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'Based on the original DUNGl!ONS & DRAGONS® rules created.byE, G:u:y Gygax and Dave.Arneson, and the new DUNGEONS & DUG_ONS game designed by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Richard Baker> and Peter Adkison.

This product uses updnted material from the v.3.f revision.

I~ Wr7.,ARDli OF n:r£ CQAstOl' game product contains lIO Open Game Content. No portion of chis work may be reproduced in any form without written permission. To learn more about tire Open Gaming License and the d20 System License> please "j,it www.

EUROPE.ANHEA.DQY~RTERS Hasbro crK LId C:lswell W.y Nowporr.. G" ne NI'9 om GR11.ATBRlTAW 620-9S17S7'20-(jOl-RN Plesrsc k«p ,hi .. "",,,, for y" ... _1iI 9 8 7 6 f • J 2. 1

First Printing: August 1006 ISBN·13: 978·0·7869·3912·0

1ltrSCto~'"S & D;l.AOOl'ro~ D&D, OtfNa'f!.O~ l\.,r.,.STEk~ d'W. d'!O SY;!'It=rrt, \.Vl'Z s: IlD5 OF 'If'll!. ca. .... irr.·:pIr.~j'6'~.J's H4UdlJo&S)jl{li/!WI'rl C,.idd, kfrmH(r .MuIIWtJ.T~ if Jknlr_' fJfJdif lbu ."'li1Z~,s1P'lJrds,:'IU otherv.r~rd~or l1u:! ~tprodurt ~I!lnd rhl:!ir ~ti""l: lO$l$"nr.e trademarks of Wiznrds of the elmS" J'HC'1 ul the US.A. iU1d eehcr [:cunrril:s.

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Inrroducrion, A

chaprm: 1: Di$C±pl~ of t.EieSwonL •.••.. , •. 1-

Crusader, •.... _ __ •........• ,.,. " 11

Sy;rord.si3ge r_·_ .,' •• _., •• - .••••.•• ~"." .~1S

Human Swords S 11m i:ng Package, , .. 18 Worl:tlade _ ..•• _ .. __ ." ..... , ........ " ... 20

chapter 2.: kills aniLfea:tS. .27

New skills andVses._ 27

lnumidhre _ " _ .. _ . _ .. _ 27

Knowledge(cEocal) 28

Martial Lore __ .28

eW Feats , . .. .. .. .. _28

AdaprlveSty1eo 28

i\Y~ngtng 50;1Ito:. '_'" .•....••....•.•...• 28

Blade Meditation. " .,28

Oeser! Ere 29

04!$er! Wmd Dedge __ _ .•.....•..... 251

Devoted Bulwark _ .. 29

Divine Spid!: .. __ - 19

livnsive Reflex"s " .. _ .30

Bxrrn Cranred.Maneuver " ' .. 30

Bxrra Readied Maneuver , ....•.. 30.

F3lling Sun Attack , _ •. 31

!nstanrdari[}' "._ .. 31

Ironheerr Aura __ '' _ . _ .31

Manial Sm!lce .. _................. • •. '11

Martial Smdy .. , 3;1

Psychic 'Renewal 32

Rapid Assaul; , . , , 32

Scrtbe ManlaLStripr. , .. , .. _ ..•..... _32

Shadow Blade " .. " " .. , .. 32

hadow Tric.kst~L. , , .. 32

Song of the whiTe Raven , .......•... , .. 32

nap Kick 32

tone Pewee .• _ , .32

Sudden Recovery 33

Superlor Unarmed Strik •. ' •......... , , .33

Tiger Blooded " 33

Unnerving-C"41L , " 33

Vi~DJ Recovery. , , ' .. ,,,' .. 31

White Raven Defense , , .. ,.33

l.1Icrirul'em5.. , , 14

Clarion Command .. L .. _ _ _.H

Distam Horizon .34

Faith Unswerving. _ .. 3'4

GIDQmbzor- , .. 3S

p.,Jec.1 ISlufty afMDid and Body 35

Reaping Talons _ _ 35

Scorchl ng SiroccO-. , ' 3S

Shnrdg cf Granlre .. , .. , , .. , ' .. 36.

Sro~mgtlnt;(l Wa~_ .. "", .......•...... 36

Cha_pt.e:r 3: Blade l';lngk _ . __ .• _ .37

Mania! Powers , 37

ReadyingManem-'l!TS " 38

Initiating Mmeuvers=d Stances. _ S8

Concentrerton 39

Intrlaror Level , , 39

Resolving a Maneuver or Stance ....•... 39 Recover! 11g Expended Maneuvers .•.... .40 Marrlal Powers andMagic . __ . _ .. __ ... +0

Maneu ve.r aad Stance- Desedp dons • _ •.•.. ·HI

N'Qm.e , ....... _ .... _ • .... 4<1

M:ittill-l Di sdpl me __ .. . . . . __ .·Hl

(Type) , -1-2

[Descriptor] _ +4-

Level .. , .. , -4.-1

Prerequlslre . , '.- , A-1<

Initilldon Action .. - - _"". .. .. 41-

Range , __ ; ._ ,. A5

TllTgerlng U M.Iieuvet , , .. • .. -1-5

Durarlon _ _ __ +5

Saving Thrnw , _ -1-6

Spell Reslstance _ __ " _ __ -+6

Descriptive Ten._ , , . .+6

Learning Mal\cllvers.amlSnlDces. , f6

Chapter +: Mnncllvers ana Stances. , , .. 47

Maneuver and Stance Llsts , .••... _ .48

Deserr Wind .. ', ' _ , .52

Devoted Spi-ir . , _ _ _ .. 57

Diamond Mind, ' '." , _ 62

Iron Heat'( .. , '" _.... .. .. . .. .. .66

SernngSun _ _" _ .. 70

Shadnw Hand , , 7;5

Stone Dragon __ , • _ 81

Tiger Claw , _ , ...•....• , M

While Raven __ .90

Chapter 5': l'restig~ Classes .. _ __ 95

Ad""-'lci-ng M~n:ialProg:ression ..•...... , .• 96

M:3f[ia! Adeprs .; ... . ..• 9ii

Nonmorrinl Adepts .. - .. .. . .. . .. .. .9£

Bloodclaw Master _ _ 96

Blocdsrorm Blade 100

Deepsrnne Sentinel ., , 105

EternalBlade , 109

Jade Phoenix Mnge , ' l13

M~~ter{)fNil>e, , .. ',' _, ,ll~

Ruby Knillht-Vindlqtor. , , 122-

Shadow SUlI Ninja. _ t26

Chapter 6: The Nine Swot;ds - . - __ 131

We~pons o(Legacy " .. - ._- Hi

De-sen Wind (DeS'!rrWlnd} _ 132

Erlihfu I Avenger (Devoted Spmr) , 13-1-

Supernal C~arity (Dlnmond {lmT)." !;I6

Kamate [Iron Heart) ....... - ' , 137

Eyetiticle's Edge (Setting Suh) .. , , l39

UmbralAwn (Shadow Hand) '" .~40

Unfettered (Stone Dragon) ••• __ _ . , .14-2

Tiger Fang (Tiger Chw) .... -- - _ . • .. .. !-H-

Blade ofrhe Last Citadel (While Raven) . , ,1 +5

Chapter?: Magic I terns _ . .. _ 147

MattialSctlpJ;S ,., _ 147

NeWWeap'On Special Ahllilies , .. , , .~4S

A-p[irude Weapon, - '. - . , , .14

Ma[1tUll Discipline Weapon , , .148

NewWOI1c1rous Items _, 149

6:own of White Ravens 149

Cfutpter 8: Nine wards Monsters .•.•... 151

~"air-l'aI1Raks!135a .' _ _ __ 1St

Rerh Dekala 154

Valkyrie , ' , , ,. 156


Behmd the Curtain: Blending-Genres .....•. 6 The me DI cipUnes __ .. _ .... . .. ..... .. •.. 8 Xeepln_g Track of hndied

and Bxpended Maoeu"e:r:s 38

'Inccrporea] Subrype ..... _....... . _ . , , _ .. 79 Shifters nnd l he Bloodclaw MaStet, . , .• , ..• 97

i'h,!~W AnythJng .. , ,lOt

Smpping1 Remrnl:ng_ WeapOIl 102

1-"'gic: 1 terns and Ln rro cllleing

Martial Maneuvers. .. __ - ISO

NairyanRakshas3ID[e .. _ .. ~ ,. 152

Another Rakshasa? _ .•.. , 1.53

Rerh Dekala LOTe -- _. 156

Valkvrie Lore , , . ". lS8

Attend now, j'o-ung,on,es, and J wilL e.ndwvoy tofeach YC1J some S I'll all part of t11C tnLI,'h of1-he sword.

11n1 Ran,m TlI.riyeshor, the swordsnge some-

times caUed the Iron Dragon. ,H wasT I,vllo defeated'tlle High IncjL!Nftor ofTtamM i'l'l the Dl~agiJ11 shuHTem pk Itwds 1 j,uho sle-w the d emOl1 'iTa.rms1,-Kml-i11 i}1 e Ebo ,-1 Tower. And ibMaS1111' comradeS-and r wlio excised

tlu: mil1dflayer mjestrrtf6n fmm D~lrkval'e three yean ago, tl1 ough two ormy frimds died l1ol;~·ibJy in the pnJl;ess. S.ld1 are mydeeck

I have ova nd.ered the world for twenty yeflTS, rt.ldyi,j1,g.-th e Sublil1'l CWay and searchhrgfoT my 01lii1. tYUU111£f1mre as·a. wnrriol' rHld- ns it persoll_llike-tothil1ktJlIItlam a Little wise1· rlowtl1an WhCH 15tm'red, butI must leave that judgnrent to othen. I >pena my days_leaching fJOW, that ilnay. hOl1orthe path- I have followed 1TIyilll'lOl,eU[e.

Some of my si:lldenis fallfrai'li t'11 e Waya.nd tnrl'lJo other P ui'5ui'ls, S!nne becomici-iampfo1l5ofgoQii r:1l1dJustice. OJ'hers Lise'myt~ad1ing5 to wreak rel'fible wrongs [II th,e world. Brrr I'f/L i.vha seck (he Way musHe !'rtu:glij:;,b~CI1use it '15 not Jar I ~le Stl'Ql'c15rnith to sajl wi'ieth er hirbladenvi!lsJli.II the bllJo~ of the wichea oTtheinnoce1'lT. Likr- an kNowLedge, the.$uhlime W'ly be used JTIr good or ill

The woild.of rbeDuNcioNS & D'RAc4"-ls gameisfdieq, w:ir:h characters. who _putSlw th~ ways oIbattle_1l_arBariansilestxoy their foes ill Gerseddienties, andrangers are masters of thehunt paladins rely 011 thetrvtrtueand courage tosustain them against their opponents. Fightetsinaster all array ofspecial maneuvers ana attacks to overcome the monstersand villains they encounter; But.thelngbessofa warriors artsisthe Sublime Way-the secret Iore that teaches a figh-dngcbntacrer how to'meld- his inner strength, training, and discipline-intothe perfect-weapon.

Ihe Sublime Wayts not rnagical-c-ar least, a normal sense. H is- a .fIghting system that harrresses a srndems disciplineand deternunation through .know r~dge, practice, and ShldY. A masterof the Subhme W~y can perform raarrial exploits that are neatly superhuman-e-and, in faa, some of them gtttlill,1y traJJ,scend rlie.natural.

Like :figllters, st1;l-dents of the Sublime Way rnastera.number. of special rnaneuvers.andstrikes to defeat their foes Bur, while


a1i.gbrer's Ltsr€lffears repL-e~ie:Of$ 'la:l;i:~us combarrechniques that

tie san.use for a.tta_clcor defense r.b:e'manettvei"s of'4 SlLblime Wl!'{master:represern;'oMehts'ofclarity,se.l.Fknbwlec\'ge, piety, erpeif~Gti(;ffi . .AJighteri!};e>; E9 . er Attack-to suikehm;der, hirtll studentofthe:Sul:ilinleWapvhowantsto accomplish the same gblilpedom;t~R very S);?'ec1ficlliental arid'ph_ysical exercise rhar resnlrs in a':riiignty blow----cIfit>J5 execmt.rd just tight.

Some believe'iit a pratllubIHu of'tbe Sublime Way creates ili€ power for his maneu:v.ers by invoking a cosmic 'principle QfpMecti6Ji. This theory holds that iltheshldem moves in a j;rrecis~pattern wlii:le~call:ingta__nllndtlie very specific.mental images or analogies conespohdin,g'miliarmaneuver, he forges -a:- brief connection-with a source.ofpowerrhat lends strength and precision to his-strike, Others believe mat followers of t1ie sublime Way draw the necessary p_owerfr()fil_theirown souls by ~al"Dessing Iii-the energyof life. But whatever the truth of the. matter, the results are spectacular, Few can match the agility, strength, and skill elf a master of rhe'Sublime 'Way.


Y.o:uneed.rhexhree D&:D core rule bQoks-~I(.lyer's Handbook (PH), Dungttm Master'r Gu.i ae (lJNlG), and .Monster Mm1 Hill (MM)-tQ-malfethebest,us'e of tome ofBaJtJ~: The,.Booli of Nille SiVOftk This Dook occasionally mentions material from a few D&D suppleirrents,sl1chlfsi\'{imrter Mamwl lIT, Complete Adventurer, and CO'mplete Wttl'T!OY, but none cfthese supplernents are necessary to get tbe most out of Tome at Battle.


Tame of Battle: Tne Dpoll ofNiI1c.SwordsJlescribes a SYSTem of special combar'spells'tknownas the Subl$e Way, the Nine DisdplJll~ or blade magic. Here aresow,eohhe' salient terms and facts'Y.ol:l will need to beia:q:l'iJiarwitlias youpetuse this book

'MartialAdept: A characeer'with one or-more levels in the: crusader, swordsage or warblade class is known as a martial adept.

¥aneuver: A maneuver is a sP'i!-cifitJ.onbshor effect thata tnarrial adeprtntrjares.Ln thisway,p·l.mlli@uverisfuntctonaUy similar toa spell. However, a martial adept-usually doeSlf't use up orexpendmaueuvers duting the course 'Of a <jlay'of adventuring the wayaspellcasrerdoes. He begins .each neW enconnrerwirhall the maneuvers he readied forthe day availaq1e [0 him. When a marrial.adepr initiates.a maneuver, it is temporarily expended until he chooses to perform a special action required to recover his expended.maneuvers. The ~'ype Iil,f !f!:tion necessary varies for each marrial.adeprclass.

The-three basic.types ofUlanelivers are boosts, counters, .rtbd srrikes. In ac\.dition, marrialtrdepts can learn special abtliries known as stances (which are cl:g.~fribecllafel· in "this Introduction).

BfJQIT: A boost augments a user's. abilities, usually attacks, in some manner. Forexample;a marna .ad:eptwbo studies theTIesert W1.11d~isciplin:ecan wreathe his weaponln flame 1;O,Geal extra Ene damage oil a stlcj:~ss£ul hit.

Counter: A counter is all Immediare action that allows a martialadeprto foil an opponent's.attack '. For example, the

8elf:itig Bun' cill;dpHh:e teaches its. aQherents to -:noid a foe's: charge bysteppiJ:lg aside,

Smke:Astrikeisasped'al·attackthardrawg;ol'l adis6iplinels teachings.toinvoke aspecial effect: The Stone Dragon discipline, for example; reachesits adherents to slain mro-fueir enemies with crushing blows.

Martial Disciplilie: Amarrial Discipline tsa family ocschool ofimineuveis that share some common philosophy or-effect Nine martial disciplinesexist.each consistingoHiftee.n to twenty manehvers'andstances, The nine diseiplinesane called Desert Wind, Devoted Spirit, Diamond.Mind, Iron Heart; SertingSua, Shadow.Hand, Stone Dragon, Tige.r:Claw; and White Raven. Most martial adepts don't have access to all.the drsctplines.

Maneuvers Known; The' collection ofrnanetroers arnaitial adept has learned. You can think of this as the martial ail~ptJs speHbook or spelllist. A martial adept's class and level determine the number.and level of maneuvers she knows,

Maneuvers Readied: Mosrrnarrial adepts cannot keep all maneuvers they know ready arall rimes. At the beginning of each day, a martial adept chooses scme-ofthe maneuvers-she knows as.her "readied" maneuvers (the determined by her class and level), These-are the-maneuvers she can irritiale. A ill udal adept can change hezreadied maneuvers at-apv time. but doing this requires 5 ill mutes, of rest, .meditation, prayer, or the performance ofvarions practice tontines. The specific details depend on the marllillai!epts class ..

Stance: Asrance is a special type ofman!!l1~et.Each stance:isaparticular fighting pose that grams ~t1I1arti~1 adept special benefitsandioptions. For example-the Tiger Clawdisciplineteaches stancesthat allow the user to unlock herfenilranimalisticIllltaL"e; Unlike other maneuvers, most STances can remain meffemOt an.indefinire time. Ali stances a character kn~ws ~ ilvaii;bleto her arall times. A character can adopt a· stance, or change from

one stance to another-as a swi£t:actiO!ol.· .

Key skill: Every martial mane}weEi~ ned to a skill, such as Balance; Concentrarion, or [urnp. Sometimes key ski.D!; come-into.playtn the iniriarion ofil maneuver, bur nto$tlythey rewesent [he ideals arou nO. which theirrespectivedisciplines are centered.

Initiate:A martial adept usesa martial maneuver byini,tiat" i og it. So Insread of casting a spell or .manifesringa -pQw.e;r; a character ininiares a maneuver.

Inrtiator Level: Some maneuvers have effects that vary with the level 9fthe character inJtjating-them.'t level is funcrionally equivalent to caster level or rnanifester level-it's simply the relevant class level of the m artia] adept who Initiates the power,

Crusader: The crusader i~ one of the three martialadept standard classes described in Chapter 1. Crusaders arewarrloi~ who use their devotion and zeal ro'power mai"rialmaIfe\l.VeI:S.

Swords age: The swordsage is .another of the martial adept standard classes from Chapter L Swordsagesare "blade wizards"-mysric swerdfighrers who can accomplish.astonishingfeats of martial prowess. Tl1ey knox .. ' moremart:jal maneuvers than other martial adepts, and.they .have <1ee,ess, to the rUOEt martial disciplines.

Wur:blade: The th ird ofrhe martial adept standard Classes described in chapter 1 is the warblade. These.pure warnors

are ascetic championswho lise martial maneuvers in place 'dE me fears or rage that a fighter or barbarian would employ;

the pn)o"ipJesI sl~i]ls, and philosopllY /lIth' t6'ipient\finf iliscip1ine. "As Ii:mga5't11~5eswtJtdH'tmain together, the temple HIm I'leverfarl; hdold the Nine Mmtm. "N6v.rl'"g0." Alld he setoffaJo1HJ, of~Ioot mid ·~qi.arm(d, because hefcared nothifLg;fn '!~,e world. No oM,aver sri:tv I11.n:1 again.

.A.!ff~l;ima.pcl~sed, 1n1.d 011 e by. 0 I1U Rem (W~ Ol~igitllli cUscipl'll5 cli~t! ,ol'1'ehin-ied to.thuil' ow 11 /allns. 'fhe s!'lldii:lJrfs tl1ay left behind became l1'Ht];tehi11 I'll ei;'y aWn fight, nl1 d the)! JrwlrdBd the llil1(~ 5 wordnvith grsat cafe . .Bl,li' (me n.igl1t, the mlzshltsfi lora Kaziir-Thet came to tl,e Templ.e of the Ni11e Swords. He ad.opted the guTscof a weary traveler and WITS giVell welcome 111' the ·I't?l:llple. Knziir-Thet stow Supen1a.l. cl.miTy, the 5UfOl'd of Dfml!Ol'ld Mind, and fled with it into the waste/cmos. The masters pllrs14ed, blrrthey collld not catch the dever ra1ls1wm pl'iI1C1!.

Hom inat dayan, fllll te111pl~ begllli to fail, Slowly at firsij the sllldefl't5 of the vari.olls disetplines fell to bickenng, conrumed b-y theqLUJ51:iofi of wll lell p11 tIT was best Boasts (Ilia arguments became inf:rigHes and deadly Jilek In time, Hltl remtlilli1!Kml1sten exiled tile Tigel' Lord alld t~,e sh II d 0111 Master-who had plott.ed m murder the rest-from the trnrple fa restore order and harmony.

ErJraged by their exTle, the I'wo olLtcast masters allied with eWl oth81', ami together they raised IItl army of monmrs in the wild mountains. A year after !hllil" exile, they returned m Ehe Iltmd of a fearsome horde and dl!5troy d the tel1l'ljle. It is 5aid thnt all 'mlle masters tlMt night. According to I~gend., the Spirit Seebrr slew the slmdow MIl~ter Ilnd w~; tnerl torn apart by de'mom, T-lle WindJord a)1d the 11'OlUlwneJ' d~fl!lIted the Tiger lora but aftenvan:! fdl1',11 batfle '!ga'i.l1st Ih~ gi.I.Il1ts all d drngons of the evi Lanny. MatlY weasu.¥cs oj Hie tel11pl.e, indu ding-the eigh't j·CI1'I.n:il1ing 5wonl.s, were scct.thwe& 'to th~-ro.ur win ds . .Nt Mt wm Hil'ri ed offb}' m.011 stersfrom theShadow'Tiger horde, hi.1.!, cI·t least two were rescu.ed by temple students who l1wnaged to escape.

You flOW lmow the beginning of t.he story of the Nine Swords.

But as ylTH will see, each of the blades has its oUln story. and trwS!! stodes are 110tfi.l1ishcd.ll is said tJ1Clt omeday the Nine Swords win be bl'ought tog.eth BY again, ResJmnvillretiH7I fram his wandering. and hannony wi.ll be fe,tored to tJ?e worl.d, r do nat Imow if an)' pm't of the tale J Illlue told is fmc, bu t it is CI good stol,}" is it not?

-Barr-an Turiyeshor, swords age

Now I will speak of the Nim'Swon;fr, They are /10 menle'gen.ds, yOlmg D"tLe--J haVe Seen two of ';/1 em ill my rravels. Thts isl'l1e beginning of th~il' story.

Til ree ago) II jlo Ltll g 111111111-11 GaLled ResI1ar CIlms to 5futiyrrtthe hobgtMil1 mOfJll.ll.eryoful'-Tha!dllal'. The 1tobgobUi1' ~1,l!iirdmasters adJ"llimstercd Cl'j.jel·l,e5t~ lind cl1t1Uenge:s, bllt, l:otI1ch' rurpYi~e, Reshar wrllived. Thoy SClW that he n1mt be tr.lughi, aild. suther pem~iftlld 711111 10 remai11.

From them, Reshar Ifamed t118 secrets of the lran Heart I:he mostjierCl! alia. difficult ,hoo! of bladc1.Votk in the world. Whet1 he llan mastered the Iron Heart, Reshar too"k his lealJe emil went tIC,IIT to the Great GoMen Dmr~ where lIe presented 11imselfto the WInd Dervish as of Anara It] II, When lit had !llCrstcr~d the Desert WInd >ehool, he weill 10 Ihe isla 11 ds beyand fhe dnwn and sttldied ihe wily. of the Setting Slm.ln thespaell of onLy three yellrs, Reshay did what no one else has ever been able to do: He mastend all nine of the martial disdpltne),

IlL 1111: days of Reshm; the itldivWlllli SdIVOb, phil050p1Jies, and tmcIitions thnl we Imow a' the Hblime Way uere scattered haphazardly ncrnss ~he world. Adherents ofth.c VariOlt5 disciplines were tnefierust of I'ivnlsl eflch ceRing to prove the supe}iority afhis own school otIer all the ofhtm.

B'llt having 'IrHldemd all ~une di;ciplill!lS, ResllQr sri a,trto 'Ctui this r-iLlntry. He yejurned to eacl1111a.ce where It e had slildrcd and tooll its 5i ngle mod' womising ! t:,.d ent ash is own qp,prent'ice. :rhen; he led his nil'.e- apprentices to rhe Sumpire M0Il11ta'fl15, whe1'e hefounded the Tcn1ipl.e of tile Nine Swords, For n1,tmy yean, ' Resltar (md his Nine Mqsters sOllgh! the pal:l1 to perfectiOtl, wa!l~il~gJarth!'r down tllB road of the ublim.e Way thcm anyone haelbefoye-01' sillcc. Hundreds ofstlldents Cjlme to t/1enl altd Ieamed muc11 front their temple.

After a. cenlllry of shldy frnd t'ea eh lllg, Reshar calLed his masters to~ther mlri told them he was leaving to travel the WD1,ld '1gain. Age hna flwertou!hed hnn, otll sr fhan to whften1m hail' and linc his-fnce. The masters begged hi 111 1.0 stny, hilt Rllsh a.f1'C'jimd .. BeJore he 7:efl, though I he gave each )11l1.snn-1I gift-n sword. thn t embodied

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ts Tome a/Battle martial arts for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Game? Is it good only for an Oriental Adventures-style game) Does it challenge your conception of a Western European Fantasy world? In short: Sort of, no, and we certainly hope so.

If you've ever played a ninja or samurai-or for that matter, a monk-amid a group of "standard" O&D herees, then this book is for you. Thanks to the influence of Japanese a hime, Hong Kong action movies, and popular video games, the notion of a fantasy setting has grown very broad in the last ~ewyears. Fantasy gaming isn't just about knights and castles anddragons anymore. Ninjas and samurai, ronln and shugen]a, yakuza and monks--aJi these and more have gradually Altered into people's expectations for a fantasy world. Games such as Final Fanta~y 'and Soul Caiibur, as well CIS movies such as Kill Bill arid 'Tile Malrix, are excellent examples of how martial arts have become

"Westernized" in film and electronic gaming--and how eagerly Wes'tern audiences have accepted martial arts idioms in their action stories and games,

Tome ofSe;rttie: Book of the Nine Swords deliberately blends the genres of Far East action games and the "typical" D&O game world. Portions of this material resemble a martial-arts supple-ment suitable for an Oriental Adventures game. Other parts, however, deliberately fantastlclze and generlclze martial arts ldiorns (such as fighting schools and special combat maneuvers) and import th~m Into the default D&D campaign. More than any other, this book represents "culture-blind' 0&0: fantasy gaming ina world where silent ninjas and wandering kung-fu masters live side by side with noble paladins afld fearsome monsters. Tome ofBdU/e. isn't your parents' D&.D-it's bigger. bolder, and even more fantastic rhan ever before.

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t (he hellrt of the sl,.bliine \Way, YOllng ~tudel1t5, Jill, mit! simpl~ precept; The !!:tIU'rim' wno l~now5 l1il11sel/pet[edly camlot be drfemen. You camwJpl'ed.iltl. where ro·t! will figk.4 nHU}Ja:t1llMP01lS you will {rrtd dOSI!Ilt l1rmci, or hoUl YOlirenemrcslII.dl1 .Lrikeatyou.BtJtY8tl cem pl'eptiTeYOHYSalf far tJlat monlllnt Hll"oHgl1 am stunt pmdice, stu.dy, and njl.ection. Cimql.ler your own body, mind, ana spitit. and you calltlot help but be VIctOriOUS nuer your enemies.

From tlus !lClsjf pl'emise stem fln·.ee distilJf! rOlltk She who em/mrksol'l tlwpilth o/pJI)'Sieal lllJIsIll'l'Y bewm~.1 rr wtlrb!llrl~Olle llfHa' mosl skillftil arId dedlwiellulIlrriors m the J;\JDl'l.d, Fierce alld ~lllwlllprOlm;irtg, the H!tLrb!adil;li'tww5 no [eal',

he m'~i1rler i~ a wania~ who ,MilS vieJo,y through the dl!iufllrnc of the spirit EleVotIon . rety, a.l'l.d-z.dlll m'~ jleYlvt'crpDPls. A ~1'tlSli('I'r bcrnmes Ill'l'llfng tf,essehlf1r~rr1!iI'i;jy's IIIll1-al1 il1,d rwnant nf IiIsihT or ueflgennte wlm CQ,n, ove 1'"0 me jlle naut IIImpeYl'rb11' of 01 ~Iatks WIth only Bhe 5h.eerllotll~r ofJlerfiuth IInJ 11,. ,trmglh ujJhrllrm.

rhe thtl'd r'oQd IS tMU path of the swordsage-the rtlll.d T hlwe followed for lims! of my Hfe. T116 S1vor4~!~ge.56w~:j:fllmOl\i hi, DIAI'/1 mind, cmG, to ponciuc (tUG ad W:itl1 verlechIarity. It is ~len.rly the beft oftl111 bJhue I'Ipprollche5-but1'hellI1 qnHl sword·mge. What eh.f wouLd YOll c'"'pect meta sa.y?

-Hamill Turiyeshor

Thos.e who devote their lives to mrdytngsomt' aspect of the sublime Way are known as martial adeprs-, All are skilled in persoaal combai, but t.hey rely on Eerception, learning, and will:p0wer,. In addit LOn to pure ph.y,s,icai ,aptitud.e fur bat de, .Mania! adepts seek ro fllst!mngi'ble phys1!?-Jll prowess wtrh ormosr conrrol of the mind ltmil SIli.);it,

The threll' martial adept classes are' the crusader, swerdsage, and: warblal'i0, These three Stllnnartil dWiSellfl)te slLlnmllri~ed be: ow.

Crusader: TIm' h Iy ~ unholy) warrior is devoted to thff servic OradelL rp n Jple Through-exetdse!>ofIailh und

{ten gains tbe ~i.lny ro execute spectacular

mania! man uvers an t her cause,

Swordsage: Also known as a blade wizard, lts~\;\i0li!:sage is a martlalnenst wbo has learned how to invo!-te 4: u,n'fqUle form of magic; to accompl Is 11 trul Y superbum au (!iJ]'dS'~I,pe.rnarnra 1) CXiploits.

Warblade. A W3, rblade 1S 11 n exemplar of pure Jnaxtial..sldll.

Though he lacks the supernsrursl power of the crusader-or swotdsage, be is fu 11y eq trivalent to the barbanan.or fighter in rerms o£comba~ skill , relying OJ] martial maneuvers instead of rage or feats.


}"fnl~e your psa6e wfth lIIi1ateVt!l' lI!lr ddt}' you lVonhlp, 111omrer, fur r am ale sword of PelOT, cfnd I willllut faiL iJlltJy .triheJ" -Daresa, crusader of Pelor

Devore{! knigJJt, a ivine agent, insrrumen cof vengeance, peerless fighring naacbrne=-rhe crusader is a warrior dedicated TO good, evil, law. chaos, or some other cause. she seeks out and destroys the enemies of her chosen fanh. Strengthened by pr.ayer or absolut devotion to a principle, armored by unshakable faiTh, and driven by her convictions, a good crusader is a mighry weapon against injusUee and -nudtce_ An evil crusader, on the other hand.Is a cruei flJJd:tears:-ome warrior of darkness.

A crusader who embraces II religion 0;[ holy faith is similar ro n paladin in that she commands II number ofh81y (Ql: unholy) powers, However, a crusader has no skill with_divine spsllcasring, sbe is a martial adept whose maneuvers ate unpredictable gifrs of divine power. Trustmgrn.the power oEher chosen deity, she allows faith and intuition te guicle her through battle. Iany crusaders receive the call to their cause early-in life, but never srudy formally at a temple or nlonasrery. These warriors are gifted with. a natural abiliry

I, channel !:be divine n rgie of "heir cause, but in a raw, ~ln[::rb;led t,1la.l~jlet:l A rusad r has absolute faith j n her-ablllry tp c:}taw on vhe SOlU'~e of her powerJ but she never <.ltrir.e lC'OGlwS ho-wtil"La:t power wi II rnani fest.


A ct.ilsaHex is ,j;lI-lmaxi ly a ftollt-]jj1e melee battler, much 11ketl1e iighte.r or paladin, Her martial maneuvers giv:e her rnose tactica] JilexJb:iJ.ity"Th a II t11 e figbrer and make her a dynamk and well-rounded combatant. Most crusaders also make.good leaders, since they are both cha rismatic and dedicated.·

Abilities! Strength and Constirurion are vital ill a ernsader, since she is often in harm's way. I ntelligence is useful for gaining plenty of skill points, which a crusader needs to purchase the ranks in Diplomacy, intimidate, and Balance, The key skills for her m artia I disciplines, Dexteriry is useful for any character in combat, but a crusader's ability to wear heavy armor means rhat she is not as dependent: OD a high Dexterity scor-e as other characters.

Races: Mosrcr:usadersare humans, balf-elves, or-dwarves, berause the ideals of dedication, ervice, zeal. and courage are imports n t in both dwarf and human cultures. Elve > guam • and haHlings generally lack tile seriousness, single-minded devotion, and moderate fanaticism required to succeed as ernsaders, 'Nalf-orcs rarely become crusaders, bur those who d® follawthls path often excel at it. Many half-orcsspend their lives searehing for an ideal to believe in or a community-TO whkh they,can belong, and the WHy of the crusader appeals to .such souls.

Alignment: A crusader ca II choose any sllgnmenr .excep1 neutral-a-she must stand far SOlDe ideal, whefher chaos, good, evil, law, or a combination of principles. To 'be a crusader is to devote oneself wholeheartedly to a cause or deity, and this way oflife leaves no room for indecision or unwtlltngness to commit, A crusader's allgnmem refiecrs


=·~msc~tj$ ,zn--v;-Q. c


I will speak now of the Nine Disciplines Iho1o comprise the~Subljrne Way. Atr4md carefully, yaung one.

Desert Wind is the discipline of movement: Speed is the weapon of the warrior who fo([ows this path. He strikes and retreats constantly, never standing still in batfle. He is a leapingflame-a burning ~roCCD of the wastes.

Devoted Spirit;s the discipline of self knowledge and >pifitualitp, and those who follow this path arm themselves with purity and faith. NG other WG rrio« is betler suited to confront tire miniol'1-s: ;if e;pil-put bewaral because some choosl):ta pervert ~hi,~15(J!(pJine hy worshiping pGWll'rs ofdcuknes5 instead ofpowusoflighp.

To practice Diamond Mind is to learn the seere» Of qc:Hon wrtholft volition, A Diamond Mil'ld adept. Gan mqke t}w raindrops staM.still if /qe wishes. He IJnders1-ands thert. '(l·rry ifart/e is a contest o/wilis, anri thtlt vidory is inevitabll}for the wp,rl'ior who w;n, thai contest.

fran Heart is the quest for skill, pure and simple. A wzmioi; who. follows this path studies ever more complex and difficult nJqnel<. ",ers baPtIe. ?ill,s deep communion he share!; wlthtlfe s~irit rif causes .0 sworl4 to b~caml1 0 living thing in his hands~

The way of the Setting Sun clnlnges weakness into rlrength and folly into wisdom. A practitioner of this school studiesfhe art af permitting an adversary to defeat himself

Afollo wer of the Shadow Hand treads a lonely and dangerous path, Hid; the road of stealth, of deceit, of bloW!i struck wftrroui answer, and of death in the dark. A Shadow Hand master kills before hi!; adver.sary even knows he is in peril.

~Stone Qragon is the discipline of strength, of endurance, of put» pny.>ical and spiritual power. A warrior of the Stone Dragon is a h ar~y ioqviti1 tfilptr(J.ngth oithe mount/:fin j·tselfin hi, grasp.

FIe Who s,tudlas the Tiger Claw seeks -to unleash his hicLdtm sapagery-theftral fnstinots am;! blind anima! mge that h(rk wi.thin. T/tis warrior i,ntro~g, ql.!ick, and unpredir:table, capable of teariflg /'rIOS!; opponei~ts apart wltl1 his barfl hands.

And,jinal/)!, we come to l:fr6 di~ciplin~ lfthe White Rl!ven-the prith afthe f4reat cqptPin, t:he leader ajwarriQrs, and the crusader. A White Raven disciple studies the art tiffign-trhg in oancer; with his q/litls, 'Ina uses his jie~ce war aries to grea~ ejJef't in boule,

,Tfies·B are fhs, Nine Disc/pl/m:s. Some whisper oJ a s.ecret Teflth !ipatn,but I thInk sl.,,;h cumors are no "more tn'ln bard's tales. Pay them /1'10 attel1tian, m~ studenti

Upon reaching 4'tb level. and at every even-numbered tmrsader level <1fter thar (6th, 8Th, 10th, and so on), you can-.tho1il~e to learn a new maneuver in place of one ),Otl already know. In _effecr, you los.~ the old maneuver in e.ycbange.for the new one. You can choosea new mant111.~€Ir otllny level you Like, as long as you obse.w€ YOU! J;es'i'Xlt"iion on. tiie highest-level maneuvers you 1~ now; yo II 'need notreplaee the old maneuver with ;1 rna nett ver o-f the same

level, F-oJ,' example, upon reaching inrh level, you could trade in a singletst-, 2nd-, 3rd- or 4th-level maneuver for a maneuver of 5chlevel or lower, as long as you meet the prerequisite-of the new maneuver, You can swap only a Single maneuver at any given level.

Maneuvers Readied: Youcan ready all five maneuvers you know at 151 level, buras you advancein level and

learn more maneuvers, YOll musr choose which maneuvers TO ready, You ready maneuvers by praying for 5 minutes. The maneuvers you chao e remain .readied until YOll decide to pray again and change them. You need not sleep or rest [or -any long period of lime in order IO

ready your maneu vers; any tim e you spend 5 minures in prayer, you can change your readied maneuvers,

You begin an encounter with aU YOUt readiedmaneuvers unexpended, regardless of bow many times you might have already used them since you chose them. When YOLL initiate a maneuver, you expend it [or the enrrenrencoun ter, so each of your readied maneuvers can be used once per encounter (unless yourecover them, as described below).

Crusaders are unique among maetia 1 adepts, relying on flashes of divine inspiration to use thei r martial maneuvers. As such, you do nor control.access tel your readied maneuvers. Before you take

your first action in an encounter, rwo of your readied maneuvers (randomly determined) are granted to you. The rest

of your readied maneuvers are withheld. currently inaccessible. At the end of each

Daresa, turn, one previously withheld maneuver

crusader if'Pelur (([gain, randomly derermlned) is granted to you,

and thus becomes accessible for your next turn and subsequent tLUI1S, You can freely choose 1:0 initiate any maneuver that is currently granted when your tu to begi.os, bin you carinot inrtiate a withheld maneuver. If you choose not ro employ a maneuver in agiven round, your currently granted maneuvers remal n available, and a:-PFcvioLls1yw1th,. hetdoIDaEll'uveris granted, as describ ad other words, ir dbesn'r matter it you use your maneuvers or nor-e-ar [he end of each of youTturm, errs withheld maneuver from yeur

her cho en cause, and in some ca e molds the rnaneu vers she can usa

Good and lawfulcrusaderaare more ~oTllll)o~th-anG:ba~1;ic or evil ones, since obedieiice and service come more easily to characters of tbe formei' alignrnerirs. },hi1wever, the 1:'\ltC evil crusader is a :for.ce to be reckoned witb. Sbe is a ,C1'\l.el and fearcSome teaver-e-a scourge who pl"eys CUI the wii\;ll< ana, defenseless ro honor her dark patrons.

Starting GoM: 6d4x.lC gp (150 gp), Starting Age: As paladin (PH 109).


Firsr and foremost, a crusader is a competent combaranr, She fights as ski1lfully as a flghrer, paladin, er ranger does, relying OIl heavy armor

and a good selection of wea pons [0 gain the edge over her opponen ts, To this basic fighting prowess, she adds s-everal abilities derived

from her absolute faith and devotion to her chosen ideal. When fighting fOT her cause, a crusader be cernes an un reppableforce on The battlefield. Terrible injuries lllightsemliess dedicated warriors running from thefrght.but a crusader trans-

-ftl1:m:s such setbacks into marrial fury that enables her to fight On long a ftet other warriors would have been overwhelmed,

Acrusadermasrers a smallnumber ofmartialmanettveJ.'S as she gains lev Is. Derived tram her extraordinary self-discipline,

these maneuvers include catechisms of faith. spirirual devotions, and the abil-

try to strike spectacular blows in the service of her patron or cause. Armed with the power of her faith, she call shatter boulders, shrug off e.nemy

arracks, or rally an army with a single aCt


Weapon and Annor P .oficiency: As a crusader, you are proficient with simple weapons, martial weapons, light, medium, and heavy armor, and all shields_

Maneuvers: You begin your career with knowledge of frve martial maneuvers, The disciplines available to you are De-voted Spirit, tone Dragon, and Wbire Raven.

Once youlmow a maneuver, you must ready ir bO!fore you can use it (see Maneuvers Readied, below). A maneuver usable by cr usaders is considered an extraordinary ability unless, otherwise noted 1J1 its description, Your maneuvers are not affected by spell resistance, and you do Dot pr-ovoke arracks.of opportunity when you inrtiute one.

You learn additional maneuvers at higher levels, as sliown 011 Table 1-1. You. must meet a maneuver's Jlrerequi:si:t-e to leamit See Tahle 3-l.pllge39, to determine the E1jghesr-Jev:'el maneuvers you can.learn,

Base .Forrt Ref Will Maneuvers. Maneuvers Stances
Level Attac;k Bonus Save Save Known Readied Known
Tst +1 ,+-2 +0 .5 5 (2) 1
2nd ~2 ~-3 +0 .5 s(t) 2;
3rq +3 ,f,3 +1 6 5 (2) 4.
4th +~ ·H +1 5 Sm 2
Slh -1-5 ·1<1\ +1 J S (21 2
6th -1-6/+1 +5 +2 7 .5{Z) 2
lrh +7J+Z +5 +2 8 3m i2.
8th +8/+3 46 2. 8 5 (2) J
9th T~+4 1·6 +3 9 5 2} l
10th -+10/-1-5 +] +3 9 60 ,3
11th +l1j+6j+l +7 -1-3 '-0 6 3} 3
12th +12j+7/+2 f8 +4 10 5Q) 3
13lh -.-13/-+8l+3 +8 +4 +4 l1 6 3 j
14th +14J+9/+4 +9 +4 +4 11 5 (3) "
15th .,.15/+10/+5 +9 .. 5 +5 12 6 3 "
16th +1~+1l/+6/+1 +10 +-5 +S 12 60 "
17th +17 +12/+7/+2 +10 +5 1J 6 J 4
18th +18j+ 1'3/+8/+3 +11 13 6 (3) 4
19th +19 +14/+9/+4 +11 14 6 (lJ 4
20th +2P/+15/+10/+5 +12 -'-6 +E Steely resol\le-~O 14 7 (4) 4
'Class skUls (4 ... Int modifier per level', x4 at 'lst level):. Baianee, Concentration, Craft,, Intimidate. Jump.
Know'ledge (history), Knowledge (reJigionj, Marti8it.bre"", RidB.
"New skltldescrlbed on page 28. ssleerton of readied maneuvers is granred to you. Q.}ver the csnrse of ~ few roneds, all ~our maneuvers will.eventually be granted.

If, arrhe end of your tum, you canna t be granted,::i;manelf' ver because ymll have no withheld manetrvers rem~inihg, you recoverall expended maneuvers, and a new pair·o'f reardied maneuvers is granred to you. Ra:ndomlydetermlne which of your rna neuvers are gra nted and which me wirhheld. A t the end of your next turn, a withheld maneuver is granred to you, and the who ls p:rocess of dIvine inspirarian begins n~2i n.

YOll begin tlnencounterwith an nddi.tional granted manenver ar 10th level. (bringing, your total to three), and again ar :mmlem (bringing your total m fom).

Stances Kno'WU; You begin play with knowledge of one .l;st'-levelsrance from rhe Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, OT White Raven discipline. At 2nd, 8'th, and J.i.4th level, you can choose an additional stance, Unlike maneuvers, stances are nor expended, and you do not hsve TO ready them .. All the seances you know are available to you arall nmes.and you can change rhe Stance you currently use as a s"rift action. A sraace is an exrraordlnary ability unless otherwise stared in rhe stance de sCrip don.

Unlike w!-cl1 maneuvers, you cannot learn a new-stance at higber leeels in place of one you already know.

Steely Resolve (Ex): Your supreme dedication and I fitenre foGUS sllowyou to remporQEi,ly set-aside The pain ftn~lh1nae};· tFlg effecTS of j njuries, When <\ n opponent mikes you, th€ injury does not im mediately !lffl"c[ YOU.

You have a: delqyed domagll!, pool. thar allows you to fo,restlill tlre effects afmany injmles. This poolbeginsaw wl't'h aRch encounter, Wb.el:'J you are attacked, any hit point damage·t;!J::e blow deals IS added to your d eIayed damage pooL kttlI~etH ofvour nexi turn, you rake-damage equal to the toWS!0lie,$B

year delayed c1 am age pool. which men resets. to O. Anyhen~ you receive can elther.Increa seyour current hit pamt total ali nb1~:ma:10l:: reduce the total damage in your delayed damage pbol, Whell you receive he.tli ng, you choose whether It aEfecrs 'y:'0urda·mage pool, YOll1· hi r pcints, or both (yo)J.l>ooSP!tct me ameullt,ofheaJ ing as you wish). Most crusaders-cps to Ibi":5p a·s.rnuch damage ill their delayed damage pool as possihL~ to masirnizethe benefic of rhefr furious countersrrike abiliTY (see below).

Special effects tied to an arrack, suc.has energy drain, stun, and ·50 forth, still a ffeel you as riorma 1, and their.effee1.s are 118t delayed by this abillty. For example, if you are birte-n by a venomous spider, you. must scill attempt a Fortitude save againsr rhepelson immediately, even though the line da mage sh iEts imo your delayed damage pool . .By the same token) any other special. attack that imposes a condition, such as '3 rnedu sa's perruyingg'3ze, rakes immediate effeo. on you.

At Ist level, your delayed damage pool can hold "Up WI 5 peints of damage. Any damage beyond that comes off ysur hit peints as normal The maximum damage your pool holds increases by 5 at 4th, 8th, 12th, rsth, and 20th level.

Furious lEx): You can channel the pain of your il;\juries i nto .a boiling rage that lets you lash. out at. yom enemies with renewed vigor and power. Each attack that strtkes Y0uonly pushes you onward to greater t,loxy.

Bu:r1:n!J' turn, you gain a bonus on attack t'olls-and damage roUs equal [0 the enerenr value of your del1l.:yed damage pool (see steely resohie, above) divided by E,and r.GHn(;n~g d!'lwn (rni nilnlUl1 +1). YO.Lltlan, only g.ti-n a maxitnnrn bonus on atrad~toUs 11 nd damage rolls ~{ +6 Born fulioUs ~OUl11'ersrrjke, Use the tDb]e below to qUiCkly tle:re1:):fiine the atra d( boo'll S 3oi) d d a ~1I3ge bonus. from furldUs'\!O~t(lrli111:;i];e> baSed 011 the ~.mbunt ofdam~ge.hlyo-ur

delayed damage pIDoL ThIs a bility'g benefits last finnl rhe end of Y{)UT turn.

Furious Counterstrike

Bonus +1 +2 +3

+4 +5 +6

Delayerl Dama,ge Pool Points




20-2~ ~ __



IndomitableS oul (Ex): Beginning arznd level, ygu draw apen the power of your unwavering faith to STeel yourself against the enemies you face. Your personality. energy, and dedication. to your faith make it possible for yOUTO shrug off a:u:acks that target YOllI willpower.

Ymudd your Charisma bonus (if any) as a bonus on Will saves. This bonus does not stack with that from a paladin's divine grace abiliry.

zealous Surge (Ex): Your boundless energy and dedication to your cause allow you to throw off the effect ofa special attack. spill, or adler attack rharwould otherwise hinder or harm you.. Once per day, from srd level on, you can apt to rercll a single saving throw. You must abide by rhe resnlr of me new, second saving throw, even ifir is lower than roe first. This ability does not require an action. You simply decide a use-it after seeing the result of yom: saving throw roll 'b~t belQre-me DM tens you if it fails or succeeds.

Smite (Ex): Dniven by the courage of your convictions and t$.eirouclad strength of your beliefs I you can strike back at chose who dare stand against your cause. Starring ar 6th level, once per day; you can concert tra te all your anger, hatred, and determination into a single attack. On thenextmelee attack 70umake yougama bonus on yourattack.rollegual toyaur Charisma bonus (LfallY) and a bonus all damage equal 19 your crusader level.

A. lSm level, you gain an add irional use of smite peT day. Die Hard (Ex): At 10th level, you gain Die Hard as a bonus Iear.

M:ettl~ (Ex): You can resist magical attacks with greater effectiveness than other warriors. Beginning ar 13th level, by dnrwing on ymLt: boundless energy and dedlcarion to 'Yourcause, you can shrug off effects that would binder even the toughest warrior. If YOll succeed on a Fortitude or Will save against an attack that would normally produce a lesser effecron a successful save (Stich as a spell with 3 saving throw emry of will half or Fortitude partial), you Instead negate rhe-effecr. You do not gain the benefit of mettle when you are unconscious or sleeping.


When fog chills the battlefield, and Y01.1r frosr-rimed mail weighs on your stiffening muscles, your fairh warms you. It is the fir~ that burns inside, illuminati ngYOUT liKe wirh the ideals of your patton or cause. Alms OI arms for the impoverished, a hand or a lash for the downtrodden, mercy or rueltr~yoll decide according tOYOl.U fauh.As .t Li\'lng insrrumerrt of ymlr cause, you h~~ worked for

years fa become a weapon worthy of yOl~r ideal WBere oclteis heSitiue, -you press on with certa inty, unshaka ble in your beliefs.

As a crusader, you undertake adventures aCGordil1g to te dictates' of yoar cause, your temple. or yom conscienee. 1.ou might lind yourself in a swampy mausoleum Slay,illg ilifiuel nliJlli: with -a s'word lno,n e hand and It flask cifadcl in ~ 6theI', cr bouncingacross sahuagin-infested waves on a haJ:llingstoop because you owe a friend safe passage aCITOSS me straits, You might even find yourself on.the cold.muddy fieJa ofbattle, charging shoulder to shoulder with peasants and.soldiers, raising pitchforks and shields against the peking ice -storms of the enemy. The only constant is the depth efyouT devotino to your cause-s-rhenighr winds will !illltff out the stars before your fidelity ever wavers.


Your choice of deity is paramount, since religion is an obvious targer for me devotion and zeal embod led by this class. 1£ you are good, you might serve Pelor or St. Cuthbert, or perhaps join The beleaguered crusaders of Hetroaeous, who are famous for their tenacious defense of many a lost cause, Alternatively, if you are a dwarf, Moradi n is iii nanrral choice Iorparron, You might j oin the Ruby Knights ofWee]a.s, who -are reput-ed to be tainted by the necromancy of their Witch Goddess. CnaGtic crusaders are rare, but those who worship KDrcl-ar:e ofl'en paragons of the Stone Dragon discipline, and Ehlonnalsambushlng crusaders tend to be ,adepr at rakmg and holding f(;)testhild. If you are evil, Y01.l might rake up iheous0<ofNenill or Erythriu] the MallY, whose crusaders are-plagues upon


Y-our power stems from your devotion to your cause, and you value martial prowess, dedication, and self-discipline. You generally get.along well with paladins, clerics,, and warolades, as leng as rheir alignments are compatible with yours. "You might scorn those of antithetical alrgnmems as hearhens or- target them with your proselytiZing, depending on rhe.evaagelism inherent in yOUT own religion. Monks and swordsages are also worthy companions for you, although thetr reliance on k.r and skill, .rather rhan faiili and armor, is suspecL The subterfuge of.rogues, the s.uperfidaliry of bards, and -che su-seepribiliry of mo t arcane casters to a single grearaxe blow force members of those classes to-prove themselves before earning your esteem.


Ypnr specific tactics i,n battle depend on the discipline yell choseand the maneuvers YOll have learned.However, certain tactics are COlDmOn to-all crusaders.

As a sealous propaDem of your cause, you are genera liy at theforefEont of any battle. Ftghtlng en rhe frontline ilU0wS y{)U to maximize the- benehrs yeu ga~1E from your class abil1~ ties,1lnd alse to proteer a weakea ally by abS011bing an enerny's blows YOlct;f"Sel£ Doing so benefits both YOlil and your pany in4mriOllS ways. First. your STeel), resolve abiJjry mikes ~.Jly 'llttacks you deliver after taking damage bot h more aceurste

:lud rnore powerful (han ih ywere before yau were inju:ted. Purrhermere, j_(opponents focus on you, theyC1l;IJ11o' Jin:e yl'l\.1X allies. ThLlS, tllki ng damage 'each round so.Qlllcl15e yOW' goal. The SGlQlle~ you call engage the rnl1gnes't: 0l?ponent'ln melee, thef~S'tel' you CD I) bolster your attacks. Asa, you're at XQ!.Il1'· best when you can take. on the mans-tel' or opponent thar'deals the most damage.

other tacucs ~'ary aecordlng [Q yOUI' chosen discipline.

rene Drago» crusaders favor head-on charges, 'bculderrolJing Lnto opponents and mcuntaln-hammering anyone left slanding.If YOll have a bigh Strength score, YOll should conSidel' feats rharrake advantage of that ability ifyou choose tlri path (such as Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Overrun, and Improved Sunded, As a Devoted Spirir crusader, some of YOUT maneuvers function only sgairrsr crea ru res with opposed alignmenrs. Devoted Spirit crusaders are ofren bunters on the battlefield, dedicated to chasing down the most dangerous foes. tf you are a White Raven crusader, you are more group-oriented rhan other crusaders. Fighting shoulder to shoulder wirh allies, direceillgBanks, coordinating charges, and covering a cleric whi1e he heals the wounded are among the specialties of a Willre Raven crusader.

Ar hlgh levels, your mettle ability affords yon sn extra measure of ceo fide1'lce when you co.nfrontenemies th~t use spells 01' spell-like ahiliries. Many de.LlJon~, aevils, and other outsiders have spell-like ab! Uric!), and these are precisely [he foes rhat you are trained to VRilqttish (patticnlarly if 'f.0u'1·e a Devoted Spirit crusader). Cornbmed with the tndornltable SOld ability, mettle can pmve to be surpassingly powerful.


Ever since rhe pirit Seeker was Will apart by demons during the catasrrophic battle rhar ended in the destruction and dispersal of the harlow Tiger horde, master crusaders have- sought [0 arta in his perfect harmony of spirit, body, and weapon mastery, In three warring stone citadels, the combar masters of rhe Vix Tholm, rhe Ruby Knights of Wee las, and rhe rerh dekala (see page 154) each reach pilgrims me three precepts of combat: skill, self-discipline, and knowledge.

To rske tralning ar a citadel, you must maintain maximum rank in your most important skills, Rare is a crusader who does not have maximum ranks in the.skill most appropriate to her path (.Balance for tone Dragon.Intinridarefor Devoted Spirit, and Diplomacy for White Raven). In addi'tion,)'ol~ live and die by your disdpline.If you hope to achieve true mastery, you mas r choose Y0l1r dtscipltne wisely.and dIOvOTe yourself to kcomplerely. r f you're physically weak, you, would be ill.arlYise~ to pursue rhe parh of The Stone Dr~gQn) but your screngt'h of wi I I might serve YOli well an the path of the Devoted Spirtt.

lfyol1'relldV~.llcing a~ a Stone Dragon adept, y..ou seek to acquire items, learn fents, and develop maneuver comblnarlens rhar emphasize srreagth and direct CQ:hIr01:'t1iatteii. I r v ours i!i'lihe- parh of the Whit-e Raven. YGlLl fQl)llS<llra your

I~ildltrsh ip a bi 1 ides a nd the tactical details E1fco.mhilt. If you

embmce Lhe Devoted pirir di 'cip~ine, you term Inward. -cultlvatlng-wisdom and devout faith.

HlJMANCRUSADER STARTING PACKAGE Arn1enScalemail {MAG, armor (i:heck penaity '~'Peeel 20 ft.] ti'e 1m.).

Heavy wooden shield (+2 AC] armor check penalty-2, 10 lb.).

Weapons: Lorigsword (tds, crit 19~20!x2, 4th, one-handed slashing).

Shortbow (ids, crit x3, range Inc. 60 fr., 2 Ib., piercing). Skill Selection: pick a number of skills equal to 4-t Int modifier.

Skill Ranks AbHrty Armor Check Penalty

Balance 4 Dex

4 Con

" Cm

4 Cha

4 Str -6

4 tnt

4 De"

2 Wis

Feati Weapon. ocus (longsword), BonU5 Feat: Iron wilL

Gear: Backpack wirb warerskin, one day's trail rations, 'bedroll, sadc,@intand steel, 3 torches, quiver with 20 arrows, tenJ;; traveler's oudit, cold weather outfit, holy syrnhel, GoIa:


"Howling ovel' t.he (/lI.mrici', l'l1e l<nt/ared dcmol1s leapt down. Jyom the peak TJ1e demon billdes WCl'C.a.IHfll1erotlS as Lhed~'ivil~ spikes 01' sIrel bl/.t fhe Vix T/10/11'I ,rmadej" 11eld their grourld. Lbegarl tD bcheue t/1at IhI! mmmta'ln would sl.ide Ollt fmm Imdedhe C.l1Hnders' feetbafoye they yielded an J11ch."

-Darh Nas'urb, dwarf pilgrim of Heir on eo us

Cr-usaders bring clashing steel, sth ring speeches. and intense fervor ro [he campaign. The Ii rst sign of a crusader'S' presence might be a lcnighr-berald riding alone down the Processional to the King's Fane, where he- tacks a scsol] to the door and promptly gallops off, his helmeted visage revea Ii ng nothing.

Crusaders can launch grand crusades, each of which can serve as The foundation for a thousand adveneures. Crusaders W bo suppOrt less than popular causes might hnld clandestine meerings ill (he night, tilled with whispered negotiations. Alternatively, if war has already broken out, the campaign m igh[ fea t LITe ba t des al eng ramparts studded with h<Jl.ime and bombarded with Hamtngpitch. Acrussde might be. ~ one-time occurrence when a passing army moves through the kingdom's hinrerla "cis" or it mIght serve a'S the entite foct!!, ofrhe campaign with the pes moving up, through tlie ranks of a holy army to lead the charge en rue infidels'stronghold.

CFusaaers en n al 0 move ~h rot gh a campaign. world inrl~V'id'p.a11iy. b'erhnps a PC crusader is the Iasr adherem of lrer aa'Qse, Gi;lstined to ~~J{e a glOt'i01TS fiaa l stand agatast

aCCmaillg to seme-e-ro serve the hjgh priests and prieseesScl%lls'th'e :military arm of rhe W itch Goddess's temples, and They eorrtinue to do so. Crusader orders dedicate-d to Pe:lm, He;xj:m, Eb1onna. and Nerull also exist, and rumers ab.Qund 'Gil hidden temples t_har house crusaders who 'j~;o:Jowly esc.~ped the purges.

In alarge and {JperJy acknowledged crusader order. pre-moriOni~ based on bartlefte.ld performance. The battLefreW. nowever,lisgenerclUsly defined. It could be a polittcal barrlefield on which victory consists of the grant of rhe western valley's taxatron rights from the Exchequer. Ir might also be a speeiE.c bartlefield, such as the hedge prison of a demon ancient dungeon, where victory can be atrai ned by-ti.warting rhe captive's attempts at escape. The battlefield could a spiritua Lone, where victory is the delivery of pilg;rlm.s to a holy site thar will inspire them to new heights ofreligious fervor.

Ina persecuted crusader order. promotion is often based simply on survival. ew blood is viral and special, so a crusader who successfully recruits 11 reliable new raernber is accorded great honor. Many persecuted orders develop pyramidalhie:rarchies in which a memb r's recruirs ail.rank below her in seniority.

an evil tb~r has CQ,ilsumed her heruage, 11 rnigln joi n with. other adventurers, seeking rrengrh in their company. A 1?C crusader Gould slsc be Ql) ·vl!l1gelistfro1'!1 aLar land Vi,ho hlls come-to ,he iWnpaig1,l area tdl spread tbe word oIJ~ej; cause-and perhaps evea to recttut adventnrers whem she: crullake l1ack to hethomeland to flght aJ.Q'Dgsideliet. :Perc haps al'C cnlsader is falsely accused ofhert;!.sy and Eorcad to trave1aloIT!; dodging bounty hunfeI'5 and assassins, all wMe upholding bel: ideals wirhour the SUppOC'L or respect of her et'Snvhile colleagues.


A crusaderviews the world through the twin lenses offaith andbatt1e.A farmer seeding the furrows, a merchaarhacskrrrg oranges and pottery, an apprentice toasting his fmgers With an ironically misfired burn i ng lUI flds-to the crusader, these everyday sights are not random occurrences, blft butlding blocks in the bat tle between good and evil. jaw and chaos. For whom does the farmer tOU, and to whom does oe pay m.xes-agood baron, an evil count? Is me merchant trading withpdest5 of Nerull or changing monies with dark emissarIesfrom the rem dekala? If the apprentice learns his spells, TO whar.endv ill be use them? 1n every facelofli£e, the crusader sees some embodiment of her principles.


Many laypeopleca:r1l10t tell a crusader from a paladin until rhe.lauer oalls his horse from the sky or l<J:Ys bands 011 the paladins, crusaders of good alignment oftel';l. becotne.neroes to peasants, laborers, and others to whom gold is a dream and silver all always fl ering reality, Most nobles djst.-ust crusaders because their bel tefs rake a higher priority LJ;l their lives than wealth and status. Paradoxicaliy;mostestablished clerics also distrust crusaders-not onl}' because of faith-based riva lries btu a150 because of the implicit acknowledgment that a crusader order could weaken: llieinlluenc.e of neriaffiltared.cburches in a region's ~oli.ric.allaudscape.


