win a PBA Tour event. In a stunning finish, Gu held a 10-pin lead PBA photo entering the ninth frame, but he missed a 7 pin Yong-Jin Gu won the PBA World Series of Bowling spare conversion to surrender his lead. Scorpion Championship. Needing a nine-count spare and strike to win, Kim then left a pocket 7-10 split on his first shot in But he quickly showed high-pitched emotions which followed virtually every strike. “It’s what we call the 10th frame to hand the victory back to Gu. Gu started the stepladder finals with a 245-204 vic- showmanship in Korea,” he said. “It helps me relieve tory over former Saginaw Valley State collegiate All- my stress before the next shot.” Gu, who idolizes PBA Hall of Famer Norm Duke American Dan MacLelland of Windsor, Ontario, “because he’s small like me,” had no idea what kind throwing strikes on seven of his first nine shots. In his second match, Gu routed 2010 Pepsi Viper of reception awaited him upon his return home, but Champion Bill O’Neill of Southampton, Pa., 256- he had already learned he and Kim had become 208, again striking on eight of his first 10 shots. He instant national celebrities simply by qualifying for then romped to a 233-208 victory over Australia’s the American television finals. South Korea’s leadtwo-handed star, Jason Belmonte, throwing seven ing newspaper, television network and bowling magstrikes in eight tries. Gu had his first open frame in azine immediately flew representatives to the U.S. to the 10th against Belmonte, but by that time he had cover the finals. Kim, who realized Gu had given him an opening already clinched a trip to the final match. “I can’t even say how happy I am,” Gu said when he missed the 7 pin, said his immediate reacthrough an interpreter. “This was my first trip to the tion after leaving the 7-10 split was, “I lost. My shot United States. Winning wasn’t even in my dreams.” in the 10th went farther right than I wanted. It was a Regarding his first-ever shot on television, Gu good shot, but not the one I wanted to throw.” said, “I didn’t feel anything. I just threw the shot.”

Walt Sacharow 822 at Holiday
OAKLAND, NJ – Walt Sacharow topped the scoring in the Budweiser Classic League at Holiday Bowl firing games of 279264-279 for a high series of 822. Bob Lippi hit 289-279-224-791, Chip Jones 256-267-750, Joey Jones 279-257-745, Josh Bindhammer 278-267-743, Andrew Davidowicz 269-725, Al Winkler 268-725, Rob Golda 237707, and Dan Gerardi 257-706.

Joey Weisenstein 802 at Majestic
HOPELAWN, NJ – Joey Weisenstein topped the scoring in the Raritan Bay Men’s League firing games of 257-267-278 for a high series of 802 at Majestic Lanes. Lee Kay hit 274-246-716, John Kertesz 218-246-227-691, Glenn Mohr 279-217-689, Ed Hayes, Jr. 290-681, and Travis Tilley 246221-213-680.

Rudy Johnson 806, John Illare 300 At Brunswick Zone Carolier
BRUNSWICK, NJ – Rudy Johnson blasted 257-290-259-806, and John Illare rolled perfect with a 300 game then added games of 233 and 229 for a 762 set while competing in the Middlesex County Major League at Brunswick Zone Carolier. Ryan Friend hit 246-247-257750, Kevin Harrity 258-225-256739, Frank Bertucci 236-262-236734, Russ Wiltsey 261-226-246733, Pete Danyo, Jr. 268-214-242727, Rich Aaron 243-223-257723, and Mike Greenberg 215278-227-720.

Tom Moseman Blasted 300 At North Levittown Lanes
LEVITTOWN, NY - Tom Moseman blasted twelve in a row for a 300 game along with a 247 to tally a 760 high series in the Friday Knights of Columbus League at North Levittown Lanes. Vincent Shenocker bowled a 246 game followed by Rich Shenocker with a 245.

Joseph Verducci 300 at Lodi
LODI, NJ – Joseph Verducci found the line and posted a 300 game while competing in the Monday Classic League at Lodi Lanes. Jennifer Deblasi tossed a 254 game to highlight a 607 series.

