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TITLE: How to add a package to a ServiceGuard cluster.

How do I add a package to a cluster?
Can I do it while the cluster is running?

ServiceGuard versions prior to version 10.10 require that the cluster be
halted in order to add a package. As of ServiceGuard version 10.10,
adding a
package to a running cluster is possible, and doing so will not
interfere with
running packages.

1. On one server in the cluster, create the package directory
named the same as the package) and the two configuration and control
beneath it:

# cd /etc/cmcluster/ ; mkdir <pkg_dir>
# cd <pkg_dir>
# cmmakepkg -p <pkg.conf> # package configuration file
# cmmakepkg -s <> # package control script

2. Edit the package configuration file and package control scripts as
desired. (See the "Package Configuration Planning" section of the
"Managing ServiceGuard" manual located here:

3. Distribute these files to each nodes that may operate the package:
# rcp -pr * <nodename>:/etc/cmcluster/<pkg_dir>

4. Since the cmapplyconf command also performs a cmcheckconf, use the
cmapplyconf to add the package to the cluster binary file
cmclconfig. Also, the ServiceGuard clusters running version 10.06
or earlier must be halted in order to add packages. It is not
necessary to
halt the cluster for versions 10.10 and all 11.xx versions.

# cd /etc/cmcluster/

Version 10.06 and earlier - Halt the cluster and perform:
# cmhaltcl -f
# cmapplyconf -f -C <cluster.ascii> -P <pkg_dir/pkg.conf>

Versions 10.10, 10.12 & 11.xx need not halt the cluster to add the
# cmapplyconf -f -P /etc/cmcluster/<pkg_dir/pkg.conf>

5. Verify that the cluster acknowledges the package:
# cmviewcl

6. Start the (cluster if necessary) package:
[# cmruncl]
# cmrunpkg -v <pkg_name>