Over the cennmes since the great battle rh a, resu lted in the de~1:Uction of the Shadow Tiger horde, rna ny crusaders have sought 0 emulate the Spi tit Seeker. Tbis enigmatic crusader s-.t"Cw the Shadow Master and was subsequently tern apart by demons, but lew facts about his me are known. Marry, in-fact, argue thar the Spirit Seeker was a female, and many more argue over the exact faith that this mysterious figure embraced. The Vix Tholm believe that the Seeker was a devotee of Hair on eo us, but rhe Chapeaux and Stars Q1 St. Cuthbett clafm him as rheir own, Tbe Ruby KnighrsnfWee las claim r.hat he sougbt the spirits of [he dead and was thns IirmLr in [be jasite camp.


CbaracteESwithranks in Knowledge (religion) can research cmsliliers to learn more about them. When a chatacrez makes a skill check, read orparsphrs e the following. including the informarionfmm lower DCs.

DC 10: Crusaders are hot-blooded zealots \ .... hose fervor is unrelieved by wisdom.

DC 15: Crusaders follow the ublhne Way, seeking to combat skilho better serve their deity. They're DOL like 'clerics, and they don't heal the sick or exorcise undead, Crusaders :possess very little overt magic, unless YOll consider what they can do with {heir swords as magical.

DC 20: Crus.aders can stand up to punishment that no other ihdjVjd-ual can endure, shrugging off even rhe most pawerftil pf attacks:


t\frer the Temple oEN ine Swords collapsed, many crusaders f-ounded martial orders allied with their religions. These nev organizations placed The deiry before the sword-a reversal.of the temple's priorities. The most powerful and secretrve of these orders survive today Many, however. perished as aresulr of ecclesiastical in fighting. The established cllllIx:hhiera.rrhies did not tru r rhese new "sword orders," many of which had recovered enough rreasure from the fallen Temple of Nine SWOL'ds[o make their memberS very wealthy. Purges and pogroms were com mon as the churches ssserred conrrolover the orders and seized [heir wealth. Tbe church of St. Cuthbert subsumed its crusader order, hnr many other churches exterminated their crusaders ill the nigbr, The church of Heironeous ros a bove such P&tty ryt:anniesJ and ir still maintains a cotdlal.relaticnshtp wUh Ern crusader order, the Vix Tholm, though the remti nship i sometimes strained by ~ivI11I'Y, ,From che start, rhe 'Ru,by KntgbrsofWee [as swore :1 binding covenarrr=-e darklJllC'tj


Depending DD. [hcl.r alignment and disposttion, crusatlers canappear-as allles er enemies, ~rronl! or ryrants. YOII can ese l!l~ge crusader organtxsrtons to offer [he pes work


-Olem way to a dapt ,ctusa:aet~to remove tne-rdig(Q1Js flavQ!" ~m-ihe _[lases-·and. y1!plaile.;J\bvidtregional Q;rfiicilil :ele-ntelifs. lli suCh an a,ifirahg:eme0,t,·wci'14Sa4erwoullit QPPo:~f:c,reai.u[l;}s' hm enimy''tl'::Erlj;{JE'Y Or 'of a q.i£fere.n:r race, r,I;liJ..flt~).:n(Jifiiietj;, :b.~aIri:alJ]]an~UJlers wt.t\ld -rer!eS'ent':ito.tro~'''g~~eJ'il'l'iii!f

M,IR,O'SXAVT, CRUSADER 01" ERY,TtfNUL M''''!e. h1!n:Hi!1~qy~13d:er 4

NE~'eCll!;lm hu,t:n;:t[loid

I nif '';':4; -Senses Spot +1, Li sten +1

La.n~u)(ges~Qmmo_h _


AC19, touch io. flat-footed 19 (+\7 ar'i'ilOl', +2 shield)

np,29 (4 HD)

Fbrt+6, Ref+1, will +3; z.e,aiOH$ surge

Speed '1'0 ft; (4 squares), base-speed 30 ft. Meleemwk -rrj,orningstar +9, (nr8-i-3)

Ra n ged light-.tros.sbow +4, (ld8J19-20) Base Atk ;r4~;,Grp +7

Atk Optibnsfurious ccurtterstrlke, steely resolve, It} Corn bat Gear 2 potri:iit.ojC;l.jre light WDU hds

Maneuvers and-Stances Known tiL 4th):

- StCl.ncBs"--1mart.lal sp~rlt (1st), stonefoot stance (l~-t~

Sf~lkes~cha rg! ng m I nota u rt (1 st), Grusaae'r's-stnke'l (1'§tJ:, douse the flames (l stj, leading the at:t'l!~kf (] 51),_ mountain harnrnerj- (2nd), stone bone;>-] (1st). va ngu ard stri ke (1 st]

Qisciplines:DevlDted Spirit. Stone Dragon. White f{~ve)'1 t B~~a,die,q I'llane~ve:r

Ahil'ifi'esrsh· Hi, D'e:x 10, (on 14; Int 8, Wis 12, Cha13 1i'E!a'ts, Imp rdvea Bull Ru sh, Power AthiCk. We a [i!'O ri ,t')-€us

. (m:qti'fi il'igstfj r-) _

Sldfl:;8alan.ce +6 (-1 in armor). Bip_loma~y +7, Intimidate

ob7, J~tiJ:p+9 0-4 i~ armor) -

,P6~'se~sians €fem b:at-'g~caT i111J's H splfh:t mail, h:e'3vy sref;1 _5:bl~)d, r'I'il'9sterworl<,st~r with blunt steel

11 eair ~a i'rtted 'to- ie'sefu ole~l?elj)'r's' sfifn-irig visra-ge. 'ljg~t

cr.ossb'G/y/with :20_ b911:"1- -


"TI1I(1. Iff 11101' mdieate5 Illm:kllfsllill. If YOII I~ilw-immlllgto atloid your enelllm' b!OW5j per/IllEs ),011 .should IEl!lI~ t/,re fighlll1g to mo." -0!UID, swords-age

A master of mm:ri<l:l maneuvers, the swords)l\g~ Is a ph ysical adept-a blade wiz:rrd who se knowLedge of the Sublime \.'{Iay lees bim unloc"k FE.ll:en[ abWnes, many of which are overtly supernarural 0[ magical in nature. Depending 011 which disclplineshe chooses to study, a s .... rordsagemigh_t be capable of \ .... a Iking th rough walls, Ieaptag do_zens-oHeer 'into the air, shattering boulders with a single tOUGh, er-even mastering the elements o£fLIe or shadow. Whatever his specmccrainIng, 3. swords-age bll,J_ts the line betweerrmarttalprowess and magical skill


Despite his spectacular combat moves.u swordsage is nor a fypicalfrom~line melee combatant. Alfh9~gh a :fighter, barbarlan, or war blade might swing a sword more accurately; or with greater force.n swordsage depen.ds on his repertoi re of rsarrial mikes and stances.This character is also not intended to be II replacemenI for an arcane spelleaster, even eancreare a number of short-range.area effecIS. A 5 wo-ro s age's role ..... 'irhin an advemutingparry isn't easily defined,. but his ommbinarioD of maneuverability, supernatural power, and martial arts almost anyencoUDrer.

Abilities: Dexterity and Wisdom are crucial to a swordsage. Since be wears only light armor, he must rely on agility and shrewdnesstoaaoidat tacks, and as such his Arm or Class is augmented by his Wisdom modifier as well as his DexterItv modifieL A -swordsage call get along with an average Wisdom score.bsrt to excel, he wants-a good Wisdom bonus. SI nee a s:wm:d:sage ofren engages in melee, Strength is a] so imponanr-altlIo:ughhe can use the WeaponFinesse feat to overcome a low-Strength score, and his array ofmartialstrikes can rna ke up focany lack of damage potential. Intelligence helps a s\VOfdsage master the skills necessary to continue progressing along the path of the NineSwords, and Constirnt10TI is as important to himas it is ro anyc:har-acrer.

Races: Mosfswordsages are humans. Ir'is not uncommon for membersof oilier races to take up the path, t.bough dwa rves and gnomes rarely do. Dwarves are too firm ly grounded ro adapt easuy to the ascetic lifestyle swordsages often favor, and the-few dwarf swordsages Who do exist typically focus on rhe'Stone Dragon discipline. Gnomes findmost swordsages singularly humorless, although members of this race occasionally take up the discipline of the Setting SUD, because they unQerstand betrer than mOST how weakness can be turned ro strength. Half-orcs account for a surprtslng number of swerdsages, especially in the more warlike disdpl ines of Stone Dragon and Tiger Claw. Members of chis I race a re well SULted ro endurethe d i£fiGltlt physical regimen

of stLldy !Ion practtce that.these disdplines_iteqw're.

Alignment: Aswordsage can choose anY:'aligPmen:r. TJie STtIdy of rhe Slolbl1me Way is irs own end, atid whether any parricular srudent chooses to e.mploy whaF.he hilS tell'tlttld IJ:t the service dEgood, evil, law, or clraos-i'l nor considl!\.red

s,!Pl-ifkanr by mest who follow th is path. ACCtlI'dwgly, a rypical swordsage has ar lea:s-r one neurral cODll?QIl~nt in his alignment, represeJ1~0iC1'main cletaclrme:nr fr:Olll world 1 y matters. Good swordsages t_itlld 1"0 be free-TO~:rning:chaan'piollS of ,he w:e~k and downrredtlea. The less commonplace evil swo:rdsages beLieve,tJ'l9Itheir'lllilsrery of the.marttal ares has made rhem superior to everyone around them,

Starling Gold: 4d4<dci (IOU gp). Starting.Age: Asmonk


o-F all thre e mar tilll aaept classes, sword;;ag~ learn and. C~Xe.9p)' the JnostP.l~Jlt;~lv.ers, 1'l~sadvQJ:ltage gj_ve:sL!).em unparalleled versatiHryin 8,,'~gi:ven encounter. in one battle, a swQ'rdSl'lge migln, Fulfin the [Ole of the rogue, Im:kin:g in shadows a nd striking whe,nfoesareleasr prepared. Inanmher, hemighr be scorching enemies with area arracks, IDuchllke a wizard. In srill another fighr, he.mighr rear an -enemy ap-art with his bare bands, matcliing a ba rbarial;l.'s ferocirymth his own, distinctive Sty Ie ofbloodthUsWess. Wh:nev~ cecasion, a swordsage is able-to tQn:r;riQute, orten in £Om:ple'te.~ unexpected ways.

Weapon and Armor l'roficieu\:y: As. a swordssge, yO~1 are prohclent with simple weapnns, marct~i melee weapons (indudingrbose rhar can be used as thrown weapons), and light armor, bu [nor with.shields,

]o,o[aneUVel1S: Yeu bmn yO'ur career with knowledge of six martia] maneuvers. The disciplines available to YQ1.! are Desert '97ind, Diamond Mind, Setting S\W, Shadow Hand, Stone Dragon, and Tiger Claw.

Once, you know a maneuver, you must ready itbefore you can use it (see Maneuvers Readied, below). A IDa.neu",erusabl.e by swordsages is consi&er;~d an extraocd inaryllbiliry unless orherwise noted in irs description. Your maneuvers ~e not iffened by spell resistance, and you do not provoke attach ofoppommrry when you initiate one.

You [earn additional maneuvers at h:igher levels , as-show-n on l'abl:e 1-1. 'You rausr-meet a maneuvelJ'~ pr-eteq9isite to learn ft. See Table 3-1, page 3'2; ill detennine thehighest-level maneuvers you call learn.

Upon Teaching 4m le~eI, and at every even-numbered sword-sage level mer ma1:(6th, 8th, 10th, and so on], YOllcan clioose to learn a new maneuverin place afooe youalread.y know. In effect, yenl lose the old maneuver in exChange £Or the .new one. You can choose a new raaneuver o_Harry level you like, as long as you ebsesve ymu restriction on the hig;hes:;:-level maneuvers: you know; you need not replace the old maneuver with a maneuver of me same level EO_I example, uponre.aching 10rh level, you eouldrrade in a single _Lst-, 2nd-, 3'Id~ or 4th-level rnaneuverfor a maneuver of 5-m level or lower, as long as yell meet the prerequisite of rbtl' new .maueuver, You Gll.n swap only a' single.:manetlver at any given leve].

Man.euvers Reactied.:.YQU CaB ready [Gut' pfyo.m: si", maneUvers known zt1ir: Ithtel, and as you advance ill level zad leaLll 1I10re ma:ne.uv.erSj you are able ro ready mere, bu t you mast still choose which meneuvers to ready; Y'9U zead y yaur maneuvers by med.:i'tdtingand exen:isi;ng;--fOr E minutes. 11te maneuvers you shoesaremam readied unnl, you-decide

Special Quick:to ad,;;1,

~cirflln'e-i>,e~1;i lWeap0!1 Fel:?ull'j

2nd +1 +0 ~J +3 ACbentis 1- :2

3 rd +,2 +1 +3 +3 11:2

4th -1"3 +1 +4 +4 9 2

51h +-3 +1 j-4 +4 10 3

6th -+4 +2 ,-5 +5 11 3

7th +5 +2 ~ +5 12 3

8th +~+, +2 +~ +6 13 3

9th +£+1 +3 +6 +6 14 4

10th +1/t2 +3 +1 +7 15 4

lH ..fJJ.+J +,3 ~ +7 15 4

12th +91'+-~ +4 +8 +8 17 4

13th +1 OJ+~ +4 +-8 0/8 ,-8 4

14th +1~L+S +4 +9 +9 19 5

15th ~111+6J+1 +5 -9 +9 20 5

16th +1Jj+7j+2 +5 -t-10 +10 21 5

17th +1 ~/+8rr3 +S -tlO "1-10 22 5

18th +13j-t8/+3 -1;-6 +11 +-11 12 3 5

19th +1~L±9L+4 +6 +]1 1-11 24 5

20th +15/+101+5 +6 +1:2 +12 D!'I~I briHil_~/d;;ly, -quieT, 'to act +5 25 126

Class Skins rEi + Int modifier per level, x6 at 1stle.;,eJ): B;;IJa\be;'E!, Climb. Ccneentration, Craft, Heal, Hide,1 ntimidate, Jump, I<nowle.Qg,e (~istory). KnDwledge (local), Kflowled~e (nature), Knowledge (nobility and royalt}i), listen, Martial Lore'li, Move Silently, ProfesS-loA, Ride, Sense Motive, Swim, Tumble.

*NewskiH described on page 2&.


Bgse Fort Ref Will

Level Attack Bonus Save Save Save

1st -0 +0 -;,2 -r2

to meditase again and change rhem. You need nor sleep o:r rest fOE 3nyJo,ng penod of rime ro :readyyounna nenvers; any time-you spend S minutes in medirarioa, you cancbangeyour read ied !l1ll11e"\<wers.

You begin -a,n 'encounter with all your readied maneuvers unexpended, regardless ofhowlllitIlyumes you nLtght have already used them since you chose rhem. When you initiate a maneuver, you expend it for the current encou nter, so eaeh of your readied maneuvers can be used once per encounter ~unless you .recover them, as described below}

You can . recover all expended maneuver by using OUcH: round'olcI;1Gfl1(a qUickly meditate. Doing this does norprevcke artacks of ol>p.prnmiry. If you complete your mecl'iration I you can choose oneexpended maneuver to refresh, 1t is now availahlefol': use in Ii subsequent round,

Srances Known; You begin phy ... vith knowledge of one isr-level srance from any discipline open to you. At 2nd, 5th, 9th, 14rh, and ::wthleveL, you can choose additional stances. Unlike maneuvers, stances are nor expended, and you do not have to, ready memo Al1.thesrances you know a re ~vai,lable to you:ar aB times, and you ~ change the stanc;e'/,lill.j cuTl'ently use-as a swift action. A~tance is an: exrraordmary ability unless orherwise stated incthe stance description. .

Ualike:with maneuvers, you cannot learn a new stance at higherlevclsin place of ODIl you already know.

AC SOllus.:-SrarUng at znd level, you can add Wisdom modifier asabonus to ArmorClais, so long as you weal: utilIarmor; are-llJ1lencumbere&, and,no not use ~ shield, Tbi;lS bonus mA0 app,.llcseven againsrIDlli:h attacks ofwhe:ii yOU' are 1J ar-foofud. However; you lose thls bonus when: yqu .aie immobilized cr.belpless.

Discipline Focus (Ex):. As 11 5:Wol'dsage, you can [acus you r rtaimng ro rake advantage of each discipline's fi~

Maneuvers Ma.neuvers

Known Readied

6 4


Known 1

style. 'Bach rime you gain the. discij;lline focus a hi Ht}', select one. of the six swordsage dtscipl ines to which that Ioens ~ppl ies. You can select a di fferenr dLscipline-each rime yotl gau'! disctpline focus, but you ,1l111st1{inowat least one martIal tnaneuver from the selected discipline . Bven if you select a different disciplineat higher levels, your discipline choice forearlier abilities aoes not change.

Th is focus rnanifesrs in the following ways.

\'{I:~(lpml Forl~S: At tst level, you the benefit of the Weapon Focus feat for weapons associated with the chosen discipline, See the dtsclpltne.descriptions in Chapter 4.

[!Hrghtflll Stl'.iI~es: At 4th level, you can add your Wisdom ID ad i j; eras [1, bonus 011 dam age rolJ s whenever you exec ure a strike from the chosen discipline. At level, you can choose a second discipline to which this ability applies.

Dafllmivo stance: Arsth level. you gain a +1 bonus on sav ing throws whenever you adopt a stance from the chosen discipline. At 16th level, you can choose a second discipllne 10 which this ability applies.

1,01:1 gal.n a 42, bnnus On Martial Lore ch'ecks made regarding a raaneuvet hi a discipline in which JOl.! bav~ d,j sdpl i ne focus,

Quick to Act (B.x-): You gain a +1 bonus on initiarive checks. This benus.jncreases by 1 at 5th. 10th., L5th, and 2orhieveJ,

Sense M~gic: (Su): Beginni Itg at zrh ley~J. yQU can spend 10 1Ui-nlt~eS f.oeus1ngupon 11 we~p0n qr suit o£lI;rmor. lfyou succeed O.tlllJeV'elGhed, (DC 10 + the t'ast1fJ: level of the 'I;veapon or armor), you can identify tlie;1lropel'f'ies of that item, iududirigcifSenhancementbonUlfand special abilities. Tbis llbilitir ooesnot reveal the properties of artifm:rs or legacy weapons; thoug&lt does indicarethatsucb irems are .s-ign ificantly powerful.

'&kelior 'J)eftflJOf ihr i'lVOrdfllgli

Evasion (Ex)~ 'At 9 th iev!i, you eanavoid even magica L a~la unusual snacks with grear agiliry. If you make 3 successful Reflex savtng ehrow agatost an attack chat .aormallr dea:ls damage on a successfu l save, you instead take no dao}age Evasion can be used onlyifyou are wearing lighrarn~pr0.I ue armor; rf you ~e helpless. yOll do not gain me benefit of-evasion.

ImpTov~d Eva~ion (Ex): From 17tb I~vel au, you gaj» the benefit Df Improved evasion. You srtll take no damage if you makeasuccessfulReflexsave again ran attack.and eve" if y01.1 fail the Reflex save, you take only hall damage fl'€!J,TI the attack. If you are helpless. yon do nor gain the benel1t of ill;tproved evasion.

Dual Boost (Ex): When you reach 20r1 level, YOll can use TWO boost maneuvers simultaneously. W heneeer you Iniriare a boos t maneuver, you can. also initia re any ether boost maneuver that you know asa free action. Both. boosts you initiate are expended normally. You can use this ability 1 hree times per day.


To you, a sword is not simply a sb arpened length of steel It is the Wi§dflIll of the smith, thefire oflhe: forge, and the-shours and nngtng blowsofyour baLtles. It is yourreacher and yoursrudent, your fife and your death. '\ ben you:r mind is tempered like the blade,",e~is beyond YD~ You tan run

on the weapons

of your foes, strike

an enemy unseen, and fltp in:soucianrly m.wy from the frustrated riposte. Through it all, you seek to understand (he secret knowl dge 0£ combat. Every blow is a revelation, and every wound an apocalypse. In the end, you andyour sword are norhing witbour each Ocher.

Yo(lU a nd yourfeLlow swordsages ad vent UTe for a plethora of reason. Neither the religions fervor of the crusader nor [he boner quest of the warblade causes you to travel rhe world. More rhan.fairh, more than glory, you seek truth, Wherher you1ind that truth in the burbling add swamps SOUID of rhe Deluge Jungle, in a screeching jungle harpy roost, or in [he gullet of a -PUIple worm. you are driven to uncover it, learn i,1. and master it.


Religion mighr be enri relyimmarertal to you) Oli you might lind: cornfortin the eXisrem.:e of the Upper (OF Loweq Pia nes, I f you are among tlae minoi1ry of swordsages who r\l:vere a

dcityj yorrworshtprme whe:is remere anclzenerally-reftn1nl> from meddling in the lives of mortals. Boccob the Uncaring is a favorite amongryour fellGlW swordsages, A few, bQwcvru:, choose til worship the Shalm, Obad-Ha i, because his neutralit}" aligns well with the swordsage notioR that die ttuthof steel is hbtwhlltyOl( wantit to be1'bm simply wharit is.


You have learned to look pasr The profession and see the individual, .finding more truth in a persons deeds tban-in her: abilities. Once you have aseerrained th.e measure of N"er soul, you considerher profession and skills. 'lOll-prize ocli-er martial adepts-e:>-peciallyother swordsages=-asfnends and allies! both for their-combat prowess and fortheu- ability [0 play ro eacli orneri"s strengths. Blanking rogues are al so valuable a tlie", in bartle. Clerics and arc ane casters are invalLulille compa nions, but yau resent spellcasrers who casr area spells, lVaT[ spells, or si rnilar dweomers that alter the barrlefield and limit your mobility and options.


Rather rban-l'ushinginto combat willt the mtndle sTage of a bubl}'Lian or rhe.foolhardy eourage 0_( a warhlade, you assess your opponents and nyto achieve 1:actical.suptem~ acy through position and marrial maneuvers.

Your lack of a rrner proficiency means tharwou are best su;t~ ed m askinnish-sryL{! arrack--onein which YOlLcanuseYOllr bigh mobility TO flank an enemy and strilre hard and fast. H_0w~ ever, youateperfecdy capable of stalleing toe 1:0 ullon wtrh.

vrocks and wyverns when necessary, panyingfang with. blade and using your martial maneuvers to cut a path through your enemy's frOnt ranks,

You have.access to an amazing array of powerful martiel maneuvers. You hive exclusive access to the Desert Wind, Shadow Ha~ld, and Setting S1.I11 disci'Pli~es,.alld you would do well to learn ar least some mane ueers from these. You ha-\1.e the greatest range ofmaneuvers ofany martia] adept, soyoa should hav:e mulrrple Strikes, counters, stances, and boosts available after jUSIlI few levels in me class.


Ycur trainjng began. when you wou an apR-relltices'nlp wir:h a menror-either acl11.LldiVlduallermh swordsage or am insrructcrat an audentS\v0rd:sagetemple dating back £0 the Bartle of the Shaoow Tiger Horde. YoLl kIi~w I hatwnul1.n,g

s sw rdsage apprennceshtp would not be ellsy-,tbat in faGv, g W uld he an Medea! designed LO (est your worth in some UIl1.ul.IRlway,

The masrers ofrlre Harad Devin Temple lire known tcmske the young boys and gi rlswishing'm undertake rrainingwair in me coarryard torseasollS On end, through l·ain,.sl1dw, {[tid the add cloud SLOlJIlS ofreth dekaIa attacks. Occasionally the mRStersnligb:,t 5etid -a pot ofporrtdge to the courtyard fot the aspirams, and even more-occasiomilly-nevermore than once per season-e-rheyselect one child to enteuthrough the Ivory and H01:n Gil res.rh Eighty tnpresses have a d ifferent seleonOll process for their prod!ges. The masters bring each young laay separarely-inro the Dressing Room of Opal a I, whose walls, mirrors, +ncense Iamps, pots of rouge, and songbird cages are draped wtrh.l,OSO shimmering gold, red, pink, orange, and fuchsia silk ribbons, The girl is 11 Uawed to stay a,lllongllsshe likes in rhe dressing room; she has bur to give a signal when "She is readycto lease, Afrersne is led away, one rihbonffil'el'l'lGl\ledfrom the room. Then she is b:wught back [f she can name the color of rhe ribbon. that was removed, she is accepted; otherwise, she isulrned away for~ver,

As a swordsage, your selection of d isctplines and Illat!j.'~l maneuvers Is paramounr to Y0UI:5UCCesS:You mighr choose to fQCUSDn maneuvers mama single di$clpline, B;u.t learning a few maneuvers from the other schOOlS is almest dwa1s oovisable, True success in combat reqnires a "vi at' va riery-of marcia L maneuvers.


Armor: Studded leather (+3 AC, armor check'pen alty -1, speed 30 fe" 20 lb,).

Weapons: Longsword (idB, etir'19- 20/)('2, 4 lb., an!hhalld"'ed slashing),

Light. crossbow (.1d.S, Grit J9--QO, range inc, 80 Ft., 4 Ib., piercing).

Skill Selection: Pi.ek a number of skills equal CO 6 + Irrr modifier,

Skill Ranks
Balance 4
Concentration 4-
Heal 4
Hide 4-
Intimidate 4
Jump 4
Knowleage (locaJ) 4
Martial Lore 4
Move SlleMtiy 4
Ride 4
Sense Mntive 4
SHot tee) 2
Tumble 4 Abillt~ Delt

Armor Check Penalty

-1 '

Dex Cha Str Irtt Int Dex Dex Wis Wis Dex


.Feat: Dodge.

Bonns Feat: Improved Initiative,

Geu: Backpack with warerskin, one day's rrail rations, bedroll, saci<, £Ihrr and steel, 3 torches, quiver with 2() arrows, tent, rraveler's otrrfir, cold wesrherourfir,

Gold: 2clo1' 1m.


"J clll~'d 511l1l1l11H' jt! 1I1lltcper!ttlne Hngel'lltg·fnihe ton:hhgl!f. rIll' ~_ghry .E1'ltpl'oSS(lS had i;11~ll.yealha cnstle rre.J'c, through T'his aa 1~ Tfll' sCJ1t1ne~ Cl'1J/1lpled on Ihe ylll'ap!11, waS stilt smiling."

-KalinStonell:elJu, casrellan of Orlep Tor

The ponrlficatingreclnse, the wandering mystic, me martial scholar-all ~hese and more are.swordsages. These tnamal adepts bring a com btaarion of mental acllin.en aM phys1~ I prowesste the world. With a potential co advancem 3 number of d i fferenr dtrecnons-c-offenstve, defensive, suPPOrt, and quick-srrike-s-they make excellent additions to adventuring parties, When [he campaign action veersout ofthe dungeon and into the royal courts, darkened chambers, and-diplomatic halls of the kingdom, a swords age's inclination toward Izeelleciua] pursuits and his.natural role as.a scholar-e-nrerttal and otherwise-allow him to remaina srrcng f.Onniifurar to the patty.


A swordsage spends (he majority of his Time perfecting his art, The mental and spiritual demands of rhe ttbUme Way require constanr arrention, so he can spare Iirtl lime f0t mato,uqing,

Art in all i.s fotmSis often a passion fur swordsages.Many find refreshmerrr and a wellspring of strength in the 3ITS of 'S,cuJ pting, paincmgl poetry, calligraphy, rock-stacking, Q1' illusory patterns.

Jlj. swords age with an apprentice spends .much of his rime training his student, Aswordsage without an apprentice nrlghror miglrr nor spend time-seeking one OUF, according' to hts whims.


Opala I, the Empress Incarnadine and founder of the Eighty Empresses, was aswordsage, Known as much £Other wisdom, her dance, and her ribbons as for her swords, she-is regarded by In any ;is the]?l'otorypical swordsage=-serene, poi sed, and dead ly. Modem notable swordsages i nclude the Sage of Snow and Shaci'~WI who lives at the peak of one of the Sunspires neat Koshrra Amnorn, and Skurrgh, a half-ore pariah who is his native tribe for questioning rhe unmirigared war frenzy dictated by th shamans ofRe Who Wat~hes. Skurrgh is presently looking for an apprentice bur ha reno .find one.he considers suitable, Many of me more dedicated aspirantsprefer to wait:in the raln and snow outside the Band Devin Temple rather than risk thei r train i ng on Q rogue half-etc,


The Ha t'<J"c~ Devin Temple 11 as rem'turethnd h;ained sword·sages forcentur.ies.Many ofi~alUlTl1li wear intricate tamms or brands o.n rhe inside of rheir forearms [hat record £ragments of the order's history, lr is said that if all'the sages of the Harad Devin Temple-were [Q line up, one could read the entirePl~tory ofthe Sunspire Mountainsand DelllgeJuu~le regicnsjinm theinrartoos, and tl'tllt their br:m.ds are sigiIsrl,al C311 L),1'lkrck a- spell of e;pk -propOrtions.

The women of the Eighty Empresses aJ~_q carry rhe-.II'!-llrks masters of JJJaEtia) knowledge: They iIJ:lpreciateme s:word-

of their order, wl1ii& in tbit; ease.are riljb:o-ps. £achye!;1llg sages' sMse of history and love ofbardic arts but clislllre

lady who wins acceptance 10 me order ~dopts. the n"bhol:l their tendel;lCf [0 fa ke life seriously. Ha1[·eI ves often dis-

from her induction<eremony as her persona] symboL Unlike ~e swerdssges, seeing in their-selective apptenticeship

rile markings l1ssoci-ated with che 1'lara:dPevin Temp:1e, no process an echo of the exclusionary attirude thai chase ~

legettd connects The ribbeDs of the Eighty Btnpresse$i with 0f mixed blood some rlmesexparience. ~

anv greater epic. In fact, these decorations appeano.h1lve no

meanmg at alt. Nomlol"", braidwork, orfr:mge:si_gnifiesl:unk OTHER CLASSES

wirhirrthe order, and no parrfoular Sw6tds<lge<i tend to have more in common with de-des and

IbGw, choker, or wtistba!'l.d-has any meaning beyann .the wizards man with the melee fighttng classes. BatbariansiJ:l_

preference of the indivtdual member. par:ucular.are apt to be alllJoyea by a .swordsllge's-prodiviry eo

}.iany other swordsage organizations analyze or at least contemplate a combat before, during, and

exist as well. The rypical order is a afTer the ac:tdallightiJlg. OJ]cofOpalaSi:wori.rf questions was,

small, well-organized, organlc nnit''lliiw does a sword mean?" It is said I:ha[ rhe ore barbaitial~

that exists for asingle purpose. herde-klng.Blech Porkrongue slew twenty subchieftains in a

One swordsage organization might ftlge while trying to discover the meaning of rharqaesricn.

focus on the history of a particu-

lar combat style, while another is SWORDSAGE LORE

swntn: toprorecrrhe ruler of a local Characters with ranksin Gather InfDrmation or Knmvl-

population. Ar leas! ODe swordsage edge (hismry) can research ~'O£d.sagesTO learn more

organization has devoted lrselftc about them. When a c.haIllGtermai{'l!s a skill check,

srudytng [be combat techniques, read or ra"l-aphrase rhefollowtng;

migr,arory parrerns, and warren i.ncluding the infonnation

culmre of the Sunspire Mountain frorn lower DCs.

umber hulks, presuma hiy with a11 DG10: AswGrdsagei.s a fan-

eye to~1fl!_rdevenrua11y exterrainar- cysword"sw.ill1gerwho thinks

i ng them. Such daunting [asks are he knows more about sword-

typical far·e ror swordsages, whose pa- play than anyone else.

tleace and calmness often lead them DC 15~ Like warblades and

to con-sider plans that mighr.rake de- crusaders, sword sages walk the Sub-

cades-or even centuries ro execute. lime Way. But they don' r j list walk

it-rhey srudy it, theysearch It, they-think there's

NPC REACTIONS a meaning in it. They lnok for the wisdom of

MOST authority figures and government of':' their swords, the S[QI'¥ of each Swing, and the

ficia1s-da DO! apprecia re swordsages. Like :history of each foe.

crusaders, rhese martia 1 a deprs a re often DC 20:- Swordsages-are patiem, calm, and

dedicated re a higher cs L1S!! [han tb e in- Lethal Tliey gain the most mystical of all

retests of the local earl or lord, and those who walk the Sublime Way.

unlikewarblades, swordsages are not

easlly bought. Thus, governments, SWORDSAGES IN THE GAME

churches, andother civic and religious W hen Characters need to knowrhe rrneaame of a rein

org~nizations.generally treat swordsages with deka1a prophet, the testing place of the last

a greacdeal of caution. Crims<m Mail<, lieurena nr of the Shadow Tiger Horde, or {he

,"{a:cha~nts, 00 the other hand, embrace ch.o.1"!Ipion of fat d01JhJIrodtkr, secrets of rhePerfect-Smke, chey are.Iikely to

swor'asages. Who else an ancient seek our a swordsage, Sueh momems-prcvids

coin, we chipped comb of a long-dead princess, at a perrified excellen t npportunities [Q in rroduce.swordsages i.nto an

dragon claw? In addition to purchasing curiosities and arr ongoing campaign thar has nor previously included mar-

supplies pa rricular to his interests, 3 swordsage also provides ria] ad epts. If a phyer wants to play a.swordsage in such a

business for smiths, carpemers, and srablers as he practices campaign/ the character might besought out by an ancient

his martial maneuvers in an effort to maintain II constant sword s age-the lo~t pracritiouer ofbiskind-and eaught the

nate-of patient readiness. secrets of the Sublime Way. If you are using Dungeon Master's GlIide n, a p<2could 8cql!lire a spiritcompan.ion~ilie spirtt

RACES of an ancient swordsage who bas selected htlr t-o be the -&rS1

E lves and swords ages of ten get along fal"llOllsiy beclIus:e in.a new ~e~tioJl of martial scholars.

of thill simi lar long-term v iewpoints and-their appreera- When developing a swordsage cba1:llcu!~, consid~hisfocus.

lion for history. Dwarves appr'ec-iate tIi~ serious Ii'l(trrre DOes he define liimselfby his martial_mllnell"epi, his an,

Dr swordsages amL'1.he ape sculpture diatmaIlf of ~~:Ill llP-d his ~ela-ti.o.nships WirkmCs? P'r'GlVide a s\V0rdsage wilb

produce. Gnom-es have II lo~e~hnte relatronsh.i p w itb, dlesl! diillengas ro'illfaCttfS ofms d_, B ['lm1;er,His b. igh sletll. poi u rs,

£x-Ct'll ntCo1lJPI1~abilities.nJ'lamttgU::alfl:ai.1:'t! SUI!' tho!' he'lli €qJ.L'1 J J at home in II dungeon.Jn the halls of It palace. an d-in • wtza I'd's rower, A good enemy for a swordssge is one against whom he musr, use all his skills, all his maneuvers, and all !:tIs knowledge;


The name "swort!sage 'no [llra1lyjmpl ies a character who cardes 11 sword 0r weapon ofSbmeltind. Rewever, a SWor.ds3g,e works very we--ll as a supernatural martial actisr of almost any school or:g:tiigiJl 1'0 create a monklike character with a rreraendous aEfay of fantastic moves andstrlkes, give i:he swordsage the monk's unarmed strike progression and remove his li&h:r. armor pro£ciency. If 1eB Brefe~', yOLi could ins read em.phasize the magical talents offlle'llwQt·rlsage,h,y. giving the.swsrdssge the IfhtHryTO Jearaa:rcanespells in place clmaneuversofequLvalent lev.eL In general, spells from the schools of abjur,atioQ, evocatifln,ruld rranstmnarlon are most appropriate ro!:!! swords age Gfthi.s type, eseedally spells with a range of peesenal or touch. ~he arcane spell is '~tns:tl/ !1df it were II martial maneuver. In this case, you would remove the class's Iiglrtarmer proficiency and reduee the swerdsage's

Hir Die [0 db. -


Sworcisages Cq;FI he encountered anywhefu:in la.q;e Citfe~, In me wi lderness, orOIl the road to nowhere,

El. 6: The h1~hw'llym3n known as rhe Crimson MilSk plagues the 1:080'5 anci pathways near rhe 'Erne Cfty. By draw· ing on the power of his martial maneuvers, be S\¥OOPS ill [f) surprise his enemies, lights them to the brink of defeat; .demands a ransom to cease-his attack. [hen disappears back inro The Eo est. Crimson M.a:sk is, in truth, a worshiper 0 Olidammara who seeks to steal Irom rich ad'le1lr~IL'ets ; to the needy. He cares]ittle whetherbe steals from a hereic paladin or a heartless mercenary because he feels ilia t neither is likely to do anything useful with the mouey. Thus, he has no compunctions about taking it.


CR 6

Male half-elf swordsage 6 CG Medium humanoid (elf)

Init +8; Senses low-light vision; Listen +5, Spot +5 Languages Common, Elven

AC 18', toych 13, flat-footed 16

(Dex +2. Wis+1, armor+S') hp 49 (6 HD)

Immune sleep

Fort +5, Ref+S, Will +7 (+9ag,a;\~),

Speed 30 ft. Melee mwk 5dmitar +7 (1 d6+2/18-20)

Ranged longbow +6 (ld8/x3)

!:lase Atk +4; c:;; rp +6

Atk Options discipline focus (insightful str<il<e-DeseH Wind)

Combat Gear 2 potions afcure light wounds

Maneuvers and Stances Known (IL 6th):

StQnc8s-enHd of shadow (lst) , flame's blfilssir.g (l s't), holoca:¢-doak (3rd)

Strrkts- H~tel'hilg flourlsb1' (15£), chargtng mlnotaur'j" (1st), aea~h n:ra-rkt (3rd). shac!;ow blade technique (1st), stone.bcrtes (1st)

Boo$-burnlng blade (Ist), burning brandt (2nd) ,

d~,tractfl1g ember {'s~, Wins Stride (1st) COU'111us-fi re r i p:oste-r (2nd)A ze;p~yr cia ncet" (13 r!il) EJisQip.itlles:Desert Wind, Shadow Hand .. Stone Dr.agon t Readied maneuver

Abilities Str 14, Dex lS, Con 14, Int 1.0, Wis 12, Cha l!

SQ able to notice secret or concealed doors Feats-Aiertness, Dodge, Improved I niliative, Wei:![i)Qn ~ocus

(scimitar, light mace, light pick, spear, falchior:l)a

Skills Balance 13, DipTomacy +3, Gather Information +1, Hide +11, Jump +13, Listen +5, Move Silerrtly +11, Search +2, Sense Motive +10, Spot +5, Tumble +13

Possessions 'combat gear plus +2 5t'udded leather, masterwork scimitar, cioak afresistance +1, longbow with 20anows


"I1AIIl,{bqJfl1 for Wny. I i1(ltle tine Dfa lion, the ~1IJifl:f1m of all engJe, ani! the sl,rengtll ofq dragon! In battle 1 find. purpose, III cOIlf/iet per/eeHol1, Ql'ld il1 vielor)' ex:alttrtioH. TIle goru them cit, ~nvy nw hour oJ glory."

-A.rzJ.mon~ a warblade Thewi:Jt":lJla.ile was bornfor coaflic1:.-$wift, strong, em'h.1l'ing, anchrtt€rly coafident-in his martial skills, he seeks [Q reS1 h lmselfaga ~lst worthy foes. Battle-is beautiful to him-li pe:fe~tn:i.Qmel1t in wbi.c]] life hangs ~U~P~11d~d 011 the 'bnghredge of II sword. Sheer cOlnhat skill IS unportant LO' II 'Narblade, so he trains intensely with his chosen weapons Bm even mpreJmportant are his athleticism, endurance, daring, reck Iessness, and joyin me hou r of danger. W31'bLades, ofr n !ilnlle'd~si\,VI;lJ;d princes. live for the chance to test-themselves in ba:ttle-th~ stronger the foe, the greater the glory once an enemy is defeated.


A warblade l~ a froll t-Iine m ele e com bara nt, much ~ barbarian or.fighrer, He engages his enemies Toe to me and defears them rhrough skill at arms.

Ahilities: Pure physical perfection is a warhlade's ideal. so Srrength, Dexterity, and Constitution are all vital (0 hi:tn, Because mastering a bewildering variety efmarrlal maneuvers is difficult, Intelligence is also impcrtant to a warblade, because he appreciates rhe bonus S'ki11 points, and marry of h is class fearures rewa cd a high In te-lJigence bOlJ:us. G'ivei] the choice between Wisdom and Chartsrnn, a Wa.rbl;ld'e],o; m oreJike.1y to bcesrthe, latter~th~ better 10 wear rhe ma ntle of gIo! y he hopes to win IV i1:n his d eeds o n the bnq:le(ieJd.

Races; The warrior cultures tha1<g1ve rise to warblades ate ~nCisj o:rt~m found in. hurnan, e'lE;' and hob~o:bli:n lands, Ad iTjinat10)) forllthletic,prowess, th'e1narrial idea1,-;md sheer physical daring is common amcng theae.races. The.grthyankt al 0 take- great pride in their marrial skill, and a number of warbl~de~!!:at'I be funnel anrong this uaee, Dwarves apprecla re n ",,~@l)ilad;e'smunillJ JlL'QweS~ b\.l1r might shy awl1.¥ fran'!! over-


Battle clarity (Reflex saves}, wea on aptitude

2nd +2 +3 +t:l ~.(i) UnGanrn cllllff.a~ 4 J 1

Jrd +3 ~1 +1 Battle <)rdor lerltical conflJ1matlon)' 5 .1 1

4th +4 +1 +1 5 4. 2

5th +1 +1 Bonus feat 6 4 :2

6th +1 +2 Improved uncanny dodge 6 '2

7th -1'5 ... 2 +2 Battle cunnIng (damage) 7 2

8th +2 7 2

9th +3 Bonus feat 8 2

10th +3 8 3

11th +3 Battle skill {o 9 3

12th +8 +-4 9 3

HIh 108 +4 Bonus eat 10 "3

14th -+9 +4 10 3

15th +9 +5 Jl_ 3

16th +S 11 4

17th -tt5, T2 4

18th +6 12 4

19th 6 3 4

20th +201 151+10/+5 +12 +6 +6 Stance mastery 13 7 4

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, x4 at 1st level): Balance. Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local), Martial lore"'. Swim, Tumble.

=New skill described on page2S.

Base Fort Ref Will
Level Attack Bonus Salle Save Save
'l st +1 +2 +0 ... 0 weening praise. Halflmgs generallyadmire arhleric prowess, but .mosr lind me srriugent requiremenrs of rhis class too challenging. Half-orcs and sa-vase humanoid races generally de nor appreciate beauty irrmntinn 'in quite the same way that their more civilized GO~)1T~e:tpaN:S do; they fighr ro des-tc;I;oy thelc enemies, not to cd~er themselves in glory. Gnomes ['eel no pe rricu lar need to try themselves in battle; they a re biiPpywith their normal pursuits-

Alignment: A warbla1ae can choose any alignment, though many prefer chaottcover lawful. A.ft:erll11, a warblad e

eOO to win glary through ind'i,viollal deeds of prowess. so he L unlikely to adopt a personal code emphasizing obe-dience over freedom tojmp.ovise. Good warblades are champions of the weak and downtmddeu, evil ODes are vicious warlords who exule in the defeat and humiiladon of theh Ioes.

StllIting Gbld: Sd4xl0 (125 gp). Starting Age.: As barbarian.


When lighting, you rely on <In ever-increasing repertoire of spectacular martial maneuvers. Depending on which disciplines you choose to study, you might be a mongoose-swift skirmisher who uses.speed 3S your sword and shield, a fierce master of blades, 01: a bold commander who lends your allies inro battle. Your maneuvers are the signature moves that serve to dec ne your character,

Regardless of the path you choose, you acquire a modest number of bonus feats thatmake you quicker, more a.gile~ Q nd mote arb lettc than most otherwarriors.

Weapon andkmor Proficiency: Yon areprofidenr wtt::b 'impleand martial lDele~weapons (including chose that-tall be used as thrown weapon$), light and medium armor, and all shields exceptrowe:rshields.

Maneuvers Maneuver's

Kno""n -Readied

3 3


Known 1

Maneuvers: 'You begin your careerwirh knowledge of rhree martial maneuvers. Thediscipli:nes available to yOll are Diamond Mind, Iron Heart; StoneDragon, Tiger Claw, and W h;'1;1: Raven,

Once Y01J know a maneuver, you must .ready it before ,Y0I:I caanse tt'~see Maneuvers Readied. 'below}. A maneuver usable liy-warbbdes is considered an en:raordinaq ability unless otherwise nored in ito description. Your maneuvers a 'e nor _attecred by spell resisranee, and you no not provoke attacks ot-opportunity when you initiate one.

You learn additional maneuvers anhigher levels. as shown on Table 1-3. You musr meet a maneuvers prerequisite [0 learn it. See Table-3-1, page 39, rod.etei:mlo.e the highest-level maneuvers you can learn.

Upon reaching 4th Level, and at: every even-numbered warbla:de Level a f'ter ~bat (~th, 8~! .LOth, and so on), yot:! can 'C.lfGose ~Q learn a neliV rnaneuver J! one you ali:ea,dy know.lneffec:t, yov lose the old maneuver in exchange for the new one. You can choose an-ew maneuver or any level you like, as long as you observe your restticrion on the 1ighest-level maneuvers you know; you-need not replace me oldmaneuver wirh a maneuver of the same level. For example, upon reaching turh level, you could trade in a single tsr-, 2nd-,}ni- or 4rb-le\Iel maneuver for a maneuver of 5th Level or lower, as long-as youmeer the pJ-erequ i 51[e of me new maneu ver. You am swap only 11. single maneuver at any given level.

Maneuvers Readied: Yo'll canaea(iy all three of the maneuvers you knQW ar tst level, otttas YQLudvance in level analeatllmore nUll1eUVeI;S, you m'btsr cho,Qse which maneuvers 10 l'I~~dy. You rready yOlU" maneuvers 8Y exercising for 5 minutes. The rnaneuversyon choo e:ctetnainr-eadied until you Qedoe'fo exercise again and change them. Yonm:ed not sleep or re 'nor a ny long period of time l&Jead1 yom maneuvers.

anv lime }'DLI spend 5 minutes In pracuce, YOLI can eh ie your readied maneuver .

YOll begi"t) a n encounter Witl, all yOUT r;eadied m,anem1erp unexpended, 'Cegal'dLess of how many rimes YPll might Jiaye already used tl, em since you chose them. When you.inittate a manen ver) YO)'I expend it fol' the current encounter, SO.$<l;dl, ofymu: readied maneuvers can be used once per encounter (until you recover them, as described below).

Y.ou (;a11 recover all expended maneuvers with a single swift acrion, which musr be immediately followed in the same round wiID a melee atrackor ustng asrandard action ro do nothing the round (such as executing a quick, harmless flourish wirh your 'weapon). You cannot initiate a maneuver (,)T change yOlIT stance while you <Ire recovering your expended maneuvers, bur yotl can remain in a stance iri which you began your rurn.

stances Known:

You begin pby With knowledge of one I stlevel stance frcm any discipll ne open to warblades. At 4th, 10th, and 16m level, you can Choose addirionalstanees. Unlike maneuver, stances are nor expended, andyou do not have to ready them, All rhe STances you know are available [Q you at 1111 Times, and you can change rbe stance you are currently using as a swift action. Asrance is an exrraordinary ability unless otherwise stated in the stance description.

Unlike with maneuver, you cannot learn a new stance at higher levels in place of one you already know.

Battle Clarity (:ax): You call enter a state of almosrrnystiea l awareness of me hat1'le£i eld around YOll. As long_ as you are net fia-r,foo'ted, you gain all insight bonus equal to your Intelligence bon LIS (maximum equals you:t warbladelev¢1)_ on you [ Reflex saves,

Weapon Aptitude (Ex): ':{O~I r trairungwtth.a wid e-i'ange of weapol-UY al,(l faeries gives you grea t skill, with particular wea-pons. You quaJJIy for fe~ es chat usually requ ire a mlnimum number of 6ghter levels (such 11S Weapon Special,izat~on) a$ if you.had a£ghlf!1' level equa I to your warblade level-2. EOl: example, all S ~th-Ievel warblade, you ceuld rake WeapQEl

S:RliJt1am.m-li.'l1 ,since you're treat d as b~itlg a 4rh-leveL6gl11t'J: fQ_r t,b,ls flLH'fiJIi)S.e. Thel;e effec uve fig h te.j: levels stack wtrh any aeto,a',lfightBl! lfl,vels you have. Tb.LiS, a fighter 2/war:bhrfle 4 WBuld also qualU'y for Weapon Specializatton,

Y0U al~o ,Q,'il}{e the to ~dj,tlStYOUt weapon train-lng. Eacbo lrp:bl:n;ll'lg, you can spend 1. hour in weapon practti,ce to t;h'lillge the cl I" signs ted weapon for any feat you have tlla~ applies only to ~ single weapon (such-as Weapon Eocus). You musthave ihe Ilewly designated weapon available during your practice session to rna ke this change, For exampie, if you wish to change the

designated weapon fOI your Weapon Pocus feat from grearsword m longsword, you must have a longsword available' to pracricewirh ducingyour. practice session.

You can adjust any number of your feats in this way, and you dour have LO adjust them all in the same way. However, you can't change the weapon choices- in such :t way rhar ym.lllO longe r meet the p'[enl-q-uisite Ior smn <;lthel1feal yem possess. FQi: insl )'lce, if you have both Weapon Focus (longswocd) and We<lpon Spectalrzacien (tongs word), you can I change rhe designate_d weapon for \VeapQu Focus unJess you also change the weapon for Weapon Specialization in the same way.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Ar 2nd level, you gain the abilirytc reacrro danger beforevoursenses would normally allow YOli co do so. You retain your Ue.,..:tertry bonus TO AC (if any) even if YOLl are caughdlat-foored Of struck by an invisible attacker, However, you srill lose yom Dexterity bonus to AC if you are immobilized.

Lf you already bave uncanny dodge from a dillerentclass (barbarian or TOg lie, for example), you automatically gaill .Improved uiu:;an.ny dodge (see below) instead,

Battle.Ardor (,Ex): 'Ihe sheer love ofbarrle lends Wlcanny stten'gth to your blows, Starting at 3d level, you gain.aa instght bonus equalto your 1 n tell igence -bonus on'J'o}kmade to COl1:hjjJJ critical hlrs.

Bonus Feat: ArSrhlevel, you gain a bonus fei;!t fro~ tbe lis given below. YQL\ must meet the prerequfsrte fo-r the _[~t yquselen . .EVCTy fow levels thereafter (at9th, t3'[h, and tzrh leveD, yOll eboose another bomrs feat from the list.

Ar:dimm fhl! 7t1arbJade

Billlll~ fillll Lrs!; Acrobaric, Agile, Arhie ric, Blade Medira .. .tio.!l~, Blind-Fight, Com~at Refill'ges, Diehard, .Endurauce Gr~ar Forruude, Improved Initiative, It:OIl WlIl,lronhearrll', }:.ightning ltefle:>.:es,. Qllkk..Dr:!lwf llilD,StOJ;,.e Power"', TiWJt:

Blooded<>-, Unnerving Calrn*-, Whir\?- Rllv.el1 Defense"'. *New feats described in Gh~Rler"l.

Battle Cunning (Ex): Yom rBSti:D€.t for seizing di~ moment gives you a signifkant lla~tlfttage over roes unpmpare d for your arrack. Ar7~hlev~, you gain fin ipsighr honns ~ual to YOUL Iurelligeu1re npnuson melee damage rolls agains[ Ilaefoored or fla..!;Jked opponents.

Battle skill (Ex): You anticipate yow: enemies' ploys and tllcriCS.A111th level, you gain. an insight bonus equal m your Inrelhgence bonus on any check made [Q oppose 8.D enemy's bull rush, disarm, feint, overrun, sunder, or [rip arrempt.

Battle Mastery (Ex):. You notice the most subtle openings andcues offered by your opponents, At 15tb level, you gain ail insighr bonus equal ro your lntelhgence bonus on me-lee attackrolls and melee damage rolls made whenever you make an attack of opportuniry,

1:mp:roved Uncanny Dodge (Bx}: At 6th level and higher) you can no longer be flanked; you ca 0 react to opponents On opposite sides of you as easily as you can reactto a slngle attacker. See the barbarian class.Iearnre (PH 26) for more information.

Srance Mastery (Ex): At·l0th level, you can have tWO stances active simultaneously. When you use a swift acdon to initiate or change yow: stance, you can initiate or change one or both stances.


MtI5tering the techniques of blade and shield is importam t.o you, but even more impomrtl:~me sense of daring, recklessness.and even joyrhat rranspoI:BYUI.!1n rhe how.: of danger. You figlufur glory, the thrill ofcomha~ and personal honor. TbuS:, you approach eacbencountera;;,i:f"h.e bards. ,vill sing ofi'tfor ages. Ellery raging bu1enc clm breaks through me cobblestones in me bazaar, every drsgonsnarlmgen its pile of coin, and every rem dekala champion still carrying a sword of the Shadow Ti~ hmde1.s an oPPOrtunity to test your skill.prove your heroi£m~lInd shine ever bdgh~~, Gold and magicare pleasnnr rokens. bur the te,almeasure of-your success is the heighT of the obelisk cemruemorating yom triumphs,

As a warblade, you find adventure wherever an opporruniry for glory exists, A tn ore mercenary character rnighr ignore an impecunious burgomaster's 'piea for aid, bur you are quick to step in, raking the accolades: of the villagers and rhe rapru re oJ combat as pay along with a small hir of gold. Diplomatic mtssions have all the appeal of wea k tea for you, bur nearly <lny figl:u will do . Even a quick hunt through the sewers for a rabid o.ryugh CaD become II suitable adventure, as long as [he otyugh isa worthy opponent and some townsfolk are present to honor you when you emerge, slime-covered bur victorious.


rr yOLl are good-allgned, you .p wb ably worship Kord. Hls i ndepe ndenr a nn amiably 'helligeliicm nurn re reflects your

hNslu approach TO life. Orher good wgrblades favor Pelor, Heironeuus, and.jn rare cases, donrSt. Cuthberr.Jfvou are ~yqupmbablych~mpion the cause of~a[ Hexzor, Arnmoreci secret seer of-wa-\"hl:adesfolJpws Vecna, clatmi:ng to 'he the descendants of theloyal army-that watched h0rrinec] '<IS its cemmander, Kas, commtrredhls faHl~us betrayal.


lle~use. you appreciate "the lang y~an; ots:tudy and practice necessary to become a master of GOmo.!l.t, you have grenT respect fer fighters and paladins-though. you seme rimes fed II rivalry with. them, as well, You dou'tget alaag roe well ~with. barbarians because they seem incapable of properly 'OOstOwmgor receivtng bonor, Barris l!re among yOUl" favorfte (;:Qmp.anioTls as long ,15 rbey'Stay out ofllie way and leave rhe glory of the fight to you-and sing of yont success later in ravernand hall Both divine. and arcane spellcasters are fc:lr~ eign to your pursuit of physical perf~ct;ion,sl;) you see [hem as Iitrle mote than a means of suppordorYQUJ: own endeavors, For [hat matter, you rarely werk well with,qtherwarblades, since they are as compedrive asyou sze, 1tnd you're alway!> suspicious rhar one of [hem :might try tQst~al your glory.


YOl:I revel ill melee. Your place is hattling face TO f;lce with vrocks and umber hulks, where you can deal maximum damage while keeping such monsters away from 'the softer targets myQur own party. You make good use of your various harrle-keYed abHldes to give yourselfan rmportanredge I'll combat. A)tJ;IOUgh these abilities mlghtn0t be as physita Uy :impressive as a ba.tba;r:ian's rage; they can grant a significa:nt beast to defense, as well as situational Dor:mses on attack and damagemlls. Unlike rage, yout classJeanl'tes canyno £ntigue penalty, YOll[ lack ofprofidencywitf:theavy annat is beth.a ~le~_g and a curse-it allows ymHa eJl,tel' combat quickly budeaves yotl ,fu]nerab1e TO [he en~my. Consider taking fears ~I.H;h as Improved Toughness (seeC()Jlw1efe \lVai"rl.or) to increase your ability to soak lip damage and paqially offset YOllr lack of hellvyarmor, Choose bonus fears thateahance your capabi 1 iti~ (such as Blind-figllf or Improvedlmfl::arive) OJ" bolster yourw~11esses (such as Iron Will).

You consider SWbtdplay to be high,arr, and.a marttakmaneuvel' to be the artist's signature on bis. masterpiece, Learning many maneuvers in one discipline; genenllymakes you more lethal in combat rha n a wlIIbtade who teams a few maneu... ers from each of several disriplin,e5, r:h:l,s phenomenon sterns.&om thefacrtharrakingmanymanemrers from one dtscipJ ine while largely ignuring_ rbe test lets you master higher-level maneuvers SOODer. You gain only thirteen maneuvers over rhe course of twenty levels, so make you r choices caref~l}'.


Warbhlde.s come from all walks ofllfe;'J?6l,·haps yeu Were a pear yout-h who laclted the l1eSp£Gt·@frne upper class and UBW seeks ro redress this illeguity'~m:d 1vin the praise 0[011 through your hghring. Perhaps Y0m- drive zo succeed WIIS inborn. like [he innate power ofa sercerer,

Yotlr race lflllU rs lu de; anyone with the. drive ro wing10ry throughcombarrs a good c;an.dLdareforwarblade.craining. T e hrsr waeblndes to embark OJ, the pcth.ef the Iro;n.lfel!,):t Wll1'e hobgoblins. They were the first til teach Reshar, and ~ili discipline was rhe firsr rhar he mastered .. .In rhe,\~t have followedl jlobgoblins have nor, forgo.rt~n rhisfae.t, and tbar race STJ1l ptoduces 1!Hll,l'€ warblades than many others,

Elves and h~ f-elves often take up this class because the')' appreciate rhe wazblade's view of ban-Ie as a glcrious.arr, and the martial dwarves favor it as-well, Outsiders often. wonder at a \ arblsde academy in whichsym:h:roni-zed lines o£young would-bewarbiades practice rheir weaponfoems, especially when they notice rhar rhese ordered ranks rnclude elves, hobgoblins, and dwarves, But as a war blade. you know that IT is the art of the sword that makes a rrtre warrior, nor a coincidence of race,

As you become more ski lied, your most importanr decisions arewhich reaneuversm learn. When selectiagroaneuvers, try nor to choose any in isolation. Instead, pick two or three that work well in synergy so rhat oue maneuver can set: up anorher,

HUMAN WARBLADE STARTING PACKAGE Armor: Sca..lemail (+4 AC, armor checkpenairy-se, speed 20 IT" 30 lb.).

Heavy wooden shield (+2 AC, armor check penalJzy -2, 10 lb.).

Weapons: Lnngsword (td 8, crir 19-20j){2, 4 lb., otle-?llnded slasbing).

Shortbow (id6, crir ><3, ra nge inc. 60 fr'l z lb., pitttcing). skill Selection: pick a number of skills equal [8 4+ Inr modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor Check Penal!i
Concentration 4 Con
Jump " Str -6
Balance <i Del! -6
Diploma9' 11 Cha
lntimrdate 4 elia
Martial Lore 4 Int
Climb 4- S1r
Knowledge (local 4 Int
Spot tee 2 Wis .Eeat: Weapon Focus (Iougsword), Banns Feat: Improved Inldadve,

Gear: Backpack with warerskin, one day's trail ration-s, bedroll, sack, Oint and steel, 3 torches, quiver wi:th 20 arrows, rent, rmveler's ourfie, cold weather om-fit.

Gold: 2d4- gpo


"The dieb (Inri ~~1'I1pe5 echoed o.fjIJ1e lli'l'IerlQt1e"blod~s, wa1"l'1ing,w of (/anger aheq Ii. The dwarf arlit l' whi pered, debating tl r~treat, hHt our tljird LUas 11- wa:r~l{fd~ crnd 11 sh!iiI.CI11 of the Bnght Annis, He chacrged, 'S/irillg th~ 11mb r hU"~'s-tWHl(libles aff, ilWI strU~lng it seven times more befor!! j)1e 'reat!!re' Jaw !tela dattered to the FOO":'

-DOlTOro VeshrhuzreU, swordsage of the Murienr'Ienrple

~des lIVe by IT'lt1 de o.l1d teel, bur their trueracti n wil,"!\ d~ qm_pltlgu world IS nor lrmited to tca-dillS sword !;1ash~s tbt talcu ra kes, These cbllraGrers are keenly aware-of ~their s~ci,lI-l ~t:l/-Rd iJlgl and for them, gloty- aud honor are at fu"l!st"~5 ~.p,Ol'tal1r. as gold and gems. Because these pl??!lious iJ.1tIlJJg1blesta1lt).ot be "WelD by strengrli ofblade alone, W3l'bh;des l3onstal1uy find themselves embroiled in lia:isons.wjth g~eralsl kings, prhicesses, arehprela res, and o~TS whs1 can confer the honor of all entire society upon a victorious hero. The whispers of courtesans, the badimge of bards, and the wit of aristocrats can be as signi fie am to a warblade's career as the gia 11 ts and phase spiders of the Sunspire Mountains--and even more ferocious.

Warblades in adventuring parries must srrike a balance berween group and individual goals. Ideally, the pan:y's-path: guaranrees rhe warblade both rhe thrill of eombar and the laurels of an acclaimed hero. In cases where only one-or rh~ other is possible (such as a steal t:h mission ill esrirpare i!-I.Erh de.kala cell operating in embarrassingly high governmem circles, 01: a crucial escort missionln which me danger comes nor from flashing swords bur from the wayward nature of a dauphin), the war blade must bide his time and accept the need to sacrifice one objective for another. Never for long, however, does a prince of the sword allow himself to forgo tasringthe heacly rush of com bar and the sweet adulation of the.multirudes,


A warbla de must mill constantly to maintain hi_s puissance, Thus, .muoh ofJlis day is spent worki ng through f01:m.'ldll bbingar wooden effigies, and swinging weighted swords. Many warblades are affiliated with sword temples or dojos mal allow them space to pracrice. WhiJe out adventuring, a prince of swords often spends his tim at night on warch practicing his breathing exercise and stretches. The character wdng the next watch is to wake and find his predecessor tn the trees, meditating wirh measured breaths and supperred only by ,a branch under each far-flung ankle.

