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cI read the article ƠRacist Stereotyping in the English Languageơ.

The article explains to us how we use the
language. Some of the words we use are intended to show our attitudes and feelings towards each other.
While words are taken out of context and redesigned to mean the opposite of what they really mean. The
article by Robert Moore, we should use greater care so that the words we use are not taken out of context in
writing or oral communication.

To emphasis what I mean take the word black and the word white in the play on Ơblackơ and Ơwhiteơ words.
We use the word Ơblackơ as the bad word such as black sheep black eye, black sport, and many more. Then
we use as good Ơwhiteơ; white lie, white as snow extra but have never gave it a deeper thought until when I
read this article. It is quite sad that we use these words in such a way.

I also did Ơ  Retirement Gapơ by Andrew R. McIlvaine

1.c The source shows how the black and white people describe different priorities in their lives. The white
people are shown very cautious about their retirement which is absent among the black people. Some
believe that the whites have their culture and history and the lack of knowledge about saving. Is
useful in that it speaks of the differences of both races which are part of our main course.
2.c The publisher is not a gutter press and they also cite several reliable researches done by
3.c The article has emphasized in comparing whites and blacks in the racial retirement gaps. It hardly
mentions the Latinos and totally ignores all the other races in America. There are other races that
could be pointed out not just whites and blacks.