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Türizm Fakültesi
Phrasal Verbs

Over the weekend, things really got me down. I have so much work to do now

that Bruce has left. I am finding it hard to get on top of things. I tried to get

down to business on Friday and sort things out, but there was just so much

work. I need to talk this over with my boss. I expect that she will just tell me to

face up to it and get on with it! I miss Bruce; I really looked up to him and

now I feel as though I have a lot to live up to. I should just go along with

things for now and not worry so much. However, if I don't manage things, a lot

of people will criticize and possibly really put me down. It's hard.

Match the Phrasal Verbs with the definitions below:

To work and not hesitate: get on with it

To fulfill someone’s high opinions: live up to

To discourage and criticize: put me down

Respected: looked up to him

To start: get down to

To discuss: talk this over

To organize: sort things out

Get ahead of something: get on top

To deal with: face up to it

Depressed me: got me down

To agree with/to accept: go along with