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bl Swa i S^,a|nn.i,

Fear is a great human o.lrse. lt is )^cur me afraid. I am absolutely fearlees, My
woEt enemy. What k fear? it k an willk nrong and irresiJtible." Make fii€nds
imaginary zero; it ir maya\ deception. lt with the threatened experience, or the
is a mental delurion. lt k a negative thingt tou do not like. the raja yoga
modification that arirer in the mindlake method ir to repeat the formula: "l am
when one fo€ets hiJ real, divine nature. lt courageoui' - or - "OM coumge", ln the
k a whirlpool that emanates trom the citta moming meditate on the virtue of courag€
(mind) when one har lo( hir power of The ds\.,otee's method ir to pmy to
vicara (enquiry) and disoimination. lt is fu with faith and sincerity and to make
the dark wave that prcceedr llom the perfed relf{unender "O Cod, make me
ocean of antahkardna (mind) when one fearlesr. Grant me the virtue of courage.
has intenJe attadlment to O Mother take thy son on
the body. thy lap. Thou art fear, thou
Fear aJgJme5 many forms art coumge. Let me €e thee
and blightr many lives. Brrt alone in all these forml'.
a cdm mind brings courage. Feel the invisible helping
Then you will face the triak hand of the ithta devate
and diffio.rltier the rpiritual
diffiorlties of spiritual .. l (your crv.rn deity) .
path without fear. Fearles- 5trong faith. Real stren$h
i ./
Friends. there k nothins ' :
ltlf lie5 in feariessness. Remcve
fear of all eortt-
to fear really. fear is aue tJ /f The vedantic melhod k
acceptance of qlggertion. l: to enquirq "\Mo am l?"
ldeltitr/ yourrelf with the iF
Xffil'*'fi'Jil"f*: l/ ':
ner Jelf- A{€ri: "lam tlr,
that we fear, We attract to ouR€lves the emkxJiment of courage - I am immor
\.'ery thing that we are afraid of. That k atman - Iam not thk perishable trd\
the univeBal law of nature. You need not \),.ho ir lo fear whom when all thk tr rh.
b.e afraid of anlthing else in this wodd €ln" This will de(roy fear to itr very root.
save fear it€lf. Ho\,i, peaceful and strong are they who
Auto-qrggedon help! a lot in removing have vidory o,/er fear- May we all shin(
fear. Ajrert the tMh of being. Ajeert, in divine glory, rddiating courage all
"Nothing in the three worldi can make arcxrncl.