Once he has reached a respectable level of accomplishment, a warhlade mighr take the leadership feat: and begin teashing his own pupils ar a school-either his previous academy Or one he has founded. Teaching allows a warblade to prove his worrh [0 many students on a daily basis-ana the more prestigious [hey are, the better. Nobles' daughters and sons are highly soughr-afrer students. A positive word qomthem, placed in U1C righ rear, can-earn a wa rblade honor, a l:.oyal audience, or even an honor guard alld. a shi-p for his next] OLi mey.


Eamous.warblades faJJ tnro rwo categories: those whorecntit followers to Emmel a sword temple or form an adven ttl ring band, and these who operate independently, Among- me warblades who have Iounded their own schools, the one ltnQwn as the Brtgbt Annis is famous for her rnereiless training-techniques, Fewer t'hall one in ten illuer srndenrs rnanage.te ecmpler her rutelage, Many perish whiles-parring wtrh fheiJ; iustructors or are lost in Brighl Annis:s

fitropou~ quest for the hellds ofdrow, whom she biamesfor the' "k.llth of a layer long a go. Among [he warhlades who refuse!:O tie themselves tID \l paxrkulat.schooi OT demesne 1r[e AilekThTa'Zt1 an cutcasrofehe hobgohtrn masters ofthe l$n Heart school. He is 1< nawn ttl trade his .former 8ehO'I'I1'S secrets for bright, gold. The charcoa l-skioned dwa rf SW,iCJl;U prince Matdiihtthor Pwa I' na, rhe scourge ohhe Seekers of Reshar (a group that hopes tID red~scover tIle Njue Sworn'S and hasten Reshar's rerum), Wbether MlIl'd1lkut.hor:'s motive ~fe~ll:, jealousy, or an agenda he hns .milllilgRcl ro conceal even£[om the Sage of Snow and Shadmv. me-4waJ."£ [<!PQII~9.Ty hu:n ts down tnartial adepcs who seek ro U!Ul}lte r.he NIne Swords.


Because of their independent and sometimes downright chaoric natures, many warblades refuse fa join rradlrional, hierarchical organizariens, though they are nor averse to the greater glory offounding one. Thus, some warhladecreated. organizations have one or mere warblades in a Leadership posicion, while [he rank and file consistsof £_ght:ers,Tangers, and bards, who can record the deeds of the organization's leaders.

Mardi1kw.hor Pwarna has built up a nerwork of spies, assassins, and rangers .8CroSS the Sunspire Moun rains-and the Deiuge Jungle. These inaividtl als meet in concellJed safe houses, rree blinds, and mountainside caves in rhepeaks garheredat the skirts of the Mother Mountain, Koshera .A..nmorn. Mem bets of this crganiznrion can advancethrougl, the rapture of any adepts seeking the Nine Swords, bm M:ar.illIkuclmr maintains nu iron grip OIl command

The Blight Annis welcomes all princes of rhesword to her open-air dojo in me 50 uthern fens of the Deluge Jungle. to:. CDR5J Hum ate teacher, she is harsh.even bywa rblade sran-dards. Her students are regularly required ro make fo~"lIrs inte rhe dark places beneath rheearrh to hum dark elves. Any warblade who slays large numbers of draw is gnaran[ceq advancement.

Countless orher warblade organizations rise and fall re the mercurial fortunes ofindividualswo.ra priru;cs. Most of these movements are dedicated to the greater glory of their founders, 3 lrhough a fair number ~. o.5Iensibl}, at least, focused onamassi ng coin or-arcane power . Because the warlike natures of their leaders guaranree -a high casualty rate, most such organizations are always eager for new blood.


Covernments, churches, and spy rings love to employ warblades, Easily motivated by promises of gold, glory, and ]alia \whiclieverthe employers possess a surplus ofa t the moment), warblades can lend excellent, ·efflciem muscle to anymission. A wise patmn sends companions of other Classes along wkh a warbladeJ though, to keep him Oil track Many kings and high priesrs have been left cursing in their chambers when WO!I:d reached them of meir hired muscle's lickl·e cfecis'iQll! ro abandon rhe job, seize the goal fot his own, or even dnl'uge sides to gain greater glory.


Th€ S!oi~ radIum, claa-oriented mindset of dwarves Is an.ath~m;'! to the free-Ihlo.jHng,. brash, and tndivtduallsi warb1adfl. Buct:even 5.0,;lI Sl . .u:p~ising)1L1mbet DE dwarves (Qrren OttT€asESfmrn their clans) clroose to'tak~tl.p dus path. CGln~ \I&sely;~ml'blades areofren ~qmired by the mor-e gregarians races! including humans, half! ings, and ,gnomes, [01: their life-on-ttwe-dge, devil-may-care "I1!tt'irude.


Fighters, p~ladlns, and other front-llne figluers welcome warblad~:s ~s brothers in steel. Mages. however, are Ill:ftt:n ~i~(;)US0f warbla..des -and tend to give them a wide benh, ROgU'e£uften see warblades as useful muscle, so eager fur ~rraOO goldIhat they can easi.{y be duped. I n 'the abs~ of other mgtlves, rnosr classes and races regard warblades wIth a cautious and hesitant eye. The chaotic and individualist nature of warblades means chat they sometimes make unreliable companion'S, and no OTIe wants ro be caught in the Sunspires while the party's warblade pours in his rem" unsarisfied .. vith his split of the last bacrles.loot ..


Charactersw it!! ranks in Garner lni'ormadoll or Knowledge {wbility and royalty) ean resea reb warbladss and learnmmm aballt tihem:. When a character makes 11 skill check, tead 01' p~p~ the f~llowing, i:ndLldingthe hlf.ormarion .q01l1 19w~rn<:J5 .

be 1.0: 1\ w-9rbl~de Is 11 fighte.!' with delusions of irnmor[:1llit_y. gloxy-hottllds think they can Jive {orevel' i. B a bard's ~o~g!

DC 1<5.': Wa:rbl11d~ wa ll{ the Sublime Way, and few can H11lt<?h their skill With. weapons.A warblade can learn com,b~f maneuvers from mnny dJ:£{erent disciplines, so you can', gp~~_Eh-e:Str_engrhsor weaknesses-of any warblade youIMe .in- ban:le.:He might move whhzbe speed Ilf thnu,gh[, rumble like-a houlder through yfilur ranks, or arrack with the savagery ofabeaSf.

DC 2:0 ~ a warblad e re nds to be a chaotic creature; His> downfilll is his pride-he cannot abide an affrontro his pres-rlge. 'I:he"pC!=omise. of honor and the laurels ofa dry ate.,(lnen !!TIOUgft ltferu:ice a warblade ro tisk bls life. An enterprise's WSiflik Eeward-beit glory or gold-is much. more i:mportam-to a wa[blacle than the potential risks, which he onen disJ:egIU,d} eompletely.


Combat is, the .nattJ:I.,ll eampaign entry point for warblades, Wirhthe lheir polished. armor; these characters litel;'lilly shrne in combar, The first yOJ+ll campaign might be -a brorher ariel sister se'eking [Q restore 'theirfamily uatne bY,_;defeatwg zhe-mosc lCfmowned fightet in :r4e·ar~ \oj'!e of.clm RCs). Tl:te$r l'Ila.L·rjal nra~euvers have peeLl pas~ed~Qma in sec;re~ for gen.. era d,0):.15, and,!Ir last these two bave~~sifn.ljQ reveal th-el1'lS'elve5 in the nal'tl;_e of redel\lptia.:fl ~ rewV'ered hnnor, AI terna,dvel~\ lf a PC Is hhe Jimt wiltbl:ide in 1.ooT fattlpaign world, be raigbr experience an epiphany In barrie, foreshadowed bv the lioothsnyings of II mysterit.>us

sJlge.- sa tna£h(s lltiftlse..of a :triardal maneuver becomes the ft;l.fil.lment of a prophecy.

Once warblades have.lihi:Gome anesrablfshed.part of a caIil'paign wo.d'd, they ffuclltheir niches 0.0 the ba;~deEiiild, in ,d]e'royalwutt, anddn ohe. win arenas of publi'.i:. opinion and public.entertainment. With their crowd-pleasing martial maneuvers, wa:r'blaoes-malui excellent gladiators, iUrd tneir: thirst [Ql' glory often leads them ro.tHeplibl1C:l!;~'riles. "However, warbladesare equally likely to Become ei:iJn'~sheu in the webs of court intrigue, playing cardinals off dukes and lnfantas off dauphins in they fi:ndnearly ;IS rewardin:~;an4 exciting as.swordplay. Whereas a.tO~~I'I={e might Iamenr the loss of his riffie~ and a cleric his loss o££lj:1!h, a wa:rbta:de£ee1s no de£dencrmol'e keer4Y:than !he loss. of the public's 3cm:drutioI'f.



Warblad_~s stay in one ]bce ()lUY as long-as t;h~y:J;"eceive constanr adulntion. Once -rheil;,faJ,lle begins IO c;lie Q._own, JilJ.ay are on.the road again,

EL 5: The warblade Vardalal(Axe~e:u:~r wandersthe landfn search of amaster who can lead 11im to glory. He 9haHeqg<;s anyw~_r:rior who seems skilled to a nonlethal duel. tthelos&SI' lie s~~m:;s;,tq.serve the victor for a week, OnfontI1lR[rdy! his service is al;nixe@ blessing, Var.dala,ki~ tough and 1'!'se$.rro ,:t_fighr, belt his sborqemper, impetuosity, lI:ll!i.ri\:ldenarure make him.a ~ht1rd~n outside ofbartle. His last "two master '~rqJi{eGarrp-eady, _1ea;ving lriJn,~no1'il1g londly a1;'Jhe sidl?m

th!;f_oad.· -


Meale dwarrwarblade"S

«:;f:JMe~ill1m hUm.anoid . .

I nlf +4; Sense~ l.isten t 1, S.POj; +1~: d 8:,r;i<vis[on ~i;l it. L~l1gl,!'ages Common, Dwarven

A(;:"18.'. to:~u ch ']1 ,-flat:footed 18i +4 /!..r;:. aga+nst 'g(a,l'lts;

(bex +1: .arrnor +S,shieJd +;!) hp ·53 (~ H0)


Fort+7 (+9 _a:gg1nst poison), Ref +3, Will +1; +2 ornsaves ag~Lt:lst''''R_ells and spell-like-effects

Speed 20ft. Mel(;!e +ldlt'a'Yv~n warqxe +10 (ld10+4/>(3)

Ranged j:;r,Velir.l +6 (1 d6't:3l

AticOptions +1 on ;:rttacks,agaii1st orcs and g:oblinolds, battlc-'a.rdor'(fJ fa coriflrrn critical hits)

BaseA:tk +-5';i Grp'4'8

CI.;II!*at 'Gear 3 'potion» of cure light wounds

-M'lI,ei.Jvel·~ and Stances Known (I L 5th): .

Sti:l/1~es-absolute steel stance (3rd), punishing stance (1st)

Strikes-exorcism of steel+ (3rd), rabid wolf strike]

('2nd), steel windi' (lst), steely strike (lst) BGi#ts-shI.clden leap (1st)

Ci1i?lJm~~rs-w~11 of bl<!des_i" (2nd)

Djs(;jplirJes: I ron Heart, Tiger-Claw

t Re'''P·i~iirti'<iri_e,LJver

AIl~I1ties$t06, Dex 13, Can 16, lrrt 12,Wis to, Gha 6 S~S-i:0.r:f~(llf1' (PfilS)l W~>lR(i)ti apti':tude

F~a'ts Qi~.l;J~~d, ~.LJlc:k Draw.g, We~I:iQn Fo£u.s ~cjwafv£m w!lra.~e)

SkiHs Balance +8, (oncel1tratfeif'+l1, I Fitimr'c;!ate4G. jtJl'ml'l +JO; Martial Lo:re.:1-9

Possessions co~at gaq; plus +1 mit-hral.shirt, m.agt"e~w0rk Ia~avy ,?hieJcI, '+7 dwarf/en wpraxe,2 j-avelins

he stances, strikes, C01Ulle,[S, and other options that a martial a8.~r learns from her variou disciplines help define her, bur she has aceess ro othertoo1s

as well. Thjs chapter focus s on skills and 'feats thar augment, improve, and modify a martial adept's 'USe efmaneuvern.1n addlnon, some of the fears ann options presented here make Ir possible for characters OTher rhan martial adepts, such as clerics and ugbret:S, [0 gain ae~ess to maneuvers,


The fol owing new usesfor rwo exist"lll8"skj lis, as well aS1:h new Man:inllore skill, showcase the abilities and ral-ems commonly culrwated by 11l~I'tiol a~'eprs In particular, The new use a£Intimld1l:te-a duel ofw:llis-is 11 arn:nersr.oneof a Devoted Spirit adept's taetios.


You can use this skill to participate in a duel of wills before 11 Jidu b~,gins.

l)ud.GIWills: Yol.tcan confront a porential enemym me .raoments befOre II fight breaks out and artempr TO crush his will, whiI.ehe does the same-to you.

Immediately before iniriatrve i rolled for either side, you can instigAte. a duel of wrlls by electing a single enem.y you an! aware of within 30 feet. Only characters wlth mtelligenGI? scores s of 3 or higher ca ne ngage in a due! of wills, aJl4 rhe parlll:i~;lnU !nUS! be nble to see one anerher, You ean't ~U'Cffi1.'pl to tD5tiWl1.11Il'lClre than one due] of wills .Pe!' 'f'

\Whel1 yl'l111nst~gaw rhe duel (usually by thong ,1 cold, steely SIIITe on )(@uroppomml), you'l"ildveJ'fi:l1"Y can respoad In one of three W8y.11.

Sulmllr.l1w oppcnem rake a 2 11Iennlry un us inlu';uiw checkand ~ penalty on ;lund, roll'llgalfl~r you on the IirSt WIJn Q£ 6mb ~



y~u ean. 11'se,dli:S'.skill t(J;ide'ntify .martia] m;:il1~~I'VJ:;lt§"''1'S;~q:0l1 as {[fey ,atem1t~ated.

Gheck~ Y:9t1- ;G:a1Flde;nti:f1·U\~n~uvers;and.disdpJ,it(e_$';l1$e:{! oyaEOmbar~n:to TneJJQj for M~rtlal I;ote ch~(jks :t~1a:tiI1g'tQ v!l,ri1i!QS ~sl{lla'tl"e::;llmII~l1'lr~.~d Qe[ow.


1Q + manl!ol.lifer level

:4ctto.w. VarJe~ as noted ll-g,O!@, ThyAgam: See a'bnve.

Spec;rnI: A swordsage gains :a,-t1:bonuson"a Iv.l'artra1 Jsore c'beck invoLvl<hg,a maneuver in a disdp1ibe in Vi'hf0h}lI~ has di:l;c;ipline rG0t1s.


Wi~hjW;t a:shOl,tpe,£lo9- oJ~_edi.:rQtj'O:ri_,\'bu C:<rP.o@ang.e1<OOl' maneuvers llJ,\d tactics t_o me~tthe-threatYQu ~cUl'rent1y~te.

Pre:rt;.Hu4sit,e; Crttsadil~, s:wordsg:g~, .9r ~arbl:t4:e lev& 1s:

Benefit: l\)u"~- (hilngeYQuP l'_e:a-_died_ mane',uve-.;s at ~y lime·by t,~ld,t).g afu,lhgU11d aQt1q1l..IEY~Hr'.te a "'F.tlSaderi your:

C:ut;:,Ee,nt:gqll ted '~alleuversarelost ~-llq you gai.q.a1ewgr;ap;t«1,_)feps as i.E ybu-l~a~j).l!;t-n;adied yow m_?la:~u:vet~r{)J' rhe qay

Normal: YQ)l ~Fl'0'h:l!gge-.Ij1aneuy\'!_t~ on1y ]Y'_!jBen~gs n;iiputes ro~,d6i'SO.



_..!.- -. -

"yc!!:ti. h~elea:rned ameditatiop,_tha:t grants YOll:ip:Si_gp_t rnm

r.h~li;ia tl1i~J iliscj,plines_ YP).1 4flve _studiecl. Cpiii:/iDtt!lti'OP. 1 raw" base atta:Gll: bQn~ifr-t4t

OIi(ili.}f.ileLlver ~rom·.a,~y d,i;stipline, .

Benefit::: Wb:e:q }ti:)1;! take this feat, choose a drsciRUn~.

You:.g9Jr:r a -fi.bp.Jll}$ on ,damage rolls with aU tlfe'p,.r¢:f({:rred_ weap.dAs, of 'Y0l~Tchose_n discipline when U Si:J:Tg a stJiiJke i';OJIIb~.~Jj':lanl;\uyer, as, well as a +~h()nus on chel':fS iIW~~'Villg;; Eh.e,d:isqf.pHhe'~ !{ey skill, The,Siiye_nCs'of any ma~leu~s rhat youp·el·{OtTlJ [wm the chosen discipline are increased.·by L" if t h!3y-ha:ve\l,$HY'e pC_. .

:Chi;! :i;'ye'@:R'9,n$ ail,a'sl{,lJJ$;assp,,;j,ated with each g;i.sclP1tl;('e; are 'glven ,l:lt;loyt.

mst:rT w~1-#';.stimit\lT, lig,ht ft\aceJ ltght p;itlf, spea}', falGhiul1i\T],trtible-.

:r;i~'lli1t~~j;pi)'{t; E:Uc_h{Dn,;~a}clu:g! maul""lgn:g§-wli)rd; l~~tJmidate', .Bind: Ra_pie.r",.shor tsp em, t:l'ii:1ent, basrard sword

ekatnna);,dQl~GI~l1tratioll:' ,

Jrcon H:M,d,· Basta'td sW0rd, d wa'J:fen ws-rax-e" longsw;ord, rwo-b1aded,sword.; Balance,

S~hing $<lfIJ: short sword ullnch.£k1.l, unarased s]!L'ike, t;_tt1a:rte)tstQiIi lS.ellStdlifotive..

S~,ad.ow M~rr.a.j:rktg;gell sal, siangmaitn';'Short Ewora, &j,)ked cllul!iE., lTTUl!l.\Jne,fr sndke.; mde.

tOtlt Dmgoll; Greatswot;d, grestaxe, heavy mace, unarmed t>utke; Ba la nee,

Tiger Claw: Kama, kukri, handaxe, claw, greataxe, unarmed s.rrike; Jump.

Wl1fte Ra.tIt'f1: Lengsword, bauleaxe, wathammer, greatsword. halberd; Diplomacy,

Special: A fighter Cal] select Blade Mediration .as a ben us feat.

"Described in the complete WarriQY supplement.


The power of the Desert Wind su rges through you, and -you Jirul pow .. r ill roe marion of the horwi nds and sh ifring s-ands ilinl you am channel into your Desen: Wind strikes.

Prerequisite: One Desert Wind strike.

Bene1it: If you move at least 10 feet away from your original position before using a De ert Wi nd strike in me same tound, mat strike deals a11 CX'1TS Id6 points of d.amage.


)Wut: rraining in the Desert Wind discipline allows you to danc~ across the battlefield like <I blistering sirocco.

Prerequisice: Dex 13, one Desert \XTind maneuver, l3ene.6.t: If yOlI move at lea t 10 feet from your orlgi;l1,ai posirion. yougauH.+1 dodge bonus toAC arrd deal an extra 1 pOIntoffrre-d;nnage with any auack you m~~ewtth.a seimi.1;<lr., ligbr mace, tight pick, spear, or falchion. Tbls benefic lasts until rhe start of ymlT next rum.

..1 ~lIlJrdSllg& USI1~ J)esl1rlll/i,/d J)odg,e to avoid all en;,J'! b/07I1S

Sped ill.: Desert Wind Dodge elm be used ttl place of Dodge to qual.i.fy fOT a feat, prestige class, or other speeta I ability. Ifygu ab:eady have. Dodge when you select Desert Wind Dodge, you ean choose to lose the Dodge feaT and gain 11 new feat in its place, You must meet the prerequislre for ihe new feat.


.Because. of your staunch devotion to your cause and your Devoted Spirit rraining, you can stand YOur ground even in me face of an enemy's resounding attack,

Pre.req:uisite: One Devoted pirit maneuver.

Benefit: If an enemy dea Is damage to you with a melee anack; you gain n +1 morale bonus [Q your AC until the end of your .next rum..


The fervor and dedication of the Devoted Spirit discipline, combined \virb.yomfanatica! adherence La a divtne.pewer, lUDJ.S yotl into a fonr of st;iiritual eneTg:y, With only a moment's fQCLJs~ YUll can channel power to enhance yout fighting talents.

Pre~eq_uisite: AbiHty ttl ~tl'l'L' OJ: rebuke undead, one DevoEeq .spirit stance.

Benefit:W.hilemaDevoted plritsrance, you can.expendq tum o,rreh1Jke'-mdealcl auempt a an lmmedtare acrien ro heal yOll};£e~fa number 0fhil points equal to 3 +J01U Charisma m:J)diiier, ifany (mlriirnurn L peiru).

TABLE 2-'1: NftWFuTS Oeneral Feats Ada~thre St~l~

F!r.ere5Iuisi~ crrl;lsader, sw6-'rd.§age., lIlt w.3rblad~ lellelli' Any good-alignment

Bel;l-et'i ' ,(;:ffiam e t,e,a - ~"H:I·(If]8neUv.ers with a tull-ruuI"eaE.tien

S'on;g of,tJ1.e White Ra~en Snap~

.ger Booded -Unne,rvingcalm

1 :A: fi.gkttercan select thls fe:at as one of his fighter bonus feats,


When anop,ponent gives you an combat, YOll Ww exaCtly whaHo do: $Jlp away.

Pre:r:eg_tdSIt_e: Dex:13.

Benent:-Wllenan you a Chai1Ce'tdmake an arrack'riE-6, porrunity, you mill iitstead Unmldiately '(ake-

a' .';-£-00'1 step. _

Sp"e'Gial:EyastvellefleXes €ahheuse,dirrcP.lace.o.t-C@:l'QD:at e£fexe.~i0 gualif,y [o:t a fei(t, ;prestige clas~s; 9J:bthtft _ sp,ecta-i.' alfrnty. Yuu ~an-:tl!-ke both -tbis fe~t andGoinb4t R--ef,!,e.x;e$.


Be-neB-tl YQU: begin each encounter with one adtlit:i-Q,nill .readiedrnaneuver granted, This feat.also applies whettY04 dete:rmit)e a newset-of granted maneuvers after l.'&oV"e.ti:ng. expe)'id!3d manjOU,Ve"l:S. For example, if you a:J.1:e;1 Stb-lev6Jl(!rlli,~i:id~l~ :y'bti;l).ohnall_Y begin an'encounter or .!in:ishI'!'!covociBg; ~ehded mil.D.euyers wifu:1woofYbur-nve teaa'iedtn.aneuveL'$ -gJ<,1J~te'i!h,.@ildtHe reJ:nait;iin.g tltreeman¢uve:rSwithhel:LWitl:l i-b,is £e~t,'GLriiat'lf'i:0rttfi:ve:'re~di~El mii~e:uv'ers;;;p:e ,g@nt;e~. an~ 0Pl)'tW:o:~te::wi1:JTheld. Natl1J:\ll1y, cli1s_,;;beuelit p,rovid'e:s you v;titlt<t, b:~rt~J1 ap:~y~Ef£mane1JVer Optfl'l11s eaily-lll a Dll_ttla.

Special':':Y;\il_lJ .can-take th,i~ feat pli}y once,


Ygu. a):(!,an.nn'J,J$uall¥ pel'splct(lcfO'l~S 3;wdent ot:-1ilie_Su~4mI'!\ttYi ,\1-:I]-g YO:L1;,iind:iteas-y m:k~j'lp i!hcrg,;::rrnmbel'Qfmaneuve1's .l:~Bif;;f®t ~e.

p~ru;eau:isite; SwondsagID level 1st.


Divine Feat Prerequisites Ben'E!frt

Divine Spirit AbitJty to turn or rebuke trrstantly heal yourself while in a Devotep Spirit stance undead, one Devoted Spirit stance

Item creation Feat Scribe Martial S!Zrlpt

Prereguisites Gl'l:Jsa(;ler or svvQrds~ge level 1st

B endit: Increase the number of'maneu vers you can ready for }'OUT swordsage levels by one-For example, a s-rh-level swords-age can normally ready six maneuvers. With this featl she can ready seven.

Special: You can take thisfeat only once.


Tbe discipltne of the Setting Sun teaches you how to rum an opponent's strengths-into weaknesses. You can identify precisely rhe correct spot on youropponent's body 10 deliver II srunni ng attack.

Prerequisite: Stunning FiSC. one Setting Sun strike. Benefit: You can Declue mySerring Sun strike delivered WilD an unarmed sui1:eto be astunnjngattack, In addtnon, add 1 ro the seve DC of your Stunrul1g.Fisl attacks and 1 to d~e save DC of you r Setting Sun strikes. Using this feat ex-pends a use of your srurming -attack for the day.

Psionic Feats Instant Clarity

___ ....".--,;:-Prerequ·isites Concentration 7 ranks

Psyc ic Renewal

Tactical Feats

Clarion Commander Distant Horlzoh·""· =--_-_-_-.;;:~~;~..;..;.;=:;=;;.;.

Farth Unswerv1Qg Gloom Razor Perfect Cia rity

of Mind and Bod Reaping TaTohs.;;;..;;;..""---__",.

Scorching Slro:olc~c:.:;;o _

Shards of Granite

;,_--~ Stormguard Warrior


You have sharpened yourconcenrration to the point that you can focus your psionic abilities-withjust an instanr's thought.

Prerequisite: Concentration 7 ranks,

Benefn: Youcantakeaswifraction to becomepsionically focused after successfully initiating a mania 1 strike. You can use (his ability three rimes per day.

Normal, A character without this feat must rake a fuUround action to become psionically focused.

Special: [nSf,l]~t Clarity-can be used in place of the Psionic Medttation feat (see Expanded PSiDJ1fcilial1dbDok) to qllalify fora£ellt, prestigeclass, or other special abillty, You can ft1Ute both thts fearand Psionic Meditation.


Your strength of spirir ana"marrinl trarrring inspires those around you.


Use swift action to gain pslonic focus after il'1itfatlng a 8!I,"ces~IJJ martial strike

i:xPEIlG psionic focus and power points to recover a maneuver

Prereqnistre: One Iron Heart Stance.

Benent: while you are in any Iron Rem'! stance, adjacent allies gain a +2 morale bonus on.savmgrbrows.


You.have mastered the fundamentals oEa martial disctpllne, and you are now able to master one ofns stances.

Prerequisite, 011e martial maneuver,

Benefit: When you gain this :fe_3t, you can select any stance from a dtsciphne in which JOnalr-eaoy know at least one maneuver. You must meet rhe nermal prerequisite of the-stance. Your martial adeptlevelfm: using tills maneuver is equal to your levels in martial adepc classes (if any) + 1(2 your levels in other classes.

Spedal: You can choose thlsfeaLmOl"C than once. When you 'take this feat ag.ain,y,ougain .knowledge of a new stance. You do not have co cboose-a srance-from the-same disclrfi.ue YOll salceted the first time, but you must know at least one martial maneuver frem, '[be discipline of the stance yon choose.

Special: A fighter can select Martial Stance as a bonus fear.


By studying the basics of a martial discipline> you learn to focusyour hi and perfecrthe form needed [0 use a maneuver. As a result, you gain the use ofa combar maneuver.

Benefit: When you gain [his feat, you must choose a discipltne of martiaJ maneuvers, sU(in as Besert Wind. TJ1e key skillEo!: the chaSl:!n disoplliie 13eebmes a class skill for all youi' classes (curl!ent anP'il.lUl.-r:er.

.5elect!lny maneuver from he cno-sen dlSGipline fOT which yOU- meet the prerel!lll isire.lfYOllli'llwmutial adept levels, This maneuver becomes one of ygm 'rrranejrvers known. If you do 1'101 have marrial-adept levels, you can use this

maneuver Onc;epeL~tGuhrcrllS:l marria] adept W11h aE!, inUl:ltar le vel equal tq:1a Y!!!MLthar~cteileveL If you d-ODg,t have rnarrial adept-level> when VOLI take this rea~ an.ygpLater gaul a level in a-class t-hat grarus ma'Re.u"YeFs·~()~l these new rnUP,EltlV'-ers can. be used only once per Cil:\{;'qtQlt~ Il.n.d have M rBc~very mett o-d.lf YOlJ la~et gam l~vels_.jo1l ~ rna nia I adep't class (cruSgdfi!l:, swcrdsage, or warbi1!<;hl)" yot! use the recovery~erhod for rna neuvers lea rl'led as a result of those class .leveis, l;!:u.yo_urprevious maneuvers (gain"ep through rhis feal' or rhrougil prestige class levels) do .noJ gain II recO\'ery:lI1&hod.

A manetlverJ.earned through thiS fear cannot be exchanged far a differ~n,t maneuver if you are a crusader, swerdsage, Or warblll_d~ (see theclas"S desertpnensrrrChaprer 1 for details on SW<lppi.ng_011~ maneuvers as YOlI- gain Ievels), Once you choGse amane~~ve'[ With this .fea" fall cannot change it.

Special: Y61t can rake tilts f-ear up to rhres rimes: Ii n.uh rime yotl1akei[~fter me il.Fst, you gain one of !:WO b!l_l1~ eflrs, You can choose a new'qiscipline, glliolngooe: of its ma neu vers and its key ski.ll as-a class skill, .as de:>crihed above. Alternatively, you can choose a maneuver from a discipline to which yo-\'! have already g,l'ined access by means of ' fell''£' Ln eimer case, yOIl U1US[ meet [he ma neuver's pl'e-requis:i:r.e.

Special: A f,ighreF can selecr Martial Brm:.!y as a bonus f-eat.


YOQr menna] st+e1).gTh and psionic IIbilities allow, you to foeus your mind on 'glmbat and use your mostdevastating maneuvers morafrequemly;

'Benefit: As a swift-aerioll, you can recover any expende€! maneuver by expendmg YOLlI psionic focus and spendingpower polnrs equal ro me maneuver's level.


Your .6g:hting,style=pn'<lSizes t;lking foes down with quick, powerful blows. Base attack bonus +l.

Benefit; IIi the :first round of combat, yO~1 r melee' atrnch deal An extrll1d6 points of damage.


You know the secret' of cr-eating martial scr-ipTs-small slips, of paper inro which }OOU infuse yuur 0'\'';'1) martial power and skill. The user of a have created gai ns the ability 10 use a manetrver you Know.

Pre-requisite: Crusader ot swordsage Level. J.St'.

Benefit: YQtl,canirlntse the knowledge of ant m,all.el.wEtr you knQwinm·a.marnalwtl;i~t{see Martia! SCl'ipts, Rag_e:tA-l) .. The market pace of a_:¢ufhlLsc:ript is equal ee the- ~uitp){tQ;r level x mitnemrerJ€velx s:ogp. You must spend 1/25 Eli:1~i§ market pr-ice-iDXP-arub,ise materials I!:osting 1/2 th'eJJiatke:t price. SCl'i'bing.a marti-lll sttl'ipf ~a kes one day fot e'aQb t, eoo gp or its market price.

Li ke a POtiOIl orsctol1, <b.Scripr can be used only t'ml;~.

In the eoqrsecf you t rraiaillg.m the- Shadow Hand disci pl ine, y;arll. ~on1 to ~l,!e your na(l,:I.V<I1 ngfli.ql' and speed to augment 'fe'll'T attacks w1't-h cercamwen:p.oJls.

P4'eretl'1.ds~te; One Shadewl'!sl1id stance.

BeneEiu: While y.Gl1J al.'~ma;,sh-lldo:w Hand stance 3'lld Jl,Ttad~ w.i~h one of rhe d1:ocfpJiae's p'reJellred weapons, }'Uti can add )lOUt DexterIty mndilier ~-'II bonus on melee darti'llge toranllcks made \'~ith the weapon.

Special: Shadow Blade-can be used in place O[W'eIlPOD Finesse to qualify for II ka~ prestige class, or ether special ability. If this substirurion allows you rogain a benefit mill norma lly applies to all finesse weapons (those described in the Wea pon Finesse feat descnprton), Ir instead applies onlyro the Shadow Hand discipline'S preferred weapons.


Your mastery of theBhadewHaud discipline lets you augment your illusion speHswuh fuesruffb£ shadow"

Brerequistte: Gaster: level tst, one Shadow Hand sreike, .Bene:f1t; While you are m a Shadow Hand stance, the SEL\'e DC for any illusion spell you GIst increases by 2 .

You also gain 11 +2 bonus oa-darnage rol1swhen making a sneak arrack, a sudden strike (see"fheninja class descrtpriou, page 8 of Complete Adlli'llhlreJ~,'(lrwh.eD you flank your target.


The White Raven discipline showsyotl how [0 rouse dedka(lo,m ~ nd fervor within your .all:fes'be!1-rts. Such reachings can augmeet and Improveyour-rmrsical.sbiltry.

PrerequisfteBardlc IDusle'{inspire courage), QUe Wbite Raven maneuver.

II eD.eht: Wbil e you are in any wh ire Raven stance, YOll can activate your bardic music-ability to Inspirecourage as a sw!.£r action. Your crusader-and warblade levels stack WM your bard levels to deeermine the bonus granted by your inspire- coura ge a bi lity:.


Y0tl havecontjnued to bone your unarmed combat skills, and youd (lal mIDIe damage with your unarmed stri kes,

. Prereqtlisite: Improved - U;narm ed Srtike, li't{se a ttllck

bonus +6. '

Benefit: \i(rhen you make amelee attack with one or more melee weapons (including a standard attack, full arrack, or even a strike maneuver), yuu cirl. make an additional attack ar you r highest attack bonus. This arrack is an unarmed arrack [hat deals damage equal to),om baseunarme-d.attack damage + 1/2 your Str bonus. You cake a -2 penalty on all o'ttatk rolls YQll make this round.


rL1l~ :px111cipJes of t 11e'.stotr~ B_l';>gO}l,' disciplim.'! teach you liew to gather and £oell.s Y9U;l1 rawt physical S~l,'l;I,llgt.b. inte tlJ~ attack.

Pxereguisitc; Srr 13l onE Sto-neJ)ragcOr;t maneuver . .B.e-lleHt: WJml1 you us_e an attack action or a [uil i'lltack llc:tio11, or you initiate a S!(Jnc.Dragan serike in me-lei'

You know that the secret to

tiefeamlg your enemies lies within the still remer of your own mind, When YOUT enemies meet y01ll' eyes; theysee only calm and certain death a.waiting them,

Prerequisite: Concenrration 1 rank, one Diamond M indsrrike.

Benefit: You can use your Concentration skill Instead of your Intimidate slctll when you engage in a dne'l Qf wills (see page 27), You gain a +4 bonus cn skill.ehecks madezo resolve a duel of wills. Iryour enemy chooses to The blood if a pre.d.attFr runs flmmr;hlg110re your 0h~11enge, ina -+ 2 morale

(he 't1~il1s #" " Tiger Claw odept -boDu5 en arrack rolls againsr tbaropponene fer 1 l;amnd.

Normal: ResOlvinga duel of wills-requires an Intimidate check You g~in!l +1 morale bonus on arrack rolls against an opponenr who ignores your challenge.


Preparing yourselfro execure niore of yonrznanenvers gives you the chance to carch a qutck second wind and recover from damage you have sustained in the fight.

Prerequisite: Two martialrnaneuvers.

Benefit: When you recover one or more expended maneuvers, you heal 3 J;loi.nrssf damage + 1. poi 1) t per-character level. You can _gain this benent- only once per encounter.

.combat, you call rm a penalry of as miith as -5 on you [ arrack rolls. This number cannot-exGeed your base arrack bonus. l~u gain relll.fora:ry equal [0 twice thenumber ebar you subrraer El-am your rolls (to '3. maxim lim of +10). These temporary hrtpouns last until the begil1Di.t!g of your next turn.

Special: tone Power Call be used ill place of Power Attack to qualify fot' a feat. prestige class, or other specia t ability. You can take both. th is feat and Power Arrack.


You cantnsramlyrecover your focus, balance, and personal energy after us-

ing II mar-tial maneuver.

Prerequisite: One martial maneuver.

Bene1it: Once per day as a swift action, you ca n insrantly recover an expended manenver.Ir is now ready again.

If you are 11 crusader, the maneuver I also gmnr.ed immediarely.


Yourunarmed mi1reshave becometncreasiog!}' deadly, eF)abling)1ou to strike your fGe5 in their most vulnerable areas.

Prerequisi:te: Improved Unarmed.Strike, ba e arrack bonus +3.

Benefit: YOU_9-eB [more damage with your unarmed strikes; as S own.on [he table below,

Unarmed Damage lei4

ld6 lag

ldlO ------ 2d6

charaoter level 3rd 4th-7th Sth-llth 12th-15th 16th~2Oth

S¥eci-al.: If you lire a monk, you instead deal U narmed damage as a monk four levels higher,

,I>rel·eqp.isire; Abil:!:ty ~jYl'ag , shift(such ils1:he shifter ability From ,ilieB'IlERItONCa m p:;.tJgn. setting er the bloodclaw master class Iea-

ture, see page 96), o,nvHetshapelQ]ry.e Tiger Claw maneuver.

Benefit: While you at~ in a rage, shiftea, or'wild shaped into an animal form, yOll can

auemprro kl1.ock back 5 feet a creature of your size cat~ory or rnaller-ihar you hit with. 11 Tiger Claw strike unliss it succeeds on a For:tirudesilve

(DC 10 + 1/1 your charac:tedevel + YOLlf Str modifier). This move.menr does nOE provokeattacks of opportuniry.



l'he Tiger Claw discipline teaches students to mimic the rompnnt,feraLqualities.qfa wild animaL Wben you assume a u {In tmalferm.or at.least desctmdll1;to a wild! b.esriaLsute, you strike 'wilh ~tLperlQr srrength and aceumcy.


The White R-a:ven discipline ha eaughr you to shine;::ls a gleaming beacon of h0pe and endurance amid the chaos of battle. NOl only do-you aid your allies, bat you also draw st re:ngtb and'suPfilon frQm memo

Prerequisite; One whtfe Raven stance,

B ne£it: When vou are in II White Raven stance and ad i a cent ro ar tei1st~ne ally, you gain a +1 bonu s mAG Parrhermore, when you are wielding one of the White Raven d~cfplinB's gt~fe1"red weapons, each ~y adjacent to you gains a + I bonus to AC. These bonuses don'r appl y when you're flar-foated.


Feats with the eacrical.descriptor allow characte 5 to perform a number of powerful maneuvers.

[f ~ou're playing a rhamcterwho.has a racticalfear, it's your respoIlSlbiliLy to keep track of theacrlons you're performing as you set up the abili:ry that the fear enables you ro perform. It's also a good idea [0 brieflymenn:on to the DM that yml're wor.lci:ng toward performing a I actical a bihry.

Some of the tactical feats refer to rhe first round, second round, and so on. These terms referre the riming of the ability, not the battle as a whole. For example, you don't have to use Combat Expertise in the Iirst round of combat to begill a raerical abiliry ihar uses thar feat. The round in which you lise Combnr Bxpetrise hil complete an abIlity is considered cite fust: round of the ability's use,


On me battlefield, yml are a nsrural leader. You Issue orders and cocrdiuate your allies, bntyoa also le.arn to ta Im.advo,nrage of their actions and maxi mize [be frnrrs ofrea mwotk. When you attack a foe with your allies. the combined result of efforts can be devastating.

Prerequisite; White Raven Defense, base arrack bonus +{;. two White Raven maneuvers.

Bcne.6.t: The Clarion Commander fear enables the use of rh ree racti cal options.

Follnwfng Up: To use this option, you must make a successful BC 20 Diplomacy checkas a move action after hnrtngyou r rargerwirb a-melee artack .. rfyou rut thar Target again on YOUT nexr tnrn, tlre targer provokes an arrack of cpporrun try from an allyof your choice (aS$tunillg at least one j S ill position to make such 1I.D auack).

Perpetunl Flanl1: To 'use this oprion, Y91.1 make a nc 20 Intimidate check against an opponent as a standard action. If rhis check succeeds and you makes successful melee attack against rhe same foe on your next rum, you and your allies can ttesr that enemy as flanked for 1 minute.

Pile OI1:'Touse this option, YOUll11.1st lise the. aid another acrion, (PH 154) to grant an ally a bOmJ1! on hisnexr attack roll against-an cppcnenr borh of you threaten. II YOUl: ally attacks and hilS ioar enemy, you can make an immediate attack of opportunity againsr that target. You gain this benefir lJ'1o.ur ally hits the foe before the start of your next turn, Youcgil'in the attack of opporrunity only on the first su{.Ccessfl!iattack.


n .iniriate of the erring un sometimes learns a ,seer of combar maneuvers. that combine 1:0 create rhe Dista at.Horizan ~ghLi)]g . .fol·m. Th~1;! form Tellchesyou..huw to't.ecOgIJizea)l

G)'J!)p~Q,emt'~ .. Tf9_Lrncsses In ilit! cumenr moraenr, as well as Ul lihe Iurure. A hlo~ struck now ruins an oPBonenfs defenses agatlist'Y!llllt,Oext volloey of attacks.

Pl:etequisite:ImB, FallingSuD AttaclG-baseauack bonus +6, lwo.Setti::\1g's\1U maneuvers.

BeneBt: The Distant HOlizon featenables tb._e'l~se of three tactical options.

COI1.t'fl1l.mL.PI.Hh: To use this option. you mtlst move-an opponenr at least 5 feet with a hull rush attack or a etrmg Sun strike. On your next turn, yougain a"f4 bonus on my Strength, Dexterity, or grapple checks you make against that foe.

TU1'11 the Tilbks:To use rhis.option, a:foe must charge y0uand either miss youwith his charge attack or be unable roartempi the attack (perhaps because of YOUIuse of a maneuverl, On your .next turn, you can m-ake a charge attack ag.airut that foe e17e11 if you cn nnot move more. than 5 feet, You can also make a ch a rge attack agamst that enemy even if yeu caanot charge in a straight line.

L,., ling Weak: Spol: 1'0 L1Se this option, you must hila foe rh~t you aan k with ar leasr rwo melee attacks on your turn .. all your next turn, as a standard action. you can make a single melee al'tad{ against yourIoe with a -2 penalty. If this attack hirs, YOUt foe takes an extra 1 poinr of damage from every iI1)eleeaftack tbaL.htts l1im for the next minute.


Thelntriate of the Devoted Spirirknows thar his fanatidsln find devotion to a cause are enough to =ry him through almost anything.This tactical feat allows you to draworrrhts reservoir of energy. As your foes injure you, you becom a more daunting foe.

Prerequisite: Devoted Bulwark; base arrack bonus +6, twO Devoted Spirit maneuvers.

Beneft: The Faith Unswerving fear enables [he use a!" th ree racrtcal. options,

Keep Up The J.'I'CS5lJ1"e: To use this option, YOll rnnst m-ake II charge a rrack against a foe. If you hit, at any time before the srarrof YOlLT nextturri you-can take an immediate ~Crj()D re move-up to your speed Immediately after that foe moves. as long as you end your movement adjacent to tharrerget.

Take One jor the Team: To use this option, you must hit an opponent with a melee arrack, At any rime before the start of your next turn, you can take an immediate action [0 block a melee arrack made by-that opponent ifhe targets one ofyollr ;dl.ies. You mnst be adjacenr to the ally W use-this ability, and you must decide to use this ability before you know the resultof the -enemts attack roll, If rheartack hits ymnraUy, toll td,20 and ad d your AC to the result .. If the resu 1t of rh is roll IS greater than the opponenr's.atrack resulr, he bits you instead, even if "he attack.roll's nestrlr wouldn't normally be high-enough ro hityou.

One Lnsf Si:rihc! To use this option, yeu must be-the suliject of an at rack, spell, or ability thatreducesyou to 0 or .£ewer hit p:oinrs. As an immediate action yan ean.meve up. H) 5 feetand nUlla! 11 single melee attack \vlfh 11 +5 nen1JS on tbe attack roll. You gam a bOJ1uS onyaur damage. roll equal to y(llHJ~hara€te.r lev.~. 'This <tJ;(<lck fs considered a sore.n..U0Wi


When figb.ting with The Tiger Cl.arw discipline's preferred weapon&; you can use a variery of combat: options-That maJtlmize the benefits of wiekli,l1g tWO we,apon:s ..

Prerequisite: Two-W\lap.on Eighting, blIS.e. aTJ·a~bill:tl.\IS +-6, TWO .Tiger Claw maneuvers.

B«nefit: The Rea];ling Jakm:s feat enables1:b.e--ll~ of three

-mcncal oprions, -

Hlctl..led AssauCI: To use rhis oprion, you mustfigbrdefensively, use the total defense action, or use tite Combat ll'"Pel'tl5e feat to gam a +3 bonus to AC in return £01"11 -3 penalty on arrack mils.. YOU1Uust also wieldanynvo pr-eferred weapons of the Tiger Claw Cj1sdplin,e and nlOve n~l1npre th~ 11 5 feet. Keep track of each.oppnnenr thattlttacicseyou-.afte,i: you rakerhar action. 01"\ your nezt ruru, asa fulI-roundaction, you can maRe a single melee attack against each ofrhe opponents lbararmcked you on me previous round at your highest attack banns. You mUST still threaten the enemies you arrack wirh rhis option.

cOTlU1:ed Predator: To lise this option. you musthit--Y0ur foe with tWO attacks thar each use-one .ofthe . er li.ghrpre.ferred weapons of the Tiger Claw discipline (1tu.ltri, Kama, handaxe, unarmed snike, or claw). OJ! YOllI next turn, ypu gain a +2 bonus on.artack rolls agalmt_tbis.fuefor each opponent that tbl:ea<:ensyou.

In !ml SJl i;llid: To use::rbis option, you must hit-The your I0e wit'hrwo attacks thal: each use one of the. preferred onehandedor.lighe weapons ofrhe Tiger Claw a isctplme (kukri, :kama., liandaxe, uTh1~1J1ed, strike, Or claw), On your next [11 t11, if-youfigbt defeus-jve1y or LIse the roral de'fen'Se action, you gain 11. +2oSh.ield bonus to AC against that IQ~ (in addition to rile normal AC bonus granted. by that actIon).

action Rbgardlessof me resulr of}'oUI:a:uaclr, you still lake the damasefrofll me attack that triggered this ability, You ccmplere rhisjmmeruare action before dropping TO a or fewer hit points.


The reachingl> of the Shadow H:and discipline allow you to confuse your enemies. 1':011I attacks and _parries are infl.sed with the stuff of shado1A'. Through careful rraining and discipline, you Ieara to use your Iii EO inhihi.t a foe's nghting abiliry with your-shadowy nature.

'Prerequisite: Hide 9 ranks, shadow Blade, base attack bonus +6, tWO -Shadow Hand maneuvers,

Benefit: The Gloom Razor feat enables the use of l"hree tacricaloptions.

LmgtringGlaom: To 115e this option, your opponent mUST miss you due to concealment. On your next TUDiJ., you can make a Hide check opposed by yout foe's Spot check as a swifr action. If this check succeeds, you gain the benefit of an inlli~ihtlity spell againsr rhatfoe until the end of your turn.

.\OIovillgShatlows: To use rh is option, you must dea 1 damage to an enemy witha melee arrack and move at least 10 feet during your rum. On your next TUrn, you can treat that enemyasfLar-footed,against the 6:rst melee attack you make m that round.

Sllndmu SUp: To use this option, you must mike a successful melee auack opponent you Bank. On yOUi' next rum, you can make a DO 20 Tumble check if you are adjacenr to yOUT foe.If this cheek succeeds, a.~ -ll. fr~e acdonycu can move to lIn)" square adjacent to your opponenr wlthou t provoking attacks of opportu n ity from any opponent.


Y0Ur masrery oEme Diamond Milld discipline:allows you [0 lap into reservesofspirirual :mdphysicalsttrengrh that other warriors cannot imagine using. Through focus, dedlcat~o]], and a heightened_awareness of your inner talents, you pnsh yourself beyond -your lim irs.

Prerequisite-Unnerving Calm, base arrack-bonus +6, tWO Dtamond.Mind maneuvers.

Henefit: The ¥euect Clarity of Mind and Body fear eaables the use of Thee@. tactical options.

Coiled Spring:-To use thIS option, you must use the total defense action ana move no more thansfeet on your \"I.1l."11 •. On you r near-tum; you gain a +3 a-fOOT bonus to yom land speed and a +2 bonus mAC as you butstacress the battlefield. You 01 n make a single attack after moving in this round, if vou don't move more man double yOUl: modified speed.

Expi'T!.Mim:l: To use this option, you must firsr defeat an enemy in a duel of wills (see page 27). On your next tum, you gain a ~4morale bonus on any roil you make to disarm, rei nt, or [Tip 'tharenemy.

Press Ihe To 'Use this option, y8UID.Ust dam age, disarm, ox-trip ali opponent. On youru-ext turn, you can rna ke a DC 20 Intimidate check aps[ YOM op-ponent as a. Iree action. Iftllls_meckstlcceeds, yourfo_e"takes a ~2 penalty on :11 melt mlls fot 1 round.


As a student of the Desert Wind, the bu lining fru:y oflhe des-1St sirocco IS ae your command. In ballie, you call upon irs power ro burn your eq.emy and lend you speed,

Prerequtstte, Desert Wind .Dodge, base attack bonus +6-, two Desert Wind1;uaneuv8l:ii.

- llene£it: The Sco-rt'hirrg Sirocco fear enables the usee or tnree tactical options.

Ftnl tiler/ames: To U5ei:f:tiJ;; option, you musrdealfire.damage 10.a £02-. On your next turn, you can attempt a.DC 20 Tumble checli ass move at;1ii.on. You 1l11Jst he adjacear [Q the target to we thls n:bil~ty.lf you sucoeed, Y91.1r (DMG303).

:Mark. ~fHye: To uae This option, you must deal fi~ damage IDa foe witb a Deserr Wind_mike. On your next turn, you must deal fire rbatfoe again and :make a DC 20 Spellcrafr check. If you succeed, the flames spread across your target, granting yourallic§ a +2 bonus on attack rolls against her for 1 round.

Dnl1w·ofFI~mes.·'T0 ase-thls option, youm:ustm_ovt:r:at least 16 fee t and iminaIe a Desert Wind stance, Q.ll y~nextturn, yougain a +2 bonus em Tumble checks. I£yousuC0eed on II Tumble check [0 avoid an 1l.nllck of opportunity, the opponent \vhoseartack you avoide-d rakes Id6 poines oflhedarnage liS mystical flames rwlr! around you.

t.ike ,hi" g@llL Stone Dragon, YQ1Lnam.mer through your opponenrs' defenses using raw, brutal strength. Baeh blow sanders steel, shat-

ters,.>(flld cleaves t111:011gh Fl esh. Witk,effs:;h successive II track you matce, ~ou hit with greater tore.

Preeeqtrisfte: rone Power. baseaaack bonus +6, fWO Srone Dragon maneuvers.

Benent: the Shards of Granite feat enables the use of-three tactical opnons.

Battering Smash: To use rhis oprron, you mUST make a successful

melee 11 [t'dck wing one of rhe preferred weapons of rhe

tone Dragon discipline (greatsword, greara e, heavy mace, Qr unarmed Strike) and take a -5 penalryonmearrack roll using your Stone "Pbwer fear. If YOt[hi[, YO}:rign;Qre the target's hardness (iT any),

.Eviscerating StTi):e: To use this option, youlDltsrhitche same creature atleast !\VO times in the Same round using one of rhe preferred weapons of the Stone Dragon disci~ pline (g~word, grearaxe, heavy mace, or unarmed strike),

On your D!".xt turn, YOll ignore any peua lry you take OD YOUI attack roll From YOUI' Stone Power fear when making a roll to confirm a critical hit.

Unsfuppllb!e O"slallg~lt: To use this option, you must make a successful meiee attack using one of the HIe£erred weapons oftheStO)JeDrngon discipline (grearsword, grearaxe, heavy mace, or nnarmed strike),

and take a. -5 penalty on the attack roll using your Stone Power fear. If you hie, your melee attacks against rhat creature on yOUI' next rum overcomes its damage redm::ricm(ifany).


The tormgnard Warrior real encompasses-a number of the

more ad'Vllnced racti:cs and rechnlques you would use-as a stu deru of the Iron Heart school,

Prerequisite: Proficiency with an Iron Rearrprefern'd weapon (bastard sword, dwarven waraxe.Iongsword or twobladed sword), Ironheart Aura, base attack bonus +6. rwo Iron Heart maneuvers.

Bene:fit:The-8tonnguard Warrior feat enables the lise of three ractical options.

Cl1!l!wel n~e Storm; To lise rrus optlon, you mUST choose ro refrain from making one or more available arracks of oppornmity against a single opponent.

On your nexr nrrn, you gain a +4 bonus on attack roll and damage rolls [Dr each arrack rharyourefrained from making against rhe arne opponem. You gain this bonus only against an opponent that YaH refrained from rnakiag <IE: ;II tack of opportunity againsrln me

p.revious round .

Combat Rhyfhm: To u e this option, you can cheo e ro make melee TOuch arracks in place of norma I melee

arracks against an opponent.

These touch attacks deal no damage. For each melee rcuch

attack that hits, YOll gaj n a 5 bonus on melee damage rolls against that same foe on your rtext turn.

Fight the Honk: To use rhi option, you .must deal damage. to at least two di£fetenf foes on your turn with melee attacks

or Iron Heart strikes. On ;yetrr next tum, if you light defensively or-rake a-4 penalry on your attack rolls wi-th your

Combat Expertise feat (if YOll "have 11:), you g.n In a +2 bonus all attack rolls

agai!l$tauy foeY\1l1..l damaged with a melee.arracr or Iron Heart strike durmg the pre:vi01.1s turn,


Not !Well "'1 iron [[,Qlem cat! 7/,rlbsltmd the om/"'fghl if a S7I1Pl"dsage armed with the S/JiI,.ds ofGtallitefeat

he uncanny powerof'liheBublime Way springs hom a blend nFphysicalskill, mentalsself-discrplirre, and adherence to distinct martial philosophies. Many

of the maneuvers of the various martin I disciplines aren't magic at ill-lbey are simply demims:tradons of near-rnperhuman];kill and rraihing. many of the maneuvers al.i~ tnerhods ralrg1i:tby the Sublime Wayaremuodanein execucioa and effect, their results can

om.etimes rival spells. The warriors who study the.rune seheels -are capable of battlefield feacs he..}'0l1d t.ho~ 'Lht1t II traditionally .scliQuled and trained \'O!ltniol: can BOlle to ~·compl'jsb Th~ica I fighTer might display great.sldll.In

• weapon's basic-cm:-s, thrusts, and parries, but 3 s~uden:t of rhe ublirne Way uelieves that mastering :qveapon reg1Jires . d f-discipllne and spirj[tlal austedl'Y in adtl-t1"ion 10 l~aQ,1lng rib: correct physieai pOStures and movements.

This chaprer coeers all the basic guidelines and ru les fiJr

usmg.rhe maneuver system descnbed In hook. ThUlk

of tins msrenal ill! analoguus to thar In 10 pi

Jl!IlYer's FIll tldbuok. It "OViUS the basics of"rbe differenn:ypes of Snmt:e5 andmaneuvers=-srrikes, ceuntets, ana DopstS-and presents informarion-on MW the maneuver SYStem interacts with other game elemecrs, such as.spell reslstance.


Martial powers fall into two broad (';3tegories: stances and maneuvers (which 1ndudeobmosts, eounrers, and-strikes). A martial maneuver is a discrete e:.:trtl01'Oinary orsapernarural effect that is temporarily expended afteBlSe. A sraneeis never expended and is .alwlI}'s available to you.

Y:01J can lise a pardcuhu: stanee er maneuver 3S-IL"lun:y' rimes as you lik~ in a single day, bu:t each time you use a maneuver, you remperartly expend it-you !o&.e,3 lrrrle of ynurmenld fot:us, yuu exhaust sprue small pcrtien of 10U~ ene,:gy, aryau simply finish the move 0 [at p sjli n illluran'l uuim:ru!ltel.y launclrrhe same snark ogllin

riLl out a summg rhe propcrpu I Irc1U1a rnental srare ursf.

In orhe: worc1J y~'u can II e an t·lI."Pend~d maneuver agaul UI1I U ydU XCh1 for a lwlef ril'n~ or II speed;" ROttOI

m eombm r_lja1i allows YOll tq r,"e:eover one EttntQt;eeXpe,l;l4i,il. man euvers. The type of ::n::tf8n necessa ry ite;pencls an wht1 qrpl' of martial adept you are, see ChapretJ.. fm deta as on each class's msneuver recevery mechanism. As a result, yoo can not:DilJ:Uyuse each olY0ur:readiedmanenvers o:riC"~ fie<': encounter tiu some~ilfieg-yau can recdvet 011.e'Or mere maneuvers you used euller.Hi 'the encounterand u se th~m ,l!gain. You uevt>;r ex-pend or-use-ep yourstanC{!$, so I.hey are alwa-ys available.


You do not need_Tio ready yotlI stances ahead of time. Every stance you know is always available ro you. However, maneuveTS requhe preparation in rne form of exercise, prayer, meditatlon, or simple mc.nthLIeheatsaI. I'hereiQl;e, )fOll IDLlSt moose n se.ieGtilm of readied lD:an!lllvers from a:11 the rnaneuvers you know. Only your readied maneuvers are svailable fat" tmmediate use.

The ntun1ler of maneuvers you can re~dy at one time depends on yo:trrc.lass lmd le; you do nothave any le:veli; in a.raarrial ad-Ili'[ class (for example, you learned .ll nranetrVet by means of the Marti:lt Stuay fear), you-can ready each maneuver you lmuw. For example, 'if you nave chosen the l.<la'rtiai Study feat two know r:wa:martiaJ rnaneirvers, you. :1ulO~:I"atjcally .ready both those mH1)'~1..Iver.s" and you can use eael; of [hose maneuvers onGE-per et1co.lJ'lt~t" Yr;IU_ can rake "[he Martial Study feat a rnaxtnrum of tlin-e rimes. I f you are a rna rrial adepe a.nd you have the Ma'l"tial Sludy feat, you ao nor gain any bou1.!s to your ability to ready _lnal,eUvers~~le maneuver you learned with the feat is Just one.more maneuver known which you. call salect yolir reamed maneuvera

If you advance ill a prestige class that grants f0U additional maneuvers, that class de'ta[kbow many adcHtlon~1 manea\'eIS you can :ready. These extra maneuvers readied add DO yam rnaximnm mnnber ofmaneuvers readied, whether-you determine rhar number due to your class level in crusader, swcrdssge, or warblade, or by the nu mberof times you have l'aaen the M<l rti~ Study fent

It is possible for acha racter TO gain the Martial Study fear before entering II class thasgranrs a progr-ession fat power'S

1'I:mdJ,t;:{1. 1~\' tblS' C,I~,'\ Hie ehe daa$~ numbe! of lnanell\'l;f!I l-e#tl led. Add any luedifi!>r.slrQitI pr~ttge elassesrc th~ class's Ilumbetofmaneuvers readJed.

To ready mnl1enve'l"s> you require-a briefperiud_of pracrice, c$e);c,ise, meilitation, or prayer. Tile exa'Ct nature of tHe ex~j;gS"e Q;L' 1tl.~d'it~t),o'l1 depends 'OIL YOl,r rn::!!'n:ial-a~.ept c4ts's; "bnt"eadi class 1;-equi'res 5 mtnnres of preparalio,n rtme Since e:n:11 nlartial maneuver requires a precise eomblnarion of 'techniques for gethering mner energy, r:raini ng muscle memory, speakingprayers or catechismsl~d eve 11 focusillgthe mind oh'_,sj:racinc concepts or analogies, mosr martial adepts can't keep every maneuver rhey know 01 the forefron t of their minds. You do nor need 10 he well rested-to ready you.r maneuvers, bin yanda need yo-be {lble to srand.and III ove without restra inr. As long as y_0uare not physically disturbed during your exercise and medita don, you can exchange your previously chosen set ofIeadieJ maneuvers for a new set of readied maneuvers. uruikc a Wizard preparing her spells, you cannot choose to leilVt.: a l'e,adiecl, maneuver slot:'Uli£lJed.


Toini't:i;lt:e'a maneuver or a stance, youmusrbe able:Tomove. Youl1q.JJQ'b1eeQ ta be_' able to speak If_lil.l iui riate :"\,man!l,"ver by [~ingthespedliedinitiatlon action. kmane;uyer-mlglu require an immediate, swift, move, standard, or £u.l1..rou nd action to initiate. The process of initiating a m.a:neuYer is sim ilarto thQt of cas ting a spell otmanifesling a p.sionic power, -ilthough there are some key differences (see below). You can only choose fO initiate a maneuver I .. hal is C1:I rrentiy readied and unexpended. In addition. if you a re a crusader, the maneuver you choose must he gra nred to you-you can't choose to initiate a maneuzer that Is clfrJ:enHy withheld ..

You "initiate a stance as 1l swift action. A stance remains in effecrrndefintrelyandts nor exp ended .. You enjoy rue benefit yom stance confers until you changeto another stance you 'a SWift action. You can remain.In a stanceoutside of co:inuat 5i11.12 [ions, and yOLl can enjoy irs benefir wh i Ie explOIin~ or traveling.