Mike Almodovar 300, Mark Plowman 763 at Montvale
By Larry Diebner MONTVALE, NJ - Mike Almodovar fired a 300 game for the high score honor of the night in the Thursday Nite Early Bird League at Montvale Lanes. Mark Plowman blasted scores of 216-268279 for a 763 series to lead all scoring for the second week in a row. Other great shooting for the night included Larry Diebner 279-748, Frank Picciotto with a 244 triplicate score and 732 series, and Ed Kilianski 248-720.

Joe Bonser 300 at Parkway
ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – Joe Bonser blasted a 300 game in the Friday 1050 Major League at Parkway Lanes. Michael Brenner shot 758, Stephanie Collins 738, Chuck Trimblett 730, Joe Brulato 717, Paul Stuart 710, Marty Calia 707, Craig Kirchner 695, Jerry Veneziano 694, John Nieman 693, Dave Derosa and Steve Tripp 691.

John Adams, Rick Warren 299-761 at North Arlington
NO. ARLINGTON, NJ – John Adams and Rick Warren each blasted 299-761 in the Sunday Morning Trios League at North Arlington Bowl. Lawrence Anderson shot the high series for the session with a 783 highlighted by a 279game. Rob Mockenhaupt tossec a 289 game in a 777 set followed by Lewis Managault rolling 268-746, Jackie Willis 268-740, Antony Buonanno 268730, Kathleen Weissman 277-729, Giles Ward 269-737, Andres Lopez 248-734, and Keith Dobres 290-728.

Nick Guarneri 300 at Majestic
HOPELAWN, NJ – Nick Guarneri earned top honors in the Friday Nite Mixed League firing perfect with a 300 then added a 224 to finish with the session high series at 718. Eric Haltli hit 268-213-671, Rob Williams 278-643, and Kenny Anderson bowled 227-640.



December 29, 2010 - January 4, 2011

Harry Franz 299-744
MADISON, NJ- Harry Franz led the scoring in the Tuesday 400 Doubles League firing a near perfect high game of 299 for the session high series of 744. Trevor Bogert posted a 255 game to highlight a 669 series, Pete Cerenzio tossed a 246 game and Anthony Caporaso tallied a 651 series.

Jake Rollins, Justin Floyd Shine
In Youth Travel League
By Vince Albrecht HACKENSACK, NJ – In a scheduling change this season, the Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League staged at Bowler City the first of three planned tournaments designed so that all the young bowlers get to know one another. Rather than team matchups, the players were grouped by individual averages and could earn for their respective teams from one to four points per game in a three game block. Earning the maximum twelve points were Jake Rollins and Justin Floyd of Fair Lawn II, along with Simon Lezaja of Fairlawn I. Jake pummeled the maples with the session’s best scratch set, a triple deuce 666, teammate Justin Floyd, averaging just 126, pounded out a remarkable 222-614, giving him the afternoon’s stunning handicap high of 866. Simon, coming off a difficult outing the prior week, put it together with 208-585 and a 744 handicap threesome. Other eye-opening performances included the 11 points for Fair Lawn I earned by young Hunter Perry for his well above average threesome leaving him with a handicap score of 733. Montvale’s Brian O’Flaherty grabbed 11 points with his strong 232-632 and teammate Nick Rossi added a 209. Bowler City I’s newcomer Sam Fogelgaren helped his team’s cause with the day’s high game of 257. Sam finished with 625 and a handicap score of 745. Holiday’s 13-yearold Joe Malyack tallied 10 points for his handicap set of 735 which was forged with a closing net 226; teammate Mike Carr contributed with a scratch 245-612.

Keri May 300-803 at T-Bowl II
WAYNE, NJ – Keri May earned top honors in the Wednesday Early Mixed League at T- Bowl II Lanes blasting a twelve banger 300 game on her way to a high series of 803. Ed Bucey shot 279-730, Bill Breur 264-681, Dale Gillette 246-659, Robert Evelyn 246-633, Linda Bucey 247-610, and Allison Mania 219.

Mike Potoski 764
MADISON, NJ – Mike Potoski shot 764, Cesare Badolato 286, and Jennifer Dunklin rolled a 258 game in a 643 set in league play at Plaza Lanes. In the Chatham Collisionettes league Alice Bednarik shot 222, Jodi Belli 213, and Lori 205.

