No.1,Anna Main Road, MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR), MGR Nagar, Chennai – 78. www.automiiz.

com,, Ph: 044-42135826, 9884576652.

com. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR). MGR Nagar. Main Road. www. . Chennai – 78.Based Guidance System for The Blind  Design and Implementation of the Zigbee-based body sensor network AZ19 system AZ20 AZ21 AZ22 Route Navigation System in Zigbee-based Sensor Networks Info Pods: Zigbee-Based Remote Information Monitoring Devices for Smart-Homes Zigbee Based Intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners No.automiiz. projects@automiiz.1.Based Home Automation System 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 AZ05 AZ06 AZ07 AZ08 AZ09 AZ10 AZ11 AZ12 AZ13 AZ14 AZ15 AZ16 AZ17 High Power Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network in Water Irrigation Control Monitoring System  Combined Scheduling of Ultrasound And GPS Signals in A Wearable AZ18 Zigbee . Ph: 044-42135826.AZ01 AZ02 AZ03 A Low Cost Microcontroller Implementation of Neural Network Based Hurdle Avoidance Controller for a Car-Like Robot An Intelligent Road Traffic Control System Data Transmission System of an Optically Steered Modulated Laser Beam Design of the Temperature Control System of Solar Cell Lamination Machine Designing Switching System for AC Powered Appliances Using Microcontroller Microcontroller-Based Two-Axis Solar Tracking System A novel approach of maximizing energy harvesting in photovoltaic systems based on bisection search theorem Adding New Functions to the Remote Airfield Lighting System Microcontroller Based Neural Network Controlled Low Cost Autonomous Vehicle An automatic packaging machine controller Mobile Embedded Systems for Home Care Applications A Node Localization Scheme for Zigbee-based Sensor Networks A Smart ZIGBEE Based Wireless Sensor Meter System A Surveillance Robot with Hopping Capabilities for Home Security A Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network for Sewerage Monitoring A Zigbee .

AZ23 AZ24 AZ25 AZ26 AZ27 AZ28 AZ29 AZ30 AZ31 AZ32 AZ33 AZ34 AZ35 AZ36 AZ37 AZ38 AZ39 AZ40 AZ41 AZ50 AZ51 AZ52 AZ53 A 2g-rfid-based e-healthcare system GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services Modernization of Indian Agricultural System Real-Time Automation Of Agricultural Environment for Social Zigbee-based Vehicle Access Control System The Conceptual Design of New Bus Stop Board The Integrated Control of Anti-lock Breaking System and Active Suspension in Vehicle SPARK: smart parking system using wireless sensor networks Adaptive Traffic Monitoring and Controlling System A low cost real-time communication system of locomotive based on GPS Tactile and Multisensory Spatial Warning Signals for Drivers Design of Electronic Toll Collection System in Expressway Based on RFID Corporative communication between vehicles and intelligent road signs Anti collision Digital Accident Provender for Train Real–Time Monitoring and Pre-alarm System for Dangerous Mountains in the Railway Line WSN based model for secure railway operations Integrating Automatic Verification of Safety Requirements in Railway Interlocking System Train station announcement based on Wireless sensor network Bus annunciation system for Blind Intelligent highway Accident prevented Wireless Sensor Network based vehicular Theft identification Vehicle Pollution check & Tracking system. MGR Ph: 044-42135826. 9884576652. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR).Anna Main Road.automiiz. . projects@automiiz. www. Chennai – 78. Development of Vision based Control Smart Wind shield Wiper System for Intelligent Vehicle 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2008 2009 2009 2009 2009 2001 2008 2009 2009 2009