KEEPING TRACK OF READIED Keep YOfJ,rcards face down. To determine which maneuvers are

AND EXPENDED MANEUVERS granted to you, all YQU have to do Is deal yourself a !"lard. The

You might find iTuseful to mal, age your cUHe_ntlyavaila,ble {ace·up'6arQ~ in fl'on~ of you r:epresentoyourgrahted m,afreI:lVets;

maneuvers by llsing physica I ob iects to repres ant the rJiHlheu· th e fa c.e,,o:OWI"J ca rds a re rea .. di'ed maneuvers that are curren tly

vers you have te'adied. A set of index cards or pJ ayl n g, ca rds; with held. Y_o"u recover ynu f exp-ended-maneuvers when yo1.l go labeled with the names of your maneuvers works very well. to draw a card and there are none left faee down. Atthst peint, As y()U ell;pend your readied maneuvers, simply turn. thecard shuffle all YOU!f maneuver cards tpgetAe'r:;vrd draw new granted

face-down or stglft a "discard pile" of expended maneuvers. maneuvers for the next round. .

When you remweran expended maneuver, return i't to yolO· I f you knpw mor~ tfl,~ n one stance, consider dolng the

"nand" of allaJIi!'ble maneuvers. You could also use tokens same thing for your stances-a n,d keep ,2;s'm:.a1l hand ef'stances such as poker i,btps In the same way. as long .2S you can label a1 0 ngsi de yo u r ha n d of maneuvers, 1 ndicoate wMch sta nee them clearl y. you are cu rrently usl ng, by keeping that sta nee 0 n top of the

I {you'~e a CflJ&a'der, you alse need co track yeTH g~antei ma· others. whefl you ch angJ§' your stance. rearrange ye ur stack or

neuvers Labe.l e:ach card with the name of a reatlied ,maM);l~e"r, st~nce5 ,c~l'Iri1l1lilgly.

_______ _ ""' ett 'W: db = - .... ~_ .... ------ ...... -- ... - _

~- ........ ---'" ~~-


Unlike wirh spells pr psionic powers, you-need .not;ameet1- ttare m initiate a maneuver or stance. Furrhermere, ify:ou are injmeo exaIfected by hostile spells, powers, er maneuvers while tniriattng a maneuver or aS~.Lf'm ing a stance, yQU don't: lose the menerrver or stance.

Rnem:y tntel'ferem;e migh t rn a l~e terrain. mane\!1ve;r~ impossible to complete, For example, if an enemy who :readied an acdon to nip you when you st~"t..ed YOUL"iUrn knocks you prone, you would DOt 'be able to use a maneuver 'thar requf red you co charge. SimJlarly, if you begin your rum grappled or pinned, you might End that most of the maneuvers available to you simply won't be of any use until you get free.

If you initiate a maneuver and subsequently can't use it duringyourrurn, the maneuver is still considered expended. You are considered co have used its initiation acnon for the purpose of dererrn ining what actions remain available to you on your rurn.

You do nor provoke attacks ofopponuuity when you initi.are a maneuver or stance unles irs descriptio n explicitly says otherwise. Some maneuvers allow you to move, charge, and take other actions mar could provoke attacks of opporrunity. Unless rhe maneuver descnpnon speci£.cally says mat such actions do not provoke attacks of opporruniry, they do. For example, uyou lise a maneuver to charge a foe, and during dlarcharge you move in a way thatprcvokes attacks of opportuil.ity, you provoke them as norm a 1 unless t be maneuver Ciescriplion expltctrly says otherwise,


Some maneuvers and stances have variable effects (such as durarien) that depend on Initiator level However, maneuvers axe nor impacted as Strongly by a user'S level as spells are. This dille-rellce in effect i primarily 9 balance a~ld game play issue. Since you can use maneuvers repeatedly, fbey tend [0 scale poorly. As yO\l attain higher levels, you usually use your low-level, maneuvers less often (If you haven't already traded them out for h igber-level stances, as described in The martial adept class Chapter lJ. Many stances, boosts, and counters, however, remain useful across all levels.

If you are a single-class character, yOU[ inlriaror level equals your level in the class rhat provides access to martial maneuvers (crusader, swordsage, or warblade), If you lack any mania} adepr levels, your initiator leveJ is equal to 1/2 your character Ievel,


Bven. when you gain levels in a class [hat does not grant martial maneuvers, your understanding of the rnarrial discij?lines still increases. A highly skilled fighter has the bask combat training and experience n eded to 11iFls,ter advanced maneuvers. If you are a mulriclass martial adept, and you learn anew maneuver by arraininga new level ia <I marnal.adepr class derermtne yOUl" initiate"!- level by adding [ogerher your level in that class + 1(1 your levels in all.other

lasses. Look uJ? the result 011 rhe rable belGW to deteunine

die lrigh-est-J:eve1 maneuvers-you carr Take, . au snll bave to m:ee[aJn81leu.ver's prerequisite to learn ir.

Far example, a.Zth-level cru aderI5[h-~evel swordsage lias a-D lnitiatorlevd ofslth for determining the hig)1I:stl~'Vel maneuvers he ca n rake as acru sader . .As a te$:U;1tj b e can rake 5th-level c r usader maneuvers. As a swordsage.hts initia:tc>r level is Stit, 0'1 lowing him LO rake 4th-level sWl'lrdsage maneuvers.

This -process applies to all of a character's Ievels, whether they are In.marrial adept classes or other classes.

Prestige- classes work a little d LEfetenrly. In most add rhe.full prestige class level to your martial adept level to determine yom: initiator level. ee the prestige class descriptions in Chapter 5 for details,


Much like spells, martial maneuvers a re organized by level. Higher-level maneuvers are more pes .... erfuj Than lowerlevel ones. As you gain levels, you have me option to select higher-level maneuvers. Your level in a martial adept class determines the highest-level maneuvers you can select. For example, a 5th-level warblade can select maneuvers of 3rd level or lOWeL

TABLE 3-1: HIGHEST-LEVEL MANEUVE~S KNOWN Initiator level lst_._2tqq 3 rd-4th:..__ __ -&tl1-.5th 7th-8th 5)rh-Wth lHI-"t-Tltl:1 lSthl-4th iStl1-Thth 17th+-

-Maneuver Level

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

5th 6th 7th 8th 9th


Onc-e-you have chosen a maneuver 1:0 initiate, you must resolve irs effecrs,

Artack Rolls: Many maneuvers include an attack of some kind, All offensive combat actions, even those that don't damage oppeuenrsjsuch as dt arm and bullr:ush), are considered arracks, Allmaneuvers that opponents can resist wirh saving throws, chat deal damage, or that otherwise harm or hamper subjectS are considered attacks.

Bonus Types: Some maneuvers and STances grant bonuses [Q abiliry scores 0'1' Armor Class, on attacks or damage, on saves, or on a number eforher variables, Each bonus bas a type thar indicares why or bow it is granted, With the exception of dodge boausea.two bonuses of [he same rype generally don't stack,

If a maneuver or stance does Dot identify the rype-o[bonus conferred.ats effects Hack with aJ.1 other effects modifying-the:same _Gha:rEtcteriStk or atrrlbure. Umyped bonuses alwa,yJf sta(;.k.

Actiol;lS duringa:.Maneuver; °rh e Inirlation ACtiOD line Qta)fuJ,neuver descrfprion provides! he action required IT! USE ffi~ L maneuver, Fer example, the mittation anion o(If


Ynnbegin e{li~e:m;:~1,1'J±~ With-llllyour Feamei:Lnialieuvets unf!:KH~na'~d. Whell ytm iu,i..t-hite, a .nraneuver, it _is expe:nde,<!-)l;o:q"iCa;l:lJiqt 1,_~ei it 'Main until you, YOl.-l:f~ re~bV:i:r ~X'Ren.dg_d~'i ll"lJ.€!Uvers inIW0'J,,,ays:thro ugh s:Reciala~t;fojls or attb_:e ,el1o·9h:n sif.cOl'l-ltter. You never eXpend a $taTI+o~,

~H~diJ.l Ali.'ti9n: lyIost m~ct:tala..d~~ ca.u-r~£ik1sb,stn*_et)]; §Ill g.f.their .t!¥P!lnaed-m~eThvea:S'in the~&rr.,siegfil. bat-d.e by 't_ahlng~spedataction 'toae ~0. Th-e typ~:o,f $'p~qiii~~ctiQil requfred,d<?pl:;ri'a~on a J1lilrt'i:alauept's c}ass'(Qdeat)''td(!ctt,l:lli:tr as 5'WlllIlarize.Jbtlow.

Cmiatier:h !;;l":tJWt'd:eHfeoyeiW expended ma~wi~~·s:\'.(l1.e:rl.c 'eve.Eino more withheltl lIl}tljeuverS can. he'gnin\ed~tp ,ji.i.(n. (the [O!.li:&l in -wltidt his 1.trs( Withheld mai:te:UVet:jS· g:titrit~d

~Qesu't C'oun:t), _

swo'r& 'bti:i.);~cQVef on-e-'experiCietl ruai;ie:u,

vex of)iiS-«);LoTG,eas a.fiIll·iotind·a,trion. -.

Wqtblark-A,twa'I.'lJlilde \>an mCbverall of 11teJ¥,p(~H'l'd~a manl'!n:vciWa~f\ s\:viIf' actib);L, ftjllqwe,d_by ~-iki1).i!.a'£l1.1,'el~~ ilttacltQr usifig;"lhsli!ndiirditEqon ndth$g ·el;:;e.hl,:r:he. reund, IflJ:eifiriiates'a.maIieuve):o[ changes hisiStan(e. eluring a round, nec.i!WI'LI..'ecovet ills' expended IDan'iluvevs.

Mt,Itrdass Mnititi t Adept;.A characrer with fWo ,or nroie mar tial adepH:lass-es·,keeps tr.ack ofhis reaOied;rr'riine;q:vei's, e..~endeu.tIiatreuvirr.s, and'recovell'Ofexp.erid~dJJfa:~i~u"eliS

's@\mitelyf0i:'ea@1 ciass, .

Cnnr.add-wr:th t.i1caMnrtia!:Stu djl feat: A charaeter Who l{nQ\v~ D,lle or; m,oi'i)'):fi.iJ'tt;i.lrn"<lnenye):s tllt:ollgh-thh=M!lI,t±al Stngy feat'Dlit doe.s ~ot0t1ie.:rwtse- h ave a level in' it rila:rt~aJ adept 'Clm;.s tannQt;rel':1iver eJl.T.eIl:ieCl.1D.aneU vel'S lhtough nuysbrr of ii&i.a1 ~rttiQn'. Be can·oill,y.'l'eoo,rer expended" maneuvers atihe ena ofab,\entOunter (see Bclowl.

-End ~of the Enc'ouhtei;l when· an encounter eiid-S,,:tl'_ ma'rtl"ili adeptairromaticallyreccvers allexlJcila:~d l1tilnt!i.ic vet's, Even a fewm01ne11tS out of cornbat ts sufftctenr to '1:efieslitrll rn a;tl.e:u.vers expended in the. previous hal'tle, In 'the c-ase_c£a;l6hg, drawn-out.series offights, Q.rifit·\1_.~.a.~p:t is Ofti', as~mne that if.a·chIra,i1ter m'iJ'j(6S J;llil attadS;, of any kin.d, .il1iHates AO newm~:r;telt¥'WtS) a.rid' is not tp:.t:g~e'tl"py(\pyenem'1f attacks fot 1 full niin:i,itpc,.1j".t;: c:a.n.J;eC!ilVeF :aiJ..t$pendeq, l.i:rane'uvers,. rfa Ch:a,1:il c'(C;J; ,c@'t fl"\.<oia ilJr(a~g 9I.h~~g<ittllcked £0.1:1 1]jtnlJ.te; Jfe:'qa;la!. arrtbmjltica:-llt'\-l;i!cuveT Iits.:Ii:tane.uyerS'aIl,g m1.:l-9,rUse_ Sp'~fa1: "acU~ms to dp sq i'1l~eaa~



The various martial maneuvers available to p~a.Gitiitionel'S of t11e Sll~tme -wray ared~scribedin Chapter 4,Mul.leuveI's·aml Sta~aes. ~ThedesGriptioll of each power follows a st-aruihrrd fopuac, whi:chi:sexplain~d below.


ThIs entr.yis.the name by which the maneuver lB"genelJ'illy known .. However, iris fairlycommon for various .sch:(')'ois er tradlHons ofthe Sublime Way to bestow their own names nn-maneuvers. For. iOxample, the swooping dragoll s.t:dh m;.rrewver l):llght be kncwn as the dragon's pounce-i·,the ~entle· Ji_@mintt!l.r, or; something asescrettc as Ii[llU fa'lillng down themountain,


or styleS.lDr m(a:tiJpJe. ~Deser~Wina di~i!J,,RJinemng:'H ~e .kn:OWll iriogomeit~S"a:s tIl;) .(}FeeIa·N.aga. f€ fln.ha W~k~fu-1

Dreame:rpliilo~bpht .'

Eaclt ruscfpLine.i:s~tie(rro'3lskilltharmjg~tfte:llsecl Ul~e eXectitfb1L.oI sorlie- of it~ lflllneu Vets. In ,ai!;tliiti0'PJ vaf:i'~l1iS -weapollS lenGrnemselveS'.to tbep1liiosopHy oHn~eftY:!lig,of

if'ifferent '_

The nine.disciplines ~bfde ilie:folloWl"jili,g;


Speed and .mobility .are tl~ehalhna:rks of tili:e ):2e.seFt ~<lJl,d dis~1in~ DeselifWind maneuvers often,ip.volv~ bliErdipg £iurries of blows" quick charges, apG ag:ile'(ootwork. $.o.:tne maneuvers _frpl1I~is school, however, araw P-OWeJi from. the supernatural essence of the desert and.allow anad'l5pt _p.racti:tionerto scour his foes ,'l;rithfu-e,

the-key skill for De serrwind'm anenvers 15 Tumble. Weiip'pns associated with Desert Wind ll,1ciuoe tIle scimitar,ligln mace, Jightpiclt, falchion,. and.spear,


.Haith, ptety, and purity oEbody ana mind are the wellspriugs eta warrior's true power, Devoted Spirit maneuvers frat'~e'Ss JH,ptactitioner's spiritual strength and hetzealous devotio:Q; to a cause, Tbis discipline Includes-energies baneful to a ~:tea[UTe oppased to die Devoted Spirit student's ell use, abilities cliat;c:Fn "keep an adepr.figbring long after a more mundane warribrwould fall to his enemies, and strikes infused with vengeful, Ianatrcal power"

lnfimldate 1S the key skill for Devoted Sprrit. Devoted SRifi:tassndaf~d weapons :include the faldiion, greatclab, ngsword, aba maul.


True: Ui<'knescsJte,sjb ilie.mind,;Dotrhe bo'dy.Asntd~tbf lheDia1.rl~nd ·Mjil'd distip,l.ii1esee'ks to hone i1ispercept-iqn,s and cilisdpline -Ilj:s thoughts so- ili at he can act ill slivers of ctme~0iiarrQ.w:thiitotliers caliIiilt even perceive them, A cd.rnIlmty ofthis·~p.eed of'thought auq action is the toucJ;!pt crf the mind as the battleground, An e'nemy defearedin his mind mu,sr'1nevitably be defeated in till: J:e:alrn cif t=he physi:eaJ_ aq,\vell ..

ConGe:Qtntfio.llis the key sk11ifor Diamond Mb;rd. The rapiC?a, ~l1ortspe<lr, bastard sword (katana), and trident are the associa.ted weapons for Diamond Mi.ud


,Aqsblutemast!Ory of me sword is the goal of the Iron Heart tiI:fsq-pli:ne, unending practice and study, the ,1r011 Ereart 1!_dept achieves superhuman skill with her weapo1'1S. iron Hearr maneuvers are demonstrations of uncanny-mar- 0_1,;1 slUlJ ....... ;·weavmg patterns of steel t bat dizzy, confuse, and ultimately kill :W~1h no recourse.

Thekey s-ki)lJor_Ironfiean·is Balanee.eince a p_e1'fect understanding- of motion is essential to man-ettVel,S ill lltistliscJ:p1i:ne. ~4e b~sta)id SWOl,;a, dW1lLyen~~~,'J9ng-S\vo:r:d. andl"Wc0,-bl:ad~d:;s'woma;r;ej,_l:ie:a'S~t;l.tia:t_e:rl W€~o:n:s ff:"!t Iran He:aIli.


St reng 1 h is 11 Fl ilh~sion. Adherents of me Sertt,ng Sl:U1 :R1"lr losophy understand that n~ wau:ior can hope to be sl;J:QDgep, quicker, md._rnQre sldllful tbaJ~ every one ofher enemies. l:b,e:cecmore, ro:is dis_c1pltIlC lncludes·l,!lfllleuver-s ~hatuse ill;! .agYl'frs-ary's power; ands:pee:d a_gainschlrn. Setting Sun ;rnaneHve:t:,~ i,u.tlpd¢ throws and i1:nit'1ltive srrtkes, Thehighestfor;_rQi; o_fthe ,Settuig Sun require a:L1 adepr ro empty Jjerself,ofpr~concelltiol1 mel impulse to become a hollow vesselunhinderecl bv want.

Sense Motive is the key s!ciil for rhe.Sernng Sun discipline.

The associared weapons for Setting Sun are the short sword, qu:anernaff, nuachaku, and unarmed stn1::e.


Never show an adversary what he expects to see. "the Shadow Hand discipline emphasizes deception. mlsditection, _and surprise, The most effective blow is one smIck against an enemy who does nm even know he is in danger. Because the srudy of deceit as a philosophy often leads into darker ;practices, some Shadow Hand maneuvers employ the supeF natura leold and darknl!S~ of pure shadow:

The key skill for uhf' Shadow Hand discipline is. Hid-e ..

Slaadow Hand associated weapens include ~he daggerfshprrsword,!fai,si3ngjlam, unarmed stoke. 3nd-spiked-¢Q}ltn.


The illength and endurance of rhe .mounrains llpttq-~e the Stone Dtagq'll dlscipline. The methodical anchG;lenu_l"s5 applkmionbf"fDJ;Ce 1I110W8 a, student of this-phil6sophyt6 defeat any fl1le. Strikes of superhuman power.and manifescations ofpetfect, idealized force make up ehe_-Stone .Dragea, maneu vers.

Balance Is.118 key- skill for the Stone Dragon disCiPlineThe associa ced weapons fer Stone Dragon are greatiwotu, greataxe, heavy mace, and unarmed strike,


Consciousness is the e.nel;llY ofinstinct The Tiger Claw pi;seiplnre reaches that martial superiority can be achieved by discarding the veneer of civilization, along with the higher -d:wugh-rs that fetter a warriors actions. Tiger chi .. ,. malleUV~'lli emulate the srri kes, leaps, and pou nces of animals. When infused wrth hr po-wer, some Tiger Claw maneuvers also .aIlow II marrial adept to rake on animalistic characteristics, speed, and bloodlust;

Tiger Claw emphasizes strength and.speed, sGJUJ;np is'Ihe keyskj II for rhrs a iscipline. The kllkrl, kama, claw, han._daxe, grearaxe, and una-tmed strike are the assectated weapons fof Tiger Claw,


No warrior :fights in isolarion, Cooperation, team't~qJk}, and le~dersh.i:P' can gJ,ve twO warriors the strength of J1ve,j!-lOld. .five warriors the srreJlgth of nventy, The student, of t.he Whjte Ri1Ven ma-sters·ltja neuvers clInT combine the. Ji:creJ2,gq.u ofrwo at more allies agninst3 common foe. Shou~$ and- blll"ide.'CI'ies inn,sed \vitl1 hi Ate the sigJlatwe maneuvers of the Wl\ite l~ven d tscipl lne,

D1i{Jrun-licy 1$1'l1e key ski I I [or\Wh ire Raven. Thisd'isciptin¥s <lS$:Qcl!l ted we-apons ate 1 be lengswm:d, hanleal\'f:, ,,-;M-b a:t;run:e'f., g1'ea.tSWOl'a, all a ha J helJd..


;Mrb-~ I; ma-rt:ta.l pciWeJ:s fall inro-one of £o'tl.r caregceies: be:OSfi counter, Sf!t~lte, or 5~til<:e. Some lliamlllVeE;S don't fall imro n,il.y of these caregoutes, but rhes e ate exceprmns to the rule, The maneuver caregories below refer to 's,\'91£r jUld im III edl ate a ctlcns, a concept presented in earltar books such as Exparlded Psial'l"its .8nnd~oQh and Complete if you are U ufatnilrar with them, see the Initiarfon Action section below:

Boost: Tbis category covers maneuvers thar allo;wa warrior to focus himself, summon his hi energy or orher souree.of power, and unleash it rhrnugh his melee attacks. A crusader who draws a deep breath, shouts an invocation to bis god or cause, and then unleashes a mighry atraek ts using a boost,

A boost isa maneuver that granTS a bonus, o&:en on artack rolls or damage rol Is, for the duration OfYOIlTBlOl. t:\ boost always requires a swift action, usually allowing you to inj ria te it before unleash j ng a s randard a etlan or a fuU attack Some boosts impart addluonal effects, such II.S stun cil."ftiti.gue, to your attacks, and others proVi,dCE'SOll1e addjt; effect on all enemy YQu 113ve [ust.successfnlly strudt,in battle, If a boost affects yom attacks, it applies to all bfy~LU attacks for t 11 e to'LII1Q in which it was in"Lrii:rE'ed, but its effect ends ar the end of your turn;. A bQ!iT~t's effect applies fOl· its duration, no l)latttn: wbich w,~aponyau mtghr wield in ill a t round. Even if you switch weapems in bhs midcUe of your turn, the.effec t of the boo~ta.pphes to your HeW weapon as readily as the previous weap:an. Bach.muneuyer's descripnan gives you the details of each boost's effecr,

A boost doesn't have ro modi fy a melee anack.Ii' t.oul<:l provide abonus on a skill check, TO your speed, and sonn, but snch maneuvers are rela rive ly rare.

Counter: A counter is a fast, usuaUy defensive mallfruver tharyou use to foil YDU r opponent's actions. A swordsagewho dodges tojust beyond a rampaging m inotaur's reach is using a counter,

The Setting Sun schoolfearures many coumers, becau~e if focuses on teaching students to tum an opponent'sstrength _ag:amsr .him, Counters a re immediare actions mar you arrempr durmg a foe's turn. UsuaUyj your oppcnenr musr.make.a spe:ci£i-c action, 51.1-C"b asan attack against you, for you rouse a counter,

Strike: A strike is a :maneuver char allows a spe"ciaI arrack.

A warbla de who delivers a si ngle blow that slays 'an DgJ:e is ils~g a $t.tike.4 strike Jmpartsseme advantage OJ: b~mliS-e\l"~ra.standardartack.such as extra dall)ag~1 all addilir;mal etlecr such as bllnding a Ioe, and so fortb,

Stt"ikell '~l!lloST a lways regtt~[e a SHl\l a~rd or fu.U-ro lIl.1d action TJ!1 cemplere; Mosr of rhell1 in valve a meleeattacJ~:as pal:: ofcoinplering the maneuver, If rhe a rtack hlj_ts, your 9FJ?onenr typically rakes normal melee- damage,. as wel~ as suff"e.ring ~he e£fec( of the strike. When rnakingn strike,

Stanc~: A stance is nor a rnaneuver, bur a sp~c£ighring method that you .rn aintain.from To'll:lll:4 roround. Sd long as youin'aintairi it stanc-e,

" ugairtsomebenefitfwln it. Aswordsage initiate ofthe Shadow .Ha rid school who creates 'acohtealing .s.h:rsutL0f shadow ener!lJ' while 'be moves Is using a 5t;l,p.£e.

You canitri:t1aTea stance as a swift action. When you eprer a stante, y~ou unraediately gain its benefit. You Gp: . cue co gain the benefit of a typical stance as long as Y€lUIelfuliiJ. in-it Some'stiinces give-you a benefitonly when yg-u .meen' certain G'Quclitions. For exainple, ·a ~-anCe :mighT gra:rifa b0lluSiwhen YOUillQVe, .• "hen yntl remai:nJn ihl! saniespOT,_otJ.E1Gt~attack asI1.L1).u\ed

er flat-£QQU!d. oPllOneJ;lT.

Yau -qaJTuse a singlesWift~att.ion to end one st;:t!lcean d.-begin, ano(her,- or you can choose TO simply end yout currerrr Stance wfthoutetiteii.rig it M[erent one. You; c"Qntinue'to gail] Ii stance's benefits unrfl you S\vitc.hto,a·-new stance or end youtecurrenr' ~J1e,A1:the'sJanofybur:tu:rl1, yotrrnight belli'a Stance nbatgnnits-you:a 'Q6ilUS on attack rolls. You could make vou.rcar:ta&s-gairiing,thestance!s bonus-then use a.sWifr actitil;1 :[Q.s:Witch to a.stance that gives you a


YiDur stance ends if you are rendered helpless for any reason. If you.later recover, you must use another W'l.ft adionro iriitiate your. stance once again.

SranGes ate'd111sidered maneuvers for me purpose, ~r F!aLfi~ :pr:e;reR~isites .for learning higher-level znaneirvers, OI:'quali:fying for prestige classes or feats. F€ll' exanw1e, ifa Stone D_ragon maneuver requiresyou tgJma\v _on,e_5!Qo<fe. Dragon maneuver, and yot~ know P1tt'Stotlefbor sta.l:!.ce'(l! ls_t-leveISt<,me Dragon sta:e:ce), you qtt~ t~e ~hf. higher-levehu-all.eW~r.


THis entty gives tlremattial adept cl~ss or classes thaJ.have access tc thismaneuver: trusader,.swohisage, orwm:hlade. Tfi'e Iine.alsogives rhe maneuver's level Within mat class.

·',l"o.ucah learn any maneuver you Itke by CliOQ;54tg the 1\tilJ:tfajSt~,tly feat, regardless of class. However; youmg sti',e'et14i.~rei:equisite" of the 'maneuver,


In. 'add Irion to me etiiij?;,_the class and leveheqpifentehtslli$re ,you, c;ahJefirn ,3 marreu,vet, you must meet a certain se'tDf 'requite1TIfa')ts able TO d100se that.maIi:euVeJ; as oneyml ku6w:'Sta:r.tces 'ate considefedenaneuvers £orth,€p-tn:p.:fde,G[ j]:lt~eti.tlg.'l1E ~eteqttisite to le-arnlEI').e.w;maneuve:t.

Y8.l'(::c~£1]t.l~a:r1;t"qa .maneuver Unj:es,s y911 gam.a-kyel in: a ma'I(i1l1:iifept dass; a-lev,eUn Q)l1t's,tige ""lass. rratgtranlS mall.~u:<iers;J:rn:own" 01:, yo,U: fake (be,Martial SfifdYIe~f. ~!l'iie:u\iersKn'oWn: Some Q£<t'lfi!1.inore poweE~11;u:((ers t~;g:il'irby6u tbleanujhe'br"m:ore'othh maneHvem i~ the same dlsGipif:ne before they can bdelected.


swift action, lJ"1'l~ COUJ'lIS.a5 yOllr s,wlft amf0D. £cr:-t'he mm. You canaor use another i.m,merua:fe action OF a swiEr llJ~ilflQl'l; until afrer your 'next rum if y.on fia"e nset1l 00 action when It rEs not curreB1!r-¥mtr rom (lili"ectJvel. ,usl:q.~ W11 imrnedia[-e-act!9n be!on~ YQUJ: mllm is e~Jll,~val('mt 10uslftg your sw:tfiactipnf!01;cllie Gonriugtnrnj. . '

You cannot use' anirw:o'<Hllate action ify®u are (unent y 1ia:t:"feorecl


A maneuv€I's raD~ iudica'tes,how far from youit can.l'earn. Many maneuvers are treated as J>.etsonahange effe6ts, bemuse. you lnftiafe.themaneuvef to giveSbUrseU' aspec<l31 OOUllS or capaBilityfor the round:

Standard ranges include (but are not hmited t01 t1Te following:

P;ersonaI: The maneuver affects onlyyou (but might give ymuUJ. unusual power or abiliryrhat affects others for the rest o£yl'mr rnrn).

TOuch: You must touch a creature-or object 1:0 affectit. A rouch maneuver thar deals damage can score a orincal liit [ a weapon can, alrhongh you do nor multiplyrhe extra damage-from a maneuver on a successful cuirical hit.

Melee Attack: The maneuver affecrsany creature ,you waKe a successfulmelee attack against.

AdjaGeIlt: The maneuver ~£[ects creatures within t.square of you. Sometimes you ouly, affect adjacent creatures at we beginEl:ing of tum or at rhe end of yom turn.Eru other maneuvers might'affeeo:.t any creature you move adjacem to durmg;,ilie cow:seofyu{,!t turn. See the specific maneuver oescriptions for .detills;'EXpressed in .Feet: Some maneuvers have no STandard tange categery,j.tst a range expressedIn feet,


Yon migh1:-1ave to. make some elicice am out whom Y:0lU: manell~ii to,affec[ orwhere it wlil origfnare. Tllls_entliY d.esetibesthe..maneuver's target<or"targets, its effect,.oi its lima, lIS approp'Hiltfi.

Tar-getcOt"Ta1!gets: Mast maneuvers affect1l specificcreafureor Ghjeat.(or-Jllore t11an onecrearure or object) that YO~Ldesignate aSYCllurtargetoL targets. You must be able. to. s{re,orTOl'ldi tire target; and YOUiilUSt: specifically choose thaI target.

80memaneuvers can be initiaredonly on willing targets, YOu ~3J1.aeclare yourself a willing target at any time (even i£you~te:flat-fb.6tedoL it isn't your turn). Unconscious chatacter.s 3.fe,a]ways'considered Willing, but.a character who. iscnsdous:budmmabilized or-helpless is not autcmariGaUy willing.

$OllleJllaneuViOrs target you (but they might confer 'an Lln~ts<1abnility'to affect other creatures for the rest af YOllI tI.1TIl) • .i£ilietaI'get of a' maneuver is "You,"y6u dn not receive llSa,VirtgUfrdw_:'_you receive the benefir.ef'the tnaneuver automaticafii ~s lang as you meetany othar ragnt:l1eme;n:t far in1tiatingit succeSsfully.

OOer l.Ban~uvets mect, a creature otaeatm:ES'tlia , mt successttill¥;.)$twtID;a"ana scrm.,I[if(et;i:;l G:feao,!'re yolo! ~!lcc£ssfull,y l:rltwiW: g mele.e '- range]l :ouCh attit'ti.

.Area:;ets_can :If[ed'':r. Y'(;'!umig'lit ~k to dmpsed'lie puwt wlael:e;tl;i e m>tll,euv:e:f's effecroriginitgs, l;ro:r e1Ji~se -you 'Usually d'Oll'L'cEfftttoh v;!hi0h N:ea'htt~r: ebject:S':'tfi,ru;ea-marieu"et!~fects.

:Rim'!:: A:burst.,aff6ctswhatevei: it; oatches inlts·.ar:ea, rilhltUJing cteatures you Chn't see,.Tt·'Carit>,itffec[ 'Gile1l:rIll'es1:'Mtdiav:e total cover from its .point oforigin. The-oil'ef.a.ul.t. maQe,.wu

bu[St-is a:S;pher.e. - .

Elna,rranon: Memanatial'llilnCtions llRe a nUl's,!; exmfp ffiat We' effe<:t Continues to raru'llte frantilieiiatnrc'GEC!Jri'g1n (Q£tenyou) furthe uuratfouof1:hemaneuveL

Sprtacl: 'Aspi:ead~ffe15tSpTea:di0utl1:ke:aburSr, butc.anfuFill c01:nets.-YolHeJ.ettthe pomtowl'igin, anCLthe effed spreatis OlH a gwen-distanGe in all directIons.

.Effect:.Some-maneuvers· create sometlHng. l)atherrh~,n afIeetingthmgs'ifiarare already present. YOUillust desiguate the 10. cation wliere thesecthfngs are to appear.etther by's'eeiqg, it or defining it. Range.deterrmnes howfar away anetlect can appear,

Line of Effect: Maneux.'ers'thaT' affeda [a,,11get other than you require line of effect, Ali-ne of eEte_~t is, asrrarg'h.ti, unblocked path that indicates what an effect cau.affect. A solid barrler cancels a line '0£ effe:er,JOItJt Ii ne of affeor;is nor blocked by fogo, darkness, anc10fh~£QupIs~that l)~r

normal ~ighr. . . ..

Yau must have jl Clearline: ofef{ecno JiI'~y<raJ'geI thRt Y!:lJ.l,: initiate a maneuver a,gainstlor to any ~ac~in?ihicll y~u wi.~n. to create (illille0t at Fan~e(lfyatlT manellve:t<aliow~ih~t). A burst or emanarioa. affects only an area, !Zt:e;n;ure, ,OJ: obJe'c:r to w'hichJtt has a line of-effect from its Qrigil1. . .

An otherwise solid batrier-wirh, a.hole oht least 1.sg_um:e· foot through Ir does nat blocJuunanmlveJ;;~s )IDe ofclfeet.


A maneuser's duration T611~%u how-iongit.s ef&~t.hsts.

End ofTuru: The 'maneuver's eEfenlasts'UnalJ:he'~!.L('jf

yOUI' tum, then ceases to. funGtion,.. ,

InstllDkneaus:,"The effeotafthe'luaneu;ver-EOmes an.dgaes We instant rlmmaneuiVel' i.s,:fuifute~\ iliQugh the 'Cense:q.!1enq~ migot be lon~~las:ring, 1'01; exampie.J ihe mGlmenror a'lacri'tiy' cost ra.kes-oaly asw1ftta:c;tioll to. Initiate; bur:it lm!!Ifil\!.es ¥ou:!' rnitiarive connt fo.r'filie dnration.ofjhe combat.


S'ometW.i:es,'Ollllanll'lWerwi'ttl a spe:ciM effett Qr:snp_ei-b.aturlll <1ugruentatr6i1 ;t1&a1" targetS an. enemy hllo.'vvs the i:;;rl'latm::e·or o1Ji~c Q IDHl{ec1f-savrngfihowio.aygia s0me!3fr-alL6Hhe"&ffed. Lhe saving; ilk"r-oW' lUfem. -~ mane-uve.r deScription .deBnes whiGh -lrve' 6£'s:a\!lng fut6w_~ maneuver allows,

Nega'tes; )the mancuvel' ili-a_s no additional effec.f on a su_bjeCl'i: dlqt make-sa _Slicces-ffiil sav:in_g throW

Partial': l'n:e;manenvet causes an effect. 00 its _ s1;~bJ~ct, men '3.s,de>'itl1. A.suc~essfuLsavillg throW_fue~liis:t1\.~ t S01m~ lessel:-effeo::t 8lOcurs{-sm:nas"being.ileal aamage iathee~han heing Kille-d:).

Ha1f:'the maneuver deals aamage, and ~fS1:lCCessftil s~;'d-bg

throw h:aly_!!s the da_mage·ta~ (round dGwil). --

None: In a case whem ,no S?V!'ng throw is ·a.llQ~fld,-j'1re sa¥ingtitt0wclme is omH-tea,

- - - ~. - - - - - - ;d-' _.

Saving Throw D iHi;C'wlty: Class; The:fwrmul!:l f01' der~rrn~ing_a sav1<ngrhr-OW]JG;a,gpfust a: maneuvers ~l'2~el:li:a~eFt1!c;t is plOvided'iB :themaneuver's.descrdptio'll:'


Unlik-e-~pen descrIptions or-power desG.ri,Ption-s, m!l-rtl~l mRDe-uv~';rs do)!!\ have-a spell resistance or-power llesIsla,nee enny_ sinCe-;ll}a'Ifl,'uvers are, extraordina!_Y-9rSU:R~rI!a tllraJ abilities, opt spells orspell-likeabiliries, spell re5t~pan,ce,does narJIHept,a_ m~11~u"e!"


This portioa.ef the maneu ver description explaib.s what the maneUV!}F does andlIDwi~works_tt begtnswtrh a setlrence 81: t\wofitaI[0iz~d "rea&aload" rexuhat gives,plaver,s an.image ofhBwfn:e maneuver does what it does.If one ofthe:'prevlOt~S lines in the marrenve_r descl1tptipn included "see texc;"'this ~ecricm is wn-ere;.y.ou 'lind rhe el':p1anation,



Mant&d a !;lep~ 'lJ-sualJ:}I le:ar~' new malH!'l1Vel'S and Stllillcelf: -wlii(l;n ~1i:ey'a-n~-i'i:tHfnewle",et Not-e"el'¥Wsciplinei<; i0 .evefr¥' <iha ra0ter.

Maneuvers and"Stances Giline&a:ta NewTievec M;tnia.1 adepts tram, m.edititte; and praciice.-betWceen,aQViliE trres ·mIa while resung, When,,a:mar-tialadepilea'ms ane-W ma1il.cmbVer or: stailCe'bec~use: she gained a.level, you-can sssumethar this newknowledge represents the,Jfe~ts of'pracrtce and I>rudy over theeourse of days; weeks.or.even menrhs.

Independent Study: Arnartial adeptoan attemp_ttGidli:vf:se a flew mar euvet or sta» ce independently, a_ddlng-t0 an exlsr~ -ihg disdpllne. A DM decides ifit's possible fOf a' character ~ develop. a i'i:ew maneuver,

lEa DM permits .fhe·Q.reation of a new maneuverr0]-se"(Vl'" the fo llowlhg',gtlIaeltBes:

First" the lD~rtiaL!! _ _dept requires a safe place to meditate ,ana' practice. Thisetfort ~lIl takea number Qfdays 1':G1ID!'1 ro 3..:-:. tbe-maFleuver's levci,-sojIthe adep~isdev:ish1~a7ilt:lev€! >W.aBe1:1V(~r! theTeStlaJ'ch w-illreg_ulr-e:2i'·c\ays. The;adepr Plys 50 'XJ'J!~diJY' ofstumy;,whirn.rep:t:.e,e:nts:an inteRSe'I~e:n- @ mea,i~tinrh fa'S,,_tingi·an..d practice aeslg:n:ed 10 fO(JB:~th<t- 'lffind ;~n9 sRu:ll on the task.atliand,

~ mm;tial adept can't create-a- new-rna nenver '0£ a h~gher level tha·JiI th.e: adept is capa ble~of1t!ari1ing.·

:At the end of the l'equisite-tf:lIrefot, study and _j::I'ua.cti£e, me mar:tLil adep'"'~ttemp!s a MartiaILo:reclieck(DC;:<25 +(2 x thi' maneuver's level).

If the check sue ceeds , thecharacter Ie arns-th_eoinaBeuvel: the,ne-xt·timeshe bas an Oppolltunity to learn a-new I1tfhn-f'U~ veJ:th,J.:otlghlevel advance-men! orfeat selection, fftlie check fa ilsj the.:new maneuver-isnoryet perfected, an&sne-must go fhe study-and pracnce.time again !'f_:she want-s fohep frying{alth-Qugh she regains tEe XPshe-hrui spent-

thti{far). .. .

ADM sheuld w0i"k with the player before- the -attempt;ro develq?"_p a new maneuver begins, and give hergindance on the pa'l.'a,meters underwhich a new maneuver dr disdpl1nlil ruig_ht be accepta ble (see-treatih~ New Spells, bMGr38)..


·,soine creatures-ate naturally,giltedill the Sublim.e,Wa,yanuGlm miiliells-eoF-mullrifllm;uieuverswithollt having levels ill an.!II"Iil3J ;adept ciass.Ilie£einDorn aBj,lifie.s,functi8n mucbJil<&spell~like ·:tbtlities @t:psi-l±Ke, abillities; 01JaIa,cte~s using-ma1itIalsciripw ,(see -page iL#7j can·als;cilma"'ketlSe cifm:artialman€uver£ ..

. _1nit!_a~~a:m:lanetl~er-t~~Ql%~,.ati,~atie~aljilitY,~~Tby :tising airn:~gt.clt-em,wotk-S:luslJileInici)jfiJJ&:_a ruaneuv,er.nor.ttrally: , _dQe'S.3~Y.Q\lrd0>lf6t p,to\l:oke. af±-a~si5r0,pg.Qrnuut"y; andiraill' fua~:le.(ive.-rsilfre ildt.SU]JjeGt't0speil:fe'irsranc.e.

ou fmow by ~lOW thattJI~ D~5!!li Willd ~t1tls-t:er5 51 lin y secret~ of air -lUlll fire, From Ihll s~eef of theu' snmitan they bring-jolth

fiallle to blind ol'l:iI! fllcil'l1nelnfcs_ Yet th fire

docs nol reside III the steel, my 5tnaetd; it resides in the mru-t.rr, (lIId the stt'd IS simpl" II conduit thyough wJIich t1~e fiT1! isguified to Ill,' mastd5 purpose. fo call forth lhe:fIame, the nesert Wfl1d master creates in his soul n bll rYeH mId bl~md prace, tL deseli wasteland will! (I StU'l OJlriUil1g slreng11t ellISe IT! hand, 111 his mind ~le remUs til!' [owsing chanls or l\!ordg j aught to hun, hl!m:iflgt!~jfm in his mvn ~ars gVCl'I if he does 110t sperrll Il,em aloHd; ill ItlS bod)' !tc eX'&,ules n precise plll'sieal 111 0 ve111 ent, (I' t{uich pfm oj the Iwora in jllS'! the rig-hI tift aHd at just fhe J'igill'fpead. For an rn..wl'rt, rbe Iml. b~hveeT1 ml1'1d, body, ,ma spirit i5 ptrJe,t' the firllSoJ;l~ 4,·w·tsnn 51lrgC[twHii allllHOI11I1lC;t)ti., So itisforcach 0fthIJ1'lTflUl Disriplilles, \'UId1.g (me. NbIA1, 'II/here shnlllw bt'$'fill"

-Hamln Ttlriy,e~1JOr

~llcb of the nine disciplines ofthe Sublime Way is composed ofa number of specific sta nces a nd rna neu vers-namely, strikes, boosts, and counter . Much like a sorcerer's spells, each STance or maneuver is a specific ability rher a character might know. Bur while a sorcerer's spells Tely on arcane power iliac is deplered by conrtnuous use, a ID1lr6:rJ adept's abtlines are always avai lable to him as long as he has a few minute (0 pre,lJare the maneuvers lie wishes to use ..

The table below provides a summary of which disclplines are availabl-e [Q escb of rhe three martial adeB_1. spmc41rd classes, 'rlle liSIS of maneuvers uad sranees that begin on the next page are orgatnized by level in ascending order, and alplulbei:bHy by discipline in each level's I isr.Jn these l1~', the disqpline names are trtmcated or re~llKed [0 one word till :ave. 'Sl,?ac.e.

Crusader Swordsage Warblade
Desert Wind No Yes No
Devotecl.5pirit Yes NQ No Stnne
91amand Mind No Yes Yes
Iron Heart' No N'o Yes
Setting Sun No Yes NO
Shadow Hand No Yes No
Stone Dragon Ves ires Yes
Tiger Claw No Yes Yes Tiger


Desert :Blistering Flourrsh: mKe~Dazzle creatures


.Burning Blade: BOQ5t-Dealld6.£re + 1!initiat61'


DistractingEmber: Boost-EreeJ.e:mentru.appears,

flank-s enemy.

Flam~'s Blessingr Stance-Gain fi.tC t sistance based.on Tumble1'3nks.

WiuCl ttide; BO€lst-+lO-ft. bonhs to sp,ee4,

Devo Cr-q,sauer's Strike: trike-Successful >I r tatk a UO\V:s YOll to heal :1:d6 + l!inirurroJ: leve-l

Iron G1l3rd!s Glare: Stante-Enemies take -4 penalty on attacks againsryou.r .allies.

Martial Spirit: Stance-Heal 2 hit points with eacllsuccessful attack.

Va11guaxcl Strike: Strike--Allies.gain +4 bonus on attacks -again t target.

lliam Mom~nt of Perfect Mind; Counter-e-Use GOl;lcentra:doncheckin place ofWillsave. sapphire Nightmare Blade: Suike-OpPollel1,t flar-footecl, +:1d6 damage wlth Cnnceritration check

StlUJ,¢e of Clarity: Stance-Gain +2 AC against oneioe, -2 against all others.

Iron PunishingSt:tllce: Stance-Anacks deal +ld6 damage, buryou have-2 mAC.

Steel Wtnd: Strike-Arrack two opponents. Steely Strike: Strike-+4 bonus on one arrack, enemies gain +.~ bonus on-attacks against you.

Set Counter Charge: Counter-Ruip charge 1!rti'l~, force charging foe te move away-from you. Mighty1hrow: Strike~Grabfoe, rhTowhlm up tOUJf't.

Stepo£ the Wi11.d: Stance-e-Ignore difficult rerr;all), gnm])o qusag~instfoes in such-tertstn,

sh-ado\1,T child of Shadow: Stance-You gain concealment

as long as you move. •

Clinging Shadow strilte: Stclk.e-Foe suffers 10% miss chance on -artacks.

Islalut o£Blades: tance-·'l"oJ.l and allies a<11;lk all atlj ac enr foes.

Shad'ow Blade Technique: ailee-Roll rwo airacks, use lo\ .. ter resulr [0 deal bonus c id '[lil Illil'~el

Chru:gingMinota:ur: Strike-Charging bull rush deals d'llm!l.gj:\, ignores attacks of oppcrrunlrj, Stotle Bones: S DR 5/ad a manti ne, Stonefoot Stance: Sta nce---+2 bonus on Srre!lgTh Ghech, +2 bonus to AC against luger foes.

Blood in the Water: tance-Gain+l bonus on attacks and damage.for each criticalhit.

Hunter's Sense: Stance-Gafu.scent.

Sudden Leap: Boost-Jump 3S a swift action. Wolf Fang Strike: Strike-Attack wirh . two weapons.

White BolsteringVoice: Stance-Allies gain~2 bonus an will saves, +4 againscfear,

Douse the Flames: Strike-Targel cannot make attacks of opportunity for 1 round. Leadingthe.Attack: Strike-Allies gain".4 bonus on attacks against foe you strike.

Leading the Charge: Stance-Allies deal +-:1 damage/jj)jtiator level on charge attacks,


Desert Bw:ning Brand: Boost-Gain +5cft. reach, deal

fire damage.

HlleJUposte: Ct\1Unter-G:onnrerfoe'g at racK with fiery touch that deals 4d6 damage.

Flashing Sun: Strike-Gain extra attack Hatchling's .Flamei Strike-Cone deals 2d6 !ire


Foehammer: Strike-Overcome foels UR, deal

+2d6 damage,

S!tj,eld Block: Counte.r-Granr shield bonus + 4- as AC bonus [0 ally.-

Action Before Thought: Counter-Use Cancentrarion check in place of Reflex save,

.Emerald Razor: Strike-Turn melee strike into to uc;jj<a t ta ck.

Disarming Strike: Strike~Wirh ruccessfulanack,

attempt to disarm foe.

will of Blades: Counter-Replac.eAC with attack

roll resulr,

Baffling Defense: Counter-Use Sense'Motive

check [Q dodge attack.

Clever Positioning; Snike-Swapposicionswitb targe[of attack.

Shadow Cloakof.Deception: Boost-Turn invislhle until tbe end ofyall! lTL1'n·

Drain Vitality: Suik:e:-Attack deals 2points of


Shadow Jaunt: Teleport 50 ft. through shadows

as standard action.

MountainHanuner: Strike-Deal +1d6 damage. overcome DR and hardness,

Stone Vise: Stti'lre-OealHd6 darnag_-e, aWl.(:,k immobilizes creatnre.






TIger Claw at the Moon! S-trike-MAl~ Jump check, deal +2d6 damage.

Rabid Wolf Strike: Strike-+!- bonus on.arrack, deal +2d6 damage, -4 AC for 1 !Gtmd.

White Battle Leader's Charge: Strike-No- attacks of opportunhy whileci3arging, deal+iodarnage, Tactrcal Strike: Sn:£ke-Deai +.2tlt. damage, adjacenr a llies move 5 feet.


o sen Death Mark: Strike-Enemy rakesextra qre damage 311d explodes in a Jiery spread.

Fan the Flames: Strike-Ranged much arrack deals 6d6 fire damage.

Holocaust cloak: Srance-Attackerstake 5 fire damage.

Zephyr Dance: CouDter-+4 AC against single attack.

Devo Defensive Rebuke~'Boosr-Foes youstrike must arrack you or provoke attack of opponuniry. Revitalizi g Strike: Strike--Successful attack allows you to hea13d6 + l/in itia tor level Thicket of Blades: Stance-5-ft. sreps provoke attacks from you.

Diam Insightful Strtkee trike-Use Concenrrsrion check to dcrermine.damage.

Mind Over Body_Coumer-Use Concenrration check. in place ofporritade save. PearlofBlatkDoubt: Stru1cc-Gain+2AC each time foe misses you.

Iron Absolute Steel.Stance: Srance-+10-n. bonus TO speed, +2 AC wtrh.movernene,

Exorcism of Steel; Strike--Strike oppcnent's weapon, It deals.-4 damage.

IroAHeartSiuge: Remove e£fect,:gain +2mo'tale bpl'luS on attacks.

et Devastsring Throw: trike-Grab foe, throw him using leverage.strength.

Eeigned Opening: Caumer-As an imnrediare action, provoke an arrack, [hen counter, GiantKilling Style: Stance-t2 bonus on snacks and +4 bonus on damage against larger foes.

hadow Assassin's Stance: Stance-Cain sneak attack +2-d6.

Dance of Lhe Spider: Stance-You climb walls .like a spider.

Shadow Garrote: Strike-Ranged touch attack deals Sd6 points of damage.

StI:ength Draining Strike: Strike- You r arrack deals 4- points of Strength damage.

Stone .Bonecrusher: Strike-Deal +4-d6 damage, +10 bonus on attacks ro confirm critical hirs, Crushing Weight of the Mountain: Sta nceConstticrfor 2d6+.1-1/2 times Str when gI' ppling, Roots of the Mountain: tance~lO bonus on t:hew against bull rush. trip. and otirers, and gain D"R2J-

tone DJ:agon's Fury: Strike-Deal +4ci6 damage against objects, constructs,

Tiger Fleshllipper:'sanacksandAChave -4 penBlif.

Leaping' Dragon Stance: Stance-+10 on.]U:rnp checks, always considered IUnrll.llg for jumps. SoaringRaptor Strike: Sfrike-Anack larger;folO from above with +4 bonus, deal +6d6 damage. Wolverine Stance: Srance--Use any weapons while gra'ppled.

White Lion's Roar: Bnost-c-Defeat enemy, allies deal +·5 damage.

Ta.ctics.ofthe Woll: Stance-You and allies dea14-1 damage/2 initiator levels against flanked rarget, WruteRaven Tactics: Boost-Ally's initiative changes, be can act again.


Desert Piresnake: 5 rrike-c-Stream. of fire twists around corners.

Seartng Blade: Boosr=-Anacks deal +2d6 fire damage + 1/initiato[ level

Searing Charge: Sttike-Plywhile charging) deal +5d6 fire damage.

Devo Divine.S1lXge: Strike--Deal +SdB damage.

En:tangling Blade: Strike-Deal +2d6 damage, target haS-200ft. penalty to speed.

Diam 13 ounamg A.ssatll t: Stcike- Dou ble move and attack

Mind Strike: Strike-Arrack deals id4 Wisdom damage.

Ruby Nigh:t:maxe Blade: Strike-Arrack deals double damage with ucce ful Concenrration check.

Iran LigbtningRecovery: Counter-Reroll an attaek thar misses with +2 bonus.

1afithral Tornado: Sed ke=-Make at racks against adjacenr foe, +2 on each attack.

et CometIht:mv: srri:kec-Grabfoe, thmwhim using leverage, strength.

Strike of the Broken Shield: deaJs -f4-d.6 damage. makes target flat-footed.

Shadow Hand of Death: Strike-Touch renders foe paralyzed for ld3 rounds.

Obscuri.n.g Shadow Veil: Strike-Deal +5d6 damage and foe has 50% miss chance on attacks for 1 round.

Stone Bonesplitting Strike: Strike-Attack deals 2 Consrinnicn damage,

Boulder Roll: Boost-Gain ++ bonus on overr-un arremprs.

Overwhelming Monnratn.Srrike: Stcike- Deal +2d6 danrage, target loses move action.

Tiger Death PJ:GIn Above, Strike-L-eap Into.the air, attack fOe from above. deal +4d6 damage. Fountain of Blood: Boost-Defeat foe, cause.fear In enemies.

whitt' CoveringStrike: Baost----',Hvery opp(lmenryou srrike cannot make anaGks>m oppcrruntrv for '3 rounds,

White Raven Strike: Strike-Deal +4q6 damflg~ tatser becomes- Bat-footed.


Desesr Dragon's Flame: Strike-Cone deals 6d6 fire damage,

Leaping Flame: Counter-Teleport adjacent to foe ~vbo attacks you.

Lingering Inferno: Strike-Deal +2d6 fire damage, and target takes 2d6fi.redamage per round for 3 rounds.

Devo Daunting Strilte: rrike-Ta-rget of arrack becomes shaken.

Doom Charg~: Stri lee-Charge attack deals extra damage against good, y.ou gam DR 10/-.

Law Bearer: Strike-Dea 1 +4<16 damage, tB arrack againsr chaotfc- enemy, gain +5 on saves and AC. Radiant Cllaxge: trike-Deal -sds damage against evil foes, gain DR 0/-.

Tide of Chaos: Strike-e-Charge srrackdeals extca damage against law; grants }'oue'Qucerunw'il't.

Dfam Disrupting Blow: rrike-Sureessfltl attacK causes foe TO be unable to acrfor L round. Stance-Gain bhndsense 30ft., +5 bonus au Lis-tell checks,

Rap~d Counter: Counrer-c-Srrike opponent who provokes attackfrom you.

Iron Dancing :Blade Form: Stance-+5·fr. reach dutingyourmrn.

Dazing Srrike: 'rTike___:lvfelee arrack dazes opponeilL

Iron Heart.Focusi Counrer-« ReIoH ~iIVC,

Set Minored Pursuit: Counter-Yotl match opponent's movement.

Shifting Defense.: Stance-5-ft. step with each missed arrack against you.

Soaxing Throw: Str!.ke-Grab foe, rhrow him using leverage, strength,

Stalking Shadow: Coumer-Move Into foe's space as he rues to move away from you.

hadow BloocUetting Strike: BOOst-Strike deals 4 Consr:irution damage.

Shadow Stride: Teleport 50fr. through shadows as move action.

Step of th.e Dancing Moth: Stance-s-Lgnore retrain, walk over Uquid.

Stone Eleler Mountain Hammer, Strike-Deal +6d6 damage, overcome Dk andliardness.

Giallt's Stance: tance--De;rl damage as if Y01.1 are one size category larger.

Mountain Avalanche: trike-GaJ.n ability to trample foes,

Tiger DancingMong.oose: Boost-.l.\:filkeoueexrra attack with each weapon (max of two extra artasks),

Petm 'ing Charge: 'trike-Whelil you char " make multiple snacks.

White I11ankingManeuver: £tri ke-Hit flanked target, iill~es gain free attack.

~ess the A.~l:vanf"ag¢: Stmlce-Movc,+S ftlef. with 5.ft. step, .move Irrte diffi.tlllt rerram,


Desert Desert Tempest: Snike-Artack foes: as you move by them.

Fiery Assault: Stance-Me lee arracks deal + 1 d6 fire damage,

Ring of Eire: Strike-Surround foes withburning Harne.

Devo Aura of chaos: Srance-s-Rerollandadd maximum damage dice.

A1:U:aof pe.tfect Order: 5 m J~ce- Treatcl.20 IeSU If as 11.

Aura ofTrtumph: Stance-Youandallies heal + points with each attack against evil

Aura ofTyr3n:ny: Stance-Drain hirpoints from allies.

ltallyi1lg Strike: Sirike-SucGeSsful at ~ack allows you to healsds + l/initiator level in 30- ft. burst.

Diam Gr~atet 11lsightfulStrike: Strike-Use double Concentrarion.check.m determine damage. Moment oEAla crity: BlYost-Gaiu +-20;bonu s on initiative du ring battle,

Iron Iron.Heart Endurance: Boost-Heal hit points equal to two times your level,

Manticore Parry: Counter-s-Deflecr attack and redirect it against opponent.

Set Ballista Throw: strike-Ih row foein 6(}-n. Iine, dfl.ltl6d6 damageto all ill area.

Scorpion Parry: Counter-Parry attack lnro second opponent.

Shadow Clro st Blade: Strike-Targer becomes Hat-footed.

Shadow Noose: Strike-Ranged rouch attack deals Bci6 damage and mlghr stun flat-footed target.

Stalker in rhe Night: Strike-Move and attack while remaining hidden.

Stone C:r;ushing Vise: Strike-Deal +4& damage, -attack immobilizes creature.

Iron Bones: Sni1<e-Gain DR10/adamanr4,e, Trneaistdble MOl.rntain Strike: SHiIte-Deal +4'd6 damage, targetloses standard action.

Tiger Rabid Bear Strike: Strike-Gam +4 on. arrack, deal +lodiS damage, -40AC with arrack,

WoIf Climbs the lY,[ountain: Srr.l'ke-E,l.1ter Iarger fo 's space, deal +5d6,d<\.lnage,gajn cover ftotufoe.

White Oider Forged from chaos; Allies move up (0 their speed durtng your tum.

War Leader's Charge: Strike-No- attacks or o.pFCll"luni1iY wblle cltar;glrJi~ deal +35:cljmage,


Inferno Blade: BnDSJ- [dee anacks deal 3cl6 fire damage + l(Ulitiatot level.

&.tla:mander Charge: Sn;ike-chaIge a rid create crail of liTe.

Castigating S·trike: St!'ike-De.~l +Sd6 damage and trigger area blast.

shield Counter: Caumer-Shield bash cancels foes arrack.

Diam Avalancbe of Blades: etlch attack rhar hits, make another attack with increasing penalty.

Quicksi1vetMotion: Boo l-Usesw:l.ftaetionro complete move action.

Iron Finishing Move: Strike-Gain extra damage against weakened foe.

S-cything Blade: Bocsr-e-S tr ike one foe, free arrack against another one.

et Hydra Slaying Strike: trike--Foe is unable to use fu 11 arrack action.

hadow Death in the Dark: Strike-Deal + 15d6 damage to surprised target.

Shadow Blink: Teleport 50 ft. through shadows as swift acrion.

Srone Ancient Mountain Hammer: Strike-Deal +nd6 damage, overcome DR and hardness. Colossus Strike: Srrike-Strik.e deals +6d6 damage, knocks opponent backward.

Tiger Hamstring Attack: Strike-e-Attack deals Ids Dexterity damage. foe's speed has -10 penal rv. Prey on the w~ak: Sta nee-Attack ofopporruniry with each foe- that drops.

Swooping Dragon Strike: Srrike-Jump over foe, deal +10d6 damage, stun.

White Clazion Call: Bcost-e-If you drop a foe, 0 llies withil, 60 ft. can make free attack. or 1:21,e move 'a man.

Swarming Assault: Strike-Allies make free attacks against afoe you strike.


Desert Rising Phoenix: Stance-Hover on column of super-heated air.

Wyrm's Elame: Srrike-Cone of fire deals lod6 fire damage.

Devo Greater Divine Surge: Snike-Deal +6ds da mage, also gain +1 on attacks and deal -zds damage per point of Con damage you voluntarily rake. Immortal Fortrtude: Stance-You cannot die

due to .hir point damage.

Diamond Defense: Counter-Gain save bonus equal TO level.

Diamond Nightmare Blade: Strike-c-Auack deals quadruple damage with successful oncenrrarion check


Stance of Alacrity: tance-Gain extra counter each round.

Iron Adamantine Hurricane: rrtke-e-Iwo attacks against each adjacent foe, +4 bonus on each attack.

Lightning Throw: melee attack'as a line attack.

Supreme Blade Parry: Stance-Gain DR 5/-.

Set Fools Strike: Counter-Reflect foe's attack.

Ghostly Defense: rance-c-Enernies hit rarger of yow: choice while you have concealment.

Shadow Balance on the sky: Stance-Walk OD. air, Enervating Shadow Strike: Strike-Target of strike gains 1M negative levels.

One With Shadow: Connter-Become fncorporeal for 1 round.

Stone Adamantine Bones: Strike-Gain DR 10/adamamine.

Earthsrrike Qu.ake: Strike-Local quake knocks enemies prone.

Strength of Stone: Stance-Gain immunity [0 cri ticalhits.

Tiger Girallon Windmill Flesh Rip: Boost-Gain ability to rend will, successful attacks.

Raging Mongoose: BOOST-Make tWO extra attacks with each weapon carried (max four eA.U3 attacks).

Wo1IPackTactics: Stance-Free 5-f[. step with each successful attack.

White Swarm Tactics: Stance-Allies gain +5 on attacks against: enemy adjacent to you.

White Raven Hammer: Strike-Deal +6d6 damage, stun opponent.


Desert Inferno Blast: Strike-e-Bursi of lire deals 100 points ofd.amage

Devo Strike of Righteous Vitality: Strike-Successful arrack grants IWIII spell,

Diam Time.Srands still: trike-Take full arrack action, two times.

Iron strike of Perfect Clarity: Strike-Deal +100 damage on Single arrack.

er Tornado Throw: trike-Move and throw foes repeatedly.

Shadow Five-Shadow Creeping Ice Bnervation Strike:

Strike-s-Channel shadow into target, causing hp damage, ability damage, other eHecrs.