Brian Ziesig, Robert Bader Sr. Win LIGBT Titles
SAYVILLE, NY - Brian Ziesig of Levittown, NY won the Long Island Bowlers Tour scratch event and the handicap winner was Robert Bader Sr., Holtsville, NY. A total of 25 bowlers cashed for the day which means better than 1 in 4 bowlers earned money. The scratch event was a 4 game qualifier bowled on Kegel’s 41 foot Beaten Path Pattern. The only bowler to average over 225 was Joe Stillman of Staten Island shooting a 908 series to lead the day and earn a bye into the final match. The high senior for the day was Gary Shultis of Levittown, NY posting an 872 to earn a bye into round 2. It took an 832 series (208 average) to earn a spot on the prize list. The final match in the scratch event put together two former LIGBT Champions. It was the powerful lefty (Joe) versus the accurate right hander (Brian.) Joe started with a spare and a triple to take an early lead. Brian finally started to string strikes from the 6th frame to his first ball in the tenth to shoot a 238 and defeated Joe by 16 pins. Brian earned $700 for his third LIGBT title while Joe took home $400 for second. The handicap event had 67 bowlers with the top 16 series advancing to the finals. It took a 718 series with handicap and bonus pins to advance. Leading qualifier was Chris DiDamo of Glenwood Landing, NY who rolled an 802 series (604 scratch) and he earned a bye directly into the final shootout. The handicap final four shootout Robert Bader Sr. started with a strike, open, and spare his first three frames but struck out the rest of the way to shoot an incredible 289 handicap game (252 scratch.) His closest competitor was Ed Shacalo, Brooklyn, NY who shot a 246 (188 scratch). Robert earned $500 for his victory while Ed took home $300 for his runner-up position. Finishing third was So Young Chin of Whitestone, NY who rolled a 238 (202 scratch) to win $250 and fourth went to Chris DiDamo who bowled a 210 (159 scratch) to earn $200. So Young also won a Mini-Eliminator Mini Marathon entry with room with her 788 qualifying series.

Lies’l Apgar 288-729
MADISON, NJ- Lies’l Apgar led the scoring in the Ladies Trio League firing a high game of 288 and a high series of 729. Bea Reinacher hit 209, Jane Inch 204.

Joey Parisi 731
MADISON, NJ – Joey Parisi led all competition in the Friday Classic League tossing a 247 game for a 731 set. Anthony Parisi hit 687, Dorey Badolato 680, Mike Yoboud 259, Russ Kyzima 248, and Joe Columbro 247. In the Plaza Ladies Trio League Karen Reinacher shot 237, and Jane Inch 200.

Joey Parisi 729
MADISON, NJ- Joey Parisi led the scoring in the Friday Classic League firing a 289 game for a high series of 729. Russ Kyzima hit 275-718, Kyle McKissock 268, Dorey Badolato 724, Stephanie Rahn 257-650, and Donna Badolato 245.

Andrew Stephens 728
MADISON, NJ- Andrew Stephens led the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a 257 game for a high series of 728. Fred Crowell shot 265-701, Frank Petrock 265-678, and Stephanie Rahn 193.

Tom Kreder 279
MADISON, NJ – Tom Kreder shot 279, Aaron Marrella 277-696, Matt Geffken 248, Oren Warter 679, and Joey Parisi 667 in the Wednesday Trio League.

Ken Kastner 646
MADISON, NJ – Ken Kastner paced he scoring in the MC Police & Fire League firing a 244 game for a high series of 646. Tom Lockburner hit 235, Joe Marchese and Neil Simonelli 223, and Anthony Pratts 604.

Brandon Shindler 256
MADISON, NJ – In the Thursday Mixed League Brandon Shindler shot 256, Travis Wilfong 247, John Barilla 243-678, Craig Swartz 663, and Charles Wilfong 650.

