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Dial Lock. You can also store and retrieve 10 phone Hands-Free Speakerphone numbers for 2-step speed dialing.2M0502SK-T2375MX-LT1 Printed in Japan . but batteries are low. The built-in speakerphone enables Having a total of 30 stations is a great hands-free operation. headset to the unit for hands-free modem. Call Restriction. giving you a level Twenty one-touch dialing buttons are of operating ease that any busy ideal for storing emergency or office appreciates. Music Hold. call duration. and others – while Dialing Numbers viewing the LCD. LCD Contrast. and indicates when outgoing calls cannot be dialed. so and time of day. frequently-dialed numbers. 0. in the room join in the conversation. Dialer. (and unlock) the dialing keypad. You can make incoming calls can settings for a host of features – be answered. 30-Station One-Touch/Speed Volume Level. fax machine. calls without the handset or let others and dialing numbers. machine or other single line device. You can answer time-saver time when searching for. answering conversations. Panasonic and National are the brandnames of Matsushita Electric.KX-T2375 Outstanding Features with Built-In Quality 16-Digit LCD Display Dial Lock The convenient 16-digit LCD shows Using a numerical code you can lock you the number dialed. Timed Flash. Additional Features ■ Call Restriction ■ Ringer Indicator ■ Auto Pause ■ Programmable Tone/Pulse Settings ■ Electronic Volume Control ■ Insertable Pause (Time Delay) ■ Auto Redial ■ 3-Step Ringer Selector: Off/Low/High ■ User Programmable Timed Flash ■ Telephone Line-Powered Operation (80/90/100/110/200/250/300/400/ ■ One-Touch Tone Switching 600/700 ms) ■ One-Touch Wall Mountable ■ Electronic Hold on Music ■ Mute KX-T2375 Specifications Dial Mode: Tone (DTMF)/Pulse Flash: 80/90/100/110/200/250/300/ Memory Capacity: 30 stations (22 digits) 400/600/700 ms Redial: One-touch (32 digits) Power Source: Telephone Line/3 “AA” batteries Pause: 1 second/5 seconds/Auto Dimensions (W x D x H): 167 mm x 224 mm x 95 mm Weight: 670 g Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Data Port Headset Jack A second jack on the back of the phone Enables you to connect an optional allows you to connect a computer.