STOne Mount,un Tombstone Strike.: Srrike-s-Anack deals 2d6 Consrfrurion damage.

Tiger Feral Death Blow: Strike-Leap upon foe, slay him with a single strike.

\Vhite War Master's Charge: Strike-You and aliie charge, no attacks of oppormOlty. deal extra damage, stun,

Desert ind maneuversfocu on quick movlffilefltand ~Hamit'tg strikes. The scimftar, LIght m.ace, ligh; pick, spear, and falchi.0'fl are the: preferred weapons ofthe Desert Wind d isciphne, The<:qmpJex: spLuningand slashing of rhO! enrved blade incorporated into many Desert Wind maneuvers lire in fact earefu 11y honed gestures thar evoke rhe power of fire, if _p rformed correcdy and with rhe propel' focus. Tumble is. the key skillfoLDesert Wind, providing the Initia tor with agi_liry and maneuverabihry. DesenWind rnaneuvers ace usable only by a sword sage, unless you take the Martial Study feat (see page 31).

BLTSTERING FLOLTlllSH Desert Wind (Strike)

Level; Swordsage 1 lnitiilionAction: 1 Standard action Range: 30 it.

,<\_rea: 3u-Ft.-rndius burst centered on you

Durarion: 1 minute

SaviIig Throw, Fortitude negates

¥OtIY weapon bLIt'st5 into J1amesIl5 you lUlirl itolleryow-1rea,L with!l floutish, yo II muse th~ fire to exp/atle.ltlitlt i1 blinding fladl.

When you use this strike, you generare a burst of brilliant light. Any crearare orher than you caught in rhis maneuvers area must mskea "Fortitude save (DC 11 + }fOUl' Wismodl1ier) or be dazzledIor 1 minute.

This maneuver is a supernatural ability_


Desert Wind (Boost) [Fire]

Level: Swords-age 1 Inirfarion.Acrion: 1 swift action Rlmge: PeJ:Son~J


Duration: End of turn

Your h7ade aursts if1to flam!: as if sHleep5 tOtl'tl:l'tl yOUl' fao 11-1 «11 elegn-ttt ClI'C.

A subtle yet precise rwisting of yOUI bla-d~ unlocks the power of flame. \; hen you initiate this maneuver, hre trails-from yeltr melee weapon. For the rest of yom rLI rn, your melee J'lLtacks

deal an extra ld6 oi nrs of fire da mage -I- 1 poinr per 1:niti-at0r level.

This maneuvee is a superna'1liliill ability.


Desert Wind (Boost) [Fire] Level: Swordsage 2 lnitiationAction: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: '(all

Duration: End of turn

-'loW' w~n[lOiI fmmjorms flllo ~ l'olnillggout riffi,(J·/t1 e. As yaH swing ),OLlI' bl.Jrnfng,vl.nd.e, -it si-ret{;·i1es 01Jt beya net )'011.1' norm 1Jll'etich to search yo Ill' foes.

when you initiate this man uver, your weapon turns into a bumtng brand for the rest of rour tum, The p.lJl-nd increases your [each by 5 £i et, and your melee attacks m~de with the brand deal :fire damage equal tOYOlI r normal melee damage. You still gain aU the normal benefits from a high Strength SCOLe, feats, and other- effects that increase your melee damage; For example, an attack with a Iongsword that normally deals td8+4 points of slashing damage would instead dealld8+4points offue damage. You otherwise auack with your weapon as normal,

This maneuvet is a supernatural ability.


Desert Wind (Strike) [Fire] Level: Swordsage 3

Initiation Acti~n: j_ standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Area: Variable spread; see texr Duration: Instantaneous

Saving Thl'ow:Reflex ha1['; see text

As you)' .wca.paH 'slrikes y01J1' iDe, hf,s body convulses a-I wa lies offitl,1iI e r IIi! d~ lAt!1 yom bInd<! ;1110 his body. TI1lf fin' '~mes him to briefly g/ow- W1tJ1 rl. vlilJirll1l' intenlaJ ji.J't hefa rp t h ' .Oll;;JW ~ni}11 [,'0111 h is bon)' 1,n a ten-ibte s/(p!i)liiol1:

When you use the strike, you channel overwhelming fiery energy int0 me: body of YOUT 'foe: In addition to dealil1g llormilJ l:n!iltee d~nge. wiJh l".lill:


arrack, you cause Ii ra to erupT £rum your enemy's body in a spread. T1e- radius of the spread is cletenuined by the size oC the HlJ:getcteatt,lre,.us inllk@t~ OJ~ rhe table below. All creatures in the nrea, includingyouT enemy; take 606 points orme damage, with a Reflex511\le DC J. 1 + your Wismodilier) for hal£:This rad III is centered on the creatnre's'posirion.

You have ini;tn'unity'to-me-fire-danlQ.gc from your own death mark.

This maneuver is a supernarural abillry.

DESERT' TEMPEST Desert Wind ( trike) Level Swordsage 6

Prerequisite: Two Desert Wind


Initiatton Actior : 1 full-round action Range: Personal

Target: YQu

yO!~ move 111 a bhll~ /C(lvIlIgscoYfih mark- /II your wak.e as YOll '-wid around ~he bail/I" fte/a, slidttgilli.D your foes aSJ'Oli nl0l/t.

As part of this maneuver, you move up to your speed. Each time you exit a square adjacent to an en~ you can first make a single melee attack against that Ioe, You cannot attack n single enemy more than once with I.hi maneuver; Your movement provoke attacks ofopporrunlry, as normal.


Level Swords age 'l

Initiation Action: 1 sw:ifi action Range: 30-ft.

Effect: One summoned1ire-e1emema! Duration: End of turn

A WClW of 1·l.ilIT l "wee ps ().lin" the area, fo n rr 11 smalLdustfumull, ami ign-ihrs il1tO flan1e ncrl to ynurfoll.

This boostnllows you to coujlrre:a Small Fire elemel1.1ial CUM 99) to threnren

pll' enemy; P!'0VJ:diag.:Y01:1 OI an any with-rhe benefu.ofaflanmgposlti:on. Yau eansase ihfS''ahnity re place the eirementgl in. ~pace., wiLlain range. "(h'e el~memal l'em.a.1ns '1..)'llIll the end of YOUT current th rearens-all, ereanrres within its I;caGh, It Eail~es no actions or attacks oferpportrmiry durmg yoUr-tum,

This maneuver is asupernajural abtli~y.

DRAGONS FLAME :Elesert Wind (Strike) [Fire] :Le\lel Swordsage 5

Prerequisite: Two Desert 'vVhid


fuitia1ioll.Action: 1 standard action Range: 30 ft.

Area: Cone

Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: Reflex half

W1fh (uftifj!mt rUaI; -Y0ust{mmon your ld and ultleash if. igniting it witha combiu('!f[on of yo ur rneditativefows ,md'seethingfury.

As a masterofthe'Desert Wind advances to: his studies, he learns '[Q stoke. raging fires with !tis' ki. 'This maneuver allows you to gene-rate a gOut oBite-similar to a dragon~ burning bream. With this maneuver, you blasr forth a.cone.of fire rhar dealS" 6d6p0itrrs-offue damage to everyrhingin the. area~-treaturesin the area can arrempt Reflex saves (DCi15 + your Wis moclli1et) fol' half damage.

1'Iris marteuver is a supernatural

ability, .

FAN THE FLAMES Desert Wind (Strike) [Eire] Level: S-wordsag_e 3

Prerequisite: One Desert Wind


InitiationAction: 1 standard action Range: 30 ft.

Target: Qne creature

Fffchedngjfllme d.ances ana,s your blade, tIl ell springs t6wm-d ]lour I,arget as you '111e1!Jl yonnitvord;{hrou"uh tl1 e air.

&skillt!d:DesettWind-adeptcan gather flame within hiS weapon and hurl it rlU:ough tlle'lllr.When yollihiriarethiS znanenver, YQJ11a'lillch..a f1st?ize:d.ball pf white-liQtfite a1 a si"ti~te tl}WQ~w

]if yelLlflal<:e·aStl1!G€s5litlT-a.n~e ;tQucli amck. yow:,'tar_genaires 6d6 f,l~'i.:fi'tsQf

'ffi'r:e darna_ge-. -

This waneuve -15 11. 'SllpeIHioitti:rrlll atiitity.

FIERY ASS:,ALTLT Des€ctrWlnd,($ance) [FfreJ TIev.el: Sw.eJiOSag.a.lf

iP-l'erequiJSit:e: - 7wo "Qes:erf Wind

mimeuver~ 1nitimonAcrlon.: 1 sWiEt action ,Range: PeFsonaJ

Tar_get: You

D~U;atiori.: _s.ttm'ce

Phe di:rl1teHil(ilipouf arms and lieriissyaur wei1pon, linidh'igburTI1ng: energy to ('Vel'y Il.-ttadiyotl mahe.

While you are 111 this stance, every melee attack you make deals an extra 1d6 point5~Qffue dam'<lge.

This starice'isa supemahl1:aJabil,iry.


Desert Wind {Counter) [Fire]

Level: SWOIds-:ige 2 . Prerequisite: One -Deser't Wind,


Initiation Action: 1 immediate action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Instactaneous

You fow. the ,Fain from It Lt/Dund you_ ·hallf' just suffered into afJery 111cal1ifestaHon of rweng;e:

When a creature successfully strikes you with arnelee or na11lUid W&won, you can use fhis maneuver to giw)7su.rself the ablli'ryto make an immeai~te melee touch attack. If your mack hits, your target takes 4-d6 points offue damage.

This maneuver is a supernarural ability.


Desert Wind (StrJlze) [Fire] Level:Swoi:dsage 4

Prerequisite: Two Desert Wind


lDitiation,Action: 1 stfindatcil at:tiDn Range: 6lT.ft.

Area: S:'!iecilaJ.

lJ;uTatibn: :!i'd:1Uritani,!Qus S-aving 'EIlltow: :;Re1lex:llalf

¥jJu dtfiL'i! YQur weapon fl~tr), t~gtoul'rd, c4usrng to gQuf gffireJo jetfnw tl1f uj,: 'The fil'ej!bWs blT£~tQ fue woftnrl and-~rree~ al~!I~ Hkt a serplfnt(swfC'fll:ng bver yO~tT eniltlie&. and-'faast1-ng th,~m w!1il:r.e they stL1tl£l.


rf~,:6:resftahJTIoves:inrb a creature1s .space; that cteawre ta-:kes.6d6];)Qints.lif' £ire d,lma_ge;wifu a Reflex save (rJ&',i'4 -1- your Wismo.difief)_fm: half damage; A creature c;Ul only take duuHlg.enbm the- 'fuesna'ke tilflC'e:tn.- a single round. It-makes me sa:tr:iJ;lpr~hrow and takes damage the first tip:i€that the fitesnake toucBeSit. Aftetthii:l:ra&tesu<Jtehas n0 ,effk;t;:on thatcreitilite,

A firesnake imrst :rrrove'along the ground. It cannot fly, and it pays the:

Standard. movement penalties for difficult terrain and other: effects;

This maneuver: is .a supernatufal ability.

FLAME)S BbESSTNG DesertWina (StanGe) [Firel Level: Swordsagei

Initiati6h Action: j swift action Range: Persona 1

TaE_get: You

Duration: Stance

Fire -is not your enBl?1}' a11a it does not 1Hll'm you.

You-gain some-resistance to nre as long asytlu remain in this stance. The amount of' resistance is determined by yom: ranks in Tumble.lErou have 19 or more ranksin Tumble, you gain.immunityto .fuewltile YO,l1 are in fhis stance. -

Thfs stanceiS a sLlpernatur-al wlli;ty.

Tumble Ranks 4-E




Fi~e Resistance_i


7:& Imrmunity

FLASHING SUN Desert Wind (Strike) Level: Swords age 1

Prerequisite: One Desett Wind


lnitiationAction: 1 full-round action Range: Personal

Target: You

Ml1ll1_';t -n. blt,r oil"Uel(lYldioJ1, nmr silin i rig bLide 'flashes'"s you attack with jmpo'isib[e ;peeJ.

'Flashing sun allows you to make an additional melee attack during this zound. As_ part of this maneuver, you take afull attack action and make your normalmeleeattacks. However, you can make one.additional.arrack this round at Y0urhighCfst attack bonus" All me arrac.ksyou make this round, including the extra attackgranted by th is maneuver, are-made with a-2 penalty.

HATCHLING'S FLAME Desert Wind (Strike) [Fire] l.eveLSwordsage 2

l'rerequisite: One Desert Wind maneuver

lnitiilotion,MtU6n: 1 'StanE1a1.'d IIGtion

Range: 30ft. Area; Cone

Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: Reflex half

YOH [oW,.i '~, Lnl'I'rring ~u)"aof energy at the end of your bl,ade. It lOY 1'1'£5 <1. sedhf.llg sphere t'lllt, trfter Ll t1'fomel1J; bUl'-,t.I into Q tOi"YCI11. ofenel'gy.

The Desert'Wind discipline te~chtOs its students how [Q unleash their Itf as burning energy. Tbis maneuver allows you to create a wave offire thatsweeps over your enemies. When you initiate this maneuver, yap- blast jorrh a cone of flame rha t deals lds points of £T~ damage.

This .maneuver is a supernatural ability.

HOLOCAUST CLOAK DesertWil1d (Srance) [Fire] Level: Swordsage 3

Prerequisrter Ope Desert Wind


IrririationAcricn: L swift action Range: "Personal

Target: YOlL

D-n,ranon; Stance

Fire frlli1s fro';11 YOI/1" blade as- yo I~ s-pfrt it about, c1oakin-gyoH il1f1ame5-1~!rtt Leap qt.t to bUI"Il th05C who a-tta.d'l YO!!.

The Ilame from your weapon .lia':ngs in midair, providing you with a Ji~IY defense against your aU-J~ker~_ AIil adjacent opponentthar hits you\-vir;];r II melee attack while you are int1iisstal;t~ takes 5 points offire damage, ¥ottrh.9w ca ust cloak does nor.harm a crea 1!U"e using a reach weapon [Q a[[a(:k:y~n.

T11is stance isa supernamralabl'1ity.

INFERNO BLADE Desert Wind (Boost) [Fire] Level: Swords age 7

Ini.tiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

'I'arget. You

Duration: El;td of turn

A blintiiltg lighffla~hrs frqm ypUl' wcapgn, and for n Sl!ift 5fCQnd, it hml.iforms it\to bumiJl,g magma.

You convert yom:"b into Eery eneligy. allowing ir to :f10W down .yOUF arm and across your weapon. Until the-ead dfyeur arrn, Y0UL ~ee attacks d:eal

fJ\JFE1tNO RUST TI_esert-Wmd (S1;ri;ke) [Fi:J;_el L~ve1: Swotd_s:age9

P1'ereguisite: l?i-ve Dm;;~rt. w'~·H.t


lIri:#ation ':A.ctiOl,l:' ·1 ftuh'bllna action mmg~-6oft.

~~a{ burst centered .o-£10U

.D:l;lration: Instantaneous :SaVing 'throw: Reflex half

Hat J¥trrds wiy! aboUj yOll, (md r:r Mnt '~rD1l1n of brimstone sweeps 0 uer the i1l'ca. A JI icke),i ng ye !101N a.u ra SWTQU n ds' >¥OLL rmc!. grows in intensity, sheddingirunm· $1~~ tleoltllJ1d light. Crelltures~41'plm:4 :you _5tLlmbJ~ bilCl!_frorl'l the heat. \Vi.tll crhawHng tga1;·Yo.u unleash aJu!lish hla§tJ)j-jire .thll.t lTl'e~·stelll and waTP~ sJ:one.

Q;nlyttJ.te m?stets. of the Desert Win_d s!;:tlQ;01 are capable of u'!ll~ashing an ~ntl. bIa_st. You focus your i~ternal I~i ,j.n-ro ~ bimdi~g' hot burst of Iire

tharifeals:l00 POll}t:S offrre-damage to allcrea-rnres in the area. You -are-not l1HI:1llf;JbyY0u,J;~\'m rnfeE~9 blast. --

T:Ilifl m:lliel.lNer ~s a sUJ:iernnt~lta1 a]rurty.


Desert Wmd (C9Ifnter) [Teleport] Level:: '£\votd§age 5

l.lre-reqnisite; Two Desert Wind

~.tiQnAtti:on: 1 immediate-action ~g~ ~er'lonal

Target'.. You

Dmation: Instantaneous

1M yDIiF foe aHarks you, you disappear i:1'l a b~lr)t offlame and. smoke, only to nmppwr ~'I! aulp[ thirl air next to him.

'Yon instarrrly eppear in a square adja=(0 acreature that attacks you with a..nidee oiianged arrack, after resolv]n:g_ ili.e enemy's.attack. You cannot ril,O"ve [htd a: sp~ce .. that is O:ccupieCl by a c;I;eatuie or-object. :tou can in:€1% t;rp to lOU £een:atHi's m";fu:D er. If)'Su _cannormevea.tl_JifliMtm rh'tt~geMAis

::I;m;get_; One o,.eat1.1ite Dm;ation: ·5 sq~i.U).ds; sell te-xt

A blu~, ~ ancillg ]hllne GJ1pc(lti·Pl'I .. ,Yflllr ~lIetll'{m. As yo/.l sirilw )'ourf~e.l this flnme slidn. oJf yD~lrl.l!m!lOn rmd WlIe1'5 )'011r !m;emy in mgingjire_

You make a single melee attack rhar deals an extra '2d§,points o#rre damage; I~J addition, if your strike hit~, the flames UpOrt~yolU::Weal?gn bind W the target, whichtakesan !lXIT~ 2d6,p(}liD.ts offire -damage_ e~'~lH!lund at 111Mt~1"tof its rum.for .5 rounds.

This maneuver is -a :mpe",nanual a b:fliry::


_Pesert Wing (S1:t:ike) lJ'irej L~vel; SW"I_r_dsa:ge;}i

Prel'eHui~~t~:_ T~ol?es<::l]:t: Wind

tn·a~j.lVel~ .

'Initia_titmAction: -'!: full-round'acrion Range: Spe_ci:a1i ~~~-text

Area: Specia1i'_.'!eectext SavingThr9w: ~et!ex'half

-YDtI..l1101l~-in ~ bJ .. J', X[lUYfi1_¢-'tvr~~the~ in fimnil1g ent,r!lij{.As J';llll nrn, YOll reave a trail of fire-behi 11i1 YOll, ¥OIL e-rtrh:ele (l; fOt; and the ring:offiw ~rou Jen.!le behi:l1.t/ !'wsfs into an inferno that el1gllf_fs Y!Jurencm-y r.-nd e1Ie-ryth ing else in the_Irrefl_

115 part of this. maneuve r; you can moveup to [WO times your speed along the, ground. All OTYOl,lI -movement -mUST be along continuous, solid ground. You leave a trarlo£flames in Y0U'1! Wake. These.flames :!ia:yenoe:ffecniEile}is{they ftirma,dosea ilie~rIitth'is_O!lSfl', a- ~gillfetn:O ettf]_:llt5·wttlrln that :are.i~iillI crea-.~~ires w~,tJl~'tea take t2d4~r:l.-D:n& Of £We 4attlage,Wifua~V'ec(OC_16+ ~6J1ll' WJ;S;.mif~ fo~dam,age,

R1SlNC PHOENIX 'bes~r,~ Winq ,S(Siancl'1] ~reJ Leve]; .sWDrds_a~ a_

Ih;-e_r:_e·qJ.ti;:si't~: Th-r!f~ De-sert'Win.d


lni:tia_tion Aftion: 1,swift:lldpI;l Rangel Personal

l'@.l:ge~: You..

Duration: .Stance

Rot wind 5wirlsaboutyourftiet, 1·iftingY9lf skyward_ ~flame5 begin to_f1icker b?low.

A column ~f i)-gp~thear!,,-_d rut Iifu"yq~! imo rhe arr; While you are-in this stance, 'YOll_ a;.lf)l hover UP. -~o 10 l~~t abgve'ltl)' soli" q_£ JiqtiJd surface, ?'Q;u gain .a fly sp~ed €Jj_llal to your ~<an~ ~p~e_d, .with p€lfeCl:i,:').:l1aneuverabWlW but you mnsrrernaimwithrn ;!-O feet·gE

the ground when YP_.J;l,fly- -

If you hover in _plaee and make a full arrack, me column of air becomes superheated, dealing 3d6 points of fj_te da-'m ;).ger9ete_ll.tUiI;~ adjacent to qr wifl_rftrthe-coh~; ~e~ding ~reatureS aJ'ljacen~ to Y,01;U-'!dq_1J~l:e. Y01_~ ?-,1!e M.t hannei;rby th~%~Ct.

Yoruc;m ID9'os:s.shalLow pics 8'l' other such vatiati9~ inc:rerJ;ffin without 18sin.g:runtlIc[e!;-s'O_1011g ~s Y9U,r movemenr<w€l_u-rdn'T take y.ou more than -10 feer ~1)Qve a ~©'I:!d or ljq1.xl_d sur-f~ce. J;f )'l?u are.ever m_qre_tba1!iofeet~bo\"e,·tl,l~ grO:ll:TIC( (s]lihJ.s if t1t~_-£loor dWPf o];i.! from u!ldq y81._! ()ryou_ move-over th~ edge otoaalf cliff), the rising phoenix stan(:;e~immedjtrrely ends ana you fall to the ground.

this~mnce isa supernanrral abiliTy.

SALAMANDER CHARGE Dess:r-rWmd\Str-ike) [Fire]

Level: Swords age 7 -

P.rereq,'ll'isite, Three Desert Wind

A ba!ftillg s1.11oi"drtige uses tbe salamander d7'4rge maneuver to zigzag past fl'; .ogi-e b_IJdjgllara

YOIl !lnrl tumble abol,t t11e battlf':Jield, rr wall oImgmgfla,me markIng yom; rtqlYi

Yti)tl iru:ti;tfe ihls·m.aneuveras~parl of a charge -attllck. M with a charge, you Ga~ov:~_ap:to .double your speeJ and make a single attaik, gaiiri og a +2 boQ.'tfs'.6n"th:e'atj:~kk_r6ll and a ~2.pena1ty to yout lfi;.;rn_Qr <slass while ,you .move and until YQm ;tl~n. Cfultke a normal <;huge" It'O:wever, you' al~der

SEARING BLADE' De~errWtnd:(Boost) IJ!jte]

, Level: S~~T;~S?ge: 4- - 1?rereq1,ii~ite: Iwo.:DeseLJWina maneuvers il1_itiatiollActio~:;.1 ~r3l')daId acrlen

Range: ?e.r{,OTI;lJ

Tal'get, You' .

Duration: End of-turn

YOLl,], wen.pon 'tYfll'I,sf()pns- a mging lonent 4 fl:amc" cwusi~K those al'OLmd you to moD s!~gI1fly [mm t}IC h:emen-

dons heaL '

You eonvert yOLli:~k'i irrre :lie11' energy, allowing it.tttl HOWl mbVYll ronra,limE antiactoss"yeutweapon, '0J:ifiJ: rnee'nd of your t*'(1.'111 yom; melee attacks. deal IlQ-exrl:a. 2d6.jSCJi)1 ts of fn:e darn age +- 1 pGifut'per il)t1:iaio.i: level.

TJii$ maneuver sn-p(rf!i.atu~al abillt:r


Irrltt@tion Attipn_: 1 fWJ. tbUlld Range;. ,~<!rSd:tiaJ


Duration: Instantaneous

Ym,r rush througl1 the Ilji·tO"W(~id your fOC) fi,YB str?al11ing-il1 yo,,)" walu.

As part of "this maneuver, yOlI .mn charge an opponent: You gain me abili ty ro fly at your base laLla sil~eed with perfect maneuverai:Jjli-o/whtl~ qlurging, R~solve y9U~ cha~ -atta"cit nprnlaUy, On asuccessful'hit, youd_e-al (1U extra Sd6 points of Ere damage;tlll the target of your charge:

Thi? maneuver is a .8uperna:ttrraJ abilit),.


Desert W.ind C;B'Q'OST)

Level: Swqnl.s:age 1 Initiatoion,Aci;ion: l_5W~'at:ti~ Range: P~miTIa+

Target: Yi;lu

Duration: :El._l~ of turn

A warm bre.eze swil'!s about you as YOH 1Jl()Ve 51,ecdilyat,vay.

The desert wind envelops ygu a11i:l.,carT}es YOll 8 cross the battlefield, you a burst ofspeed to moveatoJllldam:1 through yonrenenties. Dnril--rheelil'l1 c;xf your turn, you gain a +1 o-fo.ot en;h'm:1cement bonus 1."0 your land speed.

WYRM'S FLAME DesertWind (Strike) [Fire] Level: Swordsage 8

Prerequisite: Three Deserr Willd


Initiatio.nAction: 1 standard action Raft~e:30 fro

Area:Coue nuratlon:".In"S'tllntaneotlSSavjng::rlliow:' Rdlex.::l:'i1l1f

YQUJP.ill1t0Hrbl,aneii'l a whtl'hng art. 'WtJih enil1+evo!l,ltion,scething}1arn:eS'bwlti:;j:IP011 iJsl.engtH. With aj1rfilrish, )l'tru:bring pm' I:!!a d.ti 10 11 hlj.rtl!~jain:t it aJ J'o4r fi)(~ Q uri ilrtleii1fl i;l''1'aiii'i1'i''Wntl aflams.

Masters of rhe Desert Wmd pm-rwirland spin their blades wiililill€h powel' that ther can evoke a greadrursrof~ wh~ fOIl execute this;m,ane1lVer;_yo~plastfunh a cene ofjil'e rh~t deals 10a6>poi:nts,q£ftte damage to all h,1 its area. u.reat\ltesiLHhe area can attemptE\- Reflex/save [DC is + your Wis modLfiel') for ha~d;ttnnge,

This maneuver is a s~p<!lCliatu.ral ability.

ZEPHYR DANCE Desert Wino (Counter; Level: SWOl;dsage '3

1?.l'erequisite; Oue Desert Wind


Initiatiol"l.Aoti~; 1 imm~diate'actien Range: Een'Gllal

target! YOLl;

Duration; Lnsrantaneeus; see text

You ~J11:gmr,~fi~1T)'al\lltJffrollll1 foE's a1l.1d" wI! 1 rli!l.g fike fhilumrtz:epl1yr mcillg I'lrross the santi-l- Your.81lerny'sb/adebrn·e!y t-OticiTes yom' c/.o(lk as }'ou !lim bly dodge a;ld~.

Yon gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC agains:t:asinileattaGk. Yoltcan choose CO Use this ni·.aJJ.euveI ~£ret an 0I!pt:menr resolves his. attack buto"before he determines dam'l"!g~.


Devoted Spirit maneuvers focus. on r-oughness, endurance, ripostes, and abiliries designed EO defear a specific aligrrrueer. Those who follow the Dcvored Spirit discipline seek IO support a cause bydefending it, nurturingft, and destroying its enemies. The.falchion, grearclab, longsword, and maul are the Devosed Spirit discipline's prclerred weapons. though many who fQllowirus school of battle embrace weapons tied to [he causes they follow. Intimidate is the key skill for Devoted Spirir;


Devored Splrir (Stance) [Chaos] Level: Crus~de:t 6

Prerequisite; Two Devoted Spirit


Wltiation Action: 1 swi:fot action Range: Personal

Target: You

Durarien: Stance

A c.uru:sctllmg aunt of plltple ellergy ,illrl't!Hlldi you as duro) milS mmpcl11t 111 fiw rlrea 1111 medil1tely 111'otmd you.

\'Vhile you are i~l rhis stance, your anacks have thepotential to be unerly devastating, When rolling damage for a melee attack, you gain a special benefll: from any damage die rhar rolls irs maximum amount (such. as a resu [t of 6 an a d6). When one or more of your dnraage d ice show a maximum possible resulr, rerelleach such die and add irs result [0 the origi 1'131 damage total. You can continue to rerol] as long as a die shows its maxirnum possible resulr, adding each new 'l1u.mb er to the damage mral urrri] each die has shown less than g maximum result,

AURA OF PERFECT ORDER Devoted Spinir (Stan9!) (Law] level: Crusader 6.

.Prereqtrisree: Two Devoted Spirit

Ina ne Livers

Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: S ranee

A ptrfect, hazy squcrre af;gvWel1 energy SI<Fr01lnds )'Or! 1!51'0U enter this starll;I'_. Ol·d~r rergns SlIprC111e, a,.illitig ilWlly tHe' willms of ell nos .

This stance allOWSI'Ol1..1O treata "j:lo_l:ential d20 cesu tens aril1,. '{oumas! decide to lise this abHiIyimmediately hefote rolling the d2D. You can uS~ this abiJjtyonce per round. Usingthis.ability does nortake an action. You:simply_uedd~ -0 invoke It before roLLing ~ d20 for anY.te3S0n, such as for an attack, ~a>."e, or check.

AURA OF TRJUMPH Devoted Spilit (Stance) [Good] Level: Crusader-s

Prerequisite: TWfJ Devoted Spirit

\TI a 1'1 euvers

Irritiation Acrion: 1-S\viftaction Range: Personal

Targets: You and 10 fr. Duration: Stance

You tllllrmd Ihe power afgOOd tHrough J'I)ur body Imd 50111, illfusingtlle area a\'Clmd ),(111 wilh (I. 5aft, gaJ.dmmdianre. Witl1 each blow ylll< sl rH:e rrgllimt evil, YOli feel illvigtWlllen and driwn onwarq.

White you :are in this sUInG.!:; )\oi.). ~d 111tY ally withi,n 10 fee-rufypu borh hell I 4 polnrs of damage w:kh each successFu I melee attaQk coer of you makes against an evil target;

AURA OF TYRANNY Devoted.Spirit (S-~an:ce) [Evil] Level: Crusader 6

Prerequtsite: Two Devoted Spirit


Initiation Aetton: 1 swift action Range: Per,'lopal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

A Sickly gmy rlimlllJ.(;e surrnnnds you, sappi" g fhe sf),-engtlwfyoU"y aJl Ie:> /Illd fu I1l1elmg ffto you.

While you acre in tbJ:s stance, you drai11 hit points fromyour allies. At the end of your tum, yOU:Can' ehcose to deal 2 points of damageto eachwill1ng.allrwithin 10 .feer. For each ·allywho~takes this damage, you heal1 pOlm of damage.

CASTIGATING -STRIKE Devoted Spiril: (Strike) Level: Crnsade:r.7

Prereq.uisite: Two Devoted Spirit


Initiil'tion Action: 'L sranda rd ilc~iQn Itallgia; Melee attack

Tatget: Djle creature

Area; 30-Jt.-raruusbtnsr; see text Duzatfon: 1 minute

Saving Throw: Fnrrirude partial; see text

w'ffh It hOlllltng bl!ttle cry. YOllr w!'IlPOll cr!lckles Illith energy. As you strik~ your foc, tJ-l.IT t em.rgy dclo1Hl Ie, ill !l b II Fli til ITt 5cythas rJ1rQ.Itgl1dho~e l.IIJlO stand again> I yrllil" tame..

Wh~ ,ou tmerhis S:li'ctktt. make a single melee arrack.1fyQt~ l:ittyatLropponenl and his acligil)'H"ieJ;l't has a r Lens! one compenenr aifremnr.from YOutli, II blast of dtvine eEII:n:gy",riginares from your

:uroc.k'<tpoin:rofiIhpaGr, The carget0tr:his strike rakesaa ext'nl8d6 poin~ Qfdamage and must succeed On a Portitrrde save (DC 1J'''I-YO~U: ChamodifieL') o~' take a-2 penalty o:{1 attaek rolls for 'I rni nure,

All of yout-opponents with1n a 3UfOOHlldius btu:stof the target creature must also succeed on B Fortltude save, Tho e who fai.l take Sd6 poinrs of damage and take a -2penalty on attack rolls for 1 minute. A successful save results in.balf damage and negares rhe attack penalty.

CRUSADER'S STRTKE Devoted Spirir (Strike) Level: Crusader 1

Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature

Divillcmergy S1111"oLmdsYOllj'lIIeapotl as YOIl strike. TIl is pOloller washes over YOIl ,15 your WI.'tI_lI(lH jinrkm mark, 111tlflrlwg yt)lIrwDUllds I1mi giving yrm the strertgth 10 fig-hl 011.

As pan of initiating this strike, you must make a successful melee attack against an enemy whose a lignmenr has at least one component differenr from yours. This foe must pose <I threat to you oryour allies In.some direct, Immediate way. If your atrack hirs, you or an ally wirhin 10 feet of 10U heals 1 d6 points of damage + 1 POinT per initiator level (maximum +5).

equalrothe d~tp:a . y£l~ d1"aJ pl' ~ecome shaken f~r LIt.I1 flute.

DEFENSTVE B.EBlJKE DevotedS:p).rit Ofopst) Level: Crusader 3

Prerequisite: One Devoted Spi~it


Irnrtation Acnon: i swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: 1 round

You sweep your weallOl1 ill a wide, deadly arc. wheJl YOIl!' blows sh'i1~e home, YOII selld yrlUl' forrhl.m blingbac.k on the defell!iive. He nnl~t dell I with. YOIl jil'St, 0)' Ieoue himself open to your dma!), COlmre r.

Defensive rebuke allows you to excel at controlling the battlefield around you. Your enemies .must pay heed to the threat you pose, If they ignore you In favor ofattaddngothertargets, you rake adva,nt3g~· 9£ their lapses 'r"Lth a punishirig cuunrerattack,

Bach enemy you strike a fter yOll initiate this maneuver becomes vulnerable to yom; fiu ther nttacl{s .If such a t1 opponent attacks ailYon'e other than you in melee for the duration of the maneuver, that attack provokes an attack of opportunity from you (each separate attack atargej inakes provokes an attack of opportunity, 'rnaking this boost especially lethal if YOLl have Combat Reflexes), Enemies you strike become aware of theconsequences of the J1l311euVer.

DAUNTING STRIKE Devoted Spirit (Sui ke) Level: Crusader 5

Prerequisite: One Devoted Spirit DMNE SURGE


Init:i:ation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One. creature

Saving Throw: Will negates Duration: 1 minute

1"011 attilck yOl!r foe ~ViJfl <l ~I 0 vcywi, c1mmg rtrike, hmlull H i Ilg through f,i; 511 i~id fl nd flTmorto dl(lWe i1'1(o )'1 is J1esh. This d'ispifl),of raw power cansc:; httn to stumble !wclw,/Ord, fea r in ~lis eyes,

AI> part of rhts maneuver, you make a melee arrack again r an opponent yOU threaten. If this arrack hits, your rot' must make a WIll save wlth a DC

Devoted Spirit (Strike) Level: Crusader 4

Prerequisite: One Devoted Spirit


Initiation.Action: 1 standard action Range: Meke attack

Target: One creature

Your body shake51J.11,.h;pas1ri 5 ns "nfeUel;c~ di:vinecl'l.ergy COLmes tnrO(.jg"h it. TI* ppw,er sp!,riu offyp"y I,VP,!:POI"l rmd cOllnes mto yO~lr foc, dr,Vllst(ltil~gYOIII' Clml1)1 bH"I" leavil1g YOH dmine4,

As pan of this maneuver, you make 11 single melee arrack that deals all extra ads points of damage,

URGE. CREATE DeYOLed sptrit (Strike)

Level: Crusader 8

Prerequtstte: Two Devoted S~init


Initi.atioll Action: t full-roun<;\ aeri(}o Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature

Durarion: 1 round; see text

A 1'01'1' 'nl of aiviJ]C energy wums throllgh YaH, wmh UIJreme force of lVi'~ you channel the energy ;1110 n cievastatil'lg attackellen as if SI111 youI' morfal form.

As part of this maneuver, you make <I Single melee arrack that deals an extra 6d8 points of damage. In addirifiln. before making this melee attack, you can also decide to take a number of point of Coasntunon damage equal to your initiator level or lower. For each point of Constitution damage you cake. you gain a +1 bonus on ~OQT attack roll and. deal an extra 2ds points of damage, After using-this maneuver, you are considered flat-foored.unril the beginning oEyour next turn,

DOOM CHARGE Devoted Spirit (Strike) [Evil] Class: Crusader 5

Prerequisite: One Devot d pb:it maneuver, evil 31 igntnerrr

nitiation Action: 1 fuIJ..W1.l11d action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Duration: 1 round

You clollk YOIII'self in u blade, terrible aura of CO" rem pf find SPIte.

You must make a charge arrack as pan of th i s rnaneu ver, Ifyounarget:is. goodaligned, your attack deals an extra 6d6 points of damage. 1n addirion, if yqur charge arrack hits and the target is good-aligned, you become wreathed in unholy energy. You gain damage reduction lO/- until the beginningof your next turn.

ENTANGLrNG BLADE Devoted Spirit (Strike) Level: Crusader 4·

Prerequisite: One Devoted pirit maneuver

Initiation Act Lon: l srandal'a sction

R!lnge: Melee attack Targen One creature Duration: See rext

You lta6h inlnyDlufDe's legs,.fim:itlg.ti5 maveI'Ilwl ID510LV and hi.51'C50i1lf'iOJ'1 to faLter.

As pan of this maneuver, you make a melee attack againsr an opponent. Your attack deals an extra 206 points of damage.

In. addition, if your attack

hits. your target's speed is reduced by 20 feet until

the end ofits next nun, which might prevent if from moving entirely. Th i penalty applies to all movement mode .

A. flying creature with a ily speed ofofeer falls co the ground (and takes IaLli.ngda.mage appropriarely):ifit is subject TO this effectwhile in the air.

FOEHAMMER Devoted Spirit (Strike) Level: Crusader 2 Inltiation Action: 1

srandard action Range: Idee attack Target One creature

Your fflYOW younelf behind you r atfad~, lemli.ngyoH I' blow such great wefght and force that you leave il1jlki1l5 that wen nwgfrl'll defrn5es (atlll al mend.

I:!,titiarion Action: 1 swtfr action Range: Pei;sQ.nlcl

Target: You

Duration: Stance

So loagas Y0uremain in this stance. you cannot be lulled 0I incapadt-arecl by effects or attacks that reduce you [0 o orIewer hle poinrs.Jfiyou rake-such damage, youcan.make-a Fortirude save with a DC equal to your n-egativ:e bit point total. If youfail this save, you-die or fall unconscious (as-appropriate). If

m is save is successful, you are sti ll alive and conscious, with n. hit poinr remaining.

Th is stance pJ;{)vides no protection against effects tb at slay YOll wrrhcur.desling hir point damage, or OTher effects that petrifYI paralyze, and so forth. You can srill be slain by a COLI]?

de grace if a spell or effect tenders YOll helpless.

Afreryou arrempt.three saving throws to avoid deathorunconsciousrress, this stance automatically ends. You can activate it again an your rum as normal, Even the toughest

crusader can endure only so much punishment.

Your devotion ro YOLl[ cau se gives you boundless energy that allows you to smash through supernatural defenses. Whe1.1. you land an attack, you hit with such force that damage .reducdon offers little resistance against you.

W.hen YOll use this maneuver, you rnakea melee attack against a s:ingJefoe. This attack auromarically overcomes rhe QIlponenr' damage reduction and deals an extra zds points of damage.

IMMORTAL FORTITUDE Devoted Spirir (Stance)

Level: Crusader 8

Pre-uquiSite: Three Devoted Spirit maneuvers

Usillg fhe fle!;:a'1I1nlff ,"1I/Hlll'(j/!1, a crusader if Momdrll lJ'IJt:yctf111es II rakshaiR·' "4tH,,,l difemes

Despill? Hie horrific wound! yo~~ sa/tel; Ihe flnsh of sem·h1g spells, !mn the ~ms~, of I!c foe's It! ighty tl Hacks, )'011 stand resolute 011 the field. $0 tong as the potentia! for Victory exists, you fight 011.

Death has little meaning ·[0 you in lighr of the cause you fight for. So long as the mission stands hefore you uncompleted, or a barrle remains in doubt, you fight on. Stories abound of crusaders who, while in 'rhe grips of this stance, feught for days on- end to hold a mounrai n pass agllinst orcs, rroils, and ctherfiends,


Devoted Spirir (Stance) 'Level: Crusader 1 Initiation Action: 1 swift acttou

Range: Personal Target: You Duration: Stance

Wifh n. qllidl marl 1l1la:.11 glare tl1l1t w!Jl1Ttf stop ft chllrgirtg ba.rbn.rhm ill his tracks, yo II spoil rJ.JI !1Ppollenf's attack. Rllthertluln strike hi5 ortg111aI target, your ellemy tu nu

ms a Itention hnUIlnt you. .

Wkle you are in thisstance, any opponent [hat you threaten cakes a -4 penalty on attack rolls againsr your allies. This" penalt;Ydoesnot apply to attacksrnade against you.Enemiesyou threaten become aware of the consequences of the 5 ranee.


Devoted Spirir(Sttike) [La:w] Class: Crusader 5

~e.reqtti-sjte; One Devoted Spirit rnanenver, lawfLll alignment

LulrilltionA(Jfion: 1 full-wUDd action Range: l\<Ie!ee attack

Targ r: One creature

Dnrarton: t rouad

The 1111" MQI.a1d yon lnrl1ls HliI'h Cl.Is:mi! e tit! I"g Y as H1 c plll \lOT tJ f P Ill'e I!1LV ml'gfS ttm'llgl1 YOI'. FOr 11 Hfomcl11., you tab! at! the a..Il'Gct of a jJcrfi'd bl!H1g 115 YOII dmrge rofll'll rd to sml te yahr Jars.

'{au must make II charge attack as pan of this maneuver. If the target is chaotic-aligned, you gain II +8 bonus on your attack (in addition ,0 the charge bonus) and yow' arrack deals an extra 4d6 points of damage In addition. if yourchargearrsckhirs andrhe l!lr:ge[ is chaotic -aligned, you becomewrearhed in axiomatic energy. You gain a +5 bonus all saves and to AC until [he beginning of yOl.1T next rum.


Devoted Spirit (Stance)

I.evel: Crusader L In:itiationActiou: I Slvift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Durarion: Stance

As you clellve throll-gli your [oe5, ench fel'oc-ious nltack YOLI nu~h lellds vigor imd strength 10 rail find your nilles,

While you are in tlns stance, yonor a 11 -ally wirhin 30 feet heals 2 points of damage each time Y-01.1 make a successful melee attack. This healing Tepresenl~ the vigor, drive, and roughness you inspire in others. You r connection to the- divine causes such inspiration [Q have a real, tangible effect on your allies' health.

Each time you hit an opponent in melee, you can chao e a different reci_pient WIThin range [0 receive this healing.

RADIANT CHARGE Devored Spirit (Srrike) [Good] class: Crusader 5

Preraqtrisfte: One Devoted Spirit

maneuver, good alignrnent InitiationAction; lfu1l-round action Range: Melee arnck

Target: One creature

Dnrattcn: 1 round

YOII gi!ft~, ,I' tJl~ powo.,. O_lYIlIII rnit~1 mid dmipfiTlI!. sUI'n.'tmdlll~)'ounerJ m alllumi ,ofl1ilnding glm'),-

You must inake a charge artack as pan of th~s ill n ueuver, If rhe ta L'get Is -evflaligned, your attack deals an.exrra 6d6 points of damage. In addition, u your charge arrack hit's and the target is evil-aligned. you become wreathed in holy energy. You gain damage reduction 10/- until the begi nni ng of your next turn,

RALLYING SrRIKE Devoted Spil'it(Slrike) level: Crusader 6

Prerequisite: Two Devoted Spirit


lnitiation Action: l standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Yow' weacP0n bliTzes wi.tli. div1ve merg}' ii. yOI~ ,lnUt yow- enemy, The energy disc11aYgl'5 jill! gl'i1(1tptd~e, swi!tlpmgoller YOllr aLIi es dl1..1 I'll el~ ail! g; 1"11 ~-i r W01,I11 cis.

As pan of initiating this strike, you must make a successful melee attack against an eneroywhose alignrnent has at Ieasr one component different from yours, This foe must pose a th rear to you or your allies in some direct, immediate fi,tt'ack hits, youand oil allies within 30 feet of -you heal 3d6 points of damage + 1 polnrper initiator level (maximum +'151,

REVITALTZING STRrKE Devoted Spirit (Strike) Level: Crusader 3

Prerequisite: One Devoted Spirit


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: Doe creatute

As YOII Y~UI' b('lc~to s!ri!::.e yMI!' joe, nil !turll of divine qltrgy SII1T!!tll1lts l'im. As YOlII' Illtad~ slmm hOllie, j'I1is clLI1'n disiiplltC5 it1 n flrrsh, fmit twg yo II I' wotmtls us it dmhrrrgcs.

As pan ofinitiad.ngthis strike, you muse make a suecessful uielee. attack againsr an.enl'nl.yuearure whose aJ1gumem h~~ at least OIIe component different .£mm

vours, Thr fu nmSEpose a wear W \'atl or yeuralli€Sln.some-dU-ecr,Jrnmediarc WilY· JJ YOUT attack hits, you or a 11 idly within of you heals 3d6 points or damage T 1, poiat per initiator level (maximum +10).

SHIELD BLOCK Devoted Spirit (Counter) Level: Crusader 2

Initiation Action: 1 immediare action Range: Personal


Duration: Instantaneous

With (I hr.roic b~II'st of effort, you Ihr!!sl Y0l<f Sllidtl betwsen your defomelilSs IIlll' II uri yDHr ell em)'.

As an immediate action, Y01J can grant-an AC bonus to au adjacent ally equal c your shield's AC bonus -+-4. You apply this bonus in respon e to a single melee 0[' ranged attack dun targets your ally. You can initiare this maneuver after an opponent-make his <1 track roll, hut you must GO so berm;e you 'know whether the attack was a success or a failure.

SHIELD COUNTER Devoted, pirir (Counter) Level: Crusader 7

Prerequisite: Two Devoted pint


Initiation Action: 1 immediate action Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature

AS )'0111' opponent prepares to mahc /'1.1:. aJ'i(lik. Y(111 ba5h Ilim Wml )'0111' shield nrril disrupt his nffempL

A an immediate action, you can attempt a shield bash against-an opponentyou threaten. This artackis made with a -2 penalty If your shield arrack lliLs, yOlll' attackaluon,aticall y misses.

You can use this maneuver immedinlely after an opponent declaresnn attack, but you must ao so before rhe attack's result has been dere,unined.


Devoted pirir (Strike) Level: Crusader 9

A rrnsader 11/ Kord reties ()11 herthid:t:1 of biadl!s stance To gUilrd otl'um a pad: of sbadoto demons

'Prerequisite: Three Devoted Spirit


Inlti.aIiQnAct:iou: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target; One creature

A !,ollrenID11yreclsJTom YO!.lYlnigh!yblol\l, Ill! IIUr llI-;lll"by i. srl1lulhmwmly Ilea/I,d CHId dellllsed oj ils wlIlInds by the llolllcr of 'Ollr {afl-lr.

When you make rhis strike, you or one ally wit:hin to feet of you gains the bene£r ofa heal spell cast as a cleric of your character level, To gain the beneli [ of -clris: maneuver, you rnusr strike an enemy creature whose alignment has at least one component different rOIDl'Ol:Us. This foe must pose a threat

l you or your allies in some direct, unmediateway.


Level: Crusader 3

Prerequtstte: One Devoted Spirit


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

YOII mamtm Il a careful gila III ns yotl $1.'{!fCh for allY gaps ill your opponenrs IIlI.Il1retle~. Even the slightest tlWlIeprovohes a sJhlging Wtfllterfronl yOIl,

While you are in this stance, any opponent you threaten that takes any son of movemem, including a s-foor step. provokes an.arrackcfcpportuniry from you. You L foes provoke th is attack befoT<- leaving the area you threaten. Your opponents also cannot use the witharaw action ',PH 145) to treat the square they start moil no longer threzrend br you.


Devoted Spirit (Strike) [Chaos] Class: Crusader 5

Prerequisite: Doe Devoted Spirir

maneuver, chaoric alignmentInitia.tionAction: :t Eu ll-round action Range: lvielee attack

Target: One creature

Duration: 1 round

T}le prllIIerofchtWsswjrJslll'Cllm.d YaH, tt/1diug strength toyallr nJlaclls ns yotl cart your Jato (0 I h c 1VrliJ'I1~ of/ud:.

Yot must make a charge attack as -parl of this maneuver, If the ta~er is Iawful-a ligned, you ga ina +8 bonus on yOllt arrack (in. addirion to me- charge 'bonus) and y.ow: attack deals an extra 4u6 points of damage. In addition, i }'Ou.r charge arrack hits and me rarger is lawful-aligned, you become wreathed ill anarchic energy. ou gain rota I conceaimellt'agaifl'S[ all artacks rhar

targ$'t you u,]1!~I't1re begini:!;inl1iiflfYOllT next rnrn.


Devoted Spirit(SlTike)

Level: CrusaR_1tr 1 InitiationAction: 1 standard action

[Range: M@lee 1Jt~a:ek Target: One creature

YIrn briHe!' nsid~ y.out [Des d,cjimsfl'S with a lIidoU5,/) llrr:wltclming (Ifl.:n ~lhJ~~\lIJ1.g /1111'1 vulnerable toyour tr1he/ blow s,

A$1'an of I1hiS;tidaneliver, you make n melee atcackliog'ainst an opponent you ehrearec. rr tills: attack bitll, all your allies gain a +4 lJ-onus on ranged and melee attacks;[ that' rarget unetl the start of your next 'turn.


Diamond Mj'l1d. maoet]Vei',5 allow a warrior to use.ber cunning, intel1ecr, and feel for the battlefield: agamsr her enemies. Tune seems wfLowsiowerro aI>ia:rnond Mind initiate. The bastard sword (OL· kalan'll), rapier, siloTtspear, and trident are'this discipline's favored weapons. Concenrrarion is the Diamond lvlind discipline's key skill.

AGJ'fON BEFORE THOUGHT Diamond lvli:nd (Counter)

Levelr Swords-age 2, w:.ttbla:de:2 InitiationActi:cm; ll:mmedi:ate action Range: Personal

TI¢get: YOll

YOllr Sltpteme jf!'If.e uf the 'b-attlefield, IIIIm;at,/Jel'i mamrrl trainillg, cmd simple, itdnrtille se m~ I'lJ ilangn 11!10 w you road faster ttl a nthe 'speed III tho ~lgl1 t. When 11 "'Pell!!f other at~uck 5h'i~es yOtl, you movl' a split second befiJrclioli ClT'e even aware of the-tltreat

'Your mind is a keenly honed weapon. Other warriors rely on ,their physical talents. '(ouknow that II mix of menta! acuity and martial trliining,alo:ngwith a ,soong sword arm) is-an un beati(bIe combination. This-maneuver epitomizes your approach. Your mind, rather than your TaW reflexes, dictates your defenses.

You can use this maneuver any time ,IOU would be required to make a Reflex save. 'Roll a CQUccntrationthecicinsread oEthe Reflex save and use ehe result of tb'au:heck to determine the save's success. You rnust.use this maneuver- before you 'I:oli the Relle·x: save. A result of a namrnlt on your Concenrtation check is Dot an automatic failure.

AVALANCHE OF BLADES Diamond Mind (Strrke)

Level: SwarMakte 7, warblade7 Prerequistte: Three Diamond Mind


Initiat.l0n-Aetip]J.: 1 fulb-ronnOlaction

Range: Melee attack Target- One creature

In' tl jhuJ'ling hili), of sl-eeJ, you unleash 11- d~1.mstl1:llIlg vol!e]' of dmdl y ~tt{!dHagaillst yO~II"!lne')'/1)II.I;rilcing iI a, r.11'ld_

You lash at an9Rpone.nt. 1f your armck hits, yOLl repear the same arrack again and again at !-1~:nly superhuman speed, allowing YOl~tosCO.i'.(l,Jmllti-ple.hits in iI blur of act.iVi~ Unforrunstely, as soon as an arrack misses, your tempo breaks, and this de;licll:l'e maneuver cl'L1JIIbles into iii fht:rty of wllsted moti,_oR

.A~ p!l;[ Glftlicl:s, yoq.mah: 9.!ee attack against tin opponent. If th.ararrack.hits, resolve your damage as.norme], You-can the)l mt\ke another attackilgah~st.thatfo:e wid~ a~+pe!l~llt'Y on your' attack toll. If t hntarrask .hits, youcanl11ake another attack against thar opponent with..~ -8 penalry. You continue to make ad.ditioilill attacks, each one-with ~.Mdd,iti(jnal-4 penBHy;ul1t.U you miss or yOU1' cpponenr is reduced to -1 hit poinrs orfewer. You must direct all these attacks at a single foe.

BOUNDING ASSAULT Diamond Mind (S trike)

Level: Swordsage 4, warblade 4 Prerequisite; Two Diamond Mh,d


Initiation Action: 1. full-round aerial) Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature

Youspl'tngaao,sslhe bal:-f1,~jidd,.II;~li1.gY91,11' fo"1~' ana I1billty tp ~Gfq.lIiddy tQ m~he: an attaek whtle moving.

You combine .speed l.lIld power Into a deadlymmblhafion. With thismaneuveri you move. across the battlefield in a blur, pausing only 'to deliver a ferocicus attack.

.As parr of this manl,lUIleJ;, make a du:uble 1!ntlve . .NTt€tY011 moye! yO'll can

alscmake a melee attack. You·.gairl a +2 bonus on this·attack. This maneuver is considered a.charge arrack when determining iHeatsand other abi.lilies apply to your attack


Diamond Mind (Counter)

Level: Swcrdsage 8, "'"nrbla,de 8 Initiation Action: '1 immeornre action Range: Personal

Target: You

You sI t;e/ YIl1irself againsf. cit! appnncllf's 5IleU, draWing OlL,yOlIl' fDC1<5 and- training f.O.Clvercome its'effel:t:.

¥o_u am initiate thismanelWfl::any time you would be required TO make a sa ving throw. You gain a bonus 0,0- that save equal to yourinitiator level. YOU.l'lllJST use [his maneuver before you roll the saving throw.


Diamond Mind (Strike)

L.evel: Swordsage 8, warblade & Prerequisite: Three Diamond Mfnd


Initiation Action: 1 standard acnon Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

YO .. I spot 11 single fM!11 flaw i11 )lmlf otlPOlmlt's defenses. With !I siuglc attack., yOIl pill uU rile force of yOUy ililo Il singlc, 'rippling blllw.

You mustmake a Concenrrariun check as part of this maneuver. TheDCof this check Is the rarger creatures AC. You dienma ke a sirJgJe melee arr.llCk:agamst Y0uT target, ~1~b·.asparr of the-maneuver. Ifyout Concentration check saa::eeds, this attack d@alslbuTtimes¥lDUInormal .melee damage. IfYOlU check fillk, yom ll'!;tack is mad€',virh a -2 peJ?a.lryand d.beSIl~rdea1 Il.li1""a:dclilioxra.1.damage.

Ifyour srnkets a criticalhfr, ynusrack EMERALD RAZOR

the mulriplreis as normal (PH304'). Diamond Mb,d (STrike)

Level: Swordsage 2, wainlade 2

DrSRUPTING BLOW Prereq:uisite: One Diamond Mind

DiamondMind (-Strike)

Level: SW0rdsage 5, warblade5 P1:erequisite: Two Diamonu Mind


Initiation Action: 1 STandard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One-creature

Saving 1'hl:ow:. W Jl negates Duratlom 1 round

with a wmbil1utioll af brute force, heell timing, and exading ,nim, yOl~ force YOU)' !lpponerlt 1rlto an nwhWllrd l-'!l~itiol'i· that wins his next fl.~ tioll.

As, pan of this maneuver, you make a melee arrack, If this arrack hirs, your rarget takesnorm-almelee damage and lTIllST make a will save (DC 15 + your Str modifier) or be unable to rake any acrionsfor 1 round. The farge. does not sulfer any other drawbacks OT penalties. He can m::ill make attacks of OPPOTRlnity but is unable to rake Immediare actionsunrilbis next turn.


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attaCk

Targetz One creature

Y01utart! af your enCI11}~ strf1Yil1,g his elleq mOlle; You mmtn1Jy prabe Mis de:.femes in ~Mrd1 nfa weahness. A lesser Wa'I'tfOf could ,pEmt long In il1l~ tes pmll:l erll'lg this problent. bllt you sec j') 11 opemllg fHid reue Upillt it if! all ill.:iiant.

Your understanding of combat, YOUT keenly boned mi.nd, and your capabiliry to read your opponents make you a deadly combatanr. When you focus your mind, even the mas. elusive opponent becomes an easy target.

AI; part of this maneuver, make a single melee attack against an opponent. This is a much attack rather than a standard melee areack, If you hi.t, you deal normal melee dama~.


Diamond :Nfincl. (Stance)

Level: Swor-&sage.5, warblade 5 Prerequisfre: Two Diamond Mind


Initiation Action~ 'l swift actiap. Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

Yo ur pmept(0l1 !iewl'l'T.os so fine thl1 ~ yo I~ call heaT the rinfest Jl.ul,ter of!l.i~ rl'tovfl~g pll5 t you. 11I!J !sib Ie ffJl!S tm d oH1t~r hid delt threats berorne irs plruu as da)' fl1 Ill!.' Mila afyour IUlghte-ned senses,

Drawing all your combat rra"irfirtg;) sharpened senses, and capabilirytop;t:e-dicryeur enemy's moves, you become a faultless sentinel oarlre bartlefield.Bven me smallest detail 01' stealthiest enemy cannot hope to evade your notice,

While YOll ate in this stance, -you gain blindsense Out to 30 feet and a +S insight bonus on Listen checks.

INS1GHTFUL STRIKE Diamond Mind (Strike)

Level: Swordsage 3, warblade 3

lnitintion Action: 1 s:.:-audard 3C.UDll RlUI_ge Melee arrack

T:mger: One crearure

YaL~ study your opl!Dnet1t~nd sPQ.l r! Lllellit pl'l1nti'!l he r a Pll'l pr. l"Vltn a Q111J;JI, dccisi ve ,h;}..e, )'OU talle advllfltuge oftkls wMlmes5 will!'U ilevlutl1tl rrg fftmc~.

Ymrr znlnd rarlier, 'than Yll~lr physical power ilrllQw.s yeuro ","-leal. .grievous injuries ,0 yom' f«'Jes. WJiel.l yotl arrack, your rrainingand memal focus allow youw score a relling blow.

as psrrofrhlsmaneuvea makea melee attack.If this attackhlrs, YOtl do not deal normal damage, Instead, y;o:l:.~ make 11 Coneentrarion check and deal damage equalm the check resale, Your Strength modifier, YoUJ:weapon'smagtcal. properties (ifany), and any omer:el{rtoa damage you norma II y deal 0.'0 illlt modify this checlc (including!'Ha damage From cias!MIbtllties, £e.atS:, or speth,.


Diamond Mind (S[rike)

Level: s\'vordsHge 6, warblade G Prerequrstte: Two Diamond Mind


Initiation Act:ion.;_1 standard action Range: Melee :attaf:k

Target: One creature

:l'l:Iud:.eeJi lIycpld1.fuut-I:'ne.silgh,l.esl. impel'reChOll i.n YOUl' oppotlmt's dee/m.e s, Your weapon occomll"s 11 tootvfYOt4rmina.

Tmsma.neuvec iIlsig!rrful strike" esceprtharyou deal damage equal 10 2", yOlLt: Concennadon check result.


Diamond .Mind (Counrer)

.I.evel: Sworasage:3, warblade 3 luitiationl\o:t'ion:.1 imrnedlare action Rru::tge: Personal

'IaI:'get: 'lou

YlIlInmmil1g Ilnd mmtal to I 19i1 I less I1l1!.1w )'Oil to I1se yQHr fo(~IS to" otltf'6oma physimT t!1I"!lals. By foc'1<lsit1gYOllrmind, Y01,1 ig.rlUf"Cthe <'!!f~c t of a dr-n diy poison 01 debilitatIIlg ridm~ss.

YOlffi!l.iligenr trainlog:and.fnrrulse menral tOcus.combh,e to aUow-yml to overcome

physic~ 1 r h rear'S Wlth ill e lL)W ]lO\.Vi.'fF' ne your mind.

You can l!se=mis maneuver lID? time you would mel'eguired to malte a\E?ortitude save. Make a GonCttllt"nllH'cmd<ieck iru[ead of the Fortitude save 1I).1d: use th!il resulr of that.check to determine thesave's success. You must use thi.5 maneuver before you arrernpr the Fortirude save. A resulrofa natural 'l on your Concenrranon check is nor.anautomaric fafIw:e,

MIND STRTKE Diamond Mind (Strike)

Level: Swordsage-s, warblade 4 l'xereqnisite: Two Diamond Mind

m ane u ver s

InitiationAction: :1 standard action -aange.: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Saving Throw:. will negates

tOil sl'Y[~w raux o!-'fomn't'.Iil flad"m;·ttltn~ /li. Sluue. nml-1i~,irs1:r~{lii'111 fa 1.ose for;u~.

AI; a warrior who fights with YOtt[ mind as we! 1 3.5" your brawn, yOlL know that attacld ng a foe's senses is jus t as vahrable as sllppi.nghis strel1gth. With this attack, you leave in opponent befuddled and vulnerable.

As part of" tlris maneuver, make a melee arrack, rf this attack hits, your :rarget must make a wlll save (DC 14 + YOlI1- Str Il1Qdifrer) m take ld.4 poiDt~ of Wisdom da,m3ge:1Jhe target ignores the Wisdom damage on 3 successfaisave bu.t still takes weapon damage normally.

