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The Coming Of The Horseclans
2. Swords Of The Horseclans
3. Revenge Of The Horseclans
4. Cat Of A Silvery Hue
5. The Savage Mountain
6. The Patrimony
7. Horseclans Odyssey
8. The Death Of A Legend
9. The Witch Goddess
10. Bili The Axe
11. Champion Of The Last Battle
12. A Woman Of The Horseclans
13. Horses Of The North
14. A Man Called Milo Morai
15. The Memories of Milo Morai
16. Trumpets Of War
17. Madman's Army
18. Clan Of The Cats
There are two anthologies of Horseclans related short stories simply called Frie
nds Of The Horseclans 1 and 2.
I picked up 'The Coming Of The Horseclans' quite by chance but Googling has not
really brought up anything much except for brief biographies of the author and a
list of his works. Nor had I come across this series.
Some of the books are, it appears, available for download.
The first three books certainly have the feel of a trilogy about them and I have
ordered the next three from Amazon.
Posted by Ray at 20:41