. www. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR).com. MGR Nagar. 9884576652. Chennai – 78. Ph: 044-42135826. AZ55 AZ56 AZ57 AZ58 AZ59 AZ60 AZ61 AZ62 AZ63 AZ64 AZ65 AZ66 AZ67 AZ68 AZ69 AZ70 AZ71 AZ72 AZ73 AZ74 AZ75 AZ76 PGS: Parking Guidance System based on wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor Network based Driver Guidance System (DGS) Tactile and Multisensory Spatial Warning Signals for Drivers System on Chip Design of Embedded Controller for Car Black Box Research and development of Intelligent Display Unit for Metro train Automatic Number Plate Recognition system for Vehicle Identification using Optical Character Recognition Hand talk Assistive technology for the Deaf An Innovative Braille System Keyboard for the Visually Impaired Vibration as a way finding aid Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone Remote Control for PC The Development of Road Lighting Intelligent Control System Based on Wireless Network Control Security Management System for Oilfield Based on Embedded Wireless Communication Tsunami Warning System using Area Mail Disaster Information Service on phones Temperature Control using SMS Design of the optimal path algorithm for Line track Robot Navigation of mobile robot using GPS & obstacle avoidance system with commanded loop An Intelligent Wheelchair to enable mobility of severely Disabled Indoor autonomous navigation of blind persons using RFID sensing robots Voice controlled wheel chair I walker with Industrial control arm Research of Mechanical Arm Control Based on Data Glove Automated Vehicles For Physically and Visually Challenged Coal Mine Detect & rescue Robot Design & research 2008 2008 2009 2007 2009 2009 2008 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2006 2009 2009 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008 No.1.automiiz.Anna Main Road.

projects@automiiz.AZ77 AZ78 AZ79 AZ80 AZ81 AZ82 AZ83 AZ84 AZ85 AZ86 AZ87 AZ88 AZ89 AZ90 AZ91 AZ92 AZ93 AZ94 AZ95 AZ96 AZ97 AZ98 AZ99 Robotic Arm with Four Degrees of Freedom Develop a Multiple Interface Based fire Fighting Robot Highly Vigilant Flying Robot Design & Implementation of an Advanced Visual Guided Robot Rob Shoot: An Automatic System for Accurate Shooting Design of a collaborative wheelchair with path guidance assistance Industrial spy robot Voice Controlled Temperature sensing robot Smart attenuating vehicle for Industrial Material handling Intelligent Gas detection robot PC Interface Stationery Robot Crane Distributed Guarding and Alarming System Based on Telephone Automatically Dialling and Remote Communication Technology Research of traffic Signal Light Intelligent Control System based on Microcontroller Development of a Real-time Mine Auxiliary Monitoring System Using RF Wireless Sensor Networks Research on temperature and humidity monitoring under mine based on SPI communication system Research and Development of a Intelligent Temperature-Measuring System Based on 1-Wire Bus Distributed sensor for steering wheel Grip Force measurement in Driver Fatigue Detection. Main MGR Nagar.automiiz. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR). Chennai – 78. www. . Ph: 044-42135826. Research on Embedded Data display unit Based on CAN Bus Research & Development of the remote I/O Data Acquisition system based on Embedded ARM Platform Microcontroller based standalone PV System for Wireless Sensor Nod A Simple capacitive security card system. GPS based Patient Monitoring system RFID Footwear & Floor system 2008 2007 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008 2009 No.1.