MOMENT OF ALACRITY Diamond 1}md(Boosr)

class: Swordsage 6, waiblade-s Prerequisite: Two Diamond Mind


Initia,tion Action: 1 swift acrinn RU1,ge: l?e18"(:ll¥ll

Ta.rget: You

Durrrtion: Instantaneous

Y01l ~!ep lrlhl u SP(1 ce be! wee!! heartbeats ami net Ggllil1 whiTe youtmern.ics ancnift renttiJ1.glo }rO"itr Idsl sl,I'ikc.

to1.1 cal) impro\!e YOUl: inltiative count for the nexr round and all subsequent rounds o£tIle carrem encounter. When yOll1nitia~ethlstmaneuver, youritii,tioltuve cOl.j.nJilTl:w.:ov~by:20, lind yom pl,;:!."fl' in

the ord~r than_ge,li'll"cc.ordi ngl~ ThIS merli.6er applies ar me end of thL' round.-YOlllplace in w<!initicative order changesT:G rdlee~ momeattOf alaerlrv's effeo[-'5tillting With the nex;t'round,

MOMENT OF PERFECT MIND DiamondMind (Counrez;) Levd.:.Swordsage 1, warblade I Initiation Action: 1 imnredfate action Range:' Persona]

Target: You

Your mmtal Jotm and ma-rtial study JII"I!~ fClldered yow' wiU ililo (In 'Unbrealwbk i 1'011 waLL \Vll m 5O.rI1eone ta.yge ~s ),011 ~\!it!1 a spell, Hurl: seeks to c-rode yali!' tIIill),10wel, you steel YOMI"elj agll!lll.t the {!.tt!Lr~_

Between your devoted srudy, iron VI' I II, and supreme focus, you have. learned to resisrarternpts to subvert yOUI" willpowe±,-W'1iell you feel suM. an effect try to cloud y;ourmind, you can d'rilw OIl unrapped reserves of energy to counter the atrempT.

You can-use this taaneuver any rime youwould be required to :make II: will save. Make a Cnncenrrarlon check instead oftbe Will save and'usetheresu lr of that cheek to dererminetlresave's success. YOllIDUS, use this maneuver before ycuectempt the Will s-ave . .A result of 11 narural t on you r Concentration chec k is' not an 31:1 romaric failure.

PEARL OF BLACK DOUBT Diamond Mind (Stance)

Level: Swordsnge 3, warblade 3 Prerequtstte: One Diamond Mind


Initiation Action: 1 swift fiction Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration; STance

\WWl "e'leJ]1 111 iSS', yo l-tr 0 pponetifs 11U9! 1"1 e 111 Q r~ 1./1!Q11iain; Illl?it (.1'011 b.I·ll''UWirlg _lilte.tlll i ITIJn t· ingp~tlrfin tIle mouth ofa hdjJJmll)rttrr.

You prey on yonr opponents' fear and lank of confidence. Each faile.d arrack a~ttist you fe minds them thaJ thei..r skill '~aruiGt hope to match,

\"'\!hen yotl enter this srance, you become more d ifficult te hit with each succ:~$eartack rhar misses you. Each time. an Up-pOllen, misseslYou with II

melee arrack, you gaina-+2 dodge bonus to AC. This bonus lasts until rbe starr of you r riexrturn jUld i~ cutnularive for tile round. The bonus spplles I' 0 any attacks made 'by all opponents unnl

the beginning,of your neXt rum,

QmCKSTLVER MOTION Diamond ~ find (Boost)

Level: wordsage, 7, warblade 7 Prerequisite: Three Diamond Mind


In i tiation Action: 1 swift 3 erial'! Range: Personal

Target: You

Itl tJle blink ofaYl eye, Jrall make your move. YOllr speed. reJl!!xes. ana boundless amJi.dence combil1e to a.llow you to mak.e a {art, bold moue that WtdU5 yOJ.lT_fu~s off guard.

with a burst of energy, you move forward to press an-attack, draw an item from vour backpack, Ot ta ke some other move action. Your training, menral acuity, and drive allow you to move with gtearerspeed and confidence than other warriors,

This maneucer requires a swift action to Inldare. You cantake a free move action after Y0tl initiate this maneuver. You can use any of the options available for a move acrion, You can then use theresr of your actions asnorrnal, FOT example, you could use this maneuverto move nexrto a foe, tben take a full attack action. You could move, then make a charge attack, and so forrh. Tbe move action YOlll);Rln from ch is maneuver provokes a tracks of OppOr! unity as normal,


Diamond Mind (Counter)

Level: wOl'dsage5, warblade 5 Initiation Action: 1 immediate action Range: Personal

Target: You

YOI~ lash out, your weapDn a "blur. hammerlug 11/ fhe 5liglltas t gap thttt appelTn j" yOUl" IDr's d"fensl'5.

This maneuver allows YOll to make a free attack againsr,a reckless enemy. When a foe provokes an arrack of opportumry from. yon, you can initiate rhi maneueerAs'psrt oftbis rnaneuver. vou make anrmmediare melee.

attack again t the roe that provoked the arrack of opporrnniry. This arrack does .nor replace rHe normal arrack of opportunity you receive. Ypu can also 1JS~ this rnaneu Vel' before..making your normal attack of epporttmiry when an opponent provokes (or vice versa),

The arrack granted hrrhe maneuver is not an. exrra attacker oppornmity. You can initiare this maneuver: befure, after, in addition to, cr instead pf making an attllc'kofoppornrnity~tanopponent (thus possibly s-av4ngyour attack of opportunlry to use agnmsr-anocber enemy later tn the roun.(j).

RUBY NlGfH'MARE BLADE Diamond Mind (Strike)

Level: Swordsage4, warblade 4 Prerequisite: Two Diamond Mind


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range:':Melee attack

Target: One creature

\Vit}1 a !no111en/'s thouglrr. rOll instantly perceive the d ffrnWest pJ ace to 5'h-f1,c yo-ur enemy as YOIl rtudy 11 er de{emes, N ate gaps im hernnnor,ll'ld I'ead.sublle but ll'llpor!aJ'lt [hieS ill how she G(JY1'iestll:1'Seifol'mm'lIi(lntS her fighting sianre.

The ruby nigbrmare blade is a favored .finishing move of warrior who study the Diamond Mind aiscipline. By intently analyzing your foe's stance and moves, YOLI lind the precise spot' rhar you must str r lee to end the fig'h~ with II decisive blow.

You attempt a Corrcenrrariou check as pan of this maneuver, using the target creature's AC as. me DC of the check. You then make a single melee attack against your target, This arrack is also made as part of this maneuver, If your Concentrariorrcheck succeeds, this melee attack deals double normal melee damage. If your cileCkfails , your arrack is made with a -2 penalty and deals only normal melee damage.

Ifyours[Tikeis a critical hit, you stack the mu lupllers as normal CPH 304-).


Diamend Mind ( rrike)

I.evel Swordsage 1, warblade J blltiation Action.: 1 seindard action

Bange: Melee arrack Target: One creature

Yo~r shill},),o tlr me my tOt a.urief11Hln'1eni, wl'ttch.i11,g l1i:s dcfemiv~ tlI~l1eHVen rr,tlll 111 aki-ng fl. s t r iI~e (im ed 10 tn:lre ailllatttilga rtf flIull in hIS vigilance.

The sapphire n ighrmare_o1adels-one of the most basic, bur imporeant.maneuversthata Diamond 1vfiIid afiept studies; Irjllustrares that a keen mind can pierce even rhe toughest defenses ..

You-attempt a CODcentrationcfieckas parI of this-maneuver, usj_n_gt.1'le target creaurre'sACas the DC of the meek Yon then make a single melee arrack agaimit your larger. The arrack is also part ofthls maneuVer. If your Concentration.check succeeds, the rargeris f).at£oored <Jg?insl your arrack, and yotl deal an extra '~d6 poinrs of damage. If your check fliili, your attack is made with 11-2 penalty and deals normal damage.

STANCE OF ALACRITY Di1l1IIJimd Mind ( ranee) Level:Swordsage S, warb1adeB Prerequisite: Three Diamond Mind


Initiation.Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

T-arg~t: You

Duration: ranee

YOUF mimi alld body m~ld-, gra.nting- y~11 an edge ""1 wmbrf1l. Yo Il move. 5lig!rtJy!~~el' titaN nRnnal all.a/o a cOlI'rblltlltiolt-of!O'ol'lfid~rl{ej ITI! illing, lind dant}' ufmrtid. ThIS 5fight edge adds tip wrth each naion.

Your mental swiftness 'rranslares 10 physic-al action on [he battlefield. You are con stand y on,lIllo'Ving you ta react to multiple attacks and threats. Most warriors ell 11 only manage a single counter move each round,

WhUe you IIIe in this seance .. you can use one counter per round without takm.gan immediare action, YoucannOI use "the same maneuver-two rimes ill a round-In.essence, one counter YOLL use during the round does nor te.qui\."e. an immediate action. If you have-already riktm an immcdiare acrion wirhta the past.round, such as ca sting a felIthel'fall spell, yeu can still use this 'Stance [0 iniriase a counter.

STA CE OF CLARITY Dia.:nmnd I ind (Stance)

Level: Swordsage 1, w:a:rblode 1 Iffitiation Action; .i.swlft action Range: Persona]

TaJ:ge1: You

n~ation: Stance

You [oms yow' efforts all n slngL~ opponent. sf~d-ymg- hl~ moves atid preparing un rcttnck. YOl~t (I t her oppone.11 tsIfI de fro tl'! >tglT~ as yom' mind l.acks mlta }'ouJ'1'tl'rgl'J.

This stance a I lows you ro focus on a s~le: opponent [0 the exclusion of ill others, YOl~ read your foe's lighting seance, his favored attacks, and rlse methods he \,1 sed to traln, By combinIngthese factors Into-a single analysis of:lris abiliTies, yon see b0W to foil his arracks,

While you 'e In thiS r;t:J.nClJ1 you must choo e,l! single oppOnel'lt as yQUX rarget at th-e starr of your rum. Y01.1 gui-n a t2ll1sighF bonus t0AC~ST char foe unti1.llouc!n!u'Ige the tlP;'g@,t of [his Stm1C~. Ymn:llJ,e a,-,2 PellaliiytO Af: agatnst all othercpponents whi:leTlsing stance of clarity,

TIME STANDS ST LL Diamond MU1d (Strike)

Level: Swordsage 9, warblade 9 Prerequisite: Four Diamond Mind


Initiation Action: 1 full-round action Range: Personal

Target: You

Tha minal'aps themselves sta.nrlsti.U as you ad at fhe speed of thought. You mDve like n blur, catching _your enemies by surprise

wdh 11 complex (lcliOI1 t:tn1'}ed ot/I III 11 1111)' /roctIon CJJ 111~ lime IltlnuaUr tleed II to complete iI.

10 an unmatched bnrsr ef.speed, agility, 3!J.d aed~ive action, Y01llllove more quicklyihan the eye e:m follow. You can lash OUl with your blade, srrikmg your op_ponent 50 can't keep track of -YOl..lI moves.

As parr of his maneuver, you can use a full attack action two rune j n succession. Take your firstfnll arrack as normal. Once you have resolved those attacks, you can then rake another full arrack action. You must resolve rhese actions-separately. You cannot combine the attacks provided by both aC[i~l~S as you wish, Instead, you.must lake them separately and in order as-norma I for a full arrack.


The Iron Heart discipllne focuses on pUIe weapon skillJrs students Jearn [0 cotnpl&e 6gbti:ng:_manellvers that border on the supernatural. The Iron Heart'spreferted \veapomrare the bastard sword.dwarven waraxe, Iongsword, and two-bladed sword. Its key skill is Balance, bec.ause body control, good fooring, and O:npeccable ritningareimporranr ro completingEron Hearrmaneuvers,

ABSOLUTE STEEL Iron Heart (Stance) level: WarbJade 3

Prerequisite: One Iron Heart


J:nitiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

Yttll sI1d~Jlol.j,r 1!,J~j'ghHo t:i1e imcli otyQur feel and hold yout'blad.e Clm:fl~lly {Ol'wt{rd ~1'i1!e ready. YOllr muscles !wrtch slightly us Ylm .p rep to dodg£l tit C" I'! e It f I'd 1'" ~ k yo Il Jac e.

The absolute steel stance allows you to enhance your mobility and speed. ~ou move quicldy, keep a sharp eye on your enemies; and arereadytofnstantly sidestep any incoming attacks.

\'(fhiIe you are- ill this stanc«, you -gaUl. ~ +10·fo',ot enhancementbonus TO your speed.Ifyou move at lea st tnfeer

during}7Qul' t:Lli'D, YOll ~ a +1 dodge bonus to AC unril me bJ!ginnil1g of your next turn .


Level Warhlacle 8

Prerequisite: Three Iron Heart


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range..Melee attack

Targets: One or more .adjncent ereatures'you threaten

A ~wn:l!l(lde rtriker i,l the -blill" if ((,I ej!t millg time rt(6J!(/;l JtiJl

III ;1111ur of mflficJfl, you mClke a short, hvrsiing Irap hI U1C mr, A you turn, YOllr wi!apon jitISflCS Hmmgi1 the £'ltelMtcs rll"OHlld you liJ~e tllihumg [,f}lMct. As you !ij'op back til the gl'D_und in yo Ill' ji.gldillg un 1'1 ce, YOll r e 11 ~m-i~S-C1'l1 mpl~ to I h e gyO lint/. ayount! you.

ou weep your weapon in a circle around you, srriking out ar nearby enemies. You strike with the speed and ferocity ofa lightning holt, forcing your enemies to rely on their refleses for protection rather than their armor and shields.

You make TWO melee attacks against each adjacem oppone.nt you threaten when you tnitiate.this maneuver. You receive a +4- bonus on each of these attacks, which are otherwise made with your highest attack bonus.

DA CTNG BLADE FORM Iron Hearr (Stance)

Level: warblade 5

Ererequisi1:e: Two iron Hea rt


Inttia-don Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Dtrrarion: STance

rou trike pm1uTd liFe a slithering sllake, I-xtendrng ,ourself sbnost beyond yoUI' alrilily 10 maintain YDur baI1H1t'f. YO!U foe stllmbles backwar4-s.uryrued 1-1101 you GDuM rene), l1im b'01'11 Hllil1 a .great dis-hmoe.

By carefully distributing your weight and esrablishi:ng a steady, rugged po rure, you can reach out and strike opponenrs wiIh_ your melee attacks ar a greater than nermal distance. A warrior with less gaining and expertise would fall Ilat on his face attempting this maneuver. You, on the other hand, have [he grace, focus; andskill needed to com pie te this complex move.

W1bile you are in this stance, you gain a bonus to your reach during y01H turn. \"V'he-Ll you make a melee attack, your reachincreases by 5 feet. Your reach is not Improved when i.t is nor your rum.such as when you make all arrack of opportunity, You cannot improve yOllI: _reaCh bYIIIDIe than 5 feet bv 11 iug rhis ability in conjunction wirh other maaeavers

BAZING STRIKE Iron Hesrt (Strike) -Level: Warhlade 5

Prerequisite: TV-1o }Tm1 Bean


Iiritiation Action: 1 srandard action Range: Me1ee arraek

TaJXet 0 ne creature-

Duration: I round

S_ll' ring Throw: Fortitude partial

TJ.lrough WC1I5l raw power, n:na il-Xpcl"l aim, ')'01d mlilu a mlgh.tYJlitm:/1 aglttnst your-foe, leaVing IIml te.n·rporar!tl'fwodud:·5cnseless _by )10111" "nl'ld~.

The proper application of force to JUSt the righr part oft! fOe'San31omy allows you TO disrupt his actions. While be stumbles back, senseless, you press the advantage.

You make a single melee attack as part of this strike. JI this attack bits, therargerrskes melee.damege normally and must make a Fordmde save (DC 15 +yourSrr modifiet;)orbe dazed for 1 round.

DTSARMTNG STRIKE Iron Heart (Strike) Level: Warblade2

Initiation Actio:n: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Tar_get: One creature

You chop a.t your foe'sllnnd, €rll.lsi118 a griellDta Injury Imd fOl'ffl<tg hl:m to drop h1.5 weapon.

This maneuver allows- yau to cambtne a disarm arremptwith a normal arrack. You make a Single melee attack as part of this strike. lf rhts attack hirs and deals damage, you can also attempt 1:0 disarm your oppouent (PH 155). This disarm attempt does not provoke attacks of opportunity, nor is there :I oy risk rharyourfoe can. disarm you.

EXORCTSM OF STEEL Iron Heart (Strilre)

Level: Warblade :3

Prerequisite: One Iron Hearr


Initiation Acrion: Standard scrion R-ange, Ielee attack

I'arget: One sreartrre

Dnzarion: 1 minute Saving Throw: w:illhalf

You attar;k, strlhiltg nofYmlr foe, !tt{j )1 ~s we-allD-l"sel1ding a sho_lj7~wave-!.Lp ht~ ~j111 tlw:t Ilftlt1C5 !rim un~ble: til strih& witll fall JOYlie-.

Tam: mastery of the Iron Heart style has taughr you much ahour the power within a blade; and you can use this knowledge to nor only enhance your own ability but also, to depri~:e orhers of thar power,

When you iniriare tliis maneuver, you attack your opponent's weapon (PH15B). This attack does norprovok-e attacks of opportunity If YOll succeed, your foe rakes ~ -4- penalty on melee damage rolls for 1 minure. The Wielder of the weapon can attempt a will save (DC 13 + yOttr Str modifier) to halve this -pe,nalty.

You canuse thisma!)euve:r:orily against manufactured weapons. Youcannotuse lr-against natural weapons,

FTNlSHTNG MOVE hop- Heart (Strike) Le-vel: Warblade 7

'Prerequisite: Three Iron Heart


Initimion ctton; 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

'Iar_get: One erearnre

Yinl d_elNer a d.evllstatil'lg ,hihe tJgrti1'lst 11 WO,~tiJll,til foe, al1111I Ig-to finish 11:im off once IlndfoyaIL

Iron Heart teaches tharir is best to £i:n.ish off II foe with as little effon as--pos_sible, the better to save your strength for you r rem aining, enemies. When you use thiS maneuver, you throw yourseU on the offensive with Iirtle, thought to you r defenses. If this attacks-trikes home, te mighrend.a £ght several crucial seconds eady.

As part of rbj s maneuver, you.make a melee arrack against a creanzre, This anat;k dea is 111' extra 4dl!j points of damagS!. If rhe target's current bit pointo& are less than its full norma 1 htltpoin:ts:, the attack Instead deals an. extra 6d6 points of damsge.Jf if hit points are eqUAL HJ o-r less tha n one-helf its full normal h1r poi nts,

rhe arrack instead deal' au extra Hdti potnts of damage.

'RON HEART ENDURANCE [ron Hean:('iju,Q~t)

Level: W.ar1319,qe 15

Pre1:equ:isit~: Two Iron Heart


InitiationAction: 1 swift action Range: Personal


YOII P!JShasidetj~epajl1 ofyotlr il~jtIrresto fig:hf"U1'l p,~sl mortnilimil,s.

If you nav<l_ half or fewer of your full normal hit points remaining, you can initiate thismanetreerto beal hir points equaho 2x Ylilu;r level.


iron .Hearr (Counter)

L vel: War@acie 5 Erereqtrisire: Two Iron Heart


Initiation Action: I immediate aetion

Range: Personal

Target: Ybu

With a lll5t-second burs! of spcl!d, you :summon reserves of mental aria pllyslcal Ivill alld throw affthe effects of ,yo II" en('my's aU~ck.

Your traiIl:blg in [he Iron Heart discipllne grams you excellent reflexes, mental roughness, and stamina. You can draw-upon your training and focus to overcome a variety ofdeadly effects,

Asan immediate action, you arrre1:011a' saving th row YOlL have just 'made. You must accept the result of this secend .roll, even if rnenew result is rower than JOur inlrial .roll


Iron Hearr

Level: Waiblaoe 3

Prerequisite: One Iron Heart maneuver

In iriation Action: 1 standard action Range: !'tU'SoDal

Target: You Duration: See text

By c(l"awiflgp,lj ytJll'r nr~I~,tlll sj l'I!I'lgjM inJil physicaliortLt!!~'II, ,rrll IIJ'~ali fme-of II deb ilih;r,Hng: state til QT m ighl '0 I hel'W-'lsll def~lIt ),011.

.A lm!f~r~ 111(Jrblail~ iniliateI tI filli,hilll; 'TI-O'IW and: rids tbe 1Vorld if d fl~" fie

Your ngbrillg spirit, dedication, lind mini ng allow you to overcome almost anything to defeat yow-enemies. W.hell you "use rilis maneuver, select one spell, effect, or other condition currently affecting you and with a duration of 1 or more rounds. That effect ends immediately. You also surge with confidence and vengeauceagainst your enemies,

gatning 11 .. 2 morale honus Oil anac rolls unrll the end .Gfymu· next [Urn

LTGHTNlNG.RECOVERY Iron Heart (C~rl!J:Her)

.Level: Wnrl'llade 4

Prercqu isit'e: Two Iran Hell r! maneuvers

In:i:t:iationAction:: 1 immediate 3C( ion Range: Personal

Target: ou

Your/oe twists OLlt offhe. tva." OfYOI1Y il1itml aJlacl1, bL<t YOUI"WeapOl1 bacomes,/l blur flS YOIl t'evel'S~ direction (Ill IT sfrike I1llw}I ago ill with lightning lJWl!1I.111 the hlmll of lUI eye, Y0l! wrnplei:e yOllr II tJacllll 11(1 reSlll11e your defensive poshm:.

Tbi.s maneuver embodies the erhos of speed and energy rhsr the Iron Heart rradjrion teaches. If one of your melee attacks misses, you uw.inidate this maneuver to [e£oli that attack roll with a ;.2 bonus.


I ron Heart (Strike)

Level: Warhlaoe B Prerequisite: Two Iron Heart maneuvers

Initiation Action: r srandaed action

Range: 30 ft_

Area: 30-ft. line

Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: RefleK b:,llf

You tl'lrDW ymrrweapoll throllgh tl1e nil', sending if firms i:nJ over end to stril:e with uncl1nny accl.lYllcYlltid telr'iblr !DYCIl. n leaves fn its wnke a [tail of bni-

'Iered ene·mies.

The Iron .Hea rr rradrncn's more esoteric reach ings allow a srudenr ro rransforrn any melee. weapon into a rhrown projectile, By focusing your concentration nnd atnmingyour se uses to your we:lj)on's balance, Y0l.1 Can throw almost ~mytlili:ig,

When you use ~issrrike, yot. make a single melee arrack (even though you are throWing your weapon). You deal damage to eac;n erearure in the maneuver's area equalto yqllr normal

melee damage ~LI~cludiBgdqmage:b~lll vour Stt~ngth modifier, fcalSj magt~1 abilities (lin yO'!;ll: wiffipon,and so fO,t: ), -p\us >In extra L2ci6 'PointS 0; da~age.. Eadlcreamre in the attacks are::;t can make II Refl~ save with II UG eqlll'll to rhe result O{YOlit "track rolLA suzeessful save halves the. dam'age dealt.

Yom weapon amomatically returns till yffirr hand at the end oC the round-

MAN11CORE PARRY Iron Heart (Gouarer) Level: warhlnde6

Pl;erequisite: Two Iron Heart


Initiation Action: 1 immediate .action Range: Personal

Target: You

YDU black ,tilt el1emy's lIt!aclt-luith IT lightt11ng-qnick _pal'I]" then d~flect il towamn diffIT&n! target. Your foe Ulli btlreiyconh'oi its 11Wl1lrrrhl'fI1 -~.s ih n ten ek now ~lnms into 11.11 {Illy.

When you iniriare this maneuver; yOtl am artempt to h10ck an enemy's melee arrack: rhar cargHs YOLl and redirect it to another wgeto adjacent ro you. Make a meleeattack roll. If you, resultis greater dian your foe's arrack roll, yol,.l DuJffiidemes_ttike and direcair against a Tllrget Ofy:OUTJ~bo:ice that stands adjaCeOtTO YGll. You must decide whether 1:0 Initiate tHiS maneuver artet the enemy attacks, hut before you know whethertrt nor the attack you UE! artemp ring toe deflect actually h its. If the anacK:nlisses, you can srill arternpr to dellecrii,

If you succeed in deflecting the ausck, use1:he l'esuk9f your opponent's Jlratt rollI0 determine ni! SID kes the new target.

This maneuver functions only agains I armed melee attacks. You can nor use it against unarmedattacks, na rura] weap;:1115, or much spells.

MITIfRAL TORNADO 1 ron Hearr (Strike)

Leva: Warblade 4

Preaeqursi ee: Two Iron Hea rr


lniti arion Act:ion~ 1 standard action Range: N1.~Leear:taclt

T:u:gerl All adjacent opponents

W:henyotl i.m.\.tiate thts Strike, ynu: make a melee attlick-ag_-alOSI every opponent acljac.em [0, Y01). Resolve each attack sepa:Gl'rely, ¥ol\-gaiml,.l bonus on ea:h of these attacks. which are Dtnenms.e your: liighest attack bonus.

PUNlSHlNG STANCE Iron Heart (Stance)

Level: Warh.L:ide 1

Initiation Action; 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: YOl\

Duration: Stance

You d1O-P dawt111 io!entiy wtth Ylllir llIeapon, lending "exIra force to yout blows. T'hes~ t:lttll~k~ rome lltl1 cast as }'Iiu-rena11li5_s!1l~h II't yollY [i]1 d e fen legs llllli J1anks.

You hold yourweapcn overhead, allowing you to chop down whb superior force, However, this ligqling seance leaves you vulnerable to all opponent's attacks. 0111y an truriate of the Iron Bean trod,irian cap. manage tlte peri \OWl balance between trading attack power for ck.feIl5e, A lessE]; \vaniOI: would leave himseU ne3J;l\l.:&.ejpl~s t"o resist a:nopp.onenfs attack~.

\Vb.ile you are in this stance, yoJ.!- deal ali extra 'lci6 points of damage ,-"ith all melee attacks. Youalso rake a -2 penalryto AC,because thisnghringstaru:e emphasizes power over a de'tensi~e posture.

SCYTHTNG BLADE Iron Heart (BoosJ") Level: Warblade 7

Prerequisite: Three Iron Heart


Initiation. Action: l-swLft acrion Range: Persona]

Target: You

You 5b'ike nt sn e foe [!lith" long. JligJl urich/land CIrrI /henm(l~enlJuic'k tllm to roliti~I!.(e th,e ,b-dlw oglliml mlarb), enenly.

Y-t\lUS\ving your weapon in a wide. d.eadlr art. W'ifth your~UflIe1TIe&ldl1and mail~t:iJ!l rrsinmg, you e Im your at lacit se [hat :rs-

Y0USIT-iito.: one 8£ponent, yoose~utse\f

t: ~ ... , --""ake II second ~tDlck up p-enecuy ."',__.~

agaii$"t a di£tere:nt £oe.~Y01.~ we3pon strikes one EYpEPDent, u CUlS I mo him, then r'koChers roYCiIJI-second targe(_,

If the Erst melel!atrack you make during yOUT turn ltit~, your.aDim:mediately make a f1;s"e attack at $~ur highest au e.Ck bonus agains:r 11 dllierent e11emy that you threaten. YGll: ca II ouly gain O]1e fre~ arrack eachtime you initiate this maneueer, regardless of how maily successfuL attacks you make in thiHound.


Iron H~ rt (Srri'k~)

Level; warblade 1 Ilii.tiatiol).Action: 1-St~ ndarcl action Range:- Melee attack

Target:' Two creatures

YOH swing ),oul' well]_iOtl i7l rt brand, deadly arc, strj'~i'~g twa]ues tl1ith II shtg1f't mighty blow.

Tb rough a comhinarion of sheer power and unmatched talent, you make an attack that injuresmulnple opponents. As you initiate thi::> strike, you make tWO melee arcacks, each against a dJi.rerentJ"oe rhat veu rhrearen. Resolne Mch ana~k sep'ar;1 telr.

STEELY S~RfKE Iron Heart (Strike) Level: W<1iblade 1

Initiation Ac~on.; 1 standa td action Range; Melee at.rack

i'a:rg~t: One creature

Duration; 1 round; 'see text

YO!I focrts yourself for II S-ingle, (lCOltrate athl'CR,shrugging ojfJUlI.r opplJ 11 ent'.1 blollJs and igflOl'in_g the nce.J fOl' aef-ensB il~ yO:l~ 111 ake ),01 It ilSSlIUIt.

The Iron Heart disdplmereachesfecus, allowing you to engage and defeat one oppqnentat a time. Your other euemies mean norhtng to yeu as you press your armsk.

Y(_)u make a stngle melee anac;k as part otthis strike. You gain a +4- bonus on the ,Quack rell. All: opponents erher than. the one tOU attacked gain a +"1- bonus on attack rolls again,soT YOlJ-.for 1 round.


Level: Wal;Macle 9

Prerequisite: FolU Iron Heart


Initiation Action; 1 sra ndard aeri on Range: _N(eJee attack

Target: One creature

Your sl~preme1ocus alld perfect fightillg arm Ill/OW you to tl'miu IIsingie, rlcvasttrr-. itlg IIttack. Y[)He;ye'J~tc (I flIlwles5 ~trike to drop YOltrfoe tlilf~1 if single a~tach.

The ultimate Iron Bean maneuver teaooesrhe precise, per-fect cut necessary to slay almost any creature. Only the mightiest foes can withstand t11 is arrack. Adepts,of the loon Heart rradilion seek ro use rhis arrack (0 end fights as quickly as possible, cum igbt open a o,figb[ with a quick flurry of attacks, bur once a loeis injured, .you seekto end the battle with this decisive strike.

You make 3 sID.glemeJeeattackllspa,tt of this strike.l1ycmrzttack hits) It dellls an extra 100 points of damage (ill addition to your normalrnelee damage).


Level: \Xfarhlude S

Prerequisit~: Tbvee [rca, !!:Iett!


lnitiatiot1,A.cts~on: 1 $w'i'£r itction Range: Persolll11


Duration: Stance

You drop into 11 rela.xed p05e, nl/owingyour defenses to flow n.Murnlly and easily. Your blade lnsllcs out /0 absorb or deflect each nHacl~ yM; [ace, t!/unti'l1g tile [orc« of your e-mmies' blows.

As a sruden r of the Iron Heart discipline, you learn that a simple flick of (be wris tor turn of the blade can rra nsform a deadly strike inro a wild miss. In ban le, you enter a steady rhythm that makes yon frustratingly difficult to fight. You disrupt each attack with apet:fecdy timed counter.Ieaving your foes' strikes weak and 1ne.f6 ctnal,

While }'Olt are In this Stance, you gain damage re uctton 5/- against ~ny oppopenr th~1rdQes .nor catch you Elat4_ored. To gnin this beneftr, you must be ptofide.nt·witl"t the weapon yO'u carry. YOl~ gain. this bel~efit while unarmed only ifyou_have the Improved Unarmed Srrn~e feat.

WALL 0,. BLAD S ItQJl Heart (Collrirer)

Level: Watblam e :2

Itiitilrtion ActioIl: 1 immediare:acdon Range: Persontll

Tar_get: You

Ylmr wegprm 5ways bcuhaJ(d forill In )'OI~r hnl1d, read)1 to block illcomillg-bIDW_. With the speed of a thUl1aer"DI~. you das/l you,' weapon Ilgain# YOIIT foe', blndl! n. he al tempts to at-tack.

Yom weapon rnasrery rransforms your blade into an extension of YOlU' ann, allowing you to wield it wim the speed and riming needed 1'0 make a precise block.

When an enemy makes 1I melee OJ: ranged attack against you, you can ipitiate this counter to oppose mal: attack by making an attack roll with a:ny melee weapon you.are hoMing. Use The higher of your AC or your attack rollas your effectwe AC agamsr the incomtngartack. You GaH'[ use this rnanen VeT if you are denied your D ex-redry bonus to AC agates I yot! t attacker, YOtl can decide. to use .his abiliry after you Learn the -xesult of your opponent's attack.


The Setting Sun .dlscipline teaches its initiates to TU fFj. their opponents' strength against them. Wirh a quick shifr in stance and a carefully aimed attack, a Setting Still warrior sends a chargtng enemy rumbling in a new direction, Setting Sun's preferred weapons are me quarterstaff, short sword, nunchaku, and u narmed trike. TIle discipline's key skill is Sense Motive.

BAFFLTNG DEFENSE ettbng tm (Counter) Level; Swordsage 2

Pr.ereqnisite:- One Setting Sun


Initiation Action: i immediate action Range: Personal

Target: Yon

Yotl ,Yauch baltJlJced Oil o lie fout, hum1s he.1d j~igh Oller yOl!r ItJlnn. Your foe h es ihrtc>, nn UYe llf1wu,' h~ aUr:i.51. you i'/1 111.15 IIl1likc~) rhmre

If your opponent stdkes you on his rom, you can replace your AC With rhe result df fI Sense Motive check as an immediate action. You must decide whether to initiate this maneuver before you know the resulr of your opponent's artack (but afm.r [lie attack is declared), Yom ense Motive check applies to onlyone attack. You must be aware of [he attack to. which you will apply the effect of this maneuver. If you atefLat-:fuoted against the incoming attack, you ca nnor us-e this maneuver.

BALLISTA J'FlROW Setting Sun ( Level: Swords age 15

Prezequdsl ce: TWQ Setting SmJ


Initiation ActiOll: 1 standard action Range Touch and 60 ft.; see text Target Creature: touched

Area: 6u·ft.line

You grab YOLlrOppOtlcntand spin like <1t£lp. swinging 11illl around. before throwing him at}'ouropponent~ li1m Il boltfromn bll[!irtlT.

This maneuver functions like..mighty throw (page 73), except as noted here.

As :parr of this maneuver, YOll rn11Sl succeed on.a melee rouch anac:kag;tmst your foe. YOLI can then make a rrip attempt against your enemy. YOu gain a +4 bonus on [he ability check.

If you succeed in tripping you.dee, you throw him ill a GOefoor line. The carget and all creatures in chis area take sds.pcinrs of damage, TIle tht'own creature lands prone at the end oHhis line, Yon must place the target in an empty spac;e. If the space at me end of the Iine is occupied, your opponent falls prone in the open splice clcsess ro the line' endpoinL

CLEVER POSTJ'TONTNG eIting un (Strike) Le-ve.1: Swordsnge :2

Initiation ct:ion: 1 standard action Range: felee attaCk

'f~et: One crearure SavtngTh~ow: Re.flex parttal

WtrJl If swift flurry afmatiot:L,J'ou 'krwc11 Y01I foe offlmtiil'lcf, 51'111 ill to hlS splice, I1t1 d jO'FC6 hill! iJ1m t1J1!"5pOtyOM jnsl occupie!l.

You make a melee artack, and whlle your opponent is slightly off balance from your blow, you lind the leverage needed 1:0 pull him into your pace while moving inro his space.

As pan of this maneuver, you make II single melee attack against a target. If yourartack bits, the rargerrakes damage normally and mUST make a Reflex save (DC 12 +yOt1I Dex modifier). If this save nws,l'ouS'wap positions with the ta rget, If the target is Large or larger, YOLl can occupy any of the squares that make qp its space. The target must in turn occupy the sg_l.13re, oroneof the squares, you previously occupied. You cannot me this maneuver if you or the target would end up sharing the same space as ;mother creature or an impassable terrainfeamre,such as a wall. IfyOUI target occupies a larger space than you do, he chooses hisfinal position according to the guidelines given above.


Serting Sun (St):i]{e) Level: SWoms:(ge 4 PIer.equisite: One

Sett ing ,c:;Ul1 maneuver InitiatfonAction; 1 standard action Range: ouch

Target: Ctearurejouched; ee text Throw: Reflex partial, see text

YOII lise your fge's m 0- mctrhtm against him, til raw iug 11 im ihl'Ough tlic air to cyrrsh -trlta a secol1d elwmy.

Ibis maneuver funcI ions like rnightythrow (page~), except as noted here:

As parr of this maneuver, you must succeed on a melee touch arrackagamst yom foe. Yeu can rhen make a trip artempr againsr your enemy. You gain a-+4 boons on the ability check.

If )1On succeed in uippiug YOUt foe, you throw bim up to 10 feet away from 'loU in a direction of yom choke. "You se lea your enelD.y's desnnsrtcn.square, The target falls prone in that space and takes 4<16 points of damage, or every 5 points by which you win the opposed check, you gain an addldonal i feet of throw range.Focexample, if youwin by ~O, you can place your foe in any space within 20 feet of you. You can throw your opponent into a space occupied by,a second foe. In this case, the opponent in [he target square also takes eds potnrs of damage and is knocked prone. A Reflex save (DC 14+ your Str modifier) halves th is damage and allows the second target to remain standing. The shrewn creature then falls prone in a dear pace of your choice adjacent to the second ta r.get.


Setting Sun (Counter)

Level Swordsage 1 InitiationAction: 1 immediate action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

With a gUicll sidestep you send (.l dWlJlmg Op!'Otle'llt sp1'mAi!ing,

With this counter, you GW arrenrpr te redirecr a creanrre thar make a charge mack against you. Immediarely before the creature makes its charge attack, make your choice of an opposed Strength or Dexterity check against it Thetarget makes 1.5 check using the same ahility you chose for your check

If you are of a larger size category than th attacking creature, yon use your superior bulk to redrrecryour foe and gain a +4 bonus on your: Strengrh check (If YOll opt for a Strength check). If you are ofasmaller size.caregory, YGlU use leverage, misdirection.and U"Jckery to gain a +4 bonus 011 your Dexterity check (if you use that option).

If you succeed on. the Strength 131' Dexter! I:y check, the.ctearure does nor get to attack you. You can-chen move it up (Q 2 squares in a direction of YOtU choice away from yon.

If you fai I the Strength or Dexterity check, rhe creature gains a +2 bonus on irs charge a rra ck, in addition [0 the normal +2 bonus &om Taking the charge arrack action.

DEVASTATING THROW Setting Sun (Strike!

Level: Swordsage ;;

Prerequisite: One Sening Sun maneuver:

Initiation .Action: 1 standard

ltange~ Touthi

Targer: Creatmeulllchelil

be'uillg your fua'bythe anl:l, you spin in It JfIHdl half"titde and hurl hirrl hendlolfg ([way from rOot1"

This mllneuye:r fun c dons like mighty throw (page 75), eNeept as- noterl here.

To set up a dcvastiifinli,thmwi you lnllSl.move ax least 15 feet.

As parr of clris maneuver, you musr succeed 011:3 n:releetouch attack against YOlIT foe. 'lott',can then rnaka a ITip attempt against YOUt enemy. 'You gain a +4 bonus on the ability check.

Ii you succeed in your:fue, yon throw him up to toleet away from you. The target falls prone it) the des[marion space and takes lafi points of damage. You dloosewhere IJe lands. For every 5{ points by which yOLl win. the opposed check/ you gilin an additional 5.fee[ of throw distance, For el\'lulll;lle, if you .. lrln by to, you can. place your foe in any spal:!cwkbill. 10 feet of you. You must place the target in au empry space. If you lack rhe-disrance to throw your earger into a clear space, he fa Us prone in his cu rrent Space.


Setting Sun (Counter) I.evel: Swordsage 3

Prerequisite: One Setting Sun


Initiation.Actio:n: 1 swiFt ac rion Range: PeTS01):i1

Target: You

Yon Sh01U YOIlY opponellt a seemi ".gll' fataJ mrttake in your defenses, !mt ensily avoid til e enmhrg Ilnaci! anti ,illl UI'!L];IU(lW;/Y draw YOUr fm-. into ouere;derlding: Mshc figMdo regaill her tlll/mlee, lllll! l! II SwifrwRTltemtlnr,fl.

YOtl can use this maneuver when an opponent artempu; all attack of opporHI niff .tgamst yetl. A:5 you provoke the arrack of oppor,ttmity, you peaition ytJU"ESelfin SUcb'3 way as to force YOlli oppanenno throw herselfcl£bamnce m strike yQl;l. ijVen,if $l:J;e sueceeds in,strik~ ing you, yOlU: roe might regret her attack as yO]] rallies lE''!P in to.finish. her.

\Vhen yom enemy makes an .attaek of ()PP0 rrurriry aga-irt!lt you, htillliefate

YOIl know tile result ut 1111.' attack, yon ca·nil'l'if1rwfl this man<tfloi/(l<t. I [hN:

A ttack .'ro.~ssegJ· she 1:"'J::cw01{lOs, amm;l'ack of opportunlrp from YOll. Ii bm; attack of opp0rtuniry ruts. you, soe ~OVOk~5 an attack of opportunity B:ofui aTlyof your allies who threaten her,

FOOL'S STRIKE Setting Sun (Counter) Level: Sword sage 8

Prerequisite: Three Setting Sun


Initiatioll.Action: i irnmediaresction Rangei-Melce atmck

Ts.ugct: One creature

A creaU(l'C :It:i'ike~, but y0'11 I'IH 1'1 the blolV siraigh ~ bn.d~ ni' It,

When ail ehemy attacks you on its turn, you 'can block the blow and baclcar tbni1 creature You step into the 'attl.fckana redirect ir, Thtsrnaneuver pits }'Our skill against that 0fyoU"t foe,

If4tn qppouen:tarracks ypu, you can ini· tiare this-tn~'-leuver to makean opposed attack rell as an j.J.nmediare. action. If yourfoes result is hjgper, he attacks you as nor:mal.1fyou'r resu [tis higher, your foe rolls damage as normal for theartnck and takes thar mnchdamage.

GHOSTLY DEFENSE Serting Sun tStnnce) Level: Swords age B

Prerequisite: Three Serti ng Sun


InitiationAction: 1 swift anion Range: Persona]

I:at:get: You

Duration: Stance

You lurll wit.hi.n concellh'ng mist, 1 .• II'in,R your lip po l'I.efl.t info 1.11 tq,ki"11g Y~N, ohi), to dodge 'imt.of t'H1l1XIIlYfl/'ld rifted your fltllmy's blow at m!', !UlwNirrrg n:lly.

You are a.ghest in the mist, capableof tur!liiJ.g a'foe'agl"lllu;r her aIDes. By gauging YOlITQPp,Qttenr,'s fighting stallcr!, lim itig YOtH: dodge t'orret:tJ.Y1' and pJacLng yOt!rsei'F in the right position, you CiID lead het'into attacking oneof her allies l1rrhel' thnn yOll. When your foe smges, yo,u 4.p.cb;~ut of rhe way, As she follow,"; throughwirh her atrack;, sh" inadveJ.-reIdy arfad( lli.l y.

You gam LhlS srasce's benefir \\ ben an opponent's snack ag:'Iiusl you Ius a miss Gb anae, sljIrb as" JI'Clm ccnnes I. mem, \Vheneyet"an epporrerrts melee 01' ranged amck mrssesyoubeeause of dm. .m iss chance, you can choose ro change the target of the attack from you to a nothercligible· target (ath&rthan you r attacker)' For a melee attack, [he new [~arget must be within your opponent's rench andadjacent to you. Eor a ranged attack/ The new rarget must be .aajm::em TO you, and yotu; opponent must have line of effect to him.. Use the result of the original arrackto deremnine ifit hits the new target, You r fOe does nor cb eel again fo~ a miss chance, as you guide rhe attack directly to the new target. This ability epplies only once per.auatik. If you use ghostly defense to ],'eoi mer an attack against a foe using this Stance, he does riot have the oprion to redirect the attack again,

You must be aw~r-e of an epponent's attack to gainjhe bene£t uf tliis stance, You cannot use it against attacks that catch yon fl:a,·footed.

GIANT KTLLTNG STYLE Setting Sun (~tallce)

Level: Swords age 3

PrerequisiTe: One Sun


Initiation Action: 1 swift'1ldioll Range, Personal


DUration: Stance

You dart beiwee.I'l a gil1tli 's l<'lgs, 11lshittg af his inner anhJes n nd.otJrer vu!n:enibltHJ.)'on. while stClyiug ilHide hi, re.ul1 lA1he.I'!: h~ ell nrwt.h ope to pll rry yo U r att.1Cks.

The Setting SUE. sell 001 teaches a fighr~ ing sryle rharempha sizes (lsi ng an opponent's strength and mOme:rlWID against him. The giant killing strike epitomizes [his approach. By Sizing up a larger opponenr and srudyjnghi~ fighting sranceand, tendencies, you aim. ),ourstdkes at vulnerable ps:i:ms on bj:s 1 ewer bod y thaI he cannet defend effectLvely. You..slice arrendons on W~lI foe's feet, smash his.knec.s,_antt cur Inro his: hamStrings.

WIlen yOll tJlisstance, ym,lga in U +2 bonus on attad;;ooH5 and a +4 bqnu$ on damage rolls ag.ainst oppoaems of

a larger ize caregcry-than 'ew:s. 't'his bonus applies to all arracks you make for the rest of yom rum.

HYDRA SLA YTNG STRTKE Serdng Sun (S trike)

Level: Swerdsage '7

Ererequisite: Three S'ening SUD


Iniriarion Action: t standard action Range: Melee attack

Taxget: One creature

YOll tllk~ stock ofml oppotlt!llt'sjighringsI)'le ellid mllr.r II single, mrefl~lly elimed a!tad~ I hilt LCIli/es the crea;/'Ul'f unable to make aU of its rIUor/H.

?t:lU rake careful aim at an enemycrearure, striki ng it with the precise amount. of force needed to push.It off gua:rd and leave it unable [Q bring all of irs attacks to bear. Your opponent must spend triticalseconds adjusting its guard and reevalnanng irs surroundings.

As pan of this maneuver, make a single melee attack. If this atrack hirs, your rargl!l takes normal damage and at DnOT: make :\ fLill arrack on its next turn, 0 rherwise, ir can act normally.

MTGHTY THROW Serring Sun (Sttike) Level: Swordsage t

Initiation Action: 1 standard anion Range: Touch

Target: Creature touched

Xm" II se sn per io r !e Liernge ari d )'0 ur S etli ng .lIm IntilHttg to selld 1111 opponcu t t~fl1'lblil1g to the grouHd.

As part of rhis maneuver, you; IDUst succeed on a melee rouch.artack against yeur foe. Resolve the throwas a trip strempt (PH 158), but you do nor provoke armcks of opponun.ity, and your opponent cannot try to trip you if you lose the opposed check. You can use yotIr Dexrericy or Strength .modifier, whichever is higher. You gain a +4 bonus on the ability check.

If you succeed in tripping your foe, you throw it up to 10 feet away from you The ntrget falls prone in 'the desT~narron space. You choose where. ir land You must place !:he 1:at'get emprv space, If you lack the_msrance

to throv your targenmo a clear space. it falls prone in its current space.

An enemy y:ou throw with this maneuver does not provoke arraeks 0f 0PPQrrunity fo:rpassing thl:ough enem tes' t1n:eateped areas as part of the throw, and you can t:ht~w :Jll el1,emy duough occupied squares.

MIRRORED PURSUIT Sening Sun (Counter) Level: Swordsage 5

Prerequisite: Twe seTting un


Ini:ti ation Action: 1 immediate action Range: Personal

Target; You

¥Ollr 11l000cme'ilts perfecH.Y Illeltcn yOllr Jue's, o!low;ltgyou t'o mave as~he docs. Try IlHllf might ~o escape, )rou remain at heniJe.

Your ability [0 study a foe and march her motions allows you to remain within arm's reach at all rimes. Your opponent cannot hope ro escape you.

When an opponenr.adjacenr to you moves, you can 1Jlitiare this maneuver to immediately move to any square adjacent co her as: scion asslre stops moving, as Long as the distarice yo-u cover is Jess rhan or equal ro your-speed, This movement does nor provoke attacks of opportunity.

SCORPTON PARRY Sertlng Sun (Counter] Level: Swordsage 6

Prerequisite; Two Setting Sun


Initiation~et:i0n: i..itrfrfiedil'l-te action Range: Personal

Target: You

You Jmock )'011, OPPOll.tlrt's attad~ aside. gUiding his weapon into aile ofhi~ allies.

Your keen eye and abiliry to discern a foe's motives and intentions allow you [Q defleer an incoming attack inrn a different target.

Ifan opponent a rraCksyour you cantnitiate this maneuzer to make <OJ opposed attack roll as an immedlateaottaa.If YOUT foe's result is higher, he~rtac1s you as normal. U- yourresultls:hlghe:r, ~oucan cheese a creature :lldjacentIO you and wrrh III your opponenss threatened area.

The ehesea crearere ds the new targel of yOll . foe's arrack, Use your enemy' original.artsok'roll tesulr to determine ifbe strikes Ip.~ne-w target,

SHTFTTNG DEFENSE Setting Sun, (Srancei Leva: SWQ[cisagllo:5

Prerequisite: Two Sening Sun


InitiationAction: iswiu action .Range: Personal


Duration: Stance

YOl! d"ud~ find move a"s you dodge yolO· opp011Cnt's. a#ad!s. S!oiM1y bul 5lmLY1 oitnch, gives YOrl-the Oppol'wn rty to l'il 0 vr a t I'D ss lh e .b Ilttl efJ:Cl a.

Yow' abiliry IO read. yom: epponents' moves and use their strength again t them allows you: to shifi: your po i rton during a barde .. Ht.h failed arrack give you the split-second you need to move without drawing srracks,

While yot! are inrhis stance, you.can make an Immediate 5-foot step each time an oppcnenrattacks you. Moving in this manner consumes one of your attacks of opportuntry in me CLl rrrent round. You cannot mcee in rhis manner if you have 1JD attacks of opportunity reraatning, This movement does nor provoke.attacks of bpportuniry.

SOARING THROW Serring Sun (Snike) Level: Swordsage 5

Prerequisite: 'Ew:o Se (ting Sun


lnitiationAction: j_;standard action Range; Touth

Target: Creature touched

With r1 g.real SflDui,jo1-lst!lld }'Dur OppD1lelll SOI1r1tlg Iiml1lgil Ihe Il,ir in 11 high I1I'C. He sIll HIS Dudl to t}li~ gro lind with 11 bOIll:crusJ1i H[thuil.

AI; part of clfis maneuver, YOlI must succeed on aunelee(Ll'luch artack against ytn.n: foe. Resolve the throw a's a 'trip attempt (PH 158), bUJ yw do not 'Provoke llttaC=ks"Of o,ppprfuni;ryj and YOLlt opponent C:anD.ottry to trip you if yo u lose the n}}p.osed chec;k. You can 1.1S~ your DeA'Ted:ry OJ' Strength modifier,

\ 'hidn:ver I better. You glUM 1·4 bonus on me abiHry check.

If you succeed in rrippi ng your foe, you throw him up (020 feer away from you, Tbe targer.Ialla prone in die aes:r:i.nll ti ea space ana ea kes Bd 1] points of dlll1-111g.e. You ihl:lose where be 1and:s. For every 5 points by which you Wln me opposed check, yo\.! gain an adclltionalS feer afthrow disrance, For example) if you win by 'I Q, you can place your foe in my §par;:e w~thjrt 3_0 feetofyou. YOLL rnuscplaee the targerin an empry space. rfyoulaGk me distance to throw your targertnm a clear space. he falls pmne in h is current space.

An enemY' you mmw wtrh this maneuver does not Fr~ovoke attacks of opporrunity for -passing through enemies' threatened a:reas.aspart ofrhe throw, and you can MOW an enemy rhreagh occupied squares.


Level; Swordsage 5 Prerequisite: Two Setting Sun maneuvers

Initiation Action: 1 immediare action

Range: P rsohai Tuget: You

wJ1tnJ 'he mrttl4re you (!l"e tUlI.fli~Jglties tc heH;!? IlWilYIl"o.1-5tepM~tt~ It I)'l Fha blilt/l:@f r<1I. eye, jon il'lg .it.-t,O, 5 t~1'1a'fI,JlldJig~t Ol'SJi.Jf'el' ttl!!. ~onscq'l/e 11 res rif withdrawal.

Usi ng your W2TChftlJ eye and your ability to judge an opponent's actions, 'You jnove at precisely the Slime rime your enemy begins to move.

It an asquare adjacent to you moves, you can Initiate ch is maneuver to make a 5Joor step into [he space (or one of me squares) it occupied. This movement does 110t provoke attacks of opportuniry,

STEP OF J1HE WTND Setting Sun (Stance) Level: Swords age 1

Ini1:iatioll ActiQn: 1 swi.fl action Range: Pe,l'!i{')ual

Target: '{m.1

Duration: Stance

YOIl wfill~ rlQ;!J.55. nlbMe·~ tId other b11Jlu!'fl, tel'l'ni,n, 1M ith. d et e.p j;i:J.,(e ei.T.~e, rdl.owing you to Il1he IIdvr.mtage opponent. as i'hey struggle !Olnove (Ii fuItspeed.

Y; u are·SQru.o eJyartuned f.tJ your r1\ I ~'0nmeunhary011e;]silypickolLtsTeady spors [n rough. terrain, While. other, struggle to move over broken greund you slip across trwtrh.ease, When yG1-1 ftght on ~o'ugh ground, you tUX1J the uneven lbottng inro an lIdvant>age. By gauging how an opponem 'aisrribLi CI:S his strike arjust the right moment and in the precisespctrreeded to send him tumbling W l:he ground.

While you are in this stance, Y0U ignore penalties to speed, movem nt, or skill checks associated wtth movement(such as 'Iumble.jump, and Climb checks) incurred by moving rhr~lLIgh difficult. terrain. If you arrackan oppo- 1).,1l):) t standing on d tfficulrrerram wb tle yQU are in-this stance, anddf that foe takes a movement penalryfor movtng through difficul r terrain, you gain a 2 bonuson. attack rolls and aA4 bonu on Strength or Dexteri:tychecl< made as part ofa. bull rush. or tiiiJ> arrempr aga tnsrtlratenemy. You gaih this bonus on checks made to either accomplish or resist a hull rush or trip.


Swing SUD (Stri1<e) Level: Swordsage 4

Prereqnisite: Two Setting Sun maneuvers

lnirlarlonArtiou: I srandard actlon Range: Me-11M! attack

Target: One crearure;

:tying Throw: Reflex partial

'ftnl stlldy your DPPOlte11t Ilnd delill~r an It!in& precisely aimad to ruin his defense. !ll1d jol'Ca him to scmmble for ff15llnlrmcl". \vh7le he S~lllggla5 to 'YBrldy M Itl selfl'he becomes tlwr-t' l'ulnerable to YOllrattncJt$.

As, PaI'[ of this ill aneuver, make a single melee attack. This attack deals an extra 4d6 points of damage. In addition, the target must make a Reflex save (nc 14'1- your SIT modifier) or become flatfoored until the starr of his next turn. 'Ihe rerger takes damage (normal melee damage phis the eA.'LTIl damage) even if his save succeeds. If the mrger cannot be eaughr Ilar-footed (he has uncanny dodge, tOr example), he still takes the extra damage from the erike but rherwise suffers no ill effect,

TORNADO THROW Settill.g Sun (Strike) Level: 9

Prerequisite: Five

Iring Sun

check. You Gall use your Dexter!ry or trength modifier on this dll~ck, whichever is better. ¥Gm g_aina +2 bC'l'M1JS on this check for every SfeermarYOlJ have moved during yourrum.

If y01.1 succeed ill nip.pixig your foe, you throw him up to 10 feetitw~y nom you. Tbe target fans prone in the destinaticn space and tak ds points of damage, You choose where he lands. For every 5 points by which you wih the opposed check, you gam an additional S .feet of throw distance and the target takes an addttlenal td6 points of damage. For example".1£ you win by 10, you can place your foe in any space within 20 feet of you, and be takes 11 total of 4d6 points of damage. You must place the an empry space. If you laclnhe distance to throw your target i:nte a clear space, hefalls prone in his current space.

An enemy Y01+ throw with. thi maneuver does not 'pIovoke attacks of opportunity for passing rhrongh enemies' threatened areas as part ofthe throw, and you can throw an enemy rbrough occupied squares.


The Shadow Hand dtsctpline teaches the arrs of stealth, deception, and lI.Ifibnsh. Irs maneuvers allow a warriorto rake e-n a shadowy aspect or to channel datkenergyw sap an enemy's suenglh.. This discipline's preferred weapons arethe clagge.r; sal, sbortsword, spilmd chain, siangham, and unarmed strike. Its key skill is Hide.

SSASSW'S STANCE Shadow Band (Spmce) Level: Swords age 3

"2rerequisite: One Shadow Hand


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Tru;get: Yau

Dunarion; Stance

~ your {oestruggLe5 to regain his aefcH~ive po,turc,YIJI.IUtalllp an exacNI'lgsil'ike that hils with supenur m;wmcy ana (leadty force.

A shadow east by a gap berweeo rwe armored plates or a crease in a creature's thick bide calls to YOUEwcnpon, allowing


Initiation AGtion; 1 full-round action Range: Melee at rack

Target One er more creatures

LlllC II 11,lurlt.vil1d, }tnU twis! 1111 d spi 11 riC ross the bafi[lfjield, tossingJoes away teft (.f.nd 11g1lt

As parr of initiating thismaneuver;you 1110ve up [0 your opponent, throw her aside, and move again. You must.move at least 10 feer before making yeuT throw. Tills movemenr and your; movemenr afte r your throw provoke attacks of opportunity as nor:mal. You. can move up to double yourspeed as part of this maneuver.If you fail in your th row attempt, you can srlll move afterward. After every 10 feet you move, you can arrempranother rh row against the same opponent or ~ different foe.

To make your throw attempt, you rnusr succeed on a melee touch arrack. Resolve the throw as a rrip attempT (Pff 158), bill you do not provoke attacks of opportuniry, and your oppo nent cannot try to nip you if you lose the opposed

youtosmkewith deadlyacaLra~Y'against an unprepared opponem.

whlle Y0ll.:?re in this stance, y:qu gain. the sneak attack ability, nor already have it; which deals .an t'XID.! 2d6points of d~m~~ If you already have the sneak artack cltls.'i f€ature, youI"<existing:5;foIeak arrack abiliry deals an extra 2d6 points ofiIarnage. See the rogue class feature (PH 50) for a complere-descrrpticn of sneak at tack.

BALANCE ON THE SKY Shadow Hand (Stance)

level Swordsage 8

Prerequisite: Three Shadow Hilnd


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Persona I

Target: You

Duration: Stance

WTrth IlI'llU 5pre.'ld WIde, }1i1l st~ onw tiU) ail:

Y0u.gain th.e!lbilltyTOUSe ory l1!h (PF-;L 196) OIl yonrself ol1ly. 1'011 must.leeep at least one ban.CI empty , ... hile wring this

stance. MOring"tJpwa;r:d requires ¥ou to spend j 0 leer-of movement for each 5 feet of elevarion you gain.

Yo:u gain the benefit of air snly while you maintain th_is-sr;a.nce.1f for some reason your stance ends while Y0U are in .in ida I;:) you fdl to the gronnd,

Thi$' sranceis a supernamral ahiliry,


level: Swordsage 5

Prerequisite: Two Shadow Hand


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Tuget: One creature Savingl'hrow: Fortitude partial

SpilHllng)'oril· bl.ade in a im!:terfiylilu _pntlem, ygu administer a dozen precise r:Jlts i H an eyebJi 111~. Hlooil fhnlJs fro nt yo L! r foe'S npetll1d lICII1 .

As part: of tJtis rna uenver, you;,mqke 3 single- melee: auaek, If ellis mack hits, JOIn- oppenenr takes 4· potnts

f Crmsritutien darnage III addition [0 our arrack's normal damage. A SIlCcessful Eortiwde save (DO 15 + your WisIDodi.fierhedllces tbts ConsEirution damage (0 1 psints, although tb efuestill takes full mn:mol meleedrtmnag~.


hsdow Hma (Stance)

level: Swordsage t lnitiationAction: 1 swift action Range: Personal

arget:You Duration: Stance

As lfllt })Jove, 5:hadow> flutter tmd mlilnu around you. EUf::n ul1derthe' SUl1, yfm q,re aiffiwll to

spot {IS long m 'yOll 1',nnml1 il1l1wtiol1,

As an initiate of the Shadow Hand school, you learn

[0 Channel and corrrrol dar~1 s h adowy errergies:. This enet;g}' flows around you like a concealing robe, hiding you from YOUT opponents as rheyarremprto

sr rike YOll.,

1E you move ar least kO Ieee dQIing YOUT

turn, you gain. cancea hnent against all melee and ranged attacks until the srart of yom nexr rum. You also galn me standard benefits of concealment, bur you cannot use chis STance to hide in plain sight; you ID"!,t5t still use some other terra in fearure rharrrormallyallows you to use rhe Hide skill. The fluttering shadows m~ke-itdi£fic"01no specificaUy target you, but vour enemiesare aware of your posirion.

This maneuver is a supeinatural abiliTy.

GLTNGTNG SflADOW S]RJKE hadow Hand (Stnke)

Level: wordsagt; 1

lnination Action: f standard IlCIrOn Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature

SAving Throw: Forrtrude pani.'ll

YOILt" weapon tJ'a.mjOl"'l!l~ fr.-tv soUd da.rllaess, Wllel1 it 5 ~rlk as h Ilm~, Ii tf I S ~-I1rJ.1"ge.l tit' a sW'i'll'l.i11.g orll of Si1,nd>0w (I'udl ~ng~.dfs yOl1 r foe'. eye!.

As pari' of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack. 1£ it hits, you deal an t::k.TI·!1 ld6 points of damage, and your opponent must make a successful Forrirude save (DCii + yourWis modifier) or suffe.r a 20% miss chance on all melee and ranged attacks fDr i round. A successful save negates the miss chance, but not [he extra da mage.

This ,maneuver is a supernatural ability,

An<01IJS ",J~S 4lialjling ;7I1ol'dmge IIring tbe cbUd ttf slJ4dlYlPi stance

CLOAK OR DECEPTION Shadow Hand (Boost)

Level: Swol'dsage 2- Inifiatio:l1Action: I swift actton Range: Personal

Target; YU1:.1

D'urationr'Bnd 'of tu ru

Thes!wdows a1'D!ma rOl/Seem to surgcJm'!.lmrd and ~11gHlfyall. For CI. b.rief 1'Ylomel1i, Illey muler YOIl invisible.