Bobby Manella, Nikki Arrigo Scorch North Arlington Pins
By Vince Albrecht NORTH ARLINGTON, NJ 11/05/10 – In North Arlington’s AdultJunior Doubles Friday evening, 16-year-old Bobby Manella must have taken an extra nap because he finally came up with a good opening game of 201 and then followed it with a thundering 255, high youth game to date; his 626 threesome to go along with his partner Joe Cauwels 641 powered pace-setting 18 And A Half to a sweep of seven points from second place “Those Guys” who couldn’t get untracked. 13-year-old Nikki Arrigo used her two-handed kegling skill to score 209-575 in leading the A Girls to a seven point triumph over the Bottlecaps. 4 T’s Laneside I outlasted Team Awesome II, 1051-1034 to hold on to third place as 10-year-old Taylor Horniacek got her act together in the finale. Despite Will Blanco’s 221 middle game, the Cardinals fell to a more consistent G-Force, 4-3. The Mega Monkeys, sparked by 13-yearold Sam Passaro’s over average threesome, came away with five points against 4 T’s Laneside II; the latter’s 8-year-old Tara Horniacek rolled a 334 set, her best outing of the season. Topping the youths’ leaderboard were Bobby Manella +95, Nikki Arrigo +50, Tara Horniacek +23, Sam Passaro +23, Will Blanco +22, Taylor Horniacek +14 and Danny Bivin +10. Fine scoring among the juniors’ adult counterparts were tallied by Tommy Horniacek 248-236, Joe Cauwels 228-216, Vin Albrecht 226, Tim Bray 217, Fran Sanzo180, Theresa Horniacek and Patti Passaro 179.

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Kamerin Peters 167
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Kamerin Peters shot 167, Jillilan Stuart 161, Briana Corrie 157, Patrick Brow and Katie Seyr 139, Heather Hago 129, Alec Hehir 126, and Carolyn Jones 123 in the Saturday Pin Hitters League. In another session Kamerin Peters hit 173, Michael Guzman 155, Deanen Downs and Sean Sampson 148, Brianne Currie 142, Carolyn Jones 137, Mikayla Lane 129, and Misty Downs and Alec Hehir 127.


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December 29, 2010 - January 4, 2011





December 29, 2010 - January 4, 2011

Ken Yokobosky 775
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Ken Yokobosky topped the scoring in the Dave Valerius Trios League firing a 279 game for a high series of 775. Richard Shwager rolled 246-636, Shawn Casey 224-633, and Mickey Pukas posted a 194 game.

Jack Safkan 728
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Jack Safkan led the scoring in the Foursome League firing a 256 game for a high series of 728.

Angel Cordero 262
ROCKAWAY, NJ- Angel Cordero shot 262, Jason Dominguez 259660, and Georgie Mendoz 257 in the Spanish American League. In the Ball Busters League Jack Cook shot 255-669, Matthew Wood 213, and Damian Garrett 212.

Heriberto Matias 708
ROCKAWAY, NJ- Heriberto Matias led the scoring in the Monday Early Birds League firing a 289 game for a high 708. Joe Miller rolled 255-695, John Zielinsky 247-728, Donna Miller 202, and Kathy Bradley 190.

Keri May 753
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Keri May led the scoring in the Mixed League firing a high game of 289 and a high series of 753. Nidia Heneveld hit 288-700, Jim Testa 246-675, Tom Colucci 259651, and Glan Malmstone 269624. In the PBA Experience League Bill Carrier, Sr. shot 231-627, Glen Griffith 234-621, and Ken Yokobosky 220.

Chris Morris 636
ROCKAWAY, NJ – In the Tuesday Night Mixed League Chris Morris shot 269-636, Nathaniel Scott 256-601, and Bill Booth 233-620. In the Monday Nite Football League Alex Baggot hit 222. George Dakak, Jr. rolled 279-707, Shawn casey 259-661, Sheila Sell 211, and Tina Richardson 209. Arnold Uhleman and Charles Wright shot 234, Ralph Heiss 224, Nidia Haneveld 228, and Kimberly Martinez 214 in the NorBu Lodge League.

Eric Martin 707
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Eric Martin led the scoring in the Friday Nite Men’s League firing a 255 game for a high series of 707. Ed Cook shot 289-659, Manuel Matias 246-652, Jesus Cruz 241643, and James Beeh 236. In the Friday Tri Mixed League Charles Whitehead hit 210, Daryl Frank 200, and Bill Mott 191.

Matt Franke 731
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Matt Franke led the scoring in the County Tuesday Night Mixed League firing a 278 game for a high series of 731. Paul Di Struco shot 248-686, Bill Ratliff 245-707, Charles T. Wilfong 245-646, and Maureen Yowe 213-602.