9884576652. MGR Nagar. Tags & Bracelets) A blind navigation system using RFID for indoor Environments Bus Detection device for the Blind using passive RFID Applications Automatic control of students attendance in classrooms using RFID A wireless design of low-cost irrigation system using ZigBee technology Exploration & Research based on VIN Code Vehicle Identification System Zigbee based intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners Remote-Controllable & Energy-Saving Room Architecture based on Zigbee Communication Design of Air Pollution Monitoring System Using Zigbee Networks for Ubiquitous-City Remote Power ON/OFF control & current measurement for Home Electric Outlets based on a Low Power Embedded Board & Zigbee Communication Wireless Access Monitoring & Control System based on Digital Door lock A Zigbee-Based Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008 2009 2008 2008 2009 2008 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008 No.AZA1 AZA2 AZA3 AZA4 AZA5 AZA6 AZA7 AZA8 AZA9 AZA10 AZA11 AZA12 AZA13 AZA14 AZA15 AZA16 AZA17 AZA18 AZA19 AZA20 AZA21 AZA22 AZA23 Design implementation of Campus Gate Control system based on RFID A Novel Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Card Research on Coal Mine personal Orientation rescuing system Based on RFID A Location-Aware system using RFID & mobile Devices for Art Museums I Walker: Toward a Rollator-Miunted Way finding system for the Elderly.automiiz. Chennai – 78. Mobile RFID Tracking System RFID-Based Intelligent Books Shelving System (or) An Optimized RFID– Based Academic Library The E-Passport: The Future Of Government –Issued RFID based Identification. www. Ph: 044-42135826.1. .Anna Main Road. projects@automiiz. Automation of time & Attendance using RFID System RFID-Based & theft auto security system with an immobilizer Security Architecture for RFID Application in home Environment Hospital Automation System RFID Based: Technology Embedded in smart Devices(Cards. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR) Design & Implementation of Universal industry Data Collecting & Controlling System.Anna Main Road.Time Vehicle Tracking GPS Based Mobile Tele Monitoring & Management System for Inter cities Public Transportation Remote Wireless Automatic Meter Reading System Based on Wireless Mesh Networks & Embedded Technology Wireless LAN based Distributed Digital Lighting systems for Digital home Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Remote Meter Reading System Based on Gsm Development of Energy Management & warning system for Resident: An Energy Saving Solution. PC-Based PID Speed control in DC Motor Automatic room light intensity detection & control using microprocessor & light sensors. Ph: projects@automiiz. www.1. A GSM. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR).AZA24 AZA25 AZA26 AZA27 AZA28 AZA29 AZA30 AZA31 AZA32 AZA33 AZA34 AZA35 AZA36 AZA37 AZA38 AZA39 AZA40 AZA41 AZA42 AZA43 AZA44 AZA45 AZA46 Power Management using Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network Automobile Anti-theft System Design Based on GSM Design & Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System An Automotive Security System for Anti theft A GIS system for tourism management HERO: Online Real.automiiz. Sufficient sunlight supply for home care using local closed –loop shutter control system. Chennai – 78. MGR Nagar. . Internet & Speech Controlled Wireless Interactive Home Automation System Automatic power Meter Reading System using GSM Network Boarding School Students Monitoring Systems (E-ID) Using Radio Frequency Identification Research on Embedded Data Display unit based on CAN Bus Research and Development of the Remote I/O Data Acquisition System Based on Embedded ARM Platform Design and Implementation of Real Time Vehicle Tracking System Bluetooth Data Acquisition System Based on ARM Car Park System: A Review of Smart Parking System and its Technology 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2008 2008 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008 2008 2007 2007 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 No.

MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR).1.automiiz. projects@automiiz. MGR Nagar. 9884576652.Time Monitoring and Pre-alarm System for Dangerous Mountains in the Railway Line A Wireless Data Acquisition and Transmission System Design Environmental identification based on changes in sensory information Research of Traffic Signal Light Intelligent Control System based on Microcontroller Real-Time Pedestrian Detection and Tracking at Nighttime for DriverAssistance Systems A Novel Vehicle Safety Model: Vehicle Speed Controller under Driver Fatigue A Low-Cost Solution for an Integrated Multi sensor Lane Departure Warning System Wireless communications in networked robotics A multi-robot coordination system based on RFID technology Group Tour Guide by RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Networks RFID based People Management System using UHF Tags Security Architecture for RFID Application in Home Environment A Modular Cost-Effective Mobile Robot Navigation System Using RFID Technology Human Recognition using RFID Technology and Stereo Vision Multisensory Strategies to Assist Blind People: A Clear-Path Indicator Development of Zigbee Mobile Router for Supporting Network Mobility in Healthcare System A Portable Wireless Eye Movement-Controlled Human-Computer Interface for the Disabled A Zigbee-based home automation system Remote-Controllable and Energy-Saving Room Architecture based on Zigbee Communication No.AZA47 AZA48 Security Management System for Oilfield Based on Embedded Wireless Communication Remote-controllable and energy-saving room architecture based on Zigbee communication IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 AZA49 Multisensory Strategies to Assist Blind People: A Clear-Path Indicator AZA50 AZA51 AZA52 AZA53 AZA54 AZA55 AZA56 AZA57 AZA58 AZA59 AZA60 AZA61 AZA62 AZA63 AZA64 AZA65 AZA66 AZA67 AZA68 AZA69 A Single-Chip CMOS Smoke and Temperature Sensor for an Intelligent Fire Detector Main Road. .com. www. Chennai – 78. Ph: 044-42135826.