Wneu you 111 ilil ate this maneuver, rou rnrn.irwtsible, as nbe grellierillllisihiTity

spell (PH 2'~ ~). Thu remain ilwisible unnl the end of your C"UrE€U! rum. l'his raaneuve is a superaarural abiliry.

DANCE OF THE SPIDER Shadow Rand (Stance)

Level: Swordsage 3

Initiation Action: 1 swifeaet10Tl Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance, shadow}' energy rovers" your 11 and alld feet, allOlving you to srutae OCJ"OS5 thl' walls rmd crilillg Uke 11 Illrking s{lider.

Wbile you are in th is stance; you gain a benefirsimilar to the spjaerdllTlb spell (PH 283).1'0u gain a climb speed of 10 teet You do not need to malIe a ctimb check to traverse a vertical OT hortzontal surface, even if you arrempt ro move across a-ceiling; You tetain your DexteriryhonustoACwhiledimbinE, and YOl1 must have at leasrene band

free to support yourself while you climb, You do not take any penalties, nor do your opponent gain any bOIlUS when attacking you, while you climb.

You cannot take a run action while dimbing in TruS manner.

DRAm TN THE DARK Shadow Hand


Level: Swordsage 7 InitiationAc.tion: 1 ta:n-

dard action Range: Melee attack Target: One creature

Saving Throw: Fortitude partial

You €111[:71 yourfDc Ultn.III(.JTi!, tl-l1owirlgJ'Otl to d enla ,itlgie, dead Iy ~trjke th at ,111)'5 her inrimttiy.

This maneuver functions onJ.y againsr a flat-footed opponent, As parr of this mall nver, make a single melee arrack, If rh is attack hits, you dea J normal damage and the. targer must make a Fortitqdesave (DC 17 + YoU:lTWis mQlnner). U rhe ta ['get£ails ilitSilsave, slie Takes an extra 15d6 pOIIli5 @fdamage.

Ifher save succeeds, she mkes:1m_eXtrll Sct6 poinr of damsge. This maneuver functions on 1 y agalust opponents woo are vulnera Me to critical hits,

DRAfN VITALITY Shadow Hand (Saike) Level: words age 2

Prerequisite; Due Shadow Hand


Initiation Action: 1 srandard.artion Range: Ielee arrack

Target ODe creature

Saving Throw: Fortitude negates

A fain!' tlimbm oj sicldy gray shadow surrOM mls yolI.r weapon, Wherr you attach, ih'i~ shadow), a~m:r flows i11tO the woultlI )Wll I, sappltlg yo ~II' opponent's. strength, vitality. and energy,

As pan of this maneuver.make a single melee anack.If this arrack hits, you deal normal melee damage anti the target must make a successful Fortirude save (JJC 12 + your Wis modifier) or take 2 polnrs of Constiturien damage, A successful save negates the Gonstirution damage but not the normal melee damage.



Level: wordsage 8

Prerequisite: Three Shaaow Hand


Ini1:iiltlon Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

1'a'rget: One creature Savingl'h:l:Ow: Fortttude negstes

Your weaporl beGdmes ,lbalml.trnm inky, bL,lCh nnnlJIIS. A5yo'Lt mike your uppommt, inl1tencrgy flows into the wound aruileaue, IlInJ Pille, wea.k, and shnking.

As part of [his maneuver, you make a sragle melee arrack. If rb is attack hirs, I he target must make a successful Forrlrude save (DC ts-i yow- Wis modifier) or gorin id·\. negati ve levels, You gain 5 temporary hit points for.each negative [evelyour enemy gains. 'Iemporary hit points gained in thls manner lasr until. the end of the encounter, The e.ffeets of an)' negative levels besrowed by this srnke disappear in 14 bOH[5.

J the target has at least as many negauve levels as Hit Dice, ir dies. Bach negative level g:ivell a crearu re <I-J pena Iry on attac.krolls,savtng EhrCi!ws, slciU checks, ability checks, and effuct!ve level (for aeterm.inirlg the -power, durarion, DC and other aetails dfspeUs or special abllfties) , Addirianally, a spellcasrer loses one.spell orspell slot from her highest aviillabfe-Jeveb Negative lev<!ls stack.

In addition to the negative levels, your arrack deals ermal damage, even if me target snceeeds GIL) the saving throw,

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.


Level: Swordsage.s

Prereqnisite. Five Shadow Hand


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range; Melee attack

Tatget: One creature

Duration: t minute

Saving Throw: Portirude partial; see text

With a Single lunge,),ot( plerceyotH'ffiettl)' to Ihe. (or!? A shmiow of ultima:tI' cold falls over his Hen-rftlmLbeginsw W01'tlllhrough h r 5 IIC ins to the five points of i11sbody.

As pan oJ this .maneuser, you make :l single melee attack I£yoohit, ycm deal normal melee damage pIlts- an e~'tTII 1$d 6 polnts ofdzmage, -and a-shadow spreads om £l'om your &ti.emy:S hearl. freezing the ~Iol;)'l:l in his veins. Roll a d20 and refer to thei.n.llirmaric)J1 below to determine toward whichpoiut ofhls body the freezing shadow spreads. This effect functions evenifyauIopponenr is not humanoid; once you nave struck your foe's .hearr, the shadow produces the same effects evenjn a creature with a d i fferem anatomy.

Result of 1-7: Spreads out to legs.

AbiJll)' damage! 2dG Dex Special effect; Speed is reduced to o.feet.

Resul oEs-li4: Spreads out itO arms, ,AbiJ ity dama,ge: 2cl:E;; Su: Special effecr: -6 penalty on arrackrolls-and Concenrrarion checks.

Result of 1,5-20: Struck in the heart.

Ability damage: 2d6 Dex, 2.d6 Str, Special effect: 206 points of C::onstirurion damage,

AIoe strucl2'.by fhis'il:hrl must make a SllccessfUll:01°titu:dt< save (DC 19 ;your Wis m:l'%lffiet) TQ resist itS effects. 011 a sllccessftl'l:save, the target ignores any special eft'ecr:frolll the attack and takes half the indicated ability damage {but still ukesnoflIlal melee damage as well as theexrra 1sd6 points of damage} . .Each of the special effects lasts fo): ldG rounth_

This maneuver is a supernatura I abillty,

GHOST BLADE Shadow Hand eSttike) Level: Swords age 6

Prerequisite: Three Shadow Hand


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee anack

Target: One creamre

A Htli!e brightem yom ,foe', cy~si he h!U dodged youI' b:!ow_ :Bitt tl1at wnl' m~reLy the ghost blade, Tne real bJade i5 wtiil1g swifl! y from underneaffi, und yet he still S1Jlill!s, . , .

As part of this maneuver, you make a melee attack. AS you strike at your opponenr, you create an illusory double of-yourweapflD. Tlns double slashes ar your oppenenrr tricking him into rnisra kin 1$ it for yom attack. In truth, the illuston doaksyour real artack, Your opponentis eaught flat-foored against tb is mike, as tl'ie hidden attack from a new direction ruins his defenses,

Tills maneuver is a supernarural abiHty.

HAND OF DEATH Shadow Hand (Strike) Le.vel: Swordsiige4

InitiatiOJl Aotion: 'I.. standard action Range: Touch

Target: €tearure:.rouched Dm:q.tjon: IdJ rounds Si3ving,IhrQW: Fort'i'hldenegates

You redG/1 outal7tl'tfl.pYt;i1;I1-[Ofl.LIIitll a sfllg'/<, pt1grr.l:Ter rooh afplU'ZLemml turns to f~(lr en hl,1(I~ Ifllergy spreads IlCTIliS lwI' bor/y, j,!>thlmng hit' heJph

Y ou draw UpGlD the power 0 f sh adow m render a single foe helpless. Bytcuchmg a specific nerve center l! nd ahanneling YOllr hi, you lea¥e your enemy's urnscles cold, lQ(;ked, and useless.

This maneuver funstlorrs only against 11 at~f0oted epponehts. As part of rhis maneuver, you make a melee touch arrack againsrveur opponent. If 1M attack hits, your opponent must make a successful (DC H + your Wis modiJier) or be paralyzed fur 1d3 rounds.

ISLAND OF BLADES Shadow Hand (Stance)

Level: Swordsage 1 Initiation.Action: t swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

Yrm doarl yrnlnelf iN (I sWirling nimbus of sJtaafJlV ll1'i.e-rgy, The e hadows Spill and flow arormd yInI, prellgtltil'lg'~11ycteatu·re I'Hmf yo'!;! from being able to 17,'1trcipllte yom' "tia&i-Is.

Your [l)U1 your enemies' strengths against-rhem, improving your combat abiliryas well as thar of an ally. When you and a comrade move to attack an opponent, you time your attacks -and position yourself [0 frustrate your: opponent's defenses.

Ifborh you and an ally are adjacent to the same creature, rhe 1:\YO of YOll gain rhe benefi.tfor flanking rhat opponenr. You can gain this benefit against mu 1- rip]e opponents ar the same ti me, as can -yourall.ies. If both 'You and an ally are adjacenr to the same rwo creatures, me two of-you gai n the benefit of flanking againsrborh creatures.


Level: Swordsage 4

l"rereqtti,site: Two Shadow Hand maneuver-s

Initiatil!ln ,Action: 1 sranda I'd action Range: Melee attack

arget: Qne, creature

Duration: 11:(j)1,Uld

SavtngThrl!lw: Fortitude partial

As ~IOli >!n'le yOl~r opponent, you SlmmlOtl Ih., f~n ctlngl!ts llJllrG Ila~loHl HIlI1Li school

to "ob YOliLr fo&,'Ofl1i"t' srg It. Inll,. bJ.,'lck i11IergybmfYDwS" h.erey~j, nlmllh'fng 1m b/ri,1.d for a}eMi~'t:I1ifaji/.l1~I:I'tllanti;.

As a: !>taridm:a action,. y{;:m d1tn. 11la.lte a single melee li'itack cIT.fitHtt'us,. }1C'lllr opponent takes norrnai melee damage plus an extra -sa6 points 8£ damage. She must also make asuccessful Fortitude save (DC 14 + your Wis modifier) or suffer a 50% miss chance on all melee and ranged attacks for 1 round, A successful save negates the miss chance, but not the extra damage.

Thl:s -maneuver is a supernatura I ability.

ONE WITH SHADOW Shadow Hand (Counter) Level: SWbi:dsage B

Prerequtsire: Three Shadow Hand


InitiafiohActfbh: 1 immediate action Range: 1!ersGl'liil

Ta'tgit: YOtl

Duration: 'See reX't

You Jattili ij~to tne"ftl,:W ~5se'll,e oj sh adou!.'Ei{rai'J.S1il.rer\!', tfi,eI'i. ii1substdil.tlnl.

As an Immediate action, you become Incorporeal. You' gain all the benefits of theincdIForehl subtype, along with the drawBacks, as outlined in the Incorporeal Subtype sidebar. All Qf your gear becomes incorporeal, although you cannot grant this state [0 a living creature that you touch or carry, You remain incorporeal until the begirrDing of your next turn.


Shadow Hand (Srrike)

Level: Swordsage t InitiationA:ction: l. stamtarci action Range: Melee attack

Target: One.creature

You. W~!l:\Ie yo,y.r Wjlaj.JlJf1 in (1.1'1. e/o,Qprnte Fatten''I" ~reatint r:tlrillu,sol"), dO~lbt~ f, gl,m,vs will!! white -r;'nergy, As you mfl)w yo'UI' Mj,iI,§h, ~~fh JOHl' t¥lW. w,ea.pol1 tlJ'ld. Hnt /u'U.SiOJ'l si,as11.a( ygl~.I'foc.

Tbis ~:nakle:uveJ allows yoU -.0 create a m.ystic:J -double Qf yo:w.;· weapon, As YOIL3ttR€-J§j Y'@]Iribe musr d~cid~ which

weapon to de-fund against. In mom £I1St'S, the ilLtLSOJ'Y weapon distracts your foe and a:llow<i your hit.ln some Gases, borh aMa:oo sfrike borne. IJl i!hig case, ehe slradow ,Mac! d islib m;ges -1 rs magic ana im'buesyow' attack with cold energy.

As parr of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack against; an opponent. Unlike on a normal arrack, yOtl roll 2d20 and selecr which of the two die results to use, If yon use the higher die resulr, resolve your attack as norm al, (Your mystic double misses, but your true attack might hit)Jf you use the lower die result, or ifbofh die results are me same, your auarik:deaJs an extra ids points 01 cold damage .as both the mystic double's anack and your true weapon strike home.

This maneuver is a supern-atural ability.


Shadow Hand [Ieleportation] Level: Swordsage 7

Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: 50ft.

Target: YOLi:

in I,he blinl~ of 1111 eye, ),OIJ d'i~tTppear !llId CI1Te1'gll fl'Qnta mote ofshfidotlll?Hlltgytl'Gl"8S the batll.ofieLd.

This maneuver functions as the shadow [aunt maneuver, except that IT can be initiated as a swift action.

SHADOW GARROTE Shadow Hand (Strike) Level: wordsage 3

Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: 60ft

Target: One living creature Duration: See texr

Saving Tkow: Fortitude partial

Wltll II subrle gasttll't', )'till w.rve a ~lir.e- of shl1dow from the air IIl1luJld yau and castil toward YOI:lr foe. It wraps wound Uu craa.l.l,lre's 11ed~ nl'l~ slJ_tleaesthe liJjtfrom n.

As part of [his maneuver, you create '{1. ~rralld of shadow [b;lr YO\l htlIl at aD appal} ]1[. The strand wraps ~Q'Dunq rbe target's throat and chClkesit:. As parr of this maneuver yell make a l"angeCL rcuch attack against a creanrre wrthin

rangeIf vour a [taci{ is successful, yOUT opponent takes 5d6 points nfaamage. In addition, h zrrusr make a successfIJi Fortitude save (DC 1;3 "j- yom Wis n'lOdiiier) or: become Hat-footed until the start oficsnexi:tuIn. This stnkehas no effeCT against nonliving creatures, such as COUSITm::ts and .rn:dead.

Thts maneuver is a supernatural ahiliry.

SHADOW JAUNT shadow Hand [Teleportation] Level: wordsage 2

Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: 50 ft.

Tal'get: You

Adaua ofsrwdow !H1ergyel1g>dfsyoul S'pi115 mto II titly mote, nne! diSJl]Jpears, A 11l011'1ent lafer; this shadowy cLOHd appears acrossihe bCltllcjield atld expels you from it.

As pan: sf rhismaneueer, you disappear in II cloud of darkness ami teleport up to 50 feeraway:You mmrrnllve line ofsight and Iine of effect te your destination. r.f you attempt to us-e this maneuVer .;[1'> move lnto an ate.tqiieti space, you do nor move,ann the maneuver is expended hut has n0'effeCt.

SHADOW NOOSE Shadow Band-(Sttike} Level: Swords age 6

Initiation Actio.rn 1 standard action Range: 60 ft.

Tatget: Olleflat-feoteuliving creature Duratien: '1 round

.Saving Throw: For tirade par dal

As yOll foe 5tr~[gg!e5 to ready his defenses, you makt a suhtle.gesturein tltf air..A noose formed of shadow drol'S from above 11-1111, wraps around his throat, ;inti hoi~f5 hml

aloft. His limbs flail a.s he struggles to fr~e him-sclf from the 5frang}ing Hoose.

As Fart of this maneuver, you forma noose of shadow that wups rLr01111d your ti'ri;get and strangles hi.m.'This maneuver works only against a flarfooted target:.Aspattof this maneuver, you makea ranged rouch attack against a flar-fomed creamre within range. a it hns, YOtITilpponent [a kes Sdb points of damage. In addirion, be must make a successful Forutnde save (DC j 6 + your Wis modifier) 01' be stunned for 1 round. A successful save negates the stun, but not theextra damage, This strike has no effect against HOQLiving creatures; such as constructs. andundead.

This rnanetreer is a supernarurai abiliry.


The incorporeal sU,btype was updated in Monster Monual/II fOT darity. Reference this version of the subtype when you use-the one with shadow maneuver.

Incorporeal Subtype: Some creatures are incorporeal by nature" wl·tile others (such as-those that become ghosts) can a'Auire the incorporeal subtype. An incorporeal creature has no physical body. It can be harmed only by other incorporeal creatures. rnaglc weapons or creatures that strike as magic weapons, and spells, spell-like abllities, or supernatural abilities. It is immune to all nonmagical attack forms. Even when hit by spells, induding touch spells, or magic weapons, it has a 50% chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source (except fpr POSI tive energy,. n sgative en ergy, force effects such as mQgi~ missile, Or attacks made.wlth ghost touch weapons), Nondamag· ing spell effects affect incorporeal creatures normally unless they require corporeal targets to function (such as imph)sion) or they create a corporeal effect that incorporeal creatuees wQuld normally be unaffected by (such as a web or wail ofston~ spell). Although tt is not a magical attack, holy water can affect incorporeal undead, buta hitwTth holy water has a 50% chance of not affecting an incorporeal creature.

An Incorporeal creature's attacks pass through (ignore) natural armor, armor, and shields, although deflection bonuses and force effects (such as mage armor) work normally against It. N orrrna gical attac ks ma de by ani ncorpo rea I c rearu re wi th a melee weapo.n have no effect on corporeal targets. and any melee attack an incorporeal creature makes with a magic. weapon against a corporeal target has a 50% miss chance, except for attacks it makes with a ghost touch weapon, wh1ch are made normally (110 miss chance).

Any equipment worn or carried by an lncorpoteal creature js also incorporeal as long <IS it remains in the creature's possession. An oblectthatthecrea:tur~ relinquishes loses its incorpo. real quality (and the creature 10sesJhe ability to manipulate blT~ ebject], If an incorporeal creature uses a thrown weapon or a ranged weapon, the projectile heeemes corporeal as soon as

IT is fired and can affect a corporeal target: normally (no miss chanse). Magic items possessed by an incorporeal creature work n(')rmall~ with respect-to thelr effects en the creatu re or on another target. Similarly, spells cast by an incorporeal creature affect corporeal creatures normally.

An incorporeal creature has no natural.armer bonus but has adeflectio'n bonus equal to its Charisma bonus (always at least +1, even If the creature's Charisma store-does not normally provide a bonus],

An incorporeal creature can enter or pass through solid objects, hut must remain adjacent to tae e:-oject's exterior, and so cannet-pass entirely through an object whose space is larger than its-own. lt can sense the presence of!!reaftJre~s or objects within a square adJace.nt to its current location. hutememies Have total co!,\cealment (50% miss chance) from an incorporeal creature that lsinsid e an object. In order-to see farthe r Fmm rhe object it is in and attack normally, the incorporeal creature must emerge. An iAcor!J0re~1 creature object ha~tota.1 cover, but when it.a'ttacks a creature outside the object it only has cover, so a ereature outside with a readied action could -stnke at it as ft attacks. An in<:orp9reaJ creature cannot pass through a' force effect.

incorporeal creatures pass through and oRe rate in water as easily as they do in air. Incorporeal creatures cannot fall er take faJling damage. Incorporeal creatures cannot make trip or grapple -attacks. nor can they be tripped or grappled. In fact, they canrror take any physical adlon 'that would move or manipulate an opponent or its equipment, nor are they subject to such actions. Incorporeal creatures have no weight and do not set off traps that are triggered bywergbt.

An incorporeal creature moves 511enJly and cannot be heard with Listen checks if it cloes.n'r wish tp oe, It has no S~rength SCOfe:, so its Dexterity, modifi,er applies 1'0 both its melee attaeks and i~s ranged attacks. N'onvisllal.sensgs, 5u<th as scent and blindsight, are either Ineffective or only partly effective with r~rd to incorporeal creatures. 1.n"EorporeaJ G:rea.tur.ei have an innate sense of'dlrection and can move at full speed even when they cannot see.

SHADOW STRIDE Shadow Hand LTeiepbnaIlonj Level: Swortlsa_ge: 5

Ini.tiation Action: 1 move action Range: SO ft.

Target: You

1'011 disnpn tD iNfo a p!iff lIf !il.atk snadoHl. A monum! Inter! .t!tMhllddt~1 CC(lwsces, and }'D"III1PpCl1f jifty ferraw!!}'.

This maneuver fUnctions as the shadow jaunt maneuver, .am.ept tharir can be initiated as II move action.

STALKER IN THE. NfGHT Shadow Hand (.£tdke)

Level: Swordsag~6

luitiation Action: 1 fUll-TOund action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creanrre

You slide tllyougll fhe- dark !ike a bird of prC)~ clrlcrgmg OI11r to stri1m dow11 )'Q1wf1J~ bqore slrdlllg bil.d~ inlD sl:l!ulow~ we/tommgembmce.

As part of tm;is maneuver, you move up to YOU! sj:ie-eo and make. a single melee attack at any pain r au rmg your movement. If yQU were hidden before initiating this maneuver, you can keep rhe results of your previ-

ous Hide and Move Silently

checks even

Lhougb 1'00 mOve and at rae k. }\5ioug as you end YOUl;WXl1 ttl a spot th,) r a! lows you to hide, ,l0tJ.1' fMS tnLiS~ . rake Spot and Listen &leeks as ,li).otmn! t8 discCM yo lLtllrf!.sence. 'rQci.dtio~t'l"'!m~tand this ma11e(lvet~att'11.dt have FlO efface, on your Hide -a1i.dMbve Silently result~.


Shadow Hand (Stance) level: Swordsage 5

Prerequisite: Two Shadow Hand


Inl.'ti.ation Action: 1. swul action Range: 'Fersori'al

Target: ¥Ol1.

Duratton: St:i.ilCe

You faCI is l'olAr Hmer n~se.l;ll'aoJki c1'Icrgyto generate jfOLIli1!g Sh(1Q(lW5 that lift yOIl oJf the grIllttld. You t.tmlk across the roughest gro uml, eve n u;a hl:r, HI II h llrlSe.

While you are. in this smnce, you can walk up. to ,5 f~et above the ground. Yom speedbecomes.2Q'.feetwhile you ate in this s[am:ci an'd you cannot run, Yon ignore any Em-rain featu re

that fails ill project more ihan 5 t<=~ r abriv.erhegr:ouns, such as difficlllt c~ JAin, n=fn:g lava, water, and 50 fortb.. In additiOn, YOIl ignorerhe standard penalt(i'essn Hide and Move Si.!.e.ndy cnedci'for lnO\Ying quickly,


8h-adow Hand (Strike) Level: Swordsage 3

Prerequisfre: One. Shadow Hand


Initiation Action: 1 standard aetton Range: Mele~attack

Target: One creature

SaVing Tlirow. FortirudeJ~:1lf

IJquidJ blaEk energy covel'S YQlir Hlcn.prm, ASyoIHl'fike yDH1" opponent, tl1fs ll1iltarlal flows inta the WOlHZd, sprel1ds along his veins,mld leaves him weakened.

M pm of this maneuver, you rna ke- a single melee attack againsr an oppo· nenr, In addition [0 dealing normal melee.damagewtth the artack, yOLI deal 4 points of",s,ti'eJ1gtn damage. A suseessful Fortitude save (DC 13'1- yom Wis'Ve.s this Strength d:;:mage, but has no effect on the nOl'mal melee

damsge-you dea 1 with [he strike. -'Ibili maneuver is a supernatural ability.

The rene Dragon dtscipltne focuses on strength. power, and toughness. [IS teachings grant a martial adept the abil iry ro splint~I;s[eel with a single, focLised blow. Stene D.:ragOJ1'S defensive abilities focus on tapping into the enduring p0'vver of stone to turn aside macks. this discipline's favored weapons are !'he greatsword, grestaxe, heavy mace, and unarmed strike. Its key kill is Balance ..

Unlike wtrh.cther-disci pl i nes, ad epts of this school rely on an external force[he power of me earth and srone-[Q help power their maneuvers. As a remit, Stene Dragon maneuvers can be initiated only if you are in cemact wjth the ground.

ADAMANTINE BONES Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader s, swordsage 8, warblade

Prerequisite: Three Srone Dragon


lnitia tionA ction: 1 standard action Range: Personal

Target: Ym.l

Duration: 1 round

YOII 1I1"c11tt1l1tlpenetmbktoweroj defiClllce 011 the bat Uefii!ld.Attackingyou isns frUitless as d nlwig a mOmTIai"11 lI!flh a lAIl1lltfllgsticlL

The supreme fo:cu.s, mental toughness, lind physical durability taugln by the Stone Dragon dis,cipTine culminate in this powerful combat maneuver, When you make II successful attack, your mind focuses your body into the equivalem of a living shard of rock. Even the most fer:ociousattacks bounce off you without bi\1:U1.

A part ofrins maneuver, YOli make II single melee attack. If this arrack hits, VOU galn damage reducdon 2o/adamantine for 1 round.


SlOJ,e Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 7, swordsage 7, WQrblade 7

Prerequisite: Three Stone Dragon maneuvers

Ln itfaricn Aczidru 1 standard action Rang' Melee attack

Target One crearure or unattended object

YQ:I.I pHI the wf.lght of II gruat I1'IOI,jj'ltam hehim:l )'rmt" nHnw<, prJum£ fh1'ollgh annar twi!. bOlI~.

~ pan of rhis maneuver, YOli make a single.meiee auack.Thtsarrack deals an extra izds points of damage and aura.maticall y overcomes damage.reduedon and hardness.


Level: Crusader +, swordsage 4, warblade 4

Prerequisite: Two Stone Dragon


Initiation Action: t. standard action .Range: Melee attack

Target One creature

YOllr attadz slams h011le"1II1th a {erOClOI15 omk of sJm! tel'ed bones and pulped flesh. YOtl r target reels hackward, still a rive b II t severely t;ripp!ed.

A Stone Dragon adept is an.irnplaca ble foe, Your attacks smash Through armor ana tum bone inro dust. By focusing your srrengrh Inma single; devasranng -atrack, you smash an opponent to tbe core, His very healrhand endurance are left wrecked by YOUT attack.

As pan of this IT! anenver; you make a sing Ie melee attack. I£ybm attack hits, the target takes normaldamage as well as 2 points of ConStitution damage.

BONECBUSHER Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 3, wordsage 3, war'

blade 3

_Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Duration: See rexr

Save: Forti rude partial; see Text

You. deJl1Icr your (lttack, and your G1161l1Y's e.res jerk wine open in pllnic ns [115 sJwJct.on begim to fYr1c.ture 111 hutldreds of plrl[e~.

As pan of this maneuver, you make a melee artack.lfyouramck hrrs, it deals an extra -1-<.16 points of damage. Tho:


crearure struck (DC t 3 + your-Srr modifier) or-irs skeletal serucrure becomes massively weakened, and-all rolls made to confirm 3 critical hitagainsttl:l,e 1arget gama +10 bonus. A succ{:ssfulsave does not negate the extra damage.

This effect lasts until The, ~[arget's hi1: points ate restored 1:0 their Iu Il normal otal, whether by: rnagtcal or uo.rmalhealing.

Creatures wuhour a,i.bLe anatomy orthat are irnrnune to critical hits are Immune to rhis maneUVer's special effecr, The extra damage still applies against such targets.


Stone Dragon (Boost)

Level: Crusader 4, S\fvoxdsage 4, war-

blade 4

Initiation Action: l full-round action Range: Personal


Duration; Instantaneous

LilW"ll-bou IdeI' tU111blillgd.Dtim!l l"I"lountnir1- _Iide, yo M. slum 1'1'1 rough your enemies.

Yon are an implacable foe once you gain enough momentum. AsyGUIDoveacross the ban:lelield, your foesmnsrseacd aside or be crushed beneath your feet.

If you make an overrun. attack (PH 157), you cani.,o·i1iate this boosr.Yongain a +4 banns on YOLlr Strength cl:ieckmade to overrun, and if you fail your check, ~olLtUl.tget can't knock-yon prone. You Simply stop moving in the last legal spate_yau occupied. You donorprovoke arracks of opporrunlry forthemovemenr or the overrun attempts.

GfiARGTNG MTNOTAUR Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader I., swordsage 1, war-


InitiationAc:tion.: 1 fUJ1.TOllpd action Range: Melee attack

Target; One creature

lou dm1~ge M yom' jot, ~1.tI£ti:l'lg l1i11'1 wi.tl1 sluh pOl,ver tha.t he stumbles ba:d-~

.As Y0ll:TOar across the batdefi.eJd. 'lour posirisn vourse If to deliver a devasrar IDg charge auack When yea slam

into an e-ppone..m, you crush mID wrth eaaeusstve force and send him snunbLmg backward.

Ai; pm of this maneuver, you llliike a buU rush attack (PH 154) as pan: of II chaI~ Neither the movement. nor the btdl rusn arrack provolees attacks of opporruniry. Resolve the bull:rush attempr ngrmaUy. If your Strength check exceeds the opponent's result, you deal bludgeoning damage equal ro 2d6 "" your -Str modifier in adilition [0 pushing rhe rarger back as normal, Assuming your Strength check Is-high enough; you~ can push your; targeT back more than 5 feer (as norJUalIo:r a bull .rush, but wtrhout having to follow).

COl.OSSUS STRfKE Stone Dragon (5rrike)

Le-vel: Crusader 7, swcrdsage 7, warblade 7

P"rereqnisi1:e: Two Stone Dragon


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range; Melee arrack

Target: One creature Saving"'Ihro\V: Forurude partial

FOCIIsilig your strengtJl witl1 u d eell, rumbling ~ho L!"~ yOl'~XUCU:!i: I'm attach tll!l t 5end5 ytlilropponent flying through the air.

As pan of this maneuver, you make a melee a!t'ftck against your foe. This attllCK deals an extra 6d6 points of damage; and-the creature struck must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 17 + YOUt SIT.modifier) or be hurled 1M squares away from you, falling That square. Acrearur-e of a smaller-size category man yoors gets a -2 penalty on this save; a creature of a larger size caregm:y than yours gets a +2 bonus On [he save. The enemy's movement doesn't provoke.arracks ofoppcrruniry, if an obstacle blocks the creature's movement, -rtins~eaa StOPS in the first unocenpied square.

CRUSHING VISE Srone'Dragon (Strike)

r.'evei: Crusader 6, swordsage 6~ war-

blade 6

InitiationAction: 1 standard action Range; .Melee attack

TaI'ge-c Oue creature

Duratio]l.; i t'f,)und

t!wov,m.liJul!l1I111g_pawel· b,'1111 III )f(!IlI'ltt-illm 1e~Vi!5your(lppotlSl1tIIUtlble If) "lllll8.TIw pUlh ish ing d rikfr fo rces:it to wast~ j1 fl)l \I mom !mt, sJ1 mgging .off the ,effects of yotl r aUtLck.

By m~ king a _j_lOlNenLl,ll' focused blow, you leave your opponern ~i1ll:1bletom(')ve. The crushing weight of your attack forcel> it to waste a precious moment regaining its footing.

As parr of this maneuver, yOLI make a melee attack. This attack dea Is a nexrra 4diS poi nts of damage" If the creature )lOLl hi t is standing on the ground, your attack also drops the target's speed toO feet (for alimovementtypes) for 1 round. It CUll act normally in all other ways.

Thismaneuverhmctionson[yagainst: opponents standing on the ground. A flyfng creature or a [evirari ng target is i mrnu ne to the, speed reducing effect, butnor to rheexna damage:


Stone Dragon (Srance)

Level: Crusader 31 swordsage 3, warblnde.3

Prerequ.isrte: One Storie Dragon


InitiatIon Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

T,axgd: You

Du.r-ation: Stsnce

You crush your .opponent fJenea,th you, sq l,w!!zil'l,g!ite life ou/!,ofhim as yo ~I, p'i.l1"him to the groLma.

Engaging in dose combat ageinsryou is, at besr, a foolisli pmspecr. Drawing on your understandingof [he Stone Dragon discipline, you squeeze afoe within your grasp and force the life from rum.

whi1e you are in this-s1:ance, you gain the ability tb. constrict:for 206 poitMo:£ damage + 1"1/2 times yoor St1· harms (if any). You Call eonstrict all opponent chat -you grapple by making a s\lccessful grapple check,

EARTHSTRTKE QUAKE Stone DragQ:tl{Sff-ilm)

Level: 8hlsader 8, swo:rdsage a,wa!'" blade 8

Prereqursfte: TWQ Stone Dragpn maneuvers

InitiaUolladion: 1 standard aGrioiU

Range: 20 fro

Area: 2-o-ft.~radlus bursr, centered on you

Duration: Instantaneous Savingl,hrow: ReHex negntes

YOli 5Wi'l'Ig y.our IAieapIm in a 1 \lild al'!;, >lamming it info the gl'ollnd ,ttyom' feet. Ellf.'lO' sul'gesollt from- YOtl,clHlSing th~ grolilld 10 siwdiler lvitlt IT s}larp ITl1mor.

You channel hi into me earth with Y01U migbry strike, caustngthe ground to rumble and shake briefly. Anyone srandiag on the ground in this rnnneuvers area must make-a successful Reflex save (DC 18 + your SIT mociliip'r) 01' be knocked prone. Any creature-STand ing on the ground in this area thac is cuerenrlycasrtng a spellmust succeed on a Concentration check (DC 20 + spell lever) OJ lose the spell

You are immune to-the effec1 df lhe earthsrrtke quake maneuver. Your allies must still save as normal ag'3 inst irs effect.

Walls and similar barriers don't block the line of effect of an earthstrike quotes,


Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 5, swords age 5, warblade 5

Pl'erequisite: Two Stone Dragon


Inittarion Action: 1 standard ae6o)'l Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature or unattended object

¥Ot4 nmw strength from the earth ueneotfl yo ur fee tan d transfer it 111 to i'llilltlu$ pOWCf. YO!i.!" next attack {hops H[.e 1111 a.lIa!~.Jt.d1C upm1 yo"Urjoe, harnmel"illg hml sllUm issi 011.

The studenrn: of rhe Stone D.ragon discipline learn to rap-tnro the power of-the earth, channeljts endless strength, and use it to grant thetr arracks Tremendous force. Astru(e dhlLvexed bye Stone Dragon adept cap shat~!ll: a warrior's ~bieM, tuns a, wood ell-do ox urro €p1inr~sl or slay an ogre with a single !;lIo\V.

Whett you -use this maneuver, you make II single-melee arrack, That ~ttack

deals an extra 6d6 peinrs (Olf damage and aurernatical ly overcennesdamage reduetion and hl!!\"dness.

This maneuver is an evolution of The rechniqnes and abilities-covered by rhe srone bones maneuver, Your meditative focus, ki, and training a~JQw your mind TO overcome marrer.

Weapons bounce nom you ~ldl}. and barely injure you.

When you use this maneuver, youmake.asinglemelee artack lfrltis arrack hits, you gain damage reduotion to/adamantine fur 1 round.

GIANT'S STANCE Stone Dragon (Stance)

Level: Crusader 5, swords age 5, warhlad e5

Prerequisite: Two Stone Dragon


Initiation. Action.: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

.Duration: Stance


Level: Crusader 6, swords age 6, warblade-e .Iniriation.Acrion: 1 standa rd acrion

Ranger Melee attack Target; One cream re

Duration: 1 round Sa.ving Throw: Fortimde partial

'{Oil swing yom" IAICapOtl il1 a w:ide, deadly ate that slams into YOllr foe with il'laed'ible .fOyw. Only your mrutery of the Stone Dragon tedmiqllfs allows YOll

to make SlIGh reckless blows l!'1thaut losmg yow' fOOling:

Tapping into the power of the rone Dragon. you su:t1re with resolute, i rresisrible force. You learn to set the ful! weight of your body into each of your attacks, A warrior with less skill would lose leis balance and fall ro We greund when using this fighting style.

'\ h ile you are in [his stance, you deal damage as if you were ene size larger than normal, [0 a maximum of Luge. This benefirtmproves your weapnn and unarmed strike damage, It does nor confer any of the other benefits or drawbacks of a change in size, such as a modifier ro abiliry scores orAC, or an improved reach.

Thi stance immediately ends ifyou move more than 5 feel for any reason, such as from a bull rush attack, a leJekineSIS: spell, and so form.

You sJJlln your weapon infO your joe with irresistibJe. fOrcf .. He call btl rely move ns h e 5tl1~ ggles to I1'l ars 111:1,/ his defenses against yOIl.

A mummy fl!dr the terrible might of fhe elder mountai» hammer

Your m ighry attack causes your opponen r 'w stagger aimlessly fer a few key rno-

"Ill enrs , leaving him unable to act fully 011 bis next turn.

As part of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack This attack deals an extra 4d6poinrs of damage. ~ creature hit by this strike

must also make a successful Fortitude save (DC 16 + your Stt modifier) or be unable to rake a standard action for 1 round. It can otherwise act as normal.Acrearure that successfully saves still rakes the clara damage,

This maneuver £uncrions only against opponents standing on the ground. A flying creature ora levitat+ng target need not save against the action loss effect; but still rakes the extra damage.

Initiation Action.:.1 standard action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: 1 round

I,BONBONES Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 6, swords age 6, warblade 6

Pl:ercquisite: Two St-one Dragon maneuvers

AS'YOII make a stl.€cessfulllttatk, 191< enter It meditatIVe ~F(Lte thnt Itlcwes yOIl a.!1'l1D-d jl'H/ullterable to Il£mn. FlI'r " few brief l'J'10mentS', an't1lA!S bOml(8:offyoltrslliI11 flnd sLlfoni blows ba;relv dm~u.!lny bloDri,

10l f\;T IN AVALANCHE ron .. Dragon (SITike)

Level: Crusader 5, swordsage 5, W8Cblade 5

Prerequisite: Two Stone Dnagon


lnitiationActi.Hn~ 1.fu11.rci)1.1nd action Range: Personal

Target; You

avingThrow: Reflex half; see text

You wade throngl. your menne. lIke II stOPlC grant rampaging tlmmgh a mob of orcs. You cn!.h th~n underfoot ond drrve them befon you,leaving(l..rraiJ of t~e dead In your wake.

A!' part of this maneuver, you can move up to double your.speed and trample your opponents. You call enter the space of any crearu:re of your size care gory or smaller. If you enter and occupy all of The space occupied by

uch a creature, Ittakes damage equal [0 lel6 + 1-1/2, times your IT bonus. (if any).

You can deal trampling damage ro a etearure on)y once' per round, no matter how many times you.move into or through its space. You must move into. every square a creature occupies to trample it. If you move over only parr of the space a creature occupies (for example, you are-a Large creature moving over half the space of a Large opponent), it can either atrempt an attack of opponuniry against you or it can attempt 11 RetIexsave (DC l5 + your Str modifier) to avoid ha If of your Wimpling damage,

MOUNTAIN HAMMER [one Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 2, swordsage 2, war-

blade 2

Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature or unattended object

Like afalll!lg av~;he, Y01LStril~1' lvitll the weIght [mel f~lqr ofine mountain.

As part of this maneuver. you make a single melee attaCK. This attack deals an extra 2d6 points of damage and aUTOrnartcallv QvetCQIDe5 damag reduction md hard ness,


Stone Dragon (Stril(-e)

Level: Crusader 9, .swo~dsai!e 9, war-

blade 9

InitiathmAdipn: 1 st,md\rlid ilc~IolJ Range: Melee attack

Target: ODe creature

YaH slnm into )1011)" foe, h~l11ir~g bones into dust lInd muscle Illto bloody pIlip. YOU1"/oe's bo(ly Islefl (I crippled IWlsied mocJ1cry.

Yom attack causes damage to the strucrure of your foe's body. Aspart of this maneuver, YOli make a si ngle melee arrack If'rhis·attack hits, you denl 206 pain lS '0£ Cons qtlltion da m age in addidon ro your·normal damage.


Level: Crusader-a, swotdsage 4, war-

b~de4 1 srandard action Range: Me.tee attack

Target: One crestuse

Duration; 1 round

Saving Throw: :Fol~t'trnde partiaJ

YOHr tm~ghl)l st]'fhe temporarily dimyienls you r apPD; umt, caslil1g IT irn pred am sewn ds liS he shakes offtJ1f~ attaclt.

You slam your foe with a mighty strike, almost knocking him from his feet and forcing him to find hts and steady himselfbefore he can reset,

As part of this maneuver, YOlI rna Ire a melee at.tac.k.1'kJ.s·atrack deals an extra 2d6 points of damage, If the creature you hit is standing on the ground, your attack also causes the target to lose its abiliry to take.a move action for 1 round, Ircan otherwise acr aormally. A successfu 1 Porriiude save (DC 14 + your Srr modifier) by the creature seruck negates the loss:ofits move action, but nor the extra damage.

This maneuver·£mlttions only against opponents standing 011 the ground. A aYhigcr¢ami:~or'a levltating'tatge] need not: save'againsrthe acrionloss efeect; but still takes the extra damage.

ROOTS OF THE MOUNTAIN Stone Dragou (Stance)

level Cru ader 3. swordsage 3. ar-

blade 3

Inrtiatien.Actrorc 1 swift action Range: Persona l

Target: You


You c:YOudl 111ld set your fe!'t fill! fJN (lie gJUlUlA, J'ootil"lgyouyse1J to the spot }'1111 st~u 1 ~. Nothing Clm mfJve yOll from thrs plDre.

Like a living mountain, you choose youtposirionon the barrlefield and sink your roots into we earth. With your spot chosen on the field, you cannot be shifted from your position.

While you are in this stance, you gain a +10 bonus on checks tMesis! bu rush, overrun, and nip attacks; as well 3S on grapple checks mace ro resist an opponears grapple attempt. Any creature thatatrempts to move through your rhrearened area or the space you occrrpv rakes a -10 penalry on any Tumble checks itma1rns. This stance also gram you damage reduction 2/-.

Tbis sranse immediately ends if you move more than 5 feet for any reason, sucbas from a bull rush arrack, a r.·ell·~ 1,1 11e$is spell-and so forth.

STONE 'BONES Stone Dragon (Strike)

Level: Crusader 1, swordsage 1, war-


Initiation Action; 1 standard action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: 1 round

You focus yOlll' fl1eygy 10 el1f1rlllCC' )Inn!" defenses, drawillg 011 the power of YOU1' weapon's impact wnh 11 foe 10 tougher! yourself against n, wilHtcraHm::k.

The Stone Dragon tradition reaches-irs disciples ro shmg oHarracks through a combination of menralfocus, pure tOugbness, andresilie.nce. When you make-a successfn melee atmck, vou attune yom Jnind and. boq:y to such Ul, incredible exterrt that enjy'the sharpest weapons can.tnjureyou.Lesserarmaraenrs cause mere bl"1Its~:s al18 minor; cu ts,

When )'OU usethis maneuver, )IOU male il single melee arreck, If dus artack hirs, you gain damage reduction sladamalli:i:ru! fOT L. round.


"tone Dragon (SD;rike)

Level: Crusader 3, swordsage 3, warblade 3

Prerequtstre: One StotJ,e Dragon


I"EIitiation Action: 1 stancliird act(on Range: Melee arrack

Ta:x:ger. Creature or object struck

WltTi a mignty war cry, y011 slam YOUl" weapon into a slight cmckorotherfllu!1 in att object. The objecf shadden [tlr a momelll bqore it coUapses info broken shards.

Your arrunemenr to Stone Dragon's eam nature allows you to spor flaws ill objects with uncanny precision. You use this knowledge [0 your advantage. allowing you [0 make devastaring attacks against objects and consrrucrs,

As part of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack. Ii your arrack .hirs a construct or an object, you deal an extra 4d6 points of damage. You can use this stulke in ccnjunction with the .sunder special attack (PH 158) and arternpr to damage held or carried objects. Against ether targets, y:cu gallina special benefit from thi maneuver.


tone Dragon (Strike)

Level Crusader 2, swordsage 2, War-


InitiationActian: 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Targ~t: Creature struck

Duration: 1 round

Savlng Throw: Fortirude parrial

Yon mORe {I crmhlllg blow Illal staggers YlJUr op,poncn.t, leaving it unable 10 move.

By making a powerful, focused blow, you leave yOU!; opponem unable to move. The crushing weight of your blow forces it to wasre a precious moment regaining irs footing.

Aspart ofthts maneuver, you make a single melee attack This nctack deals an extra ld6 points of damage.If the crearure hit i srandlng oa the, ground, your attack also drops rhe target's speed to o feer (for all movemeru capabi Iiries) ,fer 1 otherwise !lCt normally.

A successful Fbrrirudl' save (DC 12 + yom Str m9difieE}by the qeamre scruck negates:Weimmobilizat:'ion, but liQt the extra damage.

This m;ureuver Ennctim\ls only :a.gainst 0pponen.'tScstan'aing on the .gtound.A flying creature or a leviUtj Ilg target peed not save against the speed zeciuctl(!}n eff(:}ct, but:" sti11 takes the extra daJaJ age.

STONEFOOT STANCE Stone Dragon (Stance)

Levee Crusader 1, S\'\'Ofdsage ·1, war

blade 1

Initiation Action: j sWifi: action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

You emuel1 fU1d set your fret flll! on Ihe grollnd, draWing the resiliente of the earth Into your body.

The students oftbe Srone Dragon discipline model their defenses ... frer the earth itseJ£. Thewind 11l.ightbatterthe mountain, ell!" riveTmightOltt:~tQugh the plains, btlt in rhe end thestolle and rock shrug off such assaults,

While yo).l are in this stance, you gain a +-2 bonus au Strength Checks and.a +2 bOPlIS toAe ag~srcrea-

rures of a size category larger than yours.

"this sta nee imme=

diarely ends ±fyou move morethan

5 feet for any reason, such asfrnma bull rush attack a teleIWlf51,spell, and so form.

4 dWit'if p'(Jfa4er gains the m'e1it;tl, if rfr,/le


Stone Dragon ( ranee)

Level: Crusader 8, swcrdsaga 8, warblade S

Prerequi.sfte: Three Stone Dii§lgotl


Initiation Action: 1 swill actiOl1 Range: Personal

Target: YOll

Duration: Stance

You ~l'Iterall ifnpcllc!mbledef"'J15fllertance, tnllfmlg it almoslllllpossible for an uUatk to strike you Itl a vUblcm&Ir anti.

While you are in this stance, you focus your efforrs on preventing any devastating attacks from penetrating your defenses. You are immune to critical hirs while you are in This stance,

This stance immediatelyendsifyou move more than 5 feet [or any reason, such as from a bull rush arrack, a teleIZ;IIesis spell, and so forth.

Tbe Tiger C1aw discipline embraces a fer:a1 rage that lUJ;"ks wtrhin the hearr of i mit.iates.ln b!\tr~e, such warriors growl tikI! wild animals, attack wtth if fu-cy similnrtotbat ofa barbarian, and rely on. overwhelming/ vicious assaults fQ defeat theifeoemles. -:rhe Tiger Claw discipline's favored weapons are the kul ri, l~aroa, handaxe, clawl greataxe, and unarmed strike, Its key skill i Jump.

grearcar, you !!p:Ilnginttrilieai1l'anG .4ttack your foe £rQi11l all unexp,etqeq,di:r~qfiai).

As part oftlru.1ni\n,eU\~e;t, :y.Quattem,pta JU:inp. checkto leap iutotl1e.aiJ; aI'ld.trtake amelee' atrack tt,ahargetsyO.ll (fcie's.l qSper body, face.and.neck. Tbe JL'L1UP check's DC is equal to your target's AC, If thi s check succeeds, your attack deals an extra. 2dG points of damage. If this arrack threatens a criricalhir, you gain a +4 bonus on yom roll to confirm the critical hit,

If your check fails, you can still attack. buryou do not deal extra damage or gain a bonus on a roll to confirm a critical hit, The maneuver is still considered expended.

BLOOD TN THE WATER Ttger claw (Stance)

Level: Swordsage 1, warblade 1 Prerequisite; One Tiger Claw


Initia:tionAction: l swift action Range: Personal

Target; You

Duration: Seance

The sltlel1 of blood cirives yDII into 11 fury. As f011 slash intn YOIIY foel t!ll(h frrsh WOIII'ld )1111L inflict spurs youotlwt;1rd.

While you ate in this stance, you wh.ip yourselfin to a terrible rage. When YOll score a critical hit against an opponent, you entera nearfrenzied stare from the sight and smell of blood. You gain a +1 bemus on attack rollsanddamage rolls. Because [his is an untyped bonus, it stacks with each successful critical hit you score.

If you ·go more than L minute without achieving a critical hit. you no longer gain the bene fir of the stance.

CLAW AT THE MOON Tiger claw (Strike)

Level: Swordsage 2, warblade 2 In.j.tiationAction: 1 standard action Ra:nge:Mele.e· attack Target: One creature

Yent leap into tlu 'lir, catching yonI' fiJI! off gHart:ll1~ ),011 slice ,!OWtl into /-Ifl'lI,


You learn (0 leap imo the nil' and

lice at 11 foels vulnerable points, we a

A wfwblitd(n'lt.'akcJ 11 dimJh frpjl~ ap~1J1t alta.eM agai.fJ.rfno djspltl:~·ltr bellS!

Level: Swordsage 5, warblade 5:

Prere q'lli site: Two Tiger eiaw


Inrtiarton Action: 1 swifLm:tioa 1? e rs 011 a1

Target; You

Duration: End of turn

Yorl nViJ1g your WCllpans about JIll,," i;1 a l1IUl'Ofspccd, makillgn series afde.vastatingnttachs in tIl spnte of II ringle lm~"tlth.

You make a flurry of deadly attacks. After initiating this boost, you can make one additional arrack with each weapon YOll wield (to a maximum. of two extra attacks if you- wield [WOe fir more weapons), These extra attacks are made ar you r b igbest attack bonus fOr

each o£your respecrtveweapcns, AU of these attacks must be directed against the same opponent;

DEATH FROM ABOVE Tiger Claw (Strike)

Level: Swordsage 4, warbmde+ Prerequisitei One tiger Claw rnnneuver

Inftiation Actiom 1 standard action

Range: Melee attack Target: One creature

Wit h n Will' cry, y01~ l.ttlj1 i nto t11 e all' Ilnd hft your weapon "'igl1 overhead. A.; )IOU arc aDlVnwaril,_YQllr w!'igl-r t lI!!d moment1lm temfbomrrusiliJ Ig force to YOW' att!J.Ck.

Like a thunderbolt, you slam into you r foe from above. You leap upon your eueml' and. drive him uno me ground. l"ae Impact of your artackgtves you. extra force, allowing you te score a deadly hit.

To lise this maneuver, you must be adjacenr to a foe-As part of this maneuver, you al~empt a DC 20 Jump o eck. If lhis check succeeds, yeu ca n make a singLe melee attack against an opponent" that you were adjacre.n.r to when ¥OU

begal1lh~.smaneover. This attack OCCU1'S III j:hemr3syou soarcoveryour oppotlem, also 35 PIII£ of the maneuver,

Your attack deals, an exrra 4d6 poiJ;llS of damage, and your opponent is considered flllvfee.ed against this attack. You fJ,en knd in aay square <lQjacem to the rargerof this arrack, though no more than 20 feet away !rom your stmrl:ins position.

ITyourJllmp aheckfails, you remain La me Iasr square you occupied before r:be]ump€beck and can make ~ single artaek normally, The maneuver is still considered expend-ed,

FERAL DEATH BLOW Tiger Claw (S trike)

Level Swordsage 9, warblade 9 Pre:requisite: Four Tiger Claw


In:i:tiationAction: 1 full-round action Range:Melee attack

Target: One creature Sll-vingTlu:ow: Fortirude partial

With a primal rlDwl, YOII leap into the (IiI' am:lllind on YOHr OPYOHellt, hachi.,g and dawmg at hi> l1ed~.

Youleapupon your opponent, rending aDd tearing with your weapons ill on aereraptrnkill.hlm witha brutally overwhe.lnring assault. You grab onto your foe as you slash and hack at his ned" face, and other vulnerable areas.

To use this maneuver, you must b adjacent to yom: intended target. As pan of this maneuver, make a Jump check with a DC equal to your oppon.ent'sAC. If the check succeeds, you om then make a single melee mack against your foe, also as part of rhis maneuver. The target is considered fLu-roared against this attack. If your attack deals damage, your target must attempt a Fortitude save (DC 19 + your

U modifrer). If this save fails, your earger-is Instantly slain (his hir poinrs drop to -10). If the save is successful, y011 deal an extra 2od6 points of d am age mrhe targertn addition to your normal weapon damage, Creatures immune to crtrical hits axe immune to the death effect of this strike.

I£yourjumpcheckfu.il5, you can make a single attack normally. The-maneuver 15 still constdered expended.

FLESH RTPPER Tiger da\.,· (Strike)

Level: Swordsage 3, warblnde :I

1?r.erequisite~ Two Tiger Claw


lni.tiation Action; 1 standard action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Duration: t.round 0]; more; see ten Savingl'hrow: Fortitude negates

Wilh II mixt~lr~ of carefl.rl precision alld animal savagery, YOll tearilltu II foe. tu produce jo.gged-wouna> tl1at overwh-elm 11, 1I1 1 vilh pain.

As pan of rhls manenver. you-maxI" a melee arrack against a single opponenr. If this attack h its, the targermustmake a successful Forrirude save (DC 13 4- your Srr modifier) or take a -4 penalty on attacks and TO AC for 1 round, If your arrack is a.crirical hir, these penalties last for a number of-rounds equal to your weapon's -crirical, mulriplier, Your target takes normal damage from VOLII arrack regardless ofrheresu1t of the save.

This maneuver functions onlyagainst creatures that are vulnerable to critical hits.

FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD Tiger Claw (Boost)

Level: Swordsage 4, warblade 4 Prerequisite: Two Ti~e:t Claw


InitiationAction: t, s.v:ifr-action Range: SO ft.

Area: 30-ft.-radius burst centered on you

Duration: 1 mirmre

Saving Throw: will partiali-see text

As y01l1' JDt dillS on yonT blade, you twist !Utd lilrtl yOlty weaporl to send l11uod spraying ncress the baHLefield. Your el1emienhdek in fear at their ally's

If you reduce a living opponent te=-L or fewer hit points during your rum, you can. initiate this maneuver. Your weapon rips into yourfoe as she drops, dealing an extra ldG points of damage and forcing-ali your enemies within a 30-foorradius to rnake-scccessful \Vtll saves (DC 14 'I- yeur:StrmoliHE.e.r) or be sb aken for 1 rnimite; The f€le fall. drep must be witmm yoU!' 'tIrreaten.ed area when you itiiti,1te ihis mana mer. Fot each foe yQU drop during ylOlu.t rum

prior (6 iniriating Ihis maneuver, the save DC increases by 1.


Tiger Claw (Boost)

Level: Swordsage 8, warblads 8 Prerequisite: Th.uee Tiger Claw


Initiation Action: l swift action Range: MeLe attack

Target: One or more creatures Duration: End of turn

Wifldrni1!-ing YOllr arms ill II fur1cm.s 111111'; yOIl strike )'D1lI' perplexed ~mmy from tum directions rrt 011Ce, re11ding ~m flesh with ellrh sf.rike.

Each of your attacks is preciselytimecl to maximize 1 be carnage it lnfllcrs. You mu t be Wielding two or more weapons to initiate rhis maneuver. As you hack into your opponem, Y011 use your weapons together 1:0 murderous effect. Wirh a cruel rwisr of yow: blade, you widen the wounds you cause with eacb successive strike,

You must Initiate This maneuver before making any attacks in me Cl.U;.renr round. If you srn ke an opponent multiple rimes during yOUT rurn, yOl.j. also deal rend damage. This damage is based on the number ofrimesvousmke your opponent during your turn (see rhe ruble below). Derermine the rend damage de alr immediately after you make your last arrack for your rurn,

If you arrack mulriple opponents during your tum, you gain This exrta damage against each of them. A creature rakes rend damage based on the number of attacks that hit it, nor [he number of successful auacks you make. For-example, jEyou hita rue giant three times and an evil cleric twice during yOUT turn, the lire .giam takes rena damage for three arracks and the cleric rakes rend damage fo.r rwo attacks.

Successful Attacks








Rend Damage

&da lOd6 12d€i 14d6 16d9 18d6 20d6

HAMSTRTNG A1TACK Tiger claw (S'tEi:ke)

Level: SW0rdsa~e-7, warblade.z 'Prerequisite! Thr:ee Ii-Rea C1aw


lni:tiati:()nA(l.tion~ 1 s~a:na'm:d action Jla~g~ ¥elee &a:2k: -

TlU:g~1:: On:e ~~e . ga~gTht!i'w; Fortitude .lralf Dm:tttinn:.!1-.minur~

Targe't:~ou Duaratrem ~aJclf2{t

E'[Jel'l whe'J~ YOII .lite !;rClF,pet! 'PJ!tij$ 1t !!:!w.mrs (J.1~dsBeml1tgIY·l!,l1q~le 'W l'I'WVI!,E'IplLJ,lm:m serrd:)'o I.! flyil'lg.;grrlt~f11t1J'trfl'(1'!.Igb ~h~ ll.H:

:r4e Tiger Claw dlsciphlle-Je~che§YQU to.assume a stance-that allowsyou to sail trn."Qughthe aizwhen jumping.Youspring from the-ground with an- unmatched burst-of speed and strength,

WJ1ile you are in this seance, you ggina.,+16:foote~lhanGement bonus on Jump·.che'Gks. Iri ",dditio~,. (Illy jumps ypuma.J.te w:11'fle 111 [his S,abG:e:_¢,t~ cqn~i~hed _J;l.1.l1l1Lngj llmps.

YQI! dire into.your appOlletrtls1egs, 1 eaving him huhbled and stunwling:ab.our.

A.§ part of r,ms!:manel.{ver:;"Y0l!._e,_a ~:ingle'mclee_.attack. If tbis attack hits, ff aeils,damaM aszrormal. 1:::11 a:ddit1en., the target,ak¢,$lds points ofDe:>.'terity dam~ge a.nda ":101:Oo-rpenalty to speed far 1uillnJtf!: .. ~ Sl:!~essful Fsrti~de save COC 1'7 + y<;ilU; SnmQcHner) halves b0th the Pe)\te~zy damage and me s~tf pepaity.

POUNCING CHARGE TigtrClaw (Sfrl.ks:)

Level: Sw~tdsag~ 5", warBlade 5 PIerequisite: Two Tiger Claw

.maneu VeJ;,S

tm.tiatio_n.Actmn: l.&lLkJ;01.}ll~acrlOn ~,ge:~~rs_oll~l

Tingeti $®Ui

HUNTER'S SENSE Ti~r Claw{E:1ilU1ce)

l:evel: s.-;;;ord-s-a-ge 1, warbladei P:t.er_e9:~i . .;;.ft}l: One Tiger Claw


Initiation Action: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

Wifh file rQar 4!<1 wild beast, YQU: th,'oW yourself i.nto the fray ,NOl<l' We-npDI1.5 axe Little IrlOl'e fhan a. bliJl' (.1.5 you hi!chatyou.r

fo~ speed. .

Witlurferocious howl, you throw yourself inro combat. Y01 .. 1 move withsuch speed and.ferocity that when you teach your enemy, you uruel)sh a bhsreting Ilurryof'slashes, cuts, and hacks.

As part of initiating this maneuver, you make a charge- attack. Instead of making"e -end of yom: charge, you can make, a_,nl11 attack The bonus on your attack roll for making a charge attack applies to all your attack rolls,

'((III sniff att~e air 7rkl! a Hl!'/1!ing animal After you _fOGUS yo!!r mi~ld, an army of SJ;errlsth at l101:ma llyelud e5"Y0l,l1"c; bew me chm.,-t~ YOH.

YOU.E mastery o'fi:he Tiger cl aw disci" pllne allows you to become attuned to the fen1 side of your personality. On a fundarnerual level, you begin to rhink more 114e a'Wil~ beasr and less like a c~ed ~eatUIe. Your enemies are p!=eytgbyh).llted down and slain. Your lilli_es arJ;-pack-roat.,s. This shifrill view spreads ro you:cphysica] senses.

As long as yon are in thisstance; you gain rheScrml'flsjlecial aniHty'(MM 314).

PREY ON THE WEAK TigerOlaw (Stance)

Level: Swmdsage 7" warblade '1 Prere.qlIisite: "rtv~ 'FEger '.G1a.w;S "

Ini:tiui'0n-Adi6n::.l ~wift attloi1 Range: pe.tisonal

Target: \You

Lhi:tation: Stance

LEAPINC DRAGON STANCE Tiger claw (£tanee)

Level: Swordsa~e 3, warblade 3 i'rere-qUisi'te: One 17,iger Claw


l1ri:ti:ationA£ti6.n: t sWift ath('JD a~ng'e; Pet~oiLnJ

)::Otl $c),rl1c thro'U,gh w.e.ah~.r16.e:s ],:j:I~ea j}1-:ignty llreiIcttlJr n{1';li&rJ,IQose i:r;mlP\g fl Ke1"i:i~YB.Y'

Wit11 eath :Fb~ y!ilU_§trik~, YQ.UI blboJl'l!tll'll,l.ud l3a:rtl~n~1'Y rues ever kL,ghE'l"_ Aftet~1IiefmQmenI.dfeX'plbsivtru:age, The !0eS'~0Ul'lg: .;you are reit hlooChed,

. ~ j

rom, ane maanarg.

Whenever ~I} ~J:lponent within io fe6.l' , Q.&yOl1 d-rQP~ to -:;:LeJ: few_e>r hlt; ~_DiutS; wlr!Ofher _hom ¥1.\IllL, aUil-ck. ~n ally's strike;':orspm~ ~1ra: Cjli.l e, you ean imrnedtately -make an aH-;lck; of opportunity against any OPFO'l1ell[ within your threatened area.

