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Firearms and Weapons Prohibitions

Firearms and Weapons Prohibitions

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Company Policy:
A safe and secure environment is fundamental for fulfilling our company’s mission of
providing medical care and related health care services. Our company is committed to
maintaining a safe and workplace that is free of violence.

Intent of Company Policy:

To prevent the unauthorized possession of weapon(s) while on company premises.

Policy Explanation and Compliance Guidelines:

1. While on any part of our company’s premises, employees are prohibited from introducing,
possessing, using, buying, or selling unauthorized weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, or
any other item(s) deemed by management to be dangerous.
2. The following definitions apply in the enforcement of this policy:
a. An employee is defined as any company employee regardless of employment
status (e.g., full/part-time, consultant, temporaries, etc.).
b. An unauthorized firearm is any firearm, regardless of whether the owner has a
valid state permit to carry the firearm. The following firearms are excluded from this
i. A firearm in the possession of a law enforcement officer who is authorized to
possess the firearm, either on or off duty, by the employing law enforcement agency.
ii. A firearm in the possession of a person who has received prior written authorization
from management to possess a firearm while on company premises.
3. Any employee who becomes aware of a violation of this policy is required to immediately
notify his/her supervisor of such violation.
4. Violation of this policy is considered a serious offense that endangers the safety of our
patients, staff, and visitors. Therefore, this offense may result in termination of employment and
criminal prosecution.

5. Inquires concerning this policy should be directed to ____________________________ who

may be reached by calling (__ __ __) __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ or by dialing extension

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