MGR Nagar. 9884576652. . Main Chennai – 78. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR).AZA70 AZA71 AZA72 AZA73 AZA74 AZA75 AZA76 AZA77 AZA78 AZA79 AZA80 AZA81 AZA82 AZA83 AZA84 AZA85 AZA86 AZA87 AZA88 AZA89 AZA90 AZA91 AZA92 Applications of Short-Range Wireless Technologies to Industrial Automation: A Zigbee Approach A single-camera feature-based vision system for helicopter autonomous landing Pedestrian detection using a single monochrome camera Embedded Wireless Homecare Monitoring System Automatic vertical car parking system Wireless CAR Parking System GSM CAR Parking System GSM Autonomous CAR Parking System with image Processing Intelligent Alcohol Detection System for CAR GSM Digital CAR Antitheft Alarm system (CAR ECOPS) GSM Digital X-Ray for Security Systems Door Open /Close through Voice Mobile E-Cops with Multiprocessor Systems Mobile E-Cops Systems Enemy detect unmanned video Robot Wireless Enemy detect unmanned Robot Automatic Energy Management Systems Advanced GSM earthquake alarm system for early warning Unmanned Arial Photography Using Remote Flying Robot for Defence Path planning for blind person using ultrasonic GSM Accident Sensing Systems Sensor Based Motion Control of Mobile Car Robot GSM Multi Machine Remote Debugger Systems IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 IEEE 2009 No. www. Ph: 044-42135826.1.automiiz.

9884576652.Anna Main MGR Nagar.automiiz. Mobile-Device Controller Smart card based guard monitoring Vehicle Speed Sensing smoke detecting Systems Voice operated intelligent wheel chair Wireless Voice Recognition Robot Using AV GSM Aluminium Foil Winding System Wireless Voice Recognition Channel Control TV Wireless Voice Recognition Home Automation Wireless Voice Recognition Robotic Car A GSM signals-based positioning technique for mobile applications L Robotic smart house to assist people with movement disabilities L Talking Bus Stop for Blind RF-ID Based Talking Wheel Chair for Patient Electronic passport for luggage identification in Airport Involuntary Train Collision Prevention System for Railway GSM High Performance ATM Card Security System No. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR). Ph: 044-42135826. Phone Bill System GSM Multi Machine Real Time Control Systems GSM Path Finding and Mapping System GSM Petrol Reader Systems GSM Weather station Intelligent GSM Care for Bus Finding System Wireless Intelligent Rehabilitation Robotic System for the Disabled and the .AZA93 AZA94 AZA95 AZA96 AZA97 AZA98 AZA99 AZB01 AZB02 AZB03 AZB04 AZB05 AZB06 AZB07 AZB08 AZB09 AZB10 AZB11 AZB12 AZB13 AZB14 AZB15 AZB16 GSM Prepaid EB. www.1. Chennai – 78. projects@automiiz.

AZB17 AZB18 AZB19 AZB20 AZB21 AZB22 AZB23 AZB24 AZB25 AZB26 AZB27 AZB28 AZB29 AZB30 AZB31 AZB32 AZB33 AZB34 AZB35 AZB36 AZB37 AZB38 AZB39 Wireless Train Talking Station Name for Passenger GSM Street Light Control System with RF Communication Laser Light Follower Robot Line Follower Robot Colour Sensing Robot Voice Colour Sensing Robot GSM Textile Colour Sensing Robot Tele Medicare system with auto dialler Attendance marker using fingerprint sensor Electronic voting machine using finger print sensor Security access control system with smart card Pick and place Robot A GSM signals-based positioning technique for mobile applications Robotic smart house to assist people with movement disabilities Dynamic parking negotiation and guidance using an agent Action Sensing Speech System Wireless Action TV Remote Access to Sensor Imaginary Wireless Based Human Action Smart Speech System Human Action Smart CAR Auto mobile Recharge Station with image Processing Design of integrated meter reading system based on power-line communication Latest water land Roaming vehicle Tanker Robot No. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR). 9884576652.1. MGR Nagar.Anna Main Chennai – 78. . Ph: 044-42135826.automiiz. projects@automiiz.

www.Anna Main Road. Chennai – AZB41 AZB42 AZB43 AZB44 AZB45 AZB46 AZB47 Coin Wending and Exchange Machine Mobile RF-ID tracking Electronic vehicle identification RF-ID Based Talking bus stop and speech guide for blind Unmanned Tanker robot for flight shooting with image processing GSM Ad-hoc Network protocol EB Billing System GSM ATM Card Security System Intelligent Wireless Video Capture Wall Romeo No. projects@automiiz.automiiz.1. . MGR Nagar. MGR Complex(Near ASHOK PILLAR). Ph: 044-42135826.

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