RABrD BEAR STRlK]; Tiger Claw (Strike)

Level: Swords age 6, warbI\!,de.-6 Prerequisite: Two rig~r Claw


Illitiation Action: t.standard asrten Range: Melee attack

Target: One-creature

with-ll iefociou5 ro{'llj yallleap IIllon yl'wr enemy 1i11e g wIld beast, slam'ming yom: wer-P0n info 1Wf,'wi'th a rnad1'l'mnS rU)ty.

You focus Y0uE~f'rlmalfuw,imo a single attack, l:ay:i1)g_ ~~l opponenrrlow with a mighlY blow, tharsplimersbtmes ana: sliarters steek-ss pan of this maneuver, you makea single melee attac~k You gain a +4 bonus on this atiatk-i:eI:l and deal an extra iod6 points of damage, After completing this .maneuvera you take a -4 penalty to AC untu me stan of yOU! next turn.

RABID WOLF STRTKE Tiger Claw (Strike)

Level: Swordsagez, warblade-z InitiationAct:i.on: 1 standaid ~cifon Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

Youfo;;mi a'tth,emouthandscrea;m i'n I'age !iI,yol! 111alte apowerfHI attadiaguinit}'OlIr' en em)'. Yo u set (isi de all tllOl-<g)tts ufii ufe.nse

as YOl,! hl11~e lo¥ward. .

Ebt a~t(l:Jj;eGOlltl"y0.uuDleashme barely eontf611ed;_primiliage thalSm:g~tI:ml you. A$ partofit1iJs.nianeuve.t, }'ciramllkeasing],¥ou-g4lN'l,'lI.r4uonus 6n:·thiitattacltioll"anddeal an.:ex:Jl;ll1ill; poiti1:S oroamage, 'fuU ta.k.a~-4- pe~ry; wAC until th.ts.Htl1:ofY!'}UL:'nex:~_IItLmI as,:r:!hWwUd:,stti:l(e,.smds YQlt,0ffb..alaru:e anclJili1ci;erS'f!}1; ;;-~feb$e$.

el'l.emte,s) un1ess YUill succeed on th~ a_ppropriateTllmble &ed'i..


TIger: e1,w (Duost)

Level:Swo:rdS'llge L, waiblade .l P're~equisii:e: One Tiger Ciaw


Initiation Action: 1 Siivlft actIon Range: Personal

l:uiI2g_et: ¥0t\

JiJu;awn: Inssantaaeous

I:l:AGJNG MONTGOOSE ;r~r ClaW~El0Jl1j),

Level: Swords age S, warblade So Pl'e_r,e'l.u;i%e~ ihr~e TJ;_g~ Claw


InitiationA~tiQn: ,1,swif1e-.!Ction Range-: Personal

:t:!U'g~t: You

Durati-on~ End of turn

SW001?TNG DAAOON STBITtE Tiger dLlW (Strike)

t.~v~ &word:sage~~, war'bJad:e 7 Prereg_uisite~ ThL-ee Ttger ClaVf


-lnitia't1,Qn 6.ction:_l m:and"~<d.~qt01"l _Range: lyfelc12attack

Targe_t: One: creature SavingTh'ro;vv: For.ti!u_Ge pa:r:tiaf

Yvu ieul?,1oR1l'CW1J(lsitfoll ihth.e bUn1iQfan (l)'e, leav~1!g:¥ottr-Qppom~llts !laffl,ed.

You ul1leash a frrado_us \Ions), of atttnks, setting Itside. rlH ihi}uglJts_o} caution and se£f-"CD11trol

Lilli: (J ili'agar? yrmswooll 'd.g1lJl1.ll_Il!'!n YO~lr1P~ nmHetloose with Ii de'V1.!5tating attac~. Yon Jeap ~1I£r he,r lil1d, tls,.you saqr throttGj)1 iI;/1e ai,; ].tI'IIeash-a devastat1ng 1!,aIT!1:jl

gt-'1.ttp:ihs, . . -

You make a flurry of deadly attacks. Aner irritiaringthts boost, you can maketwoadditional attacks with.each WC!lpon you- wield (to a maximum.of [Glnr exrra attacks if you wield IWQ or 11W.Ie weapons). These extra.artacks are made ar yow' highest arrack bonus for each of your respective weapons. You can spread these auacks out among as many foes

as you wish.

You 1 ap QVeran OpP,Olle,];lt am:! chop Cl~wn a.d;ter; TIJining.:he'E .defeoses and striking with '2


AS_l?a:rr<o'f~ manetfV8f,

CYOll lItJem~E)i Jump wee eta leap over yqprI!l~t. TheI~mlt 'of~his 11.1lllp check mtl~be snffh;ient1:o ;ti1owyou tgmove through an. o,p.P9nent's space

and over her.lFyquIail me jm:np check needed [QJjump-over y'QU!: toe, yott_p.):oveke:attacks ofpBEcOLc ttmit:y for The distance yeujmn .1

If apI>liG~le; IfyoDr"jump, waS!tQD short to clear your opponenc b1;r~ fa:r enough r.ha~ you wouldJand1n a space sh? occupies, XQU land 118Jacemte your qpp'QllenEin.The:sq:~ar!1' clesest to yo ursmHing sq_U!l1:e-.

If yow checldsfusuffide~i:"to jump oven your t;_a.get; youcarualso: maJceasin.gleattacl~againstyoUl'f0e with no special beneB:t5 DE penalties, as your target is within reach. 1I the.cheek succeeds, you 8p-IlQt pm-

yoke attacks ofoP£lortunity-fo:rlel,lvtng threatened SI:jUll~'e§ dUIillg yow: jump. Your fee loses her D'eXl5![i:EibooU5 .ro AC againstyot1r mel,_eeatl;ackJ'hi:sm;m~k dealsan extra iod6 points of damage, and the tal1get must S'I1cGem:ii\n a Forlitm1e save CElCe'Cjual tel your JaDlf' chedcres111t) or Be stunned for i


Tiger claw (So±ke)

Level: Swordsage 3, war-

bladl!"3 .

Prerequisite: One Tiger-Claw maneuver

lniti~rlon Aetion: i standard action

Range: M'elee attack Target: Cne--cre£lture

YOH 12'lp into the- rill; catcmng a large r tippO! wntby sut]?' as you jump aver its dUfrtb1l5 to pLunge },OMT weapol1 info fhUJ'owlwfit5head.

With~cal'efullytrineclleap, youjump 0V01' ['he target's defense~and attack it from an unexpected angle. You can nse this maneuver only against a foe a a larger size caregory . than yours. Asp_an of this maneuver, you make a Jump check with a DC equal to yaui'foes AG. Ihhis check succeeds, you a1S0 make a melee attack as part of r:l-rismaneu\\e.t, If the check fails, YDU c.anfiot.make this attack and the manenvems Still,considered expended, You gain a +4 btiniJsnD the attack: roll and dealan e..xtTIa,·6m6€J diiti)~a,ge iryout a'tt;ick h:£tii;

A gith)'tl1Jki "'larMade n;jm'iaWJ

;, mon..rtrous'sp lder !lvi/h the S'!lu.Mpinf.

d1'agqn strike l1U1"'i!Ju,e,- -

You can make a Jump CL1,eck as. !! swift action and move the di$.t:ance determined bYYQUT .cbe~ resulr, You j:>I'Ovqke- attacks of appon;umty with. thls.mDV~e1l11; and you mlrst:m€lV~ in 'a~sttaightJlntl, .Aswith ~ny :O¥IW,l;._e-nti *9:U can a~:p1i a Tumhl~ e:he.ik to .a_"\'lid.anYllota:ebyou pl1'.lvk . .t:his s\1~~n l~p, YGJU §ll1J'rme\te th;tg'Ugs

, - -


TJgeli@law (S:hik-e-) teveI:Sword'Sage 6, wublad'e 6

E''CtH~equ±5ite~ TWQ. Ti;g;1Or claw

rna n Bnv.erS

Initiati:oaActi6D:; 1 £ul1,rol.'lIl.aactIDn ~e: :!Itte1ee attaCk

Tro:get~ Orre.cnearure

'lou SUpb!\ttvBelN~ la)~rf~e4;leg5 .. !<·nd: sI'11Jre its' ~¥?s,ed !#j'e: ~on then jfng;!<llVBr in -th? shan~lIv Q#'y,0'F-1' &I~/J.Jny'~ ~I{*.

'YQU Gall llSetru.s.illlane,_U'i'O'E 01:UY againsr an 0P:EOll~j:10f a ~~e calegol"y Iarger than y{)~~. A.s,pan ~f this ~na-l1euv<;J, you ~e;r fat!;!: ~a~gefs ~qUaE~'wirilio!:!t l;lrov:o'king'_a,n;_atta¥,kof appo]}:upity. You ClUJ, .tbenattackY:9:tfrtatget,as,p~rtofthis JJlaneQv~.Ypur ;1ttaCckgealsap,~ma SQ6 ll_omts oJ <;,-, rOll re,-m~in_ within yOl,trOpj'lOp:eD'~:S:§_pare:aftwy,.QllgJmpler~ this :maneqyet:.iOJd !Wn co\>e~)asains:t.ruJ :arra$s;a~llillJ.iltS~YO_l:l.remain hlhis space, induding-ci;l.bse,made:hrth~ target. If -ilie-r'3.£g5!!:move!" it-leaveS'-yo_l.l; hehind b:gI _p_r_ov;tl;KeS}]Jl_atp~ck9f epporruniry nom you fbt leAl;dng yoqr_spR~e.

WOLF fi'ANG STRIKE TigerClaw (Stl;:ke)

Level Swordsage 1, warblade 1 Iliitiation Aetion: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

-Target:. One creature

You lash out in ~ Murof mOllement with ttliD weapon-s, ha chin:g1H to _)'0 lI~' fOI!-witJ1 a cottibitllrHon oi{emlstreng!-h and speed.

You tap into the speed and srrength emuoaied within your fenil spirit. You

n\l-uat fig;l~r;wit 11-~w0 "1©li_g,'QtlSj liD'~!), c.b:iil ma.I!:e"lJve1i.1fY(lt1:~(mdV'Q,lw;~\J.ea~u:, YQu can 'Iib.!DO§6I eo ma,ire all unM$I~iiI strikeWf.-th~our of£ha:nd',(a-[;a')ilMUa;Eln~ep art-aci<J, if YCl1rSO w;.is_h. A~ ].S:l'l:c,o(i!li&-< maneuver, .. y;ou ll1ak~,ap,at_t~~ /iYJ1;b. both we~'RQlls,:y'9U wj_el_d;aga;b;t¥t~'qne oppenenr.Botb. ~,tta,dQj;m~ISU8:);g!:tth~ samecrea mr~;_md you_ take ,3 - 2 perral~y Ql1 each. attack roll: If yourIirsr attack Wopsy8uJ:-f,oem -1 hie points or fewer, you cannot make asecond attack' .


:_pevel $tvprdsage 8) wa,l'~lade ~ P~erflq~.isite; Two Tiger claw

Initi,ati_onActi.on: Lswift action Range; J?eDSp_B-?]

T_ar-get: YPH

Duration: 1it~llce

~l~h 5&ln!l'hw -a~~d'! ihahfQ1nl?ct, t!;IQi,) yp,.~lfp' /l,'rD.l,Lnrl-'hhw wTp.g,the 4ts-trtr~tj01il';p;[llyjded, by YQt1.1ca,ttadl"§ tOPfl}" E~ I'It him :t1:oJ1~hi.11 d~ri t:tg:yel:tritnD vr.1'1}~nt.-

You rrlefield like-a mighty hunter, You pick your SPQts toatrack, strikingfoes'when they are-most vulneraHe batbrelllo_vii~g on to attack elsewhere_ Each ,,\ttacJdJ1ows you to move-forward and press your adv(l~'tage.

While you areIn this"st,H1ce,-eRGh srnike-allows yeu toswwly work your.way aronnd'an opponent, Bach (J_m.e you lTl'ake a successful melee.a ttaok, YOti can move 5 feet. This

WOJNER~ STANCE Tiger qaw ($taJ;.t~E'D leveliSwordSage-3,. \"arbl~ija3

? .... . .

Prereq:u:isite:_ OI!,et:tgeli 'j~w'


Irrirrarion ActiQU: 1 swi£~ ao;p0n Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

LiI~?-(l. C9l"11,e rGd ~lIot\lerlt!e, YQ(J; frgh:! ~tlfth 1~11,lr!:atd1ed f~Y9P.fty and j'!Jgc' wh~~ ),,1111' oppfmant5 force you into:d!ls~ ~UI11'tfl".

When an 8p_pone:rn has you in hi'S gr~s-p;y0U rransform irrrc a &nulinS:i frothing, T'll.gin,g~east_ YOl1 had-!!;with yew- wen~-a,n at your f0_e!S a:rctn'S: G1" -1e,made._s4 your; wiI'S! fr",nzy allowing 'You. '£Ofig~t eyc,n with a 1i_'IgeJ aw]~wagl weapon. When youare-in the:graspo:f -aIarger f8e,Y0UI frenzy-igpitesinrooall inferno as you desperately.<I._uempr.tO break free.

While you are in. this stance, YOlJ(3all attack aIoegrappling you with aDY' anehanded ,¥~a-pon. You do notrake tbe ~+ penalty for _fighting while- grappled. II your foe is of a larger si2ecat~gery than yours, yourferal rageignires and grams you a +4 bonus on cl,alJ:Iage_roIl s against that.creature whileitcontinues to grapple you.


The WhiteR'avendisdpline teaches that the combined effort of several warrtorsworldng.together far exceeds the effons of those same warriors working individually. Adherents ofrbiE tradition serveas lead ersand inspiringngures all the-battlclield,. "this discipline's favored -w.aapons are the Ieagsword, batrleaxe, greatswoxd, hallbeI.d, and'wamammer_ Irs key slUH liffiiplomacy.

BAT"l'LE LEADER'S CHARGE White Raven ($tt1Re)

;!.~l l.Th:'lrSailer 2, warnlade 20 Prerequisite': One_ Wliite Raw,,]


I,nifutuoitMtiJ;m!_1 full-TCl\C!b:d' iCtion

Range: Meleeatrack Target: One.creature

Yo.d.ell,d flTin:lthefrolll;'IJcmIe5 so that ),'DI"I" aWes Ga'l'I.jD1JoLV il!_your wn!~e;

The WhlfeR'aven diScipline teaches that 11e whcseises the iJ:li'tiative also sei2eS'li:ictor,),; ¥Qu;haQe1 ea,the(1,tmJeau an, B HaGk whh a migb ry cna'Is_e, tne bet-ierto dis)_;upt the en-em:y'and-1nSplte you.raUies'in:;battle.

As paH'Ghuil! mil_neuver, '.yOLl charge an;opponenl'.;Y()l:1 do riot'provoke~atf:iCks ofc)ppeiiutiit,yf'cili roov'!t6fThis -t!harge<fJ} II tttrtTIdfipi ,-rEd~ills j,)} ~tli~'tojJQ 'jl;\i[:jJ~s!l:Ifi~liti±d;j.&'~,

BOLSTIi:RING VOTCE White Raven (S:tahce)

Level: crusader 1, warblade 1 IpitiationAction.; 1 ~"j£qtctiori Range: 60 ft. _ Ai;ea:~6o-.ft~radiU:s-eJ_n.anati8p. c~u.t:~!ecl

_on ytll.J _DU1;ati()ll: §~anG~

Th!t msciH~_Qf tne \!hite :lliavell Stresses .~ m !l-DEYis &crive only

InitiationAction: 1 stal1danl aztlon Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

bHying )'lJur IlUtes €ritic:al $f'-fOIl$, n ei1iled to 5i.lp past tJwm tmhamw.!.

wben its members are motivated to 6:ght.ln roe face 01 a daunting enemy 01' .unexpected hardsh.ip, the most skilled warrior iSWl'lrtble;>S' iIhe lacks strength 0f will When you adopt rhe bolstC11i)lg voice stance, yau shout encouragement to your allies, disparage yOur fees, ~11d lend much-needed supporrte raise ypur allres'spirtts, Bydrawtngon the example you set, your: allies harden their will to 11gb! and barrie on despite your enemie t arrempts to tum them aside.

whiJe you are in rhis stance, all allies wiThin range who can hear ycu gain a +2 moralebonnson Willsaves,ora+4morale banns on Will saves against [ear effects.

:By drawtng on your c01:rihar exp-ecienc_e ant! :knowled$e o(Iww.a warrior must carry herselJi in batrle, you make an fltt'<lckthar tJ;i,srupts}'Ouropponents and keeps [hem frOID taking adV841tage of YIVUT allies'lapses.

After:yo~initiate this boost, you.can make YQl.IL attacks as normal In addition ro taking normal melee damage from your blows, a foe--YOll strike afier Iniriaringrhie maneuver cannot make attacks of opportunity for '3 rounds. The target still threarens its normal area; h simply cannot make attacks of opporrunrty.

A creature can be aftecred by only one covering strike per-encounter.

YO!U' keen ICfldwhip gn1,11t&)'01l rlo1ld :y~I~r ~ flies: 11 slldt!~ 11 advIIIlJagl1i! I combflL ~llel'l yOll flnnl! 11 n Ql".P 0 11e t~t, you lTffac)a ~~I stJ C ~I a way 'IS 1'0 l11'lximue yo ~11' aL/hlS' opellll1gs. By the same token, yow' friends' .fe~od:otl5J ammlte lIllacks give yf)l~lImIHplf!:C7ppt7rtul1ifies (0 pierce your foe'~ defames.

When you flank an enemy with an ally who can see and hear your direcrions, the two of you form a potent combination. Your attacks cornplemerrt each other, leaving the flanked opponent in a tenuous position.

You can USe rh is strike when you.and any numberofal.lies.f1uik an opponent you designate, As part of rhis maneuver, you make a melee attack against the flanked opponent. If your attack hits, any ally flanking you r foe ran Immediately make a melee mack against that creature. These extra arracks are not attacks of opportunity.

Yom; allies 1111.1St be able [Q see yo'Ll to gail' this benefit. l'be coordination needed. between yQ,-" and your cernpardons dema nds that 'Jou watch each other's attacks, thpugh you donot need to heal: each other.

GLARfON CALL Whi-re Raven (Boos r)

Level: Crusader 7, warblade 7 ~terequisi'te: Three Whire Raven


InitiationAction: 1 swifl action Range: 60 ft.

Area: 60-ft.-tadiu5 burst cenrered on you

DOUSE THE FLAMES Wlrite Raven (Strike)

Level: Crusader 1, warblade 1 Initiation Action: 1 slalldarn\1ction Range: Melee arrack

Target: One-creature;

Duration: 1 round

M you defeat tltl oppOne!1r, YOll SIlO'I.ll. n battle fry thtr.f irtspir,es one cfYllur aWe.; to r~~telV his effolts.

Y"u 5trike your e)Hi1'l1Y with a "emul1clitlg blow, captlLri/'1.g his (lttentiol1. As '~e tun~ to look, YOll let I. Dose withJt s-tring oJ oaths, challenges, lind talm~ fllllt fOI'Cll him to J'DCtIS Jnnrttel'!f!011 eI'LYOu..

You are an inspiring figure OJ1 The battlefield. Yourpersonal victories are shared bry.our allies, allowing them to draw co'tU:'a.g_eand vigor from your actions.

rf during your turn a melee attack you make reduces an opponent to fewer than 0 hh polnts, 'You can initiare this maneuver. Once it is iniriared, all allies wiI:hin range can immediately either make one melee attack at their higheST arrack bonus or take a single move action. These allies must be able [0 see aad hear you. These extra attacks are net-attacks of opportuniry,

LEADING THE ATTACK White Raven (Strike)

Level: Crusader 1, warblade 1 Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

Target: One creature

Duration: 1 round

As a White Raven. adept, -you are as much a tactician as you area warleader. You learn [0 create openings fm: yow: allies ro maximize rue teamwork and esprrr de corps that ynll foster. You know that for agrpllp [0 succeed. it musrworktogerber, andfhatindtvtdual glory must: be set aside so rhsrthe gI'f?{ll? can achieve victory.

As part of this maneuver, -you make a melee attack against a single-Target you threaten. If your attack hits, you. deal normal melee damage, and [he rarget creature can't make attacks of opportunity fori. round.The opponent still threatens its normal area; it simply cannot make attacks ofopportl:llJ.ity.

You boldly strille at YOln m!'ttly. As YOII attach, you shoul a !Var err to denrenstrate Ihtllvlctol'r IS nljumd. This; attack inspires nearby illites 10 join IhefraYlllitll renewed 1I1_g01'.

COVERING STRIKE White Raven (Boost)

Level: Crusader 4, warblade 4 Prerequisite: One Raven


1nitiatlonAction: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Nuratian: 3 rounds

'-When you make an attack, your allies rake heart in, your example and. fight With renewed purpose, By stoking th,e fue of battle ill you\' allies' hearts, you Inspire ,henl to greater heroics.

As pait't of tbis maneuver, yO'lj make a single melee attack. If your atttlc.\l: i successful your allies gain a +4-mGrille bonus-nn arrack rolls for 1 round the creature you hit.

FLANKlNG MANEOVER White Raven (Snruce)

I:evel: Crusa_d~ 5, waz:blade 5 P.rerequi8ite~ Two W11he JRave:n


You Ilwreea jrfOclinls seri:esof ai:tacils at your elllI1l11 e" {oui ng tllrm 01! the d efe nsive (1-11 d


White Raven (5t3 nee)

Level: Crusader 1, warblade 1 lnitiationAction: 1 swift action Range: 60 ft.

A.rea:: 60-fr.-radius emanation centered on au

Duration: Stance

YOtI firr the confidence and 1IIa1'filll spirit at )four alll1.'5, gtl1illg thetll the energy amI bmllel1' mrdcd to ",alIt' II devll51Mittgd1l1yg~ IIgtlinst yomr cn~,,"es.

The White Raven dlSCipli ne teaches that tactics, leadersnw, and planning can O'VCl" come an opponent's superler Indivtdual abilities. Tlrisstanceembodies thar [caching, allewtng you to spur your allies on ro grearerfeats Clfmarriaj skill,

whilll y0-Ufl~'e i n th is S£3l1,CC, all allies who bear-you and make a charge arrack Ul rueareagaiJl a bonus on q~11lage rolls equal eo your inlriaror level.

LTON'8 ROAR White Raven (Boost)

Level: Crusader 3, warblade 3 Prerequisite: One Whire: Raven


Initiation Action: 1 swift-action Range: 60 ft.

Targets: You and allied creatures w ithin 60 fr.

Duration; 1 round

You ~!Illeash a--sttddlm bntHIi ranr as yOII!" miglrty bJow felrs yDJ-I1' iI}t8my_ll l>pi Fa,d by reml' eXn:fnpLe, fighl wftl1 YCJ1~wad ene rgy cmd- ~J.i'tmni'rll1:tion

Whetl you 'defeat an enemy, YOli call opt to YPUJ allies to press the attack. They te~,pop_a"b,~ purrirtg rtemendous pressure on the enemy as their anracks strike with greater force.

As a swift action, you initiate this boost nfreryoll have reduced an QPPO-neruto{ewerthan 0 hrt potnrs. You and

allies wtrhin range gain a +5111onte bonus on damage rolls for 1 rouad.


Whire Raven

Level: Crusader 6, warblade 6 Prerequisite: Two Whire Rave-n


Irdtiariou Action: 1 wove action Range: Personal

argets: ALLied creamreswirhin"3-ofr.

Y(lil tlark n sertss of s/ern o-rd:ers, tfiH1ctmg jO)IY calli m d!!s to sn if! fa rJl1al (on. The powal'(rf yourprescl1ce j:>_nuh rh(Jtil1 ey obey witl1 0 I~! cnrucw I,~ly tiT-inking!!"! it.

You excel at using your commanding' pr sence to dlrect your allles on The bartlefleld. AfteY a few short, barked orders from YOUI your allie switch posirfonsund assume aracricallv advanrageous posh-ion.

when you initillte this maneuver, all allies wirhm 30 feet of )'OU call immediately rake a single move action to move up 0 rheir speed. "11115 movemerup'toyokes-atrac.ks of opporruniry, aad it does nor count reward ful 61 li.Jlg themknlranm.movement requiremen rs of any special abilities or fears, such as a SCOut'S skirmishabi liry.

PRESS THE ADVANTAGE wlrire Raven (Seance)

:Level: Czusader S, warblade - Iha~requisite: Two Whire Raven


Initiatil:mAction: 1 swift action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

You shiftarnm the balliefield, tilllingyour mOllemenh precisely tu at'oid all)' attncb fT01T1 your JOI:5.

Your sense of the battlefield and intuirive undersranding of the ebb and Ilow of combat allow you ro move without dropping your defenses. While others musrslowlywork through II melee, you seize gaps in a foe's defenses and move with great speed and confidence.

WhUe'}IDu are in this stance, you can take a second. s-£oot step immediately after you take one for the round. This second movement does not provoke anacks.of opporniniry, You can make a single5"foot step into difficult terrain, bur if you UO, you cannot make the seconds-foot.step.


White Raven (Stance)

L-evel Crusader 8, warblade Prerequisite: One White Raven


1nitiationAcrion: 1 swift action Range: ~O ft..

Area: 60-ft.-radius ems nation centered on yon

Duration: Stance

Ynllrq_uidt dired-iom enable d05e tCIlU1lvorll b~tW!1etl yartrselfllnd rll1lllly. M, youralliyc$ ,eizet"e ini [-iarrve and work in dose (otmlinaHol'lwith yOH til defeat m-I enemy.

While yeu.:u:e in this stance, you USe VO!,)!: tactical knowledge end mastery to

improve your allies'reamwm:k. If-yeu are adjaEenno oORe OLm?re1'lpp~onerus, your allies gafn a +5 bODUS onartaekrolls made against any of those opponents.

SWARMING ASSAULT White Rave'!) (StriJee)

Level: Crusader ~ '\¥ar1ilaue 7 Prerequisite: Three-White Raven


Initiation Action: 1 standard action Range: Melee arrack

'arget:: One creature

Y01! nttacJ~ fill 0 ppalltmt with bnrtrrl jime, TuifllUg his defe-mBs . .As }'nu.rtrlke, yOl .. can o uts'l arp co Inmarnkto YClIlr aUfe;; sp u rri ng tl1e1l1 to nrtian and Ilnowitlg them to tak e advantage of the openmg.

You inspire your allies with a rousing speech, a war cry. a challenge to the enemy, or some other defianr gesmre, Combining this shour with a canny arrack) you strip awaY-lf foe's defenses_, allowing youra1li_e51:omake-potentially devastating attacks.

As parr ofthis.maneuver, yoo maKe a single melee arrack against anoppenenr, If this arrack hits, you deal normal melee damage. and any ally who rhrearens your target can im.n:lediately make an arrack against him. You choose the order in which your allies' attacks resolve.

TACTICAL STRIKE Whire Raven (S:trike)

Level: Crusader 2, warhlade 1 Prerequisite: One Wh.iie Raven


Initiation ArnOIL I standard action Range; Melee attack

Target: One creature

YOllr slull a1 arms an.d ot'frwhrlmhlg powerfotn' you!' OpPQl1el1t 10 fa!terat a fatal moment As t)le foe attemplstvTewver from yO!. r d pyas t llti ng shil~e.. YOIl r (j WI'S ru sh in to fi!! i 511 wita t yo u lw VI'

You make a mighty attack that knocks your opponent into a defenseless position, gran ring your allies a moment to move into a berterposftion.Ifiyouearraek lands true, it leaves yua:r trnemy mom:emarlJy shaken. by Itstremendrrus larpacw

As pan of r.his:m.arte1.1wr. yonmake a single melee 1ittad.. IfY.Qtu: anack

hits; you deal an extra 2d6 points of damage.ln addition, acb ally adjacent to thetarget can take an immediate 5· Ioor srep that does nm provoke attacks of oppoJitunity.

TACTICS OR THE WOLF White Raven (Seance)

Level: Crusader 3, warblade 3 Prerequisite: One WhiLe Raven


Initiation ction: L swifr action Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: Stance

YOEl >l101I! orderslhal help caa ramate YOIl f allies' efforls. They hamss tlu!ir;;netl1le5.shieM each at"er frolll altnchs,llnd ottlertVlSl! 111axi' mlZe Iha suppotl Il!~y IClld 10 otht'r.

This sra nee allow you a nd your allies to gain additional benefits against a flanked opponent, Under your direction, your allies cooedinate their actions to a much grea ter degree than normal, YmlT advice and shouted orders make [hem lUI II nstoPPRble ream. Like a wolf pack, your alhes fighrrogether to devasra ring effect.

When YOll fla1u' a foe1 you and allies who flank the enemy with you gain a bonus on damage LUlls againsrthar opponent equal to 1/2 ycur inldaror level,

WAR. LEADER'S CHARGE whirl", Raven (Strike)

Level Crusader 6, warblade 6 Prerequisite: Two White Raven


Initiation Action: 1 full-round action Range: Melee attack

Target: One creature

You summon a gn'at(lu'},lI'ifJun 1'01a hmg!, rcieQsingihlllth II hlanicshout as you d1arge fonllatd. YOIIY I'edlless 1110VC sl~Tlres YOUFfoes 1I1Id puts greater In rce behil1d your a:ttaell.

Ai; a snrderu of the White Raven, you learn LO focus rhe energy \virhin }'llItJ into an overwhelming charge. In batde, you must lead from rhe fronr_

As part of this maneuvez, yOll charge anOppOl:IeJ1l. YG1.1 do nor provoke a I racks ofoppornnury (ormovillgaspano£rhis charge. IIyouTchargernadthirs, itdea\!; an extra 3:; points of damage.

':\ MAS1'ER'S CHARGE White Raven ( trike)

Level: Crusader 51. war blade 9 Brerequisite: Four W~lte Raven


Ini1iation ActiOl;J,: 1 fllJ l-reu lid action Range: Melee attack; See texr Target: Ou.e creature, see text

With n grcm bnl11e (.Tj~ YOlj lem'! }fOUr nUi'!, in n devl1sl~1 itlg dmrge. Fired by yourcolllmandIngpmi.'tWl nl1d defll}' led by J'OUTHlpremegrasp ofm(rics, you 11ml your aWes form nil IItlstappnble wi!dgc.

Y{JU are an inspiring figure on rue battlefield, allowing you [0 lead others on arracks that would str ike fear and doubr inm even [he stoure t warrior's hearr, Under your leadership, the group becomes much more (han the sum of its pllrts.

At;; part ofrhis maneuver, you charge Qll opponent. In addition, all aJlltes within 30 feet of you at [he beginning efyour rum cau alsc charge this target as a 11 Lm mediate action. YOLL ~H1d allied creatares do not block each other when deterrntrung if you can charge. Your charge attack deals an extra 50 point'S

of damage, and those oEyour allies each deal an extra 25 points of dam age. For each ally who charges, counring yourself, your charge arrack and those of your allies are made with a cumulative +2 bonus (in addition to the normal bonus provided by charging), An oppoaenr struck by you and at least one orher ally is stunned for 1 ro und,

You and your allies do nor provoke aIt3Gks ",f opportunity for moving as pan ofthis charge.

WHITE RAVEN HAMMER White Raver» (Strike)

Level: Crusader 8, warblsde 8 Prerequistte: Three White Raven


Initiation Action: I standard action Range: Melee arrack

Target: One G;¢lltu,re DuratiE?n; Lr ulj)d

You s1.fl-I1"1 yOt~r _R'PPOI'le..~1.1. wifh, (l. ~trlghl:y (lttatk co d[:>I'(iprr11j-S~n~s-al1.d ie~-vl1.hfm .11/'1 a b I.e to_- d efe 1-14, 11:J, 111 se,lf _tv hi I e Y91(~' :n,/ dose tq jiwish hi;11 off.

A CTII5ader if Hextor uses 0 71101· master's charge 10 coordinate his minians

As part of this maneuver, you make II single, devastating strike agalnsr an opponent. The taw force of chis blow knocks him senseless. Your arrack deals an.extra Gd6points of damage and stuns your opponent for 1 round.

WHITE RAVEN STRIKE White Raven (Strike)

Level: Crusader 'h warblade 4- Pnreg_j.1isite-: One White Raven


Initiati.on Action: Lstandard action

Range: Melee arrack Target: One creature

,(OU1' eye jill' ~adias allolVs )'o"to-tw:ti~e.1'I1'1 cpemy's we~l~ po;,n(s nnd a:ttatn Ilteu1 wtth 11 l11igh fY blo t.V.

The Wbjte Raven discipline rucuses on tactics, teamwork, and me ability to make an.arrack rhaLim:proves your allies' abilities" Ibis stcike ruins ame's defenses.

As part of this maneaver; you make a single meleeartack, If it hi rs, you deal a n extra 4d6 points of damage, and the targer is considered Hat-footed unril the start of his nexr rum.


Whire Raven (Boost)

Level: Crusader 3, warblade 3 Prerequisite: One White Raven maneuver

Initiation Action: 1 swi.ft actio-n

Range: 'LO ft.

Target» One ally

YOI, am impire your Ililte;s to Cl sto 1m di 11 g fents of n1 t1-11iaL F~atves5. Will? n few shorf orders you cajole Ihern into seizmgtlll: initll1til1Ulla drivmg back the enemy.

Your knowledge of tactics can aid your al lies' attach, and it also allows you to spar, .pre-

dicr, and counter your enemies' actions, In the chaos ofbatrle, YOll impose the order needed for tighr, effective group [aeries.

When you use this maneuver, seleer an ally within range. Her initiative count immediately equals your-lnftiarive counr -L She then sets orrher new tnitiative counr :15 normal. If she bas a Ixeady acted in the current round, she can act again. If this maneuver would no t change your ally's initiative ceunr, it has no effect. If she has not yeracred during this round, her Inittative COunT changes, aud sl~e acts on that ceuan as normal. She does not ad: again on her original.inirlative count. .

aflyure the paths t1urlaJJnprl~etne Su!iI1me. Way. ACl'ossthe widklltlfld-s of!IU! Ularld, the i.-alleler might Jittil cnlmder omeT> devoted

fo any of 11 dozen di/frrmt gods. II!!lI1i1ering

>tllO l'dsages 1,11110 trll vel a II d fen ell those wllO II rs lmlling !lml ll.'11d}~ !lnd plUud l(ltll'blades by th,' SCOI'f:1Jl senTell afthei1' tIt:1E'ITngJ'tlmnfnts.offi:rme. Orders, brotflerlmods, secn;tsocie'i:ies, hidden tempu.i, .fvrgottcn mOJlaslerit?s, mn]1I dmts-eadl passes nf! its OIlJIT ~ell;&s.forms.stories, alld techlli.!Jlles. I know of a felll SIIch martial tmdifioJlS, and [will speak oftlm11llow. Doubtless you wI1T discover man)' mo:re in ),oar oWn tmvels, lily 5 larl£flts.

-Hanan Turiyeshor

The study ofma rnal lore 1) $'tl.! ra Uy lends j tselF to the pursuir 1ilI" varteus elite, oroSGure, 01' hidden traditions. R6clll!ih~e swOTdsage masterS" lnvem tll'!ver-be£GJte-seell-manlmVll1rs an!il teach these se~[e[so:bly tS 11 few chosen Scttldents; ,_ruscildilli order reach the'll' novices lJUS1.r:ltj~'(es and catechisms thlll ar\' as powerfu] ,IS divine spell ; and famous \ arblad -i1I't' renowne I for rneil' signature mow" Of racrtc

A lmos [ a nr sword sage rrsd rrio n or crusader order could be considered a prelOnge class, because each one has its own pamcnlar phtlosophy.Iustory, Leaching ,and special moves. This ('~ter presents eight preSlIgt! classes. each representing a. separate tradition of the Sublime Way.

Blooddaw Master: This feral warrior is a master of the Tig_er Claw discipline. He ra kes on bestial char-acteristics when he fighrs.

llloodstorm Blade: Master of thrown weapons, a. bloodstorm blade can execute devastating ranged attacks wlth his sworn, a;Ke', or hammer,

Deepstone Sentinel: Imbued wlrh rhe power of elemental e«nh, this d~V:H:f champion commands the very rock ro do his bi<Idin~.

Et-&na!i Blade: A champion of the elf' race, an sternal bb.d:e'lIe~ks to follow the parh appointed hLm by his blade gma~~t:he Spirit lDrfl nlight y el Fhero of old,

. lade l'la'oenixMltge: skftJ,~d in both arcane rnagrc lind 1ll3l'lia l maneirvers, 0 Jade Phoenix mage is r eborn ill ! Lfu afrer lifl i m mrain an unending vigil aguin It: 11

.[aster of Nine: Rarest and -mosr- renCli·Wl'e, ,rJ: lllal..,-(-nl adepts] a milS't'!lr of nine wiel(ls the lore aad fJowel'iiilfalL n1t<l:e marrtal disdJ'l1Lmes.

ltub-y R.t:tigfu V'indi:eat0r: ksecreti_ve-ayen~el~ a;,viilild'loamF, We-e:t~$ lind an~,wer1:O threats a_gajnsr (he,filitll:

- SharJ~w Sun ?\anJl_I: SPYi warrior, and ali$..a$sill,/. a \Sh aclo:'>'f SU,fUnnin uses the powers 0£;j,'iorhIig.hNn<j: qar1rntt~§·,tQ defeat bis foes.


M-osr of the pKestig_e classes- pre$:entet1 in this chapter offer some amo~l,!it of continiung: progresSion to a charsctet's eiisringmanel:lve:rs-lliwwn,andnitrneuver$.1;,eatlfed. Martial al:iili:ries aegclked tbi0ugp pmgressi6n En a preshge cr~S$, slm'p: y:lidiil to, tlleenar-actef's'-eri~Ii1ama1m3:l1el,lVeIs.

11 YOll _hav~ martial niaueu-vers _ftom_a feat,nthei: than uem:'! Glass, ~hfngs work illittlIe different:&. rbii_ptesti~e class grilirS"you );leW manetl:vers as T10,ri;n~. _Y~'t1- S:1l:rip~y add them: to~iii1ineuvers YQ~l kno\"beOlUSe,Qffeats you hgye. You a1S0 iil'itialeal1d -recov~r these maneuversin ~)_(j 'slUue manmft:as,y6-Q rilitia-re. and recover other ones, Latel\Ol1, yqJ.J_ mighn:li:l(,dev.els'in mecl:1Wlldel', swords.age, ej:~atblaae class. Maneuvel-'S Y8u had p:tio'r to ellt~rihg one 0t, 'tIluse cmlrinue 00 f1-t:Umion as. they aio previolotSl'yl Itll-e'~ taeif :'I:lse and :ri%'0vet:¥ se:wauftelyf:t8:&thosegr:iht~d tiy"tb,e"mar:tti\l adep.r:-classUl,vels.


Ify0uillwele'lle1sifi-amantaladept standard class {cmsadet, sWOl,asage. o'r warblade); you retain the saiJ:j_~-:rnet,Qbd Iqr read}fi::ng allcL tecoveting maneuvers d1il(~ yd,lJ-pr~V'iCi>~lsly us;ed. 1£ yOu have le.velsin tWPl'lrmoremarti.aLad'qJt srinida,t,c1 nlasses (fOr exoainple, you are 3- mtllticras~s,vo:dilsageAvarDlad~, yon m.qst deciliele'which of yom eJljstillg $anllll adept d:rt;ses th-e new malleuvers Known .ot .maneuvers

re-adied apply, .

Mane'llieJisE"fIdWli: When. you gain additional maneuvers 1atriwn, these stril-ply add to the .maneuvers known of anema:rni'ti adept standard class you already possess. YoiJ mighr be a:bldo pick new maneuvers from.only-e luilMuL of dtsctplJnes;

Maneuve,rs Readied: Whenindicated, you gain the._ability m -reaay one 'or more additional martial :m~e;lJyers. If you have=more:fuan Me martial nianeuverpr:Qgt"e$sion, ,Y:@UmJlSt theose wJ:LTCh:pl:ogressiontlie add:itionaheildieIl mt\:Q,ti'n\fer slot a,ppli:es io,l£you c1l6Q'se to add thep1~ri:'e1.\yej; reildie~1 to a ma-rfi?;l n1[!;J;niiuve:t prqgreSSfl!:lD. derived IT_om-(::;I'1.1Sa9.~r :Flass levels, you al8;0 g'~in on~ ~"d'q;~tional maneuver gJiallt{!,d-attl;Ie

e~g ci;t:-'th.:.e ~ncounte! foi:' ea-c.h aCidl,ion;aLn,i'an:eu'Ve;r 10UCHi :J;eat'ly,.

St.ancesJillown: If-ada~s grants new~~es lqlowp, y~tl canseled srances,£i:pnxthed±~ctplinesaviiliqle llase.d'pi1 the prestig_e cUiss;

Jl1lCQvf#.)!~ ¥lil1'U:et~mrhesa.m~;recovety-Flethoi1 sr:roe:r.h_; s4'S' you alte ~ use. If yen:r l1ave le.vels iu- ItibIe f\h-an_~lJe Illar;[lal acl$1clasS') ¥ou "<;b!t10Se>whlch n:wv@cwmet:h6d"yrptl will us"!' ba~e:~ en w1'tichn<!l~flt ~ ~ ne.w-milnei~r. YOll

Ift'lil 10lWlUk~\wpll{!s TO. Onee dm tltatoo is J;ll~pe, iI cannot bto;c.hailg~.


ily,01Jl(;[o 1)01) lh-av~any1evets in a maJJti:aladept sum.d:ar4 class (cnlsadeli, s\:VQros:airej qrwallblade) beforeg_a:iniq:,I?;. levOl'ls in ;J p:J:e~tige~h!sst.h~t improves.your:ma rrial maneuve-t"PrG~res-

s.fpn, -sol:Qe,SRecialrules~pply, .

Maneuvers Known: The number of maneuvers you know is dererm i ned by the number ofrimes yO)1 select the Marri:ti study feat, plus the number- of new maneuvers 'known you gain from your prestige class advancement.

Maneuvers Readied: The number of maneuvers you can ready is equal to the number of rnaneuvers YOli have leanned by means of the .Martial Study-feat, plus ;the-number of-new maneuvers reached you gain from your presrige class adva 11 cement. 'tfi:he -number O£JJJa neuvers ',exll-eeds [he number you are permitted to ready, :y.ou musr (diobse which maneuvers to ready; and which to leave uru:-eaiiie{4 just Hke a standard martial adept. 'lou can chang "JDUt selection of readied maneuvers with 5 minute-s·.oEexe.llcise and meditation.

Stances Known: lfa ilass,grants-:newstance5>Imow'n, you canseleGrKEances from thedfsdp1liles'av:illable tiasefi OJ:! the pJ:e-stig?-dass. '

ReCOYIu-Y:Y0u cannorrecover exwended manelIVeIsiJn all enGOl1l11e:c·ifyou do 11Qthaj,te,levetsfu" a maU"11I1adeprc1$s .. so each afYU1.!r readied u~s8:ble .on_Ce'P~er~encQoottlir. YOll ean recover your expended ma'iieuvers Otltslq-e C€lmuJl1

Wifh S:nlin:utes of-exercise and rlTeditiUion_ .

Ifyeu gain access to a plies:ti"ge clas.s by taking me...ManiilJ srudy feat. 'and that class h.aslts own prdgressi(j~'lDf maneuvers known, those new maneuvers tan be used o1Uy ODGc'P_eI encounter- You retain the- recm/ery method yoll--pte'1l:0t1s1'Y had. If'you then took martia-l adept levels, you could:teeovet maneuvers y(')u gained as, a result of those levels-as ameIiloer of thl1t Glass, but the.maneuvers from your preVious lev'els would stiIJbe,usahl(O only once per-encounter,

A b.loodclaw master embraces the animal within t011 degree t6pt it becomes external, partiallytransfoi:ming liliu into tlle beast fttJm which the discipline-was inspired. He emplays small, light weapons almost ljk.e claws. He Iocuses on t114 Tiger elaw discipline, ana His maneuversspeakje rhel'ij!WGlc:s~rikLi:tgrialwu:e of:bisdisdplfue~s, £"llfne lilirite-sa1ce.

'1'Al!b£ 5-1: THe...R1i.00~CLAW MASTE'R KIT IDlE: all Base

Attack' Foit Ref Will Ma:ne(Jllel'"S Maneu.ver

Level Bonus Save Sav~ Save· Known Re,a(Hed

i st' +0 +2 +2 "1-0 1 0

2nd +1 :;e +3 *€l Q ..Jt

3rcl +2 +3 i3 +~ 1, 1 P.oU1T<;:ing strike, <OI'tL-ilg!j'F

4tn '+J +4 4: !I A (1) 0 Ti~nraw"' t-sttike) _

3th -+3 ",4 '~4 +1 1 ~ Q lterrtiil1'$ daws, scent shi~lng @13Y, _ _.

Class skillS- (2 + lilt tnodif[el' per level): Bati<1!lEe-, Climb, HanJle Anlrnai, Hioe, Jumpi Knowledfe (nature), Usten, M2T\

Lere*, Mov~ Siler;1Hy. spot, Survival.

"'","ew s'kill described on p?ge 18.

or selectin&the Martial S rudy fe~tenoug;h rimes to meet i:he, entry reqljitements. ,A, few rogues also consider this ass, because sneak attacks made with TWO weapons aee

.fI;s:g,t!ciaily deadly. -

"EN:rRY REQUI REM ENT.S Skins: lump 9 ranks.

feats: Multiattack or Two ,We a p.o n Fighting.

Martial Maneuvers: Must know three Tiger Claw maneuvers,


.As you advance as a blooddaw master, yob become mote like the tiger that inspired your chosen martial dtscipline. You gain mastery.of more Tiger Claw maneuvers, while also gaitring .rIi~:1lbitity to shift into a feral form

Maneuvers; At each odd-numbered level, you gaiu a new maneuver 'Known from the Tiger Claw aisciphtie, You must meet a maneuver's prerequisire to learn if. You-add 'four f,ullchloo-ddaw master revels to your initiator level to determlne.your Total inftiator level and yOlL1: nighest-lewl maneuvers MOWn.

Ar 3r,d levEl, you gain: an addiTionaLmaneu-ve,r readied

per day. '

Shif'tirig(8u);Xoucil;l become a tiger OYWtlUSins-your feralniiiifre. On ce per day, you can'enrer a sro13e th-if 15 &tlpedidallysf,wilar toa bar'bjl'tian's [age -: While you are S'!ti:fci'.n.g, YOl[J:apj5:'e:ln:ance takes on rige;rhke .aspeds:':Y,'Qur ~mhlJ:s,.oe'comemore pointed and clw..llke, me irises0_[ yaw; eye"$ oeCOmeJlarrOW, cadike slits, your' ears g'l:ow more p'()inred, and ·S6Q~1. While shifting, you gain a +2J~on,uS to Strength and-you grow claws that. can be used as 1i-aNtlll weal'ons: Thes,eJ:lllws d~a11d4 points of damage with each . uccessfnl arrack. You can attack with one claw as a standard at;tio:n orwi:d:ftwo claws as a full attack action (as a primary Qarural-weapon).YoucanndtarrackIDon~thanoDceperrol:lDd wieli a single claw, even if-yom base attack bonus 15. high ~nuglLtdgive you.multiple attacks. You can arrack a

claw as we-apon while Wielcling a WeaPWI1J'LYOUt;ptiinary- baird, but dou-ig so:iht':.urs the normal penalti:e'S

f()rnglitlng with two weapons. , .

shiftili:g is afreec:action and last s fOl: a Ilv.mber,6fxQl;11J.-cls equal to your: Con modifier + your master class level. At 3rd level and ag.amatEth level, yotl£ainan addittou:;ll_ daily use of your shifting abillty;

Claws of the Beast (Ex): W.he~;uit-titcktng with two Claw gersor Tiger Claw weapons (.k:uki:i,leama"handaxe, un¥m~clstrike.or claws), you add your full $trett,gfu bonus to damage Tolls madefor your eff-hand weapen,

SuperiorTwo-Weapon Fightmg (Ex~: Starting at 2nd leveL wner)." yon attirci1{ with two daggers prTjger ~law--w:e;qJ.ons, you' aOjJ_ottak~ the-2 penalty on attackrolls for.£ghtlitg,b,veapofi.S. -

Tiger Blaw Syniirgy (Ex): :Begin1l1n~ -at 2nd level, ;while you:arei(l:). a Tiger ClaVirsrance, you can chob-~e togainei:ther a +1 dodge bonus to yOUI Armor Class 0\: a"T~o-foot ball-US to yot:ttbase speed. Youmake.this choiC'e when yon enter the ranee,

AT. 4th level, yOu become more atcura e at dealihg Tiger Claw-strikes. You g.ajn_ a +LbonusliJn-anY;ral'ffiCK roUs nia(!e as par of a strikekfum the,'fig"er Clawd:1Soipline.

PounGing-Strik('!.(.Ex): l!t.om3l'tIlevelQll, when wlel'dmg two ''1.'eapc:i:tJs, you cantake astandru:d actibnto_make a,si;qg!e meleeaftack witlieach weapon. :Eau1i-atlaak is made at )loUr liighest;aha.:tk bonUS. You-c;,~ 'illsomake an an'<!d witlieadt weapon 'ag3:iust. ill d_i:ipoftetrt anne eildo£a charge,

wlle:iJ.,;you me P0MGl1lg--strtke, you lose die use l1ger ChlW.furike:gbU have readied for the.current encounter,j-ust'as 1£ you had, initiated fhtr'stiike (erupt you do notal$cigam me s'b;ike_'snotIDal effecT), Once you use, this ability; yo-u,"canrec0ver die maneuver you expended.and use it tiGll.wally.

Low,L-i,ght Visi:oji (Ex): At 3rd level; your eyes function better io:'ni:tn llgpi, as -you adopt the senses of the tiger. You gain £ciw"li~ht vision.'


THE BLOODCLAW MASTER and tn~ duration €IJ the character: S racial shifting ability Is

A s.l1ifter d1,araplef, fr(!m the E8ER~ON campa·ig'n.settll}!f;' ~itts intre_a-s~ bX 1 ~GJ.-l!,!~ fer e.;i[h lev!" I he t<l'ke~ 1n fm:; pfe,sl'~

,sligh Iy different benefits from taking levels in this Ellass. class. The-flG: is treatedas havingthe',e'n:law shifter ~r,a_jt

The class's sh1ffin·g :ability ifVite:ad g~ntstl:i'e sl1ifter bne a:d- fur the e~r -ese orm\l~tm.g' i;!r,e-req Uj~ites (,suCh as f!ilf o.ftrer

dltlonal shift l"edJay at 15h~md 5th levels (but flet3:rd l-e~el), shifter feats).

_______ ,---__ _ On .... em.-... _ ...---... _

R.}J{fskaJltl •.. a l;/{)odcla'lJ/ master

Retl(l:i.D.g~J~ws(.E~t ~tS'th la>:el, whi1ey,(iyq'~'e~' ll:$'1!~ 11 ad alleclGll'ItW~tktwo da~~ers..QITWO TIgeE C1'llWW!!}1P;P.i'J1S_ .anG yousut(des&fuJjy hit ah:oj1l~pnenrwitli o~th we~p(i).lil~"~ me sameJ.,"O\t,n4, the:S',ecofio: weapon that bits deals-an ~xtt;'il; 2d6 point~ of d.amagf!. TM'efferus,constd.ered a' bo~st ftom

tlIJ!- Tiger @law8iscipline. .' , '

When you uS,nending claws, yon.lesethe useefone'IigeJ" ClawbacfS'f.1QU Havel'eadied for the-currant enco~ipter, ju~t as ~you nad1.ilitiated rhe boost (except you @ouqtalso gam, the bOQst'sU!'lrm:aleffect). Once you use this ability, you can reeover tne-;lm:meuver you expended ana use it normally.

Stent: ~J.: Once youlraveteached_;;th level, yom: heightened aniinalfstic 'Senses also give you tlie- ability to smellnea rby creatures. You 'gflin the scent.special ablliry (MM_ 314),'


like the tiger, yOl,! are aloof 'aDd proud!, but quick to act when a ituarion demands it,. Some mistake your Jemeauor fbr.a-rwgance, bur you: know your, attitude is IDoreJik~ pac tieace. You seek-to learn th~ derails-around ~ cb:cullistail~e; before offering your input. When you speak, you

do so sagely, with confidence, even Ifyou .

aren't certain That you ate-scnially

correct. If is mote important

rhar orhers belteve you are

right, that y.ou are infal-

Illile. YOUIpatience is nor

inflnire, however; and

you are always eager ro spring intoactionNothing 'bothers y:ou more than spending a long period oE timei~ a small, end~sed room wirh .nQthing:rp doand no cnero kill, Asyould~m· t'ify with yoUl; internal, 'rigel', YOll adopt eALerp;aJ_ w~ys _Qf dispIaying yeUI bend, perhaps by striping yourar]),1s or face with black soot or adonring yourself with je\ve;1r.yfas:Uioll~d from raoth and g~aw.

Bleedclaw masters are

held in l;tighes~ee~ bY' ~m~ follower;; of the fractious Tiger claw discipline; tho~h some Tig~r Claw adepts barbor jealousy or even loathing for those who followrheblooddawmaster path. Asa bloodclaw master, you fighrwith aferocityal1cI cun.ning that ~<l-ssesIl1JblLt the most skilled masters of'Tiger. Claw:: A.few berteve rlrar your ferocity dilutes the purity of Tiger; ana that bloodclaw masters m:U:ka feiltession in me aav:mc~mren-t:offuQ disci1:<li:n~, GIbe:ts,strnpl¥ Diue theit

tirrre, WOJ,ltmgrute a tiger fu.~tt to d.roPy@1.tIC.g\l'al''>t.

~~; IJ\I~ '~e~ed S:lJU",:em~1):rnm Tig,er C:l~W'\V:i:ll gi~& ycu 1'{l1~~l~n~l1'.· milS' ~eqr:-d€Smld®.g.,o~Ybu£ tlXflertis_e<_


- FEaJll;lh1farf1~ O¢CUYS ber.bte t}je-n:~hfbegins. YbuyreFerto di:Q:qse'YQtl±b·?tt1~tQ1Jll,aito stall" y6urepp6nen1':illm ce)trafu (ha:tb.est'$:uits yciuril bilitie-§, 'ElncehiHleis joined,i)'pU become:, a frenzy ofmonon, strllting:quic:ldy and artlre most valnerable target available; hi.ndering your;epp6nents'-ibilityto ];@.3Gt, ¥I;,lU lead with a charge, shifting alongtheway, to- geryolll:Selfl11 position where your claws Qryou1:_kuktis can deat rhe lJl.DSI damage. Taking advantage of your1eapingskills, yOtLjump m any availa91e high ground t6~aiJ)an\lprer Iiand,


1:q yow hanqs, smalJ bJades are.likeanextension ofyotiI'own hands___:'lil{~ claws made of steel. The-strikes anU;e;OL1!nters qf the Tiger ,cI;lw-'dlsGiplineare natural ~:)C1:ensirilnil OfY.~lH own.combat a bUity .. FollOWing the: p,atli ofblo6dGl~w-masmr speaks toyourferal j:t"atu]:e,Jt';ttiJ.:!g yb_u become :onewithilie

beast in your heilie. ,Masters of the Tiger,Claw~see this spark within you, ana thrqllgp.your training you have leax:tIe_d ef,'Iih@ path of the ~,east anci; wha,t'~ nna s r do, to nnl oc:k-:i,\i,

., 1\s q bloedcls Easter,

yO,11 )Iave earned 'your way in:tb, an elite sub' 0:£,tI,;te Tiger c:1aw SC}lID_01. Your ~bJ1itie.s are 1',,<lyel'ed hy

many, especially mase -relatively neweo the ~liScF pline. Older m~s.ters 'W~f) have not enili];,a~J!d (hclr own inner Tigers- n;ti,ghl view you-withtU,sJlaiajlmt even they mus~tIe~O$~e the power you'wield,

1b fully ut:ilize.someill' the best Tiger Clawrnanenvers, you will wapi to keep your J~pskill maximiaed. If youhaven't alr"ady, ,yon should take me Blade.Mediration fear. Tigel'ZBlooded is an ideal feat to take ilfy0U have a 'barbarian levd, oan.d yOllc~n use M-artial S,tud:y

ro.furfher expand your j?,i~

c::tilw rn aneuvet, rep:e-rotoire.

Many ali your: maneuvers keY' af£ critrcal.b.ifeSf Sill JmprovefL Cr,inOl-J "ean increase those opportunities,


A felio\V:sf:uden-t;oil: tnaste1:0-f th:e-TfgeJS .~Iaw isiilllig'e:t-l to .pj:Qvtd.e fddd,anaJd'dgj.nglo_t, a;S'hQ.pt1.'.iliie, unless :jQ1l1he :ei~ellries f@.t ,some 'irea~iJ;, "Y:o:ur, m::t11ijlf ,a,re e~ecre-~ ro

provide 1.1 demonstt'al'fon of your abilities. showing YOUl' hOST [be rrue narurenfthe tiger. Since me bloooclaw master are nor a recognized group or aurhoriry, even within the Tiger Claw discipline, myadditienal support is' rmlikely. Mere often, a master might:· a task or ques~ that serves l11s !!IWn ends, bur yltllHre TI0t,ulJdernh{particmlat obligation to accept ir,


"wlltlf' woyse than a ragillg wereiigeJ'? A mgingwerehger with II /luge axe."

-Aubren Stare baser, ranget of the nerrh

Blccdclawmasrers are feral.fighters that represent the purest form of the Tiger Claw discipline, at least in their: own minds. They a re a special ized extension of the martial classes, an example of bow a character mighr e.mbody the essence of a particular martial school, In the case of Tiger Claw, thefollowers of the discipline itself are fragmented and disorganized, and a blooddaw master could just as easily be a valuable ally or a memorable foe.


It is said rhar a mountain can be home [0 only one tiger. In ages past, the Tiger Claw martial schoo! had mauy monasteries and fighting colleges, but now the former orderis frac:rmed and in sbambles afrer many of the masters met rheir end fellowing the destruction of [he Temple of the Nine Swords and the death of the Tiger Lord. Now, masters efrhe Tiger Claw are few and far between. Although they show each other.courtesy, many work against each other fur their own perry ends. Bloodclaw masters are seen by [he discipline's masters as pawns they can use ro gain personal power, and even while me}' provide training, th.ey secretly plot to use their pnpils against rheir rivals,


The sometimes outlandish appearance and marked stands-£fishness ofblooddaw.masters rends to intimidate most people. Thosewho have knowledge of th.e martial paths give due respect ro a blood claw master, bur the reception bv others depends on the venue. People in locales that adventurers freqllent are marc likely to be indifferent to a blood claw master; while those in more upscale environs tend to be un friendly,


Characters wim ranks in Martial Lore can research blooddaw masters (0 learn·more a bour them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including the lruormarjon from lower Des.

DC to: Somehow, these people call to tigers,

U 15: Bloodclaw masters are fierce-two-weapon wielders ~n Gombar.

DC 20: They are.masters of a marriald:isGi.F~>.knownas The TIger Claw; ibitallQWS them to channel an Inner beast ['0 brieflv lransform. themselves into a form DD~ke a tiger.

DC 30: Cbarncters·wlro achieve this level of suecess can learn important deta.ils abour a specific notable bl00ddaw rnasrer.rhe areas where.heo~erares, and rhe kinds ofacrivitie he undertakes.

A charaeterwirh th~ Gather Information skill cab attwnpL a. DC 25 check to locate a bloodclnw master, proVi&.e:dGb.e is in -dIe regfon. Altet-nate1y,:he mlghr atrempr to leeare a master ofthe Tiger Claw-disGipline, who could ar l.east:pLovide flllOr.m.ation and background 011 the bloodclaw niaster ~nd tkWl!Y of the beast, Doing so requires the masters anituil~ '£9 be helpful


Bloodclaw masters epitomize the Tiger Claw discipline. A campaign rharincorporares mulriple martial schools-can, use bloodclaw masters 1:0 represent the. more active members of me Tiger Claw school. Even a serring [hat is nor ennrely Irrregrated with the marrial slasses-eculd.incorpcrarea blo_odclaw master as alone warrior.

Tlle class appeals greatly to players who Want to fOCllS a marrial adept character in the Tigea Claw school. Players fond ofdual-weapon- Wielding characters will also be-drawn 10 this class. The specialisr.zarher than the generalisr, will £'nd the bloodclsw masrerappealing.


In the E-BEllRON serring, bloodclaw masrers are rypically shifters who use the teachings of Tiger Claw and the way of the blood claw master to bring rhemselves closer to their animalistic heritage. Groups of Tiger Claw adepts and bloodclaw masters share their martial knowledge in conclaves thmnghout the Eldeen Reaches.


l1wodclaw masters tend rostay on the fringe of ci;v.ilizariou. They are loners who Luely s~ek out the company of.others unless they have a compelling reason [0 do 8"0.

.EL 9: Rhaskana the bloodciaw master is a scowlmg, foultempered warrior. He.talses ~y minor slight, perceived or otherwise, as an excuse to duel one of me pes.


Male human warblade 6/bl60dclaw master 3 NG Medium humanoid (

lnit +3; Senses low-Itght vision; Listen +0, Spot +3 Languages Common, Elven

CR 9

AC 22, tOUGh 14, flat·foote<.f22~ Dodge

(+3 Dex, +7 armor, +1 deflection, +1 natural) hp 73 (9 HO?

Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +3

Spe_ed 30 ft. (6 squares)

Melee + 1 kukrl +12/+7 tnelee ('1 d4+S/18-20) and

-r- 1 kukri +12/+7 melee (1i!14t5/18~:!0) wt,th TW0~Wea:p0n ~fghting0r

Melee+1 hrkri +12j+7 melee (ld4+S118-20) or Melee-claws +10/+10 (ld4+2)

Base Atk +8; Grp +10