Ken Emker 689
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Ken Emker paced the scoring in the Lake Hiawatha A.C. League firing a 244 game for a high series of 689. Greg Lewis hit 247-668, John Finnd 248-659, and Sam Sapio 257-647.

Don Amann 741
PISCATAWAY, NJ – Don Amann led the all bowlers in the Wednesday AT&T League firing games of 215-299-227 for a high series of 741. Mark Grossman shot 256, Georgeanne Mastro 253, Nichole Toto 270, and Joe Obst 244-236.

Earl Lewis 279
PISCATAWAY, NJ – Earl Lewis rolled 279, James Criss 265, and Curtis Metrokotas 267 in the So. Plainfield Mixed League.

Robert Giles 704
PISCATAWAY, NJ – Robert Giles paced the scoring in the Thursday Men’s League firing games of 201-256-247 for a high series of 704. DJ Cramer hit 266, Ed Bienvenue 264, and Don Amann, Jr. 258.

John Berko 268
PISCATAWAY, NJ- John Berko rolled 268, and Keith King and Ed Fuscoletti 255 in the He’s and She’s League.

December 29, 2010 - January 4, 2011





December 29, 2010 - January 4, 2011

Ray Smarsh, Bill Bleacher Hit 300 At Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes
NO. BRUNSWICK, NJ – Ray Smarsh and Bill Bleacher each blasted a 300 game Middlesex County Major League at Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes. Smarsh had high series as well posting games of 279 and 228 around his 300 to tally an 807 set. Eric Wysokowski shot 276-252-269-797, Rich Aaron 249-268-232750, Kevin Harrity 267-237-223-737, Scott Irwin 268-216-246-730, Bill Paley 256-224-247-727, Tony Ament 249-243-232-624, Rudy Johnson 257-214-248-719, and Matt Hage 242-244-232-718.

Timothy McAlese 793 at Hi-Tor
HAVESTRAW, NY – Timothy McAlese paced the scoring in the Boyz Nite Out League at Hi-Tor Lanes firing a high series of 793. Ed Ziemak shot 757, Teresa Kelly 776, and Jennifer Fox 690. In another session Greg Gwizdak, Jr. rolled 286, Jennifer Fox 285, and Teresa Kelly 268.

Bryan Kist leads Montvale Juniors with 725
By Dennis O'Flaherty MONTVALE, NJ - The Montvale Juniors are back in action after a Thanksgiving break and some of the bowlers are back with a bang. Bryan Kist led the scoring in the Singles with a 725 series and games of 279, 237 and 209. Close behind was Brian O'Flaherty with a 701 series and 268, 221 212 games. Dan Wuhrman rolled scores of 236, 211, 194 for a 641 series while brother Mike shot 233, 206 and 193 for 631. Ray Lavender and Bobby McCarthy each rolled 627 series, Ray with games of 224, 223, 180 and Bobby with 223, 216 and 188. In the Strikers league, Lauren Folkers banged out games of 154 and 153, Justin Schwartz shot games of 164 and 157, and Freddie de Vivo had a 140. In the Power Preps, Noah Goldberg rolled games of 127, 115 and 109 for a 351 series while Colin Hanrahan shot 123, 110, 108 for 341. Jordan Friedman shot games of 116 and 103. Claudia Mattes bowled a 107 and a pair of 99's.Kristen Benavente fired a 113 and a 97. In the Bumpers, Sara Galbraith had a 125 while Timothy Izzo rolled a 119.

Rick Warren 300 at North Arlington
NO. ARLINGTON, NJ – Rick Warren blasted a 300 game in the Sunday Morning Trios League at North Arlington Bowl. John LoGuidace and Ken Carson each tossed games of 278 in an 802 set followed by Mark Silva bowling 278-788, Lawrence Anderson 265769, Giles Ward 279-750, John Adams 287-745, Mike McCabe 277744, Randy Battistus 259-743, and Lewis Manigault 278-714.



