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Assessment Description


This assessment is for Quality Assurance professionals and is designed to
measure knowledge and proficiency in Quality Assurance techniques and
processes. The Secure Evaluation Mode and Remote versions of this test will
contain a minimum of 36 questions and will require a typical time of 43 minutes.
The Secure Interview Mode and QwikChek versions will provide as many
questions as the test taker can answer within an approximate 26 minute time

Following is a description of each sub-topic on the test:

Test Life Cycle evaluates knowledge of quality assurance activities and
deliverables from the start of a software project to a product release.

Test Planning evaluates ability to develop test plans for software projects,
considering test coverage, risk handling, accepting projects into test and
establishing release criteria.

Reviews & Inspections measures ability to evaluate documents and other
deliverables needed to create and support the software under development.

Test Environment Management assesses knowledge of creating and using test

Test Case Design determines ability to create test cases using standard test

Detecting Software Errors evaluates ability to detect software errors.

Issue Tracking assesses knowledge of creating issue reports, addressing
tracking issues and verifying fixes.

Test Reporting & Metrics evaluates ability to report on tested software and
communicate software quality and release readiness.

Web Testing evaluates knowledge of issues specific to testing web applications.

Test Tool Types assesses knowledge of test tool types available for testing

Test Automation Techniques assesses ability to automate software testing

User Acceptance Testing determines knowledge of techniques and
responsibilities for validating if the software adequately implements the business
requirements and can be accepted into the live environment.