December 29, 2010 - January 4, 2011



Rich DeBenedetto 738 at Holiday
OAKLAND, NJ Rich DeBenedetto topped all bowling while contesting in the Wednesday Early Mixed League at Holiday Bowl by firing a 289 game en route to the sessions high series of 738. Ed Engelhart shot 268-258-722 followed by Bob Himber tossing a 257 in a 701, Ed Casler with 256699, Gregg Oeklers 267-699, Mark Maryanski 256-692, Tom Stellingwerf 258-680, Stacy Valerius 258-655, Dawn Tempe 254-649 and Tom Hemmer 257634.

Dawn Hansen 260 at T-Bowl II
WAYNE, NJ – Thirteen-year-old Dawn Hansen, who averages 118, rolled 11 out of 12 strikes for a TBowl II House Record 260 game while competing in the T-Bowl Junior Youth League.

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December 29, 2010 - January 4, 2011

Mike Valanzano 792
HOPELAWN, NJMike Valanzano topped the scoring in the Middlesex County Classic League firing games of 269-234289 for a high series of 792. Dave Sabin shot 223-266-245734, Jim Kish 220-224-268-712, Jason Pintus 234-226-241-701, Michael Consiglio 248-228-225701, Don Richard 226-269-205700, and Ron Caggiano 238-224232-694.

M. Consiglio 761
HOPELAWN, NJ – Michael Consiglio led the scoring in the Middlesex County Classic League firing games of 289-256-216 for a high series of 761. John Kertesz hit 265-235-257757, Nick Guarneri 235-268-218721, Jason Paro 289-202-225-716, Jon Crowder 280-235-201-716, and Michael Ibanez 223-222-256701. In the Tuesday Nite Trios League Bryan D. Senatore shot 236-629, Mike Newman 228-216-621, Paul Harney 226, and Richard Gibbons 224.

Pat Moreno 735
HOPELAWN, NJ – Pat Moreno led the scoring in the Gemini Towing League firing games of 228-253254 for a high series of 735. Joe Herber shot 224-220-630, Fabio Messina 253-620, and Joyce Tiegden 233.

Sal Angotti 728
HOPELAWN, NJ – Sal Angotti led the scoring in the Family League firing games of 236-235257 for a high series of 728. Kevin Kopko hit 225-266-686, Al Patrick 234-208-235-677, Bryan Applegate 247-237-676, Bob Nebus 214-258-204-676, and Eric Applegate 247-638.

Richard Funk III 680
HOPELAWN, NJ – Richard Funk III led the Friday Nite Mixed firing 225-249-206-680. Rob Morris hit 247-222-660, Kevin Eccleston 244-225-651, Alberto Martins 233-221-633, and David Andriola 247-208-632.

Pat Jones 732
HOPELAWN, NJ – Pat Jones led the scoring in the NJ Turnpike League firing games of 252-254226 for a high series of 732. Michael Morris shot 235-227-218680, Drew Rucinski 213-209-246668, and Tommy Giamo 214-604.

Dennis DeCrosta 652
HOPELAWN, NJ – In the His & Hers League Dennis DeCrosta rolled 267-206-652, Walter Malecki 212-244-643, Shelly Jacques 254-204-639, and Andy Shafer 255-619. In the Monday Madness League Nick Viverito hit 233-617, Mark Douches 258-601, and Frank Viverito 212.

Dave Deli 713
HOPELAWN, NJ - Dave Deli led the scoring in the Sunday Nite Mixed League firing games of 278-246 for a high series of 713. Lauro Perez shot 279-205-683, Aaron Williams 202-258-643, Dennis Quintana 219-218-632, and John Delgado 208-212-621.

Jeff Scire 775
HOPELAWN, NJ - Jeff Scire topped the scoring in the Madison Park Men’s League firing games of 259-280-236 for a high series of 775. Jeff Kubasek hit 299-225-232756, Eric Velazquez 256-278-219753, Matthew Manenty 265-259720, Travis Tilley 268-257-719, and Rick Sciulla 204-254-257715.

John Syslo 759
HOPELAWN, NJ – John Syslo led the scoring in the Thursday Mixed Nuts League firing games of 236290-233 for a high series of 759. Don M. Hellhake hit 202-222236-660, and Mike P. Kennelly 224-216-616.

Bill Pyrz 707
HOPELAWN, NJ – Bill Pryz led the Merck League firing 247-222238 for a high series of 707. Gregg Farley shot 215-278-690, Jeff Roberts 211-213-615, and Mike Medvetz 224.

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